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A Generation Spent Among the
Dead on Frospoot Hill.
Memorable Invents In tlm Hvcnlfiil
liltc. or George Mcdlock , Now
Cnlinly Awaiting the
I/nst Trump.
Amonr ; Pond Men.
ID I over BOO graveyards
Lyawn in the dcnd hour
lot midnight , did you
JstiyV" wns the ropotitcd
lintorrogntory of George
jJMedlock , the vonornblo
noxton of Prospect Hill
'cemetery , when titlklng
to a writer for Tun Bun.
In a neat nml cosy little cottnrjo ut
1018 Cuss fatrcot , Mr. Medloclc resides
with hla wife , who 1ms perhaps seen
about the same number of summers as
himself. Ho is sixty-eight years of
age , and his hair on the sides and hack
of his head is as white as snow. For
twenty-seven years ho was sexton of
Prospect Hill cemetery , and three years
ago ho retired from that grave
position. Ho is now spending
the remainder ol Ills days among live
people. The old sexton is a jolly , good-
natured old gentleman , who has de
posited over live thousand bodlos in iho
"No , I never saw graveyards yawn , "
continued the grave digger. "I have
often heard of them yawning in their
deathly silence , but have been nothing
more than a ghastly gap a gap that
Indicates more than sleepiness. It is a
gap for an eternal sleep. It is not a
yawn as people are prone to call it.
During my twenty-seven years' experi
ence 1 bavo. seen over live thousand
bouls if the souls had not taken
their ; lliprht laid down in their
last ' and long sleep when the
grave has 'gaped. I have had tsomo
queer experiences at grave-digging. I
wns the first bcxton of the cemetery ,
and had that grim undertaking whoa
that last resting place for the dead was
nothing but trees and shrubs. I have
not only planted the bodies of people ,
but I have resurrected them , not to
life , but from the grave for removal.
Considerable of this work has been xdono
at nicht. I had to do it then in order
that the corpses could bo taken away on
n steamboat. In those days there wore
no railroads. I remember having taken
" - , up the body of a Chinaman about llftoon
years ago. Ho died very suddenly one
Rummer afternoon in a laundry on
Thirteenth street. Ho ate a quart of
ice cream and it killed him.
After ho had been in the
it round , three years some Chinese
nIHciul came hero and wanted to take
the hones of the dead Chinaman to his
native country. We found that ho had
not nutllcioutly decayed to got his bones
and I took olV his clothing and planted
him again for another 'thrco years. At
the expiration of this time , ho was
brought to the surface of the earth.
There was a largo crowd and a big srang
of Chinamen at the cemetery to witness
the performance. What little llcsh ro-
maijied ou-thc skeleton , I picked from
the bones. The Chinamen put them
into a sack and made much ado over
them. They had a chicken , oranges ,
candies and burned a lot of red paper
and then the bones werooroady to bo
sent 0 China.
"Ono day about twenty years ago
wnilo myself and men wore digging a
grave wo accidently struck a skeleton
after wo had gotten about seven feet
into the ground. There was no sign of
a coflin or anything else but the skele
ton of a man. Ho was evidently one of
tbo emigrants who were going to Cali
fornia in 1849 and had died on his way
and was buried hero. I struck his
skull with a spado. Soundsa little Hue
the grave digger in 'Ilamlot , ' don't it ?
But it was not the skull of a Yorrick era
a 'man of infinite jest. ' Ho might have
been , however , but wo never know it.
His bones wore bleached as white as
the driven snow , and around his neck
was a black satin cravat. It was as
fresh as it was when ho first put it on.
Wo had our grave about finished and
never disturbed the skeleton. The
corpse for which the grave had been
dug was laid on top of the bones , and
by this time I suppose that both have
returned to earth.
"In my time I have come across a
number of skeletons in digging graves.
Among them have been the remains of
Indians in decayed cottonwood boxes
which crumbled into dust just as soon
as I would try to bundle them. I have
also handled and burled bodies that
other people would not go near on ac
count of disease , Some years ago I was
digging a well at the old Brownoll hall
and when returning homo at night , I
was told that two Englishmen who had
been on their way to Utah , and who
were tenting in the bottoms , had died
of cholera and that no one would bury
them. Everybody was afraid that the
disease was eonU'geous. I took the
bodies and deposited them in the poor
farm. That night , in fact when I had
jusl finished throwing in the dirt , and
was about to leave , I stumbled over a
corpse that had boon loft there by some
one. 1 planted it also. A few nights
afterward , in my tool house at Prospect
11111,1 found the body of a negro woman ,
whoso husband's name was Smith and
who was phot by r , citizen
while trying to steal something from
the postofllcu. She was there in a box
and I placed her under the sod.
"I used to have a Dutchman who
worked with mo and I had lots of fun
with him when wo wore in the grave
yard at night. When he first wont lo
work It was in the winter and wo ex
perienced some pretty cold days and
nights. Ono night , wo wore there ,
working on a grave until 4 o'clock in
the morning. The wind howled us it
whirled around the monuments and the
poor Hollander was scared almost to
dooth. The grave was being made
for a traveling man who worked for
a wholesale drug house in St. Louis. lie
died of the small-pox and wo were go
ing to bury him that night. His re
mains were taken to the cemetery by a
couple of colored follows who dropped
thorn in the yard and did not notify mo
that the corpse was there. The Hol
lander staggered on to the box and again
ho was almost frightened out of his
wits. Three years later , while I was
standing over the man's pit , u lady approached
preached and abked mo it I could show
nor the plnco whore a man who had
died of the small-pox was buried. She
was his wife. She gave his name and
told of the circumstances connected
with the drummer's death , I informed
the l.uly that she was standing near it
and pointed to the spot. She looked ut
it and the tears forced from her eyes ,
Drying thorn she asked mo who
him I eon so kind us to nut flowers on
the grnvo. I thnn told them it was my
self. The woman made a rush for mo
and with tears of joy throw her arms
around my ncuk and kissed mo. Her
heart wan filled with gratitude and she
thought that I was not as hardened as
jrnvo diggers are said to bo.
"People have asked mo if I have not
become hardened by seeing BO many
dead ones laid under the sod , but I
never did. Many a time tears have
streamed from my eyes when I saw olh
ors sobbing.
"I have acted the dual role of gravo-
dlggor and minister at the cemetery.
In many cases , whore fast women
and licentious men have been
taken to the graveyard 33 for
interment , I have been asked by their
friends accompanying the remains to
say a few holy words for the ones about
to bo entombed.
' Uody snutchors ? Yes , there wns one
robbery sotno time ago. The robbers
got the corpse of nn old Gorman. They
tlug down at the head of the grave ,
broke the glass in the casket and
snaked the hotly out , leaving the
clothes and the cotlln. I know the next
morning that grave robbers had boon In
the cemetery by the bungling way in
which they loft the grave. I don'tthink
they got the body that they wore after.
"My grim and lonely work in the
cemetery is over. I wonder , at
times , who will lay mo to rest
in my little lot in ttio cem
etery. There is a monument there
and it is waiting for mo and my dear
old precious wife. There is nothing on
it yet but Che plain , big letters , 'Mod-
lock. ' When the sexton has lowered
mo in my box and has thrown the clods
upon my remains , perhaps with the
same shovel that 1 have covered many a
man with , I want these words to go on
my monument : 'George Medlock Is my
name , England is my nation , King's
Linn is my native town and Omaha is
my financial salvation. "
A Sure Tlilnjj.
Chicago Tribune.
Publisher It is your own affair , of
course ; but are you not running a heavy
risk in ordering an edition of 50,000
copies of this book I1
Author Isn't it customary for the
person to whom a book is dedicated to
buy Ono or moro copies of it ?
Publisher Certainly , but
Author Well , read the dedication.
Publisher opens manuscripts at second
end pace and reads :
With tlio Friendly Sympathy of One Who
Hits Suffered Untold Agonies
On Account of falsa Imprisonment ,
Unjust Suspicion of Guilt ,
And the Wretched Uungling
of the
LIUV'H Incompetent Agents ,
This Book
Is Respectfully Dedicated
Hv the Author
To Those of His Follow Men Who
Have Ileen Arrested on Suspicion
01 Hcing
William 15. Tascott.
Is Full of all Sorts of HcwlltlcriiiR
Among the materials stored in Edi
son 'b laboratory ( as appears in an arti
cle upon Edison in the April Cosmopol
itan ) , are samples of every substance in
the world ; the thousands of pigeon
holes and drawers contain skins and
feathers , and furs of the whole animal
creation , minerals , barks , grasses ,
drugs , fruits and gums , in bewildering
completeness. Some of the species arose
so rare that they are kept like diamonds
mends , in the little folded papers. The
grotesque nature of some of the mate
rials there collected prompted the in
quiry :
"How can you over want such things
as shark's teeth or rhinoccrous' horn ? "
"That shows that you don't know what
queer things electricians use , " replied
our modern Virgil. "During the pro
gress of the experiments with the in
candescent electric light , for instance ,
nearly every tilling one can think of was
tried as a primary material from which
to form the delicate careen filament
whoso incandescence is the source of
light. Finally , as perhaps you know ,
shreds of ono particular variety of bam
boo wore found to give the most gratify
ing results ; and there , by the way , you
can see a few bales of the very reeds
from which tboso strips are cut. Again ,
the delicate needle , whichafllxcd to the
under side of the vibrating diaphragm
of the phonograph , indents the smooth ,
revolving surface of the waxen cylinder ,
had to bo formed of some material pos
sessing peculiar properties of elasticity
nnd rigidity. Scores of the most un
likely substances , both organic and in
organic , natural and artificial , wore
tried before the right ono was hit upon.
And so it goes with all the little details
of electric appliances. "
Carter an an Author.
Ex-Mayor Carter Harrison of Chicago
loft hero this nvoning for Now York ,
says a Philadelphia dispatch , where ho
will call on some publishers in regard
to issuing tils letters of travel in book
form. "I find that book-writing is con
siderably to my taste , and have found
great enjoyment in the compilation of
my letters. "
"Aro you thinking of writing a
novel ? "
"Yes , I am , " replied Mr. Harrison ,
smilingly. "I have thought seriously
of writing ono a novel , something on
the style of 'Robert Elsmore. ' I know
it will tax my abilities , and thnt it will
not compare with Mrs. Ward's wonder
ful creation , nor do I entertain any idea
of it bointr its poor. I have also an
ethical creed which I would like to ex
press. That is what induces me to
write on so deep a subject. However ,
the only certain thing is the unex
pected. "
"What ia the title of your now hook ? "
" 'A Rnco with thu Sun , " said lie.
Gnlvnntzliti ; Wrouylit Iron.
The American Machinist gives the
following method for galvanizing
wrought iron : The wrought iron is
first immersed in a cleansing bath of
equal parts of sulphuric or muriatic
acid and water , uecd warm. U is then
scrubbed with emery or sand , to clean
it thoroughly and detach all scales , if
any are left , after which it is immersed
in a preparing bath of equal parts of
saturated solutions of chloride of vsino
and chloride of njnmonia , from which
bath it Is directly transferred to the
fluid metallic bath , consisting of twenty
chemical equivalents of.hie to ono of
mercury ; or , by weight , 040 pounds of
zinc to 10(1 ( of mercury , to which are
added from five to six ounces of sodium.
As soon us the iron , has attained the
temperature of this hot fluid bath ,
which is only OSO dpgrces Fahrenheit ,
it may bo removed , and will then bo
found thoroughly coated with zinc.
Care must bo taken not to leave the
iron too long immersed in this hath , as
its aflinity for iron Is such that it may
become dissolved. This is the case'with
thin plutos of wrought iron ; oven when
one-eighth inch thick they may bo dis
solved in a few seconds. It is sale ,
therefore , to let the bath previously
act on some wrought Iron , so that it
dissolves a portion of it , in order to sat
isfy its Inconveniently great afllnjty for
HUB metal.
All danger of drinking impure water
is avoided by adding UO drops of the
genuine Angostura Hitters , manufac
tured by Dr. Slogert & Sons. At all
An English firm has been using pet
roleum for fuel in a torpedo bout and
getting u speed of twenty-one knots.
The oil is carried in the vessel's double
Some Good Storlos of Mon nnd
Other Animals.
Tills Scared the Ilurular Awny A
Jlorao 'Which Chows Tolmcco
She Wns Afilintticil of
Sueli a I < ovcr.
The Curious Sltlo or fjlfc.
I used to stny with a frlond In Wiltshire ,
snys a wrltcr.ln the London Standard , whoso
| iark Is Bcimrntcd from the house by a lake
which Is about ono hundred nnd fifty yards
broad at the narrowest part. I became Inti
mate with two delightful dogs Belonging to
my hostess , a largo colllo , called Jasper , and
n rough ak.vo terrier , Bundle. The pulr wcro
devoted friends , If possible always went out
together , and , sad to relate , oven poached to.
Ono afternoon I called them , as usual , to gofer
for a xvallc , and , making my way to the lake ,
I determined to row across nnd wander nbout
In the dcorpark. Withoutthlnklngof my two
companions , I got Into the boat and unshed
oft. Jasper at once Jumped Into the water and
Bayly followed the bout. Half way across ho
and I wore both startled by despairing howls ,
and , stopping to look back , wo saw poor llttlo
Sandlo running up and down the bunk and
bitterly bewailing the cruelty of his two so-
called friends In loavlnc him behind.
Hardening my heart , 1 sat still In silence
and watched. Jaspcrwas clearly distressed ;
ho swam round the boat and , looking up into
my face , said unmistakably with his wise ,
brown eyes : "Wny don't you go to the res--
cuel" Scoing , however , that I showed no
signs of Intelligence , ho mada up his mind to
scttlo the diniculty himself , so turned and
swam to poor llttlo Bundle. There was n
moment's p.iuso , I suppose for explanations ,
and then , to my surprise and amusement ,
Jasper stood still , half out and half in tlie
water , nnd Sandlo scrambled on to his back ,
his front paws resting on Jasper's neck , who
swam across the lake and landed him safely
In the deer park.
Mrs. E. Musgrovo's liorso Charlie has for
many years been a well-known figure around
Jasper , O. The attachment between him nnd
mistress was so great that wherever ono was
seen it was well known that the other was
rot for away. Hut , sad to relate , ho Is no
moro. Ho has gene to that nquina heaven
where horses always revel in luxurious pas
turage and no cruel whip over touches them.
The cause of his death , too , was as rare as It
is pathetic. Some days ago Mrs. Muserovo
went to Hot Springs for the benefit of her
health , leaving particular Instructions be
hind her for thu cnro of her beloved Charlie.
These instructions wcro faithfully carried
out. but the animal drooped , refused to cat ,
and betrayed such marks of grief at the ab
sence of his mistress that the family became
came- seriously alarmed , and the best veteri
narians wcro called in to attend Mm. In
vain all their efforts. Charlie refused to be
comforted , and finally yielded up the ghost.
An autopsy showed that ho died of a broken
"I will tell you a story , " sold Poster L.
Backus in the Urooklyn Euirle , "about the
memory and reasoning power possessed by a
horse on my father's farm. This horse was
in the habit of making journeys about the
neighborhood in charge of a certain groom ,
who wns coarse , ignorant , low nnd cruel.
The horse had been brouirht up on our farm ,
and was very good tempered and gentle , but
the proom's rouijhuoss and fondness for lav
ing on the whip confused him so much that
ho was not prompt in obeying orders some
times , Then the groom beat and bullied
him. The horde never showed
the slightest sign of resentment until one
Uay the groom approached him in the pasture
turo field. The horse was free for the nrst
time in the presence of his enemy , and he
charred the groom. A short halter was
around his neck and the groom seized this
and hung on. The horse tried to strike him
with his forefeet tried to bite and kick him.
The man dodged and shouted for aid.
"Tho fight was desperate and very excit
ing. The horse fairly ro.ired with rage. The
groom was nearly fairgod out , ana in an
other flvo minute would have been knocked
down and trampled to death , when my
father come on the scene. Ho seized the
halter and told the groom to run. As soon
as ho was gene the horse subsided and was
as docile as ever. Now I am satisfied that
the horse deliberately planned to kill the
groom at the llrst opportunity. See how
carefulliy ho chose the time and place of the
assault. A lonely pasture field where ho had
his enemy all to himself. Ho hnd never
shown the faintest sign of viciousnes before.
The uroom kept away from him after that ,
nnd the horse never afterward was known
to exhibit rage. If ho had killed the groom
jt would have been murder in the first de
gree , for the alement of deliberation was
there. Yes , sir , horses have reason , nnd
they have memories also. "
A Now York Journal reporter assisted at
a feast the other day that for oddity outdoes
anything in line of feasts it has ever been
his good fortune to onjoy. Ho ate an omelet
which was cooked by simply lying in a fry
under which man's ureat'.i
ing-pan , n was
blown , nor was the meal confined to the
omelet by any means ; there was some nice
buckwheat cakes , done to a turn , and somn
palatable coffee and lamb chops , as well as
other things. The person who provided nnd
cooked the meal Is ono of the most astonish
ing men in Now York. His stomach is a
well of natural gas , with a constant How by
day and night , and with every probability
that it will continue flowing until ho organ
izes a gas company. Ono thing is sure , the
gas is at present being constantly generated.
The owner of this remarkable stomach is a
Spanish gentleman , Senor Uarnello by
name , nnd ft is a funny thing to see him no
up to a street lamppost and ignite the gas by
simply blowing his flaming breath upon It ;
for all he bus to do at any time is to apply a
a match to his breath to set the breath on
fire. Ho did It several times yesterday , and
at half-past ! > o'clock In the evening ho lit
every gas jet in Doris' big Eighth Avcnuo
museum ; but that feat ho will do every
evening for the week. Ho will enter a dark
ened room , place u gas Jet , say sixteen inches
long , between his lips , blow his breath
through It , touch n match to the breath and
become a gus fixture instantcr. Ho says ho
can not account for this wonderful flaming
business of his , nnd that ho does It Just as
naturally us ho walks. He protests that ho
has no trouble in lighting and hcatinghis ;
apartments , and as for his cooking ho can
manugo that like a chef.
A poll parrot prevented a robbery in Cin
cinnati recently. By climbing a grape urbor
a thief managed to get through a second
story window into a room in the rear portion
of the residence of Hon. Emil Hothu at 2G'J
Browne street. In the room in which ttio
nocturnal visitor found himself was a largo
parrot of unusual Intelligence , nnd which
Mr. Rotho has owned for a long time. On
the entrance of the thief the bird , seeming
to realize that something was wrong , set up
a screaming ana screeching , vociferously
calling 'papa" in a manner that struck
teirortotho trespasser. There none of the
members of the household In the room , but
that they would bo aroused if Polly was not
throttled was certain. In fact , the bird's
cries were heard by Mr. 1 to tho. who pro
ceeded to the room , but not until the thief
had made his escape.
A wlso horse Is Nod , the dapple gray that
runs on Engine No. 3 of Nowburyport. Ono
of the usof ul accomplishments ho picked up
u short time ago Is that of watering himself.
Happening into the lire station ono evening
this week the scrlbo was introduced to this
feat of the gruy'B. "Ned , " said the driver ,
"do you want a drink I" The old follow
looked round with a knowing wink , us much
as to say he did. Being unhitched ho catno
out of his stall , walked over to the trough ,
looked around a moment , swelled at the
faucet , and finally , taking It In his teeth ,
opened It wide , setting the water running
merrily , Hla thirst quenched , ho reversed
the lever , toolc another observation , and
nauntorcd back to his stall unconcernedly.
The suicide mania Is making great ravages
In the Austrian army. Shortly after the
death of the crown prlnro an ofllccr of the
prince of Wales' Hussars blew nis brains out.
On Wednesday the colonel of the Sixty-
second rcL-iment of tbo line shot hlmsslf In
Hungary , But ono of the most extraordin
ary cases of sutcldo pn military record Is now
reported from laausonburg. Lieutenant
Mnngcslus , of'tho'most popular officers
of the garrison , proceeded on Saturday to
the barracks , wherTf his company WM quar
tered , and wns obsqrvftjl , to ho ubscnt-mlndcd
and depressed. Ho went Into n room whore
a numoer of the Mew magazine rifles were
kept , nnd loaded ono of them with n bullet.
Ho then called in two men , Addresslric one
of them , he said : raVe this rltlo and let mo
see if you can mm cropcrly. Point ot my
loft cyo. " The soldlor had no idea the
weapon was londtfd , ifttid obeying the words
of command "Make " " "
, ready , "present ,
"fire , " ho discharged the rlilo at a distance of
three yards into thb fttneor's oyo. The ballot
wont through his skull , nnd death was , of
course , Instantaneous. Ho loft a letter for
his captain , saylngrUifil the soldier who shot
him was Innocent. ,
Albert Mcnmng , a mlddlo aged man of
Eau Claire , Wls. , formerly n subaltern In
the German army , wns arrested recently at
Cblppowa Fulls charged with bigamy nnd
wns Jailed there. It appears that Mcnnlnir
has a wife and child in Munich , whence ho
fled to America. Ho recently went through
the marriage ceremony with a young elrl
living at Pall Creek. She Is the sister of n
prominent citizen of Kim Clnlrc , who has
Just discovered the previous marriage. The
wife's suspicions wore nrouscd by things her
husband said In his sleep. Her brother has
secured documentary evidence from the old
country which shows n clear case against
There Is a heavy draught horse at ono of
the quarries In Westerly that has been driven
for n number of years by the same man a
native of the Emerald Isle. And It Is a fact
that the worthy animal will not draw a load
in the morning until ho has had n chow of
tobacco. His appetite being satisfied , he Is
off like n whole-sail bree/e.
"Kid" Micratiiro.
"Fnd" 8001113 a trilling word to em
ploy in connection with the vast subjeet
of literature , says ICnto Cuthorwooil In
Table Talk ; uiul yet it is n recognized
fuel that there , perhaps , never was a
time when there was such a strong
"craze" for certain kinds of reading
matter and these kinds cover ample
grounds. While one-half the world is
deeply absorbed in books of the "Robert
Elsmore" order , the other half is engrossed -
grossed with what has boon termed , not
Inaptly , "Kid Literature. " The best
specimen of the latter is Mrs. Uurnott's
charming "Little Lord Faimtloroy1
that has taken young and old by storm ,
and that has inspired a notable 'number
of imitators , who have rushed
into the Hold with unbounded confi
dence , and an earnestness that would
be highly eommendablo otherwise ap
plied. Yet moro curious "fads" in the
current literature nre the strange com
parisons not a few of the authors draw ,
to say nothing of the incomprehensible
to the many words they use.
Ono author of the day. in a much-
discussed hook , makes the dark tresses
of his heroine exhale a fragrance Hko
unto the "odor of distant oases. " W hilo
apain , she is made to harkon to her
lover's protests us if assisting at the
soliloquy of an "ongahtrimuth. " The
same writer , in another talkcd-abont
story , tells of being "distraught at the
intussusception of it presence. " These ,
nnd similar expressions , form diversi
fying topics of Conversation.
For $1,00. H0
ofbuIHliijr&DOTiia yea coglit tobnjtbi o * r
book , PallfBcr'B A mertCAnTlrVVchi lecture , or rery in so *
co input * bulldtr , PtcpaieJ by fullitr , I'tlllier & Co. . the wtll
TbiT linolR Hallrleroirtny oa ! nteB < 3nc ! | to Dalldnr olhtrnliiv
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work , o4 lntrunim itnw to Build 70 C ittri. VllUi ,
lAmbt lloitiri , Drlck Dork Houici , tutubli ( or fit ) > nburbftowc
and country , hutr ( for Uief rm tnd wcrklnpirin'i him e > for all
ictloniol thu-ortPlry , and co.llKjr from | 300to ( S.50C ; utiolUrnn ,
SUl.Iel , School Itauw , Town Mail , Oiurthci , aod rtlirr public
bull Jin jjttogfbr ! with ij > e ctfiratlt n , form o f contract , ml alarms
amount oflri/onrution on ihr fru-llrtn M bullJ1r > j ( , ilKtlf n of if ( P.
tm } > lojnie torArrliUrrtf. It UwftrlL f > U0to iiy ont , but I will
teiMltln riper rot rrb\ mull ppilt > * tdm rrftlrtof Jt 00 , bound In ? ( MI. AJJr . , lloidititoJ. S.OCItAin , PtumiiH ,
T. O. Uox SHI. I' KOISt. . . New Ymk
C , I. Jordan
Laic of the rnlvorsity
of New York City niul
I lowaviU'nlvcrslty -
ii , 1) ) . ( . ' .
: noanini :
ComerKifteenthnnrt liar
iicy sts. . Oimihn , Neb.
tV'hvio all cur.iWo case
are treated with sus
ASTHMA , Dv.ii'KrsiA , DKAK-
PAT Ulllll CDllEl ) .
CONSULTATION nt odlco or by mall , ? l.
Olllce hours 9 to 11 a. in. , 2 to 4 p.m. , 7 to 8p.
na. . Sunday olllce hours from D a. in. , to 1 p. in.
ManvcllHoases are trenteil successfully oy Dr.
Jonlonthroutjn tlie malls.uml It Is thus possible
for the e unublo to make a journey to obtain
Srml for book on Diseases of Nose , Throat ,
M. M. llamlln , I'iHiinlE Ins. Co.
8. A. Orchard , Carpet Dealer.
JohnFhelby , Grocer.
John Kusli , City Treasurer.
Teeth extracted without piln or danzor by iv new
' " ' '
"a'ow'iind Alloy fillings at lowest rates.
Sound roots unveil by crowning.
All tllilnii * ruilsiiwil for future reference.
1'axton Klock , ICtti and l''arnam '
m j i | BHiaBarori'.farly U iO.n | > t
nTaulTbo.1eto. I will wiiUa valuable Iniitlwnaliil )
contalnlnif full jmrtkulani for lioinu cuif , fuo of
* P F.AK'o | > OWI.ER , Moodui , Conn.
l/1 n II P Vand all urinary iroubloa easily. < julo'
M UN 11 ly and bafelKcured byDOiri'imA Cap
bulea.- Several cases cored in seven days. Sold
1.6U per box , all drUBSists , or by mall from Uoo-
urailfU Co. 113 WbTw 8t. N.y. fulldlrectlouu.
< l8T-misHE ! ) I8SI I8 ° s °
lie Regular Old-Established
IntHI Treating with the GrwlMt
Chronic , Nervonnnfl Private Diseases ,
Sir NERVOUS DEBILITY , Loit Manhood ,
Polling Memory , Exhausting Drains , Terrible
Dreams , Head and Dack Ache and all the effect !
tailing to early decuy and perhaps Contumptlon 01
Insanity , treated scltntlficslly ty new methods with
never-failing nuccrit.
T SYPHILIS ami all bad Blood and Skin Dll-
eaicBpermnnently cured.
WKlDNEYand URINARY complilnU.Qleet ,
Gonorrhoea , Strlctu re , Varlcocele and a ! ) disease *
of the OenltO'Urlniry Organs cured promptly without
Injury to Stomach , Kidneys or other Org n .
4HTNo experiment ! . Ace and experience lm
portant. Consultation free and sacred.
J- Send 4 cent ! pcttURe for Celebrated Worki on
Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Uiseuti.
contemplating Maijlsce tend for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated guide Male and Female , etch
IS cents , both * cent * ( ttamm ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly letter or call may save future sutler.
Ins and shame , and add golden years to life. WHook
"Life's ( Secret ) Errors , " jocents ( stamps ) . Medicine
and willing ! tent everywhere , secure from exposure ,
Hours , 8 to 8. Sundays 9 to u. Address
F. D. CLARKE. M. D. ,
186 So. Clark St. CHICAGO. ILL.
N , W. Cor. 13th & Dodge St3.
Apsllancos for Deformities and Trasses.
Beat Incllltlci. nppnrntui and remedies for SUCCOM
int treatment of every form of disease requlrlui
Medical or SurclcM Treatment.
Uoard ftnd attendance ) l > eit boipltal accommoda
tions Ir. tlio wcit.
VVIUTK run cmci'I.ATt.s on Dorormltles nnd llrncc- ,
Trusses , Club Vect. Curraturu of tlio Shine. 1'lles ,
Tumors , Cancsr , Catarrh , llronchllls. Inhalation ,
KlccUlaUr , rnmljrsls. Epilepsy. Klitnry , Ulnildor ,
Kre , Kar , Bkln and Dlood , and all Surgical operations.
Diseases of Woman a Specialty.
All Rlood Diseases successfully treated. Syphilitic
Polscn romuvod from the nystem without mercury.
Now restorative treatment for loss of Vltnl I'ower.
L'orfons unable to T'.ilt us may UB trt atod at hnixio by
rorrenondcnce. All communications confidential.
Medicines or Instruments sent by mall or exprusH ,
s uruly nicked , no marks to Indicate contents or
sender. Ono personal Interflow preferred. Cell nnd
consult us or sonU history of your case , and we will
end In plain irnippor , oar
Upon Private , Special or Nervous Diseases , Impo *
toner , Syphilis , Uleel and Varlcocelu , with question
list. Address
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute , or
Oer.imandDQdgoBU. , - OMAHA , NED ,
UENT , aKuar.iutcoi sped He for Hysteria , DUzl-
ness. CJiivulblons. fits , Nervous Neuralgia ,
Headache , Nervous Prostration caused by the
use of alcohol or tobacco , Wakefulness , Mental
Depression , Sof toning of the llraln , resulting In
Insanltv and Ipadlnu to misery , de ay anil death.
I'temattire Old ABO , Uurrenness , Loss of Power
In either HOI. Int olnrjtary f.osaos and Spermat-
orhccncaused by ovcr-osorttonof thohraln.Holf-
ahustt or overlndulpenco. Bach box contain *
one month's treatment. 11.00 a box , or six boxen
forif'i.lHsent by mall prepaid on receipt of price.
To euro uny case. With each order received by
us for nix boxes , accompanied with Ki.OO , wo will
pend tlio purch.uer our wrlttau Kiiatunteo to re
fund the money If tlie treatment does not effect
a cure. Quarantezs issued only by Goodman
Drug Co. , Druggists , Sole Agents , 1110 Farnam
street. Omaha Nob.
WHEN purchasing a fine
Shoe it Is natural to se
lect that which is pleasing to
the eye in style and finish ; the
material must be of the finest
texture , and when on the foot
the shoe must combine beauty
and comfort.
The Ludlow Shoe Possesses this Feature ,
You Will Wocr No Other Mako.
Bold by over 100 dealers In rhlcnifn. and tbo best
trade throughout the United States.
Bee That They Are Oturaped "I.UIIJ.OW. "
With Successful Eirerlonro-for NEW PICTORIAL
8A&ABI.B B001C ff * M B ftS Addle. .
AT ONOK. "tntlnti JtkMl KK W eipectod
Mtontofflipml nr , WB'aft lMEn D succoHSAffl ,
NEGS CUREDirrr i' r t.
" "
_ blip.nbf.nJJMIotClj. Comforulilj.
all Utatfle * iu llluitrmted took & proofs
The ONLY Lawn or Garden liVe MADE which will stand
BUY tk BEST , It will LAST the LONGEST
A hoio which will do peed work In most i-ltlcs , will not give satisfaction In
Unmhit , on ncjonnt of the rxtvomo hlgi ! tirosuiro. Whllo tlcalrra complain of
otlu-rhoso bolnpreturned InlnrgonniuitltfiMboraino It H not strons cnoiiRli to
BtRiultlu pressure. Xot One Tool ti/.Hie "FISH BRAND" has over fulled.
1'orsalo by nil dealers , or
10O8 Farnam-st. , Omaha , Neb.
W holesale or Retail.
Sanitary Plumbing !
Steam and Hot Water Heating !
Gas and Electric Chandeliers !
Art Moial Work , Stable Fittings , Fountains , Vases , Etc ,
OTWo mnko a specialty of repair work on Plumbing , Gas or Heating Appar 1
atus. Prompt attention. Skillful mechanics. Personal supervision , and charges
always reasonable as first-class work will allow.jjgi Twonty-flyo years' practi
cal o'xporlonco. Visitors to our showrooms always welcome. 1I
_ 409-411 South 15th Street. I
Particularly ailttpte < l for largo luwm or rough grass.
"The Popular Mower , "
A Full Line of Regular Size Mowers.
1511 Dodge Street , West of Postoffice.
Has far exceeded tholr expectations. Tne low prices , togotlior with line work nnd perfect flt , have
convinced their customers that It la the cheapest plttco to buy their garments. They uro con *
stunt ly receiving new goods for the mnnmur trade.
Safest fapor Stoves and Jewel. Filters aod Coolers.
WM. LYLE DICKEY & CO. , 1413 Douglas St.
8.O8-81O N. I6th St.
ItOllEUT UHMO , Prop. , C. M. EATON , Manager , Telephone KO.
Repairs lor all Stoves and Itangcs inndo. itrlllmnt ( iasollnu Stoves. Stoves taken In exchange
jiart payment. Gahollne liurners made to order and thoroughly repaired ,
Telephone to ua or aend card mid \vo will call and estimate work of any kind.
Furniture Company
4J. . /
A inogniflccnt ( lispltt/ ) cvcrt/thlny iiacfnl anil ornamental Iti the furiit
ture maker's art at reasonable prices.
1513 Douglas St , Omaha , Nebraska ,
Hardware and Cutlery ,
Mechanic * ' lools , FineBronzo Btilldara' Goails au-l Buffalo tioctlas ,
1405 Douglas St. , Omaha.
CXGAH. . !
0MAHA B " "
fiend for College Journal.
Corner Capitol Aw. and lUlli St. IS ON THE BOX.
A. EfejFnT
' Potonlecl .A/iiKUHt IG.'OTT. Xiuxx-ovocl 3Polain jry 1 , 'OO. WITH
No , 4 SPINAl
No , 4 Gent's Belt ,
Dr. OWEN'S Galvanic lieU and Sutpentory will Cure tlio follow-
of a nervous character ; Itheuma. limn of any kind ,
hciatlcn , FiiralyeU , Kpl- lepny , Spinal Il catcs. Bt. Vllun1 Jianco , llrli-lit'fl
Discaeo , I'llcs , Heart DU- joases. . I.nmbago , General and Nerv. ous Debility , Cos-
tlvcnese , Kidney Diseases vJvJ Nervousness , 'IrembllnK , Waiting .Jick Vlo . ot the lloily , all
diseases caused from In. Jk < W discretion In Youth or Jfarried Life , Nervous Prostration , 1'ersonal Wcalncse or
Kxliaustlon , Femnlo Coin- l Vk ? * plaluts. In fuel all nervous ilUcatcs pertaining to Male or Kemale.oclmiluiiKo thu
World to prodt\co a belt RA N liiatw 111 compaio with U. The current is under Iho perfect control ot the wearer nnd
bo mada mild our/ . stroiiK to suit any complaint ; this rannot bo done with anyotber bolt. 'Iho
Suspensory for weakness of menlsconnecteddlrcctlytotlieBattery. the disk * are BO adjusted that by means of our appliances
the Electricity can be carried to any part of the llouyer wlfcrcver the dlrcaso U located.Ihls Is the Latest n < l *
. impro'erncnt ever made In applying Klcctrlcuy to the BpJJy for the cure of disease or as a remedial agent. 'Ill i
Front View. Sreate.t Ilodr Belt has Just been patented August 10th , 188T. Improved February IsU.m l-.vcry buyer of abelt
.wants the belt , and this ho will find the Owen to bo. U differs from all others. It Is a BoTtery Hut contafrtlna 10 Gii ) anle celli with 100 deicrrcs of eliciiKlh , n\rert onr No. 4 Full Power
Gunrnntoe BoltwliioK Contaiua Two Batteries nnd Twonty.Galvimlo Cells , with 200 dcKrcc-sofiticnglh.haiin osltlveau'lNoBatlvociirrcnt.aiidlhoctirrPiitcniilioi I .
Iho Owen Helttt not n Chain/Wire or Voltalp ll Itor a Pad , of an/detcripUon , U will euro all complaints qnrallo l > y Klrclricity or a ( lalvaiffo liutlcry. 1 ho l.ltrlno current can bo Tested
Lv . - bolorolt Is applied to the body , and ft worn only from six to ten hour * day or night. After examining this belt you will buy no other , as U U light and easily worn and * uiierjor to all other *
noivotfured D.-OV ono for ealo. To show the Entire Confidence wo have In our Electro-Galvanic licit and ApplUuco , wo\vlll send our Full PowOr No. 4 licit ronmlelo to mponslblo parlies on thirty
Idavn1 trial and II u floes not Prove to bo or ao what we Represent , you can return It to u . I'hyilclauH endorse tbo Owen licit as tTio bust. henifOf OEIS poll nee for our free Illustrated pamphlet
iol S written by a physician ol over 40 years ezpcrlenci , wbTch will bo tent you with our book of testimonials In Mealed cnrelopo.ghlnp Inductions how t- > treat yourself xlth electricity
' iithoutthealdofaphytlclanorthoueoof medicine. Send for a pair of lr. Owen's Klertrlolnsolci.rrlee 11,00 , which will euro > ouof Gout , Chllulftlns , Cramps in reel or I.CKB. or Cold 1'cct. Do not
k aslo your money on belts patented years ago. Wo have private consultation rooms lor ladles as well as gents , and nil who call or wrllo us can > cnl atsuicd that they III rcccuo an boncit opinion ,
'and ' if the belt U not adapted to their case they will bo so adviecd. Open at all times. Consultation at oQlce , or by in nil free. 1'or information how to obtain trial belt sco US-paye pamphlet.
TffiVlSr , } The OWEN ELECTB1C BELT & APPLIANCE CO. . 806 North Broadway , St. Louis , Mo.