Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 27, 1889, Page 4, Image 4

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TKHMS or srnacniPTioN ,
Dally' ' IMornlng Kdttlon ) Including SUNDAT
llt.t. one Yenr .
ForSIr For Tlircs Months Months , . . . . . . . 2 W
Tim OMAHA StmnAT IlKR , mailed to any
Rdrtrtgn , One Year . * . 200
WKKKMT UP.E , One Year . - 00
omcAfio Office , MI HooitKixr IIIMUUNO.
NBW YOIIK orricis. Iloow * 14 AND ) . ' TIIIIIUNB
WAIIIINOTOS omcK , No. 613
All communlcHtl nn relating to news find edi
torial matter slioulu tro addressed to the isnixon
All bunlnost letters and remittances should DO
nddresied to TUB HKK 1'um.imiiNO COMI-ANT ,
OMAHA. Drafts. chords and postonice orders to
foa raado p yolIo to the order of the company.
Vie Bee PnWisltaECipany , Proprietors ,
E. RO3EWATEK , Editor.
'I'll ! : : DAU-iY 1\KK.
Sworn Statement of Circulation.
Btato of Nebraska , IB-
County of DoiigUi , | >
Oeorffell. Tz'chuck. secretary of the nee Pub
lishing conitiany , does solemnly swear that the
acttmrclrrtilnuon of Tun 1HU.V HKK for the
week ending MnrcU IB. 1889. was as follows :
Sunday. March 17 . Jf.810
Monday. March 18 . JMJJ
Tuesday. March 10 . , . 1M13
Wednesday. Marrli SO . ! . }
Thursday , March 21 . Ig-Kl
Friday. Jl arcir.2 . 18.813
Saturday , March S3 . ! S.8i
Average . 18.UOJJ
Sworn to before mo tint subscribed to In my
crosonco tnlsSld day of March. A. I ) . IBM.
Seal. N. I" . FK1L , Notary Public.
State of Nebraska. I . . .
County of Douglas , f"3'
George 0. Tzschuck. bnhiK duly sworn , de
poses and says that he Is secretary ol the llea
rubllshtnn company , that the actual average
dally clrcnlatlo of Tin : lurv HKK for the
month or March , 1888 , 10,080 copies : for April.
1888. la , copies ; for May. 1888. 18,183
copies ; for .luno , 1888. IP.Stl copies ; for
auljr IteH. 18.KO copies ; for Ansust , 1888 ,
JB,1H3 copies ; for September , 1888 , 18,154 conies ;
tor October , 1888 , 18,03i copies : for Novem
ber. 1888. 18,086 copies ! for December , 1888 , lRm
copies ; for January , 188V , 18,574 copies ; for Fob-
nary. , 18 * . .
Bworn to before mo and subscribed Inruy
prpsenco this 2d day of March. A. 1) . 1889.
N.l'.FElL Notary Tubllc.
THIS disroputublo haunts on Cut-Olt
Island should bo supprossod.
HAS the sprniff fever attacked the
moinbors of the board of trade ?
, Stout and Konimrd the
lliroo graces -burled in a common gr.ivo ,
Now for Hathaway.
EVKUY third man in South Omaha is
i candidate for police judge. There is
evidently sginotlnng' iji Ui
TUB last hope of the lobby is to ride
the bogus claims through the legisla
ture on the back of the nppropr iatlon
bills , „ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
THE general dofloionoy bill before
. the legislature has the op poaranco of
boinir honey-combed with too many
"extras. "
T\vo captured ( lags belonging to a
Pennsylvania regiment wore recently
imugglcd acr oss the Mason and DJxou
line and dollvorod to Matt Quay without
disturblng-tha ( ire bolls of the north.
THE railroads of Iowa complain that
'they have lost money by shipping
liquor Into Iowa under the name of
"vinegar. " Hereafter wet goods will
wear their own smile or not go at all.
convert West Virginia by liberal doses
of patronage. What the state. hungers
for at present is seine effective means of
reducing the surplus of governors.
IF THE loading business men and
taxpayers of Omaha count for anything ,
their remonstrance against the Linton
choice for a postolllco site shows which
.way the force of public opinion moves.
Tnu DQUglas county member , who has
vigorously opposed the state printing
steal Hliould not bo frightened from the
path of duty by the throats of the chief
boneflclary. Hathaway's club is stuilod
with wind.
SOME deluded women in Washington
are praying that none but pious men
may bo appointed to office. The Ne
braska contingent must horoio
measures to suppress these misguided
THE Boodlors' Own , of Lincoln ad-
Hses republicans to "nominate * honest
F ; jjnd capable men and thorough ' republi
t cans for city offices. " 'Nono genuine
without our trade mark stamped on the
OA.TrtNG a special election for school
bonds is a needless expense to the tax-
fjayors. JThe question can be submitted
'It ' the annual election for members oi
the school board and a saving of several
hundred dollars effected.
Mil. HITCHCOCK'S wild outcries on
R the nostpfllco site tend to confirm the
& suspicion that incipient lunacy has bro1
ken but in that quarter. The prospecl
of the loss of a large haul on the govern'
Wont surplus threatens to produce con
cussion'of tUe brain.
Tine substantial aid and encourage'
Inont given In- the north to the move-
bient to establish a national ooufodor-
ute soldiers * homo at Austin , Tex. , ie
Btrong proof that BOoUonnllsm finds nc
lodgment In the hearts of the men whc
fought for the union ,
AK Iowa man who canned the juice ol
Iho apple nud slnkod the thirst of his
neighbors nt so muoh u thirst , was nr-
ros od and lined throe hundred dollars ,
The people must bo protected from the
.deadly pippin , wherein lurks the worn :
that inflates the musaulino patu.
' Tins retirement of Senator Olmco 01
Recount of omull pay nnd ohronlo dys-
'pepsin has produced rv largo orop of pa
trlots in llhodo Island. The numboi
ready to aacrlllco themselves mid tholt
-a. families for. five thousand dolluVu n yoai
and Inoltlontnla lows ) that the supply o
rayvmatorlul Is unlimited.
PJllmoro , Is so anxious
to secure un ofllco of some kind that he
U willing to sacrifice hlu conetltuonti
snd the stnta for the support of the log
Ulativa combine. This mania U nol
confined to Ballard , It Is th ohlel
oauie of the reigning1 uotuorniliaUon in
boute *
cm.Tunn iy
The legislature having passed the
sugar-bounty bill , It is to bo oxpoctoil
that the cultivation ot the sugar boot
In Nebraska immedlntolj * and
vigorously stimulated. " There is good
reason to bollovo that this may bo mndo
un extensive and profitable industry.
Boots grown nt Grand Island wore
found on analysis to contain sixteen per
cent ot sugar , and the Into commis
sioner of agriculture , Mr. Coleman , ex
pressed thb belief that the sugar boot
could bo very profitably cultivated In
that section of the state. The area ,
however , In which this boot can
bo successfully grown Is shown
by Investigation to bo very largo , cap
able of producing a supply of beets not
only sufficient to furnish all the sugar
consumed in Nebraska , but a consider
able amount In addition for shipment.
If the industry , however , did no more
than supply the homo market It would
necessarily bo a very largo and Im
portant one , nssurlngun unfailing revenue -
nue to hundreds of farmers , for the
sugar boot is said to bo a sure crop
under almost any circumstances , and
requires comparatively little labor in
the cultivation.
The bounty to bo paidby the state U
for sugar from surghutn its
well as boots , but it is probable -
able that not mlich advantage
will bo galnad from attempts to culti
vate sorghum. The opinion of these
well Informed In the matter , among
them the late commissioner of agricul
ture , is that sorghum cannot bo prollta-
bly cultivated north of Kansas , and
while something might bo done with it
in the southern counties of this state ,
the uncertainties attending its cultiva
tion do not warrant extensive experi
menting with it. The farmers in the
sections of the state whore the soil is
favorable to sugar boot culture have
now a sufficient inducement offered
them to go Into this industry pn a gen
erous scale , and- there appears to bo no
good reason why Nebraska should not
in time count this as ono of the most
Important of her agricultural products
and ono of the most profitable for her
The mercenaries who accuse the od-
Itorof THE BEE of obstructing the set
tlement of the postolllco site , tire thorn- ,
solvcs to.blame. They conspired with
Special Agent Linton to carry out the
i" . ° tC'r-iQn2 ! ! ! vori.llni in Washington
that the Folsom estate should receive
a benefit from the proceeds. During
hin stay in Omaha Linton was dined and
wined and his footsteps dogged by the
Jefferson square combine , who packed
the mooting In the exposition building ,
and titoorod the agent against every
man known to bo friendly to the Plant
ers' house site. The opposition to that
selection is not confined to Mr. Tloso-
wator. Ho is one pf the hundreds who
demand the rejection of u prejudiced
report and the unbiased consideration
of all propositions submitted. The
board of trade , city and county officials ,
and such loading citizens as Congress
man Con neil , John M. Thurston , Thomas
L. Kirnball , George W. Holdrogo , Doc
tor George L. ' Miller , ox-Governor
Saunders and scores of. others equally
prominent , cannot bo accused of selfish
motives , or of conspiracy to needlessly
delay the settlement pf the question.
They favor the Eighteenth and Farnam
street site , and their wishes arc entitled
to proper consideration , , from the au
thorities. Their disposition to effect a
speedy settlement was shown when they
offered to submit the question to a vote
of the board of trade , or to a vote of
taxpayers owning not loss than five
thousand dollars worth of" property.
Both propositions wore rejected by Sen
ator MacJorson , who Is determined to
ignore the wishes of three-fourths of
the best patrons of the government.
The only alternative was to demand a
rohoarfng from Secretary Windom and
the appointment of. an unbiased agent
to examine the sites offered. These
facts explain the selfish cries and hypo
critical howls of the Hitchcock crowfl ,
whoso anxiety to "servo the public" is
intensified by the prospect of a bonus of
fifty thousand dollars from the govern
There is a proposition before the
Canadian parliament to impose a duty
Ott'American lard , which would pro.cti =
catly prohibit its importation into the
Dominion. The purpose appears to be
to exclude all lard made in this country ,
no Discrimination being made between
the pure and the adulterated. In view
of what has beqn said in this country
regarding impure lard , and the efforts
made In congress to procure legislation
to prevent the sale of tha adulterated
product hs pure , U is not surprising that
American lard should have fallen un
der suspicion In Canada , but that
country is the first to propose Its
absolute oxcluclon. This ex
treme stop has not boon seriously con
templated by any of thp European gov
ernments which have debated the
question of how to deal with lard im
portations from the'Unllod States.
The loss of the Canadian' market tot
American lard might not of Itself bo n
Very serious mutter , though the trade
must bo considerable , but it would bo n
very grave matter In the influence It
would probably have upon other coun
tries where there is a sentiment not fa
vorable to this product of the United
States , It is not questionable that
there is a very largo amount of imi
tation lard manufactured and sold
for a pure article , Statistics of
the lard trade at Chicago and
other centers , which wore submitted tc
a committee of congress , remove all
doubt of the charge that the manufac
ture of fraudulent lard throughout the
country is enormous , This product is
not confined to the homo market.but , is
sent to other countries , and doubtless in
relatively larger quantities to Canadu
than to Euroue. There Is nnnuallj
shipped to foreign port ? about one
million tierces , and n considerable per
centage of this is undoubtedly of the
impure article , Obviously this entire
trade is thus * endangered , nnd the pro
posed action of the Canadian govern
ment , if carried into effect , will in
crease the peril.
Several of the states have pure
lard laws , that Is , luwi
providing that lard Imitations shall bo
branded , ao that ( ho consninlor can know
what ho ia buying. . An effort was made
to secure n national law for till a purpose ,
but congress did not net. It is under
stood that the matter will bo presented
to the next congress , and the Cantullnn
proposition , If it carries , will have n
great deal ot influence toward inducing
congress to provldo for the branding of
compounUod lard. The matter Is cer
tainly of great Importance both to the
producers and packers of hogs.
It nppaars to bo evident that the
work ot restoring the offinos to republi
cans is to bo prosecuted gradually nnd
carefully. A few days'ago the president
was reported to have said that if ho
were bothered losa by olllco seekers ho
could make appointments tnoro rapidly ,
but later advices indicate that neither
the president nor any ot the heads of
department * Is in a hurry in this
matter. It seems to hnvo become the
settled.policy of the administration that
offensive partisanship Is to play ti very
small part in effecting- changes in of
fice. In extreme cases it will doubtless
count against an incumbentbut the rule
will bo to make removals only upon
sustained charges of Incompetence or
neglect of duly. Under this policy
perhaps not to exceed ono-ljuU the
offices will go to the republicans during
the fust year of the administration , and
there nro commissions hold by demo
crats that will not expire before the
third or fourth year of President Har
rison's term. Those who obtained office
under the government late in the last
administration may therefore congratu
late themselves upon being more fortu
nate than those who preceded them ,
provided they prove themselves compe
tent and attentive to duty.
It is not to bo doubted that the
policy which it irf said the admin
istration will observe will disap
point a great many republicans
nnd bo widely disapproved , but reflect
ing mefi will understand that the vast
machinery of the government cannot
bo turned over to now hands at once
without endangering its efficiency and
producing more or less demoralization
in the public service. The promise of
a thoroughly business administration
_ would thus bo defeated , Unquestion
ably the president and every member
of his cabinet would prefer to have till
the offices filled by republicans , nnd
'Igilbtless Uwcfl will be ? Yfif ? f ° w not so
filled before the term of the adminis
tration ends , but itia absolutely im-
praptictiblq to do this all at once ,
nnd it would not bo well fo r
the impression to go out that those
now in it wore to be stam
peded. Furthermore , the administra
tion is pledged to regard a principle in
the matter of appointments which is of
republican origin , whicU was explicitly
reasserted in the last national platform ,
and which cannot be ignored without
Stultifying the party , " The president
has at no tinro since his election per
mitted a doubt as to his intention to
conform to the civil service law in letter -
tor a'nd spirit , and though understood
% ot to bo in sympathy with the extreme
reformers ho may be expected to give
no encouragement to the spoilsmen.
The appointments thus far made
have boon satisfactory to repub
licans generally , and with a few
exceptions have drawn no un
favorable criticism from democrats.
They have attested the desire of the
administration to make integrity and
capacity the essential qualifications.
In a word , President Harrison is pro
ceeding us ho was expected to , nnd un
doubtedly ho will preserve this course
to the end. Republicans who have re
gard for the credit of the administra
tion nnd the future welfare of the party
will commend him in doing so.
TJTE secretary of the interior should
take great care in selecting the mem
bers of the commission to negotiate with
the Sioux Indians for the opening of
their reservation. The duties to bo
performed requires raon of the soundest
judgment and discretion , qualifications
which all the members of the last com
mission did not possess. Doubtless any
commission would have failed to secure
the assent of the Indians to the arrangement -
mont proposed last year , but the course
pursued by the cornraissiongrB.rat.iSi- ! ,
gravated thO djfaculties , arousing a
feeling of hostility- the outset that
could not bo allayed. They wont about
their business in a way that invited op
position , thus giving those whoso inter
est it was to defeat the arrangement
the fullest opportunity to influence the
Indians , The proposal to bo submitted
ismoro liberal than the first , and if the
matter la judiciously managed there is
a much bolter dlfcmco of success. It np-
nears that there will bo no difficulty In
finding men to servo , there being al
ready a score of candidates , but it may
not bo entirely easy to secure just the
right raon.
THE BEE has boon criticised- for
printing ono or two communications
from parties who take issue with the
statements made In the alliance memo
rial to congress with reference to farm
mortgages in Nebraska. Wo print elsewhere -
whore in this tssuo a letter censuring
THK BEE for "tho position" It has
taken. Now this is all gratuitous. THE
'BKU has undergone no change of senti
ment with respect to the laudable prin
ciples for which the alliance contends.
It has printed communications on the
subject of the momorialf pro and cbn ,
and will continue to do BO , provided
they bo brlof and confined etrletly to
the morlts ot the .case. In doing this
TUE BEE simply conforms to a rule of
practloo which has always boon main
tained , It is only fair that both sides
bo given a hearing. The editorial
opinion upon questions discussed by our
correspondents is a matter of our own ,
and is not of that character which pre
cludes from our columns all opinions
in conflict therewith.
Webster county , .Is entitled to Bliaro
with Mr. Cady the credit of fighting
the extravagant appropriations and
bogus claims engineered by the com
bine. Ho took a bold stand against the
reckless raids ot the claim ngenta and
was largely instrumental in cutting
down the laflalad salary list and abel
ishing slnocurof.'Noxt to Messrs. Cady
and Hampton BlobirMr. Dulanoy , the
honest Butler county ,
and Nick Sntchall tbo true bhto ropro-
roscntallvo of the yeomanry ot Cass.
Their successful < llght for economy in
state affairs dcsorVc hearty commenda
' " '
IT is claimed ( Jn gc-od authority that
the loss In the calllo/angcs pf Colorado
and Montana will not exceed 1 per
cent. The condition of the stock is ex
cellent nnd shipment to mnrkot will
tnko place fully thirty days earlier than
in previous years. The open winter
has contributed to this healthy slate of
affairs , and in consequence tharo Is a
buoyant fooling In the cattle Industry.
There can bo but little doubt that the
present year will be ono of prosperity
to the cattle raisers of th o west , which
will have an Influence to Improve the
condition of business In general.
THE resignation of Boiler Inspector
Standoven for the reason that the work
Of inspection Is more than ono man can
reasonably attend to , should receive
the careful attention of the council.
Proper boiler inspection In our citjvis
of great importance. By" Hie foes ob-
talnnd the ofllco is self-sustaining , nnd
the duties of It nro increasing daily ,
By the provisions of the newly adopted
charter the salary of the boiler inspector
has been raised from fifteen to eigh
teen hundred dollars a year. The sum
Is certainly a reasonable compensation
for the business , but if it should appear
that nn assistant is necessary the proper
authorities should take stops to secure
THE closing days of the legislature
are rendered bright and cheerful for
the taxpayers by the grim determina
tion of the senate to carefully examine
the appropriation bills and put the
knife to the jobs and extravagant items.
The members have settled down to
business , and will stick to the work till
every root and branch is pruned down
to the limit , without endangering the
trunk. The members of combine in the
houBo nnd lobby are demoralized ana
Inconsolablebut the friends of economy
must not relax their vigilance.
iii ! are already warnings in the
nlr that the so-called moat Inspection
bills passed by various state legislatures
to exclude dressed boot are a dead lot-
tor. Tim solicitor { Jotteral of } ho terri
tory of Now Moxioo , in passing upon a
lopal measure winch forbids the sale of
moat that has nott berta procured from
animals inspected in ho territory while
living , pronounces. tUp act unconstitu
tional and void so far as it relates , to the
importation of d ostld } ? beef and other
moats. And it 10 difficult to see how
any other conclusion'Ouii ' bo reached.
" "
j7" Vj
THE Lincoln Jnitrmtl tearfully pleads
for the passage of t k state" printer bill.
It appears that Hlitjiaway managed to
smuggle this snugjiest-ogg through the
Bitting committco'bf the legislature , and
his anxiety to ego jit become a law is
oulyiequallod by his /desire / to hog the
state printing andjileeco the treasury
for four years ormoro. , This is sufficient
justification for the prompt defeat of
the measure.
THE Yonctown Is now ready for ser
vice , and it is gratifying to learn that
the vessel comes up to all of the re
quirements of the contract. There is
promise in the complete satisfaction
which this man of war has given tlmt
America has not lost her cunning in
the art of ship building.
THE defeated conspirators in the house
threaten to "mnko it hot" for THE BEE
reporter , because ho has exposed their
villainous schemes to rob the state.
THE BEE warns this worthless crow
that they are trifling with a volcano ,
the eruption of which will make tncm
wish they had never boon born.
THE tour of inspection of the senate
special committee on Pacific railroads
has been delayed beyond the time orig
inally set. For nil the good it will do
the people the junket may as well bo
postponed indefinitely.
THE conspiracy of Lincoln
to gobble the gt-j-g Snyino iunaswaE
snuffed out in the house. The rapacity
of the boodlors Is boundless. Pretty
soon the slate will bo compelled to anchor
the capital building to prevent it being
stolen bodily.
las county is overling himself to detent
the bill reducing the number of justices
of the peace of Oinaha. Perhaps ha
wants to spare his legal ohuina the , pain
of being compelled to work for a living.
THE coal that Is used for fuel at the
state capltol is sold to the people nt the
price of diamonds. This is ono of the
ways the appropriations are swelled to
enormous proportions and dofloionoy
bills are created.
THE tension aofaas , the bosoms of
democratic officeholders has relaxed
slnco it is ofllclally'nniipuncod that no
removals are to tata' pjaco except for
cause , until the expiration ot term of
office. 'fl '
IP THE makers of agricultural imple
ments are going to0foliow the binding
twine trust , there i nothing loft for the
poor farmer to do bu j lo go back to the
use of the aloklo and. i flail.
ONE Jay WarromKoifor , of Ohio , Is a
candidate for the1Vacancy on the supreme
premo bench. Hld'appointment would
merely prolong the vacancy.
Tine UK is a largo hole in the sieve of
the house sifting committee wh ich has
permitted the anti-trust bills to fall
through ,
Frocl'a All
Kansai Clly Journal.
"Of course It was right and proper to ap
point Colonel Fred Grant to the Austrian
mission , " saya tha Chicago Moll , "but will
somoDody please gtvo a reason for it aside
from the fact that he Is his father's eon ! "
Certainly , His eminent personal qualifica
tions for an Important diplomatic post.
West Virginia' * Hunger ,
Whtrilno tntMtoenttr.
U Pwlteat HtrrUoa WM a tre k of
greased llphlnmg ho couldn't move fast
enough to plcnso everybody. If ho will ( to
the best ho can to put Mr. Cleveland's partisans -
sans on the retired list ho will do all that
can bo expected ot him.
Glmitnooy nnd tlio Urltlnti.
Chteaao AVu1 * .
Thn rumor now Is bruited
That Gotham's charming Clinuucoy
Donow linn been deputed
To go to England , t'nwncyl .
This ho-fechehorozado ,
Well versed In tale nnd fnblo ,
Will cheer each Lord Tomnoddy
. Wnllo Hews the ycilqw label.
He'll meet Lord Salisbury *
At lunch or after dinner ,
And win him Iff a hurry ,
As sure as he's n sinner.
Ground linen nnil Coal lings.
fiitMo Dfopnlrt.
In the east ttio ground hog Is not accepted
as n prophet In connection with the coming
of spring , nor are the birds , the llowors or
the trees. The coal barons nro the only rec
ognized authority. Thcyhavlnc reduced the
pilqeof oonl 50 cents n ton In 13oston , It Is
announced that the fact may safely ho Inter
preted us removing nil chances of another
prolonged cold imp this SD.ISOII. If the poo-
pla of Colorado had to wait for the same
sign , iC would ho midwinter the year uround
with them , for the sign would never come.
That Is the reason , probably , why they be-
Hove In the ground hog. In comparison
with the other class of hogs It hits some
A. DoutxCitl Compliment.
Kansas CUu 'flints.
Howclls , the novelist , says that ho makes
n fresh study of his wife for every ono of
his heroines , This Is probably a Joke , for
Mrs. Howclls is a bright nnd Interesting
Hungry ui Trumps.
llmton Ilerahl.
A great many of the boys are getting back
their old places under the now administra
tion. Sitting out in the cold for four long
years has only whetted their sppctltcs for
public fodder.
Nebraska Jottings.
\V. O. Todd has sold the Union Ledger-
L. J. Maylield , of Louisville.
It Is said tlmt liquor is furnished the In
dians at Valentino upon condition that they
will not drink It until they have loft town.
The Bcnkolman Republican Is n now Jour
nalistic candidate for public favor In Dundy
county , with Frank Israel ns editor and pro
Burglars entered a hardware store at
Ohiown , stole § 100 worth of cutlery nnd
failed to Icuvo a alow. The thieves are
thought to bo amateurs.
Physicians have been compelled to arnpu-
tntp tly ) leg of Vprnou Love , the fourteen-
.Vear-old TamoiM boy who was accidentally
shot by playmates three weeks ago.
Two hoys tlio older not fifteen wore
found wandering about Ucnkolman the other
doy in a be stlv state of Intoxication. The
parents uru on the trail of the mnn who gave
the children the whisky and they have blood
In their pycs.
The editor of the Humphrey Unpuhlican
was appointed postmaster recently and in the
next issun of his paper he announced that ho
had sold the Republican to the roth-ins post
master , who would consolidate it with the
local democratic sheet.
Some of the ucoplc of Hastings are evi
dently not very well ploosed'with the an
nouncement of the engagement of Senator
Tuggart , for the Nchraskan remarks : "The
constituents of Senator Tuggari would bo
much hotter pleased if he had postponed uis
love-making and dovotoa his time more
assiduously to a faithful discharge of his
publla duties. "
An effort is being made at Ida Grove to se
cure a paper mill.
A three logged calf is the greatest curios
ity at Sioux City at present und It is well and
The Democrat says that if every person in
Davenport was to go to church every Sunday
only ono in three could get a seat.
Mrs. U. A. Hlssell , ono of the pioneers of
DoWitt is dead. Bho w s eighty j ears of
age. and settled on the prairie wlilch is tbo
present site of Do yitt in 1840.
I. A. ICerr hn9 siicceedod In raising $15,000
stock with which to erect in Muscatlno a
larger factory lor the manufacture of his
prtont ventilated barrels and boxes.
Governor Larrabeo has remitted a portion
of the lines of Brewers Aulman and Schu
ster , convicted of keeping a nuisance and
fined (1,000 about thrco years ago. They
paid $300 each and nil the court costs.
Christine Schilt , of Atlantic , nas addressed
a note to THK Bni ; , announcing that the as
sertion that William Triptow had stolen a
watch from her did the gentleman an injus
tice , us she had simply loaned the watch to
him nnd ho had subsequently paid her for it
in full.
William Robinson , a farmer who Hrcs In
Iowa township , Crawford county , about eight
mile } from Manning , on going homo found
his wife on the floor dead , nnd the two children -
dron , aged thrco and flvo years respectively ,
playing around , unconscious of the awful
calamity Jlint had befallen them. The CO.U3Q
ot dentli was appoplexy.
When UniteO. Stati Mar8hal Desmond
came yay Ior hja Smvo ln a Dubuque bar
ber shop u few days ago the barber re
marked that ho would luivo to look out for
bad coins as the marshal had raided a coun
terfeiter's den the night beforo. A moment
lutor.tlio murshal handed the barber ono of
the bogus dollars , but the latter didn't ' de
tect the countoifolt until thu marshal re
fused his change. The coin was thicker and
lighter than the genuine.
Deadwood expects to have another cigar
factory shortljv
The Baptists of Fauikton have begun the
erection of a church edlllcc. > = >
Flvo Dakota colleges have adopted n con
stitution for a state nthlotiu association , *
T. D. ICuriouso will probably bo the choice
of Sanhorn county for delegate to tbo Bioux
Falls convention ,
F , A. Ln Follctto of Platlkinton , is secur
ing endorsements as tlio successor of United
Btatos marshal Maratta.
There are now thirteen mules at work In
the Houiostako mines , two of them having
been sent down the shaft last week.
The Missouri river Is again cutting Into
the bottom land below Ynuklon and It Is
thought the railroad tracks will have to bo
Ed Green , who was charged with killing
an infant at Sturgls of which ho was sup
posed to bo the father , has been acquitted
after a trial at Dcadwood.
A Deadwood wood sawyer has discovered
a wonderful ollmatlo peculiarity at that
place. Ho says that last winter u man who
he owed twenty-cents could , owing to the
clearness of the atmosphere , readily distin
guish him the full lencth of Main street ,
while at present ho cannot see him at all ,
nor can ho sea the man. He says the man
now owes him 13 , and admits the possibility
oC that having something to do with it.
Ilev , Kltno Not n Crunk.
Oiia , Aoams county , In. , March 21. To
the Editor of Tiin Beet In a recant issue ot
Tun WBCKIT BEB your correspondent rofora
to Rev , Albert Kline , the Adalr county
faster , as u religious cranlc. - |
This does Mr. Kltno nnd the people who
are engaged with him In this work nn In
justice. Wo have attended and hoard Mr ,
Kllno preach , and know the parties who are
helping In the work to be honest and o onsis-
taut Christians ; men who would not on cour
age a crank or a fraud. ELIJAH UICB.
Tlio Oldout Soiator.
ELLINGTON , Mo. , Fob , 0. To the Editor
of TUB BEEJ I sco In your Issug of the 13tU
that David Aurlllo , of Iowa , claims to bo the
oldest soldier of the rebellion known to bo
living. Captain James Stockton , of Stans-
burry , Mo. , was born In Kentucky on the Oth
of October , 1797 ; will be ninety-two years
old next birthday , Captain Stockton raised
the ilrat company of union soldiers that on *
listed in Gentry county In the spring of 1651 ,
and served uutll the full of 1603.
f Yours truly ,
A Knrincr Makes lloply to "Tho Bco'a"
COHXCI.L , Nob. , isinrch 93. To the Editor
of Tun UERI An nttlclo in your paper of
March SO.sovorely criticising the memorial of
the Nebraska State Farmers' alliance to con *
gross , requires some attention , Adverse
criticism by the corporation tools was not un
expected , hut Tun Bnn , which In former
times has boon considered a friend ot the
farmers , should not bo allowed to rest under
such grave mbtnkcs as appear In that article.
In regard to the statement In the memorial
that the farms of Nebraska were mortgaged
for $150,000,000 , the writer saya , "Tho state-
inont , wo have no doubt , on investigation
would show to bo wildly orroncou * . "
Now lot us sco what kind of nn Invostlga
tlon has led to that conclusion. Ho further
says , "Tho numbnr of farms In Nebraska
may bo stated approximately nt 100,000.
Now.'tho writer , 1 know , never came to
that conclusion by nn Investigation of his
own , but has relied on the guess-work of In-
Icrestod parties. There nro in this state
about no.tUOO quarter sections of land. More
than two-thirds of these are deeded lands
ana provod-up claims , which mnv bo mort
gaged. This makes nt least 200,000 quarter
sections that might bo mortgaged.
The question nt Issue.Is . how much ot this
hind Is mortgaged , nnd for how uiucfi per
quarter on nn nvcrugol
Tlio recorder of ono of the best counties In
the southwestern part ot the state , last fall ,
ixftor a full examination of his books , re
ported that about nlnetccn-twcntieths of the
deeded land in that county was mortgaged.
I have made cnruful inquiry during the past
two years m counties In different parts of the
state , both east nnd west , of these who were
best In formed In regard to the matter , nnd
the lowest estimate 1 have arrived at for anyone
ono county was throe-fifths , und I do not be
lieve any reasonable man who will carefully
examine the subject will conclude that the
average of mortgages is less than four-flfths
of the deeded land of the whole state. This
would make the mortgaged land at least
1110,000 quarter sections. . Now loons ot
fCOO and upwards , are readily made on a
quarter section of unimproved land In the
western part of the state , whllo It Is not un
usual In the middle and eastern parts of the
state for loans to bo made of $1.600 on the
quarter section , and that frequently supple
mented by u second mortgage for half that
sum. The exact fltrurcs cannot bo deter
mined without grout trouble and expense and
nro of course constantly changing , but no
man who will take reasonable pains to in
form himself will fall to concede that the
amount ot the mortgages Is constantly nug-
mcntikg , and that the interest in many cases
is not being paid. If wo tuko Into considera
tion the largo chattel mortgage indebtedness ,
at from 1 to 2 per cent per month Interest ,
with Which the pcoplo mo also weighed
down , wo may well say the worst was not
told. In regard to the complaint that the
statement of these facts in the memorial
will Injure the state , I do not behove it. States
are. injured by a suppression of facts for spec
ulative purposes , and not by Information in
regard to the actual condition of the people.
Such deception may lead to temporary pros
perity , but must end in disaster.
Neurasku has , I believe , as fertile a soil nnd
as salubriqus n cjimato | is any 1'ortlgn of the
earth ot as large an oxlcn'trGlyo the Tafmors
and laborers pf the slate their rights as part
of u great s.qvol'c'Rn ' people , and the s.tato
will prosper whether eastern capitalists \yish
it or not. Withhold these rights und the peace
and prosperity of the state arc most cer
tain ly imperilled.
But the writer further says i "Tho asser
tion that the number of tenant farmers is
rapidly increasing is untrustworty. "
Mortgages are constantly being foreclosed
nnd the land bought in by capitalists. Does
the writer think the fafmars all leave the
state when thus sold out , or go into some
other business ! If so , ho is mistaken. They ,
as a rule , remain , serfs on lands which
should by right bo their own. Unwilling to
become vagabonds on the faoo of the earth ,
and unable to procure themselves homes
elsewhere without again becoming slaves to
the same system of debt which has com
passed thnir final ruin. He further says
that the reason so many farmers fall in this
state is "a want of business capacity and Im
prudent management , and a want of the
knowledge , experience and Industry neces
sary to suocessful farming , " and gives as
authority for the assertion the opinion of
farmers as given to the labor commissioner.
I aon't doubt , but I do know that any person
or persons who make such assertions in re
gard to any considerable portion of the
farmers in this state are either Ignorant ot
the facts or willfully porvcit thu tiuth.
In regard to increasing the volume of tbo
currency the writer evidently misunder
stands the latent of the memorial as clearly
indicated m the same , which Is , not to Issue
money to the corporations and money lend
ers , but to the working people who neoJ it
and who can give security for it.
Ana ; suppose it does increase prices. The
.prices of produce of the farm are now , nnd
have been for the last four or live years , so
low that farmers , as a rule , in this state , and
every other agricu Itural state in the union ,
cannot by the strictest economy and indus
try or any honest business capacity , hope to
pay their debts. Wo may econombo in what
wo buy , but wo must have money to paj our
obligations. Hence , if Increasing the cur
rency will , us the writer says , increase
prices it is just what wo need. Wo.can do
without coffee and tea and sugar and we will
willlngiywear coarse and patched clothing ;
but we cannot long ouduro tbo burden oto'
o' '
debt which wo , ns n class , nro now carryinpr.
In conclusion let mo say in behalf of the
Farmer's nlllanco , of Nebraska , "Wo do not
Intend to misrepresent facts or to injure any
honest Industry. Hut wo do Intend to ( lo
in and our rights , and" to prootiro thorn by
such Just and orderly moans as may bo noo-
cssary. And by the help of God , our
strength , wo will pcrsovoro until wo succeed.
J , II. I'ow BUS.
A Lcnton Mtnny ,
Toirn Topics.
Oli. thou. dear Lord , my smi forglvo
[ HumphI There come * dowdy UUts I ]
Ami ninko mo humble whllo I live
[ How ill her clothing fits IJ
Oh , tnko from mo nil worldly prldo .
[ A dark brown trimmed with blue IJ
And keep mo over by thy sldo
[ Her last year's bonnet , too IJ
Make mo put my trust In thee
[ TuoBan Dorvlltsl Suchtastol ]
Protect mo from nil vanity
[ Nice pattern for a wnl'tt ]
Oh. bless mo with thy folding lovo- *
[ Spring tint nnd winter sprig I ]
And when I dlo tnko mo above
[ I know her hnlr's a wig I ]
Oh , tench mo not to envious bo
[ I wish I owned that silk 11
But keep rae mook's-niy lowly plea
| She looks like soured skim milk I ]
Tench mo forgiveness day by day
[ Oh , how I halo that thing I ]
And lead mo In-tho hallowed way
[ My knees begin to sling I ]
Please cleanse my heart of wrong desires- *
[ I wonder If ho'll lllrtll
With love for thee my soul Inspire
[ I'll keep ono eye alert I ]
And hold nio in the narrow path
[ I think I caught his oyo.j
That I may 'scupo thy chastening wrath- *
[ Could ho have heard mo slghfj
And when temptation nonrcth mo
TI thought ho looked again IJ
Blind thou my eyes that I may not sco
[ Oh , dear , those horrid men 1 ]
O'erlook my faults und ranko mo shlno
[ He's smiling surely , then I )
A power on earth , the credit thine
[ So brazen , too I ] Auion.
Bomo Corrections.
RusnviUii : , Nob. , March 20. To the Editor
of Tnn BUG : The dispatch from Chadron In
last SUNDAY'S ' BBE stating that I was killed
nt Pine Rid go Agency by a billiard ouo in i
drunken brawl was erroneous In several par-
tlculars. Firstly There are no billiard cuei
In Pine Hfdgo Agency. Secondly I have not
recently boon engaged In n drunken brawl.
/Thirdly I have not to my own certain knowl.
ojgo. been killed by any person or persons
whosoever. Otherwise the dispatch referred
to Is materially correct.
I deem It best to make this brief osplana <
tlon , not only on my own account and to"re <
Hove the friends who may bo mourning my
untimely demise , but also for the purpose o (
placing In a proper Hpht before the public the
man who killed mo. Very respectfully ,
Ono. J. JA.UCUOW.-
Make It "Won. "
The following communication 1ms been
sent to THE BEBI Under the caption ,
"Stato Names Abbrovlalod , " a writer In tha
Sunday Republican , noticing that Pa , (3
used as the abbreviation of Pennsylvania ,
recommends Ma. as the proper thing fpr
Montana but gays : "A good abbreviation
for the state of Washington , if it rotajns that
name , will bo hard to llnd , for the obvious
Wash. ' is too suggostlvo of the laundry to
be considered for a moment. This fact alone
ought to rule out that name for the now
state. "
It is to bo honqd that no man in that terri
tory is so idiotic as to see but that ono possi
ble abbreviation , and to oppose the retention
of that grand name for the now state.
Add the last twp letters to tbo Jlr t and no
state cat ; have a batter or piorq interestingly
suggestive abbreviation for its tltlo.
With the state of Washington on our Pa *
clflc coast , nnd Washington City , the capital , \
in close proximity to tbo Atlantic , and be-
twocn thorn , cradled In the arms ot two >
great oceans , the mighty American republic , ' (
won by the go.nius , courage , firmness and Incorruptible -
corruptible patriotism of him frpm whom
they derived their appellation and the "eter
nal illness of things1' ' would seem to hava
been consulted.
The suggestion to "rulo out that name , "
for the reason given , if not idiotic , Is In
famous , *
! ft
+ An Early Toiib. | ' "
Miss Manila Nolan , daughter of Thomas
Nolan , one of the oldest and widely known
citizens of Omaha , died yesterday at tha
residence ot her parents , 13SO South Eight
eenth streets , Sbo has been ill for nearly
two years , Boo was but 15 years
of ago , a girl of remarkably bright
intellect and of endearing traits of character
which csusod her to be courted by young as
well as old , Her death Is n grlovou * affllo-
tion to her parents and friend * . She will bo
burled next Thursday , The services will beheld
held jn St. Pbilomoua's cathedral at 0 o'clock :
and the remains intoned in Holy Sopuchre.
Nellie Carey , aged twonty-ona years , died
to-day at 1111 South Twelfth street. The
funeral will taito place this Thursday at
80 , m ,
HucitAitcbT , March SO. King Charles'
nephew , Priuco Ferdinand , ha * been pro *
aimed crown prince of Eoumqtiln ,
Disfiguring , Skin . . . Diseases . . . . ' I H
Wonilorfiil Cure of SttU linen in.
Knee , Iinnda niul arms covered ,
Hands useless Tor two yonrs. Doc-
tord snld case was Inourablo.
Cured by Oiidourn.
1 Imve had a most \\ondoiiul cure of salt
rheum. Tor flvo years I have Buffered with this
disease. I hart It on my face , arms , and hands ,
1 was unable to do anything \\lmtovor with my
hands for over-two years. I tried hundreds ot
remedies , ami not ono Imd the least effect. The
doctor said my case was Incurable. I saw your
mlvertlMOincnt , and concluded to try the OUTI-
cun.v HPMBinr.s ; and Incredible as It mayHeem ,
after using ono box ot CUTICUII A. and two cakes
of CUTICUUA BoAl' , and two bottles ot OUTI-
CUIIA. HKSOI.YENT , I find I am entirely cured.
Those who think-this letter exaggerated may
como nud sea me and nnd out for themselves ,
North St. Charles Street , Hello Hlver , Ont ,
I must oxtnnd to you tha thanks of one ot my
customers , who has been cured , by using the
CUTICUIIA Itr.MKiintH , of an old sere , caused by
a louts spell of sickness or fever eight J cars ago ,
Ho was so bad ho wan tearful ho would have to
hnve his log amputated , but Uliappy to say he
Is now entirely well , sound as n dollar. Ha
requests mo to use his name , which Is II. II.
OABOC , merchant of this placo.
Claliuboro , Tenn.
I havo-been troubled with tetter on my face
for several yesrs , ixnd doctored with xovoral
oUors , Out received no benollt. I tried your
CUTICUUA. UCMEDIBS last spring according to
directions and can now Ry that I am entirely
cured. I m satlnllod yourUirricuiiA HEUBUIUS
are just what you recommend tliein to be.
. ItUQH II. AYKK3. Bmlthvllle , W. Va.
I have been cured ot u most unbearable Itch.
Ingskln dUeftue by the Cunruiu ItKMr.uibB.
They huv * enabled mo to cscapo years of sullcr-
lag. You may usa my name us u inference ,
and any one who \rnnts to knoff about my case
may write me , inclosing stamp ,
IT 0rote Street , I'rovldenco , it , I ,
Cured byTe
To cleanse the skin , scalp and blood of humoi H ,
blotches , eruptions , sore * . calea , and crusU ,
whether Minplo , scrofulous or contagions , no
agency In the world ol medicine Is so speedy.
sure , and economical as the Cimouiu HFMB-
1)1 KB.
CuTicmiA , the greaUKtn cum , Instantly allays
the most agonizing Itching and Intlamuiatlon.
clears the akin and hcalpot every tut.6 of dlx *
rase , heals ulcers and sores , removes crusui
und scales , and restores the hnlr , OUTKH n
SOAP , the urcutcst of akin t > oautltle , U Indls-
jien sable In treathlg skin disease * and.babjr
Humors. It producw the whitest , clearest skin
. . bt cc-huadii. ! red.ronBh , thapjied and
MPI.B8. prevented by Ciniu uiu
A minister and Ills lltllo boy cured of 1
nn obstlhnto Hku | disease by tlio < I
Cut lour ft Ucinodios. Prnlscs tlioiu
everywhere In tlio pulpit , liotne ,
nnd In tlio ntrcot *
Tor about thirteen years i have been troubled
with ecxoinu or some other cutaneous dlaoasa
which all remodlei failed to ctiro. Hearing o
the C'lrricuiiA HEMEUIEB I resoUed to give
them a trial , and purchaHed ono bottle tit Ctm <
CDIIA ltE&orVENT , one box of CUTICUIIA , and
ono take UUTICIIIIA SOAP. 1 followed tbo di
rections carefully , and it affords mo much pleas
ure to say that uoforo using two boicoa of tha
CUTICUIIA , four cakes of CiiTicuiu SOAP , and
ouo bottle Of the CUTiculu lltsoi.vbNr , I was
entirely cured ,
In addition to my own case , my baby boy , than
about 11 vo months old , wattftiiirertng with what 1
supposed to lie the name dluenso us mine to mien
nn extent flmt Ills head wa coated over with
a BOId ! Ecab , from which thcia was u constant
llo\r of pun which was wlckenliig to look upon ,
besides two largo tumor-llko kernels , on tha
hack of hlu head , Thftnks to j on and your won *
ilortul CiiTlculiA HKMliniKS his fiuilp It per *
tectly well , and the kernels have been scattered
HO that there Is only mio llttlo place by htn lof I
car , and that IH healing nicely. Instead of a
coating of BcatjH Im has a Illio coat of hair ,
much hotter than that which was destroyed by
hit < lllo-ise. 1 would that tha whole woildot
tu II el era from skin and blood discuses knew
the value of your CUTICUIIA. HUMRIUES as 1 do *
The CUTICUIIA HOAI and CimcunA IlE80c <
VKNTuro each worth ten times the price aC
which they are bold. I have never u ed another /
other toilet uoau In my houbo sluco I bought tun
IIrot cake of your CunouiiA BOAI' . I would bo
Inhuman as woil as uiiuratefnl should I full ta
bpeak well of uud recommend your OUTIUUHA.
ltiiiniiLa to every Minprer who came In my
rtach. I have spoken of It , ana shall coutlnud
to speak of It from Uiu pulpit , In the homorf ,
nnd In the streets. I'raylns that you m y llvo
long , and do others the same amount of good
you have done mo nnd my child. I remalu , youra
fcratotully , ( Hay. ) C. M. MANNINO ,
* , Acwoith , 0a.
and softest hands , free from pimple , spat or :
blemUh. CLTICOIIA UMOLVKNT , tha new Wood
purlllvr , i.lfjns'i.i tha blood of nil Impurltlc * and
polncmou * flowc'iiU , and thus icmove * thu
o ery species of agonizing. hmnlllaUtiK , Itthlnsr ,
burnliifr , scaly , and pimply dUeascs of the slcln ,
scalp , und blooj , with lust ot hair , from Dim
ples to BCrofula ,
Bold everywhere. 1'rice , CuTlCUiU , We ; SOAP ,
8icj ItEfloiiVKNT. si , Vreparod by tlio I'orrun
turrit-lid for "now to Cure bkln Jlneases , " Oi
pages , (0 lllu trat ons , and 10) testimonials ,
t. white , und tree from chopiaud
redness , by uslnir OtmcuuA