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Delivered by enrrlcr In Anr Parl of ho City n
Twenty Cents 1'erWcek.
HrpiNrps Orriot No. .
N. Y.Plumblnj ? Co.
Arrangements nro being mnde to put
Clmutaiuiun season tlckolB on ftulo In the city
next week.
The bl-wrckty shoot for , thc bniltro of tlio
Council HliilTs Killo club will take place at
the range this afternoon ,
Methodist social thl * evening at the rest *
tlcnco of P. II. Oreutt , on Oakland avonuo.
Everybody cordially Invited.
The Mueller Music company will furnish n
flno piano for use during the coming session
of the Uhnutiiunua assembly.
RSpccIal convocnllon Star Chapter , No. 4" ,
K. A. M. , this morning at 8 p. in. , for work
In the I * . M. dcfroo. lly order of the M. K.
II. P.
Several demurrers worn heard In the ( list-
trlct court yesterday , nml another lot of
civil chestnuts were entombed. No Jury
cases will come up for trial this week.
The council , at a Into hour last nlnht ,
awarded the contract for constructing three
bridges over Indian Creek , at Second ,
Fourth and Seventh avenues , to the Mil-
. lirldgo and Iron company for ? 74OCO. ,
TiieFuibavcnusrV. K. . 9 ! " .r < ? u Iw flioa
articles of Incorporation with tlio county I'O-
corder. The Incorporates arc D. L. Hur-
court , A. H. Illghsmitli , A. Mitchell , John
Stockdiilo , S. S. St. John and C. U. Howard.
The report of thu llbrat-lan shows that
2,5118 volumes wcro taken from the uubllo
library during the month of Anrtl , and that
during that time ! ) , lbO persons visited tlio
library. There are a.OSO registered book
The Forcshcimcr-Stowart ham caao still
holds full bwny In the district court , and
probably will for the remainder of the week.
The petit Jurors , except those sitting on the
case , wcro yesterday discharged until Satur
day morning.
Lust evening the third of the Kagnn course
of Illustrated lectures WUH given u delighted
audience. His subject was Uclglum and
Holland. The next nnd closlt > R lecture will
bo May 17th. at which tirao ' 'Plcturcsquo
Ireland" will bo shown up with all its
beauty ,
A fanner's horse took a lively spin on
Lower Broadway , yesterday afternoon. In
attempting to turn the corner at Seventh
street the animal stumbled and fell , thu re
sult being iUlte ) disastrous. The wagon was
unlnjuro.l , but the horuo was badly cut and
Messrs. Cory & Conover have moved tnoir
insurance olllco to the room on Pearl street
recently occupied by the Milwaukee railway
company as an. up-town ticket ofllce. The
room has been repainted and rcpapcrcd , and
is ono of the finest ofllccs in the city. A. 13.
Walker will occupy the office with thorn.
D. D. Hobb was arrested yesterday on the
charge of larceny , and lodged in the county
Jail to await an examination this morning.
Ho is charged with stealing n lot of tobacco
from A. Goldstein , a Lower I3rbaa\vay
grocer. KoUb chums that ho paid for the
tobacco , and loft the money on the show
Last evening the Uurllnpton oflleials hero
received a telegram from Chicago , stating
that the Brotherhood of Railroad Conductors
would leave that city for Denver to-morrow
morning In three trains , each consisting of
nine sleepers , ono chair car and ono baggngo
car. They will arrive in Onmlm at C o'clock
Sunday morning.
About 1 o'clock yesterday morning , light
ning struck the wires of the Electric Motor
company , and entered the power house , in
juring two dynamos considerably. It put a
stop to all inotivu power , leaving three trains
"dead" on the track. The darmic.o was re
paired In about half au hour , uncl thu trains
resumed running.
Extensive changes nnd improvements have
Just been completed at the "Oyster Bay"
restaurant by Charles P. Helslor. The ac
commodations of the place have been moro
than doubled , and , us at present fitted up , is
ono of the llnesl eating houses to bo found
anywhere. Heisler is progressive , and be
lieves In Improving as extensively and us rap
idly as his business will warrant.
CjTwo drunks contributed liberally in police
court yesterday morning. James Covnlt was
charged with insulting ladies by whistling
as they passed the barber shop , on Upper
Broadway , where ho is employed. It devel
oped that ho was not thu party doing the
whittling , and the defendant was discharged ,
tlio court holding that the ladies wore un
doubtedly rather suporsensitlvo.
A false alarm of flro was turned in nt 9:15
o'clock last evening from box 23 , on Upper
Broadway. A son of W. H. Lynehard saw
n light caused by u person carrying a lamp
across a yard , and ran down to No. 4 hose
house and gave the alarm. The department
tunica out in good shape , but found no oc
casion for their services. An alarm during
tlio afternoon was caused by u crossing of
the tire alarm wires.
The iir t annual lull of the Council Bluffs
Hewing association will bo given at Masonic
temple , this evening , and there will doubt
less bo one of the largest assemblages of thu
season on the door. The association deserves -
serves well at the hands of the public , and
the largo sale of tickets indicates that liberal
patronage will not bo withheld. Dalboy's
orchestra will furnish music for the oocas-
ion , which promi-jos to bo most enjoyable.
Two K.xci-tiifjo Ijiidw.
Boys , llftoon to eighteen years of ago ,
wall ucoiibtomod to riding on liorsc-
linulc ; weight not to exceed ninety
pounds. Apply to Henry Mj-ors , trainer
ivt Union park.
Council Bluffs Lodpc No. 270 ( Loynl )
A. O. U.V. . , moots in U. A. K. hall
every Friday evening nt 8 o'clock.
Money loaned at L. B. Craft's & Co.'s
loiin olllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinilb ,
and all other articles of value , without
removal. All business strictly confi
dential. _
I'crNmml I'nrncrnphfi.
Mrs. John Camp , of Bushnoll , 111. , U the
guest of W. II. Murblo and family , of this
Hon. C. P. Loofbourow , cx-Judgo of the
district court , lias removed his family to
Kiilt Lake City , where they go for the benefit
of Mrs. Loof bourow's health. They expect
to remain n year or two , and may possibly
locate tl.cro permanently ,
T. S. Love , La Crossot J. D. Voungraon ,
Dc.s Molncs ; F , K. Howland , Pcorm ; L. U.
Hosobrook , OttumwaV. ; . E. Forrest , Mln-
ncapolln , and W. S. Lewis , Malvorn , were
registered at the Ogden yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Clark returned .yes
terday morning from a month's visit with
relatives and friends In Utah. They report
a most onjoyublo tlmo and speak very highly
of tlio grand scenery of that section ,
W. C. Brown , of Burlington , superinten
dent of the Iowa lines of tuo "Q , and .1. W ,
Davenport , of Creston , assistant-division
freight and passenger agent , wore in the
city last ovenlnu. Tlioy wuro In conference
with a commltlco of citUeus during the
evening , rogardlug the adoption of special
rates for the Juno tournament , Mr. Brown
talked very favorably , and the cum rait too is
well BtUUlku with tlio outlook ,
J. G. Tipton , ronl estate , f > 27 B'dway
S. B. Wudnworth & Co. loan money.
To'iuorrow'a Klyors nt Union I'nrU.g
The following entries hnvo been received
for to-morrow's races nt Union driving pnrk :
Trotting Uosrtster Haco William Butts ,
ch g , Captain Asbby ; William Llmotmrgur ,
K g1m Ituy ; I > , H , Vaujjnan , b g , Prairie
1'uoiiiK Houitfttar Kaco F. R. Gould , b g.
Mufk'ln * ; Lucius WelUjbg , Billy , W. H.
Wcud. h * , Hownr-li J. L. Paxton , b p , W.
K. Jtlloy ; 0. K William. , bik g , Oranfur
W ; Dennis Cunnlnvham , g g , Borer.
Tlioso race * will bo hotly coutustud , una
will bo very interesting.
It Promlson to Insure a Flvo-Oont
Rnto Between the Oltios.
A Hose llnnno I "or tlio Went Side-
Till ) Sheriff Waiting For nil Atl-
inlnlstrntor I'orflonnls nnil
Ocncrnl Notes ,
Tlio New Motor Ijlnc.
Tlio ordinance granting the right of way
through certain streets of the Consolidated
Street Hallway company to Council Bluffs
and Omaha has finally passed , and the next
move In to xccura tlio right of way across the
Union Pacific bridge. The ordinance pro
vides that work must bo commenced within
six mqnths , and n line from the bridge-up
Ninth avenue to Fourth street , thence to
Broadway , must bo completed within ono
year. The projectors of the rend arc conll-
dent that the Union Pacific company will
readily agree upon terms , and that work will
bo commenced considerably inside the speci
fied time.
The principal benefit to bo derived from
the now line Is a IVcent faro between the two
cities , and it is claimed that this will never
bo secured until there is another competing
lino. The prospects for n now line are now
much brighter than was the prospect for the
Broadway bridge and the present electric
line two years nco. and it seems to bo the
general opinion of thu leading business men
of ( ho city that the line will be built.
r-- "
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
ol value at low rates of interest. No
publicity ; 'tvir ' and honorable dealing.
A. A. C\ark \ & Co. , olllco cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
A Plucked Vcnlnnt.
A young follow by the name of Chcatom'
hailing from North Plattc , Neb. , was In
the city yesterday , en route to his homo in
Chlllicotho , Mo. , mm ho had n httlo exper
ience that will leave an unpleasant memory
of Council Bluffs in his mind for many a
day. Ho was waiting to take the Wnbash
train south , and dropped on a bench In Bay-
less park for a short rest before continuing
his Journey. Ho was approached by n
rather good looking man , who proved to bo
' "an extensive stock dealer. "
Of course It was a "con" man , but the
verdant youth from Chlllicotho had never
heard of such beincrs , and ho listened with
mouth , cars and eyes wide open , to the won
derful talcs told by tits companion of his
largo farms , herds of cattle and horses and
other worldly possessions. ItJIltmlly trans
pired , ns it invariably doos. that the rich cat
tle king was temporarily mmnclally embar-
rns cd , and was in need ol a few dollars in
ready cash. The Missouri innocent
swallowed the bait without wink
ing , and was intensely pleased nt
the opportunity to do so great a man n finan
cial favor. He handed over u * 10 bill , and
the recipient asked him to walk over to the
Bcno-Shugart block , so that ho could get it
changed , as ho "only needed S4.50. " Arriv
ing at the building , the stranger , who pn : o
the name of Martin , vanished up the Pearl
street .stairway.
Chcatcm waited a full half hour , when ho
concluded to go up and see what was keep
ing his new friend. Ho entered the law
olllce of FiicUlnger Bros. , and inquired if
Mr. Martin was there. He was not. and had
not been there. Thij story was told and the
pilgrim was informed that ho had been con-
tidcnccd. He was sent out to find the police ,
and wit them on the track of the aliened
stockman. Ho did not have money enough
to got home , and ho was exceedingly homesick -
sick when ho realized the truth. Ho "didn't
think that sucn n nice man would &tcal , " but
he found out his mistake , and was u sadder
and wiser young man when ha walked out of
the city with his big bundle of experience.
For 5120.00 The if. Y. Plumbing Co.
will put a lead service pipe nnd hydrant
in your yard ; also 60 feet extra hoso.
Call at once at 111 Main street.
Notice !
I have removed my barber shop from
No. 13 North Main street to No. 8 Pearl
street , wlierc I am bettor prepared than
over before to give satisfaction to my
A "West Side HOHO Houso.
The city council has acquiesced in the do-
mandx of the citi/.ens of the west end , and
has instructed the finance committee to pur
chase n lot for the erection of a now hose
house on Broadway , between Twenty-first
and Twenty-third streets. As Alderman
ICnephcr , chairman of this committee , is
strongly in favor of getting the building
erected as soon as possible , it is quite proba
ble that work on the new structure will bo
commenced In two weeks. The plan Is to re-
inovo the small hook and ladder truck and
the single reel to the new , nnd pur
chase u chemical engine for tno central flro
station , where those apparatus are now
stationed. Said Chief Walters yesterday :
"A good chemical engine is all that is
needed at No. H , ns wo have all the hose reels
that could bo used to advantage. A hose
cart costb about fSOO , and 1,000 feet of hose
for it would cost 1,000 , swelling the total
cost to $ lbOO. A good chemical engine
costs from $1,700 to $1,000 , nnd it is
provided with u lot of ladders , which are al
ways carried with it , so that it is well equipped
for work , cither on the first or second lloor
of a building. A chemical would extinguish
50 per cent of the fires in this city without
any trouble whatever. It docs not cost as
much as it used to to run thorn nnd keep
them In order. A while- ago they had to bo
recharged every time they were used ,
whether much or little of the chemicals wcro
used , but now that Is done away with ,
greatly lessoning the oxponso. The city has
needed a chemical engine for a long time ,
but the way has not been quite clear for its
purchase , without , flrat disposing of some of
the apparatus now in use. The demand for
a now house in thu western part of the city
opens a place for it , and loaves a vacancy in
the heart of the city that can only be filled
with a chemical. The fire committee seems
to bo in favor of it , and u majority of thu
members of tno council are also predisposed
in Its favor. "
Checks I > osr.
Lost , three checks , ono signed by
FTnrry Birklnblne , for $1(1.25 ( ; another
signed by BraeUott & Ctivin , forG ; and
another signed by R. P. Ollicor , for
& 7.GO ; all throe payable to II. W. Til-
ton , or IXMiA' BKK. Finder will please
return to BKK office. Payment on
chocks is stopped.
Have our wngon call for your tolled
clothes. Ctihcndo Laundrv Co.
, Notice tlio beautiful finish given col-
Inni , culls and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
Watching unit
John Jay Trainoy lias tint responded to the
order of Judge Carson to pay over the money
received bj him ns administrator of the
Tralcey estate. The amount was about $3-
700 , and as the time ix up , and no money ap
pears. It Hccms that Mr. Tralney deems It
safer to uy on tuo Omaha sldo of the river ,
A friend of Trainoy's , acting apparently
in his interest , interviewed Sherlft O'Neil
the other day.
"Can not Mr. Trainoy come over to the
Bluffs to sco bin family 1"
"Certainly , " remarked the kind-hearted
oftlclnl. "He can wire over for that purpose. "
"Yos , but if ho comes over ho will bo ur-
"Ah , that's a thiiiR to bo settled when the
tlmo comes , Only curry one horse ut a time. "
It uupearoj to the inquirer that there was
considurublo doubt about the safety of
Tralney if IIP returned to Iowa soil.
U Is understood that a commitment is
Issued , and that if Mr. Tralney can bo caught
ho will bo arrested for contempt of court , in
net obeying the order to turn ovrrthe funds.
Mr. TrtUncy'i bon-.Uinen are liable tobeunod
or get into trouble , unless thnt gentleman
y. , Ah. . . .
arranges the matter of his uncle's estate In
BOtno satisfactory manner to the court , and
at an early date.
Dr. C. C. IIiizon , dentist , Opera house
John Bono & Co. have rocol vod the
following goods for the Chatitauqua
fair , in response to circulars sent to
their jobbers. These goods nro dis
played in their store windows. Call
nnd BOO them. .Icwolrv from Pfalzor
Bros } . & Co. , Philadelphia.
Suit and extra pants and hat and a
coat to match , from Whltton , Burdptt
& Young , of Boston , Mass.
1 flno mantle bronze clock and statue
from Marshall , Field & Co. , Chicago.
Horn stitched table cloth napKins ,
sldoboard.scarf dresser , scarf and towels
from O'JaiTo and Pinku-s , Now York.
1 full dress , satin lined suit of cloth
ing , from Hart , Schnffor & Marx ,
Chicago , III.
1 drujt for live dollars from Bold ing
Brothers & Co. , Chicago.
1. O. O. K.
Members of Council Bluffs Robckah de
gree lodge , No. 9 , wishing to visit the Ho-
bckn degree lodges of Omaha , are requested
to meet nt I. O. O. F. hull promptly at 7
o'clock u. in. A11 are requested to go.
Holding Her Cabin Against Frontier
llufllniiR with the Aid of Her Dog.
"Talk about women going out to do
the homestead act at Oklahoma , ' ] said
a Thcspain on tlfC Ilialto , with a lower
register s.neor , to a Nvw York World
Voporlar , "there goes a demure light of
the drama who has been through moro
pioneer perils than half the men who
como back east with scalps and fairy
talcs , " Just then the demure member
walked placidly by. Largo thoughtful
eyes , bearing extremely quiet , regular
features and a queenly figure , and all
belonged to the actress May Frances
Stetson. And the Thespian rattled
ahead with his story.
You would never dream that the
heroine of his talesof border perils and
hairbreadth escapes nnd frontier mis
eries could be embodied in' such a dig
nified and gentle frame.
"Tell you how it was. She hails from
Maine and wont out to Dakota to cap
ture ono of the homestead bargains
olTorod there. That was in-1880. about
the beginning of summer. She had
been through some preliminary train
ing for the stage , but hadn't money
enough to keep on with her studiesniul
she took a fancy to try the rapjd transit
road wealth 'claim' in
to throuch a the
west. Experience'1 ! No ; nothing but
grit , a Russian bloodhound and a five-
barrelled revolver. That was her stock
in trade. She located her 100 acres
about twelve miles from Fargo rolling
laiui , surrounding by leagues of vaving
"Sho began by moving n log cabin
there to live in. Then she contracted
to teach n school , the llrst in that be
nighted region. It was six miles from
her cabin , and this distance she walked
twice a day , the prairie grass for over
three miles being neck high and the
primeval snake acting as her only es
"Meanwhile , Flo that's the blood
hound hold the fort at the cabin , and
the cabin never got away while Flo was
in command. Ono evening about dusk.
Miss Stetson heard one of Flo's peculiar
and ominous growls. The dog never
growls except when there was business
on hand. So her mistress responded
and found three villianous looking
Sioux Indians at the rear of the cabin.
They wore the worse for fire-wator and
asked for food as a blulT. This was her
lirst introduction to the copper-colored
"As she started for some meat and a
revolver the Indians drew their knives
and entered. The odds were heavy
and their purpose was clear. As th"
loader advanced with knife raised , she
lot him have it in the heart and ho
dropped. Flo got her cue and fastened
on number two's throat with deadly
grip. Number throe took to'tho woods.
She buried tlio redskin next day and
kept on with her school. Flo saved
her life several times after that once
when a tramp pulled n razor in return
for a breakfast , taking Miss Stetson off
her guard. Ho managed to make n
nasty cut in her arm'before Flo got her
lines , but when she did it was all over
for the tramp in ono act. She had a
man all ready.for the undertaker before
fore she loft his throat.
"A third time Miss Stetson had left
Flo in charge of the cabin and gone
galloping over the prairies , five miles
away , for some oil. Evening had nearly
set in. She had scarcely started on her
way back when one of those beastly but
brilliant prairie storms came on. Chain
lightning spans tlio skies nnd from its
forks drop great balls of electric lire.
You think it's the bombardment of Sum-
tor. Then follow rain in torrents and
darkness heavy and dense as lead. She
lost her way and entered a gulch. Tlio
waters rose and rose , and death seemed
certain when Flo's baric was noard like
an angel's voice. The dog had made
up her inimd that something , yas wrong ,
and stopped i > laying _ sentinel tong
enough to save her mistress the third
time. Locating the voice of distress ,
she soon brought relief from a belated
party on the road.
"Miss Stetson and the hound wont
through the entire Dakota bill-o'-faro ,
including Indians , washouts , starvation
and prairie fires. Twice Flo was shot
and nor mistress nursed her back to
sluiDO again. But Miss Stetson made
her point. She hung to it like grim
death till she made tlio land pay , sold
out at a good figure and started cast
again with money enough to go ahead
with her dramatic studies under Hud
son and Emerson at Boston.
"And Flo ? Well , the poor hound was
loft with people in Chicago who didn't
fancy her unconventional way of run
ning the neighborhood , and they shot
her while sho- was fast asleep. They
knotv no thin IT could kill her if she were
awake. It almost broke Miss Stetson's
heart. She never forgave those Chicago
cage cowards for murdering her life-
preserver. "
Interesting Statistics In the Birth of
I Joy a and CJIrlw.
In 1880 there were 50,000,000of people
in this country , and about 882,000 moro
males than females , says the Philadel
phia Times. That was only because
more mains wore born , the females live
the longest of the contonnnrians 1,409
wore men and 2,007 were women. The
boys start out nearly a million ahead
and arc in the majority until the six
teenth year , when the girls are a llttlo
more numerous. Sweet sixteen is a nu
merous ago , anyhow. After that , lirst
one and then the other is in the major
ity , the girls gradually gaining alter
thirty-six and leaving the men far behind -
hind nttor seventy-live. To balance
this longevity of the females , in almost
every state a few moro boys are born ;
not many more , but almost always a
few. It is astonishing to BOO whore the
census glve.s thousands and hunorods of
thousands of boys and girls under ono
year old , there nro , with one or two ex
ceptions , always a few hundred more
boys , and ovly iv few hundred moro. In
only six of tno forty-nino states and
territories are mure girls born , and in
those states they are very slightly in
excess from eleven to eighty. These
exceptions nro' iArizona , Dolownro ,
Florida , Louisiana Montana , nnd North
Carolina. The Tjint that the females
are in the majority in all the original
thirteen states 'but Delaware and
North Cnroliliii1 especially in
Mnssaehusaotts and Now England , has
created the impression that there is
something in the climate or In the people -
plo that produce * imoro women than
men. This is a pbfojUar but egregious
error. In Mnssadhussotts there were
in 1880 , 4:17 : moro boys than girls under
ono year of ace. TJio males are in the
minority in almost all the eastern states
because many of the young men go
west. All over the west there is an ex
cess of men , nnd those who are not for
eigners have been withdrawn from the
states farther east.
In the new states and territories this
is most noticeable. In Idaho , for in
stance , there nro twice as many males
ns fomalcs , but the male infants are
only n llttlo in excess of the females.
The west is drawing heavily on the
manhood of the cast. From this all the
old states have suffered. Massachu
setts scorns to have lost moro than any.
There are parts of northern Ohio which
nro portions of Now England removed.
Massachusetts shows the loss nnd Ohio
dhows the gain. Another curious fact
Is , that while all over the country moro
boys than girls nro born , in cities and
towns there are moro girls. Between
the ages of tlvo and seventeen Inclusive
there are 4,080 moro girls than boys in
Now York county , 1,708 in Kings
county , 2,75 ! ! moro in the city of Baltimore
moro , 1,018 moro in Sullolk county , Mas-
sachussetts ( Boston ) , 2,009 , moro in Cook
county ( Chicago ) , Illinois ; 2,131
moro in the city of St. Louis ,
1,971 moro in Philadelphia county and
2,6:13 , : moro in the imrtRh of Orleans.
All those cities except Now Orleans are
irt states where more boys than girls
are born. In Georgia there are 137
counties.and in all but 20 of them there
are more boys than girls. These 2i (
counties include the 11 largo towns and
cities. Strange that not ono of the
cities should bo loft out. Stranger still ,
the excess of girls is about in proportion
tion to population. Savannah loads oil
with 62S moro girls than boys ; Atlanta ,
885 ; Augusta , 304 ; Mncon , 164 ; Colum
bus , 131 ; Cartersvillo , 123 ; Rome , 50 ;
Athens , 60 ; Albany , 10 ; Griflln , 11 , and
Amcricus 7. Savannah , though she
has n some what smaller population than
Atlanta , has a larger excess of girls.
This seems to bo peculiar to old cities.
It is so with Baltimore , Now Orleans
nnd Now York. The excess is greater
in Now Orleans than anywhere else.
Is this apccluiarityof the French'The
facts present a question worth studying.
Are there fewer men in the cities than
in the country ?
" ToTt SALE-Or l-rade-l'lnno No. 1 , ( now )
organ , Imrnens. sowlntr machine , liorso nnd
wagon. Address No.5i3 llroatlwny , room 1.
W ANTED A peed dining room i-lrl imme
diately at the Honiti rostuurant , 3.17 Ilroad-
ANY one wantlm ? nnc'chanca to manufacture
can secure bnlldlnK.T > owcr , etc. , at a bargain
by addressing .Main atroet Meat .Market.
J"CE Out ) tons for Bale. Lnnzendorfer &
Jiitrolihehii. . Main street Meat Market.
Rr.Ali Estate bought and sola. None but
bargains accepted. Houses for sale on
monthly payments- Warranty deed slven. By
C. Il.JmUl , ixxi Uroadway , Council Hluirs.
TjKHIuNT A tine dairy faim of 133 acres.
J- half a mile froiu tlio city limits ; a part of
It can be cultivated it desired ; Ko < 5d house and
barn ; water supplied by a windmill. Horace
Evcrott. i
F I OH SALE Mr residence. Inquire John (3.
Woodward , 012 Fourth avenue.
TT1OH KENT Largo double ollic.o over Frank
JLevin's cigar store , WK liroadway. Jmiulro
of Frank Levin.
GB. &
(6 ( Jewelers ,
Railroad Watch Inspectors
For Union Tacillc , Chlcaco A : Northwestern ,
Chicago. ItocK Island A ; 1'aclllc , Chicago , Hur-
llniton& Quincy , Kansas City & St. Joe rail-
No. 27 Main St. ,
Council IllufTf , In.
Wlmt is Needed Is n Good
Just received and on exhibition at the gas com
pany's olllce. Unenuclled for convenience.
Absolute safety. No odor , and above all , eco
nomical if properly tibod ( 'all and examine
them whether you Intend put chasing or not.
Is good on prcsntiitSon for
$1.00 on each pair of panta
bought of the
London Tailor.
Good for Thirty Days.
O :
0 ,
* i
7 ?
, n
P.- .5 .
I. *
es <
ei i
Cor.IOih.Avc . 2l9Farnham M " " u / \
ft. ! uHt fVM > n
Fourth St. UlderlstMWllSTflVFr ? 1 &
TelNpJ3BJel.NigWg : ( Vgfi. S ORTOA/J /
ciitfT'd . t&aiigk KvifR M 1 U/v
Our exhibit being over \vo now oltor our solcc
tctl s > tock nt a discount ot 10 per cent from our
regular prices , for the next : ,0 days.
No. 33 Main St. , : : Council Bluffs , la.
I am determined to fivc the public llic hciiclll of my
. 1 quote lu'dtty ( lie lollcnviii ; ;
BUKT & MEAHtS' JMen's Flue Shoes , 85 , I'oriucr p * ict , ! t .
J. S. TUItNKSi'S Men's Slaml-SexveU Shoes , 5 , frrmor
price , 87..5O.
E. C. liUKT'S Liullco' French Kid. turned , ill $5 , 'ormo
price , S" .
E. C. ISUKT'S Cur Kid nt S't , former price , § 5.
I. FILES , 413 Broadway.
SIZES FROM Especially Adapted for
25 TO 300
HORSE POWER , Mills and Elevators
Bpecltlcatlons and estimates f imiihfcert for complto steam p'nnts. Itrpulatlon , Durability fu i
auteca. Can show letters from users where Kuel Hconoiuv is oqiiil with Corliss Non-UoiiUouilii
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catalog ae. No. 61O Pearl Street , Council BluTj
Taxidermist and Naturalist.
"rermanently located at No. II North Sixth Street , onnoslto post-
olllco , ou miitor line , Council Ilhirn. : Jowa.
Illrds anil animals mounted naturally and In the be4t method ot
the art. Warranted to preset vo for yoats. Foreign birds supplied
n ehort notice. Highest price paid for owls and hawks of nil kinds. 1'crsons sundlng order *
sburud of perfect satlsfuctlo n. 1'nr clrosblni ; a specialty \Vrlu for paulculars ,
R. Rlca'sHanUI ' Snnrt ,
Tlioonly perfect alnlomlnal support for clilN
dicn and amilttt. Sncccsstully curua tlio WOHHT
'I'llmnf1 ' ) ! ]
And UPS her fine line of Hair
( jooils. HlNKST HAIU
OIltfAMIJNTd III the city.
WlgH , lleiirdsotc. , for Kent
Gluth and Oylo and Myor.3
Urca. a 1'nlntx , llalr
DresjInK. lite.
No , uo niiiiu st , ,
Orduru by mall rocolvo prompt at tcutbm. .
Hidesjalln , PeltsJool S Puts ,
Hlfhost market price * . Prompt rcturni. No.SW
nnU Bii Muln ut. , Coiiucll Illuue , lo\va.
The Most Modern Novolltlos In
ArtisliG Decorations !
Nos. 11 and 13 Pearl St.
TIIOS. UrriCKii. w. H. M. I'us KV
Corner Main and liroadway ,
Dealers In foralcn tuil domestic .
Collection * made * uj lutevtu paid on : aoa -
poslu ,
CnrnrnrAQT I ISSM *
bUTO WireSIf chongo | , Ills , J ClnrkSt.
The Regular Old-Established
It tll ! Treating with th Gmlett
\i ym.-r.v.i
Chronic , Ncryons anfl Priyatc Diseases , '
Falling Memory , Exhauitlnit Dralni , Tcrrlbl *
Dreamt , Hod and Dack Acne nd * 11 the cfTtcll
( cadlna to early demy * ml pcihaps Coniumptlon 01
lni nlty , trttted idcntlficUr/ new nethodt with
ncrer.fjllinz incctM.
A9-BYt > HILI3 Di ! Mlb d Blood and BklnDll.
entci nerminently curtd.
V-KlDNEY nd URINARYcompUlMi.QUet ,
Qonorrhoei , Strlcture , Varlcocel * nJ nil Ji ! in
&f ( he Qenlto.Urin ry Orgtnt curedjprom.lly without
Injury toStomich , Klclney > or o-.herOrg M.
nr No experiments , Ace and experience lm
port nt. Connultttlon free nd sacred.
OB-Sen J 4 cents pottage for Celebrated Work * oa
Chronic , Nervout and Delicate Diitxei.
aS-Tho f contempUtlnc MtiritRe xnd for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated cuMc Male and Female , each
15 centi , both ? ctnt ( ttamm ) . Conjult the old
Doctor , A friendly letter orcllm y lave rutur iurTer >
Ing nnd thame , and add golden J e r to life. 49llook
"Lire's ( Secret ) Errort , " 50 ctnti ( itampi ) . Mtdlcint
nndwrltlngt ( tnt everywhere , itecuie from cxpoiur * .
Houn,8lo8. Sut , < lay oto 11. AJJicit
F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
100 So. Clark St. CHICAGO , ILL *
MKN nnilVOMK.N mccositullv trcuteJ.
SiiirorliiR from the rfrcct * of yimllilul fnlllos nrlnilli
Cfi'tloii" , or nni troubluil with Wi'iikno" , Ncrrom
iljlllty , l.o < of Mciniirr , le ) < | ) ntlrnuy , Avi-rslon to
Nirk't ) , Utilnoy TioillileMir nny ill iMi'u nt thnion | .
to-Urinary Uruiinn , din hcie Mini n info niul i i > eeily
iur . Charuoi rcaiionabU1 , vnpoclally to the pour.
Then- lira ninny troiililcil with tno froqin'rit oracun
tloiisul the blaililvr , ottcn nicnmii.inli'il liy a slight
. . . - iKRcniiatlon , niiu wciikcnliii ; of tlio
K stem In n imtiiner the tmtlcnt cannot iiccunnt for.
i cxumlnlnu tlio urlnnry tlcpoMU u ropy aoillmvnt
will otton tiu foiitut , nnd &otnoilmi'i intruder of albu-
inen will npm-ur nr Iho color l > o " 1 a tlilu , inllklili
hue , uiriilii vlmniiliiu t < t n itnrk or lorplil nppi'tirnvco.
There nro manr men vrhotllu ot thin tlinicuily , Ixnor-
nnl of llio C.IIIRP. wlili'h IR thu occoinl Hiuo of BUDI-
nsl wfiiknco. Thi ! iloctnr Mill pnitriintt'tt tt porfuct
( lira 111 nil Mirh cii'on.niul a linnllUr ronturntlon of
tlicKimlto-iirlnnry orirnii" . ( . oiiMiH.ntlim frco. Send
iNcunt KtHiup lor "Youiii : Mnn'n Krlcml , ur UuUlo to
Wedlock , " lri > to nil. AililrpM
Main and 12tti St. , Kuiistis City , Mo.
ils vuper.
P mi i P'm
"Dally Exeunt Sunday.
tSimday only.
Leave. I Arrive.
A No.2 fi ; ! ii. in.A No. 1 7:00 11. in.
O No.0:00a. : m. No.n 5:50p. ui.
A No. 4 , . . . Ulil ; a. m.'A ' No. U 0-T : > u. m.
A No. 4. . . . . 11:51 : a. in. A No.6 ; HKu. m.
A No. II . . . ' 0f,5 : n. ni.iA No.j : O\Vtn.ia. : \
Kxcept Saturday. rllxcepc Monday.
rMilfiArirk ' " "TIMVKsTl'IlN
No. 8 U.Mfla. m.'No. ' 7 li:4"ia : , ra.
No.H 4:15p.m.No , ; i UIKla.m. ;
No.4 ( ) : IOD , m. No.6 0:11 : p. m.
A11 Trains Dally.
A No.iJ UMOa.m.A No. 1 : nu a. m.
A No.4 . , . .7OJp. m. A :
" ' WTV , SiJl ; , , , 2Kl'H Ar. COUNOl4 |
No. 2
No. 1 .
No. 10.
No. W ,
A .N , ° ; , li , 4l'l : P- " ' A No. 7 12:00 : in.
A dully : It dally except aturilay : Ooxcepc : 1) exuwjit Monday ; fast nill. : :
llio tlmo KivHii anoro IK for Transfer. < hero
being from live to ton minute * iiotwvon'JYans-
r and local depots.
- . , _ _ ' a " l < ! NERVOtIB DKBILITTl
rjYim ! Wjaknen of Do < ly ud MlnitiEW.tU
XX Saa 5.r ! ? fflSa
80UP8 ,
. ic.
l'uilllrtlirc'lrflliicl < l r l.rllr.
llurni'iKltclro.MvK'olIc Iltlt
, '
only ono In llmwbrl.1 Kinirutlnz
' .onllimct , Hl
. . . .
o , Hoiwr. HtMoviB TO 180 , CHICAW.