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JfflERE IS WAR 15 SIGllT ,
tnstor Mtoohart Dotormluotl to Cou-
quor or Dlo Trying" .
the Dlfltrlct Court Dlsiiosoa of Im
portant IltislncBi Tlio Official
Uxnmlnorof IMinrmacliti
General Notes.
Bcnnxn.orTnB Ovum. JBB , 1
1029 V SfiiRKr ,
LINCOLN , March ifi. J
The trial of Pastor Minchan , of Oraco
( Methodist r.plncnpal church , la near. Her. J.
H. reason , of Seward , m whoso hands
rest ? the prosecution , arrived to-ihy. It Is
learned that the formal clmrgcs Imvo hccn
preferred , but Tun ] Jin : representative has
been un.thlo to obtain them. And , possibly ,
the reading public will never know whit
their peculiar uordlng may l/e. Iho church
eccins detortnlncd that the matter , BO far as
possible , shall bo kept within Its pales.
It Is BUHlclcnt to know , however -
over , that Tun Uii : : has given the
basis and substances of the charges
In cmcstlon , viz. Bearing false witness against
members of his flock , teaching doctrines at
vailnnco with those incorporated In the
church discipline from the pulpit , unp.istolnl
conduct and the unbecoming usa of language
in a RciiGtal way. It is understood that
brother Is nrrn\ed ng.ilnst brother in this
controversy About forty of the members of
the church Bland or full Vtlth Mtnehart.
Tuice that number uro said to bo
determined to rid tlio chinch of
Its obnoxloim pastor and thu doctrlno
of satictillcntlon. Minohnrt now openly
stiller that ho proposes to cany titu fight on
until It seizes upon sorno members piomi-
ncntly Idontillcd with St. Paul's In the
language of ionic of Ills pnrlshlonon. "ho U
determined to conquer or como out llrst best ,
no mutter \\luit the coat. " Tlio uxuct date
of the trial has not yet been decided upon ,
but it is luiown that the ornitlc | > astor is
ready for the melee , and It is likely to com
mence at uny moment. His formal answer
will probably bo ready before the ilnwu of
another day.A. .
A. Timely StiimoHtlon.
"What Imvu you for tlio prp s to day } quer
ied Tin. BBB man of Deputy Sew clary Uow-
dr.\ \ tins inntning.
"Nottiing particular. " he replied , "but I
would HUc to suggest that the legislature .ip-
proichcs ndjournmcnt , and I would like to
Imvo the newspapers of the state commence
to send in their accounts. While theie isn't
much danger of us having to carry them
over n j ear or two , we want to close them
up as soon as possible , and
It won't ' cost much of nn cifoit for editors
niul business nmn.igois of newspapers to mid
the "time to lun" to accounts us they now
stand and pond ttinin in. Wo will tuko it as
n fa\or and they will get then- money all tlio
sooner. I can't see that the press boys of
thu state ncul to kick when 'daddy dollars'
me tin own at them in this way. "
In tlio District , Court.
Tn thoTiustm- The Missouri Paciflc
vailwaj case , the jury found for the plaintiff
in the sum of fJ.lUO , and thus rnds the great
tinil of the term. It is sa'd ' that the plaintiff
IB gicully disappointed ut tinding of the juty.
A. .f. Field and u Jury next tiiod the case
of Miehuol liondon vs Louis Jensen. In this
case defendant was the contracting builuer
of the Wesleyan University , and plaintiff had
talcen fioni him the doing of the stone work
in thu basement. Plalntift claimed a ualauco
foilijltitftho stone , and fol ) which lie al
leged to huvo been wrongfully detained from
hit.I , bccntmu ho had not pointed the score ,
which he said ho had not agrcck to do. De
fendant's uisa wub that the pIiiintifT had BO
aciccd , and also ho claimed that ho had paid
him fully on u settlement for the work ha
liad done. The case wtia given to a jury at
A Ilonun/.a For Lincoln.
A month or two ngo Tun UI.K mentlonod ,
In a casual way , that a move uas on foot to
establish n tunnciy for the purpose of
tanning and dressing skius for the inann-
factuto of gloves , lobes , the liner class of
boots and shoes , and other articles of the
finer kinds It is Intended that skins shall
bo dressed or tunned , with or without the
hair , equal to any of the grades In flexibility
and llnencss manufactured in the European
pountilcs. Mr. A. Lo Gros , an old Unglish
niunufactuicr , a specialist in the art of , tan-
hing leathers , will have the immediate super
vision of the enterprise after tlio buildings
hn\e been fitted and works established , liio
Bare half of the IJaio & Lamustur block ,
s 13-ir O street , has been leased for tlio store ,
ware and manufacturing looms , and it is said
that it will bo lilted and ready for business
on or before May 1. Lo Gros and
Gcrgo K. Uigclowaro the resident gentlemen
interested in the enterprise. It is learned ,
ho never , that , a party of English capitalists
lm\e interested themselves m the mutter ,
ntid wlU'contributo largely to insure its suc
cess. A "gang" of men commenced to build
n dam on "Hamcs' branch , " which empties
into Salt cteok , west of the city , to furnish
the necessary power and water for tlio needs
of the tannery. Tills may bo put down us nn
enterprise that promises much for the future
Of the capital ot the state. Organization pv
jicis will bo Ulod In the ofllcoof thosccretnry
of statu in a feu- days The news of the con
templated tunnoi j was announced this moni-
IC\nmlnatlon of lMin.rnmc.lsts.
The board of examiners of the state board
'of pharmacy mot to-day In regular session
for the examination of applicants for regis-
tiatlon for the piuctico of pharmacy in Nu-
biaska under icquiroinont of statute enact
ment , nmomlcd February 13 , 1SVJ. The board
of examiners , Messrs A. F. Stroll ? , of
KOI th Plat to ; Ilunry Uook , of Red Cloud ;
Max Uccht , of Oimina ; .Imncs Hoed , of No-
lir.iska City , and Ilcniy 1J. Hoyden , of Grand
Island , wcio all piesent. They took pleasure
in Mating that thu class as \\holo gave uyl
deuce of thoioughncss in the work { hey ha-
in hand , uud that there would bo few if any
failures. Manuscripts were all in before 'i
o'c look. The board is now busily engaged in
thetuxuuiinutlon of papers , and state , that
ccr lUcates and failures wilt ail bo noted
v. It liia a week , The following candidates
compt iscil the class :
J. U. McConncll , Omaha : A. J. Wcard ,
Silver Clock ; J. 1C. Schollcld , Geneva ;
George S. Frutor , Tliurnian , la ; J , 11. Good
rich , Cailo : 8 , T. Ju'-ksan , Madison'Thoo ; >
doio F. Knapp , York ; N. A. Lundvall ,
Omaha ; Gcorgo M. Lydick , Fontancllc ; U.
G. ftMCIbbon. Phillips ; 1) . C. H. McNeil ,
touhton ; , Wis. ; A. H. MoFurlanc , Omaha ;
9. 11. Plnkortoti. Lincoln ; Will Hiookloy ,
Junlatta ; J. H. Hippy. Llbortj ; W. W. Kou
cits , Notth Hciul ; J , V. Stout , Hlulr ; James
AV. btiadoslcj. Alliance ; T. S. Tcasunll , Lin
coln ; William Flory , bt. Udwards ; T. W.
Bennett , Lennox , lu. ; John Fitzgerald , Lin
coln ; .1 units K. Carter , Lincoln ; W. 12.
Mimury , Hco ; Chariot , li. Mothi'i-sead ; Tul- ; J , 11. Huuptmon , Nebraska City ; 1C.
D. Logan , Itopuhllcan City ; Joseph Ormand ,
Lexington ; V. A. Nichols , May wood ; C ! .
A. Kloinltnuf , Giand Island ; W. P.
Johnson , Wnhoo ; W. D. Abbot , Peru ; John
F. , Peiu ; James M. DugaulonVoop <
ln Water ; IViUik O. Lindborg , Omaha ; D ,
W. tipiing , Homeland ; H. P. 0. Petersen ,
Cedar 1 Huffs ; A. L. ICoyiiolds , Weeping
\Vuter ; John 1C. Kohlur , IJuirj George H.
IlnUleii , Lincoln ; Will G. Scribner , Lincolin
TUo hcuid Is new tending out application
blanks Jortho nmowiil of registration In Ne
braska , mid all druggists who have changed
thi'lr location uio icquestod to notify thu
seiii'tary , Jl. U. Ho\aeii , tit Grand Island ,
Immediately , as the pharmacy luw as
uimmduil Is veiy strict , and nil who full to
renew v\lll liavo to anneal- before the boatd
for i-o examination. Tlio annual report of
the board will buioadv for distribution at
the Nebraska Pharmaceutical association , to
be held in this ctt.y , May 14 next.
City , > rwg and Nolcu.
The rusu of Charles Whltii vs. 'UioStuto
of Nohtaslia , nn error tram Douglas county ,
van Hied for trial m the supreme couit this
nioi uliitf.
Kmlro Hiilvonson , the young man who was
knocked from the limllngum at Denton joa-
tenlny , dloa last evening at thu U'llhml
hospital. The i on tip miui uiuleiloou to cioss
the IroUi alie.ul of the train , just upon him ,
uml sustained injutloa time cost him his life.
The piitimrles lor Urn city election are
called for the ti'jth. ' The convention will beheld
held on the ttOlh , when the futuio mavor and
council will probably put In nomination. It
is thought that , the tight for the mayoralty
rests between Mcllrido and Graham , wllli
chances In favor of the former , Interest in
fthuimvnlclpnl election is warming up rapidly
Tlio Nebraska Christian Education bo rd
met last nlttht and aw.irdod-tho contract for
building the now Christian university. ftt
Bethany Heights , propcHy n portion of the
ouburbs of the Capital city. Chldcstcr &
Barrns secured the contract at { 47,000. The
work will bo commenced at nn early date
and the building pushed to speedy comple
_ _
An Absolute Cure.
MENT is oftly put up In largo two ounce tin
boxes , and is an absolute euro for old sores ,
burns , wounds and chapped hand * , and nil
skin eruptions. Will iwsillvolv euro nil
Uindsof piles. Ask for the ORIGINAL AU-
IKTINi : OLNTMKN'l. Sold by Goodman
Drug Co. , at 25 cents per box by mall 80
_ _
Sought to Ho Adjusted in tlio DIs-
trcct Court ,
Tills morning Judge Wnkelnv will
decide the divorce caco of O'Neill vs O'Neill ,
which occupied his attention nil last week
uml brought to public knowledge a most de
plorable state of affairs. The principils nro
advanced In jenrs , and for thirty jcars have
shared the joys of domestic bliss. But
troubles came , ana the courts were appealed
to to settle thorn ,
His honor Is hearing another recital of the
same kind , hut more wiqked In character.
Joseph Steinbeck and wife have been living
npnrt three years , Iho latter brought cult
against him for legal separation , cli.uging
and nllcging acts of cruelty on his pirt
which , If true , leaves the impression that
her cxlstcnco under his roof must Imvo been
ndseiablo Indeed. Mrs Stlncbcck's little.
boy , Willie , n hid of thirteen and bright as n
noiV dollar , sat in the witness chair and told
the story. His frankness , self-possession
and positive nnswcrs to nil questions sur
prised the lawyers , astonished the court and
interested a numbui of spectators. Search
ing and soveic cross examination could not
shako him. Stlncbcck , ho mid , used to
swear at his mother and to apply to hcrovcry
Imaginable vile tcim. It was u dally
act of his to threaten her with violence ,
raise his list to knock her down. One time.
ho threw H heavy chair at and strticic her on
the hip , unother time with a terrible oath ho
ordered her out of the coolc-'s corner. Willie
also camn in for a share of the violence. On
one occasion the old man struck him with u
icvolver. After the chair incident Mrs.
Stlncbcck and Willie escaped through a bed
room window and ran for their lives. They
came to Omaha and h ivo lived hero over
since. All this boisterous business happened
in Nance county. Mrs. Stincbcck Is a moth
erly and kind looking woman.
Judge Do ino made un order that hereafter
no case will bo passed on c ill to the foot of
an > paitictihir day's ' assignments except for
urgently spui-ial reasons.
Billuy Miller is being tried before Judge
Grolf ior shooting with intent to wound. On
the night of Febiuury 10 , Billy made a pistol
play at David Bnslow , was arrested and
held for
William J. Martin brought suit nguinst
Monte M. Aylesworth and Edward C. Cal
kins to fomclose a mot tgage on u lot in .let
ter's addition to South Omaha. The amount
of thu indebtedness is $331) ) on two promissory
John L. Miles and James Thompson com
menced two suits in the district court , ono
ugnmst 1C. Hornlrk and the other against
Adolph Kline et. al. Both are to iccovcr on
promissory notes. Tlio tiist defendan t owes
two aggregating $ " ,1157 aim the second on
tin eo amounting to $10,000.
William II. Thompson vs 1C. W. Gibson ,
Hot man Kount/o , Milton Rogers & , Sons , is
the title of u suit commenced to recover
5150 yo , for labor and material used in im
proving a house in Kounto place.
Allen MLCIoskoy sues U. S. Cavanaugh
for $00 on a bill for work and labor.
Slgmund Guthmau ot al , of Chicago , brings
suit against Jo ickim Schmitt , to recover on
thieo promKsory notes aggregating § 21397 ,
wade and delivered Soptcmber 18 , IbSl.
The Swydu girl , Hosu Anderson , now m
prison for stealing money from Ed Mauicr ,
was airaigned before Judge Graff jestcrday
morning. Her plea was , "not guilty. "
Bailiff Hunt had the distinguished honor of
escorting ICosa back and forth betueen the
court house and jail. She were u Jaunty hat
and looked real saucy.
A partial ruling was made yostflrday morn
ing by Judge Wakcly on the exceptions
argued before him last Satin day , in the Rob
inson-Jones case. His holding was to the
eftcct that thu hens iltcd by Robinson's at
torneys formed no part of the record , and
ordered them stricken fiom the docket.
Tim cnso of Tappan , McKcllop & Co. , of
Chicago , against Woolcy & Harris , is a suit
to recover $50 , on a conti act which the defendants -
fondants failed to comply with. Tlio case
was put on trial before Judge Hopowcll , who
ordered ft special venue of Jurors.
Suit was entered against Jouihim Schmitt
by Guthman and Carpenters , to recover
S-174 ! lt , on small promissory notes.
William H. Thompson sued 1C W. Gibson
nndothetu for $15. , alleged to be duo on
building material.
John L Mills commenced two suits to fore
close mortgages. Ono was against Adolph
Kline and others , and the other was against
K. Horwitch. Both actions were to foreclose -
close on small amounts.
Billy Miller , who was charged with assault
and intent to kill , and who uas tuod before
Judge Groft yesterday , was found guilty yes
terday afternoon of assault and battery.
County Court.
Gustavo Kncssner was appointed adminis
trator of the catato of Sophia Kacssncr , his
deceased wife. Her will was also admitted
to piobato.
'Iho following Judgments wcro entered
up in the county court Coots &
ifatton vs Knrll , judgment for defendant ;
Peters vs Hollenbeck , judgment for J.16J . for
plaintiff ; Fieo vs Bioun , judgment for 1S5
tor plaintiff.
Judge Shields called the March docket and
dunosod of cases as follows.
W. W. Wallace et al vs H. W. Gillinan ; sot
for trial on the Sth instant.
John L. Miles et al vs B H. Cochinn et nl ;
defendant given leave to answer in ten days.
Star Union Lumber company vs Carl
Hanuso ; Judgment for the plaintiff in the
sum of S..iU 8- ! .
C. H. Scott et al vs N. O. Brown , set for
trial on thu 14th.
Huns Lnrsen vs Nella King , sot for tiial
on the 15th ,
G. D. Wi .itt vs M. F. Martin , trial on the
K. T. Cook vs George T , Walker , leave to
answer by defendant in twenty days.
William Klliott ot nl vs P. A. Gavin leave
toanswcr in ten days.
Bishop & Whoislor Loan company vs
Thomas Burrcll ot nl , judgment in tavor of
plaintiff for SM.75.
Herman Frcnklo vs J. F , Winslnp et al ,
Doubt nrlKlitonlnc Into Hope ,
And liopo Into certainty , is the pleasing
transition tin ough which the mind of thu
nervous , dyspeptic Invalid passes who trios a
course of Hosteller's Stomach Bitters , which
is nliko Incompaiablo and inimitable. In
creased vitality , n gain In ueixlit , tranquill
ity of the noi vos , sound nppotltu and sleep
arc among tlio blessings \\hich it is within
the benctlciont ixnyer of this medicine to con
fer , nud It is not surprising Unit niter acquir
ing this noiv dowry of health tha grt oful
sick should sometimes utter their praises of
the Bitters in terms bordering on extrava
gance , "Out of the fullness of tlio heart the
mouth speakoth , " mid the proprietors of
Hostottor's Stomach Bitters have sometimes
been obliged to suppress these oulogiums
least thuy should bo accused of blowing their
o\\n trumpet top loudly. For constipation ,
hllllousncss , kidney complaint and incipient
rheumatism the Blttors Is also n deservedly
popular remedy.
Inilutalln Ciliiiluulity , ,
HAVI.IM , Wo-i .March 5. [ Special telegram -
gram to Tun Biu. : ] Edward Vandusen , a
soung man of about nineteen , went out shoot
ing iesteuhiy , uccomp iniou by a friend
named Holers from Kansas Citv , ICogers
can led ills gun across his arm at full cock ,
and accidentally stubbing hU lee , trio gun
was discharged , Tha bullet lodged In Van *
duscn'B thigh , savoring a-i artery , ICogors
came into tlio city after assistance , which
was quickly rendered , but despite the olTort-s
ot tlio doctors Yundunen died from loss of
blood n few hour * uftor being brought in.
AVoodnifTGrnnlto Quarry ,
I nm proparoil to ( urnlbli "Woodruff
CTiiiilto in | > a\intr blocks , door sills ntid
btups , or hlockb of moat any ilimontion
nt cheap Ilirurou. Also liatidlo at my
Lincoln yard till cliissus of cut atoiiu ( or
any purtut tliostnto. Akk for ll < ; uro .
Thuiuus Price , Lincoln , Nob.
Tlio County Commissioners "Wilt Not
feliotv Up the Vnmlt Steal.
The oonrd of county commissioners is still
divided on the question of the ottr.u on the
vault In the oftlco of the clem of the district
court. Commissioner O'KcofTo ' proposes to
have an Investigation , but Mount ana Ander
son , It appears , nro fighting hard against It ,
Ask them what they propose to do and
their answer invariably will be , "Wo don't
knew. " O'Kcoffo has boon making strenu
ous efforts to have the balcony In the vault
measured and Its cost estimated by an expert -
pert , out thus far ho has not succeeded.
Christ Spccht and Gustavo Anderson seem
to bo the only exports on that kind of work
In Omaha , and both of them refuse to act.
Tlio matter was referred three
weeks ago to a special commlt-
tco of which O'KcofTo is chairman ,
but so far ns can bo learned that committee
has not taken much action as yet. Mount
and Anderson , it appears , antagonize the
Idea of employing nn expert , though O'ICoofTo
sajs ho proposes to have onn if he has to
bring him hero from Chicago and pay the
bill out of his own pocket. Ho contends that
they have admitted spending $500 too much
on the job and Is anxious to see what they
propose doing towards getting that money
back In nn In ton lew , Turner made the
statement that 5500 in excess of the actual
cost had been paid to Pan ley , and Bald the
latter must either refund It or forever bo
barred from competing for Douglas countv
work Mr. Mount nftcrwnrds s nd the Intel
view was coricct , but he manifests no
anxiety to have the matter looked into or
adjusted. At the meeting last
Saturday , when O'lCccffe asked what the
board proposed to do in the matter , Turner
movVl to adjourn and the motion prevailed.
In this mannc'r the Investigation uas staved
"How long is this thinggolngto continue ? "
nsitcd n taxpayer ycstciday. O'lCeeffo
has char ircd that the balcony in the vault
cost IMX ) Ho says that ho can show that
it would bo dear at $ .150. Now why waslli > 0
of the county's money over uml above what
was required paid for it. Some of these
commissioners admit havjng paid $500 too
much. Who authorized them to piv ono
cent above the actual costf If they have
paid $500 too much why may they not luxe
$1,150 or oven $1,200 too much , as O'KelTo '
charges ! If they havn't done as is nllceed
by O'KeofTe , why don't ' they put themselves
forward as denving his charge and proving
it to DO unfounded ! The fact is that thus
fur , they huvo evaded all attempts at inves
tigation. In this way they have led people
to bollcvo that they are afraid to meet the
charges. Can Commissioners Mount , An
derson , Tui nor and Corrigan allow this im
pression to become general 1 Tlio people will
not stand it. If these commissioners are un
willing to make u showing in this cnso , it
will not bo long before a move will bo made
in the courts to compel them to give an ac
count of their atuwaidsliip. "
There is a number of rumois lling around
about members of this county boaid which ,
it is likely , will bo appreciated bv the mem
bers when they are traced and found to ho
well founded.
California Cat-U-Ourc.
The only gunrantco euro lor cntsirrli
cold in the licnil , liny fever , 1030 cold
cntarrhnl deuf ness tin d sere ejos. llc-
fatoro the soiibo of tnhto and unpleasant ,
biciitli , resulting' from catarrh. l > .is.y
anil pleasant to use. I'ollow ' direction's
and u euro is warranted by all drusr-
gists. Soml for ciroular to AUIiyi'INli
MHDICAL COMPANY , Oi-ovillo , Cal.
Six months' treatment for SI ; hcnt by
mail , $1.10 , For sale by Goodman
An Intcrmcdcilor.
Tuesday aa mcorrigablo lad named Ora
Hemming was arrested on the charge of va
grancy , and his mother , a respectable lady ,
was compelled to appear in court and request
that her wayward son bo sent to the reform
school. Ono 1C. H. Howard , who lives next
door to the Hemnungs appeared in court
with lus wife in the roloof mtcrmcddlcr , and
was promptly and justly sat upon by .Tudgo
Bcika , who intimited that he was us bad as
the hoy. and notified him to keep still. Mr.
Howard retired in chagrin and
imposed upon a BBB icportcr the
story printed yesterday , bv way of getting
even with the Hemnungs , who not long ago
caused his arrest and line for building u yard
fence on bundav. He told the reporter that
the boy's parents kicked and abused him and
diove him from homo. Mrs Heimnmgs savs
that the boy has never been punished bru
tally , and that she has tried her utmost to
control him by coaxing , buying or in some
casesforcing him to obey tier. But he has
gotten beyond her contiol , nut ! she has been
advised by her fi lends to send him to the re
form school , which she leluctautly decided
to do.
Acliico to Mother * .
Mrs. WInslow's Soothing Syrup should al
ways boused forchildren teething. H soothes
the child , softens tlio gums , allays nil pain ,
cures wind colic , and is the best remedy for
diarrhoea. 25 cents a bottle.
Nlglit at Turner Hull.
Last evening was "ladies' night" at Gor-
mania hall , and a largo number of the fair
sex with their escorts wcro in attendance to
witness the sliillful performances of the
turners on the parallel and horizontal bar
and horse. The exhibition opened with a
pietty oxerclso in calisthenics , wands bolng
used instead of dumb bells. Then followed
perfoi munccs on the various pleci-s of gym
nastic apparatus Some of the movements
\\oie graceful , sotno displaced prentstrength
and others wcio ver/funny. 'Iho exhibition
was a decided sucrcss , and was followed
with a pleasant dance.
The lonpost polo knocks the persim
mons , and Bigelow-'a Positho Cure
knocks iillcouffhs , colds , croup , hoareo-
iioss , bronchitis , asthma , inlluon/a and
consumption. Pleasant for children.
Safe anil speedy. 60 cents. Goodman
Drug Co.
John P. Boycl's Views.
Manager John F. Boyd.of the Union Stock
Yards company , on being asked about tno
unfortunate killing of Charles M. Wood ,
Saturday , was suipriscd at the verdict of
the coroner's jury , and said : "There can bo
no attached to the company or unv of
Its employos in tills matter. The man was
clearly a trespasser , and moro than that , wo
can show by ut least two witnesses that Mr.
Wood had been warned to cct oh the track.
The verdict will cut no llguio tiny way.
Why the 001 oner did not subpoena the men
who saw the accident , not ono of whom was
Hworn or testified before the jury , 1 cannot
understand. A nunibnr of men were on thu
tiuln. Conductor Notion rotllled Mr. Wood
to get off tl.o track just before ho was struck.
Bnglnccr McLennan and Fireman Watts , of
B. & M. engine No. 00- , standing Just above
to take the train , must have scon the acci
dent , and nio said to have scon the man hit ,
were not bofoio the jury. Bofoio any ver
dict finding persons guilty of offenses should
bo made ut least all poisons cognizant of the
facts should testify , Au'ain , to weaken the
foica of this singular and , to mo , unrighteous
verdict , I huvo been Informed and bcliovo
that the verdict-was written by a person not
a member of the Jury. "
AlliluuV ) Nisw HiUlrouil.
Ai.mox , Nob. , March 5. [ Spscial to TUB
BKE.J Albion is wonderfully alive over the
proposed railroad that U to be built from
hero to Not til Phitto , and to bo called the
Albion , North Platte & Western railroad.
The principal movers In the project nro
Loran Clarke , of Albion ; T , C. Patterson , of
North Platte , aud ox-SUto Auditor Babcock -
cock , of Valley county , and Wilson Howltt ,
of Brolien Bow. Thu project is a practicable
ono , and will bo a reality. Tlio towns along
thoroutonio widoawuko and ready to taku
hold and give assistance Cedar ICapids ,
Gicoley Center , ScoHa , Ord and Broken
Brow , besides numerous smaller towns. An
abundance of capital Is already assured to
build and equip the road.
i'lie Nuw York Bco-IIlvo , ouo of the lead
ing dry goods stores of Albion , has changed
hinds. Mr. Theodore D. Decker Is the now
owner and uroprietor , and has largo oxpi'H-
0'ico In the business , and hosts of friends In
Boone and adjoining counties.
To the young fuco Poz onl'u C'oinol
ion Powder plveafroslior charms , to t'u
olil renewed youth. Try it. ,
How It la Fnstouod to the Ohonp
StoopingOara. .
Tno Union Pacific Will Build to SAO
Diego I'ocHonnl Notes nnd
Goislp oT the Knll-
> voy Worhl.
How Pullman Got Control.
The Insldo doil In which Pullman obtained
possession of tha second class slccpcis on the
transcontinental lines 1ms nt lost leaked out.
Pullman has : i contract with the Union Pa
cific , Southern Pacific ; , Santa Fo and Northern -
orn Pacific for the cvcluslvo operation of the
sleeping oar scrvico on thcso roads. The
companies put on second class sleepers and
did not regard that It was an Infringement
of the Pullman contract nnd , although tlio
second class service had been in vogue for n
considerable length of time , Pullman ottered
no objections Tinully , it occurred to him
that the industry must bo a p lying one , and
turning to his contracts lie learned that no
class was spcclllod , and that he had the cv-
elusive franchise. Arming himself with the
contracts he made a dema-id on the various
roads for the turninir over of the second
class coaches. 'Hie latter could not do other
wise nnd in consequence , without hesitancy ,
the Union Paelllc ahd tlio Sintii Ko at onto
complied. YnUcrdav information was re
ceived nt Union Pacific hundU.uters | to the
elVect that the Southern Pacific haa re
linquished to Pullman its second class scr
vice , and that ulso the Northern Pacific
would conclude similar negotiations in n tew
Tno Union I'uclllu Will Ilullil to Sun
Tlio Union Pacific has at last gained nn en
trance to the Pacillc coast , and its terminus
w ill bu San Diego , Cal. About six weeks
arothuSui D'ego ' , Ciuamaca t Histein
road voted to issue S7.V)0 ) , 000 In llrst tnoit-
gage bonds for the purpose of developing its
system , This road is" a California enter
prise , and the fact that this step was taken
led to considerable conjecture in railway
circles. H now transput's the corps of
civil engineers whiih was dispatched fiotu
tlio headquartoisof the Union Pacific some
time ago was sent to this section ot the coun
try nnd has now completed n survey fern
n line from San Diego connecting with the
present terminal ot the Utali Conti al. the
latter being a portion of the system of the
Union Pacillc. The Ulih Ccntril connects
with the Union Pacific proper nt Ogdcn , and
bv the construction of the road to ban Diego
the 1 ittcr will hive un independent line he
twccn the Missouri liver and tiio Pacillc
coast. The line will icnuirotho construction
ot HSU miles of track. The officials of the
Union Pacific were reticent when questioned
concerning tl > J mutter. Gcncial Mali
nger Kimbill , however , udmitted that
such a project \vns unitci wav , but requested
that vice picsidont Holcomb bo seen.
1'urther inquiry developed the fact tint J.S.
Cameron , first assistant to Picsident Ad mis ,
had consumnlntod the deal with the Califoi-
mu company ) mdthat the work of constiuc-
tlon would .soon , bo commenced. Ilcie-
tofore , the Union Pacific had been
compelled to operate jointly with
the Southein , Pacific , connecting
with that toad at Ogdcn. Ills no secret that
considerable trouble was the icsult foi tbo
reason that the Union Pacific had a strong
competitor , the BUrlington , winch rcqtlueJ
extra accommodations as retr.irds faster ser
vice , tin ough coaches and direct connection
with the coast trains. The Southern Pacific
paid but little attention to tlio icqupstsof
the Union Pacific , and m consequence the
now outlet has rpsulted When the new line
is built , sub gonohil offices of the Union Pa
cific company will balooited at Sin Diego.
Catricd Aivay.
The Plutte river has biokcn loose fiom Us
moorings and has again plajed sad havoc
with the railioadbiidges tint span the strean.
At a late hour Tuesday night the bridge
at Columbus on the Burlington gave away to
the picssuro of ice , and the stiucture , which
is nbout two thousand feet long , together
with the approaches , was washed away. The
ice began moving in the stream about 4
o'clock i esterdav afternoon. The Burlington
bridge gave out shortly before midnight , and
only 11 vo minutes after a heavy fremht train
had crossed it. The bridge was built on piers
nnd was about , ton feet above high water
mark. The Union Pacific has abandoned its
bridge that crosses the Platte river at
Valley and reports icceived at headquaitors
{ o the effect that u largo amount of ice is
gathered there and the probability is the
biidge will bo toin away also. This structure
is also a pier bridge and , together with
approaches , is 4,030 , feet long. The bridiro
pioper is 2,107 feet in length. Although it is
ten feet above the standard of the river , U
was reported submerged this morning. The
company nio ondcavorintr to keep the ice
moving. Superintendent ICcssequie , of the
Nebraska division of tlio Union Pacific left
for the scene and was yesterday at work
endeavoiing to save the structuio.
Yesterday morning the Union Pacific
ran nil its trains over the Missoun
Pacific between Papillllon and Lincoln and
the Burlington .ule ariangcnicnts toiun
Its trains over the Union Pacific between
Columbus anil C'en tial City. The Burling
ton hi Idgo on the Columbus branch which
gave away will entail a loss of about > 'JSOro
Tlio threatened structure of the Union Pa
cillc is valued at ? r5,00 ! )
A Duiiitti Tiu-irr.
Yesterday the Burlington putinngiain
tariff to apply between Omaha nnd points in
Nebraska and Duluth. The tariff is the same
as that on Chicago shipments. Hcrctofeic ,
the Burlington had no UrilT applying on Du-
lulh shipments , nud thu latu which now cov
ers Duluth was made only to St. Paul and
Minneapolis. Tiic lutes on grain under the
new system to Duluth will be from Omaha
SO cents , Lincoln ' - - cents , and Kearney and
points in the western grain bolt 25 cents , the
same being the rate to Chicago from the
given points.
Han It Collapsed ?
His stated that the organiation recently
effected in Omaha that assumed the high-
sounding title of "General Prolght Agents"
has sunk into "Innocuous'desuotndo. " Tues
day a meeting was to have been held for
the puiposo to discuss the question of live
stock trains , but , for some unaccountable
reason , only two of the agents were present.
Railroad Not CM.
B. H. Barrows , chief of the literary bureau
of the Union .Pacific loft to-d iv on u six.
mouths' ' tour In quest of information for his
annual edition.
An empty Slat Jcar of the Rock Island was
smashed injo , , kindling yesterday while
being switched lu the Union Pacific jards.
John ICoghn , 'attorney ' for the St. Joe &
Grand Island , with headauurteis at Hust
ings , is In the uty.
General freight Agent Munroo , of the
Union Paciric , has gene to Leavenworth
where ho will incut witli the stuto railway
commission to discuss rates on coal.
1C. W. Baxter , who was taken suddenly ill
at the Millard Tuesday , Is reported con
valescing , add his friends hope to see him out
in a few daya.
John S. ICnoc , commercial agent of the
Nashville & Chattanooga , is in the city.
W. N. Babcock , of the Northwestern , went
to Chicago last evening.
A caboose attached to a freight train on
the Omaha load jumped the track at Brigg'p
Station yesterday , aud slight damage re
Demand a ilccolvur.
CHICAGO , March 5. r. T. Whoolcr and
Lucius S. Tisher , stockholders of the Pull-
mini Iron utjd Siecl company.flled abill yester
day asking for thu appointment of a icceivor
for the concern. The company was formed
In It&J with a capital stock of & 00,000. The
complainants alleged that the plant had not
been a success. The company Is now in
debt (300.000 , of whicn $180,000 is owing to
tha Pullman Palace Car company , which
kept the Iron and steel company iunnlnr
when it was in an insolvent condition. The
assets uro anout f .OOO , consisting malnl >
of thu plant.
tt Is Pronounced Both n PcHt-Itouso
and n DcntliTrap ,
Messrs. Spore , Wchrcr nnd Sholcs , the
committee appointed by the board of educa
tion Tuesday night to Investigate into the
condition of the Hartman school on South Six
teenth street , will certainly tlnd a rich field
for their labors. Clio buildings wcro thor
oughly oxamlnod , and found to bo in it deplorable
plorable condition nnd wholly unlit for the
purposes for which they are used.
Thc > stand on n lot extending from c'lf-
tccnth to Sixteenth streets , near Williams ,
and the main building , which Is hi tolorahlo
repair , Is a two story brick structure with
basement and contains twelve rooms It was
orlglnall.v u two room buildhiL' , but eight or
nine yoais since was enlarged to nine moms ,
while nn annexe nf three stories , a single
room to each story , was erected Immediately
In Its rear
There nro now in the neighborhood of five
bundled children attending classes in HUMO
bulldincs , and out of tlio nine rooms lu tlio
main building only the four front ones me
Jit for sohool purposes. In the Construction
of the building no attention whatever could
have been paid to hygienic or sanitary effect
There is absolutely no ventilation , other
than that obtained by throwing open the low
windows nud allowing the cold winds to
blow over the biro heads of tno
little children , and this must bo
done to avoid suffocation , oven in the coldest
The biseinctit looms wiili their seven nnd
one h ilf foot ceilings , tire damn , nnd
inustj , and the stench that permc ites" every
nook mid eiannv , Alien the little ones hud
died together , is something simpl.v appilllng-
Tlio mephltic ntmosphoro of the police court
Is the bie.ith of Arabia in lompirlsou , nnd it
is \\ondcrtliat so many or the little pu
piK to bo scon here , nt o watt and weakly ,
mid nlwa.vs in poor health.
"It is suioh criminal noglieence on the
part at the educational boaid and the
parents , too , to allow this condition of thing *
continue longer , " a gentleman who assisted
in the Inspection this morning remarked to
he icportcr , as they loft the building
But this is not the worst feature nbout the
Itaitmaii school buildings , and if a catas
trophe , which would CKC'edin liotrors the
lAmiam street calamity , would bo averted
immediate attention to this matter is impcri
live. I'ho so called IUIIICY , n niiwablo shell ,
is u veritable death trao To dav It contains ,
in its UUCP looms , something over one IIIM
died and lift ) pupils , and so dangerous is the
structuto.onsWeied ( hi MissWlntethe pi inci
pal , that nt tlio approach of eveiv stoun , or
the spiinsm"up of a sudden strong wind ,
she c ills nil nf the pupils out of'thesc looms
nnd crowds them'into the iiiiiln building until
the danger has pissed. The amiois tinea
stonoi in height , the lower stoiy uncle and
the two upper stories aic of wood it is
built about u laiso Jam or chimney , and
waicli is ovideiitl\ mainstay and s'ipport.
In every loom tne w ills hae slu unlc nwav
fro n this jam , nnd loft gaping llssuros
nthwirt thorn to the celling , giving the
budding un aspect of uncertainty calculated
to mspiic fe.u in the experienced
mind. The lowei story his buen
braced at eich coiner with lion iods ,
but n to elllcieiicy thcic is much doubt
find the ono avenue of safeU is in the aband
onment and demolition of the vvliolo misci-
able affair. Every hard wind rocks the
budding , and duiuig the windstorm which
wrought such disaster a month since upon
l-'arn un street so decided was the swajing
of this annex that school clocks upon thu
walls of the uppar room stopped. This , too ,
it is said , occurrdd once or twice befoie.
Another tiling should bo said about these
buildings. They are totally inadequate to
accommodate the school childien of the
Haitmau division , nnd at tlio picscnt time ,
one of thu gradei , embracing sixty childien ,
is compelled to occupy u neighboring store
room which has been tcmpoiardv rented for
this pin pose. Miss White says that after
the spring examinations the number of
pupils will Mo gieitly augmented , and she is
at a loss to know w hat is to be done.
Everything . \hicli belongs to pure ,
healthy blood is imparted by Hood's
Siiraiip.irilla. A trial will convince iou
of its merit.
_ _
Celebrate Mass in 1'nris and Cable
the Cv-lrcfliIcnt and President.
tCopHifufit I1SJ l > u June * Onrtlnn llnui't' ' . }
PAIUS , Maich 5 { Now Yoilc Herald Ca
ble Special to Tun BLr.J The great Amer
ican pilgrimage to the Holy Land which left
Hoookcn , N. J. , bv the steamship Wieland
Thursday , rebniary"4 , arrived at Cherbonig
yesterday. The pilgrims beirau by experienc
ing some of the mlsei ies which accompany the
modern boaier of the staff and weaior of
scallop shells. The steamship had to wait
for an hour in the offing. At length , how
ever , a tug came and , with the American flag
ns their talisman , the pilgrims landed. The
quajs were crowded , and , although there
was no cheering , the cordiility shown was
very great , Dr. Salami , a venerable Amcr
ican resident of Pianco , loceived the pii-
giims , who wcro immediately driven to
the Hotel do Laiglo and Hotel do Lntnliauto.
Bofoio leaving the Wlchmd the pil ilms
diew up an address of thanks to Cuptiin
Bat ends for tlio kindness nnd couitcsy he
had extended them tluoughout the voyage.
Tlio members of the llrst pilgrimage of
Palestine reached Pans safely and soundly
at dawn this morning. Many of them will
gather at the church of St. Vincent do Paul
where Abbe Diddier Ciiatcllin celebrates the
mass of Aduir assisted by rather James J.
Dunn , of Meadville , Pa. Two of the chief
organizers of the pilgrimage are wall known
Pranclscans , Pathcr Chailcs Vissans , of
Now York city , and rather J. J. Dunn.
The latter gentleman was iiitei viewed by a
Herald correspondent nnd said ; "Some of
us may go to Lourdcs and join the pilgrims
atMaisoilles Woarcpioud to visit Jeru
salem and holy places us Catholic pioneers of
the countiy and chinch of which we aio
proud mcmbeis. Our llrst prayer will bo for
those at home Just as our flist tclcgiams have
been to Cleveland and Huirlson , they are :
BvProsidcnt Cleveland , Washington :
The Amciican Catholic pilgrims congratu
late jou on jour successful administration. '
Joins J. Di .s.v ,
Picsidont Ilanison , Washington : The
American Catholic pilgrims congratulate you
on jour ascension to ofllce.
JOHN B. MtNNix'o ,
"Do the ! "
you stop ou way
"Oh , of course. Wo shall stay ten days in
the Btcinal city whet o wo shall bo received
by our holy father , Leo XIII. We shall also
make u short stay in Naples , On our icturn
to Pans we shall celebrate a mass of thanks
giving , probably at the church of St. Vin
cent do Paul. "
_ _
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i rj Salvation Oil , thcso you will lose.
Halo oT
There was a Masters sale of lands at the
government building yesterday , one lot in
Kails county being gold for R914.05 to sat-
ijfy a foreclosure suit in the CMJO of Tully vs
Hlldchrand. Some lands In Platte county
Involved in thu suit of Maria Billing vs
James Dlckeuson were bought in by tlio
plaintiff for the amount of thu judgment , In-
t-rest and coats , Three lots m Wymoro
u'eic uUo sold forllJO ! , and were purchased
> y Bonainln | Birch.
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21 , Township 17 , Knngc 10
l.nst , "Washington County ,
Nebraska ; 2t miles northwest
from Oinahfi.ntul 10 southwest
from Blair. The land is well
ivntcrcd , parity tinder plownnd
fence , 1ms valuable inetulows ,
groves , five farm houses , etc.
Apply to
JotiK S. Hownx , ninir , Neb.
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Tor nearly a
month I was not
able to sleep , "out
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for tno di ! > 3 , In.
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I RvVnfr \ * strength return-
Mll n eel. " K. n.hiimi ,
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only a pirt of n bottle of Pal lie's Coleiy Com
pound , nnd It has uitlroly relieved mo or
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rorrcshhiii sleep. A phyRlrlan's prescription , It
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iiuj , II illrec tloiiH uru Iilthrully followed.
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cines , hut none gnvo mo icllcf until I used
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atho , < l > spcmlaslee | > le.s8ncK.i incliuiUiolhi , and
olhir disurilcrti of the ntrvoiH
Tones up the
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debility mm I tlinnk ( io < l uii'J Uiu illMoruicrot
the MiliMblo remedy , that I'ulno'H ( dory Com
pound Hired mo. fj.t unyoneiltn to motor
udUio. " QKOnut ; W. IIOUTON , Htarnford , couo.
Hardware and Cutlery ,
" Mechanic * ' 2oo1a , FincJlronsc JJiitltlcru' Gomli anil Buffalo Hoalm.
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Au fninUinrlnit'lir. lluliivn'
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\jrock. I'l NKVI'.lt TAILS Otor ( OO.OQO
( Iriiiiknuli lunu been innilutomi > crute men ho
havetnkcii ( lohlen Hputlllc In tlieli lollioultli.
out then knoHlHdijw. und tadny bullevit they
( ( lilt drinking or thuln ouiiutcoid w jiij (
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" " * < " * tnmtta
H" A WEAK BSffi aB &
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Capital 8100,003
Surplus Jnn , Jhl , 188 ! ) . . . . , 6OlX : ! )
OPUCHIS AMI uinccToitbi
IIV. . VATI' , 1'roildent
" > . ItKKii. VIra Pri'Sldnnt.
W. II. 3 , Hutu i L3. Cashier ,
A. I' . Tou/.U.IH. W.V. ,
Jon * . B. an.r.iMi , J. N. II. I'Aiiuux ,
It. C. CiiHii n ,
Comer Uth iuul I'urnitra Ht .
A General llaiikJriK Ilujlnsn Tra luicto J.
uud 'luut rt cured.
cipirlcutr. liu UulTc.