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rtllvcredby cunltr In Any Tntl of lie City a
'r\\onty Cent * rcrWcek.
11. W , TJLTON. . . MANAGER.
ntMsr.ffl OFTICB NO. 43.
NIGHT Eumn , No.23.
N Y. Plumbing company.
Cotilnnd wood. E.E.Muyno , 019 B'way.
'Jho Chnutnuqua Literary circle meets this
The Scottish nito consistory meets this
evening for work na a loilgo of perfection.
The cltv council meets this evening. Con
siderable Interest li felt , us the appointments
Wilt probably bo mndc.
The saloons were supposed to bo closed
yesterday , but still the front doors were not
tlic only things which wcro tight. Occasion-
nlly some apparently unlmppy biped could bo
been sneaking up an alley , and soon after re
turning wiping his lips and looking satisfied.
A. Is promised the muslejlovcrs this
evening. Tlio Niwhvlllo Students will gwen
n concert In the Mnsonlu Tcmplo hull , under
the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. These
jubllco songs nro always enjoyable , but es
pecially so jvhen rendered by thcso sweet
singers , who'hnvo already n national reputa
The Union Pnclflo surveyors have com
menced work locating the branch line from
the transfer to Lake Miinruvu , and will llnisn
their labors thoio to-day. The now line Is to
bo opcrr.ted solely In connection with Man-
nwa as ti Bummer resort , and It will doubt
less do n rushing business , as thousands of
Omnbans will visit the lake weekly during
, the season. . '
The announcement that Bishop Newman
Was'to preach in the Broadway Methodist
church drew a largo congregation yesterday
morning. These who had heard his lecture
hero wcrc + nxious to hour him from the pul
pit , and ttioso who had never listened to him
wcrotvcn moro anxious on account of curi
osity. The st-rmon was a missionary appeal.
Several of the members of the local hose
tennis went to Union park yesterday after
noon , and a number of Interesting footraces
took place. It was demonstrated that thcro
Is much coed material In these racing teams
and a little development It all thut Is needed
' to give Council Ulufls n winning place In thoraces
races at the Juno tournament. Several of
the boys 1'avo already commenced Individual
training , and the preliminary toatn work will
soon bo"commenced in earnest.
The art exhibit opens this'afternoon.
Ono Faro For the Itounil Trip.
Tickets on sale April 8th , Jth ) and 10th ,
Recd for return from the llth to the
illth inclusive for nil who wish tout tend
the stnto encampment of the G. A. R.
votornns ut Burlington , Iowa , April
Oth , 10th nnd llth , 1880. The head
quarters' truln with the department
commander and his stall under the
escort of Abe Lincoln Post G. A. R. ,
will leave Council Bluffs via the Chicago
cage , Burlington < & Quincy railroad at
0:40 : n. m. , April 8th , 1880. For further
particulars , call on or address
CAl'T. O. M. BllCMVN ,
Ticket agent ,
Cor. Pearl nnd Broadway.
Council Bluffs.
M. M. MAKSirALii , General Agent.
Promised Ball G.IIIIPP.
"It's a beautiful day , but n trillo lacking
in the way pf excitement , " said n base ball
enthusiast yesterday. ' 'It won't bo long ,
however , until wo will have that part fixed
nil right. As soon ns the season opens and
the Twin City club is ready for business ,
wo will have un Interesting ball game at
- Athletic park every Sunday , .Wo will have
a fine club and no mistake. Games will bo
"arranged with the Western league teams on
their oil dates , and the crack umatcur teams
of all the surrounding country will have an
opportunity to distinguish themselves by de
feating our invincibles. It is now intended
to huvo a game at the parK every Sunday
this season , and there will also bo from one
to thrco every week besides. The team will
bo composed of n fine lot of players , and
they will make It warm for some of the crack
teams before the season Is over. "
"Western Lumber and Supply Co.
Between 18th and 14th streets , aftd 2d
and 3d avenues. Telephone 241.
E. W. RAYMOND , Manager.
Bartlctt & Norton for hardware ,
stoves and cutlery. 737 and 2315 B'vvuy.
Dr. C. C. Huzon , dentist , Opera house
8. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
Thanks For the Stoamcr.
At the last mooting of the city council of
Lincoln , Nob. , the following resolution was
, , introduced by Fire Warden Newour.v and
passed :
Whereas , The mayor nnd council of the
city of Council Bluffs , la. , huvo generously
donated to this city the use of their 11 ro en
gine "Uescuo" free of charge , therefore
Resolved , By the mayor and council of the
{ city of Lincoln , tbnt the sincere thanks of
this city bo and hereby nro tendered to the
mayor and council and the chief of the lire
j. deimrtmant of Council Bluffs for their kind
ness and generosity in n time of need , nnd
while hoping they may never need the old of
this city , yet wo shall ever bo pleased to respond
spend to any cull for aid from Council Bluffs.
The Rescue steamer was sent to Lincoln
about the 1st of December , 1888. to take the
place of the Cuupln steamer belonging to
thut city , which had to bo sent to the factory
to bo repaired nnd renttcd. The Rescue is
now homo again anil ready for any call at
too Broadway 11 ro house.
The finest collection of pictures over
Boon in the city ut the art loan.
Headquarters for bulfders' hardware ,
Odoll & Bryant , smiain street.
J. G. Tiptpn , real estate , 627 B'dwny.
An efficient organist from the cast do-
iirosn position as organist in Omaha or
Council Bluffs. References : Max Mover
and Churloa Buotons , 82-5 Paxton build
ing , Omaha , or 120 Seventh street ,
Council Bluffa. Good testimonials
Tlio Mayor anil the Mni-Hlml.
The breach between the mayor and the
city marshal Rooms to bo rapidly widening ,
' and neither party scorns inclined to help it.
Tbo marshal openly charges the mayor with
1 breach of faith , und states that it uas fairly
understood between them that tUo marshal
was to rocolvo the fees for the collection ol
the saloon duos. Ho * says that the mayor
agreed to lot the police collect the fines , und
now ho refuses to allow tbo marshal unv fees
whatever for lines so collected.
The major suya very llttlu about the mat
ter , but ho "gets uack" at the marshal by his
latest order rogardiucr the suppression ol
gambling. Ho puts tbo blame on the hitter
for not closing the gambling houses and calls
attention to tno llrst order. The chief of po-
* ) < co Is uUo ordered to await the action of the
, marshal. The critics of the mayor Insist
Btoutly that the executive Is not sincere In his
order , which , it is alleged , was issued for
purely political reasons , and now that the
election is over and the matter is becoming
troublesome , ho seeks to slldo from under
, the rosponbiblllty , while pretending to face
the music , und thus to divert public atten
tion from himself to the marshal. Sen oral
city olDclals , who have been heard to express
themselves on the subject , are professedly ol
- ( ho opinion that the gamblerswill bo ktpt
off tbo llrst floor , but thut no attempt will bo
P made to molest them if they uccp up stairs.
* Tlio matter is getting Interesting , and prom-
tks to scon devolou into something of inoio
lUiui prdluury Importance.
. ,
Money loaned nt L. B. Craft's ft Co.'s
loan olllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and ull other articles of value without
, J removal. All business strictly confl
Ono Proaohor Pictures the Future
and Another the Prosont.
Mnny OinnlintiH Visit the Ulunfe Base
Bnll Prospects Grateful Lin-
colnlloH Noios About
the City.
The Ilnppy Beyond.
The ronarcgatlon that assembled In the
First Baptist church yesterday morning weio
treated with n pronounced departure from
the usual sejmons delivered from modern
pulpits. It was un appeal to the heart rather
than the head ; ndrawlngout of the affections
rather than u learned exegesis of theological
Rev. Prank Parsons , of Glenwood , ad
dressed nn audience hero for the first time.
Ho showed himself to bo a close student of
scripture , nnd In his discourse admitted the
fact that there was much In the bible that ho
could not understand. Ho said ho was con
tent to leave these mysterious portions , the
"Revelations" of Jesus to John , to the future
to rdvcal their true and full meaning. "Thcro
is enough , " said he. " that I can understand
to show mo God's love for man. His
sympathy for us In our hours of
trial nnd conflict , nnd His tender ,
Fatherly heart which bents in sympathy
with \Vonoverwcaryof Its iiathos ;
Its promises of hope : Its exhibitions of
the humane side of God. In nil the pictures ,
whatever the grouping of character or the
facts developed , there Is ono fnco which
stands out prominently , ono form with which
all Christian hearts nro fitmlliar ; it Is the
fnco , the form of Jesus. "
Ho used the picture presented in Rev. 14th.
beginning at the first verse , ns n text. "And
I looked , und. lo , n Lamb stood on Mount
/.ion , and with him nn hun'drcd forty nnd four
thousand , having his Father's name written
In their foreheads. And I heard a voice
from heaven , ns the voice of many waters ,
nnd ns the voice of n great thunder ; nnd I
hcnrd the voice of hnrpcra harpinguoon their ,
harps. Said ho : "Thoro Is in this a half
hidden meaning which I do not un
derstand. I have stood before a
painting , nnd have scon its wonderful
story. There was in It much which 1 could
not understand , but there was enough which
I could know to fill my mind with wonder
and move my heart with admiration nnd love.
So I feel before these pictures whnt the
revclntor has penned. * * . * John
saw in the picture Christ ns a lamb. Jesus
has many titles In tun scripture , out in this
connection It was appropriate that Ho should
bo shown us n lamb , because It denotes sacri
fice Christ's sacrifice for us.
"Great men have told us that neither here
nor hereafter can we get wholly nwav from
our sinful lives. Uut I read , He shall
present us blameless , spotless , without
guile unto His Father. God will sco no
fault In us. Ho washes out not only our sin ,
but the marks the sin has made. . Ho rubs
from our foreheads the name of the evil ono
and writes His own name In its place.
* - * * * w
"As n child I wns not stronglv
impressed with the 'singing bc-
fcre1 the .throne of God forever. '
Now , I think I see moro cloarlv what the
declaration means. There is to bo sucti har
mony In our employment , our labor , that it
will bo a constant song of praise to God und
the Lamb. * -
"Once Jesus was so lowly that Ho sought
a hiding place that He might not die before
the time. Ho was hooted at , scourged ,
hanged to the cros , once ho was so weaic
that , u thief Insulted him. Now ho is exulted
on Mount/un. The highest point in the
, territory of heaven , the sent exalted where
all men must see whether they will or not ;
horcPstunds the same Jesus. Now Ho is so
powerful that even the bravest men who
have not the name on their foreheads call
upon the rocks to fall on them. * * *
"There Is another familiar feature in the
picture. It is the multitude who have
washed their robes and made them
white in the blood of the lamb.
This is the company of which you are a
member. Standing before Him blameless ,
His nnmo in your forehead.
"Jesus is the settlement of all difficulties
and differences.- There are are no denomina
tional names thcro. Wo do not believe aliito
hero because wo arc Ignorant. Wo do not
know what is right. Then God will reveal
unto us Himself und His truth , and we shall
> in Hia fhllilrnn
Now and full line of spring goods at
the London Tailors , 037 Broadway.
Have our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundrv Co.
The finest line of spring goods to be
found in the market is at A. Roitcr's ,
No. 310 Broad way.
IB the Church of Any Use ?
Rev. G. W. Crofts , of the Congregational
church , answered this question yesterday ,
affirmatively , of course. He presented also
numerous reasons for doing so.
Ho cheese as his text , "There bo many
thai say , who will show , us any good ? Lord ,
lift then up the light of thy countenance upon
is. "
Hu referred to the dissatisfaction nrovnlcnt
with mankind dissatisfaction with the past
and the present. This was well , within cer
tain limits , for it led to thought , and thought
caused action nnd progress. When the race
stops thinking , it stagnates , and goes Mick-
ward. If Christianity is from God it has
nothing to conceal , nothing to fear. Is the
dewdrop afraid of the bright ! The stronger
the light the moro brilliant docs Its purity ro
lled brilliancy. If not of G6d , Christianity ,
no matter how defended , must fall iuto de
cay.Tho church has always boon ruthlessly attacked -
tacked by enemies , but their weapons have
been broken , ono after another , and the
church has prospered.
One of the ablest writers , in a recent mag
azine , admits that the church has bcun of
use , but now because It teaches certain dog
mas it has lost Its power , nnd that PO fur as
benevolence Is concerned the work Is or may
bo done by other organizations.
'Iho speaker then brielly pictured the progress -
gross of the church. From a few hundred
believers Its numbers had grown Into the
many millions , unu every tribe and nation
had its representatives in her ranks. The
cross , mightier than the sword , had in SOU
years taken posRcsslonof heathendom. What
skeptical philosophy could not do , nnd what
Judaism could not do , Christianity had ac
complished. Men with no earthly power ,
persecuted , imprisoned , reproached , kept
tolling the story of Christ. The temples became -
came deserted , the Idols fell , and to-day
there Is not a god worshipped that was wor
shiped in the days of the philosophy nnd
glory of Greece und Rome. No knee bows
to Jupiter ; no temple la open to Venus ; no
homigo Is pulu to Mars ; no shipwrecked gar
ments arc hung up in the temple of
Neptune. Paganism hat not. in uges *
made a convert from Christianity. India has
Its beautiful and even sublime teachings of
Hrahtnanlsui , but what suffering , darkness
und degradation. See the strange spectacle
of two hundred millions being controlled by
less than thirty millions of Englishmen I
Why ! Howl Hccauso their system of 10-
llglon falls to develop men , and because
Christianity docs develop manhood , giving
it strength und power.
The speaker then noted the effect Chris
tianity has hud In alleviating the wous of
society. It found woman degraded to the
level of n brute nnd raited her to the equal
of man. Numerous citations from Plato und
other heathen philosophers were glvon ,
showing how little they regarded woman ;
also how heartlessly they viewed the poor
mid distressed , lienuu , the "French nation
al Ut , admitted freely tbnt Christianity had
brought about these wonderful betterments
of society.
The criticism that the church was antago
nistic to education was next refuted. Out of
o0 ! collegiate institutions only sixty-four
were undenominational , U13 being supported
by churches. The churches hud given over
108,000,000 for educational Initiations. Hos-
pltals und benevolent institutions wcro like
wise founded nnd sustained.
It U true tbo church Is not doing all the
benevolent work. Other organizations are
doing nobly , but they have their Inspiration
lu the prluclples of. eunstlaulty. WUfct is
the chureht fs It not simply Christianity or
ganized for specific purposcil The vital
principle exists In the Individual , nnd hull-
vlduniS tf > DOSSCSsed may orgnnlro outsldo of
the church , the ftr'hlo ' church , and carry on
n good work , but at the root of it you Will
find the vitalizing principles of Christianity.
Is thotchrlsllnn church of nny usot To-day
nmttl contempt pbo is still holding nloft the
light of God. She is making the world wiser
nnd belter. She is teaching the children to
fear God , love their parents nnd grow up
honest nnd true. She Is teaching ( no Igno-
nornnt. saving the erring , comforting tbo
mourning. Isthlsofusol
Notice the beautiful finish civon col
lars , cuffs and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
Money loaned on furniture , plnnos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or nnythlng
of value at low rates of interest. No
publicity ; ( air nnd honorable dealing.
A. A. Clnrl : A ; Co. , olllco cor. Broadway
and Muin , over American express.
Stimlny on U heclH.
A Sundny of most delightful weather
brought many Omaha visitors to the Bluffs.
They came nfoot nnd on horseback , nnd in
every kind of conveyance that could bo so-
cured. The cast-bound motor trnlns during
the early pnrt of the nftcrnoon literally
swarmed with living humanity , and the con
ductors found it one of the hardest days they
havoyet experienced. The continual crowdIng -
Ing through the cars to collect fares was very
tiresome , nnd It wus n weary sot of men
which stepped from their ears at n Into
hour , heartily thankful that the day's work
wns ovor.
Hundreds of the visitors wcro those whoso
longings for a Sunday "unifier" were In
tense , and ns their desires could not bo grat
ified on the west shore of flic Ulg Muddy ,
they sought the sylvan shades of prohibition
lown to find the cup that cheers nnd brings
blissful forgctfulness of the dry weather at
home. By some strange Instinct they nil
seemed to direct their stops to the beer gnr-
den at the cast end of the cltv , nn-1 there
during the entire day beer flowed in unlim
ited quantities. Actuated solely by n feelIng -
Ing of sympathy nnd regard for his
follow men , the humanitarian und philan
thropist who presides over tl.txt classic spot
decided to open It to the public yesterday
morning1 , and appearances dm ing the day
nnd evening Indicated that the move was
greatly appreciated by the suffering nnd
thirsty ones who experienced relief nt his
Although the travel over the motor lluo
wns so extensive , it did not seem to lessen
the number of carriages crossing the bridge ,
as several hundred Imiulsomo turnouts
passed over the structure during the day.
During the nftcrnoon the streets nf this
city were filled with them , and largo num
bers of them were mot some distance from
the city on the beautiful drives extending to
the north , south nnd cast , Fulrinouut park
had hundreds of visitors , in fact thk beau
tiful resort , presented an almost summerliko
appearance , with the countless groups stroll
ing through its pretty glen § nnd the plrasuro
seekers who diovo to the top of the bluff to
tnko in themcomparublo view to the south
nnd west.
Although' there were so many on the
streets no accidents were reported , nnd per
fect order prevailed.
Precautions hud been taken to do away
with the reckless driving heretofore wit
nessed on lower Broadway Sunday after
noon , and A policeman was detailed to sco
that the nuisance was abated. Owing to the
immense amount of travel over this thor
oughfare and Its crowded condition on Sun
days , such n stop became necessary and it
was appreciated by the pleasure p.uties
whoso peace of mind hud previously been
greatly disturbed , oven if their limbs were
jeopardised by the ambitious owners of fast
On the whole , it was ns near a model Sun
dny ns could bo hoped for. The sinners
found little to yruwl about , and the smuts
rejoiced over the largo congregations which
assembled In the moining at nil the
Rooms to rent in .the Merriam block.
S. B. Wadsworth & Co..2315 Main street.
Sco the art loan to-day.
Bluff City lodge , No. 71 , A. F. nnd A. M. ,
will hold a meeting to-night for work in the
third degree. 'All Masons of good stuudlng
arc invited.
A Gilded Darling of the Golden Gate
in Clover.
Genial Max Popper x has received a
letter from a friend in Berlin which
conveys soigo intelligence of in
terest to a good many people in San
Francisco , ssiys the Examiner of that
city. '
Most ueoplo in all grades of society
either know or have heard of Daisy
Newman , the beautiful domi-mondnino
who two or three years ago cut some
thing of a figure in San Francisco , and
in her faoarch for dash and notoriety ox-
pldrcd the resources of two continents.
'Mibs Daisyaccording to Mr. Popper's
correspondent abroad , has established
herself in.Germany as the wife 'of'a
mostdistinguished Baron of the empire ,
a man of exalted rank , of stupendous
wealth , nnd of check-by-jowl intimacy
with the young emperor. Daisy has
her carriages and horses , with postil
lions and outriders. She loaded . with
sealskins and sables , her fair form is
bedecked with bla/ing diamonds , her
carriage poses at the portals of nobility ,
nnd oven the youthful Wilholm doll's
his hat to the brilliant young American
baroness in n moro deferential way
than ho docs even to his mamma or his
Her now husband , who has invested
the inir Californian with all this splen
dor , Isold and weasony and shriveled ,
but he adores his treasure nnd swears
by all the gnomes iti the Black Forest
that the fair goddess from the Occident
shall rank in the brilliance of ho surroundings -
roundings with Cleopatra and the queen
of Shobn. -
Daisy Newman , or the now Berlin
baroness , has a record fullof romance.
It was some time in 1882 that Daisy
came up from her humble homo in'May-
field. Her parents were poor but
reputable people. She tired of the
humdrum life down there und resolved
to broaden her sphere of action. She
wns a good girl then , but quite con
scious of her fatal gift of beauty , and ,
though but sixteen years old , had al
ready resolved to coin thut gift Into
wealth and influence.
She wus not ambitious nt drat. She
was even demure and retiring. She had
a wealth of fair hair , a pair of ox-like
eyes , but eyes which shone with u dan
gerous light , and a form that rivalled
Hobo's. The benevolent Captain Iltis-
Icell , of the tugboat relief , into whoso
family the embryo baroness first gained
standing as a nursery maid , was so en
tranced with the glory of Daley's eyes
that ho secretly formed schemes to nd-
vance her interests.
The captain's wife admired his be
nevolent spirit , anil with him thought
it would bo a great thing to do some
thing to elevate Daisy in the social
scale , but , somehow , eho * concluded
somebody else than the captain had
bettor do it. At any rate , she found u
now nursery maid.
Daisy next became n milliner's clorlr.
She found work for her glorious eyes
and her dainty fingers iu the Market
street emporium of Mrs. Clark. She
wns there several months , when some
dilllcuUy arose between herself und her
Miss Daisy had by this time begun to
BOO a little bit of life. She had learned
to know fruppo and oysters whim nho
saw them , and hud n general idea nf
what it la like to be out at - u , m. Thla
Mrs. Clark did not scorn fo Hko. Th
latter also discovered ITtfflP n good deal
of her valuable rlbbop-nnd other mil
liner's brlc-a-brno wavwysinp , and 8ho
fflijt withering oyooii , tlfo trembling
Daisy. J ' "
Ono thing led to nnoihor until a sur-
roptiliouffscarch was .Anddny mtulo of
the tearful Daisy's trupko Lol thcro
were ribbons galore nnd materials
enough to slock nn oastQrn'tOnonlng ; nil
of which Mrs. Clark recognized ns her
A warrant wns issuednfiml the tearful
Dnlny was arrested nhd' ' chnrcod. in
Judge Sawyer's police , jcourt with lar-
cony. She was at once admitted to ball
and her trial postponed for a week to
give the learned Counsellor Crlttondou
Thornton , who was Miss Daisy's nttor-
noy , an opportunity to prepare her de
fense. *
The cnso bothered Counsellor Thorn
ton In no small degree. The proof was
overwhelmingly against his beautiful
jcllcnt. Ho was at his wits' ends. Then
ho thought of Daisy's beautiful eyes ,
her pcnchliko cheeks , her ruby lips
and n. great thought struck him. Ho
would make a bold bluff us her counsel
and also make Daisy's oycs toll on judge
and prosecutors.
Wiion the day for the trial cnmo Miss
Daisy How into the court in the garb of
a princess. Her tunned gloves reached
to her shoulders. Her pink silk stock
ings caused a thrill in the court .room.
Shu had a Gainsborough hat that looked
like an East India canopy. Kvon Judge
Sawyer sat enraptured with such a
vision of lovliiiu < H , and Iho court bailiffs
were fairly stupolled with dofuronco and
But ono man stood aghast nnd her
rified. It wus Counsellor Thornton.
Ilo muttered ono or two imprecations
and then noi/.cd the vision of lovlincb ?
by ono of her tsm-covcrcd arms and
hissed , "You little fooll Got out of
hero ! Go at once and put on an old
black gown , some broken shoes , a chip
hut ) and como back in ton inijiutes.
How do you suppose 1 can get you out of
atich u scrnpo in all this linoryV"
Daisy lied at once niui in u little while
returned , looking like a minister's
wife's nursery maid. She was tearstained -
stained and her face was coated with in
nocence half an inch thick. And .she
rolled her big black eyes about with
appealing glances forri.vmpathy.
"Now that is something like , * ' ex
claimed her learned counsellor , and
Daisy beamed upon him a mulling
glnnco of gratitude.
In the trial which followed , the evidence -
donco was til ) against the beautiful cul
prit. The property was found in her
trunk ; it was identified by Mrs. Chirk
ns hers , and things looked squally , in
deed , for Daisy.
Counsellor Thornton did not attempt
to contradict the evidence. Ho .scarcely
cross-examined the witnesses. He did ,
however , make an appeal of such power
to the jury that men's eyes moistened ,
mid the baililTs turned uwuy to conceal
their emotion. The fiuc.Daisy ] &at with
sad and tearful face andibont her glow
ing oycs upon each linn vnry juror.
The prosecuting attorrioy nwthut his
cnse was lost. His response lo Counsel
lor Thornton's forensic ; and impassioned
effort was but a , feeble pipe compared
withabuglo blast. ' ' <
Miss Daisy's oycs did'Hhd1 ' rest. The
jury aequiUud her with'outjoaviiigtheir
scats , and warmly congratulated Coun
seller Thornton upon the magnificence
of his eloquence , at Ihufguiho time ex-
nresiing the keenest sympathy with the
distress of his fair client. '
'Now , you little devil , skip out of
hero ! " said the couu&ellor Tis the court
was being clearedj "uiut'dpii't you over
get in"to biich a scrape again , for I can't '
s.ivo you. " tf
And Daisy skipped. That ended her
millinery career forever. As she loft
the court room Daisy encountered a
philanthropist in the person of Miss
Mollie Woodward , who promptly offered
her a homo , shelter , and n high old
time , all ol which was promptly ac
Daisy at once became the rage , and
not many weeks elapsed before she was
bla/.ing in jewelry and rolling in lux
For two years or morn Daisy Newman
led this life , and then she began to long
for fresh conquests in new Holds. She
was said to hnve married Billy Baor , the
well-known grain speculator , but this
was probably not true , though tie was
known to have showered his thousands
upon her. Then she took the Panama
steamer for Now York under the pro-
toclioii , it is said , of u panorama man
with an odd name. In Now York ,
where the fame of Jier beauty had pre
ceded her , she made numerous con
quests among the gilded youth , and
finally , with well lined pockets , she setout
out for Europe. She was heardof once
about a year ago in Paris , whore bho
was cutting a "tremendous dash as a
wealthy young "California widow , ' ' but
rtfter- that nho was lost sight of until
now she bobs up in Berlin as n baroness
of genuine rank.
Long live the festive Daisy I
TT1Olf KENT or sale Tlio furniture o ( tfireo
-U story nonao , city water , etc. , on Muuawu
motor line. Three blocks from Uniaha motor
nnd dummy trains. Kent of nousc , ifln. Inquire -
quire of lr. lVf. . Houghton , nw Uroadiray ,
W'ANTED i > ady ns housekeeper In flrst
class hotel. AddroaS OH Myimer st. ,
Council Mulls , la.
MUST SKIJj Two lots In Backctt's addition
* 1UO below the market prlco If taken at
TTAV Boarders wanted at 1035 Avoiuio A.
IF you have property of any kind to sell or exchange -
change ECU Johnston tt Vanl'atten. iin.Mnln.
T71O11 HKNT-Onice No. - ' . ovnr linlrd's con-
U lectionory Htoro , lately occupied byVm. .
Ward , architect , llorucu lirurett.
TTIOU SATiK On montiily payment1) , hou o
4 ? tmd lotlnVan Urunt & lllco'a addition , by
.I.Y. 1'iiller.I ) 1'earl Htreat.i , -
F'Olt ItliNr l'ossesilonulve.i April Int. the
resldeiico now occupied bv Hoburt Cur-
neuter , corner nth st. nmU'd nVb. . } per month ,
Horace HvnrHtr. _ _ * _
_ _ _ _ =
FUHNlrtllKD "looms " for mitt second lloor.
No. 1IT I'ourth streat. ii.,5
TTIOH HUNT Cheap , two liaud omo , now , six-
-i. room rottauoa , north of triiisfor , Council
Illuirs. Jiuiulro llland Klshtor , Mil live , and
Kletst. , i i
' '
Mrs C/'LiBlLLftT'S
, / '
AndKcoll'crftuo line of Hair
Goods. V1NI5ST HAIll
OltNAMUWlW intho city.
AVIum , Ilearda , etc. , for Kent
or Halo.
Qluthand Coylo and Myers
Orrabo 1'ulntx. llalr
Dressing , Utc.
No. 2 ! > Rlniii St , , Council It In lib.
Orders by mull receive prompt attention.
B Arrcbta illschnifes trom the urintry cr4
I e ua In elllii r eex ! .i 4H I iiry. r
t It la superior to i opalua. cubcbs. ai
llnjectlonH. nnd free lioia ull bad rr-Jl.
| or oilier Inconveniences.
I Caiu > iio. which Ini'.r Uio IIBII e
lbleckletterrMitbcutvrUcll uouer
i genuine
Watch TheSlGNS
&ihp-tT'MEs '
JlRi-Painted * \
. . | \ ' E.B.GARDINEZR.
We invite your potr-onage ; fig. MILLER .
NaaTllfitU Pearl St. . \ '
Who Will Save You Money
O * CO..S
House ,
417 Hroiulway , LI %
DQ Council Jllulis.
,0 - w j
Is Always sif-i f w
As wo cnn provo by
hundreds. Iti
Lanzendorler & X 2-3 era Si
g S | E >
Stroiibelin , s § S
No. 221 C/3 2p CO
Tartlcular attention given to Embalming.
\o. I'l \ . Eaiii SI. , Council Elluirs.
Kurnltnro repairing neatly dono.
Oflico calls attended promptly day and night.
C. c =
O C ' ! = AT THE
Lowest Prices !
3 - * Poultry of all kinth
O. gS2
I _ itt &o o " "J " dressed to order.
K S3 2 128
CO S E3 g S B oivic MK A
or . . Mottaz
o No. 114E. Hroadw'y
And get the best lining Suit
' yon cycr luul.
No 637 BroadwayCouncil
No. 27 Main Street , .
Over Jacqiieinin's Jewelry Store
Electric Trusses , Bolts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents wanted.
C. EC. .PU H > ,
Co un ell Jlluirn In ,
Private watchmen tuinlihcd at any and nl
hpeclal attention given to collection of chat
tel mortgages and notes.
Sloncy to loan on Kood chattel security.
Hcforenco Any bank , attorney , or bu lnesi
man in tno city.
What a SMrt
1 f you had taken H to the City Steam laundry
it wouldn't look so ,
Jl .Muin Struct. Telephone HI.
HldnJdlN , Pelts , Wool & Furs ,
Highest maiket prices. Prompt relu
niul S3 Muin Bt. . Council IJlutru. lo vr
On our entire stuck. Call and sco or write us.
JOHN GILBERT , 518 Pearl St.
TELEPHONE 224. Estimates Furnished
Correspondence Solicited. On Application.
37,000 IN USE.
o , ,
103 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
25 TO 300
Specifications and estimated ( urnlahcd for complete uto.iin p'nntu , Ilpuulatlon. Durability Cluir
antvud. Can thow loiters Irom users wlmro Kuel Kcoiiamy In IHJU il with Corllfw Non-Coiuloiwlui ;
. E.G. HARRIS , Agent , "
Send for Catalogue. No. BIO Pearl Street , Council BJuffa
Tuos. Orriccit. w. II. M. l'usir ,
Corner Main and Ilroadnay ,
CfUiMull. . 11LUKKS , Jd\VA.
Ilealurs la foreign end domeutlo exchange.
Collection ! ! uiado mid Interest paid oil tltiyiUe-
huumcr CiinliT , ICUK > . lurtlun M iu > jr. i4.tUr of Crullh
1-wuiwrU , Uulelo Ituckl , Ma | . , rulilu & < JM , Ilottl Cvi2
| oru > , ) .tc * tnilfureirtulnr , t j
Ucu'l Wtlt'u Agtucjr , St U , , CJ.rL HI. . CIIICAU * .