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The Inaugural Preparations Com
The Prcsldenf Will Hnlor Washing
ton Quietly as Ptisslhlo Nc-
lirnstcn'H Delegation I/oudeil
Jo\vn With Work.
WASHINGTON ; TUB OitAttv Ken , 1
WASHINGTON , D. C. . Feb. 25. )
Everything Is In readiness for the recep
tion nnd Inauguration of President-elect
Harrison , When ho arrives to-morrow after
noon , ho will be received by a small commit-
tco of private citucns and driven to the
Arlington , where ho will find awaiting him a
Htiilo of four newly furnished rooms. Mrs.
Harrison is the only member of the president
elect's family who is expected to stay with
him tit the hotel. Others of the family have
apartments at the Kbbitt. There Is to be no
pomp nor display till next Monday morning
dawns , nnd many nro the prayers going up
that the weather will bo bright and mild , In
stead as now , grlsp nnd cold , with shimmer-
ingsnow. GcneralandMrs. | Harrisonarc.tobo
given till the privacy possible between the
tlmo of their arrival and the inauguration.
One of the rooms at the hotel is a very small
smoking apartment , scarcely moro than three
persons can sit comfortably In it. Here
tlio general is expected to rccelvo his
callers , who are to bo confined as far as
possible to men Invited , and hero ho is
expected to fill out his cabinet , which It Is
believed is not more than half full.
Mrs. Bourke , wife of. Captain John G.
Hourko , of the army , is to give a high tea to
Mrs. Kussnll H. Harrison from ! to 7 o'clock '
on Wednesday afternoon and evening , to
which Mrs. Benjamin Harrison has been
Invited , and it is expected that the hitter's
friends will pay their respects at that time.
Further than this the public and personal
friends arc expected to desist from their
inclinations to take the time of the llrst
fomlly of the land. Everything is In readi
ness also for the inaugural parade. The
great court of the pension building
is being draped with bunting and
flags and decorated with evergreens and
llowcrti for the inaugural ball. There is to
be no shoddy In any of the departments con
nected with the incoming of the new presi
dent. It Is to bo a brilliant display. The
immense ) platform to the east front of
the ca | itol. from which the Inaugural
address will bo delivered , is completed.
Tlio miles of seats on platforms constructed
over the government reservations along
Pennsylvania avenue , from whence the
parade will bo viewed by the multitude fat
from " to * ! a head ) are finished , and the
chairs , or rough board scats arc
being put in position. Tlio windows
and balconies along the avenue
have all been taken ut from
? ll ) to S'20 a chair , and the most elabor
ate arrangements have boon perfected for
the review of the procession by the president
and family from n stand in iho white house
yard. The inaugural committee have re
ceived nnd placed in order reports from about
all of the military and civil ore animations
which will participate in the parade. Iu fact
there is very Iittlo now to do to induct , Presi
dent Harrison into oltlco in the greatest
blaze of glory that was ever thrown around
iho chief officer of any republic or empire.
The only thing necessary , so far ns the
imagination can ronccivcat this time tomako
it all a glowing success , is fair weather.
The democrats in ollice are eager for tlio
end to come when they may step forth into
private life , and everybody is saying that it
is a pity to keep them waiting. .Despite the
Tact that the close of a congress is an ovunt
of great Interest , there is very little attract
ing comment except that connected directly
or indirectly with the Inauguration. All in
terest centers in this ovont. The dead-lock
in the Mouse against the Sulllvun-Felton con
tested election from California , the Cowles
frco tobacco bill , the possibility of one or
moro general appropriation bills being de
feated , thereby necessituting an extra ses
sion of the next congress , the threat of a
dead-lock in llio the Hoar
- senate over south
ern election investigation resolution , or the
refusal of the president to go into executive
session for the confirmation of various nom
inations have Iittlo interest to natives or
strangers in comparison to the inauguration.
In the semite to-day Senator Paddock
made an earnest appeal to Senator Dawcs to
call up at the earliest practicable moment ,
the bill providing for the settlement nnd pay
ment of the Indian depredation claims ,
which ho stated was of personal moment to
many of his constituents , ami which he
hoped that thu senator might see his way
clear to present for immediate action as soon
as thu army appropriation bill was out of the
way. As this plcdqo was given by Senator
Dawcs , it Is reasonable to expect , notwith
standing the few remaining days of
the session , that the bill will yet
secure a passage. Later in the
day , while the house bill to divide a
portion of the Sioux reservation into sepa
rate rcNorvations was under discussion , Sen
ator Paddock called upon Senator Dawes for
information ns to whether the portion of the
Bald reservation lying within the state of
Nebraska was enlarged by the bill as
amended in the senato. Under the bill
passed by the semite the tract of land is only
reserved by executive orders so long ns It
may bo needed for the use and protection of
the Indians receiving rations and annuities
nt Pine RIdge agency.
Representative Dorso.v received a tele-
Brain to-day from A. H. Paul , at Hastings ,
which reads as follows ; "Mr. Laird will
probably start some tlmo this weclr for
Washington. "
It Is a shanio to load down a delegation in
congress like the men from Nebraska ara
being Weighed down nt this time with lei
ters. Tlio mall of Senators Mnmlcr&on and
Paddock und Roprcseiitativo Djrsoy is some
thing appalling every Ony , roquirlng the
work of several men to attend to it. Letters
Booking appointments do * no good at thm
tluio. They are simply /lleii / away till op
portunity will bo given to present tho.m to
the heads of departments not yet selected ,
There Is no such thing as ono man getting
ahead of another till the cabinet is formed
after the inauguration , and the work of
making appointments IK begun. Ofllco
Bcokcrs lay thcmsolves at a dUadvautagu by
addressing their representatives in congress
now. They should wait at least a couple of
weeks. To write now Is simply to glvo
trouble. The congressional work Is alone
enough to occupy nil the tlmo of the dele
gation. Congress convenes at 10 o'clock in
the morning and ruim along till late at night.
Thursday the session will bo almost con
tinuous , as only a recess of a few hours will
bo taken now and then. It will run through
bunduy and Monday night.
MOIII : riLim.'HTiniNn. :
There nro moro than a thousand and ono
measures of moro or leas general Importance
beforu congress , but it ia conceded that not a
do/en of them will get Html action ouUIdo of
the appropriation bills. It lun been demon
strated that the Illumstcrs aio determined
to defeat everything except appropriations ,
The republicans Justify their action in till-
hus'toring against the consideration of the
California contested election case , by saying
that , It is simply a scheme to glvo Sullivan , a
democrat , about $ HlXMl for two years' '
salary , mileage , contest expenses , otc. The
committee agreed to make a majority report ,
to uimoat Felton , the republican , who
ocoapioK ' the seat , last Juno , but the
majority report was held back ,
and since llio minority cannot re-
ix > rt before the majority docs HO , thu case
1ms not been called up till now , Atthosiimo
tlmo the majority agreed to report uguuiHt
thu Heating ol Smalls , the negro from South
Carolina , und inasmuch as it wus not do-
Blrnblo that the merits oftlmt case should bo
exposed by the republicans In debate before
the ejection , us It would have u very bad ef
fect on the democratic ticket In tlio south , It
was thought to bo desirable for appearance
sake to hold back the California case "to
kcoo company" for the Smalls' case , and now
it has boon determined to call It up at i > uch a
late day that it will undoubtedly
fall of action , If ever a righteous
filibuster was conducted It U this one. By
dofoutintf action on this case unreal wrought
defeated ugahml Mr. Felloe unU u mlKcriblu
scheme to glvo a largo sum of money to n
man who has no claim to It Is thwarted.
NHIIUASKA tANti nmntcT * .
Prosld6nt Cleveland came v/ury / near cton-
flolidatlng'some of Iho land districts' Iri Ne
braska recently. Ho had prepared nt the
Interior department a statement showing the
area-of the land In the various districts , the
receipts and expenses of the offices and othqr
information necessary on which to base con
solldations , The law require ? that there
shall bo at least ono hundred thousand ncres
of land undisposed of in each land district ,
and Whenever the maximum falls below this
amount there shall bo consolidation , and
consequently the abolition of districts. Hud
it not been for Senator Pnddoeh's Interfer
ence there would have been at least two dis
tricts In Nebraska abolished. I was to-day
permitted to sco the statement prepared for
President Cleveland , nnd It makes the following -
lowing showing for Nebraska !
Governor Larr.ibce , of Iowa , Is In the city.
Ex-Congressional Uo'ogate R : F. I'ottl-
grew , of Sioux Falls , is in the city. It is ex
pected by many that he will bo hero next
winter as nno of Dakota's senators.
McICenurce Ross , of Mount Ayr , Hlngirohl
county , Iowa , was to-day admitted to prac
tice before the Interior department.
A Tjocal Postal Chance ,
tW.\sriisoTox , Feb. 2o.--Special [ Telegram
to Tin ; Hii.J : : Thu follow orders , relative to
registered mail pouches , have been Issued
from thu postofllco department :
The postmaster nt Omaha is this day In
structed to dispatch a through registered
punch to Sioux City via the Sioux City &
Omaha railway postofllco at li ! p. m. daily.
An exchange of inner registered BUCKS has
been established between the above offices ,
to become operative on and after the USth
inst. , the sacks to leave Yankton at ! JW : p.
in. and Sioux City at S . 'J5 a. m. via the
Manilla- & Mitchell railway postoftlcc.
I'nlrlck'H 'lurpedo limit.
WASHINGTON , lAb. "i. | Special Telegram
toTiinHiiJ : .1. N. H , Patrick and Mr. Rob-
crt Patrick , of Omaha , have been spending
several days ia the city , and left to-day for
New York , from whence they will sail on
Saturday for Paris. It is understood that
Mr. Patrick has received an order from the
government for a number of his submarine
torpedo boats , and that Ids visit to Franco Is
to sign a contract with the French govern
ment for Ilftcen in addition to those already
contracted for by that government.
Gladstone Arraigns the Times.
LONDON , fob. 25. Gladstone , in a letter
to the Times , refers to that paper's recent
article on the Huwarden evictions and the
failure of the Times to print the subsequent
explanations or make an apology. He requests -
quests them now to print an explanation , and
continues : "Your wanton intrusion on a
private domain , so alien to the honorable tra
ditions of the .British press , has compelled
mo to be thus guilty of seeming impertinence
in troubling the public with my personal af
fairs. "
Tlio Visible Supnly.
CHICAGO , Feb. 23. The visible supply for
the week ending February 23 , as compiled oy
the secretary of the Chicago ooard of trade ,
is as follows :
Wheat . „ . : H,7UOOUO
Corn . 1 15 . J B3 , 000
Oats . SaiOG03
Rye . 1,078.000
Barley . . „ . . . . 2C03,000
P.ivltfj : the Way.
SANTA Pr , N. M. , Feb. 2. ) . [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : HUE. 1 A bill passed the torri-
.orml legislature to-day establishing" an agri
cultural college and. experimental station at
Jos Cruces , u school of mines at sjocorro , a
-crritorial - university at Albuquerque and an
asane asylum at Las Vegas. The measures
appropriate nearly a million and a half
lollars for the erection of these institutions.
L'heir establishment , it is believed , will
strengthen New Mexico's chances for ad-
nission as ns a state in case an extra scssjou
of congress is held.
ShncfTcr'H Itc.markaulo Hun.
Cmc'ino , Fob. 25. Frank Mairgiola was
Tacob Shaoffcr's opponent to-night in a remarkable -
markablo billiard contest. Muggiola did not
piny much ho didn't have a chance. At the
cad of the third inning ho had two points
and Shaeffor three. In the fourth inning'
Shacffer made IJ'JT points , the largest run
ever made at the game in public. The score
was as follows :
ShaelTor 0 , ! ! , 0. 31)7 ) 100 ; average , 100.
Maggiola 1 , 0 , 1 - ; average , % .
Tlio Death Keoord.
MnAnviLLi : , Pa. , Feb. 25. Joseph If , Lcn-
nart , supreme receiver of the Ancio'nt Order
of United Workmea.dled Sunday morning of
congestion of the lungs.
Nnw Yoitic , Feb. 25. The Romaa correspondent
pendent of the Catholic News , of this city ,
cables that Cardinal Charles Sacconl is dead.
Ho was ono of the six suftragan bishops of
tlio Roman Pontiff and the senior In rank of
cardinals. Two weeks ago the second mem
ber of the Sacred college , in point of senior
ity , Cardinal John Huptisto Pira , died.
- c.
TlriVciulier Indications
For Nebraska : Fair , wanner , variable
winds , generally southerly.
For Iowa : Snow , warmer , variable winds ,
generally easterly.
For Dakota : Fair , warmer , variable
winds , generally southerly.
A. Coining ICiibc.
CniCAno. Fob. 25. [ Special Telegram to
I'm : HUE. ] A six-day bicycle race of twelve
hours per day for professionals , for which
? l,000nml aclmmpionshlp belt will be offered ,
ivhllo $1,000 worth of prizes will bo offered to
imateur riders , la which several fast Omaha
riders are entered , has been arranged for
[ jhicago , _ _ _
Tlio I'rlends Scnuro : i Ktny.
LANHINO , Mich , , Fob. 85. Governor Luco
: ms ordered a s'tay of proceedings it the ex-
; radition cases of Olive 13. Friend and others ,
: > f electric sugar notoriety , and will give
[ hem a hearing on March .
KnitjIitH Kiit < < rtuln Frlnnd-i.
Members of Knights of Pythias lodge
1 14 entertained their friends last night at
rjoodridi'a ' hall , First on the programme
iviui a selection by the Metropolitan bane )
liiiirtottc , which was so successfully per-
'or mod that the members , Messrs. George F.
LJollenbeek , C , G. Watsoa , Ed. Jones and
Uobert McKittrick , wcro brought baloro the
uulleiK'O seven times , the last , time Messrs.
[ tcllcnbcck and \VaUon rendering "Home ,
Sweet Home , " as a duet , with variations.
After that Prof. Kozurt rendered a selection
in the zither , and Dr. Bulloy followed with
in excellent baritone solo ; Brother Thomas
IMIIcy spoke on the merits of the knight-
lood , and then tlio Iittlo Misses Cheney and
Mclron furnished thu gem of the evening In
i number of Scotch melodies. Supper was
iorved , after which a cornet solo , excellently
endornd oy Prof. | Ioy , brought the proceed
ings to a close.
A lady veiled by tlui "Hollo" Jane Hading
rolling is a la mode. To bo had by the yard
M cents upwards of dealers.
Dutlahlo OarpntH.
The custom house at this point received
; wclvo bales of imiuirted carpets yesterday
'or S. A. Orchard , the value of which Is
iluccd at 81,800. _
Tlio soft glow ot tlio tea roro is uo
juirod by ladies who nso I'ozzoni'fl Uom-
powder , Try it.
Itontniul Shoe Workers Vorni A Union
of Their Own.
Fob , 25. The Widespread dis
satisfaction of the boot and shoo workers at
tached lo the Knights of Labor nt the treat
ment they have received at the hands of the
general ofllcors , has culminated In n power
ful movement tn the largo shoo towns to
sever the connection of that trade with the
Knights of Labor. Saturday uSght the local
assembly of boot and shoo workers of Dover ,
N. H. . voted to withdraw from the Knights
of Labor nnd form a local union , to bo at
tached to the Uootniid Shoo \Vorncr.s Inter
national union. Tlio local assembly of Hnvcr-
hill , Mass. , has also withdrawn. Circulars
calling on nil boot and shoo workers to leave
the Knights of Labor and form n trade union
will bo sent to all local assemblies.
National Capital Notes.
WASIUSHITOX , Fob. 25.Tlio house com
mittee on appropriations has concurred in
the senate amendments to the sundry civil
appropriation bill , among them belnir ono
making appropriations for statues Of Sheri
dan , Hancock nnd Logan , and erie for a
survey of the Gulf of Mexico , to select a site
for a deep water harbor.
The president 1ms approved the net grant
ing the title of the United States In certain
lands to the county of Randolph , Illinois'
the not granting right of way to thu Yank-
ton & Missouri Valley railway company
through the Yankton reservation , Dakota :
the act authorizing the construction of a
bridge or bridges across the Mississippi at
Lacrosse , \Vis.
A caucus of republican senators was hold
this morning to decide upon llio order of
business In the senate daring the remainder
of the session , and particularly what course
should bo adopted with regard to the F.varts
election resolution. It was practically decided -
cidod in view of the evident purpose of the
democrats to delay final action upon the elec
tion resolution until the adjournment
of congress , to lay that matter
aside temporarily from time to tlmo , nnd all
other measures to bo taken uu. Under this
arrangement the remaining appropriation
bills and conference reports will be tukon
uitas fast as they are reported. To-day the
bill to sub-divido the Sioux reservation in
Dakota wilt be considered if no
obstaelo in the shape of nn appropriation bill
interferes. A hill to ratify the Scmlnolo
acrcement was placed among the privileged
class , as well as the Oklahoma bill. Further
than this In the arrangement of business the
caucus did not proceed , but authorized Mr.
Evarls to appoint a committed to arrange a
programme after consultation with the dem
ocratic senators.
Army Afl'airH.
WASlltNfiTOX , Feb. 25. [ .Special Telegram
to Tin : 13in.j : By direction of the. secretary
of war Sergeant William W. Ciex , Company
G , Second infantry , now with ills company ,
is discharged from the service of the United
The leave of absence on surgeon's ccrtill-
cato of disability granted First Lieutenant
Robert R. Slovens , Sixth infantry , Dccem-
oor , 1S8S , is extended three months on sur
geon's ' certificate of disability.
It is understood that Lieutenant-Colonel
Robert II. Hall , ox-iaspcctor-gcnoral of the
Department of the Plattc. will succeed Lieu
tenant-Colonel II. M. Lasallo , in charge of
the War records onlceat Washington.
fllnclcoy's Purchase Confirmed.
ST. LOUH , Feb. 25. The purchase by the
Mac-key syndicate of the Illinois & St. Louis
railroad , from Helluvillo to East St. Louis ,
with its branches to the coal mines at Vea-
nice , and the Carondclct loasefl line , tins
become an established fact. Of tlio
terms of purchase President Mackey said :
" \Vo pay SliTi for preferred stock , which
carries control of the property. This repre
sents the payment of § 125,000. The gap be
tween Mount Vcrnon and Uellcvillo will bo
built nt once , and wo may enter St. Louis
over the merchants' bridge. "
Western Postal
WASHINGTON , Feb. 25. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Br.B.l A postofllco has been esjab-
lishcd at IJcnlap , Polk county , Nob. , with
Henry Lohr a9 postmaster.
The following Iowa postmasters have been
appointed : Edmund Urinford , Dixon , Scott
county , vice H. J. Wulff , resigned ; John A.
Burned , and J. H. Pcnn , Sidney , Fremont
county , vice M. R. Youwoll , resigned.
Cowboys for llio Inauguration.
DcNvnit , Col. , Feb. 25. The Cowboy baud
of Dodge City , Kan. , which will bo ono of
the features of the inauguration of President
Harrison , arrived hero yesterday. The band ,
together with the cowboy's marching club ,
numbering about ono hundred , will leave
Wednesday in a special car for Washington ,
They will bo accompanied by nearly a nun
prcd others who will go to witness the in
I'nlmnr and the Navy.
DETROIT , Mich. , Feb. 25.Special [ Tulo
gram to Tim Bun. | Just previous to his departure
parturo for Washington on Saturday Senato.
Palmer was congratulated by a naval oftlcer
on his prdbablo selection for secretary of th
navy by Prcsideat Harrison. The answe
of Palmer to this was : ' *
"That's the latest , Is it ? It's news to me ,
nnd I never suspected it boforo. Of. all the
places ia the cabinet that would suit mo
"I hope , " said the naval oillcer , "you will
take the place. Wo hear It will oo offered to
you. "
A Crazy Mother's Howl.
CHICAGO , Fob. 23. Mrs. Lizzio McAuley ,
who killed her husband a year ago , was
found dead in bed , \vith her two children ,
aged three and one , this morning , She had
smothered the children and then connected a
rubber tu bo with the gas jcot , tailing the
other end in her mouth. .Sho had been crazy
some timo.
Stajo Ktl ! > ers Caught.
Cr.oviui : > Ai.i : . Gala , , Feb. 25. The sheriff
of Menuocino county yesterday morning cap
tured two men supposed to bo the persons
who held up the Mondocmo stngn on the
night of January 5. The men gave their
names as Charles Manning and II.V. .
llumlon ,
Itlnino J > i'olino.4 to Sorvo.
At-ofSTA , Mo. , Fob. 23. Governor Hur-
lelgh lias received a letter from .lames G ,
Blaine resigning Ids position as member of
the delegation to represent Maiuo at the cen
tennial of the inauguration of George Wash
ington as president of the United States.
WisNiimnu Starts Tor Cairo ,
Ai.i\ANiKiA , Egypt , Feb. 23. Captain
Wlssniann has arrived hero and prot'eddcd to
Cairo , where ho will recruit several hundred
blacks to accompany him on his expedition
into tlio interior of Africa from the cast
Shipping mill
Pun.s , Feb. 23.At a mooting hold at
Granvlllo yesterday , a resolution'ado ; > j.-
cd favoring un International , convention by
which Htiumcrs would , bo forbidden to IIUKH
over the Xow Foundlund banks during thu
lUliIng season. _
A Petition I 'or Moro Mnnoy ,
WAMIINOTOX , Fob. 25 , Senator' Paddock
to-day presented a petition from the Ne
braska State Fanners' alliance , .asking that
the volume of money bo Increased , A similar
petition was recently presented in the Ne
braska legislature.
Cleveland Vetoes i.'lvo Pension Hills.
WAeitiNirro.v , Fob , 25. The president to
day vetoed llvo pension bills , granting 'pen
sions to Squire Walter , Henry V. " Hass ,
William Hurnc.s , John U. Lockoy and John
McCool ,
An Insane Itankcr.
SALT LAKK , Utah , Fob , 25. [ Spaclal Tele
gram to Tiie Uii : , ] < -John. D. MuCluro , vice
prcslacut of the Pcorla Merchants' National
hank , wus taken violently iusano In thm city.
The Peoria chief of polleo arrived to-night ,
nnd will return with tlio patient to-morrow ,
The Lnrrafcoo Llbol Suit Takes n
Surprising Turn.
No Vcrcllcti'lfb.icticit ' nt n Into Hour
Lnnt MHI ! The Mnyor of
lawn City Suicides By
OnViroil No
Dr.s MOIXBS , In. , Feb. 2.V [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB HRn.J The trial of Governor
Larrabco for criminal libel terminated rather
abruptly tills afternoon , so fur us tha pro
ceeding In open court were conccrneil. After
Prosecuting Attorney Macombor hud con
sumed some liounvln ailressir.g the Jury , the
defense concluded to submit tlio case with
out argument , nnu tile judge gavuhls Instruc
tions nntl tlio Jury retired for n long : time.
Mr. McCombor told the Jury that they were
Judges of tlio Inw us well as of the fncts ( n
a cuso of this kind , mid then , speaking of
the facts , said :
"Tho ancient EiiRlish law of libel excused
u man for circulating another man's ' he , but
but that Is no longer the law. It lined to bo
lawful for n peer to libel n common person ,
but that is no longer MO.Vo nre all sovereigns
eigns hero. Governor Larrabco lias no
rights superior to those of tlio humblest citi
zen ot Iowa. Tills libelous matter may huvo
been privileged us to Chester U'nnioy , but it
was not as to Mrs , Turnoy. They might llo
about the boy , but they had no right , to lie
about his mother. Tlio governor has
documents before him which ought to huvo
admonished him to bo careful about circu
lating the charges against Mrs. Turnoy , The
petition to the governor , which the defense
denounced as spurious , is at least as good as
this newspaper clipping. This and other
documents show unit abundant evidence was
before him that Mrs. Turnoy is a good
woman. It looks , as if the governor had cot
u little tired ; that ho thought Mrs. Turnoy
was too importunate , and went out of his
way to neutralise her Influence. It was un
called for , legally malicious , and entirely im
proper. Hut tlio law looks upon many n
thing leniently in n man which is regarded
with horror in a woman. When you strike
ut n woman's good numo you strike against
her best possession. When you say that she
is not a good mother , you strike where it
hurls. And when you say that she is a big
amist , and an udultruss , you iniglit as well
strike her ilead. Nothing is so priceless as a
good name. "
Mr. Macombcr read a largo number of quo
tations from the bible and Shakcspearo on
tlio value of a good name and the enormity
of taking it iiwny. "You , gentlemen of the
Jury , " ho continued , "are the judges of both
law and fact In this case. You , and not the
court , are to determine whether tlio gov
ernor of Iowa has the right to circulate
defamatory matter against the lotvliest citi
zen of Iowa.
When the defense decided to let the case
go to the jury without argumenton their part
the 1udgo had to auk for time to lluish his in
structions , aiidt After a recess lie instructed
the jury very plainly and strongly that the
publication was a.iprivilegcd one. Ho told
them that to imlUo.the circulation of a defa
matory statement must bo willful and'
malicious. The evidence , said he , shows
that the statements alleged to be libelous nro
part of the governor's records. The statute
vests the governor with the pardoning
power. lie niiiy acnd for transcripts and
take sworn testimony. In exercising this
power ho is a judJuiul officer , and his records
as such arc absolutely privileged ; unless
selected maliciously for the purpose of de
faming and injuring Mrs. Turnoy , and ex
posing her to wivitli , ridicule , etc. If the
document was ut all pertinent to the case ,
they wcro prlvilugetl. The burden of proof
rests upon the prosecution to show the malice
of tlio circulation : of thp document.
His instructions-stopped Just short of toll
ing the jury to bidngvin a verdict of acquit- .
itnl. The jury , retired at 2 : 5 p. m. . and to
the surprise of nearly everyone in the
court room not immediately return. The
llrst hour passed and people waited patiently
for the expected verdict of acquittal. Mrs.
Turney sat in a llttlo group of syiupatizing
females friends. Mrs. Gillette sat at one aide
in conversation with Mr. Uishop , the govern
or's counsel , evidently engaged in reviewing
tlio features of the trial. The prosocutlug
attorney waleod the floor in a nervous state.
The second hour passed , and still the crowd
waited expectantly. Tlio reporters gathered
In a group and told innumerable stones of
bung-Juries and peculiar trials. Mrs. Tur
noy began to look more hopeful. People
began to talk of a new trial. Friends of the
governor began to suggest what would bo
the appropriate thing for him to do next.
Envious attorneys began to liud fault with
the governor's counsel and to show how much
better the case might have been tried. An
other hour passed , a repetition of the preced
ing yne. Then , as supper time drew
near. the crowd began to thin
out. Six o'clock , 7 o'clock came ,
and nobody remained but the reporters , a
few loafers and court officers. They began
to discuss the politics ol the jury , and found
that there were seven democrats , four re
publicans and ono anti-prohibitionist , which
seemed very significant to some , and so tlio
evening were away , with the Jury still
locked in.
There is much criticism of the course
taken by the governor's lawyers , which , It
Is understood , was against his own advice.
They made no defense , called no witnesses ,
and allowed the case to go to the Jury with
out any argument to offset the damaging ap
peals of the prosecution. They thought that
it would bo rnoro dignified to put in no de
fense , and they supposed they could get a
verillct without doing so. Hut the sympa
thetic appeals of sentimental people had
their effect upon the jury , and the fuel that a
republican governor was at the mercy of a
Jury a majority of whom wcro democrats ,
also hud its weight.
A OroRkcry Finn' * Complaint.
DCS MOINKS , la. , Fob. 25. [ .Special tclo- to Tin : HUB ] Tlio railroad .commis
sioners to-day received notice of a complaint
( lied by J. Pugh & Co. , of Oltumwa , crock
ery dealers , against the present ratos. They
claim that before the commissioners' rates
went Into effect their goods wore placed as
second class , while now tnoy are placed as
llrst class , with n consequent raise In the
rate of freight they must pay.
Vomit ; JtowllfH Pined.
Diis MOIONHS , In. , Fob , ! i"i , [ Special Tolo-
irrum to Tun Uin. : ] Thoyouiigmen arrested
some time ago atLMoiugomi and taken to
Oftcion , Hoono courtly , for trial on a charge
jf disturbing roli jo s mcctinga , wcro con
victed in a juslleo'js cjourt at that place last
Saturday. They wore , lined each ? .ri and costs
mid they have ap/eiil4d | to Iho district court.
Public opinion sustained the verdict , but
ihlnk the penalty NX/light.
loivu CityM Mayor .
low i CITY , Iu. , F.t'6 ; 25. Mayor .fohn J.
Holmes , who has bgon partially insane /or
ivor a year past aud.Jips been under the nur-
rclllunco of his frlcaitfs , suicided last night
ivl th a revolver. 'Hs'had ' ' for years been a
prominent eitizonli'evwal fines having been
elected mayor. TM'eity council mot to-duy
to take suitableaction1 ,
To Imprfrlr.'b'iiio ' finmnfl ,
MASON CITV , Ia.V Fbb. a. > [ Special Tele-
Ifrum to Tun HIE. : ] ICorthwooU , Kensctt ,
and Mauly , citiiotis hiuo formed a syndicate
representing JlO.OiX . ) , for the Importation ol
uarrlago horses. Parties have started for
France , whom the stock- will bo purchased.
A Miisuntlno Kirn ,
MuATiNK ! , la , , Fob. p.1 } . ( Special Telo-
Brain to Tni'Uui.J : A four-utory hpuso. a
collar factory of Iho W. II. Vannestr. nd es
tate , burned within .the walls lust night.
Loss , from llO.OOU to 313.0011 ; fully Insured.
CniOAOO , Fob , 23. [ Sjiaclal Telegram to
rue UKK.I A bit of Inside history of the
presidents' agreement was told to-day , It is
n fuut , as already hinted , that Charles
Francis Adams loft the meeting in dlaguot ,
thinking there was no. clmncii for un agree
ment. . Hardy | had ho gone two houri before
'the agreement \v'as perfected , but Charles
Francis did not know' It until ho- arrived n
Itoston. Another snng was struck on the.
choice of vice chairman of the association
The friends of Falthorn and Mldgley weic
about equally divided , and before the meet
ing knew It n bitter light was being waged
A peacemaker in the person of General Me
Nulta appeared , and it was decided to prac
tically leave the choice of vice chairman h
the hands of Commissioner Walker , In ease
that gentleman accepted the chairmanship
Furthermore , it was agreed that with the
consent of the , "no vice chairman
will bo chosen the chairman himself consti
tuting the board of arbitration. In that
event , the arbitration clause of the ngroo
incut , which nearly disrupted the llrst Chicago
cage meeting , will bo either ignored or re
pealed. The reason for the above conclu
sions wan that Mr , Walker , if ho accepts ,
will bo entirely frco and unprcjudled In his
decisions , having hccn chosen unanimously.
iMorlcy AddrcB'u.s Home I'tirtinont
Qncrle'H to tlio Government.
LONDON , Feb. 2o , In the commons this
afternoon Morlcy moved the adoption of his
amendment to the address In reply to the
queen's speech condemning the adminlstra
tion in Ireland us harsh , unjust and oppres
sive , and asking that measures to content the
Irish and re-establish a real union of Great
Britain ar.d Ireland bo adopted , In his
speech In support of tlio motion Morley asked
why , If the condition of Ireland was better ,
as asserted by the government , proceedings
acalnst Irish members of the house of com
mons were mare frequent. These proceed
ings to him seemed a sign of alarm and dis
may , Instead of confidence. Morley's ques
tion was received with cheers.
Morley strongly condemned tlio singular
lack of prudence , foresight and care that has
been shown the administration of Ireland
during the lust few months. Ho referred at
length to the recent arrests in Ireland , and
ridiculed the Idea of arresting men for such
offences as cheering O'Mrien , otc. The tlmo
was swiftly coming when an irosistiblo ap
peal would asccud from the nation asking her
majesty to recur to the sense of
the people R3 that they might decide
the great issues now dividing the
government and the opposition. The opposi
tion required the fullest explanation regard
ing the employment of Irish magistrates ,
crown solicitors and police in framing the
Times case. Ho demanded to know why doc
uments were handed to the Times for the
purpose of n plot to which it might bu proved
the government had become dupes and ac
cessories. Rofcrring to the case of Father
McFadilen , Morlcy said that Ualfour had ad
mitted that the police tucitily erred in ar
resting the priest. Hallour had sent a doctor
to O'Uriea for the sake of the government ,
and not on the ground of humanity.
Ho quoted from a speech in which Ualfour
said ho did not think he should allow
O'Hrlcn to ruin his constitution for the purpose -
pose of injuring the government. Ualfour
had asserted that ho ( Ualfour ) had no power
to relax llio prison rules , but ho did relax
them in the cases of Catholic clergyman for
fear of wounding or insulting the religious
sentiment of the people.
Halfour , upon rising to reply , was greeted
with cries of "Pigott. " This was continued
until the speaker peremptorily insisted upon
tlio house coming to order. Ualfour
twitted Morlcy with alluding to
the Parncll commission and ignoring
tlio most horrible charges of cruelty in
humanity with which his ( Ualfour's ) waste
basket had been flooded during the recess.
Possibly it began to dawn upon the mind of
the opposition that they had boon duped by
imaginary reports concerning the treatment
ofO'Urien. ( Cries of "Oh I Oh I'M Ho ad
mitted that the prison rules had been re
laxed ia tlio cases of priests , but the house
know ho always had been doubtful whether ,
in relaxing the rules , ho was not straining
the crimes act. Halfour declared that , as
suming that prisoners under the crimes act
ought to bo treated as ordinary criminals ,
the charges against the government were un
Halfour defended the treatment of prison
ers under the crimes act. He contended that
the state of Ireland was improving wherever
the plan of campaign imd not penetrated.
There were at the present moment 20tUt ) )
persons in the ordinary prisons of the king-
I dom , whilO ) only 1UO were imprisoned in
Ireland under the crimes net.
If the object of punishment waste
to prevent crime , never had
so great a result been attained at tlio cost of
so iittlo suffering. The conspiracy [ Cries of
"Piijott" ! which began in Ireland last Au
gust [ Renewed cries of "Pigotf'l showed
signs of abating. Statistics of agrarian
crime showed a marvelous improvement in
tlio condition of the country since
the crimes act passed. Ho did not
believe that its principles would destroy the
best compacted empire that over was put to
gether by the wit of man.
JJalfour , who spoke in a cynical vein
throughout , was subjected to a running lire
of laughter , ironical cheers and cries of
"Pjgott" and 'Times. "
Humor That the U. 1' . Vice IVcHidont
Will lo Asked to lU-siKii.
CHICAGO , Feb. 2.7. [ Special Tclbcrram to
Tnr. UIK. ] The Journal says it is rumored
hi railroad circles that Vice President Hoi-
comb , of the Union Pacific , will soon bo
asked to resign his office by the management.
Two IVrsons liurnoil to Death.
CAKnoXDAi.R , Pa. , Fob. 25. At Monkey
Kun , a mining settlement near this city , last
evening , a boarding house burned and Pat
rick Sweeney , of Lehigh county , and a do
mestic named Sarah Ford were burned to
death. Tlio other occupints narrowly es
caped. The lire was caused by the explosion
of a lam p.
. - - .
The Ha11. . KIM CoiTPSpoudnncn.
WASHINGTON' , T ha state and navy depart
ments have received mail from Samoa ,
brought by the steamer Mariposa , which ar
rived at San Francisco aDout ten days ago ,
Assistant Sec-rotary Uivos said to-day there
was reallynothing in the dispatches received
from Iho United St'ituj consul at Ania that
had not already appeared in the newspapers.
Ho said that while the corrcspondonco would
eventually bo forwarded to conprcsa , there
was nothing in it that called for specially
prompt transmission.
The department of state has received des
patches from the consul of the Unitpd States
at Panama and Colon In regard to tlio situa
tion of affairs on the Isthmus. The consul
reports that no disorders had taken place up
to February 1:1 : , and no troirblc is anticipated
because of the expected final collapse of the
Do Lcsseps company. _
l t > hooting' *
TOI'JSKA , ifans. , Fob. 25. [ Special Tele
gram to Tiu:13ic. ] O , Heggelund , president
of the Second National bank , of McPherson ,
was instantly killed this morning while in
his bank , by the accidental discharge of li
revolver in his own han Is. Mr. Heggelund
lilcked up the revolver und made Home re.
murk to the effect that iho weapon was a
bcaulv. when it wont olT. The only ono pres
ent at thu time was Mr. Huggelund's son.
Tlio deceased was ono of the wealth
iest men in central Kansas , and was quite
prominent la the political affairs of the
Tlio Oklahoma K.vliililtlou.
WICHITA , Ivan. , Fob. 25 , The Oklahoma
1'iibtorical exhibition that had been formed
hero closed coiuractu wltli a car company tn
nil lid their < nva special tram. The exhibi
tion leaves horu on April 25th going direct to
New York City.
Positively cured by
thoKO 1'Ulo Pills.
They also relieve Pin-
trow fro-a I-spei > Mi. ! In-
ITTIE dlgrstlon and Too Hearty
liatlm ; . A perfect rein-
rdyfor Dizziness , Nausea ,
PILLS. Droivhlucsa , Had Taste
IK tlu : Jloutli , Coated
Toogua , 1'aln In tlio HIJo ,
rcgulato tuo Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
Thd ninttchnrd Kaiully Itnitnlnn.
The coiy and elegant homo of Mr. and
Mrs. M. F. Hlanchard , on Twenty-third
street north of N street , was the scene Mon
day of ono of the family gather
ings ever had in South Omaha. Monday
was the twenty-first anniversary of the mar-
riagoof Mr. and Mrs. Hlanchard , and the
other members of the family arranged n sur
prise for them. The surprise was as perfect
and complete as ( wssiblo. When Mr. Kl.uich-
aril returned homo to dinner ho was sur
prised to llnd that every member of the fain
ll.v was prctont In honor of the occasion.
Tlio members of the family present were the
venerable parents , Mr. and Mrs , Mark
Hlanchard , Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hall and
daughters , the Missus. Myrtle , Minnie and
\eralo , and Mr. and Mrs. Craig Armstrong ,
of Creston , la. : Mesdamcs llnttio Kimtull
and .1. W. Hooth and Mr. ,1. H. Hlanchard
mid ( laughters , the Missus Grace , Clyde and
Jonnle , of Omaha , nnd Mr. and Mrs. M , F.
Hlanchuul and sons , Messrs. Lute and Hurt ,
and daughter , Miss Anna.
A 7 o'clock dinner was spread , a regular
banquet and foaut for all the families , ui.d n
liner spread , happier meeting , more Joyful
dny , or more successful reunion could not
huvo been desired by the venerable parents
nor hoped for by their loving children.
Its Patrons LtatiMi to un Interesting
Last night members of the Western Art
association mot at the gallery of Mr. Llnln
gerund listened to u finished discourse on
the "PreoralU'o in Art , " prepared by tholr
secretary , Miss ICate llall. Trac-iinr art It
self through the rigid Egyptian copies to
the softer Grecian styles , and then
from the overdrawn work of the
Uomaii artists to thu austere
work of the earlier Christian period
she followed It down to the present , and
made Its practical application to the homes of
to-day the thoino for the oveniug. Decora
tion ot objects that are much in use , should
bo of a simple character , BO that
they do not become tiresome. Table
ware should bo Him ply decorated , und con
ventional in character , paintings of flowers ,
butlerllies , birds , fishes , and landscapes , on
chum intended for usu being of the worst
kind of art. A placquu which is
intended to decorate n wall ,
should bo entirely distinct from a
a plate used upon the table. The Interior of
a CUD will bo covered with the lluld con
tained ia It , and when , if a leaf or blade of
grass would bo Instantly removed , .should
ono fall into it , is tt consistent for a deco
rative artist to place ono tlinrc to stay. U'o
should never use a form as a decoration
where tlio thing itself would bo Inconsistent.
While the art of picture making is in a high
state of development , the art of pottery
painting is as yet at a low ebb ,
and probably no branch of the ilec-
orativo art is moro abused than that of
china painting. There is just as much a
right and wrong in the use of form and col
ors as in the USD of words in language. De
signing should not bo discouraged , but its
study through proper channels should bo en
couraged. The great amount of American
travel In Kurope has raised the standard of
art in this country , and much of foreign pro
duction has been brought across the ocean ,
until American art merchants find the neces
sity of importing the same class of goods.
I'ho time will come when the Americans will
discard some of the present inconsistencies ,
uid the utter absurdity of painting a landscape -
capo upon a bowl that suggests soup , or still , decorating a dustpan that sug
gests the unpleasant work of tlio housemaid.
They will not make banglcboards on rolling
) ins , put thermometers on brass hoys
or * use draperies where- there is
10 need for them. They will
not , cover up this whoio corner of a brautiful
ileturo and lose its effect by flanging up a
'aiieiful piece of .silk on it , and calling it a
licture drape. A picture needs no such
I rape. In our dcsiroto got , something new ,
something unlike our neighborswo have done
nnny ridiculous things and many frightfully
> ad things. Amerorican markets furnish some
jeautlful examples ot surface decorations.
The wall papers arc exceptionally line , airl a
variety of pressed papers are coming into
encral use , which will nuke an excellent
jackground for anybody or anything. Jn
his the study of design is intensely intcrost-
ng ndtho execution mechanical. To bn-
come skilled menus simply to .study to prac-
, icc , and tlio road to success must bp paved
jy close application.
At the close of the lecture , a
well deserved vote of thanks
vas unanimously endorsed , and tendon ] the
ecturer , after which a short time wan given
o the routine business of the association.
L'he report of the committee havingii : charge
he-entertainment of last week was adopted
and the committee relieved from duty with a
vote of thanks. Votes of thanks wuro also
tendered to the ladies and gentlemen who
took part in the entertainment , and to the
Y. M. C. A. for the usoof the hall on that
occasion. Tlio meeting then adjourned to
meet again March It , when an address will
bo delivered on contemporaneous art.
Barber & Co. , commission merchants on
North Sixteenth street , are getting Into n big
legal light with the 13. & M. railroad. A
few weeks nco the commission company in
stituted a replevin suit In .lustleu Wado's
court to gut possession of two car loads of
hay which the railroad company held for de
murrage. The court ruled that the company
had no right to hold goods on such grounds ,
and the case was , of course , settled in favor
of the commission men. After the hay had
been ruplevhuid the company brought action
against the commission llrm to recover $ 'M ( )
for detention of the cars D.v leaving the hay
in them so that they could not ho utilized.
Tills case will come up in Judge U'ade't ;
court to-day.
The commission firm , through Its attorney ,
will lljc a complaint to-day with the railroad
commission at Lincoln , claiming an unjust
discrimination hy Iho H. As M. people charg
ing demurrage at Omaha and Lincoln , while
no sucli chargu is made at any other point in
the bUite. Burbur & Co. claim to have paid
Lliu railroad over ? ' . ' , .VJU on denim rnic ; ! tlio
lust year , and will suu to recover this
.inioiint if they arc succosaful with the com
* Arrivals.
At Southampton -The Kibe , from Now
At Hover The Krin , from Now York.
At Rotterdam The Rotterdam , from N'cw
At Liverpool The Mcntmorc , from Haill-
Colorado's IMarill Gran , ,
PUIMII.O , Colo. , Feb. ! H. The state Mardl
liras celebration began hero this morning
uid will t-oiiilnuo during the week , it gives
wcr.v Indication of being a grand HUCCCSJ ,
BtiBluoss Again nt n Stmifl&tlll Iu
tbo House
Most of the Day Wasted In a Htulj.
born MRhtVltlch Promises
to He l'uni\vcd This
WAIIIINOTOK , Fob. 135. In the house , Mr.
Hland of Missouri , through dilatory tactics ,
accomplished his object In , tintUfyinR llio
order assigning ono hour 'to tlu contldortv
lion of measures called up by unanimous con
sent , and It was 11 o'clock bofoio any
business could be transacted. Mr. Hatch of
Missouri asked unanimous consent to con
cur In the .senate amendments to the agricul
tural appropriation bill , bat an objection was
raised. The conference- report on Iho bill
authorizing the Lea von worth it Ulo Grande
railroad company to construct a road across
the Indian territory was submitted , but the
question of contdiicratlon was raised hi the
Interest of the California contented election
Tl.o house dci'idcd to consider the conference -
once report nnd the senatn amendments wuro
non-coticurrod In to the agricultural appro
priation bill.
.Mr. Crisp then called up the contested
election case and the question of considera
tion In the interest of the doflcluncy appro
priation bill was raised. The yens and nays
being ordered , the mass of republicans re
frained from voting in order to break the
iiuorum , but subsequently , when it was man
ifest that this object had not boon accom
plished , thu republicans recorded thuir votes
in the negative.
The hmixo decided to consider the election
case , hut Mr. AlelCcnna of California , who
had voted in the alllnnutlvo for this purpose ,
moved a reconsideration.
Mr. Crisp moved to table that motion ,
This timu the edict , of "don't voto" went
forth and the republicans withhold their
votes. Tlio vote resulted in no unorutn and
a call of the house was ordered.
The iT ! > I members who responded to their
unities faded away when the vote recurred
on the motion tci table the motion to recon
sider , and only 1'Jl were found recorded in
the affirmative , while a cipher represented
the negative vote. Again a call of tlio house
was ordered.
The hours passed and there was no change
in the situation. Time and ag.iin Mr. Snyors
called attention to the fact that , It was im
possible for the house tn proceed to-day with
the election case , and appealed to Ihe house
to allow the delleieney bill to bo taken tin ,
The republicans expressed their assent to
this proposition , but the demand for thu
"regular order" from Mr. Crisp operated In
each case as an objection , On ono occasion
Mr. Crisp expressed a determination to knep
the house in continuous session until thu
election ciuo was taken up , if ho could re
ceive the support ol his siilo of the house.
Finally the house , wearied at its own In
activity , adjourned.
WASIIIXOTO.V , Feb.S3. In the senate the
following hills were reported from commit
tees and passed : For a lighthouse and steam
fog signal on the east end of the outer break
water at Chicago and to nuihomc the city of
Lake View , 111. , to ornct a crib in Lake Mich
igan for water purposes.
Mr. Vest gave noticc.oii bolialf of the com
miltei : on commeree , that he would ask th
senate to-morrow to proceed to the consider
ation of bridge bills.
'I'ho request for a conference on the house
umcndmcnlH to the semitubiil , granting a bill
to Mrs. General Sheridan , reauelng it from
W.1) ! ) ! ) to SW.riUO and making it subject to the
pension law * was withdrawn by Air. Davis
and the amendments were concurred in. "
Resolutions wcro reported from thu com
mittee on contingent expenses and agreed to ,
authorising tlio committee on irrigation to
ta u testimony at any placn in the United
States nnd to employ a stenographer anil
messenger and aiithori/.ing thu committee-
on Indian affairs to continue its investiga
tion into Indian affairs generally.
Mr. Farwoll offered a resolution calling on
tlio-sccrotary of the interior for information
touching this bribery of the Cherokee coun
cil by cattlemen , and for a copy of thu report
of Special Agent Owens on that subject.
Agreed to.
Mr. Sabin offered a resolution , which went
over till to-moijow , culling on the secretary
of the interior for information as to the dis
continuance of certain hind olllccs.
The house bill to divide a portion of the
Sioux reservation in Dakota was taken up ,
read , amended and passed.
Mr. Allison moved to proceed to considera
tion of the army appropriation bill.
Mr. Cnlloin asked Mr. Allison to yield for
the Oklahoma bill , but as Mr , Allison declined
to do so on tlio ground that the Oklahoma
bill would give rise to debate , Mr. CuUom
gave notice that as soon as the army appro
priation bill was out of thn way he would
movii to tale up llio Oklahoma bill and press
it to a vote.
The army appropriation bill was then
taken up.
Consideration of tlio bill was not con
eluded whnn at I ! o'clock , Mr. Cockrcll off
[ ; rcd a resolution that , Iho Kimntu receive
with profound aorrow the announcement of
iho death of the hue. Congressman Uurncs.
Rej/nlur business was suspended and
Messrs. Cockrcll , Ingnlls , Voorhees , Halo ,
Hamilton , Coke and Vest delivered brief
eulogies , after which resolution ! ! were
idopted and the senate adjourned.
Power ol' HID Press.
SANTA FJ : , N. M. , Feb. 25. [ Spec ! il Tclo. .
; ram to Tin : HII : . | The now famous I bel
jill which was vetoed by Govern Koss ,
mil has since hung liru in the legislating in
in attempt to pass it over the governor's
icad , was defeated to-day. Tiie territorial
iress has fought the measure from its mcup <
, uin , and in this way only wns thu bill do-
'eatid. ; The champions of the measure will
icrcaflor doubtlessly bo held up to iiuhlio
; a/.e by the press of the territory in a manner
io ( , calculated to Kitaranlou much peace of
nind to them.
Ili ; I'.iilniMl a How.
KANSAS CITVMo. , Fob. SV-Special [ Tolo-
tram tuTin : IJciA. : | . C. Clark , colored ,
wised a row In a saloon at 1700 West Ninth
treot at 11 o'clock to-night. Julius KIVIJM ,
ho barkeeper , ordered h.m out and ho made
ji assault on him with u icmfe , when liivcrs
not him Uiroui'h thu forehead , just above
hoe c. He uiiiinol live.
. i. " ' " ' " " tW6' "
stavw. . . . s . C W.JHU ever/A
* * " - 5 ° * $ & > . gsi
Thus the ' Mustang" conquers pain ,
Wakes MAN or BEAST well again !