Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 13, 1889, Page 8, Image 8

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Mrs. Strctlmus nnd James Dukes nro
both untlor nrrcst on n clinrgo of allow
ing vicious dOgs to run ( it Inrgo.
Judge Shon. is n mnmbor of the exam
ining committee of St. Francis academy
at Council HlulTs. The examinations
occupy three days.
The Saratoga Lyceum association
gives an entertainment this overling at
the lyceum building for the benefit of
the ,1 oil MB town sulTorors.
The board of health called n mooting
yesterday afternoon , but no quorum
being prcHont , the mooting was ad
journed until 3 p. in. to-day.
The asphalt company Is repairing the
damage done to the paving on Farntnn
street by n wntorplpo bursting two
months ngo and Hooding that thorough-
It was discovered yesterday that the
Eslnbrook block , corner of Sixteenth
and Chicago streets , had been assessed
at only $1 ,600. ConimiBsionor Mount at
once tiled a complaint.
Major J3alcombo , of the board of pub
lic works , estimates thodamngo done to
paving during Friday night's storm at
81)000 or moro. lie has a force of men
now at work repairing the break on
Farnam street near Thirty-first.
1 Mlsa Abbio C. Casey , aged thirty-
one , died at her homo at 1022 South
Tenth street , yesterday. The remains.
will bo interred at St. Mary's cemetery
this morning. Services will bo hold
nt St. Philomena's church at 0 o'clock.
P.V. . Molohor , president of the
Omaha Panorama company , has gone
east to examine a now painting to ex
j change for the Battle of Gettysburg ,
now on exhibition at the corner ol
Eighteenth street and St. Mary's
avenue. . .
The Pennsylvania association mot
yesterday afternoon at the board of
trade rooms. Reports wore received
showing that $401 ha ? been received by
the association for the benefit of the
Concmaugh sulTorora. The good work
will be continued.
The wife of Mr. Con Norrls , a well-
known Union Pacific engineer , died nt
her homo , 1411 South Thirteenth street ,
yesterday morning. Funeral services
will bo hold at St. Philomona cathedral
at U o'clock to-morrow morning. The
remains will bo interred in the Holy
Sepulchre cemetery.
Pedestrians passing the southwest
corner of Fourteenth street and Capitol
avenue are in danger of bricks , which
nro continually falling from the now
building now being orceted there. A
very small sign is the only premonition
of danger.The street is blocked with
material rnoro than half way across.
Complaint was filed before Judge
Borka yesterday by Alston B. Wood-
dard , charging his wife Sarah with un
lawful cohabitation and adultery with
one Ed Walburn. Walburn and the
woman wore arrested and lodged in
jail. The county attorney not being
present to prosecute , the case was con
tinued , and the parties remanded to
Personal I'nrnitraphH.
Max Meyer has returned from the east.
H. E. Kerr , of AVuhoo , is at tbo Arcade.
E. Froher , Ilnrlan , la. , Is at the Murray.
E. C. Glbbs , of Villlsca , is at the Paxton.
A. P. Brink , of Ceuur HapiQs , Is at the
E. J. Stellz , of MilforO , N. J. , is at the
I Russell Watts , of North Platte , is at the
Wi C. Holdou ; of Kearney , Nob. , is at the
F A read o.
- Allan P. Ross , of Scrlbucr , Nob. , is at the
\ > Arcade.
George P. HciYingor , of Stratum , Is at the
E. K. Valentine , of West Point , Is at the
Gcorgo E. Ponncll , of Atlantic , la. , is at
the Paxton.
D. O. Way and S. A , Pratt , of Ord , Neb. ,
are at the Arcade.
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Moorman , of Cincin
nati , are at the Murray.
Mr. AV. Alexander and wife , of Sturgis ,
Dak. , nro at the Murray.
J. H. Barnes , of Norfolk , Leo Love , of
York , aio nt the Milluril.
Mrs. M. J. Cole , of Mount Pleasant , la. , is
visiting friends in the city.
Charles T. Dickinson and W. M. Ncsbitt ,
of Tokuniah , uro at the Mlllard.
Q , A. Farley and wife , and A. Lundvall
nnd wife , of Oakland , Neb , , are at the Mll
Mrs. W. 3. Hector , Mlsft Minnlo Hawks
nntl Mrs. Sycncc. of Nebraska City , uro nt
the Murray.
K. II. Kowo and daughter li.tvo returned
K to their homo nt ICcarnoy. The latter is ouo
Kt of the latest graduates of Brownoll hall ,
t Gcorgo C. Kitld , R. C. Dinsedow , F. J.
Homoycr , J. E. Mcllreovy and N. C. Barnes ,
of Nebraska City , are registered at the Mil-
I . .lard.W. .
W. F. Stone , of Button , Nob. . B. F. Mar-
Bball. jr. , of York , M. Million , of O'NoillV. .
A. Sneneer , of Pierce , Nob. , are at the Ar-
R. J. Cole , of York , Neb , , F. M. Hayes , of
Osccola , Nob. , T. J , Balrd , of Geneva , J. A.
Finch , of Lincoln , and Jim R. Best , of Liu-
coin , arc registered 'at the Arcade.
J. G. Grcan and Alex Scott , of Stroms-
burp , Neb. ; D. E. W. Jones , E. N. Carter ,
J. L. Trenory , J. L. Bentley , of Pawnee ,
Nub. , are registered at the Mlllanl.
C. P. Catlln loft for Chicago last evening
via tno Burlington on business connected
with the now mttatonum soon to bo opened
on Howard street , between Thirteenth nnd
Fourteenth streets. Mrs , Catlln will return
With him on Satutdny morning.
AVunt Atoro Money.
Fred Nye and Frank Johnson are organiz
ing n company to stock the Republican for
(150,000. Mr. Jolirsou nuid that it had
bcrm thair Intention from the start to put the
concern iuto tliu linnets of a stock company.
The DDK" Not Tagged.
Notwithstanding the Immense amount of
complaining that has been Indulged in
against the shotgun method cf extennlimt-
Ing dogs , only 1,740 , tags have boon taken
out. Mora than 2,000 tags wore taken out
last year and It h known that there are
more dogs iu town now than there were at
tlmt time.
A tiwnrttiy Swindler.
An Italian named Garilna swindled sovcn
of his countrymen out of $10 each at the
Union Paclilo. Ho promised thorn work and
uiado thorn deposit the amount mentioned ae
n forfeit to srouro him agitlnst loss. Ho rep-
rcKimtcd to thorn that ho was a contractor
nnd wonted men out west. After obtaining
the ' 'bonus1' ' he disappeared ana has not
been seen imicc.
Cornnrnl Innnor.
Arrangements have been made fcr Corpo
1-5 , * ral Tanner to spculc nt Council Bluffs nnd It :
Omaha when ho comes \vcst , the hitter parl
of this month. Ho villl probably make his
nuiienrunco in tliu former city on the even
ingot July 1 , and in this city on the uoxl
day at the hall of Phil Sheridan post , U , A
R. The comrades of the post are ovo.rjoyci
\velcomo him and wcro assured today thn !
bo would bo with tluun ,
Tim following uinrriagn Hocmscn were
Issued by County Judgn Shields yustenlay ;
Nnmo und HesldPiice. Ago
J Jaitiot L. Drincu , Ft. D. A. Uu cll . 31
( YirffJniuM. MoKcatli , Omaha . 2i
I JrnucsJ , McCabc , Oinnlm. . . , , . , . - (
i Auimy. McCaithy , Oi' . ,2J
J George \Yittinocli , Omaha , . 3 ;
I Colin IVtcu , Omiihn . , , . Si
j Car ) Carlson , IrvliiRton , . . ! >
] Aimn Huuenn , irvmg'fOp. . , . , . , 1
( Joseph Bloke , Qmuha. . . . , . , . , , , . ii
( Uarolluo Kti'jfuiun , OuiubK , . . . , , , . . . . . , , 4S
Work of hxcmpilflontlon In 1'roKrcnn
In ilils Clt- .
The Omaha Scottish HUe bodies of the
Jurisdiction of the United States of America ,
their territories and dependencies , are holdIng -
Ing a two-day's ' session in Metropolitan hall ,
corner of Fourteenth nnd Dodge ,
for the Instruction of the breth
ren and the exemplification of the
work. During this time the bodies will ro-
cclvo their charters and elect now ofllcors for
the ensuing year.
Thcso Omaha bodies have n membership of
about two hundred , The four lodnci wcro
Instituted July 18 , 1B8S , nnd the membership
has been Increasing very rapidly.
Colonel G , A. Frnmhoi , . ' 13 ° , of Michigan.
wltn full paraphernalia from the Columbus ,
O. , Scottish Hlto temple , Is In attendance
nnd assisting in the work.
There are some persons who Indulge In
slurs upon UIMO legitimate degreeof Scot
tish Rite Masonry lu the United States ,
llicso differences in Scottlih Hlto Masonry
nro n matter in which no ono Is Interested
except the bodies themselves. There
are three Jurisdictions of these higher
degrees In thl country , culled respectively
the Jurisdiction of the United States of Amor-
lea , their Territories and Dependencies ! the
Northern Jurisdiction , nnd the Southern
Jurisdiction. Of these three the first is
claimed by the members to bo the only ono
which can provo Us legitimate origin nnd
conttinunco. A prominent member of that
body , which Is commonly called the Ccrncau
Rite , said to-ilay : "Wo nro ready nnd will
ing to meet nnyono on the legitimacy of
our bodies in an honest , scholarly and gen
tlemanly manner , and not otherwise , and It
the members of the so-called southern juris ,
diction can furnish us evidence of our being
in error , wo would willingly retrace our.
steps ana Join their body. "
The sovereign grnnd commander of tills
Jurisdiction , Judge John J , Gorman , 3 : < ° of
Now York city , has Jmt boon elected grand
secretary of the grand ledge of Now York.
Work In the degrees will bo completed by
noon to-day nnd the afternoon will bo de
voted to the flection and installation of of
ficers. The session will conclude with n
grand banquet at the Mlllard this evening nt
) p. in.
Ornnil Custodians' Lodge.
R. W. Brother Leo P. GIMctto will hold n
; rand custodians' ledge nt Freemasons' hall ,
n this city , beginning at 0 a. m. , Monday ,
Juno 17,1SS9 , and continuing thrco days.
The grand ledge will open at 4 p. m. ,
Wednesday , Juno 19,18S9 , at the same plnco.
Each ono who attends should purchase n
ticket to Omaha nnd take the railroad agent's
receipt for the price thereof ; If ono hundred
atlend Grand Secretary Bowen will certify
on the receipt that ho is entitled to a return
ticket at the reduced rate.
Reduced hotel rates can bo obtained by
these In attendance at grand ledge if they
so inform the hotel clerks on arrival.
Reports of action on the proposed amendment
mont to the constitution have not reached
this ofllco from lodges Nos. 9 , 10 , 13 , 15 , 21 ,
iw ; , 1:10 : , IUT , HU , us , 144 , 145. 1411 , io-j , ir > a ,
155 , 157 , ICO , 105 , , ICO , 107 , 1CS , 170 , 173 nnd
174.Tho subscribers to the stock of the Ne
braska Masonic homo will hold nn adjourned
meeting at Freemasons' hall , Omaha , at 4 p.
in. , Monday , Juno 17 , ISS'J. '
The Nebraska Voternn Freemasons will
hold their semi-annual meeting at Fiee-
masons' hall , Omaha , on Tuesday , June IS ,
18S'.r. at 4 p. ui. , and will take dinner at G p.
in. , in Veteran BrotherGeorge W. Lmiu er's
art t'allery.
Taxidurmistcnlal'g'c,815 N ]
The Omaha Firrnion.
The veteran ilremcn , llfty strong , loft for
Council Blufts nt 9 u. tn. Each were the
handsome badge of the nssocfation , and the
company was headed by the U. P. b.ind. The
members fell lu line at Fourteenth nnd Dav
enport , and inarched to Twelfth and Dodge ,
Avhcro they boarded four motor cars gaily
t.J 'Jratcd with colors in honor of the tourna-
mcnftL. . J. < PfUu > sou acted as chief and M.
Goldsmit&ns { assistant.
About uu houP'Jboforc the departure ,
Captain Crolly , with No. 4 hose
company , and Captain Burdick , witn
the big extension ladders , manned
by ten firemen and drawn by four
horses , loft for the Bluffs. D. P. Beard , the
lire reuortor , accompanied thorn. Chief Gal-
Hgau was In command.
The Chicago Pompier corps , under the
command of Captain O'Malloy , will give an
exhibition of climbing to the top of n live-
story building lu this city on Friday. The
hour will be announced later.
The same day AnUrcon's now patent shut
ter , which may be opened or closed by u
stream of water , will uo publicly tested.
Pimples , blotches and eruptions on the
skin evidence the fact that the blood is in
bad shape , nnd those symptoms show that
uaturo is trying to throw oil the impurities ,
in which effort she should bo assisted by n
reliable vegetable blood remedy , as is Swift's '
Uol ) Neil's Statement.
Robert Neil , of Seventeenth and Vinton ,
concerning whom certain statements were
published in Tim BEB of Friday , says that
the article in question is falsa m every parti
cular , and u piece of splto work on the part
of Detective Emory , who furnished the in
formation. Ho simply cot temporarily cm-
barrnssed , ho says , mortgaged some horses ,
disposed of thorn , nnd loft the city for n few
days , to return again nnd square up. Ho has
lived In Omaha five years , is not at the head
of n gang of horse thieves , did not leave his
wlfo in destitute circumstance , as can bo
vcrlllb4 > upon application to John Edwards ,
John Liudcrholm .and John Schminkc , the
three men whom ho la supposed to have
For n disordered liver try Beechnm's Pills.
I'nt her Tiiihc'H Lecture.
The Rev. Father Tighe , of Newark , N. J. .
delivered an able and Interesting lecture at
the hall of St. Ptiilomonn's parish school
last evening. The tlimno was "Somo Phases
of Irish History , " and was handled in a manner
nor which showed an Intimate knowledge of
the subject matter , The hall was filled witn
nn appreciative audience. The proceeds of
the lecture nro to bo devoted to St Phllo-
mciiu's church.
Save Your Hair
BV a timely use of A ycr's Hulr Vigor.
This preparation has no equal as a
dressing , It hoops the scalp clean , cool ,
nnd healthy , and preserves the color ,
fullness , uud beauty of the hair.
" I was rapidly becoming bald anil
cray ; but after using two or thrco
bottles of Ayor'p Hair Vigor my hair
grow thick nnd glossy nnd the original
color was rcstorotl. " Mclvlti Aldrich ,
Cannau Contio , N. H.
" Some tltno ngo I lost all my hair In
conscrpuinco of nionslcs. After duo
waiting , no new gnnvtji appeared. I
then used Ayei'a Hair Vigor ami my
luilr grew
Thick and Strong.
It baa apparently come to stay. The
Vigor is ovidtmtly a great uld to nature. "
J. 11. Williams , inoresvillo , Texas.
"I have used Aytir's Hair Vigor for
the past four or five yearn and find it a
mist satisfactory dressing for the hair.
It is all I could dcslrn , being haiinlcRS.
oatifiliig the 1ml r tp retain its natural
color , and requiring but n small quantity
to render the liulr easy to arrange. "
Mri. H. A. Dulloy. 9 Charlua utrcot ,
" I have ln'cn using Ayer'a Hair Vigor
for sevnral ye MR , ami brlloro that It lias
caused ijiv balr to leialn its natural
nolor. " . > ( . U. .T. King , Dealer In
Dry Goods , Ao. ( Blaliopvlllo , Jd. (
Ayer's ' Hair Vigor ,
Or. J. c. Ayer Go. , J-owell , Mass * }
The below tabulated statement is im extract from pub
lic tests of balciug powders , made to nscertuimtheir relative
value in practical use in baking. The powtfer containing
the largest amount of available leavening gas ( excluding
the alum and phosphate powders ) not only produces the
finest , most delicious , and wholesome food , but is the most
economical in use.
' " United States Government Chemist , Professor Edward
G. Love , found the comparative strength of the powders
named as follows :
Cubic In. ( las
XAJIE. per. oz. Powder.
Royal ; 127.4
Patapsco ( Alum Powder ) : 125.2
Horsfords ( Fresh ) 121.0
Hereford's ( Not Fresh ) 84.8C -
Charm ( Alum ) 110.9
Cleveland's 110.9
Sea Foam 107.9
Dr. Price's 102.0
"I have tested the Royal Baking Powder and find it
composed of pure and wholesome ingredients. It is a
cream of tartar powder of a high degree of merit , and does
not contain , either alum or phosphates , or other injurious
E. GK LOVE , Ph. D. "
"The Royal Baking Powder is the purest and most
reliable baking powder offered to the public.
H. A. MOIT , Ph. D. "
U. S. Government Ghemisf.
" The Royal Baking Powder is purest in quality and
highest in strength of any baking powder of which I luivo-
Late U. S.
Ohcmisl-in-Chief , Agricultural
Department at Washington.
The Grandest Triumph of Electric Science Sci
entifically Made and Practically Applied.
Have you Pa Inn tn the ItutL , lilt ) * , Head or T.lmfc * . Ncrv-
OUH l > cblllly Lumbago * ( Jcncrol Deb I Illy * ItlictitaiitUm ,
m , Splnnl l > lcaM * , Torrid I.Ucr , Clout , Kihiumlloii ,
y ' - " ' ' - ' , ,
iidlBentloiicnLmM 1m *
tw > d l > ! caftul > roDiy.oto. , tlicn
, ppHe < I to anVtuii c of the body *
ivn ro-rycanmiirlt " " " " < nc.tuobi.od WHE6\S \ ALL FAILS.
" " "
poj A. OrcBOt , . . . . . . . . . , . . , . .
D05 Mnln MtrcCb uum.iu.ji. j.ij * OUIIUB. ji. If i. iuriiimiku > vii AU 1.1 L.viuttL'i uiiv untinuuf Ait.i * iuuK < 7 *
N.Murray , Marervinn , lll.i H.L. Abbot t.pitpt. city water works , fiouthlicnd , lutLt obt , ltbamppon , Chicago
pOEtoHlcai L.lJ 2IcMlcltacl * } t. I ) , lutTalo , K. Y. ' 'Your tolc has accoinpll < bed what no other . rented bus :
steady nerves and comfortable nloap at night. ' " ' ' - - - -
_ _ jtvelycuredlnCodayL ) . . .
. -Jorno'Al lectrq.MfucncUoucIU KnTIf DH.T pnjiiivily ci.
Trusicombined , tiuarantcedtbo ]
only ono In tbo world ccncnutnp tn , bIChKY and cilmlMliltf .
ocontlnuoua ElKtrio at Jfagnttta chronic cir i'Aaes of bothpeics.
' . . , , Contalnt23 tniotidpfrrc aot
'current. Scientific. Powerful UnraUt ?
. I
, Electricity. < itT n\Ti' nfh
Comfortabb and tTccnro Avoid ude
Srorei'-chcBitir-M , tclcntlnc powerfuldn
, , ' . .
Jcfl'ucllvelltlllClt.ELfiTltlUllULTIn U.O
- . . _ . . , i .iu u. FJectrlo Buiponcarlci free with Jialo Belts ,
nvcrnrwrii-ii k.v
- , „ „ „ „ .
Kbl MibnibS Danic commercial
Any atrener orAvold bogus comranlpa wtthrnanr rliaurg and wrrth.
wholejalo liojijo In Clilcaco ) wholesale druBelstB.SanJMia iml&tlona. ELErnuc TntSBES FOB IllirTlR .
Fraiiclbcoanacblcaeo. ( jj.oOO cured. BenaBtamprorltlustratcdpatarUltt. ,
DR.W. J. HORNE , Inventor , 180 Wabash Avenue , Chicago.
A. J. POPPLETON , President. IT.V. . YATC3. Tieasurer.
J. J. BUOWN , Vlce-Preslileiit. S. T. JO3S131.YN , Secretary
Paid Up Capital , $1OOOOO
Fire , - Lightning - and - Tornado - Insurance ,
Unices , S. K. Corner Douglas and Sixteenth Rts. Telephone l-lj : { .
Directors : A.3. Poppieton , J. II. Mlllard , Win. Wallace. J. W. nannett , II. W. Yates , N. A.
Kulm , U. L. Stone , 0. D. Woodworth , J. S. Collins , J. J. IJrown , B. T. Josselyu.
Homo OHIcc. Nos. UOO. 801 , 02 , 5)08 BI-OAVU'S Block , - - - Omaha , Noli.
1513 Donglas St , Omaha , NeMa ,
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Apparatus and Supplies.
Engines , Boilers , Steam Pumps , Etc.
Dtt > IIIUI < 4 lire"
, _ _ ItidUrretloai
, . . . . . , . , fffc Ul'ilUSTIK or li
OUHK bjr Ibli Niw lUI'UOV ED
MEN OMJftOjoriiKii'iimum. HiiiFA
- " ° y tWi ipeclHe purpeie. CUBE o
PEiltJ- N iTjynp'jIiiD , KNMtiflVmfKAKNESS.gUlDl MooTHlna , ( oilliiioai iLireoC , 1
f.l le9ftHy dlr ctlT Ibrouihnil < eak parti , reilor-
li [ > ( m lJ to llfallU a a TlKONiii Blrrn.lh. kleelrla
Current * r * 2 ntTl > ar Ti.Torw rorfeltisooOliie > ili ,
IlKLTBBdBiapfntorrCoiiiptttefK. aa4np * Wontcaief per-
daorotlr cured In three moDltii. Heal dampliUtie.aUmn
State Line.
To Glasgow , Belfast , Dublin uud Llvcrpoo
From New York Every Tuesday ,
aln passage 135 to J.VJ , according to location
of ntuto room. Kxctirnlon ja > to $ JU. ,
StecruKo to and from Europe at Lowest Hates.
AUSTIN 11ALDW1N & CO. , Uon'l Auonts.
M llroadwny , New i orlc.
JOHN ULEGEN , Gen'l Western Agent ,
101 Itnudolph St. , Chicago ,
Reduced Cabin Kutoa to Glasgow Ex
Epps's Cocoa.
"liy a thorough knowloJxo of tbo natural lawj
wblcliKoveruitiD operation * of UUoiUo.i al nutrl
lion , niul br n careiul uyj'lratluu uf tlia dnu propur
tlvi ut wullelociiJ Cocoa , Mr. Kupi lint provluod our
brt > ukta t tablet wltU a uulloatuly Uarurod bovoraira
wliUlimny ave u > n.anjr lieary doc.tort' blllt , Kit
br tliu jmllcloui u o ut tucli aitlcle of diet thet a
rondltutlou lunr bo graJuullr built up until strong
LMiougU to reittt nvcrr lendoncr to dliaaio. Hun-
dredj ui tubtla malunies are tliutmu around u > run I ;
to attack vrhonirer tuord U a weak uolnt. Wo mar
fatal lmlt br keuplng ounulves well
JAMS SS ? ? SCO , ,
DlVOltGKB-A. OOQUlllCH , Ai-roit NKY-AT
LAW , Ui Deurboru bt. , chlcauo : atlvico fruo ;
"lyiMTa' uxpuriem. * ; bublnnaa quietly txuJ
MKN and WOilltN suoccBsfully treutoJ.
SufTcrlnR from the eTr eb < of youlliful follies orlndls
crutlons , or uro troubled wltli Weuknen , Nervous
Debility , latt ot Moaiury , Despondency , Avvrilon to
Hocli'ty , Kidney Troul > li ; or nnf dlni'iiHo of tlio ( lenl >
to-Urinary Oruuiis , L-nn.ueru tlnd u safe nn < l ipoody
cur * . ClinrKvi reoaonablo , ciptclully to tbo poor.
Tlifru are muny trolililuilwith too frequent ovucim
tlum tit the liiudder , alien uccompunled uy u ullk'lit
tiuiirtlnir or ImrnliiK uiuntlon , und wcHkonlnu of tno
> l item m a Dimmer tlia pntlent tunnel uccoutit for.
On uxamlnliur tlio urinary Ucposlu a ropy Midlmont
will ofliMi lie found , tuiU Bomeilnio pitrtltlo * of nllivi-
men will nppt'itr or tliu color bo oi a thin , mllkUli
line , HKuln cnaniilnit to u dark nr torpid upiioirun e.
Theru are manr mull who dlo of til ! dlltltully , luiior-
nniof tlio cauio. which is tlioneconl utaiteof uni | .
ual wc'iikcii'sn. Tbo doUor will vimniuluou perfuse
cure In nil mich in on. und a heiltliy rCBtonitlon of
Ibe in-nlto-urltmry oruuiin. Contultatlon froo. Kenl
V-cent etnmpfor "Vouun Man's Mend , or Uuldoui
Woillork , " froa to all. AdJrcni
Main and 12tb St. , Ktuisns City , Mo.
IVMcntlon thin paper.
Buccesafully uted monthly by over 10,000
Ladlea AruBafe.JCfftctualanill'leasant
-yJSi pcrboxbymall.oratdrujcglstg. Scaled
+ .l'artieulart S postage stamps. Address
For Bale und by mull by Goodman Drug
Company. Oinnlm ,
"XTTAN'riin # i" > weekly reprenentntlve , male
i or female , lu every community , floods
staple ; liotmeliolil necessity ; sell at ult'lit ; no
lietttlllng : Biliary pnlil promptly , niul expenses
udrnucvit. Full purtlculaia and vixHiulilotiaiule
cato riitf. Wuineanjiiht Htiatwonny - -
at once , STANUAUl ) blLVUll WAKi
Wo commence today the most stupendous sale of thin Coats and Vests , "Wo
advertised last week that we have closed out the entire stock of a manufacturer
of summer goods at figures that will enable us to sell them this season AT 5O
CENTS ON THE DOLLAR. The warm weather is here and the goods
are hero , and wo are ready to make good what wo promised. The goods are on
our counters on the second iloor ; we are sorry wo can't ' keep them on the ground
floor , but there is not room enough for them there , as they will fill nearly one-
half of the entire floor. Still you need not climb any stairs , as the elevator
takesyou up.
We have thin Coats and Vests enough to supply every man in
Omaha , and we ought to sell every Coat and Vest there is sold in
Omaha this season , Everyman , who values money and who
does not ought to buy his summer outfit of us. Competition is
We wilt give you some of the prices , but that doss -not tell much. THE
GOODS TELL THE STORY , and only by an inspection of the goods can
a correct idea be formed of the wonderful values wo are oiforing in this salo.
Thousands of Flannel and Seersucker Coats and Vests , in very neat and tasty
patterns , at 70c , for which other dealers ask SI.50.
Very line Flannel Coats and Vests , in handsome plain shades , at 95c. No
handsomer coat and vest is shown elsewhere for $2.
Elegant Mohair Coats and Vests in all the new shades ; excellent goods , sty
lish cut and all well made , at $2. The regular price for these is everywhere $4.
One lot of extra fine ALL WOOL Flannel Coats and Vests , solid and handsome -
some colors , at $2.75. Don't make a mistake , this is one of the finest flannels
made and STRICTLY ALL WOOL. Other houses are offering a cotton
mixed flannel for that price.
We hayo no sample pieces of these goods and cannot send any C. O. D.
For this sale all mail orders must be accompanied by cash ,
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets , Omaha.
nthomo and these nttencllnf , ' the Tourna
ment , nt Council lllnils , uru inxlted to In-
f-pect a sainplo line of iinderu car now on
oxhlbltluii at our store. The o gopUs are
especlixll.v udnpted for llroiuens' wear und
woitnyof youruotloo.
/UTwn tt ? .
arriving at or departing Irom Nevr Vork.
? lilpnicnU from Kurnpocnn lie made direct t'f thin
roinpuny tonlllnlund 1'urtn of Kiury In tliu unltoj
btatcs , also to Cnnmln nnd Mexico , " 111" , or wltlioitt
linymuntot dutlcsat Now Vork.
Italosnslow UK those of an ? rcspontlblo company.
] ' : iUioHUAKi'Ain. (
Money Orclcrn luiicil imyabla at 15,000 plaroi lu
United states , Canada and I'uropo.
Accnclos In Knrono to whom nlilpmonts for United
Htutci can bo dulucruil , or If from Interior points
should be conrlenecl , accompanied liy Hill of LaJIn
and Invoice rerlllled brforo Amurlcun Consul !
TIIOS. M15ADOW8 & CO , Si .Milk Street , CliranMdo
Inndnn , K. C , : 25 Water r-trect , I.I vi iii > uoM Ul rile n
dllly.MANcmsTUi in llunotor Mreet , fiiAi-nnr0 J
Ituu hcrlbo , I'AUIH. K. HICIlAltO. 1 Itue OlilLiI
llAlivr. N. J.UlUUTlMJ.tCO , 117 I.ineunitr.i * c , . Dovcnllcetu , IlAUil'Jlio , uud 11T Am
llllfen , l
The best cqulpod pleanuro resort la ttio nmt.
Tliu intention of the pcoplu of Xvbrakkn U cnlioil
to thlsncur IntniMiB resort lor ( ixcunloiilftii , plinlo
jmitlenvti' . 'Jhe bent uf rutoHUlven on all rallrouili.
Tlio park In ntuulLd .1 mllen Irom l.luuuln , nnd
contains iU acres of timber ; Ilio lurueit iin'l bctt
niiiniiHi'il clifo , under tliu lonirol of llroirn tuo In-
iuou Lincoln caterer ' . ' mlleH or boutlnxi id IMI'IIH.
ure boats ) 'i mu > la und dam lux hall. : bnco bull
uroundu , niQ t eonipluto In tbo hOli 'U plcnlo tables
with K'ulHt Bponrorii itnnili. The vruntlvrfiil
Ciuhmanfrprlni , ' . .i In alii biitliliia lioiisesi lit tvlnvi\ \
tlgbt rope , Wifoel lon , 1 } feel ulio/ water , b , JJ.
Andrui unJ bon. Jluunuera. Lincoln , Nub.
fcuccetisora vo John C , J
Undertakers andEmbalmors
At theoldbtaud HOt Turnaui St. Ordenby
teleeraplj sollcltoil und promptly attended.
_ _ " elcplioiiH to No. U3. _
A pent "wantort. New Utoimll. HellsKOI \
AfcxclusUo territory. , Jile pi < > m . ,8 l/ry
good ineu. Jlo t Co , IJttUovwr bt , . lljiton ,
, asuaruuteoiajieciacfor Hysteria , Dlzzl-
. Convulsions , fits. Nervous Neuralgia ,
Headachi ! . Nervoui Prostration caused by tlia
tibo of alcohol or tobacco , Wukofulnoss , Mental
DoprosBlnn , Softening of tlio liraln , resnltlntfln
Insuultv nnd leadlnuto misery , docny nnd death.
Piematuio Old AKO. lliuionnefrs , Loss of i'owor
In cither sex. Involuntary Losses nnd Spermnt-
orhrcat aused by over-exertion of the braln.solf-
abnsp or ovorlndnlponco. Ench box contain ?
one mouth's treatment. J1.03 a box , or six boxei
for J" > W.sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price.
To cure any caso. With each order received by
ua for six boxes , accompanied with $5.03 , vo will
send the purchaser our written snamntoa to re
fund the money 1C Ilio tro itmoiit doea not Direct
cure. Guarantees Issued only by Uoodman
Drug Co. , Uiugplats , Sola Agents , 1UO Farnam
treet. Omabft Neb. . . _
The lnrci' t , Ju t t ninl Itnuai In the world
'asscnci-'r accoininoJatloiio unexcelled ,
Tiew Vnt'lf. to T lvcrpnnlIu Ctu < * fnaitvn (
The Cul l > rated I The I'lncnt Rtcnni'l Wed. Jiinadi ,
lilty oritomeUlilp-in tlioWoria.l i\Miu. \
New York to Glasgow via Londonderry
( inPARSlA.Fnturiliiy , Juno" a.m.
] 'rnHi'iAbUunliir.ltiriu : - ' , At I.HI P. m.
A > CIHIHM , l-llUinlMJ-.JUMI.'J'.l , lit . XJ II. Ul.
* ( 'iiM : < 'MAbHturiliiy , July O.atll.u. ui ,
DrvoMA.t-atiirilay.Jiily I : . u , n. : u.
I'mcArflA , Sntunliiy , July S ) , lit Noon.
1C i iiioi'IA , Saturday. July -T , nt 4 | > . in.
Wllh lOKUlur weekly ballings thereafter.
SA/.OON' to RliMiiun , Mroriiuol. Derry , Jlclf.istor
( juccnulannroto tu liy ( lla : ow utoHinei * , i'liuiil
upwiiulh liy "City of Homo. " Be'Oiul OUts 5-iO. Mc'cr-
HKO ( .U I'.xcurnlun rutus roJurcul iivulliinla for cltlior
route , thus ulvliu privilege or techiK lit onu trip tliu
Illver Mersey , I'lctiires | uo Clyilu , Nortli uuil SoutU of
lo f.hi TfciiMS. Travelers' ClrriilarlA'tlursof Cn'illt
and Itr.iflu Jor ny nnimmt nt lowest current latos.
Apply to tin ) of our locnl ugfuts or to
HniuIorHOii UrithjiM , Olilu.'ign , 111
U.S. IIu.i , .
II. V , Muoitud.
C. 11. as Mil
Pure Old Kyo Whiskey.
Tbo wide poinilnrlty of Ilila cupcrb hmnd rial
tempted other dcalorj to plnco ujioii tlia mar'ict
InfiTlor Wldikey , under a tlrnllnr imuic , Intended
vu di cuh a Hie puiillo. T io New York Court of An-
irf-nlnhiudeclared our lirunil , the niAllYI/ANl )
IJlilllI , to ton trademark entitled t < i tlio i > rotco-
Honor the law luce iloclalon In Cnhli , Ik'lt&Co. u.
Jiu-oli Ootthchalk , Feb. U. 1W , and we now Rlvo
notice that wo fhall Instantly nroircute any pflrnoii
or ( Inn , In any part of tlio Unllnl Stoti-i , whonliall
bo guilty of any lnfrliiKemt > nt of tliU trade mark.
BOLK ntorriLTons or TIIK
'Maryland Club" Old Jt > \VliUUcy ,
I H < mJr < Jic/U\oui
en and ihsrton atcnnllrg to the woluUt | > ut un tlixci.
Ad p'd equall/ ll to rouah country nr line
lty drives WillKlv j < / IxjBt natloluctlon.
r , , . . , . . , * * - 'BoiTOrY-KlASS'
| / mUCY n < l nU urlntiiy UiniWea.eai'.Hy ' , < ! iijc > . .
MUHulb nnd afcy. ) Ji t-n } > y DOtTUr A r5
vcial catis'tit.iirtiiiu ftt-ncto' . fj < IQ
PF.1 , lit , nil dru ulvt , < > r nviiui ! ' : w
i'CV'VP. J W1 ' < ' ' ! N , Y , > Ui''il"tu
Board & Attendance. Be t Accommodations In Wcit.
Oj-WIUTE FOR CIRCULARS on Deformities unit
Bracei , Truuei , Club Feet , Curvature ! of Spine , Pllei ,
Tumors. Dancer , Catarrh , Bronchitii , Inhalation.
Electricity. Farulysli , Epilepsy , Kidney. Bladder ,
Eye , Ear , Bkinandillood and all Surgical Operations.
DISEASES OF WO&1EH tff SiifZStia !
wouri iiBisucomnm\T. ) ( STRICTU PRIVATE. )
Only Sellable Medical Institute making a Specialty of
All Illool Dlicuei iiieceitfully Ircittd. Sjplllltlo Folion
rcmoTtd from tin irilrm llliout mercury. Ntw Iltilorillia
Troturnl for Lou at VITAL run Ml. I'.rllfi untMe 10 Tlill
Dftnajbetrfftledat horof l y correspondence. AllcommtiDlea
tlonicouOJ < nlU1. UfdicluciorlnilriiineDtiitntbjrniillortl.
rrcMiccurrly pickedDomirki , olodleal coalr&ti or lender ,
one personal Interview preferr 4. Ctll and eonult uionepa
tlilorror your rate , and we will vend In plain wrapper , our
RnnK tn MPU FREE : vi > ° a i , m , ui or
UUUCV IU nlCHf KervouiDiieaiH.Impottnej'.B/pli.
III. ; Ulcet and Varleocelt , lth question Ilit. Addrni
13th and Dadgo StrceU , OHAHA , WEB.
Dr. J. E , McGREW
In the Treatment of All Chronic , Nervous L'rlvato Diseases.
Hpermntorrhun , impotency and I'nlllnu Monliooil
nlifOlululy cured. A euro vuarantovd In nil fi/rm < at
I'rlvatu Illieniui , hlrlcturm. Ulcet. , Vc. Cutarrli ,
'llirout , I.UTIKI , und Henri. lllneHivi , llliuiimAtlmu ,
fiiliiul und I umalo DUeuiiot , lllood und Kkln ll uot
tn-Mi'il miccoitfully.
LudlaV nnd k'cnuemoii'i wultluK rootai ivparatu
nnd vnllroly prlvuia.
Coniultutlon fruii. Bond fur booL . Kecrct nnd
I'j-lvulo lliii' ciii.M.ui.fnl o'VniiiiiAlIiT1wttat \ \ ,
lOa until Otiiiups ) . 'Jrvaluienl lij rorioponUuiKUi
> rnd 'tnmii for r > < pljr ,
OI'l'UJHj lOl'U AND 1)011(1 LAS
Romarlcftblo for pov/orfulBj'inpathotlo
lone , piiublo notion and absolute dura
bility ; ao yc-ura' record tbo best yunrnn-
tco of tint exccHcuco of tlicso instru-