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OFFICE. NO iu i i/vnij ISTIIEET.
ircArrifr in Any Tntt of ho City a
Twenty Cenls 1'crVteV. .i.w.nni . ,
Ht'fiiNr. R OFFICE No. 43.
N. Y. Plumbing company.
Coalandwood. E.E.Mnyne , 010 B'way.
Twin Brothers oncnmpmcni , No.12 ,
I. O. O. P. , will visit Omaha brethren
H. L. Williams has boon awarded the
contract lo furnish the hydraulic ele
vator for Iho Merrium block.
'Squiro Shuiv. olllciatcd yesterday
afternoon at the marriage of Richard
VItiers and Sophia Becker , both of this
S. Allan's lodge , K. of P. , will give a
grand ball lit Masonic temple Thursday
evening , March 21 , for the bonollt of
their library.
County Atlorney Organ filed an in-
formalit'm yesterday against Thomas
Urooks charging him wilh Iho murder
of Frank Do Goodo.
Nalo C. 1'hilllps , of this city , and
Miss Belle Clmmpior , of Ligonior , 'nd. ' ,
were united in marriage Monday after
noon at the homo of thu bride.
A team attached lo a heavy lumber
wncon indulged in a lively runaway on
upper Broadway yesterday. No one was
hurt and no damage was done.
Miss MyraCrano will give a reception
this evening at her homo on Parl ; ave
nue in honor of nor guests , Miss Myra
nayos and Miss FiV/.patriek , of Omaha.
The Ihird and lust of Iho series of
matches between the rillo clubs of this
city and Omaha , which was to have
corno elf yesterday at the range of Iho
iocal club , was postponed.
The ladies of Trinity M. E. church
will give a sociable to-morrow evening ,
at Lacy's hall , on South Main street.
The feature of the evening will bo
buckwheat cakes and maple syrup.
The funeral of Mi" ) . Cecilia Wickham
took place from St. Franeios Xavior's
church yesterday morning , and was
very largely attended. The remains
were interred in the Catholic cemetery.
The "Bucket of Ulood" was closed
yesterday by order of the mayor and
that ollicial stated that it would bo kept
closed. It is rather late treatment of a
htable door that should have been
locked up long ago.
Alfred A. Smith died yesterday morn
ing at liis home , 1-8 South First street ,
ngod seventy-throe years. lie came
here in 1850 from St. .Louis , nnd has re-
nldoO hero over since. The funeral
will take place at 10 o'clock to-morrow
'morning ' Irom Iho residence.
Burglars entered the residence of
James Lee , on First avenue , Tuesday
night , and stole Mr. Leo's pants , con
taining about $0 in money. Several
oilier articles of value in the room were
untouched. Entrance was cllectcd by
cutting a light of glass from a roar win
Several of the business men along
Broadway vet out their hose and sprink
lers yesterday to lay the duut in frontof
their places of business. Loud demands
were made for the starting of the street
sprinklers , and the mayor expressed
tlio opinion that it was time that they
, Avoro put to work. They will undoubt
edly bo ordered on ut once.
Several telegrams wore received yes
terday from relatives of Do Geode , tlio
murdered man , regarding Iho disposi
tion lo make of the remains , The last
one wns received last evening , and was
from Elmer Do Geode , of Montrose ,
Dak. , and was as follows : ' 'Hold the
body till I can got thero. " This coun
termanded a previous order to niter the
At a meeting of tho-Young Men's
Commercial club , hold Tuesday evening -
ing , it was decided lo elTocl arrange
ments for the Teomor-Courtnoy race at
Okinawa the coming season , and the
race is now an assured fact. It will bo
cither two and a half miles straight
away , or five miles wilh a lurn. The
date is not yet agreed upon , but will bo
BOino time in July , and the oarsmen
have been wired of Iho decision of Iho
local club. The rowers have both sig-
iniflcd Ihoir approval of Iho course.
The eases of the gamblers arrested
when the Mint was raided last Friday
night were called in police court yesterday -
torday morning. Two of the parties
were shown to have been merely look
ers-on , and were discharged. There
"wore eight others who failed lo respond
and their bonus of 850 each wore de
clared forfeited. Carrigg failed to ap
pear , the city attorney having agreed
to continue his case th'at ho mitrht at
tend a funeral. The bonds thus con
tributed , amounting to S400 , arc put up
"by Carrigg.
r , C. A. Boobo , D. K. Dodson ; Robert
MoKonxle , II. W. Hanson and Warren
Peak arc delegates from this city to Iho
supreme conference of Iho Reorganized
Church of Jesus Christ , Latter Day
Saints , to bo hold tit St. Joseph April 0.
It will continue ten days. An attempt
will bo mudo to secure tlio next confer
ence for this city. It is thought that
this can bo done if tlio usu of thu Masonic
temple is ollorpd. As-thcro , are nearly
ono thousand delegates froni all pur wet
the world , the opportunity to advortlbo
the city would llrst-class.
Captain DulV Green , Sergeant Mos-
tyn and Detective Tom Orinsby , of the
Omaha police force , were in'tho city
yesterday. This crack lrl < ? of Omaha
thlof catchers came over to give evi
dence In the case of Stuto vs. Maher ,
the "con" man. They also took a peep
nt the prisoners in the county 'jail.
They recognized bovornl of them.among
the number Halohor , the bartender at
the t'Buekotof Blood , " who is held as a
witness in thu Brooks murder case.
They stated that ho is a dangerous
crook , who has faorvcd several sentences
in Iho Douglas county jail , and were
pot surprised to learn that he was trot
ting hi fust company on this side of the
For Hale ; it a Inri > nlii.
Hotel properly in Council BlulTs , cen
trally locntedudoinir good business. R.
P. Olllccr , solo agent , No. 12 N. Main
Bt. , Council Bluffs.
' Notloo the beautiful finish tflvon col
lars , culls and shirts by Casjado Laun
dry company.
Monay loaned at L. B. Craft's ft , Co.'s
loan oflco ) on furniture , pianos , hurbos ,
wagons , personal property of all lands ,
and all other articles of vaiuo without
removal , All business strictly confi
" ' -fl'ho finest line of spring goods to bo
found in thu market is nt A. Roller's ,
NoTJBlO Broadway. _
/ Ji C ! . Tlpton , real estate , 527 B'dway.
Money loaned on fuintluro , pianos ,
diamonds , horcH , buggies or anything
, ef'-riiluu ' at low rates of interest. No
JjnilillcHy ; fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark & Co. , clllco cor. Uroailway
DfJ Main , ever American express.
' IlooniB to rent in the Men-lam block.
0. B , V/iuJjnvorth &C6.,13 < J .Main struct.
Broolia' Mlstro33 Danioa A'l ' Kiowl-
edge of tl'o MurUorod Man.
Bnatli oFE. W. Itlckninn A Youthful
Editor MccfH Highwayman
Tlie HnUwny Crossings A
Bail Stairway.
Ilrooks' XVoninn.
A BIM : reporter called ycstnrday at
the Miller bagnio'l51 Vine street , lo
sec Ida Molvlllo , the mistress of Tommy
Brooks , and.nscortain what she had to
say regarding Iho statement that she
was formerly Iho mistress of the mur
dered man , De ( load , at Sioux Falls.
The place was formerly run by Kittle
Edwards but now recognizes Jessie Mil
ler ns the landlady. The Melville
woman stated that she had been in this
city for a year and a half. Said she : "I
never was in Sioux Falls in my llfo and
never saw the man who was killed. I
would like to-fceo what kind of a looking
fellow ho is. My homo is in St. Louis.
Tom is the only lover 1 have had since
I have been in the city. lie sent a
messenger for the gun Mojulay evening
and 1 took it over to the saloon and gave
it to him. He was not drunk , and I
don't think ho was drinking , i didn't
see him again until ho came in Tuesday
afternoon and said ho wanted to see mo.
1 wont into the back p.irlur with him
and then went half way up the stairs ,
lie wont up and I came back. "
"What did ho tell you ? "
"Ho didn't toll mo anything ,
lie wasn't oxcitiid , nor drunk.
When Iho olllcer.s came wo couldn't tell
them anything , of course. No ono had
seen anything of him. I didn't help
him get into the trunk , and there
wasn't anybody up stairs , llo never
told mo anything about killing a man ,
and ho didn't know the man was dead
until the ollicora arrested him. "
The woman undoubtedly know what
was the matter when Brooks visited the
house after the tragedybut she refused
to toll anything that she thought dam
aging to him , while in fact the stalo-
ment of. his sobriety was exactly what
will not tally with the story of Brooks
himself. _
Temperance Stimulant.
The temperance work being prose
cuted under the leadership of Mr.
James M. Dunn , is by methods decid
edly now and they are more attractive
from that fact. The meetings thus far
have been well attended , in fact ; the
Methodist church has been crowded.
Vast numbers of drinking men are at
tending and quite a number nave taken
the pledge. Fully five hundred names
have been subscribed of which a respec
table quota have been moderate drink
ers. The interest is increasing , espec
ially among those not denominated
church people , and it is already an as
sure , ! fact that loniporanco reform will
gain a marked stimulus from these ef
Questioned in regard to the work , ho
said : "No one pretends that-liquor is
not sold in a mitjority of the towns
of Iowa. Except the towns located on
the Mississippi and Missouri rivers , the
tratlic is undorapretty good control.
But the most marked olTcct the law baa.
had is this : It has taken away from
the tnillle the seals of legitmacy and re
duced drinking to 'boot-legging' and
'back alloy gu/ixling. ' This is true all
over the state , but most notably so in
the interior towns. While it is true
that men who are determined to drink
will find whisky , it is also true that pro
hibition reduces the tcmptatio'n and
takes away the look of respectability
which drinking possesses to a degree ,
at least , whore the license system is
operative. But that is not our strongest
point. This is the educating oll'cct
which the law is having upon tno young
men. Most young men desire to appear
well in society to bo well spoken of
and they will not take the risk of losing
their social standing by being classed
with the violators of the law. "
"What do you think ought to bo done
in Council Bluffs ? "
"First of all , no petition in mine. Do
not recognize the fact that the saloon
element possesses any pQwor at all.
Grant this to those men and
they assume the dignity of dictator
ship. They will run the whole
machine , and they won't oven let you oil
the crank. Have a committee of ono
hundred men selected business men
whoso words have so mo weight lot
them go to the authorities and say to
them , 'Gentlemen , you have sworn to
execute the laws of the city and stUo.
Now do it or wo will murder you politi
cally. Wo want it understood that no
minority clement , whisky or otherwise ,
shall dictate to us ns to thcso matters.
The majority of the state have spoken.
Now you must obey and uxecute the
laws , or we will dig your political
graves. ' "
"Do you expect this to bo done while
you are hero ? "
"Well. I don't know. I hope so. but
nt any rate f want to start such a whole-
bale , practical sentiment that this will
be the result sooner or later. "
Death of K. W. Klnkinan.
Yesterday morning about 0 o'clock
Mr. E. W. Riokman died at his homo
on South Sixteenth street. Ills illness
was very brief , pneumonia being the
fatal ailment. But five days elapsed
after the dlsimso developed until death
The deceased was a prominent man ,
his connection with city affairs making
him familiar to and popular with all.
Earnest W. Riokman was born in
Klonzau , Duchy of Olonburg , Germany ,
lie was in the scTonty-sixth year of his
sigo. Ho came lo Ihls country and
settled in Davenport , la. , in 1849. Hero
in 185 : ! ho married Miss Maria C. Spot-
In 1870 ho oanio to Council BlulTs , mid
for olghleon years was an honored cilt-
zen ol Ihe city. Thu wife and four chil
dren survive. Those are Mrs. II. F.
Saar , Misses ChriBtino and Thoroso
Riekman and Arthur \V. Riokman.
The sympathy of a largu circle of
friends Is extended to the nllliotod fam
The funeral services will take place at
St. Paul's Episcopal church to-morrow ,
Friday , at U o'clock p. m. No services
will bj hold at the homo ; but those who
deciro to hoe tno deceased can do so at
at the homo at 1 oV.lo.ik , one hour before -
fore the removal of Ihe body to the
uhtuvh ,
A You in ; Kit tor With Money.
YostorJay morning Edilor Arthur
Wilson , of Iho Christian Homo , mot his
first ihrilling experience. .Ho was col
lecting from his subscribers on Eighth
street unil had quite a sum in a satchel
nt his side. Suddenly ho was confronted
by two hard looking cases who de
manded that ho pa b his money over to
them. Arthur proved to boas gnmoyns
the older members of the ornlt and told
hl would-be bankers that , he had no
money , The follows wero. incredulous
and disposed to Investigate the con tents'
of tlio satehol , but the appearance , of
some other , people upon the street
frightened them and they decamped
without oven a "good .morning. " The
little editor is'no more than twelve or
fourteen years of ago and his presence
of mind anil ready wit was rather re
markable ntul it saved his wealth as
Trv our XXX bottled beer. Special
rates on all orders from Iowa.
s ami Slri'cts.
The citizens In the southern part of
the city are again coming to the front
with a renewed kick for the opening of
Soycnlh street across the Rock Island
and Milwaukee tracks. The first kick
wns made n year ago , when the city
council ordered the street raised to
grade , and the Milwaukee company se
cured a temporary injunction restrain
ing Contractor Berger , who was doinjr
the work , from filling across their
tracks. As that was about the time that
the Milwaukee company was obstruct
ing the crossing of the Mannwa motor
line over its tracks nt Ninth street , the
Seventh street matter was postponed
for a while until thu other could bo set
When the Mannwa question was fin
ally adjusted satisfactorily , the other
matter was brought to the attention of
Superintendent Campbell , of the Mil
waukee , who was then in the city. Said
ho to the council : "Now , wo have
given you all you asked for in this other
case , and it has been settled up , but I
want to call your attention to afow facts
regarding this change that will bo re
quired to raise Seventh street to grade.
You scOj our yards run along there , and
if wo raise our tracks two or three feet
nt thai , street crossing , wo will hive to
fill up our whole yard. It would cost a
largo sum of money to do that , and to
loll the truth our company is rather
poor at present. Wo couldn't possibly
do it this year , and if you insist we will
have to light you in court. If you will
let it go over until next year , "wo will
fix it up. "
With this understanding the matter
was allowed to drop then and there. As
' 'next year" has now1irrivedit remains
to be seen whether or not the Milwau
kee company will keep its part of the
Unfortunately , there is another ob
stacle in the way of opening the street ,
and that is the position taken by the
Hock Island company , whoso tracks
cross Seventh street only a fe-w rods
north of the Milwaukee. This com
pany not only refuses to open the street ,
but claims to own the crossing , on the
ground that they secured the right of
way along there before that part of the
city was platted. They have always
kept a line of freight cars on the cross
ing , to prevent anyone from driving
through. They have disputed the city's
claim to Iho crossing , and paid no at
tention to orders issued , on the grounds
above stated. It is now stated , how
ever , ihat the company will shortly
vacate the crossing and allow the street
to bo opened to the public. This is duo
to the moving of their freight house tea
a point just cast of Seventh street , and
the need of the street as a means of ac
cess to that building. Nothing binding
has been done in the matter , but it was
tacitly agreed between Mayor Rohrcr
and the company that all objection to
opening the street should cease with the
removal of the freight house. The
freight house will bo standing on its
new site in about ten days , and then ,
according to the statements of the rail
road olliclnls , all trouble over the open
ing of the street will bo at an end. Sev
eral petitions have been prcsontc-d to
the council regarding the matter , and
the property owners and residents in
that part of the city will now rqjoico to
know that the indications point to a
speedy settlement of the case.
Bartlett & Norton for hardware ,
stoves and cutlery , 737 and 2310 B'way.
Headquarters for builders' hardware ,
Odoll & Bryant , 513 Main street.
A Faulty Htnlrwny.
Miss Belle Price had been looking
through the court house and was de
scending the main staircase , when she
slipped and fell- , and would have fallen
to the foot of the stairs but for the
timely assistance of Mr. Ed Bates , who
witnessed the accident. She was as-
sibtcd to the pfllco of Colonel Dailey ,
whore she fainted. Dr. Barstow was
summoned , and restoratives applied.
Miss Price wno convoyed to her homo
on Grace street in a carriage , and it
was found that the elbow of her right
arm was badly bruised and the wrist j
dislocated , and the right ankle was also
sprained. She sustained a severe ncr-j
vous shock. Several complaints have t
been made regarding the court house
stairs , and their present dangerous con- j
dition. They are of iron and there is a (
projection at the edge of each stop that '
is very liable to catch one's heel , as was
the case yesterday. The edge is so
slippery that a misstep is almost sure to
cause a fall. The stairs are arranged
for rubber mats , and if these needed
articles were supplied the present dan
ger would bo almost entirely obviated.
Send all orders for bottled boor'to L.
M. Finkolstoln , Omaha.
A Woo ft a by.
The manager of the Eden Museo , of
Omaha , has found a curiosity in Council
BlulTs. It is the seven weeks old baby
Mrs. Lloyd , who has boon at the W. A.
C. hospital for the past three months.
This remarkable infant is perfectly de
veloped , but is so small that it has to bo
dressed in doll's iclothos. It is fifteen |
inches long and weighs but two pounds , j
A pair of No. 0 doll's shoes proved too
large , and No. 5's had to bo substituted.
A small doll's stocking had to have an
extra scam sowed in it before it would '
stay on. Thu Musoo manager hua of- j
* * + 9 MH
forcd tie ] mother $13 a ni'oiith. board anil
o.xpon'scs to show the clttld in Omaha ,
It will leave hero Monday rooming' It
is n great curioslty ( nmli attracts ninny
visitors to the hospital , ft Is the third
child of Mrs. Lloyd , who says that all of
them have been very smdll. .
I have moved my olHCb tb. Omaha , at
which all orders will bai received and
Irom Which all deliveries will bo made
by wngon. L. M. FINihtSTKlN.
Helping Manama.
At its hist "star chainbcr session , "
hold Tuesday evening iu.ihoi now quar
ters in the library room [ it ho county
court house , the board of trade made
ono transaction that Is worthy of com
mendation. That body appropriated
WOO from the troamiry of thu organr/a-
lion toward the Mnnawa improvement
fund. For some time there has been in
the treasury of the board the sum of
$1,100.00 , received from members for
membership fees , dues , fines , etc. , and
the board has several limes dibcusscjl ,
at great length the question of how best
to spend it. This llrst appropriation
meets with much favor.
Dr. C. C. llnzon , dentist , Opera house
Parties having temperance billiard
halls and restaurants will do well to
take the exclusive sale of my temperance
anco beer. L. M. FiX
lion rd of llcnltti.
The city council introduced a little
variety in its proceedings last evening
by assembling at 8 o'clock as a board of
health. The mayor and full board except -
copt Alderman Bellinger were pres
Alderman Kuophor moved that the
reading of the minutes bo dispensed
with. The mayor stated that ho did
not remember that the records of the
board had over boon read and ho de
sired that they be read. The cleric re
ferred back to July HI and aid not know
whether any subsequent records had
been read. Motion to dispense was seconded
ended and carried.
The city physician was instructed to
ropaper and repaint the second story of
the Sears residence , propirulory to 'tho
removal of the family into it. The
Rich bill , for repairing the Compton
liouso , was rejected. Several small bills
were ordered certified up to the board
of health.
Dr. Cook presented his bill of $ ; t50for
attending Mr. Compton and the Sears
family , but it was referred back for cor
rection. The bill of William Elliott ,
of $150 , for cleansing smallpox houses
was laid on the table.
The bill of A. B. Compton , amount
ing to $ lt 10 , for the destruction of his
property , was road and went over with
out action.
The guards at the Sca'rs house were
ordered removed.
Now'and full line of sprin'b goods at
the London Tailors , 037 Broadway.
S. \Vadsworth ft Co. loanttnoney.
In the I > l < trictC9iir.r.
The case of The State vs King , forgery ,
was submitted to the jury shortly after
noon yesterday , and a verdict of guilty
was returned in loss than ion minutes.
King forged a check on the Council
BlulTs Savings bank last December , anil
signed .the iiamo of T/J. IcMilla n ,
which was fictitious. JTo passed , it on a
fellow named Riley , from Missouri
Valley. „ , ;
The case of State vs , .Manor , the
"con" man , was then taken up , and the
testimony for the state introduced. The
defenbo was not ready , and a continu
ance granted until this morning.
The larceny case of State vs Fogarty
was then called and was on trial , when
court adjourned.
The case of State vs Collins , for grand
larceny , will bo called to-day , if the de
fense is ready , and with the two already
on trial , will occupy the attention of
the court the entire day.
Wanted AseiHtnnt Cook.
At the Deaf and Dumb institution.
Wages SIS to 820 per month. Lodging
and washing free.
Have our wngon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
oniclnl Jokers.
A prominent railroad ollicial from Pa
cific Junction , who was in the city yes
terday , left for homo last evening , but
for once in his life his Bluffs friends hud
"ahorso on him. " The party took in
the town , inspected the work'ings of the
fire and police departments , and saw
such other sights as the city otlicinls
could offer. As a wind-up , it wns de
cided to call out the patrol wagon. A
call was turned in and the "catch 'om
quick" was boon on hand. Before the
visitor "know What wns going on ho was
landed in the wagon , the rest of the
party climbed in , and they were oil.
Ho was trying to think how the interior
of the city jail looked , when a stop was
made before a residence on Mynstor
street , where ho was visiting. The
chief was "onto" the scheme , and know
what was expected of him. Taking the
astonished gentleman by the arm , ho
escorted him to the door. As it hap
pened , the prisoner's wife answered
the bell , and she took in the bituntion
nt a glance. The chief "deeply re
gretted the necessity of bringing her
hushaiul homo under such suspicious
circumstances , " and boarding the
wagon was rapidly driven away.
The released prisoner gave a sigh of
relief as the party disapocnred , but his
blushes could not bo hidden , and when
last seen ho was endeavoring to "square
himself. " It goes without sayintr that
there are six gentlemen in this city for
whom there is fun in storeoil the occa
sion of their next vibit toiPauillc Junc
tion. , ti
ss * sa ssas 5s
Foot ' V "DiseaW > " rs Spa" Dis-
Thus the ' 'Mustang" conquers paSn ,
Makes MAN or BEAST W i ! again !
t.7 * * - * > - Tv \ * te.ft .VV
-Fuel Merchants. WatchTheSlGNS '
LNo.31 South. MainSt , BiVY'our
Courteous niieniiufi . . . * ® . * * r > * . Painted by'
Ah H. .j r fM.t A\t-
S [ < We mvife your Prompt patronage. Delivery * P.C.MILLEf ? ; EraqARD i N E R :
/ VQO4
\ BFfOA C > WA Y
Nos.liai3 Pearl St. .
Bt-ocV B , : "
' /l3tot > Bl-ofenictti//03 PearlSt.
OtnahO'Council okiffs ,
That we are putting in the largest
and most complete , line of building mii- )
plies \M * iavo over carried , and will bo
pleased to give estimates on all tin
work , roofing , furnace work and build-
cr'b hardware. Are pleased to give es
timates to all parlies who contemplate
building. Call at our store ,
Wo sell the Quick Meal Gas and
Gasoline stoves. The 1SS ! ) stove is a
daisy. COM : & COM : ,
41 Main street.
FOR SAIdl Shelving , counters. nho\v cnsei.
awning nnil stnru llxtnrci , nt 4 % HronUwiijr.
irujlt HUNT Two nicely furulsncil rooms for
JL' innnnnl wlfenrtnogentlomcn.wlth usoof
Imtlis. llented by furnace. 1 South Sovoiith
street , Amcnt block.
WANTED The people to try tlio City Steam
Laundry , HI Nortn Muln.
FOR KENT Clienp. two hnndsomo , new , six-
room cottated , north of transfer. Council
lllults. Inijulio Illnml Jtlshtor , Gtli ave. and
The Most Modern tiovr' coin
Sign , House and Ornamental Painting , Knlso-
mining , Graining , etc.
Nos. 11 and 13 Pearl St.
What a SMrt
If you hud taken It to tlio City Steam laundry
it wouldn't look ao.
Ill ilula Street. Telephone 141.
.MrsC . , L , GILLFJT'S '
l\ \
Anil see her line line of Hnlr
( joodH. I'INlIhT HAM
OKNAMKNTS 111 the city
WiK" . Hfaulf , etc. , for Kent
or Salo.
OliitH nnd Coylo nml Myers
Greuho I'ulntH. Hnlr
, > - , Dressing lite.
No. 1 > HBulli St. , C'OHIM'II III lift.
Orders by roall receive prompt attention.
nllAL KM A lH
COUN < "Il ( nijUPKS , I i IOWA.
Private watchmen furnished nt nny nnd al
.special attention Riven to collection of chat
tel mciityaKos mid notes.
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JOHN GILBERT , 521 Main St.
TELEPHONE 224. Estimates Furnished
Correspondence Solicited. On Application.
An old established Boot and Shoe business
in Counoil Bluffs , Iowa.
The Phillips stock of Boots and Shoes at
413 Broadway , is for sale and the store will
be rented. Best stand and trade in city.
Nearly thirty years in one location. Present
stock from $12,000 to $15,000. For further
particulars apply to GD. . Phillips , at the
store , ' or to N. O. Phillips , one of the executors -
tors of the J. M. Phillips estate.
JST. P. PODG-E. Executor.
25 TO 300
Bnocltlcatlons and estimates furnished for compl'-to ' ( .tenin pinnK . llcKiilatlon. Iiuraliiltty n r .
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E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Cnialogue. No. BIO Penrl Street , Council Bluffs
Dl/l M Dl M C Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer. Plain , K-jthnntos
, DlimllNDllNL SpocillcallonR. .Supervision of Public Worlc. Brown
Duildlng , Council MlulTB , lowu _ _ _
ID7 Justice of the Peace. Olllco ever American ExprobH , No.Ill )
NCPLJI / Proud y. Council UhilTs , Iowa.
QTAKl C 5 "oT\/rC--Attoniov9-at-Law. ] \ / 1'raetlco in the State and Kod-
O I UlNt. ( X OJIVlO oral C'oin-U. Rooms 7 and 8 Bhuptarl-Uono Block ,
Council lilulTs. Iowa.
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Corner .Main and llroaduny ,
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D.H.MCDANELO & co. ,
Hides , Tallow , Pis , WS. Fun
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