Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 02, 1889, Page 8, Image 8

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Ed Rnnkino pntd $7.50 yesterday , for
for fighting on South Thirteenth street.
A lot of plumber's tools which were
stolen from Doty & TJarst's saloon nbout
September 1 , were fojmd by Detective
Horrlgan in Droadkoy's pawn shop. A
man giving the name of II. Bills ,
pawned them there September 27.
Peter Gees filed a warranty deed , yes
terday , with the recorder , convoying
forty lots in Thomason < te Goos' addition
to the South Side Building association.
The consideration of the transfer was
Two representatives of the Thomp-
Hon-Iluston Electric light company from
the homo olllco or headquarters , Chica
go , are hero completing arrangements
for establishing and building the new
plant , mentioned in Tins Bui : several
days ago.
S. A. Pralt , of Lincoln , Is in the city.
K. W. Hayes Uontrlcc , Is nt the Mlllard.
Dr. 15. T. Hoot , of Exeter , Neb , Is In the
II. Musslcmnn , Fairmont , Nob. , Is In the
I. W. Brown and wlfo , Now York , nro nt
Ufa Murray.
L. F. Hond , of Sioux City , is stopping nt
the Pax ton.
.TuilKO .T. W. SaviiRO returned from the
cnat to-day.
Hx-Govornor Abbott , of Grand Island , is
nt tl.o Paxton.
W. 11. Plutt and W. C. Harrison , of Grand
Island , are In the city.
* Mlss Helen Ucrtnim Tomasl nnd Signer
A. Tomasl nro at the Mlllard.
J. H. Wood ana wife , Uollwood , Nob. , reg
istered at the Murray yesterday.
Mrs. G. W. Horn , Maxwell , Neb. , was a
guest at the Mlllard yesterday.
Juilfro Hopowcll , of the Third Judicial dis
trict , Is In Omuha at the Mlllard hotel.
Miss Frankie Uriah , of Mattoon , 111. , is
visiting her schoolmate , MissLizzloCanflcld.
of tins city.
Dick Kitchcan , one of the proprietors of
the Paxton , who has been til for a few
weeks Is convalescent.
Mrs. II. D. Sachs , of Cincinnati , is in the
city vlsltlnRlior sisters , Mrs. William Roths
child and Mrs. Dr. Hau.
Mine. Fannie Uloomllald X.eislor arrived at
Omalm this morning ami Is stopping with
Mr. Martin Calm , iiOO Twenty-third street ,
Miss Ratio Kennedy , of Denver , 1 visiting
her aunts. Mrs. Thomas * Kennedy , Mrs.
Owen McCaffrey and Miss Ella Kennedy , In
this city ,
C. Tyler tioncstrcet and wife. Mrs. A. H.
Wllcox , Miss Wilcox and A. H. Wilcox , a
San Francisco party , took dinner nt the Mur
ray yesterday. They are on their way to
Now York. _
Tlio iMlllH Affair.
NotT. McGMiio , representative of the
firm of D. P. Winnie & Co. , Now York , is
hero making Html settlements of the trouble
with Lawrence Mills. Ho and all the other
parties interested say that the entire matter
Is being satisfactorily adjusted and Mills &
Rankln will continue to do business ,
J. D. Laeourso , another of the head
clerks in the railway mail service here , re
ceived notice yesterday that , the service can.
got along under this administration without
him. Mr. Lncoiirso was appointed about
twelve ycari ago , from Colorado , on the rcc-
mondation of Senator Teller , and was a re
publican , but , it is said , ho bus since turned
mugwump. _
Tlie New Water Blnlii ijaltl.
The water works company has Just com
pleted the laying of the new water mains on
, Farnatn sicet. ( The now pipes , put in reach
f ronrrcnth street to Twenty-Ninth avenue ,
a stretch of a mile and a half. This provis
ion for the growing wants of the city cost
the company over $ , 'J5,000 , the pipes alone en
tailing an expenditure of (20,000. In ndrti-
_ tion to those expenses there should also bo
lidded the $1,000 .which It cost the company
" to repair the damages done by the breaking
of ttio water main by vandals.
Ho Will Explain to Bcrka.
William Koyscr lives at the corner of
Thirty-second nnd Curalng streets , whan ho
. is at homo , but last night ho wasn't there.
His temporary residence was the nubile sta
tion.- Yesterday afternoon OfilcorVhaleu
went out after him with a warrant , dial-King
him with slapping a llttlo girl named Sarah
Lovl. The latter , it seemed , annoyed Koy-
ser , and , losing his temper , ho abused her.
His explanation will bo listened to by Judge
13orka this morning.
A Runaway Ooupie.
J. J. Kan'ffinun , of Falls City , writes to
Chief Seavoy offering ? 20 for the arrest of
George Thompson , a man of foiiy-flvo , who
eloped with ICnuftman's siUceen-yonr-olU
daughter , Anna. Thompson is described as
"being of dark complexion , height nbout five
feet ton ; moustache , dark , long and heavy :
when walking lie swings his right arm. The
girl Is a pronounced brunette and Is very
Kontcol in appearance. It Is boliovcd that
the runaway couple came to Omaha.
Ho Blew His Wngrs In.
James O'Urion was arraigned on the charge
of vagrancy. Ho denied ttio charge , saying
that ho bad been working up to a very recent
"What did you do with your wagesj' '
ashed the judge.
"I blow it r. " in , " replied O'Brien.
"Well , I'll blowiou in the county jail for
ton days , " said his honor , "tho 11 rat nnd last
two on bread and water , and at the end of
that time if you don't loform I'll give you a
ntlll worse breeze. "
Dlhulinrgort IVniti Custody.
James Dugaii , who was nrrastod Monday
niht | for shooting n drunken man named
Culson whllh the latter -was trying to
break in the door with an axe , wns examined
Coforo Judge 13orkn yesterday afternoon nnd
his case dismissed. The testimony showed
that Culson , without provocation , threatened
to kill Dugan. He got an uxu and began
putting open Dugan's door. To frighten
him ofl Dugan got. his revolver and llred
' three shots. Finding that Culson wouldn't
frighten , ho shot at ills body , putting ono
bu\lct \ in each arm. The court considered
"tho'sliooting justifiable. Culson In still nt
the police i.tation nursing his wounded
( linns.
Not Excited.
I The commissioners are not so much agi
tated now as they wcru logurdlng the proba
bility ot being compelled to give up pauses.
lion of the county poor house to I. S ,
llincull , who purchased It some eighteen
months ngo. They Imvo discovered that ho has
not lived up to his UKreomonts and
no payment has boon imulu on sovural of the
poor faun lots bid In by him , However , ho
Lns put up oiio-third of the purchase price
for lots 18 und It ) in block 2. on which the
buildings are located , nnd the second pay
ment of one-third will not bo duo until the
6th instant. Since ho oems anxious to bo
rclcum-d fiom hU obligation to take other
lots the board thinks It will have no trouble
in keeping possession of an abode for the
paupers mill the new asylum la completed ,
R. A. Gutin , M. 1) , , ( loan nnd professor
ser ot surgery of the United States
medical college , . editor of "Moriiunl
Tribune ? ' author of "Guiin'H Now Im
proved Hand-book et Uyglono and Do-
inastlo Mcdlolno , " Bays over his own
ulgnaturo , in spanUl'ig of a eovaro case
of kidney dUotino : "A uhomicnl und
microscopical onmtnutlon o ! the pa-
tiont's urine rovoulod ijimntitloB of albumen -
bumon and Rra.iulur tubu rast" , con
firming JJrJirnt'8 illsoace. After ts-ylnjj
all the oUw romodloi in vain , I di
rected him tu ube Warner's Safe Cum.
I was givatiy BUI prised to observe u de
cided improvement wltliin u month.
Within four month * no tuba caste could
bo found , nut } only n trnco of nlbamun ,
&tuas ) io esnrsed it , ho felt perfectly
yell , "
Wnrrlnjc Street Cnr Corpnratlonn
'Conio Together.
The court holiso was a * very dull place.
Many lawyers assembled at 0:80 : , expecting
an opportunity to get action on motions , ex-
mrto or equity matters , but they found
svcrythlng blocked by tlio motor-horse rail-
vny Injunction suits. This was the 'oat ' op- (
lortunlty fnr thorn. They could not demand
urther delay without going over to next
crm. nnd each corporation is expressing
great anxiety now to have the controversy
ottlcd so that which over one wins can got
to work. A number of bills , petitions and
nnidavlts wore read. Herman Kountzo do-
ailed to some extent a history of certain deals
nado with the horse car people , by which ,
hey secured possession of property south of
ho railroad tracks nnd not far from Eleventh
street , nnd Mr. Frank Murphv's'anldavlt in
reply to this wns also read. Neither of them ,
lowover , developed any now points In the
struggle. Before proceeding with the case ,
lowovor , Judiro Doano made n few entries
'or the accommodation of attorneys , on the
rial docket. While ho was thus engaged
ludgo Wakoloy heard a divorce suit In the
equity chamber , in which Edward Havllcko
petitioned the court to annul his mar
riage withAnna Pcliliko. Uhov
were married on the Otn day of
ast June , nnd according to the
younp man's story Anna grossly deceived
lim , for afterwards ho learned that she then
iad n husband living In Bohcmla.from whom
she nnd never boon divorced. Neither the
ilaintllt nor lni witnesses can spcaic Eng-
Ish. Therefore Frank ICaspar was called In
o act as interpreter for them. Defendant
filed nn answer nnd bill for alimony , but did
not nppear nt the trial. After hearing what
evidence wns introduced Judge WiiKoloy
made an order annulling the marriage , and
stated that ttio custody of a child would
mvo to bo determined some other time.
The motion made by Salllo A. Lowo's at
torneys for a now trial of her damage case
against the city was overruled.
Lotitla Metzler Hied a bill for divorce from
lor husband , Slmond , claiming that she was
married to Motrler In Chnmborsburj ? . Pa. ,
May 8,1858. The grounds upon which the
voman soaks legal separation , nro cruelty in
ts most extreme form. She says she has
icon struck , choked , knocked Insensible and
hrown out of the house.
Everett B. Utlcy Is dissatisfied with his
vlfo and wants n divorce. Ho commenced
.suit against Cora J. Utloy , claiming that she
ms been nn habitual drunkard for the past
hrco years. As a result of her debauchery ,
ho husband alleges that ho has been dis
graced and ruined , nnd that his business as-
locintions hnvo been broken up.
Dennis Cunningham instituted notion
ugninst Uogan Bros , nnd P. O. Mallcy to re
cover $1,000 on n promlsory note.
George P. Griflln entered suit ngalnst the
Omalm Motor Kailwav company nnd Earnest
Stunt , to recover $10,000 damages for per
sonal Injuries sustained by falling Into a
trench at the corner of Fifteenth and Jones
streets , on the night of April W , last. Grif-
In's ' leg was broken. Ho claims that no lighter
or guards wore the excavation.
Stella Munger brought suit against Sarab
Bernstein and Samuel Kline for $800 dam
ages , alloue/5 to hnvo been sustained by the
removal of the plaintiff'sivearing apparel ,
while she was sick und coniined to Her bed.
Byron Itcod-executor of the will of Phillip
Hussady , deceased , commenced suit against
Morris Morrison , trustee. 11. O'ICeolIc , A.
VlcGavock nnd James Walsh to recover
' 1,800 , alleged to bo dim on n promissory
loto executed before C.issady's doatny.
Charles Nelson sued the Union Pacific
Hallway company for ? 1,9D9 damages for per
sonal injuries sustained April 11 , by being
thrown from a Hat car while in the employof
the company.
The Chicago , Burlington & Quincy Rail
road company was sued for 515,000 damages
by Egcdo G. Christonscn , Who was in the
employ of the corporation as a laborer , and
who was injured by the breaking of a chain
on n steam shovel. Christcnsen claims to
mvo been permanently injured nnd wants
§ 15,000 damages.
Patrick J. Barrett commenced sail against
Morgan J. Hcafey for $123 , claiming that ho
md to pay a judgment and remove a lieu on
a lot purchased from Hoafoy.
Notwithstanding tbat the district court has
adjourned until the May term , which opens
May 13 , Judge Hopowoll will bo on the bench
all this week. .
County Court.
Judge Shields heard arguments in the
jrewster estate matter , an old case , wherein
5ardins H. Browster had asked for an ac
counting from his brother , Elbert P. Brow
ster , and Mr. Harrison , the executors.
Morris Uath and Bernard Liobarman corn-
fenced suit to recover $300 from Adolph
3rown , on account of the sale of n vicious
lorse , which Brown represented to bo gentle
ind sound. The animal kicked a buggy to
Frank B. Johnson sued James and Eliza-
joth Cotter for $1,000 alleged to be duo on a
iromissory note.
Graham P. Brown was sued by I. Meek &
Son , who seek to recover the possession of
, wo bay marcs , three colts , n stallion and $50
damagcb for detention of the animals.
Don't Get
This spring with your blood full of im
purities , your digestion impaired , your
ippotlto poor * kidneys and liver torpid.
and whole system liable to bo prostrated
by disease but got yourself into good
condition , and ready for the changing
and warmer weather , b'y taking Hood's
Sarsaparilln. It stands unequalled for
vitrifying the blood , giving an appo-
tlto , and for a general spring incdicino.
E < l ly-l lntncr.
Mr. Gcorgo Biles Eddy has joined the
great throng of benedicts and gone on a wed
ding tour. At high noon yesterday a small
company of select friends assembled in the
Fust Methodist church , and were- witnesses
to his tnarrlago with Miss Lillian Platnor.
Uov. T. M. House performed the ceremony.
Everybody extended congratulations nnd
wished the happy pair many years of
domestic felicity. They loft on the 1 o'clock
train for Sioux City , nnd from there will go
to spend their brief honeymoon at St. Paul
and Minneapolis. The groom Is junior part
ner of the linn of Chase & Eddy and a de
servedly popular young man ,
Acid J'liosplmte.
Makes nn Invigorating Drink
with water nnd sugar only. Delicious.
Albert M. Hopkins ouiorgod from the cool
shades of bacholordotn , yesterday afternoon ,
taking as his life partner Miss Loulso Mc
Lean. The ccicmony took place at the real-
donco of the bride's patents , 2705 Hamilton
strcut ; Hov. Mr. Henderson ofllciatod , the
knot being tied in tlio presence of about
forty Invited guests , most of whom were
close friends of the parties Interested.
At2 o'clock the party sat down to nn ele
gant dinner , and nlltllo later Mr. nnd Mrs.
Hopkins took the train for Chicago. They
will remain away a few weeks , enjoying life
nt some of the summer resorts on the great
lakes , 'iho brldc.-who Is ono of Omaha's
pretty and accomplished young ladles , wore
n brown silk traveling dress. The groom is
the official reporter of the Third Judicial
district , nnd one of the best stenographers In
Dr. Oluek eyei andoar , Barker bile.
HE GOT 11131)UQIflP UATK9.
An Old Man Who Ohjcoto.l to Paying
$3 Torn Mnrrlnco Ijloenso.
An old English couple who hnvo decided to
divide tbolr joys nnd sorrows were united In
the holy bonds of wedlock yesterday mornIng -
Ing by Judge Wade. The groom is seventy-
six nnd bis blushing bride is now nbout to
fjnzn upon her sixty-fourth summer. Their
names nro Darius Hyde nnd Mrs. Eliza
"Strange , isn't ' it , that they hnvo Rene up I"
remarked the groom as ho tottered into the
justice's ofllco on the arm of his llnnco.
"Who's gone upl" responded the Judgo.
"These hero marringo licenses. That fol
low up to the court house made mo pay ? 3
for ono. Heretofore I hove been accustomed
to paving only II. "
"why didn't st-nd
you your grandson
around to got It himself , If the price wns too
much for you ! " queried the Justice.
"It weren't for no grandson nor no son ,
sir , " was the reply. "It's for meself and
this young lady "
"I bog your pardon. I don't blameou for
kicking. The clerk should have given you a
reduction. "
"Why , sir ? I would hnvo boon willing to
pay as much as 1 used to. "
"You should hnvo boon given n reduction
on the customary fee for the reason that you
have not , long to use it , and because you have
been buying thorn nt wholesale. "
"Yes , but I'll bet I'll never pay moro'n a
dollar ngnin. We're ready to bo tied now ,
yer honor. "
Tlio knot wns tied.
Soventy-flvo cents wns tendered the court
for its services. Tlio old gentleman took the
Judge nt his own proposition on reductions.
Boocham's Pills act like magio on a weak
The Washington Centennial Gilo bra-
tion Dr. Miller's Adtlrosn.
The singing of "Hall Columbia" by the
teachers , scholars and visitors in the audito
rium of the high school , yesterday afternoon ,
gave notice that the adoption of the constitu
tion of this country was to rocolvo a cen
tury's confirmation. "Tho Formation of
Washington's Cabinet , " by Larrlmon Denise -
niso , nnd Lawrence Baker's "Inauguration
of Our First President , " wns sandwiched by
"Tho Star Spangled Banner , " spiritedly sung
by the scholars. Louisa Holtorf's "fled ,
White and Blue" rove ilcd a sweet voico.
i'ho Hov. Willard Scott's remarks were ap
propriate. Mr. Nat Brigham snncr. much to
the delight of everybody , "Tho Sword of
Bunker Hill , " nnd Dr. Gcorgo L. Miller
called nttention to the fact thnt the Gcorgo
Washington wo honored was but human.
The doctor was glad that ho was , inasmuch
ns it proved that should the occasion demand
another Washington ho could bo fQiind.
While Washington was entitled to all credit
In the prosecution of the war , ho would hnvo
been but n baby nt its conclusion without the
assistance of such constitution trainers ns
Jefferson aud Hamilton. The main bulwark
of this republic was to bo honesty , and ho
trusted that the mothers would educate the
daughters to offer something more than an
Easter bonnet to religion.
The speaker thought it would bo a good
idea to carry the study of history Into the
British parliament in the revolutionary
period and ascertain what md wns given the
republic by some of the members of that
Advice to Mother * .
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should al
ways bo used for chlldi en toothing. It soothes
the child , softens the gums , allays all pain ,
euros wiu'd co'ic. ' and is the best remedy for
diarrhoea. 25con ts a bottle. >
The following list of marriage licenses
were issued yesterday in the county court :
Nnmo nnd Hcsidonce. Ago
( Frank Hist , Omaha . * 21
( Stella Emberson , Omaha 10
( JooS. Kenoilck , Doll Hapids , Dak. 2-1
| Ella A. Kocho , Omaha 24
( David Downs , Underwood , In 21
( Delia Heft , Underwood , la 1'J
( William F. Schmidt , Omaha 20
| Llzzio Calhoun , Omaha 25
1 Joseph Maus , Omaha 23
( Josie Vojir , Omaha 18
i Hans Juhl , Omaha 20
J Christina Thomson , Omaha 80
( Stephen S. Huntlcy.tOmaha 21
( Mary L. Bailey , Omaha 10
j James Morrivosky. Ornaha 2J
( Mary Piovnznik , Omaha 23
( Albert M. Hopkins , Omaha 20
1 Lonlso McLean , Omaha 18
j Darius Hyde , Omaha 70
( Eliza Miller , Omalm 03
Coal tar for sale by the single barrel
or in car load lots. Address
Sioux City , la.
IlorijholT to ho Kcloused.
Louis Berghoff , who has been confined in
the county Jail the past two years on the
cbargo of obtaining goods Under false pre
tenses , will bo released from prison to-day ,
If ho secures a bondsman. His bail , which
has been held at $1,500 , was yesteiday reduced -
ducod to ? 700 by Judge Hopowoll. This
amount BerghotT thinks ho can furnish. Ho
has been tried twice. The llrst time ho was
convicted and sentenced to four years in the
penitentiary. Ho got a stay of execution in
the supreme court nnd was givnn a now trial ,
and wont bo'oro Judge Hopowull the second
time. At this trial the Jury dlsagieed and
Berghoir is now waiting for another hearing.
n | *
Pozzoni's Complexion Powder pro
duces a boft and beautiful skin ; it com
bines every element of beauty and
Will hi von.
Mr. Charles Downy , president of the Na
tional Life Insurance company , Montpollcr ,
Vt. , is visiting bis ngor.ts in this city. Ho is
so favorably impressed with Omaha nnd the
company's ' business here that his mind is
about made up to Invest u largo sum of
money In tnu city.
PRICE BAKING POWDER CO. , . New York. Chicago , et. Loulu.
Absolutely Pure.
Tills powder never varies. A marvel of purity
xtreuKthauuuholosomoness. More economical
than the ordinary Kinds , nnd cannot ho sold In
competition with the multitudes ot low cost ,
shortw eight alum or phospuato po\\dor.i. goldenly
only In eons , lloyal linking 1'owdor Co130
Wallstroot Now V'orfc
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bureinresij chloago , m8 , j
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L M *
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never > railmc success.
ay- SYPHILIS and all bad Blood and Skin DIs.
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3-KIDNEYand URINARYoompblntt.Oleet ,
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portant. Consultation free and aacred.
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Hours , 8 to 8. Sundays 9 to 13 , Address
F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
186 So. Clark SU CHICAGO , ILL.
( Opposite Paxtou Hotel. )
OfBco hours , U a. in. to Hi ) , in. Sundays , 10 a.
m. to 1 p. m.
dpotlallsta In Chronic , Nervous , Skin and
Blood Diseases.
f37 ConsultnUon at olllco or by jnall freo.
Medicines sent by mail or expiess , Bocutely
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nil Its dreaded Ills , permanently rurea.
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gences anil solitary habit' ) , which ruin both
Loilv and mind , unflttlpg them for business ,
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Address , on
140)4 ) Varuam Hrteot , Omaha , Neb.
( Successors to John C. Jacobs. )
Undertakers and Embalmer
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telegraph boliclU-il und promptly nttecded.
elepliouo to No. } .
K.VASIINATH d for admission to YAI&AK COI (
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r5ovo nil cases cured In smcudav * . Sold
r box , all drUiHl } U , or by mall from IJoo
uraMfifCX ) . 1LSVUlw St. N.V. -
We are opening new lota of Spring Suits. Our trade has bean enormous , and it keeps
our buyer busy scouring the market. We have always taken tluj load in Men's and Young
Men'a Suits , and have always put our main force in that part of our business , a9 wo can
show the customer in a suit more than in any other article the great difference bstw ooix
our prices and those of other houses and convince him of the amount of money ho can aavo.
The Suits wo are getting in now are already from our second purchase , which as a rule
are duplicated at from 35 to 20 per cent loss than goods bought early in the season , and
adhering to our fixed rule to always let our customers share in the benefits of the bargains
we are getting , we are now in a position to ofter many suits of rich andsoloct patterns , pro
duotions of the best manufacturers in the country at prices which you would have to pay
elsewhere for ordinary and lower grade goods.
As an extraordinary bargain wo offer to-day
About 400 very fine Cheviot Sints.-Sacks and Cutaway Frocks at $10.50. When you
see this suit you will say that this is a ridiculously low price for such goods. The quaityl
is A 1. They are all in new designs and combinations of plaids , mostly light shades ; some
are faced with silk , and the genercil make-up of theao suits is like first-qlasa custom work.
There are a few solid blue cheviots among them , wide wales and checks , which are now so
popular. It is a pleasure for us to show and offer these suits in competition with suits for
which other houses ask $16.00 or $18.00.
Another special bargain we place on sale to-morrow is :
250 very good all-wool Cassimere Sack Suits at $5.90. We have never sold a suit oH
equal quality for less tluin $7.50 , and we would consider this suit very cheap at that price.
There are two shades , a dark brown and a dark grey , both very neat. It will make a good
business suit , as it is of excellent quality , well made , looks as good and will give fully as
good satisfaction as any suit you pay $10.00 for.
In connection with this suit sale we will offer this week extraordinary inducements in
Spring Overcoats , as we are desirous to close them all out before the season is over. We
have marked them down to figures which will induce you to buy OIIB , even if you did not
intend to.
. Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets , Omaha.
Health is Wealth
MKNT , a guarnnteed Hpoclllc for Hytitcrla. Jlzzl-
ness. Convulsions , Fits , Notwiua Netiralfjla ,
Headache , Nervors 1'roitratlon caused by the
use of alcohol < , r tobacco. Wakofnlness , Mental
Depression , Softenlnjr ot the llralniesultlngln
Insanity nnd leading to misery , nocay und
death , I'reinatnre Old AK" , HurrennoEs , Loss of
j'ower in either sex , invonintaiy Losses and
BpermatorrlKcix caused by ovcr-oxerllou < it
tlio Drain , HulfaDuso or over indulgence. Kiich
box contains on" month's troatinont , 1 a box ,
or six bo\os forts , cent by malt prep ltd onio-
celpt of price.
To cut cany case. With each order received l > v
us for six boxes , accompanied with f"i , wo vlll
Bend the purchaser our written Kiiaranteo to refund -
fund the money if the treatment docs not Direct
a cure. Guniantees Issued only by ( ioodmnn
Drue Co. , DrUKKlsts , Solo Agoutn. 1110 Fiirn.uu
btreot Omalm ub.
I lliMdrtiltoyikaiaandilnuii f t Try On l
Crently Improved with wlnsin.fhackl 'mi on *
Sde.Ea leBtrldlnKf ' 'if' ' ' " , " * . Thajprliienhn ' tli.
en and hJrteii nccorrllnif b the wnlfcht | iul un tlwiu.
Adaoted equal ! * all to rouRli country or line
Wtydrivoa Willlf. rou Doat ntlaf.ictlon.
Dt > IIIUIi > < tin'
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cr liulMJKdSKt. utii r
FalllT T v4.iT- WilD , 8wtrtiiH < lt4 tttlfuau ( rr < iiUof
kltclrle- * * fCf.HT4lretHjlkruvin\l \ wrftk p.rli. iritor.
lt ( ( Ua * * ivPi < ° H'.lll ) J lli.r.u. kir.nilb. LktrJ )
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< rrUurllf ( > . d up. Hvrit < u < i , r.
u DrDllTeur < ilDtbr tfaoQthi. Hnl4 | iui < l.lrl4e < tK-iipv
D 1J Dearborn St. . i > aicno : ttarlcufrjj ; il years
They're Limited.
Wo have some Special Bargains In
MEN'S SUITS tor you this week.
HIght at the beginning of the season we
propose to do you some gopcl , and have
made special pilccs oil f > ° mo especially
good Etilts S7 , 3 , HO and ? ! ' . Come early
llrsr choice.
MiN and WOilllN uc sifnllr ticatuJ.
Buffering from the effects of yontlifiil frillies nrlndls
rrutlons , nr nru tiuubloil nltliViiukncjs , Nurroiu
DelillllfMta \ of Moniiirr , lu ) , M < ii'lerioAvcroliin Ki
boclt'ly , Milnoy Tronblm or uny dlicaiu ui Hio ( Junl-
tii-IJrliiiiry Urnnniran hero Urn ! n mfn and npouJy
turo. Cluirucs r > msonable , enin chilly to tlio pour.
Tlicroara mulijr troubled with too frciiucnt Dmuu
llonn of lli > ) liln liter , nftan 'iicoompanlrd \ < f n ullxlit
miiiirtlni ; or burning " 'iiuntloii , unit weBkenlni : of Uin
system 111 i. luiinntr 1)11 ) patUuit ( iiiinul uccon u for.
On < Hnliil.iK the nrlniirilui jU < ia ropy nvilluiunt
will oltcn be fu ind.nnU snrri ilhir purlldui uCalbii.
monnlll HpptHr or the culor Vo n ) n Ihln , inllkUli
Inio , ii/aln timnnn - lo.l ilark ur torpid ainnrnnc ; .
'riiori' are maiir iiii'n u ho I'.ln nf till * dllianlty , Ulior-
ar.t of Uic ciuiMH which is tno sncon I ctnj'a of soml *
iml wc kti ir. The doctor "III fimnnteu a perfect
euro In nil mull ( ! . HII ! a liciltliy resuirnllnn of
tUeiri'MHii Mrl'mrorfiina. . ConiiiiUiitieii fine , hnnd
f-niit timni'lor "YouiiK Mnn't I'.ltnil.or Uulde to
Wcdlorlt , " lire in all , > d.ln.
Main nml 12Ui St. JCunsiis Oily , Mo.
| Sf .Mvnllon tills paper.
TbB I'uullii nro not that Ujr the
pre oiit iniilioli of cunklnu fully orio-lmlf of thu
inirou Hint l n eil Is Ihronu avfiiy iu IhuKroiiinls
and misted Clicnilsls coiinnclf.l nllli fits rump niy
liuvusuctnuilcil 111 ttvlnj thU wj lii > thill Did i out.
liHiiy i n < iinilsliMni'oiiiadoof i'io stiifMJitra , ynt
up 111 iri ll | iurtMbl Jars i..l IV IIUANT'.II I'SHl'M'T-
1.1 runt : nnd yiiurunluod to bj only itbuul IJM !
HAM TIIKCO5I' to tut > iiiuiuiuir ( iff iiuiinon cot.
lid. Uuly tiolllnir it l rl nooilul ir'un ' rrepirlna U
fur lue table. I'.onn 1,1 iuld Coiroii ( oiiiMviir. |
A-3k Your Crooor for
MCCOUD , IlKAIiy & CO. ,
Grocurd , - > Onmhu , Neb
Z fuccbufully UMX ! nio-illily by fiitr 13,0-3
" | julif JituSaJf , Kftctualuttit I'l'aiant
t pi-rwix ) l > y niMl.ur at ilrueil > t . Hutted
Vir/icuJori / S I'ost.nge stamps. Addrra
Tl'B KUIISIU OiiEtiiCAli Oo. , Dur.oT ) ) , Xxu.
Kor talc unil by mall by Goodman l > r u
Company , Or 5lv ' - '
N , W. Cor. 13th St Dodge Sts.
Appliances for Deformities and Trunsaj.
n : t facilities , nppnratu * and romrillea for uccem
ful trentmi-nt of ovcrr form of dlicniu rcqulrlnf
Medical or Burvlcal Treatment.
Board and nUnndauoei best buipltal nccorutuoda *
tloni In tlio trust.
WitiTii roil Cmcm-AHS on Deformities and llracof ,
Trusjea , Club Foot , Curratura of the Hnlnc , I'llol ,
Tumor" , Cttncor. Catarrh , Hronchltl * , Inlmlntlon ,
Electricity. 1'uraljBln , ICplleiisr. Kldnur. lllmldor ,
Kjre. Ear , Skin and lllood , anil all Burglcal operations ,
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
Jill Blood Dlsussos suocossfullr treated. U/ptillltla
Policn rtruovea from tlio tjtitm without mercury ,
N nr restorative troatmimt for loss nf \ Itul l'wcr.
f er nns unnble to TlBlt u < inar bo troaMd at Uoma bl
correspondence. All rormnunlo&tlons confidential ,
Meillcluui or Instrument ! sent br mall uroiiroi | ,
tliarelj nackcil , no marks to IndluilA eoutuntt 01
sender. Ona personal Interrlon prrforroil. Call and
consult na or send blslorr of rour case , and wo will
tend In pluln wrnppor , our
Dpon Private , Rpoclnl or Nervous Diseases , * Imno.
toBcy.BrbblUi , Ultiot and Yartcucelo , nltli queitlol
list. Arfifrcis
Omiha Medical and Surgical rnstilate , en
I > R. MeltlCNAMY ,
Oor. im and Dodge BU. , OMAHA , NEB ,
' '
FATMTKD ; ll ( I , IB , 1M ; . _ IHI'llin HP I Ell. 1 , 1681.
BM *
I'il'kffi '
and Hutjionsor } * * aracuaranteodlo
euro the fallow Ititfl All Ithii nv
atlo O ) I.uuilmuo , ( Jenr
ral and Ubljllltr.Oii.tlr > .
aft' YrtinfiliuK , nunl Kilmui.
tion , Jnnomnla , ifistlnK of th , , '
cretlon In YMitlipr M.'rrT.crLiKall UlMastsi jVrtai'i
liiirtptua WcTjiliorti.nlUI
1 Ills In tlio JiT * TandOnrATr TlraproT m nUm
m d . and la cui > ei lor to all otli r . tvory bu jpr ( a
1'lfcctrla Ualt ivunti tlm iot t-tliU be will flnl Hi *
( ) w n ll'li. It differ * ftom all oil nr > , as It ts n ll Tfrir
H > lrtnotuchslri , > ultalooririrnL > lt. ll-IIULMI
f'J ' ' ' JrsTEl > by aiiyona bnfriro It U ai fillid to t !
ilv' " ' " ' / rn only nil to t n tinniv dnlly. Jf n
"ill eiuiulncthli licit > ou nlll liuy no c'lmr. 'Jo "t
I2i ! ! O'WIDl NOB va I aTilnourl l rtri l-
nlo Haiti ana At pllonre * . IU > < ! oar he. < Jiell
Iud | > l.l , in fit , , .0,111. firll.i OB 1 blrty | l > i. < TrliU Head
So. 1'0'tiiKi.forourrKi.r wiililet.
rTIe nufi'r.uv-1iiIM'Tl.ll'IXM ! ? : > ' " iir | ' 'j'r' ' ! r
\wcuilon ( Iill 1 [ f r ) ( iNCuErOilAT4il JlJt Itiln IWT )
300 North Drontlwny. ST. LOUIS , MO.
for po.virful HytnnathoUc
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