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A Drummers' Soolnl Club Organized
at Beatrice.
A DlHoiplo or Nlinrotl An Arknnsns
Kxpcrlcticc General News nnd
Gosfllp AmoiiRtlio Knight *
oftho Grip. *
Soiul In Your StorlcB.
The commorclnl travelers of this
fit ate have shown their appreciation of
Tun BEK'S efforts to afford thorn every
Monday intelligence peculiarly Inter
esting and instructive to the craft.
They have contributed to our columns
fraoly In the past , and during March
moro communications have been re
ceived for our commercial travelers' de
partment than over before in n given
tlmo. Thcro are , however , a variety of
subjects which have not been discussed
by thorn in Tim BKK , and there are
hundreds whoso personal reminiscences
on the road would make intensely inter
esting reading.
To Induce members of the craft' to
contribute regularly to our columns , It
is proposed to offer a thousand mile
ticket , good on Nebraska lines ,
under certain conditions. The
ticket will bo purchased by Tim
BKK , over the line chosen
by the nuccosslul competitor , who must
cither represent a Nebraska house or
travel exclusively in this slate for an
outside firm. Ho must present a letter
from his house certifying that ho is a
regular traveling representative of such
A thousand-mile ticket will bo pro-
ecntod , under above conditions , to the
commercial traveler who shall bo first
to contribute 0,000 words worthy of
being printed in TUB Bun. Ho can
count only that which appears in print.
Don't bo afraid that your communica
tions will not bo acceptable. Wo want
the groundwork of your ideas or anec
dotes or biographies , personal gossiper
( or anything that will interest the craft )
and wo will tone it up if necessary and
put it in proper shape for the printer.
The second best man will bo given a
year's subscription to the daily. Each
competitor must clip all of his commu
nications as fast as they appear in Tun
MONDAY BKK , forward them to this
' Dlllco , nnd sign his full name and the
house ho represents.
AVnltlnt ; For nStmmbnnt.
The "Flying Dutchman" writes : I
vms malting a river trip to Little Rock ,
stopping at all the ports on the way.
At Memphis , Tonn. , nt the Overtop
hotel , I mot a traveling man from Cin
cinnati who was going up the Arkansas
river selling hardware. Ho was a
young man , dressed in the very latest
style , hair parted , in the middle and
Standing collar , flashy nccktio and
patent leather shoes and a tailor-made
Buit. Ho was told by the dork of the
hotel t was going that way , and ho at
once came over to whore I was sitting
and introduced himself , stating his
business and where ho was going ,
told him that I was going down the
next moining on the steamer Ruth
far as the mouth of the White river ,
and there wait for the steamer Im
porter , Captain John Williams , loaded
with sugar and salt from Now Orleans ,
bound for Little Rook , Ark. Ho said
ho was a now man ; it was his first trip.
Ho would likn to have the pleasure ol
traveling with me , to which I gave my
consent , as I was well acquainted with
the route. The next morning wo
drove down over the levee to the
Btoamor which , for a wonder , was on
Wo had a very pleasant trip and my
now friend was delighted with every
thing. In those days the living was
nrand on the lower Mississippi river
boats. In the evening after tea , wo
had a string band composed of the cabin
crow , to play in the ladies' cabin and
music and dancing made the night
merry. It was early in tho. morning
when wo landed at White river and
wore shown up to the Cumhia hotel.
Now , Arkansas hotels in those days
wore not as fine OB they might have
been. This ono was sot up on posts on
nccount of overflows in the rivor. All
day we hung around the hotel and over
to the river bank watching for signs of
n steamer but none showed up. After
tea my young friend said if he only had
a , llddlo ho could furnish sonio entertain
ment. I said I wished ho had and if I
bad a guitar I could play an accompani
ment to his music.
The landlord who was sitting on the
porch near by , smoking a pipe , got up
without a word and walked away. Soon
ho was bacic with a fiddle in ono hand
and a guitar in the other and came U |
to us saying , "Lot us see what you can
do. " At once wo tuned up and played
n few waltzes. Ho wont away again ,
but BOOH returned bringing with him a
'number of Arkansas belles and their
beaux. The girls all had rod calico
dresses trimmed with white braid , and
brognn shoos. The gentlemen had long
bair , pants in their boots and each ono
had a brace of. navy sixes strapped to
him. They had dropped in for a dance.
At first we refused to play but after being
ing coaxed we consented to play a few
sots tor.thorn and wont to the dining
room. Such dancing , pigeon wings ant
doublo-shulllos you never saw. It was
2 o'clock in the morning when the
dance broke up and wo wont to bed with
n call for the llrjt boat uu the Arkansas
river. No call came ami the dance was
continued every evening for three
days and every morning they would BIIJ
"no boat. " The landlord was doing a
great business at his bar. All hands
wore drinking after every sot at 25 cents
B drink. The two traveling men , how
ever , were not faring quito so well
They were paying $1 per day for board
and making sill the music. It was the
tbo morning of the third day , I got up
early and walked over to the river banl
to euo an Irishman shoveling coal into
ornpty boxes. I said , "Pat , what are
you doing that forV Ho uuld , "Oh
toiou , the boats was here lust night
Two wont up the White river , jind one
up the Arkansas. " That was the one
wo had been waiting for all that time
The landlord had boon playing us a.m
getting all the money. Wo refused to
pay our hotel bill , ( &M ) , for two men
lor three days , and had to go baelc to
Memphis , and the hardware man novoi
ciinlc that trip up the Arkansas river
ISoalrioe DriiinmoiV Club.
A Beatrice traveler writes : A large
and enthusiastic mooting of the trr.vol
ing nruii making Beatrice their homo
wati held in the parlorH of the Randal
The mooting was called for the pur
pose of forming the Traveling Men's
Social club of Beatrice.
A permanent organization was
onncu , with A. .T. Conloo , president ;
I. A. Forbes , treasurer ; E. .1. Egglos-
, on , secretary , and H. M. Chase , cor
responding secretary. In view of the
act that Beatrice has so rapidly come
to the front as headquarters for a largo
number of traveling men , these
xlrcady making it their homo felt that
holr numbers warranted them in form-
ng an organization for furthering
their mutual interests , both in a social
way nnd for gaining recognition a ? a
body , locally and abroad. The social
advantages" to bo enjoyed wllLonablo
the various members of the club to en
tertain in a suitable style their friends
nnd members of the profession from
abroad. The Beatrice board of trade
lias most heartily endorsed and en
couraged the club , having tendered
their rooms for the club rooms.
A vote of thanks was extended to
mlno host Hamilton for courtesies ex
tended during the evening.
A grand ball , given by the club , will
formally open the now Paddock hotel
here , the proceeds of which will bo used
Tor lilting up the club rooms.
. The following traveling men were
present : R. F. Bacon , L. W. Willis ,
C. K. D.uiforth , C. W. Miller , F. D.
Merrill , N. D. Hubbard , A. .T. Conleo ,
C. S. Fossclman , F. O. Waynant , O. II.
Phillip , W. H. Warner , II. M. Chase ,
W. R , Whiteman , J. A. Forbes , A.
Herman , E. J. Egglcston , S. S. Sims.
Jim and the Snnkc.
Old Voracity relates the following
and vouches , of course , for the truth of
it : "Now , boys , what I am going to
toll you , is the good God's truth , and
nothing olso. Down in the state of
Kentucky is a llttlo town called Nichol-
asvillo. Not far from there Is the Ken
tucky river , a fine stream for llsh , and
noted for the picturesque scenery along
its banks. In the summer of ' 87 I was
traveling in that state , and was Invited
to join a llshing party , from Nlcholns-
villo to the Kentucky. Among the nec
essary articles , requisite for a camping
party , taken along , was a jug pf cele
brated whisky , made in that country by
a man named King. Well , wo trot to
the river all right , and went into cam p.
Among our party was a bold , dare devil
of a follow , named Jim , who , as soon as
wo got our tent struck , commenced a
vigorous attack upon the jug. In a
short tune ho got pretty drunk , nnd
getting drowsy , ho said ho would go up
on the hillside and lake a nap. Atsup-
per time I was sent to hunt Jim , ho not
having shown up. "Not far from the
camp I found him , asleep , nnd you can
imagine my horror , when I saw near
him a snake , known as the copperhead ,
one of the deadliest reptiles of thosouth ,
coiled ready to strike. At this moment
Jim lazily opened his eyes , and took
in the situation. Gazing fearlessly into
thnoyosof the snake ho said : 'You
d n copperhead devil , you want to Into
me do you ? Well , my friend ( hie ) , if
you do , you couldn't have ( hie ) chobon
a more opportune moment to do it ( hie ) ,
for by gosh i am heeled , so light in. '
And , gentlemen , would you believe it ?
that snake , complotolv abashed , slowly
uncoiled itself and glided away. You
see it recognized the fact that Jim was
master of the situation full of liquor ,
you know a sure antidote for the deadly
venom of a rattlesnake or copperhead.
Whisky , straight , please. "
* *
Sitting around the radiators at the
Thurston , without any asking , Old
Voracity , gazing through the window
at the down-pour of rain out of doors ,
said : "It was just such a day as this
that Jim Jones fought Clay Dryo's wild
cats at Hustonvillo , Ky. " Not a soul
said a word , and unsolicited O. V. wont
on : "You sec , boys , it was this way :
Some ono had captured two kittens in
the hills and gave them to Dryo , who
raised them. They were nice enough
pots at first , but as they grow to bo
older they became so vicious as to ne
cessitate'confinement. . They were
accordingly placed in a cage , whore
being constantly guyed by the village
urchins , they become very ferocious.
So ono rainy day John Brooks , a regu
lar tough , lame to Hustonvillo , and ,
filling himself with whisky , wanted to
fight something. Somebody suggested
that ho tackle Dryo's cats , which pro
ject , seeming to strike him , bo offered
to bet anybody $10 that ho could whip
both of them single-banded. The
money having been put up , Brooks ,
after having prepared himself by don
ning a heavy overcoat nnd gloves , was
turned into a room about sixteen by
twenty , where the cats had previously
been placed. Pretty soon the sounds of
the combat became audible1 to the crowd
on the outside. Above the snarls of
the cats came the sonorous voice of
Brooks , who said : 'Wo are now fight
ing ! I now have ono of the devils ! Ho
now has mo ! I am choking the devil to
duutli 1 Holy Moses , ho now. has mo !
My right eye is now gone ! I have just
bit off. ono of the devil's oars ! Ho has
torn off my nose ! Help ! Firol Mur
der ! I ! ! ! ! ' Ho was rescued in a
wretched condition , the cats making
their escape , and never being recap
tured. Brooks got well , with the loss
of an eye and a whole nose , and lives
until this day , a confirmed prohibition
ist. Lot's ' liquor. "
Fran rant Frances.
J. K. Armsby in his last circular ,
thus feelingly acknowledges the re
ceipt of a bottle of perfumery :
J. S. Kirk & Co. sent us just before
starting on our last trip , a little bottle
of perfumery'with a request that we
use it ourselves , and there was a name
less something about that note that
would seem to imply that we needed it.
We did not got mad , we just took in the
perfume and when wo opened that bottle
tle , joe-whiz how sweet the perfume.
Wo remembered back in boyhood days
when wo worked the bung-hole of an
old molasses barrel with a long stick
after the sugar in the bottom , and we
thought nothing could bo as sweet. Wo
renombor ) later in life Avhon wo wore
tie ) big boy of the school and kissed the
school inarm behind the door for the
first time , and we thought ttien the
heavens had opened and were raining
molasses candy and ginger snaps ; but
this bottle of perfumery knocked out all
memories and real ! lies. Sola wonder
ment wo looked to the label and wo
found the solution of the problem. It
road , the "Bouquet Essence of Frances
Bonnet. " She must have been a daisy ,
and if a little of her boiled down was as
sweet as this , what would an entire lap-
full of her unboiled have been. Old ns
wo are nnd bald-hooded besides , wo
would have held her for a minute just
to rest thu other follow. It seams hard
to have to boll her , but if it was to bo
done , wo are glad ns good boys that the
Kirks got her. But wo advise every
body to send for a bottle before she is all
gone , and don't got fooled on the arti
cle. Buy Frances or nothing. Bond the
ardors to Bluff Old Aliolc or Honest
John. ( Milt , the old darling , is in
Europe hunting up some more girls to
boil. ) Wall or Charles are such giddy
things , it would bo just liknthom to run
in the juice of some other girl on you.
But if you got the real Frances and
don't ay she was the sweetest smelling
girl you over know , Bond the bill to us.
A Dlaolplo or Nlmroil.
Colonel W. H. Hnyden took a day off
not long ago to Ins poet a lloclc of gceso
Lr at hnd boon making sad havoc with
Lho corn fields near the Platte , says the
Hastings Democrat. The colonel
brought several birds to his feet , and
sent in a dozen to Messrs. Sloan , John
son & Co. , wholesale grocers , Omnhai
The following appreciative reply was
received :
OMAHA , Neb. , March 30 , 1839.
DBAU CoLONEt , . Wo. hare received
the dozen fowls , trophies of your prow
ess as a disciple of Nimrod. They hnvo
hecn apportioned out to the respective
heads of families belonging to the es
tablishment. Wo take this means of
thanking you for this exhibition of your
thoughtfulness in thus allowing us to
partake in this manner of the pleasures
of the chaso. When the birds shall
have been brought on to the festal
board at our Sunday dinners , each and
every ono of us will call to mind the
kindly spirit that prompted you , out of
the largeness of your heart , to thus re
member us. The invocation will go up
from our grateful hoarU that a whole
page of debits on the great lodger above
will bo blotted out.
Colonel : Did it over occur to you ,
that this spirit of loving-kindness , ns
manifested hy you , partakes of the di
vine quality ? "It droppcth ns the gentle
rain from heaven on the place beneath.
It is twice blessed. It blossoth him
that gives nnd him that takes. It becomes -
comes the throned monarch butter than
his crown. " It .softens the asperities of
lite , knocks off the rough corners and
makes all the world akin.
Wo trust that your late outing , will
bo productive of improved health , en
ergy and spirits , that your perceptions
will bo keener , and that your hopes
will bo enlarged. Wo trust that you
will bo more invincible than over.
That your joys may bo brighter , that
your cares will bo lighter , is the earnest
wish of a house full of friends at
T. M. P. U.
There will bo a meeting of Nebraska
Division No. 1 , T. M. P. U. , in Omaha ,
Saturday , April 27 , at 12 o'clock p. m.
H. B. SHI.LIK. Soc.
By order of the executive board.
C. E. Thornburg , of the McClurg
Cracker company , failed to bo at the
depot , last Monday morning , to innko
his usual trip , owing to the fact that ho
was detained at homo to care for a now
ton-pound daughter , who arrived at his
home early Monday morning. Charley
looks about a foot taller , and is very
proud of his new title , papa.
Send in your stories. The first Ne
braska traveler who clips six columns of
bis own contributions , gets the 1,000
tnilo ticket.
L. C. Hill , the buggy man , was in , off
the road , several days last week , wait
ing for his house to fill t > omo of his
orders already in. Hill is modest ,
hasn't the gall to visit his trade while
there are back orders staring him in
the face.
George Rudio came in Saturday ,
after a two week's trip. Ho reports his
maiden trip for Kirk's soap a success :
When ho started out , two weeks ago ,
George was rather timid. This state
ment may seem strange to the boys who
know him of old , but it's a fact , never
theless. Ho felt rather embarrassed ,
having boon off the road two long years ,
but courage rapidly exchanged places
with embarrassment , and at Lin
coln , his first stopping place ,
ho braced the first man ho mot to buy a
bill of soup in order to get his oily
tongue loose once more. Ono trial was
all that was necessary , however. Rudio
thinks Kearney a line place with many
improvements , but is down on the "boan
cater" who runs the Midway there , and
says if a traveling man expects a good
robin at the Midway it is necessary to
register from "Bosting" or he'll get a
sky-parlor , sure thing. George bribes
his friends now by promising" thorn a
nice box of Kirk's toilet
finest oaps , as
sorted with a string attachment. One
thing "Rudy" can't got over , is the
fact that the Midway has signs on it ,
" 173I5 miles to Boston" and " 17i3 ! miles
to San Francisco , " ho evidently thinks
there's no place like home and should
substitute a sign of his own construc
tion , but things have changed during
the two years George has boon off the
_ _
TIio Pliilosonliy or Life.
The philosophy of Frauds Bacon Is the
philosophy of life , "Dosplso no now acci
dent in the body , " snitl he , "but usk opinion
of it ; hi sickness principally respect health
and la health action. " 1'horo are many so-
called slight affections which men think it
bravo not to notice. It is not bravery ; it is
folly. As Dncon says , ' 'desniso no new ac
cident of the body. " UitAxnuiiTii's PILLS
will remove effectually and at once n thou
sand and ono of the little ills of Ufa that
often , if neglected , take years to cure. Bo
sure to have with you always a box of
BltANMlBTll'S Pll.I.8. _ _
How n Wayward Girl Found DIs-
{ rnco and a Coll.
The foinalo cell at the city jail held an Inmate -
mate for a short time , lust night , whoso muno
did not appear on the police record. The
prisoner was a young girl , not moro than llf-
teen years of ago , and decidedly prepossessIng - *
Ing in appearance , who was arrested by a do-
tectlvu of the police force at the request of
her mother. The mother arrived nt the sta
tion In a few minutes after nor daughter's
arrest , and , after a consultation with the
chief of police , was allowed to taito her
daughter homo with her. Tha mother's
story was to the effect that her daughter loft
her homo about six weeks ago with a mem
ber of a theatrical company then playing an
engagement In this c'ty ' , and has been with
him binco that time until a few days ago ,
when sbo returned alone to Omaha , having
been deserted by the man who accomolishcd
her ruin. The mother heard of her way
ward daughter's arrival here , and called
upon the police to arrest her. The girl was
deeply affected over her arrest , expressed
penitence for her errors , and returned homo
with her mother , promising to sin no moro.
Do you relish your foodV Is your di
gestion good ? Are your bowels rogu-
larV Do you have a tired or languid
fooling ? Is your tongue coated ? Does
your back achoV Is your skin sallow ?
If your system is in a bad condition
take St. Patrick's Pills ; they will aid
your digestion , improve your appetite ,
regulate your bowels , correct your bil
ious disorder and muko you fool llko anew
now person. For sale by all druggists.
An Accidental Trip.
Two boys named LSemilo Mlzzyand Cbnrllo
Smith , aged respectively eight and nlno
years , were playing In a box car ut Grand
Island , where the car was shut and fastened
by a railroad man , who did not know that
tbo little follows were in It , The car was
brought to Omaha and the pair discovered
and released. They will bo sent homo
to-day. _
All danger of drinking impure water
is avoided by addihg 'M drops of the
genuine Angostura Bitters , manufac
tured by Dr. Siogort & Sons. At all
_ _
A Quiet Sunday.
The police had un easy day of it yesterday ,
All of the saloons were reported as having
been kept closed during the day , But two
arrests were made during the day , both for
Advice to Mother * .
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should al
ways bo used for children toothing. It soothes
the child , softens the gums , allays all pain ,
euros wind colic , aud Is tbo best roiuody for
diarrhoea. 85con u a bottle.
norn's ormtA. HOUSE.
Monday Night Dockstnder's minstrels.
Tuesday Night Uockstailor's minstrels.
Friday Nl < cht Bd u and Barrett , In
Merchant of Venice. '
Saturday Mattnoo Booth and Barrett , In
Saturday Night Booth and Barrett , in
The Fool's Itct'CTvpr , and 1'orlcfc's Love.
Every Afternoon nnd Night Andrew J.
Seymour , a mind redder , and variety per
TIio World Ought to Know It.
The world ought .to know what S. S. S.
has done for mo in the euro of n malignant
cancer , which was SO bad an to bo consld *
creel Incurable by the physicians In Chicago ,
where I wont to bo treated , The hospital
surgeons cnvo mo up , wiyinp they could do
nothing for mu. One of my neighbors sent
mo the copy of nn advertisement out rrom a
pnpor In regard to Swift's Specific , and I
began taking : It. I got rohof from the first
few doses ; the poison was gradually forced
out of my system , nnd I was soon cured
sound nnd well. It Is now ton months flinco
I quit taking S. S. S. nnd I have had no sign
of return of the aroadful disease.
At Sahlo , Mich. , Dec. ' . , ' 83.
Send for books on blood diseases nud can
cers , mailed freo.
Drawer a , Atlanta , Ga.
Plnttsmniith's Celebration.
Plattsmouth makes a comuiandablo show
In having already matlo arrangements to col-
cbrato the centennial of Washington's in
auguration , on Tuosdav week , with a
reception nnd banquet. A number of Plaits-
mouth ladles nnd gentlemen are to represent
the dlgniturlosof the revolutionary period on
continue. Iho gentlemen will respond to
patriotic toasts. Among the prominent No-
brnskans who will bo present nnd take part
In the festivities are Governor Tliayor , Hon.
W. J. Bronteh. Dr. J. Hnrslm , Hov. J. G.
Talto , Dr. S. Thaln , and Hon. J. U. Strode.
Preparations are being made for an elabor
ate affair , and if the order of exercises sent
out In advance , is any criterion , It will bo a
most enjoyable aud elegant celebration.
niittcrCnlornct with Wells , Illotmrd-
son & Co.'s Imnroved Mutter Color
Cniinot bo Taxed.
The chemist of the internal revenue de
partment , Washington , D. C. , finds no for
eign fat , cither animal or vegetable , in butter
colored with Wells , Kiehardson & Co.'a Im-
pioved Huttor Color , and the commissioner
decides It cannot bo taxed.
Washington , D. O. , Fob. 20 , 1SS9. f
Messrs. Wells , Kicliardson & Co. have sub
mitted n sample of butter colored with their
Improved Huitcr Color , nnd it has been sub
mitted to a very careful analysis , resulting
In the discovery of annatto , but not In the
finding of any foreign fat , either animal or
vegetable. The Simula fact having been de
termined that the sample submitted by
Messrs. Wells , Kluhardson &Co. is butter , It
is of course not liable to tax. Uespectfully
yours , [ Signed ]
E. IIENUBIISOX , Acting Commissioner.
Stolen Property Uncovered.
Detective Al Ward yesterday recovered a
chest of carpenter's tbdls from A. Wolf's
second hand junk fin'op on South Tenth
street. Thn tools baltinged to C. A. An
drews , of Council liluifa , and were stolen
from his promises Friday night. The thief
pawned them at Wolt'.s Saturday.
Mnn \ \ aiii i a Touio
When there is a lack of elastic energy in the
svstom , shown by a sensation of languor and
unrest In the morning , frequent yawning
during the day and disturbed sleep at night.
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters infuses un
wonted energy Into the enfeebled and ner
vous. endowing them With muscular energy.
an ability to repose 'ho.ilthfullv , and digest
\vlthout inconvenience. Nervousness , head
ache , biliousness , impaired appetite and a
feeble , troublesome stomach , are all and
speedily net right by this matchless regulator
later and invigorant. The mineral poisons ,
among them str.Vehnia'1rind nux vomiea , are
nuver safe tonics , even in infinitesimal doses.
The Bitters answers the purpose moro effect
ually , and can bo rolled upon ns perfectly
safe by the moat prudent , j. ' ever and ague ,
kidney troubles and rheumatism yield to it.
Now \Viml-or Hotel ,
Kearney , Nob. , has opened under now
management , refitted and refurnished.
First-class accommodations for travel
ing mou. Two minutes' walk from Bur
lington and Union Pacific depots ,
A. ST. JUMKN , Proprietor.
The Emmet Monument association gives
its twentieth annual ball at Masonic hall to
morrow evening. Coming as it does nt the
close of Lent , all lovers of the dance hall It
with pleasure and elaborate preparations
have been made for a good time and the
association promises to not only equal but
surpass the elegant affairs given under its
auspices in the past.
When you need a friend , select a true
ono. Dr. .Tones' Rod Clover Tonic is
the best frionu mankind has for all dis
eases of the stomach , liver and kidneys.
The host blood purifier and tonic known.
60 cents. Goodman Drug Co.
Klro I'arndo and Hall.
The firemen are making elaborate prepara
tions for the parade to-morrow afternoon and
their ball in the evening. At 2 o'clouk all
of the flromoa will parade through thn
principal streots. The city council , the fire
and police commission , nil the city officials
and representatives of the press will bu ex
pected to take part in the parade. After the
parade nn exhibition of speed will bo given
by the different companies of the depart
ment. The run will bo mndo on Davenport
street , from Sixteenth toJNinth streets. The
annual ball by the fire laddies will bo given
nt exposition hall , in the evening.
The Two .Greatest
Blessings ,
They are good sense and
good health. Use your good
sense this spring and get good
Most folks need spring med
icine. Have you taken yours ?
Paine's Celery Compound is
the best springmedicine. Your
good sense should tell you to
take it. ' , ' /
- > -n
The eminent'Dr. Phelps' pre
scription , it is a scientific medi
cine. It is purely vegetable. It
gives you the two things you
most need thjsj spring pure
blood and strong nerves ,
And there's another reason
for your faith and confidence
in Paine's Celery Compound ,
It's the medicine everybody is
taking this spring. It's boom
ing all over the country.
'Twouldn't do that if it wasn't
the right sort.
Let your good sense talk. It
will say , "Gain good health at
once , to-day , byQusing Paine's
Celery Compound. It's just
what you need now , "
Nebraska Clothing Co. 1
In medium weight and light underwear wo are in a position to beat all competition
out of sight. "We are largo buyers which muans low prices. Wo buy those goods direct
from the mills and commission houses pay no jobber's profits and we guarantee to save
you from 25 to 50 per cent , and on the liner goods oven more. Our assortment comprises
over 50 different qualities as "Specials1' wo are offering this week.
.5 , dozen fine medium weight Merino Shirts and Drawers of an elegant clouded shade ,
Shirts with satin fronts , full fashioned , at 50c each. . Those goods are worth fully $1.00 ,
100 dozen very fine medium weight Merino Shirts and Drawers , regular made , at 75c.
These arc in now shades and we consider them an excellent bargain. Other houses are
getting for like goods Si.50.
French Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers at 35c , 45c and 60c each.
Our Spring selections infancy Flannel Shirts are the most extensive and varied over
shown by any house in the city. "We have a full assortment of the most elegant novoltiea
of the present season , in all wool , silk and wool mixtures , and all silk. On all those
goods wo quote the lowest prices. As an extraordinary bargain in this department wo
will offer to-morrow :
3 cases fancy knit Tennis Shirts , in several beautiful shades and stripes , sizes from 14
to 17 , at $1.0O each. This is a now material for an overahirt , and excellently adapted for
Spring and Summer wear. Other houses would ask-S1.75 or $2.00 for the sumo shirt.
Fresh arrivals this week , direct from the manufacturers of Spring Derbys , in all th 1
latest and most fashionable shapes , in tan and light colors. Wo offer in this department :
Elegant light colored Derbys , silk band and binding , at 85d worth $1-50.
Men's and Boys' Crushers , of an excellent quality , in all shades , at 40c. Other
houses sell them for 75c.
Our new Shoe Department is a grand success. We have made an
mmense hit with our Genuine Calf Sewed $2.5O Shoe in congress , lac ©
and button.
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets , Omaha.
Da. 13 , C. WKST'S NEIIVB AND llnux TURVT-
MKNT , a guaranteed Btiecltlc for Hysteria , Dizzi
ness. Convulsions , Pits. Nervous Neuralgia.
Headache. Ncfors Projtrnt Ion caused by the
use of alcohol'.rtolmcco.VakofulnoHS , Mental
Depression , Kofojiilng of the liraln resulting In
Insanity and leading to misery , decay and
death. I'remuturo Old Ago , llnrrcnness , J.S3 of
I'nucr meituur ? ex. involuntary J.ossos and
Spermatorrhoea caused by over-exertion of
tne Drain , haUTaBuse or over indulgence. Kach
box contains ono month's treatment , $1 a box ,
or six bo\es forW , sent by mall prepaid on re
ceipt of price.
To cure any case. With each oracr received by
us for six boxes , accompanied with $ . " > , wo will
send the purchaser our written guarantee to re
fund the money If the treatment does not effect
a cure. Guarantees Issued only by Coodman
Drug Co. . DiiigRlsts , Solo Agents , 1110
Street Omaha ob. .
MHN and WO.MKN succcsslullr IreiUoJ.
8nTerlnR ( from the oirocts of youthful follies nrlndls
crctloiiM , or ar tioubluil wltli Wcakiiu s , Niirvnus
Mobility , , U > si of Mcmorr , Donponiluiiay , Aversion 10
oelety , KMuoy Trouhl < * i or iinjr dUcuie of the ( lonl-
t ( Urlnniy OrKiitu , can hero Uml u uiifu audspeoilr
cure. Ulinrci's ressonnble , especially to tlio poor
There are iimny troubled with too frcquont ovacua
tlonior Iliahiiuldor , ufton uccmuimnUxl liy n BllKlit
Binnrllnz or burnhm nensntlon , nnU woaut'iilni ; fit thu
eyatuni In u niuniRT tlio imllont caiinut account for.
On oxnmlnlnK tlio urlnnry deposits n ropy acilltncnt
will often ho found , nnd lainoUiuut iiartlcloi of ulbu-
ineuwlll nppcir or tlio color bj ol a tliln.inlmili
line , nsnlp oliannlnB to n dark or torpid Appearance.
Then ; are n nr men who die ot tills dllttculty , Unar-
nnt of the CAUSH. which i > tlioocoimil utiiue of * uuil-
nnl wcnkneis. The doctor will fimninUje n perfect
cure In all such cnsos , and n hoiilthy rcntnrntlon of
the ccnlto urinary nrjtani. Consultation free. Send
2-ccnt Btampfor "Vouns Man's friend , or UuUuto
Wcillock , " tree tn all. AMrt !
Main nnd 12Ui St. .Kansas City , Mo.
Tlio I'ubllo are not KOnerally awaio that br tlio
protent methods of cooklnic fullr one-half of thu
tnlTco that Is used Is thrown uwuy in the grounds
and wasted. OiomlsU connocte.1 with this cnmpunr
have succeeded In pavlnz this wustufco that the com
pany ciin furnish coflro made of the tlnoitJarn. put
up In email portable Jars and \rAiniANTKii I'Kitrurr.
i.Y rimK and KUHrunteod to lie only uboul UNIC-
1IAI.I TUK COST to the consumer of ooraraon cof-
fee. Only lioUlnn water Is neodml when preparing It
for the table. Crown l.lqulil ColTiio Company.
Ask Your Crooor for
MeCOttD , UUADY & CO. ,
Wholesale Grocora , - - Omaha , Neb ,
: euf ulljr used monthly by over 10,000
lea. Art/3a/ / , Effectual and t'leatant
er box by ruall.or at druggist * . Sealed
ticular * 3 poetage B tamps. Address
TUB EUBUU CMMICU. Co. , Demon , Hicn.
For Bale nnd by mail by Goodman Drug
Company , Omaha ,
UCV'nd all urinarv troubles easily , quick
llC I ly and safely cured byUOUTlfltA Cap
. tiareral cases cured In aoveniUrs. Bold
ncr box , all dnieglita , or by mull from loc
ura llffCo. 113 White BUN..V. . Full direction ! .
l"iiSSnS,2 ? . & UL'lRt T U
-"T31K SrcS& . OUllK > riM > i ( iurKQVKU
20to60 DAYS.
This is u disonso which has heretofore
Bnfllod all Mcdicul Science.
When Jlercurv , Iodide of 1'otiibslum , Sarsapa
rllla or Hot Springs fall , wo guurunteca cure.
Wo have a Remedy , unknown to anyone In tlio
World outside of our Company , andouu that has
to cure the moat obstinate cases. Ton days In
recent cases docs the work. It Is the old chronic
deep seated caacs that wo solicit. We have
cured hundreds who hav been abandoned by
Physicians , and pronounced Incurable , mid wo
challenge the world to bring us a case that we
will not cure in leas than sixty < Jayn.
Since the history of medicine n true specific
for Syphilis has oeon aougUt for but never
found until our
was discovered , and we are justified In saying
It is the only llemedy in the World tnnl will pos-
Itlvely cure , because the latest Medical Works ,
published by the beet known authorities , say
tbore wasneveratruespeclQc before. Our rem
edy will cure when everything else bag failed.
Why waste your tlmo and money with patent
medicines tlint never had virtue , or doctor with
iihyalcluus that cannot cure you , you that hava
tried everything else should come to us now nnd
Bf t permanent relief , you never can get It else
where. Mark what wo sny. In the end you
must take our lomody or NISVEIl recover and
you tlint have boon udllctod but n flhort time
should by all means come to U3 now , not one la
ten of nmv cases over pot permanently cured.
Many uethelp and think they are free from the
disease , but In one , two or tlu-eo years after U
appears igaln tn a more horrible form.
This is a blood Purifier and will Cure
any Skin or Blood Disease when
Everything Eteo Fails.
Boom 419 Paxton Block.
MI fi fl D l t throuch crrorj or
V IU W n | Iwil practice , , roar br
' 1-IJVlllJr lvlilllrtl by th flW
> eGtpn-Dupre Remedies
eim lor fmr HUNT illutUiteil irit *
i ILI ! 111 i lite. At'iotutelecrtcy * Vurlco *
| cured without inln or operation.
eslon-Dupro Cllnlquo , IMTremont St. ,
CllIUAi ( ) . IWULINUTON * ,
A No. 4 Uf : > 'j u. m.A | No. 6 T8l5u. : in.
A No.0 . . . . 'GMi : > , m , A No.3 fl:30pm. :
JSxcept Saturday. tUxcent Monday.
No.6 11:40 : a. m.iNo , T. . . , w:45o.m. :
No.a 4:16 : p. m.iNo. 8 ujajo. m.
No. 4 ti:40 : p. ni. No. 6 0:15 : p.m.
All Trftini Dally.
A No.a V:40a.mtA : Nn , 1 6ftO : .m.
A No. 4 . . . .7:00n. in. A No.3. , 7t10p.m.
1CANBA H wrrffioiSS1 ? & COlWUlfc
No. 3. . . o a. in.lA No..oioB. : ) : m.
A No.i 1:30 p.m. A No.i 0:25p.m. :
A No. ID 7iii a. m.lA No. U BMtt. : m.
A No. 12 7:0) ) p. in.A ! No. 11 OiUOu.m.
OMAHA i : T. 1.OUJ8.
V. No.8 4fnp.rn.iA No.7 13:00 : ra.
A dally ! Ii daily nxcopt Saturday ; U except
Sunday ; 1) ) nxcoiit Monday : fast jnnll.
Tne tlmo given nhoro Is for Transfer , tboro
uoiiig from live to ten nilnutca between Tmiw-
cr anil local dopota.
ftruamrc cilnrund MIRVOPS DEBiuxyi
n" o cy i ni ic
orior SiecmiiaOlddrYwinr.
VtU.f , Kiil.1. imilliuur.llj ll..r.d. ( Ut U fc.liri l , iS
lri.lki > HK4I.rnillfTKLOl HIIllllltXt * PAIlTt of BObT.
< V..I I.I , .ur.lll.i HOIK YKKOMIIAT-MiirlU I * 1 it , .
. . ItMlllna II kltl. . . T.rill.ili i.4 > * nl | Cui lrlM !
T ucftiiwrU tfcffM. lf h. f ll iUihlU , i.d btt riMill A
l U , Mi. A rw. U ! ( UlC'CAl CC. , HlffAlO. . .