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Tlio Ijiuly llykcrs.
The Rrcnt Blx- < lay race by the lady
"bykers" begins nt tlio Uollsoum nt 2:80 : this
Afternoon , and la exciting much Interest nml
speculation In sportlnp circles. Miss Will-
liun , the local rider , Is In prcnt form and do-
clarcs Blio will win the raco.
AVIrcs Groaned.
The police telegraphic wires were crossed
with those of the Electric Light company
last night , nnd the telephone In the patrol
box nt the corner of Twelfth nnd Dodge
was bndly burned. Officer Nowmim received
n govern shock when ho went to report to
headquarters last night.
Tlio Kpur Appears.
The Pythlnn Spur has again mndo Its np-
pcarauco. The publication of this secret so
ciety paper was suspended for one of two Is
sues on account of the death of the wife nnd
child of Its editor , Harry Morrlam. Despite
the grief and pnln of Mr. Merrlaui his llttlo
paper Is bright and Interesting.
Mortuary Mutters-
The Punernl of Samuel Martin took place
yesterday afternoon at Hellovuo , under the
misplccs of n G. A * U. post of Papllllon.
Martin was the man who blow out the gas nt
n hotel In noltlmoro. lie resided at South
Omaha. ,
The body of Hattlo Inloy , a woman whoso
demise occurred Friday , was sent to ! re-
mont yesterday by Drexel < k Maul for Inter
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
A Remarkable Yarn.
The suit of Moffat vs Thlemnn , In which
the widow of the former recovered $1,409
damages from Thleman for the death of her
husba'nd , has brought to light the fact that
for seventeen years a resident In Omaha al
lowed $11,500 to llo burlnd In n Back yard ,
nnd that finally thn entire amount was lost.
Mrs. Thiemnn burled the money which was
loft to her by n former husband. About two
years ago she- handed it over to her daughter ,
who In turn handed It to Thloman. Ho pave
It to an adventurer named Otto Frlzonl , to
look up an estate In Germany , but has never
soon cither Otto or the estate. Ho mort
gaged his property to secure his daughter ,
and now Mrs. Moffat seeks to set the mort
gage hsldo on" the plea of fraud , while Thlo-
man explains the mortgage as above.
Tlio Dcncli Show.
In speaking about the coming bench show
to bo hold April 10,17 , 18 nnd 10 , Manager
Ingram was asked what notable dogs would
be present. Ho said : "There Is one that will
surely bo a great curiosity ho is n blood
hound and nnd a full brother to the one used
in tracking down the famous Wlutechapol
murderer , hotter known ns "Jack the
Ripper. " Ho is the largest bloodhound In
existence nnd is owned by the St. Joseph
Kennel club. Ho nnd his mate cannot bo
bought for $2,000. The two nro as fine
specimens as arc to bo seen In the
wdrld. But few citlznes of Omaha
have over seen a genuine blood
hound. Those traveling with the Undo
Tort's Cabin shows , nro not blood hounds ,
but Great Danes or Gorman mastiffs. The
siimo gentleman wtio owns these two hounds
will huvo his celebrated field trial and bench
winners here about ton head in all. Ho
will make n strong bid for the mnRnillcont
pitcher offered by Raymond to the kennel
Winning the most prizes.
"Tho grey hound you see with mo is a
descendant of the General Custer stock. He
has run in races against horses nnd is con
sidered very fast. Ho coos in the races nt
the Coliseum April 20 , also in the fox and
wolf chuso on the same occasion. This is the
first tlmo such an exhibition has ever been
attempted in this country. I think my
bench show will bo a grand success. "
Grass , garden and fiolil seeds. Witt.
Siovors & Co. , 10th and California.
A Cuok I ii ir Mnln.
A cocking main took place yesterday after
noon nt a vacant warehouse ou the eastern
out skirts of the city. The main was the
best three out of five fights , for $20 on each
battle , and $100 on the main.
A motley assemblage of sports , business
men nnd gamblers , say to the number of one
hundred was on hand shortly after 3 o'clock.
In-tho middle of the room was a space about
eight feet square , formed by planks set on
edge. That was the pit. There were the
scales , and the bags containing the birds , and
Beats arranged circus fnshioirubout the en
closure. Every man in the rootn was smok
ing nnd thcro was no ventilation.
Everybody was cautioned not to In
dulge in applause or other noisy dcm-
stratlons , ns there was danger that the po
lice might swoop down at any moment and
"Olnch" the whole party.
The jlrst fight was soon over. It was be
tween a live pound ten onnco white P.vlo and
a black red. A fellow called Jim Dandy
handled the Pylo and Carton the red. At
the lirst lly the Pyle was "uncoupled" by n
thrust In the muscles of the breast , but ho
was game and came back like a true warrior.
The two birds pecked and staggered about the
pit for a period of fifteen minutes , when , to
the surprise of all , the 1'ylo made a jump and
drove his two-inch English heel through the
red's Ifoad , killing him In his tracks.
The second bnttlo was of short duration.
Carton produced n stocky dark grey , a
"blinker" n cock who has lost an eye in
eomo previous light weighing llvo pounds
And llvo ounces , while Dnndy brought
out a blue domlnick four ounces
lighter. At the lirst handling the
biuo lost nn eye and boih were "blinkers. "
Then he tried to lly the pit. The birds
wore handled the second time but the blue
had bud an elegant suftlclcncy and ran. U
was now n light apiece. The third was a
rattling good battle while It lasted. Carton
showed n blade breasted red , weight 0 pounds
and 2 ounces , and Dundv a brown red. six-
ounces heavier. After three bloody "llys"
the black red forced a rank "ducklo" ( a
coward ) and was stricken dead trying to
leave the pit. The fourth was the light of
the afternoon , although n draw. Carton
dark red 4 pounds and 0 ounces ;
Duudy , n domlmck , 4 pounds nnd 4
ounces. In the lirst handling , Garten's
bird received a broken leg. while
Dundy'H had both eyes blinded.
Notwithstanding these llttlo drawbacks the
two birds fought fnr 53 minutes , when It became -
came obvious that neither could win , tlio
ruforco , Jake Hivyes , declared the battle a
Dnndy won the main in the llfth fight , his
4-7 ounce black red , neatly and ( illicitly hill
ing Carton's bird ,
There were several Interesting shake-bag
fights after the regular main , aim just ns llio
deeper shudcH of night were sottlingavertlio
suburbs , the sports boarded their hacks and
carriages and returned to the city , well sat
isfied with the afturnnon'R sport. It was said
by old cock-llghturs that the main hasn't seen
its equal in the city of Omaha for many nnd
many a day ,
Hone , llinvo anil Commit I'ut Their
limits ToBOilii'f.
Senator Church Howe was In Omaha yes-
tcnlay as the guest of Congressman Connoll.
The latter loft for Washington last iils-ht ,
and Mr. Howe returned to Lincoln. It is
understood that the meeting was devoted , to
consideration of applicants for appointment
to federal positions In this oUto , but th'cy
kept their conclusions to Uuunsclvrs. The
object of Mr. Council's ' visit to the national
capital now has reference to tboso matters.
Tne Nobinska duration expert to get
together thcro this week nnd select
the men they want elevated
to ofllco. Mr , Howe was solicited
for Information , but ho declined to talk , I UK
excuse was , "I am out of politics. Thorn is
nothing tlio administration could give me
that I would accept , therefore It Is not policy
for no to sny auvtlilng. " The only pointers
obtained from him was the fact that ho has
Indexed nnd Is supporting Jacob Dow , of
Tccumscli , for United States marshal.
"Do you know that Mamlerson In pledged
nlirad Slaughter ? ' *
\"yes , but that makes no difference.
BlaUvhtcr bun ( ttroag backing and prob.ibly
lioUlstho lusiila track , hut wo nro after him
Just Uia'tWio. Judga Duiuly signed Dew's
juiUtlon , and ° did a proal many other of
thp most proinlneut nod lulmimtlal uivu in
tbo stuUV'
All tlio Saloons Hccm to Obey tlio Clon
ing Order.
A" Sunday resorts heretofore no more pop
ular places could bo found in Omaha than the
saloons located on Dodge utrect. In most of
them the admirers of sporting business could
Indulge to their hearts content In tnlklpg of
horse races , baseball , pugilism , dog fighting ,
bird shooting nnd boat rowing , as well as
satisfy the appetite with nn occasional glass
of that which cheers and produces excite
ment. The Turf Exchange , the Diamond nnd
1'hoanlx wcro noted centers for the congre
gation of men , consequently their deserted
appearance yesterday formed n striking con
trast to the activity notrd on Sundays of the
past. The clink of glasses , nnd crack of
billiard balls , mingled with loud
tnlic was not heard. So far ns could bo as *
rcrtalncd by frequent investigations by both
police ofllcers nnd Linn reporters , every
dealer along that street observed the closing
order strictly. It any drinks wcro sold , the
net was accomplished so slyly that no ono de
tected It. All doors , front , back nnd sldo ,
were locked. Inspectors could look In nt the
windows , but nt no tlmo did tlioy discover
anybody on tlio Inside. Bartenders walked
the streets In their go-to-moctlng clothes nnd
seemed to enjoy the privilege , but those
Whoso habit it had previously been
to loiter nt the bars or entertain
themselves nt cards , billiards nnd pool ,
looked lost and swore considerably. However -
over , they wcro powerless and wont dry.
Several wore heard to declare most emphat
ically that they would not bo caught napping
hereafter. Tills means that sales by the
bottle wilt bo largo on Saturday night Hotel
bars were closed as tightly ns any others
though provision had been mndo In advance
to servo guests nt table with wines.
Along Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets ,
from the tracks to the Mlllard , the reporter
was unable to 11 nd a slnplo place where the
bibulously Inclined could quench their thirst ,
nnd If there was any such place along those
thoroughfares only the Initiated possessed
the necessary "open sesame. "
On ono door a c.ird was tacked upon which
was scrawled , "Closet to-day. " Whether
this was In reference to the bottles sup
posed to bo stored away In Sunday prlvato
closets or the t was Intended for a "it , " deponent - .
ponont salth not.
A New Onmlm ISutorprlso.
A stock company with a capital of
$70,000 has just boon organized in this
city for the purpose of inanufaoturinp
Adamant wall plaster , The incorporators -
ators arc M. Dowling , pros. North Bond
bank , C. Cusack , cashier First Nat.
bank North Bond , W. M. Lorimor and
others. Mr. Lorimor has opened an
olllco in Room 401 , Paxton bulldinff ,
whcro ho can bo scon in regard to this
now material for plastering houses.
Adamant wall piaster is a uomont or
artificial stone invented and patented
by Prof. Carl Straub , of Syracuse , N.
Y. The plastering has long been the
poorest portion of buildings and a , peed
interior wall is an exception where lima
plaster is used.
Adamant plaster is very adhesive ,
fitting it for ceilings of churches and
public buildings. It dries quickly , it
resists ( Ire , does not crack , and it has
the ilnest sanitary qualities of any wall
mado. No ono expecting to build should
fail to see Mr. Lorimor before giving
his contract for plastering. There is
no waiting on the part of the carpen
ters , and a little investigation will con
vince any one that it is the only plaster
to uso.
A BLOODY fllllili ,
Two Clerks Butter Each Other fclke
a l * lr of Thuus.
A bloody prize light took place in the third
story of n well known wholesale house yes
terday morning at 8 o'clock. It was a well
managed-affair , nnd strictly on the quiet ,
there being but eleven spectators to the
mill. The principals were two wholesale
clerks , but it was given out that ono was a
Dlacksmlth nnd the other n butcher , in order
to ruislead.auy ono who might undertake to
run the parties down. There was n vast
deal of enmity nt the bottom of the affair , al
though a purse of 8J50 was hung up.
After the usual preliminaries the men
stopped into the ring , n well known sporting
man having been .chosen referee. They
wore evenly matched , ono weighing 143
pounds and the other 147. IJoth were in tine
condition and went right to work from the
The fight lasted ono hour , in which time
there were nine rounds fought. In those
rounds there wore no loss than seven knock
downs. In thn third round thcro wore three ,
two by the lighter of the two men. In the
ilfth there was a knockdown apiece , and In
the seventh the llttlo man felled his ouponcnt
twice in quick succession. Both wore terri
bly punished , and the light was ono of the
hardest , bloodiest and most vicious over seen
In this vicinity. In the ninth round , when
both men wore In a terribly exhausted condi
tion , the 143-nound man got in a tremendous
upper-cut with his riifht , and landing at the
butt of his antagonist's car , knocked him
completely out.
Tlio light , while It was ono of the hardest
over held hero , attracted the least attention ,
those having it in charge preserving perfect
Beautiful Easter presents at the Chicago
cage Decorative Art society , at the
Millard , Tuesday and Wednesday.
Art Sale.
Don't fail to attend Hospo's discount
sale'on pictures. Uomombor 25 per cent
off this week ,
The Five Ijost.
In thn gauio of high-five does not the nco
nnd five spot count out before low , jack and
the gamo. U. A. Benson , Minden , lu.
Ans. The correct count Is high , low , jack
and the game , five spot.
Complexion powder is an abbolnto ne
cessity of the refined tqilot in this cli
mate. Pozonni's combines every ele
ment ot beauty and purity.
Sporting NotcH.
.Manager Ingram will endeavor to arrange
with the fair association for hound coursing
nnd racing during the fair in September.
John J , Hardln has made nil the prepara
tions for his annual ( mooting tournament ,
which comes off April 10 , 17 , IS and 1U.
All the Omaha players will report before
the iiOtli.
Fred Tilden may play with the Omalms
the L-oming season.
Campana lias been released.
The Lafayotts , the crack colored ball team
of the west , will bo in the Held the oomiup
scabon ready to meet all and anytca ma.
Everybody Snld that Mrs. Corbott
Ought to llnvo Ilcon n Mnn.
Tlio following quartette says the Hel
ena Independent , wore seated nt a table
in the Cosmopolitan hotel ono evening
last week General Warren , J. K. Pnr-
dee , George W. Irvin IIM and Sam
Schwab. Everyone who knows these
old timers , all of whom blazed the trail
in n stage coach or on the hurricane
deck of n mule , will readily rcali'/o
that a bettor lot of yarn splnnors would
bo hard to llml. About the time the
first winohaivgono around Sam Schwab ,
who was in trim for talking , recalled
In his friend Irvin the tlmo when tlioy
used to travel in the stage from llol-
onti to Salt Lake.
"Down in Idaho , " began Mr. Schwab ,
"nt ono of the eating stations near the
Blnckfoot river , thuro was iv Mrs. Cor
bott. She usc'd to run the placo. There
was a woman I was afraid of. I always
treated her with great respect as well
as did everybody else. She wouldn't
have it any other way. Mrs. Corbott
never was intended for a woman ; she
whs of commanding appearance , six feet
lair ; she weighed about 100 pounds. She
was a whoppcrl Ono night wo reached
her house when it was storming nnd had
to remain all night. Colonel Sanders
was along and wo had a room together.
When wo woke up next day it was
pretty cold , and after parleying with
each other , I agreed to got up and start
a lira if Sanders would go out and got
moro wood. Just as I had the flro started
and Sanders was out in the yard filling
his part of the agreement , Mrs. Corbott
cnmo in and wanted to know who it was
had the cheek to start a fire in her
house. Of course , I said Sanders. She
said : 'When I want a lire built in hero
I'll build it myself. ' At the same time
she picked the hnlf-burncd stjclts out
of the fireplace and throw them out the
Sanders soon returned , half frozen ,
anil swore n blue streak at finding no
liro. I explained matters , which made
the colonel warm in the collar and ho
proceeded to build a now flro and said
noTd like to see the color of the woman's
hair that would putf it out. Mrs. Cor
bott appeared as Sanders was roasting
his shins , and without saying a word
began extinguishing the fire , nnd as
she was Uoing so Sanders was trying to
got in a word , saying , 'But my dear
lady , I'sny my dear lady. But ' "Don't
but mo , sir ; f know my business , and I
want you both to clear out of hero and
eat your breakfast , ' and wo wont. "
'Sirs , Corbott was a dandy and no
mistake , " promptly spoke George Irwin.
"I took dinner there one day. The
singe driver told us before hand what a
holy terror she was , to put us on our
guard that wo mitrht not make any bad
breaks or incur her wrath , \yhich wo
were told was a dreadful thing. Wo
had all got comfortably seated at the
table , which was very noat. Mrs. Cor
bott acted in the capacity of hostler ,
cook , waiter , cashier and general busi
ness manager. The potaloes served
wore pretty hard looking things and
when , as I thought , Mrs. Corbott was
out of earshot , I remarked that they
wore the poorest specimens or excuses
for potatoes I had over seen. But it
was'just my luck. Mrs. Corbott hoard
me , and at once approached mo and
standing uprjght alongside my chair ,
with arms akimbo , asked mo what I said
about her potatoes. Of course I told
her they wcro the best potatoes I over
saw , that they were cooked fit for a
king ; in fact , better potatoes could not
bo found in the country , and to assure
her I was sincere , I said , "It's not very
often I get potatoes like these , and I
shall take a couple of them along to eat
on the road when I got hungry , " at the
same time putting two in my pocket.
"No you don't , sir , " she said , putting
her hand in my pocket and taking them
out. "You'll just leave them hero , and
if any of you fellows don't like those po
tatoes you don't have lo cat them , but
I'll not have you say anything about
them. "
"There was fire in her eyes , and you
bet I congratulated myself that I got oil
BO easy. "
' 'On the Benton stage line ono time , "
said Pardeo , "thoro was a party of us ,
including a young , delicate looking tenderfeet -
derfoot , probably twenty-four years of
age. It was pretty cold weather and
our progress was greatly impeded by n
snow storta. This young dude kept us
in misery kicking about the weather ,
and ho was just famishing for a drinlc
of water. Wo had plenty ot other stuff
on board but ho wouldn't risk that nor
did ho feel satisfied on eating snow. Wo
finally reached a station about 2 a. m.
and the proprietor of the place who had
been necessarily awakened out of his
sleep , was pretty mad because ho hail
to got up at such an hour. Ho came
out to the saloon with his suspenders
hanging from his trousers and rubbing
his eyes. The delicate youth was
the only one standing nt the bar.
"Could you bo so kind as to give mo a
drink of wutah , sirV" ho asked. The
expression of surprise and supreme dis
gust o/i the proprietor's , face can bo
boiler imagined than expressed.
"Walor ! water ! " ho shouted , "do
you want mo to lead you to the ereokV"
That hacking coug hcanbo soquickly
cured by Shiloh's Cure. Wo guarantee
it. For sale by Goodman Drug Co.
The Direct Tax Bill.
NKMAIIA , Nob. , March 14. To the
Editor of THIS BEU : Quito n number
of our stale papers are discussing the
amount of direct tax the government
will bo called upon lo refund lo Ne
braska. At the time of the levying of
the tax Nebraska was a territory and
our legislative expenses wore bor'no by
Iho general government , $20,000 being
Iho luiiuial approprialion for that pur
pose. Our logihlatnro , by mulual agree
ment , failed to meet , and by request of
our territorial olllcurs the loginlalivo
appropriation way crediled against our
own tax which was 820,000. Thus Ne
braska never really paid Iho dirocllax.
& * & & & ! & & >
W H ' 's T'-S
t "L iasBS22
Thus the ' * Mustang" conquers pain ,
Wake * MAN or BEAST well again !
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity
Btronptn and wholosomoncs * . Moro economical
than the ordinary kinds , nnd cannot ho sold in
competition with tno multitude' ) of low cost.
shortwolght alum or phosphate powders. Sold
only In runs. Hoval Unking 1'owdor Co. , KO
Wnllstroet NowYort
The Land of Discoveries
- Sold"n
UNG5Sold" n
"Send" for cirtuhrfrtrhttlt3fe \ > .
Santa-Abie and Cat-R Cure
For Sale by
Goodman Drug Company.
Our llttlo girl when but throe weeks old.broko
out with eczema. Wo tried the piescription
from so vcral good doctors , but without any
special beneltt. wo tried S. S. S. , and by the
tune ono bottle was KOUO , her liend began to
heal , ami by the tlmo she luvl taken six bottles
she wiis entirely cured. Now she has a full and
heavy head of hair a robust , healthy child , I
feel it but my duty to mnkv this statement.
II. T SWO1IU , Ulch Hill , Mo.
C57 Send for our Hooks on Blood nnd Skin
Isense.s and Advice to Suirerors , mailed iree.
o. , Drawer ! ) . Atlanta Gu.
of Trees f
Tonslstlnj ; of Fruit Trees , Small Fruits , firapo
Vines , Ornnmentnl Trees ami Plirubs,1" fiver-
rf , Hoses , etc. . together with u largo assort
ment. of Trees and Seeds for planting
Timber Claims.
Facilities unsurpassed.Vrlto for wholesale
and retail lists. Address ,
SIlt\Ai\S > OAIl - IVUItSRItlCS ,
D. S. LAKE , Proprietor. , - - IOWA.
A largo amount of money to loan on im
proved real estate In the city of Omaha. Those
funds will bo distributed in HIIIIIH to unit , but
largo loans are preferred. Applications may bo
made to
LB Ui Ol
First National Dank Hulldlng. Representing
Chicago Society of Decorative Art ,
Admission im Hours ; 9 to 6 ,
for powerful
loho , pllublo action and absolute dura
bility ; 31) ) years' record the best yua ran -
tcoof Uio excellence of these instru-
111 cuts.
EVA U/P&K BnEE nO ruff""nir from the
I II nCAfV Kl2 ItUkn oSocU ot youtliful
I U ' " ' " ' lBHMZUw ror , early < Iooay ,
F BlBwHtlol icet manhood , ota ,
t will 30iid B vale bV > trritfM ( acalixl ) couuinlnr full
* or liomo euro. fn6 of ctiargn.
r. f. O. KOWLSU , 11OOU0S.
| /inWCVll"'anurlnurv'iot.tiles ' cually. nilck-
MUllL I ly uuU biifuly { tireil liyDOUTlUtA C.ii-
Huli-ii Hevur.ilcaao * cnri'illn vevrn < l.i\M. Bold
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Our full line of Spring Overcoats is now rcntly for inspection , comprising tlio choicest fabrics nnd most cor
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Men's Suit Department.
A special offer for this week is a line o men's all wool blue cheviob sack .and sroclc suits , made from a good-
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tlie reasonable expense of § 10 per suit. Sacks and f robks , all sizces.
* I AM Bol/Cfe Mh < MBk '
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Continental was opened , Tlie sale in our children'B department last year , was far beyond our expectations , and
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All request for spring samples will be filled this week. Semi for nny article in our establishment and { Twit
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Corner Fifteenth and Douglas Streets ,
s what wo want to plvo to every person that
visits our htoro. Should you lit any time ,
purcnasa an article that does not prove
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great favor to 1)0 allowed the opportunity 06
making you satisfied. Kemomber our spring
stock Is arriving daily. We have two lloors
well lighted and stocked with lirst class
? z&gffl ?
N , W. Cor. 13th & Dodtfo Sts.
Appllancos for Deformities and Trusses.
Iltsi facilities , iippnrotui and romcdlci fur HIICCHII
ful treatment nf uvory form of clUensu rvqulrliu
Medical or Hurairnl Troittiucnt.
Hoard and attcntlancui Licit lioipltal accommoda
tions In tlio vrc t.
WKITC FOII CmcniAiis on Deformities nod Ilrncon ,
Tru u , Oluu Punt , Curraturo of the Hrlnv , I'lloi.
Tumors , Cancer , Catarrh , llroncliltla , Inlmlnllon ,
Blectrlcltr , I'nrnlrtH , ICpllopsr , Kldnor. Ulailder ,
Kye , Kar , Hkln and lllood.anJ all hurif leal operalloiu.
Dise sos of Women a Specialty.
All UloAd DUoami f uccotifullr treated. Syphilitic
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New reitorntlro treatment for Ion uf Vital l'wnr.
1'ernoni unaUle lu T.iH ui IUHT bu treatad at linniu by
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tludlrlnui or Inilrutnenti > ent Ur mnll or e | ir ,
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consult uk or moid UlsUirr of your emu , and wu will
end In plain wrapper , u\u \
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AUdrciiMcfUcal and Surgical Institute , or
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Oor. 13th and Dodge Bti.i - OMAHA , NBU ,
Wyoming Oil Lands
And all nccoitttiry paper * lilted ,
W , E , HAWLEY , Civil Enginegr ,
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Ueslon-Uupr *
20to60 DAYS.
This is u disease which hna horotofora
Btifllcd all Medical Science.
When Mercury , Todldu of Potassium , Sarsapa
illla or Hot Springs fall , \\o guarantee a cure.
Wo have a I temedy , unknown to anyone in tlio
World outside of our Company , audonu that ha J
to cure the most obstinate cases. Ten days in
recent cases does the work. It is the old chronic
deep seated cases that wo solicit. Wo have
cured hundreds who have been abandoned by
I'hyslcinns. and pronounced incurable , nnd wo
challenge the world to bring us a case that wo
will not cure in less than sixty days.
Since the history of mecilclno n true specific
for Syphilis lias been sought for but never
founu until our
was discovered , nnd wo are Justllled In sayln ?
it is the only Itemcay in the World tnat will pos
itively cure , biicauso the latest Medical Works ,
published by the best known authorities , say
tnero was nevcrn true specific before. Our ruined
ed- will euro when everything else has failed.
Wh > ' waste your time and money with patunt
mi'dlcinos never had virtue , or doctor with
physicians thai cannot euro you , you that have
tried everything else should come tonsnowand
got permanent relief , you never can get it else
where. Mark what wo .siiy , in the end you
must take our remedy or NKY12K recover and
you that have been nllllcted but u shoit tlmo
should by ull means come to us now , not ono in
tenof now eases over get permanently cured.
Many wt help nnd think they are free from the
disease , but In one , two or tlirce years after it
appears again in a more horrible form.
This is iv blood Purillor and will Cure
any Skin or Blood Disease when
Everything Else Fails.
Room 10 anil 11 , U. S. National llanlc
Uuildiiif , ' , Omaha , Noli.
MBN iiml WOM1SN eucccssfilllr trciilol.
runi the rtTerHnr youthful 'olllon nrlniln
cri'lloni ' , or iirci trcnihltM witli Wiuiknemi , JServom
Duliillty , I/IM of .Memory , Despondent' ) , Aversion to
t-oclety , Kldnny Troiihk'n or ny > ll < < i 11111 of tuu ( lonl-
to-IJrlniiry Orciinp , tnn lii'io tlml n n.ifu unil ipecny
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euro hi nil i-utli ra o . nml n licullliv n-f innU.on of
IhoKi'tillo urinary ortiiiim. Connuinitlim tree. Huml
' . ' rent Mump tar "Vonnc .Mnn 'a Jiiiluo to
Wedlock. " tiep lo all. A 1 lr '
Main and 12tli St. , Kansas City , Mo.
Ono of tlio Most Hurc < Mfitl *
In tlie Treatment of all Chronic , Spe
cial and Private Diseases ,
h'cxtml Organs , nbsolutnly cure , I.
l l lrt' tiwmt for wlil-h
i Klvi > tlio niyit
complexion , and u pm'fett f Kin.
Sena tump fur reply.
Office Buonman Bloo * . 16th ai U
bt3. Omaha. N o
PATENTED Auc. 16 , 1887. IMPROVED FEB. 1,1889.
? . i ! r iite 4 10 tare He ret-
U-lowltig illtcaiei , mm * ) ; : All
-.CRheumatic Complunti.
jiLumbaso , General and
? 3fervou Dcbllitr. Oo -
lag of Body.
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Sctv. PC. poiugfl for TB.IK Itluitratfd ptinf hkt , vhleb will t
CDt you in plain tealeJ enrclopB. Mention this piper , addreu
300 Worth Broartwoy , BT.
Owrn'i Eieotrio Bolt Attachmnt.Y
worn Mlth cue and comfort. The eur-
made nIJ ! or Itronf. Tljli li the ontjt
tleetrlo ( run and tell etrr rn Je. II
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The "Lion" HMi Pressure Hose
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I. ) . It. Itiirnticle ,
I S. ! Morrison ,
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And all leading
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For Sale or Trade. -
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