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, f ,
The Session of the Grand Ledge ,
A. O. U. W. , nt Hastings.
1'yUilmi Inr nt tlio Council Blum
Cliuitniitm ) | OrunnlzAtlim of n
of Knight1 ! of the
1. O. K.
The second annual ball of Court Eclipse ,
No. 107 , in Metropolitan hall Tuesday at
tracted over ve couples of this city ,
South Omaha and Council Bluffs. The pro-
gramme of twenty-six dances was gone
through with vim. Much praise is duo the
following committees having clmrco ' of the
affair : Muster of ceremonies , M.'E. Kerr ;
Committee of nrranoomonts. Dr. Rosewater ,
B. MoLaughlln , F. W. Lcsscntin , P. H. Fny ,
U. Downey : Reception Committee. B. McCabe
Cabo , G. Watorr , F. Robblns , N. Oahlcn , J.
E. ( Justus ; Floor Committee , F , Kichlor , D.
McAuley , A. Lyott , G. Morris , S. Byorly ;
Door Committee , U. Hamilton , F. W. Lesson-
lln. W. Slrroll , A. Cramer , J. Taylor.
Among these present were noted the fol
lowing : J. H. Fleming , F. H. Hcalo. John
Hayes mid lady. E. Rood nnd lady , T. Aver
nnd lady , Jnmcs Flnnoy. MiisC. Davis , Miss
Katie Barlow , Mrs. Ernest , Mrs. Hayes ,
Miss Katie O'Donncll , Mrs. Aver , G. J.
Seltzer , D. D. H. C. R. , and lady. W. Bren-
nun , R. See'y ; J. J. Sexton , V. C. R. : J. J.
Earnest , F. See'y , and lady , B. Flood , S. W. ;
R. Darnell. J. W. ; F. Gladu , A. Donnhoe ,
M. Roach , F. Crawford , D. McLane , G.
Haust , A. Monroe , A. Harden. E. E. Hollcu-
bcck , .1. S. Harrington , P. H. Moncrieff , P.
McGulro. J. BorgCROii , M. Miller , M. Me-
Numeo , J. Rcdmon and lady , A. Gallagher.
* *
KnlRlitHnfilia Golden Kn lo.
Ofllcors of the Omaha Castle were In
stalled by A. P. Brink , deputy supreme
chief , of Cedar Rapids , Neb. , as follows :
Past chief , M. 1C. O'er ; noble chief , W. W.
Bowlby ; vice clnof , E. J. Rollock , high
priest , F. M. Sholy ; venerable hermit ,
Charles Bachman ; masUir of records , .1. E.
Cool ; clerk of exchequer , L. L. Bobbi
keeper of exchequer , C. S. Hoilort ; sir her
ald , A. T. Klpflngcr : worthy bard , Charles
Bolco ; worthy chamberlain , E. H. Neitllg ;
ensign , It. Tlzard ; nsqulro , W. E. Maul ;
first guardsman , W. F. Cowgor ; second
guardsman , A. Ulmer.
A knight turnishcs this information : The
primary objects of the order ore to promote
the principles of true benevolence , by asso
ciating the members together for the pur
pose of mutual relief against the trials and
dlfllcultlcs of attending sickness , distress
nnd death , so far as they may bo mitigated
by sympathy nnd pecuniary assistance : to
care for and protect the widows nnd orphans ,
to assist those out of employment , to encour
age each other In business , to ameliorate the
condition of humanity in cvfcry possible man
ner , to stimulate moral and mental culture ,
and by wholesome precepts , fraternal coun
sel nnd social Intercourse to elevate the mem
bership and advance towards u higher and
nobler life , nnd for the inculcation and dis
semination of the principles of benevolence
and charity as taught by the order.
No person can be admitted to membership
or bo initiated into the mysteries of the order
who is not n whlto male , of good moral char-
ncter.a believer in the existencaof aSuprcme
Being , and In the Christian Faith , free from
mental or bodily Infirmity ; competent to sup
port himself and family , uud having suf-
ilciont education to sign his own application
for membership. The ago or mcmboi.s is
from twenty years upwards. Each castle Is
permitted to dotcrmlnn the maximum uco of
applicants for membership. The order con
tains among its mcmbershiy the nutives of
' different climes nnd men speaking many
tongues. The great majority are young men
from the various walks In life , from the
trades as well as the professions , and physi
cians , clergymen , mechanics , and artisans
generally , with clerks nnd merchants , join
hand In hand in advancing the principles of u
common brotherhood.
The constant aim is to promote the mutual
pleasure and welfare of the members. The
meetings are held for the transaction of busi
ness of a moral , benevolent and charitable
character. No other Institution is bettor cal
culated to promote the well-being of a man
and his happiness. It seeks to elevate man
kind generally.
There are social and military features
which will assist greatly In popularizing this
fraternal organization in Omaha uud its
tributary territory ,
ic. > r i .
The attention of the Pythian lodges of
Council Bluffs Is fully occupied at present
In making preparations for Pythian ctuy ,
Juno UT. The object of the meeting is fully
explained In the following circular just is
sued to all the lodges and divisions of the
district :
Sir Knights nnd Bros : It has been decided
by the ledge and uniform rank of this city to
have a Pythian day during the session of the
Council Bluffs and Omaha ChaUuiiuu as
sembly , In this city , nnd the 27th day of
Juno , IbS'J , is fixed ns the day , A meeting of
the Third regiment , uniform rank , has been
called to meet on the 27th and 28th days of
Juno , by Colonel Hicks , for the purpose of
.inspection and drill , and the sir knights of
Omaha bavo signified their intention to meet
with the encampment in largo numbers. The
grounds of the Chautauqun society have been
kindly tendered us for the exorcises , and
preparations are being made to make the
visit of the knights an enjoyable one , uud all
Blr knights , who report to and arc properly
vouched for by the committee will bo ad
mitted to the grounds free.
The exercises will consist of an address by
Rov. B. F. Snook , and other speakers , grand
parades of knights In uniform rank , and
from present indications prizes .will bo
offered for proficiency In point of numbers ,
appearance , etc. It will also afford you all
an ample opportunity to visit our growing
city , nnd visit the noble institution , the
Chuutauqua assembly while m session , and
everything will bo douo to make your visit
comfortable as well as profitable to you and
your friends. Wo therefore- most cordially
invite you nnd your families to pay our city a
visit on Pythian day. and to come as lodges
nnd divisions If possible , but nil come with a
representation , so that u showing can be
made of the pcraonol and strength of our
beloved order on the western slope of Iowa.
Half rates have been secured on all rall-
rullronds. Further particulars will bo for
warded you at an early dato. Hoping to
meet you nil In our city oji Pythian day , wo
are yours fraternally ,
Committee on Invitation.
The committees are us follows :
Arrnngo"monts St. Albans , No. 17 , J. O
Grason , J. L. Smith und Edwin J. Abbott ;
Concorula , No. 53 , C. Bnrghuusen , O. Youuk-
orman nnd H. Null ; Bluffs division No , 27 ,
0. A. Tibbcts , V. W , Rltzeuhoffund Chalmor
Regimental Encampment Col. O. W.
Hicks , Adjt. Edwin J. Abbott , dipt. J. M.
Scnnlon , Lieut. U. A. Tlbbots aud Sir Knight
J. Roller.
The committee then selected the following
permanent ofllcors ; 0. W , Hicks , president ;
E. J. Abbott , secretary ; O. A. Tibbets ,
It is expected to have the largest gathering
jf the Pythian order over held in this part of
the country.
The ruin did not deter fifty couples from
attending Itho banquet , reception and bull
plvon by Kntorpriso ledge , No. 7V. Knights
of Pvthlas , In the lodge rooms Thuisdny
evening. Chancellor Commander T , C.
Marsh opened the exercises by un address of
welcome , and Chancellor Commander C. E.
Currier , of Mount Shusto lodge , No. 71 , of
Omaha , responded , The cornet band tur-
ulsliinl excellent music , the committees wcro
most successful In their zealous efforts to en-
tortulu and serve their guests , and a picas-
outer time could not bo desired by oven the
genial members of that most social lodge.
Among the visitors present were Mr. and
Mrs. U. E , Currier , and Messrs. W. S. Morr ,
K. W. Cutter , H. Carter. 11. J. NoUon , J. H.
Dior. M. Press and John A. Klein and W.
Albright , who rendered excellent inuslo cu
the liui-p und ilthor ,
Unquestionably ono of the greatest evlli m
our order , Is the practice Indulged in by the
onicor * of many lodges , of using the wrilteu
ritual In caufmiuK lUc ruuU , BUYS iho 1'y-
thlnn Spenr. This wo understand hn been
prohibited by the grand IOURC , nnd yet not
ono In fifty lodges pays any attention to the
ruling. Something should be ilono at once to
compel the abandonment of the ritual during
rank work. Nothing BO utterly mars the
solemnity of tbo work M to have an officer
hesitatingly read the leisons taught the
candidate or stumble along over ndjeo-
tlvcs nnd Jumble up verbs In an
Incoherent manner. If a man Is not capable
of memorizing his work ho should not bo
placed in a chair. As a rule , the best men
in orcry lodge arc the ones least desirous of
pushing themselves forward for position.
Hut iho members should carefully scan their
material , select the best , and place only capable -
pablo men In ofllco. In this way , and this
alone , can the present prevalent ovlls bo
eradicated. No ledge can hope to reach a
high piano of success until Its ofllcors mom-
orlzo all the work , ftimlllnrl/o themselves
with the full moaning of the lessons to bo in
culcated and endeavor to glvo the novltinto
the deepest Impression possible as ho ad
vance * toward knighthood.
The 1) . D. O. C. of Hnrmonla Lodge , No.
48 , of Wymoro , warn * lodircs und monitors
of the order ono O. R Atwood , who
was oxi > olled from llarmonla Lodge , NoIS ,
a year liml a halt ago , for embezzling lotleo
funds. Ho Is reported as In poticsslon of a
forged olllclal receipt , showing dues paid to
July 1 , 1SSS ) , by moans of whclli ho may at
tempt to visit lodges ,
A. P. ft A. M.
Last evening Excelsior Uodito No. 259 , P.
& A. M. , Council UlulTs , hold a special meet
ing for the purpose of conferring the degree
of Master Mason upon Dr. A. 1 * . Hanchett.
An enjoyable banquet followed the work.
The new hull for the Scottish Ulto consist
ory , In Council Bluffs , for the United Status ,
their territories and depoudanclcs , Is fast approaching
preaching completion. Within u week or ten
days the bodies will bo in their now homo ,
proparml to work ilnuly. Although the or
ganization is ono of the yountroat , locally it
numbers about seventy of the most promi
nent masons of tlilt part of the state. As
BOOH as Urn now hall is ready for occupancy
there will bo u number of others Initiated
into the mysteries of these higher degrees.
Next Tuesday ovcnlnir there will occur the
regular moctintr of Hluff City lodtto , A. V. ft
A. M. , Council Blurts. The meeting will beef
of special interest , as Iho roi-'Oiit circular of
the Grand Master is to bo considered.
. .TonV. . IjouiiHliury.
tSnn Aiitnnln fTex. ) Kxpress : John W.
Lounsbury , of Omaha , .Neb. , died at his
rooms on Laurel street at 8 o'clock p. m. ,
Tuesday , May 7 , and the funeral services
took place at Trinity church at 1 p. m. , the
next day , after which the hotly wus taken to
the Southern Pucillo station for transporta
tion to his lute homo at Hammondsport ,
N. Y.
The deceased was boin In the southeastern
part of Now York about thirty-six years ago.
Reaching the estate of manhood with a lib
cral education ho chose the profession of the
law for his lifo's work and entered the Michi
gan law school at Ann Arbor. Hero he cave
evidence of the ability which characterised
his later uractlco , and at the giaduation of
his class ho was made the valedictorian.
In this connection the romance of his lifo
deserves mention. At the law school was a
young lady of unusual merit as a student ana
she was chosen the poet of the class. The
collegiate friendship was continued and In
time the valedictorian and the poetess wcro
After the graduation Mr. T-ounsbur.v went
to Omaha , wlioro ho built up a largo and lu
crative practice , whore ills llttlo daughter
was born and wlioro the dreaded lune trouble
asserted Itself. Ho came hero last fall , ac
companied by Ills wife and child , and it was
thought ho wasimproviiigconstantly , indeed ,
a week ago arrangements were being uiudo
for the family to go to the Catskills to pass
the summer , but the title turned und rapidly
ebbed away.
Ho was a prominent member of the ICnights
of Pythias , and at his death the local mem
bers of the order tooic charge of the arrange
ments for the lunoral anrt a guard of honor
from the uniformed rank was detailed to re
main with the body while it is In the city.
* *
Modern \Vootlnifii.
No. 120 had a rousing meeting and made
two initiations. The camp organized recently
cently in North Omaha , is fulfilling its premise
iso of rapid expansion anu doing good work
for the cause.
A. O. U. W.
The fourth annual ball of Plattsmouth
ledge , No. 8 , in Fit7gcrald's hall , was u
gr.ind atTalr. Frank Boyd , Leonard Ander
son , M. Mnuzy , Harry Coolldge , Herman
Spies anil M. Traver composed the reception
committee , ana the floor jmmagcrs wcro
Charles Homple , Frank Hager , John Sexton
and William Latham.
At the grand lodge session in Hastings ,
closed early Thursday morning , ofllcors and
supreme representatives were elected as
named in THE Bm.s special dispatches. No
changes worthy of mention were made in
the laws , with the exception of the altera
tion of ttia beneficiary article , conforming tea
a requirement of the supreme lodge , and a
thorough classification of existing laws was
The finance committed was authorized to
appropriate un Indefinite discretion
ary amount for the entertainment
of the representatives of the Supreme ledge
soon to assemble in this city.
The local committed in charge of arrange
ments looking to the care of the Supreme
representatives will meet In Dr. A. H. Put-
ton's ofllco Friday evening.
* #
i. o. o. r.
The Ulysses lodge enjoyed a big blow
out last Saturday evening and had
un all night meeting , dining at the IBluo
Valley house at 12 o'clock at night , and at 5
o'clock in the morning. Two now members
wcro initiated and the first , second and third
degrees taken by others. Some eight or ten
hislting brethren from David City and Ores
vnm wore present.
A now hall Is to bo built , this summer , at
O. U. O. o. P. Uiitcrtniimicnr.
The conce and festival given Thursday
night In Masonic hall by the O. U. O. O. F.
and Household of Hutli wus well received by
the large audience. Threatening weather
cut the programme short and the addresses
of Kev. H. T. Ewlng , H. Scrogglns und G.
F. Franklin were postponed. Thomas and
Leslie's ohorlstors Bang some now songs ex
cellently. The banquet was artistically
spread by Assistant , Manager S. H. Dorsoy.
The entertainment'was repeated last night
In the hall of the societies , corner of Burt
and Sixteenth streets. The following was
the committee in charge : William O'Noll ,
James Robertson , J. Bruco. H. Bueknor , Dr.
M. O. Rickets , S. Brown , U. A. Johnson.
* .
U ol' II.
The Northwestern Legion of Honor , of
Council Bluffs , gave a pleasant socialThurs
day evening , to their members und friends ,
at K. P. Hall , corner of Main and Willow
avenue. Tlioro wus it large number present
and the evening passed very cnjoyably.
Choice roficshincnts were served.
A. A. O. N. M. S.
Tangier Tcmplo will bo estiiblibhcd in the
oasis of Omaha Friday , and It Is given out
that it will ho the greatest thing in the Ma
sonic world this slda of Chicago. Visitors
will bo on hand from Loavcnworjth , Chicago ,
Cedar Ruptds , Lincoln and Kearney , The
delegation from the last point will Journey In
a special car.
cl'rt Acid l > liosihnto |
Makus Delicious Lemonade.
A toatpoonful added to a glass of hot or
cold water , ami sweetened to the taste , will
bo found refreshing and invigorating.
.Miscellaneous .Sporting
Kittlo Brown. In the race at Mudlson
Square Runteu last week , astonished her
competitors by her flno riding. She came
out second , which position > > lie hold all
through the raw , und would tmvo won with
another night'ii run. Sio ( has improved moro
than any of the riders smco she first appear
ed In Omaha.
t Nat Brown the owner of U Bet , will send
ho famous puccr in chnrgo of Brodorlck to
Europe In September. Buffalo Bill has ar
ranged for a series of exhibitions in Paris
and throughout the provmcc * .
In Oourso of Erection By the Catho
lics In South Omnhn.
. .
Clorio nT the Kplscopnllnn Council
With n Orcnt Variety ol Inter-
cflting Notes From Local
I'nrlslics , lite.
A Now Shrine.
St. Agnes church , now being erected In
South Omaha , will bo the largest Catholic
church In the state. It is situated on the
southeast corner of Twenty-third and Q
streets , and will bo built of brick with stone
facings. It will ho 00 feet wide by 180 feet
long and 72 feet high. The plans were drawn
by H. .T. Credon , architect , of Omaha. Under
the first , or school room floor , will bo n cellar
23x90 feet , in which will bo placed boilers for
heating purposes. The first floor , with a
ceiling 14 feet high , will bo used for school
purposes. It is divided into eleven school rooms
and will Do used generally for parochial
schools , but possibly for the present by the
Sisters of Providence , who Will locate a
house and open a school In this city bv Sep
tember 1. Kntcring the vestibule , 14' xl'J
feet , from Q street , circular stairways will
lead to the auditorium. The walls will ho 18
feet high at the sides and the ndga 8U } feet
above the floor. At the south end of the
church , at citlinr side , are the sacristy
rooms , 15x15 foot , with n connecting passage
to the sanctuary. The sanctuary , SOx'Jfl
feet , will contain three nltars. The windows
will ho semi-circular at the top , and flno
stained cathedral glass will bo used In them.
The Boating capacity will bo S50. From the
front vestibule on the auditorium floor , and
on the west side n stairway will lead to the
gallery , which latter Is 18xfi2 feet.
Hero a line pipe organ will
bo placed. In the largo front
center window of the facade a poition of St.
Agnes is stationed cathedral glass will bo a
noticeable feature. The front apex of the
building will be 7'J feet above the street , and
the top ot the cross 77 foot. The contract for
the building was awarded to Burness &
Parks , South Omaha , at $18,705 , and when
completed the building will cost Just about
$ y5UOO. The zealous labors and popular
ways of Rev. Father D. W. Morlarty have
made it possible for St. Agnes' congregation
to erect n most beautiful structure. The cor
ner stone will bo laid Sunday afternoon , May
20 , at 13 o'clock , with appropriate ceremo
nies , Rt. Rov. James O'Connor , bishop of
Omaha , ontciatlng.
A joint meeting of three Omaha missions
of the presbytery was held at the Central
Presbyterian church , In South Omaha ,
Thursday night. Rov. John Williamson
presided , and G. G. Wallace was secretary.
The purpose of the meeting was to take
steps to organize mission work in the Magic
City. The committee appointed by the
presbytery was authorized to rent and fit up
n room ami open a Sunday school. It was
rosolvcd to take up a collection In all the
Omaha congregations to-day in order to defray -
fray expenses of the work. A resolution
was also adopted requesting the presbytery
to present the claims of the South Omaha
mission to the committee on homo missions ,
and ask that it bo made a snccial mission for
flvo years , without designntinc the amount
of the appropriation. As this the first
joint meeting of the cogregations in Omaha ,
it was decided that such meeting would bo
beneficial to the cause in iho city , and ar
rangements will bo made to hold them fre
Rov. Sam Small , the southern evangelist ,
will deliver a lecture at the First Uaptist
church to-morrow night. His subject will
bo , "From the Bar-room to the Pulpit. "
The proceeds will bo applied for the distribu
tion of temperance literature.
Rov. W. J. Harsha's lecture , "Leisure
Days in Italy , " was delivered by him
Friday night at Forest hall , Sixth and
Pierce streets , for the benefit of n chapel
building fund. It is proposed to erect the
structure at the corner of Fifth and Willt
iams streets. '
Next Wednesday , the thirty-first general
assembly of United Presbyterians will con
vene at Springflcld , O. Among the delegates
who will go from Omaha are Rev. J.A. .
The Custellar Street Library and Reading
Room association has been presented with
200 volumes of works by Rev. W. J. Hnrsha.
A joint meeting of the Young Peoples' as
sociation , of the United Presbyterian con
gregations , was held Thursday night , at the
First Presbyterian church , for the nurposo
of hearing u report of their delegate , II. A.
Westcrlleld , who attended the Allegheny in
The Westminster church , at Twenty-ninth
and Mason streets , will bo dedicated this
afternoon at 5 o'clock. Rov. J. W. Harsha
will deliver the dedicatory sermon. In the
church a memorial window has been placed
by P. L. Birkhauser and wife in memory of
their daughter , Miss Florence W. Birk
hauser. It was constructed by n local firm ,
and it is assorted that the window excels
anything before placed In any Omaha church.
The Episcopalian council of the dloccso of
Nebraska , which was in session four days at
Trinity cathedral , adjourned Thursday night.
A largo number of priests of the state were in
attendance. Before adjournment the follow
ing deputies to the general convention which
will bo held in Now York , were chosen : Rov.
Dean Gardner , Dr. Znhncr , Rev. Robert
Scott , and Rev. John Hewitt , of the clergy
J. M. Woolworth , J. E. Smith. O. M. Carter
and S. D. Barkalow , of the laity. The clergy
alternates chosen are : Rev. Canon Dohcrty ,
Rov. A. A. Morrison , Rov. G. W. Flowers
and Rev. W. T. Whitmnrsh. 'Iho lay alter
nates arc : H. H. Meday , Philip Potter , C.
S. Montgomery and A. C. Stowoll. The
standing committees of the diocese as se
lected are composed of Dean Gardner , of
Omaha ; Rov. H. B. Burgess , of Plattsmouth j
and Canon Doherty , of the clergy , and Lav-
men J. M. Wooiworth , H. G. Clark and H.
W. Yates , of Omaha.
The memorial window to bo erected in the
Episcopal church ut Grand Island , in honor
of Robert Harper Clarkson , the llrst bishoo
of Nebraska , will bo about 18x10 feet , and is
to cost * 350 , the work being done by George
A. Misch & Co. , of Chicago. Among these
who have contributed outside of Grand
Island nro : Mrs. Clarkson , Airs. F. II. Da
vis , Mrs. Byron Reed , Mrs. Woolworth ,
Mrs. Joseph Barker , Miss Carrie MiHard ,
Mrs. II. ICountzo , Miss Mary Campbell , Airs.
H. C. Buttorsou , of Philadelphia ; rector St.
Jnmcs , Cnlcngo , Mrs. Carrie M. N. Barka
low , C. C Chuse , A. C. Powell , Samuel
Burns , Bliss & Isaacs , Dewey & Stone , W.
V. Morse , A. Donnghuo , W. M , Foster &
Co. , Bishop Worthlugton , E. P. Peck ,
Bishop O'Connor , Mrs. Atkins , Mrs , W. R.
Allen , Chicago.
Boyd's Opera House The Rov. A. J.
Patterson , D. D. , ( Unlversulist ) will preach
In Boyd's ' opera house , on Sunday next , the
10th Instant , at 10:45 : u. m. and 11 p. m. Come
one , cotno all , and hear ono of Boston's boat
Last Monday evening J , O. Staples was
elected president of the executive committee
of the First Baptist church , in place of W.
( i. Macload resigned. Mr. Macload being
treasurer thought ho ought to bo relieved of
ono of the ofllccs , consequently his resigna
tion was accepted.
The Ladles' society of the First Baptist
church mot last Wednesday evening. FindIng -
Ing that there uro not any among the church
membership dependent on charity , they have
for the past few weeks been visiting the poor
without their flock. They rOK | > rt u great
deal of destitution and suffering among the
poor , which they endeavored to relieve to the
extent of their means , Some sad reports
were related of widows and orphans , sick
and sorrowing , without food or clothing.
Souift actually seeking relief in death.
Rov. Mr , Hymnn Is a prominent Chicago
divine , Naturally ho is much sought after
for weddlui : ceremonies.
The engagement of ox-Sdcretary Bayard
and Mist ) Mary WillhiK Clymer Is reported ,
Mis * Clymor is the daughter of the late Dr ,
Clymer , U. S , N ,
Clara Graham , eighteen , was convicted at
Kansas City , Mo. , Monday , of horse stealing
and sentenced to two years in Jail ! She con
fessed that BUO took the horse und buggy ,
intending to elope with Frank McCoy , Be
faili'd to meet her , und being out of money
she iold the rig.
A , M. Cox settled the strikes in his broom
factory at Duluth In a peculiar manner. Ho
increased the wages of the married men ,
uud warned those whu arc unmarried lhat
they would bo illschirKCT by the end of the
month unless they took wives by that time.
Henry Moromnu nnd Ml M Elizabeth Castle
borry. walked to LSTdjfctto , Ln. , from the
northern part of the couiiy last Saturday to
bo mndo man and wlfd. JuJgo Boll per
formed the ceremony , gfoturday night nnd
they started on thclrfretfirn trip.
A marriage arranged by correspondence
between u Tlflln , O. , girl and n Kansas City
real estate man Is now declared off. It ap
pears that when ho frdtft to claim his brides
ho was so surprised iftid shocked to find that
nho i had red hair tint ho Immediately de
serted i her and bcgatf fd p'alnt the town red.
Some time ago , when a gentlemen of
Hucksport , Mo. , was married , ho took his
brldo on a visit to ho * people at Ellsworth.
In the afternoon ho had potted n llttlo
nephew and shpivdl * llim his false teeth ,
with which the nit\ \ < | follow was much
amused. In the ovciilug , when the company
was assembled , the conversation lagged , nnd
some ono said : ' 'What shall wodonoxtt"
The llttlo boy spoke up and said : "Show
'em them your false teeth , Uncle All"
Clint-go < > r tliu Undo Hrlgntlo.
Ctittagn Tribune.
Only swell ! Only swells 1
Only swells wanted :
All in their swallow-tails
Stood the Four Hundred.
( Have they for tickets paid ! )
"On with the daiicol" they said ;
Over the slippery lloor
Waltrcd the Four Hundred.
Forward , the Dude Brigade 1
Charge for the wlno they said ;
Into the supper-room
Sped the Four Hundred :
What tho' the price bo high
There's but to drink and die ;
Drink only Extra Dry ,
Thirsty Four Hundred.
Champagne to the right of them.
Champagne to the loft of them ,
Champagne In front of thorn.
Corks popped and thundered
Gazed at by beau and belle ,
Deeply they drank nnd well ,
Into their mouths there fell
Bottles Four Hundred.
Flashed at by diamonds rare ,
Low nocks nnd white urms barf
Ogling the damsels fair ,
All Now York wondered.
Riddled by Jibe and joke ,
Right through the crowd they broke ,
As from u dream they woke , .
Sleepy Four Hundred.
Champagne to the right of them ,
Champagne to the left of them ,
Champagne Inside of them ,
Bottles all plundered ;
Gazed nt by beau and belle ,
Back came each dude and swell ,
O ! how they reeled and fell ,
Tipsy Four Hundred.
A Cliicniio Man Has Jant Imported
Her From Honolulu.
What the Into liunontod PlinyJEllan
nnd Pnusnnins desuribod as having
boon seen by sailors a Trimmo reporter
saw and handled yesterday a mor-
niaid , says the Ghicng-p Tribune. 13. S.
Skinner , whoso otlico is at U23 Rookery
building , received from Honolulu lust
week what purports to bo n bona lido
mermaid. The late arrival is not what
ono would oxpoctia mermaid to bo after
rending her numerous biographies
written by poets , Ipast and present.
Candidly speaking- is faded. Her
checks are sunkoji , niil ( oycs gone. In
stead of a voluptuous , anil symmetrical
form the human portion of her body ia
merely a succession of badly shaped
ribs , unconnected by the commonplace
but highly use jil "vertobnu. The flesh
and skin are sunken and dried. The
head suggests thosloiver typo of man , or
possibly the higher form of the awe
species. A soft , huir.vj substance , of an
oakum hue , surmounts the head. The
chimpanV.oe-shaljeil' mdiith discloses a
double row of small , pointed teeth. The
piscatorial portion of the freak is in a
bettor stage of - preservation. The
scales are intact' . nsiifretho ! after fins.
The extreme onns of the tail bones are
missing , To a close observer the value
of the specimen , considered from a
naturalist's point of view , is destroyed
by examining the abrasion in the skin
near the shoulder. The interior has
an appearance suggestive of inorganic
rather than organic substances. Mr.
Skinner , however , is loath to look upon
the specimen as anything but a real ,
genuine , old-fashioned mermaid ,
slightly disfigured , but still in the
glass-top box which ho keeps in his
Machinery is driving out hand labor in the
nail-working trade in England. The machines
nave had u monopoly of the business in this
country ror many years.
"Now , John , you're nuro I'll hnvo tlmo to
mnko my iwmmse and KUI bnjk to my train ? I
mnht have a lluht otrcruat ) for tlieao con ) oven *
InuH , aud souiu furntHlilnif uoodB. AH 1 am ft
MriuiL-or , I must trimt you to tuko ma to n rellr.-
! > lnl > liuc. " "Allrliihtblr ; I know wlierotlinlls.
Ull Karnaiu ! u man can tlml everything uo
neciln In the waj ol clothes or furnlkliluK" . '
i. , >
On City1 arid Farm Prooerty !
Hcrtgage Fapor Bought.
Frenzor Block , opp. "P.Q.
H. B. BH.OWN ,
Carpenter and Builder.
All Job Work promptly attended to. Store and
olllce llttlngH anil wlru xcreeus a upeclalty.
1612 Oharloa Street
Home-Made Giprs
" . > . _ 1 wrf > Jc )
lOpposlto I'axton Hotel. )
Office hourH , 9 a. m. to up. m. Sundays , 10 &
m. to 1 p. in.
Specialists In Chronic , Nervous , Skin and
Blood Diseases.
tST Coii8iiltatlon nt olllco or by mall freo.
Medicines sent by mall or express , securely
packed , free from observation , Uunrnnteoa to
euro quickly , tafelv imil vermaucntly.
WPDufinO TIDDTT TIKV Spermatorrhoea , semi-
NhKVUUO UhDlLlll mil I.osse .NtEhtKmU.
lena 1'hysltfal Decay , arising from inulscro-
tloa. ixceS3 : or Indulgence , producing Sleep
lessness , Despondency , 1'lmplc.s on the face ,
aversion to norlety , easily dlscounti-cd , luck of
confidence , dull , unlit tor stu Jy or buslncis.and
Dnds life n burden , wifely , permanently nnd
privately cured. Consult IKs. Betts i lletti ,
) S Kuiuam M. , Omaha. Neb.
Bloofl and Skin DiseascjSSS'ffirrfbiS'S's ' ' ' ;
rt-sults , completely eradicated without the aid
of Mnrcurv. Scrofula. Kryslpolns , Fuver Sores ,
Itlntcliea , Ulcers , 1'ulns In tin- Head ana Holies ,
Syphilitic Sore Tliroat , Mouth nnd Tongue , Cn-
ttirrh.c. . . permanently cured where others
Vidiinw TTninatitr lintl Hladdor Complaints.
K1Q118Y , UriHary rmntui. mm-im lee fro-
quoin Hurnliu ? or Illoodv Urine. Urine hlgn col
ored or with milky sodlmoiit on J-tnmllng ,
Weak Hack , ( ionnorrhcca , Olcot , Cystitis. &c. ,
' 'romptly andSafely Cured , Charges neasona-
mnval complete , without cutting , cuusKJc or
dilatation. Cares cirecti-d at homo bv patient
without a moment b alu or nnnovnnce.
To Yomiff Men and MMflle-AEGd Men ,
A WTDDTIITDE Th ° "wrul effects of eurir
u uUlm UUIID Vice , which orlnps organic
weakness , destroying both mind nnd bodv , with
all Its dreaded UK permanently cured.
HDO DUT'TC ' ) Adi-ess tnonn wno imro Impaired
UllO. DiillU themselves by Imptuper Indul
gences and solitary habit' ) , which ruin both
body nnd mind , unfitting them for business ,
study or marriage ? . .
M Aimiitu MEN. or those enter ng oil that hap
py life , aware of phvslcal debility , quickly as
8Isten <
Is based upon facts. First Practical Expe
rience. Second Kvery case Is especially studied ,
thus starting aright. Third .Medicines are pre
pared In our laboratory ovactlv to suit each
case , thus nltecttnicures without Injury.
t3y Send ( i cents postage for celebrated works
on Chronic , NervoiiM und Delicate Diseases.
Thousands cured. Kff A friendly letter or call
mavsavo jou futuie Biilleiinz and shame , and
add golden years to life. Ef/"No letters an
swered unless accompanied by 4 cents In stamps.
HOS Karnam Srtnnt. ( Jinalia , N b.
Always Drinkwith Ice Water
LEMONADES , SHERBETS and all Cold Drinks ,
isfBTOV mm :
It Will Correct tlio HniunRlng Infliivno
of Ice on tlio htnmucli.
An KfllclPlit Itemed ) ' for DIairliiiMX , Chnli-ra Sl'ir
bus , IJybc'iilcry , nnd all Disorders of tliu Ilnucli
NAMIVH.I.K , TENN. , Junpbtli , 1W7.
Dear Slrn : I linvntrlnl tliu Hungarian lllnrk
liorry .Tulcn you M > Iclujly u > m HIV. It litliunr
plus ultra ( HinniiKT clrlukH. It Ix fiet > frum
ulroliol.nllnyH tlilrxt , tones tinctlia'HtKc orennti ,
has n line aromatic flavor , anil Is JIIM the ililni ;
lor illurrliirul troulilm In the hrutt'il term , A
TAni.iasi'ooNi'i'j. i.A ( ii.AKS or ici ;
T. A. ATflllSON , M. J ) .
Imported and liottlrcl liy Mill A I.OVITCH
" - * " I'll , t CO. , rliiclniifitl. CJ. rurbolnliy
I.liuir | Dcalem nnd ( irucorrt.
Dr. J. E , McGREW
In the Treatment of All Chronic , Nervous
a'.nl 1'rivate Diseases.
Hi on. ntorrhua , Impotcncy and r'nlllna Mnnlioof
abioliitulr curuvl , A euro KUKrnntteil In all furiun ol
1'ilvato ll > t > u B > , btrltturei , clcet , Ac. Catarrh
Throat , Minxa , mid Hi-art l > l > ua e , Uliuuimitlim
Splnul and huiunlo Dlieatos , llloocl undfckln Dlteneta
trvMiiil Kucceiilully ,
Ijidlcs' und itenticinon's watlliitf rooini epuruto
and entirely private.
t'oimultnilon free. Sand for boukn. "Tho Dar
Kecret of Mun , " also "Woman and llur DUmiion , '
lee cruli ( itiunrn ) . Treatment by corretpomlonce
end * tami | forruuly ,
OMAHA , Mill.
"Red ' "
With SaccMufnl Fit > rlonc for NEW PIOTpHIil ,
AT ONOli. tuuon
rxUntnfFirrl nrti , wNlMlKll I uoce ielc ,
K..TMOHPtllllPUilll..UlGru 8t.STiLOulSMt.
N. W. Cor. 13th and Dodge Sts. , Omaha , Neb.
Chronic and Surgical Diseases and Diseases of the Eya and Ear ,
J. W. MclIENAMY M. D. President
. . , . . , ,
Ami Consulting Physician nntl Surgeon.
Organized with a Full staff of SkiM Physicians , Surgeons anil Trained Nnrse * .
Tliis establishment is a ponmuiont medical Institution , conducted by thoroughly
educated phymciniiB mid surgeons of acknowledged skill and experience. Tlio
Institute buidingH , situated on the northwest corner of Thirteenth and Dodge
streets , is composed of two large three-story brick biddings of over ninety rooms ,
containing our Medical , Surgical and Consultation Rooms , Drug Store , laboratory ,
Offices , Manufactory of Surgical Appliances and braces , and the Boarding Depart
ment Tor Patients , m charge of competent persons , constituting the largest and
the most thoroughly equipped Medical and Surgical kstabllshnionlin the West"ono
of the three largest in the Unilod Stales , and second to none.
We have superior advantages and facilities for treating diseases , performing
surgical operations , boarding and nursing patients , which , combined with pur
acknowledged ability , experience , responsiuility and reputation , should make the
Omaha Medical and Smjjical Institute the flrpfc choice.
You can come direct to the Institute , day qr"night , as wo bavo hotel accommo
dations as good and as cheap as any in the city.
We make this explanation for liio benefit of persons who may fool inclined to
RO further cast for medical or surgical treatment and do not appreciate the fact
that Omaha possesses the largest and most complete Medical and Surgical Insti
tute west of Now York , with a capital of over $100,000.
Q ' -
{ Q
Best Facilities , Apparatus and Remedies Tor .Successful Treatment ot
every form ol' Disease requiring IMKDICAL or SU11GICAL
In tins department wo are especially successful. Our claims of superiority over
all others aio based upon the fact that this is the only medical establishment man
ufacturing surgical braces and appliances for each individual case. We have
three skilled instrument makers in our employ , with improved machinery , and
have all the latest inventions , as well as our own patents and improvements ,
the result of twenty years' experience.
The treatment of diseases by electricity has undergone gioat changes within the
past few years , and electricity is now acknowledged by all schools of medicine as tlio
great remedy in all chronic , special and nerve diseases , for nervous debility , par
alysis , rheumatism , diseases of women , etc. , and in many eye and ear diseases it
is the most valuable of all remedies.
In order to obtain its full virtues , it is absolutely necessary to have the proper
apparatus. Wo have lately purchased three of the largest and most complete
batteries manufactured , 3d constructed as to give the most gentle as well as the
most powerful current. Persons treated at this Institute by electricity recognize
at once the difference between our expensive and complete electrical apparatus
and the common , cheap batteries , in use by many physicians. Over 3,000 dollars
invested in electrical apparatus.
We claim to bo the only reliable , responsible establishment in the west making
a specialty of this class of diseases. Dr. McMonamy was ono jf the first thorough
ly educated physicians to make a special study of this class of diseases , and Ilia
methods and inventions have been adopted by specialists in Europe and America.
lie is the inventor of the Clamp Compress Suspensory , acknowledged the best in
use. All others are copied after his invention. By means of a simple operation ,
painless and safe , recently brought into use , wo cure many cases that have been
given up as incurable by medical treatment. ( Jtcad our look to men , sent free to any
address. )
Wo have , had wonderful success in this department in Iho
past year , and have made many improvements in our facili
ties for treatment , operations , artificial eyes , etc.
Wo have greatly improved our facilities and methods of
treat ing cases by correspondence , and are having bettor
success hfthis department than over before.
We are fully up to the tlmos in all the latest inventions in medical aud mirglcal
operations , appliances and instruments. Our institution is open for investiga
tion to any persons , patients or physicians. Wo invite all to conespond with or
visit us before taking treatment elsewhere , believing that a visit or consultation
will convince any intelligent person that it is to their advantage to place them
selves under our caro.
Since this advertisement Jlrft appeared , nm y louitinij pretcmkrs imil frauds nova
come and ( /one and many more will conic and go , remembered only by their wrfortunate
and foolixli victims.I .
" /I jjirtn imextiyutca Jlrat and decidea afterwards ,
A fool decides first , then investiyutcii. "
The Omaha Medical and Nuniical Institute in indwsed by tlie people and tlit prest.
More capital invested , more xkillcd physicians cmploicd.more modern appliances , instru
ments and apparatus in use , more cases treated and cured , more successful surgical
operations performed , than in all other medical establishments in the West combined.
PAGE BOOK ( Illustrated )
Part I'lrfil-IIIhlory , HIIVLI thn Onvilui Medical and fliir'lcal : Institute.
I'urt Nrcoiul-CmioNlo DIBKAKKH of HID I.iiiiKH , Hlonmcli , Ilvur , ICIduovB. Bldli , Plloi , Cancer ,
CuUirrli ( , KnllupHy , Illiuumuttsm , Inhalation , T.ipo Worm. ISIoutrloltjNoiv Koinc < llu3. do.
t Third ncrouuiTiKH , ( Jurvuliiroof tlio Bpluo , Club Foot , Hip Jlbuabou , I'unilyBll , W > /
Nark , Jlow Joir87llnioijfp , BurirTciii Opcr.ilioii'x.
I'urt I'oiirlli IINIABIS nrtiir. I-VIVNII ; KMI , Dlseancn of tlioNorvcn , CntRnti't , Btmtilamutor
Croni I'vo9,1'liiiyKliun , ( hMiiiilutcil ftyo I.lilK , Jnvrr loti of the JMe , Artificial K > r , otc ,
I'a r I I'll Hi IlitiKAHKrf OK WOUGN , I/nu win Inn i , Ulour itlon , DlHplucomvnt ! ) , 1'rolupaus , I'loi-
Ions und Vftn > loti , TitmorH , I < uccritlona und Otnecrof tlio Womb ,
I'nrt hlxtli UIBKAHKH orMux , I'llvuto. Hpuclul and Norvoua TlBoaso , Hpcrmotorrhrcn ( Honilnal
WoukncaH ) , Impotcncy. Vurluoecly , Hlrlcturo , Uloot , ByjilillU , and ull dluuascHof tlioOenllo
Urinary Organs. _ .
von WOUKN CoNriNtiiKNT. ( Strictly 1'ilvuiu ) ,
Only Itoliublo Medical IiiHtitutc Making u Specialty of
Alllllood meases successfully ticuted , Byplillltla I'o'.Fon ' removed from Ilio tyatem.irltliout
mercury , Nuw llestoratlvo Titnunonl for Ixiss of Vital J'nuor , rutlcntmiiuiblo to vIMt luwuy
t/ ) treated at homu liy corrcKjKMiduniw , All ruiiiiiuiilcitlmi ( rotifldciitlul. Mcdlclncd or Initru-
mcnts Mint by mulloruxprcM securely piukod , no mai Us to Indlcutu contents or bonder. Onu er
tonal luttirvlotr profrrreo. ( Jail and consult us or Kind history of your cuso.uuil no will ncrid hi'
plain wrapperour ICUOK TO JflliN , FUUKl Upon I'rlvuUB ) | aoful orNorvous - DUuiac-t , ,
tcucy , Sypulllu. Oltot uiid Vuilcoculc , with question lUt , Address ,
aud Dodu Mrcit , Otuuliu , Nl >