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    8 THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : ffiUESBAY. MARCH 20 ; 1889.
Tlilovos broke into T. R. lloft's rosl-
flonco nt 1C20 Cnpltol nvonuo and stele
K56 worth of clothing.
Mrs. Norn llynn , nftor lonvlnpf'hor
child nt St. Joseph's ' hospital , hag mys
teriously disappeared , Suioldo is
A while woman named Mrs. Charles
Wright wants her husband , a negro ,
ftrrcstod for skipping oft to Lyons with
15 of her father's ' monoy.
A pile-driver belonging to James
Baugin was stolen and Bold to a third
person. Now both claim it , and Chief
Boavoy has boon called in as arbiter.
Chief Soavoy has received a letter
from J. E. Brown , of Alma , Ark. , de
scribing one John Furlo , who robbed a
widow of $230 and then loft for unknown
A two-story boarding house for ice
Won at the head of Cut-ofl lake was con-
BUtnod by flro yesterday morning , but
as It is outsldo the olt.y limits no
particulars could bo learned.
The barn of II. T. Clark on Cass near
Twenty-fourth street was .discovered to
bo on 1'lro at 0 o'clock a. in. yesterday but
the flames wore oxtinquishcd before
more than 810 worth of damage was
done. The cause of the flro Is unknown.
Board , the saloon-keeper in Cleve
land place , claims that his saloon Is in
South Omaha , and the Sunday law does
not affect him. Chief Soavoy has asked
the city engineer to ascertain the truth
fulness of this assertion.
Ora Dunsold , the two-ycar-olfl daugh
ter of John Dunsold , at 012 North Six
teenth street , fell down a stoop flight of
Btaire Sunday and broke both bones
in the forearm , besides injuring her
eplno and getting body bruised.
Owing to the critical condition of
OlIlccr'Maniell , who was dangerously
Btnbboa by Gcorgo Cronan , the assailant
was not arraigned yesterday. TJho
charge against Cronan has boon changed
from assault with intent to wound to as
sault with intent to kill.
1'ersonnl ParncrnpliB.
Edward Wessol , the Mlllard hotel hater ,
returned Friday from a pleasure trip to
Denver and the mountains.
At chlld'P hospital March 2 , 18S9 , Mrs.
Jonnlo H. demons , wife of A. F. demons ,
of Ohlown , Nob. , nijed thirty-eight years ,
four inontns , four days. Funeral at Hebron ,
Neb. , Tuesday , 2CtU mst.
Saloons on the Island.
The mayor und chief of police have hold a
consultation concerning the saloons outsldo
the corporation , particularly on Cut-Oil
island , and have agreed to confer with the
sheriff and Insist that he cxcrciso his author
i'y and wipe them out.
The "Woods In \Vllc1orncns. .
Mrs. Woods wants Pat Woods , her hus
band , arrested for beating her and the chil
dren and driving them into the street. She
complained to Ofllcor Vizzard , and the po
liceman sent her to the city attorney to
sweur out a warrant * . Tbo family live at
Ninth and Bancroft.
Saloons With Screens.
The police report a general observance of
the Sunday liquor law on the part of the sa
loon men yesterday. The following , how
ever , had screens In their windows : Martin
Hcndricks , 2510 Cumiugs ; Schmidt , Thir
teenth and Dodge ; Hurry Brandcls , Tenth
and railroad track ; William Schmidt , 613
South Ninth avenue ; Johnny Shannon , Tenth
and Capitol avenue.
Forty-Olio Dollars .Remain.
Chief Scavoy has received a tetter from
the chief of police at Baltimore giving the
particulars of the death by asphyxiation of
the late S. P. Martin of Soutfi Omaha. The
ofticial wrote that there was found 5105 in
Martin's pockets , and also a gold watch. All
but fU of the money was used in preparing
the body for shipment. The 41 and watch
are In the possession of the Baltimore chief
of police awaiting a claimant'
"Who Wants Wilson ?
The sheriff was notified yesterday by ttio
sheriff of Gallatln county , Illinois , that a
young fellow named "Charles Wilson , alias
Ed J. Wells , alias F. J. Thompson , etc. , was
In custody at that that place. The Illinois
sheriff also stated that Wilson's homo was in
or near Omuha , but ho could not come to this
city , as ho was wanted by the police. Dep
uty Sheriff Grebe looked the matter up in
order to see what was the crime that Wilson
was charged with. The police know nothing
about him.
Following are the marriage licenses Is
sued yesterday la the county court by "Judge
Shields :
Name and Residence. Ace.
William Walker , Omaha . , . . . .25
Emma McLean. Omaha . . - . 2 ;
Edgar W. Morris , Omaha . 21
Sadie MuLaughlin , Omaha . 21
Charles G. Peterson , Fremont , Neb .
Hedvlg C. Widerback , Fremont ,
Slaughter's Commission.
Judge Dundysald yesterday that ho woult
not swear Brad Slaughter as United State ;
marshal until after the jury business of the
April term of courc has been disposed of
Said ho , "Blorbower has the money for run
nlng that term of the court and can't turn ii
over without a preat deal of troufllo and w <
have agreed tHat no change shall bo made.1
Blerlowor thought that It would bo the
middle of May before ho could Do ready te
turn the ofilco over.
Slaughters commission arrived fron
Washington yesterday morning.
Advloo to Motlier. .
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The Alleged Schema to Rcorgaplzi
the City Council.
Sunday and Monday ono of tin
local papers indulged In a falto which wai
intended to show that there was a possibility
of reorganizing tin ) city council so an to re
instate tno old rotten ring which so loni
dominated it to the Injury of the city am
the disgrace of Its members. This rcorgan
izatlon U to result in deposing Councilmai
Leo as president , Southard as clt ;
clerk and the substitution of the powerlcs'
combine of old , for these gentlemen wh <
now hold Important places In all the commit
tees. Sander and ICusper ore alleged to bi
the men with whoso aid this great work Is ti
bo accompllshud ,
Mr. Sander was seen upon the subject am
aUi that the proposed schema was the vcri
est iionucnio. So far as ho wuv concornci
bo wu not a party to any schema to ous
Lee , neither was there any scheme on fee
, wlh | that cud in view. The story was a wil
ful fabrication.
OUwr meiilVQrg p [ the coijnpU wort
equally emphatic in their statements concern
Inu the alleged scheme. They said it wai
'folly to believe that any such change as men
tlpncd was contemplated ; Unit the prcsidcn
f the council and the city clerk wen
elected for u year , and that they coulu no1
f ifce removed \vltnout cause ,
"Tho secret of the scheme. " said a well
JHIOWII gentleman yesterday "UtocmleaVorti
; lire i3 disaffection among the reputable luciu
ibcrg of the council bo as to again enable thi
ld und broken gang to get control of th <
Council. Hut tu\t | can't bo done , There 1
no hope of creating this disaffection , and tin
whole matter will fall to the ground. "
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HARD WOlllt , POOR t'AV.
Inspector Btntfdovon .Resigns to Ao-
oppt a Hotter Position.
Joseph Standovon , the city bollor Inspector
specter , has handed in his resignation to
Mayor Broatch to take effect the 1st of
Mr. Standovn has been boiler inspector
since July 10,1837 , and the work ho has done
n that time In driving out incompetent en
gineers and insuring greater safety to cit-
zcns Is well known. Mr. Btandovcn was
scon by n reporter and asked his reasons
'or resigning. Ho said ho had been con
templating tendering his resignation for
some time , as the work was more than ho
could attend to alone. Only two
nspcctlons can properly bo made In
ono day. If any more than that Is attempted ,
.ho work must necessarily bo done hurriedly
ind weak points In a bollor are sure to bo
> vorlookcd. The work in Omaha requires
: um to make about twelve hundred Inspec
tions annually , as nearly half of the boilers
have to bo examined two or three times In a
year. This requires an average of between
three and four Inspections every day , Sundays -
days and holidays included. Mr. Standovcn
says ho could not guarantee his work when
it was done so hurriedly , and to do his bonds
men and the people justice , ho felt forced to
resign. He needs an assistant
badly and ono has boon promised
lilm but tins never been f urnishcd. Ho has
lind no time to attend to the clerical part of
the work , which alone would require the
greater portion of n man's time. His wife
iins had to do this work for him. Other city
ofllcinls have clerks who are well paid for doIng -
Ing oven less wane.
Under the present arrangement Mr. Stand-
o'von's duties have been particularly ardu
ous and enervating on Sundays and boll-
Idays. Sunday ho inspected six boilers ,
In allot whlch-hc was forced to take a pro
longed sweat bath with the mercury
registering from 123 to 140 degrees.
Next Sunday ho has to inspect
the same numbor. The reason ho makes so
many inspections on Sundays Is to save
manufacturers and their employes the loss
that would -entailed by closing down the
boilers for inspection during the week.
Thus , in the overall factories the pirls em
ployed got only n miserable pittance for their
work and can III afford to miss a day. There
fore in all manufacturing establishments ,
saw mills , etc. , the inspector chooses a day
for his work when a loss will bo entailed
upon no ono. This takes all his Sundays and
legal holidays , but with the aid of an as
sistant this work now arduous would bo com
paratively light.
The pay of the boiler Inspector , with ono the lowest of any inspector in
the city. The salary it 81,500. Mr. Standovon
says that ho averages about ono new
suit a week. Sometimes a single inspection
will burn up a pair of suoes. Ho was asked
If ho had any other position in view and
ho admitted that ho had. The
American Steam Bollor insurance
company of-London and Now York hail writ-
tcu to him offering"him the inspectorship of
Northern and southern Dakota , Iowa , Ne
braska , Kansas and northern Missouri. The
pay is nearly double that which ho Is at pres
ent receiving and ho will bo allowed a score
of assistants if ho needs them. Neither ho
nor his assistants will bo allowed to make
over two Inspections a driy. Ho has accepted
the eposltlon. However , If ho had been
granted an assistant in his present position
and his pay had been on u par with that of
other ofilcials ho would not have resigned as
ho likes Omaha and would like to remain
For Malaria
Use Horsford's Acid Phosphate.
Dr. E. G. Davies , DoSmet , Dak. , says : "I
have used it in slow convalescence and pre
vention from malarial diseases , xvboro the
drinking water was bad ; I believe It to bo
bcnollciul in preventing summer complaints ;
also ono of the best ngonts wo have to recti
fy the bad effects of the drinking water upon
the kidneys and bowels. "
The Remains of the Barrett-Brothers
are Not Separated In Death.
The train that pulled into the Webster
street depot at 8:40 : yesterday morning was
made up the same as all other trains on the
road.are. There was the same number of
coaches , the same number of friends await
ing its arrival , and the same amount of busi
ness and rustic , but there was one thing that
the average hanger-on did not recognize.
There were two long pine boxes containing
all that'was mortal of the Barrett boys , and
there was the solitary figure In mourning
that had watched over them from tho"gal
lows to the tomb. 1 } was Mrs. Barrett , their
mother , and after a short rest from her long
watch she engaged 'two express wagons to
remove the remains of these she loved to
their last long homo.
The wagons threaded their way unheeded
through tno busier streets of the city. Not
ono of the thousands they passed had any
idea of their mission. As they reached a
more secluded place on south Twentieth
street near the limits they wore recognized ,
and more than ono sight-seer came to the
doors and windows to watch them as they
"It will bo hard on Ed. and Frank , " said
ono man as ho turned nwuy , and the re
porter asked ,
"Do you know themj"
"Yes , und I do now. I lived up there , and
there Is ono thing , that there isn't u child in
the neighborhood that wouldn't do anything
they asked them to. They wore always giv
ing them nickels and little things , and I
think anyone who was so kind to a kid , is us
good as the people who like to say a bad
word about thorn. "
"Yes and won't hear
, you anyone around
hero say a bad tvord about them. Every
body is sorry that this thing happened , " said
another , and once more the reporter asked :
"Did you know the others Tim and
"Not so much about Tim , but I do remem
ber little Pete. It was u surprise to us to
hear that he was wanted for murder.becauBO
ho didn't seem built that way. Ho had lots
of sand in him though , and when ho had to
die , ho died Just the way I expected ho
would. Ho died game. But what's the use
of talking , . . It's all over now , " and the
Bueakor turned to look once more down the
street where the receding cortege was nearIng -
Ing the homo of the Barretts. In a few mo
ments the members of the family -were alone
with their doad.
Then the night came on , and the reporter
made his way to the family home. It was
easy to find it , for friends were fin ill UK their
way to the ono room of thecottagu whorotho
rcnialns were lying. The pine boxes rcscd
quietly on the trestles.and the dim light of
half n dozen wax candles brought the rose
wood caskets they contained Into bright re
"At llest. "
That was all the silver plates said. . No
name was given , no date of blrtn or death ,
but only the words that loK it for others to
say how well the sleepers deserved tno rest.
There was no ono there to criticise , but the
ono room wan filled to Its utmost capacity ,
while boyon'd It , the glimmer of halt a dozen
lanterns , showed how many neighbors were
present. Mrs. Barrett was unwilling to talk
tOTcportors , but as she placed the candles
around the coltln . she said to a bystander !
"It's a sad day for mo. John. "
"Yes , but I never thought I'd see the day
it would come to this. " he said.
"And It wouldn't have , If It hadn't ' boon
for the lawyers they had. They could have
saved Pete anyway , because ho never did
any harm , and Tim said so , but then they
wouldn't have made so much monoy. "
"It's too bad. "
"Yes , and when they pot all the money I
had , they lot them go to the gallows. But I
didn't know they would hang Pctountll they
told mo ho was doad. " But the reporter
didn't want to hear any more , and ho loft
to find out that the f unoral will talto place at
10 o'clock this morning , and that the remains
will bo ourlcd ia St. Mary's comotor y.
A 60 cent bottle of Dr. Blgclow's
Positive Cure will promptly and thor
oughly euro the worst case of recent
cough , cold or throat or lung troublo.
Buy the dollar boltlo for chronic cases ,
"Pleasant to tako. Goodman Drug Co.
The Strange Questions Which Ills
The commissioners received n telegram
yesterday from E. E. Myers , architect of the
county hospital saying that ho had Just re
turned home , found their letters awaiting
him and would give the matter In controversy
immediate attention. This places both the
board and Mr. Myers In rather a
peculiar predicament. According to the
sentiment expressed in a resolution passed
on the 10th inst. , Myers' connection with the
work closed last Saturday at 2 o'clock , but
no action was taken. The resolution says
that unless Mr. Alvcrs reported either" in
person or by loiter at the expiration of a
certain time the board would take
the liberty of dismissing him and
employ another architect , proceed
with the building nnd'clmrgo the services of
their now man to Myers. Ho was given
until 2 o'clock Saturday to respond. The
board , however , hold Its meeting that day
before noon , but took no action relative to
Mr. Myers , therefore it Is not understood
thatho has been dismissed. The receipt of his
telegram gives another feature to the
matter. The commissioners could not bo in-
ducdd to say what their inclinations were ,
but they construe the dispatch as meaning
that ho will bo hero within the next day or
two. O'Kcotlo said that if Myers comes and
will at ten a to business , ho was inclined to
think that it would bo bettor for all parties
to retain him.
The committee on construction of the boarder
or commissioners held a meeting yesterday
afternoon to discuss the telegram received
from Architect Myers. After some discus
sion they concluded to give him ono more
chance , and sent n dlspatcti in reply to his ,
informing him that unless ho appears hero
not later than Thursday his services will bo
dispensed with.
Lost. "I don't know where , I can't
toll when , I don't see how something
of great value to mo , and for the return
of which I shall bo truly thankful , viz. :
a good appetite. "
Found. "Health and strength , pure
blood , an appetite llko a wolf , regular
dlgcstlonall by taking that popular and
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I want everybody to try it this season. "
It is sold by all druggists. Ono hun
dred doses ono dollar.
A Mixing of Civil and Criminal Cases
of Interest.
The district court for this week opened in
lively shape. Judge Doano took up the old
suit entitled Bank of Commerce against
Koffman Bros. This Is the squabble in
which the bank is charged with usury to the
tune of 81,517.40.
The testimony will probably bo concluded
today , and after the arguments go to the
Judge Graff commenced hearing the case
of Timothy Roiloy against the cable tramway
company , a suit for damages on account of
personal Injuries.
The testimony was finished nt 4 o'clock , the attorneys began the arguments to
the jury. The evidence will bo submitted
this morning. C3
Walter Edwards , the young mulatto who
attempted , ono morning last November , to
murder his wife Dora by stabbing
her with a butcher knife cloven
Inches long , was arraigned. lie
pleaded not guilty. EQio Smitn and
Minnie Gentry , two dangerous-looking
females of African complexion , charged of
stealing $11 each from ttio persons of Peter
F. Berrymnn and Andrew Brunst , were
also arraigned. They followed the example
set by Edwards and said not cuilty.
Judge Hopewell lookup the case of Charles
Kuhlman against the Hanover Fire Insur
ance company , a suit brought to recover
$1,000 on account of his drug stock being de
stroyed by lire September 2-J , IbSO. Kuhlman
did a drug business at 015 South Thirteenth
street. The lawyers for the defense had
considerable amusement with Kuhlman when
ho was put upon the stand. His attorney ob
jected to ono question on the grounds that it
was "incompetent , Irrelevant and imma
terial. " To another query of cho witness he
objected answering on the same grounds.
The lawyers and spectators roared. Kuhl
man blushed , and the court , informed him
that his counsel would take exceptions to
questions when any exceptions were to bo
taken. The court had to call him down on
several occasions.
Clement L. Hart filed two petitions for
suit yesterday in the district court. One is
against Thomas H. Coppingor and H. F. Mil-
Han , and the other is against Thomas H.
Copplngcr. Each petition asks that the de
fendants bo required to set forth the nature
of their claims to property In Park place ad
dition. The plaintiff wants a decree , declar
ing his title good and valid.
The case of the state ngulnst John Bor-
bcclc , who Is charged with fast drivine , will
bo trlod in Judge Graff's ' court this morning.
In the cnso of A. Mlllsap against John
Bull , A. F. Graves , Bogg-j & Hill ot ul. .
Judge Wakely Issued a decree for the plain ,
tiff. The sheriff was ordered to sell lots 0
and 7 in block G , Omaha View , to satisfy the
judgment , amouutlng to about $3,000.
United States Court.
Judge Dundy held a short session of the
United States court in the chambers and
heard arguments on a motion to dismiss the
caao of the Kit-Carter vs. Harlem Cattle
company. The foundation for this motion is
based on a plea of non-Jurisdiction.
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Undertakers and Embalmer
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You will bo surprised at the enormous stook of Boya' and Children's Clothing wlitoli
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J. J. Huiilgimn.
J. I. . Wclslmns ,
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"In the Spring nyonng man's fancy lightly turns
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Muiu and 12Ui St. , Kansas City , Mo.
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For Sale or Trade.
Hoshlencn property , orange graven , town lots ,
and desirable unimproved inmls miUnblo for
winter homos , for Mile or to trrttle for weHturn
nipiovod farm Undo. Correspondence solicited
Orlando , Florida.
Try One.
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N. W. Cor. 13th Si Dodge Sts.
Appliances for Doforaltiez and Trusses.
Beit lacilltlcs , apparatus nnd remedies for success
( ul treatment of CIVCTJ form of disease roqulrlni
ModtcM or Burulcnl Trcntmimt.
Hoard and nttondancei belt hospital accommoda
tions In the ireit.
WHITE roKCmciTLA 113 nn Doforrultlomnd llraoos ,
Truaseu , Club Koct , Curvature of tlio Snino , llles ,
Tumors. Cancor. Catarrh. Bronchitis , Inhalation ,
Electricity , 1'aralysls. Kpllepsy. Kldnoy , llladdcr.
Kyi ) , Kar , Skin and lilood , anJ ullSurnlcnl operations.
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
All Blood Diseases successfully troited. Srpbllltlo
I'olnon r mo 8d from the nmom without mercury.
New restorative troatraunt far loss of UUI IMnur.
Persons unable to ridt us may bo treats d at home by
correspondence. All communications confidential.
Medlclnos or Instruminta tent br mall or eipross ,
sturdy packed , no marks tn Indicate rnntenti or
sender. One personal Interview prclerrcd. Cull and
consult as or send history of your case , and we will
send In plain wrapper , our
Upon Private. Special or Nervous Dlseisos , Imno *
Uncy.H/phllls , Uleal and Varleocelo , with question
list. Address
Omaha Medical and Stmjical Institute , or
DR. nicMBNAKlY ,
Oor. 13th and DodKoSts , , OMAHA , NBD.
HealtFlsli/eai / !
HUNT , iiBunrimtoolapoclllo for Ilysterln , Dizzi
ness. ( Jmviilalons , fits. Nervous NeuralKln.
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Insanity ami lendlimto misery , ducnyuml iluatti.
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In either BOX. Involuntary J.ossui und Hpornmt-
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fund the money If ttio trn tiui-iit dooi not eifect
a cure. Ununtntoi1 ! ! Uiuod only by finoduuin
DriixCo. , DrngKUtu , Sole Auenu , 1110 i'tinum
btrtet , OmuliuNeb. .
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CoiiBhtiiiK of Priilt Treei , Small 1'niltn , 0/np
Vlnen , Ornamental TIOM and ritinibn , ICveH
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inentof Trcm und Seeds for
Timber Claims.
I'arilltles unMirpiwod. Write for wliolmali
and rclull lUts. Addresn ,
D. S , LAKE , Proprietor
riltHMAXDO.VH. - _ _ _
suceesi fully used monthly by over 10,000
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\Jtl per box by mail.or at ilru/Klita. ttfolftl
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