Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 10, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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No nilrcrtlftc.ncntfl ivlll bo taken Tor
tlirfln column * nficr tUtUO p. in.
TcrniN CnMi In Advance.
Advertisement * nno > r thl bead 10 ecnti per
flnn for the firit lniertlon.7 cento for each sub-
equcnt insertion , and tlM per line per month.
Ho advertisement taken for le thnn 2A cents
tbe first Insertion. 80 von words will bo counted
to the line ; they must run consecutively and
must bo paid In ADVANCK. All adVertUo-
xnonts must l > * handed in before 13 : * ) o'clock p.
. , and under ho circumstance * will they bt
taken or discontinued by toli Iiono.
1'artlen advertising In these columns and hav-
Ena their muwdninddri > Mea In rare of TUB linn
via please nsk for n chock td cnnble them to fret
thtlr Inttnrs , as none will be delivered except on
presentation of chock. All answers to adver
tisements sbould bo cnclonoojln envelopes.
All advertisements In those columns are pnb *
Hsh d In both mornlnz and evunlng editions ot
Tun IIKK , the circulation of which aggregates
jnoro than 1S.OQO pspera dally , ana gives the ad
vertisers the Doneflt , not only of the city circu
lation ot TIIK IIKI : , but also of Council Hlulfs.
J.lncoln and other cities and towns tnrougbout
this section of the country.
Advertising for these columns will be taken
en the above conditions , at the following busl-
CM houses , who are thorlred Agents for TUB
IIKK epoclal notices , and will quota the sama
rates as can bo had at the , main olllco.
fill ABR & nmr. Btntloneri anrt 1'rlntera , 113
VJ Houth IBth Htroat.
SI1. FAUNSTVOUTH. rharmf lst,2115 Cum-
jTTlUOHKS , Pharmacist , B2I North 16th
. Btreot.
_ _
G1CO. wrp rharmoclst , 1800 BU Marr'i
WANTF.O-l'osltlon ns driver , either In
privnto family or for wholesale house. Atl-
dro H A 41 , llee. Hii lot
MI'LOYAIRNT wanted bv n Scotch onglnoor
with 15 jearn experience In the construction
and superintendence of machinery ; llrst-class
references. Address , with paitlculnrti , James
Taylor , 839 M St. , Washington , I ) . 0. WW lot
OITUATION wantoaby a middle nired larty
O to wort In Bmall family Inquire IfeOJ
" \X/"ANTKI / > Olork In law olllco. Apply room
20 , U 8 Nat'l bank bid. 881 0
WANTED Agenw. 113-J South 14th St. , for
quick soiling article. Needed in every
houso. 871-r !
WANTI5D Two or three good upholtorers :
good wages ; steady woric. Wolf A Co. , K3
nnd tel Grand avo. Knusas City , Mo. WJ 10
" \\i ANTKD A good lithographing solicitor
Tl who has an ostabllshoil trade In this sec
tion to work Otnuha trade. Straight salary and
permanent place. Address A 41) ) lloo olllce. UuJ
WANTIU ) llxperlencod man to do local
und general work on n weekly newspaper.
Referenced required as to capability , honesty
nml sobriety. Address , stating wacen , A 'M
. . . . . . . . ,
\ ' '
* ( * I. ln
euro Omnha Dec. 8J2U
GOOD Dread linker at onco. Spcncor'H Dak-
cry , 1718 Nicholas st. KO Ut
W ANTKD Salesman familiar with grocer
or drug trade of this section. Fart salary ,
part commission. Address , A 38 , lloo ollico.
2Si WKEKLY Heprosentatlve wanted In
* P every community , ( leeds staple nnd soil on
fight. Absolutely now ; household necessity.
No canvassing , flllto Mfg. Co. , I'ullinnn build
ing. Chicago , 111. 768
\\rANTBU Agents to sell the Plnloss clothes
Vr line ; thuonly line over luvontod that holds
the clothes without pins ; n perfect success ;
patent rncontly Issued : sold only by ngouUto
whom the exclusive right Is piveu ; ouiccolpt of
40 rents wo will send n snmple line hymnll ; also
circulars , price list and terms to agents ; NOCIUO
your territory at once. Address Worcester
Plnless Clothes Line Co , , 17 Herman st. , Wor
cester , Mass. 7iif ) U
WANTIM ) Agents Pu/.zlo watch charm ;
most taking novelty out ; exact Imitation
of "Pigs In Clover. " slzo of ntckol , gold plated.
EUmplo Ific , two 2Sc. do , HI ; atamps taken.
Btnyiior tc Co. , Providence , H. 1 754 Jit
\\rANTEI > -Tho Ginnd Union Tea Co. . of
" * Omaha , wants a representative In every
tdwn or city within AH ) mllog of Omnha. IMtut
be thoroughly ncqualnted nnd reliable. Klthor
lady or gentleman can till this position and
make fair wages. Address W. K. Duval ,
Manager. 748-12
. _ : > A llrst class Ice cream maker.
apply Harry Hall. BlouxCity , la. 707 Ot
n. tlemakers.graders and
tracklayers for Washington territory ;
nteaily wor < c and good wnges. At Albright's
Ijibor Agency , 1120 Knrnnm st. Cut
OV8-Am. Dlst. Tol.Co. . 1301 nouglns.
A IOI'NTS : wanted on salary , 875 per mouth ,
and expenses [ aid , any active man orwo-
nan to sell our goods by Bamplo and llvo at
Iiomv. Salary paid promptly and onsosIn
ndvniico. 1 ull pnrtlrulius and sample case
Tree. Wo menn Just what wo sav. Address
Standard Sllvunvtiro Co. , lloston. Mass.
\\7ANTlsD Agents ; magle cigar llgntor ;
T T every smoker buys ; lights in wind or rain :
lasts n lifetime ; sample Ific , two for 2oc , dozen
tl , by mall ; stamps Uken. Stayuor fc Co. ,
Providence 11.1. 173-m22 >
WANTKD Knergotle men nnd women every'
where for n genteel , money-mnklng bual
HPSS , flO weekly prollt guaranteed easliir thnn
JfiO monthly otherwise. Bvperlonco nbsolutely
Tinnoc ssary. Pormnmont position and uxclns-
> ve territory assured. fJsaniiilo.sfioo. Write for
particulars. Address with stamp , Merrill Mfg.
Co. . H Kl Chicago 714-lnl3J
SALUSMKN We wish a few men to s H our
goods by sample to wholesale and retail
trade. Largest manut'rs in our lino.
8-cent stamp. Wages $ J per day , Permanent
position. No postals answered. Money nd-
vnnced for wages , advertising , etc. Centennial
Mnu't'K Co cTnclnnatl , O. 614
ANTKD Men to solicit ; must deposit J2J
nnd glvo security for money collected.
SalaryJ75to 1100 per month. Cull nu or ad
dress Ooo. 8. Cllne , 511 llrst National bank. 47C
" \\rANTKD A good clrl for tenernl houso-
> > work. Inquire at 2U N 10th. C. U KrlcK-
son X' Co.
W ANTKD-Colored woman to do couora
housework , ll'-4 Cass st. $ R" > Ir
ANT1JD A girl for general houseuork
and ono lor nu-atalrs work , at WJ S. 'JOth ,
Woman cook. H'ij pastry cook.
jai : 1 for institution , * 20 : S waltionses for
Sioux City ; chumbi'riiialds ' , llshnnshon , laun
dry ami kltchon girls ; U competent cook ! , for
ontcorV famine * . JO ; I for Ft. Nlobrnrn , l for
It. Kobtnson : M for gon'l hounowork. Mrs
llret.B.l)4 ! ) > i 8I51U EVJ 1 7
\v JAtCKKD A tniloross ; exporlencod liniiij.
Call at onco. lllli 1'arnain at. tan
irl lo cook and general house-
v/oric. Uermnu rreferrcd , i-nuutro 40il N.
' 810
WANTHD-A Klrl for general housework.
14JO H. litl MT
TlJli3E" lrl "wnntoil , gooil wngua ; call at
JvNonra , 8H2 Douitlaa at. H'i79
"IXTANTKU Nurau girl , 2225 Famnni.
> > 34\
\XrANTKD-Good Geiman or Pwmltah Kirl
Jf > rorgeniiral hausawork BIT H. luth at. m
1X7ANTII-Waiat { nnlshnm , one machine
r./ W worker , I5VJ Howard. M. A. Wallace. .
- ladlus to take orders for our
illiiHtrutod weekly pu On-i salary Mr
commission , p. v. Collier , pltol ave.
\ \ rANTKl ) l for general uououorJc 14J
\ \ south ( ah. C4Q
"ijlTANTJ.D A waiter In a ru t uraut ( a nlr
Tl pr reriod ) iiiinifdlat-ly. J. A. WlcliUr
ui n .V Co. , 1(08 ( Caoltol tvve. 6TJ-V
ENOAGKJIKNTa to do dronmatlns l n fair
Illea eollcHcd.MUl b'turity.VUlT I-emenivorth
201 m 22 *
M. Shmu f.ialilonnDla dressmaking
MISS prlrv * ; c-.ttlu ; { and Bttlnir al o
done , ai" N. l tlu WJ31-
1 > OAHL ) with ilvslrablo rooms , furnished or
4JOAHL , Ari'ly-'IH Caa > , KA I3q
, i ,3 u ukCd at thn C'o7.zons hotel at
tiiuukuJ ritoi : lhi > most plaasant locattoo
lu the nlty. H J i'riuuk. prop. U
. _ _ _ _ . _ _
Ki'jui oem m
per veoJt.nUoiliiy ba til fur oun or two
gcntli'mcti In j > rlr te raniily Ull C iitornU * t
ainict 4 wltrauy rl
IT rats or chronic blood illienso. to inloa
the.Ni.Uoiu ! JUiuody Oi. , 1414 Hedge Mt. and In
' ircatdtr. : ( or prlvatu OJf or.Ur *
* * 1
- ) wmakers nnd
WANTRD-Ir own dressmaking to call and
nvcstlgMo the Adams-Taylor system , the only
one that draft * the entire garment on the Hu
ng. Keqtilnu no refitting : dressmaking In
onnectlon with school. .Miss M. K < Lynch , 151S
Douglas Rt , . room 13. K g
WANTKD-nirnlshcd cottaga 4 or A room *
for nummor months , parly without chll-
dron. Address A 37 lleo. & 0 >
\\rANTr.l ) to rent by family ot two. nn tin *
T furnished cottage In good condition con *
nlnln n or Vroomi ; mint have terms and lo-
cntlou to receive any attention. Address U 6\
Ice. 22)
fjlOlt"mJNT 3k-oom house , hard nnd soft
JJ water , 10 , to small family , reference re
quired , cor. 15th and Tactile. It. E. Copson.
G-HOOM cottage nt828 P , 17th st.
82 ? 12 *
( l HOOM t.otise andout ldoKltrhen,8 KrorlOth
-'and Pacific , Inquire Mrs. O'Wnelan 11078 10th
B"H 11 $
TOK HKNT 7-room house , suitable for 2
13 famllleH. In rear ot 1021 3 18th at. T3 lot
TT Oll H1'NT llasoment of largo house fieo to
JL1 man nml wlfo who will tnko charge of and
korp tile house In good order. Apply , 1COJ
California. E5H
WOH HHNT-Now 4 room- House , 20tU and
X1 Bnblcr , lloyd's addition : city water $ * . lln *
qulioSamuel ( turn * , 1318.amain. M1U
FOH HUNT H room house ; centrally located ;
modern improvements. J , F. IJartou , 2810
Capitol nvo. blH-13 *
14 HOOM house , llrst-class In nil respocts. for
boarding nnd rooms ; rent JI2. " > , now paying
$100 over rout , furnlturo J2r/M , M cash : also 11
room brick boarding UOIIHO , rent i0 < , furnlturo
Jfflj't cash , bal. easy , Co operative Land and
Lot Co . 205 N. H til Bt. 1IM' '
'ITUJH HKNT Fiat of six rooms ; furnttnro.ror
J- sale : good location ; lease given to right
, mrty. Address A 14 llee. OU51Qt
FOU HUNT An olovon-room house , ! S1" > Cali
fornia st. . 71M8S
FOH HUNT Nice , comfortable homo , llrst-
class nolghborhood , all modern conven
iences , close to oar line , moderate rent Inquire
ot Ooo. N. Hicks , llarker block. 770-1I
ITIOn HKNT Klogant rosldonco In Hnnscom
JJ Place , inquire Ueo. N. Hicks , llarker block.
T7\OH \ UKNT 3 splendid Hats In brick block ,
-L' each (1 ( rooms. 7 closetH , prlvnto halls , nil
modern conveniences , well locited , SiTporuio.
T. 0. Jlrunnor. room 1 , Ware block. 7.W U
IjlOH HUNT New house of 6 rooms ; water
JU ana gns ; east front ; good location. Apply
to .In * . Btockdnlc , It. 10 , Arlington blk. 094
T7IOH KKNT Cottages , 0 rooms , 2720 Charles
JU st. nnd 1534 S 15th st. Inquire nt room 212 ,
Sheely block. 47) )
TTIOIl HUNT Neat 7 room house cor SCIh
JL and . \Vool\\ortli nInquire of U. 1) .
Tzicuuck , lleo olllce , til :
FOH HUNT-A Hat lu the Her building ; 7
rooms. Htotxra liont , g.ia end bath. Apply
to A. C. Haymer , hardware , loth and Jackson.
O NTCK 7-room cottnges ; good cellnrs. cisterns.
-J well , good barn : convenient to school nnd
churcn ; 4JU per month for the summer. Apply
nt one. C. F. Hnrrlson , Merchants' Nat'l bank ,
I7IOH HKNT Flue 7-room Hat : nil modern
JL1 conveniences ; centrnlly located ; SJTi per
month to good party. L. a B , Kentai agency ,
loom 310 Sheoly block. fB
TTIOH HK.ST My Fainnm Bt. residence com-
J3 pletoly furnished , with llrst-class servants ,
if desired , for four or llvo months ; fnmlly go-
lug nway. H. C. Patterson , 318 S. ISth st. 22J
FOH HUNT Ono ten-room and ono eight-
room house , nil modem ronvenlonccs. ( lest
pai t of city and within ! > mlnntes walk of post-
olllco. Nathan Shelton , 1501 Farnam Rt. ' . 'L ' !
POH HIINr-Honiitlfnl 8 room nouso with
modern improvotnenth , splendid location.
\pply at once , C. 1' Hiurlson , Jlcr. Nat. U'k.OOO
FOH KENT Good houses nt W. JlO.fSO.KXSJJ.
andfl pormonth. Ifyouwlsn torent call nnd
see me. D. V. fcholos , i'10 1st Nnt'l Hank. 7hO
TTIOH HUNT 14 room brick dwelling , all conveniences -
venionces , 210 ST. Ittth st. 007
F UUNSHUD room UlOO Farnam streot.
OOil 13 *
NloniiV FUHNISHKD-Hooms for rent at
1 X)2 ) Douglas st , 3rd floor , lent low. 731
FOR HKNT Nicely furnished front loom
with bonrj.nll com enloncesjoio Capitol nvo.
TTIOH HUNT Furnished rooms w 1th or wlth-
JU out boara for families and single men nt
reduced piled for the summer months at the
CO/ZPUS hotel. M J FrnucK , prop. BM
3/lOH KKNT One nicely furnished room with
? nlcove at ttJ St. Mary's ae. . OOS-11
Ff'o'r1 ' IU3NT Lnrgo furnished front bed loom
1 or 2 gents 11KI Douglas. b74 IU
TjlUUNlbllRD front rooms IblU Dotlgo.
J ? 877 J
TTIOH HP.NT With or without boaul , ulcoly
-L fiunlshod front room , suitable for three
gentlemen. 11K3 Dodge t. b\\-'Jf \
Foil HENT 'J'wo newly Jurnlshod rooms for
gouts ; best table boat d. 1U15 Capitol avo.
FOH HUNT A nlco largo front room well
furnished , only six blocks from I * . O. ,
with board if deslrod. Not a Hat , Addiess
A-21-H08 office. EKM2
Tfll'IlNISHED rooms in good location , with
X' modern conveniences and on car line. 220
Leavonworth 77M2t !
TTIOH IIHNT Nicely furnished frontbed room
JU In cottage. K per month , 400 William street.
NlCBLYTurnlslied south front room. Rvery
convenluce. 10 Douglns st. 077
FOU HENT A pleasant room , only n minutes
walk fioin business center , all modern con-
vonleni'es. cor , it. Mary'u nve. and 2uth or Kl S.
"Utli , brick residence. Ml
TjlUHNISIIEDorunfurriMhedrooms for rent
JL in Paik Tcirnco , odpo Ho Hanscom park ;
all modern convenience. Inqulro Leo .V
Nichol. iilith nnd Lcavcnwinth. 4J
SHIT of 2 furnished looms , modern conven
iences , H blocks from P.O. ; private family ,
A. Hospe. Jr. , 1.M3 Douglits. 'i
I710H ItCN'llVont rooms at Jrei Fnrnam.
J3 477 _ _
FUHNIS1IKI ) rooms by dny. wt > o'iC , or month.
ht.Clnlr hotel cor IJth und Dodge. 47b
TTlUHNlSHUlTroomB. alnglo or o'u snlto , bath
J3 nnd steam ; for genti only. 151U Howard.
TTIHONT rooms , VI upwards , on car lluo ; i.ii1)
JJ K mli. U"
_ _ _ _ _ _
MICKf/Y funilauod rooms wltli board. Hot-
Jercncon exohnnfc'ud. S St. Mary's ave.
" 13OOM8 and boanl , IPl'J Uhlcsgo.
fOOMS and board , IfilO Webster fit.
I. 782 ml4t
MH ) HUNT Koom 1621 Howard.
O NICK louth fiont rooms with every conven-
* - Ji-nco ; teluphougln houit ) . 1904 I'apltol av ,
T AI101' front room with Iwd-room adjoining ,
JJaamlb m ly furnished , gas and Heated by
atoam , with use of bath room , lit one of tno
liumlitotnHst residences In the city , ultltout
board. Inquire n. w. cor , lUtl : and Lraveuwnrtb.
TT1IIUNIBHED rooms with Ilrst-clasiiboitra a
JC 20U ouglas s' . J71 lOt
° T7lLKGANTLYfuriil hf < l rooms oentrslly lo-
.located MIthor without bouvd , prlca rttabou-
able. a 8.Utli. uiT-mri *
TTIOH HKNl' Fiirnlshsd rooms single or en
X1 suite. hVJ * . 71J
> COM v.'lth or wltliout boaVd. JH12
l > OK
" " . . \Tt.fufnl hed rooTrTs. 8 , itth
t. , between Jackaon and Leu veil worth.
yio lor
iu HKNT t'pfurnlshprt : two rooms , sumner -
. nor klt'.henund c' " ot , aj.M bu Mary's av.
A OH G'unfurnlshea ' rooms for
: rtor man end H lie. Sin N mint. U47 1C1
"oil HUST-Siilte of 4 room5 unfnrnUl ed
with nil modn n linprovenieiits , bath loom
rlii.tot , etc. . hat and rold water , gat llxturei. to
fiunllyltuaut chllil'cn. Ilcf4renc ruqulroO
V > 4 nortli nth t. Pilcot.'i. wj
V-M K , 15tu , neat Dorcas.
IT10H HKNT-Ahan < litn sut * of three un
1 furnlihed rooms with batliroom unc
co-r | | . at 1 i M Sherman are. KO
1 jVH HUNT Nice tororoom on I'umng
J.1 with pluc * to live In the raur. lii per month ,
0. K. HairUou , Ueichaan KH ,
IIIAVR for rent two store rooms. Just va
cated ; have been occupied as hardware and
mplemcnt stores for the last four years ; no
better location lu the city for any kind of busl *
toss. For sale by Nightingale llros. , Lotip City ,
TRIOU UKNT-S floors JSxW pnch , In brick build *
JL ! Ing , with elevator , close to express onice.
cheap rent. Just the thing for wholesaling , good
ocatlon. Apply to Goo. Hoyn , 1103 Farnam st ,
Oil T HKNT-Store 22xCO ; 1118 Jackson St.
Hnqulre till Jackson. 4ttl
ntlentlon-Tno storeroom. 10V.
- Howard t , will bo for rent Mav Jbt.I . 4
? . Hental itgoncy. room 310 Sheolv block. 651
TTIOH HUNT Store and living rooms on Cum *
JL1 ing street ! also house on Cass Bt , Harris It.
B. Sc li. Co. . Hoorn 411 1st Nat , bank. 814
TTIOH JlKNT-The 4 story brick bulldtttg with
X' or without power , now ocsuplod by Tno Hoe
Publishing Co. . OK ! Fnrnam . The building
inia me proof cemented basement , eomploto
stonm heating Hxturos water on all the lloors ,
; ns. otc. Apply at the olllco ot Tne lloo. Ul't
( JTUItK 407 wltn basnmunt , llamgo Ijldg. In-
Squire Frank .1. Hanigc. OM
TTIOH HUNT HBO ot Knabo piano for nn hour
JL1 or morn per day , by the mouth ; location and
room strictly llrst class. Terms very roasona-
jle. Address X g. , Hoe olllce. 377
TTIOH HKNT When you wish to rent n housn ,
J-1 store or ofllcocall ou us. H. U Cole , room 0 ,
Continental blk , 474
F YOU want to rent your house call on liar-
rls , It. K. & L. Co. , room 411 , 1st Nat'l. bank.
G F.O. J. PAUL , IfOJ Farnnm St. , houses ,
stores , etc. , for i cut. 485
JF YOU want to buy , soil , rent or exchange ,
call on or address U. .1. Storucdorll , rooms
317 and 3K. First National bank building. 481
V\7 F. glvo special attention to renting nnd
> > collectlni ; rents ; llRt with us. II. K. Cole ,
room 0 , Coutluentnl block. 4M
TJANSina-Mcpor dozen , ono week , nt 11)18 ) S.
JL nth si. 7in 12 ?
banjo taught as nn art by Goo F. Gel-
lollbocK Apply ut Hoe oHlco. U50
YOU that are suirorliis from prlvnto disor
ders will llnd the National Homody nt 1114
Dodgu st. , whore you can got scientific treat
ment nnd a cure guaranteed. 211
HSONNKNSCUHIN haslnoved to 417H 13th ,
liny and sell second hand furnlturo and
stoves ; bottles bought and sold. luB-m21
FTSU of Knabo piano for rout ono hour or
U more per day , by the month ; location nud
room stilLtly llrst class. Terms very reasona
ble. Address X 40 , lice olllce. 377
1JHIVATK course In fencing , boxing or fancy
club swinging , $10. Address T 14 , lleo otllco.
TXMLL take horses to pasture at Gllmoro.
t > Price 8J per mo , D. A. I'ouus.Gllmore.Nob.
LOST or strayed A soirel gelding pony nlno
years old , whlto spot ou forehead , one hoof
considerably smaller tnan the othei1 three.
Suitable io aul will bo pild to party returnIng -
Ing this horso. Anton faoKyro , 2ith At. , South
Omaha. bS7 lo *
I OST Small jcllow mnlo terrier ; breast
JLJtoes and tip of tuil w liito. acar on right front
leg. Collar mnrkod with uumo and address.
Address or return to 1231 S.Xbth st. Liberal
reward. 8.MO *
LOST A Now fouudlnnd dog about 0 months
old ; liberal rewind will be paid if returned
to220J Howard. b"8 It
I LI. the person who took a black umbrella
from Mrs. Darter's during lu-r parlor fulr
piano returnmimo to Uuukot Commeico.
bi'J ! *
STHAYKD-Largo grey mare mule. 4 years
oldwith sere on left sldn of neck. Hctuui to
Dorcas nnd Lth St. and got lonard 8jl U *
LOST Ilignt bay mari < , weight 1100. U yp.trs
old. Hotutn to JOth nud Mnplo and get 10-
unrd. John Carroll. WU-9J
33F.USONAL Prnsorvo this Shoit speeches ,
essays , compositions , letters , petitions , etc. ,
composed and written , Hosolntloiis for lodges
and-ioclotlos oleuautly oxocutod. Lettering In
old English aud German xcrlp nnd all kfiuls of
Quo writing. Cull or address , 171J Lake t.
004-11 ]
FEATIUJltH clenned and curled : hnts pressed
and blenched. at-F. M , Bcliidoll. SIS N. Kith.
STOHAGK at low latos at 1U1 Fnrnnm st ;
Omaha Auction and Storage. 4SS
. All\ storage , lowest rates. W. M.
JLllushmnn , 11111 Leavenwortli. 18J
"IDHANCII & CO. , storage , 1211 Howard.
T H. NANN1K \ ' .
J''leal nnd business medium. I'umalo diseases
si specialty. H'JN. Itithet. , roomsS nud3. 4'J1
IJIIOHTI1 AN D nnd typo writing. Omaha bus-
Olness college , cor. Capitol avo. & IBth. Stan-
daid methods taught by C. C. Hwlng ot ban
Francisco , the best teacher on the Pncllc coast.
Munson's revised of 'MI u specialty ; now plan :
blackboard Illustration ; day and ovonlug
classes ; call orwrlte for tonne , < i'J7
rpHK Standard Shorthand School , having pur-
JLriiased Valentino's Sliorthana lustltuto.Pax-
ton block , is now the largest , bobt equipped ,
oxclnslvn shorthand school lu lue west. 1-1
graduates In good situations. The school is iu
charge of Mr , H. A. Smith , a verbatim report
er und teacher of many years practical expe
rience , assisted by a coips of ofllclent teachers.
Use Homlngton typewriters. Shorthand sup-
piles for sale Send for circulars. 70H
'S snorthand Bdiool. 31 IJar-
ker block. 3mouth's course , SM.13Mn'7
13Mn'7 *
ANTKD Caivcs for ranch. Panics in city
having same for sale call ou J. W. Lynn.
cor.N. 21th nn4 PinKJioy stor add , lock boxb2.j
Omahn , Nob. . bl" > 10 *
" \\7ANTKD-Tobtiy good commercial paper.
> \ H. C. I'attoisou , .118 b. 15th St. ' 4W
ANTKD To buy llttlo placn on S. llth
W worth $ . ' ,000 to $ . ' ,500. C. F. Harrison ,
Merchants Nut. bank. 78U-11
" \Y ? ANTKD l"urnlture , cnrpats , stoves mm
IT household goods of all kinds. Omaha
Auction , V Storage Co. , 1121 Farnam. 4tci
IjiOli 3MilJ Cheap ; young and uentlo horse ,
. and light three qunrtor top buggy. Ad-
diess A 10 Hee '
_ _ .
F ( > H"SA LK Horse und buggy togeth r or
Koparato ; horse gentle , H. Bchou , 1II2 ! S.
llth at , M75 IU
GOOD , sound , gentle ho n ; drives double
unclslnglo ; cheap for a few days. Iliickuye
Darn , luth aud llnnu < y , or addroas A42 , Hie.
Fa0 ! ' SALK A good horse , 8 years old , work
single , , , 70. ISil 8 19th. BU'J 0 >
G KNTLKMAN'S driving horse for sale and
( topped Columbia buggy , all In ttrst-class
Bhapu Will Hell cheap , as owner U leaving city.
Inquire at GIIH'H stable , 15th UIKI Casj. 755 0
A FINK Cabinet Grand rosewood case up
right piano rorfl'JJ.M ; cost whan now } IOi ;
only used one year ; must l > 8 sold at once ; will
giro time ou purtot it if dealrod. Address V
i.j. cure Omitlm lleo. U2iui IB
IJlOlt PAJ.K 1 work team , wagon and liar-
J1 ne-.s lomiiletc , v ry cheap for cash , 611) )
Paitonblk. H49
P IOll SALK 2.CW tons Ice. Adam Iloder
llhilr , Nob. KU mint
/ 1AHT nud harness for sale ; also Si yds home-
Wiuudt rap curpnt. llt.'iN. 27th. Btl4-14t
FOH SALK-Oood bugay horse , perfectly
gi-ntle , weight 1040 Ibs , ou Park > u.
u.7UT 10'
FOH UALK Horse and buggy , inquire A ,
Hospe , 1513 Douglas bt. CIS mil
1T10H nALK A full leather ton carriage , large
J. nnd roomy. In tint-class.oraer.cost tlW on
rear ao ; will sell U for tlJ5. Apply at 2215
"ebsterit. 744
"ITlOll BALK "Miller" hack , good as now. m
-J. Hut CUUM condition , run omy six uioutnu ;
\ < -rr cheap ; on easy terms If deilrcd. AUo
liacl : ImrnotH. Adarcas A 12 Hon. im-lOf
IDLAND Guarantee & Trustee. , INK Far-
n.ini. Complete alwtracts fnrnlaUed AT titles
toi estate examined , pertocted & guaranteed.
TVI A HA Abstract Company. 1511) Farnam at
V-'Most rompleteand r&rofully prepared set of
abstract Uookiund platat ullroal property In
tUe city ot Ooiuha aud Doughu couuty , iJtf
AnSTHAOTS LlnnhAn ft Mahoner , room VM
Paxton block. . , . 493
MONKY to loan on fpM estate security , at
lowest rates. Ilcforp negotiating loans see
Wallace , Crolghton bit. . Uth and Douglas. M
KKYSTONKTlortgVttL/Co. / ; loans of 110 to
ll.ouo ; get our rates , noforo borrowing anil
snvo money ; loan on TirywM , furniture or any
ipprovcd security , without publicity ! notes
nought ! fornorr loan , rennwal of old and low *
est rates call It SO SheeWbllc 16th & Howard st
' " > ' fi)0
000 to loan on first mpflgage. G. K. Thomp
son. 212 Shceloy block 70J
T OWKST rates on ctioJco city loans In omaha ,
JJCouucil Illnirs , or umcolu. Central Loan
and Trust Co. . Kin 1'atnalH st.
f 11TY Flnanclil agonqy rill loan you money
Won horse * , furuliuro. Jewelry or securities of
any kind. 1JOJ Howard st , corner S. l.Hhst.
_ g Jmu _ ;
, special money : apply at onco. C. F.
$1,500 . Merchants' Nat'l bank. 30 >
MONKY to loan on short tltno. Secured paper
bought. F. K. Alexander , 1500 Farnam st.
041 J iMp
p F. 1IA1UUSON loans money , lowest rntos
ONKY to loan. O. F. Davis Co , real estate
and loan agents , 1505 J'amaui st. K'
U1LDING loans. 1) . V. Sholos , 210 First Na *
tloiialbank. ' 51)
KKSholes. room 310 , First Nat'l bank , botoro
making your loans. 51J
MONKY to loan- cash on hand ; no delay. J.
W. Siiulro. iarl ! Faruam Bt. , First National
banK building. ( J.J3
MONKY to loan In largo sums nt the lowest
rates ; no delay. It. C , Patterson , 3ia s. Mth.
MUNIIYI monayl monoyl to loan on horses ,
wagons , mules , houshold goods , pianos , or
gans , diamonds , etc. , nt lowest rates.
The llrst organized loan olllco lu the city.
Will make loans for thirty to three hundred
nnd Hlxty-Ilve days , which can bo paid lu part
or whole , nVnny time , thus lowering the prin
cipal and Interest Call and see us when you
wnnt money , and wo can assist you promptly
and to your advantage without removal of
property or publicity.
Money alwava on hand and no delay lu mak
ing loans. 0. V. Heed & To . 319 South 13th St. .
over lllnglmm A. Sons commission houso.
T OAN8 made on real estate nnct mortgngos
JUbought. Lowls S. Hepd It Co. , It 1J Hoard ot
Trado. Bin
MONKY to Lonu Wo nro ready for applica
tions for loans in amounts from t-lJO to $10-
IXX ) on Improved O mail a or Douglns county real
estate , lull Information ns to rates. Loans
promptly closed. Good notes will bo purchased
by us. ( 'all upon us or write. The McCnguo
Investment Co. 520
DON'T borrow money ou furnlturo , horses ,
wncons , etc. , or collaterals until you .soo
C. n. Jacobs , 410 First National bank building.
T3HILADKLPIUA Mortgage & Trust Co. fur-
X ulsh cheap easu'in uiouoy to borrowers :
purchase securities , perfect titles , accept loans
nt their western olllco. George W. P. Contes ,
room 7 , Hoard of Trade.
ONKY to Loan Lowest rates. 1/nus closed
M :
promptly. ! H. K. ColeK.UContinental block.
W A NTKl ) Flrit-clnss inside loins. Lowest
rates. Cnll nnd tco us. Mutuil Invest
ment Co , H. 1. DurKor blk.lith i ; Faruam. 525
H. COLE , loau agon ( .
. - 50D
BUILDING loans a sp lty. W. M. Harris ,
Uoom 20. Fronzer Ulyok. opposldo P. O.
Mortg. Loan Co. will make you a
loan onhouseliold goods ,
horses , wagons ,
laud contracts ,
line Jewelry , or securities of any kind ,
without ptibllcitv , at roasomblo rates.
Hoom 7 , Howley lllock.aouth Omaha.
Kooms 518-51 ! ) , Paxton IHocK , Ouiahi , Neb.
\ 60.1
MONiV : loaned forW. ! floor DO dnys on nny
kind ot chattel socurltv ; roasonnblJ Inter
est'business ; confidential. ' J. J. Wllklusou.1417
Fninam st. c n Mi
\ , \ / ANTF.U Apllcatl ] < Vil s for loans on uuim-
> t proved lots well Itfcjted. Odoll llros. .to
Co. . SLJ So. ICth St. * , b8.- >
G W.PKCK loans monoyon Omaha real estate
llulldtng loans n sDocralty. It 4 , Frenzerb Ik
J9i ? . Ullmlig j
r O YOU want money J If so , don't borrow
JL/before getting my ratij3.whlch me the low
est on any sum from JlO np to 810.0JJ.
1 make loans on household goods , pianos , or
gans , horses , mules , wagons , warehouse re-
colpLs. houses , leases , etcin auy nmount.nt the
lowest possible rates , wltliout publicity or 10-
inoval of jiroperty.
Ij nns can bj iniido for ono to six months and
you can pay a part nt any time , reducing both
principal aud interest , if you ewe a linlanco
on jour furnlturo or horses , or have a loan ou
them , I will take It up nud carry It for you as
Uwg as you desire.
iryou need money you will flntl It to your ad
vantage to oo mo bo tore borrowing.
II. F. Masters , room 4 , Withnoli building , 15th
and Harney. M > t >
ICANnmkoafowloans on llrst-class chnttol
becurltles nt reasonable rates. W. K. Potter ,
room 10 , Darker bile. 507
GI'EH CUNT money to loan Cash on hand.
W. M. Harris. It 20. Froiizer block , opp. P. O.
H , COLE , loan agent.
$ 8 $ 8 To loan on farms and city property.
$ Oeo. J. Paul , 100'J Farnam bt. 60-J
MONUY to loan onimproved property at tlrst ,
hands. No application bent uway for ap
proval. Security und titles examined free of
charge' to borrowers. Lombard Investment
Company , 309 S. Uth st. 510
PF.OPl.K'S Financlt , F.xohango Tlio fairest ,
quietest and most liberal money exchange
In the city ; money loined without delay or
publicity. In any amount , largo or small , nt tno
lowest rates or interest , oc any available so-
cuf ity ; loans may be paid at anytime or renewed
nt orlginnl rates. O. Ilouscareu , Mgr. , room
5tli. ! llarker block , 1.1th and Fainam. 511
PF.CIAL fund of JIO.OOJ to loan nt reduced
rates on furniture , horses and wagons. City
Loau Co. , 11H S Utli st. 512
MONKY Loans nogotfutod at low rates with
out delay , and purchase goods , commercial
paper and mortgagenotes. . 8. A. Slomun. cor.
13th and Farnam. 5U
GOOD notes , short or long time , unsecured
or with mortgage , bought any wtiero in Neb ,
or In. Quick loans , city or farm. Call or wrlto
W. ! < . Solby , H. IJ. H'd. Trade. MJ
EASTKHN trust funds to loan on improved
real estate inOmuhalargo loans preferred.
K. 8. lilsbeu , First National bans bulldlnc.
OMAHA Chattel Loan Co. , room K , llarker
block. 3.1)-m2J )
MONKY loaned on unimproved Innldo Omnha
real estate. G. W. Peck , It. 4 , Fronzei block.
UILD1NG loans. Llunlian & Mahoney.
F. HAHUI80N loans money , lowest rates.
g. 617
$ IftJO.W ' ) to loan at U percent Llnahan & Mu-
honuy . , Hoom eon , 1'iixf m IMOCK. 510
"OFOPLK'8 Flnnnclul 3jcchango } Largo and
JL ainall loans for long Jid short tlnio , ut low
est rates of Interest , on real estate mortgaga
notes , chattels ot all klu > H diamonds , wntclion
and Jewelry. Don't full tp call If you want fair
and cheat ) accommodations. O. llouscnren ,
Mgr. ; room MJi , Darker nl : , 16th and 1'urnum ,
UNIMPHOVKI ) and. ' mproved property ;
loans made prompt ) . money on liunii. F.
M. Hlchardson , B w cor fitjli and Douglas.
BUILDING I/JAN8-W Will buy lot , or pay
Incumorance on your ? t aii < l build for you ;
small cash payment , ball ! ca iu easy monthly
payment * : In case of deatl wo caiiLul the en-
tireindebtodiieua. M. Kf. ' T. Truit ( . , First
National bank building.
M ONKY to lonn on furduuro , horses , wngoni ,
etc. , or on any approved security. J. W.
Kobblns , H. 200 , Sheoly 16th and Howard ,
f [ MB
fljl.OOO TO J.5.1XX ) on Improved city propsrty ;
Venn be iiald In monthly Installments ; debt
cancelled In case of death ; will loan 60 to 80 per
cent of cash valuation. M. K. & T. Trust Co. ,
Flrnt Natlonn Ibuulc building. &Mnl5
TTIIltST mortgage loans at low rates and no
JJ delay. D. V. blioles , 210 First National bank.
BUILDING IXAN8 At7 per cent net , no ad
ditional charges for commUsloni or attor
neys' fees. W. U. Melklo , First Nat. bank bide.
. faJJ
MONKV to loan. Harris H , B. & Ixian Co. ,
room 411. First Natloual bank. 015
TTHJH HALK A tint-class meat market In
X' Omaha , ha * good paying trade , requires
l,000cash , or will trade for property. Address
A 43 , Hoe olllca. Ktt
IF promptly taken , t3oai will secure cash
buslnoag ( mouopoiy ) . absolutely doubling
capita 1 flvetlme4 Urst y ar. Those read ; to talt
Ac.0r aa A tl , .his ottlce. bStl 11 *
TNTRNDINO to null buslnsss In Omaha Tot *
J-fcr my itock ot drugs and fixture * at a bar
gain. Would neil either stock or lliturcs sopa-
ratoly. Goo. Hoedcr , cor. 1-th and Hni-noy.
FOIl SALK Meat market comnlotot can bo
handled for llttlo cash. Call at room 4 ,
tt Ithnell blk. K > 0
1T10U SALK Mercantile business in the llvo-
, JL1 nest city In the uta'o , low rant , will take
int class ilrlvlnir rig. some cash , balance time.
Cook A. Slpe , South Omaha , Neb , 8.W 10 *
IT SALT ! Grain and lumbar bu lness.
1 Address A19 U o. 740-11 *
Foil SALE First class restaurant and bar ,
long lease. Address A 31 , lloo oinco.
9 KK9TAUUANT3. 3 confectioneries. I cigar
i store , 1 feed store and ether business
chances. Co-operative Land and Lot Co. . an N.
16th St. 8U'-9 '
TiiounES hotel , T10 3 Iflth st-A good nuslnosi
-A- for sale with a small capital Inquire at the
above hotel. 811 U *
w ANTED A now furniture store at Intend
Neb. stiu23f
HOTKL for nnle : now , good location , doing
good business , for sale at a bargain , pay
ment not necessary. Present proprietor Intends -
tends changing business on account of lit health
of his wlfo. Address , llco olllco , Lincoln , Neb ,
TTIOH SAIiK or trade-One ot the best located
JJ restaurants In the city ; outllt new and com *
? jcte. _ ym , .T. II. Kvans , Harbor lllk. SM
' \\fANTKI ) -To sell M InterMt In a well ostnb-
llshed business : purchaser to tnko an no-
: lvo pan nt salary. A tlrat class oppoitunlty
for tlio right man. AJdrom A V. lleo. C81-1U'
AOHUaaiiU'wlth cash looklnc for a good
location , vi111 do well to txd'lrosi H. K.
Cnpps. L'tilbartson , Nub. , or Htust V Co. , Hast
ings Nob. 247
to JVOOjrnnteil to put Into a good ouil-
ness ; flnt class security and good rate of
Intcri'it p ild for short or long tuno. Or will
take p.irtucr. for particulars address U 4,1 ,
lleo olfice. UJ
QALOON for Halolaono of the bo business
Occntcrs In Umnha.chunp. HcaionTor soiling ,
1 must leave the city. Address V la lloo.
4U.VJ7 t
HKHK Is a bar-pain never seen bofom : 1'or
tiade , u biilldlngnnd lot near thapo tolllca
In Council Itlnll.s , on llroad\\ny , for house and
lot In Omnlm.
3 lots In Hitchcock's ndd. to trade or for sale ,
by r.xccislorLnud & Hunt tistnto Co. , 1)1U ) S. ICth
St. , Omaha. V01 9
" \J"K\V S-scaled line carrlago or top ouggy for
Jt. ' mortgage city or county warrants , or any
good unsecured notes.W.L.belbylt U li'd Trndo
" \T1CK lejulenco lot cor. IBrdnndCnss to
Joxclmngo for warehouse property worth
SStXH to &UI.UOO. O. r. UnrrUon , Morcli.inta
Nat. bank. 7W5-11
AFI5W second niortRngoi for horses or mer
chandise. II. U. Cole , headquartcrtt for Imr-
galus and ousy torniH. Uoom 0 , blk ,
FOlfKXCHANnn-A good business la
Omnha stsck and fixtures about * I.OH1 for
MtoHnllltnko Kood city property : bulanco
cnsli. Address , A 1 ? , Doe olllco. CXi 10
\\T"ANTni ) To trade for house and lot In
' T good location ; will assume light Incurn-
brnncc. Address A - lleo olllco. KiJ
FOUIXCHANOU { - r.lghty acres of the llueat
timber hind In Wisconsin , clear of encu
brance. What have you to oiler ? 0. .1 Sterns-
dord , looms ,117 and .llc > , llrst National bank.
TTIOU KXUIIANGK O.ikotn. Hand rounty
-LMVhat h.ivo jou to ollor for a good larin
here , slightly encumbered ? Dakota lamia are
rising in MUUB and Its dostluv rannot bo dlR-
\VllltakovacautlotBorlmproved pro
perty nml assiimo some oncumliiuuce. ( J. .1.
Stprnsdorir , rooms U17 auiiaiai'lrst National
bank building. KM
FOH KXCIIANOU For doslrablo residence
property In Omaha , auy or all of following ;
40 choice Inside lealdonco lota in Hastings.
lUOlots In Lincoln.
MO acres lluo laimlng land. Lancaslor county ,
Fine resilience property , Lincoln.
( loodiental property , Lincoln.
Choice famll > residence , corner , Los Angele" .
A neat residence pioporty In llanscoui place.
Alsosomo good mortgage notes.
Adtlioss. giving location and prlcn of prop
erty , a. K. II. , c.iro lliium Iron Co. 1217 Lea\ en
voi tli. Ml
BAKOAIN Klegnnt residence , with barn ,
butU , furn.ico , hot ami coM water , cintorn ,
gas , etc. , all complete : Just ready for occu
pancy. Cull and see it. Hicks , H. M. llarkvr blk ,
SNAP ! 1 good Orchard Hill lots , one nnd two
blocks from Hamilton street , STUD each ; J3.A )
to $4UJ cash , balnnco lit o years at y per cent.
Fine b-rooin house , modern conveniences ,
newly papered and pamtoil , on N. 17th St. .
lotntxlkMo alley ; $ ( .0 0 , easy payments. M. A.
Upton Co. , 10th and Farnam. OOJ
TTOK SALK- < ! acres of choice farm land ,
JU unimproved. Incontial Nebraska. A bargain
if Bold soon. Hlcka , Room 10 , Barker block.
BARGAIN Choice business lot on M street
ncaiTtli , bouth Omaha , for a ( aw days nt
J-UOU HlckH , loom 4) ) , I linker block. bH5 U
FOH SALK One of the best pi.icos In or
nrouud ttio city lo btart n small coal nnd
Inmbnr vard nnd General groce-y liuslnoss.
Uituatud nt the junction of the Holt Line K'v
and two main stieuis leading out of the city in
West Omaha , (111) ( ) feet truckage and over AX )
feet frontage on main thotoughfare used by
all tLo tirmeis Uvlui' south and wfst of the
city. This Is a splendid rhauco for a man with
n moderate amount of money. Uco. N. Illccs ,
room 4U. llarker block. HDI- ! )
BAHGAIN Lar o house newly built ; all
modern improvements , with good barn ,
etc. Can KV Im uodiato possession. Hicks ,
room 4) ) , llaikur MOCK. 8'JV.i '
WALLACK , Creiuhton block , Ifjtli and Doug-
Lot 4. block A , Dedford , fronting on UOtli and
Urlstol street , u.ivlng nnd street cars this sea
son , easy terms , $ liu0.
Lot 4 , block la , Hertford place , a State st front ,
Iots 3 and 4 , blocks. Dellono'a addition , each
r > 0 front on liuth st. block from motor Hue , on
very easy terms , each 8I.UOO.
Lot 15 , block 4 , 'Ihornburg , beautiful building
fcite. JIiOO. (
Two line east fronts m Cnrthngo , each $1,000.
LotHSI and a , hlotk y , Orchaid Hill. lOtelSO ,
corner , on Lowe AVO , city water , your own
teims , both 8I.7.V ) .
Hamilton street lot. Orchard Hill , only $1.000.
Monmouth 1'arlc , the most attractlvo addition
as. to > low , healthfulnuss , easy of ncceis , and
futuiedeveloiiment about Omaha , lotsfbOJto
tluxi. Wallace , Crelghton blocK. W < 7 11
TTOH SALK Cornorlot and new nouso , city
JL ? water , Itoyd'a addition , 81.2 W. llargaln. F.n-
quire Bim'l Ilurns. l.18 ! Fainani. 8U 9
T710U SALH Choice live ncro tract In West
JJ Omaha , close to the licit Line K'y. only
twonty-llvo minutes' ride from the postoillco ,
tor Halo for n short time , at JI.MJ ; small cash
payment , lougtlmo. Oto. N. Hicks , llarkor nlk.
h J tv
BAHGAINS-llargainul 8. W , cor. 10th and
California sU. , with 3 hoiisos , \ ery clump.
Neat house and half lot
7-room on Daven
port St. , nqnr hign school , $ > ,00l ; easy terms.
Good lot ou Hnrney at. , east ol 21th St. , a
Hlegnnt residence lot , 20th ave near St.Mary's
ave , vuijrrjlienp.
il-room house und half lot , 8.12th nt. , cheap
ou monthly paymotits.
Good residence lot on 23th ave , bot. Douglas
and Dodge. H.WM.
3 lots on S. nth t. . very cheap.
1MJ lots in Carthage , Omaha's best suburb , on
ten years' time to pnrtloa who xvlll build
i.oues. Hrennau A. Co. , Hoom 3 , Chamber of
Money to loan In all parts ot the city.8iVI
" \TOOA8Hpaymont , $3 uer month. Including
-L > Interest , will buy nloa 0-room , 1 JJ-utory
house , convenient to cable and horse cars.
II. 12. Cole , hcadcjiHirtur.s for barKUlns had
easy terms. Hoom 0. Continental block.W29
front lot on Georgia ave. overlook-
lug Omahn and Council llluirs , ) , for u
few daj-B. C. F. Harrison. Merchants Nat.
bank. . 7W1-11
Foil SALF.-lne roost pleasant aud belt ( oca
ted llttlo home In town , suitable for a man
with a small family who wants something very
choice and not too exneuMvi ) . Has navor b en
put on the market before and will undoubtedly
ho sold soon. H w 111 pay you to Investigate thU
promptly. C. F. Harrison , Merchants Nat , H'k.
S 17
TTIOH SALK Nine room nouso. barn and lot
JL. lu llanscomplace ; uUo2houKej and low in
Bunny Side. Harris , room 411. 1st Nut'l bank.
T71OH BALK Or exchange for Omaha propar-
Jty , bo acres , suitable for platting ; will
make 40(1 ( lots.all clt-ar ; big money In It for someone
ono who can push this ; Ideated Just outside the
city limits of Council llluirs. Inquire George J ,
Htrnndorir. roomi 817 and 3R First National
bank building. ] S2-i
_ _
TTtOlt HALK-il ) acres , corner Thirteenth ami
JU Nortn streets. Demrabln for platting. 0.
Good. Good block. Uei Molnes , la. UVimJI
A 11IG bargain for cash , clpolce ten-acre tract
i-clojo to Halt Line Hy. . West Omaha , tpleu-
dldly located , will make W lots that can be void
within tnreu yuuiw for from IIIJQto tVX ) acn
there Is fro'm 110,000 to ! ! % proflt In thli
Can offer for a fdtr day * * t I , MW ) . Hicks
Hoom iO , llarker block , 8 0
FOU SALli On easy pajrmsntu. A , t ami B
roomed houses , small CAS ! > payment down ,
and bivUtice tnonthly payment * . J. II , John *
aonB18andM8 Patton block. 83i )
DO you Want n Homo-Cnlt and s o the bir-
pains wo otter in choice residence property.
licks , room 4i > . llnrker block K > M >
HK. COLlt Will Trado-Cholco , nnoly 1m-
proved forms In western Nebraska , light *
y Incuinberoil. to trade tor tOuiahn property ,
murovod or unimproved.
Clear lot. swth and Vlnlon , for house In west *
am part of the city preferred.
t -room house nnd full lot , clear , for vacant
nslde residence lot ,
II , I ! . Cole , headquarters for bargains and
easy terms. Hoom a. Continental block. 753-11
TT10Il8ALK-n.79 acres , sea. 1 % tp , 13. r.
JU 8 WM Hamilton county. Nob. Hou p,8tabK
TOO acres fenced , living water. Price KJ.O/A ) . F.
K , Atklus , o\\nnr , Hallroad bldg , Deliver , Col.
1TIOK SALK Flue housu of 0 rooms , furnace ,
A. b.itli , hot and cold wntor , gnu , sewer , paved
street , motor line ono blank , cable two mocks ,
ioro card bv door , barn for 3 hornoj , etc. , eta ,
iluilt by owner for homo nnd now occupied by
him. fiUWO ; 11.150 cash , * JW ! m real estate , bal
ance at fl and K per rent.
line largo lot onS. nth st. 0(1x157. ( goodB-room
IOUPO , fruit treof. etc. ; north of Marthast. ,
For sale , the flnest corner , east front , on S.
Oth st. , 132x144.
For choice property worth the mouoy so M.
A. Upton Company. l th V Farnam. 817
T/1OH SALK-At a great bargain , 3 lots lu Hod *
JC ford place , block U.
Z lots , ( laker place , block 3 ,
Horn Is nn extra good bnrnnlnt Honso nnd
ot In Moor'aadd , 10 rooms with modern im *
7-room house , now. and lot In Moor'aadd , as
well as several lluo residence lota in same nddl-
.Ion an extra bargain.
S lots In block 8. Jerome park.
Near Fowler's place. South Omaha , three
residences , houses and lots.
Kxeolslor Laud and Heal Kstato Co. , 3108 luth
Bt. . Omnha. W2
WK Imvo bargains in land nud improved
fauns in all parts of the country that cnu
lot bo excelled. Wo sell and exchange for
Omaha and Council llltills prouerty. Wo want
, o buy about 20 lots liW.mivhn , lusldo the Holt
Ino. in ono or two tracts. K < cfolslor Land nud
Itenl listntn Co. . 310 B. nth St. . Omahn. K24
AMVlhavelO.OOO acres of choice farming
Innds In oastoni and middle Nebraskawhich
I will soil nt from $1 to ! 2por aero. Will make
special piico for the whole 10,000 acres If taken
in u lump. Goo. H. Peterson , 1412 a uth st. ,
tlH mil
PF.CIAL bargain-Lot 3 , block M , Or
chard Hill , ono third cash , balance to suit :
south front and good elevation. A 3 , Heo olllco.
. 10 foot building front In lot 3. block 75.
$ South Omaha ; lot 130 foot deep ; none for sale
In the block loss than } 125 per root. Don't lot
this bnrgaln slip. Jj street viaduct w 111 soon bo
completed. D.I ) . Pmoaton , llarkor blk.Omahn.
Dm 12
FINK 8-room icsldonce In Ilanscon
VKIIV not far from park. All modem Im
provements Including gas , bath , hot nnd rold
water , splendid turnara , &c. Price $5,000. O. F.
Harrison , Merchants Nat. bank. 787
of your attention. Now being
. . completed on yiih st. , north of JLeavcn-
worth st. two houses convet tnt to business ,
very roomy.grnte. mantel , fiuiiaco , gas. bath ,
tolli-t , 2 water closets , stationary wash tubs ,
hot and cold water , live bedrooms. 10 closets ;
only J.VWJ on terms to suit. Telephone 227 ox-
W. T. Seaman. Omaha's lareest variety of wag
ons , carriages , utc. , east side IGth st , north ot
Nicholas Bt. Ml
' oiler on corner nonr the Milton
SPHl'IATi " property. West Fnrnam St. , till
Juno 1st. a F. llnrrlson , Morchnut Nat. bank.
SRK THIS Full lot In Hillside , No. 1. W to
KM loss than adjolng property , for 10 days ;
address X Co , lleo.
TTIOH SALK Splendid ton nero tract near
JC Junction ot F. E. i , M. V. It. H. , nud the Holt
Line It. It , , in West Omnha ; has house , barn ,
elecnnt grove and in a Una state ot cultivation ;
will mate splendid homo or Una fruit or vege
table giirden. The property can be plattert inside -
side of three years Into liny choice lots that
will sell for JIO ) to J.VJO ench , nnd realize from
$ 'O.WJ to SB.iiOO for the entire trnct ; can offer
for a few days at figures that make it a bar
gain. Cnll nnd RCO it. Geo. N. Hlckx , Itoom 40 ,
llntkor block. hOS l )
FOH SATiR The llnost resldouco alto lu West
Omaha ; Just south of Farnnm ou3)th .stroot ;
n corner liloiJHr with 187 feet frontage on
paved street and Joining the handsome resi
lience of ICIikondall on the east , and llrndy.
Kassouund Mauluon the .south ; t peifoct gem
nnd canlen snot for an elegant homo.
Unrnoynud 21st .streets , lllxlii" , nn pavement
within tnreii blocks of the court house : room
for seven line houses that wor.lil rout as rnpldi
ly ns completed. A splendid permanent iu vest
Fnrnam and 22d streets , 50x113 , with now
throu-story brick wtoro building , rentoi * to Rood
poimanent tenants. Hental receipts ! M,2JO per
Sixteenth street near Nicholas , frontngo Cl
feet to nlley ; good business property.
Farnamstreet. between3sth aud J3th. front
ngo 4 < or Wixl IS to alley , south front , 1 block
from pavement and street cars.
Pnik avenue , opposite Haitscom park , 50x1 JO ,
pricB JJ.O'W ' ; easy rorniH.
Paddock place , trackage , COxllZ. 82,009 ; easy
terms ,
Ktth street south of Vlnton st , lot ror- sale or
trade formdso. or good farm laud.
S. A. Sloman , 1301 Farnam st. 527.
TTAOH SALK Academy of Music building and
J ? two business lots. Giand Island , Nebraska ,
ground I IxU ! feat , building bilck , two storms
high and stone basements , all In good repair ;
terms easy ; prlco 4I3.00J. Knqulre of Thompson
llros. . Grand Island. Nebraska. 701ml2'
/1HOICK jleco of residence property cor. 23rd
V/and Cnss forw arehoiHo or trackngopropor .
worth eight to ten thousaml dollard. C. F. Hand -
rlsou. Merchants' Nat , bank. 23) )
POH PALK Four-room house , new large lot ,
east front , collar , well , dummy train twlco
dally ; will take Homo and buggy in trado. Art-
drcss _ , II. L. Parsons. Papllllon. Neb. Cjl-'l '
Hoautlful residence HiUH.
1'luost iu the city.
Wo are now ready to show and olfor for sum
tno choicest residence sites In the cllv of
Omahn , located In "IluiuU Park , " comprising
the sixty acres bounded by 32d st. , on the oast.
3bth or Pleasant st. on the west , Hamilton st ,
on the north , and Cumlug st , on the south ,
Thlb park has boon planned , and in being laid
out by Mr , Alfred It. i.gorton ( ono of the best
Inndscapo artists of Now York ) , Into ' . K , K
nud ncro lota , and several acres are laid out Into
small parks , ornamental giounds. nnd lakes fed
by natural springs. The plans Include a per-
loot Hj'Btom of giadlng. paving , seweragewater
olectnc lighting , etc. , and an expenditure ot at
least > flOO. < for such Improvements
This choice property Is located within the 1V4
miles radius ( a little north by wast ) from the
postolllce. It lies east of the reservoir nnd of the ,
uloguut residences of Dr. Mercer nnd H. W ,
Nash , and a llttlo north of cast of proposed res
idence of Guy 0. llarton and of Illshop O'Con
nor's residence and Academy ot Sacred Heart.
Honsonable prices nnd terms will , bo glvim to
those who will build residences costing J5.UW
and upunrda. For further imulculniH niiply
ut olllce of 1 he Hemls Park Co. . rooms t ) and
10 Continental block. 15th and JlouglM st-i.
OMAflA Ih'avo a number of good
CJlols In various additions that must bo Hold
nt oncu and nan bo bought nt prlcos that will
unit j on. G. J. Sterns lorir , looaia 317 nnd.'JH
First Natlpnaljmnk building. _ O _
rpKcosie | < t home In Omaha , r rooms , larga
JLdoseta , city water , gas und newer , both
cable and horse cars. Price 81.40 * ) . Terms frNH )
to $500 cash , balance very easy. II. K. Cole ,
headquarters for bargains nnd o y terms ,
Hoom n. Continental HlocK. ! i.U
TjAOH HALK or exchange Impiovod stock
JJ fnnn of 8i l acres In eastern Nebraska , near
inarUot ; alsoimw U-room house with nil urn-
venlenti'a lu ileilrablonwl Junto portion of Omn
ha. Andtow HIIV Ins , attorney , 422 and 12.1 Paxton -
ton bloclc , Omaha , Nnb. _ IHD
T710H BALK-South and east corner JxI5 > , In
JU the nolghborhno'l of the Milton Hogor.s
property , Wont.Fn.niam strnot , very nightly
Thin is choice property In a chotoa neigllbor-
hood nnd will bo sold rheap. It > vlll p ly you to
Investigate thn locality and tlili putlcular
plecoof eiound. C. F , Harrison , MnrchatiH'
National bank. 805
POIt BALh On easy terms. 6 , 7 and X roomed
house * , with Mtuall cash pivmontMown atut
balauco monthly. J. II , John ion , 618 and sw
Pnxton olock. i
Omnha. Neb , , May ( l , 18W. Boulod propo
sals , In triplicate , will be recelvod Jiuro nml by
Post Quartorm.utor Fort Wasliakle. Wyo. , tintf
tuoorlockp. in. . Uth proximo , nnd then opened ,
for furnishliii ; at that post l-.O cords wood anil
9 buslii'M chuii'oal , In next Ilical ytinr. II. H ,
reserve * the right to reject any or all bids , Pto-
f ei encn glved tu urtlcion of Ic production ,
Al ! Infoirn.alou turnUhed on iipiillc-itlun hcio
or to post quartermaster namxd. F.nvo'.opns
containing proposals to l > u marked "Proposals
for ( un | . " and addressed ns indicate 1 above
WM. II. limiHK.S. f.lnut. Colonel nnd Deputy
Or. Mr. General. U. S.A Chief CJunr.tcrum.tcr.
The nrm of PnlniAr Htclimnn tV Co. , live stock
Commission Merchants have ( lilt day dlsolved
by mutual cons nt. All moneyH duo said firm
tun at bo paid nt once to Palmer Illanuhurd &
Co , , ncc s oi ! * . and all bills against ( inid II rm
presented to mild Palmer Ulantlmrd & Co
lijlRnedl J , II. lli.ANCUAiiu.D
m-g-UH ? N. P.
CjThe nrm berotofore doing mulneu under the
nam of lllrmlncham it MoDennott , plnmmers
and gnu attorn , iv ! N. tilth ft. , havi tills day clla
olvod by mutual caajet. Frank lllrmlnnhiun
will continue the budnass at thn old stand , par
lag all debt * and collecting all outstanding no
counts. KIUNK liiiiiaiNuiiAM ,
. . . - , . 1'jsrjiH McPenuorr.
Omaha May 8 , 1S J ,
F K Worded to J F Flnck , s in if ft lot 3 ,
anan 18 , ft lot 3 , bix.2 , KlrkwooU add !
w d , . . . . . . . . , , 1000
J F Flask and wlfo to A Itnbenstotn. s i
ft lot and u 10 i ft lot 3 , blk 2 , Klrkwood
add.wd . , . 7 . ,
I W Oownn nnd wife to H HnlU pt B H
lot 7 , blk 25 , Florence , w rt . 300
I Lorcnzen and wlfo to A Huboiuteln , nt
nnno3llM3wd . . . . 1,750
A Itiibonsteln to J F Flack , pt n o n o 34 ,
lHwd . , . . . . . . . . ; amx )
The Patrick Land Co to J 1) Montgomery ,
lots hand P. blk. lln. Dnnilpo lilac * , w d. 2,500
Z Ashby to Plait Vnlloy liaiien Co..pts of
sects II. IIS. 10 , 21 , 22 , si and JV 10 , Ii. q cd
Untied states to A 11 llakcr , n o aw , ( t -1J-
19 , patent . .
t Simpson and husband to J Staten , lot
Milk 1.1. Florence , wd . , .
Q I ! llarkor and wlfo to L 8 Kerry , lot a\
blkll.OiMiardHlll. wil . . . . . .
The Patrick Land Co to O T Smith , lot it ,
blk 110 , Dundee Place , wd . . 1,250
V (1 Albright and wlfo to (1 ( li It lr nclt ,
lot Hi. blk 3J , Albright's Clmlco. w A. . . . .SM
IKUopsonand wife to EFlockonslalit ,
jit lot n. blk II , Improvement Associa
tion add , wd . . . . . . . , , , , . , . . . C50
V C lv s und wife to a W Scott , lot C , blk
1 , Ilimry .V niclton'a mill , wil. . . . 7,801
Vtl Albright and wife lo G H Hunter ,
lotn , Hcose Place , w d . W.00
It Murjihy ot rvl toT A Mumhy. und 54 n
! ot w blk 15 , S K Hocrors' add , and n
strip ndJiicontilO feet wide , qoil . . 1
J J Alboo to J J Gorman , lot . blk 4 , Hal-
vedort'.wil . 1,000
FHumport mid wife to J Audrlt , und
} ( of n 1 } lot I , blk 8 , Improvement asso
ciation ndd , wil . 5,000
Andrlt and wlfo to I' Humpert , und ( I
lots 11. U , 13 and 14 , blk 3 , Hnca1l'ssub-
wd. . . . , . I . . 4,00fl
) It Aicher , tiuateo , i > t nl to H Hlick , w
iiofs > i of n Vi of Si otnoor no u-15-11 ,
w d . . 10.0JO
1 Hlocic nud wife to 1) It Archer , w
of s 'j of u ! t of s\t \ ot no ot no U-15 1 1 ,
wd . . J3.B01) )
J H Hnrlmnii , tnibtuo , to r.Stieltr. lolsOl
nnd R i of m , Hnrtmntf s ndd. Irons d , , . .
J 11 llnrtmnn. trustee , to FStreltz , lot 72.
Hartmnn's add , tiens d . t.
J H llnitmau , trustee , to F Stioltr , lot 73 ,
Hnrtmnu's add , treasil .
I 11 llnrtmnn , trustee , to F Stioltr , lot 7C ,
Hnrtmnu's ndd , tn-asd .
1 H llnrtmiin. tuiHtoo , to 1' Stroll/ , lot 50 ,
Hnrtman's add. treas d . . . .
M 8 Ltmtsny nnd wlfo to IM Talmngo ,
lot ? . blk 1. M nyuo's 2d add , w d . 1,5W
IMIoldclman aim wlfo to J F I loch , part
nw (1.15-1:1 ( : , w d , . 4,000
A V Hnlbrookand husband to J P Rlmk-
ktus , lot. ' ) , blk 14 , Jauntier * & Illmo-
baugh's Highland pnik. wit , . 650
J .T Shannon to.l I' Uugdale , lot P , blk 10 ,
Isaacs A Hellion's add. w d . 2,000
.1 Dngilalo to S Shnuuon , lot 8 , blk 10 ,
Soldeu'ti auu , w d . 2,000
Thirty-one transfers . . . . . { 171,203
iK I'orimts.
The following permits wore Issuoil by
LJulldlng Inspector Wliitlockyestonlny :
A. II. Dnlo , onostoiy frame drolling ,
Twenty-sixth nnd Wool worth . J700
Anron Ilniiogrnn , oiio-story frnmo dwell-
lug , Fourth and Doic'va . , . , 70i >
Thrco minor permits . 240
I'lvo pprmlta , aggregating . J1.040
lloiul I'rncliunatioii.
Ily direction ot the Hoard of Kdurntlou of the
chool district of Olimlin , lu the county of the stnto of Nobtuskn. notice Is nero-
by i'ii to the qualtlliHl oli-ctorsof said Bchool
dlsi a't that n special election will bo hold Sat
urday , May IS , HM > , nt w lilcu the follow Ing ques
tion nnd proposition will bo submitted to a
vote of thu oliictori * of .said school district , to-
wlt : Shall consent and authority bo glvou to
the llonulof Kdncut Urn ot the school district oC
Omnha. In the county of Douglas , iu the state
of Ncbraskn. toissiio the bonds of said school
district In the sum of twolumdtart and twenty-
live tlious nul dollars ( f .8 > , WJ ) 'I ho Bixld bouiw
to bo two Inmdred twenty-llvo In number of the
denomination of ono thousand dollars ( Jl.OOOl
each , dated July 1st , IW , and to bear lull-rest nt
the rate of live per cent per annum , payable
saml-aumially , principal to become duo lit
twonlj yimrs nom the date tlieieof und princi
pal and Interest to bo payable nt Ivouutzo llros. ,
uankois. Now York.
'Ihi' pioioeds nri'tng from the snlo of said
bonds to be used In the purchase of school Hltes
for said district , thociui tlon of M'hool buildings
aud making needed Improvements ns follow s :
For the pnrchnsB of a site In the vicinity of
Tweutv-fouithnnil Lotluop-Rts. at JS.IPOO : a slto
in thoMclnlty of Ft. Omaha nt tJ.fiOO ; a slto lu
tno vicinity of Gibson nt iji..VW ; u xlto lu the vi
cinity of Dnpont ri'luLO ' nt $ ) , eco : additional
ground adjoining the Hickory achool slto nt
? i.5 < ) U : nddltloiial ground adjoining the Hnituinu
achool slto at an oatlmated cost of Jlo.iOJ ; for
tno purpose ot providing ictalnlng walla ami
perinauoiltsidewalks about mid upon the Loav-
onworth school grounds , the Farnnm nchool
giounds and the High school grounds at nn
ostlmnteU cost of 81-.500 ; for the pmposcot
oroctlng hchuol buildings : nil eight-room buildIng -
Ing on the Long school nlto nt nu estimated coat
of i.U.MUnn ( eight-loom building on the Frank
lin school site nt nil estimated coat of 10,000 :
nn eight-room building on tliu Wont Omnha
.school site ut nil estimated test of RIO.IXJO ; iv
twelve room building on the Hickory Bdiool
silent nnostlmnted COHI of ' { . ( ( .OX ) ; n blxtoon *
loom bulldlugou the lluitman u.hoolultu utnn
estimated cost ot MO.OUO.
AH votes "yeh" on said proposition will bo re-
Biudcd and considered ns authorizing the
mice of said uoudrt , nnd all votes "no" nhall ba
regarded nnd considered as ngnlnat Issuing .said
Also the following question and proposition
in llko manner w ill be submitted :
Shall consi'iit nud authority bo gUen to the
ho ml of education of thti M-liool district of
Omaha , In tlio county or Douglas , lu tnuHtate of
Nebrnskn , to Issue the boiido of Bald school dis
trict in the Hum of autmtyll vo thousand dollars
( T7r > ,030).i ) > alrt bonds to bii suvonty-llvo In number
of the denomination of ono thousand dollars
( t 1.0 W ) each , dated on Julyl. IM1 , nud to bnar
inteiedtat the rate of 5 per cent per annum ,
payable soml-nnnually , principal to b.'como dim
In twenty years fioin ilato tnorcor , and prin
cipal nud Interest to be payable at Kountza
llros' . , bunkeiH , Now York.
The piocceds nilslng trom the sain of said
bonds to bo usu'l ' In erecting nn addition to thd
High School butldlug on tliu High bchool
giouiuln nt an estimated cost of JT.'i.OOJ.
All votes "yes" on said proposition , will ba
regarded mid considered na aullioiizlug the Is ,
suaiice of xnld bondf , and all votes "no" shall
bo reirardod ns against Issuing said boud-i. ' '
And the polling places for said flection shall
bo as follows :
IN Till ! flllST WAUD.
First District At 705 South Tenth st.
Second Dlsti let At 1018 South Xoiith t.
Third Dlstrlct-At the Center school building
at corner of ] 1th ami Ontjr ats.
DIstilct At the Hnitninn school build *
lus on SKtounth st near Williams Ht.
Second District At the Cnstollar school
building at the corner of Klghtoonth and Uastul-
lar sts.
IN TIIV : Tlllltl ) WAUD.
I'll it DIstilct At Dodge school bitlldlug , cor
ner of Doilgn nnd I.leveiith sts.
Hocond DIstilctAt lOUHauioy st.
IN 11IK rOUUTU WAI 11) .
First District At the High school building ,
So.i : > ud DlstrlL-t A I the Loavunwoith Hchool
building comai of Lenvouwurth and Soveu *
to nth sta.
First Dlsti let At St. ilarr.abas school build *
lug , 1111'CallfuinlnHt
Second District At the i.ako school building ,
coiuur of Nlueteouth und Lake ts.
IN Till : HIXTII WAltD ,
Flist District At the Long Nchool building ,
at the corner of Twenty-sixth and Franklin sts.
Hecniid DIstilct At the Saiatoga uchoal bul.d'
lug , nt llu < corner of TwentJfourth .aud Com-
merclal inn ,
Flint District At the Park Hchool building ,
corner of WoolirortU ave , and Houtu Twuuty-
ninth t.
Bci'jnd District At the Dupont achool tntUd.
I'lgcoiuor of Martha mid South aVuuty-uluth
nttf *
Fust District At the Izard achuol building
nt tho.corner of Ttvonttoth and laanl ate.
Hocond District At the Webster Bdiool build *
lute , comer of Wobitor st. aud 'i'Aenty-olghti.
First District At the Farnam school building
at'lWQUly-nlnth and Furnam tn.
Second Dlstrkt-At tliu Walnut Hill school
butldlug ou Hamilton- ; t. near Kuroki-st.
Jty oulurof tliu Hoard ot K'lucatlou of tll
achool district of Omaha , In the county ot
Douglas , lu the Ktate of Nebraska.
In wltnesn whereat I Imvo hereunto gnt my
liand and canned the seal of "aid school board
to bo allKnd this7th day of May. 1MI > .
Attest : President ,
J. It. Pll'liii , Hecretar IiiBdlOt
D tniUI 4 llr *
l > llnrUa * r
ujiKlUKi.UI'KOTIB | ]
MEN OMLV. or . HirilllUKOIII. KitKt
* aWi Tti ! * ' > l' * r l * turpei. CIIRI or
* '
( S IC J'oi ! ! < miiiivii tfic/khujiitiu
F ir-riv.lyTr " 'Ik ' , 8 < lm .C."ll. . .iCiifr .U J
KIIU1X' dlr.ellf lki ( k > ll w k fUU , l il t-
Ulkn' IJVjl Hi.llk. . TI of , kl.lllU
lll , l | . , uC
W.t < lM ( po-