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A small blnzo at Twonty-olfjhth nnd
MdBon did about ? 10 worth of umnngo to
H cottago.
Arthur Croflby,805 North Elfthtoonth
ttrcctf is under nrrcst for bciUlng and
otherwise mtsuslnfr his wlfo.
Potcr Woodmnnsca will bo tried , May
3 , at 2 p. in. , on the clmrgo of hooping
his btiloon open uftor midnight.
The dnnclng party , to bo given bvtho
SnrntoRti Lyceum company at their
now hnll , this evening , will by n very
pleasant afTnir.
Lorenz Burkhardt and John Chrlsto-
for , ngod rospoetlvoly nine nnd ton
years , wcro nrrostcd , yesterday ( on tb.j
charge of burglary.
The funeral of C. L. Ilotchkisq will
take plnco from the latnily roBldonco ,
R13 North 13th st. , ut 2 p. m. , to-day , to
Laurel 11111 comotory.
The funeral of Mrs. , T. C. TCudd will
occur from the residence of her daugh
ter , Mrs. Henry P. duly , 202 South 2oth
Bt. , at 1p.m. , to-day , to Forest Lawn
The Western Union company has iv
force of men lit work putting tele
graph wires Into the Oklahoma country.
Uhlof Clerk Ilorton , of the Omaha of
fice , is in the Oklahoma country super
intending the work.
About ono hundred choristers of the
war song concert , which takes plnco at
the Grand opera house May 10 and 11 ,
held a rehearsal last night at the First
Methodist church under the direction
of Colonel Lombard.
1'crHonul Pnr.igraphs.
n. V. Martin , of Blnir , Is nt the Barker.
J. M. Acklcy , of Davenport , Is stopping nt
Mr. Silas W. Nilcs , of Tun Bnn , loft yes
lorilny for Now York to visit Ills parents
who rcsldo In Horncllsvillo.
J. M. Crawford nnd wife , of Dcltiwnro ,
O. , nnd F. H. Thompson , of Richmond , O. ,
nro guests nt the Barker.
Lluutonnnt-Colonol Moses O'Brien re
turned ydstcrtlny from Tccumscli. where ho
inspected the uffulrs of the division of No-
brnslcn Sons of Veterans.
Bishop Nowmnn , who loft for DCS Molncs ,
Oskaloosn nnd other points In Town lust Sat
urday night to do missionary work , re
turned to the Pnxton hotel lust night.
Mr. Dugnld MucMurchy , of Wells &
MncMurchy , solicitors for the Canadian
Pacillc pallway , Toronto , and Mr. E. Wlldo ,
ofthoaatno company , nro staylni ; at the
Paxton. They nro in town In connection
with some big Canadian railway suit , and
leave for Chicago this cvcnlning. Mr. Mac-
Murchy wni nn interested visitor at the law
courts yesterday afternoon.
Wnntt JU-r Ioj\
Mrs. M. A. O'Brien , 251 Case stroot.Clovo-
innd , O. , writes to Chief Scavoy asking him
to help her in securing the return of her son
who wni conned nwny from his homo by u
family named Callahan in this city.
H.P. Drexel was married Wednesday night
to M IBS Minnie MoKcnnn , one of the most pop
ular and oharmincr young lailics of Omaha
Judge Atidcr on presided , The young couple
will make their future homo ut 1104 Georgia
avenue. _
AVork ol TlucTcs.
John F. Kelly reports that somebody stole
his light colored spring overcoat while ho
was at a dance at Exposition hull Tuesday
Thieves broke into George Houck's room
nt ! )20 ) Douglas street , and stole u suit of
Prisoners L'lii Uoutp.
Sheriff Ward , ofEvanston , Wyo. , was in
the city yesterday with Lewis Denver nnd
Charles Hlgglnsonwho have been sentenced
to serve a five years' term for horse stealing ,
at Jollot , 111. They are bad men. During
his wait between trains Mr. Ward loft them
in Joe Miller's keeping at the county Jail.
I f
A Grave Yard Association.
The Springvillo Cemetery association is anew
now grave yurd organization which filed
articles of incorporation , yesterday , with the
county clerk. A. Norgard is president of
the association , H. Elkjer secretary and A.
P. Grom treasurer. The trustees , aside from
the ofllcers , nro Cnarlcs Anderson , L. Hansen -
sen , C. Hanscn and P. M. Bock.
Bail Money.
Peter Fogarty , a young man who passed a
iountcrfuit dollar on the proprietress of n
Ninth street bagnio a few nights ago , was
Arraigned before United States Commis
sioner Anderson yosterdny afternoon. Fo-
garty was held to the United States district
court in the sum of $500 , in default of which
bo was committed.
Change ol' 1 < li-in.
There has boon a change in the firm of
Howe & Kerr , furniture men on Douglas
itreot. The sign will hereafter road Kerr &
Mnnington. Mr. Mnnington hails from
Ueuesco , 111. Ho was on his way to Wash
ington territory , and stopped ever to see the
Messrs. Howe & Kerr , with whom ho had
bad corrcsDomlonco , and fell in love with
Omaha. Mr. Manincton is a man of consid
erable property. Mr. Arthur Howe is under
contract to work for the now flrm.
Too Many AVIvcs.
Josephine Wllcou is the name of a woman
In Brownson , Cheyenne county , who claims
to have bcou married to James Wilson last
lummcr. Slio wrote to Judge Shields ytstor-
day , telling him that she. had recently
learned that her husband's teal name is
Borcsford nnd that lie lias two other undi-
I vorcod wives. She wrote to the county
judge for information concerning the legal
itutus of the matter.
Dr. Gluck eye nnd oar , Barker bile.
.Mills' AfTuira Settled.
The people who placed so much confidence
In young Lawrence Mills are now trying to
effect a settlement with him. His uncle ,
who resides In Now York , has como on to
bolp him out , and It Is understood they will
luocccd in satisfying everybody. The young
man's total Indcbtcdnots amounts to about
(10,000 , distilbuted us follows :
ToD. P. Winnie $5,000
Pit st National bank 2,500
Bank of Commerce 1,000
Miscellaneous sums 1,500
| B A meeting of the parties was hold Wednes
day evening at the First National , and agree-
Inunts were cntcrpd Into there whcrcbv all
Claims are to bo latlsllod. Mr. Winnie re
ceived a telegram front homo notifying him
that his wife was dying , and ho departed at
enco for Now York.
Iliiuoy Will I'robnbly hive.
The St. Joe Giiretto says that " 'Buck1
Rauoy , formerly a member of the Omaha
fire department , who was stubbed in that
city by ono John Croteau , on Monday , is
ouiowhit bettor , nnd there is now a proba
bility of lin recovery. Ho is still very weak ,
caused by the great amount of blood ho lost.
The wound in his neck has not yet began to
heal , Crntcau , the mun who did the cutting ,
Is still In the city and was at work
Wednesday. It i not probable ho will
bo arrcntod , as Hanoy does not desire to
prosecute. In ca o of Hanoy's dcuth he will
wo put to considerable trouble , but m case of
Ills recovery ho will not bo molested. Hanuy
eoeinn to think that ho was as much to blumo
ns Croteau , and so expressed himself the dav
after tlm cutting.
The "Roforenoo Handbook of the
Medical Science , " speaking of kidney
dlaoaso , says : "Often symptoms on the
part of other organs , palpitation , dys
pepsia , difficult breathing , headaches ,
or weak vision first impel the patient to
EeoU ttdvlco , " Tile symptoms mislead
both the physician and pationt. The
only safe method of treatment is a faith
ful ufto of Warner's Sato Ouro , It not
only secures healthy action of the kid-
ut cures the symptoms of disease.
Tlio fecBfllon Drawing to a Close A
Few Little CABCR.
Tlili term of the district court Is drawing
W n close. The Jury will bo discharged to
day , therefore anything after that must
bo confined to arguments of motions , equity ,
divorce nnd such other cases as can bo tried
by the Judges.
Edward Tracy plcndcd guilty to nssault
nnd buttery and was sentenced to servo sixty
days in the county Jail ,
The bank of commerce has instituted suit
ngnlnst J , G. Hart and wlfo for fJO.OOO , an
ntnount loaned them on a promissory note
April 11.1837.
Suit for fS'4 2i duo on goods sold nnd de
livered has been commenced by F. ibold ot
nl. , against T. II. Cotter.
fiJOcnovm Flits wants a divorce from her
husband , William Fills , nnd In order to ob
tain It sets Tortli In a petition to the district
court , statements that show great cruelty on
his part. They were married In Chicago
October 0 , 1SSG. In Juno , 1837 , ho assaulted
her face and head with his list. A month
later , nt Ottumwn , Iowa , ho repeated this
act of brutality , and on the nth day of Janu
ary. 183S , slueecd her with n Melting cliulr.
At Minneapolis , in February 1SSS , ho again
became angered nnd throw her violently
through n glass door , broke up a table in the
dinlng-ioom nnd ulso n lot of dishes.
S. U. Mercer brotmht action against Pat
rick A. Oowln to recover $489 on several
promissory notes.
County Judge Shields , issued n marriage
license to Edwin M. Kauffmnn and Alllo E.
Bean. The former Is a resident of Wymore ,
Neb , while Miss Bean resides in this city.
Their respective ages are ill and 25.
The Jury In the case of Patrick Ford , ad
ministrator of the estate of James Delancy ,
against the Union Pacific railway company
gave the plaintiff n Judgment for $ .500. The
case was on trial two days before Judge
Donne. After the verdict was rendered the
court took up the case of the Standard Cattle
company against Slmw & Field. The suit
was brouglit to recover f'JdOO by icnson of
the defendants falling to comply with a con
tract for furnishing sewer brick for the
construction of a barn at Ames , Neb.
A motion for nn order allowing the plain
tiff in the divorce case of Eliza Hull against
Wymnn Hull , ? 1,000 as alimony , was made
ycstorduy'in the district court.
Judge Waitoley finished hearing three
cases against the city of Florence yesterday
afternoon. Iho plaintiffs m the suit were
Edward Reeves , Cornelius Christian nnd
John Stalon. The action involved the right
to streets and alloys. The court has the
matter uud r advisement.
Pat Sncenoy , who was tried before Judge
UrolT on thn charge of highway robbery , was
convicted by the jury.
The jury in the larceny case agninst Eftlo
Smith , n colored prostitute , after being out
twonty.four hours , disagreed. She de
manded that it come to an agreement , and
court sent it out again for deliberation.
County Court.
The Nebraska Savings bank brought suit
yesterday in the county court against S. 1C.
Folton & Co. , for $903 on n promissory note.
Fitzgerald & Co. entered suit to recover
$257 from James and Winfred Dompsoy.
The action is brought on n judgment ren
dered in tito circuit court of Harditi county ,
An attorney numed Alexander C. Troup
commenced suit against Howard E. Schock ,
to recover $ -162 , alleged to be duo for attor
ney's foes in conducting a complicated suit
on a liver ystock.
Uober Price , who , it is alleged , has been
supporting three children belonging to
Charles Tiot7 , commenced suit against him
yesterday for $ J1U , cluimcd to luivo been ex
pended tor board and clothing.
United StatcH Court.
Husscll & Co. filed a case In the United
States circuit court against J. A. Buckstaff
ot ai , to recover on a note for $4,000.
Coal tar for sale by the single barrel
or in car loud lots. Address
Sioux City , ta.
Robbed While Asleep.
Winan French stooped nt the Gcrmanm
hotel , 010 South Tenth , Wednesday
night , nnd when ho getup in the
morning ho found that ho hud
been robbed of a watch , knife and $35 in
greenbacks. The follo'w who had occupied
the same bed with him was very drunk when
ho retired , nnd the ofliccrs arrested him on
suspicion of being the thief. Tno ofliccrs
searched his pocxcts and carefully examined
the bed and bedding and the room , but no
trace was found of the missing valuables.
After the ( U unkcn fellow was taken to the po
lice station word was sent to the ofllcers that
the watch and knife had been found. Ofll-
cer Vaugh.m repaired to the hotel again nnd
found that ono of the pillows had been cut
open and the watch and knife thrust into the
feathers. The lollof money could not bo
found. Officer Vaughn und Chief Soavev
are of the opinion that French was robbed
by some inmate of the house who , fearing
tnat ho or she would bo searched , resorted
to this method of restoring the articles that
would load to thuir conviction.
Dr. Swetnam : Diseases ) of the heart
and lungs. Sheolv block.
Licensed to Wod.
Following arc the innrrmga licenses issued
yesterday in the county coart :
Name and Residence. Ago.
John Honnnher , Omaha yo
Jcnnlo Casstdv , Omaha 28
Peter E. Norberg , Boone , la 27
Christina Oleson , Omaha 29
Edwin N. Kauffman , Wyinoro/Nob 34
Ella E. LJoan , Omaha 23
II health and life are worth anything ,
and you are fooling out of soYts and
tired out.tono up your system by .taking
Dr. J. II. McLean's Sarsaparilla.
The AViiHliinston Centennial.
The following expressions of "opinion on
the desirability of publicly celebrating the
centennial anniversary of the Washington
inauguration indicate that the day in Omaha ,
as elsewhere , will be observed us a public
holiday :
George A. Hougland I nm in favor of n
general an observance us can bo brought
Fred W. Gray I wouldn't exclude a well-
bobnvcd hcathon. The theory of this celobra-
tlon should bo as broad us the president's
thanksgiving proclamation , and men of any
or no creed , who fool thankful for the bless
ings of ftco government , ought to feel nt
liberty to participate.
W. V. Morse The ministers are all rights
but It scorns to uio that the opera houses nro
too small to accommodate the crowds who will
probably bo anxious to honor the occasion.
It wouldn't bo at all nonncnslcal to enlarge
thoscopoof the affair nnd hnvo a hurrah At
the Coliseum , on our cable lino. The People
would have moro room , as would the band's
efforts , nnd the singers and speakers , while
space In the cable company's coffers would
Mr. Fred Krug had not looked Into the
matter , nml preferred not to express nn
opinion without moro deliberation.
Mr. H. P. Dovalon , treasurer of the Lin-
Ingcr & Mctcnlf company , thought the indi
cations pointed to a general observance
througnout the country , and that Omaha
ought to show its proportion of the proper
spirit of thankfulness and Joy on the success
ful conclusion of 100 years of constitutionnl
Mr. Ben G nil uglier said It was not n bad
idea to Iny ns much stress as possible on the
nnulvoranrybut that if his house had a rush of
orders ho expected to do some shipping. The
preachers had done well In securing the co
operation of Mayor Broatch , who was not in
the nnblt of allowing hlmsolf lulf-way meas
ures In any matter of public concern.
Aithur Smith , of M. 13. Smith & Company ,
said that ho did not wish to give the policy of
the house In the nbsonco of Ills father , M , E.
Smith , who is with the board of trade excur
sion , but that ff other housed closed on the
30th ho would go In with them.
An Imperative Necessity.
What pure air is to an unhealthy lo
cality , what spring cleaning is to the
neat housekeeper , so is flood's Sarsapa
rilla to everybody , at tnin season. The
body needs to bo thoroughly renovated ,
the blood purlllod and vitalized , the
germs of disease destroyed. Scrofula ,
salt rhouin.ttnd nil other blood disorders
arc cured by Hood's Sarsnparilla , the
most popular mid.successful spring
StcalH a Hoostor and Burys It Alive
for Put lire Use.
Mr. Solomon , who resides near Emblor
plnco , purchased a line rooster lately , nnd
Mr. Chanticleer has boon disporting hltnsulf
nnd chaperoning the buns of the neighbor
hood in great shape , but his reign was cut
short in n peculiar way last weak. Mr. S.
observed whit ho toolc to bo a largo gray
dog with n chicken in his mouth scratc hlng
in the brush nnd loaves near the end of the
kitchen garden , and procuring n shot-gun
fired at the supposed dog , which turned out
to bo a largo wolf , and upon maklnc an ex
amination of the place whore the wolf had
boon at work , Mr. S. unearthed his rooster ,
nlivo and hearty , but denuded of most of
his feathers. The wolf had buried him
alive piooably desiring to have n fresh juicy
chicken lunch when the time came rather
than the usual decayed fowl banquet which
fortune provides for hungry wolves. 'Iho
rooster is still in the ring , though sadly dis
figured by the handling ho received prepara
tory to his premature burial
The perfume of violets , the purity of
the lilly. the glow of the rose , nnd the
Hush of Hobo combine in Pozioni's won
derful powder. _
A Temper so Hot 'Hint It Called Out
the ! < ire Boys.
The fire companies were called out by nn
A. D. T. alarm turned In last night from
Frank Bellamy's saloon on Douglas street ,
near Eleventh. The companies responded
promptly but failed to lind any fire. The
alarm was turned in by u mistake , which ,
under the circumstances , was excusable. It
appears that a woman , under the Inllucnco
of liquor , called to settle some grievance
with Bellamy and pulled a revolver on him.
Bellamy , while gazing into the depths of the
88-culibro Smith & Wesson , reached under
the counter and turned in what ho supposed
was u call for the police , but brought out the
fire depaitmcnt instead. During the excite
ment the enraged female disappeared and no
arrest was maile.
Sleepless nights maJo miserable by
that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure i's
the remedy for you. For sale by Gootl-
ratin Drug Co.
The California Accident Assurance
Cotnpanv HcTusps t < > Settle.
Shortly before Kichard Kiniball's death ho
took out a life insurance policy with the
California Accident Assurance company for
$3,003. Since the accident which caused his
death the administrator of the estate has
made a demand of the company for the
money. Payment lias beau refused on the
grounds that Mr. Klmball was negligent , and
lor this reason the company claims that it is
not liable. Suit will be instituted at an
early date to recover the $5,01)0. )
A positive guarantee is given by the
manufacturers of Dr. Jones' Rod Clover
Tonic that a 60 cent bottle of this rem
edy contains more curative properties
than any dollar preparation. It promptly
cures all stamach , kidney and liver
troubles. Goodman Drug Co.
Ruined JJy ClfjurettsH.
Robert Hackert , an insane man , whoso
brain became dosti'oyed by the excessive use
of cigarettes , was removed from the county
Jail yesterday to St. Joseph's hospital.
Alan A\antn a Toncl
When there is a lack of elastic energy in the
system , shown by u sensation of languor nnd
unrest In the morning , frequent yawning
during the day nnd disturbed sleep nt night.
Hosteller's Stomach Bitters infuses un
wonted energy into the enfeebled and ner
vous , endowing them with muscular energy ,
an ability to repose healthfully , nnd digest
without inconvenience. Nervousness , head
ache , biliousness , impaired appetite and a
feeble , troublesome stomach , are nil and
speedily sot right by this matchless regulator
later and invigoraiit. The mineral poisons ,
among them strychnia nnd nux vomica , nro
never safe tonics , oven in infinitesimal doses.
The Bitters answers the purpose moro effect
ually , nnd can bo relied upjjn as perfectly
safe by the most prudent. i < ever and ague ,
kidney troubles and rheumatism yield to it.
A match company , in Lincoln county ,
Maine , last year , paid out $23,000 for lumber ,
? SO,000 for labor , and shipped eighty-six car
loads of matches to various ends of the
Five hundred Texas railroaders have signed
a petition to the legislature declaring that a
reduction in rates may mean a cut in wages.
Texas has 30,000 railroaders.
TJ rd by the United fitatti Govf mmtnt. Endorsed by the liradi of the Or cat Unlveraillci
and tHtbllc Food Aualytti , ai the btroneest , 1'urtit and most Healthful. Dr. 1'ricc'n Cream
llaklnr Powder docanot contain Ammonla.iluieor Alum. Dr.Prlce'i Delicious I'lavotingKx-
tracti , Vaullla , Z.CUIQU , Orange , Almond , Rote , etc. , do not contain foltoiioui Olli or Chculctla.
PRICE BAKING POWDER CO. . Now York , Chicago. 6t. Louis.
Tills podor never vnrlo * * . A marvel of purity
stren tli \\liolosonieuos3. . "lor cconomlcnl
limit tliu onllnary Klmls , inul cannot lie sold In
coinpntltlnn with the muUltUiloi of low cost ,
sliortuolilitalitinor phositmto ] powJoM. Sola
only la cntn. lloyal ituklug 1'o.wler Co. i20
Wnllatrsot Now Vork
, ESTWtiSKED (36 ( ! ( 180 So.
Crflnmll .
) ] ,
lUreSIf Chicago , His. 1 ClorkQt.
The Regular Old-Established
Is silll Treating wllh the Greatest
Chronic , IfeiTotinM Private Diseases ,
Failing Memory , Exhausting Dralna , Terrlbla
Dreams , Head and Back Ache ami all the effect !
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Insanity , treated scientific. . ! ! ; ' by new methods with
Iicvcr-Uilins iuci.rss.
KSf- SYPHILIS and Ml bad Blood and Skin DIs-
cases perinnner.tly cured.
* 3-KIDNEYind URINARYcirnplaints , Gleet ,
Gonorrhoea , Strictu re , Varlcocele and all diseases
ofthe Gcr\lto-"Unn-uy Organs curcit promptly without
itijtny to Stomach , KiJr.ejs oro'hcrOt zm.
B& No expel 'mcnto. ARS and experience lm
portant. Cccsi'Katlon free snd sacred.
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Jhronlc , Nervous and Delicate Disease ;
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and writings pt cvcrj where , secure from exposure *
Hours , 8 to 8. Sut.d y y to is Address
F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
185 So. Cark'3U ! CHICAGO , Sf.t-
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Tour Itnnlcn I.eniiiril In one iciidtut ; .
mind ivnnilorini ; cured.
Every clillil nml hilult Rrently lirnontlcd.
Great induccineuta to C < irrc i > oidencu Glasses.
f A'toiSETTE. 2.17 rifth Are. . N.
rrjAB2A2L3 CAGE.
Par tnn jccra I Ind
r ! iiTi.itl'-ni fa Ircl that
It i1 -nblc 1 1 me 'or w orlc
mil cor.Iincit me to my
bed for \\liolc \ jcar ,
clmli x \\l Icli tlmo I
cctild net cLII i also rn v
1 nidi to iry 1 uul , end
for 3 ino'itH could not
ino\oinj-i.f ] Inhcd.
uduccd Inc"h \ from
kiqaiaPnUi * . Wmtrcat-
'eclliy foot phjsirinn" ,
only to prow worse.
Finally I took bvift'a Specific , nrd Boon began to
lm ; > ro\e. After nvhllo unict my j\ork , nml fortlio
pv-t Iho months luiabu'i rauill ml c\crwa3 all
froia the cfTLCts of Swift's bncclQc.
Jens IUY ,
Jan. 8 , 1S8D. n. Wnjnc , In < l
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Frncin- . , Atlanta ,
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m. to 1 p. in.
ijpeciiillBts .In Chronic , Necvom. Skin ntid
Blood DUcases.
ffTConatiltntlon nt olllco or by raall free ,
Jledlclnes aiiit by mull or uxpresi , uotuinly
paclied. fiee from obsurvatlon. ( iuiranteoso
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nul Losses. Night Kniis-
Blond I'hyslcal Decay , urlsliiK fioin Indlscro-
tlon , HxceaJ or Indulgence. piodticliHj Hleep-
cHuueua , DexpondL'iicy. riinples on the fare ,
aversion to society,1 easily discouraged , lack of
contldence , dull , unlit for btudy or bnHlneis.and
lludH 11 fu a burduiu Hafely , punnanentlv and.
privately cured. Consult urM. Uetta i : IJetts ,
lot V urnam St. , Onialm , Neu.
Blooi anl Skin
rostilts , completely eradicated without the aid
of XorLiirv. Scrofula , Krynlpelu * , I'over Borca ,
ItlotclRiH , UlcorH. 1'alns in the Head and Itonex ,
ByphllltlcSoreTtirnat , Mouth and Touijuo , Ca
tarrh , Ac , peimanently cured wheru others
have failed.
Viiinnir aml "ladder
Ilninnnir Complaints ,
HlQllGV ! Unildry rmntm. Diiiicuit , too fro-
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orrd orlth milky nedlmont on standing ,
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99 J-XLli JL UJOuSMi
- iimtient Cute , re
moval complete , without cutting , caustic or
dilatation. Uuren enYUcd nt home bv patient
Vrlthout a iiuiinenlB pain or anmn unce.
" YoDiii Men and Middle-Agcd Men ,
'f'"e ' awful olfects of early
Vice , which urings org.inlo
destroylncboth mind and bodv , with
all HH dreaded I1M. permtipeutly curca.
HDO UDTT ? AdrcBS tnoso wno nave impaired
1)110 ) , DElllO themselves by Improper indul
gences anil solitary habit ) , which ruin both
bodv and mind , uullttlng them for buslnead ,
study or marriage. . . . . .
MAIIIIIKII MKN. or these enterlnB on that hapPy -
Py life , aware of physical debility , quickly an
Is based upon facts , rirst I'racticul Expe
rience. Bccoud Kvery case In especially Btudled ,
thus starting urlglit. Third Medicines are pre
pared in our laboratory exactly to suit each
case , tints allectlng cures without Injury.
fXTBend t ) cents postage for celebrated works
on Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
.thousands cured. Vtf A friendly letter or call
may gate you futuie Buffering and shame , and
ndd golden > ears to life. fxTHo letters un-
\ \ ered unless accompanied by 4 cents in stamps.
1103 Furnam grteet , Omaha , K
Clothing Housd
Price $15 ; Marked down from $20 and $22.
Suits , $8.00.
Four new lines have been added to our list of $8 Cheviot Suits. This has been the most populafl
bargain line we have ever offered.
ages 17 13 to Price $7
We will run this popular line , for this week only.
Our special line of Boys' $5 Suits will be found larger this week than
ever before , including many choice designs never offered before ,
/ \O T"\1-T5 ! C *
Send for samples and fashion plates for any of the above lines and
they will be mailed to your address.
OMAHA Freeland , Loomis & Co ,
Corner Fifteenth and Douglas Streets ,
They're Limited.
\Vo have sonio Special Hnrgalni In
MEN'S SUITS for you this week.
Right at the beginning of the season wo
propo'o to do you some good , and liavo
made special prices on some especially
good suits $ , & , 10 and $11. Conio early
111 st choice.
MKN und WO.MUN ( ucu-asfullr troatoJ.
Suffering from the effects of youthful follies nr India
crutloni , or uru troubled null W < mknus > , .Nmvous
potilllty , Ix ) s of Memory , Donjioiiiluncy , Avumlon to
t-odoty , Kltlney Troulilo or nny illncaao of tliu ( junl-
to-Urlimry Orcui3 ! , uui hiiio tlml H MIU unj spueilf
iurc' . Clmriicg rtMxmublo , especially to the poor
Tbt ra lira nmnr troubled with too frenuant evllcim
tloim of the hlnililur , oftun iKcouuunlitl U > it nllKlit
munrllnu or biiriiliii ; KCiiiatlon , iinU we ikonlnit or the
eyitein In H mnnnur tliu patient cannot account for.
On oxniiiliilne the urinary deposits u ropy sediment
Kill often ho ( ound , unil sointnlmea pnrlluei of albu
men will Hppenr or the color btt ol a tliln.inllklili
Ime , nualn ciiannlnk' to a dark < ir torplil Hppearuuio.
Tlioru are many men who die. of til dlfllculty , luiior-
ante : tlietauie nblch is-tho second IMKH of nomi
nal weakness. The doctor ul | | cuar.intoe u perfuU
cure In nil Huctl ca e , and a lioalthy restoration of
theucnlto urinary nrnaiis. Contultallon free. Hend
2-cunt ntnmpfor "Vounii Mnn' iTlemt.ur ( juldu to
Wedlock , " Iron ta all. Address
Main nnd 12th St. .Kansas . City , Mo.
imtloii tUU paper.
State Line.
To Glasgow , Belfast , Dublin und Lhcrnool
From New York Every Tuesday , <
Cabin passage $ .15 to l. < 0 , according to locution
of atnttt room , Kxcumlon W > to too.
Steerage to nnd from liuropo at Low est Hates.
AUSTIN UALUWIN & CO. , ( ien'l Agents.
6) llroadwup , Now 1 or * .
JOHN IHKdKN , Oen'l Westwi Agent ,
101 Randolph bt , , Chicago.
HAltilV K , MOOitKS , Agent. Omaha ,
Reduced Cabin flutes to Glasgow Ex
U H ii i v VIGOR ,
Will HI I W Kiftctlr rViilDta y i otf
III Mil LI Petlpn-Dupre Reme ies
III 111 * bead for our new llluiliiUiric
tu . Abwlutt itmcr. Varlco
. N. W. Cor. ! 3th & Dodge Sta.
Appllancoj for Deforaitios and
Bent facilities apparatus nnd remedies for < ucce
lul trantuiont of orcrr form ot dtseaiu raqutrlni
Medical or 8ur tcal 'treatment.
Hoard Bud Attendance ; best noipltul accommoda
tions Is tlio Treat.
WHITE roil oiuctiLAits on Deformities and Bracei ,
Trusios , nub Kect , Curvature of the bnlne. 1'llos ,
TuiunrB. Oncur. Catarrh , llroncliltls , Inlnlntlon ,
KlcctrlcltT. I'araljsli. Kpllopir. Kldnejr , lllaader.
Kro , Uar , tiKIn and lllood.snJ allSnrKlcal oporntloni
Disoasoa of Women a Specialty.
All Flood Dlieaies luceoitrullr trented. Hjplillltlo
rolicn romored from tlm ajutani without mercurr.
Nun reitoratlre treatment ( or Ion of Vital I'oitor.
rarioni unnblo to r'.alt ui ran ? bo traatod at liowo by
rorri-oondcnc . All commuulcatloni conddontlai.
Medicines or Instrument ! cunt by mail or crpruej ,
Miuroljnitcked. . no marks to Indicate coutanti or
leader. One personal Inturrloir preferred. Call and
consult u or send lilitorr of your cose , aud wo nil )
( and la plnln wrapper , our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous niieagos , Irnpo-
teacy , BrbUllts , uleet aad Varloocele , wltli qneitlon
Hit. Addrcsi
Ofiia/ Medical and Surgical Institute , or
Oer.lsai ndDod otJtJM - OMAHA , NHB.
Healtii is Wealth
DK. K , O. Wrsr'H NKKVB AND n/uiy TUHAT.
WENT , a guaranteed specific for llyhtcrla , Dl/.zl-
nets. Convulsions , Tits , Nervous Neuralgia.
Headache , Norrons 1'roitratlon caused by the
use ol alcohol t.r tobacco.Viikofnlnusn , Mental
Dopiesslon. Pofttnlng or the Drain rurfiiltlng In
Insanity nnd Icadlni ; to misery , nrcny and
death. 1'romatum Old Ago , Jlarrcnnesa , Lota of
j'ouer in cni-er sex. Involuntary lonnes nnd
BpcrmatorrlKi-a enticed by ovor-oxortlon of
tno nram , HiiltiiDuBo or ovur indulgence I'.nch
box contains on month's treatment , II n box ,
or six boxe * forW , sent by mall prupald on 10-
relpt of price.
To curenny case. With eich order received bv
us for Hlx boxen , iicconnmnled with t.'i , we will
neiul the purchaser our written gnuiuntea U > re
fund the money If the treatment does not effect
n cure , ( juarnntees lusucd only by Uoodmnn
JrugUo. , DingghtH , bole Agents , lilt ) J'urnam
fctreo Omaha eb.
Tliu I'utlle are not eenorallr aware tliat by tlio
prenvnt inelUoilt of cuuklnit lully oiio-liair ut the
" ' fj.ueod I * tlirown away in' ilio'urouncli
and waited . riietulsti connected with thli ciimpanr
liaroauocpcded Jn tavlnit tlili wuitu to ttiut tlio com
pany can lurnlili cnnco roado of Hie tlnett Jam. put
up In imallporliiGloJari und I-MIKKCT-
I.Y I'uiiB hurt ( iiiaranteod to bo only about ONK-
HAI.K 'lUU IXJsT to tlio coniumor of common cof
fee. Only boiling waUrli neudod when prepurlnis U
for tlio tablv. Crown I.I < | UI4 Ooffea Company ,
Ask Your Crooor for
" \yhulcealc Grocers , . OinaUa , Keb
20to60 DAYS.
This is u disease which has heretofore )
Badlod all Medical Science.
When Mercurv , Iodide of Potassium , Harsapn
rllla or Hot Springs fall , \vo guarantea a cure.
Wo have a Ilemedy , unknown to anyone In tl )
World outside of ourCompHity. aud ona that baa
to cure tlio most obstlnnto CSEOS. Ton days In
recent ( .nieg does the work. It U the old chronlo
deep seated cases that vre solicit. Wa tfave
cured hundreds wlio have been abandoned by
I'hyslclunu. and pronounced Incurable , and wo
cnnlleugo the world to brine us a case that wa
will not cure In loss than sixty days.
Blnco the history of medicine a tru speolQo
for Syphilis has been aoueat for but never
fouud until our
was discovered , and wo are Justified In saying
It Is the only Ilemedy m the World tnat will poi-
ittvely cure , bncau o tha latest Mudical Works.
published by the best known authorities , aay
tDero was novera true speclflo before. Ourrira-
edy will cure when everything elsa has fMled.
Why \Miste your time nud nionoy with pateat
medicines tnat never hnd virtue , or doctor Trull
physicians that cannot euro you , you that hare
tried everything "lno should come to us no wand
R.'t permanent relief , you never can get n vise-
where. Mark what we say. In the end you
must take our remedy or NBVKll recover nn $
) ou that have been afflicted but a oliort time
should by all means us now , not ona In
ten of now cases ever got permanently ctirqd.
Many cot help and thlnK they are free from th
disease , but m one , two or throe years after It
appears again In a more horrible form.
This is a blood Purifier nnd will Cura
any Skin or Blood Disease wbon
Everything Else Fails.
Boom 41
Max Moyer--Establisns4 ISSS-Adolph Hayir
Max Meyer
& Bro. ,
General AKUIIIH lor
and JAS , W , STARR
Story & Clark and SJioningcr-Bell OCTS ,
Wrltu for Cutalojuo.
'lliu rureal nnd Ho i J > rlnk l < i tlio
WorlU. ApiiotlEln Dolluloui ) ,
( llul.lik ( ) ) . makei art llon .
Try It nnd you Will Not bo M'illioiit 11.
MadobyO. K. llllU'.ri. I'IIII.AI/KI.PIIIA ,