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    * t THE OMAHA DAILY BEE ; FRIDAY. MAY 10 : 18S9.
Qotllny Blgnora to a Potttlon Under
Fatoo Protonsoe.
( Tenrtiic Down Otnntin Air If.ilivlilttnl
rroflt .X 'Warning to ihft Pco-
fileVlmt Oenornl
Crook Snltl.
Hold tlit > Knrt.
OMAHA , May 8. To the Editor of Tun
UKR : 1 notice liy your paper thnt the secrO-
Inryofwnr nnd Major General Schofteld ,
with ether | irmy officers , are to bo In Omalm
On a tour of Inspection. I understand Hint
they also Intend to visit Fort Onuha and tha
llo below Hoilovuc , on which Henry T.
Chirlto U trying to Imvo the new fort located.
I take It thnt this U to bo the turning point
bn the question whether the present fort
ahull ho maintained or nlmndonod for n now t thlnki/lt li about lime for our ollU
rciiB to nwnkon to the situation. Whnt will
bo thu effect of abandoning the preicnt fort
nnd moving down ton inlloi below town )
Docs any sane man suppose that the benefits'
which Omtiha 1mA for ycnrn derived from
social Intercourse nnd trafllc with army ofl- !
COM nnd troops will not bo
mutorlnlly affected by the proposed
change ! At present a drlvo from
Port Oin ah u to the pontoftloo is miulo In u
tow mlinitcs , practically nt no expense. Our
Churches , our concert hnlls and social en
tertainments are always liberally patronized
by army people. Our retail stores nro visited
by tliolr ladles nearly every day , and the
common soldier walks Into town and spends
his money when ho 1ms a day off. Will It bo
eo when they Imvo to travel twenty-four
miles brvek and forth between the opera
House and new fort. How wilt they make
this trlpl Henry T. Olarko tolls you that
there will bo suburban trains to tmtc thorn
In ami out of town every few minutes , night
and day. Hurnbugl Who's going to pay
tliolr faro back nnd forth even : If
the round-trip costs but n qunrtorl VVIJVn
subordinate officer , with nn Income of gl'JTu '
manth , couio to n concert with his family
nnd pay out nn extra dollr.r every tlmo I Ho
can't , afford It , arid ho will not do It moro
than once a month. Oh , but they can pet
passes 1 Will it pay any railroad to run
trains from Omaha to the now fort , oven
hourly , when nearly all the passengers nro
dead-bonds ] "Oh , " replies Mr. Clarke , "wo
nro going to build up n largo now town
down there , and the people who will go to
and como from Onmlm will make the
suburban trains Day. " Precisely , Mr.
Clarke I Thut Is why Omaha will
bo seriously crippled by your scheme.
You have ocen trying for moro
than twenty years to bulia up a
rival to , vn down there , and you have made
us any amount of trouble with your brldgo
schemes. I remember very well how Omaha
was paralyzed ut ono time by Mr. Clarke's
efforts to locate a bridge below hero.
Suppose tlmt ho succeeds now In Ratlins
that fort located on his land below Hellovuo ,
nnd ho plants several hundred houses on his
suburban town , and then a bridge Is thrown
across the river ten miles below Omaha ,
'what will bo the effect ! A man
does not have to look through
a mlll-stouo to see that this now Fort
Onmlm scheme cannot fall to do Incalculable
damage to this city. And yet , I am told ,
moro than a hundred of our business men
and bankora have boon Induced under false
pretensions to sign Clarko's petition to locate
the fort on his land. I say under false pretenses -
tenses , and I moan Just what 1 sav. Mr.
Clarke Is capable of Just such work. Ono
of the business men who bad the nerve to
refuse to sign his precious petition tolls
mo that Clnrko represented ! that wo Imd
only ono choice wo must either consent to
the removal of the fort orloso It entirely. Ho
assured this man tlmt General Sclioflola wus
determined not to have another dollar ex
pended In Improvements nt the present fort ,
1 nnd was bent unon having the fort removed
way out west If wo inndo any objection to
locating It near Bollovuo. Clarke Is said to
have shown a letter from Senator Mandor-
son , marked confidential , to sustain his as
sertion. The party said ho didn't take the
trouble to read this letter , and probably no
ono else did. If General Schoticld and the
secretary of war have made up their minds
to move the fort , what is the use of that pe
tition , and why should they come to Omaha
nt all I Clarke also claims that Qcnoral
Brooke , the commander of this depart
ment , Is heartily In favor of
relocating the fort and wants It down near
Bollovuo. 1 don't believe n word of it. It Is
true that General Brooke has recommended
tlio Clarke slto , but ho tins merely compiled
with n duty Imposed upon himhy General
M'.nderson's bill and designated what , In bli
opinion , was the most available slto offered
among competing locations.I have met
many of our army ofllcors , but I have to BOO
ouo yet who would not prefer to bavo the old
fort remain Just where it Is. General Crook ,
ivho probably knows moro about the wants
of the army hero than anybody , declared
within the last three months in the prcsenco
of a man I can name , thnt
"tho scheme to remove the fort Is 'cussed'
nonsense. " As a nltkou and property owner ,
I say It is worse than nonsense. Now York ,
Chicago , St. Louis and Kansas City are all
trying to annex their suburban towns. They
want to ccntralUo population under ono city
government , nnd make the best showing
when the consus-takor comes. Is It good
policy for Omaha to scatter her population
nnd invite the building of suburban towns
that will cut Into her commerce and reduce
her CPIISUS returns to the minimum. Mr.
Editor I fool that I ewe it to myself and ray
fellow citizens to protest against the roloca
tinn of Fort Omaha , and I hope you will prt
aont the real fnots of the case through ypur
editorial columns. A t'lONCBit OK
Stirp. Gon. Woodward , U. S. array ,
says of the results of chronic inalartnl
poiboniiifr ; "Diaordor of the kidneys
Iroquontly complicates the condition
undur consideration. Scanty , moro or
less nlbumiious ) urine is of ton observed
nnd these cii.scs not infroquuntly termi
nate In chronic Brlplit'a Disease , with
. conllrniod albuminuria , oodoma or jjcn-
orul niiiituircn. " What at Hrst Is rocoff-
mend ns malaria is subsequently found
to ho Dritfht'a Disoivso , whloh Warnor'a
Snfo L'uro onros. _
Nn\v Corporal loan.
Yesterday was a good day for articles of
Inoorporutlon with the county clerk.
The Omaha Motor Hallway company , with
nn authorized capital stock of 51,200.000 , Hied
Amended articles. The stock Is divided into
12,000 , iharcs , and it is provided that 50 par
com of the capital shall bo imbsorihod and
paid up within sixty days. The corporation
Js , of course , orgaaliod fur the purpose ol
operating street railways by electricity and
cable upnrtituJ by steam , compressed air or
any ether motive iwwer except steam. The
nrtlelc * also name the streets upon which the
company Is to run curs. The ofilcisrn are
Samuel 1) , Mercer , prudent , and W. H.
IMIllxrd , secretary.
Another Incorporation Is that of the Al
bright Land and I-ot company , with a phtca
ol business In Omaha. Its capital stock Is
$175,000. The company Is organized for nn
existence of eleven years , for the nurpoto of
trading In Noliruskii lands. Tim lucnrporu-
tors are : W. O. Albright. Arthur U. Cooley ,
Arthur East , Elmer C. llrownleo ami Alex.
O. Cliarlton.
7.llla AshbyUlod a bill of sale yesterday ,
with the county clerk , convoying over ono
JMindrnd and fifty head of blooded horses ,
Inoludim ; Urge number of valuable stal
lion * nnd marcs , cattle ami hogs
nnd other chattels , on the X'latto
Valley ranch , to the Pinlto Vul-
lev lianch company. The consideration
IB'IM.'JOO. ' It Is the same stock that was
transferred to her about a year ago by C' , 10 ,
JMaync. The I'latto Valley flan eh companyto
vrlifch Ml Asbby convnyud the btorlc , Is n
ucw corporation , .vrhlcti tiled articles ut the
tlmooflho trmikfcr. The capital stock of
the new company Is $150,000 , divided Into
1,600 Ahnrus. Tha busluca * of the company
will bo the purchnso. breeding and ruining of
terd of horses , cattle and other live Meek.
1'bo corporation Is organlred for an existence
ol llMy years. The Tncotporalors aud direc
tor * nre C. H. Muyne , I ) . / . Ash by and J. I- .
U 6cbiin' 1'UU act like tuvij'.c oo
TUB soiiooii BUNDS.
Treasurer ItimYi HiiRKcsts Thnt They
Iio Floated a * BeAn ns I o mble.
City Treasurer Hush Is urging the board of
education to Ret Its 1300,000 bonds on the
market fts wwn as pomlblo After the election ,
which will bo held next Saturday. The flrtt
six months Of the year , says Mr. Hush , are
much bettor for the disposal or bond * , nnd
eipoclftlly of district school securities , thun
any other time. One r6ann U that money U
now casiof in the custom market ! ) , nnd an
other In that nchtol bond * are much moro
diniculttodlnpo edf than municipal seourl-
tlo < s although they are almost Identical At
far ns Omaha Is concerned. The trcwufcr
states thnt the school paper Is at good ft
lloaler ah the municipal bond , but thcro are
a number of eastern states that will not buy
the former , M their state laws hrohlblt the
purchase of them. Vermont , wow Hamp
shire And Maikucluuclta nro among such
CniiRlit by Ilcixuvoli.
N. Hcnuvols Is a rather short , hcaryct ,
genteel-looking man of mltldla ago , with n
full , round face , keen eyes and heavy dark
mustache , neatly dressed , and of sunva na >
Ho spent last week In Omaha , representIng -
Ing that ho was a special agent of the New
York Mutual Life Insurance company , and
that ho had run up hero from St. Louis on
a llltto private speculation. Ho stopped ut
the I'uxton , but rendezvoused princi
pally at the Diamond pool room ,
and bccomlnc On caiy and familiar
terms with Its many affable attaches and 1m-
bltucA , ho played his money liberally on both
baio hall nnd hores.
Last Wednesday , n Week ORO , late in the
afternoon , ho strolled Into the iMntnomi , and ,
Walking back to the cashldr's ofllco , said to
Mr. White , the proprietor :
"Here , Charlie , 1 dumped myself at the
other room this afternoon and I want you to
caslt n small check for me , " ut the same time
handing In through thoopanlng In the screen
the following check :
No. 2127.
Sr. Louis , Mo. , April 4 , 188'J. '
Laclcdo 13ank.
Pay to the Hearer . N. Ueauvols
. or order. . . . .
The sum of . Two Hundred Dollars
$200.00. Mcrim Hnos. & Co.
The check was all properly certified with
the bank's stamp and cashier's name , A. A.
TcAtcs. nnd Mr. White , assured that It wus
as good ns BO mucti money Itself , counted out
the "long green" and handed It over to Mr.
Hoauvais , who smiled , thanked him , nnd
with the remark , "I ought to go broke for
going over to the other house , " walked out.
The next afternoon the cheek was sent
over to the Omaha National bunk for col
lection , and nothing moro was tlioucht of it.
Saturday afternoon Mr. Ueauvols again
appeared at the Diamond , and. Informing
Mr. White that ho would require another
small check cashed , ho produced one. the
counterpart of the Ilrst , only it was for $300 ,
and handed It to the accommodating pronri-
ctor. White cashed it without suspicion.
Mr. Hoauvois telling him while ho couutcd
out the money , that ho had insured the older
Mr. Meyer's lifo In St. Louis for $25,000.
Ho nonchalantly rolled up the bills handed
out by Whlto and with n good-afternoon de
parted. That night , ho returned to the pool
room and cashed in SSO worth of pool tickets
which ho had won that day and that was the
last scon of htm at that resort.
Wednesday morning , the Omaha Natloaal
bank received notlllcatiou form the Lnclodo
ban Ic , St. Louis , that the checks wore clover
forgeries , nnd that steps should bo taken for
the immediate arrest of the smooth gentle
man who had circulated them.
But Mr. Bcauvois know hli business , and ,
when searched for , of course , was found
missing. Subsequent Investigation revealed
that ho was Joined here Saturday evening by
Mamie Varroll , the handsome contralto of
the ICato Castloton company , who had come
on that day from Denver , and together they
had departed Sunday evening , presumably
for Now York.
Mr. White hasn't much to say about the
affair , but the porter of the Diamond In
formed the reporter that ho went up-stairs
yesterday , after hearing front the bunk , nnd
kicked himself nil over the room.
Ho will communicate with the New York
authorities nnd endeavor to locate the
shrewd scoundrel , but entertains little hope
of recovering his cherished slmoleons.
Dyspepsia ami Torpid Liver.
Nathaniel Hyatt , Insurance Department ,
Albany , N. Y. , writes :
I have been n great sufferer from dyspep
sia , water brash , acid stomach and constipa
tion for the last fifteen months. Some time
ago I rend in ono of Brandroth's Calendars
the case of a gentleman In Albany who was
cured of a similar affliction by using ALL-
COOK'S PoiioL'3 PIASTERS. Knowing the gen
tleman referred to , I purchased three ono
I wore on the pit of the stomach and two on
my right side. I were them a week , then
took a bath nnd removed the plasters. I
washed the places with cologne , rubbed them
dry and then applied fresh AI.LUOOK'S Pon-
ous PLASTKKS. I found my appotlto aud di
gestion much Improved In two weeks ; in
three weeks my bowels became regular , and ,
after using the plasters for four weeks , I
tound myself entirely cured.
Grnnlto S'omitalns.
Tne now publlo drinking fountains donated
by the waterworks company la the city are
flvo in number , and will be very handsome
designs. Two of them are already com
pleted. They are of granite , and taper to a
point six feet from the ground. An orna
mental head has been sculptured on the
front , and from the mouth water will
Jlow into a pretty carved basin. On each
side of the latter will hang a cup suspended
by n light chain from a rosette carved In the
rook. A faucet will bo used to turn the
water off and on at the will of the thirsty
pedestrian. To keep the water constantly
lee cold an excavation will he made for along
coil of water pipes , and in this Ice will bo
placed daily. The following nro the places
where the fountains aru to bo located : Fif
teenth nnd Farnam , near Hoyd's opera house :
Twenty.fourth and Cumlngs , near the drug
store ; Sixteenth streotncar Jefferson square ;
aud other pclnts not yet determined upon.
Weeks' Uonlnl.
F. 13. Weeks , regarding statements nub
llshud iu certain morulng dailies , in refer
ence to an alleged conversation between
Postmaster Gallagher and him , with refer
ence to the latter becoming the agent of the
Uaudora Stona company , and that the count. ;
commissioners could hetlxcd , says that these
articles are absolutely false. Ho says he
never had any convocation whatever with
Mr. Gallagher upon the subject , and In fact
doe * net know him.
Klnntrlo Ijlulit Improvements.
A special meeting of the South Omaha
Klcctrlo Lluht company was hold yesterday
forenoon In Secretary John A. Dno's ofllcc.
It was decided to call a stock holder's moot
ing to bo hold in the secretary's onlco , under
tno Nebraska Savings bank. .Saturday even
ing , to discuss the advisability of Increasing
thn plant. Action will bo taken on fielllnn
morn stock. Tim sucrotary will aialto his
ilrjil. seml-ni'.nuul report.
Notes A bun t the City.
Ned Honker , after spending several
months In Tularo rounty , California , has re
turned and resumed hie position ut thu dock
G. W. Martin , un old friend of Dr. J. M.
Glasgow , Is up from Auburn looking over
the riolil for u business location.
Ueprosontativcs of the Y. M. C. A. , of
Omaha , are gcoklng a locution for base ball
grounds in South Omaha. It I * the purpose
of local lovers of bate bull to level off the
bed of classic Lake Pavouka anil lay oft
grounds there. All Interested are Invited w
moot at O. II. Sc-bolkor'H nlysr store Mundav
ovenlnp. when coutmitteps will bn appointed.
Kd Woodriug was Ihuvl (20 by Judge
King for Ills fun lu the Woodrlng-Sumnor
family fracas. Ttio case ax lc v Mr. Suiauor
Thorn u a boy at J , Ugpor'a.
Adrian to Motlion.
Mrs. Window's SootuluK Syrup should al >
j ways bn used for children toothing. It soolhei
the child , toftens tUo RUUU , allays all pain ,
uuru wjaJ calln , and U tha boil roMe-Jy for
AUrrhw * . Ucon U a bovilo.
Sovoml Opinions Romlorod By thb
District Judged.
i\ Butt UrnwinR Out Otn SttO.fiOO lif-
Itorcnoo in the Kcporis of A
l > rMflers Kcilernl nnd
County Courts.
TttdlciM Opinions.
The anouncomouUhalJuilges Wnkoloy and
and Croft would hand down several decisions
attracted a large number of attorney * Into
court ,
Ono of the most elaborate , Interesting and
important of the Judicial utterances this
term , was road by Judge WakolojMn the Case-
of Carolina M. Hunt against Valentino Llpp ,
lu which the title to lot 7 , block 77 , South
Omaha , Is involved. The principal point
raised it as to Whether verbal contracU for
real estate nro binding. Llpp purchased tha
properly from a man , hawed 1'ovorkvlio
had a syndicate land contract , but failed to
deliver it to Llpp. Subsequently , ho sold the
same lot again to Carolina M. Hunt , nnd
gave her the document. Attcr obtaining this
deed Mrs. Hunt sold a portion of the land to
Other parties. Llpu , of course , protected ,
and refused to glvo up possession. Hunt
brought suit before a justice for forcible de
tainer and won his suit , The case was ap
pealed to the district and sulifonifl Courts ,
and the decision was sustalnud , Hunt then
Instituted the suit hero referred to to quiet
thb title. This time , however , the decision
was against him because ( f the fact that the
questions raised established now precedents.
The opinion of the Jurist was very lengthy
and elaborate. During Its reading Judge
Wakoloy made a number of citations from
Judge Graft opened the court and also read
a number of decisions. They were based
principally on small cases , and are Interest-
lug only to the attorneys Interested and their
The question of compensation as mortga
gee and agent came up In a case entitled
Kborlca vs. Bradford , and was decided by
Judge Wakeley for the defendant. Some
years ago the plaintiff and his brother , who
owned considerable real estate in this vicin
ity it seems , after having placed n mortgage
on the property in question , abandoned it.
Ono of them absconded , and the ether went
to his farm In Iowa. For years they paid no
attention to the property. Bradford teen
care of it , as though ho haa been the sole
owner. Ho looked after the taxes , collected
rents , and , as thu city grow , made such Im
provements as greatly enhanced its value.
After also paying off all debts for which the
plaintiffs were responsible , the latter come
and demand possession and refuse to com
pensate him for his services. The court
bold that from a humanitarian standpoint
and on general principles , ho was entitled tent
nt least 5 per cent , aud so ruled in his
In the case of McGough vs. McGough , the
wife was grunted a decree of divorce from
bed and board with alimony.
Stilly against Housel , an action for eject
ment tried before Judge Wakclcy throe
times , was again decided in favor of defen
Martin P. Murphy has not given up his
prosecution of the First Methodist church
trustees yet. Ho was defeated In his appli
cation for an Injunction against the letting
of the contract to build the now church to
Stevens & Son. ho now comes with another
suit in which ho prays tha court to grant
him compensation for his tlmo and talents
in preparing and submitting a bid for the
work to bo performed. Ho repeats nearly
all the statements sot forth in his former pe
tition , then adds that the church society in
tended by its proposition , notwithstanding its
agreement , to obtain his figures aud use
them as a basis for other contractors , upon
which to rest their ligures BO as tj secure
the contract. Ho also assorts that it was tha
intention of the defendants nt the
time of their proposition to glvo the
contract to another flrui , who are active
members of the church. Ho wants Judg
ment in the sum of $5,150.
Charles I. Welsh has brought suit against
the Nebraska and Iowa Insurance company
for $1,700 damages sustained by him In a llro
which destroyed his drug store at Whitney ,
Dawes county , November 23,18S8 , the insur
ance for which has not been paid.
On the grounds of cruelty , commenced
very shortly after their marriage , Catharine
O'Brien has brought suit to obtain n divorce
from her husband , Edward O'Brien. She
snys that within three days after the nuptial
knot was tied her husband boasted of his ,
wayward lifo and boldly Informed her that
It was his Intention to pursue the same.
The wlfo has suffered very much from his
James T. Barnacle , a plumber , has brought
suit against P. H. Pullian at al. to recover
S2G1.Q& , an amount claimed as duo for ma
terial and labor.
Mrs. Scholleld was before Judge Groft
praying for a divorce from her husband on
the grounds of non-support.
ExDorionco Estabrook applied to tha dis
trict court , yesterday , for an injunction re
straining Samuel G. and Mary Stevenson
from intermeddling or collecting rents in the
Estabrook block , at 414 nnd 410 North Six
teenth street. The plaintiff to the suit claims
that on May 1 , 1884. ho leased the block to
Samuel G. Stevenson for u period of ten
years , with the proviso , however , that ho , at
his election , could terminate the lease at tlia
end of flvo years , upon giving.notlco In writ
ing of his intention to do so aud paying to
Stevenson the value of such Improvements
as might In the meantime have boon placed
upon the property. Arbitrators wcro to de
termine the value of such Improvements. On
January DO , last , notice of the expiration
of the lease was served3 on Stevenson ,
The arbitrators wore appointed nnd in
spected the improvements. Ono of them ap
praised the value of improvements at $400.
The ether , who was selected by Stevenson ,
placed the value at (31,000. The couldn't
agree , and would not appoint a third. Ste
venson will not give up the promises until tlio
till,000 Is paid. Consequently the plaintiff asks
the court to determine the matter. The In
junction was granted by Judge Groff , who
set the case for hearing May 0.
The defendants in.tho case of Amelia E.
Moffatt against Charles A. Thloinann aud
Kittle Stemni filed un answer yesterday to
the suit. Mrs. Moffatt , It will bo remem
bered , sued to recover damages on account
of tha death of her husband , who was thrown
out into the cold white delirious with fever.
Thiomaun had him taken to the old police
station at the time without any clothes on ,
and Moffatt1 s doatti , It is alleged , resulted
from the exposure. His wife recovered a
Judgment in the circuit court for $1,000. An
execution was Issued on the Judgment , and u
levy wus made on two of Thlomann's lots
In Bowery Hill addition , but before Mrs.
Moffatt could get possession of the
property , it is alleged that Thlo-
maim transferred them to Katlo Stcuim.
Mrs. Moffatt then sued thain jointly. The
defendants claim that the property was con
voyed to ICatlo Stomm before the rendition
of the Judgment. They emphatically deny
that ths mortgage was made after the be
ginning of the suit , or that Thicmann Was
uware that such an action for damages
wquld bo instituted against him. They also
assert that the mortgage was never given to
defraud tha plaintiff ; that it was gtreti to
secure ICatlo Stemm , who is a daughter of
Thicmann , for an actual and bona fide in
Judge Wakcly Issued a temporary restraining
ing- order , yesterday , lu an Injunction suit of
Warren Switzler and Loronro V , Morse
against the board of public works and the
city , enjoining the board from grading or
changing the grndo of St. Mary's avenue ,
between Twenty-sixth and Twenty seventh
streets. The case was set for hearing May
IS , The plaintiffs also asked that the board
ho restrained from letting , tno contract for
the grading , but the court Issued the order
in such n way that It docs not Interfere with1
the contract.
County Court.
A Judgmcut for $144.03 was given the
plaintiff in the oasa of E. E. Alvorson against
W. M. Anderson , in the county court yes
Jullnnna Haafko brought , action against
August Bartels to recover ft ) < J9 , alleged to bo
duo for board for himself-and wife. '
The Ilrst of half u dozen move suits Insti
tuted by Douglas county aguhut various uiti-
ion * fur the maintenance of pauper relatives
in county institutions , was tried by Judge
Shields unil dismissed.
MorrU Sullivan , whoso slstor-ia-law hut
been nn Inmate T \t , the county house
for h long time , figural ns defendant. Cc s
thhn two days after Mto' received nollco that
proceedings hnd bocy < ttmmohced against the
lady was removed .from the Institution.
.ludgo Shields heltl'Htial ' p.irtlos would
b6 hold responsible , only after thej
hnd been given notlcb by the
Itoaw of commisatotiM-s to the effect
Ho held that Hid tlmo1 intervening between
Rorrlnif Sullivan NVlUu fiilch notion ftmt the
departure of hi * relative from the poor farm
Was too short , The TfiMilt of thl case cs-
tabllshot the course thill must henceforth ho
pursued , It tho.vdesiro lo rollovo.tho county
of hporlldh of the cxponso Incurred far the
support Of paupers. They must give nnllco ,
nnd After receiving' ' 'tt ' llio patty or parties
can b6 held liable. , _
United tetHtcn Court.
At 2 o'clock ' yesterday afternoon , T. 1C.
Sutton , master In chancery , sold at public solo
n prlst mill and other property located In
Wlysics , liutlcr county , to satisfy n docrcd
entered January 2.18SS , in the case of
Oc0r ro W. Harris against EdwntM Coo | > cr
et nl. The property was npprnlsciMit f 7,500 ,
nnd was sold for two-thirds of Its Value.
Judge Dundy has pone to Falls City for it
fax * days.
The grand Jury \vlll bo cbnvfcnfid hcxt
The ease ngnlnat Peter WdodmanBce ,
charged With keeping his saloon open after
midnight and entertaining members 6t tlio
City council on the night of the fireman's
ball , Was heard by , luigo ) Borka ycslorday
afternoon. Councilman Pat Ford Wns the
only one df Mr. Woodinnnseo'h distinguished
but belated customers who was called upon
to glvo evidence. Ho tcstlllcd that no
drinks wcro sold after midnight. The Jury
In the case , nfter being out two hours , failed
to agree and was discharged. The case , by
consent of the attorneys , was loft to Judge
Hbrka , who will decide upon it at 2 O'clock
this afternoon.
William Roberta , M. D. F. R. C. P. :
" Pregnancy is a fruitful cause of
BriRht's Disease. The rolntivo proportion
tion of ciwes between the ngesof 20 ixud
45 ttro 80 womoii to every 100 men , while
jiftor this period the mortality falls to
69 women to every 100 inon. " Women ,
during iiropminoy , nro cspodinlly liable
to contract Icidnoy disonso , which If
neglected will terminate in Brlghl's
Disease. Keep the kidneys active and
maintain a healthy How of urine by the
frequent use of Warner's Safe "Cure
during the period of pregnancy. It will
keep the kidneys healthy and active.
Fined For Selling Liiquor on Sumlny-
Whlsky Reformers Vaughn nnd Hudson
were in police court again yesterday after
noon ngainstD. P. Blair , charged with sell
ing whisky on Sunday at his saloon , at the
corner of Third and Pine streets. It was
shown that Vaughn and Hudson disguised
themselves aslaborlng ) men and went to the
house of an old Scotchman , who lived near
Blair's place , and Induced him to go with
them and help them to got something to
drink. They scctircd a pint of whisky nnd
two bottles of beer. The jury was out on the
case from 0 o'clock until after 10 o'clock last
night , when a verdict of guilty was returned.
Judge Borka assessed a line of $100 and
costs. i
Cancer ( > l'tlio , Tongue.
For three or four years I had an eating
sore on my tongue th'at made a considerable
hole in it. I bocamo-ularmed at Its progress ,
nnd went to Atlanta for treatment. The re
sult wus that I commenced the use of Swift's
specitlc , and the sore was soon gonewithout
a trace of it loft. A. Lewis.
Thomaston , Go. , March 14. 1S39.
In 1837 I gave you n testimonial showing
that S. S. S. had cured tno of rheumatism of
twelve years' standing , and I take pleasure
in snying'that I have never had any return
of the disease. As a tonic In the spring S. S.
S. is a splendid inedieiab. J. H. M. MAIITIK.
Jackson , Miss. , March 11 , 1SS9.
Foul IMny .Suspected.
John Coolidge , who works for Hugh
McCarthy , at South Omaha , has boon miss
ing since Sunday , and fears are entertained ,
that ho has been foully dealt with. Ho had
sold n horse to James O'Connor , and taken a
moitgago on the boast for part payment.
O'Connor took the horse to Sarpy county ,
and on Sunday Coolidge started out to col
lect the balance duo him , and has not boon
heard from since that time. Ho loft a sum
of money and a lot of personal property at
his boarding place , which makes It'plain
that ho intended to return.
Agony Is Courted
By persons who , attacked by a mild form of
rheumatism , neglect to seek prompt relief.
Subsequent torture is prevented by an Im
mediate resort to Hosteller's Stomach Bit
ters. Slight exposure , an occasional draught ,
will beget this painful malady , whore there is
a prodisposion to it in the blood. It Is not
difficult to arrest the trouble at the outset ,
but well nigh Impossible ) to eradicate it when
matured. No evidence in relation to this
superb blood depuroat Is moro positive than
tliat which establishes its oulcucy as a pre
ventive and remedy for rheumatism. Not
only Is it thorough , but safe , which the vege
table and mineral poisons , often taken as
curatives of the disease , are not. Besides
expelling the rheumatic virus from tun sys
tem , It overcomes fever and ague , billlous
ness , constipation and dyspepsia.
A. Kuroieiic KxploHion.
The wife of Lieutenant Joe Lank , of No. 3 ,
hook nnd ladder , met with a severe accident
at B o'clock , yesterday afternoon , at her
homo , near the corner of Nineteenth and
Hnrnoy streets. She used kcrosono to start
n lire , causing an explosion , in which she
was badly bnrncd about tha face and nook.
The lire department was called out. but wus
not required to do nny work , as the flames
caused by the explosion were extinguished
before the arrival of the firemen.
The old , old story is plainly but aptly
told in a few words by Messrs. II. D. and
G. W. Brown , of Pellvillo , Kentucky , us
follows "Chamberlain's
: Cough Remedy
has given the best satisfaction of any
cough medicine \yo over had in the
houso. You will please ship us throe
dozen bottles of tlio CO cents size. " Sold
by all druggists.
Following are the marriage licenses issued
yesterday in the county court :
Name and Residence. Ago.
( John K. Dodge , Normal , 111 . 83
( Jessie S. Kennedy , Omaha . 23
j Adam Lon , Omaha' . 23
I Minnie liuho , Omahui . 23
Faults of digestion cause disorders of
the liver , and the whole system be
comes deranged.l 'Dr. ' J. II. McLean's
Snrsnpurillii perfects "the process of di
gestion and assimilation , and thus
makes pure blood. , j-
Follow Itoynl liihtiuilo Brltluli Archi
tect H.
OMAHA , May 0.- + TUtha Editor of Tun
BBH ; As a subscribof-'la your valued Jour
nal , will you favor JTIJO with a reply to the
folio wing question ; What is the moaning of
the letters P. U. I. aTA. . , attached to the
name of un architects. <
- -4 -
Use Angostura Bitters to stimulate
the appetite and-Mcoop the digestive
organs in order. Dr. J O. B. Siegort &
Sons , solo manufacturers. At all drug-
A Horse Killed.
A team on ono of the Sounders street cars
became unmanagablo yesterday evening aud
ran away. In turning from Saundcrs street
to O aid well ono of the horses fell and was
Thnt hacking coug hcanbo so quickly
cured by Shiloh's Cure. Wo guarantee
it , For sale by ( Joodman Drug Co ,
Drug * aud CliuinlonlH.
for tlio Heroes.
Secretary Piper , of the board of education ,
has Instructed the principals of the various
city schools to request their pupils to suouro
as many ( lowers us possible for the Decora
tion day services , in which the school chil
dren will participate.
A Widow's Pnthotlo Appeal to the
Ponolon Agent.
No nngn * Arlnlocrrtcy About Him
Some Atlvltio to Yonttkt
nk tlio Corcoran GnUcry >
ConmilRstnhot1 Tnhnter Touched ,
WAsiilS'flTON , May 0. [ C6h-cM > ondcnc6 of
Tlifc Uf.B.1 President Ilatrlsoh Will b6
aMteil to spoiiil sotno oflils days tilts suim
\norntnhun\lhg loilgoonlho Cheat river ,
In tlio mountains ot \\cst Virginia. There
Is good llshlngln that region , and n quietude
Which no onicc-seoker can disturb. The
altitude Is higher than nt Deer park Or Oak
, -
Commissioner Tanner runs across somd
heartrending cases now nnd then in looking
over pension applications. It Is not gener
ally known , but It Is true , that ho examines
inoro Cases personally , Originally than any
examiner In his ofllco.
Last Sunday ho was In his room nt thd
Kbbltt. going through his personal mall )
when he ran across n letter from a woman ,
It was massive , and as ho thumbed down
the corrifirs nnd saw thr-ro Were eleven
tmecsvrlttcn In n closO'llno ' hand , his heart
sank within him nnd ho Involuntarily exclaimed -
claimed , "Oh , Lord , I can never read ihlsi"
Then ho looked for the signature , and as ho
did so ho toad this closing paragraph :
"If the government Intends to give mo
anything In return for my husband , a father
of several little children , please , Mr. Tanner ,
have it given now , nnd not lay it upon my
coflln. "
The commissioner paused , scratched Ins
head , nnd wrote on the lirstpago : "Head. "
The words went to his heart. They touched
the fountain of his sympathies. It speaking
of It afterwards ho said :
"After I got through with my mall I took
up this letter and read it from beginning to
cud. I said to myself that this woman be
lieves what she writes. No ono could put
such words together without an honest pur
pose. While reading the letter ono of my
examiners came Into my room , and I gave It
to him with directions tlmt ho. look It up In
the morning nnd report. By 10 o'clock I had
a syllabus of the case on my desk and at 11
o'clock n pension was granted to her. She
ought to huvo been given the pension two
years before , mid doubtless would linvo re
ceived It had the case been examined. There
nre thousands of these cases on file in the
odlce now. The crime lies in the delay. It
is robbery not to take up and dispose Dt
them. "
Kvcry conceivable scheme has been
worked to have the president nnd the cabi
net photographed in a groupe. Personal
friends of the chief executive nnd 'members
of the cabinet have solicited it as a personal
favor to photographers , but all overtures
have bccu refused. General Harrison and
Mr. Wanamakor are especially averse to
having tnoir photographs displayed in public
Real estate men who have talked to
United Slates Treasurer Huston say they
intend to find lu him a shrewd and success
ful investor. Mr. Huston has confined him
self almost exclusively to banking and man
ufacturing at home , but ho owns largo farms
and considerable business and residence
property , and has excellent Judgment wherr
it comes to ground work. Ho intends to buy
n residence , and to try to gat ahead In real
csta'o investments. There is considerable
money being made in suburban property iu
The treasurer In no sense inclines toward
stock speculation. He never roads the finan
cial reports , and Is not Interested in the
bond market.
President Harrison's democratic
ways con
tinue to astonish especially the people of the
cast whenever they como to Washington.
Western men are used to seeing their most
prominent characters Intermingling with the
common herd on all occasions , but the Yan
kee Is amazed to sec the president put on n
slouch ' hat , and smoking a cigar , stroll down
th'o most frequented thorough faro of the cap
ital , elbowing against lieoplo of all climes
nnd conditions.
The most popular social strouo tha presi
dent has made was delivered on Kastor Mon
day , when ho called out the Marino baud to
nmuso the children who rolled eggs in the
grounds to the south of the White House ,
nnd when ho went down himself with baby
Mclvco to see llio amusement of the little
ones. It is strnngo that ether presidents
have never thought of such things.
President Harrison reminds old citizens
hero very much of President Grant ,
socially and personally speaking. Tha
two men wcro always simple In
their habits , ana unassuming In their per
sonal character. It will bo easy for Presi
dent Harrison to get the same hold on the
people who come in contact with him that
President Grant had. The last time Presi
dent Giant was at the capital , a few mouths
before ho wus taken to his bed with his fatal
sickness , ho rode up to the cnpltol on a three
cent bob-tall car , and alone wandered
around the corridors of the House of Repre
sentatives , never making himself known ,
As he wont to the senate ho was recognized
by an old friend in that body , and
they walked up to the south
cntranco to the senate chamber ,
General Grant told the senator that ho
wanted to see some ono in the senate , and
modestly stepping back to the great old
clock which stands in a niche immediately
in front of tlio senate chamber , ho reclined
against the wall for some time , waiting the
outcoming of his fricud. His slouch hat
was drawn down over Ins eyes , and ho
silently puffed a cigar. Ho was recognized
by but n few of his old acquaintances , none
of whom spoke to him , not having seen him
for so long that they doubted his ability to
recognize them.
* *
Ex-Senator Palmer , who soon sails as our
minister to Spain , oxpcets to return to the
United States and remain a year or fifteen
months. Ho will bo welcomed back by
every ono who knows him personally. Whlio
ho was passing down newspaper row bidding
his friends good-bye , ho stopped at the
bureau of TUB BEE , and when ho said
"Adieu , senior , " ho added , seriously :
Lot nio soo. A year from next September
will be about eighteen months. Make it in
round figures fifteen months , and you may
expect to sea mo back In the United States.
I would pathor grub sago brush on my farm
near Detroit , and eat corn ponu in my log
cabin , than live in the castles In Sualn and
make salums to her king. I pro.iumo Spain
will offer mo some amusement for u few
months ; but after that my duties , although
not naturally onerous , will bo irksome , and
I will want to got back , If * for no ether rea
son , to cure a taint of homesickness. "
Moro than a d07cn active young republi
cans who imvo como hero from Indiana dur
ing the past fortnight to secure appointments
have been advised by old heads from that
stuto to go homo , enter Into the reorganiza
tion of the party there , and take tlieirturn In
the new deal.
With General Harrison , ex-Governor Porter
ter , Colonel John C. Now , Hon. W. H. Cal
kins , UcnoralShaekolford , Attorney-General
Miller , Mr. E. W. Hollord. Hon. J. N-
Huston and John I. Dllle , who have
DOOII given places and taken out of
the state , and probably a dozen moro
well-known republican organizers and work
ers who will get otlico and leave Indiana ,
the reorganization for 1800 will bo an abso
lutely now set of men ,
United States Treasurer Huston will make
a light for tha legislature next year , with u
view to succeeding Senator Voorhecs. Gov
ernor Hovoy announced when ha was in the
campaign last year that ho would never ask
for his ofllco again , and ho could not run
twice In succession if ha desired to , and
hence there will bo an opening In the govern
orship for Attorney-General Mlchener in the
next gubernatorial campaign. It is expected
that the young men , iu Ohio known in vul
gar parlance as ' * ttio kids , " will Jump to the
front and control the conventions and elec
tions. Undoubtedly the astute young republi
cans of Indiana who have political aspira
tions would do better financially and In avcry I
other particular to stay at homo and gat into J
tha now organization than they would to tuka
federal appointment * . The moil desperate
struggle U to bu inado to vlect a majority of i
the legislature next year.
, „ i
A concerted effort will probably bi >
by art students of Washington who hare had
f ccoss to the Uorcoran art Rallery. ftgolnst
thb nrbitnry nnrt senseless tullnRs or the
board of managers of llio institution , ThA
film of the philanlhKml it , William Corcoran ,
the foumlCr of the Riultrr , wus to Bid * lu
nents nnd to do nil In his power to advancA
the study of art In the cnpllal of the coun *
try. With this end in vlow ho always gavd
easy access to tha gallery to these wishing
to copy the pictures feathered thercs and
seemed to Do ns much i > loncd to hnvo repro
ductions of the cosily works ho had col
lectcd. IcaVo the building , AS hb did to place
new pieces on the walls. .
H Was not Jiosslblo that h& Mild nhticl
pate that upon hisTlcath the board or mana
gers should adopt another policy ami thai
Ins gallery would bccdmo lo n largo extent
closed to students. It has never boon con
sldcred advisable that students should makd
copies ot originals equal In sire to the \i\c- \ \
lures copied , for which reason the ru6 ! has
always prevailed thftt lhrc6-oliHhs ! Of the
original Is the maximum size. This ruling
interferes but little with the work of nrUsts (
but within the past several weeks the maim *
tors of thO Cori-orall gallery have reduced
the ftlzobf pictures xvhfch may bo made to
ono-hnlf thatoforlRlnals , which prhctlcally
cuts off one-third Of the worhs there fronl
being reproduced nt all , as no proper concep
tion of the studies coilld bo had from such
tiny cauvasseS ns comp'linncO with this ruld
Would make , nnd thodlsaplielntmbnt caliscd
thereby can bo understood when It Is ithoxvn
that rmiatcurs nru hot ! to sucdossfullj *
attempting the Irtrgdr and nioro dtnluiilt p'lu-
turcs thnt adorn the walls.
The only excuse given by thb managers for
their ruling is thnt there Is danger Of sohlUU
tlpl.VIhg desirable cobles tlmt they may In
llnid coinpelo as parts .of other collcctlohs
With thb orlglhnls nt the gallery , nnd that
they may In tlmo be passed off ns thb prliU
hhK Besides Ihls restriction they haVd
llniitnl the tUihibor of copies nh artist may
mnko in n year , to four , ntld haVddonti what
ever possible Within their power to discour
age nny copying nt nil.
Just how the art students can protest suc
cessfully ngamst these unjust rulings has
not yet boon decided uiwn , but if there la
any way possible to have them revoked 110
effort will bo spared to accomplish It.
Tha chief of the bureau of navigation of
the navy department has given nn order to
have electric lights put on the new war
ships , Mlantonomoh , Monadnock , Petrol
and Vesuvius , for which congrcs ? has ap
propriated $55UOO.
This Improvement In fitting up of our
ships , " said ono of the most prominent of
llcors of the department , "can hardly bo ap
preciated by those unfamiliar xvlth the
old man-of-war. I can recall the
grease lamps which were the only
means of lighting used in our
navy at ono time. I have gone on thu berth-
dock where they were burning and so fetid
was the atmosphere I could hardly stand the
stench. When the sailors would turn In
these lamps would bo blown out , and then
they would smoke for an hour or moro , nnd
when battened down at sea the condition of
the berth-dock was horrible , and its effect
Was easily shown on the men , They were
piped up at 0 o'clock , clvon ten minutes to do
up their beddlug and begin scrubbing down
docks , nnd the consequence was that they
nil had swelled heads and felt ugly , nnd before
fore the morning was over wo invariably had
half n dozen lights , and some of them pretty
tough ones. too.
"Now all this Is changed. Wo don't have
ono fight in the navy whore wo had n hun
dred twenty ycaos ago , and it is simply the
result of treating sailors like human beings ,
giving them n decent place to sleep in and
attending to their comforts.
"Tho berth dock Is now well ventilated ,
and the electric lights do not contribute to
fouling the air. Jack Is called up at 0 o'clock
as of old , but Instead of having ton minutes
to got to work in , half an hour Is allowed ,
and in tlmt time ho is served with coffee and
biscuit , has sufficient tune to uut his bedding
up and gees on deck feeling rational and like
a manalways good-naturedan j does his work
with a will. Oh , the modern improvements
are n great thing for the navy. "
Piiuiiv S. Hr.ATn.
n klhistor to hlJOOt
Comfort Into n Fastidious Flook.
OF CANolbAt fes
A Permanent JobnVid Po6rPAyOlinr
nnteccl tlio 9lhhVlio rlllfl tno
Hill of 8pc6H16htlons llio
{ taunt lUglitu Ueso'rveil.
Hear Yr-i A ) V < * lntcd nt ( Iio Imrtl.
The following detailed plans nhd specifica
tions for a minister have been issued bV llio
spiritual cCntorntlon of Pleasant Glenn , Is edmmblldcdtd llio ildvbul con
sideration of the Salvation armyi
The people of Ploasnnl Ulcen' , In general
congress assembled , Irrespective of creed ,
nationality or political preference , have do-
Cldod td build for themselves a inueh-hcodoil of worship , which , wllh Us shire point.
Ing toward that pmeo whuro nil tnolr liupos
hro cenlori'd , slunvs llio BthtrlRoM from nfnr
thai thb people imvo nt last secured n sholtbr
froln the storm.
But the possession of n commodious liotisa
Of worship does not nil the cittli-o bill of
wnhts of thd | idoplo of Pleasant Glenn. Thole
wants are many mid varied , thcirsuperltltlvij
want being a shepherd to lend their llttlo
Jlock through this dark vnlo to the glorious
heights beyond.
But knowing thnt the wants of the people
nro many nnd manifold , somu of them , nt ,
least , not always being actuated by Christian
principles , n committee has been appointed
to determine Upon the following nunllllca-
tlona necessary to bo possessed by each
and every applicant dc&lrous of ministering
to our spiritual wellfara :
The committee , after n long and careful
consideration of the matter , nnd , like our
sainted forefathers , appealing to thu Supreme
Judge of the universe for the rectitude of
our intentions , do not forth tha fallowing
quallllcntlons , the possession of which Will
bo un open sesmno to thu hearts of our pee
Ho must bo u man of wide , deep and varied
understanding , able to tell n Greek root from
1k rutabago , and second , to know a man by
the cut of his Jib.
Ho must bo n Hercules In strength , an
Apollo iu form , n Tullyraud in bearing and a
Chesterfield In deportment.
Ho must bo us vilso as Solomon , as patient
ns Job and as meek as Moses.
Ho must bo somewhat of nn oculist , so
that ho can bo able to extract the mote from
the eye of the wayward sister and pluck the
beam from tha optics of the misguided
brother. *
Ho must bo a good singer , with a volco
ranging from F below the staff to O nbovo.
Ho must possess such great humility that
when smitten on ono cheek ho will
whirl around as if on n pivot ,
presenting his ether to his adversary.
Ha must possess suoh larponos.s of heart
that when asked for his coat ho will ask the
ono making the request If ho does not wlsti
his shirt also .
Ho must bo over ready to throw open his
doors to the entire community , nnd allow the
young pcopla ovary chanca to extract tha
juice from the festive gum.
Ho must bo a financier ublo to cope with
tha great problem how to make the weekly
collections moro than sufllca for lodging ,
food and raiment , and should the collection
at any time fall below f 1. 37 ha should submit
without a murmur and curtail his expenses
Snould nny person dooming himself
the happy possessor of these qualifications
desire to make an application , It will bo con
sidered by the committee , and if his oxamlna-
tfon proves satisfactory he will bo engaged
lor an indefinite porlod.
Ono of the Committee.
Fair white
Bright © lea-F e < I
Soft healthful skin. il l i !
"PEARS'-Tlia Great English Comptoxkni SOftP.-Sold Everywhere. " 4 i
For Sale bji SI. H. ULISS , Omaha , Nebraska. .
! > s
IB , 20 , 22 , 24 , 26 , 28 , 30 AND 32 LAKE STREET , CHICAGO , ILL
Kuceeasor.i to J. J. llardnn ,
1O1 S. IBtli St. , Corner Dodge Street , Omaha.
Guns , Ammunition , Fishing Tackle , Lawn Tennis , Hasc Ball ,
General Athlctio and SportlnaQooda. All kinds or repair's.
Send for Catalogue.
Hardware and Cutlery ,
Blcchanicit'loolt , FituJtronto Builder * ' ( Jnvli anl : ltu/ful
1405 Douglas St. , Omaha.
1513 DODEltt SL . ! > ! lV J