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The Sioux Fnlla Constitution
Adopted by a NIno-Tonths Voto.
Castlnu IJnllotH Amlil Itnln and Bnow
A Horrible Murder , tlio Mur-
dcrrr Caught , ami Another
Murderer Killed.
The Result In South Dakota.
HUIION , Dak. , May 14. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BEB.J He turn's from to-day's elec
tion ore very meagre. From what has been
received , ft Is safe to estimate that nlno-
tcnths of the entire vote Is in favor of the
adoption of the Sioux Falls constitution ,
Fifty thousand will cover the vote In South
Dakota. This , Beadle county , Is among the
largest , nnd polled less than 2,000 votes ,
nearly one-half cast In Huron. Scarcely one-
half as many votes wore polled in southron
Df.kotn as were cast on the same proposition
in 1885. The fulling off Is duo to the heavy
rains that prevailed throughout the entire
state ull day , keeping hundreds in remote
localities from the polls.
Sioux Falls District.
Sioux FALLS , Dak. , May 14. [ Special Tel
egram to TIIK HUE. ] William Van Eps ,
democrat , Carkloy Coats , and E. W. Cold-
wcll , republicans , were elected delegates to
the constitutional convention. Van Eps nnd
Coats organized n still hunt and defeated
Wright nnd Tuthlll. The vote on the ratifi
cation of the Sioux Falls constitution in the
Nineteenth district was : For the constitu
tion 1,470 ; against 4.
Chnmboflaln Favors the Constitution.
CHAMIIEKLAIN , Dak. , May 14. Special Tel
egram to THE BEE.J At the constitutional
election , to-day , the Slo'ux Falls constitution
was carried almost unanimously in this city ,
thcro being only nine votes nguinst It. For
delegates to the convention , A. G. Kellum
nild J. W. Willis , the republican candidates ,
had n good majority. The constitution will
curry by a larga.mujority in this district.
Fifty KcpnbB , Twenty-live Dcmn.
BISMARCK , Dak. , May 14. [ Special Tele-
grauitoTnn BEE. ] As a result of to-day's
election there uro about twenty-five demo
crats and fifty republicans elected to the con
stitutional convention , which will convene
in this city ou July 4 to frame n constitution
for thu stnto of North Dakota. This Is the
full realization of the democratic hopes In
spired by the Springor-Crabllng act. In this
suction of the territory the vote was light ou
account of the heavy snow which fell during
the entire day.
Ijleht Vote In Dondwnod.
Dr.Anwooi ) , Dak. , May 14. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] The election for del
egates to the constitutional convention , to
day , was a very nulet , affair , nnd only a
light vote was brought out , a majority of
which Is In favnr ot rcudoptlng the Sioux
Fulls constitution , framed in 18b5.
Wllllii'ii G. Duncan , of Oregon , Killed
By His Drover.
PIEIIIIE , Dnk. , May 11. ( Special Telegram
to TUB BBC. ] The Sioux reservation yes
terday brought to light the result of n horrible
rible tragedy. An Indian found a man ,
since identified us W. G. Duncan , of Jack
sonville , Ore. , partially burled in a washout
up a , gulch , seven miles down the Missouri
river from Fort Bcnnnttwith two bullet
holes throuch his head , and the skull uiashcd
to pulp , us though pounded with an ax.
IIo was wrapped In an old horse blanket ,
nnd the cayotos had made a feast on the
body. The facts are nearly as follows :
Duncan , with a partner named Arthur
Redmond ; started some time ago from Butte ,
Mont. , overland , with a considerable herdnf
horses , for Plurre , arriving nt Fort Smith
two weeks ago , where a part of the drove
were field , and the Journey continued down
the river to Pierre. About ten days ago
Redmond came to Fort Pierre alone , dis
posed of the remainder of.the herd and
stayed around Pierre several days , going
from hero , no ono know whore. Duncan , it
Is'lci'.rncd , was a well-known cattleman of
Oregon nnd Montana , while Redmond was
only n cowboy and in His employ , and un
doubtedly killed him for his 'money and
what was made from the sale of the herd , us
Duncan had several thousand dollars about
him while nt Bennett.
A dispatch was had fiom Unpld City , this
evening , that the sheriff had found nnd wus
holding Uedmond , waiting for the authority
of arrest , from the officers nt P'crro and
United Strtcs Marshal George Harris has
started across the reservation to get thu man
and bring him back to Pierre. Ho Is do--
\ ecribcd us very youthful appearing , scarcely
twenty-one years old , live feet eight inches
high , slim , and prepossessing lu appearance.
t Snow Storms In Dakota.
MINNEAPOLIS , May 14. The Join-mil's
pedal from Hope , Dnk. , says snow fell to a
i \epth \ of two Inches to-day. It Is considered
/ $ cnollciul to grain.
" DICKINSON , Dak. , May 14. Three inches
of _ BIIOW fell hero to-duy.
, ST. PAH. , Muy 14. Specials from various
points in Minnesota and Dakota , j'lvo accounts -
counts of u heavy rain and snowfall to-day.
At Wmlcmi It first rained , and then turned
t V into u heavy snow storm.
Brhincid BII.VS snow foil this afternoon for
several hours , but finally ended In rain. The
Ki'oundtt were parched und the streets und
roads were like ashes and the crops have
suffered , but ' the present rainfall will save
the rropn.
At OnUku , Dak. , about four Inches of
now full during tlio morning and it ruined
I the rest of the day. Water is standing In
pools nil over the fields.
Wuturtown , DaK. , reports the heaviest
rninluH of thu season.
At Millbank , Duk. . it has been raining
Jmrd for thu past twelve hours und Is still
at It.
BiHMAHn * , Dak , , May 14. Snow has boon
fulling hero all day. The storm seems to bo
concrul nit over Dakota. At U o'clock six
inches of snow luy on the ground , It Is of
great value to the crops.
to Hnvu Keen Murdered
PIEIIKB , Dak. , May 14. The body of W.
Q ( Duncan , who left the Choycnno agoucy
two weeks no In company with Arthur Red
mend , en route for Fort Pierre with a herd
of horses , was found by some Indians near
the Cheyenne agency to-duy. From the
murks on the body It is suspected that
Duncan was murdered. Ha had a largo sum
of money on his person when ho loft Jho
Bltciicy , Uedmond cumo to Fort Pierre with
stoclt , which ho sold. IIo said Duncan had
received bud news from his homo in Oregon.
and hail started for there. A largo reward
1 . offered fnr Redmond's ' arrest. Duncan
was unknown here.
lit Huron.
HUKOX , Dak. , May 14. [ Special Telegram
to TIIU UEB.J A party of thirty capitalists
arrived horo-from DCS Molnos this evening
looking fur Investments. They are being
thown every attention by the Huron people.
, . i . ,
A Municipal CowCcrtncv.
YANKTON , So , Dak. , May 14. [ Specla
Telegram to TUB lite. ] The Co mine re I u
club of Sioux Falls has invjted the officials
of YanUton and Duluth to meet with them at
Btoux Fulls name tlmo In Juno for a confer
tnc.0 in regard ( o the interests of the three
cities , and cspeiUally for the puruoto of ex
cU'u lgu of the Muuiioba road
rein Sioux Falls to Ynnkton and southward ,
ilnyor Wynn has accepted the Invitation for
ilmself and the city council of Ynnkton. and
ho day will bo fixed as soon ns Duluih Is
heard from. The event will bo an important
onu to the three cities named.
A Mttrdomr Shot Dead.
DIJAWYOOI ) , Dak. , Mnv 14. [ Special Tele"-
cram to Tun BEE. ] Deputy Sheriff Fisher ,
of Crook county , Wyoming , and E. B. Arm
strong attempted to nrrcst Bob Minor , alias
Juck Han by , ut 0 o'clock this morning , on
OH Creek , forty miles west of here. Minor
was wanted In Grceloy county , Kansas , for
nurder. nnd a reward was offered for his.
jody. Ho won ordered to surrender , but In
stead of doing so mode n gun play and was
shot and Instantly killed by Deputy Fisher.
Yankton'fl Coming Tournament.
YANKTON , So. Dak. , May 14. ( Special
Telegram to TUB BBE. ) Robert Dtxon , who
s distributing bills and personally ndvcr-
Islng the Ynnkton firemen's tournament In
iclghborlng towns , reports to Chief Kings-
jury great interest everywhere , and pre
dicts that the largest crowd over scon in
Yunkton will bo hero Juno 18 to 20. Moan-
line all arrangements are being perfected
for the tournament.
Dakota's Supreme Court.
YANKTON , So. Dak. , May 14. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BBK.J The supreme court
of the territory mot hero to-day , there being
ircsent Chief Justice Trlpp , Associate Jus-
.Ices Spencer , Hose , Tomploton nnd Crofoot.
Thomas , Alkcn nnd McConncll nro expected
xj-morrow. The dny being a legal holiday ,
10 business was transacted. There are now
Ifty-slx cases on the docket and the term
will likely bo a long ono.
Cattle Stealing Near Chnmhcrlatn.
CIIAMIIEIILAIN , Dak. , May 14. [ Special
Telegram to THE BEE. ] John R. Lowe , re-
tiding near Bijou Hills , had thirty-seven
icad of three-year-old steers stolen from his
msturo. As yet ho has found no trace of
.horn. A liberal reward is offered.
A Jersey City Audience Treated to a
Real Flro Scene.
JEIISEY CITY , May 14. The nudlenco at
the Academy of music showed marvelous
pluck to-night. The woodwork underneath
the gullory took fire through a leaky gas
pipe during the performance of "Tho Still
Alarm , " and the people sat and watched the
real lire scene unmoved. The flro truck was
called Immediately , and a squad of policemen ,
headed by Chief Murphy , were In the thea
ter In un incredibly snort space of time after
the discovery of the blaze. When the fire
men entered the building u few persons
showed a disposition to rush out , but Fire
man Colcman dealt ono man a powerful
b'ow ' with his fist. This had the desired ef
fect of stopping the rush which might have
resulted in a panic. The police did good
service In allaying the fears of nervous
women. The nudlenco watched the firemen
intently ns they battled with and subdued
the flames. The orchestra played with com
mendable vigor , which imparted confidence
during the excitement.
Only About One-fifth of Oklahoma's
Ijaiuls Filed On.
WASHINGTON , May 15. The clcrku who
were detailed from the general land office to
go to Oklahoma to assist the land officials
there , returned to Washington to-dny. They
state that at Kingfisher about eight hundred
entries had boon made up to last Friday ,
and nt Guthrie about one thousand had been
made. The total.number of quarter sections
In tbo territory open to settlement is 10,000 ,
hence less than n fifth of the whole has been
Hied upon.
They Propose to Drcdso luako Mlch-
cnn For II In Body.
CHICAGO , May 15. The friends of Dr. Cro-
nln who believe he has been murdered have
decided to dredge Lake Michigan for his re
mains. The work is to extend over n dis
tance of six miles along the shore , and a dis
tance of a mile and a half in the lake. Dl-
vera will accompany the dredgers.
Nebraska anil lowit Patents.
WASHINGTON , May 14. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BEE. | E. H. Goislcr , Neb. , and M.
Simpson , Minden , Kan. , calf weaner.
Iowa : John H. Arch , Jackson , la. , motor ;
Albert E , Beason , Audubon , In. , end gate
for wagons ; Martha Denis , Burlington , la. ,
clothes line attachment ; John C. Ford , liov-
crly , la. , assignor to W. Keeso & Co. , Kco-
kuk , la. , form cylinder forprlntlngmachino ;
John L. Harkmson , Mason City , la. , hay ele
vator ; UobortE. Hurley , Des Moines , Iu. ,
conveyor ; Norman C. Moffett , Clinton , la. ,
pillow sham holder ; William E. Plumcr ,
Sioux City , la. , draft equalbor ; Truman M.
Samson , Burlington , la. , barbed wire fence
gate ; Archibald Stewart. Kcota , Iu. , grain
meter ; Osborno , E. Sully , Spencer , la. , rib
bon holder ; Charles M. Young and P. L.
Gibbs , Clinton , Ii. : , oil burning stove or fur
The flautist Convention Adjourns ,
MEMPHIS , May 14. The Southern Baptist
convention concluded Its labors and ad
journed sine die this afternoon. Fort Worth ,
Tex. , was selected as the place for holding
the convention , and the Friday before the
second Sunday In May , 1S90 , us the tlmo.
Dr. Hatcher , of Heorgia , Introduced the
following resolution , which , utter debate ,
was adopted :
"Ucsolved , That wo fully sympathize
with the American Sabbath Union In laborIng -
Ing to secure national legislation , us well us
to allow to all employes of thu national gov
ernment ono day In seven as a day of rest ,
nnd request our brethren to promote Its
work so fur as may bo practicable. "
Valuable Horses for Nebraska ,
Ci.r.VKHNi ) , May 14 At the here sale hero ,
to-duy , Church . Howe & Son , of Nebraska ,
bought the following : Fajinio Bclden , blk.
in. , by Holden's Hamblctonlun , dam by General -
oral Harris , MOO ; Swanson , blk. f. , by
Prophet Wilkcs , duui by Heldun's Humble-
Ionian , $350 ; Pearl , br. f. . by Mlddloton
Chief , dutn Gonna , f.120 ; Dynamite , b. ra. ,
by Hylas , dam a Morean inure , $200 ; Geraldine -
dine , b. * m. , by Jny Gould , dam Nancy Clag-
get , f 100.
Tha United Brethren DlanKrccinont.
YOIIK , Pa. , May 14 , At to-duy's ' session a
majority of the convention of the United
Brethren church unanimously agreed that
the "bolters" bo declared no longer minis-
tcrs or members of the church of the United
Brethren of Christ. The minority conven
tion was nddrcssod by Hov. G. W. Htonny , of
Illinois , who said : "Hum nnd secret societies
ties go together. "
Catholic ICnlKhti' Supreme Council.
CIUTTANOOOA , Tcnn. , Muy 14. The su.
promo council of the Catholic Knights ol
America met In this city to-duy , every state
and territory In which the order exists being
represented , except Montana. The day was
spent in receiving nnd auditing thu reports of
ofTUxirs , and In a general discussion of mat
tcrs to come before the council.
Iluslnf ss Trouble * .
BOSTON , May 14.John R. Langley , doing
'business uirJor tbo ntimo of Lanplcy A
Smith , has assigned for the benefit ef hit
creditors. Ills indebtedness is probably less
than $100,000 , and It Is said his assets are
sufficient to pny n largo dividend.
Intnd Slldo In Switzerland.
BKIIXB. Switzerland , May 14.An ennr.
tnous land slide has 'occurred ut Spoissbarb ,
destroying villmfes , torcsU uud cuUU.
Ho Does Not Mnko Bamovala With
out Onuso.
A Persistent YOUIIJJ Apollo doti nn
Ofllco BccaiiHo Ho la Engaged
Ex-Govornor Sounders
3 Appointed.
WASHINGTON , b. C. , May 14.1
"Every appointment I make and every dis
charge I make Is for reason , " said Pension
Commissioner Tanner , to-day. IIo was talkIng -
Ing about the charges that ho was a political
spoilsman nnd was sacrificing good men In
the service that partisan republicans might
bo given places. The commissioner con
tinued :
" -Heavens and earth I I can almost count
on the fingers of ono hand the discharges I
have made on account of the change of ad
ministration. For these fifty special exami
ners discharged I have not nppolntcd n single
soul to tnko tholr places. I simply out down
the force to get within the appropriation.
There Is lots of work to do If wo only had the
money to pay them. I suppose a great many
changes will bo made In the medical boards
throughout the country. The boys want it
done nnd have a right to have it done. That
Is to bo expected. Changes are being made
and will bo made more or loss everywhere ,
but there is nothing unusual about that. It
is always to bo expected , but ns
to the changes in the office , you
see , I can't do anything. All the clerks
have to come from the civil service commis
sion. I can't appoint any ono , except those
who pass the examination , to a clerkship.
You have three or four names sent you to
select from , I know , but I don't know any
thing about nny of them. I have the ap
pointment of twelve chiefs of divisions and
some medical exports , and a lot of messen
gers nnd boys , nnd to these positions I can
appoint whoever 1 choose , but they don't
amount to much , yet they go right on abus
ing mo Just the same.
"Now , when I cntno hero I found three old
soldiers who were democrats at the head of
divisions. Instead of putting them out en
tirely. I went to Secretary Noble and got
him to have u special examination for these
three men , ns ho has a right to , nnd I gave
them , positions subordinate positions , of
course but better than nothing. They
couldu't expect to retain their places as
chiefs , and 1 gave them these nositions for
no other reason In the world than because
they were old soldiers , but for these dis
charged they abused mo nil over the coun
try. "
Although this was cabinet day , nnd there
are not many visitors in Washington , Presi
dent Harrison's private room was almost
crowded full nt noon. They begun to pour
In shortly after 10 o'clock , and kept up the
Inflow until the doorkeeper announced that
the president could no more than get through
with these already 'In before the cabinet
would assemble. During the time thu presi
dent was taking bis visitors by rotation ,
receiving their verbal and written state
ments and sending them away more or less
happy , he observed a bright-eyed , fair-haired
young man who kept moving nervously about
in tbo crowd and pushing himself to the
front. Ho over nnd nnon looked with great
eagerness ut the president , and was trying
to cateh his eye. Almost an hour elapsed
after the president first discovered this
young m&n , and his nervousness and eager
ness to get an audience began to wear unon
the president's nerves. Finally the visitor
boldly walked out from the crowd. When
the president was released ho presented his
card and begun to address himself to the
chief executive. Ho said :
"Sometime ago I made application for nn
appointment. I want It awfully bad. I
don't cnro for it myself , but the fact is , Mr.
President , " and hero the young man blushed
to the tips of his hair , " 1 am engaged to bo
married , and unless I get this appointment
the engagement wont stand. There you
have it , and now you know why I am so
anxious. " The president was taken aback ,
and although amused for the instant , the
statement went to his heart. Ho at first
was a little out of patience , but the evident
palnfulness of the situation elicited his sym
pathy , and the card with the name of the
office desired was laid in a prominent posi
tion on the desk.
Complaints are filed with Secretary Noble
against the alleged arbitrary action of Agent
Warner , , of the Winnebago nnd Omaha
tribes , toward the white men , leasing lands
of the Indians on that reservation , und nn
investigation Is likely to follow. Thu lands
embraced in the strip ceded to Nebraska in
18S2 by the government , north of and on the
Nlobrura river , are rich nnd much coveted ,
but if the Nebraska legislature has accepted
the cession , thu president's proclamation
must issue ere these lands can bo thrown
open , und the Indians have the first right to
select lauds In severally.
The abolition of the office of surveyor-
general of Nebraska and Iowa , during the
last congress , gave the commissioner of the
general land onico power under the revised
statutes , to control the surveys , cts. , of the
public domain m these states , subject to the
power of the legislatures of those states to
puss an act turning over the maps , plats ,
etc. , to such state o Ulcers as the legislatures
might designate , whereupon the power of
the commissioner classed under the law.
1 ho Nebraska legislature passed an act last
winter turning over the aforesaid archives to
the commissioner of public lands , and. Sena
tor Maudcrson has asked Commissioner
Stockslager to Issue the necessary order.
The president made the following appoint
ments to-day :
John F. Plummer , of Now York ; George
E. Lclghton , of St. Louis ; Jesse Spaldlng , of
Chicago , and Hufus B. Bullock , of Atlanta ,
Gu , , government directors of the Union Pa-
citie Hallway company.
Alvln Suundcrs , of Nebraska , member of
the board of icgletratlon and election in
William H. Lyon , of Now York , member
of the board of Indian commissioners.
Bennett Glllcsplo , of Nebraska , register of
the land onico at O'Neill , Neb.
Samuels. Wright , of Nevada , superintend
ent of the United States mint at Carson City ,
It In conceded , to-night , that the appoint
ment of ex-Senator baundors , on the Utah
commission , clears the way of thu curly up-
polnttncfit of Peters , of Albion , for internal
revenue collector. Ho was recommended
several weeks ago by the Nebraska dcletja- .
tion , for that office. Penny S. HEATH.i
A Wyomlnir Failur .
LAHIMIE , Wyo. , Muy 14. [ Soslal | Telegram -
gram to TUB UBE. ] Wallaca Sf Alky , deal
ers In furniture , made a voluntary assign-
went to George W. Fox , this , .offerupo.n , For
thy benefit of their creditors. They place
-their assets at fO.OOO und Nubilities at f , JO
The falluro-was duo to poor business uitd.
consequent inability to meet obligations.
Another Illjr Br\vpry Bale.
New YOIIK , May 14. An.afternoon paper
reports the rale to un English syndicate of
the brewery of Hlngler & Co. , In tills city ,
for f.i.500,000. Georuo Hlngler Is to remain
us diroctur of the establishment at u salary
of f 10,000 per annum ,
'Jlio Montana Kleotlon.
Hi LENA , Mont. , May II , Advices from
many parts of Montana Indicate a close elec
tion for tbo constitutional convcutfog.
Neither party has a majority of more thun
five. Helena elects live republicans uud
four democrats ,
Terrible Accidental flTtecntnn , Canned
hy a Wlmt filbrni.
TACOMA , W. T. , May 14'rADout 0 o'clock
last evening a wlnd-stormfatruck a building
which was being erected for a "hotel. The
structure collapsed , burying about twenty
workmen In the debris. Hundreds of citi
zens nnd laborers Just returning from their
day's work , were soon nt work endeavoring
to rescue tha imprisoned men. In a few
mlnntcs debris enough to enable
the removal of ono body was.taken out. The
body was that of Walter Bates , who was
building the hotel. A workman named
McConnell nnd the bodies of throe other
men , unknown , wore taken out dead , and W.
H. Snell , city attorney , xvho received fatal
Injuries , was also removed. Several of the
workmen rescued wore severely Injured , ns
was HOT. W. A Mackcy , who had taken
shelter In the building from the storm. At
last accounts the debris was still being re
moved und occasionally mem hoard stifled
groans proceeding from underneath.
The storm passed through between the
houses to the street , whore It struck n new
store being erected botwbon Eleventh and
Thirteenth streets , nnd severely injured the
workmen there. Another building in the
southern portion of the city-was also demor
alized. All over Puget Sound the storm was
very severe. No other casualties , however ,
on land or among the shipping have been're
ported ns yet.
The Gold In the Big Horn Mountain * .
BUFFALO , Wyo. , May-14. | Special to THB
BEE.J The interest In mining affairs hero
has been greatly Intensified by tbo discovery
of rich gold-bearing qudrtz in the Big Horn
mountains , twcnty-Uvo miles west of town.
The fortunate prospector , R. Koays , has
staked off a claim whore ! the gold was found ,
and great activity at that point Is expected
to ensue. Sixteen prospectors have Just ar
rived hero from the Black Hills , en route to
the promising mineral districts of the Big
Horn range.
NoMoroQuotntlotiH Furnished.
CHICAGO. May 15. The directors of the
board trade voted discontinue
Chicago of to-day to
continue furnishing quotations to all persons
except members of the 'board. ' This action
was taken , the directors say , because the
Illinois supreme court has decided that if the
board furnished quotations to outsiders at ull
thcro must bo no discrimination. The bucket
shopmen have already begun applying to the
courts to prevent the proposed discontinu
Refused to Arbitrate.
BRAZIL , Ind. , May 14. ' To-day's ' confer
ence between tbo coal operators , the state
executive board und the miuorss' dolcgaitBn
ended by the refusal of the operators to sub
mit tbo scale difference , to arbitration.
The operators dcmaud'a reduction from 00 to
TO cents on block and 78 to GO cents on bitu
minous , ono of the largest cats ever made in
the west. As the case stands now , there
seems to bo no alternative for the minors
but to accept the reduction or remain idle.
Twins In Two Colors.
HOPKINSVILLE , Ky May 14. [ Special
Telegram to THEBEB. ! MurgretJHondricki
a colored woman residing in the Garretts-
burg precinct ofthis ; county ,
gave birth yesterday to twins , 4 both
of them girls , , nnd ono white
and ono colored. The VJiite ono Is perfectly
white and the othcFcin .African of the
deepest dye. The wovj'on .herself Is a full-
blooded ncgror and tUtjso twins are ono of
the most wonderful freaks of nature on
record. i j < .
A Shortage of $35.
WASHINGTON , May l4. The recent count
of the money at the Now York sub-treasury
revealed a discrepancy of 535 out of a total
of $184,000,000. The shortage resulted from
the acceptance of a few counterfeit notes in
the hurry of business and by the loss of n
few pieces of silver , The loss was promptly
made good nnd a receipt in full given to ex-
Treasurer Hyatt , who was responslblounder
his bond , for the entire amount.
A AVrlt Against Lord Salisbury.
LONI > ON. May 15. William O'Brien , M.
P. , has obtained a writ against Lord Salis
bury ou the charge of libel. In a speech at
Watford the premier accused O'Brien of ad
vocating murder and robbery , ' nnd of taking
farms from which tenants had been evicted.
It is for this speech that the action is
Lord Salisbury's solicitors have accepted
the libel writ , and the trial will take place
at Liverpool.
Examining Board fur Oklahoma.
WASHINGTON , May 11. The pension ofllco
has decided to establish a board of examin
ing surgeons at Guthrlo , Oklahoma , it hav-
Ine been represented by Congressman Per
kins , of Kansas , that a medical board to ex
amine pensioners was necessary there. It in
said there are 500 old soldiers in the city of
Tn Die by Electricity.
BUFFALO , N. Y. , Molir,14. William Kcmm-
ler , convicted of the murder of his mistress ,
Lilllo Xicglor , was to-day sentenced to die by
the application of electricity within the week
commencing Monday , Juno 24. This is the
first death sentence under the now law.
The Hotel Mon'ri
CIIKHGO , May 15. The Hotel Men's Na
tional Benefit association held their annual
meeting hero to-day. The following officers
were elected : President , M. S. Gibson ,
Portland , Ore. : flrs.t vice president , W. A.
Jackucs , Now York { secretary nnd treas
urer , \V. \ C. Snow , Chicago.
Dr. Cron Ill's Whorrabnntfl.
CHICAGO , May 14. The chief of police to
day received a dispatch 'from Toronto , signed
by the chief constable , saying the man who
saw Dr. Crania states that the latter has
been there slnco Friday last , but that he had
not seen him since 11 o'clock Sunday morn-
The Ijand Reclamation Committee.
WASHINGTON , May 14.j The committee ap
pointed at the lost BCtelQa of the Homito to
Investigate the questlon'of irrigation and re
clamation of arid lands , prill commence work
on the 1st of Augufet , next , and will spend
three weeks In the fleldjj
Thn O.inndian RclailoiiM Committee.
Lo.s ANOEI.OS , Gal. , Muy 14. The senate
commission , on trade rotations with Canada ,
arrived hero this "afternoon. Senator Hule
hud his right leg badly injured in a collision
near San Jose , yesterday.
At New York-s/riiai City of Hichmoml ,
from Liverpool , aa'd thqiWerra , from Bremen
men/- >
menAt Copenhagun-i Th < ? Tlilngvjlla , Irom
New Yorifi , * ; /
- . , V n hut bio Upi > c8 Burned.
Four DODOB , Iu.iilay | 4. [ Special Tel
egram to THE BKB KJaines Nelson's larijo
funcy block barn , north of- this city , wan
totally destroyed by flro th'U morning , and
four valuable stallions roasted. The loss
was $10,000 ; insurance- about OM ,
Lord > . | ) nlniH In JU nt real.
MusTUCAiJ Mui ; 15 , Lord Lonsdulo nr-
nved hero to-day / Ho still , adheres to his
statement thaVhO was witb'lu thn Arctic cir
cle , und says liQ.VIll provtTit when lie gets
to London. * T .
Rull way. Conductor *
Dr.NVKit , Max.14. Tboivventy-fir&t u nual
convention of the railway .cuiuludois
here to-day ,
Continuation of tbo Kelley Shooting
Trial at Madison.
Willis on Trial at Wnhoo Tor the
Killing or Grovor-iTho Ancient
Order of United Workmen
Crops anil Crimes.
Tlio Kclloy Shootltifj Trial.
MADISON , Nob. , May 14. [ Special Tele
gram to Tni : Bnn.j Interest In the Soulior
and Born trial continues with unabated
earnestness. An was anticipated , the state
rested without * putting Kelley on thu stand.
The evidence of the state was all hi by about
11 o'clock this morning. The defense nro
making a strong showing by the evidence
that the defendants are not the parties who
did the shooting. About six or eight wit
nesses have already testified us to the de
fendants being In the city of Norfolk at the
tlmo of the alleged shooting of Kcllcy. One
witness swears positively that ho was pres
ent at tbo timeof the assault upon ICclloy ,
saw the parties who did the shooting , nnd do
clnros that the defendants nro not the men.
His evidence remained unshaken , though
subjected to n rigid cross-examination.
Another witness testifies to having
seen a team answering to the
description of the team driven by
the parties who assaulted Dr. Kollcy , nnd
men answering the description of the men
who did the shooting driving rapidly past his
place a short time after the crlmn was com ?
mittcd , and driving rapidly In an eastern
direction. The defense have finally suc
ceeded In placing before the Jury the death
of the sister of Soulior , one of the defend
ants , through a so-called surgical operation.
Tills evidence was Introduced in connection
with throats made ngdlnst the Ufa of Dr.
IColloy by some of the people of Norfolk who
wore present at the time of the Inquest held
over the body of Caroline Soulier. A strong
effort was made by the stnto to oxciudo this
evidence , but the court held It to bo rele
vant , as tending to show that- there were
persons , other than the defendants , who had
threatened violence against Kclloy. It is
believed that the case will go to the Jury
some time to-morrow afternoon. Ouo of the
most important witnesses examined to-day
was Gcorgo Oliver , the colored cook formerly
employed nt the asylum. Tho. excitement
increases as the trial continues.
The Willis Murder Trial.
WAUOO , Neb , , May 14. [ Special Telegram
toTiiEBun.l At the convening of the dis
trict court this morning the case of the
State vs Isaac Willis , indicted for murder in
first degree was called , nnd a ripple of ex-
citcment ensued when It was found that the
defendant was not In court. In about an
hour he put in an appearance and explained
that a break-down on the way had occasioned
the delay. The tedious work of selecting a
Jury took up the tlmo till noon , when eleven
men had been empanelled , and the twelfth
was secured about 3 o'clock. The opening
statements to the Jury were made by the at
torneys , and the examination of witnesses
began. Tbo second witness was on the
stand when court adjourned. The testimony
so'far has bcon'vory 'damaging to the de-
fondant. The crime for which Willis is
on trial is the shooting of Jake Grovcr , near
Valparaiso , last October. Grover nnd Willis
wore having trouble on account of Willis1
cattle trespassing on Grovor's lands. Uof-
erccs had been selected and a tlmo sot for
fixing the damage duo Grover. At that time
Grover and Willis and the referees mot to
settle the difllculty , und Grover and Willis ,
who were both untied , began quarreling nn d
words grow into a war , res-ultiug in Willis
shooting Grover , who dlod in four or llvo
days. The defense will bo that of self-do-
fense , Willis claiming that Grover pulled his
revolver first. The state is represented by
County Attorney Simpson , Hon. J. It. Gil-
kison and Hon. Gootgo I. Wright , while L.
C. Burr , of Lincoln , ex-Senntor Vandemark
and S. II. Sornborger conduct the defense.
The case will probably occupy the court's
time all this week.
The A. O. U. W. in SesHlon.
HASTINGS , Nob. , May 14. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. | The third session of the
Grand Lodge of Nebraska A . O. U. W. con
vened in Hastings this morning , with nearly
200 delegates. Grand Master Workman J.
G. Tate presided. Other grand lodge ofilcors
present were S. U. Patton , P. G. ; M. E.
Highland , G. F. ; L. H. M. Waring , grand
recorder ; W..H. McAllister , grand rccoivor ;
S. Kaufmau , G. W. ; K. W. Laflin , G. O.
The report of the credentials committee
showed but five lodges in the state unrepre
sented at the meeting. The past master
workman's degree was conferred on those
who hud not provlo'usly received it. Much
of the time was taken up to-dov by reports
of the grand officers. Several changes in
the constitution nnd by-luws were adopted ,
the nature of which was not given to the
press. Grand Muster Workman Tuto stated
In his report that ho had traveled 25,000
miles during the year , and a largo addition
had been made to the membership. Grand
Uccording Secretary Waring stated that
over 5120,000 had boon collected and paid to
beneficiaries. Hastings Lodge No. l-and ) ! !
Select Knights Legion No. 10 cntortuincd
the visitors ut the opera house to-nlcht nnd
a fine audience assembled. Mu.vor Yocum
gave an address of welcome , which was re
sponded to by Grand Master Tato. A line
programme of vocal and instrumental muslu
was carried out und thu evening's ' entertain
ment was one of great pleasure. The lodge
will reconvene at 0 o'clock to-morrow
"They Do t nan Money. "
WACO , Nob. , May 11. To the Editor of
Tun BEE : "Becoming Money Loanors.U in
yesterday's DEI : , attracted my attention.
Please say for mo fo the Hon. Van that ho
can easily , if ho wishes , have the names and
residences of numbers of York county
homesteaders who do loan money not a few
hundred , but from 11,000 to $3,000. 1 have
in mind now , and near us , three , In par
ticular , who have each loaned $ 'JUOO to other
poor but hard working men to buy them
farms ; others to feed caltlo , or to go In
business. Yes , it Is no fublo. I have lived
hero slnco the organization of this county ,
nnd , whllo I tynow of many eastern Jjirm
loans at 7 per cent , 1 know of none fore
closed , and do know of many farmers who
loan money. THOMAS MAY.
Killed lly u Cavo-In.
PLATTBJIOUTII , Nob. , May 14. | Special to
TIIK Bee , ] A fatal accident occurred this
afternoon in this city. A lurgo gang of men
were nt work excavating on the situ of thu
newKlloy hotel , pri'p.iratory to the removal
of the Presbyterian brick church , The
earth on the east side became loosu and slid
out , which caused the wail on that side , to
gether with the roof , to full with n crush
without u moment's warning , burying sev
eral men. They were rescued ut once , and
ull OKiMUod with it few bruise exceptJosoph
Povsal or Pulson , whoso body was coin-
pletely crushed uii'l his scalp dci-plv gushed : .
Thu victim was abut titty ycar of u < ? e , und
had no faintly. The coroner's Jury brought
n a verdict of accidental death.
N < hra kn-5cMitl .ts1 Convention.
WAHCO , Neb. , May 14 , [ Special to Tun
KEF..I The Nebraska State Dental society'
will meet in this place on Tuesday , May ! 2l-
ami continue in session until Friday morn
ing , May 24. Drs. L. O. Haskcll , U. N. John-
EOU , and G. S. Solomon , of Chicupo , nnd Dr.
F. .M. WmlrRO and F. W. Hill , of Imvu. will
bo iu utleuduucf , each giving special clinics ,
The programme is well filled with essays and
clinics by Nebraska dentists , nnd this
promises to bo the largest and most Interest
ing mooting In the history of the society.
The citizens of Wahoo have subscribed n lib
eral fund for the purpose of entertaining
these In attendance. During ono evening of
tholr stay n banquet will bo provided for 200.
A largo attendance of dentists Is expected.
Tho'sloux llcRarvnilon Itoom.
O'NEILL , Nob. , May 14. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB HnB. | Owing to the bright
prospects for n speedy opening of the Sioux
rosorva'lon a largo number of homesteaders
have already taken up their nbodo nt this
point , the United States land office being
hero , nnd this being the nearest town ou the
south sldo of the reservation. Extensive
preparations are being mndo to accommodate
the largo crowds which will undoubtedly
gather nt this point , awaiting the president's
Indian Village Uiirncd.
KEVA PAIIA , May 14. [ Special to Tun
BRE.Word ] has been received hero that
the prairie on the reservation near tlrt
mouth of the Koyn Palm river caught flro
and destroyed everything In the Indian vil
lage near there. Chief "Yellow Horso" had
two children burned to death. The whole
'population took refuge In the river until thu
fire had passo.d over.
Crops In Holt County.
O'NniLL , Nob. , May 14. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEE.J It has been raining
heavily hero to-day. The farmers nro Jubi
lant , ns the rain was nil that was necessary
to assuru Holt county of ono of the largest
crops over raised in the state of Nebraska.
The acreage sown is largo , far beyond that
of former years , and a rich harvest will bo
reaped. . . i . . . . .
Welcome to a Townsman.
MAUVILLB , Nob. , May 14. | Special to Tun
BEE. ] The return of Mr. J. A. Shorter to
his homo was made the occasion of a hearty
welcome and enthusiastic reception on the
part of his fellow townsmen. Ltonfircs were
built. In the streets and at an Improvised
meeting in Shaffer's hall several speeches
were made , to which Mr. ShofTor responded
feelingly. A supnor and social hop fol
A Tcachor 1'roinotcd.
COI.UMIIUS , Neb. , May 14. [ Special to TUB
BEE. ] H. D. Shalt , principal of the First
ward school , at this place , has been tendered
n position us teacher in the Kearney Reform
school , which ho will probably accept. Mr.
Snuff is n native of Pennsylvania , and has
resided in Columbus and vicinity for the
past six years.
Thn Watmsh fiqnnbblo.
CHICAGO , May 14. [ Special Telegram to
TUG BKE. | Messrs. Koppor , Johnson , Purdy
and Parsons , Attorney Patterson nnd Gov
ernor Chamberlain , representing the minor
ity bondholders of the Wubash railway , are
hero to bid on the property at the sale to
morrow. Said Mr. Popper : "Wo are hereto
to uphold the principle that a mortgage
should dictate and not bo dictated to. The
Wabash Western people want us to accept 5
per cent bonds , dollar for dollar , for our
present 7 per cents. Wo don't propose to ac
cept It nnd arc In position to dictate terms.
Under the receivership of Gen. McNulta , the
road has been earning 14 par cent and has
shown Itself to be an exceedingly valuable
properly , We have plenty of money back of
us and will bid nUnwo-.think the road is
Worth. The Wabash Western syndicate will
have the advantage- us in bidding ns they
represent the majority of the bondholders ,
but wo can guarantee the road will sell for
what it is worth. "
Arrangln I 1'or JOvcurslonn.
CHICAGO , May 14. [ Special Telegram to
THE BII : . ] Excursion rates have been
nuthori/ed to the following events : United
States Brewing association , Niagara Falls ,
Juno 4 to 0AmcrIcan ; Seed Trade association ,
Washington , D. C. , Juno 11 to 15 ; National
Christian Science association , Cleveland ,
Juno 12 to 14 ; International Hutinamucniul
association , Toronto , Juno 18 to 20 ; National
Association of Deaf Mutes , Washington , D.
C. , June 20 to 23.
Now Kast-Uouud ! < > ol ht llatci.
CHICAGO , May 14. [ Spccal Telegram to
Tun BEE.J The Central Traffic association
to-day allowed the Grand Trunk a 45-ccnt
dressed bcof rate to Now York , nnd then all
the roads gave notice they would meet the
rate. This Is a reduction of 5 cents a hun
dred , the rates now in effect being on a 50-
cent basis , and goes into effect May 18. The
request of the Baltimore & Ohio to put in u
20-eent through rate on corn was refused.
The Western Freight association agreed to
day that their lines would demand that their
regular proportions bo applied on nil through
business. The recent removal of the basing
line to east nf the Missouri river has caused
different proportions to bo allowed by thu
trunk line roads.
An Association Smash-Up.
CHICAGO , May 14. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BEE. ] The Northern Pacific has given
notice , that It will withdraw from the Trans
continental association , July 21. The notice
is the result of the Puget Sound ticketing
difficulty with the Union Pacific. It is the
L-cncral opinion ttiat the withdrawal of the
Northern Pacific xvill break up the Trans
continental association. It was said , to-'ay ( ,
that , Chairman Leeds' resignation and ac
ceptance of the olllce nf freight trufiic man-
liper , of the Missouri Pacific , was owing to
an Intimation of what the Northern Pacific
would do. _ _
The Storm Case.
NEW YOIIK , May 14 , Geoi-go M. Starrs ,
son of the late Kmnry Storrs , of Chicago ,
who yesterday was arrested nnd locked up
on n charge of blackmail preferred by his
wife , Eileen , WHS to-duy released on his own
rccognUuuco. Ho was immediately rearrested -
arrested on the strength of his wife's dlvorco
proceedings , Thu district attorney regards
the question , whether : i man can hlackmall
Ills wife , as u very line point of law.
The Weal tier IndiantloiiH.
For Nebraska ana Iowa : Increasing
cloudiness nnd rain , colder , with severe local
storms , variable winds ,
For Dakota : Threatening ivoatnor and
ruin or snow , colder In extreme southern
portion , slightly wuriunr in central and
northern portions , northerly winds , becom
ing variable.
Special Prediction Probabilities are that
thu cold weather which now extends over
Minnesota ami Dakota will extend south
ward over the ventral valleys by Thursday.atJ
tended by threatening rain and severe local
storms lu Missouri und adjoining stales.
A p pot n tod.
WASHINGTON , May II. Among the post
masters appointed by the president , today ,
were the following ! Goortro H. U'Htlor ,
Galena , 111. ; Henry C ) . Hoblnson , Grand
Crossing , 111. ; 0olts Hull , Oak Park , III. ;
John MoOuillln , JV.iportu City la. ; John A.
Klggcn , What Cliecr , la. ; Albert U. Botch-
kiss , Ado ) , Iu. ; Honbcn Heffelfliigor , Dcnl-
son , In. ; Henry Klbcrt , Dr.miport , IB.
Chnrcrcl Wlili Corruption.
MiXSr.AroMP , May H. A Winnlpog tpo-
olal says the Free I'reM repeats Its charges
q"C corruption against Premier Green wuy. It
now accuses hi MI with ri-ceiving money from
the in-rt motors of thu Manitoba ( k'ntral rull-
w y iuiterin-iso. Orocnwiiy will probably
procurO .an appointment of the royal com
mission JQ Investigate tln ; charf < j ,
Thi > \Vr.hfm'H Unitarian Cnnforencp ,
Ciucvao , ti\ny \ II , The Woman's Western
I'nlturiun conference was hold hero to-day ,
Mrs. Victoria jttlchurdson , nf Princeton , 111 , ,
was dueled jircfeldenl for lug ensuing year.
Some Deputies Slnuod , But ThoU
Sina Were VoultU.
And Came Through the Tempting
Ordeal Unpolluted and Unallot
ted A Complete Vindica
tion or Himself.
The ncport Unsatisfactory.
WASHINGTON , May 14. Attorney-General
Miller 'has received a report from United
States Marshal Jones , of Kansas , In regard
to the conduct of lumsolf and doputtei upon
the opening of Oklahoma.
Marshal Jones says : "I ordered , from
ray old experienced deputies , four lo Guthrla
together with throe now appointees , to proj
tcct honicscokcrs against lawlessness. The
full number of deputy marshals In Oklahoma
appointed by mo Is nineteen , besides eight
appointed at the request of the railroad com
pany. I believe that a few of my deputies
attempted to file on ns many sections of land
In the territory , but I know many of thorn
have not , and while 1 Instructed them not to
do so , when they saw themselves surrounded
by from five hundred to seven hundred
persons at Guthrlo nnd nt least end
half that number at Oklahoma waiting for
the hour of 12 to come , I do not wonder that
some of the deputies who wore serving with
out pay and who were only there in the
Interests of good order , took the fever and
attempted to got a homo. As to' mviolf. I
never attempted to homestead n foot of land ,
nithor In Oklahoma or uuy other territory OP
state. "
In a postscript , Marshal Jones says :
"Tho country Is absolutely quiet. I am
astonished nt the false reports of bloodshed
circulated by the papers. Thcro has not
been a single person killed by violence la
that territory since April 22. "
The report Is dated May l > . It Is under
stood the nttornoy-Kcneral Is not satisfied
with It And will call upon the marshal for a
supplemental report , giving the name ot
each ollicor who filed a claim and the de
scription of the land secured by him , to
gether with nn account of the attending cir
All the Hell CoinpanlcH in the West to
MILWAUKEE , Wis. , May 14. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE.J If negotiations which
nro now In progress nro consummated , the
republicans of Wisconsin will IORO tholr
grculcst lender nnd campaign manager ,
Henry C. Payne , chairman of the republican
stnto central committee , who will , m nil
probability , become a resident of Chicago
and retire from politics. The inducements
which are offered to him to leave the state
whore ho has such n strong following are a
salary of $12,000 a year and n position which
will put him nt the head of one of the great
est enterprises In the country. Payne left
to-day for Boston , where ho will consult
with the corporation which wishes
to engage his services , and finally
decide whether to accept tlio
liberal offers made or not. The corpora
tion that wishes to put Mr. Pay no at tha
head.of ono of Its latest and most gigantic
enterprises ' Is the Boll Telephone" company ,
nnd tho'posluon offered is'that of prgsidont
of the western consolidated companies of the
Bell company with headquarters lu Chicago.
The enterprise marks a departure In tele
phoning and will consist of n long distance
system connecting Chicago , St. Louis , Cin
cinnati , Indianapolis , Omaha. Kansas City ,
St. Paul. Minneapolis nnd Milwaukee. The
center of this system will bo Chicago , and
through that station Now York. Philadel
phia , Uoslnn and Washington will bo con
nected with all other points. The Boll com
panies embraced in this great consolidation
will bo these of Illinois , loxvn , Michigan ,
Indiana , Minnesota , Ohio nnd MUsouri. .
Wisconsin alone will not bo In the consolida
tion , as the Bell company docs not control it.
Henry C. Payne is now president of the
Wisconsin company and wuiild resign that
position in case ho took the presidency of
the consolidated companies.
They Have an Interview With the
BEKMN , May 14. At Bohun to-day the
strikers who drove off the minors who
wished to return to work at the Prince He-
gent colliery , yesterday , were overawed by
the troops. Lurgo qua ntitlcs of English and
and Belgian coal are arriving nt Essen. The
strikers' interview with the
emperor , to-day ,
lasted llftCKn minutes. The emperor listened
gravely to the grievances of the strikers nnd
occasionally asked questions. In reply to
their complaints ho said ho took n personal
Interest in the welfare of his subjects iu
Westphalia , ns ho did the w el faro
of all his subjects , IIo had care
fully followed thu struggle , und
ho had made thorough inquiry into the fuels.
He warned the delegation against thu plot-
tings of political , and especially of socialist
agitators. Ho grlovod that thuro had been
rioting , und suid.thut it was impossible to
tolerate such conduct. "Toll .vour follow
workmen , " ho added , "that the emperor
himself , if necessary , will order the troops
to batter nnd shoot rioters , while if they are
nulet , the emperor will protect them , " Ho
honed the disputants would settle their dif
ferences without government meddling.
UKIHI.AI > , May 14. Three thousand miners
In thu Hermlndorf district Imvu struck. '
A New Floutint ; Doslrover.
WASHINGTON , Muy 14. The nuviil board ot
design has completed the plans for n 2COJton
gun boat , which will soon bo published , and
Is now hard at work upon the details of thu
construction of Thomas' tilnp. This vessel
will murk a ilcparttiro In naval design. Her
general plun was originated out.
sldo of thn navy department by
UuprcKcntutlvo Thomas , n mombeof the
naval committee of the last house of repre
sentatives. Much work yet remains to be
done upon the plans by the department. The
vessel is to bo of a modified monitor type ,
and her peculiarities will bu In her heavy
ordnance , great defense power and nullity to
make lung cruises , her ample coal capacity
differing in this lust respect from tb.e old
Monitor typo.
Titkcn fur
, Wyo. , Muy 14. Special to Tin
BEE , ] Sheriff Angus has just arrested an
uid-tunu cowboy , Billy Carroll , at Ouster ,
Mont. Carroll will bu called upon at this
place to explain his connection with Certain
mldnlyht transactions in horseflesh which
bereft u Powder Kivor stock grower of BIJV *
oral vnluublu animals. This arrest Is be.
Moved to bo the beginning of u whnlctula
roundup of horse nnd cattle rustlers \vliq
have been operating In this uccliun ,
Two Thousand lo Hi ) Kvlo'od.
ST. PAUL , May 14. A detennlncn effort Ute
to bo made In u few days to evict the Polish
and Bcihomlnn ttqunt'tcrs on what aru known
us the "upper flats. " The papers are now
being prepared , und 2,000 people will ha
evlctrd , This will sweep the Huts of squat- , , and they will then bu used for manu
facturing nnd warehouse purposes , for willed
uses they nro very valuable. Homo of the
BqnaUers have assorted squatters' rlghti ,
which gives them u title after twenty yean
of residence , and It IH probable there will ba
trouble If nn attempt It made to evict them ,
Alurphlno Killed Him.
jACKbOSVH.1,1 : , Fla. , May 11. Last nlghl
W , W. Brown , a bunker of Wurerly , wa
found suffering from the effects of morphine ,
in u hotel hero , and died wltUln Ha hoar.