Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 07, 1889, Part I, Page 8, Image 8

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1/cUlnn Down tlio Prices.
Monday will bo n big day for bar-
gains. Yard wide batiste In light nnd
dark colors reduced to lOo yd. A now
line of cropolino cloth at 16o ynrd. A
beautiful line of ohnllics nt Co , 71o nnd
20c ynrd. Just opened , a flno line of
plain colored saloons In American ,
English or French. Also n nlco line of
fancy sateens in cashinoro patterns at
26c , worth 35c yard. Plain colors in
French cambrics nt 12Jo ynrd. Fancy
black and white striped skirting 16o
ynrd. Novelties in imported zephyr
ginghams , fancy stripe , open workotc.
Just received , six cases of domestic
ginghams from the Into auction sale in
Now York. On Monday wo shall offer
For snlo 1 case of dress styles and 1 case
of apon checks at Co yard. This is nn
extra bargain. 4 cases of dross ging
hams at 8jc , lOc. and 12Jc ynrd. Ynrd
wide indigo blue percales at lOc , worth
16d yard. Fancy Zebra striped ticking
20c yard. Fancy colored striued ticking
lOc ynrd. Fancy figured two-faced Can
ton llnnnol nt 16c. lllo nnd 25c ynrd.
Finn colored single faced Canton llnn-
ncl , nil colors , 12c } ynrd. Doublc-fnccd
nt 18c yurd. 2 yard wide sheet
ing lOc. 40 Inch wide bleached
pillow case muslin , IHc ; Lonsdnlo cam
bric , lOo yd. ; blenched table linen , 89c ,
15c and 6Uoyd. ; 00 in. wide Gorman
blenched dnmnsk , 76o yd. ; napkins to
match ; special bargains in white bed
spreads slightly boiled at 75c , reduced
from 31.00 ; 42 in. wide Persian drapery
cut down to lOc yd. ; feather pillows , 2'Jo
each ; where cnn vou buy them nt this
price outside of llnydon's ; just received
50 pieces of ynrd wide floor oil cloth , on
Bnlo Monday , 26c yd. , bettor grade nt
86c , 40c and 60c good. Wo nro lending
nil in cnrpots , our prices toll our story ,
our patterns nro all new , this season's
stylos. Ingrain cnrpots nt lOo , 22c , 25c ,
29c , 85c , 80o , 40c , 45c , 47o , 60c nnd OOo
yd. One of our lenders on Monday ,
oxtrn super nil wool 2-ply tapestry nt05o ,
gold by others at 86c ; ingrain nt
45c , COc , 55c , UOo , 05c nnd 75c yd ;
special bargains In 0 ynrd long Turco-
mnn curtains nt $2.25 n pair , worth
13.60 ; chenille curtains nnd silk cur-
.tnins in great variety ; 60 in. wide tn-
pcstry at 60c , 05c and 76c yd ; Ofoot win
dow shades , with fancy dado , nt 35o
onch ; 0 foot plain color shades trimmed
with fringe at 406 each ; 0 loot opaque
shades with now design dado , just in , nt
60c onch ; nil these shndos nro mounted
on the bust spring rollers , with fixtures
complete ; nn elegant line of fnncy
Bhntfcs at COc , 76c , 85c , OOo nnd $1
each ; fnncy wall paper at 2c roll , best
plain paper 4c roll ; gilt paper OJc roll :
best hnnd made paper from 45c a roll
up to $4 roll ; borders from Jc yd up
wards. HAYDEN BROS. ,
Dry Goods nnd Carpets.
B'- , - HAYPEN nitOS.
B'I Letting Down the Prices.
On Mondny wo will put on sale corsets
worth $1.00 nnd 81.25 at 7Cc per pair.
Ladies' jersey lisle gloves , worth 25o ,
on Mondny at 12Jc. Children's lisle
gloves lOo per pair , worth 20c.
Children's cotton hose , ribbed nnd war
ranted fast black or money refunded ;
this lot to bo sold nt 19o per pair.
Ladies' Hornsdorf dye in black cotton
hose 25c per pair , worth 60c , 100 doz.
children's cotton hose , in black , grey
mixed and brown mixed , nt 8c per pair ,
worth 20c. Lndios' jersey ribboa vests ,
I2Jc , 16cJOc , 25c nnd up. Wo claim
this to bo 25 per cent loss than manu
facturer's price.
Grand display of parasols for Monday
nt cut' prices. Gents' * gnuzo shirts 15te ,
worth 25c ; gents' bnlbriggnn shirts 2oc ,
worth 60c.
Bargains in wall paper for Monday.
* A largo invoice of ladies' line don-
golfv kid shoes just in ; wo will sell them
nt $1.60 this week : don't miss this bar
gain. Wo nro having n big "run on our
Oxford ties and house slippers at $1.00.
Men's flno calf shoos , only $2.00. gunr-
- antood. * Children's grain school shoes ,
nil solid , only $1.00 , U to 11 , seamless
back. Our'$2.00 kid shoos nro beauties
and worth double the money. Great
bargains this week in our s.hoo depart
Dry Goods and Carpets.
1515 JloclKO St. , Doora West of P. O.
Benders of TUB BKE have no doubt
noticed that every house advertises to
cell goods cheaper than anybody else.
Have you stopped to think what such
n state of affairs would bo ?
The fact is , there is a largo amount
of humbug ntlont.
This Is particularly so with groceries ,
where there is so much room for deceptive -
coptivo competition.
The hundreds of our patrons know
the truth of this assertion.
Wo hnvo the most elegant establish
ment west of Chicago.
Wo dotho largest business in our line
in Omaha.
Wo place the largest orders in the
country districts.
Wo buy only in the best markets of
the world.
Wo always got the closest figures in
the country.
Wo carry the largest and finest stock
in the city.
Those claims wo make. Those claims
we cnn verify. On these claims wo ask
your pntronngo.
Our motto Is , lowest prices , consistent
with good qunlity nnd honest quantity.
Cull and sou us and bo convinced.
Take your meals at the Creamery ,
1410 Dodge street.
Piano tuning nt Hospo's.
Meals served at all hours of the day
or night at the Creamery , 1410 Dodge.
If you are in need of a spectacle or
eye glass call on the undersigned and
bo accurately fitted. A. B. Iluburmuun ,
13th and Douglas.
f APE U'Y.
Via Omaha nnrt Council muffs.
Short line to Chicago and the oast.
Finest dining cars In the world.
Through sleeping cars to.Ghicago.
The route of the first "Golden Gate
Special. "
Best line to Washington for the inau
guration of President Harrison.
Only direct route to the G , A , R , en
campment at Milwaukee ,
Everything llrst-class.
First class people patronize first class
Ticket agents everywhere In thn west
aell tlokota over the Chicago , Milwau
kee and St. Paul railway.
Ticket olllce 1601 Farnam s.troet. F.
A. Nash , General Agent.
Adamant wall plaster has boon or
dered by A. W. I'helps , the contractor
lor his new house in north Omaha.
Special , Special.
Forty pieces corlupa will bo placed
on sale Monday morning. This fabric
is made to take the place of drapery
Bilks for sash curtains. The styles are
perfect and come in all the new shades.
- -
, 8T1GKU & CO.
I/nnca. tinccii.
Everything thnt is bcnuUful nnd now
in Inco goods. Diroctoiro , chnntllly ,
ptilniro ) , point do gcno nnd vnlonoi-
onncs , llounclngs , In toscn , figured nnd
dotted drnpory nots. Describe them na
perfectly na typo will lot us , it still
wouldn't tnko the plnco of looking. Our
prices , nlwuya low , nro lower thnti over
this wook.
See the goods wo nro showing nnd
compnro them with othors.
in nil the latest novelties. Irish point ,
liomstitchod , hemstitched nnd tucked
affects , etc. , otc.
15-inch hemstitched embroidered
skirtings ( hcnutlful design ) from $1.00
up to $5.00 n ynrd.
15-inch Swiss embroidered skirtings
[ olognnt designs ) , 05c , 75c , 85c , SI.00
Jl.25 nnd up. The best vnluo over of
fered iti this city.
22Hnch Swiss embroidered flouncing ,
dnlntv novel designs for children's
dresses , nt COc , Coo , 76e , 8oc , $1.00 , $1.15 ,
1 O
ff * * *
221-inch liomstitchod embroidered
flounclngs , oxqulsito designs , at"6a,8oc ,
$1.00 , $1.10 , $1.25.Ladies'
Spoulnl drives.
200 do on 'whito H. S. Sheer
Inwn with 0 lines drawn work , 7o , worth
nnd reduced from 121c.
100 do/on white H. S. pure llnon
Inwn , beautifully embroidered , with
corded lines , 20c , reduced from 35c.
Just opened the Intcst novelties in
hnna ptiintcd nnd spnngled gnuzo.
Hnnd painted nnd tipped Biitlu novel
ties in ( julll nnd ostrich fcnthor. Novel
ties in folding , rnnnneso.
The Inrgost nssortmont and most complete -
ploto stock of ribbons to bo found in
the city. Satin nnd pros grnln , sntiu
edge gros grains , crown edge molro.
Novelties for millinery snsh ribbons.
Our prices nre always the lowest.
Novelties In Porslnn nnd tinsil embroidered
broidered I ands , blnck , white nnd col
ored grounds , from 85o too u ynrd.
Novelties in blnck silk gimps and
galleons from -lOc to 81.60.
Novelties in lot drop gnlloons nnd
gimps for spring wraps , from 3Qc a yard
Novelties in imported black hand
crochet nnd silk gimps.
All the latest novelties nro repre
Corner Dodge nnd Fifteenth street ,
opposite postollico.
Dress GooiU , Dress O-.ncls.
Wo are now showing the largest
variety of dress fabrics over exhibited
by us , comprising all the latest novel
ties in wool goods side bands , panels ,
brooho borders , otc. No two pattern
suits alike , many of these are our own
exclusive designs and cannot bo dupli
cated. A large assortment of pure mo
hairs in colors nnd black. French
chullies , French sateens , Scoth ging
hams , French ginghams , marianto-
nottes and a largo variety of waqh
Our stock of Scotch ginghams con
tains more novelties than has over beou
exhibited west of Now York city.
Parasols nnd'sun umbrellas , La Tosca
and Diroctorio handles , in silver , gold
and high art offects.
Now attractions are daily being added
to our already largo stock of snort
wraps , jackets and now markets.
Cor. Dodge and 15th Sts. ,
Opposite Postoflico.
Auction Tuesday.
At 10 a. m. at 1121 Farnam street In
addition to ourrogular sale of furniture ,
carpets , crockery , etc. , wo will sell ono
flno Kimball cabinet upright piano , and
ono dough & Warren organ , almost
now and in perfect order.
Omuha Auction and Storage Co.
Eye glasses and spectacles of all kinds
and at all prices at Hubermann's , 13th
and Douglas.
Burlington Iloutu Changes or Time.
Taking effect Sunday , April 7 , trains
will leave Omaha for Chicago daily as
follows : No. Int'J.'SOiJ'.m.Jtfo. Fast Vcs-
tlbulo Express , at 4 p. m. ; No. 0 ( oxcont
Saturday ) , 0:45 : p. in. ; and for Denver
and the west , No. 1 , Fast Vestibule Ex
press , 10:05 : n. ra , and No. 3 , 7:30 : p. m. ;
No. 5 , Lincoln and Concordia Local ,
will leave at 9:15 : a. ra. Trains will ar
rive as follows : From Chicago , No. 1 ,
Fast Vestibule Express , 9:60 : a. m. ; No.
3 , 0:55 : p. m. , nnd No. 5 ( o'xcopt Monday )
8:50 : a. m. : tind from Denver and tlio
west , No. 4 , 9:40 : a. m. . mftl No. 2 , Fast
Vestibule Express , 3:45 : p. m. No. 0 ,
Concordia and Lincoln local , will ar
rive atO p. in. Pullman palace sleeping
cars and free reclining chair cars
on all through trains. Famous Burling
ton Route dining cars between Omaha
and Chicago. Ticket oHlco , 1223 Far-
niun st. Telephone 250.
Miller's"Jlotbl. .
Jneob Miller , the well known cntoror ,
1ms opened n now hotel at 008 North
Sixteenth. Ho has fitted the entire
building up in first class stylo. All now
from basement to attic. Mr. Miller
proposes to keep a first class , moderate
priced hotel. Jacob is a good landlord
and lias provided himself with plenty
of good help. His table will bo sup
plied with the best in the market and
prepared in a wholesome manner. His
rooms , of which thnro are a goodly num
ber , are all nicely furnished. In short ,
Miller's hotel is to bo first class in every
particular. Give a trial.
Take your meals al the Creamery ,
1410 Dodge Btreot.
Trooa nnd shrubbery of our own
growing. Taylor Bros. , 307 S. 10th st.
Those expecting to build should ox-
amiifo Adamant wall plaster and save
money. Ofllco 401 Paxton building.
Pebble spectacles at Hubormann's ,
liUh and Douglas.
If you nro in need of a spectacle or
eye glass call on the undersigned nnd
bo accurately fitted. A. B. Uubortnunn ,
13th and Douglas.
Beautiful Clifton Hill.
Twelve lots sold since Monday. Depot
under root and nine houses under con
tract. Who is the next man to get a
homo in this beautiful addition.
A. P. TUKKY , 15th and Douglas.
Meals served at all hours of the day
or night at the Creamery , 1410 Dodgo.
* .
Flndloy < k Shields , architects , room
49 , Chamborof Commerce , Omaha.
TentH For Oklahoma.
The Solck Mun'f Co. are headquar
ters for tents , paulina , horse and wagon
covers , of all kinds. 60S South 18th ,
next door to Battle of Gettysburg.
Tel , 604 , Ar , . WOLF , Manager.
FINE EASTER novelties and beau
tiful cards at A. Hospo'o 1513 Douglan
Novelties for Easter presents at MRS ,
The Fair Makes the Qrontoat Pur-
ohaso of Their Llvos.
A Flro Stook of JUry Goods Damaged
Only Plvo Per Cent. If Any
Ijook Out For An
Late Saturday evening J. L. Drandois
& Sons received the following brief but
pointed telegram from Chicago :
"Bought forty-six thousand dollars of
dry goods from lire insurance adjusters'
Greatest purchase I over mado. All
of Withers & Kool's , Grand Island , nnd
Jonncr's , of Milwaukee , stocks.
Mr. Emll Brnndois loft for Chicago
last Wednesday in anticipation of this
salvage sale , and by the above It scorns
his journey has not boon in vain. The
snlo of the stock was advertised by the
insurance adjusters to take place at
Chicago on Friday , April 5 , and in
cluded four different stocks of dry
goods which had boon damaged by fire
and water nnd wore to bo sold for the
benefit of the insurancecompanies. .
Among the goods bought by Mr.
Brnndois nre the on tire dry goods
stocks of Messrs. Withers & Keel ,
who were burned out nt Grand
island last month , nsMvell ns that of
Messrs. Junnor & Co. , of Milwaukee.
The letter from the insurance nd-
justors , received last week by .Brndols
fc Sons , nnnouncing the sn'lo , stntod
that the stoclts consists of silks , satins ,
velvets , plushes , laces , ribbons , dress
goods , table linens , domestics , notions ,
corsets , lad'.es and gents underwear ,
blankets , shawls , gloves , hosiery ,
thread , suspenders and such other
goods as are usually found in first-class
retail dry goods stores.
The nbovo stocks were saved in such
fine condition thnt' only about five per
cent were dnmngod , if any , so that the
entire sale will bo guaranteed free from
Inasmuch ns Messrs. Brnudois & Sons
do not know themselves when the goods
will arrive in Omaha , they nro unable
to mnko any further announcements in
to-day's paper , further than Jthat as
soon ns possible , which may bo Monday
or Tuesday , they will lot the people
know when their greatest of great fire
sales will commence.
Eyeglasses and spectacles of all kinds
nnd nt nil prices nt Hubormnnn's , 13th
and Douglas.
Novelties for Easier presents nt MRS.
Pebble spectacles at Hubcrmnnn's ,
18th and Douglas.
For gold , silver , nickel and steel spec
tacles of the best qunlity call on A. B.
Hubormann , 13th and Pouglas.
F. M. SCHADELL & CO , 218 N. 10th
Just Try It Oner.
If you nro ucquaited with the merits
of the "Chicago Short Lino" paruhaso
your ticket via , the Chicago & North
western railway on your next eastern
trip. In this way you will secure the
benefits of fast limited time ( Omnhn
3:45 : p. m. , nrrivo Chicago 8 o'clock
next morning ) , the latest and finest vcs-
tibulcd sleepers , free reclining chair ,
curs , dining car , meals that just suit
you , and last , but by no moans least ,
the entire fast trains of the CHICAGO
PACIFIC DEPOT , thus saving passen
gers of any class a vexatious transfer at
Council Bluffs.
City ofllco 1401 Farnam street. Tele
phone 501. W. A. BABCOCK ,
General Western Agent.
Picture Frames.
See the now line of ivory , silver and
maturnl wood mouldings" for picture
frames just received at Hospo's 1513
Douglas st.
Novelties for Easter presents nt MRS.
Telephone 717.
Wm. Darst , 1313 Farnam st. , Omaha ,
Nob. I have taken the agency of the
celebrated "Arcadian" Mineral Spring
company's mineral water from Waukesha -
sha , Wis. I am now prepared to deliver
the same in any quantity direct to your
My terms are C. O. D. On returning
empties my agent will pay cash for
sumo at the house , thereby saving all
trouble in getting the proper credit for
empty bottles.
I also carry a full line of fine family
wines , liquors and bottled bcor , im
ported and domestic , in glass or bulk ,
nnd to give my customers the benefit I
offer the nbovo goods nt wholesale
prices. This is not idle talk. Try mo
nnd you will find that I will save you
I will advertise my prices In the near
future. WM. DAIIST ,
Telephone 717. 1313 Farnum.
Canon City coal. $7 per'ton.
Nebraska Fuel Co . 214 South 13th St.
The now Commercial bank will bo
plastered with Adamant Wall Plaster.
I'innoa Moved
On now , improved piaon trucks. Safety
insured. A. Hospo , jr. , 1513Douglas st
Wliero "Tho Sunday IJon" nnd "J > n y
Bco" Can be Ilnil
Paxton Hotel News Stand.
Glebe Hotel News Stand.
Mlllard Hotel News Stand.
Murray Hotel News Stand.
A read o Hotel News Stand. '
'Merchants' Hotel News Stand.
Metropolitan Hotel News Stand.
Windsor Hotel Nowa Stand.
UanflcUl House Nowa Stand.
Joplm & Co. , 309 North Sixteenth.
Dick Castcllo. fiOfl North Sixteenth.
O. J. Cunan , 510 North Sixteenth.
J. Klcti. ( SOU North Sixteenth.
Christ Wilrodt , 614 north Sixteenth.
J. H. Read , 1020 north Twonty.fourth.
Johnson & Hoylelt , 1115 north Twenty-
M. J. Frank , 401 south Ninth.
J. H. Cltnmorman , 8U south Tenth.
Einnn Hagerman , 500 south Tenth.
BOUTJI 811)1 ! .
R. P. Tignor , 018 south Thirteenth.
Drown & Ungor. 021 south Thirteenth.
Edward Mohl , 1004 south Thirteenth.
J. I. Fruchouf. 413 South Fifteenth.
E. Wyman , 11(5 ( South Fifteenth.
Itudolph Swoboda , 331 south Sixteenth.
John Lotnly , 12&0 south Sixteenth.
C. A. CroBtu. 503 south Sixteenth.
J , A. Dodge , 1010 south Twentieth.
Bee Office , 010 Farnam.
George Cooper , V H Farnam.
J. S. Caulflold , 1304 Farnam.
JVEST ewe.
William Boylo. 9103 Cumlng.
A. Anderson , 2318 Cunllne.
S. E. Hansen , 2423 Cumlnp.
J. M. Martin , 1230 Park avenue.
R. M. Brown , 1724 St. Mary's avenuo.
Exchange hotel news stand , South Omaha.
G , Kcuther , S20 N street South Omana.
ON imos.
Down the Prices Drcus
Goods , ftflkn nnd I'luslicfl.
42-Inch French blnck dross goods in
chocks , slriposmnd brocades , 60c a ynrd ,
worth 85o to 91. 27-Inch cnblo cords
12cj } worth Mo. . 80-inch Henrietta , 29o
and 860 , worth COc. 40-inch French
Henrietta 40o , worth OOo. Note these
low prices on 4\-inch \ ) French Hon-
riottns , 45c , 60c-63c , 65c. COo , 02o up to
$1.25 for good3 < wbrth7fioto$1.87. Finest
silk wnrp Honnlotta , 81 , $1.25. SJ.45 to
82 for goods worth $1.75 to $2.76. 22
shades in silk plushes 33o , 4Co nnd OOo ;
nwful chcnp. Flno surnhs in nil colors
48c , 55o nnd 05o. Those nro sterling
vnlues. Gros grnln silks 75o , worth $1.
Wo desire to convince people thnt , wo
can nnd will glvo surpassing bnrgnins
in silks. Wo got them diroot from the
fnctory nnd cnn give the best possible
gunrnntco ns to quality. Got
samples nnd compare. You can
not bo mislead. Satan rhadamos 7Gc ,
worth $1.25. Silks at 75 , 880 , Ooc , $1.00 ,
$1.2.5 and $1.50 for goods worth $1.25 to
$2.50. 300 pieces of } dress goods for
Tuesda'y 5c , reduced from 20c. EIo-
gent china silks , 48c , 05c and 75c. Now
spring dress goods , stripes and chocks ,
made to sell at 20c , sale price OJo yard.
See for yourself. 30-Inch chocks nnd
stripes , in best styles , 21c. 84-inch Hen
rietta , in all shndos , 25o. 48-inch Hen
rietta 45c. Finest French wool challns
65c , worth 85c. Ano'thor knock down.
AU75caml7c ! ) dress goods now 05c.
The best silk finish Henriettas 75c , 88c
nnd $1.15 , regular price $1.00 to 81.50.
A most nttraotivo line of fine French
novelties nnd combination suitings nt
unapproachable prices.
Fine ombroldoty edgings le n yard ;
cambric edgings 5c , lllc , 15c and lOc ,
worth lOc to 30c ; 40 btylos in cntnbrio
Swiss ftounclngs 3e ! ) , 45c , OIc ! up to$1.50 ,
worth 75e to $3 ; fine Torchon laces 3c ,
Se , 7c and lOc , worth lOo to 25c. Look
buforo you buy Inccs. Machine made
Torchons 5c n dozen ynrdsVnlonconnos ;
3-in. wide lOc n ynrd ; Spanish laces , all
silk Spanish Inco , 4-in.wide , lee a yard ;
fine oriental laces , blnck silk chnntllly
Jlouncings in new styles , and very
OS shades line silk ribbons , both wide
and narrow. As ndvcrtisedj our mam
moth snlo begins Monday in notions ,
dress trimmings , dross buttons , trim
mings , ornaments , veilings , handker
chiefs , art nccdlo work material , toilet
feoaps , odors and brushes'Our immense
stock of flno wall paper Is now on salo.
Bargains in every grade.
Dry Goods nnd Cnrpots.
Fratik Birrelt A Co.
I wish to announce to the gentlemen
of Omaha that , having formed n part
nership with nn eastern cloth house ,
I shall open lu merchant tailoring es
tablishment at 115 North loth streeton
April 8 , under , the stvlo of
I have secured the service of
( late with Holin & Thompson. ) who has
been identifiedwith line tailoring in
Omaha for the jiast four years and who
is well known as one of the best cutters
ever employed in this city. All cutting
nnd fitting will have his personal atten
tion and is n. guarantee that wo will
turn out none but good lilting and styl
ish giirmonts.
The extremely low figure itl which
\vo got our goods through our eastern
connection and by adhering strictly tea
a cash system add economical business
methods will enable us to make good
suits from $25 up and pants from $5 up.
Fit and workmanship guaranteed equal
to that of a iy tailor in the city.
I kindly in'vito you to call nnd exam
ine our stock. Truly yours ,
Mtulain Wallace ,
Omaha's popular modiste , has re
turned from Now York City. The name
"Maaam Wallace" has become a house
hold word among the sociotv ladies of
this city nnd the west , Mrs. Wallace re
ceiving'orders from Denver , Salt Lake
City and oven from San Francisco , on
the coast. During her recent visit east
Mrs. Wallace familiari/.o 1 herself with
all thnt is newest nnd most seasonable
in materials and styles. In order to
bettor care for her increasing custom
she brought with her an able nss.ibtint !
whoso experience in Now York City
will bo of value to her customers.
Madam Wallace always keeps the best
of help , employing only experienced
persons. The charm nbout garments
made under her supervision is that they
fit perfectly. Madam Wallace has made
n perfect success in this city during the
past year. Her businobs has trobblod
nnd the future will eclipse the past.
Her parlors nnd work rooms occupy an
entire Door. They present a tiibty nnd
orderly nppoaranco and all work is done
systematically and with ii promptness
not often found in such nn establish
ment. The establishment is a boon to
the ladies of Omaha.
Hospo has received the choicest Ro-
macquo artist proof etchings over shown
in the city. A. Hospo , 1513 Douglas.
Dr' Thomas .Tolloris' preventive nnd
cure for diphtheria never fails. 25
years' trial domonstatcs it. No physi
cian required. Address box 057 ,
Omaha. Price $3.00.
For gold , silver , nickel nnd stool spec
tacles of the best quality call on A. B.
Ilubormann , 13th and Douglas.
Do not buy your spring hat or bonnet
until you have soon M. E. Hnwloy'd '
new stock. Our Easter hat and bonnet
display will bo announced latter.
. , M. E. HAWLEY.
News of the I Saturday Evening Ilco
United Down.
fjturday the correctional tribune acquitted
tht loaders of thoVatrlotlo League ) , but lined
them for belonging to a secret society not
authorized by law.
AH the passenger conductors employed by
the Buffalo. Rochester & Plttsburg road
hnvo been dlscuir cd and the freight con
ductors have boon given their nlaooa.
James I. Chriitlo , assistant doorkeeper of
the senate , dlodiSaturday forenoon.
Grover Cleveland returned to NowYork
Saturday fronihls _ Cuban trip.
A gas explosion in the New Muddy Valley
coal mines , Uuqunin , 111. , severely injured
several minors and boys. Two were fatally
Yesterday the mayor of Leicester , England ,
received an anonymous letter warning him
of n plot to shoot the Prince of Wales whoa
ho attended the races thero.
For stealing from way freights on the
Nickel Plated railroad seven Indiana farm
ers have been sent up for a year each.
Saturday n Rochester , N. Y. , mob , who
were throwing mud and stones at a street
car , were ilrcd Into by the driver.
Pennsylvania , Virginia , \Yashlngton ,
D. O. , report heavy snow storms.
A pang of anarchists and incendiaries have
been burning houses in Now York , Brooklyn
ami Jersey City. Several arc In custody ,
and nublio fooling demands that they bo so-
vcrely punished.
Tuo base ball tourists are homo.
The weekly bank statement shows the re
serve has decreased $141,000. Tha banks
now hold (410,000 in excess of legal reijuiro-
The Duchess of Cambridge , aunt of Queen
Victoria , is dead. She was born In the year
liCttlnji Down the I'rlocH ,
Spring wrnps , jackets , nowmnrkots ,
jerseys , shawls nnd suits.
It would bo difllcut to mention the
many attractive bnrgnlnsfh this depart
ment , Elocrnnt bonded wraps at $2.75
and $2.08 ; also Inco nnd bonded sleeve
silk wraps nt $5.00 aro-very impressive
values ; 100 cloth jackets 85o worth $1.60 :
05 nicely braided jackets nt 05o worth
81t05. A beautiful line striped jackets
$1.05 ; nowmarkots in black and brown
nt $2.00 worth $0.00 ; nowmarkots In all
the latest novelties. Peasant clonks ,
spring shawls and jerseys in endless
Wo have taken great pains to make
this department particularly inviting.
Wo purchased the latest novelties and
finest goods direct from the importers.
A visit of inspection will bo an ad
vantage though a lady may not wish to
Great efforts nro being mndo to have
this a convenient , and economical shop
ping nlnce for kitchen supplies of every
The atouk of wall paper is conceded to
bo the most varied nnd attractive over
shown in Omaha. Prices oxcoodlngly
Dry Goods nnd Cnrpots.
Breezy Fnrncrnplis About Union Pa
cific ICn luccrs.
The announcement in THIS Bni : on
Sunday last concerning n certain engin
eer on tin Union Pacific wholmd made
fast time has been the moans of devel
oping the names of bomo dld-timo
knights of the throttle that are now in
the service of that road.v None of thoai
care to dwell to any great extent on the
question of superiority over their fellow
"throttlors , " but each is firm in his be
lief that'if ho can't make a locomotlYo
measure track at a rapid rate , there Is
no need of anybody else trying it. Sen
sitive , ns the boys are , they fool that to
usurp : v fast record , would bo nn injus
tice , but nt no time will they advocate
the theory thnt n faster sot of flyers maybe
bo found on any rail than on the Union
Pacific nt present.
* *
Engineer Dolan is one of the number
at present in the passenger service. Ho
reclines in the cab of 827 and runs be
tween Omaha and Grand Island. Can
ho make timer1 Well , ho looks at it in
that light , and if n train is belated ,
Dolan is considered to bo n good man nt
the throttle in making up. Ho is per
haps less superstitious than many of his
craft , but ho has yet to bo responsible
for n wreck or negligence in watching
for n clear track. Dolan is very modest
and only claims that he can distance
any other engineer nnd engine on the
u *
Then there is Engineer Byers. Ho
is an old-time track measurer nnd has
shot along the Union Pacific for many
a year. Ho is , perhaps , the oldest ono
in the service of the Union Pacific. At
present his angular form reclines in
804 and the cab appears to have'been
expressly designed for him in order
that he may not bo inconvenienced in
his wind-splitting exploits.
Npxt to these is Engineer Living
stone who presides over 8 0. Ho has
lonjr been in the service of the Union
Puciflo and at present is ono of the
"trusted" in passenger trains between
Omaha and Grand Island. Ho has been
with the company for nbout n score of
years and has not only been fortunate
in escaping train wrecks , but has also
hnd many a narrow escape from the
wily savages. The pilot of his engine ,
too , has often hurled the bulTalo from
from itb sacred camping ground. Con
tinually on the alert , ho has n faculty
of ascertaining danger in time to avoid
its results. Several times has his old
motor carried him to the vorro of the
grave , but his presence of mind averted
llnul disposition. As a wheeler , ho
classes his machine nbovo nil others ,
and his calm and collected spirit
brightens up when ho is nt his familiar
post thundering along at a sixty mile
* *
Engineer Hambright is also an expert'
and is now ' 'pulling passenger" be
tween Omaha and Grand Island. Ho is ,
to say the least , n trillo superstitious.
Ho is ono of the old-timo fellows who
"ain't moving" unless ho is bpocding
along about fifty-live miles nor hour.
Ho has mndo n record on several occa
sions , and has carried his name away
up on the pinaclo where none but
"winged messengers" are allowed tote
to register. It is n soldoin occurrence
for Humbright to pull into a btation a
minute late and , if fate so results , he
will brood over it ns a mother would
n dead babe.
* *
Bill Clawson or "Cyclone Bill , " ns ho
is known by nearly every railroad man ,
between Omaha and San Francisco is in
the freight borvieo on the Union Pa
cific. Ho derived his alias from the
wild trips that ho has made with his
engine in pulling stock trains and
through freights. Bill has long been
in the service and has nearly ns long
boon known as the fastest freight puller
on the lino. Ho has repeatedly
pulled his train along on pas
senger train schedule , nnd has
eclipsed his rivals in freight hauling in
making n record of flfty-llvo miles in
ono hour witli a slow track and fifteen
jienvily-loaded cars in tow. Bill Is very
much attached to his engine and his
cab is adorned with some very rare col
lections of art. Ho is not particular
where ho runs and is very Boimitivo
when the merits and demerits of his
wheeler is the topic of consideration.
Lon Dompson has perhaps the fastest
standing record of aiiy engineer on the
Union Pacific as far as schedule time is
concerned. Lon was formerly known
ns } the "Flying Dutchman , " but now
basks under that sublime but fictitious
cognomen , "White Wings. " Nevertheless
tholoss , he is a llyor in the broadest
soiiBo of the term. Ho pulls a paBsqn-
gor bntwoon Evunston nnd Ogdenn
distance of sovonty-fivo miloa and
makes the trip in the remarkable tlmo
of 75 minutes , or at the rate of
ono milo per minuto. This is. no
display record but day in and
day out ho makes the trip at that dare
devil rate of speed. But this is not all.
It is down grade from Evunston to
Ogdcn and Dompson insists that ho bo
given n schedule time of sixty minutes
Fn which to mnko the scvonty-flvo-milo
trip. Ho has repeatedly urged lid
Dickinson , now assistant general mun-
ngorof the Union Pacific , to establish
that time for him , but as yet no action
in this respect has boon taken. It is
stated , however , that Dompaon once
mndo the trip in fifty-nine minutes , but
knowing that ho would subject himself
to coiifluro if ho used it as material in
endeavoring to persuade the omcialB to
cut down the tlmo , ho has never laid
any stress on this particular trip , but it
is known at headquarter ! , nnd Domp-
eon's stock has not gone down In the
market since the fact was developed.
Shuuld the request of Dompbon for n
schedule time of sixty minutes for a
Bovonty-flvo-mUo run bo granted ho
will then operate under the fastest
train schedule in the world.
Ho is highly esteemed , nncl In turn , has
nlwnys a good word to say nbout others ,
but if it comes down to record-breaking
ho will desert n Christinas dinner for
the privilege , nnd not n trip is made
thnt Dompson don't nt some point en
croach upon'now honors in this direc
tion. ,
Engineer Tom Grognn , of the Wyom
ing division , is another enthusiast of
the fast wheeling fraternity. Up or
down prado , on n strait or winding
track the drivers of his engine nro con
tinually on the whirl. Ho takes
great dollght in getting orders
against trains , and then relieving his
pont-up fellow-beings by sailing into the
point of destination abend of timo. Ho
is fafniliar with the curves of the road ,
which nro numerous nnd abrupt , nnd
speeds around the "corners" nt a gnlt
thnt would almost make the average
trainman's hulr stand with fright. But
Grognn knows hla engine , and regards
it a model possessing peculiar traltti
aqtdo from Unit of nil others , Ho is
said to bo slightly suporsfltlous , awl to
rely on his machine to carry out Its du
ties in the foreshadowing of danger.
Ho has got to moot his first mishap , al
though ho has on several occasions had
narrow escapes.
Little Police matters.
Mike Frank wns lined f5 and costs In po
lices court yesterday for Interfering with
Ofllcor Will to In his attempt to arrest n man.
Robert Uroslcii , n native of sunny Italy ,
was arrested yesterday for running an express -
press wagon without license. Ho tried to
sing Judge licrlui n songto thoclTcctthnt the
lady for whom ho had moved n trunk hnd
made him a present of fifty cents out otchar
ity , and not for services performed. His
honor couldn't see It In that way , nnd as
sessed a flno of 4.50 upon llroska. The dago
paid the amount out of an old wallet that
contained over $200 in gold In Ha greasy
H. Marx wns arrested ycatordnv charged
with having received a quantity of brass that
had boon stolen from thoUulon Pacific yards.
Ho sat through his trial under tlio Impression
that ho was n witness , and thnt the boys
who were testifying against him were tlio'
prisoners , Ho was discharged , nnd could
not for n tlmo understand why ho had not
been called upon to testify against the young
Itlnchlncs Come Down.
There was n decided drop iu sowing inn-
chines ontSouth Thirteenth street yesterday.
As Mr. J. T. Leak , an agent of the New
Homo , wns passing down the street his
horse became frightened at njdog and dumped
Mr. Leak nnd h IB wagon Into a ditch tuat
had been opened up by the water works com
pany. The horse was badly crippled and
will die.
County Monov.
The county treasurer hns collected $235.29
for the first quarter of the current year. The
amount is miscellaneous foes. Treasurer
IJolln also received 53,20r > .S9 yesterday from
the state treasurer. This sum represents
fees duo for collecting state taxes for six
months , ending December 31 , IbSS.
Under tlio Tracks. .
At midnight last night the waterworks
company commenced the work of tunneling
under the street car tracks at the Inter
section of Fiiinam nnd Fifteenth streets. It
Is expected that the work will ho completed
by 0 o'clock this morning so as to not inter
fere with the street car travel.
Personal Paragraphs.
W. T. P. Wood hns removed his family
from Kansas City to Omaha.
Kugeno Neville , son of Judge Neville , hns
returned from Missouri , where ho hns been
a conductor on the Iron Mountain railroad
for the past two years.
A Sumptuous musical Jlaiuiuctoh
. . TuesflayEraiing : , April 9 , at 8 ,
First nnd only appcurnuco of the i\orld-ro-
nowned anil nmtcliless American
cantatrico ,
Mme. Albani
Who will 1)0 assisted by her eminent
Miss DAM1.AN , Contralto ;
Big. .MASSIMT. Teiif-r :
Mr. CONHAl ) ANSOIKin , 1'lanlst :
Mr-llAUHF.TT , FJutlai ;
Big. UnVIONANl. Conductor of tlio COVENT
GAHUK.S OPiiA , London , In a
programme or
Hoserved scats K.BO. $2. tl.W. Gnllcry , COc.
Sale of seats open on SaturJny morning.
FRONT ! * ' "rhefimnlcstof tnem nm"'FRONT' '
Wednesday April 10 ,
Under the Management of Mr. Oils Ilotlincr In
tlio ( irentest of nil Successes ,
Olt , THIS 1101UL/ / ,
lly Clins H. lloyt. Iliitlro rhniiKo nnd Now
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ui fs. New Meilleyf , and moro fun than nil othuis
Regular prices. Scats pn sale Tuesday n , in.
Friday and Snt'inlav ' , April
11 , 12 anJ IU. Safin-day Matlnpo.
Engagement of America's favorlto nnd only
Supported by her own company In her latest
und greatest success ,
"Pawn Ticket No. 210"
llaiilo Sola "Song Tlukllue of the Uunjo , "
Prices : Parquctta and Circle. Sl.tiOi nalcony ,
! ; ct'iieialadmlsslou , 75c and ( I ; Uallery , Vie.
Mutlueo prices : II and 7&c. Scats go on isalo
Wednesday morning.
Presentation of tlio Popular Pluy ,
The Vunkcu Farmer , \ty \ the talented actor
atid author ,
And a carefully selected company ,
AJKE1I , the Automatic Marvel , Kill play and
lirat the
at the Columbia Hotel Hall , Cor , O and 27th sts ,
Tlio Dummy utopi on tlio tot nor , South Omaha.
Prof. Docker.
Late of Na ' York Klther Club , will irlyeatrand
entertainment. From 2 oilexk tilt 0 on the
zither , and from 7 to U o'clock pn the piano.
Daiiclnjj from V till 12 o'clock. Admission freo.
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OPEN TBL.L 8 P. Til.
f 1409 Donglas Street , Omaha ,
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Ollico hours , On. m. to8p. m. Bunaaja. 10 a.
Specialists In Chronic , Nenus , Skin and
Illooil Diseases.
rsrcousultntlon nt offlco or by mall freo.
Medicines sent by mnll or express , socurnly
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euro quickly , safely anil permanently
stems. Physical Decay , arising from ludiscro-
tlon. Excess or Indulgence , producing bleep-
lessncss. Despondency , Pimples on the facd.
aversion to society , easily dlxcour.iged , lack oc
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have failed.
WidnoTr TTninmw & < ! madder Complaints ,
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To Young Men and Middle-Aged Men ,
A CIIDP nilDD Tie | awful ollectu of euily
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nil llHdicadt'il lllH , pcrmiiui.'iitlyciiiod.
mn Adi ess thosu0ioliavo Impaired
themselvi'S by Impioper indul-
ponces and solitary ImblU , vlilch ruin tiotU
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sw ered unloui acuompuiiied by 4 cents In btamps.
Address or ( all on
k3. ' m m CJ u M9MJ A Jl n. 7
HO * * 1'arnam Brtcel , Omaha , Nob. {
G. M. Jordan
T.nlo of tlio UnlverHity
of Nnw York City ana
lmton. D. 0.
HAH omcra
No. U10 and 1)11 )
. HaingoHiillding.
'Corner Fifteenth and Ha/ *
fits , . Omnhn , N u. ,
o alt curablci cased
iiro treated with sue
ASTHMA , DvfirErsiA. DKAV-
CONSULTATION at ofllco or by mall. ( I ,
O III co hours atxj n u. in , ,2 to 4 p.m. , T to Bo ,
m. , Hunday olllce houm from 0 u. in . to 1 n. m.
JlanvdUeanei are treated successfully by Dr ,
Jorclon throuun the miills.and it Is thus posiiula
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1081'1 11 TUKA > IMKNT AT
bend for book on Diseases of None , Throat ,
M. M. llatnlln. Phwnlxlns. Co.
B. A Orchard , Carpet Dealer.
John Btielby , Urocur.
John Ituih , City Treasurer.
oiu , utt
Ocu'l Wut'o Auuwx , 8 U 0t , Vmrk bt. , CUICA.UV ,