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    THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : , r.SATURDAY. . i EBKTJAllY 10. 1880 ,
Useless Employoa In the IIouso tt
Bo Woodocl Out.
Botno IttillottlotiN Kenttircfl of 1ho
Jjaw Governing AdinlsHltiiis to
the Soldiers' Home LOR-
Iwlatlvo GosHlp.
, Nob. , Fob. in. [ Special to THE
Jim : . ] Mr. Hampton , of Franklin , clinlrnmn
at the coinmlttco appointed to examine Into
the number of employe * required by tlin
bouso , says ho proposes to do his duty with
out four OP favor , uml to do it thoroughly.
He docs not think that nnyono should ho
kept in the employ of the state merely us an
ornmncnt , nnd If the house needs forty two
janitors , custodians nnd employes about the
hall , twenty pages , twelity-threo committee
clerics and thirty-tnrcopnrollir.Kand engross
ing flerlis for the remainder of the session ,
lie will favor keeping this number , but if the
Bcrvie-es of any or nil of thorn may bo ills-
penscd with without retarding tk < 5 business
of the house they will have to go.
Ilnnsom'H 1 it in rn n co MonHiire.
I-ixe-oi.x , Nob. , Fob. 16. [ Special to THE
Hun.-Senator | Unnsom's latust insurance
lilll increases the taxes on insurance com
panies by re-enacting the old law. Its aim is
to tax them on their gross receipts in Ne
braska , Instead of tins nut business , after de
ducting the losses. Kiinsoin tried this morn
ing to liavo the bill put directly upon the
general Illo , to avoid Iho delay ot printing it
through committee , but was overrulod. In
explanation lie .said ho wanted to draw the
lire of the Insurance lobby , in order to re
move the pressure from the house and Rive
It a chance to p.vss some of the Insurance bills
bcforo it.
Hansom's bill for punishing city officers
who are Interested in contracts made with
their respective cities , provides n line of
$1,000 to * 5 , < )00. )
The Soldier * ' Homo.
LtxroLV , Nob. , Fco. 15. [ Special to Tin :
BKE.J The soldiers' homo committees have
decided to offer an amendment to the law
governing admissions to the soldiers' home.
Senator Hoover , In speaking of the matter ,
said :
"Our law seems to have been copied from
tin old law passed shortly after the war in
some parts at least. It throws the home
open to the children , if under fifteen , of a
soldier who died in the service. You see
bow ridiculous it is when you remember that
the war has been closed considerably over
fifteen .years. Why , our law is so framed
that , if Implicitly followed , woula make it
t > rctty hard for a soldier to pot into the homo
unless ho had u family. The managers of
the homo have put a liberal Interpretation in
the statute. Hut the most important change
to bo proposed will bo in the method of gainIng -
Ing admission. At present if u man gets a
little discouraged he uacks up and moves
Into the home. His application goes through
the commandant and the advisory commit
tee , who may know nothing about him or his
worthiness , nnd they admit him as u matter
of course. Now wo propose that applica
tions shall be made to the commissioners or
supervisors of tno county in which the appli
cant lives. The people among whom ho
lives can learn readily whether the appli
cant i s worthy and whether ho is uimblo to
take care of himself. The commissioners or
supervisors will make a report of their findIngs -
Ings to the advisory committee , who will
thereby secure data for intelligent notion.
A bill is now being drawn up by Iluprcscn-
tativo Scovillo , to make these changes. "
Tlio SlcopiiiR Car Kill.
LIXCOLK , Neb. , Feb. --lSnccial to Tnu
BEE. ] Linn's bill taxing sleeping cars , which
passed the scuato with little opposition , is
brief. It makes it the duty of railroad com
panies to report the sleeping and dining cara
used by them , but belonging to other corpo
rations , together with their monthly mileage
in Nebraska and their total mileage in and
out of the state. The bill concludes with
this provision :
"Tho state board of equalization shall at
the time of tbo assessment of railway prop
erty , for taxation , assess for taxation , against
the owner or owners of said cars , the aver
age number of cars used by said railway cor
porations each month , and the assessed value
of said cars shall bear the same proportion
to the entire value thereof that the monthly
nverngo number of miles that such cars have
been run , or operated , within the state shall
bear to the monthly average number of miles
that said cars have boon used or operated
within and without the state , such valuation
Bhull bo in the sauio ratio us the pioparty of
individuals. "
Senator Church Howe explained hia votu
with the statement that ho would vote aye in
the belief that therbill would not hold water ,
but would give the suprotno court a , chance-
to inulto a ruling for Nebraska.
Senator Linn thinks there must bci somu
way of. reaching the sleeping car companies ,
and ho wants to keep trying until that way ia
Secret of a Chuck.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Fob. 15. [ Special to Tun
Unu.l "Jf the $100 check which Church
Howe gave Mr. Ucchul of Omnhu could toll
its story it might disclose nn interesting chap
ter in politics. " The speaker enjoys the con
fidence of Mr. IIowo nnd was in reminis
cent frame of mind.
"Howo was in Omaha a short time before
the close of his congressional campaign two
years ago , " bo continued , "and in consulta
tion with the pin ty managers it was decided
that ho should address u mass meeting at
Exposition hall a few nights bcforo the elec
tion. Church offered to pay the o.xponbcs of
the meeting and asked how much it would
bo. No one scorned to know. 'Will 8100 bo
enough ) ' 'Oh , yes,1 was the response , and
Church wrote u check for that amount. I
don't know to whoso order it was made , but
1 understand Hcchcl is uaid to have objected
to having such checks written in his nanto
und I presume this cue went to some one eUe.
At buy rate the chuck was handed to Mr.
liechcl and if not in his name was probably
to thn order of the republican
committee or some member of it.
l-iOtig uftcrwnrd Howe learned that
Senator Manriorsn uml Mayor Hroatch paid
for the hall for this meeting. Just what be
came of the money raised on the check Is an
interestingmystory.butthcro is an Intimation
that it went toward the payment foracity lot
owned by an Omuha politician. If one check
went that way It probably Imdcompanlons.und
that's why 1 think thcro Is an Interesting bit
of political history associated with thai
chock. "
The gentleman was In a confidential spirit ,
and needed littlJ urging to continue his
talk."Howo baa good reason to feel sere at
JSechul , and J don't wonder that ho thinks
the Ouiaha man sold him out. Jlcro is , ono
incident that came to bis knowledge , Thn
illgbt before election Hcchol was walking
with Mr. Dewey , of Dcwoy &
Stone , and said ho could not support
Howe. Dewey was surprised nnd Indignant
to hear such talk from the chairman < ir the
county committee and the treasurer of thu
Plato committee. Ho remonstrated with Mr.
Ucchel , but that , gentleman turned it off
with n remark that hu was under too many
obligations to the other side , referring to
John A. McShane. You cun't bhunu him ,
can you I" nnd ho watched the smoky ringlets -
lots from his cigar with thu air of u wan hi u
inodltutivo mood.
"Hut Church doesn't forget n fellow that
( toes tmck on him , " ho continued. "It waa
nome of his money that helped to nominate
Whcolor for ttio city council of Omuha In
] lectiol's place , If JJrchel KOCH Into the tight ,
for the mayoralty , Howe may take a hand ,
too , I don't know , though , como to
think of It , that Church would
do that. He's not ono of those vindlctlvo fol
lows who never let up. That campaign was
nn expensive luxury. It cost him about
$ HXW. ( Ho was bliHl on every hand. Jlo
ordered printed matter from a republican
concern In Omuha at Intervals during the
campaign. The Invoices footed up about
bu ; the printer 119111 bini u bill after
ejection for W30. Ho knew ho was beini
robbad. but ho paid it. He had n queer no
lion that II would pay him In the end to slam
solid with "tho boys. "
About 1'oslolllce Sites.
Lm'oi.v , Nob. , Fob. ! . " > . [ Special to Tin
HCE.J When Senator 1'axton's bill for tin
Omaha postoffico slto was up yesterday Senn
tor Hansom raised the point that a genera
law had boon passed severalyoars ago cover
ing such cases , nnd it was not necessary t <
pass n special act. On examination It wni
discovered that ttio general act only codev
jurisdiction to the United States over post
onico sites , while the Paxton bill seeks nisi
to empower the government to condemn hint
In Omaha 1C necessary. Mr , K msom thei
withdrew his objection , but Senator Taggnr' '
told him Hastings wns working for a govern
ment postofllce nnd might need such n meas
euro. Mr , Hansom thereupon suggested tha1
n general nut bo framed to cover nil sucl
cases in the futuro' and do away with the
necessity of numerous special acts. Tlu
Paxton bill wns withdrawn without furthoi
consideration with a view to making Its np
plication general ,
Tin ; Koovlllti Committee.
LiNCor.M , Neb. , Fob. 15. [ Special Telo.
gram to Tnn Hr.u. | The Scovillo Invest !
Rating committee held a meeting this morn
ing and now think they nro on the track o
some crooked woric in connection with tin
vote on submission. The sergpaiit-at-nrnv
has boon sent to Culbortson for two parties
who , some witnesses tc.stlilcd , had the hand
lingof the "boodlB. " Ho will arrive In the
morning , and it is thought ono of the wit
nesses will give the thing away nnd innke r
clean breast of the whole affair. A hall
dozen members nrc on the nnxious scat ,
though It Is believed that so far only twc
members are implicated. The doors of the
committee room will bo thrown to-morrow il
those witnesses furnish anv positive proof :
otherwise the committee will likely close its
labors und its Investigations end in smoke.
To Hellovo the Police Jiultce.
LINCOLN" , Neb. , Feb. 15. [ Special to Tiir
linn. ] General Smith , of Otnalm , hnsnrrivei
with n little bill two ot them , In fact. One
of them is an amendment to the Omaha char ,
tcr , raising the salary of the police Judge
from § 2,000 to SJ.fiOU.
The other bill is for the relief of the police
judge. It creates the oillco of clerk of the
police court at n salary of $1,500 a year. II
empowers the clerk to administer oaths , tc
issue warrants , subptunns and ether pro
cesses of the police court , nnd to accept ami
receive bail in city cases. This will relieve
the judge of much clerical work. It Is nlsc
intended to put a stop to the practice of dls-
turbing tbo jndirout all hours of the night to
get , orders for the release of prisoners whc
happen to have friends or money enough tc
put np their ball.
Due to C.ii-jle'.s9netis.
Neb. , Fob. 13.--Special [ to Titn
15cis.J The senate committee examining the
cause of the explosion ut the insane asylum
have about concludeel their labors. The
opinion seems to be that some one carelessly
allowed the water to run out of the boiler
nnd that the engineer lillcd it with cold
water without drawing the lire. The boiler
was old , but Inspector Wilson testified that
it was in good condition.
Xho OH Inspectorship.
Lisrot.X , Nob. , Fob. 15. [ Special to Tin ;
Hnii.l The senate committee on miscellane
ous mutters agreed to recommend the indefi
nite postponement of the house bill abolish
ing state oil inspection. The committee will
recommcnel Ilnnsom's bill with amendments.
It raises the test for common oil to 105 de
grees and for headlight oil to 125. It also
adopts the Now York tester now in use in
Iowa. The amended bill provides for live
deputy inspectors , as now.
Willing to Sacrifice Hilling.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Fob. 15. [ Special to Tin ;
1JKB.1 Dr. Billings and bis hog cholera
operations are the' target of an increasing
number of criticisms. The oftlcers of the
stuto university have become sensitive to the
odium , and the intimation has been thrown
out that Dr. Hillings will bo sacrificed if that
will satisfy the general clamor.
Tlio Ballot Box Measure.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Fob. 15. [ Special to Tin :
Bir.J Senator Church Howo's bill for glass
ballot boxes will probably bo brought back
soon with an amendment making it applicable
to citle.s of 5,000 or over , or perhaps to coun
ties having such cities.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Fob. 15. [ Special to Tiir.
Bnn.l Tbo senate labored manfully this
morning with the three bills for the creation
of Thurston county. Ono took u slioo from
Wayne county , the ether robbcel Burt of a
patch and the third Joined them with the
Omaha and Wmnebago reservations to make
territory enough for the proposed county of
Senator Manning made a gallant flght to
prevent the spoliation of Wnvne county , and
read un elaborate , carefully prepared
paper. While most of the senators sought
the ease of cushioned sofas , the liberty of
the corridors or the enjoyment of newspa
pers , n few bravely attacked the problem.
They dived eleep into ancient history , un
earthing national , territorial , state and
county acts of great variety. Thcso wcro
more untractablo than the pieces of n crazy
quilt , and after a long , tedious discussion the
senate gave up the job. The bills were made
n special order for Tuesday afternoon.
The senate passed Llnni.s bill for taxing
sleeping cars , Uurton's bill increasing the
aggregate limit of school taxes in cities of
1,000 to 5,000 from 20 to 25 mills , and Hoov
er's resolution calling on the secretary of
state for a bill of the telephones in stnte
institutions nnd their costs.
The committee on public lands and buildIngs -
Ings reported favorably on Polk's bill re
quiring' executive oftlcors to report annually
to the governor the personal property In
their ollices .and n statement of any such
property as may have boon disposed of.
The secretary of state reported llfteon-tel
ephones In state institutions at n yearly cost
off.ifll. Three of them cost J100 each The
others range from ? 13 to fit , the six in
the state house being at the latter figure.
The report was Hied and no action was
taken. Senator Hoover's resolution was
pro.niilcd by a report that $150 was being
Tim committed of the whole approved Sen
ator Piokott's bill allowing newspapers to
charge regular legal rates for publishing tux
notices. The rate now Is f I , although many
of them are worth three or four times that
Senator Hansom being In the chair , Sena
tor Paxton seized the opportunity to call np
his bill for the Omaliii postoflloe site , and it
was recommended for passage.
Senator Conner's abstractor Dill , which
had been under tire sove-ral times , was dis
cussed at length and killed. It made ab
stractors liable under their $10,000 bonds for
errors in their abstracts , and llxed penalties
lor violating tha act. Subsequently n similar
bill by Senator Shannor canio up and throw
tha scnato Into u lit of filibustering.
A motion to recommend the passage of
Shannon's bill was lost by a tlo vote 15 to IS.
Kxhuusted with the struggle , the senate
lloilHC ,
LINIOI..V , Neb. , Feb. 15. [ Special to Tun
UKIJA ] lurgo number of coinmlttco reports
were handed in und bills placed on pci.crnl
Bills providing all employes shall have
the tirst lien en thu product of their labor for
their wages , compelling all abstractors tnlllo
a bond for 810,000 before commencing busi
ness , and to prohibit civil officers from prac
ticing law In the county of their residence ) ,
wo'o favorably reported
Hampton Introduced n. resolution reciting
Lhut whereas the house had 1ST employes , u
laroer number than ever bofort ) , therefore a
committee consisting of Johnson , F.liiott ,
I Jerry , Hannii ami Farley ho appointed to ox-
II mi no tha mutter and report to the house the
names of those , If any , whoso services could
bo dispensed with.
Gardner ottered an amendment , starting
out with tbo declaration that the house huil
too many employe. * , nnd naming Johnson ,
Kobb , Majors , Cady uud Outthluj ; us the com-
Hampton accept tbo amendment
on the ground that , he did not know whether
the house had too many employe * or not. He
simply wanted Information on the subject.
Olmttuiid regarded the resolution us , n At'
reel thrust at the committee on otimlo.vot , ol
which ho Is a member. Ho had no friend ;
on the committee and did not care how soon
every employe was discharged , but thouQlii
the house was entitled to us many as the
senate , and enough to do the neceasnrj
Hamilton said that twj years niro only
eighty-one persons wore employed , and there
nro now 137.
Hurnham thought the resolution was Introduced -
troducod merely for buncutnbe , and moved 11
bo tabled.
Dehinoy demanded n roll call and the mo
tion was lost by CO to 8.V
MeBrido moved to strike out the names ot
the ooinmtttoo , and thought thla should be
loft to tbo speaker.
The nmemlmont was accepted by Gardner.
Dempster thought the house was wasting
its tlino ovorn trilling matter.
Koippp thought this legislature would cc
down to history as the most extravagant one
that over convened In the state.
Olmstead submitted nn umendmcnt , In-
ftlructmif the committed to discharge the
relatives cf nimnbors first.
Gilbert thought the house could nfford to
spend the necessrry t'.mo to correct all
abuses of this character ,
Huj nor paid the house could not afford to
wrangle longer over this question , and
moved to table the resolution , The motion
was lost. The resolution as nmcndud was
The speaker appointed the following ns
members of this committee : Hampton ,
Johnson , Berry , Hanna and Cushlng.
Swe'ct offered n resolution providing that
the Seoville investigating committee bo re
quired to conduct the examination of wit
nesses with closed door.s , or the investiga
tion bo carried on in committee of the whole.
Whitchcad said the committee diel not
want to blacken the character of anyone ,
and If nuy direct evidence was produced the
door.s would bo opened.
Cady opposed the motion , and said his
( treat dcsiro was that no member should bo
founel guilty of any wrong-doing , nnd did not
want their reputation injured by more
The resolution was withdrawn.
Johnson offered a Joint resolution quoting
the pledge in the state republican platform
in regard to the matter , and instructing the
railway commissioner to adopt and enforce
such rates for the transportation of freight
as well relieve the people from the extortion
of which they complain.
The following were the most important
bills introduced :
By McHrldo To prohibit treasurers
of counties , cities , townships , villages , or
school districts from loaning or depositing in
their own name , o * in ttie name of any otlici
person , nny of the public funds coining Into
their possession , or under their control , und
to provide for the safety of any public money
loaned or deposited , and to provielo for uun-
Ishment for the violation thereof.
By McBride To provide that nil persons
shall be entitled to the same civil rights and
to punish all persons for violation of its pro
By O'Brien Providing for a clerk of
the polijo court in cities of the metropolitan
class , and prescribing his duties.
By Specht To repeal the law creating a
bureau of laoor.
By Specht Regulating salaries of po
lice judges and assistant city attorney in
cities of the metropolitan class.
By Johnson To establish a board of
printing , and to appoint n state printer nnd
regulate his prices therefor , and to establish
u system for contracting for the material for
the public printing used by the stato.
By Berlin To amend section 13 of
chapter S'J of A of the compiled statutes of
Nebraska , entitled , "Soldiers and Sailors. "
A resolution by Gilchrist to have wires
stretched across the hall to increase the
acoustic properties was adopted.
The house went into committee of the
whole to consider n bill requiring the county
court to direct nil processes ti the sheritl.
The bill was passed at the request of Mr.
Kobb until some future time.
A bill appropriating $20,000 for the pur
pose of sending' a delegation to.tho centennial
celebration of the Inauguration of President
Washington , at Now York , on April 30. was
taken up nnd donated at length without
reaching a voto.
Ijcii4lniivo Gossip.
LINCOLV , Neb. , Fob. 15. [ Special to Tnn
Buc.l Consideration of the bucket shop bill
was delayed at the request of Omaha parties
who wanted to bo heard before committee.
The interested gentlemen have not been
heard from since and the committee may get
tired waiting.
Senator Ijams has been excused until next
Senator Paulson tias boon favored with a
penny horrible valentine , and has been the
center of an admiring group most of the day.
In the discussion of Howo's bill for glass
ballot boxes Senator ijams facetiously moved
an amendment making it applicable only to
metropolitan cities. To appreciate the sar
casm of this move one should witness the
solicitude of the nvorago senator to ceusuro
the peace and purity of wicked Omaha.
Senator Paulscn Insists on having every
thing' open and above board. Ho wanted a
committee to trace n few important words
that had been knockeel out of a bill in com
mittee. The gentleman from Omaha was in
earnest , but the senate persisted in treating
him as a sly joker.
Senator Paxton throws a bit of the pictur
esque into the dignity of the senate chamber
by occasionally strolling in the lobby and
reveling in the solid comfort of a bnerroot
pipe.Kegistcr Mcgoutb and County AeontMaho-
aoy were capital visitors to-day. They profess
to have no special mission "just ran down
for a little trip , und to see the boys. "
The senators wore called to the lieutenant
governor's room ut noon and each received ; i
copy of the congressional directory with Sen
ator Manderson's compliments.
Senators Norval nnd Hansom guided the
committee of the whole to-day.
Several senators have been made nervous
jy n rumor that the boiler In the basement
unucr thnir seats was carelessly managed
yesterday und put in danger of exploding.
Senator Raymond's memorial to Nebraska's
congress urging an appropriation for a deep
water harbor on the Texas coast will bo fa
vorably reported from committee.
The Morrissey investigating committee
tiavo found some snioko , but don't know
where it comes from. MoNieklo of Gage
was before the committee this morning ,
ihough what ovidoncj ho gave Is a profound
secret , liven the witnesses are sworn not
to repeat their testimony.
President Angoll , ot the Michigan uni
versity , called upon Speaker Watsoii and
Uopresontativo Haynor , of the housa. and
Lieutenant Governor Mclklojohn und Sen
ator Non-nil , of the senate , this morning ,
who are the only members of the alumni of
.hu Michigan university in the present legis
lature , and expressed great pleasure nt the
! tno appeamico of the legislative body and
iho splendid appointments of the capitol
DUlldlng. President Angoll Is nn ox-mlniRtor
to China , emu of the late fishery arbitration
commission , and one of the ablest diplomats
of this country. Ho lectures this evening in
the state university.
Sweet's resolution to have the investiga
tion of the alleged bribery cases curried on
lioforc the whole house brought the mom-
Ijcrs of the Scovillo committee to their feet
in an instant. White and Whitohcad both
clalmod that the purpose of thu committee ; In
conducting u star chamber Investigation was
simply to prevent the character of niombori
being Injured by the repetition of mere hear
say.Cities of from 2,000 to 10,000 Inhabitants
will hereafter huvn to pay $1,000 license un
less the Hall bill passed yesterday fulls to
become u law. No ana seemed to notice this
provision while it was under consideration.
Thu plucky light mudo for his usury bill
by Gilbert of York Is u subject of general
comment. A loss stringent bill on this sub
ject , judgini ; Dy the test votes taken , would
bo ulmoit certain to pass thu house ,
linker and Olmstoad had u lively tilt over
the nuitter'nf whtithortho process of a county
cause should run to any peace oftlcur or to
inn sheriff. Olmstead thought the con
stables bhould bo authorized to servo papers ,
whllo BaUcr strongly insisted thut the foes
belonged to the officer. .
"The sbccp and the goats nro now being
separated , " said u quiet inombar to-day , "i
can take a roll call and almost tell how each
member will vote on any question. "
The I'lsur.uieo men arc going to down thu
Hansom bill If poddlblo. They nucccodod in
defeating thei motion to make n gucclal order
of tuese bllU , but according to the. ruling of
the chair they may bi > called up at any clmo.
Adam w.-.u perhaps the flrat man wlo
thought marrlngu < i failure.
Mills Objects 'to the Sonata's Action
on HiS jEiriff Mottsuro.
" 4 -I
KcsolutliMiq Expressive of Sorrow at
tlic Dnntli of ilcpru otitsitlAo Hob-
rrtson PosloHlcc Aiipii
N , Fob. Ifi. Among the bills re
ported to the sennto to-diiy from committees
nnd placed on tbo calendar wns the house
bill to provide for the allotment of land It
severally to the united Poona and Mlam
Indians In Indian territory.
The credentials of William D. Washbun
ns senator from the Btato of Minnesota for
the term beginning March 4 next were presented
sented , road and placed on file.
Mr , Halo gave notice that on next Monday
bo would nsk tbo senate to proceed to n con
.sieloration of the census bill.
The sonata bill to ratify nnd confirm the
agreement with the Muscogeu ( or Crook )
nations of Indians In Indian territory , open
ing to settlement unasslgnod lands In Indian
territory , the consideration botncr $ ' 4,21,000 ,
wan taken from the calendar and passed.
The house bill authorizing the president to
appoint William English second lieutenant in
the regular army was taken from the calen
dar and explained nnd ndvocated by Mr ,
Daniel , who claimed that the sentence ol
court-martial under which English wns
cashiered was unduly soverc , und that a se
vere reprimand would have been quite suffi
cient. The bill wns passed.
Among ether bills taken from the calen
dar and passed were the following :
The senate bill authorizing the president to
place General William Hosecrans on the re
tired list as n brigadier-general of the regu
lar army.
House bill granting a right of wav to the
Fort Smith , Pans & Uaretanollc railway com
pany from Fort Smith , Ark. , through Indian
territory to or near Baxter Springs , in Kan
sas ( with amendments ) .
The senate then took up the individual
pension bills on the calendar und passed nil
of them , forty-one in number.
Consideration of the Texas outrages reso
lution was resumed at 2:15 : , nnd Mr. Coke
proceeded with an argument against the
resolution. His speech consisted largely of
extracts from testimony to prove the bad
character of the thrco principal witnesses
Hnckworth , Moore and .Schultre whoso
statements the committee had chiefly relied
upon in making its reports. He expressed
bis astonishment that the committee would
have touched "s'o loathsome n creature" as
Schult/e , nnd yet , ho said , "that monster of
immorality , that moral leper , " had been put
nt the bend of the republican ticket for the
highest judicial honor in Washington county.
Without finishing his speech , Mr. Coke
yielded the Hour to Air. Gibson , who offoi-od
a resolution expressing the sorrow of the
senate at the dcatb of the late Representa
tive Hobertson of Louisiana , and proceeded to
eulogize thu life aliel character of the de
ceased. After appropriate remarks by
Messrs. Eustls andJlcgan the senate , as a
further mark of res'pect , adjourned until to
morrow. „ , , n
1 Hbuso.
' '
WASHINGTON' , Ejq'b. 15.In the house , the
committee on ways and means reported back
the Mills tariff bill with the senate amend
ment , and by dirccticm of the speaker it was
referred to the comiihttce of the whole. Mr.
Mills also reported jtho following resolution ,
which ho saiel he would ask tbo house to con
slder Tuesday next ! . '
Resolved , That the substitution by
the senate , under the form of
an amendment for the bill of the
house ( Mills bill ) , of. another nnd different
bill containing a general revision of laws im
posing import duUojaud internal taxes , is in
conflict with thei true intent and purpose of
section T , article 1'of ' the constitution , and
and that said bill bo returned to the senate
with the respectful suggestion that said sec
tion vests in the house of representatives the
solo power to originate such measures.
Mr. McKinley of Ohio said that the consti
tutional objection raised by iho majority of
the committee to the reduction of the reve
nue had been called to the attention of the
couimiiteo of the whole this morning. Ho
therefore reserved to the minority the right
to file their views.
Mr. Ueod of Maine reserved a point of
order against the resolution.
The speaker said that the resolution would
remain upon the tnblo with the pointof order
reserved against it.
The committee on foreign affairs reported
back the senate bill approm-Iating $250,000 to
enable the president to protect the interests
of the United States in Panama.
A point of no quorum was raised nnd the
yeas nnd nays were ordered , but pending
roll cull , the hour of L'J Mi ! arrived and tha
matter was laid awny temporarily to enable
the house , under special order , to consider
the resolution instructing the bouso con
ferees on the territorial bill as to the method
they bhould pursue in arriving at an agree
By a vote of 114 to 100 the house
tabled the motion to reconsider the vote bv
which the conferees on the territorial bill
were instructed to consent to the admission
of South Dakota by proclamation and with
out another-voto on division.
The remaining Instructions , relating to the
admission of North Dakota , Montana and
Washington by proclamation , word agreed
to without division , and the bill" was again
sent to a conference after the adoption of
preliminary instruction clauses by n vote of
HU to 101.
The house then passed the senate bill ap
propriating $ ! WO,000 for the protection of
American interests in Panama.
The fortification appropriation bill and the
icnslon appropriation bill were sent back for
a conference.
Mr. Browne of Indiana called up the sen
ate bill granting a pension of $100 a month ,
with a house nmendmont reducing the rate to
75 , to thu widow of Brigadier Gonernl
The amendment was ajjrocd to and the bill
vas passed.
The senate bill was passed granting a pen
sion of jT > 0 n month to the widow of Hear
Admiral Nicholson.
On motion of Mr. Nelson of Minnesota
ho sonuto amend meats were concurred In to
the house bill granting a right of way
through the White Earth reservation , Mln-
icsota , to the St. Paul , Minneapolis & Man-
lobii railroad.
The house then went Into committed of the
vholo on tha postoftjco appropriation hill ,
i'ho pending amemUprjjtt ottered by Mr. Can-
ion , of Illinois , increasing by fc00.0)0 ! ! ) thu
ippropriation for yjorjts in postofllccs , was
discussed at some length. There was a ma-
orlty in ravor of jbo amendment , but Mr.
Jlcuiit raised theppjnjtof no quorum and the
commit ten rose. "y. II
The bill was passed for the payment of
'Fourth of July claims. " The amount in
volved is $10,0)0. ) .0 /
The house thdn tqukta recess , the evening
session to bo for tbo consideration of private
Kinsion bills ,
At the evening sasslon of the house Mr.
Hmgham of Pennsylvania , called up the bill
granting u pension to Jrono Kuckcr Sheridan ,
nit finding it imposHiblo to get a vote on no-
rount of the objections raised , ho withdrew
t. The house then- passed thirty-three
irivato pension bills'Uild adjourned ,
Kfcnnd l > yttfo I'ro.iilent ,
AV. 8HiN < ) To.v , FotfjS. The president to-
lay signed the commission of Norman J.
2olcman to bo secretary of agriculture.
The president has approved the act author-
zing the Mount Carmel development com-
any to draw water from the Wubush river
mil its tributaries , and act * for tha relief of
Jeneral William F' . Smith and William K.
ilalccslue , and a joint resolution making an
ippropniuion for the payment of the local
representatives of Jumos I ) , Euda.
Will 811111111011 the PreHlelont.
WABIIIXOTOX , Fob. 15. The Star to-night
nays that the complainant , Dr. Rogers , in the
> an-electric case of Hogors against Garland ,
ntonds to summons President Cleveland
after the 4th of March to testify as tostate. .
nonw In regard to the pun-electric oompdiiv
alleged to have boon moUu to the president
by Garland , Casey Young , Senator Harris
md otuurt ) .
Oily Coutiull Pr
A special tncotlnp of the city cornicl
last evening brought out a full board c
aldermen. Mayor Kohrer wns nbspn
niul I'roalQpnt Lney occupied tlio elmli
Petition for side walks niul crossins
on South Tenth street , between Sis
tpotitlmntl J'hlrty-second avenues , wop
referred to the committee on streets tini
The potlllon of Doll G. Morgan & Co
for permission to continue their sign
which * is just inside the curb line , wti
referred to Iho judiciary eominittoo am
city attorney.
Colonel Dnlloy presented a verbal pe
ttlion on behalf of Matt ITarlo with ref
creiieo to Iho same matter. lie snjj
posted that the council defer anj
further action in the removal of sitrn'
upon the streets until the iujuneUoi
case of Klmlmll tt Champ apainst tin
city marshal be docidoti. U was so done
A petition from the Omaha \Vorli
company that Mr. Orlinm be allowee
aeeess to tbo city records wns reform
to the eity attorney and judiciary com
Petition of properly owners 01
Eighth street that that felt-cot bo placet'
at the Biima grade ns Main street wai
referred to the city engineer.
Petition of prop'ei'ly owners for the
removal of curtain buildings owned bj
iTuinc-a Wallace on Thirteenth strcof
was referred to the city engineer ant
marshal. A similar petition , relative
to buildings occupied by Jens Christian'
son on Thirteenth slreot , between
Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets , fol
lowed the same course.
A communication from the countj
auditor stated that $1 7.8 : ! had been received
coived from the Union Paeillc road ami
placed to the credit of the city. This is
the amount duo the slate from the
county on railroad tax.
The city attorney reported with ref
erence to the Hall addition dilllculty
that the addition in not n forty acre
tract ; that avenues D , E and V arc short
two feet on the east side and twenty on
the west side ; that they are .ill of onual
width , and that the shortage mils
mainly upon the property owners on the
north sielo of Avenue 0. The report of
the city engineer was substantially the
same. The reports wcro referred to the
committee on streets nntl alleys. The
city engineer was instriicjcd'to go into
court antl have a competent engineer
appointed to adjust the lines in ques
tion in Hall's and Mullen's additions at
An ordinance providing for the city's
acceptance of ground donated to the
city for street uses , was read and re
ferred to tlic committee on streets and
On report of the roinnnfctcc relative tote
to thb settlement of the claim of Sophia
Easel , the president appointed Alder
men Kuopher , Maver "and Motcalf to
malfc such settlement.
The committee report that the ordi
nance regulating the orerition of poles
in the street for the use of electric com
panies should be passed. The ordinance
was then road aim passed.
C. R. Mitchell refuses to comply with
the terms of the sidewalk contract , and
the street supervisor was instructed to
notify Mitchell to proceed with the
work or suit for damages will be begun
on his bond.
Petition for water mains on Sixth.
avenue between Seventeenth and
Twenty-first streets was referred to the
water committee.
Petition that the bridge across Indian
crook bo moved from Thirteenth to
Fourteenth street on Sixth avenue , was
referred to the committee on streets
find alleys ,
The judiciary committee reported in
the investigation of the Burke defalca
tion. It shows a very irregular manner
of transacting the business of the clerk's
oillco , and suggests several changes to
preclude such occurrences In the future.
The report was rofoivod and concurred
in. Tlio city clerk was instructed to
employ a competent accountant to go
through the books and make a report at
the next meeting of tlio council. The
shortage reported amounts to 82,533.35.
The council then adjourned and con
vened as a board of health.
The matter of allowing amallpox bills
was taken up , and several minor claims
were- audited and ordered sent before
, ho county board e f supervisors. The
eueslion | of raising the quarantine at
, he Compton and Sears residences was
then discussed , and the marshal was in-
fctructcd to rai&o the quarantine at the
'ormor place to-day. The Soars rcsi-
lonco was carefully disinfected , and
nero work in that direction will bo done
, o-elay. and the parties quarantined
.hero . will be allowed to go.
Passeel Away.
Died , at the homo of her mother , near
jogan , yesterday at "I'M o'clock , Fan
nie , daughter of the late John A. Orr ,
at the age of nine years. The funeral
vill take place at the homo to-morrow
it 1 o'clock ) ) . m. Tlic interment will
> o in Harris' comotory. This is a sad
) low to the now doubly stricken mother ,
md in her sorrow she will have the
incero sympathy of her many friends.
Ilcv. C. AV. Savidjie , of Grand IslntuI ,
Tel In What U'licy Arc.
"Grace , Grit , and Gumption , " was the
subjeetof an excellent address delivered be-
'oro the students and faculty ot the Omaha
Commercial college last night , by Hov. C ,
W. Savidfre , formerly pastor of the Sownrd
street Methodist church of this city , but now
a resident of Grand Island ,
After congratulating tlio faculty of the
college upon the successful Rrowth of the In-
titution , Mr , Havidgo went on to say , "Wo
ind ourselves in the wqrld without having
> ycn consulted , and it becomes a question ,
lot whether wo shall lake up the Journey of
ifo. but how wo shall Kct through it. Shall
vo bo numbered amongst the vnmiuishcd or
cnnited amongst tlio victors ) "
"Somo men sit down without ono honest
ffort to got along , whllo others will mnku u
rial or two like a lulky horse , and them give
ip , Then there are othnra who talco life , is u
oUo ; others crow desperate and take their
Ives with their own hands.
"Grace , gumption and grit nro the three
[ ualitlos that go to malto up a man , Noth-
ng will stand in the way of the man who
ins thorn. Do not bo like the man who
vailed for the river to run by , but got un and
, 0 to work , God is on tlio siilo of tlio
' 'Grace is the niottt Important of the trip-
ct. Grace gives llfo ; It means salvation , /or
by grace are yo Mivod through Christ.1
Draco does not st , nd on the mountain top
ind call to sinners to climb the heights , hut
t comes down into thu vulloy in quest of
hem. It docs not offer to pay W cents on the
.lolliir of thp runners debt , but pays the
vholo dollar.
"Gumption U the mother wit , level-head.
( idness , horse-House. Without gumption an
educated man is culled a fool. Gumption
nouns capacity , shrewdness and address. If
ou have gumption you will ba saved from
ho vioos of tobacco ami whisky , and you
von't live alone and cheat some good woman
nit of a bread-winner. Marriage boats blnglo
Ifo. I can tell you.
"Tho thlrel quality Is 'grit. ' ' That means
und and bull dog hold on. You huvo OMUU-
lies of what grit can do all about you ,
Young men , elon't let the women
ou in grit ,
"God bless you , "
The thcatro-t-'olng people ot Omaha have
> con imposed upon rather heavily this season
> y Inferior attractions , but. nothing quite so
deserving of condemnation as "Terry the
Swell " As produced nt tbo Grand open
bouRo last night , and In the presence of
largo autilcnco , It certainly fulled to create
favorable impression. That fact is duo toi
to a very poor company of actors. Asld
from Hurry H. Hell , who assumes the prii
clpal role , and Anna Helmont , ns "I'oll
Terry , " the members of the cast are in poin
of dramatic ability hardly supoi
lor to the average amateur. Mi
IJell was clover enough and hi
acting pleased thei audience , but Ilnvr
Kich , who is supposed to represent "Samue
Hartratn , " an Kngllsh more'liant' Gcorg
Koss , Charles K. Foreman , W. J. Coono ,
and ono or two others in leading p.u-ls hnv
apparently mistaken their calling. Mis * Hoi
inont is n vivacloui and excellent little act
res ? , She sings well nnd dances nicely , Tb
play Is well supplied with scenery and mechanical
chanical effect * . It has the three-borso tun
doin cart , the steam llro engine , Hrooklyi
bridge and streets of New York , nil In gooi
shape. A iimtlnoo this afternoon and performance
formanco to-night will close ) the engagement
Md Goodman , last year treasurer of th
Grand opera houie' , ii vlsitintr bis Omnb
friends n tow days. Ho has drawn out of th
Crawford circuit and expects to cngngo Ii
the dramatic business nt Denver.
They Continue ) to Garner tlio Blirnvo
nuel Blicckols.
"It you expect to secure a sc.U In tuohous
of worship Sunday night , " remarked Hvan
pcllst Potter la his nnmmnccmcnts last nigh
at the armory , "you will have to com
early. "
Preceding the declaration , however , livan
gellst Miller sang "Tho Lyon of Judcn. '
Several other hymns which nave boon sun ;
heretofore nt the revivals were employee
again to excite enthusiasm. The collect ioi
was duly taken.
Mr. Potter then announced that ho am
his colleague , Miller , would hold service :
Sunday morning nt the Hanscom Pan
Methodist church. At ! o'clock In the af tor
noon they will preach to men only at tin
Young Men's Christian association rooms.
"If wo bless Gou , " said the evangelist
'wo will die right and happy. I want to asl
Mr. Miller to sing 'Sweeping Through the
The soloist then proceeded to sing the
Mr. Potter took his text from the book ol
Mark , chapter 10 , verses 4'J to10 Inclusive.
His theme was the restoration to sight of i
blind person by the niuno ol
Hartimanis. This is the man who ,
whllo begging , heard of the cominy
Jesus along the road and , despite the olTorts
of other people , ran to Him and asked for
eyesight. Jesus told him his faith had made
him whole , and Hurtinwus was so rejoiced
that he Joined the company and went with
the Saviour. The blind man the type of
the unsaved person in the house last night.
Ho was similar to the sightless man whom
you meet on the streets every day , and says ,
Sir , will you ple-aso help a blind muni No
man , nccoreiing to the spo.iker , could bo in
dependent of God. The blind man tlio
true type of your condition if your soul was
unsaved , homeless nnd friendless. The
evangelist asked the audience if it hud anv
nity for the blind beggar when
ba knocked nt the kitchen door
for alms. If there were nny sympathy for
sucti there should bo for the one who was
blinel anel could not see the road to salvation.
If the sinners wanted to know how to go to
.icsus honestly the evangelist stated that he
wanted thorn to bo interested in what ho had
to say. He was of the opinion that most of
them wanted to banish tlio thoughts ho pro
duced. If they were interested MI salvation
they should pattern after Uartimiuus. If sin
ners wore , honest in the mailer all they hud
to do was to make a start. They should
think of death , of destiny and of the Judg
ment day.
Alter asking the Almighty to help the con
gregation to be honest with its souls Mr.
Potter requested those who butt cried for
Christ to stand. Thcro was a provision with
this invitation. Ha did not want any one to
rise unless honest in the matter.
Several hundred people arose.
"Now , don't rise unless you have given
your souls to Christ , " was tbu further plead
ing oi' the evangelist. "Those who want
prayer come up to the niter , but ba honest
about it. Let everybody stand while wo sing.
Conic quickly if you want to be saved. "
They , or a few of the sinners , boweel at the
alter. Among the converts was a number
of small girls. Several other songs were
sung aud the audience was dismissed.
This Time tlio Union 1'acillc Hand Ku-
tertnhiH Its Friends.
Fairies anel llcnds , monks and nuns , sailors
and gypsies field the floor of the Exposition
hall last night at the first annual masquerade
ball of the Union Pacific band. The costumes
wore both tasteful and varied , the cavaliers
of the olden times dancing the latest wait ;
with the lady in the widows' weeds of to-day.
Clowns found their partners among the peas
ant girls of Europe , and the minstrels of the
stage were apparently enamored of the rag
pickers that nro scon every dnv. There were
jockeys male and Jockeys femalo.bull fighters
from Spain , representatives of night and of
St. Valentino , and there w.w the little Iced
Hiding Hood of nursery rhymes , as well as
Cinderella and Prince Prottywotz.
At midnight nil unmnsksd , and alter enjoying -
ing a supper equal to the occasion , took to
the floor once more nnd danced till weariness
brought the entertainment to a close.
An Alleged Pistol [ 'lay.
Last night a traveling man giving the
nnmo of Shaw engaged a hack to take him
to the Union Pacific depot. Hoed , the etrlver
of the hack , claims that the pussonger dis
played a pistol threateningly , presumably
under the impression that ho was not being
taken to the proper destination. At any
rate the driver got scared , and hud Shaw
arrested. At the station the latter was found
to have several hundred dollars. From this
it is surmised that lie was as much afraid of
the driver .is the driver was of him.
Kiroit tlio HInfTrt.
Shortly before midnight a flro was discovered -
covered in tbu Chicago & Huillngton yards
of thu Hock Islanet road. It broke out sud
denly in the oil and supply house , a frame
building about SOOxUO , which , from the nature
of its contents , burned rapidly , and was
totally destroyed. Three or four empty
freight cars were also burned. Tlio loss ,
amounting to sqverul tlioiisiiml dollars , Is
fully covurcel by insurance. It Is believed
that the flro was of incendiary origin ,
A Dainty Slipper.
Some ono tooic n pair at ladies slippers
number two's from the dressing room at
tha Switchman's bull Thursday night , ami as
It was evidently by mlstnko , the person can
Ind the owner at It , J , Maury's , Republican
Hi-forming t lies'Civil Service.
W-imii.Ne.TOX , Fob. 15. Senator'A'oorheofi
to day introduced the following as a proposed
amendment to the sundry civil appropriation
bill ;
The soldiers and sailors In the war of
.ho rebellion who were honorably ills.
chargcel from thu militury or naval sen-loo
of tno United Stales , and widows and chil
dren of deceased holdie > rs , shall ho eligible ) to
iippulntmeiiit , transfer and promotion , sub
jcct only to such examination as may bo pre
scribed by the heads of department * und
without competitive examinations ,
Positively Cured by
Little rills. I
They also rellovo Uls j
trcs < from Dyspepsia
Indigestion and To-
Hearty Hating. A pot-I
feet remedy for Ulzzl-l
Dcc0 , Nausea , Crowd- ]
nesa , ] ! ad Tacto In thtl
MouthCoatedTonuel ;
1'alnlo the Side , TORPID -
PID LIVER , Ac. Tlieiy reeulato the J5owei ! , |
nd preri'tit Constipation aud l'ile . Tbt
nialle t and eneleit to take. Only one pill (
dos . 40 In a rial. 1'uroly Vegetable. I'rlc
SS ctuta.
OAETER MKDIOIHB 00.fropVi.H gYoritj
Aa Well us Bonutoous Exponouta
of Its Charms.
An Kntrrtnlnmcnt Which Delighted
n Imrgo Hut Very Sclcut Audi-
cttoo Imst Night nt the Kir .it
Congi'CKHtle > iial Church ,
Tnhlciiii Jl'Arl ,
Eight more beautiful or moro graceful
young ladies than those who elmrminl n largo
audience ) in tbo presentation of a series of
Oroek tableaux at the First Congregational
church last night , cannot bo founel In all
Omaha. They were Miss Mildred House ,
Miss .lean llouso , Miss Ida Hoyco , Miss
Ninn Marshall , Miss Dollie McMastcr , Miss
Maude Staley , Miss Gunelle Coburn anil Miss
Lllllo Durnoll.
The tableaux wcro given for the benefit ot
the church , under the immediate direction ot
Miss House , assisted by Mr. C. Abbott
Mtss Anna Young acted ns accompanist , anil
during thu cntcrt alnincnt plnyenl no less than
fifty eliffcrent airs , appropriate to the tableau
being presontcel.
Miss House opened the entertainment
with an aetinlmblo presentation ol thu
forty emotions of nmn In illustrative gos
turns. Tlio young lady received prolonged
and well de-served applause from the appro-
dative audience when she had completed her
difficult task. The same gesture's wore ) then
repeated by all the young ladles in unison ,
Twenty-six tableaux in all wuro present
ed by the young laelics , The tableaux and
thu central figures inoarh wcro ns follows :
"Tlio Sun Worfllilppora , " MKi .lean
IIouso ; "Tho Odallsiiue , " Miss Mildred
IIouso ; "Klght for the Standard , " Miss Me-
Masters : "Flower ( ! lrN , " omnls : "The )
Slumbering Princess , " Miss Staley : "Tho
Soldier's ' Dronm , " omnls ; "Tho Lon
er , " Miss Coburn ; " .Tepthn'a Daugh
ter , " Miss Marshall | "Tho Sculptor'M '
Studio , " presenting the "I'lireo Fates , "
Mlssos SUley , Hoylo and Durnoll ; "Apollo , "
Miss Marshall ; "Clio. " Miss McMiutcra ;
"Terpsichore , " Miss Mildred House ? , and
"Tho Oiadliitors , " Misses Coburn and .loan
House ; "Tho Captives. " The first part of
the programme was then concluded with a
number of illustrative gestures including
"Waves of thu Ocean , " "Tho Storm" and
"Catching Huttorflics. " As an Interlude be
tween the fourth and fifth tableaux of the
first part , Mrs. C. E. Seiuires sang "Tho
Fairies' Dance1" cxiptisitoly , the young Indlos
in thu meantime going tlirouij'i ' stately , yet
graceful measures in rjthm with tbo music.
Tlic tableaux of the second part and thu figures wore : "Tho Captives , " Miss
.lean IIouso ; "The Fountain , " oninU ;
"Laocoon1 omnis ; "Tho A'aio , " Miss Mar-
Bhull ; "Itoe-k of Ages , " Miss Mildred IIouso ;
"Tho ISivnls/'MissesCoburiHiml.lean House ;
"Fliiiht of the Falcon , " Miss Marshall ;
"Liberty , " Miss Joan House ; "Fate of Vir
ginia , " the Misses House , Atiss Staley und
Miss Coburn ; "The Cross , " omnls ; "Nlobo
nnd the Children , " Misses McMaslers und
Staley : "I'ho Republicomnis ; "D ath of
.lulius Cicsor , " the Misses House and Miss
Sucii were the tableaux which were so
faithfully presented by the young ladies.
As ; nn interlude between the third and
fourth tableaux of the second half of the pro
gram mo , Miss ( luneiic Coburn recited the
following humorous selection in such a
niiiunntu ami charmiii'manner ! as to com
pletely capture the audience.
TIM ; VASI : .
Far from the crowd they stand ap.irt ,
The maidens four and the works of art ,
Hut none might teill from sight alone ,
In which bad culture highest grown ;
For they all loved art in a seemly way ,
With a soulful hoill and n capital A.
The Gotham maiden fair to see ;
The Pliilade-lphian pedigree ;
The Hoston maid of nr.iiro blue ,
And the soulful soul of iCulunmeoo.
Long they worshipped , but no ono broke
The sacred stillness until up spoke ,
The western one from the nameless placb\
Who blushing Mild ,
"Whntnlovoly 'vnce. ' "
Over thrco faces n sad smile flow
And they edged away from ICnlamaxoo ,
Hut Gotham's mighty soul was stirred
To crush the stranger with ono small word.
So , deftly hiding reproof In pr.ilse ,
She cried , " 'Tis indeed a lovely 'vn/o. ' "
But brief her unworthy triumph when ,
Tlio lofty ono from the land of I'onn ,
With the consciousness of throe grandpapas ,
Exclaimed , "Ah , mot what a lovely 'vaso,1"
Anel lookeid around arounet with un anxious
thrill ,
Awaiting the word from lloacon Hill ,
Hut the Hoston maid smiled courteously
And softly said , "Ah , pardon mo ,
I did not catch your remark because ,
I was so enchanted with that charming
A western girl came tripping by ,
Who dwells 'neath ' Omaha's sunny sky ,
And cried , "Whoop ! Goll ! what u Jolly
Jug. "
Hctwocn the seventh nnd eighth tableaux
"Melpomenio's Wedding March" was given.
The young Indies were nil atUrod in appro
priate Grecian costumes , of loosely flowing
white robed , the arms bare , addimr to their
natural beauty und presenting a most at
tractive picluro.
All of the tableaux were nmstorpioe-cs , but
( Hpccml mention should ho inuelo of "Tho
Leper , " " .Icnthn's Daughters , " "Itoek of
Ages , " and " The Cross , " and of the "Forty
Emotions , " as given by Miss Mildred Houso.
Tlio tableaux were all ( Srucluti but "Jcptlm's
Daughter * , " that Doing biblical.
Tlio r-xe-ollenco of tlio entertainment and
t ho to talnbsunco of those ) little hitches and ] jrH
that generally mar the pleasure of such ex
hibitions , showed that the young ladles had
drilled faithfully nnd to all of them , and es
pecially to Mlbs .Mildred House , who dlrcctoel
them , belongs much credit.
Tlic cnturtnlnmmit will bo repented In the
near future in a more ) commodious hull ,
IlemoriMl IIy tin ; Union.
Last nifiht the members of the Hricklnyori
Union met and complated arrangements for
tno burial of their late brother , Thomas
( jnuih. ; Tlieiy will meet at their lodge roqm ,
Font toenth and Douglas sti cots , to morrow
afternoon at2o'clnrknnd with the plasterers
attend the funeral in a body. Other labor
rrganlzntlons arc also expected to 1)0 ) pres
Denli ! of Cli.'iH. Hhnrnii ,
Chas , D. Sharon died Thursday at 4:10 : p.
m. , ugoil 23 , Thu funeral will take placa
Sunday nt ! isO : p. m , from the rihldcnuc , 723
Hanrroft street. Friends urn Invited.
If you have in.idn np yniir mind to h'.if
Hood's Sarsnpnrlll.ulo not bu inilnce-il to take
any other A Hoston lady , whoso example U
worthy Imitation , Iclls her oxpmlcnco below ;
"In ono btoiolioii ) I weint to buy II odd's
8artiimrllM | the cleiik tried to Induce mo liny
thclromihiMcndof Hood's ; hotoldmotliclr'n
would last longer ; thut J might tuko It un tea
To Get
daj'V trial ; that If I did not Ilko it I nccel not
pay anything , etc. lint ho could not prevail
< in mo to change. 1 told him I had taken
Hood's Hnrsnparllla , knew what Itva > < , wai
fnthlK'dMltlilt.ainl did not \vnnt any other ,
When I bogiin taldng Hood , ' * 8artaparlll.t
I was feeling real miserable wllh dyspepsia ,
anel to ucalc that at times I coul'j hardly
stand. I looked lilco a person In consump
tion. Iloon'a Barsaparllla did mo no niurii
cnod that I wewilor at myjoif soinellinen ,
and my f rle-nds frequently speak of U. " Has.
KI.LA , A. Ooi'r , OJ Terrace Blrcot , Ilntlun.
8utJLy llilrin : lit . S ! , lrfori3 , rrepueil onljr
by t' , I , HOOD & ( .U , Ai > otb carlei , I/wII. M .
JOO Doses Ono Dollar