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The wind attained n velocity of flfty
miles nn hour last night.
Dr. Miller is trying to Induce the
Cnblo company to extend a line to Sey
mour park.
The Loyal Legion hold its regular
monthly business mooting nt Uio Millard -
lard last night.
The building inspector issued 232
permits during the month of March ( or
buildings valued at 3100,134 ,
Harry Allen the allog'od confidence
was discharged by Judco Dorka in man
police court yesterday afternoon.
The trlnl of William and Dora JTclBon
charged with the larceny of n sot of
harness from John Hanson will bo hoard
The Commercial bank , of Essex , yes
terday brought suit ngalnst W. II.
Gated ot nl to recover $675 on n promis
sory note.
The striking workmen on the water
works have gone back to work but nro
Etlll dlBsatisIlcd and liable to walk out
at any time.
An open mooting of the K. of L. ns-
Bombly will bo hold to-morrow night at
the hall on Douglas street between
M Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
Mrs. Graccman , living on Cuming
street , swore out a warrant In police
court yesterday for the arrest of her
neighbor , Mrs. Tumor , for Indulging In
A flro in a lot of brush on Cuinlng
.near Thirty-first street , threatened to
do damage to property adjacent Tues
day morning on account of the prevail
ing high winds. Iloso company No. 1
was called out.
County Superintendent of Instruction
Drunor has notified the district school
olllcors of the importance of illing the
school census reports for the districts
before April 10. The reports will bo
* M filed with him.
'ft ' * Rev. P. S. Henson , of Chlcngo will
r deliver a lecture on "Fools" at the
First Baptist church , Fifteenth and
Davenport streets , to-morrow night ,
for the benefit of the Omaha Baptist
missionary union.
B. II. Wandoll was fined 820 and costs
yesterday t-y Judge Burka for bilking
four young men from Holdrodgo out of
t2 ciich under pretense of furnishing
them employment as gradora on tin in
visible street contract.
License Inspector Turnbull slates that
hereafter all keepers of billiard and
pool rooms will bo required to pay
license in accordance with the require
ments of a city ordinance' that has not
boon enforced of late years.
Tuesday was a bad day for prnlrio
fires. It was reported that at Oakflalo
twenty-six oattlo were burned up by
them , while , nt Norfolk Junction the
citizens turned out on masse to fight the
Ilames and soyo their homes.
The trolly , or overhead arm of ono of
the electric motorcars caught on n cross
wire yesterday morning on Douglas
street , near the Millard , and was broken
off , and the train had to wait and bo
pulled homo by the next ono.
Frank Casey , jailed yesterday ns a
suspicious character , has been identi
fied by Sergeant Orrnsby asSChnrlcs
Baxter , an old time crook , who is wanted
for the burglary of General John M.
Thurston's house about a year ago.
Personal PuraernpliH.
W. J. Jordan , Iowa City , is nt the Pnxton.
Albert Davis , of Boston , is at the Murray.
Fred Specht , Jr. , Now York , is at tno Pox-
W. T. Holding , Sioux City , la a Millard
R. W. Cobo , Audubon , is n Paxton house
E. J. Darling , "Scdalia , Mo" , is nt the
George R. Cotton , of Denver , is at the
L. W. Goldberg , Philadelnhia , is at the
W. L. Wilson , of Nebraska City , is at the
W. H. Beck , Washington , D. C. , is a Mur
ray guest.
A. II. Talbott , of Lincoln , is registered at
th9 Millnrd.
S. D. Kilnatrlck , of Beatrice , is registered
nt the Paxton.
Dr. Clutter , of Weeping Wato'r , was In
the city yesterday.
Kov. J. M. French , of Cleveland , who has
accepted a call to the First Presbyterian
Church of this city , will arrive in Omana
sfimo time this week. Ho will preach his
Ilrst sermon Sunday.
At the Barker P. H. Strotton , Daven
port ) M. J. Willis nnd wife , Ponca ; W.V. \ .
Griggs , Lincoln ; II. V. Holder , Frceporf
E. Durr , Creston ; J. B. Colby , Chicago ;
.Oscar Wlneborgcr , Milwaukee. '
Colonel M , S. Hall is ono of 'tho early con-
Btructionlsts of the Union Pucilic railway ,
and at this tlmo'n prominent contractor run
member of the Van Dykn coal company , has
returned from Eldora Springs , Mo. Through
the ofllcacy of the Iron waters of these
springs the colonel has fully recovered from
at attack of rheumatism.
On account of the danger to property from
burnln g weeds and grass In the vicinity of
Thirtieth and PInoknoy streets , the mayor
yesterday directed that the street force bo
used In cutting mid removing the weeds ana
brush in the dangerous localities.
llorgford'a Aottl Phosphate ,
The nest Tonic
known , furnishing sustenance to both brain
and body. '
Death of Mrs. On soy.
The wife of Peter Casey , ono of the city
mail carriers , died at her homo at 1109 Jack
aon street yesterday morning. The dcccnsot
was but twenty yearn of age , and was a
daughter of Mr. McOuckon , ono of the oldest
residents of this county. Mr , Uasoy'a many
friends will sympathize with him In his
* tm
The delicious fragrance , refreshing
coolness and soft beauty imparted to tin
skin by Pozzonl's Powiloi- commends t
to.all ladles.
Mortuary ,
The funeral oxcrclscs over the body of the
Into G. F. Oyger occur nt 3 p. m. Thursday
at his late residence , 1310 South Twenty
eighth , The remains will bo shipped to
Plattsmouth for Intorrmcnt. Mr. Ovger Is
the father of William Gygor. ono of Urn
well known members of the firm of Dewey
5s Stono.
A New Train.
L The connecting link between No
braskn and Kansas has just boon placet
In service by the Union Pacific railway
Thin train loaves Council Bluffs daily at
1:4.5 : a. m. * , loaves Omaha at 6:05 : n. ro.
and. runs through without change tt
Manhattan , Kan. , making direct connections
noctions there with the Kansas dlvisioi
of the Union Pacific railway for ul
points In Kansas nnd Colorado west
bound , and for Topeka , Lawrence , Kan
BUS City and points east ana south via
Kansas City. Returning , train leaves
aijJHlltan ' 2:25 : p. m. ; arriving a
entrlc'o'at 0:2-1 Llnc9l > at 7:60 :
: - p. m. ( l ,
p , m. . and Omaha at 1120 ; p. m. , Coun
cil Bluffs 11:40 : p. in. , making direct
connection with Kansas division trains
from Kansas City , Lawrence , Topeka
nnd tlio east , and from Denver , Sallna
Abelino and all points west , enabling
passengers to visit thq principal points
In Karistis and Nebraska in the shortest
possible f Irao. These trains have fircV
class equipment , consisting of smoking
cara and flrst-olass day coaohoji of the
iBt'eit pattern , The now tafn will fill
iv long felt want , and iajound to bo
A Helmet ) IiOttcr of the Architect on
ntt Oltl Sulijcot.
Architect Myers ngaln disappointed tlio
tonrtl of county commissioners yesterday
> y falling to put In his appearance according
to nprccmoiit.
The bonrd met ns n commlttco on con *
structlon to receive Mr. Myers , Commis
sioner O'Kcoffo ' unified tlio fray from nfar
nnd the entire board was doomed to disap
pointment as Myers came not , but , In his
stead , the following telegram , dated at Do-
roil yesterdays
"To the Honorable County Clerk , Omaha ,
Jcb.1 "Father taken 111 Sunday. Ptiysl *
clan refuses to allow him to start before to *
morrow. Inform commissioner * . "
This was signed by George W. Myers.
Mr. O'Kcefo or somebody cln murmured
'chestnuts ' , " and Turner said "ho would ho
turned if lie would monitoy around nny
ongor , " nnd declared that ho was going Into
.ho country to look nftcriibrlJgothatnccdod
cpnlring. Chairman Mounts was u | > stairs
watching Uio Ulcchlor trial nnd Anderson
didn't care whether school kept or not. Cor-
Igan hadn't ' recovered from the effects of
ho election In South Omaha nnd wasn't
ircscttt. The three members on hand Dually
nformnlly decided , without coming to order ,
: hat they would give Meyers 0110 moro
ilninco nnd would npaln nssumblo to morrow
morning to meet that gentleman ,
The clerk of the board , yesterday
received two communication from
Meyers & Son , One was a duplicate of
i letter written by the latter
, o Ryan & Walsh In reference to the brick
nrclius In the county hospital , concerning
which thcro has been so much dispute. The
otter stated that nccordlug to the plans and
specifications , the iirches were to bo built by
lyun & Walsh nnd that the work must bo
done by them a ? soon us the weather will
icruiit. The letter also stated the > waU on
mo end of the building which had been
sprung by the wrong turning of the arch ,
would have to bo cither straightened or
taken out.
The other communication was addressed to
lie commissioners themselves and was
couched in most emphatic language. The
writer said that the work already done nnd
the numerous objections tnade.showcd rather
a dcslro upon tlio part of certain persons
not mentioned to evade the provisions of the
contract. Further that thoqucstlon ns to the
irovlslons of the contract hud been solely
aisod with a view to evade to some oxtcnt
ts demands. Article 1 , they assert , has not
jccn lived UD to. Article 7 , which provides
.lint in case of dispute a decision shall bo
jasod only upon the requirement that nil ma *
.orhils and workmanship should bo ilrst class ,
ms not been abided by. Thcro are too many
nstancos , the letter snld , in which this has
not been done in the work nl-
ready accomplished , nnd there will
mw bo required , of necessity
un actual expenses of painting the outsiuo
walls mid pencilling the works in order to
give tlio buildings that appearance which
would have naturally resulted from the
2haractcr of work nnd materials specified ,
in the superintendence of the worK thoru
seems to have been a leniency tolerated that
the contract does not admit of. There was
an evident desire upon the part of the con
tractors to evade duttlng in the brick arches
required. It is of the utmost importance
that these bo put in at once nnd
if It is not done the writers order
the commissioners to notify Ilynn nnd
Walsh that all payments will bo stopped until
the work is dono. They say that the contract
provides that the building shall not bo ae-
cepted until completed according to the
specifications , nnd that all dofcctivo woric
must bo corrected.
They go furthornnd declare that the terms
of the contract have been , so violated as to
leave the work subject to the destruction of
the elements , nnd might have resulted in
permanent Injury to the building. The evi
dent intention of changing the roof and other
parts of the work , they declare , was for the
benefit of the contractors and subcontractors
ors , nnd should bo severely con
demned. In the future , they say ,
they shall insist upon the superintendent
fulfilling his duties. In the future the as
sumption by him of certain unnecessary
duties and the neglect of other necessary
ones must cease. The work is now in such
a condition that they think the architects
should visit it once every month until it is
They close by .saying that they only asli
the confidence of the board" to finish the
building according to contract.
This communication is signed by E. E.
Meyers and George W. Mayers.
Lost. "I don't know where , t can't
tell when , I don't face how something
of great value to mo , and for the return
of which I shall be truly thankful , viz. :
a good appetite. "
Found. "flotilth and strength , pure
blood , an appetite like a wolf , regular
dige&tion.all by taking that popular and
peculiar medicine , Hood's Sursaparilla.
I want everybody to try it thid season. "
It is sold by nil druggists. One hun
dred doses ono dollar.
Colonel Hall Leaver Saturday Tor His
New Post.
Colonel Robert H. Hall , who for four years
past has been acting inspector general of the
department of the Platte , loaves Saturday
next for Los Angeles , whore ho is to assume
the duties of inspector general of the depart
ment of Arizona.
The appointment was made some time ago
after it had been rumored that the colonel's
qualifications entitled htm to bo considered
in connection with the charge of the records
of the rebellion , with headquarters at Wash
Shortly after the announcement of ttib
Arizona appointment an order was received
detaining the colonel until further orders.
Some of the gentleman's friends foil this
meant that ho would , later , bo ordered to the
Yesterday , however , the original order
relating to the Arizona inspectorship was received -
ceived and will bo obeyed as above referred
ferred to.
Colonel Hall , in his office , is considered
ono of the most capable ofllccrs in the army.
Ho lias succccdi'd admirably In Mis work in
this department , and the effects of it will
long bo noted. Ho is an estimable , courte
ous gontlcnian , and readily finds friends in
bis now department.
Colonel Hnll'B successor. Major Peter D.
Vroom , has already arrived.
Mrs. Colonel Hull will visit her sister ,
Mrs. Captain Duggan , nt Santa Fc.
Army /OxatiilnntloiiH.
An examination will bo held at the army
headquarters to-day for the purpose of ex
amining such meritorious non-commissioned
o Ulcers ns may bo recommended for promo *
tion. The following is the detail for the
board of examiners : Major Udmond liutler ,
Second infantry ; Major Uaniol W. IJenhum ,
Seventh Infantry ; Captain William II. Clapp ,
Sixteenth Infantry ; Captain Cyrus S. Hob-
em. Seventeenth Infantry ; Captain Preder *
ion II. E. Kbstoin , Twonty-llrst infantry.
First Lieutenant James U. Jackson ,
Seventh infantry , la detailed its recorder for
Uio board.
The Army Sword and Shield is the title
of a now publication published nt Fort
Omaha "for the promotion of religion and
morality in the army of the United States. "
The initial number calls for tlio reform of
post traders , and demands that tbo dispens
ing of liquor to enlisted men shall be under
the direction of the post authorities , Uev ,
Nave , the chaplain at Fort Omaha , is the
editor of the new vonturo.
Special short tour to the capitals o
flvo Europoun countries England
Scotland , Holland Belgium and Franco
Costing fciGO ,
which includes all necessary expenses ,
embracing moro travel and bolter ac
commodation than oyor offered by any
Longer totll's , including Germany nnd
Switzerland , costing $860 und $450.
Send for circulars ,
M , J. Woou & Co. ,
1223 E'artmm St. , Omaha Nob.
81 Uroadway , New York.
The Gnlft on the Track.
At Lyons the wind blow so strongly In
one of Tuesday's gales that I ; un
" ft 1)x (
car standing on a fiwliuh. The car fell on
the main track and an ihcominir
train mi.
" °
lldea with It , amublag Vbo Iwomot o b"d y .
Noupdyya hurt ,
Tlio Consolidated Company Will Try
Hard to Do Thin.
Frank Murphy nnd W. T. Motto , of the
the now consolidated Omaha Street Railway
company , wore at Union Paclflo headquar
ters yesterday in consultation with General
Manager Klmball concerning tbo matter of
crossing the Union Paclflo tracks. Mr.
Klmball Informed thorn that his company
would not allow them to cross on Tenth
street. Messrs. Morse and Murphy no-
marked that they did not have that matter in
view ; that their plans now wcro to obtain
a franchise crossing the Eleventh street via *
duet , but , In cnso of a viaduct across the
tracks on Tenth street they wanted the priv
ilege of crossing the latter structure. They
wcro assured that their demand would bo
The street railway projectors announced
that their Intentions nro to build a line across
the Eleventh street viaduct and turning cast-
ward on Mason street to Seventh street ,
which Is n point below the Union Paclflo
depot and the proposed silo for the union
depot. They also stated that from that they
would build tlioir line to South Omnhn.
However , they were given to understand
that under the present status an Injunction
would follow nn attempt to cross Tenth
street , but as to Eleventh street , they were. .
Informed that it was open for considcintion
ns far ns the Union Pacific was concerned
Another consultation will bo had In a few
days in which propositions on both crossings
will bo submitted.
I cheerfully recommend Red Clover
Tonic to these sulTorlng from trouble's
of the stomach and liver. I am now on
my second i bottle , and It makes mo feel
like a now man. C. M. ConnorNashua ,
In. , Goodman Drug Co.
Tlio Western Union Out.
The recent cut in the rates of the \Vestcrn
Union telegraph company will bo noticed
mainly bo people whoso tolegraphlo commun
ication lies with interior points in the east
ern states and nearly nil the points on the
Pnciflo coast. The fact that the rate to the
larger cities of the east nro not so affected Is
duo to what thn company considers the low
rates which have always ruled In connec
tion with them. The rate to Now York has
been 50 cents for ten words. This rate will
remain in force , as will also that of
CO cents to Uoston , ns well as all
the old rates to all the largo places. Cities
outside of these will receive the benefit of
the 1C per cent cut. For Instance , interior
points "in Now York to which the toll previ
ously was 75 cents will bo served now from
Omaha for 00 cents for ten words. The
greatest benefit from the reduction will bo
derived in the Pacific coast business , which
includes California. Oregon and tno other
states in that region. The old rate was 51
for ton words , and this has been reduced to
70 cents. _
Fisher Printing Co. , 1011 Farnam St. .
telephone 1201 , blank book makers , etc ,
TlcmlH Pnrk Grading-
The contract for grading Hcuils park has
been let to 15. P. Knight & Co. nt 10.9 cents
? or yard. There are 50,000 yards of earth to
jo removed. These will bo taken from the
illls nt the corner of Thirty-third and Hamil
ton and Thirty-sixth streets. The contract
will bo finished on the 15th of June , and the
work of removing the earth will bo
undertaken Immediately. This will improve
n n most wonderful manner the surrounding
territory some places in which are the most
beautiful of the kind in many miles. This is
especially the case in the immediate vicinity
of the lake which lies immediately north of
Cuming street , and which will remain ono of
the principal features of the proposed nark.
Thirty-third street , which is at tlio eastern
cud of the lake , is to bo graded northward
to Lake street.
They are trying in Germany to find a
substitute for India rubber. No ono
who has used Dr. Bigolow's Positive
Cure desires a substitute , us it is emi
nently successful in coughs.cojdsand all
throat and lung diseases. .Goodman :
Drug Co. '
Got Thirty Days.
John Burns was arraigned Monday morn
ing on the charge of vagrancy. Ho pleaded
that he was very anxious to flhd work , but
could not , and the judge released him.
Officer Huzo took pity o'n him and hired him
to do some work about his homo. Ho hold
thQ job for about ten rmiuutes nnd then
slipped. Tuesday hovis caught \niti
Frank Edwards and Charles Wilson , the fel
lows who burglarized the Erlo clothing
store. It could not bo proved ; that ho had
participated in the robbery , hut like dog
Tray ho was in bad company and was given
thirty days in the county jail , six on bread
and water.
Wo feel perfectly safe in recommend
ing Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheu
matism , lame back and all cases requir
ing a liniment. A beneficial clToct is
apparent from its first application.
Many nged persons who suitor with
miins in the joints and muscles so fre
quently caused by exposure or sudden
changes of weather , find immediate re
lief in Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Give
it a trial. Sold by all druggists.
Wumlcll Agnln. *
H. H. Wandell , the employment agent who
has achieved considerable notoriety by the
scandals in which ho has figured , is wanted
at the central station on the charge of ob
taining money under false pretenses. Ho
charged Gus Loquist and F. C. Carlson $2
each for securing ; thorn an alleged job , but
when they wont to the place to work that ho
designatedthoy were informed their services
wore not needed. They told Wandoll of this
but ho refused to rotund their money.
Banking and lumber business for sale.
Inquire of C. 13. Loomis. under Capitol
National bank , Lincoln , Nob.
Knvetl From Prnirlo Flames.
Mr , August Sherman nnd other residents
of Penman Place had n fearful fight with
flro yesterday trying to save their homes.
The weeds which grow rank thereabouts
had boon sot on flro It is claimed by them by
a man named Pomcroy , a bricklayer , and in
a few seconds the entire neighborhood was
In n blaze. The flames shot up ten nnd
twelve foot hlirh ami the terror-stricken
residents rushed out and did all in their
power to save their cottages. Fortunately
it largo gong of workman was near by and
they lent their aid to the others nnd after a
hard light succeeded in putting out the
Jinnies before any of the building * hud been
destroyed. The owners of three cottages
buvo Issued a card of thanks In another part
Absolutely Pure.
Tilts powder never varies. A marvel of purity
strength \vliole.-iomonei3. . Moro economical
thnn the ordinary ttnu > , and cannot bo sold In
competition with tlio multitudes ot low cost ,
Bhotlwclght alum or plioipnnto powders. Sold
only in cans , lloyal linking Powder Co. , 1JM
Wull street New York
successfully used monthly by over 10,000
Ijullea. AraSafc. Kffectunlanii 1'lcatant
61 porboxbymall.orntdruuKlsts. Staled
Particulars 3 postngn stamps. Address
TUB Kunmu. Cncuioju , Co. , UurnoiT , Mica.
Fur snlo and bti mail Ini Gootlman
D 1'ita Co. , O ma IKI.
of Tun Br.n expressing their gratitude to the
workmen who did such effective service.
Pours' soap is the moat elojrunt toilet
adjunct. _
Newsy Sport I DC Nolt n.
The St. Lenis Browns will play the Omnhns
nt the local park on Sunday next , game com
mencing at 1:80. :
St. Joe will bo here for two exhibition
Knmcs next Friday and Saturday.
Ted Kennedy was knocked out of the box
by the Cortboys In the fourth Inning1 nt Kan
sas City. Willis then went into the box nnd
the Cowboys only sofa couple of scratch
hits oft ot him.
St. Joe laid out the Cleveland National
league team yesterday in great shape a to
1. Good for St. Joe.
"Beauty" Baldwin is loading the Indies In
their six days race nt Kansas City. She fell
from her wheel Sunday afternoon during the
matinco chase and was quite painfully in
There Is some doubt yet whether the horse-
bicycle race , booked for the Coliseum next
week will como off. owing to some hitch in
getting the horses hero.
Pultlio Works.
Thn motor company filed nn application
with the board ofpubltc : works yesterday fern
n permit to lay nn additional motor truck on
Seventeenth street from Izard to Clark to
nccommocato then-additional line to bo ex
tended to the drivinp park ; also to complete
turn switches nnd side tracks nt Charles and
Twenty-ttfth streets and to completes tlio
double track around the loop between Far
nam and Howard on Tivolfth and Howard
streets. The applications were granted.
The bonds and'contmcts of Ed Phelnn for
sloping banks and of the Nebraska Paving
company for paving were approved.
Uccchnm's Pills act like magic on a weak
Trouble ? .
Ben Miller was liincd S3.50 nnd William
Dadson $4.50 for dumping refuse in tile
Frank Mullmll , nn Incorrigibly bad boy ,
stole $10 from his parents and remained it :
hiding for a number of days , successfully
eluding the police. Yesterday ho was found
and arrested. His parents will appear
against him and do what they can to send
him to the reform school.
Ono Fred Smith boarded with William
nnd Dora Nelson and owed considerable of a
bill , which ho was slow in paying. They
Ihei'oforo seized his horse nnd oupfiy and re
fused to give it up until Jhg bill Was paid.
He has caused the Arrest of both"of them on
the charge of stealing. The case will be
heard Tuursduy morning.
In 105O ' 'Brown's Bronchial Troches"
were introduced , and their success as u cure
for colus , coughs , asthma and Dronehltis has
been unparullcllcd.
A Burtjlur's Shot ,
Mr. Bnynrd , who owns the Jewelry store
near the Millard hotel , sleeps in his place of
business , nnd Tuesday night ho was awakened
by the noise of a burglar. He saw the re
flection of the thief in the mirror nnd nttho
satno time the burglar saw his. Before Mr.
Bavard could do anything the thief pulled
out a revolver and tired at him und then fled.
Fortunately the hall did not take effect. The
police are looking for the burglar.
Galarrlial Dangers.
To bo freed from the dangers of suffocation
whlln lying down ; to breathe fi eely , sloup sound
ly and undisturbed ; to rise refreshed , head
clear , brain tictlvo und free from pain or ncho ;
to know to know that no poLsonous putrid mat
ter dollies the brenth nnd rots away the dollcnto
machinery of smell , taatonnd hearing ; to feel
that the system does not. throuijh Its vclna and
nitevlos , suck up tno poison that Is sure to un
dermine end destroy , is indeed a blessing be
yond all othcrnumun enjoyments. To purchase
Immunity from such a fate should bo the object
of nil allllcted. Hut these who Inivo tried many
remedies und iliy ) lclans despair of relief or euro.
BANFOIID'H ItAinuAr. Cyiii : meetsovory phase
of Catarrh , from n Hlmplolioad cold to the most
loathsome and destructive Ktugcs. H Is local
and coiihtllutlonnl Instant In relieving , per
manent in curing , .safe economical and never-
falling' .
aANpoiin.s lUniOAT. COIIK. consists of one l > ot-
tloof U.MIIC.U. CUIIK , ono box of OATAIIKHAI ,
wrapped Inono package with trcatse an d direc
tions , nnd sold by all drugirlstB fori il.UO.
Aching Sides and Hack , Hip , Kidney
and Uterine 1'ulns , Jthetimatlc , Belittle ,
Neuralgic , Sharp and Shooting Tains ,
. llKMKVIillTN ( INK JIIMJrilby the C'UTi-
CIIIIA A.NTI-I'AIW Pi.ARrmi. The tlrst nnd only
piiln-kllllng plabtor. A perfect , instantaneouH ,
nover-f ailing antldotu topaln , iiilliunmiitlon mid
weakness. Especially adapted to relieve female
pains and eukniHses. At nil druggltitB , ' ) cents ;
urof 1'onKit Duutj A.NU CHEMICAL COIII-OIIA-
TION llostou , , ,
i\v C ° tes * "ctedMusc { s Spr ' ° ' tbt
ucn / " & . % , TOOt . , & tmi ! } ! % U 5S&S ? CiS.
* om..G Mu >
* XneSv\ \
Ho ,
. ' .
IsWS'v. iiorne
" " ' ' " " .
* sed rass .rv
> iir * * tf s
pV. * . . -t * n\CS5 .
? hii the Mustang" conquer * pain ,
Makffi MAN or BEAST well again !
Nebraska Clothing Go's
Our new Shoe Department is now ready. It is located on the seo.
end floor of the new addition , and you will find there the largest and boat assorted stock
of Men's Shoes in the city. Wo will take occasion here to remark that it is our intention
to.lead the retail Men's shoo trade of Omaha just as wo do the Clothing , Furnishing and
Hat trade. The introduction of our popular prices produced a revolution in the clothin
trade , and wo propose to accomplish the same in the shoe trade , by giving a < t all time
The Best Shoes for the Least Money.
In buying shoes you have to rely moro upon the house that soils them to you than upon
year own judgement. You can not tell the quality of the leather after it is made up
into the shoe , nor can you tell how a shoo is made , as a cheap shoe can bo finished
to look as well as the best. You can only tell after the shoe has boon worn how
good or how poor it is. In the preparation of our new department wo have employed the
most export knowledge and experience. Our stock ia selected from the best and most re
liable makers , and so stre do we feel of the quality of all shoes which we are selling above $2.5Q
that we offer to every purchaser. In case of any unreasonable defective wear oi
these shoes ,
Has.any other house over made such an offer ?
You will find our prices from 25 to 50 percent lower than those of any regular shoe
house. Our $1.25 , $1.65 and $1.85 shoes are honest and trusty shoes for workingmen. They
are sold in every shoe store for considerable more money.
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets , Omaha.
Sur6Cnr6sIESTmSHE01851 } ! ISO So.
Chicago , Ills , Clark St.
Ibe Regular Old-Established
It ttlll Treating with the Greatest
tonic , Nervons and Private Diseases ,
Falling Memory , Exhausting Drains , Terrible
Oreama , Head and Bac < < Acne and all the effect !
' .c.i Jini to early dccuy and perhaps Connumptlon ot
Ineanlty , treatd scientifically by new rstthods with
never-failinu 'ucccsi. _
- SYPHILISanJ all bad Blood and SWn Dis
eases permanently cured.
* S-KIDNEYand URINARY complainU , Gleet ,
Gonorrhoea , Strlctu re , Varicocele snd all discaiei
of the Gcnlto-Urin.iry Organs cured promptly without
injury to Stomach , Kidneys or oUier Organs.
Jfff" No experiments. Age and experience im
portant. Consultation free and sacred.
.SB-Send 4 cents postage for Celebrated Works on
Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
4ji- Those contemplating Mar ? ! > ge send for Dr.
Clarice's celebrated guide Male and Female , each
15 cents , both z } cents ( stamps ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly letter or call may save future suller.
inij and shame , and add goldenjears tolife. O-Book
"Life's ( Secret ) Errorn"soccnts ( tamp ) . Medicina
and writings sent everywhere , secure from exposure.
Hours , 8 to 8. Sundays 9 to 12. Address
F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
ISO 60. dlark St. . CHICAGO , ILL.
TKANSI'UUTATION , Department of the
Interior , Olllce of Indian Attaint , Washington.
March ! i" > . IbWl. Sealed proposals. Indorsed
"Proposals for Ileef , ( bids for beef must bo sub-
rn.ttt.Ml In Beparato envelopes ) , llaeon. Flour ,
Clothing , or Transportation , Ace. , " ( BH the case
may be ) , anil directed to the Commissioner of
Indian AiraliH. Nos , ( ! " > and 07 Woosterstreet ,
Now York , will be received until 1 p. in. of Tues
day , AprilItW'J ) ' , for furnislilnc tor the Indian
bervloe about , u)6,0.fl pounds Vrncor , '
pounds beat on the hoof , 1,009,00) pound * net
beef , 2T9.0.0 | pounds Miuua . 71.UOJ pounds baltlnc
powder.(100,000 ( pounds corn , 477,0)0 ) pounds cof-
reo , K.CUXiUX ) pounds Hour , 74OiHI pounds feed ,
IMi.l'OO ' pounds hurd bread. aj.OO ) pounds hora-
luy , " 3,000 pounds lard , b71 barrels mess pork ,
17uoi ) pounds oatmeal , U75'JOJ pounds oats ,
JO-i.00) rounds rice , 8.0W pounds tea. UI'.i.OOJ
pounds salt , J.WOO pounds heap , [ 0OJJ
pounds Himur , andUKK ) pounds wheat.
Also , blankutHoolon and cotton uoods , ( con
sisting In pnrt of ticking. Wj.doo yards ; standard
calico , lOU.iJOO yards ; drilling , lli > Xyards ; duck ,
free from all Hiilnp , 0 .ou ) yards : denims , 17,000
yards ; Uintjnam , iloO.OOUyards ; Kentucky Jeans ,
17'KX ' ) yards ; cheviot , J2.COJyards ; brown rflieot-
Ini , ' , ! iir > .OOU yards ; bleached Bheetliiff. tt'.OXO '
yards ; hickory shitting , ir > ,000 yards ; calico
Hhlrtlng , 6,000 yards ; wlmoy.a.SOJ yards ) ; cloth
ing , groceries , notions , hardware , medical stip-
pllo , school books , i.-c. , and u long list ( if mis
cellaneous artl"lo9. BU'-xli us harness , plows ,
rakes , forks , &c. , and for about B > 0 wugoim ro-
( julrod for the service , to bo delivered utChlca-
KO , Kansas City , and riloux City. Also for such
wugous us may bo required , adapted to th
nllmato of the I'aclllo Coast , with California
brakes , delivered at Han Kruucii-co , Also ,
tiunsportatlon for Bitch of the urtlrloi. goods ,
and * upplps | tlmt may not be contracted for to
bo delivered at the agencies. HlilH mud be
made out on govoinnifnt blanks , Schedules
showing the kinds und quantities of subsistence
supplies required for each agency and school ,
'and the kinds and ( itiantltles in gross , of all
other goods and articles , togotnor with blank
proposals , conditions to be observed by bidders ,
time mid place of delivery , terms of contract
und payment , transportation routes , und all
other necesbary Instructions will ha ftirnlidied
i.pon application to the Indian Olllco In Washington -
ington , or Nos , 0.1 and 07 Wooster street , New
York ; tlio Commissaries of ubsKtonce | , IJ , H.
A , , at Cheyf nne , Chicago , Leaven worth. Oii'itha ,
Kutnt Louis , Saint I'aul , and Hun 1'rnnc'ico ; the
I'ostniasters at Bloux City , nnd Yap > 'ton : and to
the Postmasters at the follo\yl V named places
under pfov ; rte tmlt upnroprlatlon shall be made
for tjjp , supplies by Congress , llldaill bn
"P 'ed at tno hour and day above slated , and
. , idd rs are Invited to be present at the opening.
Certified Checks. All bids must be accom
panied by certified checks or drafts upon some
United Btates Depository or the Mm National
Hank of I.O.H Angeles , Cal. . for at least llvoiier
cent of the amount of the proposal. JOHN II.
OHU1U.Y , Commissioner. mch'-Jdl9t
Iloora 03 Trader * '
Can Imvo their cares greatly lessoned by |
bringing their chlldteu to our Youth's nnd
Iloy'hdepartment , and t-clectlng for them
full outfits from our excellent us > ottment.
MIJ.N anil WOMKN succcssfullr trciUoJ.
Burferlnii from the crfucts of youthful follies nr I mils
crGllona , or nro tiuuMoil with \Vuiiknoss , Nervous
Debility , I/is * of Memory , Despondency , Aversion til
Society , Kidney Troubles ur tiny ill uusa of thu ( lunl-
to-UrlnnryOrvuns , inn here llml n Mxfu nml spued/
euro. Clmrves rvnsonablo , especially to ilia poor.
Theru nre maity troubled with lee frequent eracini
tloiin of thu bladder , often urcoinpnnUn hy u
nmurtlnit or burnliiit nerianllon , mm TronkonliiK of tlio
system In iiiiiunru-r the imtlrnt cilnnot account lor.
On uxmulnhix thu urtnurr dopoilta n ropy sediment
will often Lu fnticid. nnd soinctlmus particles of albu
men will Hppvnr or tbu color ba nl a thin , inllkljli
hue , uvaln chanxliiK to u rtnrk or torpl'l ' iiiipoiirnnco.
Tliora nra many mm who illo of thl Ulnlculty , luniir-
aut of the cause. wlilLh is tbost'conl Htaeoof om | .
nal wenkness , 'jheiluitor will uuarnnteo a perfect
euro In all such caiesiinJ H heiililiy rostorutlon of
llieui'Mllo-nrlnary nrnuns. Connultatlon frcu. Hcnil
2-rent st nip for "Vounu .Man's Kilctiil.or ( luldoto
Main nnd 12tli St. , Knnsns City , Mo.
tVMcntlon this paper ,
The "lion" High Pressure Hose
Tlio Host in tlio
( Following Plumte
HiiKscy k Day Co. ,
M. A. 1'rec ,
( Jrnliam 1'iirk ,
J , J. Ilnulglmti ,
J. L. Wrlslnins ,
J. It. Hnnmclc ,
S. I. Morrison ,
Itobo & llftlfe ,
And all leading
pltunbe throughout
the west.
The pressure guatnutoe Imprinted In th
ot the cover 1s a protestluu to I Us toiiiuiuer
OEuliist common hose.
N. W. Cor. 13th St. Dodffo Sts.
rou Tne TRCATiiEKT or ALL
Apalanco3 ! for Deformities and Trusses.
Dest fncllltles , upparatus ftnil remedies for succoil
ful trcntmcut of every form of disease requiring
Medical or Treatment.
Hoard and attendance ! best hospllnl ncoomiuodi'
lions 1 = tlio west.
WHITE von cmcur.Aiia on Deformities anil llrnco * ,
Dlseasoa of Women a Specialty.
UAUiNn JL BricciAr.TV or
All Blood Mlieasos lucooilfullr trontad. SrpllllItU
I'oUou removed from the nyitum without m rcury.
Now rostorstlve treatment for loss of Vital IMwor ,
Persons unable to Ttilt us mar be treated nt liorne by
correspondence. communications \ coatlrtentlif.
Medlclnus or Instruments sent br mall or express ,
otiurolf packed , no marks to Indicate contents oj
lender. One pursonul Interview preferred. Cull ana
consult us or send history of your csso , and we will
stnd In plain wrapper , our
Upon Private. Special or Nervous DKenses , Impo *
Icncr , S/plillls , Ulaot eud Varlcocolo , wltu question
lilt. Addrqii
OOTO/IU Mcdkal and Surgical Institute , or
I R. filcillENAMY ,
dor. Wtb and Dodge BW. , - OMAHA , NED ,
VAUNTED Aim. 10 , 1087. IMPROVED FEB. 1,1889.
r cu r BU < l to curt ibt foty
, lo lDf dl .
Hheumstlo Complaint
.j5Lumb ( to _ , Oi Hi uj
_ , DuUllty. 3
* W trvcuintu , Trembllnc ,
Bexutl Etbauitlon.Wasb
ini of Bed jr. .DUraiM
mi In Youth , Age , Mar
ia f4Ct ftt ) aittt tt | > iri lolD |
orciut Af trtl. or feoiKlv
( ) lUUilHlHUU
tnv i Pilii ( IK ri CfiTDIP lUCni CC I' ICE ,
, ' tLtlilnlu IKoULtoiimcKJi ,
nit be. 1,1 tin far f s llluilr l d | . .mtM.t , blcb lll u
HOI roii In it > lrd cnTtltpe. Utullto Ibli [ | ' r , tjirwl
SOU Hortlt Eixittdw y , 8T. LOUIB. MOj
Omn's Kl.otrio Bslt Attachment.
wcra with .11. o4 .omforl. Tbt cur.
nxlt rall4 r ilrooi. TMi li ! . . DJ' ! ' . _ . - _ . -
tlttlrlo Iran mi [ .II f r tut It. | , "Si > Jr | l | CUM !
lloplor. In Irua IU la 90 dill , for full dMCrlMlon of tr
< ) n'l BI ctro.ll ] Dl B.ln.Silnil - " . -
Jflielra lead fi . r r ruia ltlu lrtli < l Muiphlvl * M < ti will t *
MBt JOUle flllU ! ! ODVelOfl. K014 vblj If tl < 0
ao lTfoft'inro ' ' ' r H'V J.OUJ8. MCX
Steck Piano
Itenmrltublo for powur/ul / Bymputhetto
tone , pltublo action und absolute dura <
lillt.vj 80 .yciirs' record the best jruaran-
looof the cxoollonco of UIOBO Instru-
tuleu. BeverulciHos cured In toveti day * , Boll
fl.f > 0 per box , all drucilat ; , or by mall from 1)00 )
ura .Mft t'v. 1YUU til. Z.Y. VuU OirncUciA