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Mr , Koiincu-d Would Like to Got a' ,
the Cash ,
SUBMISSIONISTS VERY TIRED ( ( nrrnliiK Hntiks nnd t'onccti
IiiK Itcf-lsti-atldii Ainoiii ; tlio
Liiicoi.2 , Hfnrvu orTiittOMUH MBB , )
LINOOI.V. Peb 82.1
Among the recent claims plnc-pd before tin
legislature Is one by Thomas I' . Komi ml foi
( It SMVJI. 'I he legislature of I'lTI author
ircd the governor lo nppoint an agent tx
lirosecuto the tluims ot the slati } agaiast tin
government on acount ( of lands disposed o
by Indian reservation1 * , military land war
rants , scrip issued for military services am
agricultural college , and for the recovery o
swamp lands. Governor Tut tins appointci
Sir Kennard as such aircnt , under a contrnc- -
to pay him ta per cent of the money or lam
be might iccovcr , but he was U ) make IK
charge for sorvlcp or expenses in ease o
fniluic to make a collection.
Thorontract was made In October , 191
Jvir. KennarJ made a friendly alliance will
nn Town agent appointed for tlipstimopur
pose Tliero nro eighteen states intprpHtec
in Almilar claims Tlie Neutaska and lowi !
agents introduced a bill In ( OngrS s for Hie
relief Ihey sought , and hiuo been Irving tc
get Biieh a me'.isuie through every session ,
bul without Btipce-Ks On the advice of the
Hceielaii of the interior , Mr Kennard pre
nentcd the i-laim for "i ppr cent of the Indian
. pservatmiift through Hie general laud olTlce.
ICstlnriting Ilio land alll'45 , he estimated
the < lul n at f * ) SK)0. ( )
After vauous ups and downs , he cot m
1831 a favorable elcciMon so far as the
X'awncp rpservatlon was concerned. The
timotint due HIP Htiito on sales to July , isso ,
I * was * l ) , rr ) IT , but instead of p.y ing II ovei
lo Nebraska , Iho comptioller covered
It into the treasury , claiming
il that Nebraska owed the government M'.i.U'J
on account of diicct tuxes levied duiiug tlie
war.Kennard had nn imptession that the diiPPt
lax had bcon settled but could lind notliiiiK
in stale or fceleral iccoids lo make the mut
ter plain Uu wrote the Iowa agent , who
linally dlscovcicd an act of congress by
which Nebraska , in consideration ot pajinu
the expenses of the teiritonal leglslatuie ol
1803 , was to liavo credit on the books for Ihc
HtnouuL of diicct tax with which she stood
charged. Ilj an oversight the < barge hail
icmalued on the books unbalanced for neatly
twenty yeais. With the assistance of Sen.
ntor Allison an amondmcnl was engrafted on
the siindrv civil bill directing proper oftlici
to ci edit Nebraska witli Ilio amounl of Ibe
direct lax and to p.ij over the sum due on
Bales of the Pawnuo reservation. The JH- ' 'i.7i
was paid to Governor Nance , who turned it
into the htnto ticiisuryatul rcfeirud the agent
to the legislature for pa\ .
A claim was made to tlie legislature of ISTS. .
The bill passed both honse-s In the lust bom s
of the session , and in the rush the presiding
o Illce. is neglected to sign it , BO it failed to be
come a law. 1 he next legislature tefnsed te
ullow Iho claim , and Kennard now appeals tr
this icssioii , Additional payments have been
made on the ichcivuliou lands sold , and the
amount now paid the stale aggregate'
Sia.'TTO , of wliiuh the agent claims one-hall
under his coiitiact with Govcuior Fin mis.
In the pieservition of tins claim ho assert *
that he has given more than a year's time ami
spent over 4.1,000 of his own money. Ho has
Hindu six tiips to Washington , Iwo lo Kansas
and two to Iowa.
Kcpresontalivo Berlin's committed has
ngieed on a legisti.itinnbill. It is similar to
the ant of two ago , which was pro
nounced uiiconstiuition tl , but makes pro
vision for i , wearing in the vole ot a man who
inav have been unable to icgister b.v reason
of sickness or absence trom home.
Scnalor ruiiek bus it bill in Ihc senate also ,
It ompoweis the mm or and council of eaeli
city of 5IMH ) 01 over to appoint a icgistiar foi
each voting pi ceinct , who shall sit on Tues
day , live weeks piucedmg the election , to
make u list ot electors for the piecmct The
1-egisti ats must coin the full lists ot the pre
ceding election , and theie are piovisions for
liosling copies , of the icgistry. The legis.
trars are to meet on Tucud.iy preceding the
election to complete and correct llicir lists.
'J'hei must add the name of any poison en
titled under the i oiistilullon to vote in their
rcs | > cctlvo piecmcts. Foreign born citi/cns
must pi esent their coitihcates of imturali/a-
tion.Tho lists shall be open to public inspection ,
nnd if any voter of thu city question the
qualifications of a pcison whose nauie ap
pears on tlie list , the registrars must write
the word "challenged'1 ' opposite ouch name.
AVlien such ueison seeks to vote the Judges
must put him under oath as to his iiuulilica-
tions. If any elector lugisturs knowing him
elf not qualified he will bo deemed guilly of
felony , Iho penalty for which will bo impris
onment lor one to Ihreoears. . . They same
penalty applies to any abettor of such fraud
C'xccpt Iho icgislrais , for whom the term ol
iuipilsonmenl is lived at two to llvo years.
H now seems probable that Nobiaska will
liavo a law for the legnlation of banks othoi
than "national " Alow d.tvsagoTiu UI.H
gave a synopsis of the Havinond bill
ns modilled hi the house committee It
grades the capital of lianKs tic-cording to the1
population of tla < communities in which they
aio to locate and provides for inspection
The Semite commiltei ) have had the same
bill under consideration as the basis for n
measure of tlie kind , and by consulta
tion the two committees Imvu been woikiug
on lines somewhat similar , but not wholly
HO. Thi ) senate ) committee has had a llnal
meeting und will report c.uly no\i week. In
btcad of making bank i emulations n
part of the state treasiny dupaituient they
make the tieasuier , the auditor , and the ai
torney general a boaid of control , to direct
inspections und lecoivo icpoits The senate
committee have also Incoipoialed in thu
bill a clause making savings banks subject
to control , the samit as other banks , except
us lo Ihcli capital , whieli will not be subject
to the piovlsion for grading accoi ding to pop
Tin : KIIIMISSION mi. i , .
Scarcely a half do/on members of the legls-
latuip dioppcd into the supicmtt con it 100111
vVi'dnusday tliuhriT the four hour argument
on the submission bill , and Mr Cady was Uu
onh ono to stay long. This may bo t iken as
fairb Indli'ativo of the npatbcllu feolmg on
tills incasuio A go number of rupubll
runs votud for it because of paity pledges ot
lutlnuiliitioiiH They ipguili'it its passage a
n disagreeable duty to bo rid of as soon u
possible , and they have dioppud tlie niaUci
with gi eat vest and unanimity. Thu pjssibil-
JtJ of living to faru the proposition again tile
lo dlsagie-i'iiblo to bo ontett unt-d , and it k
jccctv ing veiy little thought. ( Jonveisatiun
with lending submlsslomsts leaves the con
elusion that they are malcing no plans ninl
doing no sehununi ; in mitlciiiation of an ad-
vciso opinion fin in Iho supicmcenuil on se > i
lite lib ) ! II , Theio are < too many other wome
of greater pernonal intimacy. Keprcsunta
tlvu Dumpslcr , when tisKod what thu submls
Zionists will do if the double header be
pronounced invalid , said :
"Wo will trj to pass aiiothor "
"Is them u measure before the
"Ves , wo liavo house roll No. 1 where we
can cull It up at anv time , " with calm assur
"Hut that is a bill and not a joint re.solu
tion , " wuHiiuggested by the interviewer.
'Oh , well,1 ( ontiduiitly , "wo can amend il
In committee of the whole , "
"Will } ou to tei pass it in the hoilic in it :
plnglo foi ml"
"I thinl : not , " said Mr. Diimpstor "Wo
\vill probably amend by umbodymg m it 11
high hiensu aiuundmciit. "
Setiulor Lindsay , who introduced bcnatc
flln l , is not conlldont of the ability ol Uu
Bubnilsslonlsts to ugalii carry the bit
through : *
"At thu time the honato concurred it :
the tilirh license r'dcr ' , " said Mr. Lindsay ,
"I understood the subniiibionisls weru not .is
btrong in thu house by two or three voles. 1
linowuf no muoling or conference of sub
mlssionists iu anticipation ot thu Uniting ol
the buprcmo court , aim 1 do not think then
will bij any.1
rilOSt'KltlTV IV SIUI1T.
The boom-tide scums to bo turning lowau'
Ijlncoli : once more , and the chances an
that Itiu city is ou too eve of an era of pros
perlty unrivalrl tn the past A ivn Index o
tins ilio re u aHuMo tiiifevi \ \ \ tor n fev
trucls of utre.iIU \ \ < ui\n the i > .i9l fcxv day
Is re < > j > CTtfullj c itctl. A Rliorl tuiio since thi
IIIO | TIon ( J street , o mpifil by Uul I uul
snv , wi < t soU foi JSS.OOl C. C Hurr Jo
timed nn offer for 12,000 for tlio Hnrlc ;
| ) roKTtv | nbout ( lie same tiino Ycsti'nla ;
there-ill cstito tiutufcn in the citj nijcrc
Rated * ° o iKX ) . lr Carter soil hit 0 stroo
property , bi-lteoti lkentli nn < l Twelfth
for ttt.OiKX ) , prnc tirallv ipot oaih 1) . .1
Callinun rt-fuitil f7S ) > for hit "stub" lo
loinlliR Kutik' i opera house The cold w.tVi
of to ilny HPGinlniMhm no bid oilect on Uu
rralU deuli. Hutincss has been good U i
st.Uc'd that n tradu I * hi li.iml that will U
closed in n dii > or two Iti it will change tin
ownership of n piece of i itv propprtj at * " > " ,
IVX ) Hut Shis Is onouith to show how tin
tiilu is ilriltlnif. The roj rated b < mt th.i
T.ltiroln will be a city of 100 , < ) UO jtoopl
within llvo years bids fair to bo vorilled
I UIIH'9 lll'UTII IMI'limiSO.
Mayor Yocutn , of Ilastirn , was In Lin
coin to din When asKivl as to the health o
Congressman hurd , Insuil. .
"Ilu is not a well man b > any means , bu
Ills health greatly Improved. U'lth con
sulurnte rare on his patt , and careful nun
inp , I have no doubt but what hu will hi
completely restored to health in the fu
lure. Ho i ? certainly Improving. "
M'iminn on ciituuw.
The ( Icht for the mavoralty of Lincoln ran
now bo said to bo fuirh on net
that tin' cuillilac\ ( has naiinwed down t (
Mflliiilo am ) ( ir.iham , and that the \\f\ii \ \ \ wll
bo bctuccn these gentlemen. It h under
stood Mr Cirnlmtii is backed by tin oli'incnt of the city Me'lrltlo wll
h.i\e the solid support of the null monopo
lists .mil laboring men , and will malcc the
race upon the line of the late legislative c.un
( mien. It goes without saj IIIR that the mu
nlclpal election contest will bo one of tin
most spit Hud and c-xdtniK ever Itiiown in tin
Capital City
LINCOLN ( osnt nous nsjm TiinM'i L\rs.
The Lincoln lailway i-otuluetors guvo then
lirst annual ball ut'luinplo liall last evening
One and nil speak in uiiiti.illtled | terms of tin
success of the pirty The hall wasboiuti
fulli docoiatud , andimiongothefdesiKiiHWii'
n beautiful motti k'ntltled/'Peipetua ! Knead
ship , O U. C. , Lincoln Division , No. UiT '
The merrymakers banqueted at Carder's
und the dancing continued until u latu hour
I I ( lxf | VTU I ! ( IO6SII1.
Several members returned from the Gram
Army reunion at ICearney , and woio some
what , sui prised this moiiiini ; on entcuii ! , ' the
hall nf the house to lind it deserted.
'llus week has been characterized by nn til-
most touil cessation of business. No Inv
poitant iniMsiiica > * llnully disposed of , anil
but few of special interest discussed , Tin
members took advantage of the presence ol
Senator Mamlerson and ol the meeting oftlu
( iranil Army to have u JolH time , and tlie
have mauo it n most signal success ,
Monday will be the last day lorthointio
duction of bills in the house , and it is ex
pected that fnllj llfty embryatie laws will be
laiinuhed on tnu uiuertam sea of legislation
It looks as if somethlyg will bo done ne\l
week. The Omah.i chaitcr will come up
Tuesday , the Insurance- bills will likely fol
low , and the usury bills , maximum tanfl
and bills piovlding tor the assessment ol
railroad property ma } all stnkc the solona
in a heap.
.lohn M. 'thurston Is bound to bo imniqr-
talbed unless the farmeis in the house do-
\elop stillli'icnt backbone to stand up for
principle and stiikc out thu name of the
Union 1'acillj atlornej and chief of the oil
loom gang from the bill creating "i'liurston
county. " This bill has been pushed with
much energy and pei Mstence in the senate
by a couple ; of lobbyists from 1'eiuicr ,
who niiled by railroad lackeys htivo suc
ceeded in getting the bill through that body
with only four dissenting voles. In the
house it will not bo so unanimous
The efforts of Church Howe and his gaiifi
to create a division among the farmeis in
the house on trilling matteis so they may let
go on the purse strings of the state is not
pioving a brilliant success. The farmers
fully undcibtand each other and cannot be
nplit up in factions so easily as the boodlew
audrailioid crowd may imagine.
The "Sutherland lesolution" requcstinR
the railway commission to i educe freight
rates m this state , which was tabled in the
senate by a vote of 17 to 14 , was introduced
in the bouse by Johnson ol Phclps u fo-v
days ago , and will go thiongh that body
with a rush that will fairly take the railroad
cappers oft their feet.
There is no concealing the fact that ill-
feeling between the house audscimto is beuiR
engcndeicil , which may at any time break
out In an open ruptmc The mombois of the
house complain that the senate will not ton-
bidcr the bills sent them by that bod\ , but
put in all their tnno milling the senate bill' .
through and thrusting them upon the house.
If tills is continued much longer the house
will retaliate , and a practical deadlock will
bo the result.
A majority of the momhcis of the house
aie honestly in favor of some railroad legis
lation that will relieve the people from the
extortion now practiced upon them , but it
seems almost impossible to unite upon any
one line of action. Some favor a maximum
tanfl , othcis an elective commission , and
sumo think the commission .should > bo abolished
ished and a few general laws to prevent dis
crimination should be enacted. This clement
it growing rapidly in numbers , and Colo-
man's bill to knock out the Commission is
going to reccUc stiong support.
Among the few members who lemain over
during the vacation nro Cady , Oilchnsl ,
lluntoi , Hisbeo and Hvcrctt
' 1 lie farmers got one good hill through the
house committee of the whole this week.
t'nder thn present system the township col
lector 01 ticasurcr lollccts ne.uly all of the
taxes , and after deducting his 't per cent
tin us the mono > over to the county tieasuicr ,
and he lakes out another : ! pur cent , and
then the monegoes back to
the township whcro it belongs.
It is now proposed to disbuisu
the money directlj fioin the township treas
ury and save the II per cent paid to the
county treasurer on all local and school
funds ,
Although but few important bills nivo be
come laws , ict a geol deal of legislation has
bi'en ground out , and the house has passed 1 10
bills and imlfliiiilclj postponed about tiiiicU ,
1"0 bills have been tonsideicd by the blind
ing committees and are now on thu general
lilo This leaves only 11)0 ) still in the blinds
of the committees.
Tom Majois on Fiiday , introduced a mi
litia bill that has the merit of bipvitj and is
easy of comprehension. It simply lepeals
all piusi'iit laws on the subject , declares
every male of the state between
eighteen and foitvlive , a member of the
militia and directs the governoi to enroll as
many us mm be necessary in time of public
danger to suppiuss not or insurrection or
picservo the peace.
tin M\\S : jivi ) jarri s.
Hon. Matt Miller , of David City , drifted in
with the mot nine's cold wave. Ho is on
legal business and icgisturcd at the Capital
Colonel Al O. Faiibroihei , of the Call ,
leu\es foi Washington , ! ) C , .Sumiay morn-
n.govor the niklioin. Ho goes to iccreati !
mid wanes- , the imiuguiation of PiCbldont
Harrison ,
The smelling committee seems to bo lest-
ing on its o irs. The scent Indicated bi the
Herald coricbponuuiit proved to bo too weak
for rapid tracing , ami the chiinces are that
"sinuc'hiiiK" win done in thu absunco ol
'acts or pioof.
.1 .1V. . .lohtison , editor of the Sutton Adver
tiser , is uimpiling sketches of promiuimt No
bi.islijins , membeis of thu house and senate
nnd politicians and public men of national
piomiiienco promises to bo a work of
merit It Is out ot the tiack of theU.UH ]
penny-grab sketch book chanctdiistic in
legislative elides eveiy two iP.ns , 'I ho book
will contain -100 pagu.s and lf > 0 Illustrations ,
\V. V , Ijucuso.VHtiiU ! auditor of Town ,
snjs : "I hnvo usoil C'liainuorlnin'i
C'oiiKli Uoiiir-ilj hi my futility , und hnvo
no hesitation in saying it i-uui excellent
romt'ily. I holiova it is nil that is
chiimoil for it. I'crsons iillht'toil by n
eolith , will llml It u friond1 For sale
by all drufjt'1" ! 50 I'onts pep bottlu ,
Morgan vs.
These riders incut at the Colosseum thh
fvcuing to ilcctdo the question as to whu i'
the fasto-t man irrchpcctivo of what maj
coma to pass in the slmpa of tumbles. Morgan
g-an la\s his defeat last Saturday to the fall
ho rucahod , ana says that ho will keep .1
lookout for AshlngQt's hind wh6ul to-night ,
as the tweiity-milo nice is liable to be f.istci
than usual A progmmnio n ( other uvouts
priK-cxli's thu inatcn , us Manager 1'rlnc'u an
nounce * clsowhuro in TIIL. HIK.
For bonuty , for t'otufort , for improvo-
niontot thu cotnploxion , line only I'o/-
zoni's 1'owodop ; tlioro is > 'iolhiii { oquul
to it .
WHAT I'HOl'f n TAtilt
nnd lntrrvlo < CntiRJU In Hole
Corridor * nnd lllscwliorp.
Hon. John li. Markley , register ot tin
United States land office at O NeilJ Is at tin
Paxlon Mr. Markloy's term of office dixv
not expire for th'-co years yet , but he sayj
that ho does not expect to hold on lonpe.
than the middle of next summer. "Grou
heavens ' ' said he , "there are eighteen appH
cants for the place and thej'ruall ic < il hot
too. I'm having lots of fun watching Hi
light " The applicants nro ns follows 1 ]
L. Towle , a member of the house from Kno-
county. Senator Uobinsoii , from the sann
dtstrut : J. W. Kadford , county clerk o
lixonH. ; S Cicllespie , loan ngent , O' Neill
H P. Cli amber" , former register ot the1 Nio
briraolllco. Cliiules ICannnski , owner of tin
town site of VerdiRio , Vac Kanda , for )
number of icuscouiiu clerk , Sol Draper
of NioBrnra ; John McUride , clerk of the dis
tnc.1 court , O'Neill , L. Clevclind. ro\l cslati
m in , Atkinson , nnd a former i lei k In ono ol
the O'Neill banks named Lt.mlucr.
George Lehman , proprietor of the Grant
Central hotel , Columbus , was in the cit.\ ics
tcidaj. He speaks In glowing terms of tin
new bridge recently completed at that plaei
over the Loup mur The slructino is ol
Iron , built on piuis whluh sink to bedrock ,
and aie tilled with lOiicu-to after the style ol
tlioso supporting the bridges over the Mis
souri at this place , The bridge is 1,400 fee !
In length , In some places forty foot high , am
cost $4M > Oi ) Workmen aru busilv en
gaged upon the bridge over the Pluttt
at Columbus also , mid the mauagcinenl
hnpos to have It tlitishcd about the 10th o !
Maich , This structure is but a pile bridge-
but it is said to be of the strongest hind am :
with it the Colamhus people hope to inaugur
ate permanent nnd successful business ioin-
tions with the counties of Polk mid Hutler ,
which aie adjacent.
Hon. Charles \ \ . Meeker , representative
from the sixty seventh district , lseujo\inij
his holiday vacation in Omaha with Dave
Mercer and other congenial spirits , Mr.
Meeker thinks that the remaining days o I
the session will bo pioduUlvo of some gay
and c\citiiip times Said ho : "t u\peeti :
clash between thu house and senate on pre
ference of bills , and If it comes , good by leg
islalion. The senate Insists that all house
bills shall go behind senate bills on the cal
endar for that body , and you cm bet that
the house will retaliate by treating senate
bills in a like manner. I also anticipate a
big jangle over the prohibition question.
fieorgo W. Watoibun , the postofllcu inspector
specter for this district , was in Omaha last
night mid speaking of expected changes
under thu now administration , ho said , " [
propose to hand in my icslgnation , though
uiulei the civil service rules t am entitled to
stay until removed I would rather be In
dependent , though , nnd get out without
being asked.
_ _ h Cured.
A clergyman , after yours of sufforiiij ;
from Unit loathsome disease , Cuturrh ,
und vainly trying e\ery known remedy ,
tit hibt found u recipe which completely
cured siuil saved him from death. Any
sufferer from thiti dreadful disease send
ing u "self-addressed stumped envelope
to Prof. J. A. Lawrence , 88 Wurren St. ,
New York City , will receive the recipe
free of c
A Delccntion of Ncmalin. County Farm
ers ScurcIiiiiK I'or the Senator.
A delegation of Nemuha county farmers ,
neighbors to State Senator Caurcli Howe ,
were in the city yesterday soaichiug forthat
gentleman. At I o'clock they had not found
him , though it Is known that he arrived last
night and lias a room at the Millaid. Thomas
Hordes , Henry Colenum , Herman Coleman ,
John Geides , John Me\cr , WilliamTuxhorn ,
Herman Uodemaker and Editor Fellows , of
the Auburn Post , comprised the pai ty. A 15ii : :
reporter interviewed them , but they
could not bu induced to divulge the icason of
their great anxiety to got sight of the sena
tor. Thomas Giedcs said. "Wo wont to
Lincoln c.\pccting to eo Mr. Howe thcip ,
but found that ho had como hoioand fol
lowed him. Not ono of us had eor been in
Omaha bcfoie and we also wautcu lo see the
town. "
"What do you want with Mr. Howe ! "
"Oh , wu ju-,1 want to sou him "
"No other leason for such a big delegation
wanting to see him all at once1"
"No , wo are his iieighoois and just wanted
to sec him. "
"What doou . want to see him about ! "
"Oh , nothing' "
Then they uiulei took pump HIP reporter ,
believing that he knew of Mr. Howo's where
evidently the senator was not anxious for
them to 11 nd him. Heretofore ho has always
stopped at the Paxtnn , therefore bis change
to the Mdlard has some significance. The
clerk said that he occupied room 120 , but he
lias not been in all day. At 1 o'clock the del
egation went out to see the town , but said
they would soon rctuin.
Axes to Grind.
Storekeepers und drugfjUts with pri
vate "axes to grind , " although well
awurc of the superiority of SO/.ODONT
to nil uroparations for the teeth , some
times recommend other urlieles us
"equally pood" or ' 'the same thing" or
"superior. " Inbibt on having SOXO-
Kobert H. Clark Taken Hack to the
Seemof IliH l"-icaiados.
Robeit S. Clark , who was one year ago
manager of the Noith Bund ( Xob ) lumber
y.r.d of S. U. Ilowcll & Co , ami who de
camped with $ JGOO of the linn's money , was
attested m Chicago Thursday In the cus
tody of n detective , Clink passed through
Omaha yesterday en route to Noith Hend ,
where ho will bo linpiisoued until hu is
Civon a trial for the alleged steal
When the defnleition was first discovered
It was believed that Clark went to Canada.
The lumber compuiy put the matter in the
hands of n detective agency , and Clark was
tiaccd over the country until he was found
in Chicago. will bo lemomborod by many in
Omaha as a telegraph operator with spoiling
teiidancics , an amateur pugilist and a fre
quenter nf the gambling rooms. Four or
live yeais ago ho was transferred to North
Hand , whore ho took chargu of the business
of the Western Union Telcgiaph company ,
subsequently associating himself with thu
Howell Lumber comp my , under C 1C Hunt
ingtoii , the local agent Hu made himself
conspicuous chitilly by his semi-sensational
pscapailo witli a Miss ( 'ora MC.IIH , the local
"hpllo giil , " ami a sistoi-in-law of a loading
meiuhant of the plae-c. The affair finally
culminated in an otopiimont and man iago at
Fieinont , to the mllnitu cliagiiii of theyoung
lad.\'i lohitivcs Upon the piomotion of Mr.
1 [ nutinutoii was made manager of thu
Hun's business at Hint place , thus being uf-
foriled mi oppoitiiuitj of which ho scums to
liax'o taken a 'vantage.
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n cotiirh or cold , when u 50 eon i bottle of
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nnd safely cure them. Dollar .sue ehoup-
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lti\Ht Nighl oT tin ) l'viiiiiellBta at the
Last night Evangelists Potter and Miller
concluded their season of icvival mcctlnc1 ;
at the armory The congregation , which
greeted thorn for thu last time in the hall ,
was larger than on thu previous night. Con
HUlorlng the intensity of thu cold , thu audi-
toiium was fairly well llllud , partly by these
who had ucuu converted during the past few
At the opening of the meeting the usual
songs were rendered by thu clioir.atul the cus-
tomaiy or nightly collection was tnadu.
Kvangclist Potter selected his text from
Uzoilccl xxxiii , U. "Say unto them 'as 1
live , ' Haltli the Lord God , 'I have no pleasure
in the death of the wicked ; but that the
wiclioti turn from his way and live ; turn ye ,
turn 10 from your wicked ways , for why
would jedlo , O house ot Israeli' "
Mr , Potter spoke of his subject as a
Hcht house , planted by God nlong the
shores of danger It taught three Ihlncs.
Klrst , the lost CJitdltidn of thc , wu-ked , ed
oilrt , the desire nftJod ti iuo the wicked ,
and third , ttie reluctance of the wicked to be
saved God had tie pleasmo In tin. ' delta of
ittn man , but men Would not tnkc eternal
Ufa , though salvation was as treH > as tht >
water that runs down the sides of the moun
tains. Some pprsons argiied that they did
not coim into the Uoild of their own \oli
tion. The cicator broupht them into it ,
nnd If Ho desiied to send their deathless
souls into the pit of perdition Ho omild do it
Such people wore not honest with th" mllnlto
power , nor were tiny consistent with their
own poor souls. Because n man did not
come Into the world of his own volition was
no excuse for his treating his Creator In such
n nuinner. Ho was on the waters of Satan's
Black sea.
When the evangelist HnlsliPd his talk , sin
ners were asked to bow at the alter. A
number of converts were made1. Duiingthc
three week's woric of tiie revivalists tnej
lm\o accomplished considerable good , neailv
llvo hundred people having decided to be
The cost of conducting thn meetings has
been about SMO. The armory hull was nn
expense of WO n day lo the Methidists
Tlioj have come out even on the meetings
tlnancialU , although the evangelists came
here * without atii stipulated guarantee.
While the contribution was being taken
last night , Hldcr ClendonniiiL' asked for sub
scriptions to defrin expenses. Ono f > bill
was e-ontrlbuted by a L'pnerous soul. This
was the only "liver" given out , anil then the
subscriptions dioppcd to Jl ami 50 cent
To morrow thp ovnngellsts will hold forth
at the Triniti Methodist church lu ICounUe
Kor Tin oat Diseases , COIIJIK | , CohN ,
etc , effectual icllef is foumd lu the use of
"Brown's Bronchial Troches. " Puce Do cts ,
Sold onh In boxes.
Ailinircrs ol' ItilllimlM An Iv- !
peri K\hll > itlon.
A large number rupahed to the parlors of
the Gutu City Athletic. Club last night to wit
ness some expert billiard playing by Kiigene
Gaiter , of Chicago , mid Fiank Ives , of Cleve
land Carter is thu champion three ball
carom shot of the world , while Ives is the
young protege of Jacob Sch liter und is re
guided the best masse shot in the United
Slates , nnd also the coming man in the circle
of champions. Ho Is but twenty-two jears
of ago and is even now an expei t.
The eiitcitiiiiiment opened last night in a
balk line contest of 200 points Lieutenant
James Ariowsmith , of Fort Omah i , who is
rated as a master of the cue , was chosen
icfeiec Cutter opened with n run o I id ,
falling shot t on a left draw in a masse. 1 vcs
followed with a lun ot 12 , failing also in a
masse. This was kept up with scores aver
aging below this until the eleventh inning ,
when Curler closed the game hi n inn
of 5'J and was declared the winner.
The tuns made beither , in no
way indicated the ability of making more
points ns the plaei s manipulated the balls
so that in most instances expoit pi tying in
order to scoio a point was requited. In
closing the iun Carter cntei tamed the audi
ence by pel forming some of the most miiac-
ulous shots that h ivo ever been witnessed by
the bust patt ous of the game.
The second gamcv was a 7. point cushion
catom , but was only an exhibition game , in
which masse playing was mostly rosoitoel to.
Ivcs won the game , scaling 3b points in the
lifth inning. The individuals that cntci tallied
the loveis of this class of spoil last nigh are
enioutcto San Francisco , where they will
pinticipite m a billiaid tournament m the
ncai futuio. AnolToit will be made to secure
cure them agaiu for Omaha upon their re
Horsford'H Acid 1'lioxpliatc
For Weakness ,
Hysteria , and other diseases of the nervous
S. II. H. CIjAltlt.
The Object of Hit , Present Visit to
S. II. H. Claik , vice m evident and general
manager ot the Union Pacific , also Jay
Gould's right hand man , ariivcd in Omaha
all ) o'clock Wednesday evening , und is at
picscnt a guest in the Nebraska metropolis.
His art hal has set gossip in motion in con
nection with several projects , but the pic-
raihng opinion is that tic U hero to put fpct
plans of consolidation between thu sheet
lailway and cable tramwa > company. His
stated that some time .1 0 Mi C'hu k dis
posed of his interest m the stieot railway in
Omaha to the remaining stockholders , and
virtually disconnected himself fiom the en
terprise. He is said to have disposed of his
stock at about face value , ft ant which $ J.VJ-
000 was rcali/ed. The transaction was fol
lowed up , it is stated , by a partial payment ,
and that the major poi lion of thu amount is
still invested in securities of the company.
It now transpire" that Mr. has been
induced to reconsider bis action , and has
concluded to invest heavily in the
consolidated system. Tliuisciay afternoon
n mooting of the topresentativu piojectois o'f
the consolidating scheme was held in thu
parlors of the Omaha club , at which Mr.
Claik was present. The ilcllhoiution was in
strict secteey and none of thosu in attend
ance would divulge any of the tiansactions
when questioned. Fiank Murphy , of the
Moichants National bank , who was picscnt ,
admitted that a eonfurunce with Mr. Clark
was had , but refused to divulge the tcsult or
the tenor of the confcionce Lite in the
afternoon Mr. Clark was found at the Millard -
lard hotel , but was closeted with Frank
Hanlon and Thomas Swobe , and the repnitcr
was compelled to linger in the corridors until
the individuals concluded their star chamber
session. Finally , Mr Claris emerged fiom
the room , and when questioned concerning
his mission huru , said :
It is largely on pi ivate business with a
little ortielal business mixed Up. "
"is it a fact that jou have- disposed of your
iiiteicit in the hoisc lailway company hciei"
"Ves "
"Is it not also a fact that you b ivo lecon-
sideied the mattur of relinquishing your m-
teicsts and h ivo concluded to invest heavily
in the consolidated ptantf '
"Well , I hnvo sold out my interest in the
street railway eompiny and am here , as I
stated , on piivntu business hugely "
"Does not the pnvate business tulate to
your puichasing an intoiost in Jtho consoli
dated street car lines ) "
" 1 amnot prenaicd to state just what it is. "
" \ \ hat dnl you accomplish at the meeting
this iifteinoonl"
"Wu did not have a mooting , "
"But Mr. Murphy but a few minutes ago ,
informed mu that a muutlng was held , at
which certain individuals woiu present , anil
you among the number "
"Mr. Murphy tolu jou , did ho ! Well , it
wasapiivale meeting and 1 cannot toll , \ou
what was done. "
Onserving that Mr. Clailc had decided to
hermetically seal hi lips against giving unv
of the desboil information , the qucrj as lo
how the railway wxrld appeared to him was
prciiKuimlcd In response ho tinted that
trafllc was vxtremeli light all over the coun
trj , and that the earnings ot all mads were
being cut down He attributed the disaster
to an excess in the eonstruoiuin f > f tnllroads
and the feverish condition In which freight
latps have boon Uept bj the western roads
during the past few years A * regards the
pending agreements of the president * , Mr
Clark state 1 that the * prospects for It being
consummated were not ver.\ promising ut
present , but that the project was a wise tin
dertakmg. n-id undoubtedU il the agreement
was effected it would be accimiuniod in
good tesults As to Jay Gould's futuio
movement * , Mr. Chirk stated th tithe gieat
railru id kins had taken n turn lit life and was
gridirilly unloading his stocks and rallroa I
InU'rests In view of lotiring from lliu rail-
win u 01 Id HP pronounced tliPtepent lint
IIP ( Clark ) was to resign his present position
unfounded , mid stated that he had never en-
teitniiici.1 such an idea
\Vo aceiduiitnllv overheard the follow
ing dialogue on tlie1 stre-c-l yesterday ;
Jones Smith , whj don't .MHt.stop that
ilixffusUng ImwUing nnd sp'iltinpV
Smith I low can IV You know I am
a martjr lo c.tlurrh.
,1. Do as I did. 1 hail the disease in
its worst form hut 1 am well now.
S \ Vhutdidoudo for It ?
J. lined Dr. Sage's ratnrrh Uemeily.
It on red nn1 and it will emu yon.
S. I've heard of It , and by .love I'll
try it.
.1 Do s0. You'll find it at all the
drug siore-t in town.
Tlio Controversy lU'tueon MOSSTJ.
M > prs ami Shane.
The hospital suiisatlon WIN taking a testes . -
terday out nf ic-spect to the memory of the
Father of his coiintr. * as we ll as thu courts
and binks However , its buof suppiession is
not due to patriotic feelings nearly so much
as to the cold weather. Thuisday , Architect
Myers mid the commissioners agreed lo so
led Iwo local nichilccts who should \isit the
county hospital building yesturda.\ and make
mi examination Into the w oik rotuplaituvl of
and over which all this trouble has ai isen.
Myers selected Henry Voss to represent linn
and thu coiiimissiouei s said they would take
Mr Fisher , fio'ii the llrut of Meiululsslioti ,
Fisher .t Lawi ic.
These selections were satisfactory to every
L Her in the day Mr Voas suggested th it
thp committed WDUld be much stronger and
n oru olTectiyu if a ilrst class and wult known
mechanic could bo added lo it
This suggestion seemed to strike Commis-
sioneis O'Keelle and Mount fnvortbly , s )
they took upon themselves the icspoiislbility
ol naming John F , Coots as the third man.
Then it was agreed that if the mercury
had not diopped below 7ero thc.v would mi-
net lake their investigitlons jester I iv , so as
to icpoi t utthe icgulai weekly moetingof the
boird Siturday But themeicury passed
/eto several degrees , conseipiuntlv no co'ii-
mitteo full like bun ing free/ing blasts for
DIP sake of hastening the settlement of a
dispute that has been growing for months ,
and could II nd no better lime than thu pre
sent , to l > o oioughl befoiu thu people.
Vei.v liltle new Infoimation tegaiding the
matter could be obtained The coiiimis-
sloneis arc icticcnt. Mr. Mount says he was
very much surprised when Myois prenented
Ins loiter lo the board demanding Shane's
"Whuuwoweio in Detroit last summer , "
he continued , "Miers made the remark to
me llieie Unit Shane had to get oft the build
ing or ho would quit. I pud no attention to
it 1 always unduistood that they hud fre
quent spats while constructing the court
house , and that Myers repeatedly threatened
to have Shane discharged , but ho never did.
So far as the points in controversy now aio
concerned , 1 am fieo to confess th H the com
missioners have not been able to Ibid out who
is light. Shatiu claims that the open spice
between the roof and wall cannot bo Illlcd
up until the cornice is pul on. Micrs , on the
other hand , contends that it can and ought to
Iitixe been done long ago. Whether this
tealuic of the quarrel can bo adjusted satis-
faetouly or not remains to bu seen. Archi
tects and builders generally seem to hold
diflcrcnt viuws legaidmg it. "
Another question that has drawn every
body connected with the institution into the
wi angle has rofoicnco to tiie soil of ceilings
and aiehcs that shall be nut in. No ono
seems to understand what the specilications
c ill for. Thu comniissioneis say llieviiiou
for four days to get an explanation or deci
sion from M > crs , but could not succeed Ac-
coi din to the specilications , all parts of tnu
structuie. except that , set aside for the ad-
mmistiation must have buck niches and
ceilings , but hhaiio holds dilTcientlHo ,
claims that only Ibo small or single bed
looms and ceituin hallways arc
to be of brick , anil the
large wards , woik rooms , ofllces , etc. , me to
bo of coirtignteil iron. The contractors ,
however , appear to have understood things
differently. At least they furnished their
bids for the contract in accordance with
Shane's understanding. This is what
biought aboul the row Detwecn the commis
sioners and Brown , who repiesents Hall ,
ICetcham A : Co , the Indianapolis iron maau-
factuiers and furnished the opportunity for
the star chamber session. It was charged
that their contract called foi iron arches
wctenot furnished , but as jot the charge
has not been established
Aiehitoct Mj'crs has gone to Denver.
The motto of California moans , ! have
found it. Onlj in tltut land of sunshine1 ,
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man Drug C'o. hiih bee-n appointed ngont
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nielli Itelowpro. .
The delicate little weather mills , grinding
out hot and cold at Sergeant Welsh's of
lieu tit the government building WPIC on
a high lonesome j'esteiduy. At H o'clock
they weio knocking out frosty chunks of po
lar atmosphere at the r.ito of twenty-seven
mites an hour , but promised a more comfor
table condition of things lo day. Alb o'clock
yestcrdaj morning thu coldest point had
been leached , and then the muiciny tlood
S > = below /eto. In that immediate vicinitv
it reyiialned until nearly noon , with a low
baiometer , but with sunshine both began to
aiidu back up thu scale a few points.
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