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J.ilivcredbr carrier In Any 1'nrt ot hoCltj'fi
Tl nly Cents 'crV'cek.
II , \ \ \ Tll/ION . MANAUEIL
K No. <
N. Y. Plumbing company.
Coaland wood. K.IC.Mnync , 01 ! ) IVway.
District court opens again this mornIng -
Ing and xvill begin to grind on the last
week's a signtnont of law cases. NoM
week the trial of cases on the criminal
docket will bo commenced.
Lastevonlng HlulTs division , uniform
rank , K. of P.toolttho motor for Omaha ,
where they wcro the guests of that led gofer
for the evening. After attending divine
MM'ilco the boys returned home on a
late motor train. The occasion was the
bihcr aimhersary of the rank.
The Johnson-Uleawon dog case is not
yet bottled. After going the rounds of
'all I ho justice courts it caino before
Kquirc Ilcndricks and was dismissed.
Johnson lias not rcplovined the animal ,
and the rnsn will conio before Squire
iJnruelt. Moth parties claim to own the
dog , and tln-y will contest the case for
nil thcie is in it.
There was a lively runaway yesterday
afternoon on Mndihon street. A bus
team got under very rapid headway
coming down the hill , and the driver
was unable to check them when they
readied Hroadway. A collision with
the curbstone was narrowly averted ,
and the runaway team was headed up
North l''irol street and finally stopped.
Uooius to rent in the Mcrriam block.
S. 13. Wadsworth . * c Co.LMI > Main street.
Pickled tripe and pigs' feet at Tib-
bitts' , : ( l'"i Broadway.
Mrs. .1. W. Uacharach ib seriously
Mrs. Milligan is quite sick at the
Now Ogdeii.
Kay Ui.xby is laid up with a bovero
attack of tonsilitis.
lion. George F. Wright returned
Saturday evening from a short trip
through Nebraska.
Uartlctt ft Norton for hardware ,
stoves and cutlery , 7M7 and S2315 B'wny.
The Wtibash Western railway an
nounces that tickets will be sold" from
all statiotis to Washington and return ,
for the inauguration of President Harrison
risen , at half fare.
Hate for round trip from Council
BtufTs , la. , fcil ) . Tickets will bo on halo
February t ! " to Marcli - ; good returning
until March 10 , 18S ! ) . For further par
ticulars apply at the Wabash Wobtern
ticket otlice , 4'2Broadway. \ .
.1. C. MrrciiHhr , , Agent.
I have moved my ollicc to Omaha , at
which all orders will bo received and
Irom which all deliveries will be made
by wngon. L. M. FiNKKi.STKiX.
Cruelly to A nl main.
Several complaints are inndo daily
concerning bomo of the haok and express -
press men of this city. They drive a lot
of miserable lookingbeasts , halfstarved
and in every way lit for a place on the
retired list. These poor brutes are
mercilessly lashed and pounded , and it
is by no means a. rare * sight to see u
horse with the hair actually llaycd from
his skin. The mnyor stated some time
aero that a stop must bo put to it , but his
time seems to have boon so taken up
with other business that he has not hud
R chance to attend to it. The hack and
express drivers are compelled to wear
a number conspicuous ! v , and at night the
number shows plainly on the hack lamps ,
PO that identification is comparatively
easy. If iv move was made in this direc
tion it is probable Unit a beneficial rc-
fiult will boon be noticeable. A few te&t
cases would servo to bring the matter
before the courts and lot not only the
johus but iho owners as well understand
the publicmind.
* -
All grades hard coal. C. B. Fuel'Co.
Have our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Money loaned at L. B. Craft's & . Co.'s
loan olllce on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , porbonal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of vatuo without
removal. All business strictly confi
Police IMust "Hello. "
The now practice adopted by the
mayor of having the police patrolmen
report at headquarters every two hours
by telephone booms to bo of much ser
vice , and the men themselves re
gard it with favor. It allows the com
munication of any message from head
quarters to any iiolicomau in any part
of the city regarding nny report that is
made to the head of the force without
the necessity of looking up the man per
sonally , as well as requiring the patrol
man to keep awake.
It was adopted as an experiment , but
ii is already doomed enough of a suc
cess to insure its permanency. It is
stated that other moves tending to the
improvement of the force will soon bo
introduced and this branch of the city
Eorvico made more efficient than over.
J. G. Tipton' real estate , 527 B'dwny.
Parties having temperance billiard
halls and restaurants will do well to
take the exclusive sale of my temper
ance boor. L. M.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of interest. No
publicity ; fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark t Co. , otllco cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
Dviiiocrntlo I'rlniarlos.
Democratic primaries will bo hold to
morrow evening at 8 o'clock for the
purpose of electing delegates to the
city convention bo hold at Iho city
building , Wednesday evening , February
Ii7 , at 8 o'clock , for the purpose of nom
inating one candidate for aldorman-nt-
largo and two candidates for members
of the board of education. The caucuses
will bo hold at the following places :
First Ward Wheeler it HoraldV now
building , corner of Broadway and Ben-
. Second Ward At the city building.
Third Ward At LaeyV hall , South
Main fatrcnt.
Fourth Ward At the county court
At the primaries hold in the Third
and Fourth wards candidates for ward
aldermen will bo nominated.
The number of delegates to which
each ward is entitled is as follows :
First.S ; Socoiull ; Third,8 ; Fourth , 12.
Send all orders for bottled boor to L.
M , Flnkolotoin , Omaha.
Heating stoves at codt to close out.
Odoll & Bryant ,
An Omaha Clergyman" Fills the
Pulpit of the Baptist Ohuroh.
Ftinri-a ) of Lit tin llnrry
I'ollco Itniil "Tho Koxv , " Hut Only
to Collect Incenses A
Newsy 1'otpoiirri.
llov. Ilnunp I'ronohps.
The pastor of the First Baptist church
was absent yesterday morning and that
pulpit \vas tilled by Hov. II. L. House ,
pastor of Huth-1'don Baptist church ,
Omaha. The sermon was an excellent
one."The Indwelling Christ"'was the sub
ject taken from Col. 1 , t7th ! , last clause.
" ( Jhriht iu you the hope of glory , whom
wo preach. " The thoughts developed
wore Christ , the iil ul man ; Christ , the
indwelling spirit ; Christ in you the
hope of glory.
Introducing the subject proper , ho
said : "One of the first questions linked
by men uow-a-duys is , will it payV The
young man looking out upon life esti
mates the chances of this business and
that , and asks , will it pay ? The busi
ness man bcoks for investments and
throws into his vocation all the energies
of his nature and asks himself the s-amo
question will it pay ? The house wife ,
looking over the spring wardrobe to see
whether this dress can be worn , or must
bo made over , or must bo givoli to the
poor , also asks the same question will
it pay ? It is not strange , therefore , that
ministers of the gospel sometimes ask
themselves the same question. There
ia no work tlioy bo enjoy and into which
they can so fully put tlio fervency of a
sanctified heart and ; life , but after the
labor is done and the results , are
estimated , he cannot help but ask him
self , docs it pay ? Would it not , bo bet
ter if ministers would leave their pul
pits and seek for opportunities to leach
the inceptive youthful mind in the
schools ? Would it not bo better
to go into the hospitals * and
seek by the bedside of the
sick and dying avenues to reach
the hearts of men ? Would it not be
better to go into the workshops and
beside the forge and bench and teach
the moil who toil the better way of ad
justing their dilToreaces and lead them
into tlio higher ways of usefulness ?
These arc all useful employments and
have their certain reward" , and does it
pay to preach 'Christ in you the hope
of glory ? ' A lecturer once said as men
believe and practice the precepts of the
trospol they become bad and mean and
as they disbelieve and disobey they be
come grand and noble. Do you believe
that ? Look into the experience of your
own heart and faith. Is the state
ment true ? You deny it , and our own
land , with its churches , schools and
Christian eivili/.ation , says it is not
"What is it you preach when you
urge men to embrace Christ ? You hold
up the accomplishments of a perfect
life the only perfect life that of Jcaus
Christ. That is well. Aim high. Se
lect a noble pattern. Select the great
est , the noblest the earth has overseen.
Christ wi's the only perfect man.
' \Vo do not preach a dead Christ , but
living just the same as when He walked
in the graves of Palestine and wept in
the Garden of Gethsomouo. ' ' * You
may not bo able to attain to your hu
man ideal you may be lacking the
very characteristics which made him
great but if you open your heart and
invite the indwelling of Clirist , you
Will bo like Him. lie will transform
you into His glorious likeness. You
can and will attain to the divine ideal. "
The sneaker quoted from Ingersoll's
eulogy at the grave of his brother , and
said : "If life is a brief span between
two eternities , ice-clad and cold , it is so
because viewed from Ingcrsoll's stand
point , but faith makes the valley blos
som and garbs the towering peaks with
luxuriant forests , while beyond rise
the walls of the New Jerusalem who"se
golden streets are pressed by the feet
of those who have trodden the valley ,
scaled the heights and now retain the
bliss of a complete redemption. "
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , cults and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
The London "Tailor's * ' is the place to
get your clothes made. C37 Broadway ,
S. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan monev.
A Finn Haul.
Between the hours of 11 and 1" Satur
day night the police raided bcvoral of
the "joints" on "Tho How , " and ar
rested eight of the kalsomincd chromes
who make their homo in that locality.
It was not a general raid , but was made
for the purpose of gathering in the de
linquent ? whoso lines for the last month
had not been paid. The regular monthly
line is $ ( ! each , but the costs attendant
on its collection in this manner swelled
the amount to $8.10.
Eight frail beings were landed in the
cooler. "Friends1' appeared and put up
the necessary amount to secure the re
lease of all but two , who spent Sunday
behind the bars. They kicked vigor
ously agaiiibt the action of the authori
ties making the move Saturday night ,
but it was uj-olcbin. Some of the ) diim-
bels , when arrested , rebelled at the
idea of bleeping on the hard lloor of
the city juil , and insisted on taking
along bomo quilts and blankotb. The
ollicor was uccomtnoduting , itnd should
ered quite a load of these articles us ho
led the way to the station. The charge
tiled against the victims was vagrancy.
- -
Try our XXX bottled beer. Special
rates on all orders from Iowa.
L. M.
Dr. C. C. Ha/en , dentist , Opera house
_ _
For Halo at a Itnrsaln.
Hotel property in Council lllulTs , cen
trally located , doing good business. It ,
P. O.'licer , solo agent , No. 12 N. Main
St. , Council Bhifi'.s- .
Ijitllu llarry'H Funeral.
"God lakes the little children , our
babies , transfer * them to his own habi
tations above , and there develops them
Into perfect , bcingfc complete in Him.
These , our babies , nro the greatest in
God's kingdom. iVhat honor to you
that ho liud taken your little one , sin
less and Christltko , unto himself to till
tliis most exulted place in the divine
economy , "
With these and kindred thoughts did
Rev. Dr. Phelps conbolo tlio mourning
friends yesterday uftornoon who gath
ered in the homo of Mr. and Mrs , li. E.
Adams to pny tholr tribute of sympathy
for those stricken ones. "You have
now u double heritage over there , for
your little Harry will wntch uud wnlt
for your coming. Your Harry no loss
yours now than whim ho was with you
In the lloah. "
The attendance of friends wafa largo ,
and floral emblems and other tributes
wcro numerous. Prominent among
them were two , the memorials of the
Lndics' Au.\illnry society , and the Mod
ern Woodmen , of which organizations
the parents arc members.
All grades soft coiil. C. B. Fuel Co.
§ NT CdW
On hand for city loans ; lowest rates
of interest.
Fine farms close to Bluffs to exchange
for city properly.
Western land to. exchange for city
Big bargains iu Broadway lots.
Fine buslncbs property to exchange
for well Improved farms.
Good fresh stock Groceries to ox-
chnngo for city property and one-third
Houses and lots on monthly payments
Small payments down. Prices ranging
from $776 to $4,000.
Cheap lots in Kvans' , Wright's , Cocli-
ran's and most all additions to city.
Fine aero property for ale from $100
to WOO less than present worth.
No. lOlYnrl SI. , Council Hinds.
Foil HUNT Two nlwlv furnUtied room * for
man and wlf < % < > rt\uiBontlemouwltli usoor
buths. Itemed by furnace. S-1 Soutli Seventh
Ainent block.
FOIt HUNT 1-Vnlt faim and market garden ;
S IICITH , 't mile , nortluiiist ot Orei-nnnlo.
flood , ! mom house1 , burn mid outbiilldinis. tl
iirri-i blackberries ; I iicie sti.ivlorrle i. W , C.
bTACV , OI > LT < I llonsu block.
VVrA.N'TIIl ) The people to try the City Steam
' l.mmdiy , HI Noitu Jinlu.
IJIOIt ItKNT Chcnp. two h.uidsnme , new , nix-
-L. room totta e-i , north of tiniisrer. Council
liuiulru lll.iiid Jtlshtor , Mil live , uml
VV-ANTKI ) Competent nhstr.icter ot title * .
t J. W. Squire , Council llluira.
FOH UKNT The three story crick store room
No. 407 llroiutuny. Tin1 location Is one of
the "oest In the city. 'th Unlldln has l > con oc-
rupipdfo } the lust twenty years by Miller Jc Co. ,
Imrdw an1 , nnd would bo : i vtiy desirable locu
tion for u haul \vuro business on that account.
John llonuuti.
Who Will Save You Money
S fo lADAMSV f
o &
co ; SHOE
'u '
House ,
417 llrondxvnr , W
CO Council lllnlls. I
g Si CS ace
As 1 can pro\ by
Lanzendorfer & o
Sfrohbehn , co
! 2 C/ > r J
IVo. 231 i Sc- - S- . r.
MAIM STRCET. ' . ° .00 -
Particular attention given to Kmbalmlng.
No. 14 iMulii SI. , Council Ululft.
Furniture repairing neatly dono.
Odlco calls attended promptly day and night.
a. § S " 3
C g fcg O AT THE
Lowest Prices !
ffl 5 , t
* I :
O 2 l-C Poultry of nil kind *
§ = j hseil to order.
< o c ; G1VK SI 15 A
or m 12 S o , c ' E. Mottaz
No. 11412. Uromln'y
And K t ( lie best llttln- Suit
yon ever litul.
Q.E97 Broa-lway - , onncil B
What a Shirt
f you had token It to the City titeam j.uundry
t wouldn't look so.
ill .Main Street. Telephone HI.
0. E. HKLL. 0. A. 11KHUNGUOF
Arcliitccts , Designers and Snperinlenilsati
of CoDstrncHofl ,
Mr. IJcrliiiKhof MUS se > cu years
Slrmlelpsolm , FIslior& Loury , and has
designed many of tlio llncst blocks
In Omnlm nml Coiinull Klufl's.
Plans and Specifications Prepared aiid
Estimates made on Application ,
Studio , Jtooin a Opera Jlouao Hloclc
-AMI l > U.U.KIt IK-
Onlera fllloj for all kind * ot wammula uuJ
ilnl binK'linena.Mluoruls and fosnili , on Imml.
Inirnlo horns. Uucr anil Kile antlers. 1'uruuil
Jui-rskln rues , uttindot eyt-s. utc , Taxli
\orkilonoluullltf , brandies. ' tjcml lor
ojjue ,
fMU , i niTiim NOTICT. i WILL snt.t ,
- or MV OWN miK aivrt -
Iowa Cattle , Fed on Iowa Corn ,
Anil " 111 meet nny honMt competition on vrlce I
for IirsM'Irts * Melts.
1510 Hrondwny. - - Tdrphono 201.
A. F.
1)1 ) ? AT COTI'M ' ?
llliAL liMAlli ,
111) imOAOWAV ,
COUNTII * ttljUKKS , t t IOWA.
Private wntUimen fnrnlshcil at nny nnd nl
Special attention ct\en to collection ot chaU
tel inorlRnKvs anil notes.
Money to loan on KOHI ! clmttol "sei'ili Ity.
Itcferi'iico-Any bank , nttoiney , or business
intui In the city.
HidesTallow , , Pelts , Wool & Furs ,
iest nmikt't prices. Prompt returns. KO
and KJJ .Main St. . I'ouuuil lllutl.s. town.
Fuel Merchants. WatcheTheSGNS ! ,
, _ No,3l SoufhMainSt. *
Courteous /iftcnrion. * * * * * " * t-Pain ted by - 4
We invite your " PfompfOeilverY' patron age. P. 0.MILLER E.B.GARDINER . ?
/ VO.04 BFfOA D
NOS.II&I3 Pearl St. . \
' 6 < v ft ST .ttVv.f i.
8iiS !
Omaha , /Cewcit stuffs
V * 09H | B
For This W
Every Department Full of
The Newest Good
And in ail you will find the greatest
bargains ever offered.
At e2c. Price everywhere 15c. Pat
terns never seen before.
Come everybody and tell your friends what
wonderful values are given at the
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
To any regular physician who desires to locate , 1 have to oiler in a
thriving city in Icwa of 8,000 population , the home and practice of the
leading physician of the place. Ho has resided in said city for sixteen ycais
last past , and his books will bho\v an annual of § 6,000 , per year
For reasons porsoual t ) himself lie proposes to change his residence to
another city. He will sell his homo , which is a comfortable frame house
of eight room' , heated by furnace , and with all necessary outbuildings and
conveniences for § 3,500. lie will turn over to the buyer liiw practice and gooil
will , nnd will remain with his successor some inontln pending his a-ltle-
ments and collections.
Any reputable physician desiring to make a change will do well to cor
respond with the undersigned , who is prepared to verify the entire bona
fides of the whole 'business. Address
Room 522 Paxton Block , Omaha Neb.
TKLUPHONR 221. Furulfchud
Correspondence Solicited , On Application.
This Week
An old established Boot aiid Shoe business
in Oounoil Bluffs. Iowa.
The Phillips stock of Boots and Shoes at
413 Broadway , is for sale and the store will
be rented. Best stand and trade in city.
Nearly thirty years in one location. Present
stock from $12,000 to $15,000. For further
particulars apply to GD. . Phillips , at the
store , or to N. O. Phillips , one of the execu
tors of the J. M. Phillips estate.
N. P. DODG-E , Executor.
25 TO 300
SroHllcatli ns and citlniiups fiiintsh-il for couplto Htciitn uliintiuiilutlnn. ( . lliiralillity ( iiiftr
iinieed. Can show ioitcis noin nsuis wlieie I'ui'l l.tonnmy Is i > ijtnil wllli t orll-h Noii'Coiiui'iiiiiiK.
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catnlofjue. No. 51O Peai'l Str-eet , Council Bluffs.
. U is ttio most ilur.iblu Piano made ,
S. Jt iinjimvcs under use
y. H hus more volume of toim limn any oilier instrument
I. Jt Htunils in Inno longer tlum : inv otlior 1'iiitio.
r > . It. ID the only 1'i.ino vali the now iMtent liari-bto | | > .
It is t lie only Piano with tlio new nmtul key support ,
7. Jt is unequalled in urlinn
* 6. It lends all otliurrtuinoiiirllio bust , pooplo.
'J. ll is thi ! lltuidMiinuHl i'l.uio inailc ! .
IU. Ami iiiost , : | of all ll l sold a
! { 7QM ) _ OFJ' KM _ . IX
XO , 4 < uii , i ! , eirrs , HA.
PI D I/1 [ \ ! Dl M C Hvdraulio and fcJ.untury Kngineor. Plans , Kstlmalos
, DirmiMDHNL. Specifications. Kupurvihion of Public Work. Hrowti
Jiulldlng , Council HlnlTri , Iowa.
* M I I D 7 Juutifo of the Pence , Olllco over American Evpro s , No , 419
Nor - DrondvMiy , f'ounoil JJluirs , Jowa. ,
&OWO | | | Attornoyb-at-Law. I'ractico in the Slate and Fod-
OIIYIO oral Courts. Kooms 7 and 8 Khugart-Huno Uloclc ,
Council niull'B , Iowa ,
) ? . CI M I C V Attoruoyut.Liivv. . Room IU , Bliugart Ulock ,
( X rHNL.L.1 ouncil UlulTb.
Mnnufautururb and Wholesale Diwlir * in
Orders 1'roinptly Filled and Uollvurcd.
No. 635 Broadway , - - Council Bluffs.