Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 07, 1889, Part I, Page 6, Image 6

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f Hvcred by currier in Any part of ho City a
" " "mtvCent * jferWcok.
JlumEFs Omen No. W.
> 11N O It MISN T10N.
A. Y. Plumbing company.
tlnlty Gould held n meeting yesterday aft
ernoon with Mrs. William Hunyun , on Park
avenue. „
The ladles of tlio Prcsb.ytcrlnn church hold
& meeting last evening to organize a church
choir to bo placed under tbo leadership of a
professor from Tabor , la.
No business was transacted In the district
court .vcstorday , Judge Dcomor having gone
to Atlanta to hear some motions argued.
Court will reopen hero to-morrow morning.
The Bcrcnn Baptist church has already
laid the foundation to Its chapel on the
corner of Third nvcnuo nnd Seventeenth
11- street. The worn will bo pushed to comple
tion ns quickly as possible.
The condition of Kittio Edwards was un
changed nt a lata hour last night. The doc
tor oilers no hope of recovery , nnd states
tbut It is only n question of time. She 1ms
not yet recovered consciousness.
There was an Incipient blaze yesterday
'morning In nn upper room of the parochial
W pchool connected with St. Peter's school on
Plcrco street. It was discovered nnd ex
tinguished before much damage was done.
The now racing cart for the Ucacuo hose
team arrived yesterday faom the factory of
E. 13. Preston & Co. , Chicago. It is a beauty ,
and is of the latest Improved style. It has
been placed on exhibition nt the Manhattan ,
The First Baptist church U to bo newly
carpeted , The young ladles who prepared
the successful trades' display , presented tliu
church with the necessary money to innho
the improvement , nnd it was gratefully re-
The ladles of Harmony Chapter , No. 25 , O.
B. S. , entertained a number of friends Fri
day evening In the parlors of the Masonic
temple. It was ono of the most successful
affairs of the kind over given by the order In
this city.
The assault case of the Omaha toughs , who
pounded up James Connors about thrco
weeks ago , was called before Judge Aylcs-
worth yesterday afternoon. Several wit
nesses wcro examined , and the case was
then continued until Monday.
J. G. Tipton won the silver watch awarded
to the marksman making the best score nt
the last match of the Council Bluffs Uillo
club. Ho now holds both trophies. The
gold badge will bo shot for again next Fri
day afternoon , the winner of it hold it two
The citizens are kindly Invited by Abe Lin
coln Post 29 G. A. U. to visit to-day at 3 p.
m. , the train of cars tittcd uu and decorated
by them for tnc trip to Burlington. It is in
the Chicago. Burlington & Oulncy yards ad
joining the Hock Island & Milwaukc depots.
It is a sight worth seeing.
The Infant son of William H. Donalson
tiled yesterday morning of croup. Ho was
aged only ono year. The funeral will beheld
held at the family residence , 1021 Eighth
street , at 2 o'clock this afternoon. The homo
lost another child , aged four-years , only a
week beforo.
Five new suits were Instituted yesterday
against parties who have failed to pay their
subscriptions to the Manawa Motor com
pany. These amounts were subscribed us a
bonus to secure the building of the line , and
now that the road is completed , the sub
scribers have rorgottcn to liquidate. Hence
the suits to enforce payment.
The city council meets again to-morrow
evening , and will again try to elect city of
ficers. They will also take up the matter of
licensing Omaha vehicles which ply between
the two cities. Several of tbo business men
of the city are anxious to have a retaliatory
measure adopted , in order to play even with
their competitors on the other side.
Joe Critchflcld , of Indiana , will address
tbo temperance mass meeting at the Presby
terian church next Tuesday evening at 7:45 :
o'clock. Mr. Critchilold is ono of the most
entertaining speakers in the Hold , and has
the endorsement of Colonel Bain , of Ken
tucky ; Mrs. F. E. Willard. John B. Finch
and other prominent temperance workers.
A Drive Tlmt is a Drive For Monday
and Tiicaday Only.
260.'pieces 8 , 10 and 12 inch brocade
and moire sash ribbons in white , cream ,
light blue , cardinal , pink and black at
80c a yard. Quantity limited to 0 yards
to each purchaser. These goods are
exhibited in our show window to
day. The public is invited to call
nnd inspect this , the greatest
bargain over olTored over any rib
I bon counter. Don't fail to bee them.
Mail orders received up to Tuesday
evening will receive same attention as
if purchaser wore hero in person.
People's Store , Council Blufl's , la.
A now line of milinery at Friedman'B
Attend the Easter opening of pattern
lints nncl bonnets. Mrs. T. 13. Louis.
Caravan of SOUKS nndSooncs.
It is understood that Dr. Tovls & Co. with
their now powerful llmo-light photo-opticon
nnd colossal views of scenes around the
world , uro on tholr way hero , and will hull
long enough to glvo ono of their most en
chanting entertainments in our city.
The press speak in the highest terms ol
their songs , which they Illustrate while
Inping , and also of thnir illustrated tout
around the world. These views are photo
graphs of scenes they represent , colored by
the best American and European artists , and
shown by tholr most powerful pboto-optlcor.
under the strongest lime-light.
Dohany's opera house , to-night and
Tuesday , April 9 , Dr. Slomlnski's free
lecture for gentlemen 'only on disease !
of both sexes.
Have our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
J. G. Tipton , real estate , 627 B'dwny
Grand Easter opening of Mrs. T. B ,
Louis April 10 and 11 , 642 Broadway.
Visit the now gallery nt 801 B'way.
Have you tried the Santo Rosa'
Smoke ono for.a trial.
S. B. Wndsworth < fc Co. loan money.
Ono Koro for tlin'jlonnd Trip.
The G. A. R. Btato encampment will
hold at Burlington , In. , April 8 , 0 , ] (
nnd 11 , and round trip tickets will be
sold from all O. , B. & Q. stations to Bur
llngton niict return at ono faro for rouni1
trip. Good coing on April 8 , 0 , 10 ant
11 , and good to return up to nnd includ'
ing April 13. Hero is n chnnco for nil
old soldiers to meet tholr r.omrados nnd
for all others to BOO the grand parade on
April 10. Go everybody. Tickets car
bo obtained of C. , B. & Q. agents.
The largest stock and latest styles o
nillhnory nt Friedman's.
Notice 10 Water Consumers.
Water rents for quarter beginning
April 1 nro now duo , nnd payable ut of
fice of the company , 114 Main and llf ;
Vourl struuta. Five per cent discount
on nil bills paid previous to April 10.
Ojlico open until U p. m. on Saturdays ,
Council Blurts City Water Works Co.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of interest. Nc
publicity ; lair and honorable dealing ,
A. A. Clark & Co. , olllco cor. Broadwav
und Mv.ln , over American express. '
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , .cuffs and alurts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
The Coronor'a Inquest Develops
Who the Bond Man Is.
Gardeners In Session More About
"Hint XlRcr" The Ark to Ho
Closed Services nncl
Tnck Nolnml tlie Murderer.
The terrible double tragedy of Pi Way
evening was the all-absorbing topic of con
versation on the streets yesterday morning ,
and nt nn early hour a crowd boRnn to
gnthcr In front of the undertaking rooms ot
Field & Estop , where the Inquest over the
remains of the sulcldo was to bo hold at 10
o'clock. They were refused admittance , but
remained patiently outside , pcerinR caporly
through the windows , hoping to catch a
gllmpso ot the body of the murderer and
sulcldo. About 8 o'clock two strangers called
und asked to see the body , stating that they
thought they know the dead man. Thov
wcro admitted , and recognized the corpse us
that of Jack O'Urlcn , claiming to Imvu
known him for two years. Tnoy then dlsap- '
peared , and wore not to bo found when
wanted by the police a couple of hours later.
The testimony developed ut the inquest
throw some light on the subject of his Iden
tity. About half past 10 Coroner Waterman
stated that ho was ready to nrocccd with tha
investigation , nnd Marshal Guanollu ushered
in the witnesses. There were but
ilvo of thorn nnd they wcro the
female Inmates of the Edwards' bngnlo.
They wore all in the house at the tlmo of the
shooting , nnd thrcoof them wore In iho room
with the victims when the tragedy occurred.
Frankie Urooks was the ilrst witness. Sbo
seated that the dead man Ilrst catno to the
homo last Sunday , nnd had been thcro three
times since. She was in the room when ho
tired the Ilrst shot. Saw Kittio fall , and
then run from the room.
Annlo Moore was next sworn. Said she
and Frankie were silting on a rocking chair ,
when the deceased and Maud cumo from an
adjoining room. Ho asked to see Miss Kit
tle , and aha mu&t have heard him ask for
her , us she came in from another room be
fore any ono had a chunco to go and call hor.
As soon as she came in the room ho turned
nnd shot her , "Frankio and I went out to
gether , and did not sco him shoot himself ,
but heard another shot before wo were out
of the door. Wo did not stop to look back.
I saw the dead man at Liell Clover's night
before last. That was the first time I ever
saw him. "
Lottio Lcland then took "tho standr nnd
said : "This man was at the house two or
three times. Ho came a few nights ago and I
was asleep In bed. Ho told the girls he had
bought some Jewelry on speculation nnd
wanted to sell some rings und a watch. The
girls brought him to uiy room , und when I
wokoup he\\ns sitting on the bed talking
about jewelry , I bought the watch for * 5
und borrowed the money of Miss Kittio.
There were two men with him at the time ,
ono tail nnd slim and the other short and
younger. I did not know him , und Maud
was the only ono in the house who kyow him
when ho came first. I wasn't In the room
when the shooting occurred. I heard the
shots and tainted away. They took mo Into
another houso. I don't know where * the
watch is uow. "
Allio Mack was the next witness. She
was unable to walk , ono ankle being severely
suralncd , nnd had to bo curried into the
room. She said the deceased came to the
house Tuesday night and said ho must sleep
somewhere , nnd. was finally given a bed.
When ho came last night he was crying and
had a revolver in his pocket. "I asked him , "
she continued , "xvliat was in his pocket and
what ho was crying for. Ho said it was a
revolver , and said ho was crying for'nothing. '
I wasn't in the room when too shots were
fired , but I heard them , nnd I jumped out of
the window and sprained by ankle. I didn't
know any more until after I was carried to
another house. I don't know the man , and
never saw him only during the last few days. "
Maud Eaton was the lust witness. Her
story was very clearly told , und was of con
siderable interest. Briefly it was as follows :
"I have known the dead man for a year und
a half. I became acquainted with him ut
Fannie Doran's place , on North Ninth street ,
Omaha , about that time. His name was
John Nolan , but he wont under the name of
Jack O'Urion. His folks live at St. Joseph.
Ho was ( i tough boy , but I never looked on
him only as a young boy , and had no idea
ho would como to anything like this.
Ho came over hero a few days ago , nnd
heard that I was at Miss Klttio's. Ho came
there to sco mo. Ho was with two others ,
nnd they were all pretty-tough. Ho came
again Tuesday night , and I had to let him
have a bed , because ho wouldn't take any
other answer. Miss Kittle came to me
uftoward and said she knew ho was a crook ,
and told mo ho mustn't come thure , as ho
would get the house in trouble. Ho came a
little after 8 o'clock last night nnd abkcd mete
to write a letter for him. I said I would ,
and took him Into the side room. He was
crying , und told mo his brother was snot and
killed a night or two before in Minneapolis
while robbmir u jewelry store. Ho said ho
was going thcro , and would kill the man
who shot his brother , oven if ho had to dlo
too. 1 told him what MIsc Kittia said about
his coming. Then I began to write for him.
Ho told mo what to write. It was this :
'Dear Mother , Father and Sisters I write
this to let you know wliero I am.1
Just then Miss Kittio came in and
asked us to go out to the parlor.
Ho refused to go , and she hud to ask him live
or six times. Wo wont out , nnd I was just
ready to go with the letter , when ho said :
'Wrlto "dead" at the top of the shoot. ' I
told him if ho wanted anything like that to
write it himself. Then ho said ho wanted to
sco Miss Kittio , and she came in. She must
have hoard him ask for her. As soon us she
came in bo pulled his gun out of his hip
pocket and shot her , then ho shot himself.
Ho didn't sav a word to her as she came in ,
but just fired.
"Tho address ho gave for the letter was
John Noland , St. Joseph. Ho was very
drunk , and told mo that ho had been dead
drunk till day. Ho said somebody about the
house had wronged him , nnd ho was going to
got oven. Ho said they had put the cops on
to him , and If ho died they would din too. I
think ho was just crazy , because his brother
died and ho felt awful bad about it. Then ho
was drunk , and ho thought Miss Kittio had
put the pollco after him , nnd wnon she
wanted him to move , ho just made up his
mind to Kill hor. It's ' a wonder ho didn't
shoot when she usked him to go out to the
parlor. "
Later she told a 13nn reporter that she
know about the watch that Lottio bought of
tlio dead man. When Lottio fainted , she
grabbed the watch and throw it out of the
window , but when they looked for it after
wards they could not find It. She stated
that the icportthat Noland had been In'tho
penitentiary was false. Sold she , "Ho told
mo lust summer that ho was sixteen yours
old , so he must bo seventeen now. " She
also stated that ho was well -known to the
Omaha pollco.
The two men who Identified the remains
yesterday morning -tiro the ones who accom
panied Noland to the Kdwurds brothel when
ho sold the juwelry. The pollco arc satis
fied that the jewelry was stolen , und that
they have "planted" their haul on Lower
Uroudway , and were taking It out In small
quantities to dispose of , as at the time the
watch was sold.
U transpired yesterday that Hulph Pontius ,
a newsboy , sold the deceased u copy of the
Dispatch ut the corner of Maine street and
Fifth avouuo early Friday evening , uud ho
then said ho was going to kill him
self , ana gave the nnma of John Ncoulds ,
Ho had a handfull of small change , and tbo
boy said , "If you are going to kill yourself ,
yon won't ' need all thai money , and had bet
ter glvo It to mo. " Tbo man then gave him
an extra dime. The paper was found in his
pocket ufter the tragedy.
The coroner's jury , consisting of H. E.
Grimm , F. L. Haydcu and O. H. Lucas , re
turned a verdict to the effect that tha de
ceased came to hU death by a shot fired
from a deadly woai > oti with bis own baud
and with suicidal intent.
The remains of the suicide still ho at the
undertaker's. Tuo doors wore thrown open
at noon nnd several hundred people viewed
the body , but none of them recognized it.
Coroner Watoruiau telegraphed to the sup
posed relatives in St. Joe , and .will bold the
remains for two days awaiting a reply as to
what disposition to make of them. There
was nothing in the Dockets but 20 cents In
money , a pocket gUw , chisel and cartridge.
The woman ha * not yet recovered con
sciousness , und cannot recover. Several ad
ditional pieces of skull were removed from
the wound yesterday morning. Her tongue
and ono aldo of her body nro paralyzed.
There li n rumor to-night that the sulcldo
Is the son of Charles George , who Is n one-
nrmcd expressman at tit Joseph , Mo.
An elegant assortment of Imts for
Indies , misses nncl children at Fried
man's ,
April 0,1889. The partnership or W.
A. Wells and L. I. Fonnnn is dissolved
lo-dtiy. Pfty no accounts only to W. A.
Wells , who continues the business.
"W. A. Wiu.s. :
The Ark" to He Closed.
.It was suggested yesterday that the mayor
would probably Issue nn order to close "Tho
Ark , " as two human beings had been shot
down in cold blood within Its walls , this
bolng the course pursued after the murder of
Do Geode by Brooks at the "Bucket of
Blood. " It seems rather doubtful whether
this method of closing the saloons and bawdy
houses of the city will prove n success. It
required ono death to close the first place ,
nnd now thcro nro two at the second. At this
rate of Increase it will require an enormous
sacrifice before the round is complete , us
there nro now fitty saloons nnd more than
that number of houses of prostitution run
ning oncnly in the city. Whether the place
Is closed or not , the tragedy will doubtless
imvo n wholesome offecl on the lawless
neighborhood In which it occurred. Com
plaints have been numerous for some tlmo
regarding the disgraceful orgies carried on
there nightly , nnd It is hoped that the terrl-
bio deed of Friday night will servo ns n
check , temporarily at least.
Save money on frames. Gco. Iloyn ,
1414 Dodge st.
T have sold the cnllro stock of millinery
and fancy notions to C. Friedman , who will
continue business at the old stand , 409 Broad
way. All goods remaining unpaid for will
bo collected by C. Friedman , nnd nil indebt
edness will bo assumed by C. Friedman.
Heal estate loans , F. J. Day , 89 Pearl.
Mules ! Mules !
Just received n car load of good mules nnd
horses at Schlutor & Boloy's stables , which
will bo sold at reasonable prices.
For &J5.00 The N. V. PlumLinp Co.
will put a lend service pipe nnd hyilriint
in your yard ; also 50 feet extra hose.
Call at once nt 114 Main street.
Western Immbcr nnd Supply Co.
Between 13th and 14th streets , and 2d
nnd 3d avonues. Telephone iitl.
E..W. RAYMOND , Manager.
An efficient organist from the east desires -
sires a position as organist in Omaha or
Council Bluffs. References : Max Meyer
and Chti * los Bactcns , 32o Paxton build
ing , Omaha , or 11M Seventh street ,
Council BlulTs. Good testimonials
Gardens nnd Orchards.
At the regular monthly meeting of Potta-
waUamlp County Gardeners & Fruit Grow
ers' association yesterday afternoon Mr.
J. P. Hess rend nn o'chnUstlvo ' and v.iluabo !
"Varieties and Culture of
paper on Pota
toes , " Mr. H. A. Terry onWhat Variety
of Apple Shall Wo Plant , " uud Mr. Samuel
Avery on the "Marketing of Our Pro
ducts. "
The following resolution was unanimously
adopted :
Resolved , That the Pottmvattamie County
Fruit Growers & Gardeners' association , in
senslon , petition htouhonor , Mayor M. F.
Hohror to make BOPdlul effortto bring before -
fore our pcoploltho vital .importance "of
Arbor day , trusting In tholr wmlom to do
their utnipst in aiding rmtura in beautifying
and enriching our'gnind Inheritance.
The membership of this association Is In
creasing rapidly , while the Interest Is becoming -
coming keen nnd the promise of benefits en
couraging1 ,
Miss O'Nolll , of Cbicaco , now in
charge of Frioflnlan's trimming room ,
is by far the molt artistic trimmer over
in Council Blum * . T
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maninthecltr. '
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j , qrHnle.
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25 TO 300
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Speclflcat'ons and estimates furnished for complete steam p'nnte. Itcpulntlon. Durability Quar
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We are sole proprietors for the entire west of
the celebrated brands : Senora Cubana , Roman
Senator , El Sello de Habana , Ten CentCubanas
and Wild West.
Smo e P. M.'s Stars , the best five cent cigar
ever introduced , and enjoy lite.