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Omaha's GaroloBBiiosB Savoa St
Joseph From a Shut Out.
"Whllo Their Own Ttvlrlcr Is Ham
incrert nt Will My the tiocnl
Tcnni lurf null Diamond
mend Notes.
oC the Chios.
Following I * the standing of the Wostcri
ixssoclntlon clubs up to and Including yes
> tcrday'3gainc4 :
Played. Won. Lost Per Ct
Bt.Paul 1'J 10 U
Sioux City 19 13 7 .at
Omaha..21 13 8 .01
Denver 18 0 0 .51) )
Minneapolis. . . 21 0 12 .42
St. Joseph 13 7 11 .83
DCS Molncs..l8 7 11 .83
Milwaukee 21 4 17 .11
Omnlin 7 , St. Joseph 2.
And you c'ldn't ' BOO the gaaio yastordny al
Well , you missed it.
It was ladles' day , and there was a gron
crowd of the gentle ones on hand. The ;
filled every one of the reserved scats am
dotted the grand stand here and there Inga ,
colored little groups.
It was probably their inspiriting prcsonc
that spurred the Omahas on lo such a splcti
did victory.
Why , they began hitting at the very start ,
mid soon had such a lead thai it iburoughl ;
disheartened the big lubberly team free
UoWn the river.
Crowall was In the points for the visitors
ftnd the lambasting ho got made him pal
About the Kills. Ho dooMi't. think halt n
much of himself now as ho did u day or tw
Bin CO.
Kid Nichols did the rotating for Iho Oma-
lias , and what a game he did ulnyl
Why , Clmrllo Lord's biggest hitlers wor
like pigmies In his hands , and the only txv <
runs ttoy got were the products of errors.
b'o , llnglo the bell ; and Jingle it long , am
Jingle it loud.
Llko Dick the three times , Omaha is her
poll again.
Mcssitt was the llrst to bat , and ho pro
ccodcd to go out on a long , high Ily to left
Whitney then threw Cleveland out at firs !
but Josie Strauss reached second on Fryo'
miserable muff of his lone hit.
Yuinl yum I yum I but the ladles though
that was'it ico.
Crooks , the cherub , then stepped up to tinplate
plato and cent Joe homo on a slashing sing !
lo loft. Coonoy tncn smashed out a horn
run , and Walah a tbrco-buggur , and for t
low moments you'd 'a thought that Bcdlau
bad broken loose.
There were three runs , and how they dti
tickle the audience.
Unfortunately , however , Walsh did no
got In ; Naglo was thrown out by the pitcher
and Joe wan left.
St. Joe's first inning only inaugurated :
longsorios of goose eggs.
After big Cartright hud struck out , Curt !
took his base on an error by Messitt , only t <
bo forced out , however , 'on Ardner's hit
Krolg then uiudo a single , and Ardncr flov
round lo third , and 11 looked like a run.
But that was ull It did look like a run-
for Crooks Ihcn threw Shollhasso out a
Omaha kept up her lively work in the second
end , which Canuvan began by smashing oui
& homer hbnsulf.
" Hoyl hey I hoyl " cried the excited audt
once , as the smooth little fielder clrcumuavi
gated the diamond.
The Kid was thrown out by the pitcher
tut Scrappy Jack reached first oa an crroi
of SI. Joo's sunset-haired short ston. H <
Btolo second , and dashed over the rubber 01
Orover'a honey monlgomory to right
Blrauss and Crooks then gracefully retired
and the rcd-hoscd lads came in.
u A neat double play marked the visitors
half.Fryo wan given a lifo ' by Crooks , wh
missed his very difficult fly , but only to bi
( doubled up with the bright-haired Smith
Lxvho bit to Crooks , who thrcwto Walsh , nnc
( ho to Mossitt , in less time than you could sa <
F * This set everybody to cheering again , and
( Whitney's out at first put them in oven ;
Iwnpior mood.
la the third , after Coonoy and Walsh-hut
been retired , Nuglo mudo a hit and scam
pered way uroutid to third on Shellhassu'i
wild throw. ButCunavau went out Iron
Ardner lo first , aud Omaha took Iho field.
It was short work for St. Joe in her half.
Crowell fanned out ; Cleveland capturec
Cartnghfs high foul , and Curtis llow oul Ic
| The locals drew blanks in Iho fourth am
{ fifth , out in the sixth added another run Ic
Xhclr string.
It was inudo by Joe Walsh who played
ono of the most brilliant games you ovei
saw being a long , clean sockdolager cleai
to the loft field corner for four cushions I
Oh , papa I how the people did applaud the
little , slender , red-headed youth an ho came
flashing like a streak of light across the
Up to this tbno Iho visitors bad ouly suc
ceeded in getting but one man to third , ani
they plaved with uboui as much spirit as i
lot of old women picking huculoborries.
In the seventh , though , thanks lo Jack
Mesaitt'H third error , they managed to breali
the ice ; that la , they didn't break any Ice
because there was no ice there , but you
know what's meant they made a run.
Shellhusso opened up the inning by a clear
lilt , onlyto bo neatly folded up with Fryc
toowovor , who hit to the ubiquitous Walsh
vmo ran to second , tapped it with his Uttli
loot , killitu' Shelly , then firing it to Mossll
und knocking out Mr. Fryct.
Again-und again was Joseph greeted witt
a storm of approbatory "hoyl hey ! hoys ! "
Ulght after this piece of glittering worl
Mossitt muffed Cleveland's ' throw of Smith1 !
lilt , and Whitney sent him across the plato a
Btraddlo a splendid thrne-bugger.
In Justice to Mossitt It must bo said Ilia
Grovor's throw was a lltllo wide , and Jael
needn't care for his threoorrors , for he play :
ball all the time und everybody is salisllei
With his work.
In the cighlh the Omakas made their las
run.Walsh made his third hlt.andnuioklystoli
Bceond , running homo n moment later on Na
cle's hummer to left. Nugle was forced ou
by Canuvan , who took second on Nichols
Bttcrillco. Then Mesaitt gel his base on balls
but bolh were loft on Cluvolund's long Ily t (
In their half the St. Joo's managed t <
BQueezo In another tally.
Cartwright led off with a hit. Ho was
forced oat at second by Curtis , who stoli
second and went lo third ou Ardnor's out ai
first , and scored on Kr'eg's ' out. The nox
man was iulckly ] retired , and so Iho guuu
ended , in a ulcci violory for Omaha.
And still some of the spectators were no
They said the Black Sox luoy changei
their hose yesterday should have "shut "on
out. "
What a whole lot it takes to please som
Thoomoial score *
AU. u. mi. sii. sn. ro. A. r
Total 8'J 7 10 1 7 27 23
ST. JOnKl'll.
Omaha. . . . . . 3 U 0 0 0 1 0 1 0
, r tit. Joseph. . . . , .0 00000110
* * *
" " " ' - - - - - - -
HUMS fcarned Ouinh 8.
Thrco-buso hlU Wnlsh , Whitney.
Home runs Wnlsh , Coonoy , Qnnavan.
Double plays Wnlsh to Crooks to Mossllt ;
Wnlsh lo Mcssltt.
Uascs on called balls liy Nichols 2 , by
Crowoll 2.
Struck oul Cnrtwrlght , Crowoll , Smith ,
Strauss , Cleveland , Crooks.
Time of ffamo I hour , 45 ralnulos.
Umpire Andy Guile.
This Aftprnocm'8
The St.- Joe * nnd Oranhtis will moot nqntn
nt the local park thin afternoon. St. Joe will
hnvo In her sUr pilchor , Knoll , nnd Ihoy say
they'll pet oven forycslcrday's defeat. Game
called at .15 : < sharp. Following are the posi
tions of Iho two teams t
Joe SlrauMk . iKIght . Try c
Cleveland . Third . Whitney
Crooks . Second . Ardnci
Andrews . First . Cartrlcht
Mcsslll . Middle . Krlcg
Canavan . Loft . Curtis
Wnlsti . Short . Smith
Cooney , . Catch . t..Mahonoy
Willis . . . .Pilch . Knoll
Des Molnos 1C , Mlnnoapolln 14.
MiNxr.Ai-oi.t8 , May 22. To-day's game
was n slugging luatch In which Mitchell and
Fagan wcro knocked out of the box. Dos
Moincs won by n little bunching of hits and
favorable decisions by both Hurley and
Kelly. Score.
Totals SO 15 18 1 37 9 )
Des MolneR 0 * * 1C
Minneapolis 0 2 U
Uuns earned 'Des ' Moincs 10 , Minneap
olis 11.
Two-baso hit Hanralmn. Patton.
Homo runs Mitchell , Miller , Hanrahan ,
Turner , Maskroy , Wlntoly.
Bases stolen By Hengio (5) ( ) , West , Miller ,
Dugdale , Macullar.
Double plays Miller to Hcnglo to Minno-
Inui.Bases on balls By Mitchell , 3 ; by Fagan -
gan , 1 ; by Emmercko , 7 ; byKeogan , 1.
Hit by pitcher Hcnglo , Dugdale.
Slruckoui By Milchell , 3 ; by Kcogan , 2 ;
by Emmorke , 4 ; by Fagan , 1.
Passed balls Dugdalo (2) ( ) , Traffloy (2) ( ) .
Wild pitches-Mitchell (1) ( ) .
Sacrifice DCS Moincs 0 , Minneapolis 0.
Time 2 hours and 10 minutes.
Umpires Hurley and Kelly.
Sioux City i0 , Denver O.
Sioux CITV , la. , May 23. Denver was un
able to find Flanagan , and , aided by sharp
fielding , was shut out. Hoaloy was substi
tuted in the seventh inning , and hit in the
ninth for a tolal of eight bases. Score :
Sioux City 3 8 20
Denver 0 00000000 0
Earned runs Sioux City 12.
Two-baso hils-Sileh.
Throe-baso hlls Glenn.
Homo runs Clinc , Bradley. Brosnan.
Double plays Bradley aud Brosnau.
Base on balls Cline 3 , Powell 'i , Genins ,
Burke , Bradloy.2. Siuilh , McClollan , Howe ,
Hit by pitched ball Powell.
Struck out By Flanagan 0 , Healoy 3.
Wild pitches Darnbrough 3.
Time 2:30. :
Umpire McDcrmott.
St. I'nul 1 , nillunukpo 8.
MILWAUKEE , May 22. St. Paul defeated
the Milwaukoes iiguin to-day. Pitcher Free
man was slaughtered. The eauio was a
slugging match. Score :
An. it. nil. sn. 10. A. E.
Poorman , rf
LOWOUASS C 1 3 0 3 0 0
MorrisBoy , lb 4 1 0 0 8 0 0
Herr , 2b
Button , cf , ssip. .
Klrby , sscf
Alberts , 3b
Freeman , i > , Uf. . . .
Tolals 80 8 0 1 34 13 " 5
BT. 1'AUI , .
AH. U. IIII. 811. I'O. A. II.
Hawe9tb 4 3 3 0 10 0 1
Murphy , cf
Plukott , ss
Carroll , rf -
Ufiillv , 3b 4 1 1 0 3 5 C
Farmer o
Tredway , If . . . . . .
Sowdcra , p
Totals 43 13 17 0 27 13 B
Milwaukee 3 00001401
St.Paul 3 1163100 IS
Earned runs Milwaukee 4 , St. Paul 7.
Huses on trails Lowe , Herr 3. Alberts 2 ,
Cossloy. Freeman 3 , Kawos , Hollly.
Htrucfcpul Uy Freeman 3 , by Sullen 3 ,
by Bowdors 4.
Two-base hiis Lowe , Hcrr , Sutton ,
Klrby , Murpliy. Sowders.
Tlirt e-base bits Pickett.
Homo runs Roilly.
Double play Uellly to Wcrrick.
Wild pilches l-'recmaii 3 , Bowdcra 1.
Stolen bases Poorinan 3 , Lowe 3 , Morrissey -
soy , Herr 3 , Button , Crossloy , Huwes. Mur
phy 3 , Carroll , Farmer.
Hit by pitcher Morrlasoy ,
Umpire Force.
Time 3 hours.
The National tiongue.
PiiiLADULfuiA , May 23. Result of to-day'i
gunio :
Philadelphia 0 4
Cleveland. . . . , 0 1 0 0 3 0 0 J
TUo iramo was called at the end of the
seventh inning on account of rain. HMO hita
Philadelphia 7 , Cleveland 5. Errors
Philadelphia 5 , Cleveland 1. Pitchers
UuQUiiou and O'J3rien. Umpire Harnum.
BOSTOX , May 33. Hosultofto-Uay's gamei
Indianapolis. . . * fl
lioston 3 4
Uuao hits Indianapolis 8 , Uostoa 8. Errors
TmllnnnpolU 4 , Boston 3.Pltchors Oo (
zoln nnd Clarkson. Umpire Lynch ,
Nr.w YDIIK , Mayr23.-TuesuU 'of1 to ay'i '
pnine :
New York . 0 0025013 0 1
Clilcapo..U 00040000 -
Unio hit * Now York 10 , ChlcntfO n. Kr
rors Now York 0 , Chlcnao 8. Pltchors-
Keefo and Toner. Umpire 'MeQunld.
\VA9insoTos , Mny 33 The Wnshlnr on
Plllsbury gauio was postpoubd ou accoun
of rain.
Anicrlonu As-molntlon.
KAXRAS CITV , Mny 22. Uosultof lo-dnyV
Ramo :
Kansas Clly. . . . 3 00000040 * .
Urooklyn . 13045010 * II
Louisviu.n , May 32. Hosult of to-dny'i
game :
Loulivlllo . 0 00000030 1
Ualllmoro . .0 0 8 3 0 0 0 0 * 11
ST. Louis , Mny 21. Result of lo flay" !
St. LonU . 0 '
Athletics . 3 i
CINCINNATI , May 32. The Cincinnati
Columbus game was positioned on account o
cold woalhor.
The Intor-Stato
ON , May 33. Result of totlay' '
MurllnRton . 1 0 0 f 0 1 2 0 0
Evunsville . 0 0051311 * 1
SriiiMoriian , May 22. Result of to-day'i
game :
Springfield . 0 00033000
Davenport . 1 01040100
QuiNcr , May 23. Result of to-day's game
Qulncy . 3
Peorla . 0 000130301
Im ton in Uncos.
CINCIS-XATI , May 23. The third day n
Latonla was cold nnd disagreeable. The nt
tendance was largo , but the track was slow
A serious blunder occurred during the after
noon. Iho field was Bonl away in the Mer
chants' stakes by Starter Sheridan , nnd thi
race run without any of Ihe judges being li
the stand. The error was not discovered
unlll the JOCKS came back lo weigh out ant
found no one In the stand lo ackuowledgi
them. The judges announced all bets off 01
tho.raco and the dlslance lo bo gone ovci
again. The favorite was Montrose in lh (
first run , but awilelied lo the Chicago stabli
uulry In Iho second run. This stable wet
bolh runs , Iho llrat with Wheeler T , nnd thi
second with Suntaloiic. They ran ono , two
in both runs.
Tiireo-year-olds and upwards , throe-quar
tors of a mile J. C. Burnett won , Fankinr
second , Benson third , Time 1:18.
Two-year-old fllllcs , nino-sixtoonlhs of t
mile Spring Dance won , Samphire- second
Martha Page third. Time B3&
Sntnu conditions us second , nino-sixtoonths
of a mile Ballyhoo won , Adele M second
Siloneo third. Time S7 # .
Throe-year olds and upwards , ono mile nnc
seventy yards Hypocrite won , Maori BOO
end , Tenacity third. Time 1 :47 # .
Three-year-olds nnd upwards , ono and one
eighth miles Santaleno won , Princess
Bowling second. Time 1:57. :
Three-year-olds and upwards , ono mile
Littral won , Golightly second , Vidotlo third.
Grnvcscnil Races.
Nnw YOIIK , May 33. At Gravesond to-daj
the weather was fine and the track in bottci
condition. Summary :
Throe-fourths of n inilo Loantako won in
1:17 : , Salisbury second , Brail Ihlrd.
One mile Bcucdiclino won in 1:47J , Er
nest second , Carrie G third.
Ono and seven-eighths miles Cypsj
Queen wonin2:00 : } , Holiday second , Miss
Cody third.
Ono and one-eighth miles Inspector B
won in 3:01 : , Enrus second , Richmond third ,
Five-eighths of a mile Sir William wor
in 1:05) , Qramorcy second , Tormentor
Thro-fourths of n mile Beck won in
1:17 , Long Lsland second , Raymond G
third. „
The ICnulIah Turf.
LONDON. May 23. The race for Iho New
market stakes. 7,500 sovereigns , for three-
year-olds , ono milo and two furlongs , was
won by the Duke of Portland's bay colt ,
Ijoos Knocked Out.
SAN FIIAXCISCO , May 23. A fight to a flnisl
between Joe McAuUffc , of San Francisco , ant
Tom Lees , ex-champion of Australia , for t
purse of 51,250 , , took place , to-night , uudei
the auspices of the Golden Gate Athlclu
Both men wore In good condition , McAuliffc
weighing about two hundred pounds und Lees
McAuliffo forced the flRhting from Ihe
slart , and after ho had delivered several
telling blows covered his face with his arms
and fought a waiting tight. Lees did not
succeed in getting any effeelivo blows in on
McAuliffe. In the eighth round McAuliffe
knocked Lees down with a right bander , but
the taller cot up again.
McAuliffo came at him lilco n tiger nnd
sent In blow after blow. Locs went ut
against the ropes with his hands down and
McAulltfo had him at his mercy. Joe squared
off aud put the Australian to sloop with a
couple of right-handers on the jaw and the
fight was over.
McAuliffeo was not hurt , while Locs presented -
sented a gory spectacle.
Two Clinton INJou Mlnslncr.
CLINTON , la. , May 22. [ Special Telegrarr
to Tun BEK. ] This city has lost traclr of iwt
prominent men , whoso disappearance is caus
ing much excitement. B. B. Morse , a mush
dealer , has not been seen for throe weeks
The last timeho was known lo have beet
hero was on Mny 4 , when ho was slightly in
loxicatcd , and was showing some $500 ho hat
on his person. He was agent for the W. W
ICimball organ company. It is thought thiV
ho lias met with foul play. Ho was to havi
been married last Thursday to an estimable
young lady In Cedar Rapids.
The other missing mau is J. H. Licrny
who has been in the newspaper business hen
for years. Ho has not been seen for oighl
days , and was , when last scon , rccoveriii ) .
from a sprco. No news of him can bo oh
Nobrnska mill Inwn Ponalons.
WASHINGTON , May 23. ( Special Telegram
lo TUB Bun. ] Pensions Issued lo Nobrav
kans : Original invalid James B. Dunn ,
William Fisher , Job Greou , John W. Gray ,
Lafayolto Messier , Austin Q. Klugsloy. Ho
issue Alexander Bolmor , Patrick W. Wray
Original , widows , etc Minors of Judsou P ,
Pensions forlowans : Original invalid nav.v
Milton Sperry , Robert L.Tyler , Joseph W ,
Holland , John Leaser , James W. Davis , John
B. Abraham , VolneyC. Leonard , Josephun
Roberts , Lewis Bonnot. Increase David
W. Robinson , William J. Sulaven , Mordoreul
Smith , Matthew Milton. Insane roissuo-
Squire Franklin. Reissue and Increase-
Barney Waddoll. Original , widows , elc.
Joannetta , mother of John A. Grcor , jr.
Dtncon White Gets Mail.
NEW YOUK , May S3. [ Special Tclcgrnn :
lo TUB BKK. I The Oregon Transconltnenla
light continued on the wane yesterday , ant
the price dropped 3 per cent from tbo prevl
ous night's figures. Last week's wane woult
bavo been forgotten but for the action of S
V. White , in resenting some of the state
moots published about bun. Ho appeurot
before the Kings counly grand jury and ob
tained nn Indictment against the editor of ar
afternoon paper. When this becameknowc
but little feeling was shown by brokers , at
though he announced the fact publicly a' '
once , <
Tin MiniiH Sold.
CUSTKB Crrr , Dair. , Mny 23. [ Special tt
TUK UEB. Fish , Rose , & poison have jusi
sold the tin mines , known ns Ihn February
group , lo the Hnrnoy Peak company , for
$37,000. They are located fifteen miles nortti
of this place ,
The first nthlotio % jj ijbltlon fet Hit
Young Men's Christian RBSOoiallon > vlll
bo given in the opera hotiup this cvuu-
lug. An attructivo progrnmrae baa
boon arranged for tUo ocoasloa ,
A Worthless Ol&raotor Shoots n
Qulrtt Neighbor.
> n
t ! .
Doctors nnil Clorcfynieu Talk Thin KB
Over Cnptnl'u Cfpoilrloli Hoportod
Shot HoVpltftl nt Crete
Crop'fj ntid Crimes.
Deliberate Attempt to Murder.
Ilnn CLOUD , Nob. , May 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tim BEK. ] A neighborhood quar
rcl resulted In a shooting scrnpo , about nine
miles northwest of this city , this morning ,
Van llonson , a follow generally regarded ne
a dissolute and worthless blowhara , hud foi
some time past been badgering one of his
neighbors , Wlnflold Palmer , a quiet and in *
offensive young man. This morning , moot-
lug the object of his wrath in the road , he
placed a sum of money on the ground and
dared him to pick It up. Palmer did nick It
up , whereupon Van Benson opened flro on
htm at at distance of Jlftccn feet.
Ono ball lodged In Palmer's shoulder ; nn
other struck him in the stomach , ranged
down and lodged about six Inches Iron
xvhara it entered ; another ball grazed lilf
head and cut n liolo in his lint
brhn. Two shots were llrcd without effect ,
The In ] u loci man was taken homo and the
sheriff and a physician from thU city wore
summoned. After considerable probing
both balls wcro extracted , the patient re
viving considerably at once , and unless In
flammation should occur , will don btkm re
The sheriff and his deputies found Benson
at his houso. Ho showed evidence of regret
at not having succeeded In killing his victim.
To n correspondent ho repeatedly said In
loud terms : "I am sorry I did not hnvo n
number 44 , so that I could hnvo bored a hold
clear through him. " Ho mudo no resist
ance , and remarked that ho had not had so
many visitors since ho toolr his homestead.
Owing to his moan and worthless character ,
ho has no sympathizers , and a few mutterIngs -
Ings of speedy vengeance to como have been
heard ; yet , although there was considerable tho. affair , no violence to
the prisoner is apprehended.
The Crack Shots at Norfolk.
NOUFOMC , Neb. , May 22. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEB. ] Contest No. 2 was the
first shot on to-dny's programme. There
were eight live birds , and a division of 40 ,
30 , 20. 10 per cent , $1,000 guaranteed. There
were twenty entrances , divided into four
squads. Ellis , IJrooker , Hudd aud Campbell
scored 8 ; Raynard , Smith , Bain , Ackormun ,
W. H. Hughes and Hlnklo , 7 ; Case , Atwater ,
Bardwell and Clanln ; Slice , Na-
son , Parmalco and Q. Hughes ,
0. First money was divided ; second , Smith
and Uavnard ; third , Case ; fourth , Parmaleo
and Slice. Four teams entered for the champion -
pion gold medal oo'u < 58tj , Ion blue rocks lo
each man. The sporoi stood , Raynard and
Parinalco , 15 ; Nothaway and Nason , 1C ; At
water and Cameron , O Gardner and Leon
ard , 11. This medal has been won by the
Lincoln team , the Plntlsnioulh loam , and the
Omaha Gun club/.ror.ttreo successive yours ,
with Iho highest ficoo. 19 ; and the low
est , 13. j ;
Conlesl numbcrjhreo , 15 single blue rocks ,
four moneys , guaranteed ; ton entries.
G. E. Hughes toofc'flrkt money and Stlco second
end , Parraeloo third , and Budd fourth.
.Contest numoor f6ur , nine single blue
rocks ; ten entries/ The score ran from 8 to
0 , Gideon , who has been doing line work ,
falling badly behind. ' * Brookcr and Stico
Divided llrst money.Budd ; and Nason , see ;
oud ; Nethaway tokj'third ' , and Parmclco
'fourth. ) ? 'r ' , -
Contest number -fivo was for seven live
birds ; entrance $8 moneys 40 , 80 , SO , and
10 per coat ; eight , entries. Slice and Ellis
tied on first money ; Campbell took pecond ,
and Parmoleo third.
Any number of extra aud amateur matches
were shot , and the traps were kept going at
a lively rate. To-morrow the contest for the
C. E. Maynn diamond badge , now held by
Frank Parmelco , of Omaha , is to como off.
The State Sportsmen's convention will be
held to-morrow evening , in the parlors of
the Pacittc hotel.
Medicnl Men in Council.
KEARXKT , Nob. , May 2Special [ Tele
gram lo TUB Bic.l The twenty-first annual
session of the State Medical society convened
hero to-day , and woa called to order by Dr.
Milton Lane , president , of Lincoln. Dr. O.
S. Mardea , of this city , delivered the ad
dress of welcome , which was cleverly ro-
suoudcd to by Dr. A. S. V. Mansfoldo , of Ash
land. The firsl paper road was by Dr. L. A.
Merriam , of Omaha , on "Acute Diseases. "
ThU was thoroughly discussed , and was tno
subject of severe criticism. Dr. Hlldroth ,
of Lyons , read a paper on "A Local Epi
demic , " and Dr. Mansfoldo took up consider
able tiino in a lengthy lecture on the "Effect
of Inoculalion and Vacmalion for Iho Pre-
vcnlion of Diseases. " This evening's trains
brought largo delogalions from different parts
of the Blulo , and the meeting promises to beef
of more than usual interest.
Crop ; In Ilufi'iilo County.
Giunox , Mob. , May 22. [ Special lo THE
BKK. ] During Iho laltor part of last summer
and tlio entire fall , Iho Plalto river was very
low ; and during the winter and curly spring
of this year , almost waiorlosa in this local
ity. This fact gave rise to the most doleful
predictions among the "oldest inhabitants , "
and especially among the weather prophets.
They assorted that this spring would be a
dry one , and that crops would bo a certain
failure for want of rain. This foreboding
has not been realized , for the contrary has
occurred.Vo have had timely and abundant
ruins , and the conditions for the planting und
growth of grains and grasses have uovcr been
bettor with ua. The ncro.iga sown to wheat
is increased over last year , while corn re
mains about the same.
A. llonpital nt Crctn.
CIICTK , Nob. , May Z2. ( Special to THE
Bui : . ] A large and enthusiastic mass meet
ing of our citizens was held hero last night
to consider the proposition made to Crete for
the erection of a Sister of Charity hospital
in this city. It was agreed that the city
should offer ton lioreit of ground In Crete
Helghis and $5,000 lit cush as an inducement
to nave the hospital situated hero. Tuo
action of the meeting will be laid before
Uishop Bouacum ut ) lilucoln to-day. It is
generally understood' that this proposition
will bo accepted , > uiid > the location of the
hcspltal in Crete art assured fact.
Indian Ontt > 'r > 'TJilnvns Escape.
Pusnun , Nob. ? .iMny 23. [ Special to Tns
BEE.J Dan nice and W. H. Harris , a jouplo
of Omaha Indlanrfj who had a preliminary
hearing In County Judge Downs' court last
Monday , and who/wcrc bound over to the
district court , eseapc'dvlast night from lliolr
temporary place of onilneuicul and are now
ut largo. There bcanu jio jail at this place
Iho prisoners were placed In the Crowoll
and'n * them.
grain elevator guard put over
The guard last night wont to sleep and the
roguish red men tnado their escape. Sheriff
Myers la after them.
Court folnu in
HASTINGS , Nob. , Muy 83. [ Special Tele-
gf um to TUB HUB. J The second trial of J. H.
Foxworthy , of Lincoln , .for (10,000 , against
the city of Hastings , for damages sustained
by falling on a sidewalk , terminated in the
district court hero , last night , with a verdict
In favor of the city. . The criminal calendar
will bo called next Monday. It embraces
two murder eases. Mrs. Aldrlch charged with
poisoning her husband , und young Crlnklaw
for killing the gambler. Fanslor , in a saloon
row lust fall.
\VllliH MUCH Free.
\VAHOO , Nob. , May 23. f Special Telegram
to TUB HBB.J The jury In the WII1U mur
der trial , after being out thrcq hours , agreed
on a verdict of not guilty , which was rou-
dcrod on the opening of court IhU morning.
\Vlllli for anuhuto sconiod not to realize that
hovn < rt frco'mnn. Then the gloomy , hag
gard npnoaranco soomcd to lift. The crowd
that had gathered to hear the result of the
trial gnvo n prolonged cheer and tnnny of
them rushed forward to congratuluto Willis
on his good fortune.
Affair * nt Ijoiilsvlllo.
LoutSVii.Ln. Nob. , May 22. [ Special to
Tun Cm : . | .Tames Ingrain , who was ar
rested and taken tq Plattsmouth for threat-
cuing and trying to kill his family whllo
temporarily Insane , recovered his nonsos as
soon as arrested. His family refused to tes
tify npnlnnt him and ho was released ,
Loulivlllo'8 contingent of the Oklahoma
boomers has returned disgusted and satisfied
that Nebraska can't ' bu bout.
nnricit by Falling Clny. '
FIIUMOXT , Neb , , May 22. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bn . ] At 5 o'clock this after
noon a fatal accldenl occurred In the yards
of the Fremont Continuous Brick kiln com
pany , Just ncross the Plutto river from this
clly. John Hoffman , an employe , was killed
by the caving in of a bank of clay , which
covered him with about six feet of earth.
Hoffman WAS about twenty-ono years old ,
aud a single man.
Kan On ? the Track.
NEI.SOX , Nob. , May 22. [ Special to TUB
Us. | Engine No. 72 , taking the B. & M.
freight to Superior , ran over a clog used to
stop freight cars In the yard , and loft the
trade. It was found Impossible to regain the
track unill nn engine from Edgar was
broughl to the rescue , when the work was
accomplished with the help of a consider
able number of Nelson people , who assisted
by looking on. _
HI. 13. Church Convention.
C-OALr.ALA. Nob. , May 23. | Sueclal Tele
gram to THE BBE.J The Sydney District
Ministerial association , of the M. E. church ,
have been In session bore , since yesterday
morning. Quito a number of ministers and
delegates were present. To-night a largo
audience greeted Dr. Ware , of Lexington ,
who delivered a very interesting leciuro.
The session will continue till to-morrow
An Imimlfllvo Ilorsothief.
PJ.ATTSMOUTH , Neb. , May 22. [ Special
Telegram lo Tun line. ] Fin Plcrsoll was
brought in from York yeslerday by Sheriff
Elkcnberry , and was arraigned lo-day before
Judge Poltenborger , charged with stealing a
horse from Thomas Thotn , who resides near
this city. Plorsoll Is a youth of nineteen , and
claims to have laken Iho unon a sud
den Impulse. He was hold for Iho district
court. _
Farm HOIIBC Destroyed.
NEBRASKA. CITY , Neb. , May 22. [ Special
Telegram to THE BnE.l The farm house of
John Martina , south oC Iho city , was de
stroyed by fire early this morning , caused by
a defectlvo flue. The family had a narrow
escape. Nothing was saved and there is no
insurance. Loss about ? 1COO.
Cautnlii GooiUich Family Wounded.
NOIIFOLK , Nob. , May 22. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEE. ] This afternoon Burt
Mauos , county attorney , received a dispatch
stating thai "Captain Goodrich was shot and
mortally wounded , and was expected to die
at any time. Come at once to Meadow
Grove. " Ho started immediately.
Small Boy , IMiitoli , Barn.
CB vie , Nob. , Mav 23. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BBC. | Yesterday a six-year-old son
of Mrs. Kate Hale , living four miles norlh of
Craig , lit a match near the barn , It burned
his hand , so ho lot it drop , setting flro lo Iho
barn , which was entirely destroyed. Loss ,
about $300 , insured for S150.
i .Two Asylum Kccrtilts.
NEURASKI Crrr , May 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. " ] Sheriff Willlmau to-day
took the unforlunalo Mrs. Rosoliun to Iho
asylum , and also B. F. Anderson , the groom
who went crazy on his wedding night.
Rain , snow and hail storms have done
serious damage to crops in Michigan , Min
nesota , Wisconsin and Doth the Virginias.
A dlsaslrous storm and freshet Is reported
from northern Now York.
The grand council of the Reformed Epis
copal church begun its annual session in
Boston , yesterday.
Murat Halstead , of the Cincinnati Com
mercial Gazette , will sail for Europe to-duy.
Tno object of this trip is to secure rest.
The Women's Liberal Federation presented
Mrs. Gladstone with a diamond brootch , con
taining a miniature of her husband. Parnoll
made a brief address.
Oliarloa V. Harris , of the Arondo
Shooto Hlmslf .
Ho llml Centered Ills AtTcatlonn on a
Woman Who lionised to See
Htm Kvon on Ills
Dying Bed.
A. FoollHh Act.
Charles V. Harris , night clerk at the Ar-
cndo hotel , attempted suicide at iOsOO o'clock
last night by shooting himself.
Love affairs have not boon running
smoothlv with him.
Miss Vena Wolls. seventeen years of ago ,
who resides nt 1113 North Sauudcrs street ,
Is the woman In the case.
"I'll never marry anybody else , " ejacu
lated the night clerk whllo on duty In speaking -
ing to a boll boy who was loaning acalnst
the counter of the ofllco. *
Just then , whllo loii or a do70ii guests were
silting around Iho lobby reading newspapers
und wrlllug letters , the report of a pistol
was heard. Everybody Jumped up In grout
excitement. To their surprise It was found
thai Harris had shol himself. Ho had placed
a revolver , which discharged a 33-calibro
bullto his loft breast and llrod. Ho Im
mediately dropped to Iho lloor behind the
dusk. The ball from the pistol entered bin
body nn inch below the loft nipple and
nasBotl clear through , coming out under the
loft shoulder blade. It mlsiod his heart
only by n small fraction of au inch.
The report of the pistol caused a great Ren-
saiion in the hotel , and in a few moments
the day clerk C. H. Slanborry , rushed down
stairs. Ho saw Harris lylncon the lloor.
'Tatco this letter to Vera , " gasped the
dying man.
A sealed envelope containing a letter , ad
dressed to Miss Vena Wells , 1113 North
Suundors street , was handed to the day
" 1 have shot myself on her account , and I
wrote this letler before I did it. Take il or
send for her. "
Clerk Slauborry took the letter and dis
patched a messenger boy to her residence ,
instructing her to come to the hotel nt once ,
as her lover dying.
Harris was removed from the oftlco to a
room ou the first lloor , and several physl
cluus summoned. His wound was dressed
and ho was given stimulants to keep him
nlivo until the arrival of the young lady.
She never cumo. The cpistlo was de
livered , bul she refused lo see her dying
Harris has been employed at the Arcudo
since May 1. Ho went to the hotel wall
recommended. Ho stated that ho hud no
relatives ou earth , bul had become
enamored of Vera , while in Ihe
employ of her mother , Mr * .
O. 1C Wells , who conducted a restaurant at
1515 D.ivonport street , about a year ago.
Since then Mrs. Wells moved nor reslauranl
to Soutti Omaha , aud Harris wont with her.
Ho was evidently very much in lave with
Mrs. Well's daughter , and since ho lias been
employed at the hotel ho has been a daily
visitor at the Wells residence. The girl , it
is said , Jilted him. This broke his heart , and
he wanted to Jump inlo the depths of the
greul unknown. Ho was a member of Iho
Firsl Prosbyli-rlan church , aud at I o'clock
this morning the Kov. Dr. W. J. Harslm vis
ited him , Harris told the reverend
gentleman thai ho had perhaps
done wrong , bul did not regrel
his rash act. Llfo was not worth living
without Vena , and she had told him she
cared nolhlng for him. Harris had visited
her yesterday afternoon , and her reply
caused his despondency.
The physicians stated ut a late hour that
Hnr3ia could not live unlil daylight.
Dr. D. Gibbs , of this city , has resigned his
position as assistant surgeon of Iho Union
Pacific , and loaves Ihis morning for his fu-
lure homo at Crawford , Nob.
Positively cured by
thcso L'ttlc Pils. ? !
They also rellovo Dls-g
trcsa fro-fl Dyspepsia. In
digestion and Too Hearty ]
Eatlr.ff. A perfect rcm
edyrorDlzzluPSD , Kniaea , ;
Drowsiness. Bad Taste
In the Sloulli. Coated
Tongue , rain In tiie SUie ,
) pin Lunn. They ,
regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
The Grandest Triumph of Electric Science ScN | g
' entifically Made and Practically Applied.
I Del t
ttilli Suspensory. Klcelrie " DISEASE GURElWilHOUT MEDICINES |
HKTC you I'nr ! In ( Iir ItuckIllpo , Hcnd or I.lmli. , Ncrr
I , l'nrnlT l > , Neumi. * 8clisllcit lUcn epor Kl ; idnrj > , Bnliml I > lK > aiu > , lorjilil I.Ui r , Uoiil , KxiiauMloii , [
J uiwioii * . Atinntu. Heart lH rliftC . l'J t > ip la * < otiHlpNtlAn. Kr > > > lt > rliii * , IndljcrMlun. WcakltriM , Im > K
itcncj. Cntnrrb , iltc , Kpllrp'f. Dumb Airuc.TDIaliflu * , ll ilruitflc , Ulout ] lU ) Kft. . ftrupAV , ilr. , IIii n
llhu belt ! juiit ulint you nccu. Electricity Inntanttu Fell ! Onn bo apnllttl tu nnr imit or the , botlr.
hole family can wcai-If. HckcUIB tl.eblu < xl tS gJETB S ALL ESLSS.K'AaB ®
r.rrrr nno rcnulne anil until Lir perml ilon. MO'ii : tiio tollovlnR who hare IMMMI
CLmil : > i-A J. HoaM/iml / , lt.S. I'arlieraiul I M H islolt.oll lon Honrii i > rTnulr.Cilro !
4 KOI A , Ureffory , commission jaon-nant \ardatlludilDoble.thofritat fiom-miui ; A O Wourlluy , M I ) .
i til llaln Htrret , nuiralo , H. Y.i O. W. llellui.M. II. , Hormontoirn. lown i I miicl Milk , tonlcakoo. 111. ) JmU' ' I.
JH.Muriur.NaiicrtlllP.Ill.i E I. . ALIiolI.supt. city v iter works.Houtti lloml. In I j llobt. ] { . Sampson. Clilcico
] p03toaitei L.I ) . McMlchiol , H. I ) .llullala , N. Y. "Your belt bus ai-conmlfthtU what p oUur remedy liui
4atoailynrrTt9anacomri i - _ > rtil , - . > ! o hleepatnlRht. . _ , " - Itobu jlnll , nhlennan , 1M ) Knpt SSth Street , New y nV etc.
nn. iioKtrs
? us LT P" " ! ' I v. ly
ucon . .
r.---i . Sclcntldc.l'owertal , irarable ,
ComlorUblo oud I'.ffccUro. ATOldlranilfc
. . - uniUK.
.uOO cureiJ Bond etampf or JlliutraWJ pamphlet.
JDR.W. J. F3ORME , Inventor , ISO Wabash Avenue , Chicago.
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating-
Apparatus and Supplies.
Engines , Boilers , Steam Pumps , Etc.
BucceHsor.s to J. J. llnrdan ,
1O1 S. 10th St. , Corner Dodge Street , Omaha.
Guns , Ammunition , Fishing Tackle , Lawn Tennis , Base Ball ,
General Athletic and Sporting goods. All kinds of repairs.
Send for Catalogue.
1513 Douglas SL Oinalia ,
Hardware and Cutlery ,
look , FlneBrotuto JJuHdofjf GooXa anil Bujfali
1405 Douglas St. , Omaha.
We can offer for the next few
days the
Ever offered .in this city.
Come early as it wont remain
unsold very long.
The finest improved farm In the west
comprising ncroi , ovary nero sus
ceptible of cultivation.
This farm is situated in Cumlng
County , and the celebrated Elk Horn
Cuming County is queen of the corn
belt , mid this is the Hnost farm in the
Only four miles from West Point the
county gout , mid throe miles from the
town of Boomor.
3J15 acres In growing crops , corn ,
wheat , oats and barley.
100 acres in pasture , containing living
water the entire your , the entire pas
ture is under fence.
Largo elegant 7 room house , 22x48 ,
two stories high. The rooms are large
and the house is well f urniahed. Largo
brick collar.
12 ACRES IN ORCHARD of bearing1
The farm is well supplied with the
necessary out buildings , as follows :
Horse Barn with carriage shod attached
30x40 feet.
Cow Barn , iUxl0 , two stories.
Hog Barn with hog pasture of 20 aeroa
20x a feet.
Corn Cribs. 20x32 foot.
Granory , 28x32 foot.
Chicken liouso , 12x10 foot.
All the buildings are now and in good
Four wells of fine water , ono at the
liousu , and ono each at the horse , cow
and hog barns.
The following stock is now on th
place and will bo bold withitj :
20 head graded milch cows.
30 young heifers and atoors.
7 young work horses.
1 colt.
1 pony.
1 mare , with foal.
120 hogs , many of thorn nearly ready lor
the market.
The farm is well equiped with all
necessary machinery , such as wagons ,
cultivators , seeders , mowers , hay rakes
This is a grand opportunity to soouro
one of the linust farms in the west.
Remember it is
Ready for occupancy , well stocked and
with growing crops.
Wo will offer it for the next fowdaya ,
ut a price , and on terms that will insure
its immediate salo.
The owner will exchange It for Im
proved unincumborod Omaha property
or well located
Suitable for platting.
Rfinombcr this farm is clear from all
incumbrnnco , and wo must receive good
uninmbered property in exchange.
For full particulars apply to
Telephone 1440 ,
Managers ,
Omaha , Web ,