Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 23, 1889, Page 8, Image 8

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    THE OMAHA PA1IYY J3EE : fcflffTUKDAY. FEBRUARY 2j ; , 1S80.
The city ofllocs wore nil closed yes-
tor day.
There tvns si inpolinp ; of Oklahoma
boomers Inst nightnlTwonlli-fourih uml
Ciitnlntf Htruuts.
Yufltordny was quiet jn police cln'lcs.
only llmsu urrcstH being iniidi ) up to < iH : ! )
l . in. They wore nil vncrnnts.
No bnsliifps wns transacted at the
Kovprinm-iit building yosturdtiy , J' '
was the anniversary of George Wash
ington's birth.
All Ilio Doufjlns county legislators ,
uith imprinlclinjr of tlioo from other
counties were in the city eelobralltif , '
\Viif.hiiij'toii < H birthday.
Two ciirloiuls of imported crockery
from ! J 'in tock , Knylnnd , rcachuil
Oiniiha yostordnv. They were con-
Biincl ( to HI 1 13 & Ismu-'s.
Charles . Moneriof , who wn lately
arrobU'il on the ehnrjjuot boating his
wife , has writlon a loiter to TlllJ llKK
in which ho gives his better half a
DiT-lty hard reputation.
Miss Amy Fay , the celebrated
piunisto , will bo in Omaha March I and
\\illuivohorpluno \ermillon In the
o\rniii ( ; at Mat Meyer's hall , corner
hiijtU'cnUi and l''urniun streets.
There was a benefit in exposition
hall liiht night for Immamu'l hospital ,
t'otiBlsling of the Life of .loioph illus
trated with tableaux and accompaniud
by vocal and itistriiim'iitiil music.
Htiilding Inspector Whitlock says
that if tin ! i > arly who wrote him con
n-ruing a certain brick block , ISOl ! ,
1MH and 1MW , will give the name of the
street tlio matter will bo investigated.
The Adams K.xpresB company intends
to loimne from Its present quarters on
Fourteenth street to Fifteenth street ,
opposite the opera house , and the floor
of the btoro at the corner of the alley in
I'liion block ih being lowered to the
sidewalk to accommodate them.
The charge of assault brought by
Anna Ilavlicok against her husband
ld ! ward , and his brothers .lames and
I'linrloH , occupied the greater portion
of the entire afternoon , but after the
oxidi-iK'o was all in there was nolsulli-
eient toonvict and the
, prisoner- ) were
H. F. Wiley is u guust at the MilUml.
.1. P. Johnson , of Kearney , Is at llio Mil-
A If MeM.ihon , ofllcati ieo , is a guest tit the
S. W Uarcluy , of Heat rice , Neb. , is at the
Mm ray.
H. W OIT , of Lincoln , Is a guest at the
S. I. , . Tmvle , of Lincoln , was at the Mill-ml
K. O. and wife , of Sidney , Neb. , are at
the PnMon.
Jolm W. Tuclccr , of Valentine , is stopping
at the I'.ixton.
.lolm W. Hoffman , of Lincoln , is stopping1
at the Milhml.
II M. Lovutt , of Lincoln , registered at tlio
Millard last night.
C'linrlcs 1) . hmitli , of Lincoln , was at the
Paxton yesterday.
11. II. Uouinson. of ICimball , Xub. , at
the Pnxton last night.
W. A. Dwipht , of Hastings , registered at
the Millard jcstorilay.
Frank Itarctilcr. of lio.itricc , registered at
the Murray labt night ,
( . ' II. Dietrich , of Hastings , registered at
the Murray yesterday.
1' O'Neill aad wife , of Lincoln , were at
the Murray yesterday.
Frank 13. Harness , of McCoDlc , Neb. , is
stopping at the Murray.
T. II. Hcntnn , of Lincoln , was among the
guests at the Millard last night.
S. H. Wallace , of Sidney , was one of the
guests at the Milliird lust night.
F. ( J. Sholc.s , of Lincoln , was one of the
guests at the Mun.iy yesterday.
William Fnlloii , of Nebraska City , is
among the guests at the P.ixton.
F. A. Korsmcycr and James II. O'Neill , of
Lincoln , are slopping at the Murray.
Miss Ulaia A. .1. Corey , of Clinton , la , is
the guest of Miss Mauu K. Corey , 11U.I Ham
ilton street.
Harry A. Lee , manager for Crcstnn Clarke ,
is in the city. Mr. Clarke is a nephew of
Ed win IJootli.
Otis II. Ilcnnis , n nephew of fieneral .T. H ,
Dennis , of tins citv , has been appointed con
sultation clerk of the United States supreme
court. _
Yomifj Men's Kcpiilillcnn Club.
There will bo a meeting of the Young
Men's club on Saturday oven ing
at 7. HO at ill ! South Sixteenth street Busi
ness of iinportancu will oomo up. and every
member of club Is rcqnostud to bo present.
A ( luniixvay.
A horsn took fright at the cars near the
Union Piitiillu depot , and running north on
Tenth street was not stopped until ho had
succeeded in completely demolishing the
buggy to which ho was attached. The steed
was stopped at Jim Stephoason's barn.
Received nt the Open Door ,
Thursday Mrs. Clark and the other ladies
connected with the "Open Poor , " at 'M0 ]
Capitol avenue , received a number of calls
from ladies and gout lemon Interested in the
worlt being done tnerc. A number gave
most substantial proof of their Interest by
money and other contributions , and Mis ,
Clark hns determined to have u gencrcl re
ception day once every month.
An li\oiii'Nli > n to Ijlnciilii.
The Hnrlington has made a special rate to
Lincoln and return of one faro for the round
trip from Oinalni , the same to apply Sunday
next , ttio occasion being the dedication of
tfto German Catholic church at that place1.
A special train , leaving hero at S a , in. Sun-
dav morning , will be run , and it is thought
that a largo delegation from Omaha , to
gether with member * of civic societies , will
AVrcmliin ; ClinlliMiji * Ai'ecpteil.
The challenge of ( Jeorge H. Stewart , of
the Paxton barber shop , to wro > tlu any 110-
po-ind barber forKKasidu ) , bestthrco in five
falls , catch-as catch-can , 1ms been accepted
by P. C. Merry , of south Omaha , through a
letter to Tnr. HII : : . Merry say-i he will moot
Htowart at S'tO ; p. in. next Mondav at the
Diamond , where ho will inane a deposit of
$ > , and agree on the tiuvi when the match
will lake place.
Wants u Claim C'luli Iitli. :
John Murphy , nt whoso approach every
iiosa curled , was arraigned for drunkenness.
He were two shirts and said that whenever
the outer one got dirty ho used it for an un
dershirt and then washed the one thai I.nil
served for that purpose. A shirt would thus
last tlvo or HIV weeks without holm. washed.
His honor sent him to the county jail for nvo
ouyo so that he could gut tfoth shirts'ied
nud get u good b ith In the bargain.
Colni ; to tin ) Inauguration.
Among the distinguished guests that ar
rived from the west was U'Hsoil ' H , Hum-
onDon of the proaldont-cloct. Ho Is on
bis way to Washington , whither ho will at
tend tlio Inauguration cxerclsas. Ho Is a
pucst of Governor Siumbrs , whora Mr * .
Harrison Is sojourning. Tlio latter will ac
company Mm to Washington , though It Is as
yet undecided as to whether Clovcraor and
Mrs. Saunuors will join thorn. .Mr. and Mrs ,
Harrison will Ivavo to-day.
IHilii'c Think n Win Loailinl.
Conthlorablo cniKtornatlon was caused In
court bj the end of the gavel ( lying off on a
tnngoat wh'.o hU licnor was pounJImr tlio
desk with It. Thu Jilylng uiUsilu Hew
straight tit tlio head oC Attorney Simural ,
who cscwi'od an ugly contusion by ducking
bis cnput The judgu was talking nt the
tlmo but the accident so ratllod him that hti
Stopped right in the inlddto of n simloiii'i' and
could not romombtjr uftur'.vurxls wbuio ho
Jiud led or. :
JIION ri/\i >
Almnl nt Ijflrtyers , They lilt Report-
ITM Harder.
New rules lmvo gone Into effect nt police
hraJiiuartrrs , nnd In future no attorney will
ho nlloxvcd to look for clients among the
prisoners behind the burs. No friends will
he Allowed to speak to the unfortunates
unless the chief , the mayor or the police
jtldite shall give a written order to that
effect Ncxvspapcr reporters are also placed
under the bun , nnd nro tint allowed to use
the telephone , or interview n prisoner , unless
by written permission. The rules now to bo
obsencil , read as follows :
Nn smoking allowed.
No person not belonging to the polled de
partment is allowed to use the telephone.
No person not belonging to the police de
partment or in charge of the police is allowed
inside the railing and partition next to the
culls ,
No person not belonging to the police de
partment is allowed to speak to prisoners
while in their cells.
Until prisoners are bronchi Into the police
court no person will bo permitted to speak to
imy of them unless having a written order
fiom the imi > or , the police judL'ior chief of
Any person having such written order to
speak to a prisoner , the captain will detail an
otllccr to take such prisoner into the police
court room to see the narty who desires an
No police odlcer will he allowed to furnish
bail lor any prisoner.
If any prisoner wishes to send a message ,
ami has monc.v to pay for It , the jailor , after
being informed of the nature of the message ,
mav call a messenger hey for that purpose.
'I lie jailor will give nil reasonable inlornm-
tion to eiti/ens miiiiring | after prison
ers , and will fuinish the captain
with written memoranda each day of all
complaints , of cili/ens.
For the accommodation of newspaper re-
portets and others , the Jailor \\l\\ \ \ Keep a
book giving the name of all prisuneis , date
and cause of arrest , hi whom nt rested ami
the charges nuainst them. This book to bo
kept on the desk outside of the tailing night
and day.
Thu cells mast bo whitewashed every Mon
dav and washed out every day.
Prisoners permitted to work out their line
nt the station must , whoa not at woik , bo
locked up.
The popular blood purifier. Hood's
Sar.siparflla , is having n tremendous
sale this K'UMIII. Nearly everybody
takes it. Try it yourself.
OIMicTii : : > TO PIlKIV/tlNG.
IliifsfN lli'l'iisc 10 Stand Unhitrlicil In
I lie Colil.
The cold weather was account iblu for a
number ol run iw.iyscstcnlay. . One team ,
attached to the carriage of William Wallace ,
cashier of the Omalia National bank , under
took to warm themselves bv a dash from the
corner of Tenth and Howard streets to Six
teenth street near California , where they |
wore stopped li..lolm . Straight , a driver In |
the employ of William Sio\vrs Ho checked 1
them hefoii ! nn.\ material dnimmu was done ,
but he did it at the risic of Ins life. Another
hoi so ran aw.i.v from near the corner of
Seventeenth ami Fnrinim , and at latent ac
counts was m the ncigliDorhood of Lake
street , while a third claimed the right-of-
way west along St. Mary's avenue In each
case they were loll standing too lena in the
If you need a perfect tonic or a blood
purifier- , take Dr. Jones' Hed Clover
Tonic. It speedily cures all troubles of
the btotnaehkidney and liver. Can betaken
taken by tlio most delicate , i'ricc 60
cents. ( Joodman Drug Co.
Council nnd ( lie Postmaster. ; i
"I tun not going to Washington to en
deavor to slop the Potomac river , " said
Hon. W. a. Council. "I am taking no laws
with mo and will introduce no measures
until after I shall have become thor
oughly nccliuratl/ed. I shall return
on Mm eh 10. Dunmr mv absence my bnsi-
ness will be attended to by .liulgo Ivos who
has heun In my oillco fora couplj ot years.
"Ai regards my preference for postmaster
I am in favor of Woodaid , 'hough I do not
know who the other candidates are. I am
in laver of Woodard simply because I
desire to rollout the republican sentiment of
this city , which I umierbtnnd has liberally
endorsed him.
"I did not know Mayor Fnray was in
the Held , but he would maku a strong man. "
Mr. Council intimated that personally he
would have nothing to do with giving the
ollico because that was in the control of Sen
ator Mandorson. _
Fisher Printing Co. , 1011 Farnamst. ,
telephone 11201 , blank book makers , etc.
_ i
Mortuary .Mutters.
Mrs. M. T. Johnson , housekeeper at the
Arcade hotel , died Thursday night
of heart disease. Her death was
rather sudden but not wholly
unexpected. She had been suffering for sev
eral dnjs. A brother living at Dexter , In. ,
was telegraphed to and is expected hero this
evening. It is thought he Will take tlio 10-
mains there for burial.
The body of Mrs. It. F. . Dney was shipped
yesterday by Drevel & Maul to Kx-etor ,
Neb. , where it will bo buried.
The gay young bicyclist he's In his bed , '
Not for him is thu spring sun shining , '
He hns been Hung nnd is sore in body and head
Hut Salvation Oil will make his smiling.
"I've got it at last , " said the fellow who
found his cough subdued by a bottle of Dr. j
Hull's Cough Syrup.
A .Man mill Woman Held on llio
< ' ) iii ; < v ol'Stculinc I'DitL-rs. j
Lawsnn Cowell and hH wife , against { i j
whom infoniiatioii was llled last Monday I
with Unite. ! .States Commissioner Anderson , '
wore lironclit hum prisoiuM's Thursday nlf-lit
by Postolllt-oInspuctorCicor/io / 11.\Vatorbtiry ,
of DenvL-r , and Deputy Marshal Allen , wcro
cvntnint-d and bound over in fl.OJO each.
In runm"'Uonvitli this hlatuniL'iit conies
nn intcrcstiiifj little story. Mrs. Ktta Co\v- ! j
oil is a blonde and rather I
very prettj , stylish , i
a fascinating woman. For months
she and her liushmul have had cliaVgo of the
It. A : M. station at llelscy , a small place be
tween HroUcn Uow and Alliance. Ho was
the agent and slio the telegraph operator.
Last August Mrs. Cowell received a bluu
ribboned document from tVashmgtou ap
pointing her DiiMmlhlrcss for Helspy. in
turn .she designated her husband to net ns
the assistant. About Ilio 1st of November
complaints commenced to reach the depart-
meat that registered letters destn oil to par-
tics who get their mall at a point called Pur-
dum , fourteen miles noithof Hclse.v were
occasionally ml ed Afttfr considerable
correspondence Mr. Waterburv was in
Mrneted lo Investigate ninth rs nnd he soon
discovered Hint thu ndsslni ? letters wert
being rilled at Ht-lsoy , where the mall
for Punltim Is tnken off ami sent by carrier
across country Having satlslled hiinscll
that Mrs Cowoll and her husband were the
thieves , ho engaged n constable to watch
Jlicni while he could come to Oiuilm and get
the necessary pnpcrs for their arrest. On
his return the two were taken into custody
nnd hold until Deputy Marshal Allen ar
rived there Thursday to bring them here.
The inspector succeeded In ascertaining be
yond reasonable doubt that tho.v hiid broken
open nnd robbed seven letters , containing
from i't to { 15 each , nnd that there are pre
sumably many others not yet reported. The
letters found had been opened by steaming
and again scaled lip with nmclhib. [ The
trick wns ingeniously anil nenlly worked
'I ho prisoners were taken before Conimis
sinner Anderson and arraigned Immediately
after arriving in the city. They waived pre
liminary examination and weie held in
$ lXt ( ) bail for trial at the next term of court.
AlIM - to Mot hers.
Mrs. Winslmv's Soothing Syrup should al
ways boused for children teething. U soothes
the child , softens the gums , allays all pain ,
cures wind co'ic ' , nnd is the best reined j for
diarilxiM. - " > cents a bottle.
Res ol lit e .loni'tieytliPii.
There are no Indications of a termination
of the tailors' strike.
Klglity-soven men are still out , and as both
sides seem determined not to give in , the
trouble will probably not be settled for some
No iliiect overtures have been made by
either the journeymen or the merchants , al
though there have been in formal conferences
between strikers and their former
employers. The merchants assert that the
men have Insinuated a willingness to return
to woilt under the new bill , provided an in
crease is made in Class C Hxtras , but th.itas
Mich an Increase would practically make the
prices the same as In the past , they are un
willinir to make the concession nnd say that
the journeymen must come back
under the bill as it stands or not
at all. Speaking of this assertion yesterday
a prominent union man said that it was un
true , that they not only want the Increase in
the extras , but also want tlio old lull as it
stood , thus making an even higher bill than
the old one. Ho said the work in Omaha
was harder than in New York. Clueaco or
any other . which he had over worked ,
owing to the demand for superior made
The same man denied that the union was
persuading scabs who had gone to work in
their places to leave their benches , "We
It now they cannot no the work1 said he ,
' and they only spoil garments nnd make
matters nil ttm belter for us. "
The journeymen say positively that they
will not go back to work under the new bill
us they would not be able to make a living.
A X e\v Train.
The connectiii11 link between Ne
braska nnd Kansas lias just boon placed
in service by the Union 1'acitic railway.
This train leaves Council HlnlTs daily tit
1:1" : ) n. in. ; leaves Omaha ; it < > :0" : n. m. ,
and runs through without change to
Manhattan , ICtin. , making direct con
nections there with tlio ICnnsas division
of tbo Union I'acilie railway for all
points in ICtinsiib and Colorado west
bound , and for TopeKn , Lawrence , Kati-
ins City and points and south via
Kansas City. Uoturiiiiig , train leaves
Manhattan at --o : p. m. ; arriving at
Heatriee at"i ( > : p. in. , Lincoln at 7oO :
j ) . in. , and Omaha at 11:20 : p. m. . Conn-
cil UlulTs 11:10 : p. m. , making direct
connection with Kansas division tnins
from Kansas City , Lawrence , ToneUa
and the east , and from Denver , Salina.
Abelino iiiiil nil points westj enabling
passengers to visit the principal points
in Kansas nnd Nebraska in tbo shortest
possible time. These trains have lirst-
clnsa equipment , consisting- smoking
cars and day coaulios of tht5
latest pattern. The new train will fill
a long felt want , and is bound to bo
Tlio McC.uui Suicide.
The circumstances attending the suicide of
the woman in Chicago , who claimed to bo
the wife of an Omaha real estate agent
named Tuclccr , have reached the ciiy.though
the whereabouts of the man to whom she
claimed to bj marrlivt are clouded in mjs-
tery. It is now thought that the Tucker in
question is a resident of s-omo other city bc-
cause the most reliable records have failed
to pioduco a real estate man of this city
bearing that name.
The suicide was n pretty girlwhoso beauty
and iraldincss led her to excesses which
brought sorrow to her parents and herself
to the death of an abandoned and dopravcd
woman. She resided in ICeokuk until a few
years ago , when she went to Chicago. Her
sister Hirdio was also led into a reckless life
and several years ago charged Ted Kennedy ,
who played with the Omaha club ol 'Ss , with
seduction. The charge was made just as he
was about entering the National league , but
was afterwards withdrawn.
The New York girls , how pretty they look
with the new "Hello" .lane Hading veiling ,
to bo had of dealers , by the yard at 05 cents up.
Slio Oot Her Machine.N
Mrs. Anna Porter , alias Mrs. Anna Ilus-
sell , brought suit in Justice. Kroeger's court
agninst a barber named Maker to recover a
sewing machine , and won the suit. Mrs.
Porter's real name is Mrs. Anna Uu&scll
Her husband lives in Kansas City. She took
a great fancy to a limn named Porter and
the two eloprd , coming to Omaha a few
weeks ago. She has since been living with
Porter as his wife. She had a sewing nra-
chine , bent to her from Kansas City. She
gave < her husband pro tern nn order to get it
I at the depot. Porter got the machine , but
meeting ' M.ikcr sold it to him for SID nnd has
not since returned to his rooms on Webster
stieet , where his psetido wife has been wait
ing for him. 15.y ueci'lont she learned of the
disposition of the machine and biought suit
against him , when the nbuvo facts are
gleaned from her testimony Slio has re
covered tlio machine , and Porter is also anx
ious to return to avo'U prosecution.
Puni'b' soap ib the moat elegant toilet
"Will llo Keiitetiocil To-day.
A. Campbell , the driver in the employ of
Jim , who was arrested on the
charge of appropriating some ot Jim's money ,
was arn.ig.ncd and pleaded guilty , butyester-
day being a legal holiday the judge postponed
the .sentence until to-day.
Tsnl liy the t'liitnl Stairs Ro\trnnirnl J'mlorscil bv the lit-ni ] of the C.rrat 1'nucrnt ts
nml riitillcHooil Aua ! > sU. ns the StrJiiKCkt I'lito-l aiul'lliost IlcjHlifnl 1'r l'ric n ( 'renm
Vakinir l-owdcrtlot-h not contain Autiaomn I.liiieurAlum lr 1'rict- IellLionsi\oriiiil'.x- ) ) !
tracUVaulllaIeiuon , OrauycAlinuiul , Ko v tic .ilunoicontain l'ul.s-iou ( ) ilaurV.Li.iulrals.
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romtu'Utlun with multitudes of lncost. .
MioltuolKlit ulllin or ph'wplinte powilu s S
only In cans , lloyal llaLln 1'owdef Co. , 1.M
\\ullsHeet \ , NI > \ \oik
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very Low In Price , Also , Court House Furniture , and
Some 400 Styles of OElce Dctht , Chairs. Tallies , Etc.
100 Page Illustrated CotiloEue Flee. Postage 7 Cts ,
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the fii'ltl with Nt'\v Spring Tomorrow morning we shall luivo open and ready for inspection , onr
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Among the line , vrf will show you two sfyl of Moltou Ovorcon's ' ono a Imnni the otlior a groy shade ,
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it ! A genteel 0\oreoat. silk fuc.'d . and elegantly miule , and good enough for anybody lo wear , al ? " ) .7. . You
Hover saw such a garment olleretl for less than $10.
Another Spring Overcoat to which we direct attention is the one wo nro olleriiig at $7.90. This is made
of a line , stylish wide wale Leeds , medium light color , trimmol and made like any merchant tailor garment ,
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A third garment v.hich we tuko pride lo mention is a very line Mellon , of a beautiful lip It t sl
wpofflrnll3.-.0. ? This i-cwt is LI N HI ) TlllKM'lIItTT ! ( ) WITH 1-MXK SI Iland in quality , appearance
and make , equal to any en-loin made garment for which a merchant tailor would charge $ : ! . " > o$10. .
These are only a very few of Mm styles. \Vo can show you do/ens of them , and every one yon will a Innt
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witlt * t choice.
Our hat department i * . booming and Iho-c ! | . " > e Dorbys are g.ting Itk1 wild lire.
Corner Douglas and. Fourteenth Streets , Omaha.
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.w - .
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\ \ ) nn < Tosfcil
U1U roiiiplalnlH Curnlilo by riccllicilyfirnCahiin.c in
. . . * , . . . y . . . . . ; _ . . . , .
slil. AIlercMiinlnuiBlliisbelt \\ill buy no other , as itlslifjlitand ea-ilj mini nnd Mipcii' i to all ot
ThU The OWEN ELECTKIG BELT fe APPLIANCE CO. , 308 Noi-tli Broadway , St. Louis , Mo.
w Ovjit A MIM.IO.V ] ) ivritinrTiu !
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
Incorporated liy the leKM.Umo in Wf * , for
IMiicatioiml anil ( . 'limltalilo purposeami Us
frani hNe iniilo a unit of tlio | in > viit State ( . 'on-
Htltntion , in 1S7U , by nil o\ci\\liulmlUK
Its MAMMOTH IWAWINliS take place Ppinl-
AiiMuiillyc.lium and Deconilieri nnd Its ( ! IIANI >
SJNdl.i : N't \IIU3lt JHAWINiS ( take place in
each of the other ten inontlis of tlio j car. and
nro nil iiniun 1" jnibllc , at tlio Acadoniy at
Music , New Oilc-ans , In.
I'lirliilc rilynf ils ltruhm'S , and Prompl
I'aj mo it ( if 1'rlxcs.
\T1I Sll.ll * S K.O\VS [ :
"Wodo hereby certify that we siiporviset-
air.ini'emcnts for nil tbe .Monthly and Suml-An
nnal lr.i ) iliisot"riio ( Louisiana Kiato l.ottory
Coiiip.inj , nnd In pui ou nianiiKu and control
tlio lrin ) > 'liiKS tlifiii-i'lvos. anil that tno MUMO
me conducted with honesty , falrm-n" , and In
K od faith towaid nil pirtle- . , and wo authori/o
the company to use tli s c.'itllUato. with fac
similes of oiui signatuies attached , In Its adver
tlSL'lllL'lltH. "
We. nnderilKnml Hanks and llankeih. w ill
pay nil I'rle.drawn In Tlio l.oni.sluna Main
l.ot'oiies ' vhlch may bo presented at onr tonn-
II. M. WAl.MSI.r.V , Pros. Louisiana Nat. Hank.
l'iiiilti : : I.ANAI \ . 1're.s. Mate Nat'l Hank.
A. IIAI.mVI.N. I'ins Nmi Oilcans Nnfl Hank.
t'Altl. KOll.V , I'les ' I'nloii National Hank.
At tlio Aiiiulnuiy < ) ! ' .Music , \o\i' Or-
IcaiiK'J ucNdny , Mni-uti 1- ,
IHHI ) .
CAPITAL PRIZE , $300,000.
100.COO Tickets a.\ Twenty Dollars cash.
Halves , $10 ; Quarters , $5 ; Tenth : , $2 ; T&'jn-
tiethj , $1.
i I'lti/.i : or im.iKHiiH
i 1'iti/r. OK inkiiH ft 1,1 N HI
i I'ui/.K or ifiiio.iis M.V 0 >
X I'lll/.r.S OP H'.utilaro. '
fi ] > ii/.is ( : or Jiix.i , ) Kru.
" . ' IMtl/.KS Ol' I.UMiire
1IKI I'ltl/P.S OlNMliro. . ro.iiH
SIM I'ltl/.lIS OlIXklare. .
W l I'Jtr/.CS OK 'i lare.
I'lll/IJS ,
100 I'll/.es of fvidam
KH ) 1'il/e.sot IKOaro
lot ) I'rl/m of L'0)ar )
rriiMiNii. i'iii/i.s ,
Ii'li Prizes of fid line } ! nOl !
Ib'J ' l'n/es ot lOOato VJ'j ( i
Miil ; I'rl/es. ninoiinlini ; to tlOTil,8X )
Nell TUkcu DrnwIiiK t'apiial I'lUi-Huru nulen-
111.i > l in tcrinliiil IPII/IIN.
Jtr'l nn n I'll IIMI x , or imy Inrllit'r liifiiriniuli'ii
IcHlruit. wild ) Icjibly In tlio niulct > liiicil. eliitrly
i-tiiilii. ) nut re-tlileni e , Hlth hlali , ) . Mn etioiil
Niiinlicrlore riihlil nitiirn itiioi ili'lliery will l > v UN-
Hiirc 11 > , jiiiir eiiLlu lnj an enilu la bearing your
M'li I I'nvi'AI. Mll'KS , IHiirem .Money Orleri.or
New \urk Hxihnni. In iinllnurj letter , i uriuiie ) by
OrM A IMI'PIIIN , .Now Urlcam. I
Address Registered Lelleis to
Nuu , Orlfiin1 ! , l.a.
> ITAI I.'l'Vril < M > ' " " " ' "u iHiynn-nt of
luMM hi\I lilMi ir/.iiK . \ ( : :
n KM K NA'I'KI.VAI. II t.SKs 01 Ni'W drieaii' . innl
e u k' U .ire nluiiu I li ) ( he PieMilt-nt ot an lootitii
.op utiiiNu iliaitereil il.'litK are reui nt/o I lo Ilii-
i.t'lu'i-t i ur'H ' ilierclfint. licnarc-oi .ill iniiiatioiiv or
lltt IV Ilillll * ) l II1L
UNiHi.Mt ! ; | | i tinnrl i1 "I Hie mioillusl part or
fi.i lion of ti tirkel l- > r | il I - in a ID ilii > n
\u > Ilunn' in our omnu oilo.t-il fur i i nt . IJol
auxin liu
' inl MllllNIMItll
rollr IJ ovrltoBit t
i I uiittr.i.llvutin'Uluitc ! * ! ! . t cia
foil Mr hi-lf. lu llueinilli > 'fn' KiHwMful
ktrrtfkl vlhrf rmifl'ti MIU PHHU ( ( H | ( |
f. HJdOGJf l.r.II llroj.l.vuj , I ll \urli.
li kiri.riLLtiTi'ooia ( ( uurj , uti. uiiiiri
20to60 DAYS.
This is a disease whii'li lists heretofore
Bullied nil M oil i ctil Si'ienco.
Woliavon Itenii'ily. nnknowu to am one In tlio
\Vorlil outsidoof oiir < 'oniiany | , nnil one tint liai
% : VIEI : E'AIB. S *
to cnio the most obstinate OM-.I-I. Ton ilavs In
rii ent oases iloi'S thu unrk. It Kt'io ' olildironle
iloep seated in es tlia'o Hollrit. Wo liavi-
cnteil liUnlieiis\\lii ! ) hn\o l > iu-n nli.iuiloueil ] > y
I'hyslclan-i anil iirononnced Inenralili1 , anil M >
ehalleiiKi' the vtorlil to biliiK ns u casu thai wo
will not cure In letlian hl\ly ilaj-n.
Sliicutlie hl-itory of inedlclno u tint'peildi
for fjiilillis haliLt'ii hoiigiit lor but noxor
found until onr
.any cetieii ani tn ey arc u-u
illhoii-e , but In one , two or thieuear
iiijieiMuiiln | In a more li-irilbli ) rmin.
Thifa IHII blood I'lirilii-r nnd will C'uro
any Skin or IJIood liiei-o : ! when
Kvervthiiif , ' Klho l-'alls.
Itoom iOiiinl II , I1. S. National Itnnk
Omalia , Ni-b.
C'a pi till . 1KW.OOO
HurpltiH .Inn. Int , IhW ) . -J-,00" ,
II. W , V\TKH. l'io--lilent
Li.wisK , Uiin. : ; Vleu 1'r.Hlili-nt.
W. II..1' llriiinftihicr. ( .
A. } ' . Toir/M.iN , W'.V. Mouse ,
JOII.N S. CDI.I.I.N1 * , , IN. II I'MltlCIC ,
It. L' Cl'KIIIXI ,
Corner l.'th anil I'limam h'ls.
A ( llanklna lliihineha Transai'tol.
Gold Watches ! ? [
. tb Juti/m v.rtol
yndUfarr ti rll I.I. in I Ira.M
< j lil Wul rli duly i >
1 er u \ Inrlii filer
ftrr > ajr ti ) UtltreLeinore
.rtrfveailinim iVllU'll * r
KKh'i ltB.,4ibci ) d tti tt. . h
N.i n.t . riuiiu Niit T
IVlltt'llt Hn4 rtcti il lli in il
J'JiiUlitdVlllfllf Ournj.u I
_ < l > jrtt 13 UU KK n ( > flir 11 to
5jr I tr HiKelcil f rry ion n iirrli *
ytntlr ltlu lri rj t tullj | 'N | tr
Kt f * Ut ltl J lu ) * T , * * i.l It will t titi < I 13
in" ilUioVryi' ' ri II ilftj rrllwinii 1,1 ,
( our M ! l" > 9 ll nn i
i > " "Hl CwdJ , 5
Chfd.rtA llvleiTinm. I lle ftllr.wlrolwrvdil/Pl tj
ln < u.twlul HKn'i.ui' ( Viui Jru.i,4rAc. U lib > 11
- , . , ! ttu uwt 'i J ! < > 'rnl I' I'tlp l' > y C"il " ' " ' '
ftjtrrllrfintnt , i > l je. Ac. 'He n n * of lt < ur > i > ilul " * i4f.
Physician and Surgeon
1'J.A'H'H.MOUi'Jl , - .NliUKASKA
vfts ; < < * " - % ' - * - - --i
N , W. Cor. 13th & Dodsro Sts.
R ,
Appliance : for Daformlties and Trusso ? .
nest tncUitli-H , appiirattia ami rpini'illc4 for I IICCL I
ful lre.itmi-111. or > vury foi-u of Ulai.'tisu retjulrlni
McillcHl or buoiiil Truitnieut.
lirmril anrt nllcaclancc ; bust Hospital nceommoU
tllma 111 Ull' West
WHITE ton niiriTi AIIS nn Do form llle nnrt Uriiccn ,
Trnsned , Clut , Keut , I'tirviituro uf tin * Spine. I'lli1 * ,
Tuiiior * . ( 'linear < Marrh , llroni. ! ! ! ! ! . InU ilHtiun ,
ICIeclrUltj , l'.inilr l . Killai5v | | , Kliliier , Ilia IJ r ,
lje , inr : , Skin nnil I .illb irclcnl rprrilloT
Disonsoa of Women n Specialty.
AIMIiuoil DlioascH iuccui9fully ! Irealoil , Syplillltlo
1'titHUti reniut r * I frinn tlitdbtruj wlllioul lui'ro.irr.
New riiilnriitlvu ni'nt lor Insi ol VIU1 r > ni < r.
rcfiini iiniible In vl H in nriy ho IIHIH.HI nt linmr tiv
rorrt'tiiiuiKli'iirf * . All t'uiiiinuiilcitioiiH ( uiulilcnltal
MeitklncH or In ilriiinontii "ut l > x lunil ue ntprm ,
ccin-'l ) | i ikil 1.1 > iniirki t > hiill'Hio cnnli nti < ir
t-oudor. Oinpeifnnal Intcrviiiw pn-lrrrtMl. ( n'l ' nnd
cn-iiiilt UH ur Ri-nil Iil4tor ) ot jour case , and * u will
sund In I'l.UTi ' n rapper , our
Upon Private. Spei-lal or Ni rvnin li ) easc < . Im > o >
Icnty. StplilliHUluel nail Vinlrututu , "illi iinciiu I
list. AiUrc94
AiUrc94MciUrol r/uiZ tiwjiftd Institute , or
Cor. 13th anil DoJuu bta. , - OMAHA , NIJII
-mi :
Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul R'y. '
The ftcsl Itoute from Oniulm anil Council
llliins to
Clilrngn , AND Milvumkcc ,
St. I'uni , Mliincniinlls , ( Vilar Itiijililf ,
Itork Klainl. Frccoi' | ) ( , Jtocliforil ,
Clinlou , lnliiiiio | , Dini'iinoit ,
Kl-'ln Kuillson Jaiicstille
- , , ,
Jlclolt , Wlnoiiii ) I.ii Cri sc ,
And nil oilier Important pcnnti Ktst , Nurllii ) > t iiI
For Ihiouoh lltkelt , * h uu ilia tirkol ncent at if/ll
I urimni ttit't't lu llnrker lllock , ur HI L'UIOII I'auno
t'ullii.un RU'ei'tri aiiu the flnut ttlning ( "nrt In tde
world urn run uu ib mtln line of Hi" ( Mnu'u Mil.
wftloe A hi. raullUllfny. til urer nut , ii.ul | lil
fj u'lkienuFri tir ( o'.rioj rnpiuTusci n ouju.puur.
if. Mil.I.Kit , ( Iuntr l UkUXKi.
.1 K 'H/UkKK. A < lflnntUiu r I iUiufcr
A. V II CJItrKMUU , lJt il l I'BliobJir 0
Tic < ut A/cut
OKU I K HKAFrouo , Annual 0 < ncril I'/iittjer
uJ 'llo ' < 8l A > eot
J.T. cLAiu ,
nnil innny times \\lll jitovo to von a woat
1 eVen stinnlil not ilelnv m--n for a dnjr
onr I'Oinlim't ) oin stunt. We au iniiklni ;
u vli-an hU < c ; > nt oin uiitlu- sun U ofMntor
Koodi * and wlil nun yon priu's that lll
nteiust you.
Tl.o onlr mid to take for Ic ) Molnoi , MRmlnllo
Co nr lli.plrtu Clinton. IHion , t liun n Mllnnuli
nnlNllpi inKKHil ! lli pp..pi. . t Siil.iiiika.Col
rnilo. U iiiiinriK , iinli , lil.ihn. Ni-nnin. Oregon. Wiili-
liiBtnii niiij CuTlfnrnln II oir rn nuiierlor uiUaritiues
not pniMblftliy- > minTlliie
AI-IUII/ IHW of I an immrriMii pointu tit tuperlorUr
rijii | > e.liy . Iho p ii < , n of lliH i m I ijelwitn Omnlm
. \CIII. ' wlili h Ilia llni n I ml li im n art ninl
I ici nilllirfniiPrriilp | l l'AIAl ( "I KI'I'INIJ CJ.HH
"ci'junlnf wliiiliian imt hifoini.l uMijiir At
I mini n lll'illn td ! r ln of llni Iliimii TH-IIIC Hull-
wny ID inn I In t i KIM ill put -till ] II' , H of Ihu Chi.
nin ! V Norili Liicrn l > la ( liirnko HIM IruliK ol
I itlininin.o rlururonnui Ik u null Iliimuor ll other
I nr l.i-lr .It , C-nlurutiiiii li.'llniHiiolH Clndnnitl ,
.4. iru 11 uil , lluirn o. ritUiiui , li.n.nlo. Mnnliual ,
fliin Ninork | ' | | | I I | | | IIIH | , lliililinote. W iU
' " ' ' . nl H pJlnUIn Itio tnti \ > k lortlckoH | U
' °
f' ' ' ' " "
, , , ! l'l'ri'lm"TMiyrSTERN"
" ' " * TI * ' * "
"YiM.ini'r. "f'M. i . WII.HON ,
ItL'Il I * < 1 AfjJIBTt ( Ifiu'J I'Alt f AlfCDt *
' . > IIAIKMl'i.iuMVB-iteiii : A vnt.
K I ! JIMIMI.I.'l'lrkit { ! Ax nt.
, , ' ' ' WKbl1. Cur f-iii ngerAitn
m u
HOI rernum HtOmmlm. . Neb
llu-eKsir t > i Julio C. .liuoln.i
Undertakers and Embalrnor
At ti.f > M ' .i 11 HJ ? Km inn fit. Onleiii tiy
t . ' 1 > b.iliilleil .l.ll Jioiilitly | .ItlullilCll.
TI 1' till ill' ' to p 0 . ' . ' .
IIIVOItlK'i A. li > llJttli II ATfOll.sev AMiAW
JJ l.llH'ur .orn lu. I aiie u. n u-lcu Irj i | VI yMr <
iiiin.rai.cwj bucuuK iji.tur .iuJ i