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Delivered by carrier In Any- Part of lie City a
MucntyCents I'crWcefe. . , . _ _
flrf ISKFR Orrtcr. No. 43 ,
KHIIIT KniToit , No.8) ) .
N. V. Plumbing Co.
Theodore Uolnhold anil Mlnnm Mcsscr-
Schmidt , both of this city , have been granted
permission to marry.
11. 11. Hare has secured the necessary per
mit and Is making preparations to erect a
two-story brick , 22x < ! 0 feet , on Upper Uroad-
way. The cost will bo $4,500.
Unity Guild will hold Its regular mooting ,
nnd election of ofllccrs , at the residence of
Mrs. UnrrU , First street , this ( Saturday )
ofternoon at 3 o'clock. A full attcndanco is
A slight accident to the Incandescent
machinery at the olcctrio light station loft
the city In momentary darkness Thursday
night. The other engine- was started up ,
and the lights were soon running ns usual.
The boys of No. ! J hose house have Just
completed some extensive changes and 1m-
pronients In the interior of their building ,
and It now presents as line nn appearance as
any similar establishment In this section.
Squlro ItomlnclcR yesterday heard the ar
guments In the larceny case against Frank
Peterson and bound over the prisoner In tlio
sum of $100. The uncle of the defendant fur
nished tlio required amount and ho was re
leased from custody.
Mr. Carpenter reports at this office that
for the past tlirco nights Ice has formed ut
liln resilience on Harrison street. How
much damage this has been to fruit can not
bo told , but the fruit growers are rather du
bious on this account.
T. S. Oavln has a line trophy of the Wash
ington memorial day. On that day ho shot
one of the great American eagles on his farm
iu Quick. The noble bird measured seven
feet four inches from tin to tip. It has been
placed in the hands of Frank Uroozo for tax-
idurinlcal finishing.
Mrs. Catharine deary died Thursday
night of Internal homorrhugo at her home ,
No. 1701 Avenue U , at the ago of forty-two
years. The funeral will take place at 0
o'clock this morning from St. Francis Xa-
vlcr's church. The remains will bo interred
In the Catholic cemetery.
The two harnesses offered as first prizes In
the trotting and pacing roadster races , at
Union pnrk , next Saturday , will bo made by
two local harness manufacturers , Walters
Bros , and Charles Probstlo. They will bo
put up in clcuant style , nnd will bo well worth
thn ft'iO paid for them. When completed , they
will bo placed on exhibition.
Dr. O. D. Judd has Just secured building
permits for the erection of now cottages in
the western part of the city aggregating $ i5-
000. Ho states that If the proposed now elec
tric motor line is built he will erect 300 now
buildings in Council Bluffs during the- pres
ent year. The now line is in very great de
mand and tlio projectors are meeting with
the greatest encouragement.
The flro laddies are beginning to put the
"Wlnto Elephant" in training for tlio tour
nament. They took the mammoth plaything
out for a little exercise yesterday morning ,
and raised it ut tno City Mills. A line of
hose was taken to the top , and a stream of
water directed down upon the roof of the
building from a height of eighty-llvo feet. A
run down Eighth street wound up the morn
ing's entertainment.
A coating of gumbo has been given the
artificial lake bed m Fan-mount parlc , and it
now holds water to perfection. It is lllled to
the top of the bank , and is a very attractive
Bret to visitors. Several now walks have
also been laid out through the grounds , and
ono of them leads from the top of the highest
rldgo to the artificial hike in the lower glen.
The walk is wide enough for thrco persons
to pass abreast , and is of easy descent. Tlio
park will bo much moro beautiful and attrac
tive this year than over boforo.
When Judge Aylcsworth visited police
headquarters , yesterday morning , to hold the
daily session of court , ho found the door
locked , nnd no jailer in the vicinity. DetectIve -
Ivo O'Connoll ' , of the Milwaukee , was also on
hand to prosocuta the case against the three
tramps arrested by him the preceding night ,
for breaking open a scaled car In the Mil
waukee yards , but it was a clear case of
frcezo-out , and after waiting for n half hour
for the jailer who never came , nn adjourn
ment was taken slno dio. An attempt on the
part of the Jailur to attend to business in two
places at ttio same time , was the causa of tlio
difilculty. _
Council Blufls Lodge No. 270 ( Loyal )
A. O. U. W. , moots in G. A. 11. hall
every Friday evening at 8 o'clock.
That popular resort , Lake Mnnnwa ,
will bo formerly opened next Tuesday. banquet and entertainment at
tlio hotel in the ovoniii .
S. 13. Wadsvvorth fe Co. loan money.
Money lonncil ut L. B. Craft's & Co.'s
loan olllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
nnd all other articles of value , without
removal , All business strictly confi-
J. G. Tipton , real estate , 627 B'dway
Blank books'mado to order. Can fur
nish patent bi ndinc for parties wishing1
the bumc. Call and see samples at room
1 , Everett block , Pearl street.
MouimouBJS & Co.
If you Imvo no time tocall at my olllco
to buy : i homo , send your address to C.
13. Judd , GOO Broadway.
1'crnoiiJil Pn
Mr. R. N. Whlttlesoy , who was recently
re-moved from the position of railway postal
/lerk botwcon this city and Omaha for offen
sive partisanship , will assume the city editor
ship of the Glebe next Monday ,
Dr. II. A. Woodoury lolt last evening for
Colfax Springs , where ho will spend Sunday.
Ho will ultend the convention of the Iowa
Ktnto Dental society , which meets at Dos
Monies next Tuesday. Ho will return home
next Friday.
T. 15. Baldwin , who lately moved to Fol <
torn. N. M , , lias been appointed register ol
tno United States land olllco at that place ,
The announcement made In the local paper
occupies ttirpo coluuis , which is largely ocmi-
pled by a bli ? rooster , with llumlng headings ,
"Another Jioom for Folsoml Our Hoostei
Crows the Newsl"
Per Snlo or Trade.
515,000 fitock of merchandise. For par-
tlculura inqulro of George MctcaU , 10
Pearl St. , Council Blurts , la.
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , cults and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
Dr. C. C. , dentist , Opera house
I have twenty houses , all now , nearly
finished in Mynstor , Mill , Boors' ant
K van's additions for sulo on monthly
payments from $950 to 82,000 : and $10 tc
Mil per month. C. B. Judd , 000 Broad-
way. _ _
Stop paying rent and huy a homo or
monthly payments of 0 , B. Judd , G0 (
The Muullor IMnslcnH- .
The Mueller illusion ! o lost evening pustcc
off smoothly and was much enjoyed by al
present. Among those who participate !
were Dalby's orchestra , Mr. I , M. Treynor
R L. Hayden and William Murphy. Thi
latter it a lad of twelve years aad his per
formance on the cornet was commendable
Indeed. Mrs. Fannlo Kellogg.Uuchort wil
be present at the closing entertainment till
evening , Other numbers will bo put on t
uiako a niost excellent programme , The at was very large. This evening bet
UT ni-commodntionit will bo provided fo
io-uight Spain mid Morocco
Ono of the Incorporatora Enthusi
astically Outlines the Enterprise.
A Plucky Voiinc liarty Get * the Drop
on ft Pair A Hotter Mont llouso
Wanted The Now Park
Another Motor lilac.
, 'If our city council don't think moro of ft
two-cent hose racing team or a big , dress
parade hook and ladder truclc than they do
of the growth nnd welfare of our city , wo
will have another electtlo motor line In
Council muffs before many months have
passed , " said ono of the projectors of the
Mroposcd new road ycstcrdav to THE Bnn.
"Wo don't ask any (30,000 bonus , or two
.Vt-ars which to begin work , nnd wo don't
want to dig mill trenches along any ol the
streets so as to make thorn Impassable ex
cept for our cars ; yet the other company did
this , and no howl was raised against it. I
am not kicking against that company , or
their line , for I think it is a grand , good
thing , and has done nn incalculable amount
of good for the city , but I think that the
council should gruntnnothcrcompanya right
of way , when that is all it asks , to build
another line through a Dirt of the city , at
present devoid of street car facilities. They
refused to pass our other ordinance , and the
new ono asks for the following streets :
From the cast end of the Union Pacillo
bridge nlonu' the approach to Ninth nvcuuo ;
cast on Ninth avciiuo to Third street ; south
on Third ntreot to Eighteenth nvcuuo ; east
on Eighteenth avenue to Tostovin street ;
south on Tostovin to South avenue ; south
east on South avcauc to the city limits. Wo
want to branch from Nintn nronuo at Union
avenue , uo Union avenue to the dummy
depot , thcnco up Ninth street to the Junction
vith Eighth street , thcnco on north to the
ity limits at Mynstcr Springs. Wo want to
iranch from Ninth street at Avenue U ,
.hence cast to Eighth street , north half u
) lock to Washington avenue , cast on Wash-
ngton avenue to Frank street.
"Wo also want to branch from the Ninth
.vcnue line at Fourth street , up Fourth
.trcet . to Broadway at the Masonic temple ,
: ast on Uroadway to Bryant street , north on
3ryant to meet the other branch at Wash-
ngton avonuo. That gives us a look , taking
in some of the most thickly settled rcsidenco
portions of the city. We want a chance to
get to Mannwa , so wo aslc for a right of way
"rom Ninth avenue down South Sixth street
, o Twenty-flftn avenue , east on Twenty-
ilfth avenue to Fourth street ,
whence south to the city limits.
Wo would go straight down South Sixth
street to the city limits , but there is a forty-
acre track of acreage property , and wo could
not get the right of way across that unless
ho owners would grant It to us. Those are
ho streets wo ask for. and the ordinance has
las&ed to its third reading. Wo agree to
make a 5-cent rate between Council Hluffs
ixnd Omaha from ( i to 7 o'clock , morning and
evening , exceia Sunday , and a 2-ccut rate
[ icross the Union Pacllic bridge for passen
gers. "
"What about the report that the Union Pa
cillo will not lease the wagon part of its
bridge to your company I"
"If wo don't get it , no other company will ,
ind wo have the assurance that wo can have
t. The Union Puclllc company will not talk
.o us now , but says that as soon ns wo can
get a charter over hero , they will negotiate
, vith us. There will bo no trouble about get-
.ing . over the bridge. For 5 cents wo will
ulio passengers to any part of Omaha
reached by the cable or horse car lines , and
ivo agree to begin work within sixty days
From the time our contract is made with tlio
Union Pacllic folks. It is an enterprise that
will bo worth thousands of dollars to Council
Bluffs , and over live hundred new dwellings
are already promised in case it is built. All
ivo wont is just , the right of way , and there
is plenty of money behind it to see it
through. "
Attend tlio opening of Hotel do
Maimwa , next Tuesday. Pine enter
tainment , ball and ban quo t.
A Drop On the ISurclnrs.
The residence of W. W. Chapman , No. 717
First avenue , was entered by burglars
Thursday evening , about half-past 8 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Chapman were up town at the
time , and there is no ono in the house except
Miss S. D. Hehso. The burglars eflectcd an
entrance through a rear door , and began to
thoroughly ransack the house. Miss HCMO !
heard them in the dining room , and , secur
ing a revolver , went to the dining room door
ana leveled the weapon at the bead of the
only prowler in sight.
Just at that moment Mr. nnd Mrs. Chap
man arrived home , and went to the side
door. Miss Hchso stepped across the room
to unlock the door for them , and thn depro-
dater skipped into the kitchen. Mr. Chap
man was informed that tlicro was a burglar
in the kitchen , and the revolver was thrust
into his hand. Ho hurried to the kitchen
door Just in time to sco two men making a
hasty exit. It was found that everything in
two rooms had been turned upside down , and
thoroughly searched. Nothing of value was
missed , but this wus doubtless owing to the
timely interruption.
Opening of Hotel do Mannwu.
The grand opening of this popular
hostelry and place of amusement , will
occur on Tuesday next , May 7. Grand
hall and banmict in the evening. All
should attend.
A Honor nnnt House.
The Council Bluffs Boat club will give a
grand ball at Masonlo Temple next Friday
evening , the proceeds of which will be de
voted to improving their club house a
Matawa. Tlioy propose to build an addition
20x"4 fcot in size , having thrco balconies and
extending out over the water. A slide will
also bo added , similar to that of the Omaha
club's boat houso. Tlio second floor will
contain a room 20x80 feet , which will boused
for entertainments , and the third balcony
will bo an observatory , from which a splen
did view may bo attained , being the highest
point about the lotto , with the exception of
tlio hotel cupola.
The expanse of the proposed addition will
bo about $500 , and will convert the club
house into ono of the finest in the west. The
club has never made any demands upon the
public to make improvements , and think that
they reasonably ask their friends to liberally
patronize the hall. Flno musio will bo in at
tendance , and an excellent programme of
dances will be arranged. No pains will bo
spared to make It ono of the most enjoyable
atlulrs of the season.
For Kent.
A Quo dairy farm of 188 acres , half n
milo from the city limits ; a purl of it
can ho cultivated if desired ; good house
and burn ; water supplied by a wind
Cutting Into the Park.
The upper part of Graham avenue very
much rc&cmhlcs a railroad graders' camp ,
The force that Is to excavate the cut be
tween that street and Falruiount park la on
the ground and ready to commence opera
tion this morning. The work of the survey
ors was completed yesterday , the graders
being delayed ono day. The cut is to be
completed in twenty-ono days , and u forfeil
of f500 has boon posted In case the require
meats of the contract uro not complied with ,
The olcctrio motor company is ready to ex
tend its line Into the park as soon as the way
is oucn for it to do BO.
Not lee !
I have removed my harhor shop from
No. lit North Main street to No. 8 Pour !
street , where 1 am hotter prepared than
over heforo to give satisfaction to 1113
cu&tomors. Parrz BKUXHAUUI.
Tim Need of llnln.
Mr. Horace Everett returned yesterday
from Highland farm , whore ho has been foi
tha past two weeks , attending to annual repairs
pairs and planting a large number of fruii
trees. After a vain struggle with th <
drought , Mr. Evciett was compelled to aban
don his trco planting for the present , nna
wtit for rain. Ho has over four thousand
Imported trees now "hoolod"in ; his collar , and
they can not bo planted until the ground is In
fit condition to receive them. Said ho yes
terday , In speaking of the matter ; "In an
experience of thirty-five years in western
lown , I have never scon the ground so dry ,
or the grass and small grain In so poor a con-
dition. In the last four months not over ono
inch of water has fallen iu the western portion
tion of Pottawattamlo county , and If It were
not for the remarkable qualities of our soil ,
n ruinous and fatal drougiit would have been
the result. Prof. Budd , of tlio Ames Agri
cultural college , sent mo L'OO fruit trees of
the different varieties Intrbdnced by him
from Russia , and I have boon compelled to
plant them In my nursery , where they can
bo properly watered nnd attended to. The
farmers nro complaining bitterly on account
of this slate of affairs , and tha crops of 1SS9
will not bo very largo unless there Is a
change before very long. "
I. GUlnsky has purchased the stock of
Froolieh and moved it to his store , 008
See Chnulauqun , at Rngan's lecture
I'clty orT'iulcrfl.
In pollco court yesterday morning Thomas
Hayns , John Flynn and Einmotl MuCrary
were each fined $3.10 for drunkenness. The
trio were driving down Broadway about 1
o'clock in the morning , and when opposite
the car house of the electric motor company
they headed for that bulldlni ? . The result
was disastrous. They drove Into the ditch
bcsldo the car tracks , and the buggy was
wrecked. Hayes was thrown against a
switch and severely bruised. The patrol
wagon was sent down to gather them In.
Ed Smith , John Patton nnd John Bain ,
three vais arrested for breaking oncn u car
in the Milwaukee yards , were each lined $10
and released ,
The ease against George Smith for disturb
ing the peace was dismissed. Frank Hrincy ,
a suspicious character , was released.
Largest sale of baby carriages ever
known in the trade is that at Brackott's
this season.
Almost n C'onllaiiratioii.
About 7:30 o'clock last evening an alarm of
flro was sent in from Koycs Bros. ' cart and
buggy factory , near the electric power house.
The department responded quickly , and the
long run of over two miles was mndo in a
little less than seven minutes. The ilamcs
were- under control when the lire lighters
rcacned the spot , nnd no hose was laid. The
cause of the bln/o was spontaneous combus
tion In the rubbing room on the second iloor ,
a'ld but for the presence of Mr. Koycs nnd
the watchman , the entire building would
have been In Humes before the arrival of the
department ,
The recent extension of the water mains
tvas nil that saved the building , as water was
Lhcro in abundance , and under lull pressure.
This case is only another strong argument in
ravor of the immediate location of another
lioso house in the western part of the city.
At the distance ut which the lire houses are
now located from that Piirt of the city , ills
Iraost impossible to render cIMcient service
r good protection. A tire Is almost beyond
control or the building burned to the ground
before tlio department readies it. The
damage last night was merely nominal.
Single tickets to Ragan , 50o nnd 2oc.
In Court.
The Jury in the case of Barrett & Barrett
vs Wheeler & Herald was instructed by the
court as soon as court convened yesterday
morning and sent out. The next case taken
up was that of the Omaha Coke and Coal
Company vs John Lmnohan , an action to re
cover the value of some cement sold to the
defendant. The case was not completed
when court adjourned. It will bo com
pleted by noon to-day. The next case set for
trial is that of Stewart vs City of Council
Bluffs for damages. It will hardly be called
before Monday.
Uagan's train starts for Spain at S
this evening.
Money loaned on fuinituro , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , bupgies or anything
of value at low rates of interest. No
blieitv ; fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark & Co. , olllce cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
For $25.00 The N. Y. Plumbing Co.
will put a lead service pipe and hydrant
in your yard ; also 50 foot extra hoso.
Call at once at 114 Main street.
Have our wagon call for your .soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Rooms to rent in the Mcrriam block.
S. B. Wadsworth &Co.i'iO ! Main street.
IMasonU : .
Special communication of Bluff City ledge ,
No. 71 , A. F. < fc A. M , , this evening for work
in thn third degree. All Master Masons in
good standing are cordially invited to be
present. By order of the W. M.
Ragan will give for 60 cents
you can anywhere.
Their CoiiRrntiilatioiiB on His First
Election nnd Ilin Iteply ,
San Francisco Monitor : Shortly after
Washington's accession to the presi
dency , the corporate bodies , civil socie
ties and ether organizations of a similar
character presented the lirst American
president with addresses of congratula
tions expressive of their admiration for
hiseharactoras a citizen , u soldier unda
Animated with the same spirit of de
votion to the now republic , the Catho
lic clergy and laity of that period pro-
Kontod Washington with the following
document :
SIH : Wo have boon long impatient
to testify our joy and unbounded confi
dence on your being called , by a unani
mous vote , to ttio llrst station of a coun
try in which that unanimity could have
been obtained without the previous
merit of unexampled services , of emi
nent wisdom , and unblemished virtue.
Our congratulations have not reached
you sooner , because our scattered situa
tion pro van led the communication and
tlio collecting of those sentiments which
warmed every breast. But the lay
has furnished us with the , opportunity ,
not merely of presaging the happiness
to bo expected under your administra
tion , hut of bearing testimony to that
which wo experience. It is your pecu
liar talent , in war and in peace , to af
ford security to those who commit their
protection into your hands. In war you
shield them from the ravages of armed
hostility ; in peace you establish public
tranquility by tlio justice nnd modera
tion , not loss than by the vigor , of your
government. By example , as well as
by vigilance , you extend tiio influence
of laws on the manners ol
our follow citizens. You encourage -
courage rospcot for religion ,
nnd inculcate , by words and actions
that principle on which tlio welfnr6 ol
nations so much depends that a super
intending providence governs the
events of the world and watches ovoi
the conduct of men. Your exalted
maxims and unwearied attention to the
moral and physical itnurovemunt of our
country have produced already the hap
piest olTocts. Under your administra
tion , America IB animated with zeal for
the attainment and encouragement o :
usnful literature ; she improves agricul
ture , extends her commerce , and ac
quires with foreign nations a dignity
unknown to lior before , From these
happy events , in which none can fool a
warmer Interest than ourselves , wo derive
rive additional pleasure , by recollect
ing that you , sir , have boon the princi
pal instrument to ollect so rapid a
change in our political situation. This
irospoct of national prosperity is pe
culiarly pleasing \ us on another ac
count' because , whilst our country pre
serves her freedom , nnd independence ,
vo shall have nyoll \ founded title to
claim from her justice tliu equal rights
of citizenship , as Iho price ot our blood
spilt under your oyos. and of our com-
non exertions for her do-
onso , under your auspicious
conduct rights rendered moro
( car to us by the remembrance ot
ormor hardships. When wo pray for
, ho preservation of them xvliora they
mvo been grantedand expect the full
extension of thorn from tno justice of
those states which still restrict thorn ,
when wo solicit the protection of
icnven over our common country , wo
icithor admit , nor can omit , rccom-
nondlng your preservation to the sin-
Ruler care of Divlno Providence , be
cause wo conceive that no human means
nro so available to promote tlio welfare
of the United States as Iho prolonga
tion of your health and life , in which
ire included the energy of your oxam-
) lo , the wisdom of your counsels , and
ho porstmsivo eloquence of your virtues.
In behalf of the Roman Catholic
clergy. tT. . CAUltoU , .
In behalf of the Roman Catholic laity. OAKUOI.L , of CarroUton ,
DAXir.i , CAiiiiOU , ,
Gixrr.KMix : : : Wliilo I now receive
vith much satisfaction your congrntu-
atlons on my being called by a univni-
nous vote to the llrst station of my
country , t cannot but duly notice your
xilHoncss in offering an apology for the
innvoidablo delay. As that delay has
fiven you nn opportunity of realizing ,
iirituad of anticipating , the bonolits of
tlio general will do mo
ho justice to believe that yarntcstl -
nony of the increase of the public pros-
> ority enhances tlio pleasure which I
vould otherwise have experienced from
our affectionate address.
I fool that my conduct , in war and in
loaco , has mot with more general ap-
irobntion than could reasonably have
> oen expected ; nnd I llnd myself dis-
) osafl to consider that fortunate cir-
iiimstanco in a great degree resulting
rom the able support and o\trnordinary :
candor of my follow-citizcns of all do-
The prospect of national prosperity
low before us is truly animating , and
ought to excite the exertions of all good
nen to establish and secure the happi-
loss of their country in Uio permanent
lurntion of its freedom and independ
ence. America , under the smiles of a
livino providence , tlio protection of a
food government , and the cultivation
> f manners , morals and piety , cannot
ail of attaining an uncommon degree
of eminence in literature , commerce ,
agriculture , improvements at homo and
espectabiUty abroad.
As mankind becomes moro liberal ,
, hey will bo moro apt to allow that all
rlioso who conduct themselves as worthy
numbers of the couimunity are equally
entitled to the protection of civil govorn-
nont. I hope over to sco America
imong the foremost nations in examples
of justice and liberality ; and I presume
your follow citizens Svill not forget Iho
latriotic part wn'ich you took
in the accomplishment of their
revolution and the establishment of
their government , or the important as
sistance which they received from a na-
iion in which the Roman Catholic faith
is professed.
I thank you , gentlemen , for your kind
joncorn for me.While my life and my
health shall continue , in whatever sit
uation I may be , it'shall be my constant
endeavor to justify the favorable senti
ments which you are pleased to express
of my conduct ; and may the members of
your society in America , animated
alone by the pure spirit of Christianity ,
and still conducting themselves as the
faithful subjects of our free government ,
enjoy every temporal and spiritual
felicitv. G. WASHINGTON.
Rev. Ij. II. 1'nync , Ajjmit. niiil Truteo
of ( ho Orpliau'H Homo ut Mncnn ,
Ga , , Writes u Letter Datcil
Fenrunrr Btli , 1H8J > .
"I have been using Swift's Specific with
the children of the orphan's ' homo under mj
charge with the best results. I begun its
use between nine and ten years ago , and
have seen many remarkable results.
Quito a number of the children had consti
tutional blood diseases resulting from the
sins of the parents , nnd every ono of these
children were cured of the horrible taint by
the use of S. S. S.
There have also been scores of children In
the institution whoso systems ( they having
been mostly without the bcncllts of parental
care ) were enervated by dirt-eating and
other foul practices. Everyone or tlieso
children have taken S. S. S. , and all have
been signally benelltted by it. All have
been cured who haver taken enough of it.
We have also two innatcs of the home , sub
ject to painful recurring attacks of erysipe
las. Neither ono improved under the treat
ment usual for the disease. When all other
medicines were discarded and they took S.
S. S. the cure la each case was quick and
permanent , for they have been well for live
years and there has been no return of the
disease. I could tell much moro of tlio ro
markublc cures of blood disease by S. S. S.
for I have seen it used and know its value.
L. B.
How Tliny Spoilt. Their Ijefniire.
At the last of the "Owl Talks" of the
Twilight club the question for the
speaker was "How do you spend your
leisure ? " and the answers that were
given to it showed that there is a varie
ty in the tastes of the members , says the
Now York Sun. Ono of them said ho
spent his leisure in horseback exorcise ,
another in studying books , another in
playing billiards , another in literary
composition , another in riding his hob
by , another in looking after the duties
of his bible class , another in lounging at
his club , another in the rustle enjoy
ment of Pike county , another editing a
dental journal , another in haunting
auction rooms , nidnnotlior | , in absolute
rest of body and mind. Every ono of
the members who' spoke spent his leis
ure in a way dill'oront from even * ether
ono. "Such is llfu. "
Catarrh Cured.
A clergyman , afljor years of suflicring
from that loathsome disease , Catarrh ,
and vainly tryinppqvory known remedy ,
at last found a-rocipo which completely
cured and saved him from death. Any
sufToror from this dreadful disease Bond
ing solf-nddressod stamped envelope to
Prof. J. A. Lawrence , 88 Wiirron St. ,
How York cty , will receive the reel po
free of charge. .
The London pavements which strike
every visitor from this side of the water
ns so perfect are receiving a tremendous
amount of local abuse now. Wood and
asphalt are too slippery ; macadam can't
stand the heavy wear. The opinion is
freely heard that London ; tha8 not yet
solved the problem of street pavements
and Booms as far oil from it as over. "
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
When Jlaby was licit , we cave her Coctorla.
When eho wu A Child , khe cried for Coitorle ,
When IIB became Hto , the dune to CaxtoriA ,
Wl > an she biuf Children , * bt CAT * tbum dtatoria.
One Mctnuzr to Die Knoll Year by Ilia
Own Hand.
The Bridgeport Farmer in its Issuoof
to-day emphatically states that John
Klonzy , who committed suicide in this
city on Monday , was a member of the
Suicide club , which was organized In
Bridgeport about three years ago , says
a Bridgeport , Conn. , dispatch to the
Globo-Ucmocrat. There were llvo as
senting individuals present at the time
the proposition to form such a peculiar
band was broached , and the member
ship never increased. The members
ngrood , half jokingly nnd half earnest
ly , that some ono of thorn should commit
suicide on each succeeding yonr until
nil were gono. The members further
ngrcod that the club should hold meat-
ings annually , and at thcso meetings
Lhov should decide by ballot , individual
incfinatlon or otherwise , which mem
ber was next to shulllo off the mortal
coll. Friends ot thcso evidently insane
men say that at the time the Suicide
club was organized the members were
not intoxicated and none of thorn had
shown any signs of' being unbalanced.
It is known that ttio club held several
meetings since it was organized , but
the momborrt hud always refused to divulge -
vulgo what business was transacted at
their conclaves.
Henry Jansen , the president of the
Suicide club , who kept n saloon on Gold
street , was the first member to make
way with himself. Ho put himself out
of Jtho world by his own hands about
two years ago.
The next member to commit suicide
was William Mcckol , the sign painter ,
who cut his throat. Whether ho did
thUbf his own impulse or because his
death had been decreed in council , the
ether members refused to say.
At this juncture friends of the sur
viving members bognn to look upon the
matter as something : very serious , and
trped them togivo up their madschomo.
rhoir pleadings wore received coldly ,
iiowovor. by two of the surviving members
bors , but the third , a well known Gor
man resident of West Stratford , ac-
ceeded to the wishes of his friends and
.ondored his resignation to the society.
The other two members called him a
coward , and said that ho resigned be
cause ho felt confident that ho would
jo the next member selected to dio.
'When the club was organized John
iCicnzy.who committed suicide Monday ,
was oluctod vice prosidnnt. and upon
President Jensen's death Kien/.y as
sumed the presidency of the club and
; ield it until the time of his death.
J'hoi-c is left only ono member of the
original combination outside of the one
who resigned , and ho is in business in
Bridgeport. Friends of John Kionzy
say that suicidal intentions have been
ippnront from his talk and actions for
the past two years , and that on numer
ous occasions ho has threatened to kill
aoth his wife and himsulf. Mrs. Kien/.y ,
Iiowovor , instead of becoming alarmed
ind deserting him , humored his whim
n every instance , and thus probably do-
aycd the commission of the act.
l's Acid
Makes an Invigorating Urinlc
with water and sugar only , liolieious.
Chinese Actors to Stnr the Mast.
A company of twenty-two Chinese
ictors , all stars , has been formed in
Seattle , W. T. , to play through the
cast. Their wardrobes are very gorge
ous and costly. As their advance agent
is also a Chinaman , who has had no ex
perience in theatrical matters in this
country , they arc more than likely to
como to grief.
Ncponsct , 111. ,
My rnnro caught
cold ; result : swelled
limbs , lump between
foru-li-Ki and Inflnm-
mutlon. Cured her
\vlth St. Jacobs Oil.
Wlnsboro , Tex. ,
JuiicTO. JSS8.
My liorso wui hurt
on bind leg : suffered
10 months : wns cured by St. Jiicobs Oil : cure
baa remained permanent. W. J. CLINK
Wl'HI W I I'll.
Winning between Council Illuirs nna Al
bright. Iu addition to thn stations mnntloned ,
trains stoi at Twentieth and Twenty-fourth
streets , and at tno Summit Iu Omaha.
Leave. Arrive.
No. 2 0Wp ( , m. No. 1 7:00 u. in.
NoU B00a.m. ; 5DOp. : m.
No. I. . . . 0:40 a. in. No. a CMP. p.m.
A No.4 1)&J ) : a. m.'A No.6 in ,
A No.O . . . . ' 0:55 : p. m.A | No.a 0iOp.m. : :
Kxcept Saturday. THxeept. Monday ,
No.O U : 0a. in.'No.7 ' Ui"iam : ,
No.B , . , 4:15 : p. m.No.3 | 0 ; ( .m.
No.4.- . . . . . . .U:40D. : m.No. | 6 . . . .Oil&p.m.
. PAUf , .
No 2 . . . .0:40a. : m , A No , 1 , . . . .uMJ : 11. m.
No 4 .7:0ip. : m , A No.3 7:10 : p. m.
A No , 2. . . . 0:3a. : . in..A . No.3. . .0:10 a.m.
A No.4 , . . . 1 < : ; W p. m. A No. 1 0:25 : p. m.
A No.10 7:05a.m.A : ! No.U 8Ma.m.
A No. U. . . .7UJn.m. : A No. II . . . . .UW : ) p. m.
OMAHA tcti'f. I.OUIS ,
A No.8 , , , , .4:35 p.m. A No,7. . . . , .12:00 : m.
A dully : II dally except Saturday ; C except
Biinday : ] > t > xcui > t Mondays fast mall.
Tile time given ODOTO is for Truusfer , there
being from live to ten minute * between'Jr nj.
r and local depot * ,
T.T S Nos.l58cl8
i . Pearl , { .
SIZES FROM Especially Adapted for
25 TO 300
HORSE POWER , Mills and Elevators
Specifications and estimates furnished forcomploto stonm plnnti. Hcmilntlon. Durability Ouir
aulecd. Lan show letters from users where Knel Kconnmv Is ofiimt with Corliss Noii-Uondonaluc
E.G. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send fop Catalog ae. No. 51O Pearl Street , Council Bluffj" " v
S inn tlcturuiEiiciI to li-c tlio public tlio benefit of niy pur-
I quote to-day tlio followm ; ; pi-ifc.s.
A : MKARS' MCII'H B'lno Shoes , § 5 , former prior , SH.
J. S. TUKMSK'S Men's Ilitiul-isoived Shoe * , Qfi , former
price , § 7.5O.
E. C. IIUKT'S Parties' French Kid. turned , at § 5 , former
price , gt.
JG. C. fSUUT'S Cur Kid al § : i , former price , 85.
J. FILES , 413 Broadway.
Taxidermist and Naturalist.
Permanent * joccat ,
- . . . . - . - . , > . - . tno Illrds art. Warranted and animals to mounted prescivo naturally for year * . and Foreign in the lioit birds method mippllfld of
n short notice. Highest price paid for owls and hawks of all kinds. Persons sondlnu order *
Bfiiircd of perfect batlsfactlon. I'ur drusulnt ! a specialty. Write for particulars.
" | j1Oir HAM5 ( ir Trade-Pliino , NoTT ( new )
-D orftnn , harness , sowlnc machine , horse and
wa'on. ; Addresii No. RKI Ilroadwar , room ] .
\ \ . ANTHD A cnnvlissor : apply this evening
VT to Harry Franklin , Creston llouso , Coun
cil Hluirs.
TXTANTBD JJy a yomift lady , situation as
T T HtcnoKrapher and typo-writer. SatlHfao-
tory references Riven. Address Stenographer ,
C7 ! l-'ourth street , Council Illuirs.
ANY one wanting fine chance to manufacture
can tecmo building , power , etc. , at a ba
l > y addressing Main mraut Meat Market.
JC'E COO tons for sale. I.anzendorfcr &
Strohhrhn , Mum street MnatMarkut.
W ANTI-ID A cbmtctonr ) Klrl to do general
housework. Apply at uia lllutr st. , Coun-
T71OU HKNT-OIIIco rooms ever B. A. Plcrco's ,
J corner Main and l-'lrht avo. front room ,
(10 ; back room , $5permonth. A. J. Htopiiuiison.
SITUATION wanted AH bookkeeper or In an
. . olllco. ( Inod references. Address II , It. B , ,
Dee olllco , Council lllulla.
oTTsA MS My lenlilnnre. Inqulro John O.
Woodward , 1112 1'ourth avenue.
WANTKD A first-class cook , thoroughly
understanding hli businosi. ( load wages
paid. Apply Immediately In person to Henry
W. Itothert , superintendent Deaf ana Dumb In-
stltutlon , Council niuirs. la.
WANTHD-At the Deaf and Diimh institu
tion. Council HluirH. a flower gardener. Ap
ply In person or by rnall to the superintendent.
"ITIOH HUNT Largo double olllco over l-'i 'rank '
J-1 l.evlifji cigar store , 602 Jiroadwuy. Jin lulro
of I'rnnk I.evln.
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agent * wanted.
C. U. JUI > I > ,
Council IJltilVd la ,
DR. Rice'sHerna ' ! Support ,
The only perfect abdominal support for clill.
dienaiul adultsi 8mx-eiHfully cuiea tUu WOJia'f
ThoWlost darn Novolltl os
Artistic Decoration !
Nps.n nd 13 Pearl St.
Mis. C , L. CILLETT'S '
And xee her flue Una of Halv
. ' ' . ' '
( joods. I'lNl'.S'I' HAIK
OUNAMKNT8 In tlin illy ]
WIKS. luuid ! < i , < ! tc. , for lleiit
orHulo ,
aiuth and Coyla and Myers
Uras 1'uluU. Hair
_ DronHlnK. Uto.
. 'Jl > BIulii . '
> St. , C'ouucll Illuin
Orders by mxll recBlvapromptuttentlon.
Tuos. W. II. M.
Corner Main and Ilroadway ,
rJieal.eirs ? ln domostlo
Hides , Tallow , Pells , Wool
lll8UMtin rk prlc ii. I'roujptiotimu. Ku.f.t
anil t.-ii Mulut. . , Ccuucll uhifi * .