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On the Way to Investment in Oma
ha Realty.
The Ovcrbooincil Pacific Slope How
tlic bWcHtcrn Mcccnn Compare
with Oinnlia An Interesting
Trip Graphically Described.
To tlio Pacific ,
In upcnklng of his recent trip Mr. W. O.
Albright said ;
In .Denver the people nro crazy on the sub
ject of real cetntc. There is no acreage suit-
nblo for subdividing near the city nnd lots
nro nil 25x1 M feet. Transfers on the 18th of
February by warranty deed were (153,000 ;
the 10th , 1130,000 ; 20th. $109,000 ; 21st , $353-
000 , nnd on the 23d , $ r 10,000. Eighty acres
were sold whllo 1 wns there lor $80,000 , sev
eral miles from the business center , nnd the
nearest means of transportation being within
two nnd a half miles , and that a circla road ,
similar to our belt lino.
Ono hundred nnd sixty acres eight miles
out sold for f30,000 j 103 acres for 8103,000.
Among recent transfers were eight blocks
In west Colfux addition , 25x125. three miles
from the business center across the river
through the bottoms , about as near the
horse car line as West Albright , $80,000.
Acrcngo Is being platted nnd sold into lots
fourteen miles out , I consider that they
liavo reached the extreme of their boom , and
thnt and early reaction will bo the inovlta-
* bio result.
Hy comparing thpso prices with Omaha ,
you BCO that wo have never had a real cstnto
i boom.
; They have no manufactories to spank of In
( Denver. They claim Unit the opening of the
I Gulf road Ims boon of bcncllt to the stock ,
In bringing it In. I showed thorn n clipping
> from ono of their own papers where the
S Omaha Packing company , who have a retail
l business house in Denver , were selling por-
I torhouso steaks for 12J cents n pound ; and
i thnt cnttlo they nro bringing in are shipped
; direct to Omaha nnd nro hero slaughtered.
The wealthy citizens of Denver discourage
manufacturers , claiming that they do not
jj wish to bo bothered with the smoke. After
I n careful investigation , the moro I coinparo
° Denver with Omaha , the moro I urn con-
i vlnccd that vulucs nro thoroughly cstab-
lishcd in the latter , and that wo are on the
I eve of great activity in realty.
' Pueblo is n city of probably 80,000 to 30,000
1 population. The boom Is fur in advance of
i public improvements. All choice acreage
r nbout the town is controlled by Denver pco-
I plo. It Is n typical mining town nnd there is
I no chnnco to make money thcro nt present.
[ Good acreage is selling nt $1.000 per ocro.nnd
I business property from $250 to $050 per front
j foot , unimproved.
Salt Lakes City has an estimated population
' of 80,000. No sidewalks or public improvements -
< monts of any kind. Business property ranges
i from $1,500 to $2,000 per front foot ; residence
lots from $100 to $150 per front foot. Three
f miles from the center lots are selling from
k 1300 to $500 ; acreage from $300 to $1,500.
, / Ogdcn has a population of 8,000. I was of-
r fcrcd six nnd one-quarter acres ono and one-
h half miles from the business center for $7,000.
if Forty acres were recently sold at about the
" name distance for $40,000. There Is nothing
i there , however , to Justify the belief that
l town lots can bccomo valuable.
At Ogden I mot a representative of an
eastern syndicate that lias $7,000,000 to in-
I rest. Ho says they have invested largely in
I Omaha , Kansas City , Sioux City , Sioux Falls ,
i Minneapolis , St. Paul and Duluth , but have
L closed all their Investments outside of Omaha.
H Ho has made tlio entire tour of the west-
It Denver , Pueblo , Trinidad , Lcadvillo , Salt
I Lake , Ogden , Seattle"Tacoma and Spokane
I Falls but has not invested a dollar. He will
I , bo in Omaha soon , and I am satisfied ho will
ft' rlo business here.
I Ono thing that strikes a stranger ns pecu-
F liar is that the nearer you get to the fruit
I growing country the moro expensive the
[ . fruit becomes nnd the poorer the quality.
\ Fresno has a population of 10,000 ; business
i property is valued at from 5300 to $1,000 per
front foot.
1 The principal crop that has been raised In
n California for the past eighteen months 13
mortgages. Eastern people have become
tired of paying $2,000 to $3,000 per front foot
for climate. Business property in Los An-
( roles has sold as high ns $2,700 per front foot ,
virtually unimproved. San Diego has a pop
ulation of 30,000. Lots four miles from the
business-center , twenty-five feet front , were
Bold at $400.
The Omaha BBC is the only Omaha paper 1
i bad a chance to buy on the const. At the
Palace hotel nowstand It sells at 10 cents six
days old. I found it also at Los Angeles , San
1 Diego nnd Portland , Ore. , but they are gob
bled up ns soon as they arrive.
I San Francisco proper lias no suburban
property ; when you leave the business dis
tricts you run into barren sand hills. In the
, county of which Sun Jose is the county scat
seat the delinquent tax list wax only $760 , the
actual foreclosures $97 , whllo in Los Angeles
county the delinquent tax list ( Ills 209 col
umns of the Herald. It contains about
twenty thousand pieces of property and represents -
, resents about $250,000 of delinquent taxes.
' The San Dlogo county list fills 133 columns
1 ft the Union , nnd represents nbout $100,000
f ol delinquent taxes , San Jose , I
consider ono of the most beautiful
" cities I have over visited. The ther
j mometor doesn't change to exceed 80 ° in
twelve months. The trade winds which nro
10 objectionable In Snn Francisco are
thoroughly mellowed after coming down the
pulleys when they strike San Joso. During
tbo day from 10 to 13 it gets quite warm , but
It is always comfortable in the shade , aud
every night during the year you can sleep
' nultocowfoitnbly under a pair of blankets.
ft is the county seat of Santa Clara county ,
mil has n poplution of 20,000 people. Four
lines of railroad run nine trains u day to nnd
I from San Francisco , ranging in time from
I pno hour and ton minute ? to two hours , it
I IB situated iu the center of wbut is consia-
I ercrt the most substantial fruit valley in the
I atato of California. Unjiko Rlvcrsido it IB
I Dot entirely dependent upon ono crop , as
I ( heir fruits are of a stnplo character.
I Ibo hotel Vendomo recently com-
I pleted cost $310,000. They have
I fine schools and several state institutions.
I There is n quicksilver mine nbout live miles
I fromthu city employing 800 men ; the clti <
L conn nro wealthy and society first-class ,
[ i Money is worth 8 per cent per annum , and
I tbo market easy , whereas in Los Angeles it
ti Is worth 3 per cent a month or 18 per cent a
| year for three years , tirst-mortgago real
I estate at ono-third valuation. Mount Ilnni-
I llton in situated near there , upon the summit
of which is located tiio celebrated Lick ob-
1 aervntory. with the largest telescope In the
I world. There is a line of stages running tc
I nnd from there daily. It la only two hours1
rldo by rail to Monterey , tbo finest sqasidc
I retort in the state of California ,
D Good bathing , tine beach , n seventeen
I tnllo drive and ono of the finest and heal
I equipped seaside hotels In the world. The
I grounds nro nil laid out with beautiful tropi
[ oal plants blooming at all seasons of the
I yuar. The service at the hotel is strletli
I first-class. Sun Francisco has never had t
I boom mid property is comparatively cheap
I It has a population'of 400,000 people , ami t
I burbor to accommodate tuo commerce o :
I tbo world easy of access , perfectly nafc
I After leaving San Francisco wo went bj
I , vessel to Portland , struck rough weather uni
I were most delightfully seasick. Were 01
I the oceun sixty hours. In the future wi
I will confine our travels strictly to lapd
I Reached Aotoria early In the morning
I nd bad great diniculty in crosn
I t Inu the Columbia river . bar
r which is very dangerous and a
I 'f times Impogtilble to cross. Astoria is 10'
I * * miles from Portland , and it takes Just a da :
I a , to mubo the run by vest.o ) , up the Columbii
I § mid WHImoue riven. Portland Is a city o
CV > 00 people , and tbo citizens are rer :
wealthy. There are some lovely drives nui
fine scenery. It has three lines of railroad
and thcro is considerable real estate solllm
In a quiet way , Transfers for tlio llrst thre
months of this year were $3,700,000 , Ther
is A great dcnl of heavy timber mrroundini
Portland. Wo next struck Tacoma , Wash
It is a city ot from 20,000 to 30,000 people
nub Uintlaly ! built , situated onPuget Sound
ml WUK built by the Northern 1'uciil
railway company , Transfer * for th
first quarter this year were K
000,000. Tito boom broke thcro ubru
March 1. Koildeuco property Is valued u
$100 pet- front fool ; buslneis property 81M
per front foot. W next struck Seattle , wit
Lro ) bcom to'Quaro tech on > l the vreu
overestimated city whicn I have ever visited ,
They claim 25.000 people. A year neo , I was
told , that an English syndicate had Invested
M.UOO.OOO in nfi iron plant over on Lnko
Washington , ta employ 5,000 men. Upon In
vestigation t found that tlili was an enter
prise on paper , as nothing has been done of
n substantial character to Justify the belief
thnt the works will over bo erected. It is
environed by heavy timber. They have re
fused $1,250 per front foot for business prop
erty. Residence property three miles
out , three-quarters of a mile from the horse
railway , making hourly trips , nml a milo
nnd n quarter from the cable , soiling nt $50
per front foot. West Seattle , situated four
miles across the sound , a ferry boat being
the only means of access , Is retailing at the
rate of 15,000 to $0,000 per acre. Uoal ostoto
Is handled in Seattle nbout on the same basis
nnd with as much Judgment ns grain is
handled in the pits of the board ot trade nt
Chicago. Property values are from three to
ten years in advance of the times , nnd In my
Judgment will result nbout in the same man
ner ns they did nt Wichita , Kan. There is
no chance to Invest nny money there with
nny degree of snfoty , ns everything is fig
ured from n speculative standpoint.
Town lots nro platted oltrht miles
in the country , nnd enough has
already been platted to supply n population
of n million nnd n hnlf of people. Thousands
of men nro walking the streets of Tacoma
and Scuttle without anything to do and no
chnnco for work. Wo returned on the North
ern Pacific nnd trains were frequently
stopped between stations , poles wore used
by the train men to punch poor devils off of
the trucks who were endeavoring to steal n
rldo cast. When they emerged from under
the cars they were covered with alkali dust
from head to foot an inch thick. Spokane
Falls , ! ! oO miles cast of Seattle , has nlso had
n great boom in real estate , but at present Is
simply an option business.
noutnnjrer'fl Fnrcwcll.
P. M. 1. In New York Jotir iiat.
O flcklo Franco 1 O flcklo Franco 1
For many n year 1'vo wooed you.
In pence or strife upon my life ,
I'd never have hoodooed youl
My staunchcst friends nro all on strike ,
My budding hopes nro wilted.
To toll the truth , I foci just like
A maiden who's been Jilted 1
Otralt'rous friends 1 O tralt'rous friend si
Has all your manhood vanished !
You sny to suit your sclllsh ends ,
Uoulnngor must bo banished.
Ah I many a day for Boulangcr
You raised triumphal nrches.
And clapped your hamls and made brass
Bray out Boulangcr marches I
O flcklo land I hoped to sway I
I sny It to my sorrow ,
You rnlso an idol up to-day
To dash it down io morrow I
So long I A long ndlou I wnvo.
Your Boulangcr will seek
A fortune nnd n patriot's grave
In glorious Arncriquc !
An April Slestmee.
Ktw York \Vnrld. \
The April showers lightly fall ,
The light of day gives place to gloom ,
The shadows gather over all
And twilight tills the drawing room ,
Wherein a maiden stands by mo
Wo watch the rain drops silently.
Ah ! this is her reception day ,
But all the other guests have gone ,
And yet I am constrained to stay ,
I feel I am n favored ono.
A subtle charm Is over all
As soft the April sbowors fall.
I strive to speak , but all words fail ;
My voice I scarcely can command ;
But she divines the sweet old tale
And , holding out to mo her hand ,
Receives my love ah I well she may ,
For this is her reception day.
Gcorcu's Occupation.
CVitttioo Tribune.
"George , dear , what nro you thinking of ? "
Merrily queried the maiden fair ;
"Do you Know you are looking straight
through my head
With n dreamy stnrol"
And that bold young man ho passed his hand
Through her golden ti esses rich and rnro.
"Pretty Laura , " ho said , "I'm only building
Castles in the hair. "
Pineapple culture iu Florida yields
8400 per acre.
The Time * When KlourVnn Worth
Almost Its Weight In Gold.
A well known Bostoninn , ono of tbo
"forty niners , " who was n participant
in the fierce rnco for gold which so stirred -
rod the United States forty ycnrs npo ,
says the Boston Transcript , writes us
apropos of the statement of the Los
Angeles corrospodent , thnt in the ndwly
developed gold region of Lower Califor
nia $ -5 is the price readily paid for a
fifty-pound sack of flour , and gives some
figures from his own experience to show
that the "Argonauts" had to pay for
provisions. In the Snring of ' 60 ho
travelled from Graham Bar. near Rat-
tlesnnko Bar , on the middle Yuba
River , California , "afoot and alone , as
Paddy wont to Dublin , " to Little Door
Creek , since Nevada City , a distance of
sixteen miles , and paid $100 for a ilf , y-
pound sack of Hour , and backed it to
Graham Bar that afternoon. This un-
ccdoto ho relates to temper the state
ment that a now MO has dawned from
Ensciioda. Any ono who can remember
the rush for the mines forty years ago ,
or has heard ono who witnessed it tell of
lt , | will accept with alargo alloxvanco the
story that it is being repeated in this or
that newly developed district. In the
stirring days of the "gold fever" the
blood of the whole nation seemed bub
bling with excitement , as the thirst for
gold became fiercer and llorcor. Men
left shops , and counting-houses , nnd of-
llcos , and ruthcd for the clippers that
wore advertised to carry gold-seekers
round the Horn. She scones on sailing
days are said by old residents to remind
them of a rush for a harbor steamer on a
hot Summer day. Everybody wan ted to
go to California , and their was always
somebody late , who cursed the unkind
fate that kept him forever in the rear
in the race for the mines. Of course the
fever was mild hero ns compared with
Californfa. Gen. Sherman says that atone
ono time COO ships wore anchored in
Snn Francisco harbor without crows.
The sailors had deserted and joined in
the rush for the mines. Soldiers in the
garrisons attempted to follow the example -
ample of trio sailors , and it required the
utmost exertions of ofllcors to prevent
regimental stampedes. These wore the
when servants commanded $300 a month ;
rough board rooms roofed with canvas ,
renteU for $1,000 a month , nnd every
thing else was as nigh in proportion.
The golden days ol California wore not
altogether golden for these at a distance
from the mines.
When Amabel n-5IllkliiK Goes.
Woman' * U'orW.
When Amnbol n-milking goes
All in kerchief gay ,
If lightest wind but gently blows ,
When Amabel n-mllking goes.
The dainty drifted folds disclose
A bosom white as May ,
When Amabel n-milkiug goes ,
All iu kerchief gay.
A Breath of Spring.
Lucy B. Tlllcu.
A dash of wnrm-brenthcd , blinding rain , a
rush of sunshine through the gloom ,
And o'er the silent.drowsy earth tho.old gray
orchards break abloom.
A touch of mystic , hidden power , a silken
cover thrilled in twain.
And lol a winged Homo takes flight from
where a creeping thing has lain.
Then swift the hills are made aware , of what
the valleys know before
That Nature's younglings are awake , nnd
spring is knocking at the door.
AVlint's In a Name ?
Now York World : I have a little boy
who says many funny and original
things. Though not moro than three
and one-half years old ho is very fond of
what ho calls "writing. " One day after
having lostanumborof pencilsho asked
for still another. I told him there wore
no more to bo had. Ho looked up at mo
and said : "Then what do they call this
Pennsylvania for ? "
Agriculture , Trndo nijil
jRnle In KtiRlnml , fiui Not Here.
Almost every nation' itosscssinp nny
kind of constitutional government 1ms
borrowed from Groat. Britain itg
methods of parliamentary practice ,
which are based on historical , ami In
some cases oven prehistoric traditions
peculiar to the Anglo-skxon race. Un
fortunately , while th'6 foreign states
have adopted and copied the exterior
forms oi their model , they have
neglected to pay adequate attention to
one of the main principles of the Brit
ish parliamentary system.
The English hare over been of the
opinion that in order to obtain an ofll-
clont form of popular representation It
Is absolutely necessary that the back
bone of the latter should bo formed by
the representatives of agriculture , in
dustry , and commerce. The latter con
stitute the foundation and basis of
every commonwealth , more , especially
in the case of great democracies such
na the United States and Prance.
And yet it Is just in those two
countries both of them pre-eminent
by reason of their contributions to the
agriculture , Industry and trade of the
niiiTian mmsi : or COMMONS.
Total number of members 670
0 20 < 0 CO 80 IPO 130 HO 1M JfiO 200 220 ! ! 40 SCO 200 WX )
Agriculture 102
Industry 1C1
Coinmoico nncl trailo. . . . . . . 127I I
Professional inon. 10"
Army nmlnavy CO.
Olllco Holders 47
Number of deputies 530.
0 20 40 CO 80 100 120 140 100 1M 200 220 210 SCO 280 ! W
Professional men 270
Olllco holders " 5
Industry , 81
Agriculture ,
Commerce nnd trade , . 02'
Number of reprcsontaUve3-325 ; of territorial delegates * . Total 3.TJ.
0 20 40 CO W 100 120 140 100 180 200 220 240 260 2fO 30p
Professional men 2C4
Industry 24
Commerce ana trade 24
Agriculture , 21
The 2C4 professional men in the Uni
ted States house of representatives con
sist of : ' '
Lawyers engaged in practice 290
Doctors i 7
Editors 12
Ministers i 5
Professional ijoltticians..i 18
Labor delegates , . , 2
Total 2W
Of the 20 representatives whom the
state of Illinois sends to congress no
loss than 1C are practicing lawyers.
Ohio likewise furnishes 10 lawyers out
of a total of 21 representatives. Eigh
teen of Pennsylvania's 28 representa
tives are active members of the legal
profession. Nine of the 11 congressmen
world thai these three important fea
tures of national strength are almost
without representation in the parlia
mentary councils of the nation.
In the United States , as in Franco ,
the vast majority of the national dele
gates consist of professional men
mostly lawyers who , whllo personally
most estimable and statesmanlike , liavo
no vested interest in the country. The
latter as well us their patriotism nro
transportable , often In u carpetbag ,
which is apt to got lost. Self-Interest
governs most things in public as well
as In private life , nnd it is manifest that
the man who possesses great agrU'ul-
tural , industrial or commercial inter
ests is moro likely , for his own sake , to
have the countrys welfare at heart
than n man whoso only ambition Is
Olllco , and who has nothing but his per
sonal alms and wishes to sway his
From the subjoined somewhat start
ling tables It will bo soon that , whereas
the representatives of agriculture ,
trade and industry rule the roost in the
British house of commons , both France ,
and , in particular , the United States ,
have confided their fate and their in
terests to a body of professional men
who , in the eyes of the public at any
rate , have given no hostages to fortune :
from Kentucky are practicing lawyers ,
as are also 11 of the 84 representatives
of the state of Now York. The repre
sentatives mentioned under the head of
lawyers include only these who have
described themselves in the Congres
sional Directory as being engaged in
the active practice of their profession.
In every case where a lawyer or pro
fessional man is described as being also
interested in agriculture , trade or in
dustry , ho has been included under one
of these three headings.
Of the 70 members of the United
States senate no lebs than 50 are law
yers and professional men ; 9 are en
gaged in industry , 0 in trade and com
merce in agriculture and 1 is an editor.
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Apparatus and Supplies.
Engines , Boilers , Steam Pumps , Etc.
We have a large and elegant line of Spring
OVERCOATS and light weight garments of
latest and newest styles , which we bought at
our own offer , and these we have marked at
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ARrlculturol ImplomontB.
Dcalcrin Agricnltmal Implements , Wagons
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Win , Omaha. Mobm-ka.
Agricnlt1 Implements , Wagons , Carriages
nugglcs.eto. Wholositlo. Omaha. Ncbt k .
Wholesale Dealers In
Agricultural Implements , Wagons&Bnggies
ttltWK ) niHOT.Ionc lrcet , Omaha. _
Manufacturers anil Jobber ! In
Wagons , Boggles , Rate , Plows Etc ,
Cor. Wh and Pacino itrcoU , Omaha.
_ ArtJBta' M a torln la.
l. 110SPJ3 , Jr. ,
Artists' ' Materials , Pianos anfl Organs ,
1513 Douglas street Omaha , Nebraska.
J1 n d Shoos.
r. v. Monsu , t m ,
Jobbers of Boots M Shoes ,
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Coj , Cko nnd Llrno.
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Ships of Coal a dCok
211 South 13th St. , Omaha , Neb.
Importers nod jobbers of
Crockery , Glassware , Lamps , Silverware
KUj. IMi Karnain street , new I'&Kon bulldlnir.
Storage and Commission Merchants ,
Specialties Duller , tgf * . chconc , poultry , game.
1113 Howard ttroet. Onmhn. Nob. or
_ DryjDoodB end fictions. _
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Dry Goods , Furnisning Goods and Notions
1103 and 1104 Douglas , cor , llth street , Omaha , Neb.
Importers and Jobbers in Dry GooflsNotions ,
furnishing snods. Corner llth and 11 artier
streets , Omaba , Nebraska.
Importers and Jobbers ot
Woolens and Tailors' ' Trimmings ,
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Wholesale Dealers in Furniture
Farnam street , Omaha , Nebraska.
FDrnitnre ,
Cmaha Nebraska.
Wholesale Groceries and Provisions ,
703,707,709 anil 711 South 10th St. , Omaha , Nob.
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Springs , wagon stock , hardware , lumber , ct'o. 1203
und 1211 Harnor street , Omaha.
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Metalu , sheet Iron. etc. Agents ( or IIowo scales.
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Build rs' ' Hardware and Scale Repair Shop ,
Mechanics' tool * and llnffalo scales. 1405 Douglai
itroot , Ocmlia. Nob.
Wholesale Refined and Lubricating Oils ,
Ailo arcase , etc. , Omaha. A. II. Illehnp , Manager
Wholesale Paper Dealers ,
Carrr n nice stock of prlntlnir , wrapping and wrttlui
paper. Upcolal attention Riven to tar load orders.
81 o r a B o iL F o r w ardlns & > Commission. .
Storage , Forwarding and Commission
Ilrnuo homo of the llenney lluacy Co. Iluggleia
wholesale anil retail. I.lus , Idle , till Irardttroct ,
Ouiaha. Telephone No. 7W.
II. HARDY , t CO. ,
Jobbers nt
Toys , Dolls , Albums , Fancy Goods ,
Douw furnishing good , children's rarrtajtcs ,
iOUl Jfcmaui street. Oa.uua.MuB.
Wholesale Lumber , Etc ,
ImfOrteil and American I'nrllnnd cement. Sttt
gnt tct llwauUce ocmcutand
Qiilnoy whllo lluiu.
OlfAfi R. LEE ,
Dealer in Hardwooil Lumlier ,
Wood carpcti nml parquotfloorlnir. l > th und IMUZIa
Ueel , Omnha , N b.
AllRifluS of BiiiluiiMnaterial at Wholesale
18th Street unJ Union 1'aciaoTrack.Umalia ,
Dealer in Lmlicr , Latli , Lime , Sasli ,
Doon , Ilto , Yards-Corner Ttli mia Douuliu. Come
10th > nd
Luinoer , Unit ; Cement , Etc , , Etc ,
Corner Clh and HU ,
Dealer in All Klafls of mincer ,
ntlmnil Culllorulu Rtroeli , OraHlm , Nt-briuka ,
I.OltEltlELDERAcO. ,
Inmortcrs&JolJliBrs in Millinery & Notion
WlOhQd21JHonth Illliltruul
Wholesale Notions anil Fnfnisliiiig Gooli
JO ) and U houtU K'th troci , Ouuba. :
Live Stock Coraniissioii Merchants ,
OfOraana , UmUci
Uobo r , Uo/a , uy nauoilent.
* * * * T ? Mr
= a3jc = aqw
Bootn nnd Shoos ,
Buett * on to ltf ilJond A Co. 1
Wholesale Mannfacturers of Boots & Slice !
AgcnU for notion Hubbrr Shod Co , HOT , 1101 ana UH
Ilarnoj Street , Omabn , Nebraiia. )
Brewers. J
Lager Beer Brewers ,
131 North KlgMcenlh tlrrtit. Omaha. Nat.
Manufacturers of Galyaiitzeil Iron Cornice ?
Window-rapt and tnMalte kjllnhti. John KpeneUn
proprietor. lUJand HUboutli lOtUilrcaU
Offloo Fl xti ro
Manufacturers of
, Office and Saloon Pixtnres ,
Mantles , BldnboarOn. Hook Cn < c , Drug fixture * . Wall
Cn e > , rnrtltlnn * . Hailing * , Counter * , Uecrund Wind
Cooler * . Mirror * . KISlartorj and otlW , 1730
South loth at. , Umaha. Telephone 1U4. _
_ Pnpor Boxes.
Proprietor Omaha Paper Box Factory , '
Nos. 1317 add 1319 Douglas street , Omaha , Neb.
Sash , Doors , Etc.
M. A. DISliROW A CO. ,
Whola.'ivlo manutncturur ot
SasD , Doors , BlinJs anil Monlnss ,
llrnnib tjClcc , 12lb nml linnl street Onmba , Neb.
Maniifectnrers of Sash , Doors , Blinds ,
Mouldlnits , stair-work nnd Interior Innl wood finish.
N. IE. corner 81 h nnd 1 A-nvcn\\crtL sin cts ,
Umaha , Neb.
Pups , Pines ana Engines ,
Bteam , water , rnllwnr nml rnlulng imppllei , eta.
Mil , ita nnil inil Kurnum Blruet. OmMia.
Steam and fate ? Supplies ,
naMUla ? wind mills. 01' nnd ra Jones St. , Omaha ,
U. K. KofS , acting /iiunauor.
Engines , Boilers anil General Machinery.
Bhcctrlron nork , Ktonm pumrs > I\TT rallli. 1213-1219
l.oavcnworlh ilrevt , Oaiaba.
Iron Works.
Carter A Bon , Prop's. Manufacturers ot allklndi
Steaiii Boilers , TauKs and Sheet Iron Worlc
Works Boutli aith and 11. A M. crostlug.
* ll
Wrought and Cast Iron Bui ding Wort
Snglncs , bras * work , general foundry , mac hlno amt
blacksmith work , onico and worxa , U. 1 * . Itjr.
and 17t'i Direct , Omaha.
Manufacturers of Wire aud Iroii Railings
Desk rails , window guards , llower stand * , wire slgni.
etc. 1J ) North Itth street. Umaho.
Maul'rs ' of Fire and Burglar Proaf Safes ,
Vaults , Jnll work , lion shutters and lira uscapoi.
U. Andrccn , prop'r. Cor. llth nnd Jackson Ht ?
Chicago , Milwaukee & t , Paul R'y ,
The Best lloule from Omaha nml Council
muffs to
Chicago , AND Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Cedar Rapids *
Kocklsluud , Frceport , Itockford.
Clinton , Dubnque , Davenport ,
Elgin , . Madison , . .Tanoslite ,
Itcloll , Winonn , La Crossc ,
And all other Important points Kast , Northeast and
For t'iroush tickets , call on the ticket agent at 1501
Farnam street , In linger uiock , or at Union 1'aclUo
Pullman Sleepers nnd the finest Dining Cars in the
world nro run on the ruitln line ol the Chloiiuo , Mil'
waukcu & tit. Paul lUllway , nnd every attention II
paid to passeuKora by courteous employe * of tut )
U..MIl'LKR.Uencral Manairor.
J. K. TUUKKU , Assistant ( lunoral Manager.
A. V. U. CAUl'UNl'U.n , Oencral I'usscncor ana
Ticket Avent.
tJKn. 1C. 1IKAKKORU , Assistant GoneraU'astenaar
and Ticket Agent.
T. J. CLAUK , General Superintendent.
PIUH'OSALS . Department ot tlia
Inteilur.UUIco ol Indian AlT.ilr.s , Washington ,
Jlnicli ! M. JSb ! > . Soalotl proposals. Indorsed
" 1'ioposals for Iloef , ( bids for lieof must bo sub
mttted In separate envelopes ) . Dacon , Flour ,
Clothing , or TinuspirlnUon , Vc. , " ( ns the case
may be ) , nnd directed to Iho Commlsslom-r of
Indian A iTnlra , Nos. r > nnd 07 Woostor street ,
Now York , will bo received until I p. m. of Tues
day , April18d9 ) , for fnrulablnK fortlio ludlau
service about UOO.tHJO pounds bacon , UIlOl ( > , UX >
noumlH beef on the hoof , 1,030,000 pounds not
b ef , aru.0',0 poundH beaiw. 71,000 pounds baking
powder , 500,000 pounds corn , 477.0JO pounds cor-
fee , K.iAWO.Oix ) pounds Hour , 74.0U ) pounds fooa <
1B5."OJ pounds hard bread , 65,001) ) pounds horn *
Iny , aj.wil ) pounds lard , 871 barrofe mess pork ,
17,1)00 ) pounds oatmeal , i7' ! > , UOJ pounds oats ,
IW(0) ( ) pounds rlco , , fW ( ) pounds tea , JMO.OOfl
pounds salt , StO.OOU pounds soup , U2U.OUU
pounds sugar , and IOOJ pounds wheat.
Also , blankets , woolen and cotton goods , ( con
sisting In part of ticking. L'5,000 yards ; standard
call < x > , luo.iioo yards j drllllnir , ll.uw yards ; dnclr ,
free from nil slzinir , CVXM yards ; denims , 17,000
yards : ( Ilncham , ! i oOUfl yards ; Kentucky jeanu ,
WHO vnrd ; cheviot , I'.tiOi ) yards ; brown sheet-
Inif , iilft.ouo yards ; bleached r.hoc-tlnt ; , ai.OOO
yards ; hickory shitting , 10.001) yards ; calico
slili Uni ; , 5r > UO yards ; wln.sey , D.U03 yavdxt ; clotu-
liiK. Kior't-ilos , notions , haidware , medluAl HUP-
plloH , school books , &r. , and it long lint of mfa
cullaucotis artlcloH , nuch as harness , plows ,
lakes , folks , &c. , und for about tl',0 wagons re-
quli-fl , ! for tlio xurvlro , to be delivered at Chica
go , Kansas City , ami dloiix City. Also for sucli
wucons as may 09 rouuirou , adapted to th
cllmatu of the I'aUllo'ooft , vith Callfornt
litKkoB. dellwrea ut gun Finnrlsco , Alno ,
transpoilatlon forsuuh of the articles , gooda ,
jflid supplies that may not lie contracted for ta
bo dellvined at tlio agencies. llidH must bu
madu out on Kovninnn'iit blanks. Hclioduloa
sliovi liij , ' flu klnil" anil ( luautltlob of snbulHt''nca
supplies rcipilrvd for card ii uucy mid school.
and the kinds and iiuanlllles in ( jro s , of all
fithi-rj-oods and articles , togutnur wlttiblanlc
proposuli , conditions to bo observed by bl'lilors ,
tlmu und place of delivery , terms ot ootilract
and Tuynient. transportation routes , and all
other necns < ary liibtnictlonsMill ba furnished
r.pon application to Dm Indian Ofllcn In W.isH-
liifitnn , or Nos , tifi and 67 WoostQrstrent.Now
York ; the Conunlssuilch of hnuslstujicu U.S.
A , , ut CheyunnoChIc.iio. t < oaven\\onli.Oniatia ,
H.ilnt , l.ouls , Saint Paul , and Han 1'iandsco ; the
l'o.tina ! t > jrs ut bloux Oily , and Yankton ; and to
the 1'ostmastors utthe lollu lnu iminyil plaiea
in Kansas : Arkansas City , Calihvoll , Topcka ,
and Wlclilta , Tlio right Is reserved by tlie KOV <
finniont to reject any and all bldor any paru
of any bid , and tlioao pioposuls are InrHed
under proviso that appropriation uliull bo mada
for the BUpplU-3 by ( 'ontri'oss , Illils will bo
opened at tun hour and d.iyubnvn dtatcd , and
bldUei H aru Invited to bo proaoilt at the opeulni ; .
Certllled Checks , All bids miiRt bo nccom <
panleil by ccrtllled fheckH or drafts upon some )
llnltcxl Btul < > s IK'posllory or the I'lrut Natlnual
Hank of IMS Auenlci. Cat , , for at least Uvu pec
cent of the amount of the proposal. JOHN H.
OliKltLVUorniutMsonor , , _ _ _ _ inch'iodrit
State Line.
To Glasgow , Jlclfasf , lliililln and Lhcrpool
From New York Every Tuesday ,
Cabin passa o W tn JW , ni'corcllni , ' to locitloa
of state room , Uxcuidiou ic < to 4M
fiteor.aKi" to jiud fioin Rurope at l.owost Kates ,
AllfaTIN IIAI-DU'IN &l ( ) . . Cen'l Auoilts ,
M lirondway , N > r vorjt.
JOHN ItLEQKN , Oen'l Western AKOIII ,
, , . , . W Kunilolph St. , CUtcajfo.
IlAJtHY U. MO'JUis ' ; , Asent , Omulia ,
Rcdueoil < ; ubln Hutos to Glu ' 'ow Kx-
JrS ucrowiuljr { | used moottily liy omr 1U.VOO
M Ladles. Aru & / < , Kft'tuulnml I'liaimit
- _ . . . . . . . . | ; * taniiii , AildrnH
TUB ttJiKKA Citkuiuui Co , DunioiT , r
Far xala nn < l hit mull ( ni