Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 12, 1889, Part I, Page 5, Image 5

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Monday we inaugurate the greatest of all sales in Fine ' Lace Flouncings and Embroidery Flouncings >
ever attempted'in ; tlie west.
if You Expect to Buy a Lace Dress next Monday and all the Week is Your Golden Opportunity , These Goods were Bought at Less than
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We intend to make Rome Howl with Low Prices. Next week will be a gala week , prices no object. SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS IN EVERY
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Headed Wrap nt the low price , only X' ! worth $4. IMo each ; worth * 2. line Normandy Valenciennes l < ac flouncing , 40 wide uuil ut price quoted U n rare bargain , this
Inch wide , at arc yard. No ouo can match it at number w 111 not lust long ut this price.
BEADED Persian $3,98 this Swiss price. Chantilly lace < N OC
Shawls , Flouncings 87c Flouncings M > I J
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BEADED worth il.50. Ask to .see them.
WRAPS Corsets , 75c. Ghantiily Lace ChantsiSy Laoe
Terrlfllo slaughter. Ladles' Hrown Cut Jut
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. .
only (1.1)8 ) ; north M. beat spring rollers all complete , only tfjc each
What Mr. Ooopor , of Lincoln , Haa
Been Trying to Find Out.
Convinces the Judge That It Is a
Query llo Can Answer , Not
Just Now Railroad Equal
LINCOLN hJURKiu or ran OMi.rn. Bw , )
This morning the Hon. S. M. Chapman en
tered his court loaded for game. In the big
municipal fight , which has boon Uisquiotinfr
the spirits ot the local politicians over since
the special election of April ' "J , TUB UKE has
already stated W. S. Hamilton cleverly
ousted ff. J. Cooper from his sent in the city
council , ( Fourth ward ) . Judge Chapman
board testimony and speeches pro nnd con
Jn the mandamus suit , which followed the
refusal of the city council to confer a cortlll-
cato of election upon Mr. Cooper. The sub
ject innttnr has boon Judicially cogitated
during the week , and the result was laid
open this morning. Judge Chapman says
that the mamlumus proceeding is something
that should bo carefully considered before a
writ Is issued the court should bo satisfied
that there is right In the relater ; that the
writ will give him proper relief and at tbo
aiiia time not compromise the rights of
third partips.
In the case at bar W. J. ' Cooper sought to
compel tbo respondents , the city council of
Lincoln , to give to him a cortlttcato of elec
tion to the council from the Fourth ward.
The evidence adduced showed that that
Xlobort 13. Graham wus contemplating be
coming a candidate for the oOlce of mayor of
Lincoln ut the general city election , on April
2. Thuro was an anticipation that ho would
resign his place us councilman from the
Fourth ward , and on this anticipation the re
publican electors of the Fourth ward placed
lu > relater In nomination to fill the expected
racanoy. There was a meeting of the city
council on Auril 1 , when Graham tendered
his resignation. A oortlon pf the council ob
jected to its acceptance , and tbo question
was referred to the council's standing com
mittee on elections. Thus Graham continued
to lioltl his oftlco ho had not resigned , his
roftUinutlou had not been accepted , and ho
continued to perform tha duties of his , for the evidence showed him to havu
been present ut the meeting of the council on
the Oth of April , tuklne part in the proceed
ings , when the vote cost at the election of
" April a was canvassed , nnd with the oxcoii-
tlou of the councilman for the short term
from the Fourth ward ( Cooper having been
elected to that ofllco Tallowing upon bis re
publican nomination ) the parsons securing
the majority of the votes for the oftlces to bo
llllod nt the election were declared duly
elected. Tbo tellers In charge of the can-
vans , indeed , had counted and reported the
number of votes cast for the relater , Cooper ,
but no further action wus taken by the
board of canvassers. They seemed , indeed ,
to Imvo considered that there wus no vacancy
of the ofllco to which the relater had been
elected. The meeting was followed by n
mooting on April 8 , when the committee ,
who had In charge the tendered resignation
of Graham ( who , in the meantime ,
tad been elected mayor of Liu-
coin ) reported the subject back to
the council. The resignation of Graham was
then accepted , und a special election to fill
the vancy of councilman for the short term
in the Fourth ward , was fixed for the 23d of
April. On that day the people had before
them us contestant ! W. J. Cooper and \V. 8.
Hamilton , the latter receiving a large num
ber of the votes cast , and be being sub&o-
nuuntly declared by the city council duly
elected. Hamilton qualified and Is now per
forming the duties and enjoying the rights ,
privileges and emoluments of the omco. The
Judge said tlioso were the facts with which
ho had to deal , and out of them arose a ma-
tcrial issue between the relater , the respond
ents und a third party , \V. S. Hamilton. TUo
question was thlt ; Did Gruham'i resigna
tion became operative on April 1 or April HI
If It came Into ofTcct on April S , then there
was no vncnncy in the ofllco ho filled nt the
election of April 3 , If the resignation by its
acceptance dated from April 8 , then the
relater would have no right to bo
declared elected nt the election occur
ring , or to have a certificate ) of election do-
llvercd to him , und , in addition to this , there
is the serious question , which becomes an
issue between the relater and W. S. Hamil
ton. as to whether the Lincoln city council
hud authority to order the special election of
April 'J2. Ho had it before him in evidence
that there Is pending iu the court a proceed
ing In the nature of a quo warrunto , in
which the relater seeks to have Hamilton
ousted from his omco as councilman and that
ofllco vested in him. The weight of authoriy
in the country Is in iavor in cases like this of
quo warranto proceedings rather than man
damus. Under the quo warranto action , the
rights of the relater and of his adversary
can bo fully settled , whereas if a writ \vero
now issued it would only compel the re
spondents to perform the ministerial duty of
giving a certificate of election to the relater ,
to which the court was not quite clear that
ho is entitled. Tha substantial richt of Ham
ilton , If any ho had. would not bo tested , but
these rights might bo compromised , provided
that UDOII the trial of the quo-warrauto It
should bo found that ho is entitled to the
seat. Further , the certificate of election is
not necessary to the rolutor , to maintain his
action * of quo-warranto ; and in well con
sidered cases It has been held when , in
doubtful cases , a certificate han boon Issued ,
mandamus will not llo to compel the Issuance
of a second certificate , especially when such
Issuance would merely shift the burden of
proof , or would render substantial aid or
final relief. The Judge referred to Magee
vs Supervisors , 10 Gal. , 37(5 ( ; Sherburn vs
Horn , 45 Mich. , 160 , and People vs Cove , 5
111. , 100 , and said that in his opinion the case
at bar made a stranger case for the refusal
of the writ of mandamus than the cases
cited. In this case an action by quo-war
ranto would afford n speedy and complete
relief to the relater , and thorn would bo no
prejudice to the third party. The court had
not iu this matter doomed it necessary finally
to dcoldo. As to the legality of the elections
of April 3 and April 23 , which matter would
bo best tested at the hearing on the quo-
warranto. Ho considered It best for the In
terest of nil concerned to leave , until tbon ,
tha parties In their present status ; and for
all these reasons the writ of mandamus was
refused with costs.
Hallronil Initialization.
Tbo board of equalization , with the excep
tion of the governor , is again at homo. It is
learned that the Klkborn system of roads
was completely rounded up during the week.
Every mile of road , 1,018 In number , was
traversed and the property carefully listed.
Ono of the members of the board informed
TUB Uiu representative to-day that "lots of
property was discovered" that the authori
ties of the road hud failed to civo In. This ,
however , will bo considered when the assess
ments are made. "Tho road will make noth
ing by Its attempt to secret its properly , "
pointedly said the member. The board will
continue its ride and work on next Thurs
day. It is understood that the property of
the Chicago , Kansas & Nebraska railroad
company will next bo traversrd and In-
si > cctcd. The sentiment Is strong hero that
the action of the board in seeking to Inspect
tbo railroad property of the state Is a wise
ono. _ _ _ _ _
IMinrmuonutioal Programme.
Opening of the eighth annual mooting
of the State Pharmaceutical association by
the president , W. U. Shryouk , Louisville.
Music by the military band quartette ,
"Soldiers' Chorus from Fuust. " . . . Gounod
Prayer . Uev. E. H. Curtis
Address of Welcome .
. Colonel L. C. Pace , Lincoln.
Musio "Tho Uuglo Horn . White
Election of now members.
Annual address by tha president.
Lecture "Chemistry ' ' . Prof.
Nicholson , of the state university
Muslo "I Waited for the Lord"
. . . . . . . . . . % . . . Mendelssohn
Conductor * .
The railroad conductors of tha Unlto'd
States , Canada and Mexico hold a delegate
convention at Denver , commencing Tueuday ,
May 14. Fourteen car loads of these urbauo
and gentlemanly follows will pass through
Lincoln to-morrow morning , ea route for
tha gomt designated. The special train will
bo in three sections , nnd will leave L3acific
Junction in the morning at 1:43 : , and will
reach hero about 8 o'clock. The train will bo
in charge of Conductors Waldron , Secor and
Hurdlmr. It Is said that the boys expect to
have a great time , and hope to reach Denver
so that they can have a day's rest before
commencing the work of the convention.
City News unil Notes.
Judge Stewart to-day ordered Francis
Ponnington sent to the reform school at
Kearney. This enda the chapter In the lives
of the would-be gypsy girls so far as il con
cerns their late escapade.
Forty odd Lincoluitcs returned to-day
from the festivities attending the opening of
the Paddock hotel nt Beatrice. Ono and all
pronounce It an elegant affair. Mine Host
Crilo.v evidently did himself honor.
Fitzslmmons , the murderer of Read at
Wavorly. and Taylor Curtis and Mrs.
Woods , the alleged murderers of Bob
Woods , will commence next weak. Fitzsini-
mons' ca a Is sot for Tuesday , and the trial
of the alleged murderers of Woods will
follow Immediately.
Judge Stewart to-day issued the following
umrrlago licenses : Watson G. Woodward
and- Miss Amelia M. Hornoy ; Thomas F.
McMuhonand Miss Agnes Grourlc , all of
Lincoln , Lancaster county.
W. J. Price , a wholesale cigar dealer ,
failed to-day. Chattel mortgages amounting
to $7,500 were entered against him this after
noon , and other liabilities will probably
bring the amount up to nearly f 10,000 ; assets
about $10,003.
Immense Wealth llcnllzotl Hy Separa
ting ( Jolil from 1..OO8O Ulrt.
TUo fortune that awuits the inventor
of a successful dry-placor machiuo , or
any ' method by which the gold
iu the loose dirt on the hills and
mountains of Nevada can bo separated ,
snyB the Virginia ( Jity Enterprise , will
make the present wealthy mon of the
world have , by comparison , dismal an
ticipations of the poor liousp. The ex
po runout has often boon tried , and aa
often the result has boon only partially
successful , often sullluioutly encourag
ing to induce continued ollort , hut
never so far has a profitable working
test boon mado.
Owing to the specific gravity of gold ,
which enables us to collect it by the
use of water , wind will probably bo the
ohiof ngent of separation. The nu
merous contrivances for that purpose
now in existence depend more or loss
upon the principle by which grain is
separated from chaff , and the experi
menters have usually directed their at
tention to modifications of the form and
structure of the familiar winnowing
The several methods of utilizing the
air have at times bcou combined with
amalgamating plates and with a mod
erate use of water wluoh is made to do
continuous service. The failure iu the
sense of profitably working has usually
been duo to the relatively small quan
tity , of metal saved that is , tno returns
have not justified the outlay. There
is no question as to the feasi
bility of making the weight of
particles of gold operate in collecting
themselves m a district mass : it is mid
always has been only the ratio between
value received and value expended tlmt
must bo overcome by the successful dry
separator. Heretofore the wind has
boon supplied by artificial moans and
its application has necessarily been
limited. Some time the natural motion
of the air will bo applied on a largo
scale and in such a manner that by a
repeated fanning the dry earth may bo
blown away from the heavier motal.
Great air concentrators will bo devised
that can bo operated at an expense
merely nominal , and the problem will
bo practically solved.Yhon this is no
complishod tno wind , which , like the
poor , wo have always with us , will blow
wealth and prosperity for Nevada.
The Olty On thd Blue Formally Opens
Its Now Hotel.
Hcatricc a Scene of Splendor A.
Grand Banquet and 'Ball
AVlio IVcro There
The Hotel.
BEATIUCB. Neb. , May 11. [ Special to THE
BUB. ] Beatrice bidding for the third place
among Nebraska's ' busy and enterprising
cities , can now say without boasting that'we
have the llnest hotel in the state outside of
Omalra , and in point of furnishings , and
architectural beauty the peer of any. Bril
liantly illuminated last night , ' -The Pad
dock" presented a sceuoof dazzling splendor ,
such as has rarely been witnessed in the
west , for beauty nnd chivalry had gathered
there. Fully a thousand sparkling
faces were to bo scon "hero nnd
there and everywhere , " In repousse
to the generous Invitation of Mr.
Criloy , throutrh the Traveling Men's
club , to attend the jjrntidjoperilng. They gave
animation to the decorations within , wnich
were as beautiful as cultured tastes could
conceive , and the spirit manifest on every
hand was that of honor to tbo builder and
the enterprising genius of the city that the
new four-story hotel does so much credit.
The dedication of "The Paddock" was the
great sooial event of the history of Beatrice ,
nnd her citizens seemed to appreciate tbo
fact. They vied with each other in making
the stranger feel .that ho was one of
them. Tlio roccution was In keeping with
tlio true spirit of hospitality. It was all that
would bo asked by. the throng tlmt gath
ered from the four quarters of the
union. No act of kindly interest or
gentility wus forgotten.
Words would fall to picture the beauty of
the ( lorul decorations. .Festoons of flowers
hung from the ceilings und walls. Great
wreaths and potted plants transformed c. very
room from ollice to ordinary , into bowcra of
beauty. Colors were blended with inut < ) h-
less taste. Indeed , they were in such per
fect keeping that contrasts gave back
answering smiles. There was no dashing ,
and It need only be said ; that all within WAS
symmetrically beautiful. This , in a word , U
all that u pen-picture can do in description.
The banquet and ball ot the Traveling
Men's club , which was lirojcotod by tha pro
prietors of tlio hotel , to- fittingly celebrate
its formal opening , was also perfect in its
way , The banquet } vns , served in the ele
gantly furnished dtnlrig' rooms and ordina
ries. No sound came back from the couples
us they cume tq , and went from , the tables
laden with every dellcuoy of the season. The
silk-velvet carpets did not Intend it should
be so. Cheery Voices alone gave
evidence of confusion. Hut to
linger here is n to prolong a
story that every guest , will bear TUB Bun out
in saying : "Therehas hoen nothinglika itiu
.all Nebraska the past year. "
The ball wax given iu tha opera house , a
portion of tha magnificent Paddock that will
bo formally dedicated to the drama some
time during the montu of next September ,
and it Is presumable that the dedication will
IHJ upon a scale of equul plane. Hut. con
cluding , the parquet was fitted on a. level
with the stage , and teriisichoroau revellers
Indulged to heart's contout. Though incom
plete ) , the opera house presented a handsome
ap | > caruncaj and in perspective gave evidence
of the elegant unit commodious ' 'teuiplo of the
drama" Beatrice will have when the interior
is HnUhod ,
But , the opening of "Tho Paddock Is now
a part of the history of Beatrice , and it
means vastly more than what appears on the
surface. The city has a hotel commensurate
with every need. It is not only a credit to
the city , but to the whole state. It is
beyond to-day and bid * for a progressive
future. Senator Paddock must have hod
faith iu the possibilities when ho ventured
fITO.OdO . to build the liolul that bears his
name , and In which every citizen of the place
takes a just degree of pride. H la not ouly a
monument of the aay , but of the years to
The order of the evening was conventional
iu every sunsa. There Is nothing paradoxi
cal in this. The ball , the banquet and the
general social pleasures of the evening would
have been lacking- without the customary Mr. C. O. Bates welcomed the guests
in u few well chosen words. Ho was folicl-
tous in his remarks to the traveling men and
provoked applause in contrasting their re
sponsibilities. Mr. A. J. Conleo , president
of the Traveling Men's duo , addressed the
gathering in behalf of the fraternity he rep-
reaonts. Colonel Ashby also responded "In
favor of the Paddock , " nnd was roundly ap
plauded in his concluding sentence : "In the
name of the Traveling Men's Social club , of
Beatrice , I thank you for your attendance
hero to-night. "
and somotuiug of the history that bid to the
splendid Celebration , and also something of
the peoulo who honored the occa
sion with their presence. The honor
of formally dedicating the hotel
was tendered to und carried out by the Trav
eling Men's Social club of this city. The
club , though young , Is in a nourishing condi
tion , occupying large und well furnished
rooms. A. J. Conleo Is president nnd H. M.
Chase secretary. The members are : A. J.
Coulee , O. II. Phillips , J. A. Forbes , B.
Malnzcr , H. M. Chase , \V. C. Brooks , ICIntz ,
W. Pickrell , E. J. ERleston , S. S. Sims , C. S.
Fasselmnn , U. P. Bacon , L. W. Willis , C. E.
Danforth , C. W. Miller , D. G. Mellor , J. W.
Foley , F. II. Myers , W. A. Sherwood. F. W.
Barclay , F. D. Morrell , N. D. Hubbard , F.
O. Waynaut , W Z. Warner , W. H. Whitman -
man , J. C. Mctzlor , John Dwyer , W. P.
Briggs , J. M. Bcriley , G. A. Dascomb , A.
Herman , P. W. Fconoy , W. J. Sliultz , R. G.
Schmidt , C. J. Schmidt , J. W. ccd. S.Ueed ,
W. A. Laufman , G. C. Werner and B. D.
Hitt. Since the organization of this club six
more traveling men have decided to move
their families to Beatrice , und within tha
past ten days about ten additional members
of the club have boon secured. The club
now numbers about fifty members , ull resi
dents of Beatrice , a good many of them tak
ing an active part in all matters of public
improvements and importance.
A short time ago Mr. E. 1C. Croloy , pro
prietor of the Paddock hotel , tendered the
free use of the Paddock to the Traveling
Men's club for a banquet. The offer was
enthusiastically accepted and May IU set as
the time , which was also to bo the formal
opomiiK of the hotel.
Among the guests from abroad were the
following :
From Oniana Mrs. Groino Sorkowsky ,
Sam \Veiu , Myers , Snyder , Boindaxon and
Medor , W. II. Pulton , W. S. Holphroy.
Zack F. Gnrrett , Joseuh Garneau jr. , B. W ,
Feoney , E. E. Edwurds , J. B. Patterson , E.
J. McVniu. H. W. Myers , II. W. Spngifutc ,
W. II. Kotli , AY. J. Lane , W. T. liowoll , W.
E. Annln. From Hod Cloud , M. A. Motzgur
und wife. , -
From Uochuatcr , N. V. C. H. Arifold.
From Lincoln L. W. Uarrott and.wife , F.
M. Echolstellor and wife , 1) . C. Mosher , W.
J , Basch , Sam Hudson and wife , II , S. Hof-
f9lllnior , Ben F. Weaver , J. J. McClellun ,
L. \ \ . Emery , Dave Hellwog , Ben McNeil ,
Will Hogun , M. S. MoLogan. Misses Gertlo
Hollweg , Anna Hogan , Ncllto Moran , ICutlo
Moran , Mnggio McUoberts , C. C. Caldwell ,
C. Armstrong , J. C. Metzlor , W. II. T.iylor ,
W , H. Locho , C. A. McCarger , W. H. Tay
lor , H. U. Nlssloy. M. J. AVingor , F. W ,
Scacroit. B. Heaton , Fred UeWltt , Walt
Mason , L. D. Voz.
From Fatrbury C. J. Parratt , G. W.
From Kansas City D. G. Gerslncor.
From St. Joseph T. W. Willis , E. S. Sco-
bor , U. B. Hill , It. O. McCuudloss , U , H. Ly-
man.From Keokuk N. S. PoUberger.
From Now York S. L. Kettle.
From St. Louis A. Chapman , O , II , John-
sou , W. \VhiUiiaan , August PingU > n.
From Chicago L. M , Bennett , L. T. Os-
berne , Max Noel , L. H. Long.
From Kirksville , Mo. B. W. McCoy ,
From Wymoro Dave Auty and wife.
From Pawnee City C. J. Butler , G. E.
From Hastings W. II. Dillon.
From Atehlson J , S. Graham.
From Milwaukee J. L. Lltt.
ThQ Paddock hotel Is a handsome four-
story bricu building with a thirty-foot
tower. It is of the Bavarian order of arch
itecture , 100 foot on Court street and 140 feet
on.Slxth street , and cost , exclusive of furni
ture , $154,000. Thuro are nluoty-two guest
chambers , seven of them having bath rooms.
Tlio main feet
dining-room is forty-eight
square , and the Indies' ordinary twenty by
twenty feet. Adjoining the dining-room is
the serving room , separate from the kitchen.
These are ull on the second floor. The ofllco
Is forty-eight by fifty-six feet , with marble
floor. The passenger elevator is of the
latest Improvement und pattern. Tha bar
and billiard tables are in the rear of the
ofllco , nnd will be in charga of Emrio Long-
ten. The carpets ami furniture are hand
some and costly. The furniture outside of
the parlors is of oiled antique ouk.
The Olty Council.
Mayor Sloan and Councilman Fenno ,
Towlo , Burke , Johnston , McMillan and Kaf-
ferty were present when the council con
vened , Saturday night. Po er McCaffrey's
bill for $62 was reported favorably. The
viaduct , street and alloy committee reported
In favor of paying the King Bridge company
$5,000 , ana .1 warrant on the viaduct fund
was ordered drawn. Ordiuanca No. 180 , re
lating to building inspection , and repealing
ordinance No. 03 , was road und referred.
Special ordinance No. 10 , relating to levy
ing a tax for sidewalks , was read and re
The petition of J. F. Burt , for a plumber's
license wus granted. The Milwaukee Bridge
ana Iron company's communication , offering
to use English Portland cement for the con
crete'for the two west piers of the L street
viaduct , without additional cost to the city ,
was read und permission given.
J. A. L. Wuddoll's report on the L street
viaduct was read and referred to the com
mittee on viaducts , streets and alloys.
It N. Lawrence's request to have the
causes of bis removal or suspension made
known , was read and on motion the request
was granted. The motion , however , was
reconsidered and lost.
Tlio inspector's report on sidewalks was
referred to the ordinance committee.
The mayor appointed George II , Lawrence
city engineer , but the appointment was re
jected by a vote of 5 to 1.
A resolution was offered to have John B.
Morris take charge of the city work and in
spect the vluduct works. The resolution
was tabled and finally expunged.
The city .attorney wus directed to draw a
pound ordinance.
Messrs. Burke , Fenno and Rafforty were
appointed a special committee on Mud creek.
Mayor Sloano appointed John B. Morris
city engineer , and the appointment wus con
Adjourned to moot next Saturday evening.
Notes About tlio City.
The regular semi-annual meeting of tbo
Klectrlo Light company , und a stockholders'
meeting , will bo held iu Secretary John A.
Uoo'solllco to-night.
A daughter gladdens the homo of Mr. and
Mrw. Casper Podoluk.
Jacob Joakolek was installed true mclstcr
ami Simon S. Humor bundos moister at tbo
meeting of Lodge No. M , O. U. T. H. , Fri
day evening.
S. D. Aclcar , of Defiance , la. , Is visiting
his sisters Mrs , M. E. Beano and Miss Sudlo
E. Acker.
Mrs , and Mrs , W , S. Glynn have been
summoned to Iowa on account of sickness ,
Joseph , aged five years , son of Mr. and
Mrs. Umaton , Albright , died Tuesday , and
will bo Interred In the German Catholic
cemetery at 10 o'clock Sunday forenoon.
Heafoy & Heufoy liuvo charge of the funeral
Dr. E. L. Ernhart has removed to the
Abraham building. N street.
Patrick Crow , of lied Oak , H visiting his
uncle , Judge King * .
John liyan raited a row at John Kilker's ,
was run In and will answer before Judge
John McVoy , a vag , got ono day In Jail ,
Michael Burns | 2 fine , and M , McDonnell ,
charged with snakes and bad whisky tbv
Judge King , and Michael Kyan charged with
grand larceny , transferred to Justice Levy's
court was fined.
Superintendent A. A. Monroe stutoa that
1101 pupils Imvo been enrolled m the city
schools since September 10 , 1EH3 , of whom
71'J ' attended during the school month ending
May ! ) . The average attendance was 080 ,
There were 251 nolther.tardy nor absent , and
there wcro ' M cases of tardiness amounting
" hours ; 80 parents visited the school * .
Tlio Sunnier II 111 School.
County bupcrintoudont Bruuer yesterday
appointed two women to fill vacancies in thQ
bchool board of district No. 20 , known aa
Sumner Hill. Their names are Mrs. Au
gusta Lorcnzon and Mrs. Margarotta Hun
ter. He took thum for the reason that none
of tbo district could bo induced to servo.
Tlio vacancies occurred last winter , when
death removed the moderator and treasurer.
Since then the district has boon without a
local government , but school kapt Just tha
same although tlio tcnchur has not been able
to draw a pay. The term will soon close ,
and in order to prevent any annoyances , the
superintendent , acting upon the udvica of
County Attorney Munoney , to whom the
matter was submitted , made the two ap
Many mountain streams abound in
trout. The higher up ono goes the
moro fish there seem to bo , they mount
ing falls of several foot high in their
ambitious progress toward the source of
the water's supply. The salmon , the
cousin of the trout , is famous for its
method of going up stream ; it darts ut
falls ton or twelve feet high , leaps into
the air , and rushes up the falling water
in a marvelous manner. So dotormino'd
are the salmon to attain the high and
safe waters that in some localities nets
are placed honoath the falls , into which
the llsh tumble in their repeated at
tempts to clear the hill of water. Other
than human hunters , however , profit
by these scrambles up hill. Travelers
report that on the banks of the upper
St. John river , in Canada , there was
once a rock in which u largo circular
well , or pol-holo , had been worn by the
action of tlio water. At the salmon
season this rock proved a favorite re
sort for boars ; and for a good reason.
Having an especial taste for salmon ,
the boars would watch nt the pot-hole ,
and as the Hulinon , dashing up tlio fall ,
were frequently thrown over into it ,
the bears would fish thorn out .without
diflieulty. .
f NHTHUMKNT8 placed on record during
Jyostorduv. .
N J Bmlth and wife to 0 Illrd , lot H. N J
Smith pane , w d t BOO
AMttiavock etultoWP Adldna , lots 1
and 2. bllt ' , und lot 10 , ulk : i , Mcliuvock
Ac O'KeclTo'H add , w d 3,050
U A LlnqiicHt and wife to O U Wallace ot
ul , e 40 U , KIlVEabeth place , \v d 8,600
A U Churlton and wife to H M WIIcox , lot
IB , hllc 1 , Institute place , w d 300
N T Prlco , uclmlnlHlrutor , to J I , McCau'ue ,
lot 17 , bit ft.oil Cumlug iidtl. w d 080
8 II I'rlco to N T I'rlce , ml property , will.
J U C'allionn to Nebraska Loan & Mort-
uauuC'o , lot 15 , JIuillcc'H urove , w a T.COO
JliMIIuMHiid wife to J Thompson , uud
' , ; ioti. ; blk 1 , Hertford placu , qed
J \V Kvuni , coiiiinlHHlourr , toj It Mlloo ,
lota , blk I. lledford place , edIt 705
It U Donnuily , trustee , to A Mclntosu ;
lots 10 , in mid 21 , blk t , Portland I'law ,
lots 12 und 15 , blk 4 , lotII , blk 2 , Clifton
IU1I. wa. . , . , .
H It Donnelly , trustee , teA MclutOHli.Jota
4. tot"Vaverly " add , wd 1
Max Meyer otnl to K II Kcktoldt , lot 18 ,
blk 1 , Manhattan , wd 37B
J 0 Dfiilno and vrlfu to I , J Parmuloe , lot
II , blk B , Drake lid , w d 375
\V Coclirun to K H Allen , lota 5 and 12 ,
Cochran Park , wd 3,000
b Pruyii and wife to 1' B Parkur , lot 2 , blk
2 , Priiyn Park , wd 380
II Kuuntze and wife to O I ) Wutt , a tract
4.1x121 ft In n wlO-16-ia
U Martin to C'WI'urtildKt ) , lot A , blk 2 ,
DOKKH * IIIU' i.'dudd. wil . 4,600
B llutiiciiieyor and wife to J W 1'uul , lot
8. lilk K , Pro ] ) ttct placu. w d . , COO
I'J and II V llnrkloyto 1 > il KoHtura , lot
H. blky. Crouton , wrt . 1,000
II Kountzo and wire to Wm O Helm , < 5x
imt In nw lu-IA-ia w d . 1,033.
U K Trench to Thotnui t'McNnmara. lot
10. MIC 17. d . I.OM
O li Miller and wife to ( i M lludlone , Jia
blk HI , Sey our Park , \r d . . ' . . 800
1 * A llelden to A Parrlngton , lot 10 , blk
1. llrennun Place , wd . 0,760
1 * A lluldun to M A Harrington , lot 7 ,
1 1 ousel and Htebbons' add , w u , . , , . 3.760
1 ! Aluscow to J li I'Hnell , iU'AxWi ' ft In
lota ) , ilartmun'sudd , vi d , . , . . .
W /.awton to J K llockett. lot t. wil-
llaniH , plac . lot U. noise's add. w d . 3,000
II Ilolln and wife to H U lloborts , lot 3 ,
Wuterly placu , wd . , , , . , . , 600
0 M Hunter to KA llrovtnioa. lot IU ) ,
blkl , Kendall ndd , w d , . , . , . . , . . . , . . , . 1.100