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    ! * MumMm KMiii.mi
A Lincoln Woman Plcvya It Sharp on
Her Huaband.
Condition nftlioI'oMltcnf InrjNiinibcr
ol" Convicts , Ktc. A Cltl/.on In
Trouble fur I'lnBliInu n
Hull DOR.
1029 1' STIIKRT ,
Ltxcot.x , May a. I
I'otor Johnson , who has lived nt 411 North
ttcnth street for over n year past , packed his
earthly possessions yesterday nfternoon and
prepared to remove to Marcngo , Ta. , his old
home. Ho Intended to start iu the evening ,
Overland , In the conventional nr.\lrle schooner ,
but when the hourarrlved his wife suggested
tbftt It would bo well for him to defer the
utart and spend the night In the south part
ot the city with old friends. All objections
TTsro reasoned nway and ho consented , nnd
doubtless passed n pleasant night. Ills wlfo
nnd child ren were to stay In the wagon to
guard the property. How long they tarried
Iniay never bo known , for on Johnson's re
turn this morning ho found them gone , with
the exception o'f n crippled , helpless child ,
Who was left ns the only legacy of an erst
while happy homo. Mrs. Johnson had Hod ,
taking all their worldly effects nnd two chll-
Urcn. Tlio crippled child was left with scanty
cover , and had It not been for the neighbors ,
tvho discovered the situation , would doubtless -
loss have suffered from the chilling
nlr of the night. Hut , in a word ,
Mrs. Johnson schemed to got pos
cession of the property of her
husband , that nlio might bo nblo
to skip with n younger and handsomer
man , and was successlul. Mr. Johnson is
Blxt.y years of age , but ho takes the desertion
In a philosophical way , and ns yet has made
no effort to discover the destination of his
tvife und her partner In crime. Ho is qulto
poor , but says ho Is able to care for himself
nnd the crippled child , and will proceed lo do
so. Ills team was worth ? 200 and his house-
Iibld effects probably as much moro. 'iho '
old limn says , "Fortunately , I have the
pocket-book , and it contains several odd dollars
lars for ix rainy day. "
\Vnnlcii Hopkins' Hoport.
May 1 Warden Hopkins reported the fol
lowing status nt the ponttcntiary to the
board of public lands and buildings for the
month ending April 80 :
. .Number of convicts In prison April 1 , 349 ;
Minbcr received from the courts , 10 ; num-
! per of escaped convicts recaptured , 1 ; total
i BOO. Number whoso term expired , 15 ; total
iuumhcr In charge , ! )51. )
With Intent to Kill.
Ike Johnson , charged with a state offense ,
Was given a preliminary Hearing before W.
& . Stewart , county ) udce , this afternoon at
I 4 o'clock. WcstonJohnson | charged him with
I assault with hitent to kill. Although pos-
I Bossing iho same name , the parties were
[ neither "kith or Kin. " The complaint recited
I that "Ikoy" was something moro than play-
I ful In the manner ho hold a "thirty-eight
I Jjulldog'1 covering his vital regions ; that , iu
I ( act , with premeditation and malice , ho hold
I ) t there to kill and murder , ami In the name
I pi the state ho prayed that pimlshmcdt might
I fee hictcd out to him. Judging from the num-
I JJer of witnssses to bo examined it will bo
| midnight bolero Judgment is passed , if
I then , lltey Is white and the prosecuting
li Vritness colored.
I ! Paul Doggo , on a transcript from the police
I court will also have u hearing before his
I lionor , on the charge of obtaining goods of
I ' ( the vuluo of $15 under false pretenses. . H.
f O. Tullls files the complaint and is the pro-
I Eccutlng witness. The judge will probably
I not roach Dopgo'a case to-day , ana it rmi.y bo
i continued over to-morrow on account of the
JTiUsimmons preliminary , which will bo
I palled at 0 o' the morning.
f Investment nnd Crcninory Companion
I Articles Incorporating the Capital Loan &
[ investment company and the Huttlo Creek
{ Jrcamory & Llvo Stocfc were filed in the
, flco of the secretary of state to-day.
May 1 , 18S9 , dated business commencement
I of the investment company , nnd it continues
eighteen years thereafter unless sooner dis
solved according to law. Tlio company will
transact n general loan nnd Investment busl-
POSH. Its principal ofllco of business Is lo
cated at Lincoln , and the authorized capital
Block Is $1,000.000. Incorporators : John T.
. Englehardt , Harry R Albers , A. J. Mini-
ken , S. U. Pound , W. W. W. Jones , Frank
[ f ) . McClusky and John J. Wall.
I The creamery company commences busl-
k boss as soon as $1,000 of the $20,000 anthor-
i izotl capital stock has been subscribed and
I paid up. The purpose of the corporation Is
to deal In and manufacture milk products
and llvo stock ; principal place of business
Battle Creek , Madison county. Incorpora
tors : L. U. Baiter , George S. Hurford ,
flphn T. Tridgen , Herman Hogrofe , H. A.
Polack , Henry F. Ulckenberg , Henry Moss-
pmn , Fred Urcchler nnd George Ximmer-
Kiiprcina Court Proceedings.
i The supreme court of Nebraska mot .yes
terday and handed down the following opln-
I1 ions , and adjourned to May 1G :
7 Welton vs Do Yarmon. Error from the
' * , fllotrlct court of Holt county. Afllrmed ;
' 1 r'plnlon by Justice Maxwell.
F" vs Nowntnoy. Error from Iho dis
trict court of Cass county. Affirmed : opln-
I fen by Justice Cobb.
I Gillllan vs Kendall. Error front the dis
trict court of Lancaster county. Affirmed ;
( pplulmi bv Justice Maxwell.
PJiimmcrvs Hummel. Appeal from the
fllstriit : court of Frontier county. Reversed ,
I . nnd decree for plaintiff ; opinion by Justice
Jones vs Froln. Error from the district
court of Hcd Willow county. Afllrmed ; opin
ion by Justleo Maxwell.
[ Dunn vn Dunn , Error from the district
\ pourt of Clay county. Hovcrsod nnd cause
I dismissed ; opinion by Justice Maxwell.
I State ex rol Noble vit Sheldon. Manda-
I pius. Writ allowed ; opinion by Justice
I Jtfaxwoll.
I Lewis vs Owrn. Error from the district
I court qf Greoloy county. Reversed and ro-
I inandod ; opinion by Justice Maxwell.
I Hoard of Equalization.
I The board of equalization , consisting of
I Governor Thayer , Treasurer Hill nnd Audi-
1 tor Hcnton , will go over the roads and view
It'i the property of each before levying any of
lltho tax assessments. It is learned that the
If Fremont , Elichorn & Missouri Valley railway
I system , r.orth of the Vlatlo , will como In for
inspection llrst. The party starts on next
& Suosday , unu will go to the terminus of the
IV road In tills state , thonro over the Crolghton
\m \ and Albion brunches. On the return , h'ow-
Lp over , the governor will go Into Keya Palm
W county to see what can bo done toward
proaklni ; up the gangs of horse and cuttle
m iklou's \vUicli Infest that country ,
Prnirlo Fire.
I AUcstnictlvo pralrlo lira raged , three miles
I Wrest of the city , during the entire afternoon ,
I Pftvut Franklin hail 100 tons ot hay burned ,
I und u barn nnd some out-bulldlugs. Loss ,
I f 1,200 ; no insurance.
I City NOWB nnd Notes ,
I Colonel Al Falrbrothor will leave for
I Washington and Now Yoric Sunday morning
I on A Uirco Week's junketing trip ,
\ Thomas , the man who tried the chccli
raokHt hero a few weeks aso , was captured
at Etcrltng yesterday by Oflleor Pound. He
I had hfs preliminary hearing before Judge
Pi Jlouston to-day , and was oound over to
jiuswr to the district court.
H Atuirney General Leoso wont to Kewari !
yoatclMay to spend a day at his old home ,
MO returned homo to-day at noon ,
I Ciml tur fur sale by iho slnglo burrol
Or iu car load lots. Address
m Sioux City , In.
iolll Shipped to Kuroiii * ,
Niw YORK , May a. Gold burs to the
| jimoui.t of t , & 00,000 were ordered for ship
, to Europe to-day.
The Gasoline Steve Kccelves Another
flood Credit Mntk.
The building owned by Senator Mandor-
son near the northwest corner of Sixteenth
nnd California streets , was the scene of n
destructive llro yesterday. Tlio blaze
Btarlcd in the back room of Henry Jaeger's
tailor shop and was caused by n gasoline
stovo. The gasoline had not been well turned
oil the evening before and had been leaking
all night. Jaeger applied a match to It with
out examining to BOO if everything
was nil right , nnd Iho gasoline
that hnd accumulated on the tin
sheet blazed up nnd set llro to his bed nnd
board partition. In fright , Jorgensen rushed
out doors , leaving the door open , nnd ns a
good brccro was coming from the street , In
nn Incredibly short time the whole block was
n sheet of flume , .lames McLcanoy , who
runs the confectionery store Just north of
Jncgcr'8 tailor shop , was aroused by n burnIng -
Ing timber fulling on him , nnd hurriedly
Jumping Into nls clothes broke the front
door op'cn , rushed Into the street and gave
the alarm. The fk-o department responded
promptly , but by the time they reached the
sccno everything in Jaeger's tailor shop nnd
McLeanoy's store was burned or ruined. The
flames had also played havoo with the rooms
in the story above , occupied by Hey Hendcr-
iihot , burnlnc up about ? i)00 ) worth of furni
ture nnd f500 worth of clothes. The two
rooms Immediately to the rear of thnso were
rented by the Esmond Cafe company nnd
were occupied by aomo of their employes.
The damage done to their furniture will not
reach $100but LlllioKIng nndlSnimn Devote ,
two of the waiter girls , lost their trunks nnd
contunls. Llllio hud f'J5 in money , which
she had been saving for some time.
The damage Oono lo iho building is about
? 2.000. The house will have to bo torn down.
It was Insured , The dntnago to Jaeger's
slock is $2,700 , with 3.000 insurance. Me-
Lenny's loss is about fGOO , with no insur
ance. _
Kluctrlonl Opening.
Tlio Nebraska Electric company ( H.
A. Kinncy and A. JI , Xounor ) will open
their now store at 1621 Furnam to-mor
row.Thoy extend an Invitation to "tho
ladles as well as tlio gentleman to call ,
promising everybody will bo well
plnasod and interested iu their exhibit.
They will have on exhibition :
Phonographs , Pumpolly storage bat
teries , electric call bolls , annunciators ,
incandescent electric lighting , electric
motors for sowing machines , dental
motors , ventilating fans , burglar
alarms , combination electric light and
gas lixtures , und fine electric fittings of
all kinds. _
I'rcpnrltiK for Iho ' 1'rln.l of Dornllc
Election OHlonra.
Marshals , clerks , Janitors and everybody
else In and about the United States court ,
are manifesting moro signs of activity at
this time than they have for a long tlmo.
This is duo to the fact that court convenes
ono week from next Monday. Cases must
consequently bo ready by that time. Albln
Frank and Judge Hartlott are hard
at work getting the trial and equity
dockets ready for the printer. The first will
contain something1 like ono hundred and
seventy and iho lallor over two hundred
cases. The most Important suits , however ,
to como up for hearing at this term involve
a number of Omaha citizens indicted by the
federal grand Judge last fall for complicity
in the election fraud of that timo.
The indicted people are as follows : John
Mulvihlll , interfering with Judges of elec
tion In the discharge of their duties ; Charles
E. Ucdtlold , William Holmes , Henry Drun-
ning , Thomas Nolan , John Donnelly , Joseph
Gustus , Frank Solon , Thomas Crosby , P.
McAudrows , Fred Her/ko , Hans Schanboo ,
James Trnccy , R. H. Pickard , W. J. Roul-
ledge , C. M. O'Donovan ' , James Henderson ,
Patrick McCaffry nnd Henry Jensen for
ward Gordraan , John E. Gustus , D. D.
O'Connoll , Albert Uccd , Theodore F. Benter -
tor , Patrick Dovitt for neglect of their duty
as clerks of election.
Judge Brewer will not bo hero until about
the 20th , but Judge Dund.v proposes to go
ahead with the business. >
Erastus A. Henson filed n petition yester
day iu the district court against W. H.
French to foreclose n mortgage on a lot in
Urlgg's place , claiming that it was executed
to him to secure the payment of three notes
for $1,351.
C. H. Sloman sued N. J. Edholm for $150 ,
alleged to bo duo on a promissory note.
Jennie M. McCann , administratrix of the
cstnlo of Patrick John McCunn , commenced
suit against the Union Pacific railway com
pany to ro'cover J5.000 damages for the kill
ing of her husband , who was in the employ
of the company , last October. McCann was
a carpenter and bridge builder. Ho met-his
death on October 2 , at Buford Station , Wyo. ,
by being run into by an engine.
The following transcript of cases tried in
Justice court were filed yesterday in the dis
trict court : J. G. Allonos vs. the Paxton &
Vicrling iron works , for labor performed ;
Hill & Young vs. William R. Goodall , for re
plevin of steve ; Salothol Faucott vs. Valentino
tine Lipp , for luhor performed.
Comity Court
The county attorney commenced action
yesterday In the county court in behalf of
the county against Peter Christiansen for
$313 , This suit is brought In accordance
with the action of the county commissioners ,
which requires all persons who have Indigent
relatives in county institutions to provide for
their fupport. The county also sued Maurice
Sullivan for $141 for the support of a woman
named Mrs. Donahoc. Those cases will bo
tried in Juno , and are test suits.
The Mny Jury men.
Sheriff Coburn , Clerk Moores , Mlko La-
hey , Dorsey B. Houck and Lewis Grebe
hold a meeting and from the list
of names furnished them several days ago by
the couuly commissioners , drew thirty-six
Jurymen lo servo at the May term of the dis
trict court , which convenes ono week from
next Monday. Tlio following is a list of the
lucky citizens : Wyllo Dlckaon , George S.
Eastman , George Undo , R. D. Poirronot ,
David Young , John P. Hcrtzman , John
Hluin , Thoo. Slupcnhorst , A. J. Harmon , C.
H. Fitch , C. B. Luighton , James Connolly ,
L. J. Mallutt , John Urandt , Ed Cassldv , M.
C. Moanoy , John Bell , C. H. Grlflln , Harris
Olinstoad , Thomas O'Connor. Lewis Simp
son , Isano Wilt , J. J. Wear , F. D. Motions ,
Poti'r Cassldy , Thomas Harrington , Eld-
rlgo Mcssoiiiwr , Henry Eicke , Peter Clark ,
P. J. Qucaloy , Frank Wilcox , John O'Rouke ' ,
George D. Phillips , E. F. Carpenlor , A. J.
McDnucal and Joseph Mlchal.
I'nld tlio DntniiRCH.
Thu Union Pacific Railroad company filed
a stipulation In the district court confessing
Judgment in favor of Jennie M. McCann for
? 1SOO. On the second day of last October
her husband , Patrick J. McCann , an employe
of this corporation , was run over near
Buford , Wyoming , and so badly injured
that ho dlod , leaving her In poor
circumstances. She brought suit for dam.
ages In the HUIII stated , und by permission of
the court defendant at once consented to set
tle , and handed Clerk Mores a blgnod
voucher for the amount.
Drink Moxie , for nervousness.
( licensed to Went.
The following list of man-iaga licenses
were issued yesterday in the county court :
Name and Residence. Ago
j William A. Kerr. Omaha 20
1 Haimn J. W. Tozcr , Elk City , Neb 21
I James Plckrcw , Omaha 29
I Eva V. Pledge , Omaha 18
I Ole Jensen , Omaha , 23
I Sofia 4orgon8en , Omaha ! ) . :
j Christian NiolsonOmaha. . . . 23
I Anna Gotsczar , Omaha sa
A Coii-octlon.
Tlio Item in Thursday's BEE accusing the
Otnnim Loan und Trust company of being
plaintiffs in n chattel mortgage suit against
A. F. Llndquest , should have road the
"Omaha Mortgage Loan company. " They
arc entirely distinct corporations. The former
is managed by lion. A. U , Wyman , and does
not do a chattel mortgage business.
Omaha Competing With Chicago In
the Black H1119 Trade.
Officials nml McrclinnM Claim They
Arc Pnvorablo to This City
Xho Proposed Union De
pot Hallway Notes.
Not Discriminated Against.
A morning paper , speaking editorially of
Lho recent trip made by the bonrcl of trndo
to tlio Block Illlla , said that the excursion
would bo ol no nvnil , and declared , In short ,
that the Fremont , Klkhorn & 'Missouri Ynt <
Icy was discriminating npnlnst Omahn , and
in favor of Chicago and Sioux City.
Mr. Dudley Smith , of the D. M. Steolc
company , said that this is not true ; that
upon the other hand , the Fremont is the only
road running out of Omalm which does not
ninko such discrimination. "With thcmt"
said hove stand upon tin equality with
Chicago , Sioux City , Fremont and all other
Jobbing cities. The rate from Omaha to
Wliltcwood , first class , " ho continued , "Is
f 1.0'J , and ttio rata from Omaha to Chicago
is 75 cents , the rate from Chicago to Whitewood -
wood Is the sum of these two rates , or (3-il ,
placing us upon un equality with Cbiuago.
rs'o , thcro is nothing in that , moro than an *
other fling from the paper in oucstion at the
board of trade. "
"What's the matter with that paper , any-
wayl" asked Mr. Clmpman of the same
house. There's nothing in this thing. Tuko
this statement for Instance :
The Omaha board of trade may oxcurse
till the cows come homo mid nothing with a
dollar mark will como of It. They may malco
personal friends and enjoy banquets , and
drink champagne , and wax eloquent , but
they cannot induce the north to patronize
Omaha until Omaha can put its goods nt the
doors of the north at the price for which they
ciin be secured from other cities. "
Now. that is ridiculous , ns it can bo proven
that Omaha sells to the merchants of the
Hlack Hills nine-tenths of all the goods pur
chased by them. Then the idea of comparing
Sioux City and Fremont us equal markets
with Omaha 1 Fremont lias ono wholesale
grocery house. The Sioux City and Fremont
rates to Whitewood nro the same as the rate
from Omaha to Whltcwood. "
Speaking on the same subject an attache of
the general freight department of the Fre
mont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley said :
"That Is all bosh , Omaha , like Sioux City ,
has the Missouri river point rate from Chi
cago. Fremont has a higher rate than cither.
On tlrst and second-class freight Omaha and
Sioux City have a differential over Fremont
of 5 cents per 100 ; third and fourth-class , 4
cents , and all other classes 8 cents. Now ,
you can seq this is favorable to Omaha when
its distance in difference from Chicago is only
thirty-seven miles.
"Now , on freight from Omaha to points
west of Norfolk on the Elkhorn road , the
rate is the same as from Sioux City al
though the haul from Omaha is much longer
than that from Sioux City. At Norfolk the
rates equalize and so continue westward.
Norfolk is seveuty-ftvo miles from Sioux
City while it is 119 from Omaha , thereby
giving Omaha the benefit of an equal rate
with Sioux City , although the haul Is forty-
four miles longer. Is that inimical to
Omaha ?
"Then again , on freight shipped to points
in the territory in question from Chicago the
rate is based on the sum of the two locals.
For instance , a Chicago house ships freight
to a house in Lincoln or any point west of the
Missouri river. The rate on that freight
would bo composed 01 the local rate between
the Missouri river and Chicago and the local
rate between the Missouri river and the
point of destination. This you see puts
Omaha on an equal footing with Chicago as
regards the rail rates. It would bo neither
reasonable nor prudent for western roads to
discriminate against its homo institutions in
the interests of foreien ones , and with the
present rate schedule all Omaha wholesalers
need do to secure the patronage of the dis
puted territory is to become acquainted and
then reach out for its business. And lot mo
say , to my own positive knowledge , this has
been done to a largo extent within the past
year. "
Omaha's Union Depot.
KANSAS CITT , Mo. , May 3. ( Special
Telegram to THE DEE. ! Plans ana specifica
tions for the new union depot to bo erected
in Omaha were received by Van Brunt &
Howe , architects of this city , this morning.
They are , however , subject to modification
and alteration. In an interview with your
correspondent this morning Mr. Howe said
that the Union Pacific and B. & M. railroads
wore those principally interested at present
but in his opinion the now enterprise would
be of such magnitude that all other roads
centering in Omaha would take advantage of
the facilities it would afford. The proposed
union depot will bo located near the present
site of the old depot at Tenth and Mason
The plan most In favor are for
a three-story building , 450x60 feet ,
fronting on Mason street , to cost from
5350,000 to 1500,000. The railway tracks will
be on the north side of the building and the
Tenth street viaduct will bo readied by a
stairway at the northwest corner of the
depot. It will also bo connected with the
viaduct bv a bridge twenty-two feet wide. A
largo cloclc tower is to bo located at the
north end of the depot. While the depot
proper is to cover 4fiOx < iO foot of ground , rail
way tracks , driveways , etc. , will occuny a
space COO or 700 feet long by 300 feet wide.
Mr. Howe said that the plans received by
him were hut ono sot of half a dozen laid be
fore the Union Pacific officials. Ho expects
a letter with full instructions In a few days.
Grant ! Island and tlio Union Pacific.
The committee- from Grand Island , referred
forred to in theeo columns Thursday , waited
on Vice President Holcomb , of the Union
Pacific , in behalf of the shop employes and
train facilities at that place. The committee
advanced some strong arguments as to why
the force In tlio shops should bc'rcstored to
its original strength , the principal being that
the great number of the employes were men
of families , and had invested their earnings
in homos and property at that place.
As to train arrangements they asked that
the direct connection and immediate service
between that point and Omaha bo main
Vice President Ho'comb ' , after hearing
the complaint , assured the committee -
tee that tlio Union Paciito would
net with all fairness In the matter to
ward Grand Island and nil other points , and
that no change would bo made in any respect
spect that was unwarranted. The Union
Pacific Hliops at Grand Island is the port
whcro the greater part of painting and varn
ishing of passenger rolling Block is done , but
owing to the mildness of the winter this class
of work lias largely decreased.
Itnlos Adnptctl.
The Trans-Missouri association in session
at Kansas City has adopted a set of rules
regulating tlio making of rates by roads ol
that association , and ulso setting the data of
meeting of tlio freight commiUeo the first
Tuesday of each month. Under tlio now
rules two-thirds of the membership of the
association constitutes a quorum , and any
action taken makes it binding on any and all
roads of the associationwhether represented
at that meeting or not. Ho'oro any line can
niaho a rate to moot that of u competitor the
consent of the nhatrman of the association
must bo obtained. This is arranged for the
purpose of preventing independent action
by uuy of the roads of the association.
Tlio Now 'Irnln Solipilnlo.
The press reports sent out frdm Chicago
concerning the action of the Chicago roads
In connection with the now time card bnlng
arranged , do not correspond with tbo reports
received by the railway oOlcials in this city.
The former cites that tbo Chicago roads
failed to agree upon the connection tiino with
the Union Pacltiu at Council HlufTs. Assistant -
ant General Manager Dickinson , of the
Union Pacillo. bus revolved a telegram stat
ing that the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
and the Chicago & Northwestern hud aurocd
to the connecting tiuio of tlio Union Pacific
at Council muffs on its fast train , the Union
Pacillo to arrive at 0 p. in. , and the Chicago
lines to make the tlrno of the departure ol
their trains cnst-bound from Council Dluffs
at U40 ; p. m. , arriving Jn CbliviRo nt2 p. m. ,
the next day , Mr. Dickinson also stated that
in all probability nil the roads would assent
to the proposed train schedule.
The Wisconsin Central lu-n p.
CHICAGO , May 8. [ Special Telegram to
Tun HBE. | Of twelve Chicago railroad of-
flcla'ls , spoken to on the subject of the lease
of the Wisconsin Central , not ono thought it
was a profitable transaction for either road.
The popular opinion was expressed by Vico-
President MoMullon , of the Alton : "I don't
see whcro olthcr road will gam any direct
benefit. " ho said , "On the other hand , the
natural tendency will bo for nil the other
roads to combine against the now system In
favor of the Manitoba or Union Pacific. "
Tlio deal was almost invariably compared
with tlio disastrous effect on the Santa Fo ,
consequent on Its acquiring entrance into
A Sleeping Cm * Contract.
CHICAGO , May 3. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Unit. ] The Pullman company to-day
completed contracts by which it will carry
all the Hock Island and Hlo Grnndo's second ;
class passengers who patronize sleepers. The
above roads were the only two west of Chicago
cage which had not previously adopted the
Pullman second-class sleepers.
llailroatl Motes.
Engine 710 on the Union Pacific caino in
from the west In a disabled condition.
The Atlantic express on the Union Pacific
was thirty minutes late yesterday owing
to a heavy train. It was composed of four
teen cars ladcncd with passengers and bag
C. P. Converse , secretary to Vice Presi
dent Holcomb of the Union Pacific , has re
signed and Is succeeded by Mr. Van Horn ,
of Denver.
The finest leu crenm In the city at
Shiillcross' , liiO N. 16th st.
Those or the County Kxpcricnclng a
. Delay In Pay Day.
The commissioners have stirred up n deep
feeling of indignation among people who
draw salaries from the county treasury. In
the heat of passion and thirst for revenge ,
which 1ms at various times characterized
certain members of the board , they saw fit
to pass n resolution that all bills bo illcd and
held ten days before being paid. As a consequence -
sequence , employes cannot draw their
stipends before the week after next and
some of them are furiously put out
about it. Their monthly bills have come
due , the grocery men nro after them , they
hare no money to pay with and can't got
credit. Consequently the situation is a seri
ous ono.
The board meets to-day , when nil bills
will bo read , but , under the now rule , they
can not bo collected under ten days.
O'KeolTo's llrst resolution , with reference
to this matter , excluded salaries , but Ander
son would not vote lor it unless
everything was included , therefore ,
in their eager efforts to put each other into
a tight hole , the board 1ms invited left-hand
ed compliments and incurred universal en
mity. _
Ice cream , wholesale and retail , at
Shiillcross' , 120 No. 15th st.
The Don Killed the Cat.
Hcrr Faust and Ileri Bango , both neigh
bors at Second and Williams , were the op
posing principals in n case In the police
court , Range claimmcr that Faust's dog hid
killed his cat. Eleven witnesses were called
to prove and disprove this allegation , but the
witnesses for the prosecution outnumbered
those for the was decided that
Faust's dog was guilty and must die. The
owner of the canine was found guilty of
keeping a cross dog and was assessed a fine
of S3.
_ _ _ _ _
( /ImntaiKjua Meeting.
The Rev. Hobcrt L/ . Wheeler presided at
the Chautauqua meeting in the Presbyterian
church , Thursday -'evening. J. H.
Harkncss , manager 'of the Council
I51ufTs Chautauqua assembly , explained
the work done , the expenses incurred , the
high standard of the instructors engaged and
the costs amounting to $5,000. Remarks
wore made by Messrs. Lane , Van Duson and
Dr. Slabaugh , and Uevs. Eddlobluto and
nosers , and Mesdames Van Alton and Lane.
Tickets are for sale by all the preachers.
Pozzoni's Complexion Powder pro
duces u soft and beautiful skin ; it com
bines every element of beauty and
Dead by the Iloiulsidc.
While Mr. G. H. Kuhn , who lives at 1210
Capitol avenue , was driving into the city
from Florence yesterday afternoon ho dis
covered the body of a dead man lying in an
open field near the road , about one-quarter of
a milo this side of the Chicago , St. Paul ,
Minneapolis & Omaha track. The dead man
seemed to be about thirty-live years of ago.
Ho was attired as a laborer.
Knropenn Excursions
To ttio capitals of five European coun
tries , $2(50. ( Longer tours , $350 and
$450. All expenses included. Send for
itineraries. M. , T. Wood & Co. , 1223
Fnrnam St. , Omaha , Nob.
.Toilet Qnarrynicn Strike.
.TOLIET , 111. , May 8. About seven hundred
quarrymen in the various quarries near this
city , wont on a strike yesterday for an ad
vance of S3 cents per day in wages. It is be
lieved the matter will bo settled to-day.
IJuslncss TroublcH.
MAIIUIOHOUOII , Mass. , May 3. C. L. & L.
T. Frye , shoo manufacturers , have assigned.
Liabilities $30,000. Two hundred hands are
thrown out of employment.
Dined Hy Younjj llUnmrck.
BKIILIX , May 3. Count Herbert Bismarck
gave a dinner this evening to the commis
sioners of tlio Samoan conference and the
members of the American and British lega
Embryonic Orators In their Interest-
Inir Cnllcclntc Contests.
As ono of the Judges on delivery , Mr. J. C.
Cowln attended the nnnual Inter-stntc oratorical
torical contest at the Iowa college , In Grin-
noil. He has returned home , hnd speaking
of the nffalr said that It Was ono of the most
Interesting contests ho hnd over witnessed.
Nebraska was represented in the contest
by A. V , House , of Donne college , Crete.who
spoke on the subject of "HomeHulo In Ire
land , " and was marked fourth In the score
on excellence. Only three prizes , however ,
were given. Ed H , Hughes , from Wesloynn
university , Delaware , O. . won the llrst , hla
subject being "Tho Philosophy of In
equality. "
"It was , " says Mr. Cowin , "a magnificent
and masterly effort , " .Tames A. Blnlsdell ,
of Hololt , WIs. , took the second prize , with
his discussion of "Hiot and Revolution , "
and James A. Wlikcrson , the third , "Na
tional Unity , " being the topic on which ho
discoursed. R Dan forth Dlukcnson , of the
Minnesota university ; O. H. Patrick , of
Parson's college , Falrflcld , la. ; ArthurW.
Urowster , Wasburn college , Topekn , Knn , ;
and F. W. Wheeler , Wcsleynn university ,
liloomlngton , * 111. , were the other contestants.
Judge Joan T. Phillips , of Missouri and Hon.
W. N. Horner , of Illinois , were with Mr.
Cowln on the committee of Judges.
Pears' soap Is the most elegant toilet
A Uoinarknblo Card Trick That Was
Itrccntly Performed In Cincinnati ,
The guests of the Grand hotel were
recently discussing u card trick that
was performed therd that takes the
palm for originality and that iu its per
formance is almost beyond belief , says
the Cincinnati Commercial-Guzetto.
Shortly hoforo dinner last evening tv
party of gentlemen , among whom were
Mr. Vonzoy. William McCammon ,
Oharles II. Kellogg. Jr. , and Govern
ment Detective Kopmoier , got in a dis
cussion about aplritualibin. Mr. Voazey
took llio position that the mysterious
workings of mediums were hut tricks.
Mr. Kellogg thought 'ditterontly , and
Mr. Voazoy offered tovagor that ho
could perform a. card trick that would
mystify thpso present and one which
they could in no manner explain , Mr.
Kollocg accepted the wagar and Mr.
Veazuy told him to procure a deck of
Mr. Kollogtr. who is ono of the host
"Boston" players in the city mid well
versed in all card games , wont out and
purchased a new deck of cards. Ko-
turning to the room Mr. Vcazoy turned
his back and told him to shuflle th *
cards thoroughly. This was done by
Mr. Kellogg and then Mr. Vcazoy told
him to spread the deck out on the table ,
bclcct a card , and show it to those pres
ent. Kellogg drew a card and after
looking at it handed it to Mr. Kop
moier. It was the four of clubs. With
his back still turned Mr. Vcazoy told
Kellogg to replace the card in the deck
and then put them in his pocket.
The cards being out of sight Voazoy
now turned and said : Telegraph to any
frioml you have in any part of the
United States ( New York , San Fran
cisco , St. Louis , Chicago , or any
other place ) and ask him what
card you have drawn from the deck. "
The company present looked amazed at
this proposition and Kellogg at first toolc
it as a joke. Ho was assured by Veazoy
that ho meant just what ho said. In
order that thcro could bo no possible
collusion , Vcazey agreed to remain with
some of the guests until Kellogc should
go out and send the dispatch , und until
an answer was returned. Kellogg , in
stead of telegraphing from the hotel ,
walked to the Western Union telegraph
ofllce. On the way ho tried to think of
some friend who lived at a distance , and
the name of the lion. Emmet Tompkins
suggested itself. Knowing that a dis
patch would reach Mr. Tompkins if di
rected in euro of the Neil house , Colum
bus , Mr. Kellogg wont to the telegraph
ofllce and indited the following message :
"Tun HON. EMMET TOMTKIXS , Columbus ,
O. : I have drawn u card from a deck. Tele
graph mo immediately what it was.
"CiiAitLEs H. KKLI.OOO , Jn. "
After sending the dispatch Mr. Kellogg
logg returned to the hotel and rejoined
the party , but at no time divulging the
nanio of tlio person to whom ho had
sent the message. The affair got
noised about and a number of the guests
joined the party and breathlessly
awaited the answer.
Just at 10 o'clock a rap at the parlor
door startled the guests , and a waiter
entered , accompanied by a telegraph
mc&songcr. It was a dispatch for Mr.
Kollogg. and that gentleman's hand
trembled perceptibly as ho signed the
.receipt. The guests gathered around
him and ho tore open the onvelono.
Drawing out the dispatch ho glanced
nt it and then was seen to turn palo.
During all this time Mr. Vcazoy fiat idly
by , paying no attention whatever to
what was going on. Mr. McCammon
took the dispatch from Kcllogg's hands
and read as follows :
"C'OMJJim'S , O. , April 12 , 1889.
Charles H. Kellogg , Jr. , Grand Hotel.
You drew the four of clubs.
For several seconds no ono spoke n
word and then ejaculations of ' 'marvol-
OUB , " "marvelous , " were heard from
those present. Mr. Kellogg , who is a
devout spiritualist , was completely stag
gered und ho could say nothing. There
was certainly no collusion with Mr.
Tompkins , for ho is not known to Mr.
Veazoy , and if ho was the latter had no
opportunity to Bond him a dispatch , for
ho remained with a number of gentlemen -
mon until the answer returned.
If any ono can explain it ho is wcl-
como to it.
For Bilious and Nervous Disorder ! , such ac Wind and Pala In the Stomach , Sick Headache , Giddiness , Ful
ness. and Swelling after Meals ; Dizziness and Drowsiness , Cold Chills , Flushlnns of Heat. Loss ot Appetite ,
Shortness ol Breath. Cosliy ness , Scurvy , Blotches on the Skin. Disturbed Sleep , Frightful Dreams , and all
Nervous and Trembling Sensations , &c. THE FIRST DOSE WILL GIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES.
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the Unlto < ] buuoa , ii'lio ( j { jyoiir druggist doca not keep them , )
' ' "
. , , , - . nnlckly , Inwardly
20 1 ° < * > ( Irons in half iv tumbler of water. 60 cents a bottle : old by all l > ruajlsK (
Commencing , Tuesday , April 30tli ,
We will place on sale some of the Greatest Bargains in Men's
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Omaha ,
For the Uniform Price of $10
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Samples of These Bargains
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raontli I wasSiot
able to Bleep , "out
lor two any a , la-
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strength return
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only a part of a bottle of I'alao'a Celery Com
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\ , IIICIUHIMON&CO. , IlllrllngtOB , Vt.
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oilier ionlcrd | of tlio nervous gyntcni.
Tones up the
Scattered Nerves
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W !
"Pure" and Silver Gloss Starch