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    THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : HUKSBAY , % TtTlStfc 13 , 1889.
A Lnrgo Class Graduate From too-
braska Untvornlty.
And Ijofty.MlntlcMl Youth * On Forth
to ICarii n lilvlnR Nebraska
Jtnllroml Blioxvlnj ; Lin
coln Notes.
lltt'J I1 STIIBKT , V
LINCOLN , Juno 13. I
Commencement proper ot tlio University
of Nebraska of ' 8U now belongs to the history
of tliu Institution. Indeed , tlio
of the week Imvo nil boon rendered , commis
sions presented and degrees conferred. In
Conception , the programme * wcro calculated
to raise the expectations of the public , nnd it
was not disappointed. A feast of good tilings
intellcclunlly proved to bo in store from first
to last. From the society exhibition of tbo
"honors of the year , " prosontud atFutiKe's
opera house lo-dny by the graduating class ,
the programmes were good.
At 0 : 0 o'clock this morning the proces
sion , which had formed nt the university a
few minutes before , appeared ut the ITuiiici ; .
heudcd by thu cadet bund , nnd at the hour
for the commencement of the exercises every
scat In the pnrquot nnd cullory was occu
pied , and standing room In the circles with
out could hnrdly bo obtained. It was cor-
tntnly u happy hour for the twonty-llvo
young ladies and gentlemen \vlio
expected to honr thu chancellor
pronounce them graduated an hour or two
later. Seated upon the stage were stnto dig-
nlturics , ministers , the university faculty , the
board of regents nnd a number of others.
While the room was not decorated , the hand ;
Bomo bouiUotB | gathered for the graduating
class rclloved all barrenness.
The brilliant notes of the overture "llrldul
Koso , " by the Cndotband , tilled the room as
the city clock struck the hour of ten. JJjt
Htlllnuss reigned when Hov. Ir. Ilowltt , pus-
tor of the Church of the Holv Trlnty , pro
nounced the Invocation. Tlio prayer was
fervent mid touching , breathing that rovcr-
cnco duo to the "King of Kings , " when a
gloat Institution of learning sends upon the
world a "llnixhcd clasH" to aid In settling tlio
problem of human life. The stillness was
broken by the university chorus and orches
tra rendering llayden's "Tho Heavens are
trolling. "
Helen 13. Aughcy followed with the first
oration , "Poetlo Element in Science , "
and she presented n graceful
and attractive appearance oa the
stage * Miss Augney's delivery was
earnest and her articulation excellent , and ,
bettor still , hqr subject matter was well nr-
ranged and thoughtful.
The second orator , E. U. TInglcy , spoke on
the subject of "Two Radicals.Vhilo dis
tinct and clear ho was too stiff and formal ,
mid Ills oration failed to crcat the impression
that it otherwise would.
Churk'u 13. Newcomer followed. The sub
ject of his oration was "Sir .Tohu Eliot. "
"Two Pre-hlstoric Patriots" was the sub
ject of O.V. . Flfer's oration. Ho lacked
deliberation in style but was. nevertheless ,
distinctly understood.
As a respite from oratory , Mmo. Weber
sang n cavntlnn , Irom "Uobert lo Diablo , "
and the repeated encores following attested
the appreciation of her effort by the audi-
onco. The applause was so pronounced that
she returned and rendered a simple ballad ,
provoking such u storm of applause as to bo
compelled to return to the stage again and
bonr acknowledgements.
\Vllliam L. Stephens followed with a
eulogy upon "Henry David Thoreau. "
Next und last appeared Miss Myra E.
Clark , who chose Wendell Phillips as the
subject for her or.ition. She was clear , for
cible and distinct und grace itself.
At the close of Miss Clark's oration , Act
ing Chancellor Ucssoy conferred the degrees
on the class. It presented quite an imposing
array. The degree of U. L. was conferred
on T. S. Allen , G. A. iJaugktuan. Miss Jen-
1110 Bonnoll , Miss Edna Uullock. O. W. Fifor.
Miss Myra Clark , Miss May Tower , W. N.
Flutchcr , D. D. Forsyth , C. M. French , C.
\V. Blgolow , Alfred Pizey. Tlio degree of
13. S3. was received by Miss Helen Aughcy ,
M. 7. Uisrelow , K. H. TmgleiS H J. Webber ,
T. A. Williams. Tlio degree of A. 13. was
conferred on F. W. Collins , G. W. Gorvvlg ,
Miss Laura Haggard , and W. L. Stephens.
The degree of 13. C. E. was received by E. Q.
Eagloson and F. A. Munley.
On the part of the state Governor Thaver
presented commissions as officers in the Uni
versity cadets , " in a brief but appropriate
speech , to the following : Captains , G. H.
Uaughnian , VV. N. Fletcher. G. W. Gorwlg.
nnd H. J. Webber ; first lieutenants , E. G.
Eaglesou , C. 13. Newcomer. W. L. Stephens ,
nndO..W , Fifer ; second lieutenant , F. W.
With the fantasio "Ein Mncrehen , " by
the orchestra the audience dispersed. So
ends ono ot the most successful and onjoyu-
blu commencements ever known in the
history of the stuto university.
The reception given by the faculty to the
friends of the university to-night , at Grant
Memorial hall , was attended by fully 1.50C
pcoplo. It was the grand llualo of the week.
The Knilroiul
The state hoard of equalization has com
pleted Its work and the following statement
shows the number of .miles , the assessed
valuation par mile und the total assessed val
uation in the stnto of Nebraska , as aetor-
mined by the Btata board of equalization ,
Juno 11,18b9 :
"Avorugo iisaossoQ valuation , per mlle
S-5.8SO ; number of miloa in ISSfJ-1.81)2 ) 07
totnl viiluatlon , $38,574,480,00 ; nvoraKo vuluo
tier mlle , & 5b23.DO ; JucruuBu in mllciiKU for
the year IBSt ) , i'J.7 : ! ; Inorcasoiu total oasuas
juont , $ ] , OOUS3i ) 05 ; iiicrcasn In uvcraso us-
vuluc , ) icr luilu , $52.00.
fyluiii. .
Secretary L-i\v4 nun Ij-unl Commlsilonor
Btoon rtiturno.l hntuu froui tltolr visit to the
insmio iiHylum ul NnrfaViC tills morning ,
where lliuv li U'J ljui : invojtlKittlnK the
wntor supply untl nihur muttors. It Is snlci
tlmt u well \vr , pein .a .it > , vtum n little
ever u year iua 1 fi f.- , il.-oji , w'uii-.U iit thai
tlmo furiiislaU aa . baiHai't ' j iuip''y ' of w.itur
but of into thu 1 oi.ora .mil ntjics huvn boci
Kiviix : l' ' ' ° ' i/'n ' 't' in fiini'-o .1 vivut < lf , il o
troublo. e.uw il b. . sjiiiuii-ut lu thu water
which lleiho ! ( miifH ; . : iil iidhoreJ to the
Lullor , uiul tih.i | .iuVL-ntoa thu J fiou
ilon ) ) ; lU'opur vvoi K , tiu ix'tary T tws liroiilit |
liouiu samples of thu ptpo , wlimli are b.ullj
ctitcn nnil fUlert with a-chiilliy substnuco re
BCinlillnj : suapttouu. It sconn thut ttio enl >
rernotly for tun evil le to haul thu water sup
ply f iim thu niltlioni ilvcr , or put down a
new well , niul Ihuru Is no ujipropriutloi
for iu _ jk _
City .Newi anil NOIPH.
The Youii Men'ji Chribtluti ussoclntioi
fccld Us regular nionttily rcco'itluu at tlio as
oclatton rooms , 414 iJouIn Touth htrcct , this
availing. U wus ciijoyublu ami wol ! at-
temltM ,
The new residence of H. Hnrnunl , on Ltu
coin Hclu'hts , North Lincoln , burned to th
round lust nltrht. Loss estimated ot | 7lk )
S ust HuUhoi ] and unocuuploii ,
Thoru was a striUo last ulght at the Vltrl
oil nnd Pressed Urlck works. About forty
ion quit worlt becuuso Mannifor Huckstnft
oi'uscd to pay by the thouinnd Instond o !
lie week. The mnntiBor pnltl tlio workmen
( T nnd nn hour Inter rchlrcd the strikers.
Ic simply unld : "Boys you linvp pot mo In
n tight plnco nnd I cnn not dispense with
, 'our services.
It U Icurned Hint 103 cnr loads of live stock
vero nlilppcd from this city to-dny. bound
for South Omiilm nlid Chicago. This is the
icavlst shipment known from Lincoln in nuy
no day during the pn t year ,
.ludRO Stewart issued n marrlnpo license to
George W. Grcouaniiiycs nnd Miss Lillian
tlibsoti , of Cheney , to-day. The couple will
)0 married to-morrow nlgUt nt the residence
f the bride's parents. r
llio Ifncliioors Awnltinp n licply
From Vlou I'msldcnt liulconili.
Uut little transpired in' connection with
the engineers' controversy with the ofllclala of
the Union Pacific yesterday. General Man-
ngor Kimbnll infotined the commltlco that ,
nmsinticli in the Knnsns Central was opor-
itcd Independently of the Union Paelllc , ho
ins no jurisdiction over It , m.d cotiscucntly ]
could not pans upon any mutter which came
up Involving tlio fottuor road' Authority in
the promises , ho Raid , rested with the vlco
president. In view of this fact , Vicq
President Ilolcomb , who la in Portland ,
lias been informed bv telegraph tlio grounds
upon which thu controversy Is bused , uud
liis reply Is being iiwnited. The engineers
ituto tlml If Manager lialdwln is sustained
by the vlcu president , more ulTcctlvo means
will bo UHod to ( 'nln tnolr point than an up-
lical for at bit ration. They Htato that the rc-
iluced scale v/ill not be accujittd , and this , it
Is thought , moans that n strlku will follow.
Concerning the nubjcct , nu oniclal of the
Unlun Paeillu said : "Of course , wo do not
rourt a strike. Wo Imvo mlles of unpro
tected road , and thoimuda of dollars worth
of unprotected rolling stock , and we know
how n Etrllio would rusnlt. Thu trouble will
not extend BO far ns that. "
The oniclal indicated that , If necessary ,
the company would concede thu demand of
the engineers. _
Oiiiiiinliiu niui Dickinson In
thu lilno of I'roiiintton.
Thu consolldatlnn of the propriotory lines
nnd branches lu the wos'orn territory of the
Union Pacific mcann a chuugo In the
olllclal ranks uf that company. It * was
learned that , upon the completion of the con-
Bolidatlon , G. M. Ciunmlng , now assistant.
general manager of the Union Pacific , in
charge ot the hues In the territory west of
Chcyoiino , Is to bu made general manager of
the consolidated system , with headquarters
ut either Ugdcn or Salt Lake.
The lines of the Union Paelllc proper , from
Cheyenne west , now under the jurisdiction
of G. M. Cummliig. will be placed under the
jurisdiction of R Dickinson , assistant gen
eral manager of the Union Pacific , with
hc.idquai tors In this city. This will give Mr.
Dickinson control of the main line between
Omaha und Ogden , and , practically , control
of the entire Union Paritlu system.
It has also boon learned tlmt Vice Presi
dent Ilolcomb has a matter under consider
ation which means the abandonment of the
present form of operating two assistant
mineral uuuiapcrs and the reestablishment -
establishment of the department
of general superintendent with E. Duikcu-
son in that capacity ; or the abolition of tlio
department of assistant general manager of
the western portion of the system. In the
absence of Mr. Holcomb , however , nothing
definite could bo ascertained concerning the
It Is well understood that the introduction
of the present system of oper.xtniK the road
has resulted unsatisfactorily In the greater
part because ! of the alleged incompotcncy of
a certain oOlsiul.
The Omnlia-Cliicngo Lines Preparing
for n linti ; ItcUuction.
There are strong indications that the lown
lines between Clucaco and Omaha will make
a cut of 40 per cent in freight rates iu order
to meet the cut of the lines to St. Paul.
General Manager Hurt and General Freight
Agent Morcbouse , of the Elkhorn , have gone
to Chicago , where u meeting of the Western
Freight association has been called to con
sider this question. If the breach on the
northern roads is not closed , the Iowa lines
will bo forced to malto the reduction. The
wholcsacl dealers and jobbers of Omaha are
prepaiing for thu emergency , and , iu case
the rates are put down to the projiosed notch ,
they will take advui.tacu of the change mid
Jny in a largo supply of goods. A represen
tative of ouo of the Chicago lines stated that ,
in all probability , the cut would bo made nud
that the same would be announced in a few
The Depot Mini Hole.
Numerous complaints are made of the
mud hole west of the Union Pacific depot.
At all times mud und slush to the depth or
several Inchon may bo found there. Ex
pressmen , hack drivers and others who are
compelled to use the place , nro obliged to
drive their horses and vehicles through the
mud , and oftentimes take a Jauut through it
ou foot themselves.
Kailrouil Noton.
Genornl Traftlc Manager Mellen , of the
Union Pacific , has gone to Chicago.
D. D. Hunt , aislstaut auditor of ' .ho Union
Pacific , has returned from the oast.
L. L. Downing , ex-tiMinuiuster of the
Wyoming division of the Union Pacific , is in
the city.
Yardumstcr Hayes , of the B. & M. , found
a puree containing 0 I" the depot. It is
now held by Ticket Agent Fonda.
The report that W. P. Harris is to succeed
C. S. Mellon as trafile manager of the Unlou
Pacillo is pronounced absolutely groundless.
The ofllcials of the Union Pacific state that
the local Omaha nnd Grand Island train is
being extensively patronized.
Paul Grubor , commercial agent for the
Missouri , Kansas & Texas at Kuusas City , Is
lu town.
Thomas Godfrey , of the Missouri Pacific ;
Thomas Miller , nf the Hurlington , und K. L.
Lomux , of the Union Pacillo , have gone to
Kansas City to attend a mooting of the
trans-Missouri association.
Assistant General Malinger Dickinson and
E. Buckingham , of the Union Pacillo , have
returned from the west.
General Manager Iloldrcgo , of the Bur
lington , has gone west.
The grain trafllc , which was rovlbod some
what about two weeks ago , has again dropped
pod off.
C II. McKIbben , general purchasing agent
of the Union Pacillc , has le turned fioma
business trip to Ghlcago.
No.4 on the Union Pacific was ono hour
late from thu west.
Investigation of the recant wreck nl
Clark's ' Station , on the Union Pacific , devel
ops that the brakes on the cam blown on the
main track wen : set and thut Urn wind forced
the cars along thu trade.
Thu City UniUvny 1'ooplo Clinfln Un
do ! Its KvnotloiiH ,
Dr. Mercer , of the motor company , speak
ing of thu subway ordinance Introduced Into
the council Tuesday night , said that thu city
might cut down the company's poles , but It
would never put the overhead wires under
ground. Kather than do this , ho said , the
company would abandon its property ,
Thu statements made by the doctor and
Frank Murphy to THE BUB a few days ago
to the offeut that unless ordinance 3,000 was
repealed both the motor and Omaha Street
Hallway companies would abandon opera
tions , are looked upon generally about
town as blulln , maao in uti effort
to intimidate the council into repealing the
measure which costs them $ ; tM30 addltiona
to every block of paved street upon which
they extend their linos.
Dr. Mercer , however , reiterated the state
ment and declared that unless the ordinance
was repealed the companies would consoli
date for protection , und discontinue work
until fairer treatment could be accorded
thorn ,
Ths subject of repealing the ordinance Ii
question win brought up in the council and
the matter WOH referred to a comuiltteu.
Pours' is tlio purest id best BO&J
c\cr made.
Yoatorday'o Developments iii the
Baby Poisoning Onso.
ClrciiinUnntlnl nvlilcnuo Connects
Her AVItli the Crime Verdict of
the Uoroncr's Jury Tlio
LdttloVnlf. .
Still Shfouilcd In Mystery.
The coroner's ' Inquest on the remains of
.ho child was hold ycstordny morning , nnd
niter n thorough examination had been mode ,
resulted In the following verdict :
"We , the jury , find that the said baby
Mo.vcr cnmo to bur death from the effects of
carbolic ncld administered by some person
or persons unknown.1'
The first wltneM was Dr. .1. E. Somcrs ,
who held the nost-i'iiortcm examination. Ho
: cstlflcd that the InfnnVs face , neck , lips ,
.OIIRUO und throat were badly burned oiUl
jllsterod ns from the ndmlnlstration ot car
bolic actd. The stomach was found to bo
normal. The burna above described were
BUfllciont to cause death.
Mrs. G. W. Clark , of the Open
Door , testified that William Ellcr-
siuk , Lonn Moyor's brother-in-law , brought
lier nnd her buby to the Open Door
shortly after 3 o'clock Tuesday morning ,
lillorsIclt said to her when ho placed the baby
in her arms , "I think the girl [ tlio mot her 1
is crazy , because she attempted to poison her
linby. " Mrs. Clark asked him what poison
Lho mother hud usednnd the witness replied ,
"Carbolic acid. " 'Iho mother disclaimed any
knowledge of how her babocamcto its death.
The buby died yesterday nt 1 o'clock. Lcnn
slept all last night , and manifested no un-
euslncss or sorrow.
Mary Ellorslcic , Lena's sister , testified
that Lena was not quite eighteen. She did
not know that her sister was in the family
way until n day or so before the birth
of tlio child. Lena had told her
she had been outraged by n stranger
who had stopped at Ellorsiek's
house when the latter was keeping n restaur
ant , eight montht u o. She didn't Icnow bis
natno. Ho nad loft town. Had carbolic ncld
in the houso. It was prescrlbsd by Dr. E. L , .
Alexander as u wash for Lena. A table
spoon-full in n quart of water being the pre
scription , and applied twice a day. Did not
ace L.CIIU with the bottle. It was kept in the
kitchen safe. Lena could huvo got it had
she desired. Mrs. Ellcrsicic was uwuy from
the house that day twico. about ten minutes
each time. Lena told her she did not know
wiio gave baby the poison.
William Ellerslck tcstllled in substance
the sauio as above , and Dr. Alexander gave
a mlnuto description of the in
fant's injuries. Tney wore sufficient to
causa death , but ho thouirht at ono time the
chllu would recover. Ho didn't know who
suggested the removal of the mother und
babe to the Ouen Door. He gave his con
sent , liowevor , to the removal. The transfer
was made In the night to avoid exposure.
The girl repeatedly told the doctor tiiat she
did not have anything to do with giving the
babe the acid , nor did she know who had
given it.
Assistant County Attorney Shea , who
conducted the inquest , considers thu circum
stantial evidence against the mother suf
ficient to justify the Jlliiiir of information
ngnlnst Her lor infuntcidc , which will bo
done ns &oou us he has had an opportunity to
question tlio girl horsulf.
The finhy nnd the Dog : .
The little waif who was left nt the gate of
the Open Door.Mondnv night is doing well.
The dog which was watching over him at the
time of its abandonment is still greatly at
tached to the child and readily singles it
out from the other six or eight babies. Mrs.
Clark refuses to divulge thu numo on the
garment worn by tliochild , , bill says she has
been the parties and secured from them the
luiuius of three or four people to whom they
hnvo given children's clothing. These people -
plo will bo seen by Mrs. Clark , who will en
deavor to find the parents of the little fel
low. There was no tag on tno dog so that no
clue could be obtained as to whom the unlmul
Mrs. Clark says she nroposes to get n
license for ihe dog and keep him ns a guard
ian of the home.
To prevent iliurrhcn , cholera morbus
and dysentery , Uiko u wiuo ylasa full of
Mihclovitch's Hungarian Blackberry
llivnl Contractors nnd 1 heir Wiles
and StorlcH.
There arc combines and there nro com
bines among the contractors for public work
during these sultry days uf summer , and ,
while these have been made and broken , the
public worlcs huvo been delayed two months.
E. E. Nuuglo i fighting the old contrac
tors. As n partner in the firm of Ryan &
Co. , or hotter , the possessor by purchase of
the contract awarded Ityan & Co. , ho has a
vldo interest in cedar block paving on con
cretes nt Sl.tll per yard. Mr Nauglo is also
thi ) posscssoi of several monster piles of
cedar poles , which ho intended using to ful
fill his paving contract.
J. E. Hlley < t Co. hold the contract for
cedar block paving on sand nnd plank at
? l.ilK : I'd" ' yard , and the latest combine ,
if rumor Is correct , is between Klli'.v & Co. ,
and the old time contractois to ruin Nnuglo's
chances of making uny money out of bis con
tract. liilny & Co. have an army of solici
tors out getting property owners to sign pe
titions for paving of ecdar block on sand und
plank , and have secured a largo share of the
work. Nuuiflo thought ho hud secured eight
blocks on Clark street for n surety , und ux-
pected to begin work there almost immedi
ately , but at Tuesday nigtit's meeting of the
council , in compliance with a long petition
from property owners , the street in question
was ordered paved with cedar Utock on sand
and plank.
Tlits is said to bo ono of the combines.
Con Gallagher , it is alleged , has another.
"Uyjovo , " said he , "it is not a combina
tion of the old-timeis against Nnuglo , but a
combination of Nnuglo nnd the Nebraska
National bank ngninst tbo old tuners.
"J. W. Furness is n contractor living somewhere -
where in the southern part ot tno stato. To
htm nnd his son was awarded the contract
for laying sandstone paving on sand at . ' .33.
Smco that contract was awarded Nauglo has
uoqulrcd un interest in It Now , it is al
leged , Nauglo knew , when hn purchased , that
the contract could not bo filled at the price ,
but ho had no intention of filling it. Ho
doesn't want to see any stone paving laid in
Omaha this .year , and. controlling the con
tract tor sandstone as ho does , you will tlnd
that that material will not bo uruod for the
acceptance of property owners , Nuuglu hop
ing thereby to got rid of nls cedar polos. "
CuBhman's Menthol Inhaler , cures catarrh ,
headache , neuralgia , asthma , bay Fovor.
Trial free at your druggist. Pnoo 50 cents.
"Whloti Have | lcan Discovered in the
NolHon Mjatory.
A person who s aw the body of Nolsou ,
which was found Hanging in a decomposed
state from a trco a couple of wocks ago near
Irvlngton , hints that u moro careful exami
nation of the ouso might show tlmt the hang
ing was the work of other hands nnd not a
suicide , ns supposed. Thrco wounds were
found-on the body of the man , ono through
the breast , another plercca the heart and the
third was in tlio right hand. Either of the
first two wounds would ordinarily result In
Instant death and preclude The possibility of
indicting on himself the other two wounds ,
Tito loft arm was broken and in that condi
tion * . it would huvo been impossible
for him to climb tbo troa from which
ho was bunging. Another suspicious fealuro
is tlio fact that the revolver found on the
ground below him hud only ono exploded
shell , although the body showed that thrco
different shots hud boon 11 fed. Tbo theory
advanced is that Nelson was murdered and
then hung to the tree to cause the belief
that ho had suicided. A revolver was thrown
on the ground , possibly by ono of the mur
derers , but in the hurry ho neglected to have
the number of exploded shell * correspond
with the number of wouuds.
Dcfliult In n Vary 'important CJnttlo
Cnso Front 1'emler.
The cnso of Abraljiitns vs McCloud
disposed of yestcrd'aj. About ono year
ngo , D , N. Wheeler , n stock raiser at Ponder
der , had 121 head of o'attlo ready for market.
They were encumbered with a $3,400 mort
gage , held by W. E. AtcCloml and Lee Love ,
commission nnrchaiUsxit South Omaha. On
the day mentioned , CJortlnnd Abrahams , who
resides iicur.Ueo'mcr Cuming county , called
nt Wheeler's ranch nnd oponqd negotiations
with htm to purchns'o } no cuttle. 'An agree
ment was entered Into and Abrahnm'n paid
Whcolo'r ) CO , but did not get possession of
the cattle. The next day the stock was
placed on cars and shipped to McUloud &
Lovo. who sold them , mid , nftor deducting
f J , 100 for the mortgage , paid Wlipolor ? 3,03l.
In his petition. Abrahams alleges that betook
took the cuttle subject to this mortgage ut
? 3GO. Wheeler claims that the agreed prlco
wasfO,00 , > l ever nnd iibovo the mortgage ;
that , the § MO was forfeit money jmt up by
Abrahams us guarantee that ho would close
the bargain within n eortnln time , which ho
failed to do , and us n consoquonuo the cattle
were shipped to market. The suit
was brought against McCloud &
Love for dnrangos. When called for
trial. the plaintiff fulled to nut
in nu appearance olthor personally or by at
torney. A Jury was called by the defendant ,
sworn ami under instructions of the court
returned n verdict ngnlnst Abrahams.
Tlio Calumet Paper company hits instituted
suit against the Omaha Kcpubllcim company
for a bill of e4,81'J.14. ' The ease is stated in
cloven counts dating from September li ! ,
1SH3 , ouch count being a bill for blank paper.
Mrs. Anna L. Clark 1ms petitioned lor dl-
voruo from her husband Ctmrles Clark. She
charges him of habitual drunkenness and
extreme cruelty.
A suit for damages In the sum of 85,000 ,
brought by F. Clifford against County Super
intendent J. 13. Hrunor , was hoard before
Judge Douno in the district court yesterday
afternoon. Glfford's claim for damages was
based upon a letter written by Superintend
ent 13runcr to Sti ) > crlntendunt Dooley , of
Wahoo. In the letter Superintendent 13ru-
ner stated that Glfford had taught school hi
Douglas county prior to March , IfjSS , a'ld
had made himself so obnoxious to the tmpils
and untrons of the district , tlmt during the
last week of his term but two pupils attended
his school. Superintendent Drunor also
gnvo the Information that Glfford hud bcou
refused a ccrtlticuto by Superintendent
Bourke , of Hurlington , Ii. , and Superintend
cut Akin , of Henderson county , Illi
nois , on account of unprofessional
conduct ; also that ho had bcou u preacher ,
studied mrdlcluo , road law , run u farm and
\vorkod at the cariicnturd1 trade , and would
not hesitate to take tiny ad vantage to satisfy
his own p'rfiomil caprices and ainu.
On ttio strength of this letter , Mr , Gifford
alleges tlmt ho lost a position us teacher ut
AVahoo und was damaged in the sum of
$ o,000 , for whlcli amount ho uskoj judgment.
The case was given to the jury at G o'cloclc.
The ouso against James Hajck , charged
with t llmg whisky on Sunday , was neard in
Judge Hopowoll's court. Tlio case was ap
pealed from the police court , where Hajok
was found guilty of the charge und his
licciiRo revoked by the flro nnd police com
Thosultof the Atlantic Cigar company
against Dennis Cunniugham for $300 was
heard by Judge Graff. The case grew out of
the G. W. Duncan failure , the plaintiffs try
ing to hold Cuuningliuni ivsp.insible for the
'Oho jury in the case ugainst Alva 13. Cook ,
charged with cmbc7/.ling funds received by
him as agent of the Missouri Pacific , yester
day afternoon returned a verdict of not
Tno 13ohn Manufacturing company lias
commenced suit in thu district court against
J. J. Drown and Hico & Hassott , contractors ,
for a claim of $ ) JU.D5 for materials fur
nished the contractors in the construction of
the J. J. Brown building , ut tlio corner of
Sixteenth and Douglas.
Pauline Patrick wants the court to dis
solve the bonds that , made her the wife of
Frank Patrick at White Rock , Mich. , on
Christmas eve , ItsS" , ullcginc cruelty as u
ground for the desired separation.
Murcn M. PetoMon' wants a divorce from
her husband , Soron T. Peterson , to whom
she was married in Umalia , on September
29 , 1S70. In her petition , lllod in the district
court , yesterday. Mrs. Peterson alleges that
ever since lior weildimj day her husband has
pursued u course of abuse und ill-ticatmcnt
toward her , calling her bad name * , accusing
her of infidelity and assaulting her. She
has four children , of which HUB wishes to
Imvo clmrgo.and asks for u decree of divorce
und alimony , Peterson owning farm lands In
Nebraska valued at ? 40,000.
County Court.
In the countv court yesterday Charles E.
Koth commenced suit against C. T. Shoffcr
to recover t-450 for money loaned.
W. E. 13ainbndgu bosun suit to collect on
promissory notes" against Walter Wills for
SU4.01 , D. M. Hammock for S O.IO , and A.
L. Moore for $2n.
United States Court.
Dccauso of the exhaustion of funds , the
jury has been excused until Friday. Attor
neys wanting a Jury to try thair cases consequently
quently must advance enough money to pay
the mcmbeis until moro funds may bo re
ceived from Washington.
A mandamus was issued by Judge Dundy ,
in favor of 13onson Wood against school dis
trict No. 10. Sherman county compelling the
levy of a tux with which to buy u judgment
of SIWO , recovered nearly two years ngo.
The case of Cocard vs. school district No.
.r > , Sherman county , was dismissed without
Charles Johnson , of Ax'ol , of this state ,
was arrested on complaint of his cousin , who
resides at Sutton , for sending obscene letters
through tbo malls. IIu was brought to this
city by a United States marshal yesterday
morning and went before Postoffica Inspector
Hrown , attached his nnmo to u plea admit
ting everything charged. Ilo was held to the
court for sentence.
The trouble seems to have been brought
about through a family quarrel. Anderson
turned n bundle of letters ever to the author
ities , written to him by his cousin , in which
it Is stated she used language us obscene as
uny written by him to hor. Tlio district at
torney is having the epistles truus'uteu.
NotCH About , the City.
A. A. Allen has returned from ICatnmazoo ,
Mich. -
M. nolchcnberp's buy borso , blind in the
loft eye , with a white loft hind foot , has
strayed or been stolen.
A meeting will bo held In the Presbyterian
church Saturday ovonlng , to bo conducted
by General Secretary , , .deorgo C. Jennlnirs
und Mr. Hiuiebaugii , of Omaha , to organ
ize a Y. M. C. A. All interested are invited
to attend. j i <
Louis Swift , troafurpr of of the Swift
Packing company , is bora from Chicago.
Mrs. William Walker , of Extra , la. , IR hero
visiting her son. O. U. Wulkor. Mrs. WulUor
is accompanied by MqsUumes James Uodgurs
nnd Gilbert Jones , of .udubon , la.
The change of the grade on Twenty-fourth
street so that the cut tltf J street will bo only
nbout two fei-t. glvca-'Benorul satisfaction to
residents in th sectty
Sunday afternoon at A o'clock a game of
ball will bo pluycd In tno Third ward park
between the Swift and Arinour-Cudahy
clubs ,
Mrs. Frank E. Hart has returned from
Vllltsca , accompanied by her uncle , Houer
Sheriff Saunders , of Fremont , Is In the city
looking after horse thieves.
Mrs. Ponnoll , of Colby , Kan. , who has
been visiting her son , Lon H. Ponnoll , during
the last five mouths , has rolurnoa homo.
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
( Then Dabjr nu uiei , ire gave her Cactorta.
When eho trn < a Child , she cried for Caetoria ,
When > ho became iUm , ( be clung to Castoria ,
W'n slioliaf Children , oho gate them Cutoria.
Ijnto Lounl News.
Numerous Jmnd bills were distributed
nbout the city yesterday to the effect that n
change und tukon place In the management
of Hotel do Mauawa , nud hoi oaf lor trnlns
will bo run until midnight , us usual.
There nro some offices whoso emoluments
nro altogether glory. That of steamboat inspector
specter for Western Iowa is ono of thorn.
Inspector J. C. Dixby stale * tlmt the re
ceipts nbovo expenditures last year amounted
to just * 1.
A. sum wns raised ycstordny by subscrip
tion to purchase u uniform for Sam Morri
son , the city's blind nnd pensioned fireman ,
nnd bo appeared In the parade. Ho desires
to return his sincere thanks to the thought
ful donors.
A rattling game of ball was played nt Falr-
vlow park this afternoon. Kluvcn Innings
were required to settle it. The spore wns 8
to ! J in favor of the OdulU. A homo run was
made by oneji club ( To-duy' game is , with
The funeral of Peter \Vost occurred yes-
tordny afternoon at IlitHl under the auspices
of the Masonic fraternities of the city. The
oortogo started from Masonic tiunplc , headed
by Dalboy's band ploying n dirge. Tlio body
was interred In nlrvlow cemetery.
The Marshalltown band was out last
evening nnd serenaded the board of control ,
the press cluu und Tin : llii : : office. The or
ganization rendered some excellent music.
This band is ono of the best In attendance at
the tournament , and added much to the at
tractiveness of tlio parade , ns well as to the
programme nt the fair grounds.
All the banks of the city will close this
nftornoon ut 1 o'clock. The disposition seems
to bo growing to make to-day u general holi
day nnd u movement was started last evenIng -
Ing to get nil the stores and business "houses
to eloso. Unless such a movement is sue'
cessful the largo foreo of clerks in the city
will got to see nothing more of the tourna
ment than they can see through the shop
The rrooks got in their line work ut the
driving park yesterday afternoon. * Charles
Proctor was ono of tlio victims who lost n
line watch through the instrumentality of
some enterprising plckpocitct. Although
the crowd was lurco nnd the number of
crooks by no means limited , little work was
done , owing to the vlgllunco of the police.
Tlio lost day of the tournament is when they
will undoubtedly bo boldest , nnd for this
reason to-morrow will see some wholesale
and Indiscriminate stealing.
At (1 ( o'clock last evening n team driven by
Mr. Hlllotts. u grocorymnn at Ponoy Crook ,
near this' cityi became frightened while
nasslng the now building on Lower Main
street und ran away. Tlio spring wagon to
which they wuro attached was upset , and
the occupants , four in number , wcro thrown
violently to the pavement. The driver was
seriously bruised nnd two women , Mrs.
Dressier aim Llda Burns , sustained serious
injury. Tlio former's arm wns broken in
two places und the latter was rendered in
sensible. They were taken to their homes
nnd medical assistance summoned.
Enthusiastic people estimate that 20,000
yards of decorating material was swung out
to the breezes yesterday morning nnd the
evening previous. There were but few
buildings in the city that wcro not decorated.
The Straub block , on Main street , occupied
by tlio Wlor-Shugart company and the
Empko Hnrdwaro company , wcro beauti
fully decorated. Aultmau , Miller it Co. , on
the opposite side of the street , was ono of
tlio most handsomely decorated buildings on
the street. The entire front , Including the
windows und entrance , was covered by tnin-
laturo mirrors , rellecting i > 13uukeye mower
that sits in the front of the building. The
decorations were very ingeniously contrived
nnd attracted u great deal of attention.
All visiting editors in the city attending
the tournament are invited to make their
headquarters at the Press club rooms , No.
18 Pcnrl street , up stairs. Writing material
on bund for all who desire , and the brethren
are invited to take churgo of the room , visit ,
attend to their correspondence nnd make
themselves thoroughly nt home.
Attempted Abduction.
The attempted abduction of thu little
2-year-old child of J. A. Hess , the restaurant
man , appears to bo more serious than was ut
first supposed. It was clearly mi attempt to
kidnap the child , und force would have been
used to tuko from the -old
it lllycaold nurse
girl who was wheeling it uloug Noi th Soy-
unth street if thu girl's screams hud not
brought assistance. The abductors were in
a covered wagon and drove rapidly nwav
after they were frustrated in their attempt.
Stockholders' Mcitting.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Council 131uffs Waterworks company
was held in this city to-day. The meeting
was for the purpose of electing directors and
was held lu the office of Wright , Baldwin &
Haldano. Thcrs wcro : H,71'J shares repre
sented , and after the balloting iho following
named gentlemen were declared eloctort tor
the ensuing year : Robert Sowell , James F.
Pierce , George P. Sheldon , George F.
Wriyht , William A. Wolff , Sidney W. HopKins -
Kins und J. B. McGcorge.
iV Double Header.
Dr. Ellis , of Stiver city , has loft lit Tun
Hen office a curiosity recently captured
there. It is lizard-appearing Kind of a rep
tile , with two heads , ono at ouch end of the
body. Somo'mcn engaged at work on the
bridge noticed it running backward and for
ward on a stringer , easily moving in either
direction , without turning nround. This ex
cited their curiosity , and they succeeded in
cupturintr it. Examination revealed the fact
that it was so constructed as to bend either
way with pleasure. It can be scon by uuy
ouo calling ut Tin : Bin : office in Council
Judicial Smacks.
Judge Anucrson wns called on very nnox-
pcctcijly to perform two marriage coremouics.
George Witmark nnd Colin Peters first put
in an appearance , and then Carl Cnrlcson
nnd the girl of his choice , Anna Hanson ,
stood before the judge. His honor kissed
both brides.
Try I HI : to Dethrone the
VIENNA , Juno 12. Tlio Tagblatt has In
formation from Bolqrnda Unit n plot exists
In thi ) palace to dethrone young King
Alexander und proclaim Prince Pelor
Karagoorgicvltch as king.
* -
IVi-fcteru Union Dividend.
Niw : YOIIK , Juno 12. The directors of the
Western Union Telegraph company to-day
declared u quarterly dividend of \ \ per cent
A Word About Catarrh ,
"It 1 * the mucous mi-mbrann that womlirfti
hcmi-tliildfnvolopohurrouiullrig tlio delicate tLs-
buns of the air nnd rood passages , that Oatnrrh
mnkoi itsTgtronghold. Once established , It oatt
into thovory vitals , and rondeisllfti but a lone-
drawn breuth of misery and disease , dulling the
eonso of henrlug , trummollng the nowtuot
Bpoecli.dealroyliiiithe faculty of Hiaclf , talntini :
the In e , i th , nnil Killing the i mined pleiMtires or
tiiHte. luslillouxly by croitplng u from anliuplo
oohllnthe lived , it usaanlts the muinbranous
lining und envelopes the tionos. uatltiff tlirouuh
thu drllrato roati and cunning infliiimriatloii.
bloiiKhing uud death. Nothing Khort or totnl
eradication u 111 secure health to the patient , and
nil iillevlatlveaurQHlmply procrastinated sutler-
IngB , jundlngto a fatal termination. SANKOIID'K
CuiiK. by IitlmMiiin mid by Internal
ndmlni rriitlon hax never fulled ; even when the
disease tma mudo frightful ItiroadH on dclkato
coiiBtltntloni , lu'avlni , ' , Hincll uud tushi have buon
rorovvretl , uud the ul ease thoroughly driven
out. "
HANKOIUI'H H.MHU.AI. Omir. ronsUtBdlono bot-
tleof thelUniOAti COIIK , oiui box CATAIIIIIIAI.
HOI.VKNT , and one iMritovKli INIIALKII , neatly
wrapped in one paokngf , with full dliuctloiiu ;
pritiSI.OO. .
llOhTON ,
.Kidney and Uterine 1'atni und Weak
nesses , relieved In OJJK UINITTI : by the
. . - . llrbt and only nulu-kllling plaster
New Instantaneous , intullble. The most perfect
untldotu to 1'uln , Inllniiimutlon uud Weakness
vcr compounded. Vastly Hiipilor to ull otht-r
At all drugt'lutt , 35o ; llvo forl , or
| K > sta e free of I'OTTUU IJiiuu ANU CHKMICAI ,
Co. ,
tl d by the United fitnlcs Government. ISmlorsed by llic hemli of the DrcAt Universities
nnil Public 1'Vxxl Analyst' , ns the Btroijcest , 1'nret.t nnd moil Hcnlthnil. Dr. Trice's Cream
linking I'on-derdocn not contain A tmiionln.I.iuie or Alum. Dr 1'rice's Delicious } 'lnvorlnc IU-
tracts , VnnUla.I.cmon , Orange , Almond , Rose , etc. , do not contain 1'otgotioiis Oils or Chetmcnl&
PRICE BAKING POWDER CO. . Now York. ChlonBo. Bt.
Chicago , Ills , ( ClnrkSt ,
Tbo Regular Old-Established
Is still Treating with the Greatest
Cliroiiic , Neryons and Private Diseases ,
DEBILITY , Loit Manhood ,
Palling Memory , Exlmustinj ; Drains , Terrible
Dreams , Head and Back Acne nnil all ihe elTecu
leading to early ducuy and perhaps Consumption nt
Iniantty , treated scientifically by new method * with
never-failinc tucctss.
OS SYPHILIS ami nil bad Blood nod Skin DU.
cases permanently cured.
S-KIDNEYand URINARY complaint ! , Gleet ,
ftonorrhoen , Strlctu re , Varlcocele and nil dlscaies
of the Qentto-Urinary Orgaiu cured promptly without
injury to S'.omictv Kl Jne > s or o-Jicr Organs.
fltSNo experiments. Ago and experience lm
portant. Consultation free and sacred.
OS" Send 4 cents pcste ( for Celebrated Works oo
ohronlc , Nervous and Delicate Discatei.
Jia-Thoje contemplating Mairiaee send for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated guide Male and Fe-nale , each
13 centi , both a ; cenU ( ilamin ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly letter or call may tave future suffer.
in g and shame , and add golden yean to life. JB9Uook
"Life's ( Secrel ) Errors , " socnlsitnmpj ) . Medicine
and writings tent everywhere , secure from exposure.
Houn,8to6. Sundays 9 to n. Address
F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
186 So. .Clark SU CHICAGO *
( UROC2IZC ) >
ana. receive a §
( Oppoilto Pftiton UottLI
Office hours , 0 . m. to p. m. Sunday * . U &
m. tolp. m.
Jpoclullsts In Chronic , Nerrons , Bkln and
Blood Diseases. . , .
r37 Consultatlon at olflce or by mall free.
Medicines sent by mall or express , uocurBly
packoO. free Irom observation. Guarantees to
cure ( illicitly , safely ami nermancntlv.
UT'Dli'nTKI ' Tirnilf I1'VrPennatorrhrca ' ) , aeml-
BbKVUUb UhDlLlil ual I.05uesNlghtKmls-
slona. i'hysical Decay , arlslUB from Indiscre
tion. Kxcoss or Indulgence , producing HUop-
lessuess. Urnpomlency , Plmplen on the face.
aversion 16 society , easily discouraged , lack of
confidence , dull , nntlt for btudy or buslness.nnd
Buds life a burden. Hnfely , permanentlv end
privately cured. Consult lrfl , ( jotts it Uetta ,
408 Taruaui St. , Omaha , Net ) .
Blood mil Skin
results , completely
of Mnri-urr. facrofula , Kryslpolns. FuverBoren ,
lllotchos. Ulcers , Pains lu thu Ilo&d and Donoa ,
Syphilitic Sore Throat. Mouth and Tongue. < -
turrh , tic. , permanently cured wnero otlicra
have futlcil.
l/irtrinif ITrinnnir lin < l Dladdor Complaints ,
KiflnGY , urinary pauuui. imruit. too * ri
tjuoiit llurnliiK or Bloody Urluo. Urlno hlgn col
nrea or with milky uedtmeut on f > tandlm ? ,
Weak llnck , Ormnorrhcjoa , Oleet. Cystitis. Ao. ,
Promptlr ondSafely Cured , Charges Reajionn-
bio. _
moval complete , without cutting , cunsyc or
dilatation. Curusollectod at homo bv patient
without a moments palu or annoyance.
To Young , Men anil MiMle-Ageil Men ,
I QITDD HllDD The awful eltocts ot early
n nUlilJ uUltu Vloo , wblch orlnps organic
weakness , ricitrnylneboth mind and bodv , with
alllti droailml UK permanently cured.
AUI en uionn wno tiujra Impaired
i Dm ll ) tlieniiielvufi by Improper Indul
gences ami solitary hablU ) . which ruin both
body und mind , unBttlui ; theih for business ,
study or marriage.
M AIIUIBD MKN. or thoio enterint ; on that hap
py life , aware of physical debility , quickly us
" 18ttai
U based upon facts. First Practical Expe
rience. Second Every case Is eipeclully studied ,
thus starting urlglit. Third Medicines ara pre
pared in our laboratory exactly to suit each
case. tnusajrrcUUKCUrei without injury.
| 3rT"rieurt 6 cruls postage for celebrated work *
on Chronic , NervottH nnil Delloute Dlseason.
Tbousiindsruifd , f T A friendly letter or tall
may save you futuie iiuirerlmr and Bhame. and
add ( -olden years to life. r& No letters an
swered uulot" accompanied by 4 cents in stamp *
hrt > t. Ouiaba. Nr b.
m HbliiHTi brtM < IHU > tll ; . UomloruUa.
il lumcdio > uu Illuitmtd Uok * ( "oofi
tDally Kxcopt Sunday
between Council IllufTs and .Al
bright. In Addition to the-unions memloned.
trains Btop at Twontletli uud Twonty-fourtll
htreete. and at the Buuimtt in Omaha.
Arrive ,
No. 5OJpm : D No. 1 U:15 : ani
No. B e-.M piuU No. 6 r > :15pm :
No. 4 1U:00&11I : No. 3 , . , . . 0Uiipia ;
No. 14iiiiJ.ti(5 ) : Tim A No. 13. , , . . . .7il'Juni
No. 0 * . . . . . :10 : aiuiNo. 7 . ' . HIST fcra
No. U : i:15 : pm No. il 7:15 : am
No. 4 U : & > pmlNo. 6 , . 6-1S pin
All Trains Dally.
A No. a . . .UUUamjA No. 1 7:03 : am
A No. 4 , , 0:10 : pmA | No. 3 n15piil ;
A No. 3 B:2SamA : | No. 0
A No. < UJOPIIIA : | No. 1
A No. 10 7:05 : uiulA No. U 8M am
A No.12 70)pmA ; ) | No.ll OjuOpm
A No. 8 4i'JlipniA | No , 7 13:0) : W
JLdully : II dally except Saturday ; 0 except
Sunday ; 1) except Xoiidur : * faannatl.
The ttino glvon ubovu U for Truiufer , thera
bemcfiom nveto ton mluuti > * ) stw en Tran *
r and local dupou.
A HUNTS \VANTIU-llotli ! Konoral nnil can-
vasaliii , ' , on thu auw , ivvUud and Impuilal
mlltloiKit.ell B lincyelonailla in live vbluinox.
Just iotiticd. Bold for cash , or on uaiy nibtitlr
mi IIIH. 1'or liberal turnm unit territory uddrca *
T , Kl.i.wounKI.I. . , I'ub , , I'hlludelphlii.