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Omaha Drops the Third Oamo of
the St. Paul Borlos.
Milwaukee's Innblllty to Tiny Brill
Kcsulta in n Double Victory
Sioux City Stanley
Claims the Ilncc.
Standing of the Clubs.
Following is the standing of the Western
association clubs up" to nnd Including yes-
St. i'aul 13 , Oinnlia 3.
ST. PAUI , , Minn. , Juno il. [ Special Tolo-
prnni to Tun Bnn.J The last game of the
St. I'aul-Omalm series , witnessed by 1,000
pconlo , gave promise In the llrst three In
nings of being n very close ono , but St. Paul
began to pull away In the fourth inning , nnd
won with ridiculous ease. The game was a
peculiar mixture of bad nnd brilliant play
ing. The Nebraska team hit Tuckorman
very hard ! but when men got on bases the
Ety. Paul players settled down to hard work ,
nnd by some of the most remarkable stops
nnd thro\ys over scon at Athletic park , ro-
iirod the runners 'before they reached the
ptato , except In the third , seventh nnd eighth
Innings , in each of which ono man crossed
the rubber.
In splto ot the fact that the Apostles made
half n dozen errors , they were not costly , two
Of the three Omaha runs bolng on clean ,
hard hitting. Autorig the pretty catches wore
thosobf Walsh , Catiavan , Dally anti Murphy.
Tlio Idst occurred in the eighth inning , when
KlchdW pounded the ball almost Into the don
lor Hold cdfrnor. The fctcaay Hlborrilah ran
with the sphere , nnd turning quickly ; caught
It lust before it reached' the ground , 'iho
( rrcntclt thrbw wat that of Carroll In the
.fifth , froni right to third , rntirmg Strauss.
Wa'gcnhurst , the now short atop , made His
Initial appearance. In the field ho seemed
ncrvpus , nnd evidently did not do himself
Justice. At bat ho mndo n double and single ,
-and on the bases ho was a prluco. B6th his
rtlhs'woro made on the most daring sprint-
Ihgever scon In the Saintly city. Both
Naglo and Nichols aid oxcbllent work , uut
* Iho visitors' fielding was nt times , ragged.
Crooks had a peculiar sort of n day. In the
score sheet ho is simply credited with coihg
t6 bat Jour times. Ho did not get a saf o and
'did not have a chonco to do any knid bf fleld-
tng. Score !
Iluni enrnod St. raul 4 , Omahix 2. Two ba o lilts
Wiwonhnrst , Willisami Cleveland. Homo runs-
Daly aud Cleveland IIiisci stolon-ny llcllly , 2 :
llawes , ISronxliton. Wasonhurat , Cunnvnn ( Anna
Btreuss. Doublu pinys Wcrrlck and Iliiwos , Tuck-
'tarmunnnd Ilawessvcrrlclr , llnwci and Wnnenliutst.
Bases on bnlli OfTTntkerman , 2i oflTNIchoh,2. Jilt
by pitcher Carroll , Struck out Ily Inckcrman , 2 (
by Nichols , 8. l'a > iod balls lirougliton 0 , Naelo 2.
i Wild pitches Clarke mid 'J uckcrmim. Jolt on b isc
St.PaulsOmaha 10. tlrstba e on errors-St.I'Bul
6 , OmutiaU. Utmo.tno hours. Umpire-Cuilck.
DCS Monies U , St. Joseph 2.
DBS MoiNKS.'la. , Juno ll. The homo team
won again fo-'day in a close nnd interesting
game/ Score :
tDesMolnes. . . . . . 2 00001000-1
Bt.JoaupU . 0 0100001U-2
Huns cnrncd Des Jlolnos 3 , 8t. Joseph 1. Two-linso
hlts-WhUelcy.lIart Curtis z , Crowoll. Double plays
-AnlnertoGarttrrlglit to KrolK- Stolen bn'oa Miis-
kroy.iCnrtwriiiht. liases on bulls By Halt 2 , by
CrowolT 2. Hit by pltclier-Hy Hart 1. Struck out-
11T Ilart Crowoll 4 1'nssud balls Trntlley 1.
Wild pitches Crowoll 1. Tlnlo 1-15. JJinplro-fcorce
, MJnncnpoliH 4 , Denver O.
MINNEAPOLIS , Minn. , Juno 11. Morrison
proved too effective to-day , nnd Denver was
shut out. Shores pitched a strong game ,
tbutvashit hard at times. Score :
Minneapolis . I 0000200 1-4
lenyur . . . .U 0 0 0 0 0 U 0 0-0
Huns oarnoil-Mlnncacolls 2. Two bnso lilts
Junior , ilnrao runs atlniiehan. .llasos stolen
JnnUui. Double plays-Morrhon to Juntzoii to
'Allllfr , Twlnoliam to McClcllanto Howe , lumen oti
balls Murrlxon H , Shores I , lilt by pltcncr-ltowo J ,
buuros , ( jllch. Struck out J v Mori Iwn U , by Hliorca
fe lAlt on linsos Minneapolis t , DCIIVIT 0. Tlmo 2
ours. , Uinplru S Hinders.
Two Gnitirs at Aljlwnulccc.
MILWAUKEE , Juno 11. Milwaukee lost two
games to Sioux City , to-day , through inabil
ity to play ball. Score :
6UMUA11Y ,
Karnpa rims-Jlllwaukco 1 , Bloux City3. Two lm o
hits Morrl > say 2 , ( iunlns 3. btolan bascs-Albbrts ,
Ullno. IioublO plnyfc-Croulcjr. AlburW. llaiusoii
bnlli-MprrlMoy , Huttoti. AlburtH2 , CrtiM'oy , I ) \ls ,
Cllno , ( . onn. lilt by i > ltelivr-lx ) u , Cllno. Btruclc
put llr Davis * , by bclbul 8 l'n sod bulls-Cnitty 1.
W lid | mcJui-l > iiYl l , Bi'llitl 4. Ttmu j hour , & 0 uilu-
Jilea. IJuiplroloDormott. .
iiu.wAintis. HIOOXCITY.
Klrby. . , . & 'e' ' S'"o' l-.lne. . , . S I111' 3 , U 1 < U ( MJIonil. ir. . . . , . . ! 2200
Morrt utlb.U U a U 2,1'ovroi , ) , Ib , , . , ,1 1 u 1 U
Ballon,2b.-C..0 0 3 1 u' 0 0 1 U
Mlll , o.Vrf. . , . ) U 0 1 0 lro ! nan , > ! ) . , , ,1 u S l
Alberta , 3b..U U 1 1 UllntUlerSUt ! 2411 , . . . ; . 0 i u o , ' , . , ; ; ; i 5 fi J
, Cr < i sloy.cArf.l 220 Si'iillmiui , o. . 0 2 I I a
arllllliit'pT , . 0 0 U * O.Wobberp , , , , , u U U 1 ( I
T.Hiilfl 2 4 13 5 rululs 8 1)31 13 5
Mtlvmukoo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . „ . .0 o 0 1 u U 1-1
bloux City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . U 1 1340 a
Enrnrd riliu-Mlhtiulioa 1 , tlnux City 2. Two-bato
lilts-jlU'nti , Crowley. llasos f toloti-Klrby . J
Powell , ijiiblo nlayCllnu to llro n n to l oll.
Iluiiet 10(1 ( bttl | rKrliy. l.pwo , Horr. 'ro sluy , Cllno.
Ktruck uut-lly ( IrlltHU" 6. l'n Ltl Uullnnui.
\Vlia iltUiosrrinHli ) , Webber 1. UniiilroJlcUor -
tnott. 'Jliuc--Jlipur ,
Ainuloiir OnioH. | |
Sn.vnn Cur , la , , Junoll. [ Special to TUB
Unit. J A iptno of ball to-day between iho
Tabor college and Silver City teams , re *
BVjted lr n vctory | for the farmer by n i-coro
of , 0 to 5.
MlNB Williams Quits.
lay rocp bojxvooti Lottie Stanley
JVJJJIauis , cnmo to nuabrupt closa
coliiOUU lost cveutug. Miss \V11-
S , 1.3 S.
llfttns , who has been out ot condition from
the start , jjavo up" lost flight on her sofrontv-
second tnllo and retired from the track ; The
roforco promptly "Awarded thq taco W Miss
c ' * " ' " ' " ' *
Stanley , _
Sports nt Sioux fnlln.
SIODX PAT.M , Dak. , .Juno 11. | Special
Telegram to Tun UBn.- Clark G. Coats'
private race course was the sccno of"much
ntcrost nnd several tnlshnps to day. Two
thouiand iiorsons gathered to witness the
trotflnff race between Coats' horse Uoan
Jack , nnd Tcloohono. owned by Froti II.
Hoyco , for 1300 a sldo. Near thd end of the
first heat Hoan Jack strained n tendon nnd
IdstthoraCo. Nearly $0,000 changed hand * ,
Then occurred "n'running rnco between
Golden Arrow , of Larchwood , and Llbcrtlno ,
owned hero , for ? 50 n sldo. In the first heat
Llbcrtino broito n teildon and was lead off.
Then Paul Caldwell knocked Lester Proctor
but ttn ft bicycle race. ' '
It AVno to Dentil , Out Through No
Linnlt of ilio'A'nrmal'fl A lJlty.
"I'v& ' sdon It disputed hi thb papers
that a wildcat or catamouiit , can ma | < o
a lonp of t\vonty-flvo foot { " feald n Vol-
dent of Sullivan county to n NoW York
Sun cbrrcapondont , "arid I would Hko
to inoiition what I saw a wildcat do
once. 1 was trout fishing on otio of the
upper tributaries of Iho Boavorklll ,
and had clambered down Into n deep
ravine to point a tempting pool at thd
foot of a full , where I was sure my cast3
\vould ho rewarded by the killing of
some bly trout. I was not mistaken at
that. I had landed four trout , the
smallest ono eighteen Inches long , and
sat down to'rest the pool.1 Both sides
of the ravine wore perpendicular walls
of rock , probably twonty-flve foot high.
The summit of the walls on the side ol
the creek opposite to mo sloped buck
gradually from Its edge for several feet
to a heavy growth of pino.
"As 1 was sitting at the blltom of the
ravine I happened to glance up to the
top of the rocks opposite mo , and saw * a
hen pheasant , accompanied by her
newly-hatched brood , como out of the
pines and scratch and peck her way
along the sloping open space , hunting
for Jood for her young , which clustered
dlosbiy about hor. 'Jfno"'nheasant came
very close to the precipice , aud 'it
seemed to mo that gho wns placing her
brood Ina moat dangerous position ,
when she turned as'lf to walk back with
them to the plrlcs. The instant she
turned somothihg'liko n shadow flitted
across the ravine , arid half a second
later Isaw an enormous wildcat ollng-
Ing to the edged of thq opposite wall by
his fore foot , holding the pheasant bo-
twodli his jaws. The wildcat struggled
fdr a moment to'drag himself from the
edge of tho'aby&s tba
& a sure footing on
the top of the rocks , but his offbrt was
In valrtV anfl ho came crashing 'do\v'n
the face of the lirodipico , still holding
the luckless pheasant in his jaws. Ho
fell with a splash iii"tho Water , and lay
motionless at the edge of the pool.
I Suppose'd ' thut thp animal had been
watching the pheasant , from the bushes
on top of the rocks opposite .vhoro the
bird had appeared * with her brood , and
at his opportunity had jumped across to
eeifce her ! but had * 'misjudged the dis
tance and fallen short , with thd result
so'Iatal to him. "
"Tho whirr of the water brought the
wildcat around .in a short time to the
side where I was standing , and as 1 was
bending down to o'xtimino him I saw'a
man with a gun set-ambling down the
rocks. The man soon reached my sldo ,
and T then learned that ho'had ' shot the
wildcat as the animal was flying acrobs
the chasm upon his prey. Sure enough ,
just at the base of the animal's brain
was' the hole made "by the rifle ball.
The hunte'r- had boon following the
wildcat for some time , and had lost
track of him , but came near the edge of
the ravine in time to'soe him make his
leap nnd follow-him with the bullet. It
was that which had slopped tlio animal
short in the tremendous leap it had cal
culated on , or it would have cleared the
space wlth safety and doubUess with
ease. 'The wildcat was in reality al
most in his death throes when ho struck
the pheasant , which he'clung ( o with
the clutch of'd.eath , and still liold in His
mouth when we dragged him dut of the
water. Wo measured the width of the
chasm across which thb wildcat had
made hisdeath , leap. ' The measure
ment was fo'rty-thrbe'Ttcet. ' "
t w *
An Oilcliln- Indian AVonian Puts the
' ' 'Braver 'Slmme. * ' '
Richard , who spent his time
logering until a hchool ' could bo given
him , writes , says the 'Hamnton ( Va. )
School Ropord , that "he is "trylng > to
roll the logs of knowledge into the
children's heads as will as ho rolled
the logs a few months ago into the
river\ \ and wo have no dbubt he will.
Ho also'incloses "an article giving an
riccoidit pf the bravo deed of olio of his'
neigh"b6rstan Orioida Indian woman ,
whoso courage scorns only equaled by
her pride o raco. '
Driving into the fields ono day where
her hufebntjd anil ethers were"at work ,
she oricountored a log lyhig'aCrosS ' the
road'insuch a way that she , could not
pass. As Jhoro was no ono near to help
her and the log was beyond horstrength.
to move , she proceeded to cut it in two
with an axe she had in the wagon. To
her surprise she found she had dis
turbed a mother boar and her family of
cubs. The bear , morn frightonbd than' '
angry , took to Iho woods , and the woman
walked in search of J.ho . men and their
fire-arms. Finding them , she conducted
her rdllo ! party quickly back to the log
'to ' fiiHl that the boar had also returned.
When all were stationed ready for
action she again used her ax on the log ,
and the betir made her second appear
ance , this time angry and vengeful.
The man who stood ready for just this
emergency missed his aim , dropped his
gun. and with nil his other masculine
companions took to his heels. Loft
alone With the infuriated boast , -with
only an ax' for defense , this Indian
, \yomah coolly waited until the bear
china near enough , and , letting the ax
full with all her might upon its head ,
k'llod it with that ono stroke. The
bamo weapon applied to three of the
little brphans effectively prevented
their ever realizing their loss , and the
other she kindly adopted and carried ,
homo with hor. Reaching her homo
nho found her husband , son and others
asHomhlod there anxiously speculating
as to what could have boon the result of
the encounter they had failed to see
ended. Standing before them , with the
cub in her arms , she scornfully surveyed
them from head to foot and exclaimed ;
"Cowards , you have no Indian blood in
your voinsl"
AVoar anil Tour of n. Rultronilor.
Railroad man improve In health , dur
ing the ilrst four years , but at the end'
of ton years they are tired out , in fif
teen'they are actual sUflorors , and very
few ran remain In the service after
twenty , eays the London Railway Nowa.
Dr. Lfchtonbag , of Buda Pobth , saya
tlmt ou of 250railrqad employes ninoty-
Use , or moro than a third suffer , froin ,
oar disease. Engine drlvpra uro cs-
poqluUy liable ; to rheumatism and pneu
monia , ttin\ \ after .sojno years' sompo , a
pertain proportion of thorn become dull
of sight and hearing. Others suffer
from a mild form of spinal concussion ,
muscular foabjoness and continuous
paiTi8ln.thallinb $ . They are also'apt '
to develop a poculjar mental tatb a
sort of qorobral trritatiqn wjth exces
sive nervousness and morbid Buneutiona
of jaiir. r
Blood Poisoning Threatening the
Llfo of Hla Victim.
Counsel Applies For n "Writ
of Jlnhona Corpus In Dr. Crotiln
In Orooly Center ? y'oiiio '
llnllrond Humors.
Charged With Murder.
PENDEII , Nob. , Juiio "ll.--tSpoclal to Tnn
Linn. ] Pat McGrovoy , n farmer residing
about seven miles south of this place , has
got himself badly trfng'.ed ' up In thd webs of
crime. While nt Bancroft , last Saturday ,
Pat filled himself up on lightning whisky ,
nud Inaugurated n general war of words
upon certain peaceable , law-abiding citizen's ,
whereupon ono of the constablds of the town
attempted to arrest him. McGrovoy seized
him by the right hand and bit him. almost
severing the thumb. The wound Is now pronounced -
nounced by the physicians tas fatal , blood
poisoning having sot In. and papers nro now
being made out charging McGrovoy with
murder. This does not cover nil his crimes.
tt came to Ponder , yesterday , nnd going to
Logon Valley bank , presented four
chocks on the Bancroft bank , which aggre
gated S09. Hot-man Frcoso , the cashier , gave
him the money , nnd this morning discovered
that McGrovoy had no capital in the Ban-
croft bonk. The sheriff of this county'will
call on him to-day.
An Appeal For Long.
NoitTii PIATTE , Neb , Juno 11. ISpeclal to
TUB Bnn. ] Ono of tlio attorneys for Joft
Long , who has lain in Jail slnco April , 18SO ,
on tile charge ofhiurdor , loft last ovonlngfpr
Lincoln , where ho will try to got the Voleaso
of his client on bail pending a now trial.
Much interest is felt in this case , from the
fact that thd prisoner Was 6hco convicted )
granted a stay , given now trial by the
supreme court , and ilnally , nftor mucli delay ,
Was tried n second time , nnd cnmo vorjr near
bolnir acquitted , the jury standing cloven to
one .for the prisoner. Ball was refused and
the case set for trial nt the last term of
court. When the court mot In May counsel
for prisoner made strenuous efforts to have
the cash tried , and , failing in that , to secure
the release of the prisoner on ball. Both ,
failed , nnd the case wont over to July.
* * { /Ullrich Committed Suloiilo.
"HASTINGS , Neb. , Juno II. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bnn. ] Some sensational de
velopments In the recent Aldrlch "murder
trial were made to-day. Mrs. Aldrlch was
acquitted In this city two weeks ago of ttic
charge of murdering her 'husbandi ' There
Was1 strong circumstantial evidence against
her' , but tbo defense sot up the claim that her
husband had committed suicide by drlnkidg
poisoned whisky , nnd put in as evidence a
whisky bottle out of which the dead man
had drankl.i short time' ' before hisdeath. .
The woman wus acquitted oUt of moro curi
osity. The whisky bottle and Its contents
wore senfto Prof. Hayncs of'Rush Medical
college , Chicago , foranalysis. . His report ,
received hero this afternoon , shows that
strychnine in unmistakable quantities had
boon put Into tho'whisky. The claim that
John Aldrich committed suicide is now gen
erally accepted. . ' ,
Pacific H. R. Co. of Nobrnskn.
HAsVixas , Neb. , Juno 11. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bur. ] The annual mooting of
the board of directors of the Pacific Hallway
companv of Nebraska , which operates the
Missouri Pacific between Hastings and Su
perior , was hold" in this city to-day. The
following officers were elected for the ons'u-
ing year : President , Edwin Gould , Now
York ; vice-president , Church Howe , Au
burn , Neb. ; secretary , E.'G. Merrlam. St.
Louis ; treasurer , A. H. Calif , Now York ; '
assistant secretary , W. P. McCroary , Hast
ings. In an Interview , one pf the directors
stated emphatically that the Missouri Pa-
cillc 'would build from Crete to Hastings ,
and that the line would bo extended from
this city to Kearney and also into the Broken
Bow country'bat ' that It has not ibcen de
cided . "whether , or not these extensions will
bo made this year. M * tifr <
i >
Is This JDr. Crontii ?
GKBEI.KT CiSiTEiiJNe6. , Juno'll. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEC. ] Public' curiosity
has been quite piqued of late ever theprbs -
fcnco'of a strange visitor at thfe hdnio 6f a
family , recently arrived from Cnicago. Ho
Jis a man * or nearly fifty1 yeqrs of ago , and has
quite a distinguished air , but all t efforts to
discover who ho is or to moke.his acquaint
ance have failed. Curiositv was intcnsllled ,
however , by'tho discovery that the stranger
exhibits a very marked resemblance to the
cut of. Dr. Cronin published by , the Chicago
Times n few days ago" . There is u largo set
tlement hero of Irish pebplo from Chicago ,
nnd among these the stranger seems to boat *
homo. The time of his arrival among this
colonv is not known , as close inquiry does
not discover any one who has seen him como
in ou any of the trains. <
Lightning Couldn't Kill Him.
McCooL JUNCTION , Nob. . Juno ll. John
F. Albin , editor of the McCool Keco rdwho '
was struck with lightning on Friday nicht ,
'is still alive. Th < 5 case Is a peculiar ono. ,
Mr. Albin was returning homo about 9:30 : in'
the evening , and when about ton rods from
the rtsidenco of T. W. Smith , the bolt struck
him on tko hoaa just ever tbo'forolodd ) on
the loft sldo , loss than three inches above the
loft temple. The Hula appears to have fol
lowed a course down the back of the oar and
struck the point of the shoulder down the
chest , nnd crossing his body , followed down
thp right leg to a point below the knee , where1
a largo p-cco of flesh was torn out , nndlthon
jumped'to ' thb loft' log arid into the grouiid
throucli his shoe. ' The shoulder is the chief
scut of tmln , although the cliest and limbs
nro horribly burned. Consciousness re
turned yesterday , sixty hours after the acci
dent. Ho' lav for ncarlv two hours in the
mud on the road after nclng struck before ,
hovas found. Ho cannot suy what hit him , '
but is Under the impression that BO mo ono
struck him. The bolt was a terrific ono. nntt
shook the whole village. The doctor In
charge Is of the opinion that the patient wl 1
recover , but may bo maimed for llfo. Mr.
( VIbin is a , hlghlv respected "young man in
this portion of tbo state , and his recovery is
rtellovuo College Commencement.
BBLMSVOE , "Neb. , Juno II. | Special to
THE BUB. ] Bellevue College com- ,
mpncomont exorcises will occur Juno 13.
Among the Interesting events will bo 'tho
third annual solfeo by the musical depart
ment , under the direction of Miss Fannie
M. Henderson , this evening , in the
chapel , and the address by Uov. D , R ,
Kerr , of the. Southwest Presbyterian church
of Omaha , before the V. P , S. C. E.followcd
by n icunlon of the students and friends in
the Presbyterian church Wednesday even
ing , Juno 13. On Thursday , ttio 13tn , at 10
a , m. in the chapel , the unilojgrmlunto liter
ary , musical and art contests , followed by
the graduation of seniors and the post
graduate ud tires a bf Rev. P , S. Davlcs , of
Missouri Valley. la. The combined senior
classes consist tt iiino members. After the
exercises the Ladles' ' Aid society of the
Presbyterian church will servo dinner to all
who may deslro ifiu the church yard. The
beautiful groves will bo open to all
churches , Sunday schools aud families who
may dcalro to hold picnics or reunions.
Court in Bcatrlco
BEATHICB. Nob. , Juno 11. [ SpecIaVto TUB
BBK.J 1t\ \ the district court yesterday ! after
noon John King plead guilty to pety lar
ceny , and wus sentenced to twenty days in
the county jail. John Klnzlo plead guilty to
forgery , nnd was sentenced { o three years In
the penitentiary. The case of James Pace ,
from the police court , charged withresisting
an ofllcor , was dismissed this marnlni ; by
the Jury , The criminal docket will'bo'cullod
to-morrow , oua among the Inteietiugi'cii8es
wilj bo William Carson , tfio negro
who killed Ghmiimoy West tit n negro dance
several wcoka ago. Carson was brought
down from Lincoln this afternoon ,
Itnllronu Intension Proposed.
Nibmuiu , iNb. , Juno 11. [ Special to
THBBEK. ] AhaJmmlttco consisting of S.
Draper , H. E , Bdhostool and Ed. A. Fry , of
Nlobrnra , nnd -jB. Wilcox , of YnnUton ,
who has oxtoiif vo , interests hero , will ioavo
to-inorrow for Chicago , where they will sub
mit propositions W the Chicago & North
western railroad ' company looUInu 16 the
early extensions of the Fromont. Elkhorn &
Missouri Vnll& $ rftllroad from the Vlrdlgrls
into NIobrarn.'urfd ' of the branch of the Chicago
cage , St. Pau"MIHnenpolis ] & Omaha Hno
from Hartlngton to Ynukton.
Columbus llnlnlits or 1'ytlilni.
Cot.ustntrs , Nob. , Juno , 11. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Br.E. ] The Knights of Pythias
observed their Memorial day In n filling
manner nt 3 p. m. , in Castlb hall to-day.
Goorgo.G. Bowman delivered the oration.
After the exorcises in the liall the Knights
In uniform , accompanied by the band , pro
ceeded to the cemetery , where the graves of
the departed members w'oro ' decorated.
Items From AVnyno.
WAYNE , Nob. , Juno 11. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bun. ] A special train of six
teen earn of stock was shipped from hero to
Omaha to day , making thirty-threo cars
thus far this mouth ,
The Wayne Lutheran college is nn assured
faet'tho citizens of this city , having , to-day ,
raised n suftlclont amount to put up the
buildings complete. '
Adams County Courthouse.
HASTINGS , Nob. , Juno 11. ' [ Special TcleJ
gram to Tun BEE.J The board of county
commissioners , to-day , lot ttio contrabt for
the now Adams county courthouse to J. U.
Slmir.s , of Hastings. The courthouse will
cost $70,000 when completed ,
Howcrngo For Hastings.
HASTINGS. Nob. , June 11. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TIIEBRK.J The oily coilncll , to-daV ,
submitted ft proposition to the electors of the
city of "Hastings' to vote bonds in the sum bf
5575,000 , for the purpose of commencing the
construction of ia soworngo system. The
special election will bo hold on July 10.
Accidentally Shot.
NBIHUSKA. Crrr , Nob. , Juno 11. [ Special
to THE BED. ] Sidney \Vllson , a young man
living ton miles south of hero , was out hunt
ing to-day , but his gun' would not work. Ho
started to mrtke nn oxnmnlntlou , when it ex
ploded , taking off two fingers from his hand
nnd lining his face full of powder. Ho may
lese sight of ono eye.
KnlRhti of Pythias .Memorial Day.
NinnnsKA Cm- , Neb , June 11. [ Soeclal
Telegram to Tun BEE. ] The Knights Of
Pythias of this city to-day observed their
memorial day with appropriate ceremonies
and the decorations of.tho graves of departed
NowBjmpcr Change.
PEXUEK , Nob. . June 11 , [ Special to THE
BEE.J A. IngieJJofrtho Logan Valley Times ,
has sold the1 paper to M. W ! Murray , of Frj- ;
mont , who took possesslon this morning.
The paper will appqar next week as a five-
column .
quarto. * 71 (
For tho'l < 'looil Sufferers.
Gnr-Exwoon , Nnn.f Jurib ll. [ Special to
TnifEnn. ] The citizens of Greenwood have
subscribed $35 to the fund for tho'relief Of
the Johnstown flood sufferers. ' '
Nob.VTuno ( 11. fSpecial to THE
Bnc. ] An interesting inusical nnd literary
entertainment , tlio proceeds of which will bo
devoted to the rqjlof of the flood sufferers ,
will bo given by , ' Itfcal talent next Thursday
evening. , ti\ \
Run. Ctvor , By n Dray.
CLAUKS , Neb , , Jimo tl. [ Special to THE
BEE.1 ] Thomas rtogati'"wos accidentally run
over by a dray this cvo&insr , breaking this
leg1 , and it is feared injuring him internally.
* r
Thirty Americans Doing Encland on *
Their Wheels.
[ Copyrfoht ISSa bu Joints Gordon Ucnnelt. ]
LONDON , Juno 11. [ Now York iHerald
Cable Special to THE BEE. ! The patty of
American 'cyclists 'who are doing a summer
tour on wheels will not have time to see
much of 4 London ; nevertheless , they are
going to see all they can. * About
half of them * reached London the
previous day , they having como
from Oxford. The remainder reached
their London rendezvous at Burr's hotel ,
Queen's square , yesterday afternoon , all mud
stained , they having done the journey on
their wheels in a heavy rain and along dirty
roads. 'Their stay in London will only bo a
shot t ono , and each member of th.o party
will occupy the few , days that they spend
hero as ho thinks best.
The London cyclists have not been lacking
in hospitality. The visitors are to bo enter
tained at a banquet at the Inns' of Court
hotel , on Friday ; and , under the auspices of
the Pickwick club , an excursion to Hutfleld
has been proposed. The excursionists go to
Ripley , on Sunday , on their machines.
On Monday , they go down to Brighton
where the night will bo scent , and the next
morning they will proceed to Nowhaven ,
where they will embark on the steamer for
the continent. _ _ ,
Some Railway Cons derations.
PIEIIHE , Dale1. , Juno 11. JSpeclnl Tele
gram to THE BEE.J Jotin Sutherland , presi
dent of the Pierre , board of trade , is iir re
ceipt of a communication from Marvin
Hughltt , president of the now rail
way. assuiing him that' the position
of the "company1 will bo neutral re
garding the capital location contest. 'In
icgnrd to certain false statements made con
cerning the plans of the railroad company
that the bridge would notibo built at Pierre
or the road extended from this point to the
Bl4cU Hills , Mr , HUghitt writes us follows ;
' I cannot undertake ) the task of answer
ing or denying every unauthorized nnd , idle
story regarding the intentions of the company'
ias to the future construction of railways in
Dakota. " Ho further says : "Somo years
ace the company expanded a laj go sum of
money In the survey and location of a rail
way west of Piorro. The route was fouwj to
bo practical. Cund for terminal facilities
itiesou tho. ' west side of . the
river was acquired' and reservations
wore made fromUie , town plot of Plorro for
bridge approaches and pther purpose , I
know of no good , reason 'for changing the
route already soleoUicl , when tbo company
shall duoldo to rtf-ongago in railway oou-i
struction. " f ,
Sionx FALLS , Dakf , Juno 11 , [ Special Tolo-
grum to THE Bni ,1 > T-Onn thousand excur
sionists from the ICwbs along the Burling
ton. in north woat n Iowa , were In the city
today. H was tlltV first visit of most of the
company to thisouyi'Und they found much to
Interest them. Ill wus . u good day far the
merchants. o 'V
Holdlor RolH an OJIlnnr.
n , Wyo. . Juno 11. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BKB.I' Captain Koblnsori , of
the Seventh United States infantry , was
"hold up" fn his quarters this morning and
robbed of 315 , by a private soldier named
Dormody , who escaped from the post on
horseback and fled across the country in a
southeasterly direction. The roboer is a
beardless youth of slight physique ,
Tun Weather Indications.
Nebraska and Iowa Fair , warmer , and
ftouthcrly winds ,
LauoU Fair , followed In northern portion
tion by light ram , warmer in southern portions
tions , windt BouthorJy.
The Illicit railway signal indicates
automatically the tlmo ttiutliiUolupscil ,
up to twenty minutes , slnco' tbo lust
train passed.
* '
Ono Killed nnd the Otlior Deserted
by Unworthy Parents.
i . - -
A Crazy Mother Doses an Infant
With Carbolic AoldAVatf
Guarded by c.
Spaniel ,
Miirdnrod HOP Child.
About 3 60lock * yesterday mbrnlng , a man
nnd woman drove In.a closed carriage to the
Open Door , nnd asked for the matron.
Mrs. Clark mot them on the front porch ,
The inim carried ah Infant child , and said
the female with him was the mother , nud
wanted them both cared for at the nemo.
Mrs. Clark received the unfortunate creature
and her offspring , nnd put them to bod. Tlio
young mother acted strangely. Iho man
said she was crary , and had given
the baby a dose of poison to
kill it. On making nn examination ,
Mrs Clark discovered that the child's mouth ,
cheeks , chirt nnd neck , were burned black
with carbolic ncld which the wretched mother
had spilled trying to force a dose down tljo
little throat. She at once took the poor thine
to her own room and attempted to relieve It
but her efforts proved fruitless , The bauy
died nt 1 o'clock. Up to that tlmo , Mrs.
Clark , refused to give the names of the par
ties to the reporters. She told a Biu : man ,
however , that the woman's brother-in-law
had brought her to the Open Door from his
residence where she had given birth to the
child. Shortly nftor the latter was born ,
nnd while left nlouo , the mother
got out of her bed and searched through
three rooms for the poison to murder it with.
After telling Mrs. Clark the Bvy substan
tially as related hero , and giving her some
Instructions about what to do for the woman ,
the tnan who had accompanied her wont
Coroner Drexel was notified and removed
tha body lo'his establishment , where an in
quest will bo hold nt 10 o'clock to-day.
Ho wus unable to ascertain from Mrs.
Clark the iiatno of the unnatural mother ,
though from other sources it was Icnrntid
that she was named Clara Monycrs. The
brother-in-law has not yet boon found out.
The coroner says that there Is'no ' question
that inuraor uas been comuiittcu , and will
get nt the real facts to-morrow.
The woman's sister and her husband nro
very anxious to have the matter smoothed
ever , but from present appearances it prom
ises to develop into a decidedly bad state of
affalri all -around. TUo girl's ' full name
could not bo learned. The sister nnd her
husband told THE BEE representative the
name was Clara Myers , but there Is reason
to believe this wus incorrect. She told Mrs.
Clan ; her linmo was Lena. It is
stated that the girl is n half-
sister to E. A. Marsh , the butcher. The
broth sr-irf-low U a bartender in the saloon at
the corner of Saundcrs nnd Charles street.
His name Is William Elleralek , and ho lives
over the saloon'iu throe rooms. For n short
time previous to October , of last year , ho
kept the hotel and restaurant , known as the
Now York hotel , nt 7i North Sixteenth
street. The girl Lena was employed to work
around the house , and she says that ono day
when she wns making the bed In one of too
rooms the man'Who occupied the room came
in , locked the iloor , throw her on
the bed and accomplished her ruin.
Immediately > afterward ho took his valise
and decamped , and she has not seen him
slnco. She said nothing about the matter to
nnvouo , but went on with her duties as
usual. In October the family removed to
their quarters , on Saunders street , and-tho
girl went"wlth'them to assist her sister , who
became the mother of twins. When Lena
began to show symptoms of maternity she
told her Bister she was suffering from dropsy ,
and as their moUier < ) md been afllictcd with
the same complaint , her sister thought noth
ing of tno matter. About lour days
before Lena was confined Mrs. Eller-
slck says the girl went to Drs. Belts ft
Belts , on Farnam street , who told her what
was tho.muttor with her. When she was
confined Drr E. L..Alexander attended her.
The baby was a fine looking , healthy child
and wns.born Juno 5. , ,
The Ellorsicks were greatly excited nnd.
very , much afraid , the affair wouldibccotno
known.Evory precaution wasitaken to prevent -
vent the neighbors from learning anything
ottho affair , > , ISllorsIclc wont to Mrs. Clurk
and asked , her if he couldbrinp the girl to
tno Open-Door. He said they were cramped
for room and his wife was not able to take
caroof.tho girl. ,
The mother , and baoy were taken to the
Open Door about a o'clock Tuesday morning.
Elloislck gave as'a reason for coming at that
lalo hour , that a haek would attract too
much attention in the neighborhood of his
honi6 earlier in the evening. *
Mrs. Ellctsick was seen and says she
doesn't know how or when thoi pirl got the
bottle of carbolic acid with which she poi
soned the baby , us she was only loft alone a
few moments about 8 a. m. If this is the
cose , it puts a very strange light on the
whole affair , as the bottle of acid ID said to
have been found in the kitchen , which would
load to the supposition that the girl went out
into the kitchen , about fifty fcet , > by
herself , when tbo sister wus out ,
poured the acid inlo some ycssol , and ad
ministered it later , or that she was assisted
in the matter by some ono else , as the poison
was given to the little ono some time in tlio
afternoon. . The child must have screamed
when the acid tuuchedjt , as the face and
throat wore horribly burned. It seems
strange that the sister's attention , was not
attracted to the affair. ,
The girl herself professes entire ignorance
of the occurrence , saying continually that
she knows nothing abaut It. She asked Mrs.
Clarlc if her baby was dead before anything i
had been said to bor by anyone at the Open
Door about the child , aud did not seem
olther surprised or sorry when told it was
A Wall' in the Dark.
Somebody left an infant at the Open Door
Monday night expecting it to be taken in and
cared for.
At half past 1 o'clock yesterday morning
Mrs. Clark , matron of the homo , and her hus
band were aroused fioiu their slumbers by
the cries of n child. For several minutes they
were unable to locate them. Mrs. Clark
arose nnd wont to the nursery , than Into
every room , and finally to the door. As the
door was opened a black spaniel bounded
across the yard , put his front paws up
against her , and whined most mournfully.
She followed the unlmal , ana found a
bundle which she carried to the building.
The dog kept up such a scratching and
balking that ono of the nurses finally ad
mitted him also.
In the bundle was discovered a 1 calthy-
looking male child , apparently about six
weeks old , with blade hair , blacl ? eyes ,
and dressediOxcopt.jis to an out < sldo wrap ,
which was old and dirty , in clean white
robes. , On the band of the long understcrt | ,
Mrs. Clurk made out the name of u promi
nent family iu > thls city , but refuses to make
it known.
"I am satisfied , " aha said , "those people
know nothing about this affair , and have
nothing whatever to do with It. Probably
they are acquainted witli the mother , and
gave her tbo skirt , or it might have been
stolon. Anyway , I shall not expose them
until nn Investigation has been nude. I hope
to find out who the parties are who have
abandoned such a beautiful aud bright up-
pcanug child. "
The little fellow shows every indication of
having been bom under favorable qlrcum-
stances , A physician examined and Pro
nounced a perfectly healthy baby nnd said it
hod been-well nursed , It must have been
loft to its fata and guardianship of tlio faith
ful dog about midnight. Both baby and unl-
raal uro now the pats of the homo , _ _ _ _ _ _
Tim City Council.
Councilman A , H. Sander was present at
last night's meeting of the city council and
was warmly welcomed by hl colleagues'
frlondi aud congratulated upon his escape
from tlio disaster at Jphnstown , pf whiplj ho
was un eye witness. All of the member *
were present exceptMossts. VanCamp , Hoyd
and UuriiliUm. A largo amount of routine
business was transacted.
JIatfipW , Mass. , IH to have u big tirno
on September 10 , thut day bojinu the
iMSjinrilviirsary t > ' the Indlun attaak on
that IQWU , . . . ,
* *
? >
t t
The Process lias Boon Observed nt
T ' X'feHlco'ln Him Bnlvndor.
Yzrxlco , in .tlio lUtlo republic of Sun
Salvador , la In many rcspoots tlio most
romnrhnblo volcano on earth , first , because -
cause its discharges liavo continued so
loiiff nnd with such great regularity ;
ngnin , bocmiso the tumult in the unrth's
bowels is always to bo hoard , as the
rumblings nnd explosions nro constant ,
boinp nudlblo for n hundred , miles , and
soundinff like tlto noise which Ulp Van
Winkle hoard whbti h6 nwnkonod from
hJS sleep in the Gatskllls4 and finally , it
ia the only volcano that has originated
on this continent since the discovery by
Columbus , says the author of "Tho Cap
itals of Spanish America. " It arose
suddenly from the plain in the spring
of 1770 , in midst of what had boon for
nearly n hundred years the profitable
estate of Senor Don Balthazar Ernzo ,
who was nbsont from the country at the
time , nnd was greatly lunnzod upon liis
return to' discover" that his magnificent
coiree nnd Indigo plantation had , with
out his kriowltiugo or consent , boon ex
changed for a first-class volcano.
In Uocomboi17G9 , the peons on the
hacienda wore alnrmod by terrific rum
blings Under the ground , constant trem
blings of the earth and frequent earth
quakes , which did not extend over the
earth as usual , but su6mod to bo con
fined to that particular locality. They
loft the place in terror when the trem
blings nnd noises continued , nnd re
turning n week or two nftor , found that
all the building had been shaken dovrn ,
trees * uprooted and largo craters opened
in the Holds , which had been level
earth boforo. From those craters smoke
nnd steam issued , nnd occasionally
11 am os were soon to como out of the
ground. Some bravo vaouoroa or herds
men remained near by "to watch devel
opments , and February 24 , 1770 , they
were entertained by n spectacle -that
no other men have boon permitted to
witness ; for about 10 o'clock on the
morning of that day the grand up
heaval took place. < and it scorned to
thorn , as they tiled in terror , that the
whole universe was being turned Up-
sidodown. First there was a series of
terrible explosions , which lifted the
crust of the earth several hundred foot ,
and out of the cracks issued fiamcs ol
lava and imnjcnso volumes of
smoke , An hour or two after
wards there was another and a grander
convulsion * which shook and startled
the country for n , hundred miles around.
Rocks weighing1 thousands of tons were
hurled into the air , nnd fell ' several
leagues distant. The surface of the
earth was elevated about three thous
and foot , and the internal recesses were
purged ofjmasses of lava nnd blistered
etono , which fell Ln a heap around tlio
hole from which they issued.
These discharges continued /or sev
eral days at irregular intervale , accom
panied by loud explosions ajul earth
quakes , which did much damage
throughout the entire republic : the dis
turbance was perceptible -Nicaragua
and Honduras. In thio manner wasa
volcano born , and 'it has proved to bo a
healthful nndvigorous child. In less
than two months from a level field rose
a mountain more * than lour thousand
feet high , and the constant discharges
from the cralar which opened then
have accumulated round its edges until
its elevation has increased 2,000 feet
moro. Unfortunately the growth of
the monster has not been scientifically
observed or accurately measured , but
the cone of lava- and ashes , which is
now 2,600 feet from the foundation * of
the earth upon which it > rfoats , is con
stantly growing , by the incessant dis
charges of volcanic matter-
A. Captains Balls ,2,8OO Miles With
i > < ' i His tiargo on Fire. > ! - * i
The AitTdHcan to-morrow will pub
lish a letter from Captain Thomas Rob
ertson of the steamer Hawkhurflt to ,
Messrs. Gustnvus & Co. , of this city ,
which gives the , story oLono ottho most
remarkable exhibitions of pluck ,
bravery and fine seamanship on record ,
says a Baltimore-dispatch to the Now
York Sun. The feat of sailing boven
days , a distance of 2,3QO inilos , on > a
burning vessel , and declining , to stop at
points whpre _ facilities for putting out
the fire without endangering the cargo
and ship , wnsjrogardod by the emperor
of Brazil as so noteworthy an achieve
ment as to warrant his conferring upon
the master a modal of the first class.
The Hawkhurst is a British -steamer ,
and belongs to the packet line running
between Antwerp , London and Brazil.
Captain Robertbon at ono time was
master of the bark Amornuill ot Nicar-
augua and the steamer Elstow of Lon-
don. In his letter Captain Robertson
says : <
"Tho Hawkhurst sailed from London
on March 10. bound for Rio Janeiro ,
\yith u general cargo. On March 23 wo
were in latitude 11 ° north , loiigltuflo
27 ° west _ , 600 miles south of the island
of St. Vincent , whotij at I ! n. m. , dense
ilames of smoke were observed coming
out of the ventilators in No. 2 hold. Wo
at once blocked the ventilators , made
holes in the docks , poijrlng steam in
from the main boilers , and Water , too.
The fire scorned to have a great hold on
the cargo in the lower hold , aud it
could not bo put out. During the next
fouc days the declcs woio rod-hot. I
may mention that there was.a between
deck ot iron above the ilro , and above
this iron dock was stored 700 barrels of
oil , tow , tullow , and other iiillumnmblo
matoriale. i
"I thought at the beginning of this
accident that I would put back to St.
Vincent , but on further conbidcH.uion I
did not rcpkon it prudent , as the , wind
wus btrong ahead. Besides , if I Jind
gone back there were no appliance for
putting out fires on the island ,
I therefore steamed on to Rio ,
passing Pernnmbuco , where they
would neb have entertained a burning
ship coming in the harbor. My only
resource had I gone to St. Vincent ,
Pornambuco , or Bahia would have boon
to fill the hold with water , and to do
this 1 would have to ground the sbfp ,
which might have cavsed a total loss.
Throe davs after the ilro commenced
the starboard bunk urn caught flro.
This arose from the great heat of the
decks and hull of the ehip. Wo put
them out in twonty-four hours. The
following day our port bunkers took flro
but wo could not extinguish them , aud
they burned for seven days * On our Rio the . - Ihorities eontus
their Are brigade free of charge , This la as goojl as any , in the world.
Aftnr two days' work , \\oy \ subdued the
lire , The distance wo sailed while on
jiro was 2iOO : miles , and it tool : seven
dayfi to tnuko tjio distancp , "
-In recognition of the good seaman
ship nnd bravery of Captain Robertson
the emperor of Brazil , Dom Pudro II. .
wrotp the captain a pornonal lotlor , and
gave him a medal of the first class ,
which was presented to the captain by
Forrorria vhinnn , homo minister of the
llod of Grief at Loss of Ills
The stennuhlp Italia , from Jamaica ,
brought hero yoslorday the crow of the
ilubslan barkontlno Lyylo , eays the
Now York Sun , which waudrwen ashore
by [ a fierce norther in Annoto bay on
May 0. The biirlcontiuo's nhippor ,
Captain Asptun , died from { { riof ever
the loss of Ills YOFSO ! the day the Italia
Judge Glfford'a Aspirations Toudlnp ;
Toward. WashliiRtou ,
Tlio SliolvliiR of CoiiKroqBlonnl As-
plrnntn by Appointments to
onioc Kxollomont Will
Imst All tlio Year. '
YXNKTON , Juno 11. [ Special to Tin : Dnn.J
Hon. O. S , Glfford Is In the city for n few
days , circulating among the politicians for
the purpose of Rotting the lay of the land for
congressional and senatorial purpose * . Glf
ford will take a republican nomination for
congress If ho can got It , and falling la that
ho will bo In tho'hnilds of his frlotids Mr the
senate , The judge has been four j'cars la
congress ; Is a man of fair ability , nnd hands
cleaner thnu those of the average politician.
Judge Moody , Juugo ISdgorton nnd U. F.
Pottlgrow nhi nil openly In the fleld for son-
ntorshlps , nnd will nil push their claims for
ttio Ofllcc Unless some of them should bo
withdrawn by the bestowal of seine other
oQlco before the senatorial light comes on.
There has boon talk of shelving Edgorton
with a judgcshlp ou the supreme court
bench ; nnd , on the principle that n bird In
the hand Is worth two In the bush , the hon
orable gentleman will probably take the
liip if it comes his way. Ho served
the territory as chief Justice by appointment ,
nud gave gcneiul satisfaction.
In the IJlack Hills , n determined nnd des
perate light Is being inado against Judge
Moody , and as all the other aspirants will
league against Moody and Polttprow , be
tween whom there is a bond , offensive nnd
defensive , dating baclc to 1871 , It Is posslbla
that they may both bo sot nsldo and entirely
now mon brought to the front. Pottlgrow Is
the best worker of the three and will do-
voldp the most slrengl'u In the senatorial
light , but It wilt be the pooling of strength
between Moody Und Pottlgrcw that will bo
depended on to take thorn through.
Ulmrlcs G. Williams , of Wntortown , who
served six years in congress from Wisconsin
before coming to Dakota , has been retired
from the rnco for elective ofllcc , belntr regis
ter of the loud oftlco at Watortown
Williams is a man of considerable
ability , nnd would represent -thd
now state in congress with marked
ability , but ho has to glvo way to men of loss
experience and Inferior ability. '
Charles T. McCoy , of Aberdeen , formerly
of 13on Hnmmo county , and connected with
the famous Douglas county bond scandal ot
u few years ago , has announced himself n
candidate for n congressional noinl
nation , and' though South Dakota is
to have but two members in tha
lower house , there are already three candi
dates for nomination at the hands of the re
publican party McCov , Gifford and Mat.
thews , the latter being the present territor
ial dolcgata and dispenser of the postolUocs.
The Alliance mooting , to begin at Huron
on Iho 18th , Is looked forward lo with great
interest , for an attempt will suioly be made
there to shape matters so the most of ( ho
ofllces can be controlled by the organization ,
nnd their action. will bo followed by other
nnd counter organizations when the constjtu
tional convention meets nt Sioux Falls on the
llh of July. , . , '
South Dakota Is full of politics nnd polltl-
t'ans ' , and. . from now on thtswJll bo an event
ful year , , for the excitement will continue
with Increasing intensity until tlio United
States senators uro elected aud the
mittod. . "
License in Yiuikton.
YAJCKTON , Dak. , Juno U. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnc BEE. ] By the operation ofc an
act of the last legislature of Dakota , tbo hq
uor licenses for Yatiktou retailers will DO
$300 on ana after the llrst day of July , which
will pi obably relieve ever half , the twenty- .
four now doing business in this city. Under
thtfliuv that goes Into effect , the 1st ot July ,
each saloonkeeper must pay KiOO to the
county uud $ JOO to the cityper annum , those
being the minimum figures. Heretofore tha
countvJias secured nothing , while the bity
has collected $300 , nnd as hist July that
amount was demanded In advance , some of
them had to bonow nnd mortgage to got
it up. _ _
The Duke of i'Qrtlnna'H Wedding.
LONDON , Juno 11. The marrjajjo of , . tha
duke of Portland and Miss Dallas-Marka
took place to-day.
o1 Ja i eiitlot to
health : liit at tlils season the ) > lnoa nmy bo Im
pure , that tired feeling prmlomlnant , and the
apuotito last. Hood'ri bimaparllla Is a \\ou-
elorful modlcluif , for creating an appetite , ton-
liiu the tUKOStlon , aud ghlii ; ; dtiengtu to the
uervus nnd health to the nholo syateiii. t
Bo euro to got Ifood'H Sarbaparllln. Sold
by nil druggists. 1'iopurail only by C. I. Hood St
C.O. , APOtlioeailca. Lo ell. Mass.
, Jly ltlloboy..B ! yceraold , wps Ickl
with a illern'o for wlilclrdoctorg had I
no iiamo , 1 ho nails came ou Ills Hug. I
riB. * nnd tha ilngcra came off to tliol
inltWIo joint l''or 3ycnM ho widtrctlI
drcaclfulU ; h now gating \\cll.unJ 11
I nm imtisncd Bwlft's Bpcclflc U thai
chief cauea of lilt Improvement.
JOHN Jtruir. , ,
Jan. 12,16S9. 1'cru , lud. I
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