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It Marks the Copy For tbo Daily
Poking Gazotto.
Now In UN ICIijIit Iliinitrotli Ycnr Vn
Abundance ( if Sanmitlons Horri
ble IMinlsliiniMH ClilncHO KCR-
l > .tis Jhu Civil Service.
OlPSttnl .lolirnnlNiil.
PnKi ! ( i. China , Kob. 3 [ Special Cone-
epondcnco of TIIK Hri : ] Ono of tl.o oldest
tiling in this old capital of China Is its news
paper. The Peking Oi7etto has been pub
lished almost daily for bXjoins. ( ) It Is the
oldest newspaper in the work' . It was read
by the Chinese centuries before America
xv.-is discovered. Its llrst copies wcio struck
off hundreds of yours before Gutenberg fiavo
printing to r.uropo , and It was in existence
COO yean before the I'mnkford ( Ja/etto , the
lirstdallv paper of our civilisation , began its
publication In 1015. Ago 1ms , however , pro
ducud no more change upon it than upon the
Chinuso people , mid its contents me iiiucl
the amo to day as they wore when it was
founded in the darkness of the middle ages
Its method of printing is the same and It Is
still sot up fiom inovablo typo of wood am
struck off in dark , low rooms by the
long linger nailed hands of those almond
eyed celestials , Still it is the most nristo
cratic paper in the world , and the Chinese
emperors of the past have been its editors
H.ln , the official organ of the Chmcio government
mont and it is simply a record of ofllclnl nets
and reports. It is a crime to aild to or sub
tract from It in Its ropilblicatlon. The
Cliinosu gavoinmcnl allows noconimcntnpoi
its acts , and this is the only organ by whicl
those millions of people , making up mot ethan
than one-fourth of the whole world , c.ii
know what their uilcr is doing.
inmi : : > iiv TIM : I-MI-I noil.
The Peking Gazette is edited within the
holy of holies of China in the forbidden
city whcie the cmpcior lives. The reports
9 J from all narts of China and its provinces
I ! eomo In daily to thoimpetial cditoiial dusk
anil with a red pencil his majesty marks the
cliaraetors which indicate whether they tire
tn-RO into the waste basket or tire to bo
pasted on the bill boards of the palace , from
which the scribes take them down for the
HBO of the newspaper. Tliolhst copies nro
written , and these beautifully cngrossec
command , Colonel Ucnby tells me ,
a. prleo of J100 n year. Private
printing llrms buy thcso copies am
rcpubllab Uicin. They are set up in Pck
ing and ml over China , and are sold in
many cases , almost as cheaply as are 0111
American newspapers. Some editions gofer
for thirt > cents n month , and thcie are
Chlncso clubs , who subscribe together anil
take tlioir tuuis nt reading the various is
sues at the Ca/ettc. ! John Cninanian doc
not move by elect ] icily , and the Peking
Gazette n month ago scpms to suit him ijnlto
s as well ns that of yesteiday.
A copy of this gicat journal lies befoio
mu It is bound In imperial \ellow , but it
looks moro like a cheap patent mcdicino
advertisement in the shapp of n long , llabby
account book than a gicat , inetiopolitan
newspaper. You could itmko 5JO Poking
Gazettes of ono of the Sunday editions of
Tiir Hfii : Jt is not as large as an olllcial
envelope , though its shape is much the baine.
Tlirco inches wide and six inches long , it
contains about sixteen pages of Chinese
characters. Tliero are about seven lines of
words on each page , and thcso run up and
down the paper liom top to bottom , instead
of from loft to right ncioss the page as. with
us. The paper is of a tinted white , and be
tween the lines are stripes of rod. The
whole is bound with two paper strings
within a paper cover of cheap \ol
lov , and the beginning of its read
ing matter is at the back of the book
Instead of at the front. It contains no adver
tisements , no editorials and no social gossip.
The latest Manchu archery match and sport
ing news is not icportcd in it , and you will
not find the pi ices of camel's or dog's meat ,
nor other market reports within its columns.
It : s not cried upon the streets , and there are
no newsboys in Poking. What Its circula
tion is it is impossible to say on account of its
being reprinted by so many linns. It is well
known , however , that all China reads it , for
curriers carry copies of it to the vaiions
provinces , and it Is discussed and read by the
educated people of the cities.
The Poking Gazette is translated into Eng
lish , and the Chinese Tunes , of Tientsin , and
the North China Herald , of bhanghai , ucvoto
a part of their space to it daily. From these
translations one gets the Insiuo and most au
thentic ideas of China , and by reading be
tween the lines ono sees that the Chinese
poonloiuo the same now ns they have been
In the centuries of tlio past. The doings ot
the emperor are all icpoitcd , and his god
like character appears on ovorv page. In the
Peking Gazette of the IOth of Decem
ber i see it stated that the emperor
will go at 0:30 : a. m. of the monow
to inspect the prayer which is to bo
recitedat the sacriilce to heaven , and that
after the burning of the sacrifice ho will
proceed to thn hull of fasting. Fiom u copy
of. last year I sco it announced tnat ho will
go in person , on the 2d of January , to a tcm-
plo and pray for snow , the want of which is
Doing seriously felt , and that similar pray-
cra will be offered at the sumo time at other
stuto temples by nobles , prinCus , and other
members of tlio Impeiial nobility. An px-
traetof a few dnjs later show that thcso
prayers were not in vain , for the Gazette
etatos "that the emperor has sent out a de
cree expressing his piofound gratitude for
tlio grateful snow which has fallen to the
depth of live inches after his prayers. " The
game , paper suites that he proposes to go'
that day to offer sacrifices to the god of lit
erature , and that ho will , n few days later ,
offorsacrillccs to the god of war. From the
issue of the Ulst of last January 1 sco
that ho then conducted tlio spring sacri-
itccs , and on tlio ITith of last April
n decree IH published stating that
the emperor will go out at 4 ; 45 u. in , to visit
the tumplo of agriculture , and to go thiough
the ceremony of plowing. Such extracts
ore published daily in the Puking Gazetto.
They show how the emperor of China is the
god , saint and king of his people- .
Other extracts give somoidcaof his pal
ace life , and some show that though infalli
ble , he is not Immortal. Heio is ono stating
that twenty roots of ginseng , which Is tlio
cur call of China , wore sent to the emperor
from the governor of Klrin , It gives their
weight at nine and one-half ounces , and their
value at about $ 'Jr > 00. This is considerable
over $200 an ounco. Ginseng Is worth in
America , f am told , about 00 cents n pound ,
but in China it brings moro than its weight
in gold. The full story of the emperor's
coming mariiago may bn read in tills Gn-
retto , and the condition of his wardrobe may
bo told by velvets and other things which
are forwaulcd to the palace. It gives
the full record of all the receipts of
the ffovornuiont , and I see that olllccs
are sometimes sold , and Unit live liteiary
degrees lately wont for about -1,000.
The charities of the omplio are also re
ported , and the celestial heart grows as ten
der sometimes ns docs that of the Christian ,
Ou the ! M of May , 18S7. I see that U Hum ;
Chang has given HI.000,00. ) pounds of rico
nd moro than $100,000 to the sufferer b of a
famine In his province , and that on the 14th
ot June 815,000 were collected for the poor in
the Canton provmcc , and that a lituruiy
graduate thoio has lately donated -00 teals
to found n chaiitablo school.
The crime notes of this ofltclal paper tire
numerous , and the honors of purgatory may
be road In the lines Jlxing the punishment.
The sentences whcio the criminals urn to bo
liced to death are many. Strangling Is
common and decapitation is nu easy method
Of talcing off. The bastinado and Hogging
are found In nearly every issue , and I ttco
that corrupt oillcluU nro often degraded from
theirwiks. In a country where ancestral
vroT htu prevails , the moat tculblo
crtnialatho killing of patents , and purri-
ch ) a. are , in China , Invariably sliced.
Tbe punishment of slicing to death means
the nutting off of ono member at a time.
Finger bv llntrer , oar by oar , too by too. and
the legs by Inches until the criminal at last
ftl i under the torture. Here Is u decree of
MMtt a punUb Wont wblcii sbowe that the lu-
sanity dodg docs not prevail In China , and
that the Insane murJercr gets the same de
serts as the snno one. The decree was pub-
llshod on the 10th of last .Inly , and the crime
octurcd in the province where 1 wrlto this
otter I copy the decree verbatim. The
article is hctiucJ
"A Parricdcbv a Man ac. "
It roadi Li Hung Chang reports having
passed sentence upon a man who killed his
father during a lit of temporary dcraiiue-
nient. U' 1'saitou bad always been sub
ject to ( Us of Insanity , which rendered him
unconscious of what ho was doing as lung as
they lasted. As ho was not dangerous his
father had not reported Ids case to the au
thorities , as he did not want him plicril In
conllncmcnt. Ono morning last Match
ha went into a baker's shop
and began to dance about wildly In
one of his tits of insanity. His father
In anil ordered him home , whereupon he
picked up n cleaver ana struck the old man
upon the head and neck , killlnir him At the
Inquest he was not able to talk and Jabbered
away In some kind of gibberish. The Inw
Bajs that the nn who , i.ino or Insane , kills
ills father , B mil suffer death oy the slicing
process , and this is the sontcnoe that has
been pissed in this ins'ance. The neigh
bnrs who had not i cported the man's insanity
to the olll-eis. nnd who have thcrofoie ren-
dciod tliomsclTcs liable to the same penalty ,
ns for not pi eventing the commission of a
murder , have been lined and given 100 blows
Or. the 27th of lust September 1 sec that n
murderer who killed a rival through jealousy
was sentenced to bo strangled and the
Woman in the case was ( logged with 100 blows
for loose living.
It is almost impossible to conceive that
such cruelties exist in this latter part of tlio
nineteenth century , but they do exist hero
in full force , and the boaid ol punishments
of Peking , passes upon such sentences daily.
K\cn the most otdinary punishments of
China are homblo to us , nnd the torture of
tliccanguocan haidly bo appreciated , Our
IIIL'tins cold December day I ssw sitting on
ono of the n irrow streets near tlio tartar
wall , n Chinainnn with n boar.l four leet
square so fastened about his neck that ho
had just loom to turn his head through the
hole in the center , His lianas wcro tied and
his b no feet wcio bound by a chain. His
queue was unkempt and bluck bnstlus two
inches long had mown up all over his un-
stiaved head. Hcsidu him stood another
man with a similar boml about his neckmid
the two were chained together. Upon tliofo
boards were pasted bills containing Chinese
diameters showing that they had been
guilty of some petti offense and wet o doomed
to wear tlieso bo.iuls for weeks. The boards
\\oie so lixcd that they could not feed them
selves and they shivered and howled ns tlio
cold winds from the Mongolian mountains
came tin ougli their ragged clothes. I sn ip-
ped my camciaupon them and took theii pho-
togratms , but 1 cannot photoiaph the heart-
sickening ; sight in pen and ink.
Ones feelings are sevciciy worked upon
bv the poveity and cruelties of Climn. 1
have been beggars wno shivered and howled
tor alms , covered by nothing moro than a
stiip of loosely woven coffee sacking , and
every tiiuo I go on the wide street which
runs toward the palnco I am pursued b'y a
half-naked boy without arms. Ho holds up
his bare stumps of shouldeisnt mo and keeps
ace with my donkey until 1 throxv him some
cash. Whether he was born ns he is I do not
know , but I am tolu it is no uncommon thing
for parents and others to mutilate children
in eider that they may boused as beggars.
Ueggars sometimes cut themselves , and
there is a priest hero who goes around beg
ging with an iron skewer stuck tinongh his
cheek. He moves this about so as to keep
the check continually sore and goes along
willi a brass basin winch ho pushes in your
face as lie asks for alms. He has a Keen
to business too. and lie would not allow linn-
self to be piiotoginphed for less than six
Mexican dollars. Ho lorms nhoriible sight ,
and ono gladly gives to get rid of him.
llli : t.O\ 1 IINMEN'TAI. IIKTUITMbST1- .
Speaking of the boaid of punishments , this
bond has contiol ol all the punishments of
the ompiie , and it might be called tlio judi
cial dcpaitment of the empeior's cabinet.
Tlic ompctor isou , know , tin absolute mo
lurch , Iliswoidis the word of God to the
Chinese , and lie docs as ho pleases. He has ,
however , Ins cabinet and this great cinpno
has its governmentorgani/ation oven as have
the oilier nations of the world. It has its
civil service , founded largely upon litciury
culture , and the liteiatmc graduate heio
ranks higher than the military Hero. The
emperor has his grand hccietanat , consist
ing of chancellors and assistants , w ho assist
him with his edicts and dcgices , and who
lay matters before him. Ho has a gieat
council of state , with which ho consults
every mottling between 5 nud (5 ( o'clock , and
tills is made ut ) of a number of imperial
piinccs , of sccretaiies , chancellors and other
influential men connected with the six crcat
boards of the empire. These moining meet
ings might bo called cabinet councils , and it
is tit thcso that the chief official appoint
ments arc made.
The six great boards administer the bus !
ness of the government much as do our gicat
depai tments at Washington. Each has two
presidents , four vice presidents nnd a num
ber of clerks and directors , Tlio best of the
offices mo equally divided bcitwcoii tlio Man
elms and tlio Chinese , for it must be roniom
bored that the Mnnchus , or tartars , are prac
tically the governing class of China , and that
n tartar emperor has sat on the tluonc lor
hundieds ofoais. .
These six hoards are the tieasury depart
ment , the board of the civil office , tlio board
of rites and ceremonies , the board of war ,
the board of punishments and the board of
works , which inicht bo called the interior de
partment. It is the tieasury deiiaitmoiit
which takes chaigo of the government funds ,
which makes out the list of girls eligible for
the imperial harem , nnd which lias chuigo of
the revenues , I visited this great depait-
incnt of tl.cso four hundred millions of people
ple yesterday. It looked moro like a bai n
.vaid than u government office , and Colonel
Ucnby , ouV American minister to Poking ,
nnd myself had to stct > carefully
to keep our feet clean as wo walked
within * the enclosure. Just outside
there was n pool of muddy water covering
the ontno street , and wo walked close to the
side of the building to keep fiom slipping in.
Imagine a court covering several acies sur
rounded by a low , shncklcy , unpaintcil ,
wooden structures , with heavy tiled loofs.
The doors to the inelosuru at o double , and
ragged dirty Chimini'm w Ith long CIICH and
pompons airs guard them. Upon each door is
[ lasted a highly colored pictnio of u demon ,
nnd the doors themselves swing on heavy
lilngcs. In the interior coint you find
norses , dngs nnddonkoys. nnd hero and there
: i great Chinese cm t , awaiting its owner , who
is working in ono of the sUble-lllto buildings
which look out upon it. There are no windows
dews but those of paper , and the whole
looks inoio like the outbuildings of some farmer tnnn anything else. Uvery-
Lhitig seems going to seed. Thorn is no at-
L mpt at iitipiovcment anywhere , and this
s the condition of nil the great government
departments of the Chinese umpire ,
I found slimy pools in the court
jf the board of public works , and
the ho.ud of rites and ceremonies ,
which is now working on all of the nrrangu
ments for the emperor's wedding , looks as
though it might have been knocked up out of
odd pieces from Nona's ark , and shows no
signs of the ten millions and odd dollars
which it proposes to spend in the m.irriago
: olebration of its ruler. This board super-
ntonds the worshiping of the gods , and it
supplies the food lor u.uiquets and saciillccs.
Here , however , cleanliness In not next to god-
incss , for every surrounding is that of dirt
and tilth. I could not get into the board of
uinishmcnts , though Mr , Chuslro , the Chi-
icse secretary of our legation , who talks
Chlncso like n native and who knows the
teoplo thoroughly , went with mo nnd tried to
iflrsmulo the keepers , in none of tlio do-
Mrtmcnts was I able to gut at the clorkit , nero
o BOO much of their mode of working ,
I'lioro is no doubt , howovor. that the govern-
nont is thoroughly organi/od , and that it
ccepi good track of the doings of this great
utlon. As to how honestly it doci so is n
pjcstlon which I shall discuss in the future.
There Is ono branch , however , which does
lot uxistTIn any of ourgovcrnments , and that
s tlio ccnsorato , Tnero are censors every-
vhoro in China. Thcso keep their oycs upon
ho various officials nnd thuy report whether
hey do their work well or badly. They
mvo the right to reprove ovcryono from the
omporo. ' to the coolie , and though the mil-
loror can degrade them thuy often criticise
ils actions. They pass their comments upon
the eunuchs of the palace , and only a few
vccks ago a favorite cunuc'i of tlio empress
lowngur hit. . * la head cut off for putting ou
oo many ulr and for improper acts while-
on a trhi away from the capital. If ono Chi-
mnian wiongtt another lie can appeal to the
censor and tlio censor will take tils case and
see that holi righted. They net-thus as
spies upon the oulolals , and the spy system
of China extend * to its custom house officials
md to ovorv part of its government.
The foreign ofllco Is not ono ol tlio grout
board * of. the government , uud there are a
number of subordinate boards in addition
to the ones above mentioned The civil
service of China would furnish the material
fnr u Inrro book in its description , and Its
civil service examinations would make the
white hair of Commissioner 1'dgerton lift
his straight silk tile high from Ills old head
onoun shoulder * , and would make
liishop Oborly , our other civil service ex
aminer , turn pale with horror. It is esti
mated that about two million persons nro
examined every In Chlni , and that
only " per cent of thcso pass , The candi
dates for o.llees arc of all apes , but of only
ono sex the male. Women have no chance
in China The cntvlidatcs among the men
range in * , cars from sKtecn to eighty. In
stances li'ivo occuiicd of father , son and
grandson appearing nt the same examina
tion for the same dcgiccs , rind the innn who
falls honorably in an examination has tlio
right to enter for the next examination unit
tty again Kxnu.ination hulls exist In
every province ot thoChinesootnpiro nnd the
ball at Canton covers ovci sixteen nctes , nnd
has mnrothan eight thousand cells , in each
of which n student Is penned when ho writes
Ills examination essay 1 is necessary to
pass three c.x unin.itions bufoio ono can got n
high place under the go\ eminent The first
Is held in the district in which the student
lives , mul if ho gets this degree the tri-aditato
Is not subject to corporal punishment for or
dinary offences , and he has the chance , I
think , at minor offices This might bo called
the dcgico of bachelor of aits The examina
tion of the second degree is held nt the pro
vincial cipitil , and fiom four to eight thou
sand nnd upwards appear at each of thcso ex
aminations. At one such examination held
not long since , the average ago ot the stu
dents was thirty. Sixteen per cent weioover
foity Ono student was sl.xti-two and an
other eighti three.
Supposing tlio student passes Ins examina
tion liUvhas then the ilirht to enter the great
examinations at Peking , wlicie , If success
ful , ho will get nn appointment for olllce.
Theio Is still a higher examination which
makes him one of the members of
Hiinlln college , nnd this rank Is the highest
literary rank in the cmpiic. Li Hung Chang
is a Hatnlin , and si uio many other big olH
cmls I visited this college the other day
It Is as ditty and bain-like as are the other
government departments , ami is hardly
woith n description.
The great uxaimiritloii hull at Peklnir cov
ets , 1 judge , at leist twenU aciea , and 17,0)0 )
students wcio examined in it n few wei'its
ago Mho number passed was , I think , about
twe bundled , nnd there were forty deaths
dining the tluce dnjs test. The students
wo-e all examined as to their clothes anil
persons to see whether they had any notes
concealed upon themana such us were found
guilty wcro piohibitcd from future examina
tions , nnd wcio punished by tlio canguo in
the same way ns for stealing. Their fathers
and tutors were uiso punished. 1 visited the
halls to day. They arc not what would bo
called halls in America , and they look moic
like u stock .yard than anything else.
Take a level twenty acre field
and build within it long lows ofuairow ,
pou-llke cells. Your matei ml is of brick and
the walls between the cells are thick. The
roofs arc of heavy tile and the cells have no
windows nnd are open at the front. They
arc not as high as your head and they are
not moro than live tcot deep nor more than
four feet wide. In the walls ut distances ot
two nnd three feet from the lloor are ledges ,
in the tops of 'vhich boards are put to form
seat and table , and the whole is so arranged
that when the scholar is in ho cannot get
out. IIo is furnished hero with pen , ink and
paper , and here he sits for three d.iys and
three nights and writes his essay and an
swers certain questions. The examination is
on the Confucian philosophy , on the icpcti-
tion of passages from the Chinese classics
an.l on nifiiciilturo , war , poetry and finance.
Only lately mathematics and some of our
sciences have been added to this , and it is a
curious fact that nt the iccont examination
the highest grade in mathematics was taken
bv n iotith from the far west provinces of
Cmmi Tlio boy had studied Ins way through
mathematical scicncs by books alone , and
ho distanced the men of tlio colleges.
It is impossible to appreciate the severity
of these examinations The misplacing of ,
character , a blot upon the manuscript , or
tlio slightest mistake will impair a whole
p iper and render the examination void. A
student nt the last test who had done very
well up until the last day , then became very
tired and fell asleep His candle was over
turned and his papers buint up. Ho was so
disappointed by the accident th-it ho killed
hunsolt before the examinations wore over'
and , as is tlio custom ot caring for dead stu
dents at such tunes , Ins body was dragged
out through : i hole in the walls and handed
over to Ins friends for burl il
Angostura Bitters are tbo best remedy
for removing inditrebtion. Ask your
druggist for the { jonuino , prepared by
Dr. .1. G. i3. SiegortiSc Sonx
A Dcninuil for New Resigns for
American Coins.
Mint Director KimbaU thinks Unit tbo
designsof American eoinsaro inrtrtistic ,
and bo is de&irous to have a change ,
says the Philadelphiallecord. Senator
jMorrill is also interested in a changea < ?
ho believes that thocoiusof oyery great
nation of the world surpass those oC the
United States in an artistic sense. A
bill is nnw pending in congress , earn
estly supported by Senator Mori-ill and
the mint director , which stipulates that
there shall bo a change in the style of
coinage every twenty-live years.
"With tha exception of the now 5-
cent piece and dollar there has been no
change in design for about forty years , "
said Charles E. I3arber , engraver at tlio
Philadelphia mint. "It is perhaps
natural that people should clamor
for : i new style , but they will
bo very hard to satisfy if every new
coin shall be subjected to as much ad
verse criticism as was neaped unon the
now dollar and nickel piece. Jt is a
dilllcult task to make a proper design
for a coin. The most skillful artists
ana sculptors have submitted designs
that arc entirely impracticable , owing
to their imperfect uiidcrstailding of the
low relief which was an absolute , neces
sity in coin designing. The designer of
a medal , which admits of hiirh relief
and htatiiosriuo figures , is pretty sure
not to succeed in dosigiiiiif/ stamped
coin. "
"For tins rcnpon there is very little
real competition in the designing of
coins. Whim the directorof the mint
advertised for now designs some time
ago those Unit wore faiibmittod to him
wore most grotesque and ridiculous.
They were largely of the spread-eaglo
order a goddess of liberty borne aloft
on a soaring board , surrounded by sky
rockets , shooting stnrs nnd HroworitH
galore. It in a marvel that the direc
tor's desire was not altered through
sheer dishoartonnient at these alleged
artists' lack of esthetic culture.
"Of course , America is not without
artists who understand the art of coin
making and are gifted with true os-
thetio table. Uut the American de
signer is at a curtain diBiulvaiitago bo-
catibo of the limitations imposed upon
his work. Wo have no heraldry in this
country , and the nature of the design
required is HO distinctly defined by law
as to allow but little variation fiom ono
idea. The European nations grant a
much wider scope , yet I cannot say that
I assent to Senator Mori-ill's emphatic
declaration of the immense fauporiority
of tlioir coins to our * . "
The mint olllginls are loathe to'ox-
press any opinion about coin designs
that may appear antagonistic to the
vlowb of the director. Superintendent
Fox , however , said yesterday that ho
thought no change should bo contom-
platud.untU suitable- designs have been
submitted for approval. Ho thought it
would bo 11 good Idea to have designs
submlttsd periodically , say every
twenty-five yours , but ho believed thcro
shoulu bo no law that will compel a
change unless such change bo a mani
fest improvement.
Nature usually mukcs a gallant light
ngninst dibonsonnd yvhon helped hy Dr.
J. II. MoLoan's Stronijthoning Coritiul
and Ulood Purillor-will eradicate It from
the system.
Some Pootlo RO303 Rosouocl From
the Boo's Wnsto Brisket.
Soulful IjlMrMoftlio Wliliiii.-ui-Tiirtii.3r Orilrr A I'nsfloniUc No-
\ltinte Uliat n Dollar Won
Jim \ \ nlklus.
The corn licit abounds in pools. This
statement niny suoin somewhat startling
nt the lli-st blush , but it is novorthuicss
truo. Tliu fact that thuy Imvo nuulo
such an usrullnnt rocortl in cultl * . atintf
the cereal him not prevented hoi * sturdy
youth from oultivatinir the inu es also.
Hero are specimen gems selected at
random from ti vast number of pootio
ullusloni wliieh have found their way
into Tin : Hiiollioe. A patriotic Kan-
faiin sends n contributionunder the mod
est title , "Original Lines. , " in which ho
declares that
Though winds lit ? chill
Yi't h ovilom'i llowor
Kver blooming still
In sunshine or shower
On Hill , in vnle ,
Like liberty mid life ,
In storm or Hide ,
The i ipht of or wife
Though the world prevail
\Vhcro rules the lint'lish spcaldiij * elans.
This production , aa u whole , is ti sort
of poetic pot pourri both as to the va
riety of subjects treated and tbo s > tylo
of meter employed. The dietion booms
to bo a hasty combination of Walt Whit
man , Martin Tapper and Amolio Hives
although tbo amorous realism which
distinguishes the passionate Virginia
poetess is wholly expended on such
plalonk * objects us tbo Goddess of Lib
erty and the "Glorious West.1
Hero is a young lady who nt ono time
betrayed 9\mptoms of becoming a dis
ciple'of iila : Whcolcr Wile ox.
but she got rid of her pas
sionately poetical impulses and \\as
saved. What a. vast volume of hys
terical stnn/as tbo public would bo
spared if other young ladies similarly
situated would go and do likewise. She
was standing by a river , watching it as
it rushed down to the sea ,
With its ciushlng , roaring , slushing , with its
sobbing passionately ,
Whoa si strange thing happened.
For the waters laughed , "O , Foolish , " us
they hurried to the se.i.
With jour crying , sobbing , sighing , with
.vour grieving constantly ,
Have your soi row ; but to-moirow let your
hcnrt be glad anil f reo
"So , " the young lady concludes. "I
dropped my load of passion to be ) buried
in tbo sea. "
Another contributor submits a ballad ,
entitled "What a Dollar AVon. " It oc
cupies thirteen stun/as mid tells how
the authoress invested the sum named
in a lottery , and theieby replenished
the cash-box of a largo and increasing
family. In submitting it for publica
tion the writer naively remarks that
she had been offered $13 for the poem ,
but had consideiod this beneath its
market value , "it being written upon a
novel subject. " It begins in this way :
Kind lender , listen now
While n story I teUite ,
And sco if you will say
] t was licltlc foituuo or fate.
She then goes on to tell how the fam
ily were in straitened circumstances
and this with some other features of the
situation made the outlook anything
but choGVful.
No work husb.iml could get
That he was able to do ,
And. alas , we expected soon
An increase in the family.too.
Here indeed was a state ol affairs.
Hut fortune smiled at last. A dollar
was invested in a lottery.
In duo time the drawing c.imo off ,
And I holding No. 17bO ) & r > < ) ,
Soon found m\bclf the possessor of
A check that looked like a gold mine.
"There id little more to add. The
check was cashed without delay , the
household treasury for once contained
a surplus , and now , in tbo language of
the poem ,
A happier family cannot
4io found anywhere under the sun.
A local aspirant for literary faino
sends a production not without merit.
Thcio may be little genuine poetry in
it , but there is no denying the fact that
it contains both rhyme and reason. It
concludes in this wise :
No longer repine ,
Adopt this design ,
And you'll never have cause to rcgiet ,
To the winds with dispair
IJegm the park to repair ,
lint the hull goes on Farnani street yet.
Another local author tolls how
Oft' in the early morning ,
Hufoi-o the night was done ,
13efore the hills wore gilded
Hv the early rising sun ,
I have hcarJ a voice so gentle ,
So still , so calm , so light ,
That it secincil to lie the
Shadow of the coming sunbeams bright ,
I have sat upon the doorstep ,
In the early autumn night ,
When the stars were few and scattered ,
And the moon not yet in sight ,
Listening to that voice's echoes
Sidling thiough the leafy twigs.
And , then , when the reader's expec
tation has been wrought to the highest
nitch as to the owner of this strange ,
melodious voice , wo are informed :
It was our neighbor down the alloy
Calling in his pigs.
"Is Marriage a Failure ? " asks a Fre
mont child of the muse. Then ho pro
ceeds to answer this burning ques
tion of the hour in a lyric of ten
stan/.as , which tells how a gentleman
mimed Watkins was led to the parson
by "a gorgeous got-up spinster" who the
domineo thus addressed :
We've eomo quite a pijjipw n , n ridin
most all night ;
Pulled up at tlio tavern hcio , Justus 'twas
gcttln' light.
He wouldn't stop for breakfast , until the
knot was tied ,
Which makes > no Mrs. Wutkins , and his
sweet and blushing brido.
So hurry up now , parson , and tlx the thing
up right ,
Before the folks at Hampton has discovered
of our flight.
And hero's ttio license , parson ; Oh , dear ,
j'vo got it muddy ;
And heio's the ung , too , parson , I bought it
of old Grubby.
It may bo well to state here that the
individual referred to as "Old Grubby"
pluyh no part in the story , but is merely
Introduced at this juncture to rhjino
with the word "muddy. " Four moro
verses are devoted to the wedding ceremony
mony and then the poem o'nda ;
rhis was many years ago , Jim now is broken
hearted ,
As yours of lubor has been lost , and from his
wife lie's patted.
She nado him deed to her ( he farm , of his
money made a scoop ,
Tust left'him with the clothes ho wore ; poor
Jim , ho's In the soup.
Mumngo was a failure , to Jim as well as
others ,
Look i\ oil before you take the step , and of
ndviso take mother's ,
Else you may got a vixou and prove yourself
a dnpo ,
A d bo Jiin Watklns' double , for you'll bo in
the so.up.
An Abwoliito Cure'
is only put up in largo two ounce tin boxes ,
and Is On absolute euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped bauds , and all skin erup
tions. Will positively euro nil kinds of piles.
MDNT. Sold by Goodman Drug Co. , at 25
cuts per box by mull 3 0 ceuU.
Wanted 1'olllrnof.i.
Chicago Tribune : I'olitw innn on
suburban train ( rising and calling put
after two. voting wotuon whoaro going
down the aisle ) llero is a seat ,
ladies ,
( Young women walk on and pay no
heed to the invitation. )
I'olito man ( louder ) Ladies you will
flmlTPscnt back horo.
( Young women still Ignoring the
proffered oourlesy. )
I'olito man ( growing red ) Of
eoui"-p , ludios , you can stand up if you
prefer , but 'at ' the top of hi * voice ) jou
can got a sent if yon eomo buck.
( Polite man sees young women nccept
a seat ut the farther cud of the ear and
proceed to converse with each other in
the deaf and dumb alphabet , whereupon
ho goes into the forward cur to cool
no Mistake * .
Mv dispollinc the s , , inptoms so often mis
taken for Consumption SANTA Altin lias
brought glndlipss to many u household H.\
its pi empt use for breaking un the cold that
too often di-velops into that fatal disease , ! lum
Minds ran bo saved fioin an untimoU grave
You malio no mistake by keoplnir a bottle of
this pleasant remrdv in your houm * . CALI-
roilNIA PAT It UUKi : I * equally effective
in eradicating all traces of nasal catai i h.lloth
of these womlci fill California remedies me
sold and w.u runted by Goodman Drug ( Jo.
$1 a pucli.ige , 3 tor $ J .ID.
Entitled to nn KVII-U I'liiniioi- .
Now York Mercury : Younger Sis
ter "Mother , I think it is too bad 1 am
sixteen : . et jou mnko mo wear such
short dresses that it mortilics mo terribly
Mother "My dear , you cannot wear
longer dresses till jour older sister is
married , ' '
Younger Sister "Wellshe is asrood /
as ongairod to Mr. Doolittlo , and I think
I'm entitled loan extra llouncc. "
anil ninny times vllliiinro to ymi .1 KI cuti
lo > . Von should not dUuy < vui foi a day' '
' .onrooinlmrto our storo.Nonrc nmklnt ; ,
n clean sue ! > of our cntlio stock of wlutiri
iroods , nnd will name jou prices that Mill
ntorest you. [
Have llanovid from Jltt if. lath
Street , Crelyhton Jilocl > ; to
First Door West of Postofiice ,
Developing the Fcnttircw ,
Tha human f.icots distlnmiWii'd hj Its ili-llc.icr ,
iH.mty , mul thu numerous tints which It IsciipalilQ
of exhibiting. More than : ill , It la marked l > > thw
variety of Us expressions nnd the faithfulness
with which Ills capable of re-veallngthe.emotions
ofthomlml. llututiiutf and delicacy lose thelr
charm entirely unless the ) tire accompanied by
siiK'trleal failures. Unli'fcs the foatmes am In
hanaoii ) and proportion , the s\m test lace falls to
charm The accompanjln Illustrations show ,
not only u hat n threat )
mi ) bo m iilo In transform
ing the features , but nlso
what a wonderful cliaiiun in
expression Is effected by
inoivlj BtruiiKthlng and fill-
\ni \ out the muscles of the
fiien. This v.oHilci'lnl cluiliKD
Ism id" b ; tlifl usu of thn m n
fad tl Instrument ulildi ,
wliun applied , places thu
parts iimler a com pleto circu
lation font limn and through
Its operation from day ted
d ly naturally brln i out sufllclpnt htlnmUis totLo
utdof nature to cumpletrlts work It Is iniluno's
assistant , perfectlyMmpluand
saf to usu and Miould tie.upon
thu tollt-t tiiblo ofMM ! lady
andKeatleman , Dr. . .lolin 11.
Woodbiii ) , thu will known
Derm-itoUiKlst , who conducts
thu largest establishment In
thnnorld for the treatment of
skin and M-nlp dilutions and
tvhohashtumie fmnouMli the
past few ) ears bj huue.ssltill )
removing blithmarks , Hipei-
.lluous hair , moUs , wars ,
wrinkles , freckles , and all
skin nnd swilp affections , has Just Issued the f th
edition of his 123 p i book ( tieatln on all hkln
Imperfectionswhich ) Is mallid toiiny nildroisou
receipt of lOc. That thw demand for this book Is
enormous Isi-honn bytlio loads of ltti'isdell\enU (
to his office"I > Wi-ht 18il M. . N m YorlMily ,
dally. The. book Is very Interesting and should bo
roud by ovenoiiB.
Ifo .sfo'Jf MttHH f Jfrnwn.i Cltji , U
Capital & Surplus ,
TblH coinpnny IUM opened an Oninhn olllco nn.l
lu pteimre.d to riinilsli inonuy promptly on Im-
pnn nd t tty and f ai in proper ! } .
No ainiluatlona funt uuay approval ,
Jomis closed and jiald for without delay.
JOHN W. OISII , Mannupr.
003 South 13th Stroa , 1 Irst National Dank.
On City and Farm Prouortyl
} ret MurtKiigo Pnpor BotiRht.
FFruiuor Block , opp. P. O.
Sanitary Plumbing !
Steam and Hot Water Heating !
Gas and Electric Chandeliers !
Art Metal Work , Stable Fittings , Fountains , Vases , Etc , : ; rvr STOCK. I'IMIST SIIOWEIOOIIS wuvr or mc.v i >
fj ? " We make a specialty of repair work on Plumbing , Gas or Honting Appar
atus. Prompt attention. Skillful mechanics ! . Personal supcrvihion , and charges
always reasonable as lliM-eln'-s work will allow tf Twonty-Ilyo years' practi
cal o'xporlonco. Visitors to our showrooms alwajsu > le < uuo.
409-411 South 15th Street.
PAID UP CAPITAL , $300,000. , SURPLUS $40.000.
0 " ( „ interest on dopoilts , compounded Boml-nnnunllyi
O " SnvlriRG Ccrtlflcntos with Interest coupons attached.
DEBENTURE BONDS In Denominations of $2OD , $300 , SHOO ,
nnd SIOOO , bnood upon First Mortgcwo Real Estnto Securities
. deposited with , and bonds certified hy the Union Trust Company
of Now York. Drafts drawn on the principal cltlos of Europo.
0. M. CARTER , Prcs. D. D , COOLEY , V.-Prcs. PHILIP POTTER , Sec.
ardware and Cutlery ,
Mcclutnlci' Toola , Fine It rouse liiilhlo : ' Goml * nnd Ilit/fdlo
1405 Douglas St. , Omaha.
A inoffnijiccnt dlsitlai/ofcrei'ifthlntj iivrfitt and ornumcntitl in the furni
ture nni ci''mtrt tit ri'it'tOiMiWe prices.
ESTABLISHED 1851 1 86 So.
Chicago , Ills. ClarkSt.
She Regular Old-Established
Is still Treating with the Greatest
Chronic , teens and Private Diseases.
Failing Memory , Exhausting Drains , Terrible
Dreams , Head and Dack Ache and All the effccti
( tiding to early dcci.y and peilnps Consumption or
Insanity , treitcd scientifical'y ' by new methods willi
nc\er.fiHinR success.
OSS YPHI LIS nnd all bad Dlood and Skin Dia.
eases permanently cured.
W-KIDNEYnnd URINARYcomplaints , Gleet ,
Gonorrhoea , Stricture , Varlcoccle and a1) ) dbeases
of the Genlto-Urmiry Org-ins cured promptly without
injury to Stoimch , Kidneys or other Orgins.
Jtjr No experiments. Age and experience Im
portant. Consultation free and sacred.
to a" bend 4 rents poMac ( for Celebrated Works on
Chronic , KervoCa nnd Delicate Diseases
65I hose contemplating Marnace * cnd for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated guide Male and Female , cich
15 rents , both 25 cents ( stamps ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly letter orcallmaysavcfuturesuffer.
ins and shame , and add rolden years to life -
"Life's ( Secret ) Errors , " 50 cents ( stamps ) . Medicina
and \tutings sent everywhere , secure from exposure ,
Hours , 8 in 8. Sunda > s 9 tn 12 Address
. F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
136 So. Clark St. . CHICAGO. ILL.
To < ; in < g < HV , lU'lfnst , Dublin nnd Lhorpool
From New York Every Tuesday ,
Cabin jmssnKo US nnd WO. ncconlliiK to location
of state room. Excursion f I" , to f K ) .
iJti'oruije to iiiul from Kuropo nt Lowest Itatca.
tVUSl'IN I1ALDW1N Ac CO. , Ci-n'l Apunts ,
: > l MniAilnuy. New Voik.
IOIIN UUGiN ; : , Ci-n'l Western AKent ,
104 Ilnmlolpti bt , Chicago.
IIAHUV K. MOOIiS. { : AKent , Omaha
[ { educed Cabin Kates to Glasgow Kx-
Institute !
Ttctti cxtructtMl withinit pain onlaiitfcr.
11 in * t si'tM ol let Hi J8UI
Co I nn I Ml * IT llllliiKAiit lowest rules.
Sound M'nlh ' : iMil ! liy Lrowiilni ;
I'lixlim Illiick. Kill nnd lainiiu ) Tclui'hnno 1112
U/PAIf BPSr BiB raffr-rlmr from the
Tff Wtfllx ranlK , rag oiroou of yoitMui
BQ ' i ' HHH ISr Km errorscnrly clccny ,
CJ > BUU WA H\H \ lest roanhoort , olo.
wlli send a valaablo troatlua ( scnkd ) coutnlului ; full
iftrttc. Iftra for homo cure , frro cf chnrizo.
2-r s Proi. V. O. VOVflXll , 1IOODUS , COJfN.
am all uriu irytroiiuiud uasily.qulelC'
ly andsnftfiycurud Ijy DUOrtJHAOari-
Hies. SevtnalLiisi's i uiuil 111 seven , ilajrt , tioul
l.WJ per box , all iliiuulsts , or by m ill from Do-
utuMrL'.Co llJWhItoHt..N. V. Tull UliuUlonn
. , . . _ inil MllhFllNIIMU
m. / r IlD .
Itf/mifir cmlrUy oiirraii.cljr
> el' l > l. lt i > r , J TUDULAIt EAR CUSHIONSl ) fri ( -ou tri lloniiidMu.lclnar 1. ( era
) rluMe.SFir A lj < i.ll KBIiill nkrvn.
litr itU bthtr rmieJlr r.iu lIlt UNt * K *
' . HIbCOX , Miailron.l nr , ( , , r I Ilb.-Wiv . .rlt.
AlLi.rVBIT ( trll.l.lllTUlJliulL JH < UJ > , lilt MIAU1..SIJ
Dr. J. E. McGrew ,
Ono nf the Most
n the Treatment of all CiuoiViQ , Spe
cial and Private Diseases ,
uxuul OigatiH , ntifuiliittily cured ,
V\K \ niCCACCO lilw trratnidiit for uliidi
Mil UIOCHOLOi Klvtu thu most Ueuutifiil
) inplc\lin ( , and u pirfcct "ln.
jiid btump for rtply ,
Ifflco--Bushmnn BIOQK , 13th and
fpuulas Sts. Omaha. Nee
N , W. Cor. 13th & Doiine Sts.
roil Til h Till ATMENT Or M t ,
lie id Suriical i
Appllaneo : for Deformitioa and Trusses.
Host facilities , apparatus uml remedies formiccaii
ful treatmi ut or every form of ( llsiaso reiutrlni |
Medical orbiirulcnl Treatment.
Hoard anil attendance ! bust liospltiil nccomuioda-
tlons In tlio west.
WHITE roil Ciiicunnsnn Deformities nnd llraccs ,
Trusses , Club Kect , Curvnture of tlio Spine , 1'llei ,
Tumors. Cancer , Cutnrrh , llrunchltln , inUulntlon ,
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Kyu , Knr , bkln nnd hloudnnd nilhnrKlcal operations.
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
HAKINO A fci'Fn u rv or
All Blood Ihtfio3 ) succejsfiill/ itcil. Hypbllltla
1'ot on ronituI'd from thu ttyatnni nltliotit morcury.
New i . tur tlvo treatment for loss of Vltnl 1'owor.
I'erioiia uniibln to vl > lt u m ly ho truittud nt lioino br
corrcsi > undvnco.ll connuunlcatlons iiiiitirieiillnl.
Mcdlclnc or InetrnmonlB font by nmll ur cxprusi ,
soctircly packed , no marks to liuitLiitu cimtvnti or
ecnilor. Una personal Interview protirred. Call nnil
consult us or send history of yourcnse , RDd we will
cenJ In plnln wrapper , our
Upon I'rtvntc , Special or Nervous Diseases , Impo-
teiur. Syphilis , ( Jlctt and Vnrlcotole , wltli ( jnustlon
list. AdartBj
, Medical and Surgical TnMltite , or
Cor. 13th ana DoJso bts. . - OMAHA. NED ,
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Jn. r : , r. Wi-m's NI uK AMI iintiN TUIIAT- Kiininiiticil spuilllpfoi lhitvil.1 , UI//1-
lleSH. ( onvillslons , I ItH. .Ner\oiis Nennil 'la ,
llcadarhi1 , N'eiOIIH 1'iostiutlon lansnil liythu
nsi'ol nlcoliol in toll.i 0. Wakefiilni'KN , .Mental
Di'liu sslon , NiftinliiKol Uie Ilialn n suiting In
Inuanltv ami lemllne to inlsni } , decuy and
ill .itli. I'lematllii ) Old AII' , II iilenneHS , l.osxof
I'nwci In I'lthir h'ev , linoliinlui ) I.OSMIS and
r-peiiniiturihii-a ( anui'd bj oxei exeitlou of
tin ) biiiln. Milf alnihi ) oi1 iner Indulgence , liuh
but contains on nioiith'K tieiilnient , tu \ box ,
01 Hlx luiMH foi < "i , htnt b ) mall priptld on iv *
d'lpt of piku ,
To uiienny ca ' . \ \ Itli inch ouiir n i tie < l by
ns for Hlx boxen , meomimnieil with ir > , wu will
mud thu [ iniclniHei our will lull ( 'iiiiiunl ( n In i -
fund thii inoiKi ) if the tKatinent doe not i-llitt
ni.iue. ( jiiaiantiis Ihstitil onU 1'V ' ( .oodiniin
III UK Co. , DitiKKihtH , Holu AguntH , Hill lurntin
Ml eel limn ha ob.
HUH obtained u reputation whoruvur in-
troducoil for "CointKC'i STyiK"J'Kii-
KI'.fT 1'Yr , " "CO.MIOK'1 AM ) JJtntAlllh-
1TV. " They liavo 110 fitipoi-iorh iii Hand
TiiniB , Hand AVoltH , Ooodyoar WoltH ,
and Maulilno Sowed , Ladies , ash for the
Li'Di.ow" HHOIS. Try them , and you
will Ini.s no otliui * .
Wiiliiitun luihltlvu euro for IICIIINiJ , III.I.Nnor
lli < iiiHNIi : : I'll ' , ! . llr tin UKI thoumnili of i > cs
ol Im n nlHitdlnu Imvu been hu ulniiiu In oar
litilli D UK inrnllvii iiowir > nu will iniill onu
pin knvu HIKK louurjr tiillercT KinilliiK lUienl.i tllrer
ur Hiiini'k ' l r indium , i-n Mttrun
'IIIK W Mil.IAllli ( Jo. , Ill ifAUi , N , Y
'Mhl * . < iIU | 'I hit nl urn oiln . Yet
iicliuilly oil\unuiix of I'llo Cun mil.nntuin
niHll iiiiitu lot in tlru lnr ) , ui'il unu inTikut i n wl (
tuuylucu ) viu ut lU norlti.