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kn Aged Couplet Shot Down By a
Ills WITc Htlll Lliiccrs , But There In
Ijlttln llopa of Her Itccovnry
A Divorce Case the
Thrcatn'or Lynch Inc.
Cr.nAn HAI-HIB , Nob. , April 20. [ Special |
Telegram to Tin : 13in.l John Meyers and
his wife , an aged couple llvlne hero , xvcro
iliot by their son-tn-law , linns ! ! Garrison ,
ibout 5 o'clock this afternoon. Myers only
lived about half an hour , while Mrs. Mynrs
may live , but It Is very doubtful. Myers
tvns shot twlco In the head , Mrs , Myers
ivan shot Just below the shoulder blade , the
ball passing through her and coming out In
Front. The causa of the shooting was a dl-
rorco which Mrs. Garrison is suing for. She
Is stopping with her parents. Ho has been
anxious to her and culled there this af
ternoon , but they would not allow him to sco
H's wife and ho shot them. Garrlsoa at
once gave himself up to the officers and was
taken to Justice Campbell's ' office for a hear
ing , but no saved them the trouble by waiv
ing nn examination , and he was put into a
carriage as quickly ns possible and taken to
Jail at Albion , for there were threats of
lynching. Two or three men with a rope
were trying to get hold of him , Cruelty to
his wife Is said to be tha cause of the dl-
voicnsult ,
' Two .Innlcctitiic Indians.
PRKI > IU : , Neb. , April 20. [ Special to TUB
UBB. ] Daniel Webster and Sylas Wood , two
Omaha Indians , who liavo a small following
in their trlbo , loft this week lor Washing
ton , the object of their visit to the national
capital being to sccuro permission , Is possi
ble , to remain ns llioy are for twenty-five
years yet , Instead of becoming .citizens , and
thus avoid raying taxes. A purse to pay
their ways to Washington was roiscd by
those of their trlbo over whom they exorcise
n certain power by means of deception , and
they expect the Indian commission to furnish
funds for their return. In this they are very
likely to meet with disappointment , as a tele
gram from a chief of the Omuhas has cone
ahead of them , instructing the commissioners
of Indian affairs to Ignore them , and compel
them to cither pay their own fares home , or
"hoof" it. Webster and Wood tire regarded
ns shysters , both In their trlbo and among
the whites , and are only considered promi
nent by a few of the most worthless and
fault-finding members of the Omaha band.
It Is claimed by a gentleman who Is thor
oughly acquainted with the Omahas , that
thcsQ.two men have no hopes of accomplish
ing nnythincr nt Washington , but merely
went on a pleasure trip at the expense of
their lesvintelllgent brothers , whom they
have impressed with the belief that next to
taxation comes death , and thus induced them
to raise funds and send them on a pleasure
trip. _
Thnrston Republicans Issue a Call.
Pnsniia , Neb. , April 20. [ Special to Titc
UCE. ] The republicans of Thurston county
have Issued n call for n convention , to bo hold
at this place on Wednesday , May 1. It has
been contended by sumo from the day of
Thurston county's organization that the
chances for success wore pretty evenly di
vided between the democrats and republi
cans , but if the basis upon which the repub
licans estimate the representation to which
each precinct is entitled to in the convention
is anything like correct the republicans are
.almost a third the strongest in the new
county. In their call , thnv allow ono dole-
gatc-ut-largo In each precinct and ono foi
every fifteen votes or major fraction thereof.
There are six precincts in the county , and
the total number of delegates is estimated nt
thirty-one , five more than the democrats
claim In their call , by allowing the same ap
portlotimcnt of delegates to each precinct ,
It Is also conceded by democrats who claim
to know , that the estimate of their vote in
the county is high , while that of their oppo
ncnta Is low , If out of the way ut all.
1. O. O. f. Anniversary at Beatrice ,
BEATIUCI : , Neb. , April 20. [ Special Tele
cram to TUB HUE. | Notwithstanding tin
threatening skies and high wind the seven
tlcth anniversary of Odd Fellowship was
celebrated in good shape to-day , at Beatrice
by the lodges of the state. Special train !
arriving nt 11 o'clock over the I3..M. , Uniot
Pacific and Hock Island roads brought tin
patriarch militant and subordinate lodges o
Odd Follows from Omaha , Lincoln , Hast
Ings , Koarnoy. Fulrbury , Crete , Wllber , Do
Witt , Hluo Springs , Wymoro and Odcll , nm
uniformed bands from Omuha , Lincoln
Kearney , Wymoro and Plymouth. Tin
mayor and M. H. Davis gave addresses o
welcome. C. M. Uollopoter made an oratioi
on Odd Fellowship. Governor Thaycr alsi
made an address. In the evening a ball am
reception was given at the opera houso.
Fremont News.
FIIKMONT , Nob. , April 20. [ Special to Tin
BcB.l Congressman Dorsoy loft last evenIng
Ing for Now York City , whore ho goes to at
tend the centennial of the Washington Inau
gurutton. On his return home , ho will slot
at Washington and nrrutigo for a number o
now and Important federal appointments fo
Ncbruska. He expects to l > o absent abou
ten du.vs.
A man named John Lewis wns nrrcstci
hero this mornlug.for attempting to pick tli
pocket of a passenger un the 11 o'clock Elli
horn train. Soon after his arrest D. D. Smith
n stock man of Cedar Kuiiiils , arrived In tli
city from Columbus looking for some stoloi
property. Smith was on his return bom
from Omaha , where ho had been with
shipment of stock , and was waiting at tli
Columbus depot last night for lus train , an
while asleep this morning his xatchcl an
pacKngn of dry goods bought In Omaha won
stolen , their vuliio being f)5 : or. $10. Sinlt
Identified the man Lewis as oner of a gani
who wore around the depot last night , an
succeeded la finding his lost property at
pawn shop wore Lewis had loft it , Tim lint
will bo bound over to tlio district court.
I. U. O. F. Anniversary.
NouroMC , Nob. , April 24 [ Special Teli
gram to Tim Uun. ] The seven t loin nun
vcrsavy of the I. O. O , , F , observed her
to-duy called In members of the order froi
Stanton , Madison , Tildcn , Ncllgh , O'Nttl
Pierce , Plalnvlew , Crnlgliton and Oakdnli
Aftnr a half hour's parade the fraternity an
others repaired to Marqubrdt'8 hall , whei
the anniversary cxorciwi wcro conduete
by Grand Master George N. LlocU , ussUtc
by provisional o/llcer.s / of the lodge. Uov. .
W. Martin gave an Instructive uddcnss. Tl
'exorcises were followed this oveujup by
ball. _ _
Dead In the Bond.
Louisvn.r.K , Neb , , Audi 20. [ Special Tel
egram to Tin : URK. ] A lady named Cool
who has been canvassing for boons an
fancy articles In this neighborhood for thrc
months , was found dead In tha road about
quarter of u mllu from the town of Man ) ;
four miles south of hero. The Indication
are that she died of apoplexy. Her DUO wi
about fifty. The coroner baa been sun
mound *
Grand Jury IndlotniRiitH.
NIIIIHASKA CITV , Nub. , April 20. [ Spcch
to TUB BEB. ] Tlio grand Jury has found. Ii
dlctuicnts against Samuel Merrlguian , wt
hot Mrs. Goodman for stretching a clothe
Una across tui yard , which caught him undi
tuo ctila ono dark night , Tbe woman full
recovered. Ills case will bo called next
week , and will , most likely , bo continued
until the next term of court.
Indictments wcro also found against the
man Policy , who came hero from Omaha
nml tolo a pair of Van Wyck's horses.
' Basil Morris , the well-connected young
Kctitucklan , who is out on bail , has been In
dicted for forncry. but it Is not likely that ho
will return for trial.
Later : The grand jury was discharge !
after finding only nlno criminal indictments
out of seventeen cases. Herman Wachen-
dorf , the Talinago liquor dealer , who had
been uound over on thirteen different
charges of selling liquor without a license ,
was discharged , George Munns , who carved
a colored man , and another for attempted
murder wcro also lot off ; ono man was
discharged for burglary ; whlto his partner ,
who wns the least concerned In the robbery ,
pleaded guilty when first arrested , and is
now serving a two years1 sentence in the
Went lo bleep On Duty.
Si'inxovicw , Neb. , April 20. [ Special to
Tun Bin. : ) G. T. Gannon and J. E. Smith
of Long Pine , came over hero yesterday to
arrest Sheriff Coble for language that the
latter was said to have used to the wife of
E. F. Gannon , n brother of the former ,
when asked by the lady to arrest the men.
who had "rounded up" her husband. The
men were both Intoxicated when they ar
rived hero , mid shortly afterwards Gannon
lay down upon the sidewalk In front of the
Bank of Sprlngvlew and went to sleep.
While the boys were amusing themselves by
tying ropes around his legs , Sheriff Coblo
came along , and , seeing his pitiable condi
tion , removed the cords and convoyed htm tea
a private room , whcro ho could sleep off the
effects of his potations. As soon us ho was
sober enough ho and his friend loft for Long
Pine. Gannon claims to bo u friend of Gov
ernor Thnyer , and said ho had in his pocket
n letter from that gentleman authorizing
Cable's arrest.
Ihc Lincoln Murder Case.
LINCOLN , Neb. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bun. ] Curtis and Mrs. Woods
wore put upon their preliminary hearing for
the murder of Bob Woods , this afternoon ut
2 o'clock. It can not bo concluded before to
morrow morning. Taylor and Ciirtis nro
both cxasperuttugly cool and indifferent In
their bearing , oven insolent. It is said that
Doc Porter and Sam Hudson voluutecred to
lend a lynching party , and that 5CO persons
were ready to act with them. The known
bravery of these men made It advisable to
remove the prisoners to tha stuto peniten
tiary for safe keeping , and it was done just
before dark. But few witnesses have been
put.upon the stand , but their testimony is re
garded ns damaging to Taylor and Curtis.
Mrs. Woods will probably bo discharged.
A Saloonkeeper in Trouble.
CUCIOIITON , Neb. , April 20. [ Special to
Tin : BEE. ] Ed Dillon , a saloonkeeper of
this place , was arrested , to-day , for defraud
ing his creditors. As long ago as last Satur
day , Poycko Bros.of Omaha , closed Dillon's
saloon under attachment papers , and the
stock has been in the sheriff's hands sinco.
Six different firms have appeared , this week ,
with claims against the stock. After in
vestigating the case the creditors found that
the stock would not begin to pay Dillon's
Indebtedness to them , and , suspecting fraud ,
promptly arrested him for defrauding his
creditors. The trial is now in progress.
Stole His Own Horses.
CITY , Neb. , April 20. [ Special
Telegram to THE BBC. ] Constable W. E.
Dodds , of Hamburg , was in the city , to-day ,
ana arrested Joel Meoks on the charge of
stealing a team of horses from Mrs. Mary
Trotter , ut Hamburg. Mccks had turned
the horses over to the woman to beat his
creditors , taking her note for tlio amount ,
$400 , and when lie , yesterday , took the team
to Nebraska City to dispose of them , she
sent nn officer after him , who arresled him
as stated. They returned to Hamburg this
Pawnee City Music.
PAWNEE CmNob. . , April 20. | Special
Telegram to Tiin Bic. ] The Pawnee City
Military band left this uftotnoon for Sabctha
to present the "Chimes of Normady" at the
opera house there to-night , under the aus
pices of the I. O. O. F. This band took first
prize at tlio last fall's soldiers' reunion. It Is
composted of twenty pieces , and Is accom
panied by a chorus of forty of the fines !
young ladles and best singers in the city ,
The entertainment was given hero recently ,
mid , owing to a crowded house and populai
demand , had to be repeated.
Beatrice Items.
UK.vrmcn , Nob. , April 23. [ Special to Tin
BEC.l Yosterda.y Secretary of State O. L.
Laws , Attorney-General Lease , the superin
tendent of the board of public works , and
State Treasurer J. E. Hil 1 came down fron
Lincoln to Inspect the asylum for imbeciles
The party examined thn Institution , remain
Ing there n few hours , and returned to Lin
coin in the evening
Diana Lodge No. 0 , 1C. of P. , hold a recep-
lion , last oveniuc. for the friends and faini-
lies of its members , at their new hall.
Two Unit Bra Burned.
Hnv.NOi.B9 , Nob. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIC BIK. ] At 11:40 to-day fin
was discovered In a vacant house owned b.i
Mrs. Cramer. The wind was blowing a
about sixty miles un hour. Thoflrosooi
caught in the house of Mnrtin Oerters. Bolt
houses are lit ashes. Great excitement prevailed
vailed during the fire. Burning shlnglui
and largo brands of fire filled the air , and so
fire to several places , which was quickly pu
out. Loss , fSOOj insurance , $ ' 230.
An Odd Fellow Anniversary.
BUOKEN How , Nub. , April 20. [ Rpocln
Telegram to Tnu Bui : . ] The Odd Follow
observed the anniversary of tholr ardor a
this place to-day. Visiting lodges wcro re
eols' < 'd and entertained in a royal manner
Hov. G. W. Martin , D. D , , lectured this even
Ing at the opera house , on "Odd Fellow
Bhlp.1 Parades , iipecches , banquets , etc.
composed the programme.
Colonel Otis KnruriiH to Duty.
FoiirMKADB , April 20. [ Special Tclcgrnt
to Tnu BEB. ] Colonel Eluior Otis , of th
Elphth cavalry , and commander of this post
returned , restored to health , to-day from
sick Iravo which began on the 17th of las
May. The colonel will assume ) command o
both the regiment and post in n fr.w day :
The duty during his absence devolved upo
Colonel Mlznrr.
Will PlniiHt * tha Traveling Men.
DAVID City , Neb , , April 20. [ Special t
Tin : HKE. ] Miluor & Harwell , who former !
ran thu Puiiico hotel hero , havn again gen
! ito the hotel business , having purchase
tha Perkins houso. They are well known t
the traveling fraternity , and will probabl
make David City n "Sunday town" hen
after. _ 1
Struck I'.y
DAVID CITV , Nub , , April 20. t
TUB Hui.j : John Drcdeb , a wcll-to-d
farmer , was struck by lightning anil Ii
stantly killed , at" a. m. , to-day , while plov
In ? In his field Just north of town. Hevt
sixty-four years of ago , ana leaves u wlf
and seven grown up children.
s Improvements ,
KWIXCI , NOD. , April 20. ( Special to Tit
HEK.J After long and patient waiting , It i
now un asturcj face thuV Kwing Is to have
creamery , to bo complete In oil its. parts an
with all tha modern Improvements. At
rant'cniontM are also being made to estublls
a canning factory In tha near future.
Work on tlio rnaiflo Short nine ,
DAKOTA Cat , Nob. , April 20. [ Speck
Tolgrnm to Tun HEK. | Grading began to
day on the Pacific short Una four miles west
of Jackson. A largo force of teams , etc. ,
are ut work. They are working towards
Sioux City.
Ilorsn Thieves at Nebraska Cltv >
Nr.nitASKA. CITV , Nob. , April 20. | Special
Telegram to TIIR HIE" : | Thieves stole two
valuable horses last night from the stables
of M. U. Payne , near East Nebraska City.
There is no clue. A reward of ? 100 has been
llnllrond Hurvoyors at Work In the
Vicinity of Ocallaln.
OOAI.U.I.A , Nob. , April 20. [ Special to
THE linn. ] This morning n corps of surveyors -
veyors came Into town and commenced surveying - *
voying a line in u northwest direction. They
nro very reticent , and our citizens , although
very anxious , wonj unable to find out the
purpose of he survoyalthough It Is rumored
they nro employes of the 13. & M. railway.
Our board of trade are making strenuous
efforts to sccuro the Union Pacific shops that
are reported soon to bo removed from North
Plattu to some point further west. Thu
board guaranteed a-lionus of $2.r ,000 for their
establishment at this placo.
Tha Ogalulla and North Hlvcr Canal and
Water Power company will commence work
within the uext forty days.
A larger acreage of wheat has boon sown
than ever boforo. The spring has been very
wet and crops look lino.
Judge Tyler , of Cleveland , O. , has been
spending the past few days in Ogalalla in
the interest of a land syndicate , who propose -
pose purchasing a largo body of land for a
colony. The Judge was highly Impressed
with the county.
At no time In the history of this county
have prospects been so bright for Ogalalla fo
make a city of no mean importance. Trans
fers of real cstato are on the Increase dally.
Ht. Joseph's Chief of Police Blamed
as an Accessory.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to TJII : .Biu : . ] An Incident has devel
oped to-day in connection with the shooting
of the colored porter , Lewis Jackson , by
Contractor Charles Nowland , that has
caused an intense local excitement and has
resulted in the St. Joseph newspapers and
the citizens generally , demanding the dis
missal of Chief of Police John Hrodcr.
Yesterday morning , when ho wns arrested ,
Jackson was taken to the private office of
the chief , In company with Nowland null his
brother and the chief. Then began an at
tempt at intimidation. The doors wcro
locked. Nowland borrowed the revolver of
the chief , and advancing , grabbed Jackson
by the throat , forcing him , to his knees ,
pointing the revolver at him , the muzzle
almost against Jackson's face. Ho demanded
the name of the party for whom ho had car
ried the note , failing to sccuro which ho
swore ho would kill Jackson. The negro
was terrified and began to yell as loudly as
possible , and to beg for help. His cries
were beard all over the city hall , and across
on Second street. The torture was kept up
for almost nn hour , Jackson steadily deny
ing that ho know the name of tha man who
had given him the note. If Jackson should
die , an effort will bo made to hold the chief
as an accessory to the killing. So far ho has
declined to say anything in his defense.
To-night the history of the insulting note
was learned. The note was written by a
in wholesale tobacco
fourteen-year-old boy a
store , after Jackson's dictation. Tlio per
ter's idea was to learn If the young lady
would make appointments with men , and if
so , to add her name to the list ho has for the
benefit of those who ask for them.
Articles of Incorporation Piled.
Sioux FALLS , Dak. , April 20. [ Special Tel
egram to Tin : HRI : . I Articles incorporating
the Sioux Falls & Pacific Short Line rail
road company , have been filed by thirteen
leading Sioux Falls citizens. It is uroposcd
to build the line northwest from hero to a
point on the Missouri , near Forest City , and
then to a Pacific connection. It is generally
supposed that either the Illinois Central or
the Burlington is backing this enterprise ,
and that the former road is backing the
Sioux Falls & Northwestern , which will be
organized next week , to run to and beyond
Aberdeen. These systems are sure to make
extensions , in thu near future , in central
Dakota , and these now companies arc , prob
ably , merely for construction purposes.
Postal matters.
WASHINGTON , April 20. Among the super
intendents of mails of the poslofllco depart
ment appointed to-dav were the following :
II. C. Parlln , at Minneapolis , Minn. , and N ,
1C. Miller , at DCS Moincs , la.
James T. Motc.ilf , of Iowa , has been ap
pointed chief clerk of the postoffico depart
The establishment of a temporary mail
messenger service between Guthrie and Lis
bon , Oklahoma , has boon ordered by the
postoffico department. A permanent service
will bo established ns soon as the necessary
legal formalities shall have been compiled
Building Likely to Resume.
CHEYENNE , Wyo. , April 2X [ Special Tele
gram to Tim BEE.J Orders received to-day
by Euglaeer C. 1C. Bannister , of the Union
Pacific , indicate that the work of construct
ing the Cheyenne & Northern extension to
Douglas will bo resumed. Work was
stopped last week. All material was with
drawn and the outfit of engineers , linemen
and graders discharged. Engineer Baa <
nistor was ordered to close up Ins office hero
and directed to go to Omaha. This mornuifi
lie received orders to remain nt Cheyenne !
Construction material is again being sen
out and It is probable that work , will bo re
sullied at once. The building of the extou
slon will bo of immonsu benefit to Cheyenne
and the chartga of programme is hulled will
Presidential Appointments.
WASHINGTON , April 20. The prcsidoni
made the following apuolntmcnts to-day
Dr. Daniel Dorchester of Boston , supcrln
tcndcnt of Indian schools ; Benjamin W
Shutter of Minnesota , to bo Indian agent a
While Earlh agency in Minnesota ; John H
Baker of Goshen , Ind. , a commissioner t <
negotiate with the Cherokee and other In
diiins for the cession to iho United States el
certain lands as proyidod In section U of thi
act approved March 2 , ISS'J. Baker takes tin
place on the Cherokee commission made vu
cant by tha resignation of Governor Hob in
son. Baker has not yet signified his acceptance
anco of the office. The other commissioner !
have been ready for some days past to leave
for Indian territory to begin negotiations
and as soon ns Baker comes to Washingtoi
and consults with the officers of the mterioi
department , it is expected that the comlssloi
will visit the Qhorokeus and begin activi
Found Murdered ,
Wyo. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tins BKK.l Thursday last Frei
Wacgol , a trapper , found the remains of i
man who had evidently boon murdered nca
Poison Creek , seventy miles north of Lander
dor , Tha head was detached from the body
and the clothing was pierced by two bulfo
holes. The man was five feet in height
hair and board ot light color. A pair of sllvoi
rimmed spectacles wera found near the body
In ono of thu pockets were several dollar
in coin. The body liad evidently lain whor
found ior five or six months.
III a New Dress.
YAXKTOH , Dak. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BUB. | The Press and Dt
kotau appeared la a now drcs-i and elgli
pages , and with thu Associated press dl :
patches , this aUcruoou.
The Mlnnoaota Man. ; , Know When
Ho Had Enough.
A Stubborn Olovo Contest Between
McCnrthy and Murphy Uaso
Hall Scores and Miscel
laneous Spnfts.
Ttio Cardirr-JaclCFion Fight.
SAX FIUNCISCO , Aurtl 20. The fight to n
finish between Peter Jackson ( colored ) ,
holding the heavy-weight championship of
Australia and the Pacifies const , and Patsy
Cardiff , of Minneapolis , for a pur so of 3,000
the heavy-weight chamulonshlp , took
ilaco In the rooms of the California uthlctlo
lub to-night. Jackson weighed In nt 2 0
> ounds and CardllT at 183. Jncltsou was
ccondod by Sam Fitzmurick and Jack
ialncs , and Cardl.T by Jblin Donaldson and
"tammy AVnrren. Hlrnui Cook was referee.
In ttio llrst two rounds Jackson did the
ending , but Cardiff , by , cllnchlnp , secured
, ho advantage , pushing the negro over the
ropes repeatedly. Cries of foul were uu-
' coded. The llerco rushes by Jackson , who
ad boon made almost Insanely savage by
Cardiff's tactics , caused the whlto man to
oolc tired by the end of the sixth round. At
Irst Jnukson's long reach availed llttlo
gainst Cardiff's admirable ) dodges. The
lilting on each side was equally
errlfic. Cardiff's ' nlmblcncss waned
n the snvcnth , and In the eighth Jackson
iad pounded the Caucasian Into almost utter
ixhnustlon. Cardiff walked to the ropes , not
lofcr.dlng himself , and. Jackson struck him a
aw-brcalcer just ns the gong sounded.
Throughout the ninth Jackson chased Car-
Iff around the ring , punishing him fright-
ully , but not putting in'a ' knock out blow ,
n the tenth Cardiff gave Up the fight.
Gave the Fight to McCarthy.
ISosTON , April 2i. ( A stubborn glove con-
.est occurred to-night at the rooms of the
Bay State club , between Gal McCarthy ,
f New York , and Jobnny Murphy , of Bos
on , for trophies valued at $800 and $200 , ro-
ipeetively. From the start McCarthy
'orccd the fighting , but Murphy lay In
wait for him and returned his blows ,
with Interest. In the first round there was
avngo work , and Murphy twice knocked
his opponent to tno fiopr. The last blow
broke a bone in Murphy's forearm , but this
did not deter him from continuing the fight.
For three more rounds Murphy bested
McCarthy , using only his right Hand , and in
ho third round again knocked him down.
n the fourth round Murpny's seconds abso-
utoly refused to allow him to continue , and
ho fight was accordlngjy awarded , to ' 'Cal. "
The National licaguc.
PiTTsnuito , April 20. Result of to-day's
. ? amo : j
Pittsburg 0 JO Oj 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
hicago 00800040 0 7
Base-hits Pittsburg 18 , Chicago 13.
Irrors PHtsburg 4 , Chicago 2. Pitchers
lalviu and Tenor. Umpire Lynch.
INDIAKAVOMS , April 20 , Result of to-day's
came :
Indianapolis 0 1 8 14 0 2 0 1 3 14
"levolaud 0 1 OtO 40201 8
Base-hits Indianapolis 13 , Cleveland 18.
Errors Indianapolis 2 , Cleveland 7. Pitchers
Getzein and Sprajgyc. Umpire Barnum.
NEW YOIIK , April . .20Tho Boston-New
York game was postponed on account of
rain. To-niorrow's will ulso
- , game bq post
poned and will bo played later In the season ,
as St. George , Stuten Island , can not be made
ready before next week ,
American Association.
ST. Louis. April 20. Result ol to-day's
game :
St. Louis 0 10100501 S
Cincinnati 0 00000200 2
KANSAS CITV , April 20. The Louisville-
Kansas City game was postponed on account
of rain.
The Inter-Stnto Association.
DAVENPOIIT , la. , April 0. The Central InterState
ter-State association season began to-day.
The game hero resulted : Davenport 12 ,
Pcoria 1.
EVAXSVIIJ.I : , Ind. , April 20. The Inter
state league championship series opened here
to-day between KvansVillo and Springtield.
The locals won by a aboro of (5 ( to D.
Postponcil on Account of K.tln.
ST. JOSBIMI , Mo. , April 20. The DCS
Moines-St. Joseph game was postponed on
account of rain. < *
Memphis Knees.
MEMPHIS , April j0. ! The weather was
clear and bright , the. attendance very largo
and the track fast. Summary :
Twoyearoldsfiveeights of. n mile
Prince Fonso won , Miss Belle second , Lena
Ban third. Time 104 * % .
All ages , seven-eights of a mile Bridge
light won , Mandolin' second , Tom Nichols
third. Tlmo 1.3 ( %
Tnrce-year-olds and upwards , one and one
sixteenth miles Co'tlo Wail won , Coniedj
second , ' Tudor thira.- Time 1:50. :
All ages , ono mile Brown Princess won ,
WhttoNoso second ! Artist third. Time-
1:46J :
Three-year-olds , three-quarter mile Bor
Harrison won , The Dude second , May A\
third. Tlmo-l:18Jf. -
Lexlngtoji HaocH.
LEXINGTON , ICy.jAi > ril 20. The wcathoi
was cool , the triieif'spotty uud the attendance
anco fair. Summary :
Two-year-olds , five-eighths of n mile
Kstelle won , Happiness second , Avondak
third. Time 1:03) :
Three-year-olds 'and upward ? , throe'
fourths otfft mlle Koko woti ; dead heat be
Adjutant Vidotto for scconi
place. Time l:1 :
One mlle Librettojwon , Queen of Trumps
second , McDowell wrd. U'imo 1 :44tf : .
Seven-eighths of u inllo Brandoletto ani
Licdcrkrantz ran id f union oven terms , ant
finished In the samo' way , the judges deciding
ciding it a dead heat. , Time 1 ; 2'.IJ4. In the
run-off Brundoletto , w op in l:2'J : > i.
Washington Iltapp.s 1'nstponed.
WASHINGTON , April 20. At a meeting ol
the executive conimlttoo of the Natiunn
Jockey club to-day ) lt\ \ was decided to post
pone the races untrt ft guday of nojjt week.
The Bjicr.clo Knee.
A small audience- was In attendance at tb
Coliseum last night , 'ff watch the amateur ;
do the best riding ot Ute week. Following I
the score :
t Miles. Lap
Board . ' . . 251
Peabody . . . . . . . > , . . ' . . 251
Hutchins. . . . 251
Flesehcr . 251
Tagger . . , . . . , , " . 250
Kustman . ' , . , . , , . . . . . . . 249
Francisco . . . , . . . , . , . -H
Seventeen mile nnd 6 laps wos'.coverei
dtjrlni ; the first hour , 10 miles and J lap
during the * second- and 10 miles and 8 lap
during the lasthour. To-night winds up tli
race , whlcn haft been , no far , u very clos
and interesting oao.
\ Collision or. fitcniners.
PoinuANi ) , Ore. ' , April JM. A collision oc
curred last niij'ht.on the Willamette river ,
few miles beloiv Portland , between the Bril
isb steamship Danube , and the America
steamship Alliance. The latter steaioshl
began to slpk' rapidly , but wwas qulckl
beached. All the pasjieimers om the Alll
nncevcro safely tranjfcrrefi to the stcamc
Durllno , which fortunntolv hnppcncd Vo bo
near. The Alliance was valued ntWO.OCO ;
Insurance f''O.OOJ. The most of her cargo
will prove n total loss. The damage to thn
Danube Is llpht. Both vessels were backing
hard when the collision occurred , or the con-
cqucnccs would hnvo been most disastrous.
Secretary Noblo'H Orilcr Fills Ilium
AVItli CoiiHtornntlon.
KANSAS CITV , April 90. A Guthrlo special
iays : Dispatches from Washington Indlcat-
ng that Secretary Noble would Investigate
.ho action of United States officials who
ilnlmed property Monday forenoon , has
rcatcd great consternation among that class ,
, nd has filled the claim-Jumpers with Joy.
ilany deputy marshal * who remained Just
icforo noon on the 22nd are micmy ns are
who wcro commissioned , but never
.worn . In. United States Marshal \Valdron ,
ivhon shown the dispatch , said :
"No overt act of violation was committed
these oniclnls , ns they htivo made pornm-
lent Improvements. They have not acquired
my title to lots upon which they have squat-
cd , and any man can go upon them ,
md , by making permanent Improvo-
ncnts , acquire title. I do not
know that they have violated their official
atlia , oven In going uixm lots before the
iour of tioon. Town lots do not come under
ha provisions of the president's proolama-
lon. These officers entering the territory
n the line of duty had to pitch their tents
somowhcro. I do not know their intention
in bringing In extra tents and deputies , but
jlonrly , in my opinion , they have uot vio-
ated their oaths. "
The Vluo I'rcRldcnt's Ijlfo Kmliui-
ccrcd , Hut lie Kscnpcn Unhurt.
BAI.TIMOUE , April 20. In a collision on the
Baltimore & Ohio this morning the life of
.ho vice president of the United States was
endangered and several employes of the
road were injured. Thb accident occurred
, t the foot of Howard street at the "Y , "
ivhoro trains for Locust Point separate from
ho road to Washington.
The trains in collision were the vestibule
imitod from Philadelphia , which arrived at
10:85 : , and the Philadelphia express , which
loft hero at 10:20 : , and on board of which was
Levi P. Morton. Among the other distin
guished passengers nboarn wcro General
Schofiold and staff and General Foraker of
Ohio and staff. All were going to Now York.
The accident was not very serious. Both
baggage cars were shattered.
A Horrible Tale ol'Murder and Butch-
cry From Manitoba.
WINXITEO , April 20. A , horrible tale of
murder and suicidn has just reached hero
rom High Bluff , a little village only n few
miles from this city , the victims being a
farmer named McLeod and his daughter ,
aged eight , while another child , a boy of 13
years , is so badly wounded that ho
can not recover. McLeod was last
seen last night about dusk. A ncichbor
named Lotta visited the house to-day and
was horrified to find McLeod with his throat
cut lying near the stove. Both children
were found In n bedroom. The girl hud
been struck on the head with n sharp-edged
nxo and was dead. The boy had four deep
gashes on his head. The cause of the deed
is attributed to the financial difficulties of
McLeod , whoso wife died two years ago.
The Illinois Telephone Bill.
DT-111.7-April 20.--The lobby
won another triumph to-day over the advo
cates of the telephone legislation. After
nn hour's session the house committee on
municipal corporations this forenoon recon
sidered its action of Wednesday upon the
bill authorizing the common councils in
cities and boards of trustees in villages and
incorporated towns to regulate telephone
rates. Craft then moved that the bill bo re
ported back with a recommendation that it
do not pass. A motion was made to lay his
motion on the table , but it failed to. pass.
Walsh then introduced nn amendment pro
viding that In cities of 100,000 inhabitants or
over not more than $100 per annum should
bo charged for ouch telephone. This amend-
mout was defeated and n motion to report
the bill unfavorably prevailed by a vote
of 8 to 7.
Nebraska and Jnwa I'CIISIOHH.
WASHINGTON , April 20. [ Special Telegram
to THE lir.n.J Pensions have been issued
for Ncbraskans as follows : Original Invalid-
William H. Edwards , William Severn ,
Thomas M. Clark. Increase Stephen C.
Monroe , Noah Perry , George M. Dunkol ,
Uria Welton , Edward D. Wright , Harrison
E. Pond , Samuel Munroo.
Pensions for lowans : Original Invalid-
John N. Henry , Jesse G. Simmon. John Q.
A. Patterson , Sebastian Eckart , ( deceased. )
Increased George H. Lewis , John F.
IN orris , Joseph T. Mcok , Jcsae Ncal , Andrew
Leens , William Eugene Buckley. Branford
S. Trimmol. Original widows , etc. Minors
of William H. Wood , William A. , father ol
Timothy H. Sale ; Maria T. , mother of Mar
tin Luther Carpenter : Caroline , mother oJ
Albert Wesenberg ; Thebo , widow of John
The Illvcr Ijiind Caocs.
WASHINGTON , April 20. Attorney-General
Miller to-day gave n hearing to persons In
tcrested hi the ownership of lands along the
DCS Molnes river. John Y. Stone , attorney-
general of the state of Iowa , and cx-Hcprc
scntatlvo Holmes , of Iowa , advocated the
institution of suit by the government for UK
adjudication of all bucstlons In dispute , anc
Do Witt , of Now York , representing the
Litchfiold estate , opposed such n course or
the ground that the questions have nlrrndj
been settled so far as government rights arc
concerned , The attorney-general promisee
to give the mutter careful consideration ,
* The Ballot Box discs.
LITTI.B HOCK , April 20. This morning
Charles C , Ueid submitted to tno court hii
written answers to the questions asked hlii
in relation to statements made to him by O
T. Bcntley. I.n his answer ho states thai
Bcntley had made all statements in conncc
tlon with the ballot box robbery to him as at
torney. This will excuse him from statin )
to the grand Jury the substance of Uentlcy'i
Wealthy Italian
NEW YOIIK , April20. Colcstlno do Marco
clghtcon-ycur-old wlfo of a young anc
wealthy Italian coutractdr , committed sui
cldo last night at her residence , by shooting
She was suffering from an incurable com
plaint , mid had been in a melancholy moot
for BO mo time. Shu was the daughter of i
railroad contractor at Argyll * , Wis. The hue
band , crazed by grief , attempted suicide , bu
was prevented.
$ -10,000 Worth of Clothing.
Ciiictoo , April 20. [ Special to TUB HBE. '
It Is reported In business circles to-du ;
that the largest sale of clothing made thi
season was yesterday consummated by A
U Singer & Co. to L. O. Jones nt Omaha
The amount U reported to be In the neigh
borhood of $40,000 , and the goods arcs to bt
bhlppod to Omuha at once ,
The Weather Indiuattonft.
For Nebraska and Dakota Fair ; Might ! ,
cooler , followed by winds shifting to wannc
For Iowa Fair ; slightly cooler ; north
westerly winds.
The A'lpslc Again Disabled.
LONDON , April 80. A dispatch from Auct
laud says the United Status steamer Nips !
was again disabled , while being towed int
Apia harbor , Mataafu has returned to Apu
Irs. Carter's Attorney and JmtRO
.Inmloson Have a Tilt.
CHIC \oo , April 20. [ Special Telegram to
'MB Biu.j : In the Carter divorce ease to-
ay the defendant continued his direct ox-
mlnatlon all the morning , and all the after-
oon. Ho was cross-examined uy Judge
Smith. Just before the noon adjournment
lie cnso was enlivened by n tilt between the
ourt and the attorneys for Mrs. Carter ,
vhich looked for a few minutes as though
omethlng might happen , ns both men wore
onsldernbly excited. Just after court ad-
ourncd for noon , Judge Smith wont over to
he bench and said :
" 1 think you bad no right and It was lin-
jropor for you to make any criticism on the
cstlmouy wo wore adducing hero for the do-
onse , as you did a while ago. " Judge
nmicson had already put on his hat and was
n the act of leaving tlio bench when no
card the angry attorney's romnrit. He
urned quickly , his fnco whlto with feeling ,
nd shoving his hands Into his pockets with
,11 , aggressive motion , said :
"If I nm wrong In my rulings you' hnvo
our remedy. 1 will not bo dictated to so
eng ns I sit ns Judge In this court by any
awyer practising before me. "
"Oh I that is poor consolation for us , to
invo you tell us wo liavo our remedy after
our ruling Illegally against us. "
Well , sir , that's all the consolation you can
javo from nio , and I will not bo told by you
low I shall conduct myself while on the
lench. "
"I'll tell you every time . " Judge Jnmlo-
oil's temper began to show Itself and , gcs-
iculatlng with his clinched list , ho said :
"I'll have you know , Judge Smith , that I'll '
lot tolerate any such language from any
no , oven from you , Judge Smith , such ns
on , Imvo used to uio to-day. "
"Very well , sir , very well , " said Mr. Smith ,
ind the Jurists wont their rcspcctivo ways.
Mrs. Carter saw and heard the dispute bo-
ween her attorney and the court , and , com-
ng over to the reporter's table , asked them
lot to print nn account of it. The criticism
omplaliicd of by Judge' Stnitb was the re-
nark by the court , after n long bout between
Mr. Carter and the lawyer : "What has all
his to do with the issues in the casoj"
Coiilllotluc Stories -About the - Rumored
mored Cut in Knuinoers' Wnuce.
CHICAOO , April 20. [ Special Telegram to
Tnn Br.c. ] Diligent Inquiry by a reporter
o-dny failed to show any basis for the
lories of n contemplated reduction in the
vngcs of the engineers of the western roads.
Chat the engineers themselves fear that
something is going to drop soon , that some-
hing being their wages , is evident. A half
dozen brotherhood men are at present acting
as detectives In watching n detective agency
Dearborn street , where now engineers
were being lured , it was said. The reporter
called on George Hackney , superintendent of
motive power of the Atchison , Topcka &
Santa Fo road , anil asked him concerning the
report that the wages of engineers were to
jo cut on that line.
"There is nothing in the story , " said Mr.
Hackney. "If the road contemplated any
such action , I certainly should know of it.
I'ho business of the Santa Fo road is pretty
good , and I do not think that any lowering
)1 wages will bo made. " *
General MoNulta , of the Wabash road ,
authorized this statement : "A reduction In
the wages of our engineers has not. been
thought of , nor will it be. Wo have a con
tract with our men , who all belong to the
brotherhood , and wo would not break it.
Besides , the Wabash is earning more money
now than it was a year ago. Humors of re
ductions in the wages of the engineers of
other roads have be'en circulating , but wo do
not give them much credence. " _
An officer of the Burlington said unoffic
ially : "The wapes of the "Q" engineers will
not bo cut , so far as I know. Reductions in
the working force of the road have been
made so far as was practicable , but the
wages of the engineers wore not touched. "
The officials of the St. Paul road also de
nied that any reductions are in prospect.
The only evidence going to show that the
roads are uiakinc preparations for trouble
with the engineers was gleaned at the de
tective agency , mentioned above. The Illi
nois State Police and Detective ngcncy has
its headquarters in room 4 , 121 Dcarnorn
street. Colonel T. C. Trynn , the superin
tendent , after some urging , is answer to in
quiries , said : "Yes , wo have been hiring
engineers , but for -.vhat roads , I would pre
fer not to state. Some time ago wo made ar
rangements with the different managers to
supply them with engineers in un emergency ,
and wo now have the names of n largo num
ber on our books. If a strike occurred on
any of the lines wo could have a largo num
ber of men on the ground In a short time. "
"Have there been any calls for engineers
from any of these roads i "
"Yes. "
"For how manyl"
"You'll ' have to find that out elsewhere.
I am sorry this has got out. "
Tile AiiRlo-Snxon Klcmcnt In Canada
Makcn a Stand.
MOXTKEAL , .April 20. The anti-Jesuit
meeting held last night was in session until
midnight. The whole question was consid
ered in all its bearings and the action of the
Dominion government as well as that of the
provincial legislature was freely and fear.
lessly discussed ! The impression seemed to
prevail that a crisis was at hand and that it
became the Anglo-Saxons in Canada to be up
and doing and prepared for the blow which
It was felt must come.
Chnrlton , M. P , , said that , If the present
state of affairs continued , the Church of
Konio would soon possess two-thirds of the
real estate of the province. Ho also referred
to the condition of affairs In the United States
and compared the progress made In the state
of Ohio witli thnt made in the province ol
Quebec , which advance , he said was biting
retarded by the church of Home.
Consolidation o ( ' liJlilitcon of the
Breweries ol' Ht. Jjouln.
ST. Louis' , April 20. All the broworlns of
St. Louis and East St. Louis , excepting the
Anheuser-Busch company and W. J. Leinp ,
have consolidated , and will bo run undoi
ono management. Thcra are eighteen brew
eries concerned In the movement , representIng /
Ing an investment of about $5OOU,000. Stocks
and bonds to the amount of $15,01)0,000 ) will
bo Issued each company or film to receive
the full value of Its property In each , and the
remainder will bo sold by subscription , llic
proceeds to bo used In enlarging tno princl'
pal breu-crles , and improving the plants ol
the others. The organization is not to bo n
trust in any sense , butslmply a business plan
to linpro v < ! the properties and increuso the
product power of all.
A Committee * on Military .
WASHINGTON , April 20.The secretary o
war has ordered a board of ofllcm to connie
of Major J. P. San or , Inspector-general
and Captain Cncstur and Lieutenant J. VV
Carlin , of the Tulid artillery , to meet a
Coluinuus Barracks Juno 17 , to prescribe i
uniform system of rules , regulations am
courses of study for the guidance of officer !
detailed as professors of military sclcncn am
tactics nt uoilgcd and universities.
The Dentil Itecurd.
ST. Louis , April 20.L. . U. Ueavis , wol
known throughout the country an the per
slstent advocate of moving the capital fron
Wabhlugtnn to the Mississippi valley , ant
also us a vigorous writer on various subjects
died hero yesterday from the effects of i
surgical operation.
KUTI.ANII , Yt , Aprii 20. H. H. Spofford
the hlutoriun , of Clarendon , died yesterday
Mad" I.oial Holidays.
AMIASY , April 2(5. ( Governor Hill rl&'KCi
the 'bill making Monday and Wednesday o
next week legal holidays In the cities of Nor
York and Urooklyn. Tuesday 1103 already
been declared a holiday ,
The Rumors or Insomnia Vigor-
ouely Douiod.
< aw Partner Miller Thought to Hiivf
the Inside Trnolc 1'ubllo Printer
Aspirants Justice Gray
61U FouitTcr.NTit STitr.trr , >
/ASHINOTO.V. U. C. , April 20. )
It Is stoutly denied uttho whlto house that
'resident Harrison Is suffering from In-
omnla or Is In 111 health. When Tin : Ur.n
rorrespoudont saw him to-day ho was look-
ng ns well ns ho ever did. and declared that
10 had i never fell better. The prcsldout
s standing up to his work suloudldly.
This evening's Star says : "There Is aped
pod deal of campaign botng made for tha
acnut place on the supreme bench , and now
andldatcs are either announcing themselves
r arc being announced. Kx-Postinnator-
Gcn.cral J. ACrcswoll's > iinuio was pro-
onted to the president yesterday , and n del-
gallon of Mnrylaudurs headed by
{ eprcsoutattvo McCoii'us urged his ap-
lolntmcnt. Crcswcll is u well itnowu
Maryland Jurist and advocate. This ovelng
nether candldato will bo In the city. Ho
omcs from Nebraska , and his name Is j. L.
Vebster. Ho Is prominent as n lawyer la
be state ho will represent at the Washing-
on centennial and is strongly Indorsed , Tha
pinions of men whoso opinions are worth
mvlng are , however , to the effect that the
nest dangerous candldato for the place Is
ho man who is uot n candidate , and In this
category they mention the name of Attorney-
General Miller. The attachment which ox-
sts between the president and his law part
ner is very strong , and there are many who
hink that tho'iittornoy-Kcncral will'cro long
land In his portfolio and take a life position
on the supreme bench. As n lawyer , hm
friends say , ho is admirably qualified for the
ilaco. "
Senator Allison stated to-day that the ap
pointment of ex-Governor Stone , of Iowa , to
10 assistant-commissioner of the general
and office , was made with the understanding
.hat Stone's application for the commlssion-
orshlp would not bo withdrawn , and that his
selection as deputy would not prejudice his
candidacy for the higher position , 1 hero is
juite a contest going on between three or
'our factions of western senators over the
; encral land coiiimisslonership , the senators ,
'rom Colorado , Kansas , Nebraska and Mm-
icsota , and HIggins , of Delaware , are yet
jushing with great vigor and earnestness
.ho namoof ex-Senator Chilcott , of Colorado.
The Nebraska delegation Is solid for ox-Kop-
rcscntativo Valentino.
The Pacific slope has a candidate , and a
combination of eastern republicans have ono
also. The fight between the Cliilcntt and
Stone factions had the effect of delaying the
appointment , and it is understood that a
commissioner will not bo named until after
the excitement now on In Oklahoma has sub
sided , and there Is something like unity on
one of the other candidates in the field , or a
new man is found.
Tin : ELEVENTH rr.Nsi's. >
The superintendent of the census , Mr.
Robert P. Porter , to-day , leased the Second
National bank building , on Seventh fltreet ,
Tor the headquarters of the census bureau.
This building is available for about two hun
dred and fifty clerks , though moro than a
year will elapse before that many will be em
ployed. Work on the Eleventh census has
Tairly begun. In a week or two the
physicians' registers will bo sent out , and
S. Billings has mapped out the mortality and
vital statistics report. Mr. Porter has al
ready secured the borviccs of u number of
statistical exports and specialists' and the
work will bo pushed with all possible vigor.
The Eleventh census will cover all the vital
points of the Tenth , but will bo moro com
pact and more statistical. i
THE I'tT.UC rillXTKIIMllr.
The struggle for the public printershlp is
becoming very warm. Quito a number of
prominent republicans in and out of congress
have , during the week , added their indorse
ment of Helm , formerly of Indiana , but now
of the District of Columbia , while Senator
Allison and First Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral Clarkson to-day indorsed Palmer , oZ
Illinois. At the whlto house it is stated that ]
no formal application has been filed by Mr.
Palmer , who claims that ho Is likely to bo
appointed. Helm has the largest number ol
tudorscrs of any of the candidates , and hia
advocates are in very great earnestness. An
appointment Is nut expected to bo made )
under some weeks yet.
civn. suuviui : KXTKNSION.
At the cabinet meeting to-day the .subject
of another extension of the time when tha
civil service shall bo extended over the rail
way mall service was broached by Post *
master General Wunamakcr. A ronmrUabla
condition of affairs exists at civil acrvicu
commission headquarters In connection with
this question. When President Harrison
took hold of his ofilco ho very readily saw
that it would bo Impossible to reorganize
the railway mail service under the civil
service rules , and ho extended from March
15 to May 1 the time when the law should
tnko effect. So much time was lost In se
lecting superintendents of divisions and re
organizing their offices that very little
has been accomplished up to this
time In the selection of new
postal clerks. Civil Sorvlco Commissioner
Lymau behaved that there would bo an
other extension of the time for the law to go
into effect , and did not direct the arrange
ments to be made for taking In this new
branch of the service as promptly ns ho
otherwise would have donu , and ho notified
the president that it will take at least two
weeks to get ready to make examinations
and certify tliu names to llio postmaster-
general for appointment. The president , at
the cabinet meeting to-day , again refused to
extend the timo. ,
Justice Gray , of the United States su
preme cuurt , was i-onllniicd by Bishop Par *
reltutSt. John's church ycsteiduy after
noon , The ceremony was quite impressive
because of the fame and dignity of the cen
tral figure , and because the church was
handsomely decorated with Mowers for a
fashionable wedding that followed an hour
afterward. Justice Gray , when he lived in
Boston , was a regular attendant upon tha
administrations of the Hov. Phillip Brooks ,
but never Joined the church until yesterday.
Miss Matthews , to whom ho Is soon to bo
married , was confirmed In nils same church
about u week ago. although her father , tha
lute Justice Matthews , was an elder In a
Presbyterian church for many years.
The leave of absence granted Captain John
S. Loud. Ninth cavalry. Derombor 20 , 1583 ,
Is extended to Juno in , ISSli ,
Trumpeter franclH Husnoll , company T ,
Sixth infantry , now supposed to bo with hit *
company , is dl&chargud. without character ,
from the service of tha United States.
Private Daniel O. Flood , company F , Six
teenth infantry , now with his company at
Fort JJueliesne , Mt. , Is transferred to the
hospital corns as u private ,
Second Lieutenant Cinurga W. Heed , Fifth
cavalry , who was detailed as professor of
military science and tactics , ut the fovrd
state university , Iowa City , to take effect
July 1 , ItiVJ , by a war department order
dated March 2J , ISS'J , will perform , tba
Journey directed In said order In time to
re.ich tha university on Juao 12 , liiSU , on
which datu he will report to the president of
the university.
Private Laivroncc Osborno , company P.
.Seventh infantry , now wilh hlii cvmi/uny nt
Fort Lur.unie , Wyo. , U transferred to tiltt
United States marino uorpi > .
Pcitlti S , HEATU.
Will Adjourn May HJJ.
Si'uiNcijKLi * . III. , April 2Tho ) lillnqla
legislature lias decided upon May 28 us tha
duto for fiiuil udjourniaeut ,