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Representative Hltt , of Illinois , Men
tioned Favorably.
Valentino's Friends Think Ho linn n
Corner on Hint Office Oohllti-oo
Not n Candidate * Tor the
Mexican Mission.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , March 20. )
It will bo remembered that a few days ago
when n senator mentioned to President Harrison
risen that Chauncoy M. Dopow would bo aa
nble representative of tUo United States at
the Court of St. James , the head of the nation ,
according to report , observed that ho would
llko to find n good man for the place In the
west , nud nskcd the senator if ho could sug
gest someone. It was learned to-day by your
correspondent that General Harrison had 'In
mind when ho made this observation the
name of Kobcrt 1C. HIU , representative In
congress from the Sixth district of Illinois ,
which embraces a portion of the city of
Chicago. It need create no surprise if Mr.
Hitt is nominated to the position at any tlmo.
Ho is an intimate personal friend of Mr.
Blnlnc , nnd has been with that gentleman
nnd Mr. William Walter Phelps almost con
tinually durliig the past month. His frionda
have suspected that something was about to
happen In diplomatic circles , seeing this trio
I BO frequently together. Mr. Hltt is fifty flvo
years old and Is a practiced and accomplished
diplomat. Ho began his career in dip
lomacy in the American legation at
Paris and was assistant secretary of state in
18S1 under Mr. Blalno. It is known that ho
would gladly give up his present position in
ho house for a four year's term In the first
diplomatic position o ? this country abroad.
Mr. Hitt's district is safely republican.
There is n strong probability that ex-Con
gressman Valentino will bo nominated for
commlssionor of the general land ofllco. The
fight for this ofllco has been n triangular and
very bitter ono. Ex-Senator Chilrott , of
Colorado ; Governor Stone , of Iowa , and ox-
Representative Calkins , of Indiana , are the
leading aspirants. Chilcott. of Colorado ,
has been in the lend until within a week ,
when n bitter opposition developed against
him , headed by ox-Senator Bowen , of Cole
rado. Ho was backed by the Colorado , Ne
braska and Kansas delegations , whllo the
preferences of Secretary Noble were openly
expressed for Governor Stone , of Iowa , of
whom ho was a warm personal friond. Lateen
on Saturday Mr. Chilcott evinced n dealro to
withdraw in favor of Congrcsaman Valen
tino. It la understood to-day from the
white house that the presentation of Mr.
Valentino's name was immediately accepted
as a solution of the dlfllculty , and that after
a personal Interview with Secretary Noble ,
the feeling was prevalent that his name
would bo first sent in. Mr , Valentino to
night , when Interviewed on this subject , de
clined to respond to any inquiries , but it was
learned at tbo Interior department that
shortly after noon ho paid a visit to the sec
retary ol the interior , in company with the
entire Nebraska delegation and Senator
Plumb , of Kansas , and Senator Teller , of
Colonel Tom Ochiltreo says that ho never
was a candidate for the Mexican mission
and that all reports alleging him to bo so are
canards. Ho adds that ho would very much
HKO the appointment , but it has always been
the rule never to appoint a Texan to an office
in Mexico because of the , friction on the bor
The meeting of the Nebraska delegation
this afternoon to consider the recommenda
tions for appointments was delayed on tbo
receipt of a note from Congressman Laird
that ho would bo present and would partici
pate. Ttio meeting was hold at 4 o'clock in
Senator Mundcrson's committee room. All
the members of tbo committee rofuseato
state the result of its deliberations beyond
the fact that the meeting was entirely har
monious and that several recommendations
were agreed upon. . Another mooting will beheld
held to-morrow , at which Mr. Laird will also
bo present. * *
The alleged "differences" between Senator
Quay and Postmaster General Wanamaker
are only on the surface and do not reach the
heart. There is no doubt that Mr. Wuna-
rnaltcr has tendered the Philadelphia post-
office to his friend , M/ . Field , who is not a
politician , and whoso conduct nt the polls
during the last few years is n matter of some
doubt. It is also true that Mr. Quay lias in
dorsed the application of William U. Leads ,
otherwise known as "Bill Loads , " for the
same ofllco , and has written a strong letter
urging his appointment. While Mr. Quay
tells people that he is going to insist upon
Mr. Leads' appointment , and that' ho docs
not believe the postmaster general will ap
point Mr. Field , ho docs not show any signs
of rage or disappointment , and it is suspected
that ho has indorsed Leads simply for effect.
Nearly every senator who expects to leave
Washington at the end of the present extra
session of the sonata has his personal effects
packed , nnd his wife , if she bo In tha cily ,
has her Saratoga In the hall of the
bouso , strapped ready for the expressman.
It was expected that the senate would ad
journ on Friday , but the death of Justice
Matthews lost the senate two actual days of
work and the inability of the president
to ngrco upon a minister to England makes
It a necessity that the senate shall remain in
session a few days longer , it will probably
adjourn the middle of next week , but may
continue until Frklny of next week. There
nro about u down senators who practically
live in Washington all the year round , and
they will remain horu till tbo hot. torui be
gins , when they will go to their constituents ,
for visit or to the scas'do for recreation ,
Eight or ton members of tbo house ol o have
residences hero and remain in Washington
all tbo-yonr round. The adjournment of the
extra session of the senate does not mean the
abandonment of the occupation of ofllco
recking , neither docs it mean that all
of the ofllca seekers will stay away
from Washington. The work , however ,
w'U ' bo conducted through senators and rep
resentatives from their homes to a largo extent -
tent , After the legislators and the visiting
patriots who desire occupation in the federal
government have departed , the administra
tion will begin to formulate Its policy and
there will bo something more substan
tial for the readers of the daily papers to
feed updn when they look Into the Washing
ton column than tlio eagerness of men who
want work for so much n year , and pay from
tbo coffers of Undo Saui.
A. U. Mayliold , Elnuvood , Casa county ,
vlco Mrs. Joslo E. Koyor , resigned ; John W ,
Taylor , Nomaba City , Neinalm county , vlco
. Richmond J. Slccn , resigned ; James II.
llubb , Wnltdn , Lancaster county , vice James
J. Shannon , resigned ; Charles L. Bright ,
Mlncolu ; William Hoguo , Gordon ; C. D.
Chapman , Archer ; Robert C. Finley , Cam
eron ; M. tSjholm , Dannebrog.
LaGrange Tiffany , Clarence , Cedar county ,
vioo August Wcrder , resigned ; George
Nuims. lildioy , llrcmcr county , vice Annie
E , Walker , removed ; Ji C. Jackson , llurper ,
KeoUuk county , vice T.P.Scott , removed ;
Bumucl H. dill , llavulov-k , Pocahontat
countyvko E. A. Donahue , removed ;
Charles E. Horrlck , Laurens , Pocabontus ,
vice M. HakU , removed : A. J. Weaver , Letts ,
Louisa county , vice D. W. Palnc , left the
place ; William H , McCune. Kuthven , Pala
Alto county , vlco S. J , Nolan , resigned ;
Claud Stratford. Hamilton county , vice I. W.
Hyatt , removed , and 0. F. Huckleberry ,
Tracy , Marion county , vlco W. E. Hoycr.
resigned ,
Crook , Homo & . Co. , ol Baltimore , were
the lowest bidders to-day for supplying the
heating apparatus for the government build
ing nt Kokuk , la. Their bid was 15,8(57. (
Barrett Scott , of O'Neill , nnd Lewis Neil ,
of Omaha , nro hero.
Puniir S. HEATH.
Action Will Probably Ilo Taken On
It Friday.
WASHINGTON , March 20. [ Special Tele
gram to TDK BEE. ] Owing to the funeral of
Justice Stanley Matthews Secretary Win-
dom could not spare the time yesterday to
take up the Omnha public building site ,
but tills. morning ho discussed the matter
with Congressman Connell , ex-Senator
Saundurs nnd E. Hosowatcr. The secretary
stated that ho expected the now architect to
assume his position to-morrow , nnd would at
the earliest moment confer with him and
render his final decision. This tnnko take
until Friday.
About ninety names cf prominent citizens
of Omaha , signed to a petition in favor of
Ightconth nnd Farnntn streets , were re
ceived by telcrfrnph yesterday at tbo treas
ury department. Among Ihom were Thomas
Klmball and George W. Holdrogo , gen
eral managers of the Union Pacific and
Burlington roads ; J. J. Dlckoy , general su
perintendent of the Western Union ; the rep
resentatives of the Swift & Co. nnd Hammond
& Co. , packing-houses , and quito n number
of wholesale dealers. A proposition was
made to Senator Manderson to submit the
question of location for decision to n major-
ty of the Omaha board of trade , each mem
ber to deposit a written ballot in favor of
ono of the two locations , Eighteenth and
Farnam or the Planters' house sito. This
thomcnalor declined to accept. Another
proposition , to have an election bold by the
taxpayers whoso property is valued nt over
fo.OOO , was also rejected. The senator
claims ho wants nothing to do with the loca
tion , but stands by the letter ho has written
to Secretory Windom , in which ho endorses
Mr. Llnton's cholco as the most doslrablo
_ , Courtesy Appreciated.
WASHINGTON , March 20. The officers at
tached to the navy department are highly
ratified at the information which reached
them of the participation of the British
authorities and forces in the funeral ceremonies -
monies of Roar Admiral Chandler , who died
n Hong Kong , on February 10. Moro than
ono thousand hlghlandcrs marched in the
irocesslon nnd thcso wore followed by 1,000
sailors attached Jto an English man-of-war ,
each having a craco band on his slcovo. A
company of Northampshiro marines ,
artillery and marine artillery preceded the
governor nnd staff , heads of government de
partments , consuls and numbers of
residents , who brought up the rear.
The services at the grave were very
mprcsslvo , nnd were conducted amid the'
roomings of mlnuto guns in the harbor. The
service was read by Rov. Barker , naval
chaplain ; Rev. Coates , chaplain of the Cor
delia , and Rov. Moore , of the Impcrionzo.
On February 14 Commander Dyer , accom
panied by Lieutenant Commander \Vert nnd
Lieutenant Wedhams , called on Governor
Sir G. William DCS Vnux , Vice Admiral Sal
mon General Commander Rear Admiral
Maxwell and Colonels Crustor and Robert
son , and thanked them in person for the
marked and spontaneous tribute ot respect
paid by those officers at the funeral of Ad
miral Chandler , assuring 'them that their
considerate action was deeply appreciated by
Lbe American residents la the east and highly
esteemed by the government at Washington.
A Ray of Hope For the Settlors.
WASHINGTON , March 20. The commis
sioner of the general land o nice to-day recom
mended to the secretary of the interior that
suit bo instituted in the name of the United
States to recover about 200,000 acres of land ,
situated between the Racoon forks of tbo
DCS Moincs river , and known as the DCS
Moines river lands. Under the authority of
the land department a largo number of set
tlers , between the years 1855 and 1800 , made
entry of thcso lands , but of which the Des
Moincs Valley railroad company , act fug
under authority of the state courts , has been
for some tlmo actively engaged in dlspos-
sesitiR them. A bill having for its object the
restoration of thcso lands passed the Forty-
ninth und Fiftieth congresses , but it did not
receive the approval of the president. It is
said that the Iowa delegation in congress is
unanimously In favor of the courserecom
mended by the commissioner.
Perfecting the Money Order System
WASHINGTON , March 20. Pursuant to the
authority contained in the not of congress
approved Januury 80 , 1SS9 , the postoffico de
partment is now conducting negotiations
with various foreign governments with which
the exchange of money orders is maintained ,
with a view of securing their reciprocal in-
crcaso ot the maximum amount. To-day the
postmaster general and tbo Hawaiian min
ister , H. A. P. Carter , signed an agreement
establishing a now limit of $100 for orders
between the United States and the Hawaiian
islands. During the year ended Juno SO ,
1SS8 , the amount of money orders issued in
the United States for payment In Hawaii
was $4,508. On * the other hand , the amount
of orders drawn in Hawaii for payment in
tbo United Stutcs wus $ - 5US4.
WASHINGTON , March 20. Among others
confirmed by the sonata to-day were the fol
lowing : James Tanner , to bo commissioner
of pensions ; Charles J. Edwards , to bo collector - ' *
lector of customs for Minucsota , and the fol
lowing postmasters : George D. Breed , Chll-
ton , Wis. ; John M , Hlbbard , Staughton ,
WIs. ; James Neville , Bloomington , ID. ; W.
H. Culllmoro , Ccntniliu , 111 , , und Charles J.
Wonser , Tame , In.
Other confirmations were ns follows ;
Thomas B. Necdlas , to bo UnHed States
marshal for Indian Territory : James M.
Shoeklcford , to bo judge of the United Stutcs
court of Indian Territory ; Theodore Burr , to
bo postmaster at Lancaster , Wis.
All QtilacOn the Isthmus.
WASHINGTON , March 2 < ) . Under date of
Asulnwall , the lith ! last , , Captain Howell , of
the Atlanta , informs the navy department
thatthere is no longer any danger of rioting
or Insurrection on the Isthmus , Tno desti
tute laborers nro of smaller number than has
been reported , and all nro quietly taking ad-
vantugo of the transportation offered by their
governments. Only about sovonty-fivo liavo
been shipped by the United States consul ,
who considered that there was no longer any
likelihood of trouble.
The Maritime Con I or once.
WASHING-ION , March 23. The United
States delegates to the approaching marl-
time conference uict ut the department estate
state to-day for the purpose of consultatior
and arranging a programme for tha conduct
of the conference. Rear Admiral Franklli
presided. All of the suggestions that were
presented a as proper for discussion won
turned over to a aiib-cointnlttvo , which wil
put them in shape of a programme to bo 3Ul >
iniited to the participant * in the conference
nnd the * meeting was adjourned until nex
Saturday. _
Sherman Going * to Europe.
WASHINGTON' , March 24. Soon after ad
journmcnt ot the sen ale Senator John Slier-
man und family will * make a trip to Europe
'Tho Bcnatordocs not go1 In .any official capa
city , but simply for rest and recreation.
The WuAther InUioatlouu.
For Nebraska aad Iowa : Fair , colder
northerly winds.
For Dakota : Fair colder , folio wee
Wcdrteailay by slowly rising temperature
Murder Was the Initial Feature and
Arson an Accompaniment.
Fatal Shooting Affray nt Anollicr
. . Point In Nebraska News From
All Parts of the
Blurder nncl Suicide.
CnctoiiTON , Nob. , March 20. [ Special Tel
egram to TUB BEB. ] This morning nt 0
I'cloclc n Gorman farmer by the name of
John Roscnbargcr shot nnd killed his neigh
bor , Andrew Castallno , and than killed him
The above described In brief , the moat
raglo affair Knox county has over wit
The two men were neighbors , farmers on
.ho Vordlgreo crook bottom , . eleven miles
west of Crclghton. For sotno tlmo Casta-
Inols cattle had been breaking pasture and
ranging on Roscnbargor's place. Sunday
ast the latter warned Castallno to keep the
cattle oft his plnco.
This morning they broke out again , how
ever , and although Castallnc at once started
after them , Roscnbargor was on hand and a
quarrel ensued. After some words Casta-
Ino turned and started to drive the cattle
homo. Fairly mad with passion the Ger
man entered the house and coining out with
a shot gun drew up and fired. The charge
of shot entered Castallno's back beneath tbo
loft shoulder blade and ho lived but a short
When Roscnbargor hoard of tno result of
ills act ho set 11 ro to his house and blow his
brains out. The murdered man Is an old
settler Uoro ana is well and favorably known
throughout the county. Ho loaves a largo
family. The suicide was a bachelor.
Another Murder.
NOIITII PLATTB , Is'ob. , March 20. [ Special
Telegram to Tun BEE. ] A shooting affair
occurred about sovonty-flvo miles northeast
of this place yesterday eveningin which
John Clark fatally wounded a man named
Syms. The cuuso of the shooting was that
Clark objected to the relationship existing
between his divorced wife and Syms' . At the
time of the shooting Syms was returning
liomo from a visit to a neighbor's ac
companied by Clark's daughter.
Meeting Clark hot words ensued , when
Clark shot Syms thrco times , two shots
taking effect in his face boloiv the loft eye ;
and ono in the loft arm. Syms , who is still
alive la npt expected to live.
Clark was arrested to-day and now is in
| ail here awaiting the result of Syms in-
urles. Ho is very reticent about the matter ,
jut frankly admita the shooting.
An OKI Man's Death.
Neb. , March 20. [ Special to
THE BEE. " ] John P. Rowan , aged ninety-
two years , died last Saturday at the residence
of A. P. Groves , a few miles west of town.
The history of Mr. Rowan is a sad ono. A
few years ago ho moved from Now York
state with a family to Nebraska. At that
time ho had mouoy and papers wortti * $15.000.
Mr. Rowan turned all his money and pro
perty over to the man whom ho came west
with , with the understanding that ho should
bo cared for the remainder of his life. As
soon aa the man secured all the money ho
deserted his old friend and wont to Califor
nia , and has not been heard of for years. Mr.
Graves took good care of tbo old inau until'
last Saturday , when ho died of old ago.
Methodist ( Jump Meeting.
LINCOLN , Nob. , March 20. ( Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE.J The committee ap
pointed to locate the camp meeting grounds
by the Methodist conference , decided to hold
the state camp meeting at Cushman park ,
July 10 to 18 , inclusive. They have tbo .re
fusal of the property for $27,000. subject to
approval of the M. E. conference. The citi
zens of this city have subscribed in
sums of (5 to $50 to the fund , amounting'
at tills time to about $1,200. Cusbman park
is reserved by the owner , E. H. Andrews ,
for the year 18S9 , except for the season camp
A Hoina Entertainment.
, Nob. , March 20. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BRII.J The opera house was
filled to Us full capacity to night to listen to
the play entitled "The Last Loaf , " a tem
perance drama presented by homo talent.
Thopnncipal actors wore James Markoy , C.
H. Gardiner , J. A. Hazelott , C. E. Butler ,
A. \Varriclc , Mrs. R , H. Taylor , Mrs. F.
M. Smith and Miss Ircno McClure. The
drama was exceedingly well rendered in
view of the fact that none of the players
were professionals. The proceeds of the
evening go to the benoBt of the Presbyterian
church and the efforts of the parties assist
ing in the entertainment are highly appre
ciated by the society.
Incendiary Fires.
FoNTANBitF , Nob. , March 20. [ Special to
TUB BEB.I The farm of August Meyer , a
farmer living nearhore , was burned yesterday
with its contents , which was principally , hay.
This Is the second barn Mr. Meyer has had
burned within two weeks. Tbo first ono
contained some live stock , grain and other
property , all of which was consumed. This
ono was partly covered by Insurance. The
last barn burned was a substantial frame
structure , erected on the site of the former
one , and had just been completed , bat no in
surance placed on it. The fact that ho has
lost two BO close together loads to the sus
picion that it is the work of an Incondlarlst.
Attempts have also been made to burn bis
Unltoil Workmen.
BEM/WOOD , Neb. , March 20. [ Special to
THE BEG. ] Rev. J. U. Tate , grand master
workman of the A. O. U. W. in Nebraska ,
lectured in the M , E. church at this place last
evening. Many members of the order were
present from David City , Llnwood and
Columbus. The church was crowded to
overflowing by an audlenco which listened
attentively. At the close of the meetlnir in
the church the members of the order met in
Kcllogir's ' hall , whom nine new members
wore initiated. The Bollwood lodifc , which
is yet In Its infancy , numbers about twenty.
Oono For Moro Sureties.
SCIIUYLEII , Nob. , March 2(5. ( 1 Special Tel
cgram to THE BEE. ] Charles F. Cooper , ed
itor of the Yolks Zcltung , has disappeared.
Ho was badly in debt , and for mo nths had
been harrasscd by creditors. He had in
duced many well to do Germans living at
Howolls , Clarkson , Leblgh and elsewhere
through the county to bccouis sureties on note
for him , and these parties will now bo called
upon to pay the suo. . He loft town Mon.
day , saying ho was going to Norfolk to eeo
his father-in-law , who Is confined in the asy
lum , but instead purchased a ticket to Grand
Island ,
Bold Hohhcry.
CoMiuiiCs , Neb. , March 20. [ Special Tel-
cgram to Tun BEE. ] The boldest robbery
fn the history of Columbus was commuted at
0 rtJO p. m. to-day. The jewelry store of A.
J. Arnold , on Nebraska avenue , was rifled
in broad day light of gold watches , rings and
neck ties. In nil amounting to about 12,2X1 in
value , while Harry Arnold , son of the pro
prietor , was taking supper at the Clother
lioiiso acrosa tha Btrcl-t , an entrance was ef-
cclod by the Dick door with thoubove result.
The persons entering the store must have
icon familiar with the surroundings , as the
store was only closed-for bbout twenty min
utes. The city BOOMS t < ) bo infested with n
not of sncnk thieves. Every effort is being
put forth for the capture f the robbers.
Tonohcrs In Session.
HASTINGS , Nob. , March.20. [ Special Tclo-
* rauitoTiiE Bcu.J The twenty-third annual
ncctlngof the SttUo Teach ore' association
jCRnn Its session in Hastings this evening ,
A largo number of the prominent educators
of the stnto arrived during the day. To
night tbo first session opened with a largo
attendance. The opening exorcises Indicate
a profitable and Interesting session. Reports
were made by the executive committee and
the treasurer. The president's annual ad
dress was delivered by Charles E. Bossey ,
of Lincoln , president of the association , on
"Tho Teachers of the Future. "
The programme of the evening was
Interspersed with a number of flno
selections of vocal music. The session
will continue till Thursday evening
and various topics on the subject of
education will bo discussed by repre
sentatives from all parts of the stnto. About
thrco hundred teachers are already in attend
Another "Rnllrnnd.
Nontn PJATTC , Neb. , March 20. [ Special
Telegram to THE BEE.J At n meeting of the
baard of trade to-day a delegation of twenty
business men was appointed to meet with
delegations from Boonc , Grcoly , Valley and
Custor counties nt Grand Island , April 8 , to
take action on the proposed votul to bo built
from Albion through these counties to tha
western line of the state. It is proposed to
organlzo a company composed of the monlod
men of these counties to build and operate
this road. North Platte is sadlv In need of
additional railroad facilities , and her business
men are working hard to that end. Three
thousand dollars was raised to-day to defray
North Platto's expense of the preliminary
survey. ,
Dismissed on n Technicality.
GIIANT , Nob. , March 20. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE BEE. ] The proceedings against
J. B. Masters in Justice Burton's court to
day for assault with murderous intent collapsed -
lapsed , the complaining witness having
failed to stcn the complaint. The trouble
crow out of a school meeting last fall , whore
It Is said Musters drew his revolver and
threatened to'shoot several of those present.
The friends of Masters are jubilant and say
that the suit in the llrftt place was malicious.
Statesmanship Runs Riot. .
GnAND ISLAND , Nob. , March 26. [ Special
Telogtam to THE BKE. ] At n delegate con
vention-in opposition to the mass convention
last week a regular row occurred. W. F.
McLnughlln. president of the city council ,
struck Scth P. Moblcy in the face , breaking
his nose , and in turn McLaughlln was
knocked down by John Donaldson. A war
rant was issued for McLaughlin's arrest ,
and the case is now being tried in police
court. _
A Summer School.
FIIEMONT , Nob. , March 2t ) . [ Special to
THE BEE. ] Superintendent Claredon , of
this county , has just arranged for a summer
school of methods , to bo Held in this city
from the 17tn of June to July 4. Nebraska
teachers will bo glad to learn that this
school will bo in charge of Mr. and Mrs.
Hailnon , of Newport , Ind. , and it is antici
pated that ? a largo number of the progressive
teachers nf the state will avail themselves of
the opportunity. The cost of attending will
bo merely enough to pay expenses.
Court atf Dakota City.
DAKOTA Civr , Nob. , March 20. [ Special
Telegram to THE BBC. ] District court con
vened to-day with Judge Morris on the bench.
There is a largo docket , but nothing of to
portanco. The case of the state vs George
Vasques , robbery , will bo called to-morrow.
It is believed the Scverson murder trial will
commence Friday nnd will take about five
days. The caso.of Miss McConnhey VB Judge
Griffey continued for , proper service and
will not bo tried this term.
* A Brute's Light Sentence.
Ei.woon , Nob. , March 20. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEB.J Judge Gasper's district
court was dispatched in haste to-day. A de
murrer to the petition was sustained in the
county seat contest. In. the case of the
state vs Abraham Whistler the defendant
pleaded guilty to tin crlmo of rape and was
sentenced to imprisonment In the peniten
tiary for three years.
Oauous Nomination * .
ERAINAIID , Nob. , March 20 [ Special to
THE BEE. | A caucus for the nomination of
officers to be voted for April 2 was held last
evening. Following are the men who ro-
received the nomination : J. J. Smcrsh , C.
C. Gelwick , John Fox. John Wright and
W. R. Campbell. This leaves two tickets In
the field the citizens and prohibitionists.
The present outlook is that the citizens'
ticket will bo elected by a good majority.
No Murders Have JSocn Committed
in Kentucky far Thirty-six Mourn.
LOUISVILLE , March 20. A special from
Pinevillo , Ky. , says hostilities have ceased
for a time between the warring Turner and
Sawder factions in the Yellow Creek neigh
borhood , an d at present there are no Indica
tions of a renewal. No ono lias been killed
for at least thirty-six hours and in
terest in the feud is lagging. At present
General Sawdor is in jail , and Stanford
under indictment for murdering Jack Tur
ner two years ago , and should ho bo released
there are other charges which will be strong
enough to hold" him. In fact , several mur
ders in which no has been connected in ono
way or another have still to bo carried out
The killing of James Burch ended the career
of another leader of the Sowder crowd , and
so fur as that faction IB concerned the war is
at an end unless the Tumors start it again.
Alvln Turner's dguth at the hands of
Hurch deprived the followers of that young
Hotspur of th'oir chief , and the people of Boll
county scorn nt present to think that us soon
as the supply of' ammunition now in the
hands of the Turners , has been burned the
end will have been reached.
Jeff King , who alonii survived the last
affray , has been a fugitive from his former
friends and foes alike , evidence having been
produced that ho ro'bbda thn dead body of
his fallen leader , us .walVas that of Burch.
Ho waa captured thl afternoon on the north
ern slope of Pine , oioi ntuln , seven miles
southeast of Pinerille , by Deputy
Sheriff MOBS ami A arshal Thompbon ,
of Pinevillo , Tuby John und Murk
iuniuj , sons of Bon Tu tier. They brought
him to Pinevillo add lodjjeJ him in jail.
Harvey Turner is still Ja jail nt Tuzewell ,
and ns fur as leaders are concerned the Tur
ners seem to bo as bail ) ; off ns the Sanders.
Burch's body > vus ruBi6vcd to Yellow Creek
for burial , but young- . Turner is still at the
homo of his aunt , Airs. Catharine Pwrk
whose first husband ; Mr. King , und son ,
Will King , were killed by Juck Turner ,
father of Alvln , fifteen years ago. The re
mainder of the Tumors have temporarily
subsided , but it 1 % said that u number of
them ara in the neighborhood bcurlnir arms
and ready to resist & . ? attempt that may bo
made to arrest tlieui.
* , _
; s f
A llstjonsnKSAmilr. |
BENTON CITY , .M.of. , March 20.-Annabcl
Leo Mulllngft , a sii-.vcar-old girlwas burned
to death under "dU'trcsslnj ; circumstancA
lust evening. Sritf-yvus watching her father
burn brush , when hPr clothing ignited , Her
father's buck wan turned , and as ho Is almost
totally deuf no did uot hear he.r screams and
did not knowofino accident until the child
was nearly dead.y
Stouhitmip-Arrivals. _
At Baltimore t Tbo "Minnesota , from
London. .
At''GlasgowDie State of Pennsylvania ,
from New York.
Warring Factions Punctuate the
Services With Ballots.
A resilience of Crlmo Hronks Out In
Pennsylvania nnd Threatens
to Depopulate the
A nioody Itattlo.
UNIONTOWN , Pa. , March 20. Robbing ap
pears to bo becoming epidemic in Fnyotto
: ounty. Lewis Hunter was In Untontown
ast Saturday , nnd late last night started for.
ils homo nt Whlto Roclc. Thrco men sprang
out of the bushoa , grasped his horses and de
manded his money. Hunter fought , dug his
inces Into the horse , nnd the spirited animal
sprang through the forest. The highway
men shot , but missed him , owing
to the darkness. It is evident that
others are profiting by the terror Inspired by
the McClollandtown band , and under cover
-their fnmo are operating , hoping that the
blame may attach to other outlaws.
About two years ago a feud arose between
Dolph Slsslcr nnd John Deitrich , two well-
to-do- farmers living near Stuartstown , in
In West Virginia , over the trespasses of
Sisslor's hogs , the feud extending to their
families and connections. Fire was added
to the feud by the Sisalcrs preferring a
charge of illegal liquor selling against Dolt-
rich , who owns n distillery , but which failed
to bo established , and Doitrich was ac
Last Sunday Alleno Alonzo Slsslor and
George nnd Flors Deitrich , all nearing man-
hopd , attended the Baptist Sunday school nt
Stuartstown. Soon bad blood showed itself
nnd the people were astonished to BOO the
youths of each family brandishing revolvers
at each other nnd starting into a fight. A
scene of wild confusion arose. Women . and
children became frantic , and the few men
present could not quell the disturbance.
They soon had the church to
themselves , and in the dcsporato
fight that ensued the Doitrich family were
badly used up , Georgo's head being beaten
up with revolver and the others being se
verely hurt. Assistance arrived und the
gang was put to flight , the Sissler boys flee
ing to Unlontown , and are now thought to
be secreted at ono of the numerous coke
works in that region. The blood bespattered
walls of tbo church show the desperate nature -
turo of the ficht. Great excitement prevails
in the neighborhood over the outbreak and
the end of the trouble has not been seen.
Reinstated by AVnnnjnalccr.
WASHINGTON , March 20. The postmaster
general to-day , acting upon the recommenda
tion of General Superintendent Boll , of the
railway mall norvlco. appointed the following
named division superintendents of the rail
way mail service : W. H. Blgolow , first
division , Boston , Mass. , vice George B.
Dame , resigned ; R. E. C. Jackson , second
division , Now York City , vico-W. I. Doolittlo ,
resigned ; C. W. Vickery , third division ,
Washington , D. C. , vice Eugcno Carrlngton ,
resigned ; L. M. Ten-ill , fourth division , At
lanta , Ga. , vice J. M. Turner , resigned ;
George W. Popper , ninth division , Cleveland -
land ; O. , vice T. B. Dodge , resigned. With
the single exception of Popper , the appointees
named above were displaced during the < last
luCministration , Bigolow in ISS1 } , Jackson in
1888 , .Vickery in 18S8 and Torrill in 18SO.
Pepper , is.clerk in charge of the New York
and "Chicago railway postolllco. General
Superintendent Boll in speaking of these
changes , said that they wore made solely m
the interest of good sorvico. The men who
nro to-day reinstated have been for many
years closely identified with the railway
mail service , and its efficiency is largely duo
to their ability and onorery. The resignations
of the outgoing superintendents were re
quested with the nssuranco that there was
nothing known to the department prejudicial
to their good name.
- -
The Boys in Ireland.
ICopj/rfaJit 1333 bu Janus Qonlnn Uiimett.l
DUIJI.IN , March 20. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THE BEE. | The American
base ball teams arrived ut 11 o'clock this
morning from Belfast and are quartered at
Morrison's hotel , fumous as the scene of Par-
noil's arrest. _ No game was played to-day ,
the boys taking in the sights of the city , and
promenading Sackvlllo street. Hanlon ,
Wood and party of tno All America team
visited the scene of the tragedy in Phoenix
park this afternoon , while a majority of the
boys put in a good part of their time select
ing choice blackthorn sticks and other me
mentoes of the Emerald Isle for friends in
America : Tenor is m Londonderry and
Daly in Kildaro visiting relatives they have
not seen in years.
There will bo a game to-morrow on the
Landsdowno grounds.
The Yorktowii Delivered.
PHILADELPHIA , March 20. The gunboat
Yorktown has been delivered to the naval
authorities at League Island.
WASHINGTON , March 20. A good deal of
pressure is being brought to bear by naval
officers to secure assignments to the now
gunboat Yorktown , which is soon to go Into
commission. While this is generally the case
upon the completion of a now vessel , the
Yorktowii holds out superior inducements
by reason of her flno officers' quarters and
general good qualities. It Is the present un
derstanding that sha will bo commanded by
Commander Chadwick , now attached to the
American legation in London.
To Entertain the Tourlstfl.
PiiiMniai'im , March 26 , Initiatory stops
were taken hero to-day for the reception nnd
entertainment of the base ball tourists
during their visit to this city , April 11.
Reach and Rogers , of the Philadelphia huso
ball club , will lender the reception. A pro
gramme is arrange d which includes u drive
through the city and a trip down the Dela
ware river to Glouccstor , N. J. , whore
planked tihad will bo "discussed. " The
party will return from Gloucester early in
the uvcning in time to attend a banquet to
bo given in honor of the "Around-tbc-
world-party. "
Gnrrctt Outwits the IlnndliH.
BAi/riMonu , March 20. It is stated that
the Garrett party , instead of visiting the
City of Mexico , returned to Thomasvillu ,
Ga. , from San Antonio. It is understood
that the reason o I this was that it was heard
that u band of desperadoes hud planned to
atop Gurrctt's train when it entered Mexican
territory , tuko tjio party prisoners and hold
them for u heavy ransom.
Jmrnnilo ( stirring.
LuiAMii : , Wyo. , March 20. [ Special Tele
gram to T c BcE.1 The Union Pacific bus
selected Lurainlo us the point for the storage
of supplies for the Carbon cut-off road and
the Pucillo extension from Utah. Surveyors
uro now laving off supply yards in the south-
urn part of the city , , WOI-K on tbo Carbon
line Is now In progress. It will eventual ! )
form a portion of the mall line aim will
shorten the distance between hero uud
Rawllna twelve miles ,
Authorized to Uouln
WAHIIINQTOV , March 20. Tie | acting
comptroller of the currency to-TJiy author
ized the First National bank of EltnyCreek ,
capital $50,000 , , to begin business.
A German Spy in Trouble , "i ,
PA in s , March 20. Kucnn , formerly pollio
Inspector at Aricourt , has been sent to prison.
for two yearn a& a German spy.
The Central Warehouse In Chicago
Entirely Destroyed.
CHICAGO , March 20. The Central wnro-
house , Rush nnd North Water streets , took
flro early this morning , nnd with a valuable
store of teas , coffees nnd merchandise was
burned to the ground , entailing an estimated
loss of between $1,030,000 and $1,600,000.
The flro department had a very hard task
but succeeded in preventing the flames from
destroying the great grain elevators nnd
other buildings in the vicinity. Alderman
Mnnicro , manager ot the wnVchouso , grimly
remarked ns ho looked nt the ruins that it
was ntoa party , and that everybody was In
vited. In point of fact , ns the voter from
, wenty engine nozzles soaked down the con-
.cuts of the building , the basement was soon
filled with water , nnd when the 40,000 cases
of tea began to brow , streams of tea pushed
from the windows and doors , The docks , nt
a distance of 100 foot , were Hooded with the
amber-colored liquid that poured llko a
cataract into the river , and the steam arising
from It perfumed the air for blocks nround.
Alderman Manloro is satisfied that the lire
was of Incendiary origin , it being the third
ire in the structure within a year which can
jo accounted for In no other way. The
building was a six-story block , which cost ,
when now , about $50,000. About 00 nor cent
of the value of the contents was tea in bond ,
ns It was a bonded warehouse. Besides ,
there were several packages ol coffco nnd
other miscellaneous articles. The tea was
owned by films in various largo cities , which
makes it extremely dllficult to accurately
estimate the individual losses nnd insurance.
The following losses uro known :
Catherine Bronnson , on building. $50,000 ;
insurance $30,000. W. R. Mnnicro , loss
$30,000 ; Insurance $75,000. Fitch & Howland ,
Chicago , loss $140,000 ; insurance , $143,000.
J. D. Lathrop , loss $130,000 ; Insurance * 00-
000. Hellicr & Co. , Wilcago , loss $70.000 ; In
surance $00.000. Robert Jeffrey & Co. , Chicago
cage , loss $1SO,000 ; Insurance $173,000.
Among the other losses estimated are :
Winomnn , Conant & Co. , Boston. $05,000 ;
Union National bank , Chicago , $14,000 ; Solg-
fried & Brondonstein , San Francisco , $12-
000 , nnd a great many smaller losses , rang-
ng from $3,000 to $10,000 each.
He Is An Example of the President's'
Homo Rule Idea.
CnnYENNE , Wyo. , March 20. [ Special
Telegram to Tim BEE. ] The Wyoming
gubernatorial contest has resulted in speedy
and docis'ivo victory for F. E. Warren. Poll
tioiis for his appointment signed by democrats -
ocrats as well as republicans from all parts
of the territory have gouo to Washington
dally since the 4th ot March. The news of
the appointment was hulled with delight by
his supporters , and In a short tlmo many res
idences were decorated wltii flags ami bunt
ing , while a meeting of citizens was hold to
nrrango a jollification meeting , and a subso-
sequcnt meeting for formal ratification.
This evening n largo bonfire wns started on
tha public squura. Several brass bands nnd
n torchlight procession paraded thtough the
principal streets , whllo salutes were fired
by a battery from Ft. Russell. A reception
was afterwards held at Governor Warren's
Governor Wnrron is forty-four years old.
Ills birthplace is Hlnsdnlo , Mass. Ho en
listed ut the ngo of seventeen ns a private in
the Forty-ninth Massachusetts volunteers
nnd rose to tno rank of captain by the close
of the war. Ho came to Cheyenne in 1808 ,
worked ns clerk in the store of A. R. Converse -
verso , with whom ho afterwards formed u
partnership. Ho is now a large land owner
in nearly all of the counties in Wyoming ,
president of the Warren Mercantile company
nnd Warren Lire Stoclncompany , a director
of the Cheyenne & "Northern railroad and
stockholder in the electric light nud gas com
panies of Cheyenne. The appointee has
been in public life for a number of years.
Ho has been territorial treasurer , president
of the legislative council , twice n member ot
the assembly nnd mayor of Cheyenne. Ho
has been offered the nomination to congress
by republicans , but declined for business
reasons. He was appointed governor of
Wyoming by President Arthur in February ,
ISbS , upon the death of Governor Halo. Ho
remained in ofllco for two years. This ap
pointment adds strength to the republican
party in Wyoming.
Thu HellCompany's 1'roflts.
BOSTON , March 20. The annual mooting of
the Bell telephone directors was held to-day.
The anuual report shows that the company
earned last year 24.45 per cent on the stock
and has assets of $253 per share. The long
distance service lias been extended from
Albany to Buffalo , and new lines have been
built from Chicago to Milwaukee und from
Boston to Providence. About 2,200.000 have
been spent on the long line , which now com
prises 20,053 miles of wire. The not earnings
for the year were were $2,414,205. Deduct'
ing the reserve for general depreciation , the
surplus account remains the same as last
year , $2,02S,000. The old officers were reelected -
elected with the-exception of Stnnton Bluko ,
who -was elected director in place of Chan-
ning Clapp.
Moro Nominations Made.
WASiiiNGTON.March 20. The president sent
the following nominations to the stmato to
day : Second Lieutenant William A. Mercer ,
Eighth infantry , to bo first lieutenant ; As
sistant Paymaster Harry R. Sullivan , to bo
passed assistant paymaster in the navy ;
Francis E. Wurron. of Wyoming territory ,
to bo governor of Wyoming territory ; Benja
min F. White , of Dillon , Mont. , to bo gov
ernor of Montana ; Robert V. Belt , of Mary
land , to bu assistant commissioner of Indian
uffuirs ; William B. Hedge , jr. , to bo post'
master nt Marshall , 111 ,
A Cleveland Man TJInckunllcd.
NEW Yonif , March 20. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BEI : . ] Oscar S. Straus , minister to
Turkey and ono of the big chlnuwuro firm
of L. Straus & Sons , 44 Wurron street , wns
u'p for election to membership in the ( .well
Manhattan club Thursday and was black
balled. It takes two black marble * to slam
the doors of the representative democratic
club of the country in u would-be member's '
fuco. Straus'got the necessary two and to
hln friends and relatives present they looked
us big us house ! ) . Straus was sent to Tur
key , by Cleveland.
A Gift From Kmpcrnr William.
UAI.TIMOIII : , March 20. Sister Bencdlcta ,
superior of the now city hospital being
erected hero , to-day received n check for
SIM ) forwiirded by Emperor William , of Ger
many , for iho benefit of the institution. It
is understood that the gift is tha result of a
report made by Acting Imperial Gorman
Consul Hey den rich to the foreign office at
Berlin , nt the request of the latter , to name
some institution In Baltimore where n dona
tion from Emperor William would bo ac
cepted , The money will ho used to furnish
u room in the new building when completed
which will bo named in honor of the donor.
Will Fruczo thn Miners Out.
PiTTsnuiio , Murch 20 , The shut down on
several of the coal works along the Monon-
gnholu river is said to bo but the beginning
of what will ba u general shut down on all of
the pools. The operators to-day made the
significant statement that within ten days
all the river mines would bo shut down , nnd
work would not bo resumed until the miners
agreed to accept a reduction of M cent nor
bushel , which would put thu rate for mining
at 2 } cents. If all of the works are shut
down nearly five thousand miners will bo
thrown out of employment.
JUKI Ice Mattlunv'N
CINCINNATI , March 20.- The burial ol
Stanley Matthews took place at Spring
G i eve cemetery to-daiv A largo assembly
of friciMlj acquaintances of the dene
jurist wore present , among them being the
Justices of Iho supreme court. Governor Fpr.
ukcr , Lieutenant Governor Lynn , members
of the Ohio legislature , ox President llayts ,
Murut liaWluaa and Henry Wattcrbou. .
That's What Mrs. Qordou Would
Llko to Know.
Lawyer Bent do GOH Too Fly Even
fur Chicago's Separation Mills ,
nnd Will Pay the
A Disgraced Attorney.
CHICAGO , March 20. [ Special Telegram (0
TUB Ben. ] This city did something o-day
owards retrieving her reputation as n'plnco
vhoro divorces may bo had for the asking ,
vhon Charles J. Bcattlo , the lawyer who
irocurcd a fraudulent dlvorco for Mrs. Ada
} . Gordon , was found guilty of contempt ol
court by Judge Jnuiloaon this morning , nnd
sentenced to the county jail for ono year nude
o pay a line of $500. Mrs. Gordon was moro
0 bo plttlcd than condemned. The court
said stio had not acted In everything ns nri
lonorable woman , but she was Ignorant of
business affairs , as most women nro , know
nothing about the proceedings of law anil
vas basely deceived by a man licensed to
iractlco in the courts of Cook county. Needy -
> ody knows , said the court , how many wo- '
nen there may bo who on account of thcsa
Irnudulcnt divorces nro neither mind ,
wife nor widow. Then Boattlo was
culled to the bar nnd sentenced.
Ills lips trembled and tears glistened
n his eyes. Ha was a pitiable sight ns hcf
stood there with the sunlight glancing on his
silver gray hair. After the judtro had an
nounced the penalty the lawyer bowed , anil
walked back to hm scat. Captain lilac lr ,
Bcattio's attorney , naked that the order
committing his client to jail bo deferred foe.
tbroo days , as he wanted Boattlo'B assist
ance In preparing a writ of error and an np-
pcal. This the court acnulescd In , ami
Bcattlo was released on Sl.fiCO ball. Judge
Jnmlcson was afterwards nskcd to give ills
opinion ns to what extent fraudulent divorce
getting wu < * carried on In the courts of Chi
cago. "Who can toll , " bo replied. "What
way is there of finding out when a lawyer
brings n case Into court and produces evi
dence which appears to bo straight , and
when there is notiiing to indicate that it is
not straight and proper ) There is only ono
thing the court can do , and that is to grant a
decree. See how well the tracks were cov
ered in the case just decided. This lawyer
produced the complainant and she gave heu
testimony , and in addition to that there was
tha testimony of two apparently roputnblo
witnesses , Watson nnd Coffee. They swore
directly nnd positively that the defendant
Gordon , lived with a woman nt 2120 Wabaah
avenue ns his wifo. Tnoy swore they knerf
him and know the woman , and that the palO
wore put out of the house for their miscon
duct. The evidence was so direct nnd to tha
point as to time , plnco und circumstances
that it was impossible for the court to do
anything else but grant a decree. There was
ao way of tolling that these witnesses hod ,
been hired to so testify.1
"is there no way of preventing such di
vorces } "
"I know of none. There nro statutes pun
ishing perjury , but how could the legislature.
prevent people from committing perjury. It
Is only when something occurs that discloses
the fraudulent nature of the transaction , as
in this case , that tbo thing can bo punished.
1 have found ono such caco and turned it up ,
and t don't think that any lawyer wild wants *
to procure a divorce * for anybody by fraud
will como into niy court to dojt. "
The Antl-Foroiun Incitement Huns
High nnd Moro Trouble Kxpoctcd.
SAN FKANCISCO , March 20. The Orel-
dental and Oriental steamer Arabia arrived
late last night , bringing Hong Kong advices
to February 23 and Yokohama advices to
March 11. In Sbanting the anti-foreign cx
cltcment rnns high. February 23 , at Chcfoo ,
the Europeans feared nn " nttucjfrjya. the
mutinous . . troops. \vas"r"elo"rtod ) that tha
Chinese troops were meeting at the fort nnd
the mutineers proposed marching against <
the custom house and other places. As no
man-of-war was present , intense excitement
prevailed und boats were prepared ana all
foreign residents were ready to go aboard.
No attack was made , however. A mission
ary from Chihalyu states that the Chinese
in that city have posted placards outsldo
various foreign residences notifying the
tenants that they intend to massacre the
Christians be/ore long. The rebels are sup
posed to bo twenty-five hundred in number.
The Chinese authorities declare that the
rcpTJi-ts nf a famine In central China nro ox-
aggcratod. Great suffering is admitted in
the northern provinces.
Many Moonshiners Captured.
MoNTCOMnnv , Ala. , March 20. [ Special
Telegram to Tin ; BKE. ] Five United States
deputies captured eight stills witli a capacity
of COO gallons , eight fermontcrs , 10.000 gal.
Ions of beer and 200 gallons of corn whisky
during raids last week. They also nlls-
cated $2,500 worth of apparatus. Thiee still
owners were arrested and juiled. Ono es
caped nt the price of a couple of pistol bulls. .
Two others escaped after being shot at , but
none were killed so far as known. The cap.
turcd stills each had a larger daily output
than any before broken up in the state. The
apparatus was also better and were moro
costly than Is usually used. Another set of
officers went up into the counties of Cloy ,
Chambers and Randolph the last three duyq
of last week and destroyed several stills and
captured and brought hero upwards of thirty
moonshiners , who are in Jail. The etilla
were medium
' Decided Against Hovoy ,
.tfi , Mnroli 'JO. Argument on the
demurrer in the case gf the state on relation
of Joseph L C.irson vs Got crnor Hovoy , tq
coippclttho governor to issue a commission tq
Carson as a member of the now board of
trustees of the insane hospital , was heard Ij
Judge Ilo\vcland to-day. Ho sustained the
demurrer , thus holding In faVor of the new
board nnd uzainst the governor. By agree
ment no mandate was issued nnd the case
was appealed at once to the supreme court ,
The log'xluturp ' selects the trustees and tha
governor refused to IRSUO cominihsUius , ,
claiming that the legislature had no power
to name the men who Miould fill these offices.
It has been the custom for many yours for
the li'glhluturo to select trustees for thostatq
benevolent Institutions , and Governor llovcy
Is the fimt executive to question UioconHtltu ,
tlonnllty of such action. To-dny'x dccihion iq
understood to bo pro forma , and tha real Uiuj
will bo heard in the supreme court.
The Nun of KonmnVc.
BOSTON , Mass , , 30. [ Special Tele ,
gram to TJIK Bin : . ] Joseph Cook Introduced
.Miss Mary F. Cusick , the Nun of K ; nui rL' ,
to bin audlenco last evening , stating she wai
now a member of Iho ChUrcli of England , ,
The announcement , created some surprise
and called forth decided applause among
Cook's followers. Miss Ciislck cpol < q
briefly , In a somewhat weak nnd tremblinu
volco ; as to her desire to do feonictlnnir on be
half of those of the clergy In the Catholla
church who have become victims of Intem
perance. Coolt then advanced und , In behalf
of the Loyal Women's Lmiguo of American
Liberty , b'ave her a basket of flqworai
An Kvciirslon Htoiimer Wrecked ,
CITY 01MEMCO ( via Galveston ) , March.
2. ; , The steamer Ocotlan has foundered oa
Lake Chnpalu , near ( Juaydalaarn. ) A larfq
exe-jrson party wits on board at the tlini ,'iu's hnvp been recovered. Many
in ore uro Icnowu to bo In iho wreck.