Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 22, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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    S OMAHA DAILY BEE ? .fllQNPAY APRIL 22. 1889.
No nilTcrtlBcnirntfl will bo tnkon Tor
tlirnn coltminti nftcr lllittO p. in.
Terms Cnsh In ntlvnncc.
this head 10 cents per
. o tint insertion , 7 cents for each sub *
eqaent Insertion , and 1 1X0 per Una per month ,
If o advertisement taken for ie i tbnn 85 cent *
b first Iniertlon. Bovcn trord * will be counted
otbe line t they must run consecutively and
be paid In AOVANCK. All advrrtiso-
ents must ba handed In boforn 12.11 : o'clock p ,
. , and under no circumstances will they b *
R. ken or discontinued by telephone.
I'artlBa advertising In ihosn columns and liar-
pig their answers addressed In care ot Tim UEH
rill please ask for a check to enable them to Ret
their letters , as none will be delivered except on
Refutation of check. All answers to adver *
loments should be rnclosonlln envelopes.
All advertisements In these columns nro pub-
[ tilled in both morning and evening editions of
XiiKllKK , the circulation of which aggregates
more than ixxx > papers dalljr , ana gives the ad *
vertlsors the oonoflt , not only of thn city circu
lation of TIIK HKK , tint also of Council Hinds ,
Lincoln and other cities and towns tnroughont
this section ot the country.
Advertising for these columns will bo taken
n tno above conditions , at thn following bust-
nsa houses , who are ai ihorlr.od agents for Tin
Her. special notices , and will quote the sam
rates a can bo bad at the main olllco.
" \\VWLiXplaarmftclstr820 South Tenth
Htroot. _
. Stntloncri and 1'rlnlors , 113
Boutli ICth Street.
811. FAHNSU'OItTll.l'liarnii Mat , 2115 Cum-
ing Street.
J. HUGHES , Pharmacist , C24 North IGth
. Struct.
GEO. W. PAllIl , Pharmacist , 1809 St. Mary's
Situation -assistant bookkeeper -
keeper or nctlve.temperato
younp man. Itnforenccs furnltlicd. Low H l-
nry. Willing to leave city. Address V Kl Hoo.
W iXNTKlJ-Sltltatlun by llrst-lass man cook ,
ISO : N. Kith st. c
W ANTED Position as traveling salesman ;
long oxperlonco ; good refureucoH. Address
lloe. _ _ _ W. ) SO *
WANTED Position in office by younglady
who understands book keeping nnd general -
oral pnico work. Address V 71. lice. . U7U22 +
"t ANTHI ) 1'osltlon in laundry ; experienced.
SITUATION Wanted. A position m onico or
htoro by man of U ) who Is n worker , can
keep bookK.inako bills ; am good llgurer nnd
can furnish llrat class refuioncos. Address X
Z Hep. OGU-a *
"IDARTIKS desiring cxperloncod Btenographcrs
JL can obtain Just the cany wanted vi llhotit
delay or Inconvenience from thu Western hten-
pftraphlo ngcncy. Lincoln , Neb. nro-mtl
PARTIES desiring oxperionccd male or
fcraalo stenocrrupliors inu obtain Just the
party wanted without delay or Inconvenience
from the Western Stenographic ngoncy. Lin
coln , Nob. 473
\.T7"ANTED-Cnuvnssers , male nnd female ;
T T good wiigo < . Addresv X 8 , Hoe ofllco.
li-'l-Sl *
WANTED Live , onurgotlo men with small
capital to Invest lu an Invention whereby
thousands of dollars can bo made. No humbug.
BO'.IB nu sight : big money In It. Address with
Btump C. 1) . Wustioti , 1212 Douglas st. , Omaha ,
Keb , 118 K
. (2 ( ( good mnchlnlsts. Apply
before 8 a. m. or between 1 nnd 2 p. in. to
A. Collins. Waterworks office. _ 11823
TA/TAN / and wlfuon n farm , no objection to two
ATA children , two to cook for. CiOJ per annum.
Mrs. llrega. 3Ht } S. IStli. _ 1)5.1 ) 20T
EMPLOYMENT for" young man or lady.
Rofuroncea required. G. K. Thompson , 212
Blicoiy block.
If ANTBU-Kxporleucod milker at 4116 Sauu-
T V dors st. JJIO
WANTKD A good carriage trimmer , steady
woricbyday or plL'co , guarantee work the
year round to the right party. Kor further
particulars apply to Lou \\ehu , Iloatrlco , Nob.
" \X7ANTI5O Localngontaalso "Traveling
IT salesmen na side UUP , to sell on n good
commission a slandard caking powder anil
JlavorliiK extracts. For particulars address
Jjoek ox OiM Cincinnati. O. BOU-22 *
WANTED tJnergotlo men nnd women every
where for a genteel , money-making
ness ; ? fiO weekly profit guaranteed easier than
160 monthly otherwise. Kxperlnnco absolutely
unnecessary. I'ermament position and exclus
ive territory assured. $ J samples free. Write for
particulars. Address with stamp , Men-Ill Mfg.
Co. . II Kl Chicago 71MH12J
"XTtfANTED Young boy for porter ; 713 N. 10th
Y > st. U71-J.05
WANTED Man to deliver goods ; ono who
understands the care ot horses and COWH ;
apply after G o'clock to the ifJ-ceiit store. O'i4-20n
"VSTANTED Young man to clerk in store ; ref-
TI eronco required ; apply to the U'J-cont store
after ii o'clock. u : I-20
WANTHD Abook-koerjor ; a good place for
the light man ; glvo references and salary
pxpoetod. Address V CO , Hoc. 1117 )
A GlINTS-Wnntejl ; General and local agents.
-lAto handle thu now patent Cuomlcal Ink liras-
Ing pencil : crtatet novelty over produced ;
( ruses Ink in twoHcconds ; noabraslou of paper ;
goat o f 00 per cent profit ; sells at sight ; terri
tory absolutely free ; salary to good mon. Kor
teims and full paitlculars address The Monroa
KrnHO Co. U. 3. Express building , I.n Cioa e ,
Wig. OJ4-2UF
Man to wash dlhhus. Loulo &
Metzgar , Kii llroadway , Council niulTs ,
work. 101 N. 10th st. MI-20 *
Wo wish nfow men tosnll our
goods by sample to wholesale nud retail
trado. Largest manut'rs In our line. Enclose
t-cent siami ) . Wages $ .1 per day , Permanent
position. No postals auawerod. Money ad-
vuiicrd for wages , advertising , etc. Centennial
Man'f'gCo. . Cincinnati. O. _ M4
WANTED Men to solicit ; must deposit 125
nnd glvo security for money collected.
Balary 7f > to $100 per mont h. Cull on or address -
dross ( loo. 3. C'llniTill Flrnt National batik. 470
\\f ANTED-ARcnts to Boll the Pig Puzzle ;
T > everybody crazy to get ono ; hnmplo by
mull lie ; iitnmps tnkon. A , A. Austin & Co. ,
mumifnctiirora. Providence. It. I. -M m 2J
men for railroad work lu
Washington territory ; good wages nnd
itandy wort. Aiiply nt Albright's Labor Ai'oucy ,
1120 larnnmstieet. _ Lv ?
B OYS-Aiu. DIst. Tel. Co , 1J01 Douglas ,
BA 128
A GENTS -\\nutod on salaiy. S'fipcr month ,
XV and expanses i > aid , nuy active man or
woman to sell oar goods by sample and live at
home. Bnbiry paid promptly and expenses In
advance. Full particulars and Hnmplo case
free. Wo mean JUHt what we Fay , Address'
Standaid Silverware Co , , lloston. Mass. ItKl
oed Houmstross to learn
veslnmklng. I61B Dodgo. ! K-22t-
Chlrago. good cutter.
'lHler and draper , diislres work In families
l > y the day. Address X 14. llee olllce. 148-27J
" \\r ANTED A girl for general housdwork.
V V Irish or American. lr. Itanchott , 2f24 St.
' . Kd-23
_ _ _
' \XTANTED-A trimmer and saleslady. Genius
VV 111 03. , 1408 DoilKlns at. _ OSJ
\\7ANTED-A young or elderly lady to mnko
her homo with family of three , Addiess
With refeienci' , V fti , lleo olllce. 7U7
girl for general honae-
woik. Mra. G. W. I.oomu , 1014 8 UOth ave.
1)14 )
ANTED-Dri'ssmakcrH and ladles wlflilng
W iu do their own dress uniting to call nt my
HChool to Imoitluuto the Adams 'Jailor Syatum.
The only one that drafts the entire garment ou
xlio llnlugt nxiutres no rallttlng ; cutting , mak <
leg and iliaplng taueht ; Instnictlona given dny
or uvenlng ; satufactlon uuarauteon ; cutttiut
and designing done : pnttorii * cut. Miss M , E.
Lynch , roomu Jilt nnd 317 fiheeloy block , 15th and
Iloward 748-20
w ANTED A compateut girl In folnlly of 2.
0)18.2Mn ) t. nor o
sin for ircunral
hutisaworlc , 2uu ; CAM itroet , ieo so *
W.NTUn ( llrl for ueueral uouiework. Ap <
W. ply 12J1 Clikgo street. _ KO-'Mt
A cooij took and hoiuekccpor In
WANTUD family. A middle uueil pre-
farroil , A pormimtut jwaltlou and comfortable
liuinel'oru competent and n > pen lbla lionise-
Leaner. Haffrunrni reulred. | Apply to J. U
Dlckovor , ' 'Hub" restaurant , 111 son tn 14th at.
_ _
WANTIin A girl for general imuseuorlc ;
UIH B 17th 647/
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
( looil girl fortfentralhouttiwork ,
WANTHD : miut bo l good washer and
Irontr. Qeuiianpryferml . 1713 Casy.
rAN'rr.l'-A tlrl to do housework at 2JJ'J
Juctbon t. ur--il'
W ANTKlt-Two competent ludy
reuses for the Improved Blufor He\Unt
fia I1HKOA , Canadlan'l'.mp , omce , 3145 * 8
16th. Hoferonco Omaha National bank.
OVi mij
r\MAIIA Kmp. bureau , 1I9N inth ; established
\Js years. Most reliable in city.II. . R. Whlto.
T AD1BS Infonnatlon and employment par-
JJ Ion ; strictly first-claw ) perfectly reliable.
Hoom 10 , Ilushman block , N. K. cor. DoiiRlas
and lotn st. vn-A-"t ) _
\\TA NTnn-nviyer for a peed lot on Capitol
> V avo. , within four blocks of high school.
8r > 3) Davenport st. _ lij-grt
ANTKD-A contractor to build a frame
warehouse and take nil or part In good
clearjots. Address X a lice. _ 9 " 1 _
rANTJJI * Becohd-fiaiid counlers and shel-
vlng. Address V 01. lleo olllco. 1CJ 22t
WANTEU-tly S ladles. 1 pleasant unfur
nished room , suitable for light house
keeping : no objection to distance if on car
line , Addrxss v 70 , llee. OtJ ! 20t
WANTIIDtorent by family of two , an un
furnished cottage In good condition con
taining dor 7 rooms ; must have terms and lo
cation to receive any attention. Address U 53 ,
Ilco. 20
Eon HRNT-Two elegant brick flats , well
located , each 0 rooms , 7 closets , all modern
Improvements , nro worth MS , but will i
to good parties nt 27. Apply to T. 0. llnmncr ,
IW5 r'arnam ht. 11WH
T710H HKNT A 10-room house , largo yard and
.13 aud shade trees ; two blocks from 1' . O.
Itent re.inonalilo nnd can bo paid by the miting
of rooms ; wish to poll a small part of furniture.
Address , X 7 , llee. 127-231.
"TTKJH HKNT 7-room llat. all modern conien-
Jj Icnco- ) , treed location , rhcap to uood party ;
L. & S. Heutal Agency , room UIO , .Sheely block.
HUNT Nice llvo room cottaijoto family
without children ; f.ll N15 HI. ' mi-aij
UKNT May I , a nice ( Vroomed cottage ,
furul'hod ; the finest location in the city ;
beautiful lawn and ahade trees.only ; 7 blocks
from P.O. ; on cable and horse car lino. Address -
dross V 07 , nee ofllco. U15 28
"I710H KENT A newll-room house with largo
JL' ynrd and all modern conveniences , 2-l" Cal
ifornia st. KI1 2' > *
HUNT Ono ten-room and ono eight-
room house , all modern conveniences , licst
part of city and within C mlnntes walk of post-
olllcfl. Nathan filial ton , ISO i I'nrnam st. U42
pOH HKNT House ot all modern imnrovo-
' mcnts , perfect repair. Inquire 712 N. 10th st
M)7-24 ) *
/1O1TAOK nlcoly furnished for rooms ,
Wcloso to busluoss ; references. H 310 , Sbeoly
bit. UOJ-211
1HOOM house for rent , city water , KSi. Hoom
207 Sheely block. 870
ltiwr uoautuui n-room nouse witn
Foil Iraprovements , splendid location.
Apply at oncn , 0. F. Harrison , Mer. Not. IJ'k.
T71OH UKNT flood houses at30. J40.1002-.J20.
J3 undf 1- per month. I f you wish to rent call aud
see mo. l3. V. bholes , 210 1st Nat'l Hank. 7M )
OH HUNT A choice OJ room nouso. icnccd
lot , gas. city water , furnace , bath room ,
cistern , large well equipped Darn , 2JM Capitol
nvo. Inquire 2 < 1 house enst of premises or room
' 4 Omaha Natl bank bid. II. 11. llolitsou. 733
n\OH \ HUNT Five room house , corner I.oavon-
L1 worth and 15th sts. Apply to Dr. Mattlco ,
003 Dodge st VJS
HENT Some new G-room houses In
FOH * Caldwoll's addition , l miles
from postolflce. Apply early. Spotswood ,
T05H bo liith st. 730
RENT House II largo rooms , or the
ground looms alone. 1507 Howard. 8022W
TT10R RENT 14 room brick dwelling , all con-
JL1 venloncos , 21D N. inthst. n07
( \ GOOD houses for rent centrally located.
'fumlturu for sulo on tlmo. Co-operntlvo L uul
& Lot Co. U71 _ _
TTIOT HHNT 7-ioomIlat. J3) month. Inquire
JU ot The Fair , liltn aud Howard. 071
HOOM housu wltn barn , out a little distance
7 } KO per month. O. F. Harrison , Merchants
Nat. bank bldjr. 4U3
171OH llltNT Two 3 room Hats onN. I7tli3t.
Ju 812 and J13 : onefi-room cottage N. 17th st. ,
11. Apply to Green & Williams , 1st Nat. Hank
llulldlng. . 6U3. .
URNT Elegantly furnished rooms with
all modern improvement * , at UU4 S. 13th t.t.
"IjlUUNISHHO nouso torrent In l-arkTerrace ,
JU opposite Hanscom Park ; all modern con
veniences. Inquire Lea & JNlchol , 28th nnd
Leavenworth. IBS
fjlOlt RUNT 0-room modern Improved house ,
JO A 1 locality ; rent moderate Apply to M.
Elgutter. lifll Earnom Et. 032
OR RENT CottageH , B rooms , 27 0 Charles
st. and 1534 S " 6th at. Inquire at loom 212 ,
Shcely block. ifU
OR RENT When you wish to rent a House ,
store , or olllco call on us. H. E. Cole , room
B. Continental blk. 1)13 )
TiiOH RENT The il-room resldonco. 2107
JJ Douglas St. , nil modarn improvements , In-
qtilro S. Knts 1J10 Farnam. M.'i
" * "VENUlrooms. ; nt Itillt nnd 1015C.ipltol avo. .
2\ " blocks from P. O. , newly furnished , prlvne
boarding house.ple.isaut rooms.allconvonioucos
1'31 ' 21j *
T7IOR RENT For ono or two gentlemen , largo
JJ front room with nlrovo , nicely furnished.
On cable lluo , north sldo Dodge st , opposite
25th avc. Ml 2Jt
ITIOR RENT Nicely , newly furnished , all
Ju modern convanlenco'i , 221'l ' Douglas. IK
TJIOR RENT Nlcclr furnlsheil front bed room
JJ in ulco cottage , W pjr month , 400 William
st. - HO
RENT 3 furnished rooms for house
keeping , for mnu and wife ; rent taken In
board , 311) ) N. 17th. 1)01 ) 2M
RENT-ltoom 1021 Howard.
FOR 095
T7IOR RENT Ono furnished room with close !
JJ nnd every convenience , gas , etc. , bath room
onsamollcor : suitable for one or two gentle
man. 2214 Fiirnam. U'JO
OHO IIAIttfKY Furnlsliod room , 83 month.
- urj-ftj *
T7\O \ K HKNT Two nicely furnished front
JJ looms nt tf-'Hj U. lUth and llarnoy. 'J3H 21 $
U3U-22 *
! ! ' ' ' rooms with board in pilvato
family ; hanilsonmly situated ; references exchanged
changed ; 2I.M Harney. f04-2it ;
r OO.MS for rent , newly furnlshod , nil modern
J. conveniences ; l'tSl Davenport. tltt-ait
RENl1 FurnlHliod rooms single or en
FOR . HOD Douglas 71'J
TJIHRNISHEI ) rooms with llrct-class bonrd a
JJ 20l | ! Douglas t. h'J2 3lt
'TJIURNIRHED front room with board ; firs
E floor ; 205 S. 24th Bt. ira-2flt
T71OR RENT Furulshod room with board
J'tultuble for two geutlumeu. 1011 Douglas.
en 20 *
TJ'OR RENT Furnished sleeping rooms , 11.50
Ji to * } .6li par week. h07 , M3 Howard st. bU2-20
fc3UlT ot east rooms suitable for gentlemen or
Oladyand grntlemau.board desiredbrick roil
uence , modurn Impiovoments. CIS S. lUth st.
> LEAPANTfurnl8hed rooms from 91 to JU
I per month. N. W. corner 13th und Howard
hts. _ _ _ OJ'Ki-J *
T OR RENT i''urnished room wltn nil moden
X1 conveniences , 724 3 lUlh st. KiU
OR RENT -Nicely fiirnlsliod rooms with o
JJ w Ithout board ; 619 B 2Jlh at. U30 24t
T710R RENT FuruUbed rooms , termi moder
JL ? nto. no children ; use of phuio nnd bath : II I
North ntlu 101-22 *
1710 It RENT Three furnished rooms for Ilgh
JJ hoimekef plnp. SUM Bt. Mary's ave. lOa-22 )
SUIT of 2 furnished rooms , modern conven
lence.s , 3 blocks from V. O , , private family
"AjJIospe. Jr. 15ljDouKlas ) st. _ Kia
TniJRNIHlliiroom ; with baard , > gas and bath
JJ lu house , price * reasonable , : J Leuvnu'th
F utNlslUU HOC > lS-130t ! Douglas street
_ _
TTlUllNIHUElJ rooms , lii : 13 20tU st.uear Dodge.
J ? *
_ . . .
for rent ; must givoTefer
_ . _ at lsttljo < lu'e. _ _ 449
' '
'pOlt'UUN'lGood basement , 1316 DoUKlasIT
FlIllNIBIIEli rooms for rent at J81 'Dodge
roomi to rentlt tcMii H. 18th nt
Alt irodeincoiiventanccs. _ VJJ25J
. , . , < . , . , front roams simile or en suite ,
Mn rottago , with bcnutlful shady lawn , 414 N
Hthat. B71-23J
ROOMS and board , 1010 Webster t.
183 mUt
"f/lUHN ISlTifl ) rooms by day , weet or inonthT
J ? jt. Clitlr hotel , cor lath mid Dodge. UJ3
ITlllHNlSHKD rooms , single or on suite , bath
X1 kud btenas for t nt only. 151V Howard.
glKONT rooms ; nlljonrenicnccs ; fcm Oonelas
rpUHNISIini ) Room wllh board , suitable for
* ono gentleman , 1055 PnrX nve. 121-20 *
O Furnished rooms with nil modern ednten-
* icnccs , 1811 Capital ave. _ 117KB
[ 71011 HBNT-i.argo Ittrnlshcd room for two
L ? gentleman , 112 par month , tine summer loca-
Ion , mrolprn improvements nnd half block
_ rqm cable , 110 8 &th ave. _ fflt-82 * _
ROOM witu or Tvllhont board. 1813 Dodge ,
O PiniNlSllUD rooms Torrent , with bonrd :
< - must glvo rcfcroncos , nt 1MI Dodge et.
ROOMS and board-1813 Chicago st.
LV CS6a33t
.trout roomsTt 1821 Kamam.
"tmoiniKNT-3 new rooms suitable ftrr house-
J-1 keeping , M per month , 20thand Frnnklln st ,
17IOH HUNT Tliroo unfurnished rooms for
JJ light housekeeping , WXWSt. Mary's a.vo.
TJIOIt HKNT Housekeeping rooms , unfurn-
JIshod or furnished. N)7 ) Howard. Ml-iiQ *
TTioTTTtiJNT I ot fiunTiirnlih9d"cnamber f o
J housekeeping , 319 N 17th at. fe 23 $
FOH HUNT A handsome unite ot thrco un
furnished rooms with bathroom * and
closets , at I3ffl Sherman nve. 8S2
TfUH HRNT 4 rooms , suitable for HOUBO-
J- ! keeping ; references required ; no children.
Pileo I5,00. N. W. corner 17th and Webster st.
"T710H UKNT CheapItulldlnjr tmltablo for
JJ Move manufacturing or wnroliouse , 22x80 ,
gnu , water nnd sewerage. SautulcrH st , near
Oddfellows' hall. Knqulro nt brown livery
stable , next door. KM
T7IOU UKNT-The 4 story brick building with
-U or without power , now ocou plod by The Hoe
'ubllshlug Co. . HID Karnam st. The building
IM n lire proof cemented basement. compluto
steam heating fixtures , water on all thu Uoors ,
; 8. etc. Apply nt the olllco of Tno lice. TO
T71OU HKNT Htoro and living rooms on Cum-
-L' ing street ; also house on Cass st. Harris It.
E. He I , . Co. . Itoom 411. 1st Nat , bank. 8U
s TORI:407 ; with nasmnent , liamgo bldg. In-
' ( mire Frank J. Itamgu. 063
FOR RENT Store UJxOU ; 1113 Jackson st. n-
nulre 1114 Jackson. SW
'iTlORIinN'l' 2 Hoors'iJxSJ each. In brlct btftlil"
-U Ing , with elevator , close to express olllce.
cheap rent. Just the thing for wholesaling , good
location. Apply to GooHeyn , 1108 Farnam st.
F you want to rent your houses call on Mar-
rln , R. 15. fc L. Co. , room 4111st Nat'l bank.
LIST your property for rent with Remington
& Fryo , Northwest Corner loth and raruam.
WANTED 3J nouses at once for which we
can furnish good tenants. Hat your houses
with the Lie S Rental Agency , 310Shoely blk.
IF YOU want to buy , sell , rent or excnaugo ,
call on or address , 0. J , Stornsdorir , rooms
317 and 1)18 ) l < lrst National bank building.
G P.O. J. I'AUL , ] 00 Faruam st. . houses ,
stores , etc. . for rent. Pit !
TXT'E Rlvo special attention to routing ana
IT collecting rents , list with us. H. E. Cole ,
room 0 Continental bloctt. 047
i'OH KENT Houses In all parts of the city.
J. J. Olbjon. No. 3. CrHlehlon block. C04
r.7. GIRSON'S now system of routing houses ,
.No. 3 Creiphton block. CM
TA 'ILL take horses to pasture nt Gllmore.
IT Price t'i per mo. D. A. V'oung.Gllinore.Neb.
n HE oanjo taught as an art by Geo. F. Gel-
Jlenbock. . Apply nt Roe Olllco. BM )
T OST Rex of 1 doz. small silver spoons ,
JUmarked'Raymond , Jowolcr. " Return to
Raymond's storo. 078 20 *
STRAYED or Stolen from 11C3 Howard , span
of bay ponies , weigh about 760each. Owned
by Veil * llros. & Co. 610 B. 13th t. OG7-2W
T OST A locket containing nalr nnrt plcturo ,
J-Jtho Under will bo rewnrdnd. John lloelan ;
with Gibson , Mlllor XRichardson. . H27 20 *
PERSONAL Ladles and gentlemen wishing
correspondence in vlow ot matrimony or
amusement , send 10j. Address O. C. ilurcau ,
lock box2i J , Omaha , Nob. 10S-22t
PERSONAL J. W. O. Failure ; discouraged ;
letters for you at V , O. . U 08 lleo ollice.8
000-25 *
iJHIVATB course In , fencing , boxing or fancy
club swinging , $10. Addtoss T 14 , lleo ofllce.
2'J ' m4 ! *
JTOHAGR At low rates at 1121 Farnam st
"Omaha Auction & Storage Co. 117
milACICAGH. storage , lowest rats. AV. M
Jllimhinan. . l-'ll ' Loavonworth. 118
B RANCH & CO. , storage , 1211 Howard.
A TRANCE M 151)1 UM Mine. Snndall , the
-TXyoung Swede , tells full names of callers and
the full name of your futuio husband or wife ,
wltn late of marriage , anil tolls whether the
one you love is true or falso. Not n fortune
teller , but a young spirit medium. Madame
pees Into n perfectly dead tranco. Will bring
back the parted husband or lovnr , no matter If
they bo ID.UOJ miles awuy. Will guarantee to
settle faiirlly quarrels , Parlow up stalr.s. 40 }
N. Ifith St. , third floor J6 2itt
IVltTNANNl lo V. Warren , clairvoyant medl-
J-'cal nnd business medium. Foinnlo diseases
n specialty. HUN ICthst. . rooms2niidil. UJI
n HE Standard Shorthand School , having pur-
J-rliased Valentino's Shorthand Ins-tltule.IMx-
ton block , opp. public library , is now the larg
est , best equipped , exclusive shorthand xchool
lu the west , l-i graduates In good situations
Thohchool is In charge ot Mr. R. A , Smith , n
stenographer and teacher ot mauy years prac
tical experlunce. Twelve No. 2 Romlngtou typewriters -
writers In use. Send for circulars , 411
SHORTHAND nnd Typo-writing taupht the
moHtiuuctlcal way at tlio Omaha Commuiclnl
College , lienu ) 'ltmnn system nud Remington
typt'-wriU'rs ; htudentH romplct inenuul In two
weeks , and write from to to 100 words per min
ute In thrco months : practical olllco drill made
a specialty. Instruction iu grammar , hpoilliig
and writing fm > . Address Rohrbouuh llro.i. ,
Omaha fer circulars. 347 m3
BOARD and desirable rooms , furnished or
unfurnished ; close to street car. Mrs. C.
P. 8torrfH4l4 Cassst 81 ! ) 2i *
WANTED To buy a good residence lot cen
tnillylorated not over ono mlle and a halt
from poitotllco ; none but owners need reply
Address X fl lleo olllco. H87 2J
IANTKD To miy ; a share in Coliseum
bulldlniassociation ; address Xfl , Ilia
WANTKD"To buy ooa coiumerclill r puper.
II. ( , ' . 1'atterEon. IllSr ) 1'ithBt. IHII
W A NTH D To purchase half interest ly
plnmhlmr and ntoam luting budlncsa , bt
practical mjin. Addresi V 40 , Ileo olllce 7 7-iO
\\rANTKD rurnlture , carp t , stores ard
l > household Koods of all kinds , Omaha
AU ctlou& Storage Co. , 11-1 Farnam , WO
T710U BALK-At a barfialn. A llrst-olass "Mil
-1 } ler"hacK ; good as now ; run Only 0 months
Can bo seen at Simpson's Carriage orks. or
address X 15 , llee olllce.
FOH"SAl < n-A small nod fountain -with
marble plate , cheap ; 411 South 13th , rluar
atoro. 123-22'
FOH SAM' Cheap , household furniture , to
bu de n from 10 to 12 und 2 to 4 , W. < Califov-
nla. liuai
T7IOU BALE cheap-One organ , in good condt-
JJ tlon. linqulre 442 tj 2Uh uve. U1U-2U ?
FOH BAMS cheap One horse , saddle and
bridle ; 4I'J B24th ave. Utt-20 *
VlNB CaTnQt > ( Jr.inil r < Mewood vase ur
right piano for IIU..W ; cost when noxvt.O )
only used one year : must be sold at once ; \ > II
gtvutlmeon uartof it If desired. Address >
1)5 ) , care Omaha llee. IBlra 18
" 1 0H BALK Uood work team , wauon and bur
J.1 ness ; set carpenter tool * and chest ; full He
.xjrglcal instruments , nearly new : hotiseholi
goods , etc. On easy paymeut8.'J. J.MTllklnson ,
n417 Furnamj . 113
" 171011 SA'fiK Drafthordea , buirsy Horses , uni
J-Himlidelivery mulus. Woods Bulu btabl
1510 California. : ! _ _
TTlUltNlTlJllU of 7-room house. Iniludlug uF
Ju right piauo , tor ealo cheap , 2010 Davenport
ion SAT.K arto tons ice. Adam noder ,
Illalr , Nob. _ v , | yxs mlCT _
millST-CIiASSlotof spjopn fnrnlture and bar
JL1 fixtures for sale at . bargain. Inqulro of
ho First National t > antc"Aurora , Neb.
_ J _ 615 ftS
AHI18T-CI < A83 uprljjht piano , very reason
8onabl , on easy torihsj very nno Instru
ncnt. 010 Davenport. , ! . 839-iSt
[ 71011 SAIiK Coalandtftraln business In a llvo
L1 town of C.OOO population ; A good opening.
Address box 167. York. Keb. 077ZS'
FOH BAIin-Vory chertu ; cottrxRo organ , near
ly new ; also good tlugfe * seeing machine !
address X 0 , lleo office. i" > US7-22
jjlOH SAM ! A fjood idrlvinR mare , wbTpTTt
JL' about 1,0 < 0 lbsor ; wonld exchange for a good
justness horse XOOlbs notrlor 11. K. Hendcc.
_ j j _ 847-22
I7IOII OAliK-(7heapn nearly now top btiRgy ; Co-
JL1 luinbus make. A. H. Comstock , 312 H. ICtn.
FOH SAL G 1 work team , wagon and har
ness complete , very cheap for cash , 610
'axtonblk. _ 849
iriOll 9AU-Slmttlng , bolting , pnlloys , etc ,
JO oed as now. Hll ) siw , cross-cut and band
Bawa Tery cheap. OOr Douglas. 123
NKW'bed room set and carpets for sulo cheap.
Inquire SOU Capitol ave. _ 14-24t
TWll S.vLlf Horse and buggy. Inquire A.
' Ilospo , 1513 Douglas st. 0(15 ( ml I
IDIiAND' Guarantee & Trust Co. . IHXi Far-
nam. Complete abstracts furnished & titles
to real estate examlnodporfected & guaranteed.
vt }
A DSTHACrs Mnaban & Mahoney , room 600
-cl. 1'axton block. HCJ
OMAHA Abstract Company , 1M9 rarnatust.
Most complete and carefully prepared set
of abstract books nnd plats ot till real property
U the city of Omaha and Douglas county.
W.l'RCIC loansmoneyon Omaha real estate
llulldlng loans a specialty. It ( , Fronzorb Ik
M1 ONDV loaned on unimproved Inside Omaha
real ostato. , (1. W. Pock , It. 4 , Frcnzci block.
TTNIMl'UOVr.O and Improved property ;
U loans made promptly ; money on hanu , F.
M. Richardson , a w cor 15th and Douglas.
W E WISH to buy aomo good flrst mort
gages ; will also loan on good real es
tate security. TUe W. C. Ivea Co. , 313J3mli st.
MONEY loaned on unimproved inside Omaha
real ostato. G. W. Pock , It , 4 , Krenzer blk.
017-alO *
tOANSrnndoon Improved nnd ummpiovcd
real estate at lo.vost rates , by Odoll Bros , ic
Co. No. 312 S 10th st. EM
GOOD notes , shoit or long time , unsecured
or with mortgage , bought any wnero InNeb.
or la. Quick loans , city or farm. Call or write
W. L. Selby , It. 13 , ll'd. Trnflo. 809
" 13UijDINO LOANH-Wo will buy lot , or pay
JJlncumuranco on your lot ant build for you ;
small cash payment , balance In ensy monthly
payments ; in case of death wo cruicol the en-
: lro Indebtedness. M. 1C. &T. Trust Co. , First
National bank building. 852-mlD
HE , COLK , loan agont.
' 100
CHOICE city loans wanted In Omnhn and
Council HlulTs. Will quota very low rates
for the next few days. In dealing with us , you
deal direct with the lender. Wo loan you our
own money In all cased. No delays. Roth
principal and Interest payable ai our olllce.
Central Loan and Trust Co. , llJu ! Farnam st.
mil "
BUILDING LOAN8-AU7 per cent net , no ad
ditional charges for pnmlsslons or attor
neys' fees. W. I ) . MolklQjjFlrst Nat. bank bldg.
UILDING loans a spdcYalty. W. M. Harris ,
room 20 Frctizer blotk , opposite P. O.
iO YOU want money C 'If ' so , don't borrow
'beforo getting my raflos , which are the low-
cut on any sum from HO up to if 10.0JO.
T make loans on household good * , pianos , or
gans , horses mules , waeous , warehouse re
ceipts , house ? , least's , etc. , iu any amount at the
lowest possible rates without publicity or re
moval ot properly.
Loans can bo made for one to six months and
you can pay a piirt at any tlmo , reducing both
principle and Interest. Xf > * you ewe n balance
on your furniture or horses or have n loan on
them 1 will take It up and Viarry it for you as
long as you desire. b
Jf you needmonoy voU'Wlll find it to your ad
vantage to see mo before borrowing.
H. F. Masters , room 4 , Wituuoll building , 15th
and Hanioy. , t-ur 3.K )
lULMonnaut 410 Sheely build-
Wing at eight per cent htralgiit. Samuel ' 1 ato.
1,000 TO 81.003 on Improved city property :
. 'can ' bo paid in monthly installments ; debt
cancelled In case of death : will loan OT to 00 per
cent of cash valuation. M. 1C. Ac T. Trust Co. ,
First National bamt building. 8'i2-ml'
TVfONl ; V to loan at lowest ratns ot Interest on
ill , real estate In Omaha and South Omaha.
Titles ana property examined by us and loans
made at once. Cash on hand , llatos. Smith He
Co. room 201 Itamge bldntc. 310-m'l
$1(000 ( nud upwards to loan on good ins Ida city
property. No delays. W. Faruam Smith.
1 M Faruam St. 83j-a'7t
6 PER RENT money to loan. Cash on band.
W. M. Harris , H 2d , Frenzor block , opp. P. O ,
10. )
H.E. . COLE , loan agent.
. 100
t $8 8 To loan on lorms and city property.
JGeo.J. Paul. 1803 Faruum st. BM
/ 1TY ! Financial agency .will loan you money
Oon horsei. furulturojowelry or socurltlns of
any kind. l.WJ Howard St. , corner S. 13ti ! at.
2:11 : m 11 ;
EASTERN trust funds to loan on Improved
real estate lnOmahalargo ; loans preferred.
E. S. Rlsbee , First National bank building.
SPECIAL fund of tKMJOO to loan at reduced
rates on furniture , horses and wagons. City
Loan Co. , 118S _ 13th St. 0Q
'PEOPLE'S Financial Excnanco Largo and
X small loans for long aud short tlmo , at low
est rates of Interest , on real estate mortgage
notes , chattels of all kinds , diamonds , watshej
and Jewelry. Don.t fall to call If you want fair
nud cheap nccommoddtlons. ( ) . Rouscnren ,
M r. , room 60 > i Ilarkar blk , 15th and Farnum.
] l TONE V to loan on Improved proparty at firs-
-L JL hands. No apnllcntlon sent nwav for apt
provul. Security and titles examined free of
charge to borrowers , Lombard Investment
company , 30) ) S. nth nt. 'J05
CATmnken few loans on first-class chattel
pecurltli'S at reasonable ratc.s. W. 1C. Potter ,
room 10 llarker blk. OJ7
T OAKS wanted on Omaha real estate , three
JUnml live years' time , optional payments ,
favorable terms and rates , applications and
tit I ( is passed upon by us , nnd loans closed
promptly. Klmball , Champ ! c , room i ) ,
U. B. National Hank Ilulldlng , 1AO Farnam st.
214 ml
] 711181' mortgage loani at low ratoi and no
J delay. D. V. Bholos , 210 First National bank.
iT/TONUy / tolxjan Woareraady for appllca-
-Li-Ltlous for lo.iiii In amounts from $ Ute * 10.-
000 on Improved Omulm or Douglas county real
estate. Full information as to rates. Loans
promptly closed. Good notes will bo purchased
by us. Call upon us or write. The McCocuo
Investment Co , 103
ANV amounts loaned on fmnlturn , pianos ,
teams , eta. Notes bought at loss than usual
rates , monthly paymenttreduco Interent. Keystone -
stone Mortgage Co. , roojjj M ijhcoly blk , S. 15th
if r 3 1'jml *
0 K. HAIiniSON loani'thoney , lowest ratoi ,
, *
MONBV to loan. O. tavls Co. , real estate
und loan acents. ISOu l'arnam st. 101
IjIIjDlNO loans. I ) ? ) ? Sholos. 210 Hrst Na-
tlonal bank. t VJS
_ _
OANS made on real eslate and mortgaKOS
uoiignt. Lewis 9. UtJfjii Ic IJo , , IV. 1 Karnum.
loan . flian | K Mahoney.
O V. IIAUUIBUN luutiMuonoy , lowest rates
$ HX,000 ) to loan at OpoiVent. Llnahan & Mahoney -
honey , Itoom BOO I'axtnn bloete. 110
MONKV to loan In larp Hums at the lowest
rates t no delay , It , U J'atterdon , U1B 8 15th.
. 107
M ONKiY to loan on" furniture , horseswauons.
etc. , or on any approved security. J. W ,
itobblns H , 200 , blieely blk , , 15th and Howard.
MONKV to oan on real estate ; no commis
sion. W. A , Bpencor.Hooni UUusbmanblk
UUHABKA Mortj- . Loan Co. will make you a
loan on household goods ,
horse * , waitoni ,
land contracts ,
fine Jewelry , or socudtwspt "W kl.Ul
without publicity , it reasonable rates.
Itoom 7. Howloy biocV , ' Bouth OroaUa , ,
Uooms Ll8-51tf , 1'axton block , Omaha , Neb.
\fONKV loaned fo > aO"tt ) or Wdaya on any
J-ilklud of chattel security ; rensonablo Interest -
est ; business conttdentlau J J. Wilkinson , HIT
Fturnam at' 109
_ _ _ _
T .OAN6 on buiinesi property , * % to W , 00
JJwauted. Provident Trust Company , room
aox. Hrtt National bank bull JlUK. 110
MONUV Loan * negotiated at low rates with
out delay , and purchase uood commerola
papnr und mortgage uotoa. 8. A. Bloman , cor
\-Jt\i \ \ nn Varuun. UU
| 7IOn SATE rtorso , harness and phaeton , as
L1 good M n w. V4M racine gt. 985 as *
MONKV to loan txjwcst rates. Jboans closed
promptly. II. K , Cole , n 0 Continental block ,
_ _ 1M
r\OJTr borrow money on furniture , norsoi ,
L/wagons , etc. . or coiUtteraM until you see
0. n. Jacobs , 410 First National bank building.
\ foNEY to loans easn on hand ! no delay. J.
1U.W. squire , 1219 Farnam su , First National
iank building.
_ \ _ HM _
pUOPM''B Financial Kxchango The laltest ,
JU quletrit nnd most liberal money exchongo
n tno city ; money loaned without delay or
mbllclty , in any amount , largo or small , at the
owest rntosot interest , on any arallable so-
tultr : loatis may bo paid at any time or roniwed
nt original rates. O. llouscaran , Mgr. , room
AH , Uarker block , IStli and Fnrnam. 1CH
nlsh cheap eastern mono/ to borrowers :
purchase , securities , perfect titles , accept loans
at their western ofllco. George W.
7. Hoard of Trade Wl
Sholes , room 210 First Nat'l bank before
§ > making your loam. . . 093
M1 DNKV to loan , Harris H , E. & Loan Co. ,
room 411 , First National bank. KM
WANTED-Flrst class Inside loans. Lowon
rates. Call nnd see us. Mutual Invest
ment Co. . U. I. Harker blk. Ifith fe Faniam. IMl
r > AHRlJFlAVoK NicT clean stock general
JLXi merchandise , nxturos and largo Btoro build
ing and lot lu llvo Nebraska town. Division
station H. & M. . to trade for good Omaha resi
dence. J. H. 1'arrotto , under Douglas Co. Hank.
TJ10H SALK In ono of th best towns In east-
JL' orn Nob. ; clean stock of dry goods and
clothing : wilt lake part trade. Address W. F.
C. , box 20. Itulo. Nob. aM 2IJ
8AM8 tlOOiX ) slock of merchandise on
easy terms. Addrc s V m , care Ilco. HOP
TT10H BALl > -RostBuraut connected .with IB
J furnished rooms. 112J Cnpltol nve. PliiiW
FOH 8ALB Ilakory and contoctlouory In n
town of ulno thousand C.i.OOO ) , good trade ,
locatton , etc.renon ; for Helling waut to retire
from business. Inquire at 1110 Howard St. ,
Omaha , Neb. UK ! 23t
ANnW roller mill for sale In a good wheat
bolt , and good market for Hour. For terms
address F. J Andreas , Oordon , Neb. 845nJ7T
4J3WO to S % M wanted to put Into a good bus- !
P ness ; first class security nnd good rate of
ntorost paid for short or long tune. Or will
ako partner. For particulars address U 13 ,
lloo olllce. 142
L3AI < OON fur sale In ono of the best business
Oceiitcrs In Omahachcan. Ituason for Boiling ,
I must leave the city. Address V IS lleo.
TJIOTEL for sale. Well furnished , naylng 850
JLJn month rent. Address W. 1' . Anderson ,
ttoroatur. Kas. _ att-ml *
HOTKtj man wanted , with n few thousand
dollars to Invest ; house nil furnished and
business tuietwhl pay out In in months ; title
perfect ; nf > Incumbrance. Address M. A. Me-
Jlnnls , orO. a Churchill , Sterling , Colo.
AJ1EMHKH8II11' lii the Omaha board of
trndocan bo had cheap at Hoom22 U. S. Na
tional bank building. 023
and building material wanted for
mortgage note , real estate farms , etc. . etc.
William J.I'aul , 1CW Faruam. 100-211
farms In different localities ror exchange
change for building lots. Woaturn Land and
Loan Exchange. 313 8 18th sf Dill 22
TO EXCHANGE Clean stock of dry goods
and clothlug for boots and shoes. Address
W. F. C. , box 20 , Hnlo. Neb. OM ) 248
BEAUTIFUL Denver property to exchange
for eastern property. Dexter 28 Essox block ,
DURYLT , Col. - 877 2J
T710R "EXCHANGE 4 room house and lot , WK
X1 r.ti , in Walnut hill ; want good turnlturo or
vacant lot.
A few vacant lots In Ilensou for lots nearer
In ; live stock or persona ! property.
Throe good Improved fni ms , slitilitly Incum-
bered , torhouso and lot , vacant lota or per
sonal property. What have you to olfer ?
V 6'J. lice ollico. E4a-3Qr
FOinJXCHANaE-For desirable resldonco
property lu Omaha , auy or all of following :
41) ) choice Inside residence lots lu Hastings.
100 lots In Lincoln.
( MOacros line farming landLancaster county.
Flue rcaldonco property , Lincoln.
Good rental property , Lincoln.
Cholco family residence , corner , Los Angelns.
rt ucat residence property In Hauscom 1'lace.
Also , seine goud mortgage notes.
Address , giving location nnd price ot prop
erty. J. E. 11. , care llaum Iron Co. , 1217 Leaven-
worth. U51.
"V"E\V ] 2-seated line carriage or top buggy for
-Li mortgage city or county warrants , or any
good unsecured notes. W.L.SolbyR 13 U'd Trade
17IOR 15XCHANOK Dakota , Hand county
JJ What hnvo you to olfer for a good farm
here , slightly encumbered ? Dakota lands uro
rising lu v.-iluo , and Its destiny cannot bo dis
puted. Will take vacant lot or Improved prop
erty and assume M > IUOencumbrance , u. J.
Sternsdorir , rooms 317 and 31 ? , Eirst National
banlcbullillng. P5'i
TT1OH EXCIIANOE-Elghty acres ot the finest
-I ? timber hind In Wisconsin , clear of encum
brance. What have you to oiror ? (1. J. Storns-
dorlf. rooms 317 and Ilia , Elrst National bank
' 171OR SALE A private banlc In southern
JL1 Nebraska. Address to M. Catudal , Camp
bell , Nob. 1UJ m 3
T AND I havelP.OOO acres of choice farming
J-Jlands in eastern und middle Nobr.\ukawhich
1 will sell at from $ " > to $12 per acre. Will make
special price for the whole ll'.OJQ ' acres if taken
In u lump. Goo. H. 1'etorson , 1412 S 13th st. ,
G43 mil
FOR BALE Lot 40x100 , south ot rair grounds
lu Klrkwood : prlco S1.20J , ono-fotirtli cash.
.1. H. Loomls , 1U20 Wirt st , _ f > 78 23 ?
TJ10R SALE The llnoit rosidnnco slto in West
JL ! Omaha ; just , south ot Farnnm on 37th
street ; n corner JB.'ixlB7 with l7 feet frontage
on paved street and Joining the Imnasoino resi
dence of Klrkendull on the oust and Hrady.Eas-
bon nud Martin on the south ; a perfect gem
nnd garden spot for an elegant homo.
Harney and 21st streets , lllxlii" , on pavement
within three blocks. of the court house ; room
for seven line houses that would rent as rapIdly -
Idly as completed. A splendid permanent In
1'arnam and 22d streets , 51x17 } , with now
three-story brick store building , rented to good
permanent tenants. Rental receipts 41,20) ) per
ritv'tconth street near Nicholas , frontage 01
feet to alloy , ( lood business property.
Farunin ntreet , butwo n ; wtli and : ! Jth , frontage -
ago 4S or ixii2 : to alloy , south front , 1 block
from pavement und street e.\rs.-
1'ai-K nvonue , opposite Hanscom park , 50x150 ,
price if2,0 1 1. easy tunns.
I'addoct 1'lnotf , trackage , 00x11 J , J2.0W , easy
loth street south of Vlnton st. , lot for sale or
trade for mdsu. or good farm land.
S. A. Siomaii .1301 Farnam at. _ 2V )
AMI : ? .
Douglas County Abstracts.
l 1M Fiirnam.
Jn.Holllnslots on a payment of 3I * > down and
balance In easy monthly payments n great
many people hero In Omaha imv mndii money ,
and if you want to be convinced as to the value
of thu.Ho lots \\o are now selling on such easy
Como and fieo them.
They are In the city limits ,
They are not lu a y > vumi > .
TJiuy aru on high ground ,
Tliuy overlook the city.
2K ( ) houses aie building ,
They aro2-Ktory house * ,
Vim can eeo this.
It costs nothing.
U h ro Is no buncombe.
'j'hesonre A 1 Iot ,
And pcoj > Io buy them.
Como and Investigate.
} l."i down and J10 n month.
Don't delay ,
Hiivo your money ,
Ho3 this ground.
Remember you cannot buy a lot In mirround-
liig luldltlons for l ss than double what we nre
now selling for , and If you know a good thing
on thesp posy terms. You can dec the Improve
ments now being mudo on this ground and no
ono can sell you such lots at our prices or on
our terms. If you doubtthese statements come
'Beo For Yourselves.
for all statements hero made will ba verified ,
and If jtiu really want to make some monoy. to
have some money , to net aheiul , here Is a safe
und sure cluuico to do so. Ami's , 1COT Farnam ,
. BiJ 20
"ITU CUT room UC.UBO inOrchnrd Hill witn mou-
Jl iTn oonvenlencuH.
TUreo 7-room lioiisux at ; i7th and Dodge ats , ;
modern .couvenleilG is.
AHn A number of other houses and lots in dif
ferent partH ot the city.
If you have nnyttinu to soil or trade , call and
see us. Western Land and Loan Kxctutngc. 31.
B lUth st. 72120
TjlOR BALE or Exchange Improved stock
X' fnrmof bOd acres , In eastern Nebraska , uujr
market ; also uew 12-room house , with all con
veniences , in desirable residence portion of
Omatiu. Andrew llevlns , attorney , 422 and 423 ,
1'azton block. Umnlla. Neb 1 > 57
SOUTH OXAHA-I hava a number of good
lots In various additions that must ha eolil
at once an J can bo bought at prices that wll
suit you. (1. ( J. Hternsilont , rooms U1T and 3It
First National bank building. DM
I71OH HALK-On monthly payments , Bevera
-L1 restdenvei from 4 to8 rooms la all parts of
the city. Western L ud & Loan lizctiungu.
171011 SALE -Nica new A-room house , barn for
J-1 4 horses , well and cistern ; everything first
lass ; full lot , in Hodford Place. 20i ) feet from
Unto street (3)th ( ntt , F.SOO , (40) rash , balance 1 ,
and n years ; or 13,000. llir < 0 cnsh , balance 6
ears , M , A. Upton Company , 16th and Farnam.
! W *
, _ _ _
ORTIIY of your attention. Now being
compist d on nth su , north of Leitren-
worth st , two houses conronlont to business ,
ery roomy , grate , mantel , furnace , gas. batb ,
ollet , a water closet * , stationary wasa tubs ,
lot and cold water , five bedrooms , 10 oloseU ;
Vt )
ATA sucrlnco WxlW ft , cut and north
xXfront , corner 3 th nnd Howard its , , ono
> lock west of Coo's and KlrkondMl's fine rest *
ences , two blocks from p.tved street , two
> locks south ot Farnam at. : Just think ot It ,
Xx\M \ ft. and a corner at that , and only II.KOO.
C. B. Roller , room 6 , s. w. cor , 16th and Doimlat
fT\ORs\lo \ ! or exchange A residence at 2oth
I ? st. , and St. Marys nvo. has 7 rooms , bath
room , laundry , sewerage , gas and city water ,
Vlll take good outsldo building slto as part
payment. David Jamieton , 314 S 15th. 780
[ 71011 BALE A beautiful roMdonco In Hans-
L' com 1'Iaco , cnst front on iHth st. Just south
ofl'oppleton are , lot 60x143 to graded alloy ;
ard nicely sodded ; 8-room house , bath , hot
vnd cold water , gas , sewer , electric bells , hard ;
roodllnlsh. If taken at once will soil this flno
lomo for amount much below It * value. No
nicer neighborhood In the city. To these that
norm business wo would Itko to show this
iroporty. Wo will mike the prlco right. M.
V , Upton Company , 16th and Farnam. HJl
molt HALE Academy of Music building and
U two business lots , Grand Island. Nebraska ,
irotiud llxl.ti foot , uulldlng brick , two stories
ilgh and stone basuments , all In good repair ;
cnuscasy ; i > rlco Jis.ixw. Enrmlroot Thompson
iros. . Q rand Island , Nebraska. 701ml- *
OH.LOOIChoroI An east trout. M ft lot , on
20th st. , south ot llurdi'tto : very line view
orll.riOO. How's that. M , A , Upton Company ,
Oth and Farnam. 1WI
NO cash payment roqtilrod. Will soil you a
lull lot In Snuudors k Hlmobntign's add
Tortooo nnd take mortgage for full amount duo
nRyoars on condition that you build a housn
o cost not less than * 5X ) . C. K. Rolter , room ft ,
t W corner ir > th and Dnuglas. 4'i3
FOR BALE Cheap Not for trade ; 64.1.7(1 ( acroi
lind ( sco. 5-12-G ) two miles from Marquette ,
lamtlton county , Nebraska. Frame house , nta-
bio. 300 acres under good barl > wire lend ) ,
round cedar posts , two stays , living water. IlJ-
foot channel , 2 wells , 3JO barrel tank , corral ,
self-feeder , nuatural stock ranch , In a line corn
> rlco fi.ooa
Yashin hand 2,7 < ' > 0
2 years'time 0 percent 3.S.VJ
do and look over land. Address owner , F. 1C.
Atkins. 1502 Larimer st Denver Col. (27 (
FOR SALE G-room cottage on 16th st. but.
Center nnd Dorcas , lot 3" > xir > 7 , 4iWW , easy
erms ; this is a bargain. M. A. Upton Co. , ICtli
nnd Fnmnm. 001
HOMES for railroad uicn 1 will build cot
tages to suit purchasers on lots In Noith
Omaha addition and soil on monthly payments
of $10 to SM per month. These lots nre within n
quarter of n mile of North Omaha depot. W.
: t. Homan. room fl , Fronzer Itlk. 8J.1-21
IT1OR SALE Choicest liroporty in Orchard
JL1 mil ; ID-room house , nit modern lmpio\u-
neuts , nnd 8 full lots. D. E. Johnson , owner ,
635 I'axton block. \K \ 27
T3E AD THIS I hnvo a customer for n good
JLVbulldlng lot who will mnko n small rash
laymont , build a house and make n Imlldlng
oan and give n second mortgage for balance ot
mrclmse monoy. It you bnvo n good lot to soil
on these terms I can dispose of it for you , or If
you nave anything to soil very cheap for cash
1st it with mo. tlrovcr Stevens , 6lO and 017
1'axton block. Telephone 112- > . 141-27
FOR SALE Cheap ; now 7-roora house , lln-
Ishod in hard wood , centrally located on ca-
ile and street car lines ; terms easy ; address X
0 , lleo olllco. ti8i'-23
TT'OR 8ALE South and east corner U.xlV > , in
JL1 the neighborhood of the Milton Rogers
arnperty. West Farnam street , very sightly.
This Is choleo property in a choice neighbor
liood and w 111 bo Bold cheap. It w 111 pay you to
investigate the locality mid this imitlcular
piece of ground. C. F. Harrison , Merchants'
National bank. b05
FOR SALE Or exchange for Omaha prop
erty , 80 acres , suitable for platting ; will
make 40J lots , all clear ; big money in It forsomo
ono who can push this ; located Just outsldo the
city limits of Council IllulTs. Inquire Goo. J.
Sternsdorir. rooms 317 and 31S , First National
bank building. " 9-5 _
WHAT "FOOLS wo mortals bo"-H2,000
buys ton-room house with Antique oak
and natural cheriy finish , sldo board in dining
room of same with all latest modern conven
iences ; nicely decoiatod , stationery laundry
tuDs , and a ct'iu ot a house nil through. East
front and full lot on Georgia nvo. Tnko it
quick ; party ROlug to leave city.
J'J.OOObuya 103x145 on corner 37lh nnd Farnam
sts. ; east front and best bargain for money in
tno city ; both streets paved
J7lX ) buys elgnt-room house nnd barn nnd all
latest conveniences. East front on So. 23th
btreot. Take good lot In part payment.
$3,000 buys a good six-room house on easy ,
terms.177foot ( ) lot In West Omaha to exchange
oar , for good house.
l..WX ) buys a good now G-room house and full
lot on easy payments.
t7OUO buys a splendid house , 8 rooms In
Kountzo Piaoo on Illnnoy street , or will take
smaller house in part payment.
$1,700 buys n good nouae and lot. en Grant
near 20th street. Tuko this quick.
f l.noo buys good six-room House with all con-
venloncos. TaKe good clear farm or J2.0X ) ;
equity In one IIH part payment.
I have wagon loads or good bargains cither
lor sale , trade or ( glvo away cheap ) to t > uK the
most fastidious.
Got a move on yon some time and como In.
D. V. Sholes , 210 1st Nut'l Rank.
"To not know n b.iri'iiln that wo HOB. " 78it
" | 7VR SALE The most pleasant nuclbest located -
* - ' ted llttlo homo iu town , suitable for a man
\\lth n small family who wants something very
choice and not too expensive. Has never been
put on the market before and will undoubtedly
bo sold soon. It will pay you to iuvustlKato this
promptly. C. F. HitriUon , Merchants Nat. H'lc.
OR SALE Nino-room house , barn and lot
in Hanscom Place ; also 2 house * and lots in
Sunny Side. Harris , room -ill , 1st Nat. bank.
T71OR SALE or Lease Frame liulldln ; ; nhou
JJ 40x50 with three years' lease of lot.aui Doug
las su b
TKR SALE IW ft. on Tnth street near .Mar-
-thn. with cottage renting $10 per month ,
prlco $5.300 ; terms very easy.
Lots 21 nnd 22 , block 1 , Orchard Hill , prlco
$9H ) each ; terms easy.
71 ft. on : oth Htroet between Cass nnd Califor
nia sts. , only tf.tuu. *
Lot 3 , block I , ,1. I , Rcdlck's sub , street at
both ends of lot , prlco if Ii00 ; toims ensy.
Good lot in blouk I , Omulm View , prho $1,100.
Lot 11 , block I , I'lulnvlow , prlco tl.lMJ.
Good corner In Logo's addition , 00 ft , south
front , prlro only MM.
Lot M , Hurr Oak , fronting Hanscom park ,
pilco fl,2V ) .
Gii ft , Boutli front , lot on Jackson st , In Isaac
& Soldeu'R add , prlco $ liOU.
Lot 2 , block 2 , Hillside No. 1 , 50ft south front
on Cnssss , prlco * 2fjOJ ; cash $ l,00iballlvors
at 8 per cent.
Lot 1. block 1 , Hillside No. 2 , prlco t,750 ; cash
8IAO' , bal llveyrs at 8 per coin.
Lot ! ) , block 1 , Hlllsldo No.2 , i > rlce f-.TW ; cash ,
. 1ml llvo years at 8 per cent. I , no ; ; tlu-su
up nnd BOB svhat advantages tnoy have over res
idence lots In other localities.
Lots lu Hillsldu Rusurvo from W.ttH to W.WiO.
This IH fast becoming ono of the Hnest residence
localities In Omalia , and we are prepared to of
fer soiiio ot tno best of this pinperty for sale at
the lowest possible prices , nnd to mnko special
inducement * to parties who will build.
If you contemplate building u Jld.OJ ) , iJ'.fO
or # ! uOUO home tuts season let us f lio.v you ono
of the finest corners In the city on which to
build It. It is U0x:0 ) f t and fronts south and
cast ,
EuHt fi ont lot lu block i , Potter's addition ,
1'rlco f J.W ) .
Lot 4. block 1. rotter's addition. I'nca * l,47i. :
Double corner in I'ot tor's adltloii , l.U.vl u ft ,
only f..s 0.
Well unproved business lot. with sewer con
nections , city water , etc. , roniing J 7U per year
and lu a locality where rents are advancing.
1'rlcu H.OiX ) . A good lincstmcnt for tcinoono'
nTwonewhonscii and lots In western part of
thu city , with modern convenience * . 1'rlco
Ki.O and JJwo respectively. Toims , fM cash ,
bal monthly.
A few line I'cBldencei In ICountzo place nnd
Jlanscom phico that wo should 1 Ilco to uhow
parties wanting IIOIIICH.
Lots is Council llluirs within three Quarters
or a mile or the postolllco fro S.'ou to JJX.O
TariiiH easy.
A few ot the b3bt rorners In Council Illnirs on
Ilroadwayln the \Ulntty of the motor power
hoiDo and carrlugo factory.trom JI.U',0 to { I,2W.
t'omu of the HUOVO lint , niooll > rtd : at from 10
par cent to 2'i per rent below their uctuul value
and wo should be pk-aHod to hnvo the propery ,
invobtlgati'd. 1'otter & Cobb , I ; i Farniim
BJ7 2flt.
Notice to Oradora.
Scaled proposals will bo received nt the ofllco
of the county clerk , until 2 o'Iok p , m. , Satur
day , April -ftli lust. , for thu running of graders
Nos , 1 und S. Separata bids w 111 bo rocelvod for
hill ami turnpike work , and ail bids must be
accompanied by certified chock for 110) . 1'lana
und specifications to ho HOCII nt the olllce ot thu
county clerk , M , D. ROCJIK , County Clore.
mien MOO Vlffrnil Bljl.i of
S , W , Corner Farnara anfl 15th Sts ,
Tnid lu Cnpltnl , . . . . . $ oOO,000
0. K. 11A IlKKIl , rrcsldent.
K. lfc niUlinoWtilt , Vco rrosldont ,
F. 1I.JOIINPON , Cashier.
W. B. ltncnx > R , Assistant Cashier.
Oro. K. li inKKit , 0. II. M
K. Ii. ItlKIIIIOWEn , < ! ll VS. MKT7
' , II. .10IIN80.V , J. N. COnMSI
< . \VIIUAMS , J. ij. MII.RS ,
B. H.JOHNSOK , fl. W. CltOV ,
Au.KsT , HKCTOII , WM. amvKit ,
Accounts of bankers , merchants nnd Individ *
inls received on the most fnvorablo terms.
Cnpllnl Stock $150,000
LlnlilltUo * of Stockholiloi-s 1100,000
Five Per Cent. ratil on De
posits Compounded Seinl-
CHAHLna F. MANDHHBON. 1'rosldont.
L. M. IIHNNlU'l1. Vice President ,
F. \ViS3KLLS : , Managing "Irector.
JOHN K. wll.HtJH , Ciumlor
J. W. n.VNNBTT. UV 0-
1. .1. llHOVV.N , I. . M. llK.NNBTT.
C. F. MANI1KH8OM , TllOS. 1. . KlMll.U.U
IKSIIY 1'UNDT , 1 1 1. STO.Nlt ,
) MAIIA t , . it T. CO. , K U. WIU.IAM3 ,
r. W. WKMKIA I. M. Cimtinox.
ANSON . McCooic. N.V. . WKI-I-S.
Surplus 100,000
HERMAN lvOUNT7n , Prosldont.
JOHN A. CUKIUHTON , Vice I'rcildent.
F. II. DAVIS. Cashier.
W. H. M KGQU1I ! Assistant Cashier
Corner 10th and Farnam Streets , Chamber ot
Comiaurco llulldlng.
Capital Stock $100,000
Liability of Stockholders 800,000
Five uor cent pntcl on deposit' , lonm ninila on rent
into iiml iierswmlMioeiirtty ! note' , wnrntuti , stooM
nil bonds purchased.
JOI1N L. MIMCS , I'rO'lilotiU
SAMUKli COTNI5H , Vlro ProMilent.
IIKXTKH Ii. THOMAS , Cashier ,
John r , . Miles , Krmttis Honwu ,
hamual Cotnur , John ll.Kvnm.
Andrew llo owator , JlorrU .Morrison ,
W. A. 1 , . ( ilbbon , < ! eo. M. niirker ,
ov.AlvIn humidors , Dovtorl'Iliomi %
Norinnn A. Kulm , Jaino ; Thompson ,
F. II. Johnson. John Ituih.
1 > . yVnJeraon.
Tlic Eqtillnlilo Trust Co. ,
LEWIS S. HEKD , 1'rcs. H.V. . YATKS , Trcas
22O2Farnam under IvonBanle.
Loans at the lowest rates obtainable on 1m
proved farms In Nebraska , and on Improved
centrally located Omaha city propoty. Money
piomptly furnlslipd.
O.B. SCHMIDT , Sccrotnry.
Gj'aceful Form ,
Combined In
Skirt Supporting Corset
It Id one of the inot pi > pulnrln the market anil sold
7 IcaUlnK ilunlers In Omulm. 1'rlcu tl.'iJ.
Fey , Harmon & Chaiwiet. Now Haven , Conn.
Warranted ubiulttttty ptira
Cnrnn , from which tlm cicesi ol
Oil liu been removed. Itliujnor *
tlnin tin ce time * tlto eti-cnytfl
o ( Cocoa mixed uilh Starch , Arrow-
rent or .Sugar , and ! therefore lu
inure economical. cottni/let $ l\Utl
one cent a cup. It it delicimii ,
nourishing , strengthening , eajilydl-
Rented , and admirably tdapted for In
valids as well at ( or persons la health.
Sold by ( Jrocers eierjnliero.
W , BAKER & CO , DorciiGSter , Masi
Iloom 03 Traders' Dulldlua
"Red Label" Cigars.
J Arrests discharges from the urinary or-
I gang In cither ftCxlu4H liuur * . '
I It Is superior to ropalta , cubeUi , M
Iliijectaons , tot free from ell bad
I or other inconieoUncea.
| ai uluwlitclj U r thrniin * lil
I Ultck letUriwlO oul wUlcli cone ut
JKtnuln * . _