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Flro Causes n. Terrible Havoc In the
Beautiful GolloRO Town.
Nearly the KM tire Business 1'ortton or
Hie IMnoc In Ashes I'oss Nearly
§ 2OOOOO Other Iowa
The Orlnncll Fire.
Dns MOINES , la. , Juno 12. Onnnoll , the
bcf.utlful collcpa town llfty miles cast of
hero , was visited by a very destructive llro
this afternoon. It caught in nn elevator
goutli of the Hook Island track , and swept
over n largo part of the business part of the
town , burning forty-ono buildings. Grin-
iicll has no waterworks , but has a steam en
gine that depends upon wells for n supply.
Boon after the llro got n headway nn appeal ,
for help was sent to Marshalltown , and a
special train with hose end trucks camq
flylng.down. Brooklyn ulso responded with
a chemical engine , and the united efforts of
nil three cities succeeded in holding the
flames In check , after burning a largo part
of the business houses.
The fire was kept out of the residence portion
tion of the city , but thousands of dollars
worth of dry goods and other goods from the
stores were dumped In the public square.
A telegram was sent to Governor Larrabco
asking him to order out company G , of the
Iowa National guard , located ut Grlunoll , to
protect property. Ho was absent , but his
private secretary replied that the sheriff and
Ms posse must do that unless they were not
nblo to do so , and so the order was not given.
Great confusion prevailed , but at late hour
to-night the guards nro patrolling the streets
nnd watching the property , and the town Is
becoming quiet again.
Forty-ono buildings , mostly frame , were
burned , Including Treat & CO.'B elevator ; O.
A. fay tor & Co. , agricultural implements ;
Allies , Cbaffoo's ofllco ; city ball ; Herald of
fice ; Morrison , Mclntosh & Co.'s glove fac
tory ; Merchants'National bank ; postofllco ;
A. Melntosh & Co.'s general store ; H. Proc
ter's Jewelry store ; telephone ofllco ; .1. G.
Johnson & Co. , drugs ; Metropolitan bakery ;
Williams & Schroop , tailors ; Palmer &
Barllett. grocers ; Mrs. Icon , millinery ;
BUCK & Thomas , hardware ; thrco restaur
ants nnd two moat markets ; Nelson & Pow
ell , grocers ; A. II. Heald , Hour , and nearly
n dozen other stores.
It Is probublo that the loss will bo from
8150,000 to f200,000. Most of the buildings
were partly insured.
A Red Oak Sensation.
Rnn OAK , la. , Juno ! 2. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE. ] Rumors of a scandal have
been floating through the ulr for some time
mid were brought to a focus yesterday by
the arrest of 1' . A. Brownscomb , a painter
nnd paper hanger , for seduction and attempt
to commit abortion on tno person of u fifteen-
year-old daughter 'of Andrew Morden , a
wagon maker , of this placo. Morden is a
widcwer. The girl Dollio keeps bouse , and
Is the only daughter at home. She is alone
most of the time. Brownscomb selected nor
JIB his victim when she was twelve years old
nnd accomplished her ruin then. In Decem
ber last' , finding that matters were not mov
ing smoothly ho weiu to a prominent physi
cian in town nnd represented that Dollio
would need care to relieve her from suspic
ion and criticism. He mentioned the name
of n prominent merchant of this town as
being the author of the trouble. The doctor
wrote to Dollic. Dollio answered , implicat
ing Brownscomb. The doctor took the letter
to the county attorney. Matters could bo
kept secret no longer. The father is almost
insane with rage and grief. He had Browns-
comb arrested on two charges seduction
and attempt to commit abortion. The de
fense asked for n continuance to next Mon
day , which was granted aud the bond llxcd
at f 1,000 in each case. This the prisoner
foiled to glvo and was taken to Jail. Excite
ment Is Intense.
Itcpubllcnu Central Committee.
DBS MOINES , la. , Juno 12. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE. | The Republican
State Central committee met hero to-day and
selected Dos Molnes as the place for the
next convention , ana August 14 ns-thodato.
Hon. John Irwm , of Kcokuk , was named for
temporary chairman. Keeping the old ratio
of representation , the next convention will
bo the largest over held , the call providing
for 1,131 delegates. The convention will
nominate candidates for governor , Judge of
supreme court , superintendent of schools
and railroad commissioners.
WATERLOO , In. , Juno 12. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bur. . ] Miss Lena .Kimball
Sherman , only daughter of ox-Governor
Burcn U. Sherman , was married In this oily
nt 1 o'clock this afternoon to Dr. D. W. Dick
inson , of Dos Molnes. Rev. G. A. Cham
bers" , of Christ Episcopal church , performed
the ceremony. A largo number of guests
were present from Dos Molnes , Vinton and
elsewhere. Mr. nnd Mrs , Dikinson loft this
ofternoon for DCS Moincs , their future homo.
Superintendent Ittiycc Married.
DcyMoiNKS , la. , Juno IS. | Special Tele-
crunifto Tim BEE. J General Superlnten.
dent il. T. Hoyco , of the Hock Island rail
road , was married hero to-day to Mrs. Evu
H. Echolbergor. The wedding was colO'
bratcd in the presence of n few friends , Hov ,
Dr. Van Antwerp , of St. Paul's Episcopal
church , oftlclatlng. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hoyco lofl
by special cur for St. Louis , nnd from there
will b'o to the Pucltlo coast , spending a montli
on the trip. _ _ _ _ _ _
Tlin County Clerks.
DEB Moixiis , In. , Juno 12. [ Special Tel
egram to THE BEE. ] A state- convention ol
the county clerks of Iowa uiot here to-duy ,
Thirty counties , were roproiontod and the
following ofllcors were elected : President ,
WUIIam Musson , Polk county ; vlco-prosi-
dent , O. P. VVyland , Shelby county ; socro
tnry , 13. M. Punk , Carroll county ; treasurer
John II. Uorough , Wurron county. The
clerks will attempt to cteviso some system bj
which uniform methods of keeping couri
records luuy bo used all over llio state.
Much Dnmnsa J > oun In New Yot-k
nnd Brooklyn.
New YOUK , Juno 12 , A heavy wind inn
thunder storm visited Now York and ( Jrook
lyu last evening. Lightning struck in sov
cral places , A building hi course of croc
tlon In Brooklyn was blown down uncl M :
workmen were burled in the ruius , two o
v.-hom were killed. St. Jnmes CathoHi
church in Brooklyn , which was the ca'.hed
ral of the diouosu until u month ago , wp
Ktruck by lightning during the fcturni na <
inside n few hours was burned , causing i
dainago of about flOU.OlH } . Tim Callcniie
InuuluU'dViro Work * , .il Hast Newark
were struck h.v lightning md : bf.t an llro
The I-IM la estimated at from fi.1W ( ti
1'ur a lli-lnonti
fl.i J' ' o rJ.-I.-Ml night
negro ColTco was brought to I'UI-IE
uioutli aud lO'lfOd In Jail , churKOil with hav
log sot Hi * ' , o the mluencnof HcvChxrh
near Lo'idou Uri'Jxo , ltr < S wfytt ago , (
WlilcU tlio UVb ) Of 'r'l&rxjxud four'&f U'.v dm
The Stnto Tnkcs Control of Affairs nt
JOHNSTOWN , Pa. , Juno 12. The borough
of Johnstown and surrounding towns are
now Under military rule. At 7 o'clock this
morning General Hastings took charge ana
soldier * wore placed on guard nt all the com
missary departments and morgues. A slight
rain has been falling all the morning nnd the
city presents n dismal appearance. Every
thing Is in turmoil and confusion , and little
or no work Is being done. However , nil the
men nt the morgues nnd relief committees
arc still hard at work.
General Hastings states that the work of
clearing nwny the debris , under the direc
tion of the stnto , will commence in earnest
to-morrow morning. James McKnlght has
been selected as ono of the contractors , nnd
ho will have two thousand men at work to
morrow morning.
For the flr t tlmo since the calam
ity , the people nro commencing to
taltt of their financial lessen and
this seems to worry them as much as any
thing else. To say that n great number of
former merchants arc disheartened is putting
It mildly. Pittsburg wholesale merchants
uro hero trying to comfort them. They are
offering old merchants inducements to start
up again ,
Eight hundred special policemen em
ployed hero by the sheriff were discharged
this morning ami soldiers put In their places.
General Hastings gave orders to permit
all persons wearing press badges to go any
place they wished. TU.O registers who have
Dccn making n house to house canvass will
bo ready to report ibis evening. After this
n second canvass will bo made to verify the
first , and as this will take over a week there
will bo no correct list of the living until that
But few bodies were recovered this morn
ing , owing to the chaotic condition of affairs
pending the transfer of authority. There
are only about ono hundred and fifty men ut
Order Is coming out of chaos nnd military
discipline has shown its effects at the end of
the Ilrst day. At a citizens' meeting this
afternoon n resolution was passed bidding
General Hastings God speed and ordering
the city ofllclals to kcop hands off. A grand
exodus of workmen has been going on all
day. As fast as their money was handed
out of the paymaster's window the workmen
boarded the trains on which their picks and
carts were loaded and left Johnstown with
out nnv expressed regrets.
\Vcrk upon the tulus has been nearly ac n
standstill all day , but to-morrow morning
General Hastings expects to have 2,500 men
at work. The new plan of canvassing the
city ana systematizing the distribution of
supplies Is meeting with general favor. Pro
visions and supplies continue to come in
freely. There l little change in the health
A meeting was hold in Alma hall by the
citizens of Johnslown to-day , at which the
leading business men who survived the flood
were present. Remarks were made by sev
eral ol those present touching the great work
bofora them , and the necessity of united and
Individual action to rebuild the town ,
and the cultivation of fortitude to bear
up under the burdens so suddenly thrust
upon them. Resolutions were adopted thank-
lug James Scott for his untiring efforts to
bring order out of chaos , the people of Pitts-
burg in particular and the citizens of the
United States generally for their prompt and
generous assistance" .
The bureau of-rceistration rcnorted to-day
that 15 , < io8 survivors had registered. Many ,
rcgisteied twice and somahalf u dozen times ,
which caused the list to run up to 21,000.
To-day scarcclv twenty names were regis
tered , showing the work is approaching com
pletion. The number of bodies recovered is
1,1112 , of which 033 h.ivo been identified.
Aid From Mexico.
CmOF Mexico , June 12. Steps nro being
token hero for raising funds for the Johns
town sufferers. <
Contributed Their Mite.
OSCEOLA , Noo. , Juno 12. [ Special to Tnn
BEE. ] Rising Star Lodge , I. O. of O. F. ,
No. 75 , at their regular meeting last night ,
contributed $10 to the Johnstown flood suf
Death of a Boy troiu The llnro Dis
ease , Necrosis.
ST. JosErit , Juno 12. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE. ] George Starraor , aged four
teen years , who died in South Park yester
day , suffered from n disease which has been
n puzzle to medical men. About four years
ago ho awoke ono night with u sensation < none
ono of his heels as If some ouo had pricked
it with a knife. There was no wound , but
on the next dav the heel began to swell and
soon began to fester and slough away.
From the heel the affliction spread upward
and over the body , until , nt ono time , every
bone in his body was affected with what is
termed necrosis , or death of the bone.
The sloughing was fearful , at ono tlmo
ever four pints of pus being drawn from ono
of the abccsscs. All was done for him that
was possible , out with no good results , and
he died after suffering four years.
Suit Tjiiko IteiiiN.
SALT LAKE Cm- , Juno 12. | Special Tele
gram to Tun BEB.J C. Bender , Omaha ; J.
\V. Clarke and wife , Odessa , and J. B , Lit
tle , Hastings , are In the city.
The city registration , Just completed , shows
about six thousand names. The estimated
gentile majority , on careful calculations , Is
placed at ono hundred.
The recorded roul estate sales for last week
were SHIO.IOO.
E. A. Ireland , n prominent candidate for
United States marshal , has returned from
Washington , where ho has been for the past
six months.
The fight between the onrsmou and Gnr-
fleld bench has been called off. Mr. O'Con '
nor withdrawing nis suit for damages and
the railroad abating the item of 5000 freight
charges. Tha oarsmen wont east yesterday
L via the Union Paclllc. They go direct to
England. _ _
I Another Montana Cold Find.
MISSOUI.A , Mont. , Juno 12. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEIJ , ] The little town of
Grantsdnlo is bcflldu Itself with excitement
over n big gold flnd. James Anlckbonnor ,
while bathing In Gold creek , found u dozen
largo gold nuggets , which ho took to Grants-
dale nnd showed to u friend , In thrco hours
every man In town able to go away was on
the road to the now discovery. A great deal
of gold was found along Gold creek In the
early days , but no one had ever before mndo
a flnd suRleicnt to Justify the erection of a
phcor claim. _
Mora OnmuKo by Water.
HOJ.YOKB , Mats. , June IS. Three canals
supply the water power for the mills horo.
Yesterday the water broke through the race
way at the Cabol street mill , demolishing
the southern part of the building and carrj-
mg away the railroad brldgs. Only for u
lower canal fur the water to outer Into the
wntur would liavo submerged the entire
lowpr part of the city , The damage will
amount lo probably ? IUO,000 , and will neies-
1Cf ftitato the closing i'f all the mills VBtil re
f paired.
VoH'l Tor Seattle.
„ BuiuncK , IJal ; . , Juno U. Spoelal Tele-
il xwn to TUB Bun. ) Tills city has cntlOOC
to the Seattle , nuftjrers. IhUwus done In
answer to o telegram from .ho chalnnen ol
the rollet committee , that since the lire the
conii'ilttea has boon fending over" sever
thousand people , and that fullv that number
were buuiuloss. Tlio inloram furt lor stated
that the work of rebuilding would'uo com1 wlUilu a few weeks , whan the lib
orerj will nil bo given einnloymcnt , but il
will be months b iloro the Ituuutluss can lu
'J'lio WoutlioInillcnlloiw. .
rcr Nebraska , Iowa ami Dakota ; i'alr
c oler rtlii'X bcvouiluff northerly.
Tbo Long List of Her Sona Who
Enjoy Podoral Fruit.
Prcnldont Harrison Listens to the
Grievances ofthc GcncrnV'ri Oppo
nents Sullivan's Arrest a Con-
Binning Topic lu Washington
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Juno 12. )
The Iowa people in Washington who nro
waiting for political plums to drop from the
tree nro consoling themselves with the belief
that after all the state has secured about as
much patronage as any of her sisters. Said
on oof them to-night :
"Wo hnvo Colonel Clarkson as assistant
postmaster-general , Colonel Hepburn as
solicitor of the treasury , ox-Governor Stone
as acting commissioner of the general laud
ofllco nnd Colonel Swords as superintendent
of furniture in the treasury department , be
sides these , both Secretary Noble and Assis
tant Secretary Bussoy were formerly of the
Hawkeye state , nnd wo may oven claim them
if wo want to brag over our follows. "
Notwithstanding this there are n number
of gentlemen from Iowa still In Washington
who nro anxiously waiting for some minor
place , and while the congressional delega
tion Is not very numerous the Indications are
that when the batch of appointments , which
is expected to precede the close of the fiscal
year , is announced Iowa will have its full
The two wings of the republican party In
Virginia , generally known as the Mahono
nnd anti-Mahono factions , have now pre
sented their side of the unpleasant political
controversy to the president. Yesterday n
delegation from General Mahono's sldo of
the fence visited the white house and laid its
claims before President Harrison. To-day
the other side , headed by ex-Governor Cam
eron , who by the way owed his political pre
ferment to the friendship of Mahono some
years ago , put In nn appearance nnd stated
their objections to permitting General Ma
hone to say who would have the patronage
of the state. They expect thut tneir num
bers nnd the well known position of several
of the gentlemen who wore present with
them would have weight with the president
and that they would bo able to convince him
that they were the true republicans and that
none others had any right to the
trade mark. But President Harri
son told them , as ho told the
opposing factions from other states , that ho
can not afford to wash the dirty linen of his
party. Ho let it bo distinctly understood
that ho would not , under any circumstances ,
mix up in any political quarrel , and ho prac
tically advised his callers to go homo and fix
up the difference among themselves and
agree upon a united policy before coming to
Washington with their recommendations.
President Harrison has shown his wisdom in
adopting this course. It cun not bo denied
that the factional fight in the state of Vir-
L'niia is one of the most bitter that the uarty
has to contend with in the United States.
The Mahono aud antl-Mahono men are
further apart than over , and there seems to
bo not the slightest prospect that they vlll
over be able to harmonize their differences
and agree upon a slnto for the
oftlccs. It is probable that the
president will therefore use his own judg
ment , together with the advice and rccom-
uicndationfl of the party organisations iu the
various district in distributing the ofllccs
Within his gift , and tbo present indications
are that ho will strive as fur as possible to
maintain absolute impartiality as between
the wings of the party represented by General -
oral Mahouo and ex-Governor Cameron , re
The arrest of Alexander Sullivan In Chicago
cage , yesterday , for alleged complicity in the
murder of Dr. Cronin , was thu solo topic of
conversation among Irish-Americans in this
city to-day. Almost without exception the
opinion was freely expressed by each that In
view of the evidence thus far adduced the
arrest was unwarranted. Each expressed the
hope that the murderers would bo discovered
and punished , but every man seen thought
the coroner's Jury too hasty in ordering Mr.
Sullivan's arrest. At present there is no
branch of tbo Clan-na-Gaol In this city ,
though until about three years ngo there was
flourishing lodge which met once n week on
the avenue. Nearly every prominent Irish
man in Washington was a member und the
society did much for the cause. Some of the
members attempted to use the organization
for political purposes , however , and this
proved to bo its ruin , for the members lost
all Interest ntid one by ono dropped out , until
finally only half a dozen remained. They
couldn't pay the rent and the society passed
out of existence.
Senator Charles F. Mundorson called upon
Secretary' Windom this afternoon and re
marked that ho was very anxious to get
away , and that ho did not desire to leave before
fore the secretary decided upon his course of
action in the matter of the Omaha federal
buildirg site. Secretary Windom replied
that ho would try to relieve the mind of the
senator and do all In his power to let him
start within u day or two. Then ho made
some inquiries about the respective sites and
told Assistant Secretary Tichonor that ho
would try to see him nt the curliest moment
In regnrd to the matter. From the drift of
the conversation It was evident that Secre
tary Windom and Assistant Tlcheuor hava
opposite views upon the question of the best
location. Just which site ouch gentleman
prefers could not bo ascertained , Out there
Is no doubt that the delay In settling the
question arises largely from the fact that
Secretary Windom believes in ono slto while
his assistant prefers another.' IIKADQUAIITEIIS CLOSE.
The relief committee which has been gath
ering funds and other contributions for the
relief of the sufferers by the late floods In
Pennsylvania in thlu city , bus concluded to
close its headquarters , although the treas
urer will continue to receive and distribute
nil moneys which may bo sent to him. The
total amount collected to date for the flood
sufferers In Washington aggregates about
? 50,000.
Frank T. Emerson , of Omaha , who represents -
sents the state of Nebraska ut the seedmen'e
convention hero , told his associates to-Ua.v
that ho Is propagating a new variety ol
pumpkin. Ho says that Nebraska soil is sq
fertile thut pumpkins cannot be raised onit ,
The reason Is thut the vines grow so fas )
thut the heavy pumpkins are dragged ovet
tlio ground byaho growing vines until the.v
nro worn out entirely. The now variety IE
called the Knnguroo pumpkin , nndinstcud ol
being drugged it lumps nlonit over the ground
nnd attains its full size Instead of being won
The following fourth class postmasters
were appointed to-day : Arcadia , Yullej
county , Mrs. I. Heynolds ; Hloonjington
Fninkliu county , W. T. Brittbn ; Burr , Oto <
county , M. Burntlor ; Cuahlng , Howan
county , It. G. Grubbs ; Dawson , Hlchard&oi
county , E. W. Buecr ; Elyra ; Valley county
James E. Brown ; Gretna , Sarpy county , J
it Wilson : Hock Ulutf * . Cass county , A. J
Grunes ; Shubert , Hlchnrdson couiUy. J , E
McCreary ; Sterling , Johnson county , VuleU'
tine/.Ink ; Valparaiso , Saunders county , M ,
B. GritUn ; Virginia , Gugo county , \V. U
Burler ,
Exllno. Appanooso county , John Griggs
Pelro , Woodbury county , Daniel Grlffen
Washington Mills , Dubuque county , Pnu
Meistcr ; Yorktown , Page county , btcphei
UI8CELI. . < : U.OUfl.
Edward 4. Beach , of Dubuque , U at the SI
James ,
The secretary of the treasury has pro
motcd William Richards , of ilowa , to bo ns-
Istant chief of the miscellaneous division ,
'Ico G. B. Albright , of Nqw * , Yorn , reduced.
Jly direction of the noting secretary of
war , Sergeant John NultV. Company B ,
Clgoth Infantry , now with his company nt
A > rt Nlobrara , Nob. , has been placed upon
-ho - retired list In conformity with law.
Penny S. HEATH.
" "
18 IT
A. CnnlCRrnni From Hnytl Creates Ex-
cltcmont In 'Washington.
WASHINGTON , Juno 12. Somo. excitement
vas manifested nt the state nnd navy depart
ments upon the receipt of a cablegram from
iommnndor Kellogg nt Hnytl. Secretary
Tracy Immediately communicated the In-
'ormatlon to Secretary JUlaino. who carried
ho news to the president. Every ono con
nected with the stnto and navy departments
vho Is In n position to know the contents of
ho cablegram refuses to say anything about
t , except ono official , who complained that
ho sender did not oppcnr'know ' much about
Jie situation. Nevertheless , it was generally
> ollovcd at the departments that the news
from Haytl Is not reassuring , nnd It was cur
rently reported that Captain O'Kano had
been ordered to sail Immediately for the scat
of trouble with the Boston , whicn has Just
been refitted at Now York.
Nebraska and Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Juno 12. [ Special Telegram
, o THE BEB. ] Pensions granted Nobrasknns :
'Original Invalid Ira McCalllstcr , Michael
! . Ulder , William Gallon , Lafayctto Shlploy ,
Simon Fcary , John M. Breedcn , Increase-
Daniel Peer , Jacob How. Helssuo and in
crease Edwin C. Parkinson.
Pensions allowed Townns : Original inva-
.id Moses D. Khelnhart , dcco'asod ; Peter
3eaver , William Washkow , Daniel Davis ,
jumuol Kenny , Perry Mack , James Wash-
mrn , Wnltcr S. Johnson , John Kitland ,
Ebenozor Bolslngcr , John Hardwhk. Ko-
ntoration and Increase Peter J. Swlndberg ,
Trpdoriek A. Bolknap. Increase -George
" Holshousor , Walker W. Brown , George
Gregory , Constantin Hlnkcl , DoWltt C.
Cram , Adolph Klein. Original widows , ote.
Sarah E. Baird , former widow of William
" . { . Workman.
General Melts'
WASHINGTON , Juno 12. General Melgs ,
architect of the pension building , has ad
dressed a letter to the commissioner of pen
sions suggesting that the flags berne lu
battle by the 'Soldiers of the United States ,
ind those captured by them in the war , bo
lung around the walls of the pension office
building. Ho says that the intent of cougrsso
regarding the captured .flags Is that they
shall bo displayed in sotrio proper public
ilace. Tbo commissioner , ' , has replied to
jenernl Meigs that ho will readily assist him
u this project if the pension building bo
made waterproof. The roof of the building
oaks badly in several places.
Trying to Get Around the ChionRO-St.
1'aul Fref nut Out.
CHICAGO , Juno 12. | Special Telegram to
THE BEE , ] The break in the Chicngo-St.
? aul rates is apparently no nearer settled
than boforo. After a btrpng session of the
Western Freight association this morning it
was decided to postpone consideration of the
reduction iu local rates until to-morrow af
ternoon , pending an answer to a proposition
made to the lake lines for an advance In
through rates to the old b.aris.
It was given out on the quiet that the prop
osition was made to the , lake lines only to
gain time , no 0110 believing it woulfl bo ac
cepted. It was that the lake lines should
take 0 per cent of the entire through busi
ness ; that the through rates bo advanced to
the old figure , and that no differentials bo
? ivon any one. The trouble with this propo
sition Is that there can be no guarantee of
the agreed division of traffic.
The Earth Settles Under a Street In
AVllkpslKirre , I'n.
WiLKESnxuiiE , Pa. , Juno 12. A disastrous
cave in took place hero lute this afternoon.
The Hollcnbeck and Hcllrnun vein mines are
situated under a thickly settled portion of
the city. They arc a thousand feet deep.nnd
for years past no coal was supposed to bo
mined in that portion of it underlying the
city , for fear the earth would sink. At 4
o'clock a crash came and Ono of the principal
thoroughfares of the city was filled with
crevices Iroin whlcb gas escaped in huge
volumes. The owners of houses are greatly
alarniei' . The men in the mines had all they
could do to save their lives. Some of the
mules were killed. Eight hundred men nnd
boys ore thrown out of work. The mine
owners' loss will bo ever $100,000 , and the
loss to property owners on the surface will
bo double that amount.
An Unwelcome Return.
ST. JOSEVH , Juno 12. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE. | A very Interesting divorce
case is on the docket of the circuit court this
term. Laura Cross sues Joseph Cross. Sev
eral years ago the plaintiff was married to
the defendant ; they lived together for some
time , when Cross took it notion to leave the
city. Ho did leave , aud his loss was mourned
by Mrs. Cross for thrco years , when she
came to the conclusion that ho was dead , and
hnvmc a suitor for her hand , by the name of
Worrell , on Frederick avenue , she marricd
him. Things went along all right In the Wor
rell household up to ubout two months ngo ,
when ono day the long forgotten , and sup
posed to bo dead , Cross walked into the Wor
rell house , alive and ready to tuko possession
of his wife , who had been usurped by a
stranger. The wife wasn't willing to go , as
she seemed to bo morojlnfatuated with her
new husband than her old , ' but not to bo out
done ho swore out u warrant for the arrest
of his wife and Worrell , charging them with
adultery. The case came up , but. . the com
plainant failed to uppear and the case was
dismissed. To get even , Mrs. Cross Insti
tuted a suit for divorce on the grounds ot de
sertion , and as soon as slip gels it she will
re-nmrry Worrell.
. '
A NuwHpiiper Chance.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Ju'np . { & [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] Major John S. Blttln-
gor , of St. Joseph , t9-dav , purchased the
cntlro stock of the Daily Itorakl , the morning
republican organ , and will assume editorial
coi > trol next Monday.1 Ho was editor anil
half owner of the aamoj paper for several
years , ending In 1878 , and from 1831 to U85
was managing editor o ( the Kansas City
Journal. Ho Is ono of jtho best known re
publicans in the state , onjl ono of the oldest
newspaper men in the west. There will bo
no changes in the stuff , i
Minnesota proposes to got ahead of the
twlno trust by setting her , convicts to work
on that article.
Michigan dedicated her monuments on the
bnttlo field of Gettysburg , yesterday.
Four boys nnd n horse were killed by n
train at Canton , O. , yesterday.
Trying Kor a Committee ,
CHICAGO , Juno 12. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BEK. ] Tlio general managers of the
Inter-Stuto Commerce Kullwny association
struggled all of to-day in a vain attempt to
complete Its executive board. Chairmen
Mlugiuy , Fulthorn , Abbott und Fiuley were
voted for , but it was found Impossible to
unite on' two of them.
The Old Dlrnotort ) Itc-cloctcd.
MILWAUKEE , Juno,12 , At a meeting of the
stockholders of the Milwaukee , Lake Shore
& Western railway company to-day the old
board of directors w irp re-ducted.
The Itcll Tolonhone Dividend.
BobTON , Juno 12. The directors of the
American Boll Telephone company to-day
dcclurcd u regular dividend 'of$3 per share
und au extra dividend of l > i'r share.
Issued to Alexander Sullivan By
Judge Tuloy.
The Judge Will Carefully Consider
the Testimony Tnkcn Before the
Coroner's Jury Maroncy
nnd McDonald.
A Succlnl Grand Jury Impaneled.
CiitCAao , Juno 12. The special grand Jury
o deal with the Cronln case was Impaneled
this morning In Judge Shcpard's court. In
addressing the Jury Judge Shcpurd snld ho
expected a full , exhaustive , Impartial inves
tigation of ' , the murder of Dr. Cronin , The
entire resources of the county , ho said ,
would bo at the disposal of the Jury , nnd wit
nesses who would not testify should bo made
to do so. The grand Jury had it in its
) owcr to do BO. Tuoro nro only
IAVO Irishmen on the panel W. J.
3uan. n well-known wholesale grocer , nnd
D'Ncll , ex-county commissioner.
The special venire for n Jury was returned
n to court by Sheriff Matson In person.
Ho stated that ho chose the Jurors by turn ;
Inc to the business part of the directory mid
selecting the names of men well known n-
particular branches of business , with special
: are that no ono should bo drawn who enl
pertained prejudices for or against the Clan-
m-Gucl. Judge Shcimrd appointed John P.
31augh foreman of the Jury. The greatest
; > rccautions were taken to keep
-ho Cproceedings ! secret , although the
ury went over the old ground nnd
: ienrd witnesses who had already told what
; hey knew nt the coroner's inquest. After
.ho Jury had organized they listened to the
story of Lieutenant Schuttler , who to'd ' what
: io know of the Carlson cottage.
Subpoenas were served on Dr. ( Jronln's
friends , Saloon Keeper Conklln and wife ;
: ho two Carlsons , father and sou ; James
Mullln , manager of Rovoll & Co. ; E. G.
Throckmorton , clerk for Knight & Marshall ,
real estate agents ; Salesman , W. P. Hat-
field , of Rcvcll&Co. ; M. E. McIIale , car-
jet layer for Kevell & Co. ; Joseph Cronin ,
jrothcr of Dr. Cronib , nnd Justice Mahoncy ,
of Lake View. Mr. Throckmorton
told of the renting of the flat
ut West Clark street by "J. B. Simmons. "
It took ten minutes for Mr. Hatllcld to re-
ate all about the purchase of the f urnituro at
Itovoll's. He came down in fifteen minutes.
Justice Mahoney then entered the room und
stayed for two hours , nil the other witnesses
jelng presently sent homo. The magistrate
as pressed very hard about the contract P.
D. Sullivan had made with Dr. Croniu. It
, s reported ho was charged with having
guilty knowledge of that contract ; with at
tempting to suppress a part of the truth
about the so-called Washington literary soci
ety ; with being n bitter hater of the doctor ,
and with attempting to shield his supposed
murderers. Mahoney , after a long examina
tion , emerged in a very much excited und
trembling condition , and the grand Jury.nd-
ourned until to-morrow.
Alexander Sullivan dcclir.od to see any
callers this morning exceut his law partners.
None of the horde of curiosity seekers , who
on ono pretext or another , gained admittance
to the cage , were able to got a gllinpso of
iiini , he quietly foiling all such efforts by re
maining nt the fur end of the cell ,
Just out of reach of the many cairs of oycjs
strained in his direction. To n friend who
sent Sullivan a note from the Jail ofllco ex
pressing unshaken conlidciica in his inno
cence , the famous ox-president of the Irish
Notional league returned the following reply :
"I am very grateful for your kind words.
Time and the truth will Justify you in their
use. Sincerely ,
This afternoon Sullivan made application
by attorney , returnable at 4 o'clock , for n
writ of habeas corpus. It asserts the rordlct
of the coroner's jury is insufllcicnt for his
commitment bail. That though u large
amount of extra judicial evidence was taken
by thu coroner , no testimony sufllclcnt to jus
tify his incarceration was produced , and his
imprisonment Is the result of pusslou nnd
prejudice. Ho declares he is entirely inno
cent of any connection with Cronln's death.
After listening to the petition Judge Tulcy
issued the writ as prayed , returnable nt 4 p. in.
The Judge announced that ho would read
the testimony taken before the coroner's
jury in the Cronin murder case , and decide
whether or not there was enough evidence to
hold Alexander Sullivan without bail. Ho
will announce his decision Friday forenoon
at 10 o'clock.
A very strong chain of circumstantial evi
dence has been wound about John J.
Maronoy , ono of the men under arrest in
Now York under suspicion of being con
nected with the murder of Dr. Cronin. The
story as given by the authorities is us fol
lows : Photographs were procured of
Maroncy aud McDonald , the other man
arrested at the sumo time in
New York. These were mixed with'u num
ber of others nnd shown Ilrst to Salesman
Hatfleld , of Hovell & Co. , who sold the fur
niture subsequently found In the Carlson cot
tage in Luke Vluw , in which Dr. Cronin was
murdered. Hatllcld , without hesitation ,
picked out Mnrouc.v's portrait ns that of the
man to whom ho sold the furniture. The
pictures were then shown to Throckmorton ,
the real estate agent who rented the rooms
on Clark street opposite Cronln's ofllco , to.
which the furniture was llrat carted from
Hevoll's. Throckmorton picked out the pic
ture of Maronoy as the man to whom ho
rented the rooms. Once more the pictures
were shuffled , and this tlmo they were shown
to Expressman Martcnson , who carted the
furniture from the Clark street rooms to the
Carlson cottage in Lake View , whcro Cronin
was murdered. The result was the sumo.
Maronoy's picture was again selected , this
time us the man who had hired the furniture
moved. Neither of these persons knew
what had been dona by the other. In each
of these cases the man gave his name as J , U.
Simmons. It now remains to bo seen
whether or not the Carlson * will recognize
Him as ono of tlio alleged brothers named
Williams who rented the cottage.
Chief Hubbard said later ho understood
that Maronoy's picture hud been shown to
Mrs. Conklln , and that she had recognized It
us that of the man who drove Dr. Cronin
away. Requisition papers were secured from
Governor Fifer , and nt 10 o'clock this morn
ing a Pmkerton detective started for Now
York with them. Luke Dillon has Maroney's
signature on the McCoy betel register in his
possession. The signature Is "W. L. Mel
ville , " and the clerk identifies the picture of
Mnroncy as that of Melville. There is some
thing inoro startling In the signature.
The " 1's , " "B'S" und "I'u" in Melville
are Hiaiilnr In slmpo to those in the letter to
the Carlsons from "F.V. . , " one of Urn Will-
lams brothers who hired the cottage.
Luke Dillon loft for Philadelphia this af
ternoon. "My business has been neglected , "
ho uuld , "but I shall bo back in u few duvs
and expect to work harder than ever in
bringing the murderers to Justice. I hnvo
not u particle of doubt that they will bo all
convicted. " Hu said that the censure by the
coroner's jury will hurt the Clan-nn-Guel ,
but that that body will bo reorganised anil
its effect neutralized by eliminating souio of
the nt present objectionable features ,
Arraigned In Court.
NEW YOUK , Juno 12. Maronoy and
and McDonald , the two gCruuln sus
pects arrested ycRtorduy , were arraigned In
court to day und remanded without ball to
await thu arrival of Chicago detectives.
After oolng arraigned end [ remanded both
men talked to the reporter. McDonald said
ho cuino bore from Philadelphia four years
ago aud has never been out of the city slnco ,
and has not traveled live miles on n railroad
since that time. For the past thirteen
months he has been employed In n black
smith shop on First uvenuo. Referring to
the statement In the morning that ho hail
been in Indiana , McDonald said that such
was not the case. Ho never had besn In that
state. The only time ho over mot Dillon
was on the 1st of May last. Ho iicv r sn'.J n
word to Dillon about Dr , Cronin ,
filarpiiey uaid that | io flrjj btjcaiaj ac
quainted with Dillon In Philadelphia years
ago. Ho bollovcd the charge against Mc
Donald and himself had been brought no ns
to make n scandal for the friends of Sulli
van. Ho had known Dillon when ho was an
obscure slipper maker , nnd had scon him co
up from that until ho had secured onnugh
> ewer to bo nblo to order the arrest of n man
.n . Tlmbuctoo or China , BO long ns ho was a
Sullivan man , In regard to McDonald ,
Mnroncy said ho had been acquainted with
him for Bomo tlmo. Whllo they were not
enemies , they were not particularly friendly.
As to the charge of murder , both denied any
knowledge of It.
Hiliil ltlon Paiiors Grnntrrd.
SriUNcirtKMi , Juno 12. Before midnight ,
to-night , it Is likely that John Maronoy nnd
2hnrlcs McDonald , of Now York City , will
DO in the hands of the Chicago o flic mis.
Last night requisition papers wore secretly
ssucd by the governor to Thomas Fnrrell , n
representative of States-Attorney Longc-
icckcr , for the arrest of Maronoy nnd Mc
Donald for complicity In the Cronin murder.
Iho mutter was zealously guarded until this
afternoon , when the ofllclals in the governor's
oftlro admitted to the Associated press repre
sentative that the requisition had really been
granted und that Furrell had loft for the
cast last night.
urns. MAYBIUCIC IN cotniT.
The American Accused of Poisoning
llor ICiiKtlBh llustmiid.
[ CUj'l/Ho'it ' 1SKO tt\i \ Jamt Oonlon ttsiuirH.l
LiVKurooi. , Juno 12. | No\v York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BEE. ] A r.lno hours'
sitting to-diiy of the county Justices , before
whom Mrs. Mnybrlck mndo her first appearance -
anco in public on the charge of having done
icr late luubnnd to death by arsenical pois
oning , has served to exhaust only half of the
evidence , In the long chain of facts. The ex
citement around the new county sessions
louso. Islington , whore the magisterial In
vestigation was opened , and will bo contin
ued to-morrow , has been strung 10 the high
est pitch.
At 10 o'clock the presiding magis
trates took their seats. The court was
already filled with persons professionally engaged -
gaged or Interested in the case. The Jury's
jnllery was occupied by fashionably dressed
udics , whilst the public gallery contained n
mixed audience of the respectable class.
Superintendent Bryniug conducts the case
'or the prosecution , und the prisoner has the
advantage of Mr. Hickford's counsel , who
a the leading junlorat the bar in this city.
Mr. A. Bricrly , cotton broker , whoso In
timacy with the wife of tlio deceased
gentleman has brought him into unpleasant
> romincnce , was not represented by counsel ,
is before the coroner , nor did ho put in nn
appearance. Another much interested per
son , however , has retained as counsel Mr.
3dgccombon behalf of Baroness Von Hogue ,
mother of the accused lady.
The court was hushed when , In response
.0 the command of Superintendent Brynlng ,
Mrs. Mnybrlck was brought Into the doclt
from below. She approached the dock rail
vith a firm stop nnd head erect. She is a
slightly built person , of medium height ; and ,
iccording to popular report , is good looklnr ,
laving light golden hair. She was shrouded
rom head to foot in a heavy black capo nnd
nothing but the chin of the prisoner was visl-
lie to the court. Her widow's veil , which
she never once lifted , completely hid the
ippor part of her laeo , A comfortable-
oolting arm chair was provided ,
and into this she settled down ,
icr head rcolining , unmoved , on the
ipholstcry , while Superintendent Brynlng
unfolded , in a succinct , concise and unbi
assed way , the whole series of startling ,
'acts already disclosed before Coroner Cross.
The examination of the witnesses was dl-
eclcd to show that the deceased took nerve
tonics containing arsenic , but the only new
: act elicited was that Brierly paid a London
lotel bill of 3 13s Od. The court adjourned
till to-morrow.
Tlio Party of Two Hundred Who nro
Dolni ; ISitKlaud.
IMS Itil Jnmts Gnrdnn llcnnM. ]
LONDON , Juno 1'J. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tin : BEC. ] The party of
two hundred American civil engineers rep
resenting the greatest engineering industry
in the United States , arrived In London to
day. All of them were delighted with the
reception already accorded them in the north
and south , they had enjoyed during the
Whitsuntide recess , and they all looked for
ward with eager expectancy to the long roll
of entertainments , dinners , receptions nnd
inspections they nro to go through in and
around the metropolis.
The reception rooms of the Institute of
Civil Engineers , at Westminster , were
crowded all day with an over varying stream
of guests , who came in to register tiicir ad
dress nnd secure malls from the country over
the sea , where they belonged.
The members of the party who had come
over by tlio City of Richmond , were especi
ally nrnuscd by the big collection of in
stantaneous photos , which had been taken
on board by ono of their number , George
Weeks , and which were scattered over the
table of the outer reception room in bundles
In great variety nnd endless profusion. They
were from an Instantaneous machine and
were taken surreptitiously nnd otherwise ;
those of the former class , It need not bo
said , excited the most amusement , for oven
engineers they nro funny things to dissipate
the ennui of Ufa on ship board.
Yesterday's gathering , however , was
purely nn Informal affair and the regular
round of sightseeing and receptions does trot
begin until 10 o'clock to-morrow morning ,
after which hour , nil their tlmo will bo occu
pied responding to invitations , until the 20th
Inst. , when the party leaves for Paris.
Number ol' II IN Men Dead
From IHfienfln nnd Painlne.
Juno 12. A letter received hero
from Ururl , on the southwestern ahoro of
Victoria Nynnza , dated December 2 , reports
the arrival there of Stanley with n number
of Invalid members of his foroo. The letter
ay Stanley has sustained heavy losses , a
largo number of his inon having died from
disease and famine. The explorer hud re
joined and left Emln Pasha at Unyuru , on
the northwestern shore of the luke.
BnnU Failure In
, Juno 12. The Journal's
Wahpcton , Dak , , special says the Bank of
Wuhpoton assigned this morning. There
has been n heavy run on the bank. The
assets and liabilities uro unknown.
Miller * Ask a Favor.
MH.WAUKBB , Juno 13. At the session { of
( ho National Millcri' association this morn
ing n i-osolutlon was adopted asking Presi
dent Hamsun to appoint George Buin , of tit.
Louis , consul nt Glasgow.
Tivn Murdornrtt Lvnolioil ,
Hsi.cswoon , Tenn. , Juno 12 , Last night a
mob Woke Into Iho Jail and took Lloyd nni
Reynolds , dnuhla murdcrcm , and hanged
xbuii ; tu tico near by.
llnb Yo nger Dyluc.
HT , PAUL , June 12. ( Special Telegram to
'fun Biu.J--Bol : Yonager , tbo nbtorioun out
lav , U dyug t tiio Btllhvnlcr nouitoiitlnry ,
Fearful Wrook of a Sunday Sohoo
Excursion In Ireland. . „
Suspends All llnslnfRs mid
Jlcr Pcoplo Mourn For the
Idttlo Ones Who Are
Gone. ,
The Itnllrond Ofllelnl.s Arrested. \
DtiiiHN , Juno 12. A train continuing 1,500
persons from Armagh , composed of Metho
dist Sunday school scholars , their teachers
and relatives , was wrecked near that plnco.
It was first reported that fifty children were
killed , but later dispatehcs show the accident
was far more serious. Seventy bodies have
been taken from the wreck , nnd there nro
others burled under the debris. Over ouo
hundred passengers were Injured. Thopooplo
were going on an excursion to Warren Point.
The following particulars wore received in
regard to the accident to the oxcuislon train ;
The excursion party loft Armagh , this morn
ing , in two trains. The accident occurred nt
n point where the trams had to ascend n
grade on a bunk fifty-five feet high. The
first train ascended the grade without
trouble. The second section attempted to
ascend , but the weight proved too much for
the engine. Several cars were detached
and were allowed to run back toward "Q
the level track , but before they reached
It they came In collision with the ' ?
train from Armagh which was proceeding
nt a good rate of speed. The excursion cars
were completely wrecked. Hurt's volun
teers were soon nt hand and the dead and
wounded were taken from tlio wreck and
carried down the bank. Medical old was
called and n special tram from Belfast
brought to the scene twenty surgeons from
that city and n number of medical men from
other place * . The disaster is unparalleled
in the railroad history of Ii-olund. All the
shops in Armagh were closed this afternoon
and the people nro in mourning. The
engineer , fireman nnd guard of the train nnd
the traffic managers und clerks woru sum
moned before a magistrate and were ro-
mundcd on a charge of being responsible for
ho accident.
The shrieks of the children were horrible.
Many were mangled beyond recognition.
There is scarcely a family In Armagh that
bus not some one dead , nnd in ninny cases
whole families were killed. Before starting
on the fatal excursion the children paraded
through the streets of Armagh with flags
nnd banners , and the town folks turned
out almost en nmsso to wish them
n happy holiday. The train consisted
of fifteen carriages. The bulk ol the
children were in the front portion of the
train. Only about a dozen children were
killed. The majority of the victims were
about twenty years of ago. They were in
the lust carriage , which wus completely
smashed. All the bodies have now been
taken from the wreck. The total killed is
seventy-two , of which sixty-four have been
idcntllled. The number oC the Injured is
about one-third of the entire number of pisj ;
scneors. Many of these uro certain to suc
cumb to the effects of their Injuries.
HORS Marlcotcd Quito Liberally the
Past Week ;
CINCINNATI , Juno 12. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BEI : . ] To-morrow's ' Prico-Currc-nt <
will suy : Hogs have been marketed qulto
liberally the past week in the west , the ag
gregate number somewhat exceeding the prevailing -
vailing expectations. The packing reports
show a total of 283,000 for the week , against
255,000 the preceding week , and 215,000 the
corrcspDiidlng week last year , making a total
ot 3,000COU since March 1 , against 2,5-l.r > , o6o a
t'oar ago.
( iinsiisClty. . . BUH/jOJ
hnnhu ! 'ir..OJO .
St. Louis , IM.IHX )
ndlauapolls. . 121,030 110,0)0 )
MnclmuUi 88.UOJ 68,000
Milwaukee. . . IIO.IKX ) BJ.U'JO
> ( lur Huplds. OtOIO W.OOO
Cleveland Wl,0 M.OIX )
jloux City 134.000 70.000
Kcliof For Johnstown Olllcml Ap-
polntincuts Unuiha I'craotinln.
SALT LAKE CITV , Juno 12 , | Special Tele-
ram to THE BEE. ] About 8,000 was real-
zed by n concert in the tabernacle lust night.
One-fourth will tro to Seattle , the balance to
The appointment of Hoyt Sherman as re
ceiver of public moneys gives general satis
faction. 'Iho appointment of a New Hamp
shire man us register of the land office Is con
siderable of a surprise , as Utah hail quite iv
number of prominent candidates.
J. D. Pope und wife , H , Bovdor , C. II.
Brainard , C. B. Eversoll and wife , F. B.
Gllmore , N. E. Leece , Frank Mitchell , all of
Omaha ; A. C. Thompson , Council Bluffd ;
Dr. J. M. Peck , Davenport , Iu. ; F. Mnlono
and F. A. Oswald , Lincoln nro in the city. Q
Slonx KallN University.
Sioux FAM.H , Dak. , Juno 12. [ Special Tclq-
gram to Tin : BEE. ] The sixth annual com
mencement of the Sioux Ftilla universi ty is
in progress this week. Thin institution IB
the jlenomlnatlonul school for thu Baptists of
South Dakota. This has been class day , and
to-night occurred the speaking for the Morfto
prlzo at the Congregational church. There
were seven contestants , four of whom were
young ladles. The prize was won by JSarlo
V. Pierce.
Biloo SiioccetU llarnuin ,
NEW YOUK , Juno 13. Calvin S. Brlco has
been elected ehalrraim of the democratic
national committee. Shortly after noon tlio
committee ) was culled to 'order. After ad
dresses upon the deaths of William II. Bar-
nuin and Captain W , Dawnon , resolutions of
regret were adopted and Brice was unani
mously elected chairman. At il o'clock the
committee still In session behind closed
doors. _ _
Forest FiroH In Minnesota.
Two HAIIIIOIIB , Minn. , Juno 12. Forest
flrcs have been raging with renewed activity
all day'nlong the Iron Range railroad , iu
every direction , Th In city Is surrounded by
clouds of hiuolto. The latest report from
Ely , Minn , , says the most destructive flro ol
the KoaEon is raging there , and from twelve
to fifteen buildings have been destroyed , aud
much damugo done to railroad property.
Tlio Lutheran Hynod ,
HOUK IBMND , Juno 12. The Auguatana
Lutheran synod resumed Its session at HocU
Island this morning , The now coimtlltitlon
recommended for adoption lust year came
up. and after a heated discussion mi Informal
ballot wax tuken. It was voted down by u
decided majority. Tlio now college
was dedicated in the afternoon ,
Mno Bleu Full I'roin n S
CiiiUAdo , Juno 13A largo scaffold thirty
foot high , that hud been carelessly erected
at the now power housn which the West Sldo
cable Btrcot railway Is building nt the corner
of Rockwell and Madison streets , fell in ,
with a crash this afternoon and lAirlcil nlr.ol
workmen In the ruins. No one wua Killed
outright , but scmio will probably dlo ,
Ittiokct SliojH CIoic.
New YOHK , Juno 12 , The bucket tt.uin
on Main street and Hrorul way suspended bus
iness as soon as U learned the measure
prohibiting Vbclr opcifUloni'.Uad U WJO