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Pholpa May Bo Soht to Solve the
Samoan. Complications.
Pntrlolc Ka an AVnntB to Go to Mos
cow nnd RaundcrB Would Like
to Collect Internal Ilcvcnuo
In Utnnlia.
WASHINGTON Buncoi Tint Ovum Bnc , )
WASHINGTON , D. C. , March 0 I
William Walter Phelps Is understood to bo
Uio man who will go to Germany to confer
wit' ' ; lllsmarcic regarding the Samoan com
plications. Mr. Phelps Is a man of great
diplomatic skill. Ho has served as minister
to Australia , lias the absolute confidence-
President Harrison and Mr. Hlalnc , and
would bo the personal choice of the latter
for such a duty.
General Paul Vnndorvoort , of Nebraska ,
Is a candidate for superintendent of the rail
way mall service. Ho was formerly division
MI per in tendon t at Omaha , and was removed
from ofllco by Postmaster General Grcsham ,
on the charge of neglect of u nice. The speci
fications set forth that ho attended moro to
the duties of his position as commandor-In-
chlcf ot the G. A. n. than to thosa pertain
ing to his ofllclal position.
General Lucius Fairchilds , of Wisconsin ,
was thought to bo the coming man for com
missioner of pensions , but the appointment
or Governor Husk to the cabinet
has probably ruined his prospects ,
nnd Falrchllus will bo moro likely
to bo sent abroad. General Tuttle , of Wis
consin , the man who tnndo the racket because
President Cleveland was invited to attend
tlio meeting of tno Grand Army of the Ho-
public at St. Louis , IB another candidate for
commissioner of pensions , but It is thought
ho will bo satisfied with the ofllco of pension
agent at Dos Moincs.
Colonel Swords , who was scrgcant-at-arms
of the republican national committee-
charge of the inauguration , would like to bo
marshal of the District of Columbia , and Is
backed by Senator Quay , Mr. Clarkson nnd
a number of other men of similar inllncnco.
Dr. Cornelius A. Logan , who was formerly
minister to Central America , and afterwards
minister to Chill , Is a cundibato for the mis
sion to Madrid , ana is Indorsed
by the Illinois delegation in congress.
Dr. Logan was a citizen of
Knnsns when ho went to South America , but
now claims to hail from Illinois. Slnco his
return to this country ho has been acting as
the attorney of the Chilian government. Ho
was a cousin of the late General Logan , and
is a brother of Olive Logan.
Charles H. Pope , formerly a theatre mana
ger In St. Louis , who sold his interest there
in 1SS7 , Is a candidate for consul general nt
Montreal. Ho was a delegate to the Chicago
convention , nnd after 13ob Ingersoll's great
break was called out to silence the clamors
of the crowd by reciting Sheridan's ride. Ho
was actively engaged during the late cam
paign as a stump speaker.
Kx-Kcprcsontatlve George C. Hn7clton , of
Wisconsin , who has been practicing law in
Washington , since the expiration of his con
gressional term , is u candidate for commis
sioner of the general lund'oflico ,
The name of the candidate for government
printer is Legion. Thcrcura more applicants
for this onlce- than any other in the gift of
the president , except , perhaps , that of gover
nor of Alaska.
Colour ! K. C. Wnde , Into United States
nun-shall for the district of Georgia , wants to
bo appointed third assistant postmaster gen
eral , and is thought well of by tlio Georgia
"men. Colonel Wade is likely to secure the
place. Another candidate for ouo of the
assistant postmaster generalships is C. L.
Poorman , who was a colonel of nn Ohio regi
ment during the war , and has since been u
member of the legislature of that state.
Another Ohio man who is willing to servo
Ills country as commissioner of Indian affairs ,
is M. A. Walton , of Spring Valley , Ho bases
his claims upon the fact that ho is a brotticr-
in-law of John H. Elaiu , ono of General Har
rison's law partners , but ho is strongly in
dorsed by General Sherman , Governor For-
Forakcr and others.
Ex-Senator Alex McDonald , of Arkansas ,
who has been residing In Now York for
thu last four years , engaged in mining opera
tions , is a candidate for minister to Chill.
Captain White , of Chicago , wants to bo op-
pointed superintendent of the railway mall
bcrvluc. McKlnncy , of Indiana , und While ,
of Cincinnati , are candidates for superin
tendent of the llfth division of the railway
mail bcrvico. Higelow and Leavitto , of
Jilulnc , nnd Evarts , of Massachusetts , nil
want to bo superintendent of the llrst di
vision. H. C. Jackson is a candidate for su-
poilntendont of mails for New York City.
Sum U'orton Is a candidate for the Washing
ton division of the railway mail service.
Ex-Senator Saunders , tlio futher-ln-law of
KuBsell Harrison , wants to bo collector of in
ternal i avenue at Omaha , Nob.
Pati ick Egan , of Nebraska , would bo will
ing to go to Moscow as minister. Clark Carr
IK a candidate for u foreign mission. Kas-
fion , of lo\vn , is also a candidate for a foreign
mission. G. M. Chilcolt will probably ro-
cclvo appointment us commissioner of the
gcncinl land ofllco , unless ox-Governor Kur-
nits , of Nebraska , is selected.
McDonald , of Dakota , wants to bo rciristor
of the hind ofllco ut Huron , Dale. , und is well
General J. W. Klmball , of Utah , formerly
of Indiana , wants to bo n member of the
Utah commission. Colonel A. C. Mcolcttc ,
of Dakota , Is certain to bo appointed gov
ernor nl the territory until the division Into
two stall's. Ho was clectsd the contingent
rovei nor tiy tlio pcoplo of South.D.tltotu. and
i umU'rbtuud there is no opposition to his ap
pointment mid no other candidate. It Is un-
dcrsloud that North Dakota may name tha
Bccretnry of the territory , Colonel Stratton ,
a one Icgtred soldier from Illinois , who has
been Htutti supcilntcudcnt of education , Is a
candidate for minister to Venezuela. This
post BCCIIIH to bo an attractive one , for It is
ulno sought by Joshua 1 laker , who has rep
resented the United States there under two
ndmimsUutloun , and by Mr , Uoyd , of Spriiig-
ileid , Mo.
A colored clergyman from St. Paul by the
imineor Jiickson wauls to bo minister to
There uro n dozen or more candidates for
thu roilectorslilii of the port of Now York.
It Is understood that Mr. Platt can have the
ofitco If he wants It , but hU friends suy that
lie will iiamii Senator Fussett for the place
Instead of taking it himself ,
STOLE inn a WEI. .
When Speaker Carlisle declared the house
of rcprs < ntutlvcs adjourned slno die , ho
laid on his desk the gavel that ho had used
lor the liihttwo years. Ho then retired to
the speaker's room. Chief Cleric Towlo Im
mediately went to the speaker's desk In
ecaivh oftho gavel. It was missing. It Is
the cu&loin for the retiring speaker to re-
relvo us a mi'inento the gavel thai ho had
unocl during the term of ofllcc. Speaker
Cm-lisle has thu guvols that ho used during
thn forty-o'ghth ' nnd Forty.nlnth congresses ,
but tlio imo used during the Fiftieth con-
PITHS IB in tint liunds of t > umu relic-hunter or
other thief. The head of the ijuvcl is made
of Ivorv , \ mtrciniOy turned , and coat the
government of the United Slates ubout & 5.
U here hnvo been four now handles supplied
oliicci Mr. ('lslo ' was elected. Three of
tlicnc were broken by theonorgutloSpringer ,
when ho presided over the house In commit-
tcu of the whole.
At 2 o'clock yesterday utxnil ono hundred
of lowa'ti icprcsoatutivii citizens , headed by
Governor Ivirabco , Hon. John A. Kassan ,
Colonel Swords , Mulor Clancy , Dr. lleards-
Icy nnd others visited General Harrison ,
They woio Introduced In person by Governor
Lnrabec , nnd had u very pleasant reception
of lucnty mlnut.'s in the mulu parlors. Pres
ident HIIITUOII knew many of the ccnllcuiun
pi r oiiully mid chatted cuhlly and freely with
tlioui about sojiui und general ufTuirs. Kucl :
ono In passing out of the white house re
marked that It was the same "Hen" they had
met In former days.
Secretary Wlndotn went to the treasury
department this afternoon at hulf past 2 ,
whore ho was received by Secretary Fairchild -
child , and the bureau ofllcers nnd the heads
of divisions were called In to bo prcsetned
to him. Among them the secretary found
many old friends , nnd was especially grati
fied with the compliments paid him by the
old clerks that served under him when ho
was secretary before.
nunitowB Tvnonsnn.
nonrcsor.Utlvo Hurrows of Mlchlwn , has
finally succeeded In getting n pledge of sup
port as a candidate for speaker , fiom the en
tire delegation from his state. Until to-day
be has not been ccrtuin that nil of the repre
sentatives elected would vote for htm , but
the last ono came into line this morning , and
now Uurrows thinks bo has n fair chance to
Stranpo to say , ex-Senator Hlddlcbcrgcr
docs not dcslro the report of the ouisode in
tno senate the other night to be striken out
of the record. This was done upon the mo
tion of Senator Dnnicln , his colleague , who
begged that ho ( Hlddleborgcr ) might bo
spared the disgrace of having the incidents
in the public records , nnd by n unanimous
vole of the senate every thing referring to
him was stricken out. Hut ho writes from
his homo In Virginia objecting , and says ho
wants the record loft as it was , but he will
not bo gratified. The senate has already
voted to have It stricken but , and as that
congress lias adjourned slno die , Its proceed
ings can not bo reversed.
Prof. John M. 13 loss , cx-superintondect of
public instruction for Indiana and nt present
superintendent of the schools nt Topekn.
Kan. , is hero , and is spoken of for the posi
tion of commissioner of education. If ho is
not appointed to this place he will likely suc
ceed to the presidency of the university of
Treasurer J. E. Hill , Commissioner John
Steen , j. H. Ager. Secretary of State Laws ,
Judge Atnasa Cobu , Judge O. P. Mason and
Auditor Honton , several of whom nro uc-
compantcd by their families in a special car ,
attended the inauguration ceremonies , and
will remain in the city several days.
It is believed hero that the next nomina
tion which will bo sent to the senate will bo
that of J. N. Huston , of Indlnnn , to be treas
urer of the United States. The place has
been tendered to him.
Major A. W. Clancy , president of the
Young Men's republican club , of DesMoines ,
la. , leaves to-day to visit his old Hoosier
friends in Indiana. Major Clancy is not a
candidate- olllce , but a staunch friend to
the now administration.
Yesterday 50,507 persons visited the na
tional museum , which gives an idea of the
crowd of strangers in Washington to attend
the inauguration.
The comptroller of the currency has ap
proved the Park National bank , ot Now
York , as reserve ngent for the Nebraska Na
tional bank , of Omaha.
M. L. Hocder , of Omaha , and Colonel
John S. Hell und wife , chief of the United
State secret service , occupied a box at the
National theater tills evening.
Thousands of ofllceseokers are hero work
ing for places in the government service
throughout the country , while hundreds of
thousands have sent their applications to
men in congress , notwithstanding the fact
appointments outside of the managcrical po
sition in the departments will not bo made
under some weeks except in remote in
Among the items of Interest to Nebraskans
which were passed in the rush of the closing
hours of the session were the sundry civil
bill amendment introduced by Senator Pad
dock , appropriating $ . ' 50,003 each for Forts
Robinson and Nlobrara , und the same in the
deficiency bill granting $35.000 to the state of
as payment for 5 per cent of the sales of the
military reservations within the state.
Pcnitv S. HEATH.
Its Branch Iilnes CcntiTln
to Ita Consolidated.
Nnw Yonn , Marcn 6. A Boston special
says that tlio following was given out at the
ofllco of the Union Paciflo railroad company
in that city to-day : For some time pasta
consolidation of the branch lines of the Union
Pacillc system centering at Ogden has boon
under consideration. The necessary papers
have now been dr.iwn up and the director ?
have the Immediate consolidation of the Oregon
gen Short Line nnd Utah & Northern rail
road companies before them. The first step
in bringing this about was taken at the meet
ing of the Oregon Short Line trustees hold
on Monday of this week , and the successive
steps will bo taken as rapidly as the forms of
law will permit. The question of incorporat
ing with this company tno other Utah lines
of the Union Pacilic si stein is also under con
American Troltlni ; Association.
Citicvoo , MarchO. The American Trotting
association closed Its session this evening.
The ofllcers elected for the ensuing year
were : President , Charles Green , St. Louis ;
first vice president , D. C. Beaman , Ottumwa ,
la. Board of directors : C. L. Benjamin ,
Michigan ; W. P. Ijams. Indiana ; A. C.
Lowls , Illinois ; G. B. McFall , Iowa ; John
Farley , Ohio.
Many changes were made in the by-laws
and track rules. All local associations on
the rolls are admitted to active membership.
TMo past custom of owners and drivers enter-
Inc horses provisionally and upon con
ditions imposed by themselves is
abolished. Ml entries must bo absolute or
upon condition named by tbolocal association.
Tlio rule establishing the pay of a substitute
driver was changed to provide that the judges ,
If they think the driver Isdrivlng to win , may
award him a sum not exceeding $100. If tha
( wsltlon of the hnrso is bettered the amount
awarded mav bo deductoit from the win
nings , if not , the association must pay it.
The privilege of allowing six weeks to file
protest was altered , and protests must bo
Hied nt once. Two-year-olds are barred from
tlireo-ycar-old race * unless especially pro
vided for by local secretaries ,
of Stanley.
New YOUK , March 0. A prlrata letter
from Bongalo , on thu Congo , says that Henry
M. Stanley has started on the journey to rejoin -
join Emln Pasha. Hp 1ms not told his plans ,
except that ha will not return by way of the
Congo. On September 1 Stanley's courier ,
bound for Europe , arrived nt Talli with a
letter addressed to M. Brown. Ho was
taken sick , so his intelligence will bo de
layed. It seems tliatTlppoo Tib did not join
Stanley , as the latter requested In the al
ready published letter written ut Urcnla ,
August 17. but sent tils trusted lieutenant ,
Said Ben Mohocd , to follow Stanley nnd npy
out the land and make raids for slaves In tlio
now country.
NolmiKbn nnd Iowa Inventions.
WASHINGTON , March. 0. [ Spsclal Tola-
gram to THE Br.E.l Patents have been
issued to the following Inventors : William
N. Aldricb , Red Oak , la. , self winding reel
for check row planters ; Niels Anderson ,
Decorub , la , window mirrors ; Gottlieb D.
Elgos , Davenport la. , die for stamping
metallic cigar moulds ; Harvey Fisher and J.
W. Bullurd , assignors of one-third to L.
Clark , Toledo , la. , railway scales : Sherman
M , Goss , Council Bluffs , la. , parallel ruler ;
Delbert E. Johnson , Ottumwa , la. , track
laving apparatus : William K. Ejlor , Belle-
vuc , la. , pump ; Ardnn D. Kunball , Miles ,
la. , tobacco box.
Nebraska : Peter Schorr and J , G. States ,
; , Nob. , handle for sliding doors ,
llKinnruk'rt imti'Ht Sellout- ? .
BBIII.IN , March G. It is stated that DIs
liiarcl : favors joining Alsace-Lorraine with
LuMmibouig on the death of the present
" Holland , and making tbo duke of
king ,
TlioVcatIicr IndluatioiiH.
For Iowa and Nebraska Fair , cooler ,
northerly winds.
For Dakota : Fair , slightly cooler , fol.
loucd by stationary tcuiuctaiurc , variable
wiud& .
Democratic Officeholders Make Way
for Republicans.
President HnrrlHon Puts In a Very
Iluay Day The ClcvcInnUa
Arrive Safety In Vow
York City.
The New Cabinet Tnkcs Hold.
WASIII.NOTCCJ , .March 0. The president
signed the commissions of all the members
of his cabinet this morning and they were
formerly Inducted Into ofllco. Secretary
Tracy was the llrst to qualify. Ho took the
oath of odlce at the navy department nt
11:45 in the presence of ex-Secretary Whit
ney mid the principal olllcers of the depart
ment. The succeeding hour was devoted to
the reception 01 ofllcors and employes and
friends who called to extend their congratu
Secretary Proctor arrived at the war de
partment at 1 o'clock. Ex-Secretary Endl-
cott and all the chiefs of bureaus were in
waiting In the secretary's ' oftlco. General
Sherman also called upon the retiring sccro-
tury during the morning and remained dur
ing the ceremonies Incident to thu change in
the administration In the war oftlce. After
Secretary Proctor had boon duly Installed ,
ho received all the ofllccrs and employes of
the department. General Schofluld and all
the principal ofllcers of the department were
separately introduced by ex-Si'crctary Endi-
Attorney-General Miller was sworn m
about 1:30 : o'clock to-day In the presence of
Solicitor-General Jenks and other officials of
the department. Ex-Attori'oy-General Gar
land was not able to bo present because of
business he had in thu supreme court at that
Secretary Winaotn was the last member of
the now cabinet to receive his commission.
Ho called at the white bouse about 2)0 : ; ) this
afternoon nnd received his commission from
the hands of the president himself. Tno sec
retary then proceeded to thu treasury de
partment , where the oath of ofllco was ad
ministered to him. After few minutes con
versation between the new and old secre
taries , ex-Secretary Falrehtld presented to
Secretary Windom tlio heads of divisions aim
other oQlcials of thu department.
At 2:30 : Blnino toolc the oath of ofllco In the
presence of Secretary Bayard , Assistant
Secretaries Moore and Adco , Walker Blaine
and others. There was nn exchange of com
pliments between the justice arid tha now
secretary , who , as ho toolc a seat In the
oftlce , remarked to Bayard that as long ns bo
occupied the chair ho would bo pleased to do
whatever he could nt his request.
At ten minutes before 3 Wannmaker , es
corted by the llrst assistant postmaster gen
eral , Stevenson , and a few friends , arrived
at tlio postoQlce department. The party was
conducted to the rooms until to-day occupied
by General Dickinson , where the prescribed
oath was administered by Judge Lawronson ,
one of the oldest employes of the govern
ment , who has sworn into ofllco tweutv-nvo
postmaster generals. The ofiicials of the
department were then introduced toVana -
maker. At about the t > amo time Judge No
ble reached the interior department , where
ho was soon loincd by Justice Miller , of the
United States supreme court. The assistant
secretaries , chiefs of the several bureaus of
the department , and other ofllciaU were in
troduced by General Vilas. Justice Miller
then administered tlio oath , nftcr which
those present offered their congratulations.
The newly qualified cabinet ofllcers had
little opportunity to attend to oMcial busi
ness tbia afternoon , ns they were engaged in
receiving a continuous line of callers.
Assistant Secretaries Thomson nnd May-
nard had n special interview with Secretary
Windom this afternoon , and placed their
resignations at bis disposal. They informed
him of their willingness to assist him in the
performance of his ollloml duties until ho
completes the organization oftho department
in accordance with his own wishes , and
therefore they would continuo at their desks
until the successors were selected. Windom
replied that ho appreciated their kindness
and would not net upon their resignations
until bo had conferred with the president on
the subject.
Solicitor General Jenks has tendered his
resignation to the president , to take effect nt
his convenience. Attorney General Miller
to-day requested Joules to remain for n few
days until ho becomes a little moro familiar
with the business of the department , and ho
consented to do so.
Jlnrrlnon'B Callers.
WASHINGTON , March 0. The Justices of
the supreme court called in a body on Presi
dent Harrison shortly after breakfast , and a
largo number of Indiana people were also re
ceived. Representative Brownell , of Indi
ana , said that the pcoplo assembled from
the president's native state wished to extend
to him their heartfelt congratulations upon
hissafo induction into olllce , ana to express
their prayers that his strength will bo sutll-
cicntto meet the trying duties which have
been Imposed upon him , The president ,
in rcplv , expressed his appreciation of their
kindness. Hundreds of visitors to the city
wore next received , und about 11:30 : the
public reception was suspended. The uresi-
dent had a private conversation with Secre
tary Noble of the Interior department , after
which ho went upstairs to meet a number of
senators and representatives who had called
to pav their respects. Among them were
Senators Allison , Hiscock and Dolph , and
Representatives White , McComas , Hender
son of Iowa , McRea , Dibble , Adams of Ill
inois and Par Kins. Secretaries Windom
and Rusk nlso called during the morning ,
und each had a short chat with the presi
dent. Soon after noon the doors were
reopened and the reception was Resumed.
The afternoon reception of the public lasted
two hours. Among the callers were n dele
gation from Alabama , Contestant Smalls , of
South Carolina , with a number of colored
friends , the governor of Iowa and staff , Col
onel Fred Grant and ladles , and the Cyclone
Flambeau club , of Atchison , ICnn. At S
o'clock the doors closed and the president
entered his carriage to seek n much needed
rust In a drive around the town.
llio Clevrlnndu Dcnarr.
WASIIIXOTOX , March 0. The ex-president
witu Mrs. Cleveland left Washington for
New York to day at 11 o'clock" In a special
train over the Baltimore & Ohio railway.
They were accompanied by Mrs. Folsoin , ex-
Postmaster General and Mrs. Dickinson ,
and Colonel and Mrs. Lament and family ,
Ex-Secretary and Mrs. Falrchlld escorted
thorn to the station and they were met by all
the members of the retiring cabinet and tholr
families. The party was recognized by the
crowd at the station and Cleveland was
cheered until ha disappeared In his car.
NEW YOIIK , March 0. Ex-President Cleve
land and party arrived at Jersey City at 0
o'clock this evening , Owlnir to the desire of
Mr. Cleveland to uvold the crowd at the
depot the train was side tracked at Bergen
Point for overan hour before coming up to
tlio station. This dovlco fulled , how
ever , as the crowd waited. When
the train arrived there was a
grand crush , nnd a& they walked
down the platform the people crowded
about ttinm , cheering loudly , nnd followed
them to their carriage. Policemen in vain
attempted to stay the people. Mrs. Cleve
land smiled us if pleased by thu warm re
ception , and Mr. Cleveland several times
touohoJ his hat. When the two finally en
tered their carriage and stood waltinc for
thu other members of the party , a
man proposed thrco cheers and a
tiger for : GrovcrClovelnud , They were given
with a will , as wore thrco cheers for Mrs.
Cleveland. Then followed ttireo and a tiger
for Daniel Lutuont. They were driven to
the Victoria hotel.
Mr. Cleveland looked sick. Ilia eye did
not have the brightness of health and his
skin was leaden nnd lifeless. Thcro were
dark circles under his cyos. There was a.
great difference between the blooming young
woman and the man by ier sao. |
The arrival at the hotel was at 0:45 p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Immediately retired
to their rooms , which they found profusely
decorated with flowers sent by Intimate
friends. Early to-morrow morning Mr.
Cleveland will be found at his desk in the
law oftlce of William Street.
Illninliuitad ;
WASHINGTON , March iX The deferred dis
play of fireworks from the monument
grounds to-night was undoubtedly the most
brilliant over witnessed in Washington.
The exhibition began with an illumination of
Pennsylvania avcnuo from the treasury de
partment to the capital , a distance of over
ono mile , IU.Y menns of magnesium suns.
The night was uncommonly dark , nnd the
rcat white shaft of the Washington monument
ment afforded a background the peer of
which ran hardly bo found in the world.
The Jlrst sot displayed were portraits
traits of Piesident Harrison and
Vice President Morton , framed in
brilliant colors and rusting upon an easel
So llfo like were these portraits that at tlio
distance of n mlle each was readily recog
nized. Following these came marvelous
fountains of sparkling electric stars , myriads
of tlyluir rockets in every conceivable tint ,
bombs which , bursting hundreds of feet In
the- air , discharged n thousand smaller shells
which In turn exploded , producing a grandly
beautiful effect , and then bontlrcs of colored
light which , rellectlnv thnir rays on the
great white oucllsk , transformed It
iuto n shaft of burnished brass
and again into one of emerald
nnd sapphire , while the towering structure
was vividly outlined against a sky of Intense
black. Another set pictured the south front
of the wbito house , every detail of pillar nnd
capital , window and carved cornlco npuear-
Ing with perfect distinctness. The last of
the set pieces represented the capitol. The
closing scene of the exhibition was indeed a
gorgeously brilliant ono. Tens of thousands
of blue rockets , exploded by electricity ,
shot up from tbo base of the monument to
its summit. Thousands of others iu yellow ,
scarlet , green and purple followed in quick
succession , until the whole sky was ntlumo
with scentillattng stars of wondrous hues.
This great eruption continued for some time.
An Unproer-dented Success.
WASHINGTON , March 0. The inaugural
committee has achieved nn unprecedented
financial success. Not only 1ms enough money
been mndo from the aalo of privileges ana
tickets to the ball to defray all expenses and
return the $50,000 guaranteed subscribed by
public spirited citizens , but there will bo a
surplus of auout $20,000 ,
Capitalists Want tlio Common Herd
to list Them Alone.
BOSTON , Mass. , March 6. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim Bun. | The } bill submitted to
the legislature , requiring that the state as
sume supervision over alf real estate mort
gage companies Incorporated in other states ,
and bo subject to examination by a suitable
commission , has created 'much excitement
and discussion among the humorous western
companies having their offices m Massa
chusetts. } .
To-day the legislative committee on banks
and banking gave n hearing which was
largely attended. A' nUmber of capitalists
appeared in favor of thopVoposcd IcgUlatioq ,
to which the principal abjections were by th'a
Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage nnd Trust com
pany and the Lombard rnrstinM > tcompanies
of Kansas City , nn < J tlfe"'Shbwullor com
pany. Joseph Jacobs , of the Lom
bard company , contended that such
legislation was unnecessary. 'Ho
defended the business1 from a charge
of loss , saying there were millions lost yearly
on railroad securities without causing com
ment , to which the loss on mortgages was a
nonentity. It would also bring a great ex
pense to the sUite , an the property held \vas
distributed all over the union.
The Jarvis-Conklin company's agent stated
that it was unnecessary ; that all the other
states accepted the inspection imposed by the
laws of Missouri , and Massachusetts should
De satisfied with that. The Showaltor com
pany said it had nothing to hide from the'
state but did not think it was any of the
state's business.
Friends of the bill contended that capital
of citizens of the state was solicited
by institutions existing by suffrage of
the state , who should in consequence bo
the guarnnteoof their honesty. Land spocu
lution und an easy condition of money in the
west was making the companies careless ,
nnd n , number of bad Investments were cited.
This the companies denied and the hearing
was continued.
Tlio "Wonderful Old Barrister Is
Through With Hri.'f-i.
BOSTON , Mass. , Murcli 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE.I Sidney Bartlett , the
aged but famous counsel of tbo Union Pacilic
railroad , died hero suddenly to-night at 10
o'clock , of old nee , after an illness of a few
Mr. Bartlett was one of the most promi
nent members of the supreme court bar and
for thirty years has beentho _ senior member
of Massachusetts. He has been the brains
of all the famous suits in which the Union
Pnclllo has been engaged. Ho was born in
Plymouth. Muss. , in 1700 , graduated from
Harvard in the class of 'SIS. ' In Iblis ho wits
made L.L.D. lie always declined political
ofllco. His Income at the time of his death
was $140,000 a year and ho amassed n largo
fortune. IIo at work at hisdcsk yester
day. Among various positions of trust
hcwas a director of the Chicago , Burlington
& Qulncy
Klnc Milan Abdicates In V'avor of
Br.i.oitinn , March 0. King Milan has ab
dicated the tlirnno of Servla. Crown Prince
Alexander will bo proclaimed king to-mor
row. Protltlth , Bollmarkovlo and Ulstltith ,
will act as regents durlnc the minority of
the king , who was born August II , 187(5. (
Milan , in announcing its abdication , no-
clarcd there would bo no change in the rela
tions existing betweomSirvia and Austria.
It is stated that Klnu { 4ilan will shortly
contract , a morgamJo marriage. Many fear
a return of ox-Quoen Matalie.
WcKttif nl Picking.
CINCINNATI , March 0-jSpeciul ( Telegram
to TUB liBi : , | To nnrrOjtv morning's Price
Current will say : 'Thuuprkctlngot hogs in
the west Is maintained Una liberal extent , for
the season largely exceeding the correspond-
Ingtimo last year , when tfhe movement was
quite small , Tlio-cntiro packing lor the past
week i npprnNimatqd-nt215,000 hogs , com
pared with 50,000 the week previous , und
100,000 last year. An Increase is shown for
nearly all points now apepiiitng. The weather
has favored the movpiuont.of hogs , and with
n moro encouraging outlook In the market ,
western packer * Imvo , absorbed a largo pro
portion of the supply ,
KMH'OII to'-ltrfjrpjioiir Amerloi.
LONDON , Marph O t-The Standard's Berlin
correspondent soys it U stated that Mr , Kns-
HO n will represent America la the Samoan
conference. I
Morton'ii I'plvnio Secretary.
WASHINGTON. March 0. Uobort S. Chll-
ton , a clerk in the stuto dcpaitmont , lias _
been appointed private secretary to Vice
President Morton , ?
'Jlio Ncw' |
LONDON , March ( X Sir Julian Pauncefort ,
the new British minister to the United
States , will mart for Washington ubout the
end of the montU ,
Hundreds Enjoy Its Hospitality at
the Llnoolu Banquet.
Air. JnnicH Cunnlnulinm , of "Wayne ,
Nch. , Tries to Put n Bullet
Through HU Heart A Slan
derer Kctrnctti.
An Knjoynlilo Banquet.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 0. [ Spoclnl Tele
gram to Tun Bm.j : The most enjoyable ban
quet of the season was given nt the Windsor
hotel to-night by the Hoyal Legion encamp
ment of Nebraska. As the mlnuto hand of
the clock turned the hour of midnight the
members of the order and guests were at the
height of the evening ? pleasures. Ninety-six
members and guests enjoyed the hospitalities
of the hour. Senator llowo opened up bis
heart to the senate employes and eight of the
newspaper men of the city , nnd the.v enjoyed
n scat at thu spread. The following gentle
men from Omaha were present.
J. W. Paddock , Horace Luddington , A.
Alice , J. B. Furay , H. G. Uhodes , J , L.
Webster. F. 13. Moorcs , Captain Mills , Cap
tain Ames , Captain Kicrcr , Lieutenant Sor-
sen , G. F. Dennis , Major Brown , Captuin
Lawrence and Captain Thompson.
The service of tlio evening was nil that the
heart could ask. Tables were laden with all
the delicacies of the season , tastely decorated
nnd elegantly spread. The toasts were ap
propriate and timely. The "Loynl League"
was responded to by John B. Furay ; "Phil
lip Sheridan , " by Major Paddocit ; "Our
Guests , " by Senator Connor nnd Representa
tive Baker ; "Tho President of the United
States , " by G. M. Lambertson'Frnntz ;
Slgcl _ , " by Senator Paulson and Church
Captain A. L. Lee nnd Mr. Moorcs ren
dered some of Bret Hart's choicest gcuis.
Between the toiists Messrs. Moorcs nnd
Young sang some good old-fushioned songs
and the company joined in the chorus. The
Loyal Legion of Nebraska never gave n ban
quet moro thoroughly enjoyed and appreci
ated than the ono given to-nigut.
Old Settlers' Organize.
Fnr.MONT , Nob. , MarchO. [ Special to Tun
Bci : . ] The Old Settlers' association of
Dodge county has just affected a permanent
organization by the election of W. H. Ely
and Hobcrt Cittlo , of this city , as permanent
president and secretary. A constitution and
by-laws have nlso beci adopted. Tlio former
provides that two meetings shall bo held each
year , ono of which shall bo nt Fremont In
September. The other one for this year has
been ilxcd to be held at North Bond on July
4. Persons who catno to the county previous
to the admission of thu state into tha union
uro eligible as members , und for the future
those having lived hero twenty-llvo years
Will be admlssablo. The object is for social
intercourse nnd to preserve the early history
of the county. It has only been a week
since an effort was made to organize , but
there are already over ono hundred mem
Dnvld City Matters.
DAVID CITY , Neb. , March 0. [ Special to
THE BIE. : ] The excavation has nccn com
pleted for Thorpe's now opera house , a three
story brick-and stouo structure , to have a
seating capacity of 1OJO.
George Schwescr ispxcxv.UIng for a hand
some brick building on ono of the best cor-
nois of the city , which ho will occupy.
The question of a new county court house
is being vigorously agitatcdand will probably
result m a special election.
Attempted Suicide.
WAYNE , Neb. , March 0. [ Special to Tun
Bii.l James Cunningham , a farmer living
a few miles cast of this place , attempted to
commit suicide by shooting himself with a
revolver. Ho was alone at the time and the
exact manner in which the deed was done Is
not known. He endeavored to shoot himself
through the heart , but the rovWvor used , a
32 calibre , did not prove large enough to
reach the part intended. The ball struck a
rib nnd was slightly deflected , and though
he probably gave himself a mortal wound ho
is still alive. The only reason assigned for
the deed is domestic troubles , and a slight
tendency to insanity.
Still Another Itiifdlnr Captured.
DUCOTA CITV , Neb. , March -Special [
Telegram to Tun Buu.j A notorious crook
and burglar was captured at Covington , last
night , by Stferiff Braslleld. Ho Is wanted at
Aberdeen , Dak. , for robbing a jewelry store.
Something less than a half-bushel of watch
es , chains , rings , , were found in his pos
session. This makes the fourth criminal
captured In Covington since yesterday morn
ing. There is little doubt but tlio three men
placed in jail yesterday afternoon are tlio
men who attempted to rob the South Sioux
City bank a few weeks ngo.
A Slanderer ICctraclH.
NEiiUAbiwi CITV , Neb. , March 0.
Telegram to Tun lluu.l Mrs. J. C. Bishop ,
of Unadilla. began notion yestor.lay , through
her attorney , for criminal libel against
Henry McCarthy , of the sumo place. The
matter has been settled bv McCarthy signing
nn aflldavit retracting his utterances nnd
paying the costs m the case , which amounted
to over 8100.
DiHSnlrrd PnrticrOiin.
Ciuio , Neb , , March -Special [ to TUB
BiB. | The hardware and gram 11 rm of A.
H. Eaglcson & Co. , of tbls place , has dis
solved partnership. A , H. Eairlcson will
continuo In the hardware business at thu
same stand as heretofore , while J. A. Me-
Lnughlln , the junior member of thn firm ,
will continue the implement und grain busi-
Alleged Jewelry Thief.
SOUTH Sioux CITV , Nob. , March 0.
[ Special to Tun BKK. ] Sheriff Hrosflcld ar
rested a follow at this place last night who
Is supposed to be ono of the men who robbed
a jewelry store in Aberdeen , Dak. , about
two weeks ago , Ho had about ? . " > ! ) worth of
Jewelry with him at the time. Two others
uro selling watches nnd rings around hero ,
but have not been caught yet.
ttiti K. P. Boys.
COI.UMIIUS , Neb. , March fl. [ Sneclal Telegram -
gram to Tin : BEIS. | F. E. Crumlull , propri
etor of the Vienna restaurant , gave a banquette
to the Knights of Pythias this evening. Ono
hundred nnd twenty-live knights sat down to
n sumptuous repast. Short speeches and
music added to thu pleasures of tha feast.
Stolu n Mnr" > .
TOIIIAS , Nub , , M ircli 0 , [ Spsclal to TUB
Bin : . ] A IIOMO thief last night got away
with u vuluublo mare belonging to Mr ,
George Kruso. PA suspicious looking charac
ter was seen in town yesterday , and ho IB
supposed to bo the criminal. The ouicurs are
on his trail.
Tp lieu-cut Tliiilr Health.
FIIKMONT. Neb. , March II. [ Spsclal to TUB
BKK. ] Hon. L , D. Hlcliarda , chairman of
the republican state central committee , ac
companied by his wife , left this afternoon
for a month's sojourn at Hot Siirlnga , Ark. ,
with ttio hope of bonolltting tticir health.
Old VotcrnnB Culnliratn ,
Nei.bov , Neb. , March 0. [ Special to TUB
BiE.J : Tlio Grand Army boys , with their
families and numerous friends , celebrated
Inauguration day with a bean supper , and
Colonel Davis , of Wnhoo , state department
commander , cave a stirring speech. The
Nelson band furnished plenty of good music ,
nnd everybody was happy over the new ad
ministration which the day opened.
Drouth nt Ncllch.
Nnuoit , Nob. , March 0. [ Special to Tnr.
Br.K.l The city council to-day revoked the
saloon licenses in this city , by order of Judge
Powers In the late mandamus proceedings.
ON lurrisoTi v us.
A Pastor Creates n Sensation nt n
Convict's Kiincrnli
CIIKMGO , March ft. At the funeral ser
vices to-day ot Newton Watt , who died in
Jollct prison wlnlo serving a llfo sen
tence fora complicity in the Kock Island
express robbery , Hov. Dr. Cnidwoll created
n mild sensation by saying to the assemblage
of mourners : "Wo believe Newton Watt in
nocent. His accusers were almost all cither
professional criminals or professional de
tectives , nnd 1 consider the two terms very
nearly nvnouomous. "
The pastor spoke rather bitterly of several
experiences ho had nod with detectives ,
which nave him additional ground for bis
opinion. Ho added that the reward offered
in this case was enough to convict anyone
whom the detectives might select. The reward -
ward referred to was $10,000.
The Ileduction Fails to Worlc.
POUTI.VNH , Ore. . March 0. The orders re
cently Issued from the head oftlccs of the
Oregon Hallway nnd Navigation company , to
reduce tlio wngcs of all employes on the
river division receiving over $00 per month ,
10 per cent , is causing the company much
embarrassment. It affects materially tbo
wages of captains , pilots , mutes and engin
eers of the company's steamboats. The re
sult has been that all have refused to work ,
and nil boats on the Willamette nnd Colum
bia rivers have been tied up. The same state
of affairs exists on Puget Sound. This
works serious inconvenience to shippers nud
malls. As the law requires that musters and
pilots In these waters must have at least llvo
years' experience , the company cannot 1111
thu strikers' place * , nnd have not ueen nblo
to arrive at a compromise. Public sympathy
Is with
K ill road nntlclliii ; In New Mexico.
SA.VT Fn , N. M. , March 0. f Special Tele
gram to TUB BKI : . ] Parties left hero to-day
for Doming to join the right-of-way outfit of
the Souora , Senaloa & Chihuahua railroad.
This line runs from Doming via Lake Polo-
mus , to Guerrero , COO miles , thence west to
Alamo and Guaymus , and from Guerrero
cast to Chihuahua. A branch will tap the
Mexican Central. Twenty-live miles of this
latter arm is graded. The company owns
the Las Palomas grant from Mexico , which
has been sold to Chicago parties who will
colonize it. Sufllcient money is in hand to
build 1,200 tnllus of road. Major Sisson , the
chief engineer , is now in New York to turn
Over the company's bonds to trustees. The
construction contract has been let to Clark
& Son , of Chicago , nnd the International
Construction company. Work will begin nt
Dcmmg about April 15.
Interested In Senator Clillcott.
PUBIII.O , Colo. , March 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bun. ] Great interest is mani
fested hero over the news from Washington
rcgaraing the favorable mention of ex-Sena
tor Chilcott as commissioner of the general
land ofllco. Senator Clijlcott is n resident of
this city nnd a very promlnunj flguro in the
Dolitlcs of the stato. His appointment would
please his many friends rind admirers , with
out regard tollielr'poritlcal uflllfalions. Sen
ator Chilcott is a thoroughly western man ,
and for that reason acquainted with the
practical requirements of the position.
LlkMy to End in Bloodshed.
Hri.ENt , Mont. , March 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bm.l Trouble is anticipated
in the Jefferson canyon , between the North
ern Pacilic workmen and those of the Union
Pacific road. Last night a light occurred in
which the Noithern Pacilic men captured
the camp and tents and jumped the Union
Pacilic location. Hcinforcements of Union
Pacillo men , reported to bo armed , started
for the scene of action last night , and u car
load of Northern Pacific men went from
Helena the same evening over the Montana
Central road to Boulder , en route for the
sccnoof trouble.
I/o lilniD Scoroi Several Victories.
NE\V Yonic , March 0. The steamer Andes
arrived from Haytien ports this morning.
The purser says that Legltime's forces won
signal victories in the provinces of the north ,
nnd hud driven the rebels back all along the
line. Thcro were no executions , because
Legitlma did not wish to alicnuto any of his
countrymen by harsh measures. Hippolyte's
forces were driven back. The purser said
that the report that several of Logitimc's
generals and many of his soldiers had been
massacred was sent out by Hlppolyto. Legi-
time has all the navy and a larger part of ttio
ICiuUcz/'r ! Mooro's Nervo.
ChiCAOO , March 0. Joseph A. Moore , the
Indianapolis Insurance agent who cmbe77led
? 500OJO , and lied to Canada , Is reported to
have spent to-day In Chicago. An
old acquaintance claims to have
recognized him on his arrival here
at the Grand Trunk depot and to-night nt
the same place when he departed. The
friend says that Moore denied his identity
when reaching Cuic.igo , but admitted it on
leaving , Moore is represented us apparently
In much fear of arrest.
A I'o tci'v Crash.
Ni\v : Yoiiu , March 0. The suspension of
the Wcllcts Manufacturing company , who
carried on the ulg Excelsior pottery at Tren
ton , N. J. , was reported to-night. It is
claimed that thu einbartussmcnt will only be
temporary. The present condition of thu
company's * n ( fairs is unknown. It was In
good shape when the last statement was
made. _ _
Want a New < ovnrnor.
WASHINGTON , March Delegations of
residents of Arizona are In the city for the
purpose of securing a change In tha olllce of
the governor of that territory. Owing to
the bad feeling existing between the present
governor and the legislature , they say , nac-
essary legislation for the wcll.ire of the ter
ritory is dinicult to obtain , and tnoy want re
lief by the appointment of a new governor us
soon as possible ,
Youthful IC'opjrH Dlu To-jolhor. ! , 111. , March 0. To-night
Daniel McLnchnn , upt-d twrnty-two ,
killed Cora Uarnnhnn , ugod thir
teen , and then comn.itted xulcidc.
Thu pair eloped Sunday night from Pawpaw ,
111. , and have had a weary tlmo of it eluding
thu detectives. MuLuchlan is a blacksmith.
The girl Is the daughter of .1 wull-to-do hotel
keeper ,
W.liand Mnrphv
BOSTON , March it , For the fourth time
within n couplu of months , rank Murphy ,
the English lad , and Ike Wolr. signed articles
to tight for the feather-weight championship
of the world , Tlio > bind themselves to light
to a JliiisU with kid flovcs between thu "Hh
und "Uth of this month ut aomo point within
25J miles of Chicago ,
l'ol < onnil Ills Own Ch.l Ircn.
Loi'jBViu.i ' : , Ky. , March 0 , On Spruce
creek , near Mount Sterling , Frank Conk *
wrlght , Jim Holdim nnd Sue Holdcn bavo
been arrested fur poisoning Conkxvrtoht's
family of nine children , uyed tnrt-o to ulnu-
tcca years. " Conk wrlght is a widower , und
Im been living in unlawful Intimacy with
the Ilolilon ivoinau. One of the uliildivn ID
dead Und the others quite ill ,
Flro Makes n Torrlblo Rooord in
Kansas Olty.
While Booms of Aidiunla nnil Thou
mills of Dollars AVorth ot
Property nro Hoiltiucil
to AshcH.
The Metropolitan Siables Hum.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , March 0. [ Special Tel
egram to Tin : Hsii , ] Five men lost tholr
lives and eighty inulos iitnl twunty-throo
street cars \vcro destroyed by n llru here to
night , which ruined the stable of tlio Metro *
politan Street Hallway compnny at Third and
Wynndotto streets.
About 10 o'clock the flro broke out from
some unknown onuso In or under the office of
the stables. No ono was about at the tlmo.
Watchmen Flanagan and Allison being la
the roar of the building. In loss than two
minutes the whole front was ablaze , nud
Flanagan and Allison wuro unable to oscnpo.
When ttio lire broke out ix do/on or inora
nion ran Into the building to help RIIVO the
mules. Of thuso about half were ablu to get
out , nnd It was reported that flvo men were
unable to escape nnd undoubtedly perished.
Watchman Flanagan was found lying un
conscious about twenty feet from the door
by a police sergeant and dragged out , and
was resuscitated with dlflleulty. Ho is. how
ever , out of danger. Watchm.ui Allison
was nlso found near n door unconscious , but
\\asnll right In a little while. Joseph Pollock
ono of the men who entered the
building for the purpoRo of endeavoring to
save the mules , stated that just ho was rush
ing from the building , being driven away by
the rapid spre.ul of the llamcs , ho saw Ilva
men who were behind him , and no was snio
not ono of them got out of tlio building. Ho
would have seen them had tlio.v escaped.
Other persons stated the same thing , and
there is but little doubt that the tlvo who
are entirely unknown perished. The ruins
nt n late hour to-night were still
blaring , and it will not bg
possible to search for bodies for at least
twenty-four hours.
Over ono hundred mules nnd seven horses
were stabled In the b.ira , nnd of those only
the horses and twenty mulct were saved.
Thcro were nlso twent.v-threo stiect cars in
the Darn ut the time , and these were nil de
Tim loss Is estimated at $50,000 ? but the in-
sur.mco is ample. All efforts to discover the
origin of the lira have proved unavailing. A
largo quantity of hay was stored in the build
ing , and the blaze lit up the whole northern ,
part of the city.
Tlieir Solution the Object of tliu Com-
mlHsloncrs' Conference.
WASHINGTON- , March 0. The first subject
discussed at to-day't ) session of tlio state
r.iilroad commissioners' conference was that
of uniform classification. At the conclusion
of the debate a resolution was nclonted de
claring that a still further advance toward a
uniform classification of freight would promote -
mote the welfare and convenience of ship-
pars and of railroad companies , and com. '
mending u conservative but persistent effort
to that end. .
R.iilrouil legislation was the next subject
for consideration. A paper on that subject ,
prcp.ircd by Coin in Issioncr Smith , of Iowa ,
was referred , without reading , to a commit
tee. To this committee was also re
ferred the whole subject of uniformity in
railroad legislation , with Instructions to re
port at n later session. The resolution further
declared that annual conventions of com
missioners are desirable.
On motion of Mr. Crocker n resolution was
adopted , urging the inter-state connnorco
commission to earnestly consider what can
be done to prevent the present great loss of
life and limb in coupling and uncoupling
freight cars ; and further , In what way tha
growth of the system of heating pabseiiRO
cars from the locomotive or other slngl
sources can bn promoted , to the end that th
commission may make recommendations la
tlio premises to the various railroads in its
jurisdiction , nnd make such suggestion as to
legislation on these subjects as may seem to
it necessary nnd expedient.
The Trunk ; Iilno Association.
NEW Youic , March 0. A meeting of the
Joint executive- committee of the Trunk Line
Hallway association was held this morning
inthooflleo of Commissioner Fink , for the
purpose of considering alleged violations oC
the agreement entered into by the trunk lines
regarding the paying and receiving of com
missions for passenger business. There was
n largo representation of western railroads
present. Coiuii Issionor PicrAon said bofora
the meeting was called to order that the flrsb
business to bo considered was the abolish
ment of commission and passenger business.
That matter disposed of , the meeting would
be to discuss the adjustment of through rates
on export trade.
AicsoHition was finally adopted that tha
payment of commissions on passenger busi
ness caaso after to-morrow , and an ciuleavoe
isto bo imulu to persuade all connecting lines
to stop nlso.
Overrun With Mutt Io ; < * . ,
New MAIITIXSVIM.U , W. Vn. , March G ,
Notwithstanding two to three hundred dogs
suspected of being mad or infected to some
degree with rabies have been killed in this
( Weird ) county during the past thirty days ,
the interior of tlio county still scorns to bo
overrun witli canines in n dangerous condi
tion , nnd the alarm of tlio people Is general.
There linn been considerable loss of llvo
stock-cattle , xwino nnd sheep \\hlcli died
from the effect of bites Inflicted
by infected dogs , and in two In
sttwcs hoi SCR tuivo succumbed. Several
people Imvu albo been bitten. No instances
of any nerious result have yet followed.
Farmers consider It dangerous to go along
the roads unarmisd , nud do , ? killing squads ;
are out dallv. One man IKH seven dogs , all
believed to bo mad. They have taken to the
woods and mo running wild wllh do/ens of
other dogs m : i llku condition. TICHO | dogs
unread the disease by biting other canines ,
live ( .lock , ota , and what the end will bo Is
hard to foretell. The disease llrst inud.i Its
appearance on Fishing creek last August ,
and has been growing worse ntcidlly.
- *
A Now KiUlro.iil.
Toi'RKA , ICnn. , Murcli ( ) . [ Special Tele
gram to TUB lir.K. ] TlioTopoita , Wcstmoro-
land & Marysvillo railroad tiled u charter to
day with the secretary of sUto. It M to bq
un extension of the Kansas , Nebraska &
Dakota , which u'ui recently purchased by
the MlHsotirl Piicillc company. The line lj
already In ojior.itlon from Fort Scott to To *
pcka , and It is propose. ) to extend It fiom the
city of Topuka 'o the north line of Mai shall
county , to run In a north westerly diicctlon
through thu counties of Shawncc , Pottawat.
tamle und MurtOiull. The length of this road
IK estimated nt 1M > miles. 'JViiola | will bo the
location of the general nfllccs. The capital
slock of the company In llxesd ut J 1,0 JO O.JO ,
Thudlicclorj are ; John It. Mulvunu , U. ( j.
Linn. J , B. Eviins and J. D. Patterson , o (
Topeka ; John W. Binith , Pottuwattainio
county , J.V. . FlUgorald. St. Mary ; A , O.
Merrill , Louhvlllii ; A. UUiUurdi and A , 1) ) ,
PomcroyVcstmorolanJ ,
Hr-IOIrctcjiI ftcnoidcr.
CASI-EII , Wyo. , Murcli 0. [ Special Tele-
pram to I'm : BIB.I At the biennial meeting
for thu Ciupor inaiintalii mining district bold
hero yesterday , Major II , I ) , Palmer wat roi
elected recorder. Thcro Were 171 voles caH