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3orgoaut-at-Arma Ganady Accused
of Crookedness.
Senator Jones' Name Used Without
HlH Knowledge Palmer Gct-
thiR Ucndy to Depart Alas
ka's New Governor.
518 FouiiTBENTit STIIEET , >
WASHINGTON , D. C. , April 12. )
The reports concerning the suit against
Bcrgeant-nt-Arrns Cnnady for alleged crook
edness In transactions relating to the sale of
lock of the Crcosotlng company , In whlcn ho
was Interested , created quite a sensation
hero. It has been known for some tlmo that
ugly stories concerning Mr. Canady's
financial transactions hnvo been current
among parties In Now York City nnd elsewhere -
where who have boon Induced by him to In
vest in various cnterorlses. ' The most serious
ono of nil the specifications in the complaint
cgnlntt him Is tnnt ho attached tlio name of
Senator John P. Jones to COO shares of stock
in the company , which had been issued in
the name of Jones without his knowledge or
consent , nnd that ho negotiated n sale ot n
loan of this stock for his own individual In
terest. Mr. Cnnndy's associates here arc
qualified to speak ou the subject. It Is said
that the difficulty has been pending for n
year or moro , and that the suits might have
been brought last yrar us well as this , but
the supposition Is that the complainants
wanted to glvo as much time ns they could fern
n settlement of the matter. The impression
is that the matter was permitted to go over
until after the adjournment of the special
icsslon of the senate , so ns to avoid any un
necessary complications , und to have the
case settled one way or another bcforo the
rcorgnmz.itlon of the senate ofllccrs this
winter coming.
Ex-Senator Palmer , of Michigan , who was
recently appointed and confirmed asministot
to Spain , arrived in this city this morning tc
receive his Instructions. Ho called nt the
state department this afternoon nnd made an
. appointment to tuko his first lesson tomorrow
row morning. Mr. Palmer's instruction !
Will , it Is understood , contain nn outline of n
treaty of reciprocity between Spain and the
United States relative to exports and itn
ports to and from Cuba. Mr. Adco , the as <
Bistunt sccrctajy of state , says that no con
siders Spain in many respects u moro ini'
portant mission than the English mission nt
tlio present time. Mr. Palmer will sail or
the bth of May on the Travo. Ho says thai
ho has already prepared the speech which he
intends to deliver nt his first dinner in Mad'
rid. It is couched In the purest Cnstlllan ,
nnd the ex-senator expects to astonish the
Minister Lincoln will sail for London on
the Ifith of May , nnd will bo followed about
the last of the month by Mr. Whltolaw Reid ,
who will start for his post at that time.
The president has blighted the hopes of ox
nctly twenty-five men in Michigan by his no
lion In appointing n governor for Alaska to
day. The present governor arrived in Wash
ington' several days ago , and tendered hii
resignation to the secretary of the interior
Ho will return to Michigan nnd rc-outcr tin
newspaper business , winch ho left to go t <
Alasita. It was because Governor Swine
ford was from Michigan that so many met
from that state applied for the position whict
ho hud. The appointee is Lyman E. Knapp
of Vermont , who was indorsed by Sonutoi
Secretary Husk said to-day that ho hai
received a great many inquiries conccrnini
the number and value of beef cattle on thi
hoof in the markets of Chicago , Omaha
Kansas .City nnd other great packing points
as well as on the ranches. These inquiric1
Krow out of the efforts being made in vnnou
states to secure legislation looking to thi
suppression of the dressed beef trafllc. Thi
statistician of the department who was re
fcrrod lo for Information on this subject sale
that the department had no data on which tc
base reports which would tend to shov
Whether or not the charges were true tha
the drcsxed beef puckers in the .alaughtcrini
centers , were engaged In depressing th
price of beef on the hoof on the ranches am
V in manipulating the price of the product t
I the consumer. Ho has received numerou
inqilrlcs for data of this ctmracto
t embracing n period of many years , but n
information in the subject has over neon se
I cured by the department of agriculture , no
docs the census glvo any adequate informs
tion upon which to base tin estimate. Spcrc
tnry Rusk Intimated that owing to Iho grcn
importance of this subject at the preson
time , and the many outcries wlUch uro bein
made by local butchers nil over the countr
ugniiist the dressed beef truffle , ho coi
tomplutrd carrying on an Investigation whic
would furnish the parties Interested with a )
ihoiitio.informatlon which might boused !
times such as thcso. It Is probable that th
stnto agents ot the department may b
authorized to report upon the number nn
value of these cattle In the various region
where the animals nro raised or fed froi
month to month , and that hereafter info
inatlon will bo obtainable at the dcp.irtincn
M. S. Murphy , Argand , Jones county , vie
E. Turner , resigned ; Jnmes E. Babsoi
Hlocltton , Taylor county , vice V , Chipmai
resigned ; A. J. Wolcott , Floyd , Floy
county , vice I. A , Quiuiby , resigned ; Norvn
Reeve , Newmarket , Taylor county , vlcp 1
A. Pace , resigned ; Amos .M. Hally , Ropul
lie , Chlclinsaw county , vice J. J , Hall , r
signed ; S. S , Morrow , Thuyer , Unlc
county , vice J. Burd , resigned , and Cell
Chlldrcss. Unlonvlllo , Appunoobo count ;
vice A. Hicks , resigned.
Glonuon Plays the liully and Is Lai
Up 1'or
Colo. April 12. [ Special Tel
pram to TUB BKI : . ] The pugilist who we
the Uleason-McCartln mill yesterday aftc
noon was ono of the principals in nnotlu
fight Into last night , from which ho emerge
with laurels decidedly crushed. After r
turnlug to the city yesterday evening ho pr
cccdcd to fill up on poor whisky , and ube
midnight went to the Windsor baths nnd d
man dcd a Turkish bath. The ludy cashl
requested fl , which the victorious sluggi
with oaths refused to pay , nnd Insulted her
the grossest manner. Billy Woods , inanac
of the baths , happened along at this time , at
walking up to Glcason slapped him
the face , pushed him into the street , knock *
him tlowu and kicked him Into the gutto
whore ho pummolcd hltn in the most u
proved ntylo without Gloa on being abe !
got in cmo blow bcforo tnno wus called ai
Wood taken off , Gloason would not 1
recounted by his most intimate friends , }
wus taken to a hotel and will liiy up saver
days lor repairs.
The Stoli-n How Mill.
Dr.TnoiT , April 12. A special from F
jRiiaco , Mich. , says that Miles Brothci
mills plant U B.ifo In Canadian waters. I
the time the pursuers had overtaken the f
glllven Urn night the latter had sawed thi
way through the lea Into Canadian watci
and there defied the American millionth
, - < Seeing the holplcssncss of the situation t
pursuer * turned bark. Tim barges nnd tu
uro now behind the island In a afu posilio
and will rcnmln thcro until tha Ice rocs e > \
to that they ca'i proceed to lliulrUesflnutio
The Sioux
CitAMiiot.m , Dak. , April 12. ( Spec !
Toleirniin to TUB Ura : . ] Tbo selection of t
Sioux commission Is very satisfactory to t
pcoplo hero. Tbo election of John H. Kin
of tills city , Is very satisfactory , u It ul
that Oi Mr , AV&rucr , of Mliwuri.
Some Letters or Interest to Persona
Contomplntlnir Settlement ,
WAsnfNOTON , April 12. The commissioner
of the general land ofllco made public to-day
several letters ns being of general interest to
persons contemplating settlement Id Okla
homa. Commissioner Stockslagcr , in re
plying to n letter from O. M. Wilson , at Ar
kansas City , Kani , savs in part :
" 1 hnvo to state that the lands in question
nro to bo disposed of to actual settlers under
the homestead laws only. A party desiring
to become nn actual settler under the homestead -
stead law s , may Initiate bis claim by entry
nt a district land ofllco after properly ox-
mniningand selecting the land desired , In
Which case ho Is allowed six months from
data of entry In which to establish his actual
residence on the land ; or , If ho so elect ,
ho may Initiate his claim by actual
settlement oti the land , which must consist
of some net or acts connecting himself with
the particular tract claimed , said act or acts
to bo equivalent to announcement of such
Intention and from which the public gener
ally may have notice of his claims. There
fore ho Is allowed three months within
which to mnko his claim of record by entry
in the district land office.
Another letter to Senator Ingalls fiom
Commissioner Stockslagcr , is ns follows :
"I hnvo had the honor to receive by reference
from you , nnd herewith return a letter
addressed to you by G. T. Sommors , dated
Oklahoma Station , Indian Territory , on the
20th ultimo. In reply I have to state that the
net of March 2,18s9 , to which Sotnmers re
fers provides , ns ho states , that no ono shall
be permitted to enter or acqulio any right to
any of the Oklahoma lands , to be disposed ot
thereunder , who violates its provisions by
entering upon and occupying the eamo prior
to 12 o'clock , noon , April 23 , the date fixed in
the president's proclamation of March 2J for
said lands to bccoino open for settlement.
The statute makes no exception to this pro
vision. 1 am Inclined to think , liowovovcr ,
that when a person wns already within these
lands at the duto of approval of the act by
authority , his prcscnco thcro should not be
regarded us a violation of this provision ot
net. The priuiury jurisdiction to net upon
application to enter rests with district land
olllccs , and Sommors may present his appli
cation for entry to them , with proper proof
of his allegation. Should they refuse to per
mit entry , ho may appeal from this action. "
Commlsslou6r Stockslnger to-day ex
pressed the opinion that 100,000 persons
would cuter Oklahoma within n mouth aftei
April 22. For these 100,000 people thcro arc
only about 10,000 homcstouils The inevit
able result ot this tremendous Influx , the
commissioner thought , would bo n great
mucy contests and personal conflicts. A
further result , ho feared , would bo the
spreading of this Immense surplus over the
adjoining Indian lands , from which It would
bo dlDlcult to dislodge them without mucl
trouble and possibly so mo bloodshed. If the
commission appointed to treat with the
Cherokecs for n cession of the Cherokee
outlet could complete their labors within the
next few months , so that the new traci
might bo open to settlement before congress
again meets , this might , nnd probably would ,
relieve the pressure. Otherwise ho fearet ]
that matters would become complicated unt
equilibrium restored with dlluculty.
The Boomers Jubilant.
WiNFiBLi ) , Kan. , April 12. Hundreds o :
Oklahoma boomers , camped along the Wai
nut river hero , are rejoicing at the order ol
Secretary Noble , allowing them to drlv <
across the Cherokee strip before April 22
Most of them will break camp next Wednes
day , to go into camp on the border of Okla
homo. The final rush has set in , nnd everi
train brings in scores ot men from nil parti
of the country to await hero the Oklahom :
opening day. No less than 5,000 stranger !
are now in the city waiting for the 22d. '
The Canon Diablo Outlaws Captured
and SulV-ly in Irons.
DENVER , Colo.TApril 12. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] Sheriff O'Neill , o
Prcscott , Ariz. , accompanied by Cnrllaltren
James Black and Ed St. Clair , his deputies
arrived In the city at 2 o'clock this afternoon
having in charge u quartette of the wors
desperadoes that over operated in this west
ern country. Tholr names are Tobo Quince
J. J. Smith , Bill Steiner und Charles Clark ,
nnd they are In custody of Sheriff O'Neil
nnd posse only utter n desperate fight. The
21st of last March four men stopped nn Allan
tlo & Pacific railroad passenger "train Ii
Canon Diablo. They held up the exprcs
messenger und secured about $1,500. Thi
place where the robbery occurred was i
wild , weird spot fur from civilization nnd th
improving influence ofeducation. . Reward
to the extent of $5,00 J hud been offered f 01
their capture. In an interview Shorif
O'Neill said : "Tho morning after the ro I
bery flvo of us took the trull nnd followei
them to southwestern Utah , whore wo caji
tured them utter a running tight lasting fiv
days , during which u number of horses wer
killed. Thcso fellows belong to the mos
desperate gang of outlaws on this continent
They have terrorized Arizona , New Mexic
and Utah for years , and have operated sue
ccssfully all this time. They have cludci
officers ana killed many inoffensive people
In tholr fights last year they tdauglitcrci
thirty men and women who resisted the pel
lodicul attacks. When they can not find ii
noccnt pcoplo to murder they shoot cue
ether , seemingly unable to load peaceabl
lives. They are very strong , and Inhabit
wild country in which a stranger stands n
show nt all. Ono of them made a confessio
of their work ot lust March , but at prescn
It will not be made public. Wo have his fu. .
story , und it wilt send his pals up to the fu
extent of the law , I think the gang will coi
titiuo to operate until wo got buck and one
moro strike the trail.
The French Semite Decides to Prc
ccud Without Delay.
PAIIIS , April 12. When the senate mi
to-day the president ronci a decree constltu
ing thut body n trlbunul for the trial of Gei
oral Boulangcr , Count Dillon and Rochofoi
The procurcutgeneral then read a statomci
setting forth the grounds upon which t !
prosecution of the accused Is based. Whc
Iho reading was concluded the senate wci
into secret session. The trial of Boulangi
and his associates was formally begun.
The following commission was appolnte
to conduct the trial of General Boulangi
nnd other accused ucrsons : Senators Merlti
Casot , Coidclot , Ternraux , Munlcr , Demai
cere , Do Mole , 1'Avortujon , Morolli
and Humbert. Assistant commissions
have also been appointed. A motion fro
thti right declaring thut thcro was no groun
for judicial Inquiry Into the conduct of lie
lunger wns rejected by a vole of 209 to 5
The Bcnalo then resolved , by a vote of 210 i
55 , to proceed Immediately with the trio
Le Roycr read the decree authorizing U
fcnntc lo sit us it court and directing tbc.tri
10 proceed.
Several members of the right refused t
accept a scat on the senate couimtssioi
Marshal Canrobort , In nn excited speed
Bald ho would never bo a party to the prosi
cutlon on such frivolous grounds of a gcu
eral who hud nerved bis country well. Th
sitting wus a stormy one.
No Aid Wanted.
NASHVILLE , Tcnu. , April 12. [ Special Tc
egram to Tim BEE.J The Frank Cheathu
bivouac , con fedcrato veterans , at a mectir
to-night , passed the following :
Resolved , That members of Frank Choa
ham bivouac have seen with regret and ( no
tlfiraUon thut certain organizations purpor
ing to represent con fedcrato soldiers In tl
Houth have scut committees to tbo north 1
beg aid for the support of indigent coiifedc
Ue sohllcis. While wo fully appreciate ur
proper expressions of sympathy from port !
rrn people ? for needy confederate soldier
wo emphasize the declaration thai wu repi
diato uuy effort , directly or Indirectly , to be
aid for tueia In the upttu.
The Stonmor Dannmrk Sighted in n
Badly Wrecked Condition.
The I'nssonKcra nml Crew Supposed
to Have Taken to the Boats
nnd Perished In a
Another Occnn Horror.
QUEENBTOWN , April 12. The Inmnn line
iteamcr City of Chester , from Now York to
iivcrpool , which arrived here to-dnyrcports
.hat April 8 she passed the Danish steamer
Danmark from Christiana for Now York.
ho Danmark had been abandoned by her
row. Her stern was level with the sea , nnd
or bow stood high out of water. She was
pparcntly sinking. Tlio Danmark was a
csscl of 2,200 tons , nnd belonged to the
Thlngvalla lino.
NEW YOHK , April 12. A dispatch from
London was received nt the maritime ex-
ihungo this morning saying the steamer
Danmnrk from Christiana was seen April 8
Abandoned In mid-ocean. She is said to have
350 passengers on board , mostly Scandlim-
lans. Funch , Edyo & Co. , agents of the
jompatiy hero , say they place no reliance
n the dispatch , but have cabled to the agents
in London nnd Copenhagen for further information
mation ,
The greatest excitement prevails in ship
ping circles over the loss of the Danmnrk.
The Thingvnlla line is probably the largest
carrying immigrant line that plies between
this port nnd Europe. The Danmark had 6n
board when she loft Christiana for Now
York , March 23 , C50 passengers , presumably
Immigrants. The crew numbered forty men.
The ofllco of the agents of the steamer ,
Fuuch , Edyo & Co. , has boon thronged with
people all morning anxiously inquiring for
'liter news of the vessel.
The Dunmnrk was formerly the freight
steamer Jan Hydcl , of the White Cross lino.
Last full Fuuch , Edyo & Co. , who are also
pgents\f the latter line , had the vessel put
"n condition for passenger tralllc , ro-
: hristcncd nor the Danmark and transferred
her to tho. Thlngvalla licet. This was the
vessel's Ilrst trip from the other side under
her new colors.
The New York agents of the Thlngvalla
Jno this afternoon said that tbo steamer
Danmark had been overhauled , and it is
thought by all that she was the best of the
licet. There were on board at the time of
her departure from 710 to 775 people , of whom
050 wore passengers. The Dun murk was com
manded by CapUtn Gudson , nn old seaman ,
known for his courage nnd presence of mind ,
nnd ho is not a man to abandon n ship to the
mercies of the waves when there Is one
chance in oven a thousand of getting her
into port. No incoming steamship to this
time reports any life boats or rafts that
might have belonged to the Danmark. Even
If the Danmurk had been abandoned she had
sunicicnt means to accommodate nil passen
gers nnd crew.
Further particulars of the sighting of the
abandoned steamer Damn k by the City of
Chester have been slowly arriving since
noon. The Danmnrk was rapidly sinking
when the ChoLter saw her. There were no
visible signs of a collision. No wreckage
was floating about. The boats were all gene
from their davits , and nothing Indicating
haste and panic was noticeable.
No answers to cables sent by agents in this
city to London and Copenhagen have been
received up to 2 o'clock this afternoon. Ex
citement is still intense and agents are losing
hone. The steamship Iceland , of the Thing-
valla line , which loft Copenhagen four days
later than the Danmark , and which is duo
hnro to-night , will probably bring some intel
ligence of tbo disaster.
fioino Reassuring Signs.
Nnw YOHK , April 12. The following has
been received by the Associated press from
n ropresentatlverof the Thlngvalla Steam
ship line :
"As some of the comments on the reportet
loss of the Danish steamer Danmark express
apprehension thut this disaster may have
been accompanied by heavy loss of lifo , wo
beg leave to state , for the benefit of all per
sons who have friends on board the ill-fated
boat , our belief to the contrary. Wher
sighted by the City of Chester , Monday last ,
in latitude 45 55 , north , longitude 47 10 , west ,
the decks aft and the sa'is ' were in pieces ,
but the vessel was floating , and although the
reporting steamer exurcssed the belief that
she would shortly founder , this did not oc
cur during all the time that clupset
from the hour she was first sighted unti !
lost sight of. The Dunmurk was floating
directly in the track of transatlantic steam
era and we believe beyond pcradventun
that the passengers and crew were taken of !
some time , possibly as far back as n couple
of days before the City of Chester sightet
the wreck , since the Danmark , having lofi
Christiana on March 20 , should under ordin
ary circumstances have advanced consldcra
bly beyond the position found in. If tin
wrecked passengers and crow had not bcei
picked up they would naturally , even if em
barked in boats aud on rafts , have romainoi
In tlio nolghbornood of tbo wreck , the presence
enco of which would bo mucl
moro likely to attract passlni
steamers than small boats or rafts would
The citv of Chester evidently did not llm
the slightest wreckage near the vessel , sucl
as might bo attributed to smashed or other
wise incapacitated boats , whilst tbo steair.c
bore no sign whatever of human life. Wi
confidently believe , therefore , that , with tin
possible exception of single casualties sucl
as may occur during the transfer of so urnni
people from ono vessel to another , the pas
eougers and crow of the Denmark are safi
and will ere long bo heard of as on board o
ono of the trans-Atlantic steamers. "
They Crcato Considerable Havoc Ii
Portions of the East.
PiTTSiiuna , April 12. A heavy thundoi
wind and hall storm visited portions of west
crn Pennsylvania , eastern Ohio and Mary
land to-day , doing considerable damage. A
Elk Garden , Md. , a flash of lightning in
stantly killed John Wctzol , a farmer , an
two horses. At Franklin , Pa. , a largo ire ;
tank containing 3,000 barrels of nauhtha wa
struck and destroyed. At Masontown , Pa
the roof of a now public school building wa
lifted off , plate- glass windows broken an
store fronts blown in. The storm was ac
compauled by hail. At Stoubonvlllo , O , , ha !
stones as large as eggs foil , breaking man
windows. In this city there was a hoav
thunder storm and largo hall stones fell , bu
there was no serious damage.
WHEELING , W. Va. , April 12. This over
ing a llerco thunder storm prevailed , am
some good sized hailstones fell. A barn be
longing to Charles Adolph , across the rlvci
was struck and burned will ) its contents , in
eluding live stock.
At St. Cluirsvllle , O. , the roof of Mui
dough's mill was tossed fifty yards into
vacant lot , and several largo plato gloss windows
dews in the court house wern broken , A
Powhatan , O. . the storm struck Hornbrook'
three-story brick building nnd the roof wa
blown off. It landed on UKTcu , Bean & Co'f
drug store , a frnmo building , almost crust
ing it by Us weight , and damaged the con
'icnU considerably. Mr. Colenwn , who wa
in the third story of Hornbrook's buildlru
was blown out into the utrcot and bndl ,
injured. The roof of the Ohio Hivcr rullroa
depot was blown off aud the building caugli
tire , but the flumes were soon oxtinguishei
Many chimneys and windows were tlamagui
The Voltes Zcltuni ; Indicted.
BEIII.IN , April 12. The Volks Zeltung ha
been indicted for attacking tlio memory c
Kmperor WIHIam. Thocharcu U based upo
the article which was tlio cause of tbo BU :
pcciiou of that paper.
A Secret Contract \vlth the St. Paul
Which Is Profitable , t
CIUCAOO , April 12. fdpeclal Telegram to
Tnn BEE. ] The discovery ot the fact that
the St. Paul road had n secret contract with
Armour & Co. , by the terms of which a mile
age of n cent n mlle on refrigerator cars was
given when the agreed rate was but three-
quarters of a cent , was Iho universal topic of
conversation to-day nmotiR railroad men.
The matter was brought up'in a meeting of
the Western Freight association. All the
roads thcn said that they had no outstand
ing contracts which would interfere with the
three-quarters of n cent h mlle rate given by
the railroad companies lo firms who owned
thnlrdown refrigerator'cars. The rate was
then made and , so far as known , all the lines
stuck to It except St. Paul. That line paid
the other packers three-quarters of n cent
nd paid Armour & Co. n cent n rallo nillc-
igo. No one soeins to know yet why the St.
'mil acknowledged tho'existence of the con-
ract. which Is dated December 17 , 1937. The
'act is , however , thutttio St. Paul announced
he existence of the contract in the Thursday
meeting of the Western' Freight association.
It created such a ! row that the
board of managers of the Inter-Stnto
Commerce Hallway association , which was
'n session In an adjoining room was called In
.o settle the matter. There was an oxccod-
ngly stormy time , but as the St. Paul con-
, ruct with Armour & Cd. had over three years
ongor to run , the other roads had to tnko
.heir mcdlcino and nlfe'o adopt the ono cant
n mile rate. A gonornljmnnagor of a promi
nent western roads is quoted ns saying :
' "Tdo secret rate made by the St. Paul with
Armour & Co. , is n practical cut in rates , as
it gnvo the firm a quarter ot a cent a mile
moro for the use of Its cars than it could
have obtained over any other road. It comes
under the clause In the inter-state commerce
net declaring it illegal tt > offer any rebate or
consideration calculated to influence trafllc.
Then while the St. PauJ was paying Armour
& Co. ono cent n mile fqr the use of their re
frigerator cars , they were paying other firms
but three-quarters of n cent. That is the
ilainest Kind of discrimination. "
"How will it end I" -
"In nothing at all. Any Individual or cor
poration could bring nn action under the
intor-stato commerce jact , against the St.
Paul , nnd undoubtodlv secure convictions
under both charges. Hut no ono will bring
charges , nnd the only satisfaction wo will
got will bo in paying out thousands of dol-
ars to packing firms who run their own re
frigerator cars. "
"Won't the president's association bring
the charges in accordance with the resolution
passed Tuesday , to nt as an association
against any road which , Violated the terms of
the inter-stato commerce act ! "
"Well , I should say not You will bo gray-
haired bcforo they over bring charges. The
railroads ought to bring charges , but they
won't. The packers , who have been discrim
inated against , ought to bring charges , but
neither will thoy. "
Chairman Walker , of the Inter-State com
merce Railway association , said in answer tea
a question : "Wo are organized to punish
any and all Inf motions of the inter-state com
merce act , nnd wo shall do it. " Whether or
not the association would or would not bring
charges against the St. Paul , Mr. Wntker
claimed not to know. " Ho said , however ,
that anyone could bring charges to the asso
ciation against any road , uiul if substan
tiated , suit would bo begun in thonamoof the
association. In to-day's meeting of the West
ern Freight association it was agreed that
copies of all contracts In regard to cur mile-
ace should bo submitted to .Chairman Faith-
horn , ho to report wWip of the contracts , if
any , contained tcrmS'or-'oDdltlons-calculatcd
to influence traffic. ; " 1 * "
Jlorso Thicvf-i Captured.
PUEULO , Colo. , Apr : ? 12. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEC.J A desperate band of
horse thieves has been at work in this sec
tion and during the east three weeks nine
valuable horses have been stolen. Two of
them have como to grief. Tuesday night
Robert Grant had his fie blooded team
stolen. To-day three ranchers who live in
the Red creek section , seine twenty-five
miles west of Pueblo , saw two men riding
along and suspected they were crooked. The
ranchers bad the information at that tlmo of
Grant's loss nnd the public reward offered.
They took the liberty'to halt the two men ,
ono of whom , Santiago Torres , is'a Mexican
only three months out of the penitentiary ,
and the other , John Yanks , a white man. At
noon to-day the pcoplo of Pueblo behold a
sort of scouting party riding through tlio
streets. It consisted of the Mexican and the
smooth-faced Vanks , both of whom were
strapped with strong cords to tholr saddles ,
while the three ranchers , armed with Win
chester rifles , rode beside them. The rear
guard consisted of Mr. Grant and the horses
which proved to bo those ho lost.
There AVIll Ro Holes in Plenty.
SALT LAKD Cur , April 12. [ Special
Telegram to THE 13EK. ] An cxccntric ln >
dividual named D. M. Jones recently died in
the hospital. The authorities this afternoon
visited the delapidated building in which he
lived hermit-like in abject poverty , subsist
ing on scraps procured around hotels and b.\
beggipg. The room Was forced open , nnO
upon the floor , in inextricable confusion ,
were rags , bones and decaying material ol
various kinds , emitting a horrible stench ,
Search was tnado among the rubbish , and In
the old bed , and lii all sorts of odd places
were found packages of money , rangingfrotr
a , nicklo to $70 curefu ! ly wrapped and twistot
in paper. Ovcrlifty if thcso packages wore
found , aggregating nearly $2,000. No heirs
nro known. I
Potltlons for Ncubc's Pardon.
SriiiNOFiELi ) , April 12. Louis H. Neobo ,
of Chicago , Is In the' city securing signature !
of members of the gohoral assembly to a po
titlon for the pardoji of his brother , Oscai
W. Neebe , who Is senving a fifteen-year soil' '
tqnco in Jollet for complicity in the notci
Hoymnrkct massacrp , The petitions whicl
ho will present to Governor Flfcr are unus
ually strong , being signed bj some of tin
best known lawyers , ministers and otho
public men in the state. Among the signer
are United States ; Senator Farwoll , Con
grcssman Mi'-son , Mayor Roche and ex-Mayoi
Harrison. There are pvor six thousand slg
natures in all. j
A Mad Dog Creates a Panic.
FUANKLIN , Pa , . April 12. Thursday nftor
noon a mad dog created considerable excite
mcnt in Cranberry township , aud before 1
could bo killed bit two men and a number o :
animals. Just as the scholars at ono of thi
public schools were fcnjoyln ? a recess , thi
dog made Its appearance , followed by a num
her of men. The dog run into the hallwa )
of the school , whore It was finally killed
During the excitement several children won
badly hurt and a number fainted.
The Arinea Court Martial.
WASHINGTON , April 23. In the Annei
court martial JudgaJIIbbcll , of this city , ap
pcarcd as counsel for j the accused , Cup tali
Knox having withdrawn. Captain Armes
through his counsel , entered a plea of no
Several witnesses testified as to the occur
rcnces on Inauguration a ay , when Armei
was removed from the parade by order o
General Hastings , nnd the encounter in thi
Rigga house lobby with Governor Beaver ,
Tbo testimony was centrally in line with the
stories which have already been published ,
r *
Found The Coal.
YANKTON , Dak. , April 12. [ Spoclnl Tolo
gram'toTiiB BEE. Parties from Center-
vlllo , Turner county , who hud filed on i
whole section of land to work it for coal
made a second filing to-day , having dovclopci
the existence cj coal. They will bold thi
section as mineral land.
The \\VatUcr Indications ,
For Nebraska , Iowa and Dakota : Fair
preceded by rain in eastern Iowa , warmer
_ southerly winds.
The Minneapolis Strike Assumes n
Serious Aspect.
The I'olloo Apparently Powerless to
Preserve Order , nml the lay
Ends In n Slight Victory
A > r tlio Men.
The Street Car Strike.
MINNEAPOLIS , April 12. There has boon
no change In the status of the street railway
nnd motor strike since last night. The strlk-
rs offered to submit the matter to arbltra-
Ion , but President Lowry refused to enter-
aln tlio proposal. The company has ro-
olvcd n great many applications for work ,
nd asserts that the places of the strikers
can easily bo filled.
The street car company made Its Ilrst for-
nal attempt to raise the strike nt 1 o'clock
his afternoon , The move was made at the
fourth avenue car barns. A special detail
of policemen was on hand to ride In the car
ind see that order was kept. President
Lowry and Manager Frederick drove to the
pot In n carriage to sco the Ilrst wheel move.
The car proceeded on its way , but had not
rene twenty foot before It was stopped by
ho men , the horses unhitched , and the car
ihtivcd back Into the barn. Thopollcouion on
.he . car made no attempt to arrest anyone.
ST. PAUL , April 12. All the street car men
n this city struck at 3 this afternoon.
Shortly before 4 o'clock this afternoon , as
Tourth avenue car was on its way back , it
van surrounded by a hugo and excited
; rowd. Finally someone set the brake on
.ho . rear platform and stopped It. At the
unction n squad of mounted pollco dashed
out of nn alloy way from the Central pollco
station nnd rushed at full speed into the
crowd , with clubs drawn. Once in the center
of the crowd , they arrested three men and
returned. Tlio crowd was constantly
lugmonting nnd was getting very violent ,
fo make matters worse , a number of express
vagons filled with strikers drova in front of
the cars nnd succeeded In making n com-
ileto blockade. The driver of the cur llnally
unhooked his horses and went oft amid the
sheers of the crowd , leaving the car stand-
ng on the track.
A little later another car on Washington
ivonuo , while on Its way back , was blockaded
jy two wood carts , which were dropped on
, ho corner of Washington and Henncpin.
The driver became disgusted , and , tmhitch-
ncr his horses , drovo.ofT. <
The situation was getthiB serious. A
great many stones had been thrown nnd ex
citement ran ut fever heat. Three mounted
policemen charged the crowd , throwing down
several people and injuring a number. Sev
eral arrests were made this time and one
man was unmercifully clubbed by six or
seven policemen. Tha attempt to move cars
xvas then abandoned and the crowd became
less demonstrative nnd gradually thinned
out , leaving two cars on the track. Thus
indcd n day in which Lowry prophesied that
Jo would have all his cars running on every
line bcforo night.
Dnlfour Evasively Itoplies to His Par-
ncllitc IntorromnorH.
LONDON , April 12. In the commons this
evening Professor Stewart ( radical )
asked iBalfour whether the circular sent to
the Irlsh poli'co' directing them , to collate all
secret Information regarding the doings of
members of the National league was de
signed to aid the London Times. Ualfour
milled evasively and Pnrnell demanded u
straight-forward answer. The circularho said
was n fact. The use made of Uic circular
proved that the government was the prosecu
tor behind the Times. Referring to tno use
of battering rams In enforcing evictions in
Donegal , ho protested against such cruelty
and barbarity.
Haltour ignored the question regarding the
secret circular. Regarding battorini ; rams ,
he held that It was necessary to use them.
Sir William Veruon Hnrcourt described
the policy of Balfour as one of extermina
Goshcn declared that the Parnellites were
responsible for that. They had substituted
warfare between landlord nnd tenant for
friendly relations based on recent laws ,
which put Irish tenants in a moro favored
and protected position than any people In the
world. Evictions were not taking place be
cause tenants could not pay rout , but be
cause they would not do so.
Federal Appointments.
WASHINGTON , April 11. The president
made tbo following appointments this after
noon : Lyman E. Knapp , of Vermont , to be
governor of Alaska ; James P. Luso , of Da
kola , register of the land oftlco nt Rupk
City , Dak. , nnd Spencer Hartwlg , of Coving
ton , ICy. , special agent to make allotments ol
lands in severally to Indians under the pro
visions of the act of congress approved Fob'
ruuiy 8 , 1887.
John Yost , of Illinois , nnd John S. Stldger ,
of Nebraska , have been appointed spccia
agents of tlio land ofllce. Martin Uatly , ol
Illinois , has been appointed law clerk in the
pension ofllco. J. B. Burke , chief of the
issue nnd enzetto division of the patent ofllce
has been removed and J. W. Bnbson , for
merly chief of that division , has beoi ap
pointed to fill tlio vacancy.
After Sioux Lands.
CiHMBCULAiN , So. Dak. , April 12. [ SpO'
cml to TUB BEI : . ! A party of gentlemen ,
who drove overland from Sioux City , arrlvet
in this city last evening. .They represent i
colony of Woodbury county settlers and an
looking for a location on the great Slou :
reservation. They say that if the roservn
tlon is opened there will bo a grout imml
grntion to this city. All along the line in
qulrics are made In regard to the rcscrvn
Hon. Thcso gentlemen uro going to proceei
up the White rivor. arid when it opens wil
locate there. The lands on the Whlto rive
are tbo best in the reservation and hodircctl ;
opposite this city.
The Men Were'ed.
BOSTON , April 12. Among the passengers
on the steamship Iowa , from Liverpool ,
to-day , were twenty-six glass blowers whc
were ticketed through to Plttsburg. Whei
asked if they came hero under promise o
work , all answered In the ncgutlvo. , It wa
evident that the men had been posted in th
answers they were to glvo the authorltiei
who failed to get a single point by whlcl
they could make a case against them.
A Terrlflo Minn Explosion.
BOULDEU , Colo. , April 12. Ycstordnj
afternoon a terrific explosion occurred ut th
Smuggler mlno , at Bnlarat , killing employe
named Crook and Collins and wounding tw
others , named Mclntyro and Sherman
Mclntyre had ona eye blown out and an an :
blown off. Ills condition is critical. Shci
mun will recover.
Hnslncus Troubles.
LANCASTEU , Pa. , April 12. George Cnlder
a prominent cotton manufacturer of this city
and proprietor of the Fulton cotton mil !
assigned to-day. His liabilities nro aoou
f 160,000. The assets may reach J50.000 , o
which not moro than $20,000 will bo for gcr
oral creditors.
Kllrulii's Money.
New YOHK , April 12. A chock for fS.OO
WUB to-day sent to the Clipper oftlco to mt'rf :
good the 10,000 stake In behalf of Kilraln li
his match to tight Sullivan. ICilraln's frlmid
desire the Clipper to bo final stakeholder.
liiHpcctlon of Hoof.
ST. PAUL , April 12. The house this ever
ing passed tbo' senate bill providing for U
spectkm on tbo boot of all beef uold In Mli
She AVI1I bo Taken to Kuropo to He-
CHICAGO , April 12. ISpoolalTologram to
THE Unn. ] Libblo Blcchlor arrived In Chi'
capo this nttoruoon. The Omaha train , duo
nt 1 o'clock , onmo In at 1:10. : A orowil was
nt tlio depot , nil eager to got n glmico nt the
woman. A great ninny were ladles , nnil
they pushed nnil Jammed toward the Rate ,
brushing tnon nsldo In tholr Imsto. From
the last Pullman car , ntlor most of the ether
passengers had alighted , stopped n stoutly
built gentleman. As ho touched the plat
form ho turned about and extended his hand
to n plump , round faced puny woman , appar
ently about twonty.Ilvo years of ago. She
was dressed In mourning. Although her
face was uncovered , she grasped the extended -
tended hand mid jumped lightly to the plat
form. . "There Bho Is. " "That's her , ' " were
the expressions heard on all sides as the huly
and her escort nciu-oa the iron galas of the
depot , but the lady in mourning was Miss
Bloomer's sister. Tlio icntlomnn handed
the lady Into nn omnibus. A reporter fol
lowed , mid the driver whipped up Ills horses
for the Sherman house. . "I am Miss Blech-
ler , but not the lady you reporters were ex
pecting , " she said in n very sweet voice ,
nftor the reporter had apologized for Intrud
ing. "Mrs. King , my sister ; wished to avoid
tlio crowds and the reporters at the depot ,
nnd so she got oft ut Westurn avenue , while
I donned her mourning clothes and rode
down hero to fnco the reporters. "
"How is your slsterl"
"She is quite ill. You know she has not
had the best of health for two years , nnd the
excitement Incident to the trial has not im
proved her condition. Wo have made all
the necessary prop'.iratioiisniid , in two weeks
mv sister will sail for Europe , where she
will stay until she recovers. She Is so 111
that wo will have to remain hero several
days before wo resume our journey to Clove-
A MEXICAN 0111319.
A Belief That tlio Diaz Government
is About to Itc Overthrown.
NE\V Yonic , April 12. A private letter re
ceived In Now Yorit to-day from a , trust
worthy eontloman residing In the Oily of
Mexico , says : "Four of the men arrested on
.ho charge of being implicated In the derail-
ng of President Diaz's train n few weeks
ago have been shot. The execution was car
ried out very quietly , ns not Infrequently
Happens in such cases in this country. News
papers nnd news agcnclrs did not publish the
! act , ns editors stand in wholesome nwo of
imprisonment and do not give publicity
,0 events which the governmental authorities
jirofor should remain in obscurity.
Tno prospect now Is that wo nro going to
linvo exciting times hero bcforo long. The
Jmprcssion is deepening In many minds that
President Diaz will not bo able to maintain
his position to the end of his present term.
Indeed , many think Gonznlo will succeed to
tlio presidency before eighteen mouths have
; iassed.
The Get Together nml Hub Nosca on
the Situation.
Nnw YORK , April 12. [ Special 'Telegram
to THE Bui : . ] Some very important gentle
men , who will decide soon whether to knock
the Gorman empire nnd Bismarck into the
middle or next week or let them run a little
longer , got together to dav for the first tiuio
and rubbed noses on the situation. They
were members of the Snmoan commission ,
who sail for Liverpool to-morrow at 3 o'clock
on the Cunardor Umbrja. , JTJieso wpro John
Kasson , ox-congressman from Town , who can
talk Gorman better than old "Bizzy" him
self ; William Walter Phelps nnd George
Hates , of Delaware. Herold M. Sowall , the
shrewd and fearless little man who , us
consul to Samoa , stood up for what he
bolivod to bo right and was not afraid of Bay-
ard nor Cleveland nor anyone else , repre
sented the commission In the titular role o (
disbursing agent , but really his position is
that ot an cncj'clopaidia. It will be his doll
cato duty to put the commission on the right
track and keep them there. Lieutenant Par
ker , of the United States navy , who is to be
the naval attache , completed tlio list. It is
expected that sovcmlladios will accompauj
the party to Berlin , and see to it that thoii
lords and masters uphold the dignity oJ
America us it should be upheld ,
must Pay Taxes.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , April 12. A decision hw
been given by Jjidgo Vunderburg in the casi
of the St. Paul & Sioux City railroad com
pany. appellant , vs George F. Hobinson , ai
county auditor , and H. A. Cone , as county
treasurer of Cottonwoodcountyrespondonts
Thp order denying a now trial is affirmed ,
The case grow out of u land grant
to the Sioux City road which Bold Its franchise
chiso to the NorthwostuHn , now the Chicago
Minneapolis & Omaha toad. The land gran
was hold iiutrust by the ilrst ineorpornton
who claimed that the property was frci
from taxation. This land is found to bo tax
able. Several similar cases nro pending
ing and altogether some hundreds of thoua
ands of dollars uro involved.
German Advice to Harrison.
BEHLIN , April 12. The Cologne Gazctti
advises President Harrison to reconsido
the nomination of Mr. Bales to bo commis
sloncr to the Samoan conference. In tin
course of a long editorial It says : "In Eu
rope It is not customary for u political agent
previous to his departure on a mission , to an
nounce to the world In n newspaper , ns Bate
did , his views on a disputed question wit !
which ho is about to deal In u diplomatic ca
paclty. The Americans , however , have
way of tholr own in diplomatic matters , am
the old world will have to got accustomed t
the ways of tlio new world. "
A Southern Tiln/.o.
NEW Om.ntNS , April 13. A fire , whic
broke out yesterday evening in the Btcan
ship Chilian , continued to cat Its way int
2,500 bales of cotton , nnd the Imprnsslon no\
is that nil the cotton will ho moro or Ics
damaged , while 1,200 bushels of corn In on
of the forward compartments has been saUi
rated with water. Loss on cargo estimate' '
at $100,000.
to Visit Dakota.
YANKTON , Dak. , April 12. fSuccial Tele
gram to TUB BEE. ] BUhop Walker , of Nort
Dakota , will preach the sonnon ut the d (
dlcatlon nnd consecration of Christ enure !
at Ynnkton on the 25th of April , on whip
occasion both ha and Bishop Hiiro , of Soul
Dakota , will bo present.
A Western Union Victory.
NEW Yonic , April 12. Judge Wallace , I
the United States court this morning , hando
down n decision in the case of the Wester
Union telegraph company against the mayo
aud board of electrical control , rcatralnin
the latter from interfering with the poles c
wires of the Western Union company.
nnU QuakliiK.
N w YOHK , April 12. Advices from jlnyl
by the steamer Doltu , which arrived thl
morning , state that heavy fighting took pluc
March U9 between Saint Muro aud Connive ;
and that on'tho same iluto grnat damage wo
done by earthquake at Port do I'aix , man
houses being wrecked , and several parson
Injuviid. No lives lost.
An Incorrect Hojiort.
\VASinvmtf , April 12. Secretary Trac ;
requests that a positive iloniul bo nude of th
published report thai ho asked for the ir
vo&tlgation of Paymaster-General Fulton , o
the navy ,
Catoher Klnco Demi.
KANSAS CITY , April 12 , Frank H'.nijo. th
well known ball player who took n dote c
morphine with suicidal lu'.cut ia. t r.lgb
died tUI * morning ,
Ex-Oollootor Booohor Ohnrffod With
Glaring Ilovonuo Frauds.
Sufllcicut Kvldonco Discovered to 1m/
plloato Him In a Korlon ot
Wholesale ItoDlinrlos of
Government Funds.
< j
nccohcr Indlotnd.
PORTLAND , Ore. , April 12. A Port Town
send , W. T , , special says : The United States
grand-jury has found twonty-llvo indictments
against William Hnrncdox-deputy collector ;
cloven ngutnst Herbert F. Bocchcr , ex-treas
ury agent , nnd twelve against Qulncy A.
Brooks , for stealing from the government.
The records nnd accounts hnvo been thor
oughly overhauled nnd presented to the
grand Jury by government ofllclals especially
sent from Washington by Iho treasury
department In January , to mnko nn
investigation of the many charges preferred
i.V the press und public. Tlio records woro.
xumlned for n year back. The first thing
ound was that vessels had been overcharged
n entrance nnd clearance , nnd private ro-
olpts Issued , The government receipts camo.
ut of what is known ns tlio "bluo book , "
iiul muny leaves of this had been destroyed
and private receipts issued Instead. By.thlrf
method vessels were swindled out of small
urns which aggregated many thousand
dollars In each your. In other places it was
ound that vessels were charged in some m-
tanccs hundreds of dollars moro than crcd-
tod. Two thousand government receipts
voro found in n mutilated condition , con-
caled in various purls of the office.
The lurgdst steal discovered wus in duties.
iald on n c.irgo of the Brillsh bark Madeira ,
rom Liverpool , lust JUIIB. Six thousand
nnd thirty eight dollars were paid , of which
ho government received $5,044 , 'Iho records
udlcutod no money pnld during the month ,
nit ono of the consignees claimed to hnva
> Md Harncd. Harncd acknowledgedappro-
irlallng the money , and took n bag contain-
ng $2,000 , to Acting Collector Cullom to
mnko good his accounts. The clerk at Sox
ittlo holds n receipt for $ liOO , and ? ara W
credited to the government for the ontlrq
nnnth. After Harnod was dismissed over
' 12,000 was found in various parts of tha
ofllco , secreted under carpets , in flower pots ,
ilgcon holes nnd ether places.
The records of the daily receipts during thd
utlor part of Becchor's time uro also migs-
ng. In uddltion , other records up to Har-
: icd's dismissal last November uro gene ,
sinking it impossible to accurately determine
.ho amount of the deficit. Brooks is short )
$15,000 in addition to Illegal fees tollcclcd , '
amounting to ? 1G,000. All three nro spccific-
illy chnrgod with oxtorlion , removing public )
records mid fulsitying accounts. There are
038 opium stamps missing , valued nt (5 each ,
besides a large number of Chinese return
certificates , which have been missing sinca
the passage of the exclusion net.
Harncd und Bccchor will bo nrrcstod to
morrow. They refuse to talk. Brooks is ill
Washington. Hnrned is worth $40,000 and
lias muny warm personal friends on Puget
Sound. _ _ _ _ _
The Customs Shortngcq.
POUT TOWNSEND , W. T. , April 12. Herbert - t
bert F. Bcechor nnd William Harncd , in. A 4
dieted customs officials , filed ? 5,000 bonds to- ,
day. The trials nro set for next October.
Three of Bocohcr's bondsmen were on the
grand Jury" vyhlch'indicted , hUnmeet
received a number of sympathizing mcs <
sages to-day from all over tha
coast asserting confidence in his innocence.
The best Icgnl talent In the territory haa
be-on procured for the defense. Hnrned wa
reported as saying that the dcllclencos ha
could provo his superior officers Instigated.
Ono of Them Shot by the Police and
Two ICHcapc.
CENTKALU , 111. , * April 12. Robbers cut
tored the postoflico here ut 4 o'clock thl <
morning. They were discovered by two
night policemen nnd n pitched battle ensued ,
many shots being exchungcd. Ono of thi ;
robbers was wounded nnd the other two ran ;
away. The police pursued tbon
for a distance and when they came
back found the wounded man haet
escaped , leaving his revolver mid shoes. Tnff
robbers were dlsturoed before they got ta
work on the safe and only secured whati
money was In the stamp drawer , a lltllo eve *
? 1. A negro was found dead nt the Cuntral
City bridge at 5 o'clock , terribly mangled.
Ho had a number of coppers in his puckotf
and no shoes on , nnd la supposed to bo thi
wounded robber who was killed by a train
while mailing his escape.
He's Ills Father's Son.
WASHINGTON , April 12. [ Special Tele
gram to The BEE. ] The president wai
busily engaged in his library with Secretary
Hulford lust evening when a messenger en
tered with n telogrum. LIgo opened It , nnd
without a word of comment passed the mea
sago over lo Mr. Harrison , The president
glanced at It , read It over again , nnd then
burst out laughing. This Is what ho road :
"NEW Yonic , April 11. To Benjamin Har- 4
rlson , Executive Mansion , Washington ( ' 1
That chap Crosby has had mo arrested. Am.
all right. "
"Well , Lice , " exclaimed the president ,
"that Is what Ru-ss [ gets for being the son ol
his father. If I was a lawyer down in In
diana ho would not bo subjected to such art
Indlgnltv. BccniiBu his father is president
of the United States Crosby wants to create ;
a sensation. "
The president declined to talk to loportcrf 4
about the matter. j '
The Flaherty Murder Trial.
Htmo.v , Dak. , April 12. ( SpecialTelegram
to THE BEE. " ! This was a dull day In tha
Flahoity murder trial. The time was occu <
pied by the defense attempting by export tes <
tlmony to provo that Flaherty was Insatiq
wlion ho killed Hatlio Wilson. Several
prominent physicians testified to Flaherty'
physical condition , but no ono would swcai
ho was insane any nt Iho time , though ha
had symptoms of cpilopiy , Flaherty give *
no heed to what is going on other than to np'
parcntly enjoy the proceedings.
An Island Submerged.
BCAU/OUT , N. O. , April 12. During tha
recent gale at Portsmouth , Narrow Island )
near Ocratontc inlet , In this state , was sub
merged , drowning cattle , snoop and hogi ,
The water rosn to many foot in the houses ,
und there was much destruction of property.
The inhabitants took to the house top ? , ro-
tjialulni , ' thcro until the storm was pvcr ,
Great suffering was experienced , but uollvca
were lost , _
A nellclons Mtuilnc'H Deod.
SAVANNAH , Go. , April 18. Prince Law , ft
negro living on the Springfield plantation !
flvo miles out of the city , killed bis live-year-
old son yesterday afternoon , as a sacrjllcc ta
the devil. Law 1 * craxv on religion , Ho
wusaricstod und placed In jail ,
Saved From a Wreck ,
BAI.TIUOHB , Md , , April 12. The steamship
Pirate nrrlvnd here this morning , having on
board a shipwrecked crew of four men belonging -
longing to the schooner Richard W. Deu-
ham of Bath , Me. The Dunham wa clla *
masted and leaking and wan set on ilro whcq
abandoned ,
Steamship Arrival * .
At Bulllmore The Wcser , from Bremen *
At New York The Britannic , from Liver"-
pool ; the r.lcler , from ilremcn ; the Stale 'ol
JVtnsyh'jnlu , I rum UU govr ,