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Very Llttlo Business Now Before
tbo Bonato.
Kcnnnrd'fl ' Claim Dc-fcatcd In the
House The Maximum Tariff
Bill rnsscd-ljORlsln-
tlvo Gossip.
Bcnnto. < >
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 20. [ Special to Tun
PBB.I The senate Jogged along at so leis
urely n gait this morning ns to leave the Im
pression In a casual obiorvor that It either
Lad very little to do or plenty of time to do
it. The former Is true , nnd ono versed In the
ordinary parliamentary rules could see signs
of haste. Severn ! house bills were ordered to
their third reading , which eliminates the
reference to standing committees nud the
discussion In comralttoo of the whole. The
following measures were crowded forward
in that manner.
Hungato's bill permitting the United States
to buy or condemn a slto for Fort Omaha
nnd ceding the government jurisdiction over
the same.
Caldwcll's bill providing that the supreme
court shall meet in Lincoln In the llrst , Tues
day In January nnd the third Tuesday In
September Instead of In January nnd July.
Towlo's bill for the protection of hotel
Qccpors against dead beats.
House roll 433 , which makes appropria
tions for the current expenses of the state
government nnd Is called the "expense bill"
jtor short , was read a second tlmo and put on
the general file , which prevents the delay of
referring to the standing committee. Senator - '
tor llnymondf chairman of the committee on
finance , thought it oupht to follow ordinary
rules and go to his committee. Church
Howe assured him that It was In the hands
of a committee nnd would bo well digested.
Raymond's ' motion to refer was snowed
The senate passed Sutherland's resolution
which provides that all contracts for sup
plies for state Institutions shall bo lot on n
system of bidding ; that bids shall bo on each
Jtems separately , mid that the heads of the
several Institutions mnko a monthly state
ment to the secretary of state of the supplies
Raymond's resolution requesting the
board of transportation to make a scale of
freight rates to prevent discrimination was
defeated IT to 18. This light has been
fought so often this session that there was
no discussion , and ono or two' anti-monopo
lists voted to table the resolution to prevent
n profitless waste of time.
The committee of the whole took up a bill
drawn by Secretary J. S. Dales , of the state
university. Its purpose was said to bo to
moro clearly dcilno the relations of the
university and Uio Industrial college. Sen
ators Howe , Keckloy , Rausom , tNcsbltt and
Sutherland riddled the bill with arguments
to show that it had boon Ingeniously drawn
to fasten the agricultural experiment sta
tion on the state in the interest of the
professors and onlcors who are drawing
extra salaries or ether pap from the station.
Most of the bill is comnoscd of quotations
from acts ot congress , but nt the end is an
original clause providing that the state shall
maintain the station If the government sub
sidy should cease. The committee took out
the sting by cutting off this tail and gouged
out the heart by removing the enacting
clause. Then It hung up the mangled corpse
in indefinite postponement.
The committee recommended the passage
of Berlin's bill requiring the city comp
troller of Omaha to investigate the books of
tbo school board monthly and report to the
city council.
The senate adjourned at noon till half past-
7 this evening.
A largo audience gathered in expectation
of a contest over the expense bill , but bad to
'tie content with several transient tilts. Nor-
val tried to work in-hls anti-bucket shop bill
by substituting It for all that part of the bill
forbidding tha advertising of lotteries after
jlhe enacting clause. After some discussion
rtho chair ruled it out of order , the same sub-
Hoc t matter having already been killed by
i ( the senate. The bill was laid over without
- . .notion.
) r- ( The committee of the whole recommended
4ho passage of Berlin's garnlsheo bill
Mfllh an Immaterial amendment ; ' also
Dill exempting pensioners from
Ing poll tax or 'working
highways ; also the bill Incorporating
, Kay mo ml raised n titter with a resolution
( requesting the senatorial alliance to report
* n the expense bill in the morning , but
.Church Howe promptly objected to its con-
uldorntlon , and under the rules it wont over
* ono day without debate.
* The senate then adjourned till morning.
LINCOLN , Nob. , March 25. [ Special to TUB
BBS. ] Hampton moved to make senate fllo
,14 , and other trust bills a special order to
follow bills on third , reading. The motion
was adopted.
Tuo senate amendments to the Lincoln
' charter bill relative to releasing the street
railway company from paving outside the
tracks wore called up.
Olmstoad moved that the house Concur.
Hall hoped the motion would hot prevail ,
ttho street car managers have doctored this
bill in the senate , aim now como Into the
house through the ccntleman-froia Hastings ,
Who seems to bo the montlmieoo for all cor
porations , and ask this body to assent to
tholr xvork.
.Everett thought the house should not allow
the street car companies to escape paving
outside the track.
Want of time for further consideration of
the bill was uracd by various members , and
r Olmstoad's motion was adopted by n vote of
' - , 'Bills on third rending were taken-up and
the following passed t
The ( ronoraj appropriation bill ; Hall's maxi
mum tariff bill as amended ; ablllbyCady
tor the punishment of the giving or soiling
of Intoxicating liquors to habitual drunkards ,
nnd a bill by Scovillo' authorizing any city
to establish n system of clcctrio lights.
Tlio Kennard claim of 811,000 for ullccred
BervIooT * rendered the stnto In connection
with the collcctldn of certain nums duo from
the general government on school lands belonging -
longing to Indian reservations was readied
on final rending.
Johnson moved to refer the bill back to
the committee , and warned the friends of
the-jncnsuro that unless thl * wai done the
r Dill would bo defeated.
? , . „ Olmstoail asked him what ho charted for
tills advloo.
Culdwell defended the claim , and John-
on's motion wa lost by a vote of 3y to"3j :
Corhln moved to.postpone llnal reading un
til to-morrow , and said ho wus invi > stigitlni *
the merits of the claim nnd mlg&t bo willing1
to allow something when ho had finished the
work , but If compelled to decide now would
vote "no. "
Halter spoke in favor of the claim , nnd
aald tlmt Corbin was acting the part of a
iiotufoBgor nnd wanted to defeat the bll ! by
Indirect means.
The roll call on the bill resulted ns follows :
Ayes , 43 ; noes , 47.
A bill by Hungato authorizing the county
board to use the road fund la aiding In pav
ing nnd grading any road or boulevard lead *
lug Into a city was defeated , and ,
on motion of Caldwell , the vole was
reconsidered and ujrain placed on tile.
Olmstcnd moyod to tuka up the general
deficiency bill after disposing of the trust
bill * , which carried.
The consideration of the Kcckley hill to
prohibit trusts and nil other combinations to
lucrciifto tbo price of > uo necotsarlcs of Ufa
wus resumed ,
Olmstead said that house roll No. 431 , a
, ttll Introduced by Speaker Wat sun , was n
. v better icsavure , nnd moved that it be substl-
* tUtlHl.
Rpbb denied the statement. Ho thought
that the JCci.'kley bill would satisfy every
requirement of a law nf tills nature.
Hull movcil to fofnr sonata tile 14 bncu to
the house , with u recommendation that IIda
Hpeaicer Watson Dempster In the chair
faired thut the bill If passed m Its present
t form would prohibit any combinations
Htnonjr laboring men to advance ttielMiitor-
e U , And submitted an amendment exempt-
* < Jjw ubur ottraalu locs from tka ' '
of the law , which wa4 adopted , and the
bill reported back , With the recommendation
that It do past.
House roll 203 , n bill introduced by Hun-
gate , authorizing the county board to levy a
special tnx on adjoining property to aid
in grading or paving boulevards leading Into
n city , was restricted to Include only
cities of the metropolitan class , nnd referred
back with a favorable recommendation.
House roll 275 , the general deficiency bill
was taken up.
Whlto moved to strike out the Item $711
for work on the deaf and dumb asylum ut
Cndy attacked the bill In general. Ho
said that no ono In rending over the Items
oould toll whether the claim Is just or not.
It behooves the members to oxorclso some
degree of economy , nn ho Hem Is submitted
In a form which an ordinary man would re-
qulro In the transaction of private business.
Wluto's motion was lost , SO to 33.
On motion of Hall each Item In the bill
wns considered singly.
The deficiency of $18,500 for clotlilne ,
bedding , groceries , farm Implements nnd
various ether Items for the soldiers' homo at
Grand Islnnd was discussed at length and
A bill to pay county treasurers for collect
ing the educational land funds for 1834 nnd
1885 was taiten up. Whlto nnd Majors de
nounced the bill ns being pushed by claim
agents and lobbyists , nud it was Indefinitely
postponed by 70 to 10
The amendment by Ciidy Increasing the
minimum valuation of saline lands from $20
to $150 per ncro was adopted. The bill pro
viding for the leasing or snlo of these lands
wai recommended for passage.
The bill providing for a constitutional
amendment increasing tbo number of supreme
premo judges to flvo , nnd fixing the salaries
of the judges of both supreme nnd district
courts , was considered.
Majors moved to strike out (3,000 in the
salary of district judges and insert $3,500.
Carried 47 to 83.
A bill relating to the organization and gov
ernment of school districts was passed ,
Behind the Scones.
LINCOLN , Nob. , March 30.-H Special Tele
gram to TIIC Bnn.1 The adjournment of the
senate at noon In the face of the universal
desire to got through business nnd go homo
mystified all but the few who understood its
significance. It was nearly midnight when
the senatorial alliance closed Its labors on
the general expense bill. It has nearly
three hundred and fifty items , and the sena
tors considered about ono-thlrd of thorn.
The adjournment nt noon was agreed upon
to glvo senators friendly to retrenchment-
tills afternoon for tholr work with the prun
ing knife. The adjournment was made till
this evening for two purposes. It was ex
pected that house roll 4S4 , known as the
salary bill , would bo received and read
the first tlmo , nnd It was hoped that the con
sideration of the expense bill could bo begun
in committee of the wholo. The first object
was achieved , but after a hard afternoon's
worlt on the expense bill there was hat time
to preparotho amendments agreed on by the
alliance In conference. Consequently the
consideration goes over till morulncr.
Twelity senators were present at this af
ternoon's meeting , and nt the close they
pledged themselves to stand unitedly for the
nctlon of tbo conference. Boss Stout's claim
for interest on warrants was discussed , and
n majority of the senators present voted to
resist any effort to inject it into the general
appropriation bills. Thcro Is an ill-defined
feeling that the Stout , Butler and Kennard
claims would have passed the smmto
had the house not defeated them1
Everybody continues toJlght shy of a jusi-
tivo opinion ns to their fate. Few senators
will commit themselves , but a careful study
of their expressions and action leave the Im
pression that these claims are doomed ,
though they may cause a light that will delay
A largo portion of the 850 items in the ex
pense bill have been pared down by the sena
tors in conference. Their reductions will
aggregate about $300OjO from the bill as It
passed the house. The following statement
shows in round numbers the principal reduc
tions proposed in the appropriations of the
different departments and institutions :
Soldiers ) homo , $14,000 : institution for
feeble-minded , 352,000 ; Hastings hospital
for insane , ? 29,00 { ; Norfolk hospital , $44.000 ;
Lincoln hospital , $42,000 ; state university ,
$45,000 ; ICcnriioy industrial school , $7,000 ;
homo for friendless , $17,000 ; Milford indus
trial home , ? 7,500 ; employes at capital ,
fl.OOO ; supreme court bailiffs , ? 2,000 ; fur
nishing court room , $3,500 ; library furni-
turos § 450 ; public building repair fund ,
$3,000 ; current expenses of state officers ,
§ 5,000 ; miscellaneous , 83,500.
The house allowed tbo institution for
feeble-minded $40,000 for now buildings. The
proposed amendment will allow $10,000 , for anew
now boiler house and kitchen. Another
amendment will allow the Hastings hospital
$12,000 for a now boiler house and 82,000 for
a barn. The house allowed the soldiers'
homo a hospital item of $1,500 , thought
to have been intended as
$15,000 , and a proposed amendment
will make it $7,500 . for a
hospital building. Tbo miscellaneous re
ductions Include $10,000 for bountlns on ani
mals and $12,500.for compiled statutes. The
superintendent of public instruction will be
allowed a small increase for expenses.
There has been talk to-night of adjourn
ment at noon Friday. The expense and
salary bills can bo disposed of if there is no
fight , but there Is'a deficiency bill about
ready to bo passed by the bouse and another
bill containing a number of small claims
which has not yet boon acted on. The latter
may bo expedited by being pruned .and tacked
on the oxpnnso bill as an amendment. The
senators in conference have tried to keep
their actions secret to avoid u swarm of lob
byists , most of whom will got tholr first doll-
, nlto information from this article.
Hnll'R Maximum Tariff mil.
LINCOLNNeb. . , March 20. [ Special to TUB
BEB. ] The maximum tariff bill for the reg
ulation of local freight rates , as amended by
the author , was passed to-day By a vote of 54
to 83. The bill fixes a legal classification of
freight , being substantially the same ns what
is known ns the western classification. Sec
tion 5 contains tha essence of the bill , mid nn
amended rends as follows :
Section 5. That the board cf transporta
tion are hereby empowered and directed to
rcducn the rates on any class or commodity
in the schedule of rates lixcd In this net , and
to revise and change said clnssllleation of
freight , as hereinbefore In thi.a nut estab
lished , so ns to work a reduction In any rate ,
whenever It shall seem just cud reasonable"
to a majority of said board so to reduce any
rale or to revise and change said classifica
tion of freight so ns to reduce any rate ; and
said board of transportation are hereby
empowered to raise the rate on tiny class or
commodity In the schedule of rates fixed ! u
this act whenever four-tlttlm of said board ,
upon oxnmtnafiou and hearing hud as lit
other ciiscs , shall by Jhijtr vetch llml and declare -
clare that said rate us heroin fixed Is not
compensatory for the service rendered , and
said hoard are nlso hereby empowered to vo-
Vise nnd change said clnsslllciition of freight ,
ns hereinbefore in this ndt established , no as-
to ralso any rale , whenever four-tlfths of
mr..i board shall , upon examination and hoar-
lug had as in other cases , by/their wtea llml
nud declare that the BU.U ] ohwlllfution of
freight , us hereinbefore oiUbllshod , when
the rates are applied Is not compensatory
for the service rendered. When any charigo
of rates or in the cUtsslftViulon shall bo iiiudo
by salt ! board It shall bo thu duty of said
board to cause notice thereof to bo published
two successive weeks li : some public naivs-
impcr published jn tha city of Lincoln , in
this state , which notice shall state the duto
of the tamiiK ctttftt , of K-K'h change of rawer
or clnsalflcntion nnd said change of rnto or
classification so in ado by said board and
published In s.ild notice uliall take faffrct at
the time so stated In said notice , and said
changed rule so as tu this section made und
published shall bo a roasonnblo maximum
rate within tfio woaiilni : of suction three of
this net.
Suction 7 ifrovldes that any railroad that
hull classify freight differently than is fixed
by this nut , by menus of which the rates on
iu-h article Is mcreasoJ , or shall make u
greater charge than is allowed by this act.
aid railroad shall forfeit to the party Injured
the sum of one thousand dollars , to bo ro-
covunx ] u& debt * of that arnouut ure now re-
covoiwl by Jaw. '
Huboook'B RGIIOIIIIS Kxposeil.
LINCOI.NNeb. . , March 20 , [ Special I'olo-
gram toTiiisIJp.B.I-AdwMed sensation was
crnatcxl in the house this afternoon when Mo-
Urjdo called up house roll 42U , ublft to pay
county treasurers for collecting educational
fund * for 1834 and US5. White do-
nounccd the bllt'ns.n steal , and said that thq
county trcasqrcr of CMS county , who Is
nnmod In the bill ns ono of the claimants ,
told him that the state did not ewe him n
cent m this connection. Certain parties
were pushing the claim for a 10 per cent
"divvy. " McBrldo demanded the proof ,
when Majors took the floor , savagely do *
nounccd the bill , nnd in support of his posi
tion road the following letter , which was
sent to nil the claimants throughout the
state !
'Donr Sir : Having * no special business
for the winter , I nm Inclined to try. to got nn
appropriation through the legislature to pay
county treasurers' fees for collecting school
land moneys for the years 18S4 nnd 1833.
The last legislature absolutely refused
to mahojun appropriation for such purpose ,
and thh ono Is liable to do tbo same , but
there is nothing llko trying and nothing t.Q
Jose. If nil who have fees duo thorn will glvo
tno 10 dor cent of what Is allowed I will un
dertake the work and do my best to got
something. If you wish to put your claim In
with others please notify mo at once. I nm
very truly years , H. A. BAIICOOK.
This snmo Babcook , who wns formerly au
ditor ot the stato. has been honeying around
the legislature all winter nud this exposure
of his schema fell on the house llko n thun
der clap. Majors declined to glvo the name ,
but the members know who wns the author
of the latter.
The committee reported the bill baok with
the recommendation that it do not pass , nnd
on a roll call killed the measure bv n vote of
70 to 10. The bill called for $0,778 , ami waste
to bo divided between Hfty-sovon bonoflolnr-
los. It has leaked out that Baobocic is to bo
put at tha head of the Insurance department
at the auditor's oftlco and was In the move
to increase the salaries of thn deputies and
clerks ,
The exposure of this scheme by TUG BICE
will open the eyes of honest senators.
Konnnnl'a Claim.
LINCOLN , Nob. , March 20. | Special to Tits
Bra. ] The claim of T. P. Konnard for
$11,000 for alleged services came up on final
reading to-day. Johnson moved to recommit
the bill to the committee of the whole for
further consideration , but the motion wns
violently opposed by Cnldwoll nnd Olmstcad
and lost by a vote of 83 to SO.
Corbin then moved to postpone the final
reading until to-morrow morning , alleging
that ho was looking up the merits of the
claim nnd needed more tlmo.
Baker said that Corbin was acting the part
of n pettifogger and warned thu house that
any delay meant the defeat of the measure.
Johnson said that if the bill was pressed
now it would go down to a well deserved
Kennnrd's friends flitted hither nnd
thither , encouraging their friends and
strengthening the faith ot the weak , and
doubtful. But they counted without tholr
host. The bill was killed by the following
vote :
Ayes Abrahamson , Baker , Bailey , Book
man , Berry , Berlin , Bohacok , Cameron ,
Cntdwcll , Christy of Clay , Coletnan of Polk ,
Cruzon , Oonman , Dempster , Dickinson ,
Dillor , Dunn , Everett. Fieldgrovo , Fuller ,
Gilchrlst , Green , Hall , Hanna , Hnnthorn ,
Hill of Gage , Horne , Lee , Majors , McBrldo ,
McNicklo , Mooker. O'Brien , Olmstoad , Hay-
nor , Robb , Seed , Sovonn , Sweet , Westovor ,
.Whymnn , WilcoxandMr. Speaker 43.
Nays Ballard , Bortls , Braucht , Brink ,
Cady , Christy of Dodge , Coleman of Ante
lope , Collins , Corbin , Delaney , Elliott , Far
ley , Fonton , Gates , Halm , Harding , Hill of
Butler. Hooper , Mattes Jr. , Novo , O'Sulll-
van , Potter , Sargoant , Satcholl , Scovillo ,
Shephard Snydcr , Stirk , Swartsley , Towlo ,
Truesdoll , Weber , Wellor , Wells. White ,
Whitehead , Whltford , Williams , Yutzy 47.
Messrs. Burnham , Gilbert and Hampton
were unavoidably absent.
Legislative Gossip.
LINCOLN , Nob. , March 20. fSpsclal to Tno
BEE. ] The sonata has ordered 200 extra
copies of the legislative manual.
The wedding of Senator Taggart is an
nounced to take place In April.
Judge Sweezy , Seward Garbor , Wright
Tbornborg and ox-Sheriff JQseph Warren , of
Red Cloud , are capital visitors. Also Judge ,
McDonald , of Hastings.
Prof. Billings has bcon in Chicago trying
to corrall that $8,000 position.
Senator Wothorald has been confined to his
room by slcknoss.
Representative D. A. Scovillo is circulat
ing a petition for the position of command
ant of the soldiers'homo in the ovontof
Colonel's Smith's displacement.
A. Wife Influenced by n Peculiar
Brand of Spiritualism.
Dr. John Hauphawout , a dentist of this
city , has boon given a decree of divorce from
his wife Louise , who' is now in Los Angeles ,
Cul. , with her daughter. The divorce was
granted yesterday morning in the district
court by Judge Wakoloy , on the ground of
adultery. The testimony adduced showed
that the plaintiff was a practicing dontist'in
Atlantic , In. , four years ago , and that his
wife committed adultery with a doctor
named Wilder in that placo. He suspected
his wife of Infidelity nnd engaged a young
man named William Taylor to shadow her. Ho' '
did so and ono day saw.hor-go into Wilder's
ofllco. The husband was immediately noti
fied and rushed over to Wlldor's ofllco. Ho
found the door locked nnd burst it open by
putting his shoulder against it. There he
found the cvldenco ho had boon sooklnir.
Afterwards the husband claimed that his
wife confessed her guilt , and said she had
committed the act under Instructions of u
'spiritualist. William Taylor was present as
a witness nnd corroborated the statements of
the husband.
The Jailor ICoIontcd.
"I positively refuse to ba Intorylowod , "
said the jailer-yesterday , us thd'roportor was
asking questions ubout the prisoners. Ho
didn't mean it tliouob , and relented so far as
to say that W. P. Lawrence was bold for
stealing an overcoat from Moses King , of the
Peoples , nnd a pair of shoos from some ono
else first name unknown.
Ucorge Cronln was hold at the district
court In the sum of $3,000 , , for stabbing O ni
cer Marnoll.
"Dutch Jnko" was the prize that Magglo
Norton nnd May Morgan fought for. with
Oftlcprs Shields and Newman as referees.
Tlmo was called , and this morning Judge
Berka will doclda who is the winner.
John Dean , the colored man who has
already earned some notoriety by inducing
n White cirl to leave her homo , Is behind tno
bars once more. The charge against him
Is just what might bo expected wife beat-
lug ,
A. New Train. "
Tha connectnrj ! link between Ne
braska und KUHBIIH has just boon placed
in Borvino by the Union Puciflo railway.
Thin.train loavoo Council Bluffs daily at
4:45 : a. in. ; leaves Omnha at 6:05 : a. in. ,
and runs through without change to
Manhattan , Kan. , making direct con
nections there with the Kan BUS division
of the Union Paul He railway for till
points in Kansas and Colorado west
bound , nnd for Topolcu , Lawrence , Kan
sas City and points oust ana south via
Kansas City. Returning , train Icavos
'Manhattan at 12:25 : p. m , ; arriving at
Beatriuo at 0:25 : p. in. , Lincoln at 7:60 :
p. in. , and Omaha at 11:20 : p. m. , Coun
cil BlulTs 11:40 : p. in. , malting direct
connection with Kunsas division trains
from Kansas Cjty , Lawrence , Topaku
and the east , und from Denver , Salina ,
Abolino and all points west , enabling
nassongers to visit the principal points
in KUIIBIIB and Nebraska in the shortest
possible time. Those trains have first-
class equipment , consisting of smoking
earn and llrst-clnss day coaches of the
latest pattern. Tha now train will till
a long fait want'and la bound to bo
popular. "
\Vlio O\vna Him ?
Omens Ormsby found u bright Uttlo boy at
'The Island" near Cut-Off lalco yesterday ,
and broucht him to tlio station. Ho says Ins
name Is Carl Bluuibaugh , and that ho lives
'Mown there , " but ho sometimes talks about
Havnoy street. Who owns him I
Kartlujuukcu In Hpuln.
MiDiiiit , March 30. Strong shocks of
earthquake were feU to-day at Alhuuia and
Attempts to Brloo Oounollmon Stir
Up-Vltttibns Wrath.
City Fathers 7ftn' b ft Bto y MootIng -
Ing nml ConMrtcr tlio Conduit
Bu lnctttf Ith BInrkoil
sir , fl
CHy Council.
Sixteen mombora of tlio city council mot
last night , and for three-quarters of on hour
listened to a string of petitions , cbmmunica *
tiBns and other items of news. The petitions
were generally for grades and grading ; tlio
communications referred to favors required ,
nnd the "other items" to objections from
some long suffering citizens. Some of them
paid taxes under proxost , BOOIO didn't want
to imy thorn at all ; BO mo wan ted paving , flro
hydrants nnd water mains , nnd some
wanted to wrlto to the counoll any
way.City Comptroller Goodrich asked that bids
for printing tlio mayor's annual report bo ro-
advortlsed , nnd his communication was re
ceived. Tlio Barber Asphalt Paving com
pany wrote to say that tholr experience with
licensed plumbers has been anything but
satisfactory for the pnst four years. Among
other things they soy "Our losses and annoy
ances have been great owing to tlio ' freedom
nnd latitude allowed them by the city in
cutting our pavements , and the entire lack
of legislation requiring them to cancel their
obligations to us. BonlnnhiB the year 1889
wo are refusing to honor the orders from
plumbers for the repairs of cuts in asphalt
pavements , until such time as your honora
ble body may deem it proper to grunt us pro
tection in thopremlsns. " They wore referred
to the committee on curbing and guttering.
Councilman Lowry moved that the city
engineer bo instructed to continue a pipe
culvert on Sixth street , and nftor some de
bate the resolution -was adopted with an
amendment that the cost bo charged to the
South Omaha sewer fund. Another resolu
tion from the same councilman asked that
the board of works DO Instructed to bo moro
specific as to the quality and quantity
of cement to bo used in paving.
There was considerable wrangling over
"the matter , but it wus cut short by
a motion that the council consider the ques
tion Wednesday night , and that when the
council Adjourned it should do so to meet to
Councilman Kaspar moved that an old
two-wheel hose cart , at present unused by
the lire department , bo givoii to South
Omaha , the flro and police commission con
curring. The motion was adopted.
Referring to the report of the city comp
troller , that a largo number of city lots are
at present hold by Hon. Alvin Saunders us
trustee , under an agreement on the part of
the city to furnish a depot ground and right
of way for tho,0Union , Pacific company
Councilman Chaffco , moved that the city at
torney bo instructed take such stops as
will place tbo city in nctual possession of the
said lots. Thg resolution called for Hon. A.
Sounders to 'execute a deed of
the said ground ' to the Union
Pacific railroad" c 'In ' accordance with
the terms and conditions set forth
in the contract Before the council , dated
January 2 , 1873 , with a clause that the said
lands revert to the city in case they shall not
bo occupied or improved in accordance with
the terms of the contract. The deed is to bo
placed in the hands'bf the mayor , who shall
deliver it to a reprdsohthtivo of the Union
Pacific , upon rocoivlHg'a contract In accord
ance with the copy of the contract presented
by the Omaha brldgo'cmnmltteo. The reso
lution was adoptedfc ? !
A resolution calling for the employment of
four men to clean up Hunscom pane was
carried. a' ' '
Councilman Burnham moved "That it is
the sense of tbo city council thaj > it deplores
any action and influence "contemplating fur
ther delay in determining by the proper au
thorities the location of a postoltlcc slto for
tbo city of Omaha , nnd the commencement
of the erection of a building thereon. "
Tbatsucb action and influence is detri
mental to the business and other interests of
the city of Omaha.
A motion to lay it on the table was lost by
a Vote of 0 to 9 , and a vote to adopt it was
carried by 10 to 8.
The committee on public property nnd
building reported in favor of a S5UUOO boifd
from the architect whoso plans for the city
ball shall bo accepted as a guarantee that
the building shall cost no more than the
specifications call for. The report was
The committee on gas and electric light
ing reported the usual monthly overcharge
by the eaa company. This time it was for
repairs and amounted to $83.00 for Feb
Chairman Balcombo , of the board of
works , recommended that the 5 per cent reserve -
servo duo Moupt & Grill ! n for construction
of a sewer in district TO bu paid , and was. re
ferred to the comtnlttoo on sowers.
The counoil then wont into committee , with
Councilman Burnharo In the chair. The first
question considered was the granting of a
thirty-year franchise to the Omaha subway
company for the purpose of nutting all over
head wires under ground , the company to
furnish all necessary conduits.
Councilman Snyder wanted to hear from
tbo Chicago delegation as to the feasibility of
the scheme. . - -
; Councilman Leo suggested that the city
engineer glvo the explanation. Ho did.
Ho said ho found- its success depended not
on the system , but the material used in the
conduits. The electrical companies admitted
that it was only a question of time until all
their wires wont under ground. It seemed
to bo generally admitted by those Interested
that the art of constructing conduits was In
its infancy , and thai there was at present
but little- difference between the rival
systems , but what tbero was went in favor
of the Domett.
"I understand thr.t Mr. Lowry kept pretty
sober while there. I would like to hear from
him , " eaid Councilman Boyd. Councilman
Lowry sum the Dorsett system was put down
at n cost of about $23,009 per mile , nnd yet
the arc light and other electrical companies
worn paying more than that for n system of
Iron piping.
By request Engineer Tlllson explained
the newly inadn soil in Chicago , rendered the
laying of iron pipes necessary. Where the
ground was now imido in Omaha it would
meet with the same difficulties.
Councilman Lee Mid the question of cost
was not one that ; affected the city. Tim
real question was whether or not the
wires should bo put under ground. A year
ago Kaspar had moved' ' the wires should
go < under ground , but , was outvoted. Ho
( Lee ) had subsequently ) brought in nn
ordinance giving JoliiieGrant a franchise ,
but it is still before 'thocouncil. . Thou the
present company asUcd-for'u franchise , and
It is being opposedby > 'the telephone , tele
graph and electric light companies. The
question for the counoil , rtas representatives
of the people , to decide "was whether the
wires should go uil'dor-i ground. If they
thought they should , then some company
should bo given n franchise , for until the
conduits wore placed 'ttiey could not compel
the companies to put their wires under
Councilman Davltfl'told ' what the dele
gation did while .in 0' Chicago. Thurs
day they spent about ) an hour look
ing nt conduits. . .Friday they went
to see the Western Union telegraph olllcuils.
They seemed willing to put the Iwlres under
ground , but were looking for the best system.
They were not using and never had used the
Porsctt system. Tim opinion on that system
was unfavorable to it , and iiono of it had
boon laid In four and n half years. It was
declared to bo impracticable , and that it was
expansive to koup in repair. Hu did not
thtak the time bud come for Otnaha or any
other city to compel the companies to put
their wires under ground , though It would
como some time , He would oppose granting
any franchise to any subway company ,
Councilman Hascall said that the question
of a premature building of conduits , or tboir
impracticability when built , was a risk that
the companion ulono had to run. The wires
should go underground , and ho thought the
council shoula vote for u sub
way ordinance of some kind , without
granting u monopoly to any one company.
Councilman Bedford thought la view of
the great diversity of opinion Us to the prac
ticability of ttio Dorsott system thn iho
could not vote M It 'Ho thought it was n
stock schomp , nnd that there was n letter in
existence , now In poisosslon of n member of
the council , that might throw some light on
the subject.
Councilman Dnvis endorsed Bedford's ro-
tnarksj and finally produced n lottor. It win
from A. Shfllliiglawi electrician for Armour
Co. H was addressed to OhnfTco and
Davis , nnd Insinuated that n majority of the
counoll had boon "fixed , " and that Mr. Dor-
sett had tried to fix him by offorlns him a tx > -
sltlon as superintendent ot construction
of Itlio Omaha subway system.
Furthermore ho had boon offered
n financial Interest In thrx company , Ho
claimed that the system would not stand a
close nnd impartial Investigation.
There was n storm at once , and A. Shll-
llnRlaw , electrician for Armour & Cd. , came
In for a roasting all around. Councilman
O'Connor explained that the writer had gone
down to Chicago with them , had invited
them to the theater at his expense , nnd hud
spoken ngnlntt the proposed company.
Councilman Hascnl , Sanders nnd Knswar
followed In the same strain or moro so.
Councilman Lowry objected to any nbtiso
of Shllllnglaw.
Councilman Chaffco spoke in defense of
Shlllluglnw , and then. Hnscnll put in another
roast. Ho claimed that Instead of thu coun
cil being fixed It was solf-ovldcnt that ho
was trying to bo fixed himself. Some mem
bers of the council wore endeavoring to put
themselves nbovo the others , nnd wore using
this moans of.endcavorlng to fix n stlgmn
on those who differed from them.
Councilman Lee asked for a special com
mittee to Investigate the charges mode In
the letter. It was n serious charge to bring
ngnlnst the council , nnd should bo sifted to
the bottom. Ho had mot the writer on the
train , and had noticed that ho was very ao-
tlvo in spanking of the impracticability of
the conduit system so much so that ho
asked Davis and Chaffeo If ho was not In the
pay of the telegraph company.
Councilman whcolor sold it was not n ma
terial question. If anything was investigated
it should bo the practicability of the system ,
not the charges against the councilman. Ho
would oppose the company.
Councilman Lowry astonished the council"
by saying that ho was one councilman who
had bcon offered n bunch of stock In the
company. Ho supported Shllllnglaw and
courted nn Investigation. Ho would toll the
amount of stock offered him. and who It wus
offered it.
was then rend. It was dated March 25. nnd
stated that Shlllinglnw had approached htm
with the information that ho could control
two or three members of the council , and
asking on what terms he could got In on the
ground floor of the deal. He was not in
Omaha for his health , and xvas willing to use
his influence with two or throe of the council
who would rely on his judgment "nnd do ns
ho desired them In the matter of granting
the Omaha franchise. If ho could get into
the deal on the bottom ho would do all ho
could to assist in getting a favorable report
of the commute. "
The council then rose and reported in favor
of withholding action on the ordinance. The
chair then appointed Councllmcu Burnham ,
Bailey , Bedford , Ford and Kaspar as a com
mittee of Investigation.
An ordinance authorizing the annual levy
of taxes for park purposes was read n first
and second time , and the council adjourned.
As tbo council filed out two rival electri
cians came in contact with each other , and a
war of words ensued.
"You can't bring on your committees any
too quick for mo , " said one.
"I'll trot you n heat anyhow , nnd I'll just
about prove that you're bought yourself nnd
you tried to buy others , " sold his oppo
"It's a lie ! You can't prove it In the coun
cil or the committee. "
"Well , I can prove It just as well hero ns
anywhere auywljero you say. "
Olmrfjptt With Rnrjjlary.
FREMOXT , Neb. , March 20. I Special to
Tns BEE. ] Deputy Sheriff Howe arrested
David Etherton four miles north of Ames ,
this county , yesterday afternoon. The pris
oner was taken to Blair this morning by
Sheriff Schneider , of Washington county ,
where ho will bo held on a charge of burg
lary. Ho Is one of flvo men who broke Into
a store at Blair lust September nnd stole n
larco quantity of goods. Three others of the
gang have heretofore been arrested , and are
in jail at Blair.
The Lost Vessel.
PHILADELPHIA , March 20. The pilot boat
Edmunds reports that she picked up a clinker
built whaleboat in good condition , bottom
up , with "Conserya" marked on the port
bow , at Fenwick island. Four oars were
lashed in her. A new painter nnd new line
wore on each end. both of which were
broken , nnd everything covered with fish oil ,
including the ropes. The boat was landed nt
Cnuo May. The pilot boat Bayard reports
that on March 2-3 the Fenwlck's island light
ship .passed half of a ship's whale boat ,
cllnker'built , which looked as if it had been
run into nnd split. It had a now painter at
tached to it ; also had a long log line and
rsol which were taken out by the pilots.
NEW YOIIK , March 20. The pilot boat
Charlotte Webb arrived to-day from a crulso
nnd reports that on Sunday afternoon she
passed through several miles of wreckage ,
ami on the same evening picked up a life
boat marked "Consorva.V
The Grand Trunk Called to Time.
WASHINGTON , March 20. An order was
made to-day by the intor-state commerce
commission sottlnc forth that Information
has bcon lodged with the commission that
the Grand Trunk railroad of Canada has
violated , and Is still violating , the Inter-state
statutes In divers particulars , and citing the
ofllciuls of said railway to appear before the
commission at Washington on April 4 to
answer concerning all mutters and submit
to an investigation.
Not Wildly Enthusiastic.
LIIUMIB , Wyo. , March 3J. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BuE.-rThe ] news of tno ap
pointment of Francis E. Warren as governor
of VVyomlncr , fell upon Laramie to-day with
a dull sickening thud. The majority of the
republicans hero favored E. S. W. Morgan ,
former territorial secretary. They looked
upon the candidacy of Warren ns moro in
the interests of Cheyenne than the entire
Tlio Death Itcoord.
BEUI.IX , March 23. Theodore Stelnway ,
of Stelnway & Sons , piano dealers of Now
York died to-day nt Brunswick.
Nuw YOIIK , March 20. P. It. Klssam. n
member of the New tork exchange since
180 , died this morning. Ho was a brother-
in-law of the Into William H. Vauderbllt.
CiiATTANOorToini. . . March CO , Hon.
John U. Neal , member of cougrens from the
Third Tennessee division in the Fiftieth
congress , died to-day nt Illicit Springs.
Tenn. , after.nn illness of two months , of
consumption of the bowels.
The Nopclhnin-GUinoro Plant.
MIXXBAFOUB , March 20. The fight to a
finish between Harry Gilmore and Danny
. Nccdhnm , which was stopped last "Bight by
the police , will occur before morning within
ten miles of the city Imilts. All'tho iiroliml-
narles have been arranged , and nt this hour
(11 ( p. in. ) those Intorentcd are collectlngpro-
porutory to starting for the battle ground.
Hunk With All on Hoard.
BOSTON , March 20. The schooner M. B.
Stoudson , of Provincetowii , arrived to-day In
distress. The captain reported that labt
night , when twenty.llvo miles east from the
highlands of Capo Cod , the schooner collided
with a small fishing vessel , and that the lat
ter sank with all on board. It Is not known
how many were on the Hailing vessel. The
Stondson hadn narrow escape , her cutwntor
having been carried away to within an inch
of her plankings. She is leaking badly. .
Not Coming to NeDrnskn.
CHICAGO , March 20. The signal sorvlco
officer hero re | > orts to-nlgbt that a cold wave
signal ls ordered to bo hoisted for Illinois and
Iowa. The temperature is expected to fall
about twenty degrees for Iowa by 8 a. in. on
March liS.nnd about thirty degrees in Illinois ,
Oulxtrno Knocked Out JJy SUIniu-r.
CHICAGO , March SO.-rln the seventh round ,
of n fight to-night for * 1BO , Frank Skinner ,
of Chicago , knocked out Billy Osborno , of
Milwaukee , Tlio lutfiflnir took place in a
barn lit tha south end of tbo city. About
one hundred people \veio present.
Domocrntla I'rlnmrlcs.
The results of the democratic primary
election , by wards , nt South Omaha yester
day was ns follows :
Ton rouce aunon.
1st. 3d. 3d. 4th. Total.
II. Strothmnn. . . . 103 101 130 ' 15 480
Patrick J. King. . IC'J 70 73 71 834
Henry McKcndry 24 03 101 3 100
J-Lovy , 1 7 8
1'ruyn 8 n
Total j. . . SOT 820 20tt 83 1001
Mr. Strothmnn's plurality over Mr. King ,
rou SCHOOL ninncTons.
_ , , „ 1st. ad. d. 4tn. Total.
Frank H. Boyd. . . 53 80 . . . M ) 144
V'l'V garpontcr. . . 4 1 . . ai ! W
.1. H. Fleming. . . CO 157 129 7
Edward Corrlgnn 03 144 119 0 837
M. .T. O'Kourko. . . 43 25 . . . 23 03
A. B. Haley 50 121 85 37 803
Thomas Hyiin. . . . tl is . . . n "it
W. 0. Stontoft. . . 15 2 ! ) . . . . . . 44
Mr. Fleming and Mr. Cornlngnro tno nom
inees. .
John C. Carroll 39
Thoman Hook nr
I& | I1. Towl 113
Daniel Hnmmon , , 44
JohnF. Hitchbart \ , \ \ \
Total 033
SECOND WAlll ) .
C. A. Molchcr 153
Daniel Kafforty , 135
Mr. Molchor's majority 33
, . „ , TillUIl WA1III.
JohnN.BurKo ins
Jacob H. Eggcr ! . . ' . '
Mr. Burko's majority , 31
_ , , rouiiTH WAHU.
Ed Johnston ru
B. Jotter . ! . ! . ! . . ' . ' ! ! 21
Mr. ' Johnston's majority 411
THI : TiruET.
For Police Judge IJruno Strothman.
For bchool Directors James H. Fleming ,
Edward Corrlgnn.
Council First ward , E. B. ; Towl ; Second
ward , C. A. Melchor ; Third ward , John N.
Burke ; Fourth ward , Ed Johnston.
A -GO cent bottle of Dr. B
Positive Cure will promptly and thor
oughly euro the worst cuse of recent
couffh , cold or throat or lung trouble.
Buy the dollar bottle for chronic cnsos.
Pleasant to UiUo. Goodman Drug Co. -
An Ex-SnIootilcccpcr Duped.
Until About one year ago Frank Crawford
conducted n saloon on South Tenth street ,
near the Union Pacific tracks. Ho disposed
of his establishment nnd went cast. Monday
ho returned for the purpose of looking after
money duo him , a largo amount of which ho
claimed stood against a number of railway
employes. Ho called on several of them nnd
threatened to garnlshce their wages if they
did not produce. Monday evening-he re
paired to the switchmen's tepee in the yards
for the purpose of calling upon the night
men when they reported for duty. Ho was
In advance of their usual tlmo of arrival , nnd
carelessly laid his ledger containing the
accounts ono side as ho meandered off for n
cigar. Upon his return the book was gone.
If ho fails to find the book ho con prepare no
Itemized account of the indebtedness of his
The Y. 31. C. A. Reception.
Another ono of these receptions which are
making the Young Men's Christian associa
tion more popular with the young men , was
piven last night. The reception was ten
dered to the clerks and bookkeepers of the
wholesale houses and manufacturing Institu
tions of the city. Fully 1,000 invitations were
sent out to the employes of the various de
partments of the wholesale and jobbing
trade. But as the Lenten season still holds
on and causes ' a lull In all social events , only
about 400 'people wore nt the reception. Thev
were richly rewarded in enjoyment for being
Recruiting thn Croc lie.
A baby about three weeks old was found
last night on the door step of Dr. Tlldon on
Douglas street between Nineteenth and
Twentieth street. It is supposed that some
heartless mother deposited it there. The
child wus sent to the Crecho.
Two Chicago Men Kocoivc Glmmly
White Cap Warnings.
CHICAGO , March 20. | Special Telegram to
THE Ban.l There has been a good deal of
excitement In this community" during. the
past few days growing out of the horrible and
business-like- White Cap warning , received
by two well-known citizens of the town. A
week ago lust Friday Fre'd Hartllob , proprie
tor of the Stone House hotel , received n box
by express which- had bocd shipped from
some way station on the Baltimore & Ohio
road. Hurtllob opened the box aud wus par
alyzed at Its contents. Inside was u pair of
human cars , two big toes , a second flny > ref
of a man and a piece of human cuticle
about four Inches square , on which wus
scrawled a warning to leave the placo. at
once. Hartllob said nothing to his friends ,
but ho and his wife were about frightened to
deatii , and since then , up to last Saturday ,
ho has bcon standing guard over his premises
with a rillo while his wife slept. Mutters
drifted along until Saturday night when a
bundle of hickory switches were hung on
Hurtlleb's door knob uiul a paper posted up
again warning him to lenvo. A like warning
and a bunch of switches were also left at tbo
homo of Anthony Smith.
. <
NobniHkn nnd Iowa I'a touts.
WASHINGTON , March 20 , [ Special Tele-
prum to The BEB.J Anna O. Scliuulcraan ,
Lincoln , Neb. , culinary apparatus ; William
H. D. Ludlow , Tonumsoh , Neb. , tag fast
jlowa : Harrison V. Con way , Boone , car
coupling ; Paul W. Lofjlor , assignor to
Craver , Stcela & Austin , Grlnncll , journal
box for crank pens ; Hugh O'Haro , asmgnor
to J. l'\ Leech , Mount Pleasant , folding
chair ; Li.uren M. Soulo , Cedar Uaplds , car
riage spring ,
0 m i i
Another Monte Carlo Viol Int.
CANSKS , March 20 , Goiscndorf , son of the
Swiss consul hero , was found murdcrQd near
the railroad track at Monte Carlo. His valise ,
which was lying near by , had bten rilled.
Ho had recently won largo sums of money at
tlio gaming tables at Moute Carlo.
The Homarknblo Prosonoo of Mind
of Two Dos Motuoa Youngsters.
And Is HcROticil by Tholr iTnnltloil Ef
forts While Aduttn Stniut Aroutul
and Kill the Air With
De-'crvlncorii ' Mcdnt.
DES MOINKS , In.-March 20. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BKB.J A very strange accident
happened Sunday afternoon In East Dos
Molues. Harry Fish , n hltlo boy sovcn or
olght years of ago , wns visiting with two
children ut 1800 Wnlkor street. The children
were alone on the promise.1 ! with the excep
tion of n servant girl , nnd they wont to n
well to get n drink. The well U ono of the
rope nnd pulley kind , ono bucket being gene
from ono end of the ropo. Harry , with the
assistance of the Qthor children , n boy of
nlno nnd a girl of eleven years , drew n buctcot
of water nnd leaned over to sot It upon the
lloor of the frame work. Somehow ho lost
his balanun and foil In , still holding the
bucket. Downward ho plunged , a dtstanco
of forty toot into about six feet of water.
The ether children called the girl , who was
In the bouse , but her frlcht was so great
that phe could not donnvthlngoxcopt screnm
and wring her hand in dismay. Before any
assistance came the boy nnd girl drew the
little follow up , ho holding to the rope and
bucket. The only Injury no received was u
cut on the lip made by tlio bucket.
In Fnvor of the Konil.
DIM MOINKS , In. , March 20. [ Bpoolftl Tolo-
grnm to Tim Bm.j : In the case of citizens efFort
Fort Dodge against the Rock Island road ,
which has been considered by the commis
sioners , they have reached a decision which
has not been made public , but It Is under
stood to bo In favor of the road , and against
compelling It to maintain n track from Tnma
to Fort Dodge. The Rock Island Is using
the track of the Illinois Central for those six
miles , but the citizens of FortDodeo wanted
to have the road ruu Its own parallel track
nnd maintain n depot of its own. The com
missioners refuse to compel the company to
do so so long us it keeps up its train sorvica
IU heretofore.
Hoof Hot In Webster.
FoiiTDoDoc , la. , March ' 2(5. ( [ Special to
Tun Bun. ] The appearance of the torrlblo
cattle disease , hoof rot , among herds In three
widely separated parts of Webster county ,
about the sumo time , creates consternation
among largo cattle owners In this part of
Iowa. These fears were further Increased
to-day by the discovery of the disease In the
herd of Dan Meredith , n largo farmer near
this city. Hoofs have entirely dropped oft
from many of his cattle. The state veterinary
has been uotilled and his comlug Is anxiously
A Gang of Mlscroniitq.
MASON Cm" , In. , March 20. | Special Telegram -
gram to TIIK Btn.J Not satisfied with
their graveyard disturbance , the gang of
miscreants at Sanborn , operating under tha
name of White Caps , continue their depreda
tions. Last night several barns were entered
nml the tails and cars of several animals
were cut off. T. H. Ltndon was- hung In
efllpy in ono of the principal streets. Tha
two who Were arrested last week are still
held In custody , and it Is thought that they
will soon peach on the entire gang.
Mchnu Will IMoail Guilty.
DES MoiNns , la. , March 21. [ Special
Telegram to THU UCB. ] Thomas F. Mohnu ,
who wus brought hero from Davenport ,
charged with robbing the postoftlco there ,
was arraigned before United States Commis
sioner Jordan to-day. Matmn waived ex
amination and was taken to Council Blufff
nud lodged in jail there to await trial nt tlm
next term of federal court , which meets
there. It is understood that ho is willing to
plead guilty as soon as an opportunity it
offered. _
Accident nt .1 Funeral.
MIHOATINR , la. , March 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bui : . ] Whllo on the way to
Mrs. Barney Priester's ' funeral yesterday ,
the team hitched io one of the carriages be
came frightened at a switch engine , and
Mrs. Rjnk , of Mussurvlllc , nn occupant , wns
thrown out over an embankment and se
verely injured. In fulling she struck the
ground with her head , shoulder and right
side , breaking the collar bone and bruising
the lung and right ribs.
UHCI ! Illnmir Tor Unit.
WATEIH.OO , In. , Mnroh 25. [ Special Tola-
gram to Tin ; Bin ; . ] A sensational suloldo
took place hero to-night. Fred Gnlla , a
tailor , who had been out of work for some
time , went Ihlilug this evening und nftor
setting three Hues ho snt down on a high
bunk , lied his foot together with a cord , and
"thori tlod both hands by his sides. Instills
condition ho pitched headlong Into the river.
Help was close at hand , but ho was dead be
fore ho could bo got out.
Itulsetl the Necessary Amount.
Dns MOIXES , la. , March 24. [ Special
Telegram to Tar. BKK. ] The Merchants
National bank has raised the sum nf money
required by the national bank examiner , and
this morning opened its doors for the pay
ment In full of all depositors. It will thus
go Into liquidation , and in a short tlmo will
_ bo opened as the Hnwkoyo Savings bank ,
Everybody JInU n Cough.
WATKIILOO , la. , March 20. [ Special Tolo-
pram to Tin ; BBK. ] .Thomas A. Nash , a
druggist at Rockford , has been arrested and
lined * 100 nnd costs on complaint of J. H.
Plukutt , commissioner of pharmacy , for sell-
Ir.g a cough syHqi , which was principally
whlbUy , His store was cloned.
Struck hy a Trnln. .
( Jobiin.v , Ind. , March 20. Robert McCaf
frey and Delia Love , aged nineteen and
twenty , respectively , while attempting to
cross a railroad track In a carriage six miles
from Goshen , last night , were struck by a
passenger truln and Instantly killed. . The
horse wus also killed mid the carriage de
Makes the Weak Strong I
If you nro rundown , or have tlmttlred feeling
as a result of ovtrw ork or the effect of the cliaiig.
iitffcenHon , younliould tafcethutbestof all tonics
nud bloodpuiltlers.llood'sSarsapflrllln. Itpurl-
lies nnd enriches the blood , tonoH the stomach ,
rouses the torpid liver and kldnoys , crouton nn
appetite and build * up the system. Thousands
\vlio have taken It A\lth benefit , testify that
llood'H 6111 saparllla "makes the weak strong , "
"J took Hooil'HBnr nparlla | for lossofiippeUte ,
dyspepBlii , .and general lungoui' It-Ulcl mo u
vuBtumountoriooilunaiiuvono ! hesitancy in
racommendlngit. " J. W. Wii.i.i : oiiDlQalucylll.
That TIred Fooling
"I was very much run down In health , had no
BtreiiKth and no Inclination to do anything , I
lmv now been taking Hood's Barsapurllla about
a month and that tired feeling has loft me , my
appetite has returned , and taKolt all Innll.I am
llkBanowtinn. Wenlltake Hood's finrjaparil-
In. " CiiAU.scKvI.ATiiAU.NorthCoumbuiiOhio ,
"For live years I n us ICK every spring , but lust
year began In February totaka Hopd's Bargwpa-
rlllu. I used live bottles and have not ucen a
BloUday since. " 0. W.8i.oAN , Milton , Mass-
N. . If yon docldoto tuko Hood's Bareapa-
rl'.la do not be Induced to buy any other ,
I A fair trail of irood'HSarsaparillulllconvlucu
nnyrcusnnnblo person that It POIBVSXCS great
medicinal murlt. We do not claim that every
( bottle will accompliaha mlrudo , but wo do know
that nearly every bottle , tukim according to Uir-
octloni , does produce positive benefit Itfl pecu
liar curative poutr la sliowu by many remark-
abla cures.
| "I Imvotakoii three bottle * of Hood's Harsnpa-
rlllaund roiitlUerlt ths cost blustl mcdlclno I
Inivo over taken. H builds mo up , makes m
! dlopp bettor , Rlvos mo a ( joo-t nppstlto ami 1m-
j piovos my health fionurjlly. " .Miia.A.
TON , Portland , Me.
Hoadnoho , No Appotlto
"I hav been troubled uroat deal wllh hoad-
echo , had no appetite , no stryogth and felt u
menu as anyonu could , and us atwut my work *
| Hlnco taking Ilood'it dHrsnptirilliv I have not had
thu hradaclie , my food ImarolUhed.r.ndwooinod
to do me good , and I have f It inygslf growing
stronger crery day. I thorouslily believe lu
Hood'sH&rcaparllla. " M. A.BTKISJJAXI Urand
Avdnne , Oraml Ituplds , Mich ,
"iloo'l'a ' Barsapatilla purified my blood , B T
me strength , and orercama the headache and
dlzzlnoHH , so that now I am able to worknculn. '
IiUTiiea NASON , 63 Church St. , Lowell Musa.
Hood's Sarsaparilla I
II. tlx for IS. Prepared bnl
Bold bf ,11 druvifliti. . . ,
by 0,1.1OOI > & CO. , Apoibocarlei , i/owall , Han.
IOO DOBOS Ono Dollar
Bold br nil rirugifliti. Ill > U far K. I'reparM oulf
6V C. l.JIOOll * VO. , Apslliewlet , IVjTcll , Mat * ,
100 DOBOS Ona Dollar