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    THE OMAHA DAILY MAY 10 , 1880
The regular monthly meeting1 of the
bonrd of directors of the Y. M. C. A.
will bo hold this ovoninp.
Tom Ruby , supposed to bo ono of the
thieves who have boon robbing tbo
Union Pacific shops , is the guest of
Jailer Ilnnoy.
Officer Ilinchov picked up n purse
containing n Binixll amount of money on
Fnrnnm street. It vvas turned over to
Chief Sonvoy ,
The great war song concert will DO
opoixsd by Oonorul J. C. Cowin with a.
Btlrring address , Friday night at the
Grand oporn , house.
The horse car company Is laying track
on Sixteenth street from Fnrnam to
Capitol avcmio , connecting the Far-
niim street with the Saunders street lino.
,7.H. Urunor , county superintendent
of instruction , has issued u programme
of the Douglas County Teachers' asso
ciation , which will bo in session Satur
day , May y } nt the court house.
Of the 2,000 dot : tags prepared for this
season , City Cleric Southard has sold
only I'M tags. The dogs that do not
wear tugs are numerous , and the police
will soon begin using guns on thorn.
Caspar E. Yost and the Omaha Re
publican company commenced suit yes
terday before Justice Morrison to re
cover $185 from Thomas Cotter. The
indebtedness is alleged to bo duo on a
promissory noto.
County Treasurer Uolln yesterday
Bent out notices to people who arc in-
.dcbtcd to the county for poor farm lots
which were purchased two years ago.
There is now about S.50,000 duo on notes
for the lots , and they will have to bo
paid by May lit.
An inmiito of the Douglascounty poor
farm calls attention to the fact that the
institution * is very poorly supplied with
reading matter , ami suggests that citi
zens will confer u favor by sanding old
papers , books or magazines to the poor
I'crfiniuil I'nrnurnnlifl.
C. B. ICysor , of Lincoln , Is in the city.
A. F. Putnam , of Detroit , Is In the city.
J. K. Urinltcr , of Chicago , is in the city.
J. W. Love , the Fremont banker , Is in the
W. J. Mclntyre , of Salt Lake , Is at the
J. P. Tracoy , of Kniknkoo 111. , Is nt the
F. E. , of Fort Doapo , la. , is nt the
\V. C. Allyn , of LexlnRton , Nob. , is n Paxton -
ton guest.
A. H. Swan , the Wyoming cattle king , Is
in the city.
Gcorgo M. Ulnkcalco of' Lexington , Nob. ,
is in the city.
Mrs. W. II. Foster , of Geneva , 111. , is nt
the Paxtoti.
G. Newton Cook , of Elmir.1 , N. Y. , is at
the Paxton ,
Julius Hosmuson , n Columbus merchant , is
nt the Millnrd.
Dan Stieedy , the Parson Davicsof Denver ,
is nt the Pax to 11.
lion. It S. , member of the senate ,
of Scward , is in the city.
EJTho Swedish Ladies National Concert
company , are ut the Millurd.
O. G. Wulrnth of Pittsburp paid bis old
Tried , Chief Seavoy , n brief visit yesterday.
E. C. Harris , superintendent of the east
ern division of the Elldiorn , is at the Mil-
L. K. McCeymonds and wife , Misses 13.
and M. MuCcymondsnnd John McCoymonds ,
of Cleveland , are at the Millard.
Mrs. Dr. Webb has gene on a visit to Spo-
kun.o Falls , W , T. She was tendered a re
ception by ludy friends before leaving.
"Welcome Homo.
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Fisner , who have
just returned from their wedding tour , will
. lie tendered a reception ana banquet by
their numerous friends.
to the JHR.
. Sheriff Coburu will take James Thomas ,
Dan Hlco , George Cronm and Godfricd JJcrlo
bailer to the penitentiary to-day.
Thomas has boasted that bo will escape If
ho. has to kill the ofllccrs , but extra precau
tions will bo taken to prevent him from ex
ecuting bis threat.
Cnptnlu Woods' present.
Captain Woods , clerk of the police court ,
yesterday received nn inkstand of a very
bandsomo design from Henri Maryea , a
Frenchman , who was in Omaha some time
ngo , and was shown a favor by the captain.
The dosigi | of the present is nn old oaken
bucket nuulo of bronzo. sot in a xvoll , the
frnmo of which Is of handsomely carved
walnut , suspended by n sliver rope. The
present cnuio dlrrct f ronl Parie.
A Mist nice.
Mr. A , J. Hnyno , 1703 Center street , writes
to Chief Soavoy complaining of a house near
by in which drunken orgies aro'hold every
night by dissolute men and women. Ofllcer
Mostyn was detailed to investigate tbo
charges , and reports that Mr. Hayno must bo
mistaken , as the place Is quiet. The base
ment of the house Is occupied l > y a grader ,
and the men who como to the place are in the
Grader's employ.
Tliutj is Money.
Mrs. ICnto Shoots' elegant French clock
which cost f IB , was stolen by ono John Cald
woll. Ho was arrested and sentenced to
twenty-five days in the county Jail , six on
the thin diet of broad and water. John esti
mates that if ho could put in this tlmo at $ .3
piir'dny instead of passing it in Jail ho could
liavo bought a clock worth as much as the
'stolon ono and liavo $35 besides. lie Bays :
"I have hoard that tlmo Is money , but it
isn't when it is stolon. "
Doesn't Want Her Dnliy.
Mrs. Merritt , who lives at 2011 Cumlng
r.trcot , complains that an unmarried Gorman
or Swede girl of twenty-two namea Tona
Anderson , left her illegitimate four-months-
old baby with her about ten weeks iigo ,
npreeing to pay her fJ.&O per week for the
cnru of it. Tona ha * not only broken bar
iirpinlso , but has nluo concealed her where
abouts. She Is u blonde with two molus on
Jior loft oheolc , Is short la stature and heavy-
eel. Mrs. Morrltt says that u man who re
cently tended bar on Vintou Is supposed to
bo tlio father of the child.
Olllolnl CliuiiRO.
Eli Clayton has boon succeeded as goncral
manager of the Iowa and Nebraska Insur
ance company by M * . J. Hums , until rocontlj
an adjuster of the City of London Insurance
The reason given by ofllccrs of the com
pany Is that Mr. Clayton , on account of his
advanced age , was unable to fulfill the duties
of the ofllcc. Mr. Clayton bas sold his stork
1 in the company to Mr. Hums , who will take
iuiinodlato cliarco. Ha has now gone to OL-
tumwa , la. , to bring his wife and daughter
to-their now home.
Mr. Hums Is nn old associate of Secretarj
Goodwin , of the Iowa and Nebraska com
Mall Houto ItoniH.
The last remaining cvldonco of Cleveland' !
ndmlnlntration in the railway mall service In
this division was sent on to Chicago yester
day. The buudlq consisted of records
und receipts whlsli the now clorlcs niu
ngunts have no use for , After being exam-
inoii nt the division oOlcu in Chicago , the
document * \vill bo turned over to pajlbonrora
tenderly borho to the '
department at Vi'iuli-
ingtan und carefully laid uway hi the cold ,
sllbnt vaults.
H. 0. Gardner , Alnsworth. and Q. C. Wil
son , Sterling , uowly appointed route agent * ,
, were swora In yesterday , The former
. takes a run between Ord and Grand Island ,
and tu latter between Columbus and Aehi-
eon. '
Pozonl's Complexion Powder produces
a soft and beautiful bkln ; it combine *
very element of beauty und purity ,
lie Aakn For Aflslstnnooto Ilia North
ern Home.
George Humphrey , the well-known Win-
nobngo chief , Wft-No-Mo-Nekn , was at tbo
county commissioners' room yesterday no-
Jcltlne assistance. Ho is seventy-six years
old , and had walked from a point In south
ern Iowa , olghty-fivo miles distant , without
a ccntto procurn fooa or lodging with. Ho
s trying to reach the homo of his people , In
Dakota county , and thought tbo commis
sioners might do something towards fur
nishing him transportation. Said ha :
"I hnvo ftomo land up there and want to
got my children fixed before I dlo , so that
, hey will not want for anything. "
Humphrey WAS ono of tbo chiefs who
Iccdcd Council UlufTs to the government
rorty-olfiht years ago. Ho spoke briefly of
: ho matter to-day , saying :
"At that tlmo the town consisted of two
OR-houscs. The white men who came out
said they wanted to borrow It for thirty
years. They gave the Indians two drinks of
whiskey each , seine provisions , promised
thoin more when they wanted It , and that Is
the way the reservation was secured. "
The old follow uho stated that at the tlmo
of the HlacK Hawk war. In which his father
took part , bo was a big follow fourteen years
old. "My father was n great fnond , then ,
to Governor Uodgo and General Stool , who
had command nt Fort Pralrlo Du Chlcn , and
jnvo thorn all the assistance ho could , "
After ho had grown to bo a man , Chief
Wn-no-ma-noka went to college , acquired a
'ood education , and took the nntno , Gcorgo
An Imperative Necessity.
What pure air is to nn unhealthy lo
cality , what spring cleaning is to the
neat housekeeper , no is" Hood's Sarsaparilla -
rilla to everybody , at tnis season. The
body needs to bo thoroughly ronovntod ,
the blood purified and vitalized , the
germs of disease destroyed. Scrofula ,
salt rhoum.iuid all.othor blood disorders
arc cured by Hood's Sarsuparilln , the
most popular und successful spring
A Fntoful Memento.
Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo H. Leslie returned
from the east Wednesday , where they had
gone to assist In the identification of tbo rc-
malns of Mrs. Leslie's cousin , Mr. Hufus A.
Poverty , of Portsmouth , Now Hampshire ,
who , as wo announced a few days ago , was
one of the unfortunate victims of tbo Into
railway disaster at Hamilton , Canada.
Mr. Povorly , after a two weeks' pleasant
visit with his relatives nero , had gene on to
Chicago , and , after visiting seine friends
there , loft on the ill-fated Grand Trunk train"
for Now York , to enjoy the centennial fes
tivities before returning boino.
Ho had written friends in New York that
he would meet them on Sunday evening.
Not arriving , and noticing nn account of the
accident in the Now York papers , Monday
morning , Inquiries were sot on foot by tolo-
irram , when the news was wired from Ham
ilton that n shield , with the name of U. A.
Poverly , : CO Hroadway , Now York , was
found among the debris nt Hamilton.
Loving friends hastened to the scene of
the accident , but , alas , out of eighteen unfortunate -
fortunate occupants of the sleeping car
eleven were burned beyond recognition ,
most of them being ncadlcss and limbless.
Mr. Poverty's relatives secured his watch
chain , onyx charm with ills monogram , and
a shield with his name engraved in full
thereon , which is all that remained of his
personal effects.
Tbo engraved shield , which was the only
evidence to niarlc the absolute certainty of
the manner of his death , was purchased by
Mr. Poverty , some , fifteen years ago , prior
to bis departure on n trip to Europe , giving
his then New York business address and it
seems to have been a most providential thing
that ho should hnvo worn It constantly all
these years. *
The eleven unidentified bodies were pub
licly buried at Hamilton on Tuesday after
Have- you rheumatism1 !
Hnvo you diabetes ?
Hnvo you Bright's disease ?
riayo you any kidney trouble ?
JIavo you gravel ?
Have you any bladder dilllculty ?
Have you dropsy ?
Hnvo you dyspepsia ?
IIuvo you nny skin or blood dlsoaso ?
Are yourn victim of alcoholism ?
Are you wonlc and debilitated ?
If so , the Almighty has provided In
the wntors of Excelsior Springs , Mo. , n
pure frep remedy , that as n diuroticand
tonic , will moro nearly prove infallible
for your case than any other ngcncy
you can llnd on earth.
"Tho Elms,1' nt Excelsior Springs , is
nowhere surpassed among tirst-dns ,
hotels. All charges very reasonable.
Every comfort and convenience. Sur
roundings attractive. Climate delight
ful and healthful. Twenty-six miles
fromKiumas City , Mo. , on tlio C. , M. &
St. P. railroad. *
The remains of Miss Katie Sullivan , who
aloit last Tuesday , were intorod in the ceme
tery of the Holy Sopulchro yesterday.
The remains were first taken to St. Philo-
mcna's cathedral , where solemn high mass
was celebrated , Fathers F. McCarthy and S.
F. Carroll , of this city , and Father Tigho , of
New Jersey , officiating. The pall bearers
were Jeremiah Mulviliill , James Swift ,
Thomas Fiynn , Ulclmrd Muleahoy and Jero-
minh Linchan.
The funeral was very largely attended ,
ncarty ono hundred carriages being In the
Few deaths liavo taken place In this city
which liu occasioned such wide-spread re
gret among a largo circle of acquaintances
as that of Miss Sullivan. She had lived
nearly all her life in this city , was widely
known , and the eharm of her presence and
disposition was by every friend appreciated.
Coming so soon after that of her fatlior , her
death Is a blow upon both family and friends
which is severely felt.
QTho remains of Ellen F. Chambers Everett ,
who dlod Wednesday evening At her resi
dence , 142. ) Howard street , were forwarded
yesterday afternoon to Boonsboro , Md. , for
burial ,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ „ .
Inltinl Steps Toward Completing the
Work of Ijnylna Now Sldownlks.
The board of public works nas taken the
Initial steps to complete the work of laying
sidewalks In the permanent sidewalk dis
trict , established'by the council in Septem
ber , 1SS7. The district comprised OOl.CSO
superficial square feet. Of this amount
there remains 217,8(0 ( square feet , of wblcn
J. E. Hllcy ft Co. have the contract for the
construction of 11B.OOO square feet , The
board of public works bas condemned the
remaining walks in the permanent district ,
and the matter has goao to tbo council com
mittee on sidewalks. It will probably bo
concurred , in and stone or artificial stone
walks.will bo ordered. The condemned sec
tions are located as follows :
Ninth Street All of blocks 121 and 183 ,
lots I and 2 of block 1511 , lot 4 of block E , lot
fi block G , lot 5 block H.
Tenth Street Lots 4 and 5 block 101 , lot 1
block 11U , north 88 feet of lot 8 block 102 , lot
t block 2 < M , soutn 8S foot of lot 8 block 203 ,
lot 4 block 204 , south 00 loot of lot 5 block
Eleventh Street North CO feet of lot 4
blouk 133.
Twelfth Street South 44 feat and north
00 feet of lot 4 blodk 102 , and lots 1 and 8
block 150.
Thirteenth Street South ( VI feet of lots 4
and G block 104 , lot 4 block 174. lots 1 and S
block 1U3 , norta W5 foot lot 8 block 107 , north
44 feet lot 8 block 131.
Fourteenth Street Lot 1 and 110 feet of
lot 8 block 10.- , lot 8 Block 14S , lot 5 block 140 ,
lot 8 block 147.
Fifteenth Street Lot 8 block 147.
Sixteenth Street Lot 4 block 57. lot G
block 15'J , lot 8 bloeit 140 , lots 1 and 8 block
140 , lots 4 and 5 block 147 , south tVJ foot lot 5
block ! i3'J , south CO feet of lot G block ! WO.
Uodgo Street West 44 foot of lot 0 block
87 , lot 8 block S > S , lots 5 and 8 block 89 , lot 6
bloclt 00 , cast 22 feet of lot 0 block 0.1 , lots 1
and ! i und cast 22 feet of lot S block I0r , cast
22 feet lot 4 block 102 , lots 2 and 3 block 102 ,
middle 22 feet of lot a and east 44 feet of lot
4 block 1(10. (
Douglas Street Lot 0 block 100 , lot 4
block 121 , 100 feet of lot 1 block 121.
Furnam Street Lot 7 block 117.
Harney Street Lot 8 and east CO feet of
lot 0 block 133 , lot 0 block 135 , lot 7 block
IDS , lots it and 4 and cast f > 0 feet of lot 2 block
147 , lot 2 block 148 , west 44 feet lot block
150 , lot 4 and 22 feet of lot 3 block 151 , lot 1
block 152.
Howard Street Lots G , C , 7 and 8 block
147 , lots 0 , 7 and S blocx 14S , lot G and cast 'ID
feet lot 7 block 140 , lots 0 , 7 and S block 150 ,
lots 0 hud 8 block 1G3 , lot 3 block HV ) , lots 1
and 3 block 104 , lots 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 block 105 ,
lots 1 and 3 and west 22 feat of lot 2 block
100 , lot 4 and west 41 fejt of lot 3 block 107 ,
lots 1. 2 , 3 and 4 block 1CS , lots 1 , 2 and ! 3
block 109.
Now ! In the Spring of the Year.
During wintoi-jiinturo wisely arranges
that we should live on foods containing
much fat , or , us they tire known , hvdro-
carbons , for the pus-pose of supplying
hont to the body the chemical opera
tion nocos nry to transform fat into
is the exclusive work of the liver , and
so during the time stated it is constantly
With the approach of warm weather
our diet changes to muscle-producing
food , and the work of the liver is much
lessoned. In the majority of cases ,
however , it isiSSTunablo to completely
throw ott the excess of bile , but remains
congested , causing tlmti riiizy , tired
feeling which many have in the spring
months , when the weather becomes
warm.TThis is evidence of an unhealthy
condition , and though people apprec
iate the necessity of an alterative nt
this period , the common idea is to take
drastic pills and produce a cathartic ef
fect , only to make matters 63T worse.
The liver must bo unloaded , and its
proper action restored before hot
weather , if you wish to igiT preserve
health , and if this distinct call of nature
turo is unheeded serious results wil
occur.TTho blood will become loaded with
bile and lithic acid , and as tgy every
drop of vital lluid passes through the
kidneys to bo purified , they soon break
down und are unable to curry out the
deadly poison. Warner's Safe Cure
and Warner's Safe Pills have not only
a Efg" specific action on the kidneysbut
on the t T liver also.
( STThoy thin the thickened bile so
that it will pass out through the ducts ,
enable the glands to unload themselves ,
act as a , solvent on all biliary acids and
in a word , G3T fit these organs for the
season's work , tgjr preventing blood
poisoning , iiilliunmiition abscess , and all
alTections to which they are so liable.
iSSV As you valwo the blessings of
health , do not allow the summer to approach
preach without giving your system a
"goncral house cleaning in the manner
we have indicated.
( Qy''To be forewarned is to bo fore-
tinned. " _
Wanted Hit Nelulilior'n Ijlne.
Ira J.ickson's arrest caused by bis
stealing several yards of rope from II. F.
Pctrle. The complaining witness testified
to what the rope was worth , although by
standers differed from him , alleging that 2.1
cents was a high price for It. Hut as ho
had stolen the article tha difference in the
estimated value of i cut no figure , and ho
was sentenced to twenty days , the first and
last thrco on bread and water.
I ) I hi ) .
CHAPMAN In this city May 8 , 18S9 , Fro-
UencK H. Chapman , aged forty-nine years.
Funeral , May 10 , nt 2:30 : o'clock n. in. from
northwest corner of Twenty-sixth und Sownrd
ttrcots to Prospect Hill.
t'c.l liy the United Str.te * riovtrnintnt. indorsed by the headi of the Great Universities
and J'nhllc 1'ood inilyttii , n the blroneett. 1'uresl and most HcaUhfiil. Dr. Trice1 * Cream
MaVInjf rimdcrilori nol contain Ainmoiila , I.lmcor Alum , Dr. Price' * Delicious Flavoring Kx-
truclinnilla , I.cniuu , Orange , Almond , KOKC , etc. , do iut contain ToltououiiUlli or Chemicals.
PRICE BAKING POWDER CO. , New York. Chicago. Bt. Louis.
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Appacatus and Supplies.
Engines Boilers Steam Etc.
, , Pumps , .
AbsoButeEy Pure-
Tills powder never varies. A marvel of purity
strength and wholeiiomcnoss. Moro economical
than the ordinary Kin in , anAcmmot bo gold la
competition with the muUutulos of low cost ,
ghoriwelRhtnlumor piiospnato powders , sold
only tn cni. lloyal nuking I'owdor Co120
Wnllstroet Now Vork
In 188.11 contrnclwl lllootl 1'olfon
of luil tjpc , luul waa treated with
ncrcnry , potoih niul pareaparllla
mlxtnrc cron \ \\oreonll the time.
1 tool : 7 small bottle * H.8.8. which
cured 1110 uillrcly , nnil-iio efn ! ; of
tlio dreadful dlccaso lias returned.
J. C. NAMK ,
Jim. 10 , ' 89. llobbyvlllc , lud.
lly lltllo nlcco had white swelling
to tuch na cxtcrt that eliota con
fined tn tlio hul for n lon llnic.
Moro tlun SO I'leccd of lior.o cmno
out of her lc # , cwl the doctors tald
amputation wa tiio cnly icmptiy to
ea\olicrlllo. Ircfu rdtlioopcrtlloa
and put her on H.S.H. mid plio U now
upm.iUictlvor.ndlnnar'ooU health as
uny child. Jli3 ANNIH ( luneusa ,
Feb. 11 , ' 0. Columbus , On.
Book on Blood Dlw-isci sent free.
Swirr Hrncino Co.
Drawer 3 , Atlanla , Oa.
Aslt Your Xtototier for ttio
According to lonr Needs.
. .TAncEs MEANS si snon
julighttndttjlish. ItfltsllKitn
slorklriRr , und RKQUIKKS
Ing perfectly cn y the first time It
Is worn. Jt will tatlsiy Uio roost
. > " * * - * ' * * - - mLii J
( S3 SUOU la absolutely tha
- ly shoo of Its price which
liai CTCP been placed ex
tensively on the market
in which durability
Is considered licforo
mere ont-
/ikftrthcJ me - auco.
Jlcanr (2 shoe for Doy
J. MEANS I : CO. , Ilooton.
HncH of thuabavo Hhocu for Halo bv
Morns & Wilcox
andiGeo.S. Miller
Only Gcnnlno System of Blcmiiry Training.
1'our Jlonkn J.curncil In emu reading.
Itliml MiuiilrrinR cured.
Every clillil anil nclult errently licnpflttcd.
flroit inducements to Correspondence. Classes.
PniFuectus , with opinions of Dr.AVni. A. Ilntn-
nioiiilTtho , world faiVil Kpcchlitt In Mind IIIMMM * .
" .
Duh"rl "r M'iilont TlininiiMiiittliefreit J'Hjcliol.
Rt I 111 Ititclclev , I > .lodiiorof the Christian
TJtorair V. yl , Kirlmril I'roMor , tlio fiocntlst.
Him .lHdBOttIliKon , Jitilnli I1.llcnjaiiiliinn < J
237 Fifth Avc. , N. Y-
1K1& FAUNA M STiinr.T , OSIAIIA , Nun ,
' .Opposite I'axton Hotel. )
Office ho-.u-g , Oa. m. toHp. m. Bundaya , 10 * .
m. to 1 p ra.
JpcclallstM In Chronic , Nervous , Ekln and
niood LM ) 3 ! > 03. , ,
fay-Consultation at olllco or by mall free.
Medicines ssnt uy mull or cxpips3. homuily
pacKad fri'e lioin olisurvatlon. Cimrantcc.i to
cure milcklv. bafelv and nunir.inently ,
nil J OMOsNleht ' IJinH-
lena I'hyelcai Decay. arlsinK troni Indiscre
on , Extesi or Jiululgence. producing Sleep
lessness , Despondency , I'lmpiiw on the face.
aversion toso-iety , easily disrourxKed. lack of
conlldcuce. dull , unlit for htuly or busiuois.nnd
llnds life n burden , sntfly. permanently and
privately curAd. Consult Drs. [ lotto A : Hetta ,
* OS Hunamht. , Omaha , NoU.
Bloifl and Skin Disease ?
results , completelv 'cradlcntod without Uioaid
of Jlnrcurv. Kcrofoia. ICryslpeliin , Kover Sores ,
lllotchus , Dicers , I'ainfl lu the Head and Hones ,
Syphilitic Sore Ttirout. Jlouth and Tongue. Co.
turrli.c. . , permanently cured where otnera
have fatted.
1/iilnmr TTninntiir tnd Illaddor Cimplttlnts ,
K1I1I1GV , Unn3ry I lntul. Uimrult , too fre.
mieiit llurnlnn orlHoody Urine , Uriue hlgn col
urc'il or with milky * sediment on standing ,
Weak Hack. OonnuniiHia. Gleet , Cystitis , & .C. ,
Promptly nndSufelyCurud , Charges Heasona-
bin. _
Cirp1JTrrmmTll Ouaranteea per-
± JtbJ.O ± UiEbJU ! mancnt Curo. re
moval complete , without cutting , caustic or
dilatation. Cures ttt acted at homo bv patient
without a momeiitsixrfnor unnovunce.
To Yonni Mfin aM Miuulc-Agcil M ,
k OIIDD TTIDD 'J"110 awful eirccts of early
fi Uulw uUfitl Vl'ye , "hleli orlngs organic
weakness , de.strnylau.both mind and bodv , wltb
ell itu dreaded 11U. poiniauently cured ,
flDO DVI rO Adr tnoso wno nara Impaired
llttu , DDllO themHelveu by IrapiOper InduJ.
L-ences and solltary'lliault' ) . which ruin both
body and mind , untwlnf them for business ,
stud . . . . .
MAIIIIIKII MEN. nr those enter ng on that Imp.
Py life , aware of physical debility , quickly as
Is based upon facto. Klrat I'ractlc&l Expe
rience. Second l'.very cane is especially studied ,
thus starting uricht. Third Medicines ara pre
pared in our laboratory exactly to suit each
cose , tuns affecting cures without In ] ury.
r-Wt'end ' U cents postage for celebratnd works
on Chronic , Nerroua and Delia ate Diseases.
Thousands cured. & & A friendly letter or call
nmvsavo you futuie sulfeiini ; and uliume , and
odd iroldeii years to life , tf No letters an.
aw cml nnU'S-i ncc-omimmed by 4 cents lu btampa.
Aadress , Vw. ° iiET'rS & HBTTS ,
HOD Farnum Svleet. Umahu , N b.
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For ealo.und by nmll by Goodinun Dru
Compasy , Omaha ,
.Your Spring Suit or anything else in our line , ask yourself this question : la there a3
a rger or more reliable house than the Nebraska Clothing Company ? No city in the West
has a larger nor bettor conducted establishment , and what is more , no city in the Union
has a store that sells goods as cheap as wo do. We simply invite comparison of
our goods and prices with those of any other house. Every day wo servo
customers who are amazed at the low figures at which our goods are marked.
The Cheviot suits we advertised last week * ara pronounced by Jovorybody to be the
greatest bargain , and nothing over shown hero can approach thorn. The Sacks are nearly ,
all gone , but of Frocks we show a larger line than Last week , having received during the
past few days several big lots , many of which are much finer than those advertised before
The now ones are all witli fine silk facing , and make elegant fitting garments.
In addition wo will ofTer to-morrow a lot of strictly all wool Cassitnoro Sack Suits at
$1.50. This is the greatest all wool suit ever offered , and wo do not hesitate to pronounce
it ahead of any suit for which other houses are asking $7.50 and more. It is of a stylish
light check , well trimmed and madej and makes a handsome as well as a durable suit.
We nre pleased to announce tlmb we have again a largo stock of those Hue English Corkscrew Suits nb $10.00
ami customers who hnve been waiting for these suits , can now be supplied This is the most extraordinary bar-
win ever oflbred and the fact that the first big lot was sold in such a short time proves it. Those wo have now
are if anything better lined and finer made than the first ones. As we made such a hib wibh those suits , we ink
pride in having them made up well. Send for a sample of these suits , it will do you goo.l to see it.
A visit to our new sho3 department will soon convince you that you have been paying right nlouc : too much
money for your footwear , We will show you the finest Cal Shoe strictly handsewod welt , at § 3.90 which cosb
you in regular shoe stores § 5.50 to St5.00Excellent Calf Sho2s , Gootlyear welt which is in good as Immlsewetl at
2.75. These are destined to be the most popular shoas in Omaha. ' They have neither pags , w\i < c tlireah nor.
tacks inside to hurt the feat , and are as llexible as genuine handsawel shoes. Tlie identical shoa costs yo i in any
other place from $ ± .00 to $4.50. We have them in congress and lace , all widths and sixes.
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets , Omaha.
1 say , Urown. old boy , have you seen this
advertisement of Spring and Summer
Suits ? ietusKO nrouud to-morrow , and
hnvo a look nt tlu-in. Smith had ono of
their I-u suits last fall , und it was as good
a fit and s > ty lo as any $50 custom made.
lias Meyar-SstabllshaJ 1855-Adolp'n
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and JAS , W , SURR
Story SClarK anfl SWiiEor-Eell Or Jans ,
Write for Cutalogud.
Itoinnrkiiblc for powerful uympathotlc
tone , plitibo ) action and absolute dura
bility ; 80 yo'itrp' record the best gutirnn-
teoof tlio oxcolloiicc of tl cso instru-
_ - _ - - , - . , , - -
State Line.
To ( ilusgowt lU'lfast , Dublin and Mvorpoiil
From New York Every Tuesday , \
Cabin pasKUKe $ an to tu. nccortlliiK to location
of dtatu room. Kxcurslcni t to t'A ) . -
Bteeragu to and from Kurope'at Lowest Kates.
AUBT1N IIALUWIN If CO. . Oen'l Au'ents.
51 llroudwiiy. Now VorJc.
JOHN DIjKGKN , Qen'l U'esttrn Agent ,
1SI llandoiph tit. , Chicago.
JIAltltV U. MOOUKS , Agent , Unmlia ,
Itcduucd Cabin Kates to Glasgow Ex
20to6O DAYS.
This is u disonso which has hcrotoforo
Ballled all Medical Science.
When Mercury , toilldo or I'otnsslum , Bnrsapa
rlllu or Hot Sprlnna foil , wo Kimrnnteoa euro.
Wo liavo a Kcmi'rtjr , unknown to anyone In the
Woildout3idoof onrCompiiii ) ' , andouo tUntbus
to euro tlio most obstinate cases. Ton days In
recent ctites does tlio work. Itlsthe oldehronlo
deep seated cases that wo oollclt. Wo hive
cured hundreds who luive ueen abandoned by
Physicians , and pronounced Incurable , and wa
challenge the world to lirlujt us a case that wo
will not euro lu less than sixty dayx.
Slneo the history of mealclno a true BpeclQc
for Syphilis bas boon sought Tor but never
round until our
was discovered , and wo are Justlllo.t in saying
it is thn only Itemeuy m tuo World tnnt will pos
itively cure , bucause tlia latest Medical Works.
pub'.lsned by the best known authorities , ijay
there was never a true specific boforo. Our rem
edy wilt euro wlii-n everythtns else has failed.
Why waste your tlmo and money with patent
medicines tint never had virtue , or doctor with
physicians that cannot cure you , you that hare
tried every thing iilso should como to us no wand
K t permanent i ellef. you never can get It else-
where. .Mark what wo say. in the oud yon
must take our or NBVKR recover and
you that have been allllctcd but a shoit time
should by nil ino.iuH come to us now , not one In
ten of now cases over Kct purmunently cured.
Many cethelp and think they are free from the
disease , but in one , two or tnreo yuars after It
appears ssaln In a more horrible form.
This is a blood Purifier and will Cure
nny Skin or Blood Disease when
Everything Else Fails.
Booms 18 and ID , Paxtou Block
lit. n , r. WKST'S NEIIVE AND nn.iiN THKAT
Ml.NT , n KUftWiiti-ed Hpnclllc for Hystcila , 7Jl7zl
nef > a , ConriilKionH , Mts , Nervous Neuralgia
llciul iclic , Ner/oiis 1'rostratlon caused by tha
use of alcohol < , r tobacco. Wnkiifiilnuss , Mental
Depression. BoflunliiK of the Itraln reuniting In
Insanity and leadlnij to misery , oecay niid
death , J'rcmivtiira Old AK < * . HiirruniifsH , lo .sof
rower in outi-r sex , involuntary Losses and
Npermatonlni-a caused by over-exertion of
tuo brain. bairai iiRO or over imliilKwicn. I'.iich
box contains on" month's treatment , tl a box ,
orBlx boxed Jorti , riant by malt prep.ild on i-a.
celptof prleo.
Tocnroany case. With ouoti onier nyoivoil bv
tm for Hix txiJtes , accompanied with f.1 , wo will
send the purchaser our written ffimrnnteo to r .
fund the money if thu treatment doe.s not Alfect
acnre. ( luarnntecs Issued only by ( ioodman
lru C" . , Di tiBKlsts , Hole ABOUW. 1110 Karnuin
Btreet Omnha el ) .
Tlie 1'ubllc .iru not Kencnill ) ' ntrani Unit Itj tno
prisont ini-iluHlH of cookliiK lullr gno-hnlf ul ha
tonne Hint l iikuil In thrown awur HI thu xruii.icls
Hiiilwiuteil riiumlnti oiiiiucle.t wlIU IhU cnmpmir
liavenucet c > ( lel In mvlnu IM wuntu that the coin *
imny ran fiirnlsh cdtTua iimdo of the llneitJarii. put
up In mnall portulile jur nuil WAUliANTrn rKiit-KT-
i.v I'uiiti iiinl uiiiiiiiiiii'oJ lo.liu niilr nliuut ONK-
IIAl.r'rili : COST In the consumer nf r > mmn.m iof-
Ii-H1 , Onlyhulllna nt r l iiouilnil wlinn prflimrliiK U
lor lliu tukle. I'runn U < | iilJ Cuirou ( ; O.IIMIIX. |
Ask Your Grocer ( or
McCOUl ) , JUtAUV Is CO. ,
Wholesale Grocers. - - Oinitlin , Neb
KXAillN TIONSfor ddmliilou la VASSAK COI ,
J-KOr : will tie huld l < ) thlt city dtirlov Ihu lint nw\
of June. Applicant ! for i islntlou itoull uo'K
A ji ; S'fftTrK ' ! %
ft&.a' ' &ffL'Srnif * ? tsSswaff'-l' ' .MM
Sect Facilities , Apparatus and Remedlesfor Successful
Trratmcnt of every form of D'sease ' requiring
Bo.ird& Attendance. Best Accommodations in West.
CCTWRITE FOR OincULARBon Deformities and
- - - - - - -
jvoiiKl lii'lii > ( lco > HMt > ii'\T. ( STRICTIY PRIVATI. )
Only Reliable Medical Institute maklne a Specialty o f
All Illooit Dlfcaiei luccrufnllj IrtnttJ. Slpliilllic Tolion
rcmoTe < l from the iTHlcni without tnercurr. Srw Rftlorftll , *
Triilinrol for I.on or VITAL I'OVTHU fnrllci utull. to tlilt
ui mjjrbB treated at homoljcorrripoDdeDcc. . Allcommuolca.
llonicoDllJentlil. MeJlclDcorlnitriirniutienllijin.llor i.
one iierioniriotcrvlew preferrrd. Call and eoniult uior ten4
Mitorror rour nip. aa < 2 e irlll lend In | > laln ro | itr. our
finny Tn MC&I FUEEI UIKHI I'thau , Httui | or
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Illi ; Ul t and Varlcoc < l , llh queitlon Hit. tddrcn
13th and Dodge StrceU , OHA1IA , y
and 8uii > en or ) ( ir imr rH elto
care tha follow. , , Inm All Illie/um.
atlo Couiialnt | . llene/
ml ( ind Nerroui. '
UbK , Kl.liKiylJik.
anki , TramlillnK I
t on , Inaoiunlii ,
lflt II other , . ( * . . Kvtry tin Llll'fjnf liuier , of . uu , . .
ini'll. in'i r ° < J > , ! " ' . " ' , " l < " > rwl" ' ' " > ii HuiBB
Jin im1'Jit1 ,111 * b' "l" ' ' l'1 bo l clrl < ! current
LoSr nn/'l"TEU b"P ' * " 'Or It In HI [ .IU4 . In tb
uolr , and U worn onlj air to Un hour. J.Ilr. If von
Tlii ; 1'nroNt nnU | J0 Drink It tlm
OTO Ball0n > -
< ] UAKANTI KI > .
iff It niul ioiiij\'lll \ Not lie WHIiuiit It.
Tin : o.\JLY" V\ui.\i3
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