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The Vnlkyrlo Will Ball For tlio
America Cup.
Tlio Mistress nf the Ben Ivoolcs With
lion lng Eyes on tlio
Kxllcd Trophy of
Jlcr Defeat.
Another International Contest.
I Co PIloht 1SS9 liu Jamet Gordon HeimttC.l
LONDON , March 23. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THE Br.E.1 Yachting al
ways has an Interest to Englishmen. When
the Thtfltlo wont over to America English
expectation ran high. It was thought that
the stigma resting upon tbo British yacht-
men was about to bo wiped out nnd that the
American cup was to be berne back to Al
bion's shores , never again to leave them.
But the Thistle did not win , nor did any
other boat that has crossed the Atlantic for
that purpose. 'English Interest in Interna
tional yachting is not Intense. It is con-
lined practically to yachtmen ; these who
love this most cxhiliratlug nnd exponslvo
pastlmo for its oxvn sake and can afford to
gratify their tastes. The interest of the
British publio in the races between this
country nnd America will not bo aroused to
fever lioat until the trophy is
carried back hero again. * It is
strange indeed that although England
hns succeeded In accomplishing sorao won
ders In heavy ships of war and in her mer
cantile marine , she seems to have somehow
dropped behind In yacht building. Whllo
the American cup is In America , however ,
there will always bo some English yacht
men eager to restore it to the country to
which it originally belonged. The last of
thcso is Earl Dunravcn , who sits in the house
of peers , as Baron Klnry. The earl is as well
known in the United States ns ho is hero , for
ho visited the statoa fourteen autumns in
succession nnd brought back Innumerable
trophies in the shape of buffalo , oik ,
moosa nnd other horns , Ho is n
thorough sportsman and nn old
hand nt yachting. During I8S7 his cutter
Potronllla carried off a long string of prizes.
Tha famous Fay , of Southampton , has boon
engaged for no Inconsiderable time in build
ing , on the design of Mr. G. L. Watson , a
craft that will in September next enter tlio
lists with any American yacht for tbo blue
ribbon of the sea. Judicious secrecy has
been maintained concerning this matter ,
though it is true that several American
journals have smelt a rat lately and printed
n good many misleading statements thereon.
They could not fall but to bo misleading , for
Lord Dunraven has hitherto steadily re
frained from opening his lips to the
swarms of newspaper mon who have
buzzed around him since the fact that bo
was building n yacht first got out , but the
Herald has triumphed where others have
failed , for yesterday a rcprcsentatlvo of the
Herald obtained a special audience with
Lord Dunraven , who Very kindly told oil ho
could about the matter. When tbo Herald
reporter arrived at the carl's present town
house in Picudilly , a smart man servant
ushered him into n narrow hall adorned
with stamped leather and terminating in a
low billiard room , handsomely furnished
with pictures nnd artistio brlcabrac. A
couple of leather jackets , foils , masks ,
chalk and -all the appurtenances of
the art of fencing lay scattered
around. The carl had just finished
his matutinal practice with the foils and was
changing his costume up stairs. "Is the
earl a good fencer ! "
' "I don't hardly know , " replied a smart at
tendant ns bo flipped a speck of dust off that
article of furniture , "I think ho docs it prin
cipally for his liver , " ho continued , reflect-
Ingly , "for you see ho spends much time sit
ting down writing , and ho can't ' go in for box
ing , becauso.ho wears glasses. " In a short
time the earl was pleased to receive the Her
ald man apartment
looking out upon Plcadilly. The carl is of
medium height , slight , but muscular. His
complexion Is dark , and his hair is growing
thin. After a few remarks the Herald rep
resentative asked : "When was the chal
lenge posted ! "
"Last Thursday , March 25 , " Lord-Dun-
raven replied. "It should reach Now York
to-night or to-morrow. It is addressed to the
seorotary of the New York Yacht olub. It
was drawn up by the Royal Yacht squadron ,
who proffer the challenge on my behalf. "
'Havo you a copy of the challenge hero ! "
The earl was unable to afford this interest
ing information , but said : "It was couched
In the customary terms , and of course gave
the necessary particulars , but besides this
I wrote privately to the club , making certain
suggestions a ? to the details of the races. To
begin with I proposed that the winning average -
ago should bo tha best thrco out of
II vo races , Instead of two out of three ,
and the sailing , date of the first race
September ! 10. If three races are agreed
upon the second and third races would fol <
low on October 3 and 4. "
"Was six months' notice required of you
when you sent your challongol "
"Yes , nnd that of course gives the Amor-
lean but.ldurs an opportunity of turning out
special boats , in the construction of which
they naturally will bo guided somewhat by
f r the data furnished in my challenge. I nlsc
want the racoa to bo sailed outside. I con
sider the Insldo too crowded. "
"Don't run nway with the
idea that I have had n now
boat constructed especially for the American
cup. I want to use it for racing ever hero In
place of the Potronllla , which carried off be
tween ton and cloven Hags last year. There
Is nothing very special in the construction ol
the Valkyrie , for that is the name the cutter
is to bo christened when ho loaves Fny'a
yard on tlio 21st of next month , Mr. Wat
son designed her , and she is lilted with t
pluco for a centre board , but I do not think
ono v/lll be used. The keel was cast on Feb
ruary fi , The length on load water line Is
Just under seventy feet , so as to como within
the second or neventy foot class of American
yachts. "
"Can you glvo mo the other dimensions ol
your vcsioll"
"Well , no. I am afraid I cannot with suf.
llclcnt accuracy. I am , troubled with a some
what defective memory , and jnlgbt make
mistakes which would bo misleading , I shall
take twelve or fourteen men , " continued the
earl , after a panne , "and I Intend to run ovot
to the states for the matches , but I shall not
BO out In her. My time ls so fully occupied
over hero that I have leisure only for flying
visits. If I hail an opportunity I should vor }
much Ilka to go In for a season's racing all
around the American coast , and , bythe way ,
I wish somo'of the American yacht owner :
would come over hero and try conclusion *
with us on our own ground. "
"Do the condition * of racing differ verj
much in England and America ) "
"Yes , there is a good deal of dlffeicnco. Jt
our narrow waters wo have to contend
against a short , choppy sea , nnd our summer
weather is moro unsettled. Wo have stronger
breezes on an average , but they have moro
open water. The sens are easier and the wind
higher as n rule nnd moro sail can bo carried
than over hero. "
"So I Understand the Valkyrlo U being
built on conventional English lines , narrow
and heavy , as oppotcd to the American plan
of plenty of beam I"
"Wo think n comparatively heavy deep
body to bo the typn best suited to the condi
tions mentioned , nnd , as t have stated ,
the Vnlkyrlo is intended for racing hero.
"It may interest you to lenrn , " hii lordship ;
went on after n pause , "that nn American
syndicate proposes to start another Intcrnn
tlonal contest on somewhat similar lines to
these that form the basis of the American
cup contest. Mr. J. Beaver Webb , of No.
45 Broadway , Now York , has addressed n
letter to mo on the subject. The cup is to
take Its name from the first winner ,
nnd it Is to bo confined to yachts not ex
ceeding seventy feet on the wntorllno. The
first race Is to bo sailed over the Newport
course , and the results nro to bo based on the
best two racoa out of three , or the best three
out of flvo , the races being completed before
October 80. Doubtless this is u circular let
ter and hns been addressed toother yacht
owners besides myself. I have written that ,
subject to agreement as to tlio conditions ,
and the match not interfering with the races
for the American cup. I would enter the
Valkyrie. "
"Havo you made any other proposals ! "
"Yes , I have suggested that the time al
lowed should be based on the mean of the
two systems adopted respectively by- the
Now York Yacht club and the English Rao-
Ing association , "
"Do you consider anything unfair in six
months' notlco ! "
"No. I think it perfectly fair. In all
cases the party challenged hns the right to
certain advantages , but it is injudicious if
the object of the international racing is to
arrive nt the best typo nnd model of vessel.
It Is not likely wo shall ever have precisely
similar types on both sides of the Atlantic ,
the condition of wind and sea being so differ
ent. At least that Is my opinion. If a seventy
footer and forty footer would como over hero
for n season , working their passage around
the coast and racing with our yachts , It
would do moro to provo whether tbo Ameri
can typo Is the bettor , than any amount of
ntcrnational racing. Some of our small
yachts have been very successful In Amor-
ca , and wo nro naturally cautious in dopart-
ng from our own typo. "
"Who Is the skipper ! "
"Mr. Draper , better known as 'Tommy
Dutch. ' " There was nothing more that Lord
Dunravcn could say about the coming racing
Sucli an Event Seems to lie Threat-
cninir the French Ministry.
ICopiirtgM ISS3 l > u James GorJou JlcnnM. ]
PAUIS , March 33. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THD Bnn. | Within the
ust day or two the position of tbo cabinet
seems to bo less solid , and certain symtoms
tiavo manifested themselves that arc not at
nil reassuring for Its friends.
Without going so far as to predict a minis-
tcrjal crisis in the near future , attention maybe
bo called to a certain tendency on the part of
the radicals which , if it is not as yet posl-
> lvcly hostile , may easily become so , even In
the ministry itself. It is said certain divcrgc-
ness of opinion and ccttain disagreements
have already manifested themselves , and
were accompanied by some sharp words.
This has been the case apropos of definite di
rection to bo given to the prosecution of the
league dcs'patriota. M. Constans and M.
Thovcnt wore In favor of extending the range.
The resistance which the ministry encoun
tered on the occasion of the Lauro onterpcl-
latlon nnd the dllllculty with which
it obtained satisfactory , order of the
day wcro already indications of the
state of mind of certain parts
of the majority. . The check that M. Rou-
vier mot with in the law concerning treas
urers general Is also a fact deserving of
being noted. Although this question is 0110
of secondary importance , and although
neither tbo cabinet nor M. Houvier hns
staked their ministerial existence on it , It is
none the less evident that the vote was con
trary to the measure warmly sustained by
the minister of finance , and the conclusion is
warranted that a portion of the majority do
nit show any great deference for the opin
ions of the members of the cabinet In pressing -
ing these prosecutions energetically and im
mediately against the Boulanglst party and
against its chief. In this they have not been
sufllclcntly supported by the majority of
their colleagues. It Is added that the posi
tion of M. Thnvcnt has bcon somewhat
shaken by this , and that certain attacks
made on him personally in thu press , to
which ho has not replied in a satisfactory
\va , may perhaps lead to his withdrawal
from the ministry.
All these , It Is true , nro merely vnguo
rumors , and but trifling symptdns , from
which it would bo unwlso to draw any exact
conclusions. The fact must not bo lost sight
of that the cabinet , budly received by the
radicals when It took the onlce , strength
ened Its position momentarily , thanks to
acts which authorized the belief , that it
. was disposed to act resolutely against Bon-
lancer. It was this that grouped around the
ministry all republicans including thosu rad
icals who were convinced that M. Constans
was tbo man to rid them rnpldly of General
Boulangcr. This liopo wns partially disap
pointed by the result of the affair of the
Icuguo ties patriots which Is ending in a
slmpio prosecution before the pollco court
The result is that the opposition which the
cabinet encountered at the outset from the
extreme loft begins to show itself oncomoro.
There is , however , nothing an yet which per
mits us to say that a ministerial crisis is
Everybody in the republican party under
stands that a now crisis which could In disso
lution or in the formation of n ministry as
unstable as the last ono would bo n serious
thing , for it would scatter throughout the
country now germs of Irritation and discon
tent. This feeling , which is qulto general ,
mny help-this cabinet in retaining power un
til the chamber adjourns , but It will not dose
so easily. The dobuto on the budget may have
some exceedingly difficult trials , some rocks
which it will Hud it by no mcano easy to
ovoid successfully.
The Color Question In tlio Olmroli.
CiiAm.KSTON , S. C. , March 2S. The report
of the commlttcf appointed by the South
Carolina diocesan convention of the Protes
tant Eplscnpui church to try and arrange a
settlement cf thu color question which
led to the secession of neatly all
the Charleston " churches two ' years
ago , recommends a compromise , which pro
poses in admit such colored clergymen to ttiq
convention who have bnou in connection
with the church for txvolvo months prior to
May 18. It also proposes a separate congre
gation for colored churches under thu minis-
tratioii of u bishop , No prevision Is made for
the ir.linlbslo : ! of colorci' ' lay
Well Rocolvocl Exoopt By the Illi
nois Delegation.
Hlicrmnn Says the Senate AVII1 Ills-
Bolvc on That l > ntc In no Hurry
to Name Mntthow's
WASHINGTON liniiiun TnnOMinx ORB , I
618 FOUHTEKilTflSTnEBT , , }
WASHINGTON , D. C. , March 33. I
Everybody seems to bo pleased with the
appointment of Robert Lincoln except the
Illinois delegation , and , while they have no
objection to Lincoln personally , they fear
that his nomination to so prominent nn ofllco
will prevent the multitude of candidates
from getting what they want , but there is
not the slightest doubt of his confirmation.
Whllo neither Senators Cullom nor Farwoll
relish his nomination'thoy must of necessity
indorse his high personal character and
abilities and secure Ills confirmation.
Senator Sherman called upon President
Harrison this morning and had qulto n
lengthy talk about the business to bo done
by the senate before its extra session ad
journs. Afterwards the senator introduced
a resolution providing for the appointment of
a committee to wait upon the president to
inquire if ho had any further communica
tions to make. Later ho stated that the sen
ate would adjourn on Saturday. There is
very little if any doubt that the senate will
adjourn day after to morrow , to moot in December -
comber unless called into extra session by
thu president. It is not probable that-thoro
will bo an extra session of the Fifty-llrst
iV justice of the supreme court to fill the
vacancy created by the death of Justice
Mathews will not bo named for some weeks.
It Is stated ut the white house that the
names of half a druon men nro being sug
gested to the president every day , nnd it
begins to Icok as though every lawyer who
has over practiced before the supreme court
will bo presented for consideration.
The senators are receiving u good many
protests against tbo confirmation of Patrick Senator Cullom got ono from Frank
Collier this morniug. A member of the Ne
braska delegation this afternoon gnvo mo
the history of Egan'sappointment. Said ho :
"Immediately after the election Halford ,
Alexander Sullivan and other Irish-Ameri
can leaders made a demand upon the presi
dent for the appointment of Patrick Egan to
some conspicuous place. They claimed that
no Irish-American had done so much or
suffered so much for Irish liberty ns Patrick
Eran , nnd that ho had been thoroughly
identified with the Republican party
ever since ho came to the United
States. Although ho had not been
in this country u great while nnd had never
taken out his second naturalization papers ,
bo was enough of n citizen to represent Ne
braska in tiii.- national convention , to be pro
posed for the chairmanship of that conven
tion , and to second the nomination of Gen
eral Alger. They said too tnat Mr. Egan
was willing to bo credited to tbo Irish-Amer
ican citizenship at large , if any question as
to his residence was raised by tlio Ne
braska delegation , with the understanding
that ho should not bo charged to that state ,
and that bo should not bo appointed as a citi
zen of Nebraska. Tno delegation agree.1 to
present his name , which they did , not ns n
representative of Nebinska , but us a repre
sentative of tbo Irish-American republicans.
There was a busy scene around 'ia presi
dent's bouse for over two hours to-day. It
was veterans' day , and ono legged , ono
armed and footless soldiers thronged the
corridors. Most of thorn wanted offices nnd
all of them wcro given a patient hearing.
The boys have como to understand that they
are nt homo when they enter the white
house and that n G. A. H. button is a sufH-
dent letter of introduction. Moro soldiers
were around the executive mansion than
have been seen there since tbo Seventh In
diana visited their commander shortly after
inauguration day. Democrats along with re
publicans called to present ofllco seeking
constituents. More democrats , two to one ,
were seen nt the white house to-day than
there were of republicans there during the
last administration ,
It was expected that the nomination of a
public printer would bo sent to the sonatu
this afternoon , and many inquiries were
mada of the president by these directly inter
ested in certain chndldutos. It was reported
that ex-Congressman Valentine , of Nebraska ,
would bo nominated to this office , and later
that his nomination as commissioner of the
general land nllico would bo made , but that
gentleman stated to your correspondent this
evening that whlio ho might bo nominated as
commissioner of the land ofllco , ho had no
Idea of being publio pr'ntor.
A delegation from the Indian defense as
sociation , presenting u plan for the presi
dent's ' Indian policy , called , and they were
followed by delegations with suggestions for
policies affecting the District of Columbia
and the public domain. Everybody is free ,
it seems , with advice.
Ni\v coNFiiiMnn.
Among these who called late In the after
noon was Colonel John C. New who nomina
tion to bo consul general to London was
confirmed to day by the rjcnato with only
the dissenting votes of Mr. Vest and ono
other democrat. Colonel Now paid his rc-
soocts to ttio president ami spent some time
with Private Secretory Hnlford , Tomorrow
row ho begins receiving instructions , and
leaves on Saturday oveninc for his homo nt
Indianapolis. IIo intends to sail for London
i n a fortnight.
A number of Dakota men are still In the
city and they are worried over the slowness
of the secretary of the interior In announcing
the personnel of the Sioux commission which
is to ncpotlatiato for the opening of that res
ervation. It was supposed that the secretory
would announce their names somo.tlmo ago ,
but ho does not scorn to have given the sub
ject any attention whatever up to tbo present
time. Tlio Dakota men fear that the Indian
Rights association , tlio Massachusetts lover *
of the Indians , and others whoso
interests are not identical with
these of the mon who want the
reservation , opened will have undue influ
ence with tbo secretary of the interior , and
that the result will bo the appointment of u
commission which will be moro successful
in its mission than wns the last one appointed
by Secretary Vilas. They are trying hard
to get the secretary to act promptly , but
without any great encouragement BO far. It
scorns certain from the present outlook that
there will be no resident of Dakota or Ne
braska among tbo names finally selected.
It is understood that the thrco commis
sioners to negotiate with the Choroicea
Indians for the saloot their lands in Indian
territory will bo ex-Governor Long , of Mas
sachusetts , Judge Wilson , of Arkansas , and
Congressman Warner , of Missouri. This ap
pointment Is ono of the most lucrative in the
gift of the president , as the commissioners
are each to receive a fee of 5.000 and their
expenses , and their duties will not occupy
them moro than two or thrco months.
The report that has been extensively cir
culated through the Nebraska press to the
effect that Congressman Council hud lost his
valise containing political papers and letters ,
\vhlle on his way to Washington , proves to
bo untrue. Mr , Connell has been over
whelmed with inquiries by mull from ofllco
seekers since this hoax has been started on
Its rounds , but this is oue of the practical
jokes \hat is moro annoying than funny.
Albert B. Cherry , jr. . Armada , Buffalo
county , vlco Oscar F. Hamilton , removed ;
Itobcrt J , Fleming , Cedar Lluffs ) , Saunders
county , vice Andrew E , Stowait , resigned ;
L. Q. Hall , Elk Crook , Johnson county , vlco
William T. H , McClanahan , resigned ; J. W.
Armstrong , South Auburn , Nomaha county ,
vice Joshua N. Brush , resigned.
lowv rosntASTEits AM-OINTRD.
Hnrvoy L. Thomas , Angus , Boone county ,
vlco W. L. Clanvort , removed ! William M.
Bnssctt , Charleston , Lee county , vlco A.
Vermason , romovcd ; Frank Frcomlro , Ches
ter , Howard county , vlco Braoloy Chopin ,
removed ; S. E. Parker , Kaloma , Washing
ton county , vico.T. F. Lanscr , removed ; W.
W. Dryden , Lynnvlllo , Jasper county , vlco
J. S. Kuch , removed ; Jacob Hicks , Nlrn ,
Washington county , vlco L.'M. Tucker , re
signed ; Gcorgo McIConms , Ollle , Kcokuk
county , vlco W. H. Joffcrlos , removed ;
A. J , Burko. Olln , Jones county , vice
W. A. Miller , rcmovcil : L. S. Thompson ,
Ossion , Wlnneshlck county , vice James Ma-
loy , removed ! H. S. Donaldson , Salem ,
Henry county , vlco David Burden , removed ;
A. G. Wright , Stiles , Davis county , vice L.
E. Dunlavcy , romovcd ; A. E. Dodd , South
Flint , DCS Moines county , vlco Edwin Car
ter , removed ; A. B. Hock , Talleyrand , Keo-
kuk county , x'lco J. S. ICeiffcr , romovcd ;
Lemon A. Wood , Thornburgh , Kookuk
county , vlco O. F. Hastings , romovcd ;
Ferdinand W. Griffith , Vlnconnei. Leo
county , vlco J. E. Ornrd , removed ; Joseph
E. Smith , Volga , Clavton county , vice Salem
Morse , removed ; Carl C. Wntsort , Wall Lako.
Sao county , vice It. PattesOn , rcslcncd , nnd
J. It. Mowrer , Wnshtn , CheroKee county ,
vlco George T.-Strlttor , resigned.
Tt is said nt the interior department that
the president's proclamation issued yester
day wl'l ' throw open to homestead entry
about 1,800,001 acres.
There nro Indications to-day of very posi
tive nature that the president will nominate
Judge Chandler , of Independence , ICnns. , to
bo first assistant secretary of the interior.
W. E. Annln loft for his homo nt Omaha
this evening. *
This evening's Critic says : "Mr. Rosewater -
water , the editor oCTnn OMUIV Bii : , who is
a guest of ex-Senator Van Wyt'k , was given
n dinner the other evening by Mi.Van Wyek.
Ex-Senator Saumlers and a number of news
paper men were among1 the suosts.
Pr.uuv S. HEATH.
Report nn tlio Business MntnodH oT
( lie Rxccntlvn Department * .
WASHINGTON , March B3. Senator Cockrell ,
chairman of the selootoommlttoo on the busi
ness methods of the executive departments ,
to-day submitted to the senate a second re
port. Tlio committee , In the previous report ,
suggested as the most feasible nnd practical
remedy for defective methods of business
thai the secretaries of the treasury nnd war
departments should appoint commis
sioners in their respective depart
ments to consider and revise
the method of business. Thcso commisMon-
crs wcro afterward appointed , and their re
ports , whii-h were transmitted to the com
mittee , were laid bcfohi the senate to-day ns
part of the committee's report. Secretary
Fairchild , in a letter dated January 18 last ,
transmitting the treasury commissioner's re
port , says :
' The commissioner has reported from
time to time recommendations which he has
caused to bo put in opjr Uon , or which ha !
been adopted by tbo bureau officers of their
own motion. "
The seiiato cotnmitteo indorses the several
recommendations of tfio commission. There
is a great deal of useless and unnecessary
red tape in the dispatch , of certain work In
the war department , the comniittea says ,
and by way of illus'tration shows that ono
specified casa was handled by the oHlcers
and clcrlts seventy-six times , and , including
messenger service , hlncty-four times. With
reference to this caso'tho report says :
"With all dud tlefcrcnce , it docs seem
to the committea that' In the transaction and
disposition of this item of business it has
passed through too many hands and
through the fanio hands too often , and
tlicre have been tco many entries , records ,
nnd notations , and too much valuable time
and labor consumed and expended , and that
n'nruch simpler and shorter system could bo
devised , which would bo equally accurate
and consume much less time and cause a
much less expenditure of labor.
The committee in conclujjng its report ,
says that whlio it lias . i.ot accomplished all
that it desired , yet it1 hopes that the good
work already begun will bo moro succsss-
fully and perfectly carried out by tlis stand
ing committee of the sen ate on "organization ,
conduct , and expenditures of the executive
departments , " recently created.
The Policy Pursued In tlio Matt or of
Appointment * .
WASHINGTON , March 23. First Assistant
Postmaster General Clarkson was questioned
to-day concerning the newspaper criticisms
directed r.gainst his policy in the appoint
ment of fourth class postmasters. In answer
ho said that practically the changes thus far
bavo been made for other than political
reasons. A largo number of appointments
made during the last administration wcro
bad , nnd a considerable ! number have been
found to bo delinquent in their accounts.
Other changes have been made in order to
secure better locations for oflicas , and in
many cases appcintii.ontH have boon made
with a view to the removal ct offices from
the vicinity , of saloons. In every case
of removal there hns boon coed and
sufficient cause therefor. "Perhaps , "
ho added , "it is not generally
known that my predecessor , within u month
or six wcoks prior to March 4 , made over ono
thousand appointments of fourth class post-
mnstevs for the purpose , apparently , of forc
ing them upon this administration. This
course has not been pursued to my knowl
edge by any previous administration. Dur
ing the last several wcoks of President Ar
thur's term not a single fourth-class post
master was appointed except in rare
instances , whnro tha ! exigencies of the ser
vice demanded It , and when Postmaster" Gen
eral Button resigned there were more than
thrco thousand resignations on file In his
ofllce. The commissions of thousands of the
appointees of my predecessor wcro of courno
withheld , mid thcso vacancies , with others ,
are now being flllcu us rapidly ns possible. "
Tlio IjyileckariCourt Jlurtlal.
WASHINGTON , Marcli 23. In the Lvdecker
court martial to-day itobort Condon testified
h'bw work was hurried along by order of his
employer , which accounted for its bad qual
ity in many cases. Thompson Davis , a stone
mason , told how'nico little bulkheads wcro
built to conceal bad work , and howaguldo
always gave warning ol the approach of
Liontemuit TownsemTor Colonel Kirlln. If
Major Lydoukcr had' visited tbo tunnel
dally the men could not have done half as
much bad work aaj they did. Thomas
O'Brien , a sub inspector , testified that ho
hod received $1 a day extra from the con
tractors in addition to his salary from the
government. Ho figured on the pay rolls
under a fictitious nainoi Major Lydecker did
not'go through the tuhnul wliilo witness was
WASHINGTON , March 23. Among the nom
inations sent to the senate to-day by the
president were the following : Casslus M.
Barnes of Arkansas , receiver of publio
moneys at Quthrle. Indian Territory : John
J. Dlllo of Indiana , register of tbo land ofllco
ut Guthric , Indian Territory.
BchofleliPu lirotlior Promoted.
WASHINGTON , March 89. Major General
Schoflcld has appointed First Lieutenant
Charles H , Bchoilold , Second cavalry , as
aide-de-camp on his staff. Lieutenant Scho-
Hold Is General Schoficld's brother , and has
been in Washington for a short time on
special duty.
Killed by a Switch I3iiflnc.
LACIIOSSE , Wls. , March 23. Mrs. William
Drake was Instantly killed and her nusbJnd
fatally injured-by being-'struck by a switch
engine as they were passing the track of the
St. Paul road last nigUt.
An Assassin Whoso Suloido Was
His Only Good Aot.
Tlio Funeral of Samuel tion to Occur/
lu Omnlm NOWH From Corre
spondents in Nebraska
Particular ? ol' n Trajjcdy.
Cnr.ianioN , Nob. , March 23. | Special to
TUB BnE. | The particulars of the murder of
Andrew Castillno by John Kosonbarcar , nnd
the suicide of the latter immediately after ,
are causing much comment and excitement
In this vicinity. The details nro horrible.
For llcndlsh cold bloodednosa they can only
bo equalled among the most diabolical acts in
the criminal records.
The locality where these mon lived is about
ten miles west Of this place. Both were
farmers , their residences being about ono
hundred rods opart. Castillno had always
berne a good reputationwas n hard-working ,
honest man , and never quarrelsome or of
fensive. Ho was about fifty-five years old
and had a wlfo and ono son ,
Koscnbargar was a bachelor and lived
nlono. Ho wns about forty-llvo years of ago.
IIo came hero from near Fremont n fo\v
years ago , anil was a basket maker by trade.
Ho soon acquired the reputation of being a
quarrelsome and despcrato character , thrcnt-
tenlng to shoot on the slightest provocation.
The neighbors all ugrco In saying that they
were afraid of him and as far as possible lot
blni nloiio nnd kept away ,
On the UHh Castilino's caltlo wandered on
to Hosenbargar's promises. The owner wont
after them at ouco. Koscnburgar mot him
nnd notified him that It must not occur again.
Unfortunately , the snmo thing did occur the
next day. Castillne mounted his horao nnd
started nt once to get his cattlo. Uoson-
bargar met the cattle nnd turned them back ,
nnd the two men met about half way from
each house and in plain view of Castiltno's.
They stopped and talked two or two minutes.
Castillno started his horse around the cattle ,
Kosciibaivjnr turning nnd tnkinp a few steps
towards homo. IIo thun turned suddenly
around and ilrcil nt.Castilino , who was about
tluoo rods away , with a shotgun. The charge
entered the victim's back ; ho foil from his
horse unconscious , and never spoke after his
wife and son reached him , botli of thorn hav
ing scon everything that had happened. Ho
wns dead In about two hours.
, Itosonbtircar wont homu to complete the
tragedy. Ho doubt ess 11 rst set fho to his
house nnd thun placing the muzzle of his gun
under his chin , pulled the trigger , and toro
his head and face Into an unrecognizable
mass. Ho had a small hole under his house
used for a cellar. In this ho was found
mutilated and burned out of all resemblance
of a man , Ills head from the affects of the
shot and lire together being uoarly all gone ,
his right arm burned off and tlio body crisp.
Men sickened at the sight and turned nway.
Suqh nro the facts of the killing as your
correspondent finds them. An intense feel-
iiifj.of satisfaction exists ever the fact that
KosenbarRur made n good job in his suicidal
operations. No regrets are heard from any
one , unless it is the lawyers , who usually do-
murr to sottlemcnts in this manner.
No Convict Ijxbnr Wnntod.
PMTTSMOUTH , Nob. , March 23. [ Special
to Tin : T3KE.I The city council is greatly
disturbed by a petition with the signatures
of fiOQ legal voters , thdout _ rowth of discon
tent consequent upon tbo importation of con
tract labor upon public improvements. The
council Is nskcd to enact an ordinance pro
hibiting the Importation of contract labor
nnd the cinuloyment of the same by the city
ot Plattsmouth or any of its ofllcers. agents
or contractors in , making puhjio improve
ments. The petitioners reforreu to the city
of Ueadlnjr , Pa. , wboro n like ordinance hns
been successfully working for some timo.
The petition was like a bomb shell dropping
in the camp , nil tried to get out of the way.
After being handled all around very gingerly ,
it wns tentletly laid away in the desk of the
chairman of the judiciary committee.
Snmunl Iyer's Kem.iini.
EMUIOUN , Nob. , March 28. [ Special
Telegram to THE Ben. ] Samuel Lea , who
mot his death hero yesterday by a runaway
team Jumping over a torty-foot embankment ,
a full account of which appeared m TucBiiK ,
was u member of Capital lodge No 8 , A. F.
& 'A. M. , of Omabu , and also belonged to
the stone cutters' union of Omaha. His re
mains will bo sent to Omaha , where they
will bo buried in Forest Lawn cemetery to
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock under the
auspices of tbo Masonic order.
Oftlcera and'mombors of Capital lodpo No.
3 are requested to meet nt Masonic ball at
1 : ! ! 0 p. m. , where the remains will bo taken
from the depot.
Tlio Toaclmrs Adjourn.
HASTINGS , Nob. , March 23. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnn BCK. ] The state teachers' an
nual convention closed to-night. The ses
sion was well attended and much interest
manifested , Papers were read to-day by
Prof. Andrews , of Hastings , E. P. Carey , o f
Falrburg , J. A. Pondrefjcr , of Fremont , Su
perintendent David Dlnnls , of Falls City ,
and discussed quite .generally. To-night
ftev. Duryoa , of Omaha , delivered an ad
dress on ' 'Moral Teaching and Training in
Public Schools" and short addresses were
made by many in attendance. Excellent
music enlivened tlio proceedings and the
convention adjourned In most excellent
Prospective Court Houso.
SuwAiii ) , Nob. , March 23. [ Special to THIS
BUB. | The county board of supervisors has
just decided to submit to the pcoplo of Seward -
ard county at the general election to bo hold
next fall , a proposition for a $75,000 , court
house according to tlm plans of O. C. Placy ,
an architect of Lincoln. The question of lo
cation is , as yet , undecided , and must of ne
cessity bo settled bcforo the proposition can
bo voted upon. Opinions ill ( Tor materially
among thociti/ens of Seward as to tbo proper
location for the building , and a warm contest
mav bo expected between such as favor the
publio square and those opposed to that site.
Many dcslro the selection of the block now
belonging to the county , which was dco'lcd
for court house purposes , on which tbo old
court house stood.
C3 Mulcldcd on the Cars.
O'NEiu , , Nob. , March 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bcu. ] Peter Timmons , who
resided near Atkinson , in this county , fatally
shot himself on the passenger train between
Emmett and O'Neill ' this morning. A paper
was found on his person purporting to be
his will , In which ho named Father Cassidy
and T. V. Golden of O'Neill as his execu
tors. On the said will was written the
following ; "I blame Howard Miller for my
financial ruin too confiding faith In man's
honesty , " Seven hundred and forty-six dollars
lars in money was found on his person , The
body wns taken from tlio cars here , and tlio
coroner's inquest found tint the deceased
came to his death by intentional suicide , A
cheap and apparently now revolver was
found near him covered with blood. It would
seem from his will that ho has no family , us
ho bequeathes most of his property to his
brother , William Timmons , of Wisconsin.
Oold Water People.
, Neb. , March 28. [ Special to THE
The temperance people ot Seward and
adjoining counties are now holding a county
convention In Walker's opera house to con
sider ways and means for the control of the
liquor trafllc. Addresses have bccm made
by Mrs. M , H. Hitchcock , of Fremont , presi
dent of the Woman's Chrlstaiii Tcmparnnoo
union of Nebraska ; Mn. G , M. Woodward ,
vice president , and others. Temncraueo
meetings arc hold nightly nt Walker's opera
house , addressed by C. J. Holt , In view of
the coming election of city officer * , nt which
the only question at issue is license or anti-
An Kdltor'n Luck.
Pinnns , Dak. , . March 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TUG Bcn.j A dispatch was re
ceived by J. C. McMaiilma , editor ot the
Plorro Free Press , to-day from Governor
Mcllotto , summoning him to Blsmnrck with
out delay. MoMantma has received n warm
homo Indorsement for the ofllco of commis
sioner of Immigration , though wholly unso
licited , but It is currently reported ho will bo
appointed territorial auditor. Ho Is surely
booked for ono or tha other.
Now Paper.
FAinFini.T > , Nob. , March 2S. [ Special to
Tun Bnn.J The first number of the Fnlrflold
Saturday Cull will bo issued this week. W.
M. Mampm and Louts Burkholdor nro the
publishers , under the firm name of Manpln
& Burkholclor. They are botli experienced
newspaper men , of moro than average abil
ity , and it is fair to uresumo that the Satur
day Call will succeed. It will bo republican
in politics. _
Tramps Are Scarce.
FAinnuiiT , Neb. , March 28. [ Special to
Tun Br.n.1 Tramps nro not so numerous in
Falrbury since the horsewhipping eight of
their Ilk received last Friday night. Ono or
two of the citi/ens who were against this
mode of punishment have , it is rumored.
declared that prosecutions will bo brought
ngalnst these participating , but too many of
the good , staunch business men of tbo city
were favorably inclined toward the whip
ping post to have anything como of it.
Kobbory at ncllcvuo.
Bnt.ujvun , Neb. , March 28. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun Br.n.i Ono of the most daring
robberies in tlio history of this county was
committed last night between the hours of 7
nnd 8 o'clock. Whllo the family were at a
suupcr , thieves entered the stable of Mr.
John Peters nnd stele a valuable mare , va
lued at nnout JTOO ; also thvco head of fine
cattlo. No clue can bo obtained of the rob-
bors. A valuable reward will bo offered for
their arrest and tlio return of the property ,
Burglnra at Work. ,
HAMPTON , Nob. . March 23. [ Special to Tin ;
BEI : . ] Last night G. L. . Wughor's hardware
store at this place wns burglnrircd. The
safe door was blown off nnd the contents ex
tracted. There was about $25 in tbo safe.
The burglars took a lot of knives , razors and
revolvers. A hammer nnd cold chisel from
u neighboring .blacksmith shop was loft m
the store. The loss to Mr. wugner will
amount to about ? 110.
Plontv of Wntor.
Swcuion , Nob. , March 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BEE , ] -Tho water was tinned
into the mains of the now water works to
day , and everything worked smoothly and
satisfactorily. The fire companies were out made several runs and couplings to try
the pressure , which gives evidence of being
adequate lor all purposes. The system Is
direct pressure and the supply Is procured
from a well forty foot across nnd thirty , feet
Held to ttio Court.
Ninn VSK v CITV , Neb. , March 23. [ Special
to Tun Br.c. ] Bon Purcell aud William
Stevens , who were captured near Lincoln
yesterday for a burglary committed at
Palmyra several days ago , were brought to
town to-dav. They waived examination and
wcro bound ever to the district court under
$500 bonds each. They are a tough-looking
pair. _
I'rntractcd Meeting.
GIUFTON , Neb. , March 23. [ Special to
TUB Buc. ] This place is enjoying the influ
ence of a ercat religious revival. Rev.
Minor , of the M. E. church , assisted' by Rev.
W. C. Lovick nnd wlfo , evangelists , have
been conducting a protracted meeting with
such effect ns has heretofore been unknown
in this vicinity. _
Sneak TSiiovcs.
COI.UMUUS , Neb. , March 23. | Special Tele
gram to Tin : BnE.l Sheak thieves visited
several dwelling houses last night , stealing
various ai tides. V. A. Macketi had a valuable -
uablo harness and luprobo taken from his
barn. Uevs. Knox nnd Melsslcr each lost a
sot of harness Dr. Schug lost a valuable
single harness. No clue to the thlevis.
'County Court. /
FumiuiiT , Nob. , March 23. [ Spcclal to
THIS Bic. ] District court convenes in this
city next week , and quito u number of im
portant cases are on tha docket , the most in-
tcrcstingiumong which is the case of Patrick
Shell , who is arraigned for the murder of
Sam Atkison at Daykln last fall. Judge
Morris will preside.
A New
LOUP Guy , Nob. , March 23. [ Special to
Tim BEH. ] Excelsior loilgo of Odd Fellows
was instituted hero last night. About forty
members oamo in a special coach from St.
Paul to assist In the coremonins. A banquet
was given at the "St. Elmo , " which exceeded
anything over before given hero.
Cleared of tlio Clinruc.
KKAKNEV , Neb. , March 23. [ Special to
TUB BEE. ] Elmer Pratt was this morning
discharged from the custody of the sheriff.
Ho was charged with criminal assault upon
a httlo girl , Lillto Hormel , thirteen years
old. There is some dissatisfaction with the
verdict. _
HASTINGS , Nob. , March 23. [ Special Tel-
gram to Tun BEETlio / high license pri
mary election hold hero to-day resulted in
favor of N. B. Vineyard ajjuinst a big field
of candidates. J. 1C Lawson and J. M. Fer
guson wcro nominated for the school board.
ll'ovlval McotlncH.
BENKi.nsuN , Nob. , March 23. [ Special
Telegram to THE Biu.J The revival at this
place still continues with Rov. Clay Cox , of
Lincoln , in the uulplt , and Rev , Blackburn
and other local preachers in aitendtmcn.
The interest being manifested is wonderful.
Knights of 1'yllilns.
COI.UMIIUS , Neb. , March 23. [ Special Telegram -
ogram to THIS BEI : . ] Forty members of Oc
cidental Lodge No. 21 , Knights of Pythias ,
with a number of friends wont by n special
car to Fullerton to organUo n lodge at that
place. They will icturn to-morrow.
Seven Yearn.
AI-VA , Neb. , March 23. [ Special to TUB
Bm : , | Henry Fisher , who set Hro to and
burned a granary belonging to S. W. Dan
icls , was found guilty and Judge Gaslln sen
tenced him to the penitentiary sovcu
years ,
Prairie Fires.
Giiucr.v CRXTEU , Neb. , March 23. Pralrlo
llrcs are raging around hero destroying a
great amount of property. They are re-
jiortcd by old settlers tbQ worst over known
in this country.
Tlio Wrntlier Indications.
Nebraska : Fair , colder , preceded by sta
tionery temperature in southern part. Vari
able winds ,
Iowa : Fair , slightly warmer , followed
Fndav by cooler winds bcivjuilnp northerly ,
Dakota : Fair , preceded by light snow ;
colder , northerly winds.
Tli6 Missouri Itupldly KUlnt ; .
CnAwnKiiiAiN , So. Dak. , March 25 ,
[ Special Telegram to Tun UCB.J The Ice
gorge bus broken nnd the river Is rising vor.v
rnpldly at tula point.
The Now British Minister Flnylnff
in Hnrcl Luck.
Ousted From n Fat Position by an In * tf I
triguo of Society AVomon Ills \2 31 J
Stay In WaHtilnttton to
bo Ilrlof.
Sir Julian's Appointment.
NEW YOHK , March 23. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BBB. I Town Topics , in to-day'a cdl
tion , says : Although Sir Julian Pauncpfoto
Is personally n very estimable nnd ro-
spcctcd man , It can scarcely bo regarded an
flattering to the United States that his ap
pointment to the post of British minister at
Washington should bo looked upon in all of
ficial and social circles in London ns n sovora
sot-back nnd distinct "como down" In the
world. To such an extent is this the casa
that bo is considered nt the present moment
ns ono of tbo most shamefully 111 used mon la
her majesty's ' service. Instead of receiving1
congratulations on having obtained the mis
sion , his friends nnd acquaintances bnllovo it
to bo their duty to condole with
him. The fact Is that Sir Julian has
bcon made the victim of n most
disgraceful Intrigue , nnd greatly ngniust his
will has been forced out of ono of tbo most
pleasant , influential nnd relatively lucrative
berths of the govorntnort service. As per
manent assistant secretary of state nt the
foreign ofllce , ho was poicnnlnl chief of the
department , a great man , nt whoso frown
oven embassadors trembled who thought
nothing of scorning Queen Victoria's minis ]
tors and envoys abroad us if they were so
many schoolboys. The salary attached to
the ofllco amounted to $15,000. There was
no entertaining required , nnd not a slnglo
treaty was signed nor negotiation concluded
without the permanent assistant secretary
figuring at the head of the list of men hon
ored with ribbons and stars. Moreover , Sir
Julian is a martyr to gout , exceedingly fond
of his club. Being a pompous man , ho sim
ply revelled In the worship ot nil tbo smaller
fry. Itvas with extreme reluctance that ho
surrendered his post at the foreign oftico nnd
nil tbo privileges thereto attached. Indeed ,
ho was only induced to give way by means
of a promise that ho should only bo kept a
few mouths at Washington , after which ho
is to bo promoted to n first-class embassy ,
probably either at Madrid or Rome. Ho will
then bo succeeded ut Washington by Sic ,
John Mucdonuld , who will borc-elcctod there
anil icsign the Canadian premiership to
Sir Julian's stay ut Washington U likely to
bo very brief. Probably that is tlio real rea
son why neither Lady Pnuncofote nor hia
pretty daughter nro to accompany him when
ho sails for Now York next month. The
short duration of his mission to the United
States might bo gauged by the fact that Sid
Charles Tupper has already given up his
charming house in London and proceeded to
Canada , where ho Is making ilnul arrange-
incuts for resigning bis commlssloiiorshlp
of the Dominion to England in favor
of the premiership. Sir John Mucdonald
will , within a few weeks , proceed to England
nnd take his seat in the house of lords before
parliament closes its summer session. Ho
will then return In the autumn to Washing
ton as Brlstish minister plenipotentiary.
The intrigue to which reference is mada
above and which has led to Sir Julian Paunco-
fete being literally kicked into the Wash
ington mission , has bceti in progress foe
some "months past , tlio object being to put
Sir Philip Curno in Puuncofote's place. Sie
Pnilip Is n man about town nnd ono of the
lights of society , which can hardly bo said
of Sir Julian. Sir Philip's garcer has con
sisted chiolly in filling the post of private )
secretary to the many successive ministers
of foreign affairs , and in rendering
himself not only agreeable , but oven
Indispcnslble , to the wives of his
chiefs. Ono of bis most influential
patronesses , Indeed ono who has been mainly
instrumental in bringing about his present
promotion , is the Marchioness of Salisbury ,
whoso excessive vanity ho Hatters to her
heart's content. Although exceedingly
arroeant and short-tempered with these who
have the misfortune to bo placed under his
orders , ho is popular In society , owing ,
mainly , to the fact of his having the reputa
tion for being "so very wicked , you know. "
With all London's foinino inlluenco arrayed
In his favor , it is not surprising that poor ,
ponderous , pompous Pauiicofoto has been
forced out to recommence his travels.
A IlcHolutlon ConcLTiiliiij tlio Organi
zation of CommittrcH.
WASHINGTON , March 23. In the senate to
day Mr. Mandcrsou offered a resolntlen ,
which went ever till to-morrow , instructing
the committee oncontlngcntoxponsos to take
such steps In connection with the architect
of the cnnltol as may bo necessary to help
the ventilation of the sonata chamber and
of the senate wing.
Mr. Sherman offered n resolution , which
went ever , for the appointment of a commit
tee to wait on the president and Inquire if bo
has any other business to lay before the sea
ate.Mr. . Cockrell , from the select committee to
Inquire Into the mcthods'of business in tho'
executive departments of the government ,
made n second and final report , aud made a ,
satisfactory statement in regard to the worle
of the committee and the condition of busi
ness in the same brandies of the publio ser
At the close of Mr. Cockrell's remarks the
vice president said that the report would bd
laid on the table and printed.
The appointment of Senators Cullom ami
Gibson ns regents of the Smithsonian instM
tutlon to fill vacancies was announced. " 51
Mr , Call offered a resolution , which \va ' 4
laid on the table for the present , declaring ,
llrst , that the committees of the ncnato
should bo organized with reference to tlio
equality of the status and their senators in
the rights , privileges and powers of the sen
ate. Second , that senators shall not bo as
signed to moro than ono of the following
committees : Appropriations , military af-
falra , naval affairs , judiciary , foreign rela
tions , finance , postotllco , publio lauds , cpm-
mcrco nnd Inter-stnto commerce until every
senator shall bo assigned to ono of them.
Third , that seniority of service shall civo
preference In the iippoiiitmunt of committees
unless othenvic.o ordered by the senate , and
fourth , that each of the ten committees
named shall bo composed of eleven sena
The senate then proceeded to consideration
of executive bunnies ? .
When the srcnato wns sitting with closed
doors n resolution allowing a clerk for Sena
tor Vunco was reported from the commltteo
on continijcnt expanses and adopted.
Mr. Evans , from tlio library commltteo ,
reported a preamble and resolution , which
was adopted , that the senate accept the invi
tation of the commltteo linvlng in charge tha
centennial inauguration of Gcorgo Washing
ton to participate In the celebration , nnd that
a commltteo bo appointed to represent the
At 4'2 the senate adjourned.
Bnllibury'H Trllmto to Jtrlglit.
LoS-poN , March 03. In the house of lords
this afternoon Marquis Salisbury , ttpcaldng
of Mr. Bright , said : "Ho hud special quail-
tips for which he will bo admit ml and notfd
In history. Ho was the greatest master of
English oratory in the present generation ,
the eloquence of his style giving fitting ex
pression to bis burning , noble thoughts , He
possessed a singular rectitude of character.
Ho was liiBplred by true patriotism from tha
buglr.nlng of his career to ita close. "
A Mcrolinnt Prlnco Kuloldos.
ANTWUIII' , Mnrcl-53. Ferdinand Vnnder-
tuelcr , the merchant prince of this city , com- ,
milted Bulcldo yesterday. Tlio act vriu dna
to the failure ol h' allied firm * who a
liubilitici will probably rcauh a colossal BUM.