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Complaints of the Poor Accom
modations of Iowa Railways.
AVnflClirlst n Coiunioruial Traveler
A Trip to BijfTno | , Wjro. A. Profitable -
able Field for Omntin'A
Trade Samples.
The commercial travelers of tills state
Imvc shown tholr Appreciation of TIIK
BUR'S ofTorts to afford tlioin every Mon-
flny intclltgonco pccullnrly Interesting
mitl iiiBtructlvo to the crrvft. They luivo
contributed to our columns freely In the
past , and durlnl Mnrch inoro communi
cations Imvo been received for our com
mercial trnvelors'dopartment tlmn ever
before In a given time. There are , how
ever , n variety of subjects which Imvo
not been discussed by thorn in THE Bun ,
and there are hundreds whoso personal
reminiscences on the rend wmild make
intensely intorcstinp reading.
To induce mombnrsof the craft to con
tribute rcpulnrly to our columns , it Is
proposed to offer athousand-mllo ticket ,
Rood on Nebraska lines , under certain
conditions. The ticket will bo pur
chased by TIIK BKK over the line chosen
by the successful competitor , who must
' cither represent a Nebraska house or
travel exclusively in this state for an
outside firm. Ho must present n letter
fiom his house certifying that ho is a
regular traveling representative of
such house.
A. thousand-mile ticket will bo pre
sented , under above conditions , to the
commercial traveler who shall bo first
to contribute , 0,000 words worthy
of being printed In Tnw BKK.
Ho can count only that which ap
pears in print. Don't bo afraid that
your communications will not bo ac
ceptable. Wo want the groundwork of
your ideas or anecdotes or biographies ,
personal gossip ( or anything that will
interest the craft ) and wo will tone It
up if necessary and put It in proper
shape for the printer. The second best
man will bo given a y one's subscription
to the daily. Each competitor must
clip all of hia communications as fust as
they appear in Tins MONDAY BEK , for
ward thorn to this olllco , and sign his
full name and the house which ho. rep
resents. _
"Was Christ n Commercial Traveler ?
James Seymour , in the American
Commercial Traveler bays : All theo
logians tacitly admit that the where
abouts of Christ from the ago of twelve
until ho entered Upon the ministry , at
the age of thirty , Is unknown. Recent
researches among the sacred books of
Htndostan show a great similarity be
tween many of the phrases and parables
jof Christ and those of Hindoo sages
who lived centuries prior to the Christ
ian ora. The inference is that our
Lord traveled extensively in the re-
' 'glons of the far oast. It is presumed
that , his prococlousnoss having excited
the wrftth of the Jewish priesthood , it
was found advisable to leave the coun
try for a time , and that.ho joined ono of
the numerous caravans trading between
Ejrypt and the Indies. Rome , at that
period the proud mistress of the world ,
had entered upon a period of costly
splendor and of lavish display. The
vrholo known world was ransacked
to furnish luxuries to gratify the
pampered taste of her extravagant
, qmperors and proud patricians. In
numerable caravans wore required t (
meet the demand , and there is not o
shadow of a'doubt that the leading
merchants of these days were the Jews
and the Greeks , who were largely engaged <
gaged in this traflic. The old Romans
those stern masters of the world , con' '
eldorcd trade to bo infra dig. , and , with c
. grim sarcasm us to the fitness of things
constituted Mercury the god of merchants
chants and thiovds. It is supposed , 01
the best of grounds , that Christ tool
part in this business for eighteen voars
and made frequent trips between Alex
andria , where the goods brought by tin
caravans were shipped to Rome and the
Indies. It is but natural to Bupposi
that ono of his extraordinary mental endowments
dowmonts would bo an earnest studon
of the theological literature of the
east , to which ho could have hat
abundant access. Edwin Arnold , in hi <
"Light or Asia , " shows that portion !
of the Lord's prayer and the boat !
tltudes came verbatim from IIindo <
teachers who lived prior to Christ. A
recent publication also shows that then
is much similarity in the lives of Chris
him and Christ. Chrlshnu or Christni
was born many years before Christ. H <
, was ono of the trinity of the Hindoo :
ocQupylng'thomor&contraLpart of India
Ho cumo from Vishnubocamo incarnate
was considered a savior of royal origin
born lowly , saluted by divine songi
from angels , surrounded by shophcods
Nndn , the father , and Dov'a Mala , thi
dlvino mother , were compelled to ( let
by night Into a remote country for foai
of a tyrant who had ordered all tin
inalo children to be slain. Chrlshnu , b ;
his wisdom at an early ago , astonishoi
tito elders. Ho hud a forerunner in hi
brother Rom. Ho is claimed to havi
washed the foot 'of Brahmins , curci
lepers , raised the dead , was crucified
descended into hades , ascended int <
heaven , sat beside Vishnu , the firs
person of the Hindoo deity. The mori
erudite Gorman theologians admit tin
astonishing similarity in the Asiutt
savior , Chrlshnu , and Christ. Thi
eliuilarlty accounts in a grout moasun
for the prevalence of Gorman ration
No loss an authority than the Rev
Dr. i'roudfoot , of London , EngluudwhG
in early youth , was trained for mor
cantllo pitrsuitd , has boon oitcd to nlio\
that Christ himself , all through Hi
proverbs and other parts of the gospoh
evinces a business training , and thn
Ho must have boon familiar with th
commercial methods in vogue in thos
days , and much more so than if ho ha
merely followed the carpenter's trad
of his father. Dr. Proudfoot is also c
the opinion that ho traveled in Indln
and \Yiis engaged in commercial pur.iuit
as an attncho of a caravan.
Iowa Itnllwnyw.
A very unanimous howl is being mad
ovoy the Iowa railway accommodation
or rather lack of accommodation. Tlv
bunion of complaint is of an ovldon
uiutualjundorstnnding oil the part of tin
railways to annoy and tantalieo all low
towns as far as possible and in this wa
create a fooling which may result 1
forcing the people to lot the railway
have tnulr own way. The following c >
tract from u communication eignsd b
R. H. Sonnet illustrates the torn per of
the traveling nubile :
"Tho Rock Island's latest tlmo card IB
causlncr much comment on the part of
the traveling public , and although the
'boys' very seldom indulgn In the use of
cuss words , they are compelled to give
vent to tholr pont-upfeelings when they
strike any of the branch roads of that
company ,
The service on these lines has been
reduced to tli3 lowest notch , and has
been done with the intention of causing
such a vigorous howl , as to bring the
notice of the Iowa commissioners to boar
on the situation , and wlilch , according
to the theory of llio Rock Island officials ,
will bo Instrumental in showing the
commissioners they have goao a llttlo
too far.
Not Only have they reduced the train
service to ono train per day , but tlioy
have apparently nn employe who is an
export in "getting up" tlmo cards and
for this special occasion his duty con
sisted in running the branch train so ns
to make no connections with trains oil
main lines and ho tilled the bill to the
letter. Leaving Council Bluffs for Car
son It used to consume throe hours , now
it is twenty-three , or else causing a
twonty-mllo drive from Avoca. in order
to roach the town the same day. Nor
's this all , for immediately on nrrlvalat
Larson the train departs on its return
trip causing another twenty mile drive
or else a delay of twenty-four hours.
On the return of train to Avoca , it lies
in Idleness several hours when It micrht
justns well Icavo Carson a few hours
ator and give "dor drummer" a show
to do up the town. This is but a sample
of many like cases and livery men nro
already putting on hack lines to compote
pete for passenger traffic and where any
competing line reaches points located
on the Rock Island the freight will be
given to them.
In the same vain writes the manager
of the Council Bluffs bureau of TUB
BEI : .
* * "In fact the policy seems to bo
to punish Iowa as fur as possible. They
( the railways ) are continually Improv
ing through traflic facilities but lesson
ing local accommodations. Wo notice
it particularly in the distribution of
papers. To-day I discontinue old sub
scribers at Hancock because of change
of timo. Our Harlan customers have
ordered tholr papers sent to Avoca and
from Avoca v o run by hack or stage to
Harlan. Thcso nro but instances. It
seems to bo u quiet but persistent move
on the part of the railways. They ro-
fiiso to make any improvements in depots -
pots , etc. , 'Because their business is not
so profitable in Iowa ns it should bo,1
etc. Of course if it effects .tho proper
distribution of papers , it must effect the
general distribution of goods , and
transaction of business generally , hurt
ing the trade of Omaha and of Council
Bluffs by impairing facilities. Instead
of trying to make connections at junc
tions , it seems as if they made the time
tables as inconvenient as possible. "
A Trip to Buffalo , Wyo.
LUSK , Wyo. , March 22. To the Editor
of the Commercial Department : There
is probably no journey more novel or
interesting to a traveling man than a
trip of 150 or 1GO miles from a railroad
like the ride between Douglas and Buf
falo. I had just time to complete some
business at Douglas and throw my grips
aboard the stage when the driver's long
lash announced that wo had started.
I had for a traveling companion a tim-
boragentfroinChoyenuo , who remarked
at the start that the outfit was not very
well equipped. Wo set to .work to make
the boot of the situation by taking out
the seats , placing them in the bottom ol
the coach , and covering ourselves at
best wo coultt with a robe , which musl
have seen twenty years of service. We
had loft Douglas ut 6:80 : p. in. , and aftci
about four hours' ride wo arrived at
Dry Cheyenne , where Captain
Kidd met and wooed Ills
first love. Wo traveled along
at the rate of seven miles an hour , the
coach sidings tempering our heads ,
until wo reached Antelope Springsi
Here'the driver called breakfast , and
wo dismounted and partook of a square
meal. The horses were changed and I
mounted the box with the driver. Aftoi
wo had progressed about twelve miles
several antelope rqso and trotted to a
neighboring hill , scaring1 by the waj
innumcrablo sago hens , where they
stood motionless watching the caravan
roll by. In duo time wo passed Seven-
toon-Milo ranch , Powder River and
Crazy Woman , and arrived in Buffalc
at 12:80 : a. m. , being on the road onu
day and nearly two nights. Ncaring
our destination , we were surprised tc
see the town illuminated by electric
light. Wo pulled Up in the center ol
Buffalo , and were soon greeted by the
genial clerk of the Occidental hotel
"Harry , " who assigned us comfortable
quarters. The next day I visited the
business houses , and was pleaded to see
the trudo brands'of Messrs. Kirkcndnll ,
Jones & Co. , Vogel & Donning , W. L ,
Parotto & Co. , McCord , Urady & . Co. ,
Poycko Bros , and Paxton & Gallaghoi
in the loading stores. Mr. Footo , one
of the plouoors , kindly drove mo around
town and over to Fort McKinney , about
two miles distant. On this round
ono could not keep from ndmirlnc
the picturcsquoness of the plubo , and
the beauty of the houses and public
buildings Is far ahead of those usually
found in a western town of 1,000 inhabit
ants. Horseback riding Is very populai
hero , and almost every morning you cat !
ECO a troop of from fifteen to twenty
ladles , gentlemen and children , taking of fifteen miles or so across coun
try. For miles around Buffalo the soil
is underlaid with coal and largo irrigat
ing ditches make it easy to raise bottoi
wheat , barley and oats than wo can
show in Nebraska. I next visited Big
Horn at the base of the Big Horn range
( u spur of the Rockies ) and found a ver. )
pretty basin and at its head a wol
stocked storo. And I might mention
that there ilro splendid oil Indication !
In this vicinity.
Sheridan , a towa of about COO inhabit
ants , was my next st'op. This place
holds a splendid agricultural trade
Mr. Lonverton , ono of the leading
merchants , showed mo through u vorj
busy Hour mill and a brewery with i
monthly capacity of 200 barrels. Tin
beer finds ready sale in homo markut :
and in some towns on the Norlhori
Pacific. In addition there in a fine hull
with u library attached , in which
hoard a very ontortaing lecture by Mr
ColToou.of Sheridan , on the Egyptiai
The bulk of the tradn in this part o
the country has been going to St. Paul
but there is no reason why Oman
should not control it , and a railway con
nectlou would make It n sure thing.
JUo.ttr.'co n Duxlrnhle Home.
An enthusiastic friend of the city o
Ber.trico + writes of his town as a dcsira
bio homo for commercial travelers a
follows :
Beatrice is situated in the center c
Gngo county and Is In gvcry respect
lively wobtoni town. It has a papula
tiou of 10,000 , consisting of an orderly
and troll regulated class , Its locatio
upon tha.Big Bluu river affords nbund
ant water power. It Is lighted by olei
trjplty and gas , has street caru , u fin
By stem of water works and so wen
and U partially paved. Contracts for
several miles of paving have boon lot
this spring. To married men it offers
superior inducements in the way of
scnqols , both public and private , they being -
ing inferior to none in the stato. A dozen
or moro church edifices represent all
the different denominations while all
the fraternal orders have flourishing
lodges. Add to these advantages the
finest climate in the world , good wntor
and the best of railway facilities , the
miiin line of the Rock Island running
east and west through the northern
portion of Kansas and southern No-
nr.iska ; the Union Pacific , north and
south ; several branches of the Burling
ton bystcm , forming atnotwirkof railing
reaching all parts of the South Platte
country and extending into the north
west. Its superior railway facilities
make it a desirable Sunday town , and ,
lying us it does in the heart of the finest
agricultural country in the world , sur
rounded by many thriving sister towns ,
it cannot fail to attract the eye of the
commercial man seeking a homo near
his work and at all times easy of access.
Another point In favor of Beatrice ns u
homo for the drummer is the low costof
living. Rents arc reasonable arid to
these desiring to purchase homos for
themselves the moat- liberal Induce
ments nro offered. The hotel accom-
notations are good , and will soon bo
materially Improved In the opunintr of
; ho Paddodk. There nro at present
'orty ' traveling men who make Beatrice
: heir homo , and it is with a view of in
ducing others to consider the ndvnn-
lagcs of the town that the board of
rude has passed resolutions inviting
hem to locate. The following is the
1st of the traveling men now living in
, ho city : C. E. Danforth. with Rector ,
VVilhofmy & Co. , Omaha ; F..D. Merrill ,
with McClurg * Cracker company ,
Omaha ; R. F. Bacon , with McCord ,
Brady & Co. , Omaha ; P. W. Fconoy ,
with Joseph Garnoau Cracker company ,
Omaha ; W. C. Brooks , with M. E.
Smith & Co. , Omaha : Eugene Bitts ,
ivith Williams , Van Aornnn & Hart ,
Omaha ; E. J. Egleston , with Lash
Bros. & Co. , Lincoln ; S. S. Sims , with
Jones , Duylus & Co. , Lincoln ; J. A.
Traphugon , with Riley Bros. Cracker
company , St. Joseph , Mo. ; J. W. Rood ,
with Nave , MrCord Mercantile com
pany , St. Joseph , Mo. ; J. W. Sche-
necker , with McCord-Colllns Grocery
: ompany..St. Joseph , Mo. ; L. W.
VVillos , with Schultze-Hossu Hard-
ivaro companv , St. Joseph , Mo. ;
S. E. Gray , with Hadcn & Guardiuor ,
Boston ; J. M. Burkloy , with Weir &
Jones , boots and shoes , Kansas City ;
J. N. Price , /rith Coral Cracitor com
pany. Kansas City ; Ben Manger , whole
sale liquors , Beatrice ; A. T. Lewis ,
wholns'ilo cigars , Beatrice ; A. B. Cullen -
len , wholesale cigars , Beatrice ; Harry
Phillips , traveling agent B. & M. rail
road , Beatrice ; John Dwior , commer
cial agent B. & M. railroad , Beatrice ;
Charles Fosloman , with Ynnnntt Lvnd
hcmical company , Beatrice ; Will
Womnor , with Dempster Wind Mill
Manufacturing company , Beatrice ;
Will Miller , with Dempator Wind Mill
Manufacturing company , Beatrice ;
F. H. Myers , with Burnham , TroVott < fc
Mattes , Beatrice : A. C. C'olton , with
Acorn Steve Manufacturing company ,
Boston ; J. H ? Kiutz , with Pnxton & Gal
lagher , Omaha : E. A. Ormsbeo , travel
ing auditor Wells Fargo express com-
nny ; A. J. Davis , traveling agent
lome Life Insurance company , Now
York ; W. P. Sowdors , traveling agent
Home Life Insurance company , Boston ;
C. E. Smith-with August Bopk , Chicago
cage ; Richard Smith , wholesale jew
elry , Chicago ; H. M. Chase , Avery
Corn Planter Manufacturing company ,
Galesburg , 111. ; T. O. Wnynant , Van-
NattLynd Drug Co. , St. Joseph , Mo. ;
C. E. Shaw , Horton , Oilman & McWill-
iams , Chicago ; A. J. Coulee , Johnson
Implimont , Madison , Wis. ; B. D. Hitt ,
R. L. McDonald , St. Joseph , Mo. ; W.
P. Briggs.Grand Detour Plow works ,
Dixou , III. ; Jqhn Forbs , Bridge Bench
Manufacturing company , St. Louis ;
John J. Banudyo Excelsior Manufac
turing company , St. Louis ; C. Baxloy ,
Alden Fruit Vinegar , St. Louis.
A TrnvoHiijjmtin'B Protest.
EUSTIS , Nob. , March 24. To the Ed
itor of THE BEE : Wo would like to
call your attention to the injustice done
to commercial travelers by the Hol-
drego & Cheyenne branch of the B. &
M. railroad through the bullheaded-
ncss of the assistant superintendent at
Holyoke , Colo. The freight trains
( local ) run ovory'othcr day , and if you
got In u small town you have to remain
all day , or if you nro In Ouster or Wai-
luce you will have to drive thirty-fivo
miles to the nearest town if going east.
The superintendent will not grant any
'permits ' on their fast freight , while the
Union Pacific will give permits at
nearly nil points along their lino. Rail
roads should consider that the com
mercial traveler is literally an advance
agent , for ho takes orders when ho is
allowed to travel , by which the railroad
gets the benefit of the freight which
pays the dividends. It does not
cost the railroad an/thing in
time , but by the traveler mak
ing time adds to the number of
towns ho can make and the amount of
freight carried along the lino. I am
satisfied that if the general superin
tendent know how some of the puffed
up assistant superintendents on the B.
& M. are treating the commercial
travelers , they would call a halt , for
lots of freight is going over other
roads to competing points , such as
Kearney , Hastings and the Loup
country. J. H. y
Roy S. Tuttle , formerly of the heavy
hardware firm of Elam & Tuttle , of
Kansas City , lias taken the road for tha
Baum Iron company , of this city , and
will muko the Elkhorn and Black Hills
country , E. E. Edwards , for the same
firm , having boon transferred to Iowa.
E. A. Dukes "Sundays" atMcCook.L.
D. Girnrd nt Lincoln.
In last Monday's Issue W. S. Hol-
phroy was accused of traveling for
Poycko Bros. , or Poycko Bros , were ao-
cubed of employing W. S. Holphroy , or
both. It was a mistake and apologies
are hereby tendered to Mr. Holphroy or
to the firm , or to both , and Mr. Hol
phroy will bo consldoroA on the road
for the A. Booth Packing company , ol
Chicago , Baltimore and Omaha. Ho
was in the floral line last weoic , liow-
ovor. *
"Thoroisoneclassof mon , " remarked
a traveler , "which is a terror to n drum
mer. It is that class which can always
buy goods cheaper than the house you
represent has bought them. I said they
are a terror , but it is only for u time ,
that they arc go. The boys learn how
to work them. A case in point Is fur
nished from the llttlo town of A , on
the Elkhorn. The buyer for a certain
firm there , is a fresh young Gorman
who is ono of your 'know alls. ' Re
cently ho asked of a traveler the price o
dried Lima beans ; 8lo was given as the
price. According to his usual custom
John smiled a supercilious grin and
said : 'Pshaw , I can buy all I want foi
80. ' 'All right , sir ; how many ut Bo't
"Oh , well , ' said John , 'I guess nbou
live barrels.1 When John found ou
that tunro were some things ho did no
know , ns beans can bo bought for 5o , ho
is uuid to have pone Into the collar ant
kicked himself. U is to bo hoped I
will aura him of lib ewoll-lieadcdness. '
In the Sunny South They Simply
* O6unt 'Em In.
Tlio Silk fHooklng Gentry Wlio Arc
Atralii to Avow Their Ilonl Son >
tlmcntrt The iVloo of Social
Southern Political Methods.
MEMPHIS , Tonn. , March 19. [ Spe
cial Correspondence of TltK BBK. ]
Politicians in your section of the coun
try have llttlo conception of the condi
tion of affairs down hero. In this
land of i/erpotunl eunshino mid ever
green magnolias partisan feeling is
continunlly at favor hotit. Elections
may come and go , but strife goes on
forovor. There 1& no let Up. In Ne
braska when a man pets his congo nt
the polls , ho subsides into a condition
of innocuous dusuotudo , but in the
sunny south when ho is counted out n
contested election is sot on foot and bad
blood is stirred up , rivalling in inten
sity the bitterness of the first olTort.
The renders of THE Bun cannot ap
preciate the ragged condition of poli
tics in ttio eoutli. Democracy is the
same old-tlmo faith that you have up in
the northwest ; dyed-in-the-wool and n
yard wide. Jus the sort of thing that
braces up a good republican when ho
meets it fairly nnd squarely in Ills front.
Southern democracy neither gives nor
asks quarter. All the resources of
clvili/ation ( V ) are brought to bear in
its fuvor. Ballot-box stalling , intimida
tion , the whisky support , bribery nnd
corruption nro the overy-day instru
ments imported into an election nnd
employed to secure the triumph of the
worshippers in a depraved school of
political faith. It is humiliating to say
it , but it must bo confessed should the
resources before mentioned fail , then
the bullet of the assassin is brought into
piny.This is no exaggeration. Colonel
John M.Clayton was murdered at Plum-
morville , Arlc. , not many weeks ago.
It is admitted that his only ollonso was
that' ho had the democrats of that dis
trict ( the Second congressional ) by the
"short hnir. " A ballot-box had been
stolon. This box was known to contain
ballots that practically gave Colonel
Clayton his scat. It had been under
stood that Clayton should not go to con
gress , so the box was stolen. Colonel
Clayton got on the track of the thief ,
nnd was about to capture him , when
ho was sh'ot dead. Of course
the murder1 mlido a great commotion.
Public sentiment ran high. A move
ment has ibeon set' on foot to erect a
monument/to the , deceased. The grand
juryoE Conwny county were solemnly in
structed by Judge Cunningham to lind
out the murderer and bring him to
justice. All this and much more was
done. But.the murderer has not been
discovered , and never will bo. Colonel
Clayton was done to death by the
democracy , and ) they cannot afford to
give up tlio dssnssin to justice. Joe
Mackinthp democratic ballot box stutter
of Cook comity , Illinois , was offered
up some years ago upon the altar of out
raged justice , and noyor "squealed. "
Joe is now iii Jpliot , livjng in clover ;
oxporiencinfr.pono of the Hardships oj
a convict's llfo , but surrounded by many
of the luxuries incidental to a life of
ease and retirement. Cook county
democrats know their man and wore
not afraid to trust him. Arkansas
democracy know their man and were
afraid to face the musio. so they or
dered that Clayton bo done away \yith.
So much for democracy. Republican
ism in the south is n funny thing. First
of all wo have the1 rank and
file mainly composed of the col
ored people ; a fine , stalwart body of
fellows , republican to the backbone ;
intelligent and thrifty and men such as
it is a pleasure to moot. All vote the
straight ticket , when thov nro allowed
to. The black man votes the republican
ticket because ho feels that it is his
duty to do so , and ho would as soon have
thought of committing suicide in the
last election as neglect to deposit his
ballot for "Mar's Harrison. " In a man
ner that I will explain in a future com
munication , the bulk of the colored vote
is not permitted to be cast , and such
votes that are deposited are never
counted. Said a line , bright , colored
man to mo yesterday :
"I've ' voted in Shelby county for moro
than eight yours. Twice I have boon
judge of election. In each case I raard
my L'allot so that I alone could bo able
to identify it. I assisted at the counting
of the box I deposited my paper in , but
it wasn't thorol Oh , no sir ; I was
counted out. " And so it goes along all
the time.
Then wo had the white republican
rank and llio ; a very small body ,
numerically speaking , containing n few
good , solid , hard working members of
thp party , but in the main made up of
politicians for what "there is in it. "
Ttteso are the men who arrange ward
meetings and map out the local
campaign. They settle nil questions ,
pack the caucuses nnd sell to the high
est bidder the nominations. . Then
comes last , but not least , the kid glove ,
silk stocking republican ; a rost-and-bo-
thankf ul sort of an animal , who never
turns a huna for the party in its fights ,
but who stretches out its hands for
"pio" when the dinner boll rings. In
this clique must bo included the repub
lican merchant , who would like to
openly avow his sympathy with the
party , but is afraid. Why ? First , because -
cause republicanism isn't fashionable
down hero. Secondly , because an open
avowal of such radical sentiments car
ries with itj social oatracisinandthlrdly ,
by reason 9f tlio damage that would re
sult to thqlr , Business prospects. The
social ostracism is n powerful lover hero.
I myself haviexperienced its olTccts.
Introduced toBomo exceedingly pload-
nnt people jand invited to visit ut their
houses , I was ' 'cut" as soon ad it was
found out that / didn't mind shaking
hands with ' a colored brother. I at
tended a fqwqvonings ago n reception
and dance glvpn by a very select coterie
of tiio colqfqi } , community. That set
tled it. I Iwyq boon socially excom
municated , "and , yet I survive and the
government , ui "Washington still ex
ists. .
To show i you the delightful
condition ot affairs inside the
republican ranks , lot mo
mention tlio Eaton-Pholan contest case
now ponding. Phelnn , a democrat ,
claims to bo duly elected as congress
man from this district. It is admitted
that on n fair count the district has
! ! ,50 ( ) republican majority , yet Eaton
was snowed under by over 8,000. And
now comes Congressman-elect Pholan
and to support Ills side of the question
produced the lending spirits of the kid-
glove section of republicanism , such us
R. 0. Graves , Judge Latham , J. Robin
son and many others , who testify that
they did not vote for Eaton because
they didn't like him personalty. You
see where the trouble comes in. The
"loading" republicans hero are repub
lican only as far as uolf is concerned ,
Euton may not bo very popular ; indeed
You will be surprised at the enormoua stock o Boys' and Children's Clothing
we are displaying this season. Although wo now have twice the room than formerly fet
the ' in daily make this department crowded ,
Boys' Clothing , yet the new goods pouring
At the price we mark them we think wo will double last season's busino s. No goods ill
our establishment are marked as close and with as small a margin as Boy's Clothing , fet wo
cater to the trade of the masses the poor as well as the rich.
The following are a few specimen values wo are offering this week :
200 strictly All "Wool Cassimoro Short Pants Suits , sizes from 4 to 18 , at $2.40. Wo
have two shades , a dark and a lighter one , either of thorn very neat Wo recommend the
material as strung and durable , being every fibre wool and the suits are well madejtiio , ly
pleated and tastily gotten up. They are beyond a doubt the cheapest all-wool suit eVer
300 All Wool Scotch Cheviot Short Pants Suits , in several different shades ; at AGO.
These are the handsomest suits over shown for the money. They are elegantly made and
the same goods could not be purchased anywhere else for less than $ G.
175 All Wool Cheviot Long Pants Suits , si'.es 13 to 18 , at $3.90 ; the regular value at
this suit is $6.
An immense line of now spring suits in light and dark colors , for which we will name
lower prices than ever hoard of before at the beginning of a season. You have no idea
what money we can save you. *
Not the least risk is taken in dealing with us. If you have the slightest objection to
the fit , quality or price after you have the goods at homo you can return them and wo will
refund you the money.
In our Hat Department we have just opened and will place on sale to-morrow another
Fur the latest spring shapes. Th6so
shipment of our now justly celebrated 95o Derbys ,
who have tried one of these hats wear no other now ; they find them as good as any hat they
this the only bargain will find in our hat depart i
have been paying $2.50 for. Nor is you
ment. Hundreds of styles of soft ancl.stiff hats are offered at about half the price you
have to pay in other houses.
Every department in our store is full of now goods.
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets , Omaha.
it is an open secret that ho was not the
best man by any means to select. But
he is loyal to the core , has been a con
sistent republican for twenty years ,
and bore his share and moro than his
share of the campaign expenditure.
The chances nro Pholan will got his
gout. If he does it will bo owing to the
treachery of spurious republicans. In
my next communication I will treat of
our electoral methods.
The Result of Merit.
When anythluR stands a test of fifty years
nmoiiK n discriniinnttng people , it is pretty
good evidence Unit there Is merit some
where. Few , if any , medicines have mot
with such conttuucil success and popularity
as has marked the proeress of BnvxnnnTii's
PJLI.S , which , after a trim of over fifty
years , are conceded to bo the safest and most
effectual blood nurllier , tonic and alterative
over introduced to the publio.
That this is the result of merit , ana that
BIUNDRETII'S PILLS perform all that is
claimed for them , is conclusively proved by
the fact that these who regard them with
the greatest favor are these who liavo used
them the longest.
Two pill StnRors.
If anybody knows anything about
hotel management traveling mon ought
to , so whim two old stagers like Johnnie
Grans and .Charlie Whitney , who have
carried grips and sample cases over Ne
braska for the last ton years , turn their
energies and accomplishments to the
managing of a hotel , they can bring to
the business an experience which only
the man who has been there gets. Grans
& Whitney is the firm name which now
appears on the stationery of the Com
mercial hotel at Hastings , and is at
tracting thither a host of nominal
friends of the proprietors.
The only complexion powder in the
world that is without vulgarity , without
injury to the user , and without doubt a
boautiflor , is Pozzoni's. '
Nottm From Gnthenlmrff.
GoTHBXnuno , Nob. , March 34. [ Corres
pondence of THE BEE. ] Quito a largo
amount of wheat has been sown and farmers
say tbo ground IB in as flno a condition as
over known a ( thli season of the year. Land
seekers and immicrauts are coming iu almost
dally , and express themselves greatly pleased
with this place and country , and quite n
number of them are investing In land. The
mill company has about completed arrange
to reorganize , and oxpoots soon to
erect a now mill on the ruins of the o d ono.
The fcills from North Platte and Loxluijton
have each established an exchange depot
hero , and arc doing a thriving business. The
canal company intends mnldng a now survey
golnc about threo'mlles farther up the river
to the mouth of a creek which will glvo them
nn abundance of water nil the year. Gothen
burg is having a young boomlot which it is
expected will soon develop into niammouth.
Woodruff Grumto Qanrry.
I am prepared to furnish Woodruff
granite in paving blocks , door sills and
stops , or blocks of most any dimensions
at cheap figures. Also handle at my
Lincoln yard all classes of cut stone for
any part of the state. Ask for figures.
Thomas Price , Lincoln , Nob.
Notes From Ijyons.
LYONS , Neb. , March 19. [ Con ospondenco
of Tns BEE. 1 Lyons is a beautiful town of
about seven hundred inhabitants , situated
about midway between Omaha and Si&ur
City , on the Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis
& Omaha railway. As a business and ship
ping point it is not surpossed by any town
on the rend , according to population. A bet
tor farming country can not bo found than
lays around Lyons. Business is not over
done , as a rule , and tor that reason every
body prospers.
The board of trustees at their lost moot
ing adopted a resolution to extend the cor
porate limits , which will talco In nuitoa num
ber of people , who heretofore have been loft
out in the cold.
The appointment of Mr. W. D. Smith us
postmaster at this place gives general satis
faction , and Congressman Dorsoy receives
innny congratulations for his promptness in
citbsing the appointment to be made. Mr.
Smith is the Junior editor of the Mirror the
loading , and really , the only outspoken ,
straight republican paper In the county , and
for the post few years he has taken a very
active part in political affairs , devoting much
of his attention to interests of the republican
party. The appointment could not have
boon given to ono moro deserving beth on
account ot his eminent fitness for the place
and as a reward for his political labors.
Fisher Printing Co. , 1011 Fnrnamsl. .
telephone 1201 , blank book makers , etc ,
m *
Champion's 1'rospccta.
CHAMPION , Neb. , March 24. [ Special to
Tun BEE. I Articles of incorporation ol the
Champion Sugar Refinery company will bo
filed with the secretary of state in the next
few days. The citizens of Champion nro ju
bilant over the bright prospects or this be
coming ono of the loading milling and manu
facturing cities of the west. The water
power Is simply immense and every induce
ment Is being offered for the planting of now
Industries hero.
and dbeeo umbaR0' rendon .
Thus the ' RMustang" , conquers pain.
Makes MAN or BEAST well again !
A Great Medical Work for Young and Middle * '
Aged Men.
.Young and mlddle-agpdjnon wlio ore * \ifforing from
tliolHdlicrptmnsor yuulli , HxlmuUwl Vitality. Nerv
ous nnd 1'tiyslcal Debility , 1'reinaturo Uocllne , 4o. ,
and llio thousand untold lumorloa consequent III ere-
on. anrt : ull who are nick and nulTorlnK. and do not
know wlult nils tliom. cun bo cured without fall by
folldtrltiKUia instruction ! In tliu Science ot Ufe of
belf I'ruxorvntlon. i-rlce only II. by mall , post-paid ,
joulod. U Is n book for every mtin. ftx ) pages , f ullKlIt ,
13. ) prescriptions for all acute anil cbronlo dlSRUOS.
tully Indorncd by the National Medical Association ,
who awarded the eold and jenvlod uitMal to lh
author. Illustrative sninolc , with Indorsement" or
the pross. free If you nDiy | | now. Addrnss the Pea.
body Medical Institute , or Dr. W. H. 1'A RKKK , No. t
UulMncU * tllonon Mass. . who may tie consuitod
confldenllnlly on all diseases
Health is Wealth !
MKNT.agimrunteOd specific for Hysteria , Blzzl-
ness. Convulsions , Pits. Nervous Neuralgia.
Headache , Nervous Prostration caused by th
use ot alcohol or tobacco , Wakoftiluess , Mental
Uoprasslon , Bofconlngot ttio Drain , resulting lu
Insanity and loaclluiUo misery , decuyaud death.
1'ioinaturo Old Ago , llarronneaa , Loss ot 1'owor
in either BOX , Involuntary Losso-i nnd Sporraat-
orhccucnuHoil by over-exertion of the bralu.solf-
abuse or overindulgence. Kach box contains
ono month's treatment. $1.00 a box , 01 six boxes
for Jii.OO.sont by mall prepaid on receipt of prlc * .
To cure any case. With each order received by
us for six boxes , accompanied with M.03. wo will
Bend the purchaser our written guarantee to ru-
fund the money it ttio treatment does not effect
a euro. Guarantees Issued only by Oaodman
Drug Co. , Druggists , Solo Adonis , 1110 i'arn&m
street , Omaha. Nob.
Capital . 8400,00(1 (
Surplus Jan. 1st , 1889 . 62,000
IIKKHY W. YATHS , President.
LUWIH U. ItlCHD. Vico-l'rcslrtent.
A. 1 . TOUSSAIitrt ,
n. ac ,
W.H.B. uuaiuw. c whicr.
Comer 12th and Farnnm St * .
A General Hankluir Huulnoss Trasacto.4
Basement First National Bank ,
305 SoulU CUIIi Struct , - Ouiulm