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Jlno Divisions of the Wnbaoh Road
Transferred Yesterday.
| A BomlMhnll Exploded Uy n Report
President Ashley , of the Wn-
Itnsh , Bays the Hond Owes
Over $118,000,000.
IT *
The minority Scheme Hsnten.
CmcAtio , May 15. | Special Telegram to
TUB HUB. ] James P. Joy and President
Ashley , the Wnbosh Western purchasing
committee , this morning bought nine
divisions of the Wab.ish railway for $15- ,
Last March , in Springfield , they bought
thn Chicago division for 83,000,000. AccordIng -
Ing to the terms of the decree rendered by
Judges Gresliam and Jackson , the road was
Bold llrst by divisions and then as n whole.
The sale bringing the most was to bo the
legal one. Mastor-ln-fJhancery Uluford Wll-
eon conducted the sale. The only bidders
were the Popper-Johnson syndicate , repre
senting the minority bondholders , and the
Wabash Western purchasing committee.
The Popper-Johnson syndicate were the suc
cessful bidders on the llrst three divisions ,
us follows : Indlanadivlston$3,050,000 ; Great
Western ( Illinois division ) $3,050,000 ; Do-
cntur & St. Louis , $1,000,000. The Wabash
Western purchasing committee were the
successful bidders , cont'ngo-tt on the
amount brought by the rends as a unit , lor
the other divisions as fouo.vs : Qulnoy &
Toledo , $500,000 ; Illinois & Southern Iowa ,
jaoo.OOO ; Hunhltml & Naples , $500,000 , Ohio
division , $2,8-IO,505.8 ( ! ; nwo small branches ,
$100,000 ; total. 515,510,595.03. The upset
price llxed in the decree was $15,335,000. and
the sale thus made would have stood had
not James U Joy bid $15,550,000 for the road
as n unit There was no other bid and the
road was knocked down at tha unit price.
President Ashley said after the sa\p \ : "Tho
amount brought by the sale is to sccuro the
llrst and second mortgagee on the Ohio
division , and the llrst mortgages on all the
rest. Wo have already Issued and sold $34-
000.000 fifty-year 5 per cent bonds on the con
solidated system. Of this amount $ ! 1,741,000
will be used to pay off the llrst mortgage
bonds of the Wabash Western. Thla leaves
122,259,000 mortgage on the line east of the
Mississippi. To this wo will add $14,000.000
second mortgage fifty-year 5 per cent bonds ,
making n total bonded indebtedness of $3(1- (
250,000 on the line cast ot the Mississippi. To
this should , however , bo added $30,000,000
debenture bonds , depending on the incomu
of the road. There are also $5',000,000 ! , In
"Tho minority bondholders made a great
mistake In not acceding our fi per cent
bonds in place of their 7 per cents , with In
terest to November , 1S87. The bonds are
now selling at IK per cent premium , and 1
think will go to live and perhaps ten. They
arc now worse off than if they had accepted
our offer , and it has cost us $100,000 more
than it would have otherwise aono.
"Wo will consolidate the Wabash railway
and Wabash Western Into ono system by
August 1 , and will probably call It the Wa
bash Railroad Company. The headquarters
will bo in St. Louis and the consolidated sys
torn will bo under the present Wabash West-
i pra management. "
Had News For Engineers.
CHICAGO , May 15. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BBC. ] The locomotive engineers and
flromon on ono of the leading western rail
roads In particular , and all the roads in
general , are dally expecting a piece of information
mation that may or may not load to a great
strike , but which will , in any event , bo dis
astrous to them in a financial way. From
time to time for the past month articles have
appeared in local papers stating that a cer
tain western railroad company was prepar
ing to cut the wages of its engineers and
firemen , and in anticipation of probable trou
ble was hiring all the non-union men It
could find to bo ready to co to work when
called upon. This information , it was said ,
was obtained by n brotherhood engineer ,
who investigated the advertisements being
published by the employing agent.
It is stated to-day that last week some
more members of the brotherhood applied to
the nconcy for employment. They were in
formed that over live hundred applications
had been booked , and that that number was
thought sufficient. The addresses of the ap
plicants were taken , however , with the un
derstanding that they should bo notified in
case of need. They were also told that the
cut would not bo made as soon as expected ,
but that it would come.
A reporter interviewed several of the
most prominent local members of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
to-day , on the subject. Tbo opinion of nearly
all of thorn is that no strike will result If tha
cut is made. Ono said : "Tho outlook Is toe
blue for us. The flood of unemployed labor
Is too great , and u strike would unques
tionably result In a disastrous defeat. "
"What road is after you now 1"
"There ' ) ono big company at the head ol
the move , but there uro three or four others
buck of it. It is a move to bust up the
brotherhood. "
Mr. A. H. Covener. a prominent ofllcml In
the brotherhood , and at present In busincsi
in this city , was culled upon , but politely dc
diced to say anything.
The Burlington AnnunlMcctlug.
CHICAGO , May 15. [ Special Telegram to
, Tim BBK.I At the Burlington annual mootIng -
Ing , to-day , 430,000 shares were represented
The old board of directors was unanimously
ro-olcctcd as follows : John M. Forbes , Hlch-
ard Olnoy ( In place of Sidnov Bartlett , deceased
ceased ) , Charles J. Paine , John L. Gardner ,
Frank N. Hunncwoll , Win. Endlcott , Jr. , ul
of Boston ; T. Jefferson Coolldgo , Munches
tor , Mass. ; John N. A. Griswold , Petoi
Geddos , both of Now York ; Wlrt Dexter
Chicago , and Charles O , Perkins , Burling
ton , Iowa.
Levi /i. I.oitcr was present but refused ti
allow the use of his numo as a candidate fo
the directorate , ho said there was uo fuul
to bo found with the present nmiiagemen
und that at the next meeting of the director !
In Boston , the present oQlccrs would bo ro
Railroad Manipulation of Conl Union
CHICAGO , May 15. [ Special Telegram tc
Tnu Bun. ] The committee appointed by tin
general managers of , the Intor-ituta Com
niorco Hallway association , to look into tin
coal und coke manipulations exploded i
bomb fiholl when they reported to the in eel
ing to-day that thcro was conclusive ovl
doncoof manipulation against the Nortt
western , St. Paul , HOOK Island und Wlscon
sin Central roads , The meeting voted t
apply the highest penalty of the association
which In this case U $100 line und u forfeiture
uro of ull money made on the illegal truftit
The manipulations amount to thu neighbor
hood of f 1,000. The penalty for the inanlpu
lation under the amended intor-stato com
meico act is two years in the pcnilontlar ,
and a flno of 15,000.
The Fort Wayun Komi.
PjTTSiiimo , May 15. At the annual moot
Ing of the slock and bondholders of th
Plttsburp , Foi t Wuyno & , Chicago railway
held hero to-day , the report of the boar
ihowed a balance of $3,718,000. , The lesse
company paid part of the Fort Wayne com
pony's rental of $3,159,000 , leaving a dollcl
to the operating company of f 110,000.
In Favor o ( Consolidation.
Ci.uvci.iND , May 15. The stockholder
of the Clovoliind , Columbus , Cincinnati .
IndlauttjHilU met to-day to vote upon th
proposition to consolidate with the "Bfg
Four" system. Of 1M.OOO shares , 122,033
were voted , all being In favor of consoli
A similar mooting was hold at Indlanapo *
MB to-day of the stockholders of the Cincin
nati , Indianapolis , St. Louis fi Chicago and
the Indianapolis & St. Louis line , at which
n majority of the shares were also voted in
favor of consolidation.
Dickinson Says Ho Won't Accept.
Sioux Cirr , la. , May IB. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE Bin. : ] Assistant Manager
Dickinson came in with other Union Padflo
officials on a special train , at half past 10
o'clock , to-night , to arrange final details for
opening the now Norfolk line , next Sunday.
Mr. Dickinson denied emphatically that ho
had accepted the management of llio Omaha
stock yards. The question was put , "Will
you accept ! "
"No sir , " ho replied. " 1 shall not. I am
In the railroad business and I shall not leave
It under any circumstances. " Itfr. Dickin
son added that ho had not formally been
offered the management of the Omaha stock
There hai boon some tal't ' about It , ho sold ,
but nothing definite or formal , nor was ho
considering the matter nt nil. The Union
Pacific party leaves hero to-morrow.
ThoBf. , 1C. * T. Stockholders Meet.
PAIISONS , Kui. , May 15. The annual meet
ing of the stockholders of the Missouri ,
Kansas & Texas Railroad company was hold
in this city to-day. Three hundred and
thirty-one thousand , six hundred and sixty-
two shares of stock were represented.
Ilonrlntr a Discrimination Onse. Pa. , May 15. The Inter-state
commcrco commission to-day began n
lengthy hearing In the case of the Inde
pendent OH Koflnory association against the
various railroad companies for discrimina
Six Months In n HrldewoU for
Hinlrklnfr mid Fllrtlnt ; .
CHICAGO. May 15. ( Special Telegram to
Tin : Bnn. | A young man , with flirting ten
dencies , received two scares , to-day , from the
effects of which ho will not recover for some
time. Ho was walking on Union Park place ,
and noticed a good-looking lady in a win
dow. Ho took out his .handkerchief and
waved It at her , but she did not respond. Ho
walked buck and forth in front of the win
dow , waved his handkerchief many times ,
throw kisses , and smirked. Still there was
no response.
Not in the least discouraged , ho continued
the performance until , finally the lady was
ro-enforced by three others , who joined in
watching. Suddenly ono of the young ladies
threw open the window , reached out her
hand with a revolver and ilred a shot. The
bullet whizzed past the "masher's , " oar , and
with a wild shriek , ho started down the
street on a keen run.
An otllcor Intercepted the ruffian , however -
over , and ho was taken to the nearest police
court whore one of the ladies appeared. She
explained the matter to the justice and said
it was not thn ilrst appearance of the man in
that vicinity. The Justice g.ivo the fellow
the limit , six months in the Bridewell , and
regretted ho could not make it more. The
lady was cautioned against the free use of
the revolver , although the justice thought It
almost justifiable.
- - - - !
Bentrico Town Council.
BBATIUCE , Nun. , May 15. [ Special to THE
Bni : . ] The mayor doesn't hitch with the
council on the ofllco of wafer commissioner.
At last night's mooting E. C. Salisbury was
nominated for the ofllco , but the council
would not confirm him. Captain Horrou ,
chief of the Uro department , was then nomi
nated , but refused to bo a candidate. G. W.
Ilinldo was nominated , but was not con
firmed. The mayor then announced that ho
would present other names at the next
meeting. In the meantime W. A. Wagner
holds over. The council , with ono execu
tion , wish Mr. Wagner retained , W. S.
Bourne was appointed and confirmed ns city
clerk. The council voted to employ an ex
port engineer to overhaul the water works
machinery. If It is found that it is not worlc-
intr uroporly the present engineer is to bo
discharged. In that event , it is understood
Gcorgo Cole , sou of Councilman Cole , and a
brotherhood locomotive engineer , will bo a
candidate for the position. The council sold
to John Dale , of Omaha , paving bonds
amounting to about $20,000 at % per ceut
above par.
Tried Hnrd to Suicide.
Dr.s MOISES , la. , May 15. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE Bic. : ] A special from Elkador
says that Monday night a Swiss named
Godfrlcd Muohljolor , living several miles
north on the Turkey river , determined to
kill himself , and shot himself in the side
near the heart. This failed to kill , and ho
put the revolver is his moutn and fired.
The ball lodged in the muscles of the nock ,
and ho still lived. Then ho jumped into the
river , but didn't drown , and reached the
other sldo oxhausod. Hero ho was found
and medical old was summancd. Ho ro-
pained consciousness and told his story.
To-day bo was alive , with fair prospects of
Mandoroon's Horse Ktiu's Av/ay ,
WASHINGTON , May 15. [ Special Telegram
to THIS BEB. ] The familiar little yellow
horse belonging to Senator Manderson ,
which the senator had loft standing in front
of a store on F street , ran away yesterday
and collided with It. O. Ilolt/.maa's carriage
and a buggy belonging to H. Smyth , badly
damaging thorn both. No ono was hurt , but
Senator Mundurson's buggy was completely
demolished ,
The Hlnto Dtibt Wiped Out.
Dns MOIXES , la. , May 15. ( Special Tele
gram to TUB UIK. : | State Treasurer Tworn-
blv to-day Issued a call for $05,000 of out
standing state warrants , ube redeemed
June 25. This call covers the last. dollar ol
flouting Indebtedness , and when thesu war
rants nru taken up the stuta sf Iowa will nol
have u dollar of Interest-bearing debt ;
Firt'incn Touriruncnt Jtntox.
DBS MOIXKS , la. . May 15. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BKB.I The railroad commis
sioners made a decision to-day that , in v\o\\ \
of their services to the public , the railroad !
might , If they uhose , carry all volunteer flro-
men to the state tournament free of charge. .
They say that no public Interest will suffoi
by stretching the law to this extent. Tin :
decision will greatly Increase the attendance
at that tournament next month.
Closed by thoHhcrlir.
HED OAK , la. , May 15. [ Special to Tut
Bnu. | William Ulcncr , dealer in dry goods ,
guvo his wife and some ether rolatlvcs u
chattel mortgugo on hw stock , yesterday
The njortgaiju was closed by the sheriff u1
once , und the stm-o l. < shut up. The raort
gugo U for n llttlo over $ ' . ' ,000 ; ussut * un <
known. _
Fatal Dynnmlto Kvploulon.
Isiiruuixn , Mich. , May 15 , By an oxplo
slon of dynumito nt tl.o Osccola mine , to-day
four Aust i Ian miners were terribly injured
Two nmy dlo.
- -
DrusHRd Uoof Kill Hcjeotou.
ALIIAXY , N. Y. , May 15. The so-calloi !
hoof bill came up in the assembly
this morning for rlnal action , but was reHear
Hear Admiral Donnfdson Demi.
BALTIMOUL- , May 15. Hear Admiral Ka
ward Donaldson , of the United States navy
ugcd twenty-eight , died m Baltimore to-day
It Is Said His Dismissal Will Soon
Bo Ordered.
A Statement By the Bcnnto nnd
the House Committees Judge
Jcnk'n llcslgnntlnn Accepted
By the I'ronldcnt.
Marshal Jones' Cnsc.
WASHIXOTOX , May 15. The Star to-night
says : "Tho attorney-general saw the presi
dent about half past 2 o'clock. Ho said , on
coming out , that uo action had yet boon taken
upon Marshal Jones' report. It is under
stood , however , that Jones' explanation is
far from being satisfactory , and that his dis
missal is soon to bo ordered. "
The tiDvcriimunt'H Finances.
WASHINGTON . May 15. A statement show
ing the results of the acts of the second
session of the Fiftieth congress upon the
finances of the government has been prepared -
pared by Thomas P. Cleaves , nnd James P.
Courts , clerks respectively of the senate nnd
house committees on appropriations. They
show that the total amount appropriated by
congress was $230,010,400 , whllo the perma
nent , specific and indefinite appropriations
were estimated by the secretary of the treas
ury at ? 103W1,050 ( making the total esti
mated expendlturos of the government for
18SO-00 , (803,1)37,1)10. ) The estimated revenues
'or the same time are fJ34 500,053. The acts
.trovldo for 850 now offices , the salaries of
ivhlch aggregate ? 143 , 00 , while the Increase
n the salaries of old offices amount to
1,025,080. Sixty-nlno offices are abolished ,
ho salaries " 6f which are S127,9rJ , and the
alarlcs of thu ether offices uro reduced
$700. The postofllco appropriation bill in
creases the allowance for the compensation
of clerks in the Dostofllcos from $5,075,000 , to
-0,550,000 , and that for railway postolllco
clerks from $5,2-10,790 to (5,000,000 , with a
- 0,000 doflciouuy item.
few Iowa I'ontmnfitcrs.
WASHINGTON , May 15. [ Special Telegram
o Tun BUB. ] Town postmasters appointed :
Ole Oloson , Slvoa , ICossuth county , vice S.
Hoglund , removed ; E. L. Newland ,
Unlonburg , Harrison county , vice II. B.
Puckonpaugh , resigned ; John Moycr , Alton ,
Sioux county , vice H. A. Liob , removed ;
jcorgo Hagcr , Baxter , Jasper county , vice
J. F. Kliso , removed ; John C. McICco ,
Blalrsburgh , Hamilton county , vice W. F.
Powers removed ; S. D. Selby , Carbon ,
Adams county , vice B. F. Jones , removed ;
N. T. Patterson , Drakcsvillo , Davis countv ,
vice illichord Gal vert , removed ; Sarah E.
Hlckotts , Ewart , Powcshiek county , vice F.
D. Ewurt , resigned ; C , F. Lytlo , Foote ,
Iowa county , vice Edward L. Hall , resigned ;
William ( Donsmoro , Fremont , Mahaska
county , vice S. H. Canon , removed ; D. M.
Perkins , Lewis , Cass county , vice V. M.
Conrad , resigned ; D. F. Berry , Noble ,
Washington county , vice J. E. Whitmore ,
removed ; George Gallon , Pleasant Prairie ,
Muscatino county , vice J. E. MoElroy. re
signed ; John T. Moore , Sidney , Fremont
county , vice M. H. Hoxvcll , resigned ; Wash
ington Walker , State Center , Marshall
county , vice James Lander , resigned.
Nebraska nud Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON , May 15. [ Special Telegram
to Tim BP.K. ] Pensions granted Nebrns-
kuns : Original invalid Charles Elling ,
Christopher Hazclbacher. Increase Edwin
D. Pottibono , Alonzo P. Sharp.
Pensions for lowans : Original invalid
Benjamin T. Dodd , William Brayton , John
F. Simmons , John S. Johnson , Sandorson
Lyon ( dead ) . Asa Staley , William Walden ,
John Hissong , James H. Fox , Samuel Beck-
wlth , Abel Adamu , William H. Brown , Mur-
ccllus G. McClollan , Michael C. Pickcn ,
Henry Hoofnaglc , John W. Anson , Benjamin
F. Scott. Increase Ambrose L. Cobb. Ilo-
Issue and increase Albion P. Hardy. Orig
inal , widows , etc S.irah A. , widow of San
dorson Lyon , Clarissa , widow of William
G. A. It. Men Call on Harrison.
WASHINGTON , May 15. Comrades Joseph
W. Kah , Gcorgo W. Brown and David M.
Anick called upon President Harrison to-day ,
as a committee , representing the G. A. R. of
Brooklyn. They laid before him a resolu
tion adopted by the memorial and executive
committees of the order during April last ,
urging the carrying out of those provisions
of the revised statutes looking to the pre
ferment of veterans of the late war for office
under the government. They asked the
president to give full force and effect to all
laws now existing or hereafter to bo enacted
on this subject. The president replied that
ho would consider this question very care
fully , and would glvo the resolutions their
duo weight.
Cnptnin Bourko'H Promotion.
WASHINGTON , May 15. [ Special Telegram
to TUB Bun. ] A local paper says : "Sena
tor Mandorson and Uoprcsontatlvo Council
called at the whlto house to-day to present
nnd recommend Captain John Bourke for
promotion to the adjutant-general's ' corps.
Captain Bourke has inado u gallant record
as nn Indian flghtor under General Crook.
His friends consider that ho has won a posi
tion in the adjutant-gonorul's department.
Captain Hourko has many opponents for the
single vacancy , which will occur upon the
retirement of Adjutant-General Drum and
the consequent promotion in the corps.
Proctor KutiMflcd.
WASHINGTON , May 15. Secretary Proctor
has returned hero from his western inspec
tion trip. Ho is satisfied with the results of
his observations. In a few duys the secre
tary will visit West Point. Ho savs the sub
ject of issuing n proclamation of amnesty to
deserters ims not been discussed or consid
ered by the ptcsldont and himself.
Calling on Secretary WIndoin.
WASHINGTON , May 15. A Ijxrgo delegation
of minors und smelters from the west ap
peared before Secretary Windom and Assist
ant Secretary Mlchoner to-day tor a hearing
touching the ruling of the treasury depart
ment relative to the importation of lead ore
from Mexico.
Judge Jankti' KeHlmiatlon.
WASHINGTON , May 15. The president has
accepted the resignation of Judge Junks as
solicitor-general of the department of jus
tice , to take effect to-day. Judge Jenks will
bo rotulned in the service of the government
as counsel In telephone cases.
Congressman Hnndnll Convalescing ,
WASHINGTON , May 15. S. J. Handall , who
has been confined to the house for several
weeks , , is rapidly convalescing and Is ex
pected to bo out shortly.
Crnpn In Cutiilng County.
WKST POINT , Nob. , May 15. [ Special to
TUB BEE.I A heavy rain visited this part
of the country lus > t evening , Corn is all
planted , and this rain will send It right
along , Small grain was beginning to suffer
from the dry weather , but will bo a bounti
ful crop if nothing happens from now on.
. .
Damaged by the Storm.
CHETE , .Neb. , May 15. Special to Tin
BEE. ] - A heavy thunder storm visited thu
locality last night and considerable damage
was dono. Several houses were struck bj
lightning , more or less demoralizing them ,
but fortunately uo ouu was injured.
Ho Tnlccs Formnl Possession of Ills
Consul NoVv Tnleen Chnrgc.
rCopi/rtuM IGSOlu Jaw * Gordon Jtemidt.l
LONDON , May 15 , [ Now York Herald
Cubic Special to Tn HER. ! Governor
Waller said farewell to the staff employed nt
the American consulate , on Tuesday night ,
nnd his successor , General John O. Now ,
quietly entered up6n his duties , yesterday
morning. Thcro was nothing to Indicate
that anything unusual had taken ptaco In St.
Helen's place , when the Herald corrcspo-
dcnt called upon the new consul. "I sco
you have got into the harness ngain , General
Now , " said the Herald reporter.
"Yes , I made a start | to-day. There was
no formal ceremony of Installation. Gov
ernor Waller Is an old frlond of mlno , nnd ho
left last -night in the tisual way'und I
dropped in this morning ns I shall every
other morning , and got to work , rlghtnway. "
D "Tho American consulate in England Is
evidently not n sinecure , judging from the
mass of work before you. "
"Why , no. This is n _ place where work
has got to como In nnd bo got rid of. I have
to sign over 700 invoices to-day , but , of
course , that does not represent ono tithe of
the actual work I shall have to undertake. "
General Now has been greatly Impressed
by the cordial welcome extended to him as
bo entered upon his now duties.
The Bninonn Delegates Dlnrd.
( Copi/rfuht / 18S/ > i ; Jttm&t Gordon llcnndt , ]
BEIIUN , May 1 ! ) . [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to TUB Buis.J No prelimi
nary sittings of the Samoan conforcnco took
place , to-day , owing to , the unaulmous objec
tion of the Gorman delegates to transact
business on the Day of Humiliation. Sir
Edward and Lady Ermingtrudo Mnlct enter
tained the delegates at dinner , this evening ,
thirty covers being laid. Lady Ermmgtrudo
sat between Count Bismarck and Mr. Kas-
son , Sir Edward between Countess Born-
storff and Madame do Bcnokcndorff. The
tvives of the delegates , Colonel and Mrs.
lussoll , Count Bismarck's private secretary ,
lerr Von Bulow , nnd the secretary , of the
conference were among the guests.
The sub-cointnltteo 'of the conference has
decided that the municipal council of Apia
shall comprise six members , Germany , Eng-
and nnd the United States each to appoint
ono member. Tho.other three members
shall bo elected by the residents of Apia.
This decision displeases the British commis
sioners , who call it Pholps' compromise.
Phelps , although iot a member of the sub
committee , was asked to1 attend its last meet-
up. '
Whllclnw Reid Ucccivod.
AJAUIS , May 15. Whltclaw Kcid , American
minister , was received by the minister
of foreign affairs , to-day. President Carnet
will receive Hold at the end of the week ,
The now minister willtpresent his creden
tials to the president of the republic early
next week. Mr. Gcorgo W. Smalloy , the
London correspondent { of the New York
Tribune , has taken apartments at the Hotel
Mourlco , and is acting searotnry to Minister
Reid. Mr. Suinlloy will bo appointed first
secretary of legation at-Paris , in place of M.
Vignaud. " ,
A Railway Official Shot and > Robbcd
of $7OOO.
TOI'EKA , Kan.May 13. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BHE.J Dispatches were received to
night by General Manager Robinson , of the
Atchison , Topqka & Santa Fo ( road , giving
details of the murder of Superintendent
Gedrgo W. Richards at .tho Carthage mines
of the Atchison company. The superintend
ent was making the monthly payment of
wages to employes. While ho was alone two
Mexican desperadoes gained access to the
office and shot Richards , killing him instant
ly. They then captured all the cash In the
safe , amounting to over 87,000 , nnd , taking
their horses , lied to the mountains. A posse
of miners on fleet horses is in pursuit , with
good prospects for capturing the desper
adoes. General Manager Robinson offers a
reward of $1,503 for their capture.
i O
The AVentlior Indications.
Nebraska : Light ruin ; easterly winds , becoming -
coming variable ; slightly warmer in south
east portion.
Iowa : Light showers ; easterly winds , be
coming vurmblo ; warmer in northwest portion
tion : stationary temperature in southeast
Dakota : Light showers : slightly warmer ;
easterly winds , becoming variable.
The River Imndors.
FOIIT DODGE , la. , May 15. [ Special Tnlo-
gram to Tnn Biu : , ] Great interest is mani
fested here , particularly among hundreds of
river landers , in the proceedings of the
grand jury in Webster county , which is at
present mves titrating the charge of con
spiracy preferred by land owners against
seventeen settlers who organized to 'work
farms from whicb evictions were mado. Hun
dreds of witnesses have been subpoenaed.
The grand jury has been working on the
case for more than a week.
Lincoln Sails.
NEW YOIIK , May 15. Among the passen
gers who sailed on tbo now Inman steamer ,
City of Paris , this afternoon , were Robert
T. Lincoln , United States minister to the
court of St. James and his family ,
The Ijogiui Monument BUI.
Si'itixoriELn , III. , May 15. The houso.
to-day , passed a bill appropriating (50,000 for
a monument to John A. Logan. There was
considerable wrangling , and the measure
passedby n very small majority.
Steamship ? ArrlvaU.
At Philadelphia The Prussia , from Glas
gow ; the Gluckauf , frpm Bremen ; the Per
sian Prince , from Carthagena.
At Bremen The Dresden and Wilkommcn ,
from Baltimore. !
Third Attempt nt HuiclJc.
ST. Joserii , Mo. , May 15. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bun. ] Charles Thornton , son
of tbo notorious H'unnah Thornton , at
tempted suicidu this ajftcrnoon by hanging ,
but was cut down luj time to save his life.
Doincstlo trouble Wits the causa. This is
Thornton's third attempt.
i. *
The Flro Record.
BI.OOHINGTON , 111.'sMay 16. A flro nt
Stanford this morning destroyed Henry
LIuobargor's elevator , with H,000 bushels of
oats , n number of corn.'crlbs , und other prop
erty to the value of $10,500 ; Insurance about
Editor William W. Harding Dead.
PIIILAUKU-IIU , May 15. William W.
Harding , for many ycurs proprietor and pub
lisher of the Philadelphia Enquirer , died at
his residence , this morning , from a complica
tion of diseases.
Alter the Ai'izoiui Uohler .
WASHINGTON , May 16. Tbo uttornoy-gon-
eral has authorised tbo marshal of Arizona
to offer u reward of (500 each for the arrest
und conviction of the robbers of Paymaster
Whatn. t
Baptist MlsiVm rjr Anniversary.
BOSTON , Muy , 15.Tho celebration of the
seventy-fifth annivc'rinry of the American
BuptUt Missionary uulpn was begun to-day ,
Later Roturus Emphasize the Re
port of tin anlmlty ,
Some loivn Movers to the filonx Res
et vntlou Death of a Child From
a Rattlesnake Blto School
Building ! ) In Plorro.
It Will ho Ratified.
HunoN , Dak. , May 15. [ Special Telegram
to THE Br.K. | There Is rojolclng throughout
South Dakota , to-day , over the result of yes
terday's election. From the returns received
00 per cent of the entire vote is for the adop
tion of the Sioux Fall ! constitution. Noth
ing so nearly approaching n unanimous vote
has been experienced In the ratification of
any fundamental law as that which charac
terized the adoption of a constitution1 for the
new state nt thu polls yesterday. In some
districts 03 per cent of the ontlro vote was
for the constitution. The Thirteenth district
had 25 , and the Nineteenth 04 votes against
the constitution. - . These are two of the prin
cipal districts and contain some hard kickers.
In ono precinct In the Thirteenth district ,
which cast 900 votes , only 1 was against the
constitution , The Eleventh district had but
10 votes against adoption. The result of the
olcction is regarded as n grand victory and
n confirmation of what tbo people , for thrco
years , have claimed , that they are satisfied
with the Sioux Falls constitution for the
stnto of South Dakota. The democratic del *
cgutcs received n fair proportion of the vote
polled , in some districts receiving inoro
thnn the entire vote of the party , whllo
the prohibitionists laid aside their third party
notions nnd joined with the old parties in
getting out the vote , which , although light ,
compared with that of 1S85 , or of last Novem
ber , Is sufficient to Indicate the unanimity of
sentiment regarding the Stoux Falls consti
Messages of congratulation nnd greeting
have been received hero nnd sent to various
cities In South Dakota. Several were also
sent to Congressman Springer , advising him
of tha vote , and asking lum if ho now be
lieves the ocoplo of South Dakota know what
they want.
Following nro the delegates chosen by the
districts reported : Sixth , Stroupe , Stod-
durd and Barrett ; Ninth , Wood , Sterling
nnd Leo : Eleventh , Hartley , Huntley and
Campbell ; Thirteenth , Halo. Vantnssel nnd
Cooper ; Sixteenth , Sherwood , Mclntyro nnd
Matoon ; Eighteenth , Williamson , GifTord
and Boldopal ; Nineteenth , Co.iles , van Epps
and Caldwell ; Twenty-second , Edgerton ,
Bucchlerand Harris ; Twenty-fourth , Edger
ton , Holton nnd Ramsey ; Twenty-fifth , God-
durd , Dioffendorf and Murphy.
The Work of the Convention.
YANKTON , So. Dak. , May 15. Special Tele
gram to THU BEB.J E. C. Edgcrton and
Chris Bucchlcr. republicans , are certainly
elected to the constitutional convention from
this district , nud the result between Sweet
and Harris , democrats , is in doubt , with the
chances in favor of Harris. The vote of the
county is less than onc.half the full vote , but
it Is almost solid for the Sioux Falls consti
tution. The vote of the county will not ox-
cced 700 or 00. The convention Is to meet
the-Ub of July. It can alter , change or
amend tb constitution only as per
mitted by congress. The constitu
tion is to be again submitted
In October , together with the separata
clauses of prohibition , etc. , and if the consti
tution , as amended to conform with the act
of congress providing for the admission of
the state , is adopted and Is found acceptable ,
the state may bo admitted by proclamation.
The July convention will make ordinances
nnd frame all the machinery for the sub
mission of the constitution and for the vote
on the separate clause and the election of the
state officers and the legislature In October.
So that wnilo the convention will have no
constitution to make there will bo a good
deal of important work to do. The state will
have to bo divided into legislative districts
and all the preliminary work for the October
election and for putting the now state gov
ernment into operation will devolve upon the
convention , _
The Black Hills Returns.
LEAD CITV , Dak. , May 15. [ Special Tele-
cram to THE BEE. ] Complete returns of the
election hold yesterday , assure the confir
mation of the Sioux Falls constitution in tbo
Third district , which comprises the Black
Hills , the majority In its favor Is fully.2,500.
The delegates elected are ns follows : First
district , Sanford Parker , V. T. McGllll-
cuddy , republicans ; O. L. Wood , democrat ;
Third district , D. Corson , W. S. O'Brien , re
publicans , and C. M. Thomas , democrat ;
Second district , S. A. Wheeler , republican ;
John Scollurd and Thomas Thompson , demo
crats. _
HnivkoyoH Tor Dakota.
PIEHIIE , Dak. , May ID. .Special Telegram
to TUB Bun. ! To-night's train was lillod
with excursionists from DCS Moincs , la. ,
coming to PIcrro to look up the Sioux reservation -
vation mutters , in connection with its open
ing this summer. They were met at tbo
depot by the Capital City band and escorted
around the city in buggies by the board of
Died From a Rattlesnake Blto.
CifAMiiuiu.AiN , Dak. , May 15. [ Special
Telegram to Tim BUE. | A flvo-yoar-old child
of a fanner , living six miles north of this
city , was bitten by u rattlesnake , yesterday
afternoon , nnd wau immediately brought to
town , but It was too lato. After suffering
terribly for twelve hours , ho died ,
School Houses In Plorro.
Piuitni ! , Dak. , Muy 15. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BEU.J Ground was , to-day , broken
ontho , sites of thrco now brick school houses
In Pierre , which together will cost when
completed , $35,000. They nro to bo finished
this summer.
Eight Hundred Pound ? of Powder
Blow Up In a Mine.
SALT LAKE Cirr , Utah , May 15.--Spocln |
Telegram to TUB BEE. ] Eight hundred
pounds of powder exploded at 13 o'clock to
day , at the Anchor tuunol , Park City. The
surrounding buildings were onttroly demol
ished , and the main shaft considerably dam
aged. The powder caught from u candle
dropped by ona of the shaft bosses. Two
men wer o near at the time , but succeeded li
escaping , as the powder blazed up a short
time before the exulosion took placo. The
loss will amount to several thousand dolluu.
Fnthur E an Testifies.
LONDON , May 15. Father Egan lestlfle (
before the Purnell commlsslop to-day. He
said the leading men of Loughrea belongei
to the branch of the league in that district
No serious crime had been committed from
the tlmo of the formation of the Loughrea
brunch of tbo league until it was suppressed
except the murder of Policeman Lyiilon
This murder hud been condemned ut the
mooting of the icaguo , and witness hud do
nouncud it from his church.
A British Whip Wrecked.
LONDONMay 15.-Tho British ship Altmore
from Sydney , N. S. W. , April 8 , for Sai
Franclsco.has been wrecked at Meralisland In
the south Pacific. The captain and a portion o
the crow buvo landed ut Levnka. Tbo firs
officer was drowned nnd the boat containing
the remainder ot the crow una passengers i
Lawyer Mills Unmercifully Scores
the Plaintiff.
CHICAGO , May 15. [ Spnclal TolORrnm to
Tnu BSD. ] | Luther Laflln Mills finished his
speech for the defense In the Carter case to
day , reviewing the charges against Dr. Gil
bert nnd ICyrlo Hollow. The court room was
jammed and the interest was Intense. The
eloquent attorney scored Mrs. Carter In a
most merciless manner , ho bolng even more
forcible In his characterization of her con
duct than yesterday. For two full hours ,
under the torrlblo flro of the lawyer's words ,
the fair plaintiff sat , calmly rocKlng In her
swinging ohnlr and plying nor fan , her coun
tenance never changing. When Mills , had
concluded , however , and n recess was taken ,
she sighed ns she arose , nnd when she turned
to go out It was scon that her faoo were nn
expression of Intense suffering , the pyos
were heavy nnd the mouth drooping. In the
afternoon Attorney Walker began his speech
for the defense , nnd will finish to-morrow.
At the rate the speeches nro progressing the
caio can hardly got to the Jury before the
last of the week.
The Movement of Hogs Very Con
siderably Enlarged.
CINCINNATI , May 15 . [ Special Telegram
to TUB BJCR. ] To-movrow's Price Current
will soy : The movement of hogs has very
considerably enlarged , showing an Impor
tant gain for the week ai compared with the
previous week nnd n year ngo. Western
packing returns aggregate 'J-15,000 hogs for
the week , against 100,090 last week and
11)5,000 ) for the corresponding time last year.
Place. ' j 18S .j ISM.
A Sevuiitj-Yonr-Old Widow Sues For
Breach of Promise.
Gur.NA , III , , May 15. [ Socclal Tolo-
grum to THE BKE. ] Louisa Lohrmnn , n
widow of this city , aged seventy years ,
brought suit yesterday in the Jo Davlcss
county circliit court against Samuel Cun
ningham , n wealthy and eccentric old bach
elor , also of Galena , to recover damages In
the sum of $10,000 for breach of promise of
marriage. Cunningham made his money in
Lho early days in California , and has reached
Uio ago also of thrco score and ten without
ever having previously boon entangled oy
Cupid's wiles. Mrs. Lehrman alleges that
Cunningham , the defendant , bus been mak
ing love to her , and finally obtained a premise -
iso of marriage from her whllo paying fre
quent trips of late to the cemetery near her
liouso , whore Uo has n monument in process
Qf erection , which is to bo in memory of
himself when dead. The best counsel In
this city has been retained on both sides.
The Armstrongs liutld a Rcinnrknhlo
Cruiser for Italy.
WASHINGTON , May 15. With some inter
est the naval architects In Washington nro
waiting further particulars of the perform
ance of the remarkable cruiser built In En
gland by the Armstrongs. She is named.
Plcmontc , nnd said to have made nineteen
and ono-balt knots under natural draft , and
over twettty-ono knots with a forced draft.
The vessel measures 3,500 tons nnd carries
engines of 11,500 horse power , nearly trebio
thu proportionate horse power of the
now gunboat Yorktown. From informa
tion received it appears the hull of
ship weighs but 070 tons , and is of the light
est possible construction , verging closely on
weakness. The elements of safety and con
venience , such as complete double bottoms
and handy coal bunkers , have boon sacri
ficed for the sake of lightness , which ac
counts in a largo measure for the wonderful
speed said to have been attained. Neverthe
less. although the ship was built for the
Italian government , the British navul au
thorities made strenuous but unsuccessful
efforts to purchase her from the builders.
National Editorial Association.
CINCINNATI , O. , May 15. Tno executive
committee of the National Editorial associa
tion met in this city to-day , with twenty
members present , Including President
Belies , of Arkansas , nnd Secretary Fletch
er , of Illinois. The next meeting of the
association was set for Detroit , from August
27 to (10. ( Eleven papers will bo prepared
upon topics of general interest to the news
paper profession by delegates from the vari
ous states.
Montana Doubtful. .
HELENA , Mont. , May 15. The returns of
yesterday's election are too incomplete to
determine the exact membership of the con
stitutional convention. The returns , as far
as received , indicate a very close contest ,
with the chances in favor of the democrats
by a narrow majority. The labor member
from Jefferson county may have tbo casting
Cathedral Dedication at Pcorln.
PEOUIA , May \5. St. Mary's cathedral ,
which was completed lately at a cost of
$1,100,000 , was dedicated to-day. There were
over ono hundred priests present , from all
over the state , asldo from Archbishop Fee-
ban , of Chicago , nnd Bishop Cosgrovo , of
Davenpo'rt. The bishop's residence adjoin
ing the cathedral cost ? 10,000.
A Voting Woman's Bail Plight ,
UAIIWAK , N. J. , May 15. A young woman (
of about twenty-four years , apparently u
stranger In the city , was found in u dying
condition at the lower end of Main street ,
near the river bank , this morning. She WUB
too weak to glvo any Information. She shows
evidence of having been violently assaulted.
An Insane Murderer und Suicide.
INDIANAVOUS , May 15. Ferdinand Si'hroe-
dor , n grocery and saloon keeper , this mornIng -
Ing cut his wife's throat with a nuor , killing
her instantly. Ho then slushed his own
throat , dying half un hour later. Ho was in-
Hurled Under Tons of Iron ,
DETHOIT , Mich. , May 15. At the Michi
gan car works yesterday afternoon a gang ol
laborers was unloading a carload of iron
when apart of the brace holding'tho loac
broke and several tons of iron fell on the
men , killing ono and fatally injuring three
Grant Presents Ills Credentials.
VIKNNA , May 15. The emperor to-day
gave an audience to Mr. Lawton , the retir
ing United States minister , who presented
his letters of recall. Afterward the emperor
received Colonel F. D. Grunt , the now minis
ter , who presented his credentials ,
The Missouri Away Down.
ST , JOSEPH , Mo. , May 15. ( Special Tele
gram to TUB BKE.J The Missouri river nl
tills place Is llvo Inches below the lowest
water mark , and still falling. This will no
ccssitato the fixing of a new law water uiarlc ,
which has not been done for many years.
Ilnle'fi InjnrlcH Not Hcrlons.
Los ANOBI.ES , C'ala , , Muy 15. Tbo doctor *
attending Senator Halo state that the In
juries ho sustained In the railway collision
neur San Jose uro not bcrlouu , but that the
sprain was severe.
- * , . . . .
Womnn fiulfruKO Hill Passes.
LiNEiKo , Mich. , May 15. The woman1 !
municipal euffrage bill wo u.ticd ly Oia
bouso i < vi' "
Rude AwftkonluR From Dronms ol
Good Whisky.
Distillers l ny Dearly ForR Fabled
Drug ; That Would Cltixnuo Cof-
iln Varnish into Vine
Olil Bourbon.
lolln Archibald Comi > 'n Method ,
CHICAGO , May 15. A schema rivaling in
sotno respects the great olcctrlo sugar fraud
vns exposed hero to-ilny. TUo perpetrator
s a smooth-mannered young iiuin unmetl
lolm Archibald Coin ] ) , whoso papers hull-
cato ho 1ms been operating In Kuiisns City ,
St. Louts , Cincinnati uiul other places as
well as In Chicago. Ho Is now missing , and
t Is said a good many thousand dollars bo-
onglng to various distillers mut liquor deal *
crs have disappeared with him. Comp ,
t is stated by the authorities , pretended
tended to possess a compound which
would chmigo poor whislty into the
llncst grade. A gallon sample oi
the vilest "forty-rod , " nftor being medicated ,
would bo placed in a refrigerator , and In tea
minutes bo taken out , transformed Into tha
Juest llourbon , If objection was inado to
the refrigerator , Comp would accompany tha
loubtor to my place desired , and then retir
ing to u private room , accomplish the snma
feat , without a refrigerator. It now turns
out. however , that the refrigerator waa
really , ns suspected , a clover device by
willed a bottle containing good whisky was
substituted for the bad. The trick whoa
[ lorfonncd elsewhere than at the refrigorn-
: or , was done , by moans of u tin brcastpiata
or armor worn under Comp's clothing. This
armor was double nml was in reality n reser
voir which by means of n concealed tuba
could bo emptied or tilled at will. Comp was
inveigled into taking u detective into partner
ship with him , but when the arrest was con ]
: omplutcd smelt a mouse and lied , leaving
behind the refrigerator , but carrying oil the
The Mind Header's Wife Thinks Ho
Wnmi't llcntl.
Nnw YOIIK , May 15. [ Special Telegram to
Tint 13ir : . ] The wife of the deceased mind
reader , Washington Irving Bishop , afllrma
that tha autopsy was inado whllo the mind
reader was in n trance.
'Do ' you mean that ho was alive when the
autopsy was held ! " she was asked. \
"I certainly think so. Ho had u cataleptic
attack once in Malta that lasted forty-eight
nours , and was given up for dead. Ho has
told me n hundred times never to lot n knlfo
touch him until ho was decomposed. Ho had
a horror of being buried alive , and I consider
that autopsy to have been a shameless , cruel
outrage , to say the least. " '
'What motive could they have had ! "
' 'They wanted his brain , and seeing him
Insensible , wanted to bo the llrst to look at
it. It is horrible , horrible 1"
General Anderson , Well Kno\vu la
Rnilrond Circle * , Kills Himself.
iiiLMJEU'lilA , May IG. Adna Anderson ,
agca sixty , of Now York , committed suicida
by shooting , in his room at the Lafayotta
hotel last night. No motivo-for the deed ia
General Anderson was ono of the best
known railroad men in this country. Ho en
tered the railway service as a chain man on
the Now York , Now Haven & Hartford rail
road twenty years ago. Since that time ho
has been connected with nearly every road
In the country In various capacities , but
chiefly us chief engineer and superintendent.
In 18(30 ( , ho was chosen ns second vlca-prosi *
dent of the Northern Pacific railroad com'-
puny , remaining there until January 1 , 18S3
The Disunited lirathrcn.
YOIIK , Pa. , May 15. Bishop Weaver pra-
nided over the majority conference of the
United Brethren church to-day. The ques
tion of licensing women to preach was
adopted after a long discussion. A motlou
was adopted that no minister should bo al
lowed to preach more than thrco consecutive
years at ono point without the consent of tha
conference. The minority conference waa
presided over by Bishop Wright. It waa
agreed four bishops tliouid bo elected , ona
for tno Pacific coast , and three for the oust.
It was recommended to cull u congress of tha
Christian churches in the fall In some larga
city , to urge a war against secret societies.
At a meeting ot the visiting ministers and
laymen to the United BretUore.ii general con
ference , hold m the afternoon , resolutions
were adopted expressing hearty approval ot
the action of the general conference in
ratifying the work of the church commission
appointed by the last general conference , thus
biinglnir into force the revised confession of
faith ami the amended constitution of tha
church , and protesting against the use of the
church name by the sccedcrs. /
Was Loyal to the South.
IticiiMONu , Vu. , May 15. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun BEI : . | Ilogor A. Pryor jr. , who
arrived hero Wednesday , lias just published
in pamphlet form a complete refutation of tha
charge of desertion recently made against
his father. General Pryor. The proof conl
slsts of afllduvlts of ox-witnosses to his cap.
turo , the statements of General C. M , Wilcox -
cox , Hon. Washington McLean , General
Ccorgo H. Sharp , contemporaneous accounts
of Ills capture In both southern and northern
papers during the war , and the letters of
General Pryor to his wife while In conllno-
mcnt in Fort Lafayette- and other papers.
The proof is regarded ns being absolutely
conclusive of the guncrul'a loyalty to tha
lloth Wore Fatuity Wounded ,
DETKOIT , Mich. , May 15 , [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB HUE , ] Sometime ago Mrs.
Pctor Hnrtswoli left her homo at ! i87 First
street because of alleged cruelty on the part
of , hcr husband , an j went to llvo with her
father , William Smith , a produce dealer.
Hartswoll attempted to pcrsuado his wif to
return homo , but her father objected. Thla
angered Hartswell and ho threatened ven
geance. Ha mut his father-in-law on tha
street to-dav and n quarrel ensued. The
men fought until they were botli exhausted
and then they drew revolvers and begun lr- |
ing. Several shots were llred , and when tbo
combatants were separated it was found that
both were fatally wounded. i
Five HrlgnudH Hanged.
Soru , May 15. Five brigands wora
hanged In the court yard of the prison hero
to-day. Thny were led separately to tha
scaffold and were hanged in fucccsslon.
Each man was enveloped in u b.ig paused
over his head and reaching to thu wiilst ,
Their struggles wore prolonged itovcrul min
utes. Thu mob broke through the cordon
surrounding the lull and the police had great
difllculty in keeping them from the woaffold.
'Jhe ' ! ' coinn Tragedy.
TAcdiu , W. T. , May 15. To-doy , another
body was recovered from the dcbrla of tha
wrecked building , that of George M. Hell , a
carpenter. Hell makes the lifth parson who
lost his life by the accident. Of the seven
wounded , It Is expected that two or tbron
cannot recover.
I'\iiiKlit ' Tivonty-lliroo Hound * .
liurrAi.0 , N , Y. , May 15. A twenty-thres-
round prUe light came off In this city last
night between Billy Welch , of Buffalo ,
and Jack Smith , of Toronto , and wiu wo
by the toruiur