Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 21, 1889, Part I, Page 5, Image 5

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Indications That There Will bo No
Strike This Season.
The Questions at IRSUO Between the
Master anil Journeymen I'liimb-
ors Reduced- Labor at
the Shi i > B.
Unity Prevails.
t present there Is no rea
son to bcllovo that thcro
will bo any serious trou
ble between workmen
and tliolr employers in
Omaha this spring.
There is a little 111
feeling existing between ,
the journeymen anil master
tor plumbers , but it is now hoped that any
thing In the way of a lock-out or a strlUo
will bo avortori.
'it is true that thorn has boon n strike of the
Journeymen tailors this spring , but that was
finally satisfactorily ondnd , and although
in this strike both sides wore stubborn and
the men remained out tire or six wcoks , It Is
the only strike that uas been on and only a
comparatively few men were affected.
lu thu railroad circles there seems to bo
unusual trauquillty , except , perhaps , on the
Union Pacific , whcro thcro is some
dissatisfaction among the men.
Especially Is this true of these
employed In the shops , who are Inclined to
llnd fault with the reduction of tlmo and
wages which wout Into eflcct last Monday.
A majority of the men , or a largo portion tit
least , would prefer to work eight iiours and
receive inoro pay. There have boon some
muttering among the younger men over this
change , but it Is not supposed Unit any sori-
ons results will ensue from this , or that , In
fact , thcro will bo any trouble upon any of
thu roads running Into this city.
The bricklayers , carpenters , plasterorsand
kindred tradesmen seem to be satisfied with
existing scales and contractors and builders
anticipate no delay in building this year on
account of strikes.
An occasional ruuiblo Is heard from the
typographical union , but well Informed men
in the orgifulzation say that there will bo no
trouble this spring.
Said u veteran 1C. of L. man , a day or two
ngo , "It's Just us natural for workingmen to
strike in the spring as It Is for the grass to
grow , but 1 think this year will bo an excep
tion to the rule , and um willing to wager u
now hat that there will bo no strike this sea-
eon. "
"You'll hear all kinds of tulk about such
and such Journeymen going to strike , but
you don't want to pay any attention to It.
They have to talk , you know , that is the
youngsters , but us older heads can generally
keep them down. "
Ktnall strikes there may be , but none of
any magnitude.
Frank Johnson , who has been foreman of
the section men of the Union Pacific yards
for nineteen years , 'was discharged last
Monday evening , no reason being given
for the action. When wages were re
duced by the company four months
nye , Johnson interceded for his men
and succeeded in securing thorn { 1.40 a day
instead ot 11.25. and his action on this occa
sion. It Is thought , had something to do with
his discharge. lie will appeal his cuso to thu
management , and it is said will bo supported
by the Knights of Labor.
L. A. No. 8.010,1C. of L. , Union No. 113.
C. and J. , and the tailors and clear makers' '
unions have decided to organize n central
labor union , mid with this object in vlow held
a meeting lost Monday night , The resolu
tion * of the Omaha central union woru
udoptod and other necessary procedure dis
cussed , Another meeting will bo held at K.
of L. hall this evening.
Tlio Pressmen. Stereotype and Electro-
toyora * union wishes to extend thanks Ho
Jleafey & Heafoy , the Typographical union
for their ktnduois durlug
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the Biclcnoss nnd death of their brother ,
Charles Lo Marsh.
Typographical union , No. 190 , will consider
important business of u secret uuturo at a
meeting to bo held next Sunday.
The situation among the plumbers Is un
changed. The Journeymen do not seem to bo
disposed to vako action , neither do the
masters' association. The latter await the
word of M. A. Frco alone to order a lockout ,
they say.
A reporter dropped in to see Mr. Free , yes
terday , and asked him for his side of the
"Here It is in n nutshell , " said he. "Tho
journeymen and master plumbers made cer
tain agreements a year ago , and ono of these ,
was that ono jobber should bo em
ployed to every four journeymen.
I intend now to stick this thing out
and I will not give in ono lota. I have been
lined $50 by the nnion which I shall not pay.
I have here In my desk 191 ! applications from
men In the cast who are anxious to go to
work for mo , so that there are no lack of
men. 1 don't ' want to make trouble or cause
n lockout if I can help it , nor will I unless
absolutely compelled to protect myself. "
The journeymen contend that they are not
trying to run the business of their employ
ers , but simply ask for that which Is right
nndequaltlc. They held a meeting Thurs
day and Friday nights , but took no definite
_ _ _ _ _
A lilttlu Strike.
The strike among the men employed by
waterworks company on the Furnum street
trenches , caused a little rlpplo In labor cir
cles this wcok. The men's wages wore re
duced , on Thursday , from $1.75 to $1.50 per
day , and as soon as the men were notified of
the reduction , 125 of them walked out. The
company assorted that it would bo able to
put other men to work immediately , but
failed to do so. The strikers hung about the
works , and three men wore arrested for
jeerlnt ? pipemen at work in the trenches , but
thcro were no snrious outbreaks. The men
are still out , and no sliovelers have boon
hired to take their places. Thuy say that
they will not return to work for Icsi than
11.75 , and the company says it will not pay
more than $1.50 , and there the matter
Labor Notes.
There Is plenty of work in Omaha for day
Everything Is again scruno among the tail
The journeymen plumbers , in anticipation
of u strike , have published in eastern papers
u statement of the situation horn and warned
all mombera of the craft tu keep uway from
There nro n great many carpenters In the
city who are not satisfied with the course of
Union No. 5S and who 'have taken slops to
organize another union. The first meeting
was hold lust Monday night , when prelimin
ary stops were taken towards organisation.
Henry Peterson , n Union Pacific conduc
tor yesterday , paid f 0 in police court for the
privilege of keeping n big bull dog thai bit a
little child a few days ago.
John Quinu was lined { 20 by Judge Borka
yostciday. for pasting counterfeit money in
a Davemiort street bawdy house.
The revenue collections , yesterday ,
amounted to $8,751.4-1 ,
John Alderman , n cash boy for Haydcn
Bros. , was arrested for the larceny of f 1,80
from his employers.
Qlt. Vonuto , the Italian musician , and D. Q.
Merlio , the son of Italy , who parades occa
sionally In the uniform of nn Italian ofllcer ,
hud a quarrel yesterday , which resulted in
Morllo breaking a hickory club over his
countryman's head. Both men were ar
rested ,
John Womerly wa fined $50 aud costs in
police court yesterday , for resisting arrest
by Deputy Sheriff Low Urcbo.
Striken * are Quiet.
Thcro was 110 Interference with the water
works company's trench at Twenty-fourth
and Farnain streets last night by the strik
ing laborers. Everything was quiet and only
one policeman was detailed to look after the
mutter. No more trouble la expected aud
Vloe-PreHldcnt Hall of the company thinks
that the strikers will return to work at the
reduced wages of $1.60 a day.
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Silk Wraps ,
$10 ,
This Wrap Is something very nobby ana
nlco for tine trade , tnarto of Fiiillc Kranclsa
Silk , trimmed with Silk Clmntllly I.ace nnd Silk
Braid , no Jot trluimluir , at only $10.03 ; worth
31H.UO. Mall orders Illlcd.
Grand Island Oitizons Insist on
Hammond's Removal.
A Probability That the Governor Will
Make Another Inquiry Into
the Affairs of the
1020 P STUKBT ,
LINCOLN. ' April 20. I
Grand Island is anxious to get rid of Com
mandant Hammond , of trio soldiers' and
sailors' homo. In fact , the citizens of the
place are more anxious for his resignation
than the inmates of the charitable institu
tion ; and , moreover , they want one of their
number appointed In his stead. It is learned
that petitions numerously signed have been
received by the board of public lands and
buildings nnd by the advisory board of the
homo , praying that recommendations bo
passed to the governor asking for his resigna
tion. It is also learned that this will not bo
done. "Thn governor was present at the
recent Investigation , and knows the situation
fully , " said n member of the board tO'duy ,
"and ho certainly can act with wisdom
without advice from us. As the papers
have stated , thcro has been some
kicking on the retention of Hammond ,
but ho is a pretty good old
fellow , cranky , perhaps , and petulant , but
whatsoever ho docs is done honestly , and I
believe with pure motives. Most of the in
mates , in fact , liku him and speak very
kindly of his management of the institution.
It is my opinion that the shoo pinches Grand
Islanditcs Because Hammond buys whore ha
can buy the cheapest. Ho gave the contract
for the furniture of the home to u Kearney
lirm because the same class of furniture
could bo boueht tbcro for less money than nt
Grand Island. Other Incidents of this kind
could be mentioned. Business men there
want to furnish the supplies for the house at
their own figures , without competition , mid
boc.iuso 'the old man' will not toady to their
whims he has fallen into bud repute. This
cry li maao worse nnd more effective
because live or six old croakers
churgo abuse , Insunicioncy to cat , lack
of clothes and other things equally absurd
nnd nonsensical. J doubt not that Hammond
is something of an old boro. Wo all know
that ho is very Irritable nnd manifests too
much temper ut times. The trouble is , Ham
mond's position has given him the 'Dig head , '
and K ho is removed It will bo because of re
sults of this human frailty. Hut It won't dote
to appoint a Grand Island man In his place.
'Whenever this is dona there will bo trouble
In earnest. In my judgment , If Hammond
has to go , his plnco wilt bo supplied by some
person with conscience enough to spend the
state's money whore It will go the farthest. "
U Is said that Governor Thayer has gene
to Grand Island to take another peon into
affairs nt the homo , But this is not curtain.
Ho loft yesterday ostensibly for Kearney ,
nnd it will not bo surprising if ho answers a
summons to the former place before ho re
turns. The board of public lands and build
ings Is evidently anxious that ho shall act in
the matter without pressure or restraint.
I'nnr UiToivllUftd Lincoln.
Despite the efforts of Stewart McConlga
and L.V. . HIlllnKsloy , before the city coun
cil last night , the ordinance providing for
Sunday opening of the Eden Musoo. was do-
foatod. The petitions of the church people ,
the remarks of Father Walcli nnd Councilmen -
men Pace , Hushnnll and Dean did most ex
cellent service. It bad been given out before -
fore the meeting of the council that enough
votes bad been secured to insure the passage -
ago ot the ordinance law , and the friends of
Sackctt & Lawler were on hand feeling in
Jubilant spirits. McConlga addressed the
council notrly an hour , assailing religion , re
ligious people , the church end churches , and
closed hli plea in 1 > half of the Musoo , to
take ino place of the churches , and prayed
the passage of thu law to show to fUo world
that Lincoln was advauccd In civilization
and freedom. Dllllugsloy followed. Ho ,
too , talked tor a half hour or more.
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The vote was then taken , nnd
nine votes became a matter of record to
table the ordinance , the sure passage of
which had been promlsod. Great surprise
followed. Blllintrftloy was so much sur
prised that ho took Councilman Dean by the
collar and accused him of treachery and
lying. McConlga was in a white heat bo-
causa the churuhcs and schools and morals
of Lincoln had triumphed over the Museo
nnd kindred theatrical entertainments.
No Longer Guess Work.
It is no longer guess work that Urink , of
Hoono , McNnughton and Saunders , of
Seward , have been appointed bank inspec
tors. Though not oDIoIally announced , this
information comes from parties who know
All three appointees are experienced and
practical bankers. It Is said that Saunders
will bo assigned to the work in the first
congressional district and McNaughton in
the Third. The position of bank Inspector
will pay a salary of about I2.0DO a year.
Precocious Boya.
Two boys , giving their names ns Jumns
Leo and Prank Waters , wandered into the
police station last night and stated that they
cnmo ' from Harvard after the father of
'Waters , whom they supposed to bo in the
city. They were apparently eleven or twelve
years of ago each und penniless. The story
they told was straight , nnd they were given
shelter In the cooler for the night. About 10
o'clock n telephone message was received
from the Nebraska Coal and Llmo company
In Omaha , asldnc if two boys unsworing the
description of the hoys "sleeping the sleep of
the Innocent , " in ono of the rooms of the
cooler , had bocn seen in Lincoln during the
evening. The information was given back
that such lads were hero , when it was
learned that tuoy had run uway from homo a
few days ago and had not bocn heard of
since. The olllcors were directed to hold
them until they could bo sent for , and before
this tiuio the anxious hearts of their parents
are quieted. They were sent homo this after
noon , The lads started young , but they cer
tainly do much better than some old timers.
They said that their ambitions were secured
from the midnight perusals of dime novels ,
tbo heroes of which they were anxious to
Fraudulent Conveyance Allowed.
The Molina , Mlllburn , Stoddard company
filed suit In the district court late last even
ing , asking that a receiver bo appointed for
the Hart Hardware company , of this city.
In this petition they assert that Uorryman &
Patterson , a Jinn doing business in Central
City about a year ago , sold or purported to
sell their stopk to F. C. Hart and A , L.
Haven , who removed the stock to Lincoln ,
nnd engaged in business hero under the lirm
name of tno'Haft ' Hardware company. The
plaintitfs nllogo that at the time of the reported -
ported transfer Uorryman & Patterson
were practically insolvent and that the sale
to Hart et nl was1 fraudulent nnd without
consideration. The petition Is qulto lengthy
but the foregoing is the sum nnd substance
of the allegations contained therein. Owing
to their sorlouiinturo ( | the suit will doubt
less provo morp or less exciting. Unless
continued the case will bo tried at the next
sitting of the dAtrlct court.
City ftnws and Notes ,
Mrs. WhliMe 'wIfo ' of the dairyman , Is the
loser of a ( luo. . gold watch nud valuable
chain. She laid the articles on a shelf for n
shdrt tlmo to-'any , and when she wont to got
them they were gone. Complaint has been
made to tho. police , but so far they have
railed to find thestolen articles ,
C. L. Demurest , a prominent grocer of
Talma o , alter spending a day In Lincoln ,
loft for homo this morning over the Missouri
The college Y. M. C. A. conference ended
Its session In this city to-day. Much im
portant work was done for the canso
throughout the state.
Col , T. J. Majors , of Peru , Dr. S. W. Mo-
Grew , of Auburn , and Judge Appeleot. of
Tecumseh , were among the prominent Nebraskans -
braskans in Lincoln to-day.
The Western Novelty company , which has
been occupying the room in tbo Burr block ,
adjoining that of the employment agency ,
ono of whoso proprietors skipped for Can
ada , yesterday , has also vacated , leaving
divers and sundry debtors behind , Cannon
wan tbo man who skipped and tbo creditors
seized on tbe otlior proprietor , Capps , who
was arrested und lined for complicity In bis
partner's guilt. It cost him In all about & 5 ,
and ho had betwtien one and two dollars loft
wbon the judge got through with hit * .
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A Despondent Old Man Shoots Him
self In the Mouth.
Xhn Assistant Ddorkccpcr of the Imto
Nebraska Semite Misslnc Tkurs-
ton County Democrats Issue
a Gall.
An Old Man Tired of Ijlfo.
FHEMONT , Neb. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BBE.J Mr. Blessing , n man
between sixty nnd seventy years of ago , com
mitted suieldo at Scnbncr to-day about noon
by shooting himself In the mouth with a ro
volver. Ho has boon despondent for n long
tlmo-and , ho told some friends of his Inten
tion to taUo his own llfo.
Newport Cololirntlnir.
NiiwrouT , Neb. , April 20. [ Special to
Tin : HKC. ] Newport is to-night celebrating
her first victorious step toward regaining the
scat of Hock county. The supreme court
has ordered the canvassing board to assem
ble and recount all precincts in the county
before May 1 , 18i > 9 , and especially Lay and
Gracy , which County Clerk Phillips and the
canvassing board refused to count. As a
conclusion to this , Newport will commence n
contest suit to see what right Hasactt had to
add fifty votes to their poll books after thu
polls closed on election night. Criminal ar
rests will at once bo made for what members
of the Li.issetl election board boodlers and
repeaters still remain In this country. IHit
many of them during the past month have
succeeded In nhaking the dust of the village
on * their feet and have sought now pastures.
Thurston Domoornts Stirring ,
PENDBII , Nob. , April 20. [ Special to TIIK
DEE. ] The democrats of Thurston county ,
to-any , issued n call for a county convention
to bo held at this place on Saturday , April
24 , at 2 p. in. Thcro are six precincts in the
now county which are entitled to un aggre
gate of twenty-six delegates , nine of whom
come from Winnubago precinct ,
the Indian stronghold. The republi
cans have not called their con
vention yet , but. will probably not lese much
more time in doing so , A lively struggle for
supremacy la looked for between' the two
parties in the new county , with the cliunciis
for success pretty evenly divided. It Is
claimed , however , by the independent ele
ment , that the republicans have the iiibldo
A Myntorloun DlfinppnAranne.
FIIKMONT , Neb. , April 20. [ Special to TIIK
BEB.I Mrs. E. L. OIllosplo , of Valentino ,
wife of the assistant doorkeeper of the last
senate , was In the cltv yesterday. She was
In search of her husband , who mysteriously
disappeared from homo u day or two ugo ,
Ho took with him upon his departure u trunk ,
Into which , among other things , ho uackcd u
number of his wife's garments. She Is at u
loss to understand his actions , nud has no
idea as to his whereabouts. .Sho thinks per
haps his mind is affected.
Tlio Fremont I'ostmtistorsliln.
, Nob. , April 20. [ Special to TUB
The tight for the Fremont postmas-
torshlp , which has boon going on for some
tlmo , and which lias recently assumed somu-
what complicated conditions , was settled to
day by Congressman Uoraoy announcing It
av his intention to at once recommend the
appointment of H : C , Wolcott , to whom ho
has practically ] been pledged for several
weeks. Wolcott is an old soldier , and this
fact has strong weight in tils favor ,
Tried to Take a Street Onr.
DDAKOTA CITY , Nob. , April 'M. [ Special
Telegram to TUB HUB. ] A fang of toughs
undertook to take possession of the street
carat CovlnBton to-day. The driver , as-
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ni rested , but he was promptly discharged by
the couit.
Assault AVitli Intent to Kill.
DAKOTA Cirr , Nob. , April 20. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEE. ] A warrant was
sworn out to-day by W. II. Kennel'y ' for the
arrest of a young follow named Johns , charg
ing him with assault with intent to kill.
Kcnnclly was badly hurt , and his recovery
is doubtful , as ho is an old man. wlillo Johns
is u mere lad. Ho was lined $10 and costs ,
amounting to $25.
Will Hanqiiot Mr.
LINCOLN , Nob. , April 20. [ Special Tele.
gram to TUB UKE. ] A committed met to
night to arrange for a reception to bo ten
dered to PatricK Egan before ho leaves for
his post as minister to Chili. The conclu
sions were kept as far ns possible , a secret ,
but it was learned that a banquet at the Cap
ital hotel will bo part of the festivities.
Tlio Ulnlr I'osiofllcu ConlcHl.
HI.AIK , Neb. , April 20. ( Special Telegram
to Tin : BIK.I It is reported on the streets
to-day that the applicants for the Blair post-
ofllce , Gcorgo S. Cook and Dlnna Allberg ,
uro to determine ) who shall bo the successful
ono by nn election. Tlio date is not set yet ,
but it is to bo held in the near future. Only
republicans will Imvo a vote.
Tlio Smcad SyBlcni.
NiutiiASKA Cur , Neb. , April 20. [ Special
to Tin : Uur : . ] The board of education to-day
made u contract for nutting into the now
420,000 school house , thu Suicad system of
heating and ventilation and the dry closet
system. Work on the building has com
A Watch Stolon.
NEIIIIASKA CITV , April 20. [ Special to THE
BUB. ] Whllo absent from the house for a
few moments to-day , Mrs. Hobcrt Grooblo
had a valuable gold watch and chain stolen
from her houso. No clue to the thief.
The Now York Fire.
NEW YOIIK , April 20. Four flro engines
and two 11 ro boats woru busy this morning
throwing water on the ruins of the ware
houses und elevators destroyed in last night's
flrc. Two thousand barrels of oil uro still
burning nt the Wlicox refinery. The people
Injured are nil doing as well us could bo ox-
pcctcd , und no further deaths are nnticl-
putcd. .
The New York Central's loss Is footed up
by Its onlcials ns $ MOOKX ( ) , but moro than
half of the burned property was useless to
tlio company and need not bo replaced , An
other half million und over Is covered by in
surance , so that the actual not loss of thu
company , chiefly on freight for which It Is
responsible , is about # 300,0K ( ) , Dopow titatod
to-day that the total loss to property con
sumed by lire will not bo far from $3,000OiK ) .
Ilo'II Not Oninu linolc.
NKW YOIIU , April 20. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BUB.William | M. Callcndor , the
missing president of Callendcr Insulating
aud Water 1'rootlng company , is not ox-
pccted to return. Mr. Callondcr is supposed
to bo In England , of which country he Is n
native , nnd the mombsrs of the clerical force
suy they don't ' know who Is going to pay
them their arrears of salaries. The coin-
puny was tucornorted in 1873 under the laws
of this Htiitu , with a capital stock of & 00XK ( ) .
Its financial alTairs now stand : Liabilities ,
$ U2",000 ; assets , about f W.OOOj net liabili
ties , | l,2bS , , 000.
Guarded l > y tlio I'ollao.
ST. PAUL , April 20 , The street car strike
continues , but with four policemen to each
car the company has kept a number of cars
going all day , No trouble of any account
has boon reported.
Four i'notilii Orownoil.
ST. Louis , April 20. Mrs. A , H. Lucas , of
Carthage , Mo. , her two daughters and hired
man. while attempting to ford a swollen
creek below thut city In a wagon last evenIng -
Ing , wore carried down tbo stream and
A War Connor ! .
Taking into consideration the chnritabl
object for which they were given the Drum
mer Boy concerts , yesterday afternoon and
last night at the Grand opera house , wore
not nearly so well attended as they nkould
hnvo been. Artistically , however , they wore
quite successful. An excellent programme
of instrumental and vocal music had boon
arranged , but two or three of the local sing
ers failed to respond , which caused some dis
appointment , though Major Hondcrehot sup
plied nil vacancies and afforded those pres
ent a very onjo.vablp evening. The major la
a drummer and no mistake. He played
"Marching Through Georgia , " "The Girl I
Left Uohlnd Mo , " army sick call and a dirge
in honor of the late General Hatch , in such
style us was never before heard In this city.
He also gave imitations on his drum of a
locomotive nnd a battle that showed wonder
ful skill. A quartette of mule singers ren
dered three or four familiar old war eougs ,
and Mrs. I3ousccarcn sang two , or throe
Articles or Incorporation.
Articles of Incorporation of two publish
ing companies were filed yesterday with the
county clerk. Ono Is the A. 13. C. Publish
ing company , with a capital stock of $2,000.
The corporators nro L. H. Kramer , Fred
Uonzlngcr nnd W. A. Chundlor.
The other is the Omaha Dispatch Publish
ing company. It is organized for nn exist
ence of KK ) yours , and will bo conducted
with a capital stock of $75,000. The lucor-
porntors are J , C. WIlcox. W. W. Lowe , P.
N. 1C. Orff , Sturpos Whitlock and J. O.
A Watch llccovorcd ,
Sergeant Ormsby , last night , recovered
from Weloy's pawnshop , nt the corner of
eleventh and Faruam , a gold watch , valued
at $ lt5 ! , that was sold by Edholm & Alkun ,
last October , to Mattlo Ilccd , and stolen
shortly afterwards by the Hood woman's
cook. Mm. Airio Fletcher , coiorod. The
thief was arrested. Edholm & Aikon , who
sold thu watch on the installment plan ,
offered u reward of $25 for its recovery.
PnnotH Abandoned.
The army quartermaster's depot at Chey
enne has been abandoned. The orananco
department will also bo suspended , and both
ot the departments will bo removed to
Omalia. Orders hnvo also been Issued for
the abandonment of Fort Laramlo , which la
nt present headquarters of the Seventh In
fantry , Two of the companies have been
ordered to Fort Iu ) Clicsno , and it is probable -
blo that the rciniiinlnu' onei will go to Fort
Sidney and Fort McICIniiey ,
Urglnir Oroll'H Appointment.
The Douglas county bar association hold
n meeting In tlio district court yesterday
and endorsed Judge L. A. Gioll for a posi
tion on tlio intor-stato coniuiorco commission ,
He has been endorsed l > v the board of trade ,
The liar passed resolutions eminently befit
ting Judga Graff , nnd requesting Senators
Manderson nnd I'uddock to urge President
Harrison to make the appointment.
Fourteen members of tlio Minneapolis base
ball club are ut the Darker.
George W. O'Noill , of Waterloo , Nob. , Is
at the Baker , .
T. J. Hill , of Freeport , III. , Is registered at
the IliUkor.
Mrs. John Ito.vrr , of Deadwood , Is in the
city , visiting lior daughter , Mrs. P , A. C.
Mrs. ElUaboth Cady Stanton
lust evening for Now York , Her address
will bo 1C Broad Btrcot , new York , care of
Hoburt L. Stanton , csq.
Officer Howden mourns the loss of a pair
of new gloycs which some of thu street Kttnjc
over whom ho had charge , stole from Life ) ,
Weekly Hunk HtutomojU.
NEW YOIIK , April 20. The weekly bank
statement shown the roxorvo has Increased
10,031,000. , The banks now hold $12,037,000
la excess ot legal requirements.