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How Law Is Manufactured in the
House of Gommono.
The Proceedings Degenerate Into a
Legislative Olrous.
Parliamentary Discipline Thrown to
the Winds of Heaven.
But Their Programme Foils to Con
nect , Owing to thn llcfusnl of
Bnlfour nnd Webster to
I3o Choked Off.
Then and Now. ,
ICopi/rtoM ISS3 bi ; Jama flonlm UennelM
LONDON , March 23. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THE BnE. | Why in the
world strangers should take the trouble , as
they often do , to sit in the house of commons
hour niter hour listening to dreary talk Is a
mystery to us who for our sins are obliged
to remain. The air of the place Is bad , the
accommodation is none of the best , and the
entertainment provided is about as poor as it
can be. Yet you will see n crowd of persons
waiting early to got in , bothering the mem
bers for orders which they are unnblo to
give , and taking as much pains to succeed as
If they wcro trying to gain admission to
paradise. Meanwhile the prisoners who
cannot got out never look up nt the galleries
without thinking how true It is that the
world consists chlclly of fools ,
I remember the days when Palmorston ,
Disraeli , Cobden , Bright and 'Gladstone
wcro in their prime , and then It was not
wonderful that strangers should delight In
spending n night in the house ot commons
but the performers now nro of a very differ
ent kind. Gladstone alone survives to show
the house what fine old parliamentary man
ner was like. When he is gone the style
will bo a mere tradition of the past , and the
standard of taste will bo furnished by Sir
William Harcourt , assisted a.i times by Dr.
When exciting personalities are going on
ctrangcrs , and members , too , manage to keep
wide awake. Sir Richard Temple's displays
of this kind have been numerous of late. The
homo rulers have been on the shoot with a
vengeance. They fight everything and
everybody In the order of the day. There a-tnuxim once laid down that it was the
duty of the Irish members to make the work
of the government impossible. Certainly the
programme Is being carried out. Anybody
who watches the course of affairs in the
Ubuso must feel his doubts daily growing
whether that will DO possible m.uch longer to
get any rational work done under tue pres
ent system , \f\icn \ there exists a compact
body of members in a legislature who are
bent on paralyzing its movements , and who
hove become experts in all their operations
to produce that result , what is to bo ( lone i
No rules that can bo formed will suffice to
meet every case that will arise. If the presiding -
siding officer throws himself too often or too
decidedly against the obstructionists ho will
be bitterly assailed , in the house and out of
it , and most likely ho will after a time begin
to think of asking for a place
with the faction ho has not the
power to control. The present speaker of
the house will never do that , but weaker
men might
Never was the British parliament in ouch
danger as at the present moment. There
hnvu been several conflicts with the chair
this week , and it cannot fairly be said that
the chuir 'has come out of them with in
creased dignity. These skirmishes have
happened when the house wus In committee ,
and when Mr. Courtnuy was consequently
presiding , Whllo brisit fighting was going
on , something nf the klud was perhaps inov-
K\bln. : . Both Mr. Balfour and the attorney
general wcro to bo made to bite the dust this
week , und yet both are alive and able to hit
out prutty hard at tholr assailants. Hcnco
there has been much wrath of feeling. When
n man ought to die and will not it Is exceed
ingly irritating.
d ho attorney general's is the worst case.
Harcourt came down to the house and an in
dictment was framed on the model of the
lettci sot Junlus. Evidently it was intended
to rank. In the future history with Burko's
indictment of Warren Hastings. On these
occasions Harcourt aisumes a Johnsonian
air of severity and sternness. His faoa is
steeped in funeral gloom , , his voice sinks ,
nnd his Intonation is that of an'allicted !
brother nt a camp meeting. In listening to
him ono is in doubt whether the proper thing
is to laugh or to cry. On Friday the worthy
Jumbo surpassed himself for an hour and a
half. Ho imputed every kind of crime to the
altorney general , whllo protendmtr to defend
him fiom wicked men nlsowhcrc , who had
mudc tlia charges against him. It was a
tolerably familiar rhetorical device and all
went moderately well , although in a dull nnd
half sleepy way , but It soon became
evident thut Junius Historlcus Harcourt had
somehow or other mndo a of it. Ho had
been tiring over thn head of his intended
victim , but the victim did not Imitate his ex
ample. His shot went homol nnd what was
worse , great Sir William perceptibly writbed
umlur ttm Uro. I heard strong Ghulstoniana
admit ihnt the attorney general had abso
utoly demolished Hnrcourta\nd indeed this
was pretty clc.irly the opinion of the house ,
as n MKijoiity of 60 for the government
showed. Sir William deserves credit ot
having gulncd for the government Iho largest
majority of the session. It Is worth whllo
for Iho coiihcrvatlcs to consider whether
they will not offer him n retaining fee to so-
euro Ills bcrtvcs. lie has bfiiti on t > o many
sides , uad abused them till In much the same
BtJuiii , > o that another ctmupo would not in
any way disconcert him.
Some very foolhh thlngj were clone by
members of the conservative p.trty who nvo
ovc 'wulgli8i\ with common cut sum , Allu
sions tieing muilo to the apparent belief nf
I.orcl Salisbury | n the genuineness of the
forced loiters , bevcral eonservittlvus adopted
thut belief by cheering. Tno.v were load by
Sir Uobcit 1-Vwler , who comes Into the
imiiMt in irl'cnli lu inocJe , icndy nt all times
to snv } tint M.H'lf Is white ! ( only Lord Sails-
bury tauut orders to tbut effect , Ol course
he rosn ni oiu'iio the bait thrown oyur his
head by tlic I'urnclHtes. His grotesque
cheer wus iiiMueJIatoly tulen : up , nnd a bit
ter brr.wl r.rso. ilcuai ctiilcU to ucccuut ,
m.J iioornld Kowlcrcut a rather sorry flg.
uro for a little Wh'lo ' , unit ! omc ono , < cd him
offti' thesmokli'ij ! room.
Mr. I'urr.cll , ir'.o ' did iioi make his r.pV'Cir-
nnco till late , created n strong Impression by
plainly putting It to the conservatives
whether they doubted that the letters wcro
forgeries. Not one of Ihom ventured to glvo
utterance to such doubt ; probably not n
dozen really entertain it Anyhow , the
stupidity of nfow reckless spirits can scarcely
bo taken as the opinion of the party , oven
though tholr folly apparently receives the
sanction of Lord Salisbury.
When all Is said nnd done , there remains
the question once put by the Duke of
Wellington , "How is the queen's govern
ment to bo carried on by these whoso solo
interest In parliament Is In creating uproars
and scenes ! " This Is the problem which ap
pears most worthy of attention , nnd which
will very soon have to bo facctt In earnest ,
unless the work of the government Is to
an end. A Mc\incu OF PAIILIAMGXT.
Secretary "Windoiii'B Instructions to
American Kxhlbltors.
WASHINGTON , March 23 , Secretary Wln
dom has Issued the following Instructions to
customs ofllccrs In regard to the Paris expo
sition ; Manufactures , articles or wares pro
duced or manufactured in the United States
which may bo sent to the Paris exposition of
18S9 for exhibition will , upon their return to
the United States , bo admitted frco ot entry
upon compliance with the following require
ments , that is to say , shippers nt the time
and port of exportation shall flic at the cus
tom house a manifest showing the marks
nnd numbers of passages , together with
nn Invoice or statement specifying the con
tents of such packages , which documents
may , if shippers so desire , bo filed with the
assistant commissioner general of such ex
hibition , whoso olllco Is at No. 1 Broadway ,
New York , nnd who wlllUct as tholr agent
for such purpose , and shall upon return of
the packages produce Cortlflcatos either
from the director or other proper ofllcor of
the Paris exposition , duly authenticated by
a United States minister or consular officer
or by a statement of the consignees nt
the foreign port from which reimportation
may bo made , certified to by the proper offi
cer of customs at that port as required by the
department's circular of March 21 , 18SO ,
which document shall fully identify the
goods. Paintings and other works ot art , tbo
production of foreign schools of art , which
may bo now owned In this country by resi
dents of the United States , and which may
be loaned to the French department of fine
nit of said exposition lor exhibition , will also
on their return to the United States bo ex-
em nted from payment of duty upon Identity
being established in the manner hereinbe
fore described.
WASHINGTON , March 23. The senate to
day in executive session confirmed the fol
lowing nominations : Andrew C , Bradley ,
to bo assistant justice of the supreme court
of the District of Columbia ; Fred D. Grant ,
of Now York , to bo minister to Austria-
Hungary ; Frank R. Alkcns , of Dakota , to
be assistant Justice of the supreme court of
Dakota ; John R. McFio , of Now Mexico , to
bo assistant justice of the supreme court of
Now Mexico ; Henry W. Blake , of Montana ,
to bo chief Justice of the supreme
court of Montana ; John D. Honing , of Col
orado , to bo district attorney of Colorado ;
Miles C. Moore , of Washington Territory , to
besoveruorof Washington Territory ; Oliver
C. White , \Vashlngton Territory , to bo
.secretary of Washington Territory ; Edwin
\V. Willets , of Michigan , to bo assistant sec
retary of agriculture ; Whitelaw Reid ,
of Now York , to , bo envoy extra
ordinary nnd minister plenipotentiary
to Franco ; Nathan O. Murphy , of Presdott ,
Ariz. , to "bo secretary of Arizona ; Julius
Goldschmldt , of Wisconsin , to bo consul
general at Vienna , and a number of post
masters , among which were the fol
lowing ; John A. Follows , Pontiac ,
111. ; Mrs. Lucy Bowers , Tiptou , la. ;
Mrs. Sarah Earthman , Griswold , la. , Frank
T. Pyber , Sheldon , la. , Edwin McGlnchlin ,
Stevenspoint , VVis. , Adolmar M. Andrews ,
Plankinton , Dak. . John W. Bnubury , Brit-
ton , Dak. , E. S. Short , Griggsvillo.Ill. , Will
iam R. Pants , Petersburg , 111. , Alanson H.
Reed , Flora , 111. , G. L. Rice , West Superior ,
The Australian Wheat Crop.
SAN FIIANCISCO , March 23. Advices from
Sydney nnnounco that the Australian wheat
crop has fallen short of the estimated pro
duct for the season , and stocks are being
firmly hold owing to the probability of an
imposition of a protective tariff at Mel
bourne , and the receipts to date nro over
50,000 bags short. Reports from South Aus
tralia show the crop to bo below previous
estimates. The total yield amounted to
62.0UO.OOO . bushels from nn area of 2,000,000 ,
acres , mere than one-fifth of which is not
worth reaping. The total surplus for ex
porting will be less than 0,000,000 bushels , as
compared with 10,500,000 bushels for last
season. Wheat shipments from Pacitlo
coast ports nlono this season to the colonies
promise to exceed in quantity those of any
previous year.
Points Fiom Chamberlain.
CiiAMiiuums , Dak. , March 23. [ Special
Telegram to Tim BEE. ] Captain R , F. Wool-
folk , manager of the Bcnton line of steam
ers , is in the city completing arrangements
for the plying of a number of steamers be
tween thisplnco nud below and up-rivor
points , with headquarters here. Captain
Woolfolk lately left tha Standing Rook In
dian agency nnd rejiorU that the Indians
there are unanimously in favor of accepting
the treaty ns passed by the last congress ,
Fuvornblo reports ore received from other
agencies , nnd no doubt is entertained ns to
the ratification of the treaty by the Indians
The DrrvlHlK-B lOxpolIod.
CAIRO , March " 3. Mnhommcd Borvaivl
who arrived here from Omdurnan , reports
that Sheikh Sencussi's forces occupied Dor
four and Kordofnn , nnd expelled the Dcr
vishcs. In July last Mohammed Beralvi no
companlcd an expedition of 0,003 Mndints
which proceeded In steamers nnd barges
against Binln Paalia. 11 states that Emh
defeated the dervishes near Bor , killing mos
of them und ensuring the steamers nm
uu jh ammunition ,
Cl-vel.uicl in Ciibt.
HAVAX\ , March 2-1 , Ex-President Cleveland
land and party , which includes o-So.roturies ;
Ba > urd , Vilas and Dickinson , arrived hero
this morning , Crowds of peoplu , have
thronged the wharf since early In the morn
Ing nnd gave the distinguished travelers nil
enthusiastic welcome. Cleveland and his
companions wcro welcomed on Iho wharf by
the Amerienn consul and vlfo consul and a
hvrge number of other gentlemen. The party
took carriages und were driven to a hotel ,
where au uido In the name of the governor
general welcomed them to the island.
The United Stntcs Sujpreme Court.
WASHINGTON , March 23. The Justices of
the supreme court met in rccular consulta
tlou to day und made urranxcinuuU for their
ntluiidanco upon ilui funeral of tbo Into Jus
lieu MuHu tt .
The l''nto of a Wyoming Hunter After
CnnTr.NNE , Wyo. , March 23. Special
Telegram to Tun BEB.J A singular accident
resulting In the death of Erastus Dorwln
Viccham , n Mormon who lived at Afton ,
Wlntn county , is Just reported. Ho had
started out with his gun for the purpose of
obtaining meat for the family. After going
three miles ho found tracks where n herd of
deer had recently passed , nnd followed
until coming to a very steep descent ,
which caused htm to discontinue his course
n that direction. Seeing a tree a short ills-
Uvnco below , ho thought ho might slide down ,
catch by It nnd so proceed on his way. As
10 did so the snow gave way , ho missed his
Tooting and slid down the mountain about
three hundred yards. In the Intervening
dlatanco thcro were occasional lodges of
rock , and ho lauded In the ravine bolow.
Three ribs were broken , and ho also re
ceived Internal Injuries. Ho retained
sufficient strength to roach homo just ns
night was coming on , but nppcnrod to bo In a
critical condition. Ho nt once wont to bed
and remained until his death , on Thursday
"West Virginia's Election Cases.
WIIEF.LINO , W. Vo. , March 23. The
United States district court , Judge Jackson
presiding , has been engaged' this week in
trying parties Indicted at the last term for
violating the election laws. The cases cxclto
n good deal of Interest from the fact that
with four exceptions the seventy odd indict
ments are all against republicans , and the
cases nro being prosecuted by District
Attorney Wntts , who refused to resign at
President Harrison's request , and who said
publicly that his resignation was demanded
that these indicted parties might not bo con
victed. The republicans claimed that the
indictments were found for effect on , , the
pending election contests. So far twenty-one
cases have been disposed of , embracing
alleged Illegal voters , judges of election
charged with knowingly rcceivinp Illegal
votes , und parties accused of Inducing the
cnsting of illegal votes. Of these twenty-
one cases , ono plead guilty , the jury failed to
ngreo in ono case , two Indictments were dis
missed bp the district attorney and seven
teen wcro acquitted.
The Vigilantes DlBgustcd.
UNIONTOWN , Pa. , March 23. The sheriff's
posse following the vigilantes reached
Markloysburg early this morning to aid In
the capture of the McClellandtown robbers
who wcro reported found in n log cabin. A
vigorous search failed to disclose any of the
robbers , however , and the sheriffs posse and
vigilantes have returned in disgust.
It is reported that three of the band re
turned Co the log house this morning and nto
their breakfast thcro. Word reached here
this evening that the house of an aged
couple living near Elliott Mills , in the moun
tains between Markleysfury and this place ,
was entered by robbers late lost night , who
bound the inmates nnd threatened to hang
them if they did not give up their money.
Reports say the miscreants secured (213 , but
no particulars can yet bo learned.
A Heal Estate Swindle.
ST. PAUI , Minn. , March 23. A special
from Pipestono , Minn. , says : "Two hard
working Germans , D. nnd J. Drum , arrived
hero this week from Carroll , la. , bringing
with them their families , stock and farm
utensils. Last fall they visited this county
in company with A. W. Swcnder , also of
Carroll , who represented himself ns the
owner of certain lands which the Drum
brothers bought , paying nearly $2000 " down.
On arriving hero this week they find the
land owned and occupied by other patties.
They will begin action ngainst Swcnder nt
The Touring Raso Ballistic
LiVEiiroor , , March 23. A game of base
ball was played to-day between the Ameri
can players and Liverpool players. Under
the rounders' rule the English players won. .
by a score of 10 to 14 , but under the ball
rules the Americans won by 17 to 0.
The American base ball players will start ,
for homo on March 23 instead of April 4as ,
previously stated.
The Dynamite Dried Rapidly.
PEUU , Ind. , March 23. Aaron York , a
wealthy farmer ilvint : a few miles from this
city , whllo blasting stumps on his farm ,
placed several sticks of dynamite in n stovo'
to dry. An explosion occurred In which the
house was entirely destroy6d and the far
mor's wife nnd daughter were killed. Other
members were Injured , but neb fatally ,
York escaped ,
The Copper AJarket.
PAIUS , March 23. At the closing of the
bourse to-day Socloto des Metaux shares
were quoted at 32 francs , CO centimes , and
Comptoir d'Escompto at 117 francs , 50 con- ;
times. The tribunal of commerce has con
sidered the demand of ono of the atockhold
ors of the Comptoir d'Escompto that the con.
corn b'o dissolved , and has decided that there
is no ground for the dissolution ,
Business Troubles.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , March 23. A special
from Tower , Minn. , says that P. J. Rich-
wine , who has been running ono of the
largest general stores In the entire Vermillion -
million district , went down to Duluth to-day ,
and after nn interview with his creditors
made an. assignment. Rlchwino stocked up
very heavy last fall In winter goods , and the
unseasonable weather has prevented sales.
Ho will probably make arrangements with
his creditors and bo ready to resume
A Steamer Aground.
VICKSBUKO , Miss. , March 23. The steamer
Hoxle , towing five coal barges , went aground
above hero to-day and the barges nro in
danger of being carried away and lost. It Is
thought that at least three of them will
go to-night. Tbo barges and contents nro
worth * 50,000.
Teomor'0 Sweeping Challenge.
PjTTSnuna , March 3. John Teoraor , the
oarsman , issued a challenge to-night to any
nursman in the world , Gauduur % preferred ,
to row n series of races , three , four and five
miles each , for $500 n race ,
Murdered in Cold Blood.
LEXINGTON , Miss. , March 23 , D. N. Cress
was shot and Instantly killed by Dr. J. H ,
Watson , near Eulogy , this county , to-dny.
Cress had openly threatened to kill the doc
tor , nnd when ho met Watson fired tbo fatal
The Oklahoma Proclamation.
WASHINGTON. March 23. The present un
demanding at the department of state Is
that the proclamation of the opening of
Oklahoma will not bo Issued before Monday
Telegrams of Condolence.
WASHINGTON , March 23. A Inrgo number
of telegrams of condolence wcro received by
Mrs. Matthews to-day from different parts
of the Uuited States.
Herbert Bismarck's Visit to England
Causes Another Flutter.
And Berlin is Deluded With All
Sorts of Humors ,
The Real ObJoot Js to Prepare For
the Coming of His Chief ,
The Clmncollor's Reprimand ot Dr.
Knnppo Freely Commented By
the ProBs Financial
Gossip-From Berlin.
by JVeio York Associated Prtss\ \ .
BERLIN , March 33 Count Herbert Bis-
mnrck's visit to England , following so
Closely upon that of Sir Edward Mnlct , the
British cmbassador , has given rlso to all
kinds of political speculations. Rumors that
England is about to join the triple alliance
may , however , bo dismissed summarily , as
may also the statements of the oftlcial press
that the prlnco Is merely making a holiday
visit. The fact Is that the visit has a double
object , the most important part of which
Is the arrangement of details for the emper
or's visit to England during too coming
summer and to ascertain the wish of Queen
Victoria as to whettier the vlsitjwlll bo merely
of a domestic nature , or shall assume a
state character. >
During the past week Prince Bismarck
has had a series of long Interviews with the
emperor , at which the matter of his inajes
ty's visit was fully discussed. In the second
end place Count Herbert will take oppor
tunity to discuss with Lord Salisbury col
onial matters affecting , the two nations. It
Is not improbable that same kind of an agree
ment will bo arrived nt ? embodying the prin
ciples of the future colonial policy whore
British and German interests come in con
tact. The Bourscn Zcltnng says that Count
Herbert Bismarck wil ( endeavor to bring
the different coionlal.viows of England and
Germany into harmony !
The Post to-night announces that the Sa
moa conference will bo , postponed , probably
until the beginning of M&y. This may bo re
garded ns indicative ) olfst dcslgo to await the
outcome of Count Herbert's mission.
Bismarck's roljrimanjL of Dr. Kndppo is
much commented ' " -on. . The Frelslnnlge
Zeitung points out that Dr. Knnppo was
really driven into a s otaof furore consulates
by Herbert Bismarck' 'dispatch of January
8 , instructing Iflm to effect the necessary re
prisals against the-rebo'ls. vhohe'snid , by
attacking Vad brqught abuut a state of war.
The seizure by the police authorities of the
Yolks Zeitung Has'crcated a great sctisationl
and a legal decision upon the right of the
police to suppress the'paper Is awaited with
considerable interest. Even the national
press have not a word to say in defense of
what is rated as a rash and imprudent pro
ceeding on the part of { ho > police , while the
feelings of the liboraliparty are shown by a
paragraph in the Frcislnnigo Zoitung en
titled , "Fearless and'cpduring , " and advis
ing steadfastness under the threatened re
actionary measures of iho government which
look like a return to the time of King
Frederick William. }
The Cologne Gazette states that the gov
ernment has resolved upon stricter measures
for Germanizing the provinces , the dismiss
ing of schoolmasters and tutors unable to
teach the German language and replacing
them partly by Alsatians and partly by Ger
A scandal has been caused by the bringing
of serious charges against Dr. Wclez , a mem
ber of the West Prussian diet , and formerly
president of the permanent committee ot
that body. Dr. Welez is ofllcially charged
with the fraudulent appropriation of 10-1,000
marks , which had been voted by tlio commit'
tee for certain works. Ho will probub'ly bo
compelled to resign.
The emperor and empress yesterday vis
ited the Dowager Empress Augusta on the
occasion of the anniversary of the birth of
Emperor William I , The emperor signed
several army promotions.
The inaucurationof ; the Bismarck-Moltko
monument has been fixed for March SI.
The bourse during the week , was depressed
and prices were Irregular , 'closing firmer
owing to a'bottor state of the Paris market.
A bourse committee , is considering a pro ]
popal to raise the limit of capital required of
a company asking o'fllcial quotations , from
1,000,000 , to to 3,000,000 marks. It is not likely
that the proposal will bo adopted.
Mark Vanzandi is having great success in
Italian opera at the Kroll theater.
Ex-Governor Orov , of Now Zealand ,
Htntcs mis View * . '
SAN FBANCISCO , Mgrah 23. In the white
book published in Berlin , respecting Samoan
matters , Bismarck refers to the arrest of
Gallon , an Englishman , by the German con
sul at Apia , for suggesting tbatMataafa
should write to ek-CJovernor Groy , of Now
Zealand , as to tl couwo the Samouus would
pursue. Ex-GovcrnorGroy ; , when asked ro
spcctlne his views as jo Samoa , said :
"It would be far preferable to have
each of these island groups with
an Independent government , Bottling all
disputes among thcmitolves by arbitration ,
and guided , if possnlu | , by a commission
of foreign powers. It la clear that America
is aiming at this line of policy , annexing none
of the islands hcrsdfantl , will do her utmost
to preserve too-peats of the Pacific. This is
also certain to bo ilig policy of the English
possessions in thcsa vans of the world ,
America will eventually bc'como the leaJer
of the Anglo-Saxon race , * and will displace
England from tbp. position she now holds.
Many eyes in this , part of the world are
already bring turned tpwards America
as the power to preserve the interests
of the Ant'lo-Swoii race in the P.iclfle ,
without herself annexing anything or allow
ing foreigners to do BO. It is clear that the
power among the .Anglo-Saxon race is shiftIng -
Ing towards America , as the pouter of popu
lation has already done , It'js therefore--un
wise of England to pcglect her interest in
in such a time of emergency- The United
States does noVreijuire n standing army , and
consequently the whole resources of a people
so circumstanced J-'Oiilu bo ucvoted solely to
the maintenance'of a navy , which would
make the Atiflq-Saxon race absolutely
masters of the world , "
Taxing the Roads.
DBS MOINES , la. , March M. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BBB. ] The executive council
has ] ust completed the annual assessment of
railroads doing business In Iowa. The total
assessment for purposes of taxation is fixed
nt $43,650,140 , of which $43,200,003 Is upon
railroads proper and the balance upon sleepIng -
Ing and dining cars. The sworn statements
of the railroad ofllcials show a dccroaso In
the net earnings of Iowa roads last year of
$150,000 , , whllo ton roads failed to pay operat
ing expenses. The assessments of the
principal lines arc as follows i
Chicago , Burlington & Oulnoy , main line ,
$14,500 per mile ; Chicago , Hoclt Island & PA-
cillc , main line , $13,500 per mlle ; Chicago &
Northwestern , main line , $1,000 per mile ;
Chicago , Santa Fo & California , main line ,
$9,000 nor mlle : Toledo , Poorla & Western ,
main line , $3,000 per mlle ; Chicago , Milwau
kee & St. Paul , main line , $0.000 per mile ;
Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis Omaha ,
main line , $3,000 per mile ; Dubuque & Sioux
City , main line , $5GOO per mlle ; Sioux City
& Pacific , $7,000 per mlle ; Union Pacific , for
three miles , $150.000 per mlle ; Burlington ,
Cedar Uaplds & Northern , $0,000 per nnla ;
Clarinda & St. Louis , $3,000 per mile.
The branches of nil the largo systems nro
assessed nt $3OOU per mllo. The total assess
ments are about $270,000 more than the as
sessments lost year.
An Act of Vandalism.
MASON CITY , la. , March 23. [ Special Telo-
grain to Tim BBE.J A party of young ruf
fians tit Sheldon recently got on a good sized
spree , and going into the grave yard over
turned tombstones , badly disfiguring many
of thorn , Two arrests have already been
made and others will follow. The extreme
punlshmcut will bo meted out to them.
The Cobbler Mayor Congratulated.
WATCIII.OO , la. , March 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] Mayor Hoot , ox-cobbler
and bank janitor , received a lengthy congrat
ulations on his election from Philadelphia
to-day. It was sent by John Lobr , of Phila
delphia , on behalf of the wonting people.
A Prominent Citizen Dead.
MASON CITV , la. , March 23. | Special Tele
gram to THE BCE.J "Bay" Johnson , n
wealthy citizen and prominent politician of
Rockford , died to-day.
North Plat to Courtesy.
Nonxit PLATTE , Nob. , March 23. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Bnn.J Senator Ncsbitt ar
rived homo this morning and will spend Sun
day with his constituents. This is the sen
ator's first visit homo since the opening of
the legislature.
A party of forty of North Platto's most
prominent citizens , without regard to polit
ical faith , banqueted Judge Church at the
Pacific hotel to-night in honor of his ap
pointment as judge of this district. Judge
Church has been n resident of North Platte
for over lit teen years , and at different times
has served as city and county attorney , probate -
bate judge , and represented Lincoln county
in the legislature in early days. His ap
pointment as judge gives universal satisfac
tion to the people of this district.
Where is Anderson.
FHEMONT , Nob. , March 23. [ Special to
THE BEE. ] E. C. Anderson , formerly the
proprietor of the Central hotel of this city ,
is mysteriously missing. Ho left homo
March 5 , on a trip to Omaha , Duvjd-Cityanct ; ? .
" "
Weston , to collect money duo him. "Whenjiej
started on'tho trip bo told his wife that ho
Would bo back In three days , but as yet ,
after tvo weeks waiting , no information as
to his whereabouts has been received , and
his family and friends are alarmed. His
wife fears that ho has been foully dealt with ,
as ho had some money and a good gold watch
on his person. It is also surmised by others
that ho has left the country to avoid his cred
itors , of 'whom ho has several here , though
those rwho know him best do not believe that
ho would be guilty of such a thing. His
family are left with nothing to live on. An
derson is about thirty-eight years old , flvo
feet nine inches nigh , slender build , light
moustache and Scandinavian cast of counte
nance. _
Ho Was the Wrong Man.
MINDEN , Neb. , March 23. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE.J The man supposed to bo
Matt Zimmerman , the murderer , has proved
himself to bo William H. Yelvington.
This case has been one of which none could
tell the exact termination until to-duy. He
was released and presented with n suit of
clothes , a ticket to Ogden and S10U in cash.
Ex-Governor Nance , who had seen Zimmer
man several times during his imprisonment ,
was of the opinion that the man was Zimmer
man , and ordered Sheriff Hill to arrest him
and bring him to this county. Mr. Hill did
so. Sheriff Hill had worked hard to achieve
this one act and has fulled , but says ho Is de
termined to bring the right man to justice.
So far as is known no one condemns his
action , as the man Yolvington had every
mark'to indicate that ho was the man wanted.
In 1887 the state paid Kearney county $ J,700
in full for expenses incurred during the tri
als , and the cost to the county is very small
in this case. _
An Indinn Wnmun Doctor.
BANCUOFT , Neb. , March 23. [ Spcial to
THE BISE.J Miss Susan Laflescho , a daugh
ter of the late _ Joseph Laflescho , graduated
at a medical co'llcgo In Philadelphia a few
days ago. The Laflescho family are Indians
belonging to the Omaha tribe adjacent to
this place. Susan graduated at a literary
institution previous to completing her medi
cal education. This mukcs the llfth daugh
ter that has obtained a diploma from a reg
ular established college. Susan will prac
tice medicine in her own tribe. Mr. La-
flpscho was a man noted for his natural
ability and foresight. Ho believed the only
way to olevatn and perpetuate his tribe waste
to give all an English education and teach
them the importance of farming and self
support , his example having a great influ
ence on the whole tribe.
Another Coal Find.
WEST POINT , Neb , , March 23. [ Special
Telegram to Tim BEE.J Great excitement
prevails in this vicinity over the alleged dis
covery of coal on the form of Carl Wilde ,
three miles northeast of West Point. Some
workmen while boring a well struck a vein
of coal , after piercing sfate to the depth of
fifteen feet. The coal is found . ' 115 feet below
the surface and from specimens shown in
town to-day it was pronounced to be of the
lignite variety. The parties reporting the
matter are responsible men and no doubt is
felt about the reality of the Und.
Court Proceedings.
COI.UMIIUS , Neb. , March 23. [ Speoial Tele
gram toTiiu BUM. J District court aJJonrncd
this evening after a two weeks' busy scislon ,
John Bnss , found guilty of forgery , was sen
tenced tins afternoon to three years in the
Edward Kurl , arrested in Omaha by Police
man J. II. Savage , charged with burglarizing
the hardware store of Bocttchor & Kersen-
brockon the 17th lust. , was placed on trial
to-day. The jury brought in a vcruict of
guilty , The court set aside the verdict und
granted u now trial ,
Then What Did HappnnV
AUHON , Neb , , March 23. [ Special to THE
BEI : . ] The citizens of Albion ticsifo to say
through the columns of THE DAII.V UEE that
there can ba no ceiiburo runt ing upon any
ono'in regard to the death of Ur , Hiown.
His sister was interviewed by u BKR repor
ter at Omaha , und being tired and nervous
gave vent to her feelings in regard to her
brother's death. Both hU slater and his
wife uro here now , and are satisfied tliat lie
was neither murdered nor committed sui
cide ,
A Mil : Doz.
SOUTU Sioux CITV , Neb , , March : ! 3.
[ Special to TUB BEE. ] The cry of "Mad
dog I" made everyone that was standing on
the street hero last evening seek a place of
refuge. A dog belonging to J. A. Lnpsloy
had gone mad the evening before nnd could
not bo found until ho was seen coming down
the street snapping and snarling , with froth
running from his mouth , The city marshal
followed and killed him about two miles
from town.
Prohibition Nomination * ) .
JUXIATA , Nob. , March 24. ( Special to Tim
BED. ] The prohibitionists of this place met
In convention last evening nnd placed In
nomination tno following candidates to bo
supported at the coming village election to
bo hold April 2 : A. P. Slack. T. J. Stover , S.
M. Hoborts , J. F. Zmscr nnd N. L. Brass ,
This -board , It elected , will oppose granting
saloon licenses.
Mrs. Mondall Discharged.
WEST POINT , Nob. , March 23. [ Special
Telegram to THE BnE.J Mrs. Margaret
Mondall , arrested yesterday charged with
poisoning her daughter , Maggie Mondall. was
discharged to-day owing to some legal In
formality chargeable to the coroner's jury.
She will DO examined Monday on n plea of In
An Insnno Frcnk.
BENKIEMAN , Neb. , March 03. [ Special to
* TiiE BEE.J Wilson , the man who claimed
ho was robbed by Frank Hawks , ns reported
In Tin : BEE , is now suffering under mental
derangement , and it is thought ho was crazy
at the time of making the charge. It Is be
lieved ho never had the bonds nnd Hawks is
fully exonerated.
> Chndron Booms.
CHADHON , Nob. , March 23. ( Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. | Chadron has taken tho.
fever and Is having u genuine boom. A
largo number of eastern capitalists are hero
investing money. Arrangements wore to
day made to build another three-story brick
corner of Egan und Second streets.
BurglarB in Kcncsaw.
KENESAW , Neb. , March 23. [ Special to
Tun BEE. ] Burglars went through the store
of M. F. White hero last night , taking there-
from nil the jewelry , silk handkerchiefs ,
shiits , thimbles , and it is presumed many
other articles , to what extent It is Impossible
to determine yet.
Want n Court House. '
HASTINGS , Neb. , March 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE.J The Adams county super
visors have agreed to submit a proposition to
voters at a special election April 80 , for
building a court house to cost $75,000. Pub
lic sentiment strongly favors this.
A Failure.
WiLUEiij Neb. , March 23. [ Special to Tun
BEE. ] The doors of the firm of Overman &
Wackcr were closed to the public last night.
The mortgagees are in possession. The lia
bilities nnd assets will DC given later. This
is the first failure inVilbcr for years. The
standing of the firm has always been .good.
The Fatal Cut * .
CiiAimoN , Neb. , March 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] A man named Jacko
was killed at Pine Kidgo last night by a
billiard cue in a drunken broil. Jacko was
an old timer , and was at the present time
keeping a hotel at Pine Ridgo.
23 , f Special to
THE BEE.J Work In locating the natural gjis
discovery still continues , a citizens' organ
ization being formed to thoroughly develop
the well. Subscriptions of stock now amount
to nearly § 10,000. -
Iiechcrous Brutes.
CIIADUON , Neb. , March 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE.There ] are two men in
the Da wes county Jail charged with rape.
One cnmo from AVhitney , and ono from the
country. This makes three cases in two
weeks. _
To Have Government Weather.
CIIAIO , Neb. , March 23. [ Special to THE
BEE. | Craig is now a signal service station
and will hereafter receive the weather indi
cations daily from the government.
The Crop Bulletin.
WASHINGTON , March 23. The weather and
crop bulletin issued by the signal service for
the week ending March 23 , says that the
weather has been favorable for growing
crops and farm work throughout the Missis
sippi vnlloy nud southern states. Recent
rains in the wheat regions as far north as
central Illinois , extending from Ohio to Kan
sas , have doubtless improved thn condition
of the wheat crop. The weather conditions
in the soutliwcst , including the gulf states ,
have enabled fanners lu that section to al
most complete planting corn. In Now
England the ground is generally frozen
and covered with snow. In New York and
Pennsylvania the weather is generally
favorable ,
Ho Htoppod the Quarrel ,
BA&TIIOP , La. , March 23 , News reached
hero to-day of the murder of E. N. Hall , a
prominent planter near the Arkansas line ,
by Robert Sawyer. Hall and Sawyer for
some time have been on bad terms. Hall and
a man nutncd McKlon got into a quarrel ,
when Sawyer came * up with a pistol , and tell
ing Hall to stop quarreling , ho opened fire ,
killing him Instantly. During the last six
years ho has killed ono man in Texas and
three in Arkansas.
A Duel With n Thief.
CHICAGO , March 23. Police Lieutenant
Bcckwith had a stroct duel tills evening
with a thief named Jerry Sullivan , each man
shooting a number of times at the other. Two
children were struck by the living bullets
nnd received Injuries that may prove fatal.
Sullivan was captured after a hare struggle
In which the thief's revolver was pressed
against the oftlcor's abdomen , but was turned
aside in the nick of time.
A Safe Itur lary.
New YOIIK , March 2) ) , Burglars cracked
the safe of Oscar Schmidt , publisher , at 128
Rivlngton street , Tuesday night , and secured
$3,100 , In bank notes nnd gold , The robbery
is the work of expert cracksmen , The safe
stands in full.vleiv of any one passing along
the street. The knob of the safe combina
tion was broken off , the spmdlo driven
through anil the bolts drawn.
A Rut-aiim Town Oostroyo : ! .
LONDON , March 2 J. The town of Pinsk ,
in Kusshi , has been destroyed by flrn. Six
persons were burned to death.
The WnathciIndications. .
For Nebraska , Invva and Dakota : Fair ,
followed In southern portion of Illinois by
rain , slightly warmer , generally southerly
winds ,
Apoiiit3il Heiinr to llollnm ) .
Lu.N'no.V , March U3-rIt Is roported'at The
Hague that Minister Hinskcrk has been ap
pointed regent to Holland.
At Dublin The Lord Lansdowne , from
Baltimore * ,
At New York -Tho Celtic , from Liver
pool. _
A Ijnto Injiinullon.
About midnight last night the Om.ili
Motor company obtained an injunction be
fore Judge DO.UIU restraining the liorso
rullwuy company and the cable company
from occupy ing Sherman avenue ,
Moro Than Probable Thnt Another
Aijont Will Bo Sent ,
The Secretary Will Not Jump to ft
The Herald , World and Republican
Favor the Planters.
Justice Milter Talked of For thff
Court of 8t , James Chancellor
Mnnatt Wants to Go
to Greece.
Not Settled Yet ,
WASHINGTON , D. C. , March i 23 ! , f
It Ex-Senator Saunders , Congressman Con-
neil and Mr. E. Rosewater called at the
at 10 o'clock this
treasury department morn
ing by appointment with Secretary Wlnilom ,
to present telegrams , letters and petitions in
opposition to the Rite selected by Mr , Lluton.
Mr. Connell presented a petition from about
ono hundred and forty property owners and
leading citizens In favor of the Sixteenth and
Ilarnoy street site , and another petition in
favor of Thirteenth and Harnoy streets. Mr.
Snunders presented letters from Judge
Dundy , William A. Paxton , Dr. Qcorgo L- .
Miller , Judge Doano , and telegrams from ,
John M. Thurston and several other promi
nent citizens , in favor of the Eighteenth ana
Farnam street corner. Mr. Uosowntor also
presented two petitions signed by seventy
business men in favor of the Eighteenth
and Farnanr. street slto , together with
a telegram in which the property
owners of the Eighteenth nnd Farnam
streets site guarantee to grade their lots to
the Farnam street level without cost to the
government , and assure the government that
the damages by reason of the Douglas street
grade would bo waived , conditional on the 41
construction of the postofllco on Eighteenth
nnd Farnam streets. The secretary opened
a number of telegrams in the presence of
these gentlemen. Most of them were for the
Eighteenth and Farnam sito. A dispatch fa
voring the Planters house slto was' signed
Jointlyjjy .the editors pj the Herald prld ,
and Republican/ secretary statcdi tha
under" ordinary circumstances ho was in
clined to Indorse the report of the special
agent , but In view of iho representation
made with regard to the difference in the
cost ana the fact that the congressional dele
gation was divided ho would withhold his
final decision in the premises. Mr. Connell
expressed his preference for the Lowo-Hoag-
land site on Sixteenth and Harnoy , but the
secretary intimated that In view of
Llutou's report any site South of Farnam
would not bo considered available. There
upon Mr. Conncll stated that he would bo
willing to compromise on Eighteenth and
Fnrnani. Secretary Wlndom stated that
Senator Mandcrson had called upon him urg
ing that prompt action bo taken and request
ing that the Linton selection bo approved In
order to expedite the construction of the
building. Senator Sounders called his at
tention to the fact that the Planters bouso
corner contemplated condemnation proceed
ings which would take several weeks , and if
anything , would delay the building very
much more than a decision in favor of a stto
whoso owners are offering to deed the prop
erty. Ho also pointed out the fact that the
Farnam site was 44x204 feet larger than the
Planter's house site , owing to the fact that
lots on Dodge street and Capitol avcnuo are
only 120 feet deep witli no alloy , while on
Farnam and Douglas the lots are 182 feet
deep nnd the twenty foot alloy
would bo vacated in case the
government occupies the grotmd ll
with its public buildings. The matter now
rests with the secretary , but it is more than
probable that ho will appoint a now agent to
proceed to Omaha , view the ground , and
make another report.
Wlicn Mr. Roscwatcr's attention was
called to the protests of the editors of the
Republican , World and Herald , ho said :
"This is no surprise to me. It is the old
combine that always opposes anything which
Tin : Bun advocates , no mutter how much i
may bo to the public interest. It is prepos
terous to talk about delay when wo know
that there Is no supervising architect yet
appointed * , nnd when ho is appointed
It will take him weeks of time before -
fore ho can view the ground
and months ' bcforo ho can make plans
for the bu'ilaliig. The very best that ran bo
done this year is to put in the foundation ,
and there is no possible chance of beginning
the foundation before July or August , no
matter what slto is selected , I do not blame
Mr. Hitchcock for being very anxious to'
have Linton's report approved. Ho expects
to make { 0,000 or f'30,00r , ) In the deal by sell
ing one-quarter of that block to tliu govern
ment. If Agent Linton had made an un
biased report I should not have said oao
word , because so far as 1 am personalty con
cerned , the Planter house Hi to is within two
und onc-hulf blocks of Tin : BEU building , und'
within one block and n half of my residence.
"But It Is un open secret that months ago
this location , the Planter house and Faisom
property , was agreed on In this city , and X
wus iid > isul by parties on 'the luslilo- that
this would bu Mr. Linton's choice.
Linton had reported to Mio dcpaitment ,
telegraphed ( loveinor Snunders and Mr , '
Council from Omaha that the FoUoui lota
had been solcpted , Mr , Linton says ho did1
not mor.tlon it to a soul until his report was
delivered to the secretary. How did I know *
what ho was going to report ten dayu buforef1
1 nm not a prophet nor the sou of one , but'
yet I told people in Omaha the day Mr. Llu
ton started uwuv what hU report | wonM be. '
It watt u put up job from the bet-inning , uud
the cry about delay JH simply mailo by