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The Railroad Gommisslonors Rovlao
tbo Old Scboclulo.
Bnlc of the Ici Molncfl Street Hall
way to a Cincinnati Syndicate
HaWkcyo Crimes and
Ilcvlslnc tlio Con I HrUos.
Dr.3 Moi.vr.s , la. , April 20. ( Special Tolo-
egram to Tun IJnn. ] The railroad comrnls-
ilon to-day completed their now coal rate ,
revising their old schedule very materially
In this particular. They have mndo the
principal change In the short haul , reducing
the rate for five miles from 55 cents to 25
cents. There Is a largo decrease In the rate
up to seventy miles , but from that point to
BOO miles the rates nro nearly the same as
now. Hut from UOO upwards there Is another -
other reduction. The commissioners made
their tlrstschoJulo much too high for the
Bliort haul , so much so that the railroads
voluntarily reduced the rate much below the
commission's rate for the haul ,
A Serious Accident.
CitnsTO.v , la. , April 20. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tut : Unic.j Mr. Jnmos Mumford
of this city , mot with a severe accident on
Wednesday night , about nine miles from
here , on the farm of C. W. Eokorson , where
ho hud boon engaged In moving n house for
Mr. Eckerson. Ho and his son had been
lodging In the hay loft , nnd for some cause
be got up during the night und was going
to tbo ground floor by means of a ladder.
Ho missed his footing and foil through nn
opening to the floor below , striking on his
right shoulder , which w&s broken. Ho was
found a short tlnlo after by his son ,
who was aroused by the groans of his
father. Medical aid was sent for und the
patient restored to consciousness and his
wound dressed. Ho was brought to his
homo in this city , wticro ho is now resting
A. I'arkerHbnrjr Sensation.
WATEIILOO , la. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB HKK.J James Mitchell , of
Parkcrsburg , has begun suit for $10,000
against C. C. Wolf , a barber of that place.
Mitchell claims that Wolf has alienated his
wife's affections from him. Wolf claims , on
the other hand , that Mitchell , who has been
buying and shipping stock for him to Da-
liotn. has misappropriated funds und acted
crooked In other matters , and ho proposes to
liavc him arrested. Mrs. Mitchell has ap
plied for a divorce from her husband , charg
ing him with unfaithfulness. She strongly
denies the charges that Mitchell makes
against her and Wolf , and says ( hat Mitchell
choked her when she refused to swear
falsely. Wolf is a leading business man of
Parkcrsburg , and the affair has created a
great amount of talk.
Blarrlcdtlio Prosecuting Wltnoss.
DUIIUQUE , la. , April 20. [ Special to Tun
BEI : . | There was a novel marriage here
yesterday which may have more than usual
significance. Frank Miller , the young man
from West Union who had just been con-
' vlctcd of using the mails for fraudulent
inn-poscfs asknd the jail authorities to take
him to u justice ofllco , ns ha wanted to get
married. They did so , and found there Al-
incdu Daniels , n grass widow , who helped to
convict him. She had bconono of the pros
ecution , but scorned willing to take up a new
relation , nnd so they were married. Miller
liud not yet been sentenced , and it is sup
posed that he hoped for sumo mitigation of
sentence by getting the grass widow on his
A Street KulUvny Transfer.
DBS MOINT.S , la. , April 20. [ Special Tel
egram to Tun UEE.I The sale of the DCS
Molncs street railway to a Cincinnati syndicate -
cate , Is announced to-day. The principal
purchaser is Mr. George P : ICeruor , who is
lit the head of ono of the cable roatis of Cin
cinnati , It is understood that the syndicate
that takes the road Is composed of Standard
Oil people , who nro largely Interested in
street railways in several cities. The road
at present has the largest mllcago in DCS
JSloinus , but It is a horse railroad. The now
'purchasers will changa it to a cable or oicc-
tric niai ] . Tlio purchase price could not bo
Tlio State Oratorical Contest.
CEtiin RAPIDS , Ta. , April 20. [ ft'pod'U '
Telegram to Tnc Bui ! . ] The eleventh an
nual state high school contest In oratory was
hold hero to-night. Fifteen cities were rep
resented. The speeches wcro divided into
throe classes , oratorical , dramatic and
humorous , and the prizes were awarded as
follows : George Walker , Dos Molncs , oratorical
torical ; Miss Uuby U.vors , Cedar Kupids ,
humorous ; Margaret Young , Monticollo ,
dramatic. The judges were J. H. Hender
son , Indianola ; Milton Kcmlcy , Iowa City ,
nnd Hov. C. O. Urown , Dubinins. Tha next
contest will bo at East Waterloo.
Ghastim a DcHortcr.
, la. , April 20. [ Special Telegram
to Tun UIJE. ] Yesterday afternoon Marshal
X'onuhuo ' attempted to arrest Cyrus Lallln , a
waiter , on the uhnrgu of deserting from the
United States army. Lallln denied being
the man wanted , but agreed to go with the
officer us noon ns ho could got his coat. In-
* tcud of doing so , however , he slipped out of
the back door of the restaurant and at
tempted to muko Ills escape. After an ox-
cltlng chajo he was overhauled and lodged
In jail.
"Woman Indiotod For Manslaughter.
DBS MOINKS , la. , April 2U. [ Special Telo-
fram to Tim HUB. ] The grand jury of Pow-
sheik county lias just Indicted , ot Monto-
vumu , Miss Flora.Look , for manslaughter ,
fitio is charged with the killing of Fred
IJftcon. This Is the young woman who shot
ono of the serenading party ut a charavnrl
party , in Chester , a few weeks ago.
DUmUncd at I'lalnltlT'H Coat.
ANOOA , la. , April 20. [ Suecial Telegram
fo TUB Uiiti. ] The celebrated Cuppy-Caff-
r.iau case , which has been in tlio courts for
the last three yours , has been dismissed at
plaintiff's cost. The suit was broueht by
Cuppy as administrator for the Main cstuta
for the sum of 310,000 damages against Caff-
man for the killing of J. K. Main , for which
he was ai-qulttcd about a year and a halt ago ,
Started N r the Ccntnnnlal.
DBS MOINES , Iu. , April ' 'C. [ Spaclal to
TUB BEE. ] Governor Lurrablo and Mrs.
Lurrablo , accompanied by Adjutant-General
Alexander and Colonel Hood , of Mount
Vernon , a'mombor of his shift , hnvo started
for the Now York centennial. They will bo
Rbsoat about two wouks.
Urn in Klovntnr Burned ,
DBCOIUU , la. , April 20. [ Special Tola
gram to Tur. BKIS. ] Tbo larograin ; olovnto
belonging to The mo * Phnlps , near the Milwaukee
waukoe freight depot , was struck by light
nlng during the severe xlorm of Tucsdu ;
kftornoon and burned. It Is a total loss ; nc
tiiburance , _
Soarlnt l-'ovor at Ilookfor.l.
MASON CITV , la. , April 20. [ Special Telegram
gram to THE UIK. | Scarlet fever has tmuli
Its appearuuco at Hockford. Prooautlonur
Pleasures huvo been taken and it Is though' '
tha disease will bo chocked before there i
an extended spread.
Full Fvow Tvoo.
Umiroim , la. , April 30. 'Special to Tin
HUB. ] Jidward Lynch , soveutcon years oi
ago , son ot Thomas Lynch , fell from u trc
last night und sustained Injuries from wlucl
EX tu died u low hours afterwards.
Death of a Well-Known Dnkotnn.
nBAWVOOD , D.ik , , Al'i'H "M. [ Special Tola
( tramto 'IJnp UUB.I Ooloiiel John Lawrence
widely kiiown In the early netttcmout of th
territory nnd the llrst treasurer of thl
county , which boars l > b uan'o , itlcd at
) Yliek this morning ,
t Trnnnncto Important Business In
notation to School flulldlnR * .
A special mooting ot the board ot oduca-
lon WM held last night for tlio purpose ot
considering the Issuance ot bonds In the sum
ot (300,000 ( or now school sites nnd for the
erection ot now school houses.
Tlicro wcro cloven tnotnbors of the board
[ ircscnt , nnd when the meeting wns culled to
ordertno body resolved Itself into n cotnnilt-
co of the whole , nnd alter a long discussion
on the dlfTerontnpproprlallons for the various
schools , recommendations were made for the
following school * !
High school nddltlon. , ? 7.,000
Ilnrtmnn school building 50,000
"Inrtmnn addition to site lO.MX )
_ IlcI.ory building..i 'AOOO
Hickory slto t.GOO
' "ranklln school . 2S.OOO
fort Onmhn slto 2,500
West Omahft building 2.VKX )
: * nngstrcot building t 2.1,000
llbsonslto 2GOO
nthrop slto 8,000
Sonornl linprovomonts , 25,000
Walks and retaining walls 21,500
Motions were inmio for appropriations for
sites at Twenty-third nnd California street1 ,
and ot Nineteenth and Clark streets , but
joth were lost.
The committee , upon arising to report ,
recommended that tlio amount of the bonds
which Is J278.COO , bo Issued if thcro was n
'uvornblo vote nt the election which will bo
lold for that purposo.
The bonrd adjourned without adopting the
report of the committee.
The greeting extended to Edwin Booth
and Lawrence Hurrott , on their return to
Omaha , at Boyd's opera house , last night ,
vas In all respects crcdltaplo and gratifying ,
flvory scat , up stairs and down , was occu-
iled with as line appearing and ap-
> rcciatlvo an audience as can
found any where. Luaies in
'ashlonablo attlro , prominent merchants ,
janitors and lawyers , ns well as belles and
jcaux of swell society , occupied sittings in
the gallery that belongs to tlio gods , and
wcro thankful for the opportunity. By
noon , Thursday , it was impossible to secure
chairs , cither In the parquet , dress circle or
jiileony , BO great was tha rush. Council
Bluffs , Lincoln , Fremont , Plattsmouth , nnd
ether towns within n radius of
fifty miles , were well rcprosentcd.
That they thoroughly enjoyed the perform
ance Is already conceded , but those who
were not fortunate enough to bo present can
not comprehend the treat given to these
who wcro. It was an entertainment for in
tellectual people , and only such as nro well
versed In the higher class of acting could bo
expected to feel satisfied. "Tho Merchant
of Venice" was the play , Mr. Booth appear
ing ns Shylock , a part In which
ho has doubtless won greater fomo
than any other actor , and Mr.
Barrett , in the role of Bassanio , n character
that has never boon made so effective as it Is
in 'his hands. All that might bo written of
these two stars is fully mdrltcd. but what is
the use of coveringground ; that has beongono
over so often. The excellence of their work
is nn every day story. The American stage
lias no other such actor as Edwin Booth , no
man who approaches within hulling instance
of him. His characterization of the
old . Venetian .Tow is un
questionably the most wonderful
piece of work the theater-goers of this gen
; nitlon over will see. Mr. Booth's moro in-
; inuito friends doubtless observed last night
: hat ho was less earnest and flrery than
usual in some of the stronger scenes , because
of his recent illness , but every point , pas
sion , feeling and thought possible to con-
; oive , as belonging to the character , was
jrought out as only the trained anil mas-
.erly mind can bring them out.
L'"or the time Booth had passed entirely out ,
of existence , was completely forgotten , and
In his stead lived the creation of Shakes
eare's fertile brain. Mr. Barrett's part in
; ho performance was naturally overshadowed
jy that of his associate , but for all that ho
can not bo accused of having slighted
it in the least. The supporting
company is all that could bo de
sired. Each member seems to have
boon especially selected to fit a certain line
and does what ho has to do well. Miss-
Minnie Gale continues to hold the position
of leading lady , and she is a charming ac
tress. Her presentation of the fair Portia
greatly pleased everybody , nnd next to the
stars , the honors of the evening wcro be
stowed on her. Fredrick Vroom , John A.
Luno , Lawrence Hnnly , Owen Fawcett , Miss
Eleanor Tyndalo and Agngs Acres , deserve
special mention. The piece was well staged
und In every particular the performance ran
smoothly. A pleasing feature of it was the
good singing introduced by a quartette of
excellent male voices. At the matinee this
afternoon , "Othello" will bo the bill with
Mr. Barrett In the title role and Booth as
. "Tho Fools Ite-
Ingo. To-night they give -
venge" and "Yorick's Lovo. "
Tlio Trenton's Treasure Kccovored.
AUCKLAND , April 20. The treasure which
\vas aboard the United States warship Tren
ton when she was wrecked at Apia during
the recent hurricane there , has been re
covered. The Nipsic , which was damaged
in the same hurricane , will bo brought to
Auckland by the United States steamer
_ _ _ _ _
Sevcro Storms In Germany.
BRIIMN ; April 23. A storm has destroyed
all the crops in the Uoorlitzou district of
Silesia. Five persons wcro killed by light
ning. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ '
Wlint "Subscriber" Would Uko to
Wo have recently received a letter
from ono of our woll-known subscribers
upon a subject which wo prefer to pub
lish for the ptfrusul of our renders
anticipating that in doing EOIUO ono
will relieve ua of the responsibility of
stferitiff " 'Subscriber's' ' questions.
Here is the letter :
' 'My Dear Editor : For several years
past l" huvo been the recipient of sov-
eriil piunphlotu issued from time to time
by Messrs. II. I . Warner & Co. , of
Rochester , N. Y. , which , in uddition to
contnlniiirr nu extensive treatise upon
kidney disease , its origin , usual
symptoms and growth , also includes
numerous testimonials from parties
whoso fuc-similc signatures nro at
tached thereto , attesting tha
btiitemunt that they have been
individually relieved hv the use
of Warner's Safe Cure , wfilch is prepared -
pared by the above llnnfor the use of
persons t > o iiflllutod. Now , Mr. Editor ,
would Uko to know if the utntoinonta
luailo by those parties who testify to the
great good which Warner's Safe Cure
has done thorn , can bo rolled on. They
sooiu honest enough from the way they
road. Warner's Safe Cure saved my
life after the doctors hud given mo up , "
says John Uohorty , ltl ! ! north Main
street Concord , N. II. "I was glvou
up to ale with Uright's lilsoa o of the
Icldiioys. The doctors said they could
do nothing for mo. A. friend advised
mo to take Warner's Safe Cure , and iny
family consider mo as given uncle from
tlio grave , " says Mrs. Carrie A. Fry , of
Wathonn , Kan. Dr. L. U. Rico , of
Ilanovor , C. II. , Va. , says that War
ner's Safe Cure ourott him of Brlght's
Dlsoaso. "
It strikes mo that there is a good deal
of sense in the claim which those
parties make that the doctorn are treat
ing too many persons for wrong causes ,
ana that oftentimes , people are treated
for consumption , bruin , heart and nerv
ous disorders , when they are suffering
from kidney dlseaso which should ho
treated , ns they say , by the use of War-
nor's Safe Cure and us u result , wlion
dlaonsa is IIret removed thorafrom , that
which is supposed to ho disease in tlio
lungs or ether organs , will disappear ,
Many of my neighbors tell mo that this
rcmody has douo much good for thorn
morn good than their doctor * . If hid-
ncy disease is the real causa of so tmuiv
othw dlsousoa wliyt Mr , Kdltor , don't
the pcoplo who are nflllctcd with slck :
ness , insist unon a more careful inquiry
being made , in order that the true cause
may bo iiBccrluinoil , ana the pronur
They Still Aoouso Bach Other of
Manipulating Bates.
What Seems ( o Ito n. Clear Case Made
Out The Intcr-Slnto Commis
sion Arraigned For
Manipulating Hates.
UniOAOO , April 20. [ Special Tolcgwm to
TUB BBC. ] A quiet movement was sot on
foot to-day to punish th(3 ( St. Paul and North *
western for the manipulation of rates ,
whcroby the Ellsworth Coal company was
enabled to got a roduotlon of ! 15 cents a tenon
on Us shipments of coal and colco. The ooa
company Is equally liable , but the movement
so far extends only against the rpads. Tha
urlmo mover Is not a railroad man. Said ho
to your correspondent : ' 'The Intor-stato
commerce commission and the Inter-state
commerce railway associations nro roaring
farces In-so-far as meaning what they say Is
concerned. Hoth associations have repeat
edly said that they would punish any Infrac
tion of the law , and the latter association
made a great Jjlaro of trumpets over
the statement that it would bring suit
against any illegal act performed by
a railroad whether In or out of the' associa
tion. Now that was pure , unadulterated
buncombe , and all the railroads know It.
The Intor-stato commerce railway associa
tion und commission have both declared
they would net whenever they learned of
evidence against any road , whether a com
plaint was made or not. Now wo don't
bollovo , nor does a railroad man in Chicago
that either association will take notion un
less n complaint is pressed on their notice.
Wo shippers know that discrimination is al
most as common now ns before the interstate -
state commoruo act caiuo into balng. Some
of us nro norhups not as sharp as others and
wo have been getting the worst of it. Now
wo have the statement over the signature of
Chairman Blanchnrd of the Central Trnfilc
association and Chairman Paithorn and
MIdgloy of the Western Freight association.
that two roads and a shipper arc guilty nnd
wo propose to see whether there Is a law in
Israel to punish them. Wo will wait u reasonable
sonablo length of time for the associations
to take actions as they claimed they would ,
without complaint. Whan this time has ex
pired , wo will simply push the statement of
the th reo chairman before both associations.
That is all the proof wo want to secure a
conviction if the association means busi
ness. "
It AV1I1 Succeed the Golden Gate Spe
cial MaI. .
SIN FIUXCISCO , April 20. It is announced
by the Southern Pacillc iwd Union Pacllic
people that the Golden Onto Special between
this city and Omaha will run its last trip
leaving hero Saturday , May 4. A new over
land nassengor train will bo put on the Ogden -
den line Sunday , May 5 , which will bo the
fastest regular jaily train over run between
this city and the oast. Leaving San Fran
cisco at 0:80 : p. m. daily , it will arrive in
Omaha in three days , in Chicago in three
days and nineteen iiours and in Now York
in four days nnd twenty-one hours.
The Alton Announces a Reduction
nnd Excitement Prevails.
The local roads are considerably worked
up over the movement of the Chicago &
Alton , in its threatened reduction of 0 cents
in the rate on lumber between Chicago and
Kansas City. This , they claim , will result In
the Iowa lines putting in tbo same rate , 10
cents , on lumber between Chicago and Oma
ha. Chicago lumber merchants handle white
pine exclusively , and the.soutjjerh and south
western territory is tho.producing center for
yellow pine. The roa'ds west of
the Missouri river maintain that the
Chicago roads , and the Chicago lumber mer
chants arc making this move iu order that
they can shut out the dealers in yellow pine ,
which is the principal grade of matcrlul used
in Omaha and points in the contiguous terri
tory. An official of the Missouri Pacific
said : "Let the Alton keep on and it will find
us camping with it. It is not the Alton's
desire to put in low rates as much as it is
that ot tha Chicago merchants. Under the
the present rates wo are able to bring the
pine iiito competition , and of course the re
duction from 10 to 10 cents in the Chicago
freight rates would make a material differ
ence. Hut the Alton has not as yet obtained
the approval of the board of arbitration , and
I think that when this body comes to pass
upon the matter it will not sustain the re
duction " *
Preparing Tor the Change.
General Land Commissioner Smith , of the
Union Pacific , lias returned from Portland
nnd Is busy in preparing uiattora connected
with his department for a turning over of
his ofllco to Woodcocic his successor. Mr.
Woodcock was at headquarters to-day and
was encaged in surveying the surroundings
of his now quarters. The circular appoint
ing Smith eonoral manager of 'tho Oregon
Hallway and Navigation has boon issued and
the one appointing Woodcocic his successor
will appear Saturday.
Railroad Notes.
The Union Pacific shop employes will give
their first annual ball in Washington hall ,
Eightcontlrand Ilarnoy strcatn this ovonlng.
Foreman Johnson , who after nineteen
years' service with the Union Pacific was
recently discharged , laid his case before As
sistant General Manager Dickinson yesterday
Johnson is of the opinion that ho will bo re
instated. Superintendent Kcsscqulo , however -
over , states that his dismissal was Warranted
on account of neglect of duty.
General Manager Holdrogo of the U. & M.
will return from the west yosnorday.
The I } . & M. brought in u-ear load of rai
sins from California destined to St. Paul.
A. C. Xlemlor.clty ticket ugcnt of the B. &
M , at Lincoln , Is la Omaha.
Next Tuesday the Union Pacillc shops will
bo closed to allow tbo workmen to .enjoy the
presidential centennial anniversary.
Another Main Brooks.
A water main in Fnrnum street , between
Eighteenth and Nineteenth , bursted at mid
night , und flooded the former thoroughfare
down to Fifteenth.
No strikers were connected with the
"break. "
It was 1 o'clock this morning before the
water was shut off. Two men were sent to
Eighteenth street to ascertain the cause of
the overflow of wator. Tncj > could not lo
cate the break , but stated that the plpo hud
cither been cracked or a joint to it had boon
blown out. The main * was on the old line
and Is not ono ot the newly luld'plpoti. The
main will bo repaired to-day and the Water
will then bo turnu J on again.
Issue of Pensions. *
WASHINGTON , April 20. There was an ag
gregate of 650 pension certificates issued by
the certificate division of the pension ollico ,
to-day. The list includes certificate * * for
original pensions , rcjsauos. increuscg , ' etc. ,
und is the largest Issue that ban boon inudo
in any ono day since Commissioner Tanner
assumed charge. _
' I'ositlvoly cured by
these r.'ttlo Pills.
They also relieve Jls-
tresa _ ro * Dipcphla , In-
ITTLE Ulgestlou onU Too Hearty
IVER Rating , A perfect rein
ed } ' tor Ulzzliiciy , Nauca ,
PILLS. Drowstiics- . Had Tnste
tr. the Mouth , Coated
Toujjue-.l'ulti In the Side ,
TOHl'Il ) J.IVKH. Tlicy
regulate the Jlowels.
Narrow Ksanpto of TwonlyfiM"1 Ohll-
drert , I'lro in Cremation.
UTTLB F-.tJ.ji. Minn. , April CO. Shortly
after 12 o'cloo , flast night , ono of the sisters
in the Belle 1'rnirlo convent discovered that
the south purl' ' of the convent was ablaze.
The Inmates orthb building wcro Immedi
ately aroused , and with diftlculty all were
saved. The sttt.irs Mini been conducting n
children's scTi6o7 , nnd there were twenty-
four little oiiearf.icoi. in the building when
the flrobrol.ooui { Isonoof the clothing of
the children Was saved , and people from this
city have been contributing to-day to their
relief. The Iqiti i Is 120,000. The lire is sup
posed to bo Inc n dla'ry.
The Kx.i'nijlllori Hilt Pasqcd.
OTTUVA , Aprltf'sO. Tho. Weldon extradi
tion bill passed the senate to-day , The
measure will bo nssontod to next week by
the Rovcrnor-gonoral. It Is reported that
the bill will , bo submitted to the English
government approval before It becomes n
law. The examination of the recent veto on
the bill In the commons shows that nearly
all the legal gentlemen In the house voted
against the retroactive clause , which pro-
vldod for the surrender of fugitives guilty of
offenses prior to the passage of the act.
To L'roBcotito the Unto
CHICAGO , April 20. A movement is on foot
to bring about the prosecution of parties
guilty of violating the intor-stato commerce
law In the manipulation of coal shipments
over the Chicago & Northwestern nnd the
St. Paul roads. If the Intcr-stnto Commerce
Hallway association does not inovo In the
case , it is understood that shippers who have
boon discriminated against by these Irregular
methods will make formal complaint to the
Inter-state commission ,
The Snnionn Conference Delegates.
BnnuN , April 20. The American delegates
to the Samoun conference wcro received on
their arrival here by the attaches of the
United States legation.
Crook Ordered to Now York.
WASHINGTON , April 20. Major-Qcncral
Crook has been ordered to report to General
Schollcld for special duty in Now York in
connection with the centennial celebration.
Gold Going to E3urn.e.
Nnw Yonif , Aprll'20. A million dollars in
gold has .been ordered for shipment to Eu
rope. _
ASntnoan Itollcf Fluid.
BRRI.IX , April 20. A Samoan relief fund
of 20,000 marks has been forwarded toPrinco
Bismarck from Hamburg.
Hard Wood.
Twelve nnd sixtcen-inr.h hard wood.
MOUNT & Gmrnx _ , U13 S. 14th St.
The Vast Timber Krgloit Through a
Portion ofWhicli Stanley I'liHsod.
The grout forest through which Str.n-
loy recently passed , which ho estimated
to cover iMG.UOU square miles , is only 11
Binull part of the great African forest
which extends almost unbrakunly from
the west coast iu.the Gaboon and Ogowo
regions , with atvridth of sovornl hun
dred miles , to tHe great lakes. This
belt of timber , trending away to the
heart of the continent in a direction a
little south of eusj , is the greatest forest
region in the wqrld , according to the
Now York Sum . .A. part of it strikes
south of the Congo lit the great north-
ei'n bond of tlml'rjvor ' , and the country
embraced withiif'tlie ' big curve is cov
ered with a compact forest , the tower
ing and wide-spreading trees fahuttin ?
out a largo purl of the sunlight.
In those forodtsj completely shut ouc
from the rest of the world , live hun
dreds of thousfnas of people who are
almost unknowijl't | > the trilics living in
the siivnnna regions outside. Scattered
through.tho big.lypods within the Congo
bond sire little communities of Balwa
dwarfs , of'whoso oxlstenco the traveler
has no inkling until ho suddenly conies
upon them. Hero also , along the San-
kura river , arc the tree habitations de
scribed by Dr. Wolf , where the natives
live in hiits built among the branches ,
to escape the river llpoda. It was in
great clearings made in these forests
that Kundand Tappenbcck discovered
some of the most notable village1 * yet
found in Africa , where well built huts
\\tth gable roofs , line both sides of a
neatly l.opt street that stretches away
for eight or nine miles. These villages
are even more interesting than the
street towns in the more sparsely tim
bered regions south of thorn , which wcro
regarded as very wonderful when they
were first discovered by Wissmnnn. It
was his account of these villages that
led Bishop Taylor to chposo this part of
Africa us the goal ho wished to roach.
Last year the Co'mmoreinl company ,
which 'is investigating the trade re
sources of the Contro , sent its steamer ,
the Rio dcs Bulges , up the Ilcatia river
into this great timber land , and the ex
plorers described'the country along the
banks as "covered with an almost im
penetrable virgin forest. It is a veri
table ocean of verdure , from which
emerges here and there nwoodud moun
tain. Greonfoll penetrated , the forest
for long distances on several southern
tributaries of the Congo , and on the
nppor courses of those rivers he some
times found the wido-sproadingbranch
es forming a coini.lotcl roof above the
Bravo Oouduot of Oscar Brlnkuinu
In the Samoa Storm.
Wnnltcd Overboard lib llnturns , ns It
"Were , Prom the Grnvc , Itrtnglng
Succor to Ills Kml
Fearless Oscnr Itrliikinnn.
FIIGMOXT , Nob. , April 20. [ Special to Tun
HER. ] 1 Imvo iu < tt lonruod of nn out of great ,
heroism by a youth olgtitocn years of npo ,
Oscar Urliikmnn , son of Henry , of
Seven Oaks fnrm , near Fremont , Young
Oscar was n nallor on board tha Vaudalla
when that Ill-fated ship met with the Into
disaster In the hurricane In Samoan waters
Wlion the hurrlcano struck tlio ship nil
hands wcro at-tholr | )03ts. The anchors were
cost , but it BOOH bcomno evident that they
would not hold the ship against the furious
Kiile , and she slowly but surely drifted
towards the surf. A tremendous sen struck
her , sweeping over her , washing away many
poor lellows , mid clearing the deck of every
thing which was not securely fastened. In
the Interval of quiet which followed the men
took to the rlpKliiff and clung to the insists
mul spars. Presently the vessel gave a
heavy lurch before the gale , and ninny men
nud boys , including young Urlnltmmi , were
HI.OWX rnoM TiiBin ii\cr.a.
and wcro loft In the foaming surge. Hrlnlt-
man struck out for 11 fo and In another min
ute succeeded In seizing a plank which hud
boon washed from the deck of the steamer ,
and to which he clung with all his strength.
Another terrible wave swept over the ship
carrying with it Captain Schoonuinkcr. Ho
was scon by Drlnl.mnnn , but apparently
qulto stunuod or clso exhausted ho made
no effort to combat the elements and was
carried away by the storm and not ngaln
lirinlctnnn , whilst clinging to his plank and
furiously driven about by the wave3saw one
of his mates struggling in the water und
nearly exhausted , and immediately quitting
his plank seized hold of him by the hair and
swimming with him ngaln got on the plank
to which they both clung whilst the storm
roared. All around
in the surging , seething waters. Many wcro
stunned or killed outright by bchiir dashed
against iloating objects which had boon
washed from the storm-battered ship. How
ever , these two on the plank were driven to
wards the * shore. Tune and nguln they
wore overturned and Inuucrsc'd In
in the sea. One tremendous wave drove
them well up the beach : when the wave hud
receded thny were loft In shallow water and
abandoning their plank , they ran ns fast as
possible landward , but did not succeed in
getting far enough up not to bo caught by
the next incoming wave , which carried them
oft their feet und bore them back with the
outwash of the sea. They being expert
swimmers , kept afloat till the next wave
washed them shoreward , this time landing
them further up than before. As see n as
they felt the bottom they again ran with
their utmost speed , and got fur enough up
to bo
OUT or luxonn
before the wave returned. Half dead , as
they were. Brinkman'H ' llrst thought was to
render assistance to these on board the ill-
fated ships. Ho secured a boat , and purauad-
ing some of the natives to accompany him ,
determined to again venture into the angry
sea , from which he had so perilously oa-
eaped. Three natives and himself manned
the boat , and started with a rope to establish
a line between the shore and thoshipTrcnton.
At the first essay the small boat was upset
and all were thrown into the sea and again
swaying with the elements. Fortunately it
soon righted uiul all succeeded in getting on
board her again , this time lushing them
selves to the scats. A small boat in such a
, sea as was then running is very helpless.
The rudder is uscless-aud the o.iw , tiio only
'thing they had tq depend on. made the odds
of their over getting out of the sea alive
fearfully against them. However , these
bravo fellows
TOOK Tiiniu LIVES : .v mum HANDS
for the sake of saving their fellow men , and
struggled against the infuriated elements , atone
ono time their boat riding through on the
crest of a tremendous wave und again down
in the trough of the sea out of sight of those
on board the ship , who were breathlessly
watching the progress of their rescuers ,
whoso success or failure meant life or death
to them.
Finally the boat reached the Trenton , and
the rope was safely thrown on board and
eagerly caught. The lives of hundreds of
bravo sailors were saved by the heroism of
ono youth households were saved from
mourning wives and children , sisters and
brothers have cause to rejoice , who , had it
not been for the bravery of Oscar Lirlnk-
mun , the Nebraska boy , would have been
stricken with grief and their homes turned
into places of mourning. The country has
reason to bo proud of having such men for
its defenders. Bravo deeds huvo been done
by our soldiers und sailors , but few can rank
higher on the roll of honor than the here of
Attempted Suicide.
William J. Coots attempted suicide last
night by taking a dose of morphine. Why
ho desired to jump Into the depths of tha
unknown is n mystery yet to his friends , as
they claim ho had no apparent reason to bo
distracted. The deadly drug was taken in a
medicine shop. Dr. Lee was immediately
summoned and applied restoratives , which
saved the young man's life. Coots was
taken to a Turkish bath house under fioyil's
opera house , where ho remained during the
night ,
You Need It Now
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teuton , rllmiitu or life , nml while Ittone.uti.l-inliilns I the lost nppctlln. nnJ Unit tired feelliu , all muko u
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poUonliiK by Ivy. It would breakout on 1117 logs , In I rlllnbcriius _ I knuwlt purlIIei tlio blood mul tlior-
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biiiurllla | , n > u blood liurllfur , with no thought of It in laiiKUldfonlliiB. 0iotlinc called "uprlnit fovcr" 'nlli
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* * I
' N. H.
Wi'ulMorth Killtor Aurlciillnnil Kpltomliit , Inillunapolls , ln.1
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urneil nit ) to Irv ] luoil'4bar < < nurlllu , lunl two bottles Ktivoniua noble appetite , ovorc.iiiia lieiuluchu und
burn entirely curuU niejiril ) i > ei lo , nnd a scrofulous "
dUilnox , on Hint now l uin ublu to work uuuln.
uirt'ctlon. 1 can hardly Unit word j In cxprc. my | IKI ) ) < M'TUKIt NAbUN , M Cliurtli ft. , IuwvllMu .i.
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Palno's Celery Com
pound. Wo let others
pralso us you cannot
help believing a disin
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Compound on several occasions , mid always
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Two bottles made mo reel llko u new man. As
n general tonic and spring mcdlcmo I do not
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T. J. . UKKNEK , Wotcrtowii , Dakota.
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quickly It tones you up.
Purifies the Blood.
Full accounts of vromlTful cures mndo by
Paluo's Celery compound after oilier ino'llclnea
nnd thu heat pliyMclaus had lallod , tent freo.
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