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In Commemoration of the Rosurroo-
tlon of the Savior of the World.
The Cliurohcfl of Onmlm Fittingly Ho-
tnonihor the Dixy ICInbornto propn *
rntlonn rrogrnnunna of
Muilo nna Sernionfl.
Cliiirclicn mid 1'nRtorn.
ho second anniversary
of Uov. D. tt. ICorr'B
pastorate In the South
west Presbyterian
church has Just occur
rod. Whlto ho has been
pastor of the church
1 ninety now members
lhavo been received.
When ho entered this field of religious work
the number of members was seventy , but
now the membership Is 100. The Sunday
ncliool enrollment Is 453. The Increase of
contribution * has boon $1COO. The church
In nil departments Is now thoroughly organ
ized and the work Is aggressive.
The annual meeting of the northwestern
board of the Presbytery will bo held at Fort
Wayne , Ind. , Tuesday and Wednesday noxt.
MM. Marsland of Lincoln hai been chosen
us a delegate for Nebraska to attend the
mooting. Among ether things she will ex
tend an Invitation to the board to hold Its
iioxt meeting at Lincoln or Omaha.
Bishop Newman returned Wednesday from
Illinois. Ho has boon absent from the city
more than a fortnight. During his visit ho
performed missionary worlc In Toronto , Ont. .
nnd last Sunday dedicated a church at Jack-
Bonvillc , 111. Ho has been quite busy since
bin return , nud last night loft for Dos
Moines , where ho pocs to continue his mis
sionary labors. Ho will also visit Osca-
loose , and will return to Omaha next Thurs
day.The Omaha presbytery , which held Us an
nual session at tlio Walnut Hill church the
lore part of last week , adjourned Thursday
night. During the mooting Kov. John M.
Gordon was made moderator. Kov. W. K.
Henderson , of Omaha , and Dr. J. D. Mills ,
older of the church nt Schuyler , were elec
ted delegates to the general assembly , which
meets in Now York city , May 1(1. (
Kov. W. , T. Palm was installed as pastor of
the Walnut Hill church during the session
of conference. The pastoral rohxtion be
tween Kov. S. B. McClelland anil the church
nt Lyons was dissolved. Kov. J. D. Coun-
terinluo was detailed to take charge of n
church at Waterloo.
There is some talk of n now Methodist
church being built In West Omaha. If con
structed , it will bo a Slaughter memorial
church , in honor ot the late Dr. Slaughter ,
who was presiding elder of the district at
tno time of his death. Ho contributed the
grounds upon which the West Omaha chnpcl
now stands , nud his son is pnstor of that
Members of the South Tenth street Metho
dist church are now Jubilant. They have
paid off an indebtedness of $1,413 , which
amount bud accumulated on special taxes for
grading , paving , sewerage and for caring for
At the Woman's Presbyterian" Missionary
society mooting at Sidney u few days ago an
Interesting and encouraging letter to the
society was road from Mrs. E. M. William
son , of Omaha. It was on special missionary
work nnd the Woman's Magazine , which was
n subject of especial interest.
The Omaha Presbytery has a new addition
to its ministry , The Kev. J. O. Stewart , of
Chicago , was dismissed by ccrtlileato lust
week to the local bndy.
Kov. .1. M. French , the now pastor of the
First United Presbyterian church , was ten
tiered a reception Thursday evening. It wus
largely attended and was nn enjoyable af
fair.O. . C. Knopfol is a now.organist nt Kountzo
Memorial Lutheran church. Ho at one time
ylayod in Henry Ward Boeehor's church ,
Trinity Cathedral.
The order of the services , to bo conducted
b\-the dean , the Very Kev. C. H. Gardner ,
assisted by Kov. C. T. Brady , will bo aa
follows :
Processional Hymn , 4UO Haydn
Gloria Tibi Hodges
Offertory Hymn , 101 C. F. Ilopor
SnnctuslnB lint J. Stuim-r
Communion Hymn. 201 Hodges
Gloria in Excolsis Old Chant
Itetrocesslonal Hymn , 100 Klmbault
Processional Hymn , 107 John GO-M
Christ Our Passover Hodges
Glorias Tallls and Hodges
ToDeura , In E Hat Dudlqy Buck
"Jubilate , In C Schilling
Hymn 09 Cnrcy
Kyrie J. H. Gower
Gloria Tibi Hodges
Hymn , 4iO ! Haydn
Offertory Soprano solo. "I Know that
My Kedeemor Livoth" Hnndol
Sanutus Spohr
Communion Hymn , 207 Hodges
Gloria In Kxcolsls Old Clmnt
Hetrocosslonal Hymn , 93 Klmbault
AT 3:1)0 ) I1. M. , CHILUUBN'b BEIIVIUU.
Processional Hymn. US Kimbault
The Magnificat ( to bo road )
Gloria , Beethoven
Offertory , In G Anon
Hyiua UU Carey
Kctroccssionnl Hymn , 101 C. F. Kopor
AT ; 30 r. M. , uitANi ) rusTivAi. SKIIVICK.
Processional-Hymn , 107 John Goss. .
Glorms Tallls aud Hedges
Magnificat F.lorio
Tlio Anthem , from "Daughter of
Jairus" F. Statner
Offertory TcnorSolo , "My hope
Is in the everlasting , " from
"Daughter of Jairus" F. Stnlner
The Hallelujah Chorus Handel
Ketrocessional Hymn , US Kimbault
Southwest or ii l.utliornii.
Kov. Luther M. Kuhns will conduct serv
ices ut 11 u. m. and 7:45 : p. m. At the mornIng -
Ing service the onleors recently elected will
bo Installed , the bacrumcnt of Baptism will
bo administered and the Lord's ' supper will bo
celebrated. The muslo will bo :
Anthem , "Christ Being liaised From the
Dead. "
Gloria Patrl Horrog
Kyrlii /.aim
Gloria in Kxcoisis Old Chant
Soprano solo , "Avo Marie , " Mllinrd
tinnctus Borlnlansky
Huno Dlmlttis Persian Tune
Anthem , "Christ the Lord Hat KIsen To
day , " Abt
Anthem , "Pralso Ye , " Farmer
Gloria Patri Ncitlmrdt
Ad Kesurrcotionom Trnvors
J'rlo , "Thy Throne , O God , " Verdi
Iklagulflcut Arnold
St. IMillomniiA'H.
At this cathedral , on Ninth and Hartley
y streets , the celebration will boon a scale of
jnagnillcenco which will exceed that ofany
' Drevlous Kastor , It will begin with mass at
C o'clock in the morning This will bo fol
lowed by a succession of masses at 7 , ! > and
10 : : u ) o'clock , the last being a grand pout ill-
011 high muss , the celebrant of which will
| i Bishop O'Connor. The other clorKyinun
will boas follows ! Assistant priest , Kev. P.
Kolh-y ; do.icon of honor , Kov. F. Carroll ;
Bub deacon of honor , Kev. A. M. Colanerl ;
deacon of the mass , Kev. P , F. McCarthy ;
pub-deacon of the muss , Kov. F. Daxachor.
There will bo a number of acolytes attired
in soutanes and surp.ices , under the direa
tin n of Mr. Koonoy , who will act us master
of ceremonies. The mass will be Mercu *
iluuto's , and will bo sung with accompani
ment , by Hoffman's orchestra.
In the evening , nt 7IO ; : o'clock , there wil !
t > o vespers nnd bcncdlutlon. thti singing
being done by a choir of boys especially
trained for the occasion.
The muslo will bo unusually attractive ,
McrcttUanto's Mass in B Hat will bo given for
, the llrst time in this country witli full or
K.vrlo chorus
Gloria chorus
l.uuilamas To sopraim solo
Jkmilnus Delia Duct , tenor and baritone
BioTollis Trio , soprana , tenor and bass
lu Gloria Dot. , . . . . , , , , . ' . , chorus
Vonl Creator , .bas ole
Credo , , , churns
J'.t IncrematUs.Trlo.'Bopraua , tenor and bar *
Et Itcrum Sanrtum . bass solo
Et Unum Sanctum , Trio , tenor barltono nnd
. , , . bass
rfflnrt/ipv' J ft "A'vo Mnrm" Ltuzlo
unortory . | b tiHcKltm cooll" Werner
Sanctus . chorus
BoncdiotUfT. . alto solo
Agnus Del . Duet , soprana and alto
The members of the choir nro as follows :
Sonrnnon Mrs. Owen McCaffrey , Mrs. T ,
J , Fitzmorrls , Mrs. R. Downey , Misses Ar
nold , Kennedy nnd Brennnn.
Altos Mrs. Manor , Mlsse Powers ,
Brady , Monarlty and Bnumor.
Tenors Lieutenant Kcnxio , II. Mahcr ,
Ernest Burke nnd John Mullen.
Basso Mr. Julns Lombard , "Dr. Arnold ,
ohn McCroary , J , C. * Swift , Ed. Mclnnls
iml John Bnumer.
The organist Is Miss Mairglo Swift , the
cndcr of orchestra Prof. Hoffmann , and the
directress Miss Fannlo Arnold.
Went inttitsor Prosby terlnn.
Kov. John Gordon , pastor , will conduct
ho services at this church , Twenty-ninth
nnd Mason. The following programme has
been prepared :
MoitNiso sr.nriCE.
Organ Voluntary.
Anthem "Tho First Begotten of the
Deud" . Old English
Apostle's Greed.
Gloria Patrla.
lynm J03 ? "Christ , the Lord , Is Klscn
To-day. " .
Scripture Lesson.
Offertory : Anthem "Ho is Hison , Ho Is
Klson. " . . Ooss
lymn.'KW " .Tcsus Come * , His Conflct O'er. " .
Sermon "Tho Lord's Resurrection. "
lymn ItxO "Ton Thousand Times Ten
Thousand. " .
Organ Voluntary.
lynm 323 "The Head that Ouco was
Crowned with Thorns. " .
Scripture Lesson.
OfTortory : Anthem
'lymnai'J "Harkl Ten Thousand Harps. "
Sermon "Tho Lesson of Easter. "
ilynin yJ3 "I Know J'hnt My Redeemer
Livoth. "
Central United Presbyterian.
Singing selection from Ps. 10 ; "Rejoicing in
the Resurrection. "
Singing Ps. 2 : "Tho ConquerlncChrist. . "
Heading of Scripture.
Anthoin by male double quartette : "Make
n Joyful Noise Unto God. "
Sermon by the pastor.
John's question : "If a man die shall ho live
again I" answered In the Resurrection.
Singing : "Tbo Lord's My Shepherd. "
Singing- selection from Ps. 2-i : "Tho As-
ceiiding Lord. "
Prayer ,
iinging selection from Ps. 03 : "Tho
Crowned Mediator. "
Heading scripture lesson.
Anthem by the male double quartette : "Like
as a leather Findoth His Children. "
Fruits of the Resurrection.
"Therefore ho hath shed forth tnis which yo
( too and hear. " Acts 2 : ; ittt ,
Singing Ps. 117 : "Praise Jehovah.
Boned ictlou.
Kunntzt ! memorial Kvnngclicnl liu-
tliRrnn Oliuruh.
C a. m. Suuriso Pralso Service.
10 a. m. Prayer Meeting.
lOtUUa. m. Church Service.
Organ Voluntary ,
Gloria Patrl.
"To Deum" Lloyd.
Scripture Reading.
Hymn "All Hail the Glorious Morn. "
Reception of New Members.
Hymn ' 'Yes , the Redeemer Rose. "
Offertory Soprano Solo.
, Sermon. - .
"Como Yo Disconsolate.1 ,
The Holy Communion.
Agnus Dei.
Organ Voluntary.
12:15 : p. m. Sunday School Festival.
Address by Kov. A. ' .V. Lamar , Pastor First
7 p. m. Young People's Prayer Meeting.
7:45 : p. m. Organ Voluntary.
Gloria Patrl.
* Confession.
"Bonum Est" Moscnthol.
Hymn "What Sinners Value , I Resign.
Offertory Soprano Solo.
Lord's Prayor.
Hymn "Como Lord and Warm Each Lan
guid Heart. "
Oruan Voluntary.
The music will bo rendered by the follow
ing :
Prof. G. C. Knopfel Organist nnd director.
Mrs. M. Calm Soprano.
Mrs. Wilson Alto.
Mr. L. G. Heybrock Tenor.
Mr. Conrad Schmidt Basso.
First .M. K
The choir consists of Mrs. Dr. Baldrldgo ,
soprano ; Miss Frauces Roedor , contralto ;
Mr. H. W. Brockenridgo , tenor ; Prof. Leo
G. Kratz , bass nnd director ; Mrs. F. M.
Hills , organist.
Organ Prelude .
Doxology .
Psalm .
Gloria Patri . Mendelssohn
Hymn 15 .
Scripture Lesson .
Festival To Deum in G . Dudley Buck
Prayer . . ' .
Hymn 2111 .
Offertory. , .
Solo , tenor , "Resurrreclion" . . Holdcn
Sermon . . .
Prayer .
Solo , soprano , "I Know That My Re
deemer Llvcth" . Handel
Hymn 230 .
Benediction . . . . . . . . . . .
Organ Postlude .
Doxology .
Hymn UU .
Scripture Lesson . . . . .
Easter Anthem , "Christ Our Passover , "
In B Hat . Dudley Buck
Prayer .
Hymn 334 .
Offertory .
Trio , "On Thee Each Living Soul
Awaits" . Haydn
Sermon . . .
Prayer .
Solo , contralto , with violin obligate ,
"Christ the Lord U Risen To-day"
. , . ' . . Baotcns
Violin obllgato pluyed by Prof. Burtons.
Hymn 248 .
Benediction . . .
, St. John's OiiMocluto.
Low mass at 5 , ( I aud 6 o'clock. Solemn
high mass at 10U : ! ! o'clock , Rev. R. A
Shaffol , S. J. , celebrant ; Rev. J. F. Kl'rgo
S. J. , deacon ; Rev. W. T. Kinsella , rfub
deacon. Rev. Thomas S. Fit/gorald , rector
of the college , will preach at the solemn high
The muslo will consist of Wobor's brilliant
mass In G , which will bo rendered by the
following vocalists : Miss Rachel Franco ,
MM. A , F. Bothgo , Mrs. Agnes McShano ,
Mrs. F. J. Hnrkley , Miss Loretta Dellnne ,
Miss Agnes MoLiiughton , Miss Nnttio Burk-
ley , Mis * Lulu Hurkhard , Miss Pauline Do-
witt , Miss Laur.v Longprey , Miss Marie Do-
witt , Mr. J. P. Murphy. Mr. F. J. Burkloy ,
Mr. Harry Burkloy , Mr. J. Wlllmnn , Mr.
George Paul , Mr. J , B. Uoylo and Mr. Carl-
sou.Miss Franco will slmr for the offcrtori
Tostl's "Avo Maria. " The mornlnif service
will conclude with "Regliui ' Cool ! , " bj
Werner ,
Prof. Schonk will preside at the organ.
The choir will be undur the direction of Mrs ,
O. Hurkhavcl. In the evening , ut 8 o'clock ,
"Kit's" vesper * will bo given for the first
tlmo by St. John's oyon Ing choir. Miss Me-
I.uughton will sing "O , Saluturls. " The
service will roiuiludo with Lamblllotto's '
"Grand Tunlum Ergo. "
St. Mnrk'0 EvaiiKcltcal Imlliornn ,
i'.ov. Ucnren H. Sahnur , pastor. Morning
service at 10:30 : o'clock ' , Subject , "Tho Rlsei
Suvior. " The holy co'nimunlon will bo celo
br.itod. AntUeiu "Tho Love of ChrUt. "
mcrson. The offering will bo for missions.
Sunday school festival nt2:30 : p. m. Evening
ervlco nt 7:45 : o'clocK. Subject , "A Gllmpso
> f the Unseen. " Offerings for missions.
Bt. Mnry's Avcnuo CoiifiroEntloiial.
'reludo . Dudley Buck
Vtithom , "Blessed is Ho Who Cometh. " .
. Gounod
iVnthcm. "Christ Our Passover. " .
. Harry Rowe Shelley
To Deum . . . J. B. Cnlkln
Offcrlory , "Christ the Lord Is Risen To-day. "
. . . Henry Wilson
Postlude . Kink
The members of the choir for the occasion
nro : Mr. Jay Northrup , tenor ; Miss
Georglb P. Boultor , soprano ; Mrs. F. P.
Joy , alto ; Mr. D. W. IWlstcr , boss ; Miss
Magglo Boulter , , organist.
In the evening the Sunday school will glvo
nn Easter concert In the now audlcnco room
ot the church.
The choir will consist of Mrs. A. A. Cluto ,
soprano ; Mrs. U. L. Chancy , nlVo ; L. A.
Webb , toner , nnd Al Lemon , bass.
In addition to the regular service the fol-
owing anthems will bo rendered :
Angels Roll the Rook Awav. . Dauks
; u Slumber Lay the Brooding World. .Lesllo
"hrlst , the Lord , is Risen To-day. . Emerson
The Lord Is Risen Indeed . Ogdcn
Now Is Christ Risen . Leslie
I Will Lift up Mine Eyes .
Illllflldo ConKfccntlonnl.
Kov. II. C. Crane will speak nt 10:80 : n. m. ,
on "Tho Resurrection Body , " nnd at 7BO : p.
m. , on "Can Wo Sco Heaven With a Tele-
copol" _
"The Open Tomb" will bo the morning
.homo of Rev. J. B. Johnson at the Walnut
Hill Christian church. The music will bo
especially attractive. In the evening Joseph
Critchflold , "thu rough diamond of Indiana , "
ivlll deliver n temperance sermon.
First 1'rcHbytorlnii.
On Easter morning Kov. W. J. llarshawill
deliver his twelfth anniversary sermon.
Every member ot the church is requested to
lie present , as a full statement of the work
of Presbyterianlsm In the city during that
> eriod will bo given. The music will bo np-
jiropinto to the clny. In the evening the dis
course will bo on the topic , "Wus Jesus or
Nuzurcth Really Raised From the Dead I"
Park Plnco Consrctintlonal.
This church , 3020 California street , will ob
serve Eustcr by a baptism at ! ) : I0 ! a. m. , und
reception of members , to the church nnd the
celebration of the Lord's supper at 11 n. m.
An Easter concert , Easter Lil , will bo held
in the evening ut S p. m , The church will
bo appropriately decorated for the occasion.
St Phillip.
This church Is situated nt the corner of
Nineteenth und Cuming , Kov. H. L. Gam-
hie , prio t in uhareo. Solemn celebration at
: 'M a. which "Missa Ecclesiii SaneUu"
will bo sung. The Rev. C. S. Witherspoon
will preach jchoral evening nndprncession ; at
7:30 : p. in. , when tlio priest in charge will
First Baptist.
Preaching by pastor nt 10:30 : a. m. , and
:4."i : p. m. thoino : "A Good Minis
ter of Jrsus Christ. " Evening theme : "Who
are Christians ! " suggested by recent
articles ag.iiust p.utora In the newspapers ,
being the twentieth family sermon.
Trinity M. U.
Rev. J. W. Foster , pastor , will preach at
10:30 : on "An Empty Tomb , " und nt 7:30 : nn
Easter concert will bo given by the Sunday
school. The church has been appropriately
decor.itod and special music has beeu pre
pared. _
Immuuucl Uaptiit.
In the morning the music , scriptures and
sermtm will be in fitting remembrance of the
resurrection of the Lord Jesus. In the even
ing the p.istor , Kov. F. W. Foster , will
preach on the subject , "Lifo from Life. "
South Tnnth M. K.
Mrs. Parsons leads a children's meeting at
10 a. m. ; at 10:30 : the pastor preaches on
"Our Parish ; " nt3p. m. the Sunduy school
meets , and at 7:30 : In the evcnim/ Interest
ing Easter concert will bo given. , "
Kt. Joseph's.
Low mass nt 8 a. in. ; lileh mass and ser
mon ut 10:30 : a. ui. ; vespers and benediction
atUp. in. The pastors of these places of
worship are Kov. Father George J. Glauber
and Rev. C. BreitkofT.
Dr. Thain will preach an Easter sermon in
the morning. In the evening the Sunday
school will give an Eastur exorcUe , entitled :
"Lifo and Light. " Easter music both morn
ing and evening. "
A. M. 13.
At this church , Eighteenth and Webster ,
the special Easter services prepared by
Bishop B' T. Tanner , and consisting of
Easter hymns , responsive reading and other
special features.
Swedish Lutheran.
The Easter services will ho conducted by
Rev. J. A. Eckstrom , of Augustcuu semi
nary , Rock Island , 111. , beginning la the
morning at 10:30 : and in the evening at 7:45. :
All welcome.
Welsh PivNbyierinu.
The subject for the morning servlci ) will
bo : "Tho Place Where the Lord Lay , " and
for the evening service , "Tho Risen Life. "
Appropriate singing. W. Roland Williams ,
S wed lull M. E.
Preaching , 10:30 : a. in. , from St. John , 11 ,
IB , subject , "i Live ; " praise service , 11:80 : u.
m. ; song services , 7 p. m.preaching ; , 8 p. m. ,
from St. Matthew , 23 , { > , subject , "All
Hail. "
Good Sh'-phcril.
The church is on Lake and Nineteenth ,
the Kov. C. S. Witherspoon , priest In charge.
Holy communion , 7:30 : n. m. and 12 noon ;
Sunday school 10 a. m. ; matins and sermon ,
Ha. ui.
St. Pnul'ri
This church Is on the corner of Cass and
Thirty-second , Kov H. L. Gamble , priest in
charge. Choral celebration of the Holy
Eucharist ut 11 a. 111. ; children's service , 3
p. m.
First Gemini ) Frco
Rev. F. H. W. Brucchort , the pastor , will
preach as usual at 10:3 : ! ) a. m , and 7:45 : p. ni.
Sunday school meets at 2:30 : p. in. , and young
people's prayer mooting nt 7 in the evening.
Pnrlc Avniiuo U. P.
Services at Park Avenue United Presby
terian church , ns usual , or 10:30 : a. m. and
7UO : p. m. Preaching by the p.utoi" , Kov. J.
A. Henderson. Sub out h school at noon ,
Second Presbyterian Church ,
Rov. W. K. Hondorsoir , of this church ,
will hold Easter services us usual , and the
church will bo tastefully decorated und the
choir render several suitable selections ,
Flrflt Christian.
At this church Kov. A. Marflu will preach
In the morning on "Tim Future Life. " In
the evening there will bo "An Easter Con
cert Service. "
Hi. I'lUrloU's.
There will bo no essential difference in
to-day's service from these of ether Sun
days. The services will bo at 7:30 : , 0:00 : and
10 : ! < 0a. in.
Norwegian nnd Danish AL li.
Special muslo has been prcparod and the
pastor , Kov. H. Damolson , will iircaca nil
Easter sermon on "Tbu Resurrection. "
St. Andruw's , Walnut Hill ,
Services will bo hold in the Presbyterian
church , Lowe avenue. Sunday school , 8:3 : (
p. m. ; sorvlco aud sermon , 4 p. m.
Bt. WonocBlnus.
First muss will bo celebrated at 8 a. m.
high mass and sermon at 10 a. in. Vcipen
aud benediction ut 3:30. :
St. Alary BlaRilnlone.
Low mass at 8 a. m. ; high mass andior-
mon at 10:30 a. in. : vespers and bouedlctioi
at U p. m. _
Dry enrth cnn bo procured now , and
should bo used f rooly. It is tlio best ab
sorbent of uny of tlio cheap materials
The roots of lucern extend very deeply
into the soil , thus enabling the plant to
endure drought.
News nd Qosslp of the Week
the Fraternities.
Interesting Mnsonlo Notes Kosumo
oftho Week Among the Pythlnns
C. Fnota ami ( Figures JIbr
& | lho Inltlntod.
9 Mnsona. .
Work on.tho Mnsonlo hall at Seward sus
pended during the winter Is now being rap
idly pushed forward , and the lodge will soon
have a homo of Its own at that placo. The hall
Is to bo finished in good style , nnd will bo ns
handsome and commodous n lodge room ns
nny Intcdoi town in the state can boast of.
A. chapter of Royal Arch Masons Is to bo In
stituted as soon as the new hall is completed.
Tlio laying of the cornor-stono of the now
Masonic tcmplo at Denver has Impressed
upon the News the march of Masonry , From
King Solomon's temple whoso wealth of
stone nnd cedar nnd gold and precious stones
excited the wonder nnd admiration of the
barbaric world , down through the ages to
Denver , the city of the modern world which
has grown up during the generation , Ma
sonry has marched. No orgaul7iitlon is moro
ancient , moro honorable ; none has such n
wondrous history ; nouo so truly unites the
dim nnd fading past with the live and pro
gressive proscut. Its record is a demonstra
tion of the truth of Christian history ; In Its
mystic rites and solemn ceremonies arc the
evidences of the faith and charity which rule
the better nature of mau , In nil ages , in all
countries , nnd In every race.
The laying of the corncr-stono of the now
Masonic tcmplo in this city yesterday is nn
3vont which has moro tlmnn.ii ordinary bear
ing upon the social lifo In our city , to say
nothing of the confidence which it portrays
In the commercial nnd industrial future of
Denver , of Colorado , nnd of thocntlro Rocky
mountain section. It Implies n belief in the
permanence of our growth and the progres
sive character of our future , which is ns linn
ns the massive granite which , laid and dedi
cated by ancient and mysterious symbols.has
become the corner-stono of the magnificent
temple which is to become the future homo
of the order in the west ,
The event wns naturally ono of Importance
to the order , nnd was very popularly made
the occasion of moro than usual ceremony
and display. As the order marched in pnrndo
through the streets of the now city , where
all the forccs.of modern civilization are cr.vs
talizlng , and where influences arc forming
which are destined to exert far-reach
ing effects on the coming days of
the republic , If not of the world Itself ,
bearing tlio symbols of their rank , nnd-
chul in elegant regalia and splendid uniform ,
the prosu'ssion was a suggestion of the past ,
present and future , more impressive and in
structive than nny which Denver has ever
before witnessed. It rec'illed the davs of
Judaism , when In fulfilment of the propho.
cics , SolppioifJ-lho wisest and most magnifi
cent Jcwi&li Kings , constructed the most
gorgeous of.templcs In which the worship of
God was ever celebrated , ono stone of which
was not loft upon another by the furious
Roman solyiery under Titus ; it recalled the
Roman empire jnnd the da.vs oi the imperial
rulers , who w < tntdown nt lait before thotldo
of barbaric invasion ; it recalled the dark
ages when ignorni.ce aud superstition held
despotic sway over Europe ; it recalled the
days of SiIMilry und-rtho cru udcs , when
the" red era wtho"4Tomplnr led the hosts of
Cllrj'stcndom'DMck " to the plains of Pales
tine , and | } W" S 'ord. . crossed with the sabre
oMho SariteojiXlu mortal combat for the pos-
sessfon of J&ru's lom ; it recalled the n waken
ing of tho'Wya to a new life , the dawn
of motfciSav&clvilization , the discovery
of AinerfiSaj iho rise of the new
repuhlIcVJho.4pro pess of the pioneer
wc v rd tmti.vypsterJay masoiirylatd the
corner'stbao ogu''ng\v ; tomplsj in this'cftybf
the plulnj aud iho mountains. As it inarched
ycsterdtfy'thrfiURh Denver's streets , so has
ifmnrehed down IJirouj-'h the ages , with the
dignity of centuries In pressed upon its brow ,
tho4iopo und courage and faith of the untold
fUtliro stamped upon its fpatures , and giving
promise of better days to' come in which
shall bo recognized the universal brother
hood of man.
Recogni/.lng the Importance of yesterday's
event , the Nqws congratulates the entire or
der on the success which attended the cere
monies , and on the ovitfonco which it gives
of the growth , and power und wealth and
prosperity of masonry in the Rocky moun
tains. It also congratulates Denver on hav
ing been chosen us the site of this tem
ple of the order , which combines in itself
so much that is ancient , so much that is
honorable , so much that is need and
charitable and upricht in man. The temple
that Kinir Solomon built has been destroyed ,
and the mold of centuries hides its fonndu-
ti ons , but Masonry hus flashed down through
th o ages to light up the present , nnd place its
imprint upon Denver's growth. May the
granite corner-stono laid yesterday rest as
firm as the mountains from which it was
taken , illustrating In its permanence the
continued existence of the order until the
und of time.
The Masons of Now York have proved
their financial ability , and nro about to cclo-
brata publicly. Says the New York Sun :
'I ho Masonic fraternity of this state Is
arranging u monster celebration in commem
oration of the lifting of tlio big debt from
the Masonic hull and the asylum. Every
penny of the debt , which , at ono time ,
amounted to over $1,600,000 , has been paid ,
nnd there is much Joy among Masons in this
state. ' Tlio dnto of the tubileo has been
fixed for April 2-f.
Grand Secretory Ehlcra , in a letter to tlio
various lodges of the cralt , nays : "Upon
the evening of that day ( April 24) ) let the
brethren throughout the state assemble ,
either in their usual places of meeting , or
elsewhere , us may bo found most conven
ient , und let every purl of our broad juris
diction echo with one universal acclaim of
praise mid thanksgiving to the Most High !
"That ono and all will Joyfully unite In this
celebration Is not for n moment to bo
doubted , and conceiving it Impossible to da-
vlso any form of commemoration which
would bo applicable to the widely varying
circumstances that surround the lodges In
this great Btuto , entire discretion is loft to all
as to the form of exorcises which uro
to bo hold. It is , however , suggested that
they bo , ns fur as circumstances will permit ,
uniform In their character , embracing nppro-
priuto addresses , music , and above all , the
offering up of our devotions to the Giver of
every good und perfect gift. "
The grand lodge of Masons In this city will
htld its JutyltTJ in Mnsonlo Temple. Sixth
avenue nndcrwcnty-third street , The pro-
grammo has nj > t as yet been completed , but
will fncluii'o'nuslcal nnd literary tafent.
Among , thtr eukora will be Rev. Robert
Collycr. oflttiWphurch of the Messiah , ono
of the three''grand ' chaplains of Musons in
this statewbo. . will deliver the oration.
Frank li. J vytonco , grand master ot Ma
sons of Nofc-'t > rlr state , will also make an
address oifM o' great work accomplished.
George Wa"iat irn Morgan , the grand Inrtco
organist , JnU also bo on hand to delight
muBla lovefi ; ' . For these who will want
a sovouir J'oi the Jublloo tlio grand
lodge has " ' ausud to bo struck off
2,000 bronr inmomoratlon medals. On
ono side ifpjMrs the coat of arms of the
Grand Lod&c ; . ' | th the legend "Holiness to
the Lord."rfH the reverse , within u circle
reaalng "ThoTjund of the Lord hath wrought
this , " la tlloiaslTiptlou "To commemorate
the freodanuoj&ho craft from debt , 185H , M.
W. Frank ifr Cuwrouca being Grand Mas
Brooklyn Masons also expect to have a
monster time In the Academy ot Muslo in
that city.
Sllentlaot Birmingham. , Conn. , writes the
New York Sun as follows : Ueorgo Hlako-
111 nn was bora October 10. 170'Ji was made
Master Mubon in King Hiram ledge No. 13
Derby , Com ) . , March 2ft , 18 1 ; was secretary
of the lodge In ! $ ' - , and worshipful master
In 18-7. Brother Blakemun wus made a
Koyal Arch Mason In Solomon chapter No.
II , Koyal Arch Masons , Derby , March 20 ,
18' . and ut th election of oltlcors the fol
lowing December was elected to the oQlco o ;
Koyal Arch captain. Companion Ulakeman
baa probubly beeu a Koyal Arch Mason
longer than uny ether living umu , and it in
doubtful If there Is another past master of
sixty-two year1 standing In the country ,
Companion Ulukoiiinii can be found any
business day at his desk lu the ofllcu of the
Shelton company , Birmingham , Conn. , Of
vhloh Drm ho has been a member for many
* *
I. O. F.
The meeting of this body wns ctmnxotor-
zed by the large attendance nnd Interest of
ho member * . It Is reported that the boys
ire zealously prosecuting their work , nnd
hat Initiations are very common occur
The Oddfellows of Flllmoro county will
lolobrato the seventieth anniversary In
Jonova , April 20. There will bo n grand
mrndo of Fairmont , Exeter nnd Geneva
edges nt 3 p. m. At 8:80 : p. m. service con-
Istlng of music , speaking , essays , etc. , will
)0 holil at the oporn homo. A grand ban-
[ Hot nt the armory under the management
if the baptist church society will bo spread nt
) o'clock , whoso receipts will go to the
Baptist society.
The Arnpahoo lortgo Is n strong orgnnlza-
Ion In n good financial condition. It has
chartered n couple of cars nnd proposes to
urn out en mnjso on April 20 , to attend the
( innlversary exercises to ho hold at Cam-
bridge. The occasion Is the seventieth
nunUornary of the organization ot Oddfel-
owshlp. nnd will bo attended by lodges from
Orleans , Oxford , Arnpnhoc , Hartley and Me-
Coolt. A splendid tlmo Is anticipated.
Fremont Oddfellows have resolved to go
o Beatrice April 2tHo celebrate the nnnlvor-
nry of the founding of the order. It 11 prob
able that a good-sized delegation will avail
hemsolves of this opportunity to visit Boa-
rice ami colcbrato the day.
The P. M. band .has received Its now uni-
orrns nnd instruments , costing about $7,000.
The band give a ball on the ! J3d , at Goodrich
mil , on Saundcrs street.
Modern " \\ooiliucu ,
The clerk of the Woodmen had several
applications In his hands. The cheap Insur
ance of this organization Is n great factor in
ncrcaslng membership.
Dcuuty Maltby is working on the organlza-
, lon of n now camp In North Omaha , nnd
ins succeeded In securing thirty signatures
, o the application for a chartoi * . The now
camp will probably bo located near the cor-
icr of Saundcrs and Cunitng street. This
novo is looked upon as assisting camp 120 in
hat a spirit of healthy rivalry will bo on-
rendered. Members of 130 , therefore , wish
ho new camp Godspeed.
Kiil titR Toinplnr.
The grand commandcry of Nebraska will
neet in annual conclave at York , nt a o'clock
n the nftornooa of Tuesday , April 'M , 1SS9.
William K. Bowen , grand recorder , has
undo arrangements for the transportation of
Templars which ho explains thus : Each ono
vho attends the conclave should purchase n
, ickct to York , and take the railroad agent's
ocelpt for amount paid ; If 100 attend the
conclave I will In grand commantiory certify
on the receipt that ho Is entitled to a return
Mclcct nt the reduced rate. The reduced faro
: an bo obtained In no oilier way.
Koynl Arcnnitni.
At the regular meeting of Fidelity coun-
council of Council BlnlTs , Friday , there was
a good attendance , not only of Its own mcm-
> ers , but of members 'of Omaha councils.
I'ho special attraction was the working of
ho new initiation service. The brethren ox-
ircsscd themselves ns well pleased with the
service , and considered it nn Improvement
on the old form.
It. ol P.
At the regalar meeting of Marathon lodge ,
o. 82 , it was decided to devote the fourth ,
Monday in each month to a social gathering ,
ncludlntr friends and families of Knights.
Oriole , No. 70 , will give n literary and
nuslcal entertainment in its castle hall at
' " "ourtcenth at Douglas streets , Thursday.
V ball will ho a prominent feuturo of the
affair. All Knights nnd their families and
'riends are cordially invited.
It is expected that Justice II. Kathbono , of
iVashiiigton , D. C. , founder of Pythianism ,
.vho is lecturing throughout the United
States , will bo in Omaha at an early day.
The anniversary of '
Washington's inaugu
ration will bo celnbrated by the body at
: ) loomngton. ! An address will bo delivered
by Uov. A. F. Ashley In the Presbyterian
Aboilt twenty members of Oriole lodge
Jiuvo formed an Oriental council. The
expense of this proceeding was materially
cssened by the kindness of the body of
Woodmen , commonly known as Omaha
camp , in loaning its paraphernalia to the
* *
TJ. O.T. B.
The Grand Lodge of Nebraska met m
Gcrmnnia hall Thursday evening and was
nstallcd by members of the Missouri Grand
fvodge , from St. Louis. Kudolph Hertz , of
Lhis city , is grand treu meister. The festivi
ties wore on an extensive scale.
A. A.H. H.
R. B. French , of Kearney , thirty-third de
gree Muson. has received n commission ns
deputy inspector general for the southern
jurisdiction. He acts under Kobert C. Jor
C. M. n. A.
The committee on arrangements of division
No , 3 , South Omaha , reported Thursday for
u bull and reception May 0.
Tlio Union Pacific Sustained.
In the issue between the Union Paclllo and
Northern Pacific on passenger tralllc to
points on Puget sound , a full account of
which has been published in THIS BKE , the
Union Pacific hus at length como out victori
ous. It will bo remembered that the North
ern Pacific filed a protest witn tlio trans
continental association , alleging tnnt the
Union Pacific solicited connecting lines on
the east to route their tralllo for Pugct sound
over that roud. In its action , the olllciuls of
the Union Pacific maintained that they
are not infractinir the trnns-coutinental
agreement and remained firm. Yestorday.tho
lines forming the Western States Passenger
association , put tickets on sale to Pugut
sound points via the Union Pacific. When
the lines , composing the body of arbitrators ,
consent to this action of the Union Pacific , is
sustained nnd the controversy rs virtually
broucht to a close. The Union Pacific ofll-
curs are Jubilant over the outcome.
The " trading Olllcinl. "
Tfio report in Tun BIK to the effect that
the Union Pacific would do but little , if any ,
work in the line of construction , ballasting
nnd Improvements , is confirmed by VIco-
Prcsidont Holcomb. The "loading oiliciul"
cited us authority , in a morning paper , turns
out to bo conductor of the clavator at head-
uartcrs. Tno report of TUB BIK was
? oundod on onlcial Information , and is per
fectly reliable.
Las I of the OkluhomaclluH.
The lust contingent of Oklahoma boomers
left Omaha yesterday morningoverthe Union
'and Missouri Pacific roads. On the latter
a freight car containing emigrant movables
und five booment was pulled out billed for
Guthrlo und cloven boomers were wheeled
nwuy on this morning's passenger train.
Anntlifr VcHtiinilo Train.
On Tuesday next the Union Pacific will
have Its vestibule train ready for borvice
between Chicago nnd Denver. Tlio cam
have bcen rcmodeled nt the shops In this
city and Tnesday the train will como out in
royal splendor. This -will bo used In the
combination service on the North western.
Jtnllrnnit NOICH.
General Purchasing Agent McKlbhen , of
the Union Pacific , hus gene to St.
Paul nnd points in Minnesota on import
ant bUBlllCHJt.
Superintendent Thompson , of the Bur
lington , has issued an order making llullovuo
rifle range , horcaft r.a flag station for trulns
Nos..6. i ) , j nnd 10.
Vice-President Holcomb , of the Union Pa
cific , huu left for liostou' > vhcro the
nciuuul meeting of the stockholders of the
road will bo held Wednesday.
Mr. Newman Erb. general manager of the
Kansas City , Wyandotte & Northwestern is
in the city on his special car "Magnollu. "
Ho is on his way from at. Paul to Kuniua
Ono of the prettiest novelties' noted lu n
long time was seen recently In the form of u
gold sear/pin representing an open parasol ,
with u fringe composed of six small diamond * ,
which shook with every tnovuof the wearer ,
and produced n striking effect.
The Grnnil Jury.
But lltllo business wns transacted In the
district court yesterday , and an adjournment
vrn taken nt 11 o'clock till Monday morning.
Judge Uoomor rendered a decision In favor
of the plaintiff lu the case of Ornhl vs Sbon ,
aud decided for the defendant lu the case of
Do Vol Y8 Shoo ,
The grand Jury mtulo n fluol report , nnt\
was dismissed until Juno 30 , at which tlmo
they will reassemble to consider whatever
cases may coino up botwcoit now and that
Indictments were returned against John
Sherwood , obtaining goods \indor false pro.
tenses ; Clarence Biaholy mid Fred Barter ,
burglary and larceny 5 Adolph Kolj > and
Peter ICnccht , larceny , six counts ; M. Blu-
mcnstoln , Hnn Peterson and George Flor-
hatikcn , receiving stolen property , two
counts ; James Shields , J. J , Slmnuon and L.
Casey , assault with Intent to do great bodily
Injury ; J. S. Mercer and J. MoLaughlln ,
burglary and larceny ; Charles Saylos ,
cheating by fnlso pretenses ; Thomas
Brooks , murder In the flrst degree ;
William Cnpolnud , larceny ; Andrew Loron-
sen , receiving stolen property ; H. F. Kowo ,
larceny ; Frank Williams and Ulchnrd
Somors , burglary.
One other Indictment was returned , but
the party Is still at largo. The grand Jury
reported on the condition of the city and
county Jails. They found the former altogether -
gothor too small to bo properly ventilated ,
and contain tlio required number of persons.
The county jnll they found In treed condition ,
and spoke In very commendable terms of
the earo used by the Jailor In looking after It.
The Jurors left nt noon for their homos in
various parts of the county.
The Sport on tlio Trnotc.
About two hundred people ntioiulod thoraces
races ut the Union Driving park yesterday
afternoon. Tlio llrst race wus a mile trot ,
best three In ilvo , to harness. The entries
wcro Charles Wilson's b. g. Hilly Mont ,
Matt Harlo's br. s. Montabollo , Wudo
Carey's ' b. in. Mary F. , and William Dud
ley's b. m. Roxlo. There were but two hents
trotted , the result , being the saino in ouch.
Mary l \ took llrst money , Montabollo second
end , Uoxlo third and Billy Mont fourth.
Tlmo , SMS ? ; nml 3 : ! ' . ) %
The second event wns the half-mllo dash
between IX C. Hoynold's ch. f. Snngnrro and
J. Dnvis' ch. f. Annlo Carter. It was won
by the former in fillf.
The last race was a flvo-oighths milo dash
botwecn Dan Carrigg's ch. g. Hoc Frulm , D.
C. Heynold's b. m. Pralrio Queen , and J. F.
Davis' ch. g. Flllmoro. It was won oy
Pralrio Queen , Fillmore second , Doc Frnlm
third. The Judges were David Gray , Colonel
W. F. Snpp and Dr. F. S. Leybert. Timer ,
C. S. Stewart.
The 1'oot Preacher.
Kov. O. W. Crofts , pastor of the Congre
gational churob , has written n centennial
hymn , which has been published and is re
ceiving very enthusiastic praise. The editor
of the Inter-Ocean has written Mr. Crofts a
personal congratulatory letter , and edi
torially gives prominent place to it , saying :
"Those , vho are familiar with Mr. Crofts'
work need not bo told that ho lias thrown
into his hymn the profoundcst sentiment of
patriotism or that ho has finished it with the
care of the poet in love with his theme. Tlio
music is by Prof. Townor , who has suc
ceeded admirably in producing a composi
tion striking for simplicity and beauty. "
The hymn will probably bo sung at the cen
tennial of Washington's ' [ inauguration , a
union Bcrvico being arr.ingod hero for that
N. Y , PluinbingCo
Building permits mnou ntmg to over $3,000
were issued yesterday by tlio city clerk.
The "Tomplo of Fame" will bo rehearsed
Friday , Muy 8 , at the opera house at 7:30.
The base ball season opens at Manawa to
day , with a parno between Odell Bros. '
team and a picked nine.
The ladles of the Bercan Baptist church
netted about $50 ut their entertainment and
dinner yesterday. This speaks well for the
energy and push of a newly organized church.
During the post week the young ladies
here had the First Baptist church rccur-
peted. It hus also been Iluoly decorated for
to-day. The Sunday school has prepared
special service for this evening.
A lot of ilowers were sent oat to the deaf
and dumb institution yesterday for Easter
decorations. Superintendent Kothert states
that 2.400 Easter egcs will uo distributed ,
over half of thorn being colored.
The lirst and second' cooks at the St. Joe
house eugagcd in a row last evening that re
sulted rather seriously. The former struck
tlio latter on the head with a heavy tumbler ,
and indicted a wound that is considered
Persons desiring accommodations at the
Council Bluffs and Omaha Chautauqua
Assembly should inako arrangements at an
early date us an excellent programme assures
a largo attendance. For information address
J. F. Harkness manager.
The young ladies of the Congregational
charch arc preparing a novel entertainment
for next Tuesday evening at the church. It
is a "vernal tree. " Those who attend will
have an opportunity of partaking of its pe
culiar fruitage , and will have a merry time.
Kov. Dr. Hcnson , ono of the best known
divines and orators in the land , is expected
to soon lecture in Council Bluffs under the
auspices of the First Baptist church. The
lecture to bo given hero is" Grumblers , " and
is said to bo one of his best. The selection
Is a good ono.
A report was published in n morning paper ,
yesterday , to the effect that Superintendent
Itothert was in favor of movitiK-tho deaf
and dumb institute to DCS Molncs. That
gentleman denied the report and.brands it as
a falsehood without the slightest foundation.
Said ho , "While in the senate 1 favored such
n move , but now , with nil our recent Im
provements , It would ho very foolish , and I
uhould strenuously oppose it. "
The routine business of the presbytery
was finished up yesterday morning , and
many of the delegates devoted tne early part
of the afternoon to looking about the city.
At 4iO : ! carriages mot the delegates nt the
Presbyterian church , and the whole party
was driven out to the grounds of the ( Jliau-
tnuqua assembly. Several of the visiting
clergy illl pulpits in the city today , us an
nounced elsewhere , and to-morrow morning
the prusbytery will adjourn , after a most
profitable and Interesting session.
The Veteran Fireman's association's mak
ing arrangements to participate in the grand
parade on April ! ! 0. The column , headed by
Dohany's band and the "vots , " will form at
Kcscuo engine house at I2:30o.'o'.ouk. : Alder
man Lacy wil act IIH chief marshal , and J. L.
Tomploton , C. D. Walters and Mayor Kohror
as aldi ) . Following the veterans will como
the paid llru department , Dodgn Light
Guards , base hall clubs , volunteer flro com
panies , blcyolo clubs , letter carriers , nnd any
other orgaiu/ation that may dcslro to lalo
Tne driver of ono of Gr.jsn'fc street nprlnk-
lors was the porpotratov of a mon cruel and
heartless act on Broadway yesterday morn-
inc. A consumptive peanut vendor was
crossing the street at the corner of Bryant ,
and stopped to allow the sprinkler to pass.
Just as ho got past , the driver opened the
valve , nnd the pedestrian was dr nchtd
cold water. The driver shut off the wntot
nt once and drove on laughing. Several clt
Uons who witnessed the deed expressed thelv
Indignation In vigorous langungo , mid In *
formed the police , but no arrests followed.
I'rroonnl I
Kov. Dr. Cooley 1ms returned from Chi *
cneo , whore ho has boon for ton days or
Judge Deomor left , yesterday nftornoon ,
for Hod Oak , to spoud Sunday with his
The Misses Clarendon , formerly of thin
city , but uow of. Fremont , arc the guests of
Miss Mary Key.
Ooorgo O. ICccllno has returned from a
two weeks' visit to Montana , where ha wns
looking for n change of location for his cattta
ranch ,
Mr. B. F. Hart , of Minneapolis , who was
so long n leading attorney of this city , Is
hero but for n brief slay only , expecting to
return homo this evening.
Kov. 0. W. Crofts and N. P. Dodge have
returned from Fnrrngut. where the "annual
meeting of the Council Bluffs Congregational
association of ministers nud churches wns
held the past week.
A Diplomatic Conohmnn.
Albert Hawkins , the executivecortoh -
mnn , is n bronil-mliulod philosopher ,
snys a Washington loltor to llio ; 0hl-
outfo News. LiUo the aim , ho shines
for nil. As the white house conch ttns
standing in front of the portico .vos\or \
tiny morning1 n , gontlotnnu cnmo un.
looked ut the horses with n critical eye
niul re murk ed :
"Tlml la not us gooil a toiiui as Clovo-
Inml's , is itV"
Albert's black fuco wns covprotHvlth
nn expression ot unutterable dlsgUst ,
uml ho said ; "Now , boss , you 6u l\t \ to
know moro than .to bo saving such
things like that to mo. You'll got mo
in trouble. The ether ilny I WIIH stand-
in out hero nnd some ladies cruno
nlong , uml ono of them Wpsi
"Albert , I tun glnd President
Tlnrrison kept you in your old placo.
'Thank you. mum , ' says I , 'for your
kindness. ' Then she says : 'Albert ,
Mrs. flarsison is not as pretty n. lady 113
Mrs , Cleveland , is slier' There were
lots of people stiuidiiij * around listening
to what she was saying to mo and 'what
I was saying to her , nnd 1 tho'tlvould
fall off the box , but I just drew myfcolf
up and said : "Madam , 1 aint no ijiidgo
oi women. ' "
_ _
When to Food Ilngft.
Most of us inako a mistake by fqodln
at the wrong end of the hog's oxistoncoi
says the Rural Now Yorker. "Vyb uon't
got ddwn to business in the way o lood-
ing until a month or two before vo sell
him for pork. This is all wrong. The
main secret is in giving the piggy a
good sond-olT during the first Iwp or
three months of his existence. During
the lirst week of n pig's life it Is quite
important to feed ujo sow so as not to
start too great a llo\v of milk , n handful
of shorts twice a day in less than' ' half a
pailful 'of warm water being tho'vlost )
food at the time. "
Food for 'VouiiR
r A pig farrowed in Mnrch or April , if
kept growing from the start , pan bo
inndo to dross 300 pounds ut Christmas.
But little grain will ho necessary , as
fat will bo of no advantage. The first
thing to do with a pig is to niulco it
grow , so as to secure tlio si/.o and fniino
upon which to place the fat Inter ui the
season. Clever is nn excellent food for
pigs after they are three months old *
W ANTKD A man to wash tllshos , at I.oulo
Jlotzgar'sKi'i tlromlwiiy , CouncilUlufTa.
FOIl SA.I.R ur Exchange A good stock o
hardwnru with store bullilliifj uud dwelling ,
in southwestern Town. IVIII oxchnngo for good
farming land. Kerr & Gray , 6U51st nvo. , Coim-
cll Illuirs. la.
WANTED At the deaf and dumb institu
tion. Council llliill.i , la. , n Mower gardener.
Apply In person or by mull to the auportntend-
TTIOUND 1'ntr ot gold spectacles. Ovrnor can
X1 net them by calling ut llco ollico.
T71OK HUNT Two dwelling houses , 8 and 10
JL' rooms , and two centrally located unices In
Council IHullB. Horace Ururutt.
FOH 11KNT Nino-room Bwlsi cottage in
James block on Third avenue , uotwoea
r.ightli and Ninth streets.
ENGINE KOR HAT.K-Ono flxIS. twonty-horso
power , mostly new. Union Iron works ,
No. iW7. ; yd St.Council llluirs. la.
ThoiVloat Modern Novolltl OB
Artistic Decoration !
House nnd Ornnmuntnl I'ntntlnjr , Kulso
mining , ( Irainlns.-ctc.
Nos. II and 13 Pearl St.
? H lOTATI ? RttWlB ( ?
L liMllll ullUlllill
410 imOAIMVAY ,
COUNOIIj KMll-M-'S , t i IOWA.
I'rlvato wntchmun fnnU/iliod at any and all
ttpeclnl attention ijh'cn to colliulon of chat-
tul mortgages and lioirH.
Mouny to loan on good rnuttol necnrlty.
lIvffi'L'iKM Any bunk , attorney , or business
man In tu | city.
25 TO 300
HORSE POWER , Mills and Elevators
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E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
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