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Prohibition's Deadening Effect on
Vnluos at Marshalltown.
Hlio\vlr > K tlio ItcniitlcB or tlic 1m\v
SV'lth Which It is I'roposcd ( o
ntirdon the Hlnte ui *
Marshalllown. on the line of the North
western , Is principally famous for being the
tioiuo of Anson , tlio Chicago base bull king.
Four years IIRO Murshnlltown wan ix bright
mid flourishing llttlu city of over nine thous
and inhabitants , rind wns rapidly crowing ,
but to-dny a deathly quint reigns thurc , and
the population lias shrunk to about eight
thousand. There Is but llttlo business ac
tivity noticeable In the place , while there la
n surprisingly largo nuinbnrof vnonnt store
rooms itnd private residences. The manu
facturing ItitorcslH of the city have
narrowed down to the Kctchcm
Wagon works , im extensive concern ,
two or three wagon ntid carriage
manufactories , and u glucose factory , whcro
four yearn ago the place gave promise of be
coming a busy muiiufucturlng mart. Of
course there arc a nuuibor of smaller cstab-
lishmenlx In addition to those named , buj ,
they do not abound with sufficient frequency
to give thu city any unusual prestige on this
source. Mar.-Jhnlltown , despite all draw
backs , Is vet a very attractive town , and her
citizens arc ranked with the very best in the
state. It has it magnificent court house and
elegant new opor.v house , bosldus several
other Imposing structures , and the citizens
nro nil prudlctliiR bettor times for the place.
They seem to think that the dillleultios that
urono out of the prohibitory law are about
ridged over , and that a new era of peace
and prosperity is about to dawn , not only in
Marshalltown , but the whole state of
Iowa. However , notwithstanding the
roseate view being taken Jover hero now ,
there are but few indications of business
activity about the city , and real estate is way
I had a long talk with Mr. T. D. McElroy ,
n well known and well-to-do citizen. He re
sides in one of the handsomest dwelling
houses In the city , which was built three
years ago by Colonel .1. It. Howler , president
of the National Hotel Keepers association ,
ut a cost of SU.OOO. The structure is a
beautiful one , with all the most modern im
provements and conveniences , and was
bought by Mr. MoKlroy six months since for
$5,300. "Thai will give you some sort of an
Idea , nt least , of Murslialltown real estate
valuations. Then I have another house
which cost mo $2,500 , for which I am now
unable to get $1,000 , and my property
Is no exception to the general
rule. What became of Colonel Uowler } Ho
went to California. Why , in the last sixteen
months , some seventeen or eighteen as good
families as wo have In the city have removed
to California , and from the county there
was a veritable exodus. Now , I am a resi
dent of Marshulltown and would bo a man
of llttlo judgment alul foresight to spoilt do-
relatively of her. Hut facts are facts , and
the people are entitled to them when search
ing for the cause of the depression that holds
sway In nil Iowa towns. This condition of
things was brought about by this alleged
prohibitory law , anil nothing else , and there
is not n man , woman or child In the state
but what knows It full well. Is the law en
forced hero ! They say It Is , but you see we
have oxporionxod no trouble in getting- what
ilrinks wo'vo wanted. A great deal of both
beer nnd whisky are sold on the sly hero ,
nnd this was one of the great original package -
ago cities that is beer and whisky was
peddled about the streets for a long while
after the enforcement of the law , done up in
neat packages , and sold for medicine. In
deed it Is still possible to obtain these orlgl
inal packages , although the authorities are-
'onto the racket now. ' Hut let mo toll you
of one of the gravest evils that has hail Its
origin In this prohibition , and that Is the
organization in every city or town of note in
the state , of social clubs by grown boys and
youngmen. . These clubs are called through
out the state 'the Kid clubs. ' It Is Just like
this , you see. Twenty or twenty-five young
boys get together and band themselves into
a club , and rent rooms on the sky lloor of
some bulldlnc , where they will be freer
from observation and molestation , and then
congregate at night , and not only debauch
themselves with beer and whisk/ , which
they have no dillloulty In purchasing by the
quantity , but they pass the hours until late
In the night over the gaming table. Yes ,
sir , it Is making gamblers and drunkards ,
too , out of many of our boys. There are
tbrco or four of these clubs In Marshall-
town , nnd It Is my actual belief that this
prohibitory law In Iowa has made uioro
gamblers in the last three years than would
be created In Nebraska under her laws in
t'vonty. Everybody knows what gambling
loads to It Is oven a greater curse than in
temperance , No , I do not think that drunken
ness has decreased to any appreciable
measure hero under the law. Anybody that
wants n drink can got it ; nnd I sen about as
much drunkenness In the streets to-day as I
did three years ago. So far iw Marshalllown
is concerned , I can't say anything In favor of
tlio law. "
A It ; tl KNtnto Preacher.
ST. .lowi ! , MO. , Fob. : i. [ Special Tele
gram toTni : Ui : . | J. T. Wilson , for many
years n sucnisHful Unptist revivalist , and
Inter pastor of the Second llaptlst church in
this city , Is thu central Jlguro In u big real
estate scandal. Ho has caused to bo platted
nnd placed on the market an addition to the
city known ns Woodland Park , situated In a
swamp four and a half miles from town.
This property Is worthless , but by some
moans farmers in Kansas and Nebraska have
liccn induced to trade small farms for It , and
the county ri'rordor in receiving loiters dally
making inquiries regarding the vnluo of the
Siicikvlllu'H IVoOulilu Successor.
Loxl > ox , fob. 8. It is assorted , but not
ofllelally , that Sir Julian Puuneefoto , per-
niauicnt under secretary of state for the
foreign oflleo , has been appointed llrltlsU
minister to the United States , The appoint
ment is creating intense excitement in Hrit-
ish diplomatic circles , as u departure from
from the rule of succession In appointments
according to rank In tlaservice. : Kir Julhm
1'uuncofoto Is u lawyer , not a diplomat , and
was never attached to any embassy. Ho
was appointed to his present post on account
nf Ins extensive. knowledge of the legal
learnings o ( treaties.
A Tcrrllilo Knllroiul Accident.
Bitussnj. % Feb. a. A tsrriblo railroad no-
cidcnt occurred to-day near Orooiienuull.
The train struck a pillar of n bridge near
tbnt n'nofl ' , rnimlnrr thn liridco to t'ollapsa.
Tlio Financial Tr.insactlom > r tlio
Pnsi Week.
HOVTONMass. . , Peb. 3. [ Rpadnl Tele
gram to the HUB. ] Th3 following table
compiled from dispatcher to the 1'ost from
thematia.OM of the lolling elcaring-hoincj
of the United SMtes , shows the gross ex
changes for the week ended February 'J ,
ISSO , with r.ttJiiMi * cent of iucnuio or de
crease as comp.ireJ with the amounts for
the eorrcs | > omlingweck in ISVi :
r SulcldcH HntlictTlinu
1 ' ( > ( : ( ! ( lie CiinscqiiuiiacH.
Pun.ti > r.i.i'iiu , Feb. It. The llnaing of a
murdered woman in the northeastern section
of the city with a bullej , wound in her head
at nunnight last night , has led to a terrible
tragedy. About 'J o'clock this morning
Henry Klaus , becoming alarmed nt his
daughter's absence , went to the police sta
tlon to report the fact. He was horrilled to
Hurt that the murdered girl was his daughter
Anna , aged nineteen. Inquiry among Miss
Klaus' fricmls revealed the fact that she had
boon keeping company witli a street car con
ductor known ns Tom Linn , but no such
person could bo found. Further inquiry
revealed the identity of "Linn" ns Otto
ICnyscr , twenty-live years of age , who lived
with his wife and two children at Kensing
ton and Leliigh avenues. The police sus
pected that ho was the murderer , and went
to his house to arrest him. As no reply came
to their repeated knocks , the olllcers wore
about to break open the door , when it was
hastily opened anil they were met by a
woman in her night clothing , with blood
streaming from her throat , and n baby In
her arms. In the bedroom , stretched on a
bed , with a razor at his side , lay ICnyscr , the
blood pouring from a fatal wound in his
The circumstances surrounding the case
were fully convincing that Kayser was the
murderer of Miss Klaus , nnd when ho saw
the otllecrs coming to arrest him he
seized the ra/.or , and after making
un ineffectual attempt to kill his
wlfo ho ended his own life with the same
wcauon. The most plausible story of the
affair Is ttiat Ivavscr , who passed himself off
as an unmarried man , has been keeping com
pany with Miss Klaus under an assumed
name , and she had discovered the truth , and
having met him while on her own way homo
from a bakery last night , threatened nim
with exposure. Ho thereupon shot her , and
rather than submit to arrest , killed himself.
Mrs. Ka.vsor's wounds , though dangerous ,
arc not necessarily fatal.
An Illinois Ijcclslutor'H Solution oftlio
Snlcxui Questions.
Si'iiiNOFJEi.i ) , 111. , Fob. 3. The prohibition
lobby hero is thoroughly organized , nnd will
bring inlluenco to bear in full force on the
13th instant , when the joint resolution comes
up for consideration In the senate. They
claim to have a majority of the senators on
their Hide , and express full contldcnco that
the resolution will bo passed by the upper
house. In connection with this question
Senator Hamer , of Fulton , thinks ho has a
solution of the Mtloon problem. Ho argues
that the best way to stop the sales of saloons
until the prohibitory law ns enacted is to
deprive cities of the revenue derived from
saloon licenses. With this object in view ,
ho has prepared a bill which amends the
dram-shop act by providing that when a sa
loon license Is granted , the fee , instead of
going into tlio city , town or village treasury ,
shall bo paid to the county. Ho has many
plausible reasons why such a step would bo
successful in narrowing down thn saloon
nuisance. He assorts , also , that such a law ,
while it would greatly decrease the revenue
of cities , would also lessen the need of po
lice duties , for , with the abolishment of
saloons , other lawless elements would seek
more comfortable quarters.
A Revolution In
Fob. y. A letter has bosn re-
coiveu hero from Machay , missionary at
Usamblro , dated November 'JO. The writer
nays that no direct news , cither of Stanley
or ISmln Hey , has been received. A fresh
revolution hud broken out in Uganda. King
Kiwlwa has been deposed nnd Ills younger
In-other raised to the throne , Kiwlwa having
killed two of the principal Arab instigators
of the expulsion of ICngllsh missionaries.
There is much indignation auiontr the
merchants in consequence of the action.
The Gorman consul It pressing the sultan to
cede r.amu and the adjacent islands 10 the
Gorman company. The trade of those.
Ulamls has entirely in LJritisb bunds.
An Irlwli IiiHpcotor Killed.
DUIII.IN , Fob. 3. 1'ollco Inspector Martin
was killed at ( jlvccdoro , County Donegal , to
day , while trying to arrest Father MisFud-
don. A party of police under Inspector Mar
tin surrounded Father MoFadden's chupol
during service this morning , nnd when the
priest appeared at the door they made a rudi
for him. Tlio people came to hU rc.scne , mid
Fnthor McFaddeii escaped , l/o had nearly
reached the dour of his own house whun Inspector
specter Martin caught him by the coat. At
the same instant the inspector was struck
with a stone on the back of the head. The
inspector fell , and dlnd soon afterward.
Father McFadden was subsequently av-
The nmlcot HhoivH n Dcllcll.
HOMB , Fob. : l. In the chamber of deputies
yesterday Shrnor Poruz/1 , minister of the
treasury , minouncad that notwithstanding
the constant Improvement in economy , the
portion nf thu country and the development
of the national wealth , the budget showed n
dcllclt of nearly f lO.OOO.OW. Ho proposes to
ineul this deficit with funds nt the disposal
of the government for civil und military pen
sions. He said that it was estimated that
thu budget for IS'JO would , show u dcllcit
of flS.uOO.OOO.
r > | nv < > | 'inn Will Prunilro haw.
\ , . . , . . . . , - . . - < . .
will return to the state of New York to reside -
side on the expiration of his term of oQicc ,
and will , on March 5 , resume the practice of
his profession In Now York City , having as
sociated himself as counsel with the law linn
of Hangs , Stetson , Tracy & MacVcagh.
A Denver .Motor Accident.
DK.VVF.II. Feb. 3. A serious accident oc
curred this afternoon nt North Denver oil
the Hcrklcy motor lino. A car going down n
long and high gr.ido bccamo unmanageable
anil dashed down at the rate of forty miles
an hour. When near the bottom It Jumped
the track nnd was completely wrecked. The
cu. " wns nearly tilled with people , nil of
whom nro moro or less Injured. The recovery
of two is doubtful.
Four Glilnninuii Hcnldcd to Dentil by
a CC.THIH- .
CiinvRXNR , Wyo. , Feb. 3. News was re
ceived hero to-dny of a most singular fatal
ity , by whlcn four CHlimmcn lost their lives.
They were at Canyon City , near Yellow
stone park , and Yet Sing had established a
wash house in n tent directly over the boil
Ing springs. Ho had hot water constantly ,
and was doing it Rood business. On Wednes
day ho and thrco other Mongolians , who
came from adjoining camps , cclcor.itcd the
Chinese Now Years. They burned lire crack
ers and offerings to Joss , nnd wound up by
getting drunk. Yet Slug had been cau
tioned about the boiling spring , and
told that it might bo a slumbering
geyser. For this reason his wash tubs were
kept on the other sldo of the tent , so that no
soap might disturb the qmct boiling water.
No ono knows how Yet Sing's box of laun
dry soap got overturned Into the spring , and
it Is more than probable that some mischiev
ous miner emptied the soap into the slum
bering goysor. That night there was a sud
den spouting of the boiling water , a tent
Hying through the air and piercing yells.
The miners rushed up nnd found the geyser
pouring water to a height of over u hundred
feet. The bodies of four Chinamen , scalded
to death , were found later at some distance
from the scene. The go.vscr spouted for
three hours and then .subsided.
Kmjieror William Sij nltles 1IU Inten
tion o ( ' Attending the Fiuiornl.
VICSJTA , Fob. ! ! . Thu king and quean of
Hclglum prayed for a long time this morn
ing beside the bier of tlio dead crown princa.
Afterwards their majesties received a visit
from the emperor nnd empress und several
members of the imperial family. The body
of the crown prince was removed to-night to
the church , where u priest blessed the ro-
maiiis. A family council will bo hold to
decide whether the Princess Stephanie shall
return to Helcium.
Hr.iti.iNFeb. . 3. The Vosslcho Zcitung
sa.\M that ISmporor William has lolcgraphod
to Vienna that it is his intention to waive all
etiquette and attend Hudolph's funeral. In
reply , Kmperor Francis Joseph telegraphed
his most sincere thanks for this evidence of
the German emperor's kindly feeling , but
repeated the hope that Emiicror William will
forego carrying out his intentions.
Another Viennese Sensation.
tCopyrfo/t / ; ISSOlin Jama dnrtlnn Hewlett. ]
VIENNA , Fob. 3. [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to Tin : HEE. ] A great sensation
has been caused here by the death of a beau
tiful young baroness. The event occurred
during last Thursday night , the night of
Crown Prince Rudolph's death. It was not
known until to-day that the young victim
took poison , not in her father's houso. not in
Vienna , but at Moyerling , where the crown
prince committed suicide. The two acts
seem to have been almost simultaneous , and
RO to strongly support the rumors that
Rudolph's suicide is duo to an unfortunate
White Cap Outrages.
MASON CITV , la. , Feb. 3. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BBE.J White Cap outrages are
becoming quite numerous hereabouts , mak
ing their appearance nt Manley , Spencer ,
Osage and other points. At the two former
places constables have been intimidated and
threatened , and at the latter place a card
was attached to the dcor of E. L. Rice's
bookstore , on whioh was written in red ink
language too insulting'to bo reproduced. It
is the general opinion that these outrages are
pcrpotratud by persons seeking private re
venge. Public sentiment is fully aroused
to tl'o necessity of stopping this disreputable
_ _
The Street Car Strike.
Nmv Voiuc , Feb. 3. Matters uro practic
ally at u standstill in the Brooklyn strike
on the surface roads to-day. No cars were
run.Nnw YOIIK. Fob. 3. A gang of hoodlums
gathered at Twenty-eighth street this after
noon ana began throwing stones nt the
Twenty-third street cars which were pass
ing. A largo crowd soon gathered , and the
roughs began dumping garbage and other
obstructions on the truck. Many cars were
derailed , and the stone throwing continued
for some time , until a squad of police ar
rived and dispersed the crowd. Nobody wns
injured. _ _
Protest Against O'Orieii'8 Treatment.
DUIIM.V , FoK 3. Lord Mayor Sexton pre
sided nt a mass meeting at Phoenix park to
day , called to denounce the treatment to
which O'Brien is subjected. Sexton an
nounced that a memorial had been signed by
four archbishops and n majority of the
bishops of Ireland , calling upon the govern
ment to discontinue proceedings which en
danger O'Urieu's life and imperil public
peace. Davitt and Healy tnudo violent
speeches to the same effect.
An JMitirn Family Drowned.
llisMAiiciv , Dak. , Fob. 3. Yestordny n
family , consisting of Mr. and Mrs. John
Olscn and thrco ciiildron , were drowned
while to cross the Missouri river
in a wagon. The team broke tlfrough the
ice , and the swift current carried them away
before ) a man , who witnessed the accidaut
from thu shore , could reach them.
Storms On ? thu Kn H" ! ) Coast.
LONDON , Feb. 0. A great wind and snow
storm prevailed to-day on thb English and
Irish coasts. The Cunard steamer Sorvin ,
which Arrived at Qucoiistown to-day , was un-
nblo to transfer her mails. A tender sent
out to receive them was forced to run back
to the inner harhor for shelter. Several
buildings ut Queenstown were unroofed by
the wind.
No Danuoi' o ! ' Indian TrnubluB.
SAN FIIAXCISCO , Feb. 3. A telegram re
ceived from the sheriff of Mono county ,
this afternoon , states that there is no Imme
diate danger from an Indian outbreak in the
Antelope valley nnd troops are not needed at
Tlio Witnllior Indjcntloiifl ,
For Nebraska ; Kiln , turning into snow ;
colder , northwesterly winds , i
For lowas Uuln ; colder ; wlnda.bocoming-
For Dakota ; Snow ; colder ; winds becom
ing northwesterly.
A Suspicious Circumstance.
Lot'isvn.LU , Fob. n. Schultz Leach , city
treasurer of Miiysvllle , Ky. , has not boon
scon there since Thursday , and it is believed
that ho has left to escape trouble , The city
council lust night discovered nn apparent
An Kilitoi- und an M. I1. Sentenced.
DUJIUN , Feb. 8. Joseph Cox , M. P. , nnii
Tullv , editor of the Hoscommon Herald ,
. . ' / r r
The Outcome of the [ Oklahoma Bill a
Llttlo Dubious.
New York Men Still Looking Will
Kycs oil the Treasury-
ship No Compromise
Tariff JBIU ,
510 FoirnTBEHTflSrnnET ,
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Fob. 8.
Some of the most persistent dcmocratl
opponents of the Dakota features of the pro
posed compromise on tbo territorial state
hood omnibus bill uroihroatonlng to boh
Air. Springer down to the caucus Instructions
which put Now Mexico. : ln the bill and gave
only enabling nets to North mid South Un
kotn , believing that thoirlcnds of the latter
territory nro so anxious for division that
they will concede almost anything to pot it.
If the caucus instructions nro to bo strictly
followed , an agreement' cannot bo rcachct
by the conference committee , and , of
course , that is n prerequisite to sue
cess. Unless the conference committee
reports , final consideration cannot bo had.
The gentlemen hero from Dakota working
for the success of tho'omnibus bill , say the
house will vote all that'Is asked in the way
of division nnd admission , but acknowledge
that it is doubtful if ow Mexico can bo
stricken out of the omnibus bill , owing 'to
caucus Instructions to.kecp It In. The demo
crats conlcnd that thojrpnly way the defect
ive land titles In Ncw/jMexleo can bo made
perfect is by giving the ; territory statehood
so that state laws mn.yihitcrveno. There nro
a largo number of .prominent land cases
pending In congress froiu that territory ; but
the republicans will mot concede statehood
for New Mexico at thli Jimc. The outcome
of the omnibus bill lain little dubious just
MOW. F *
Cabinet talk is still'tho ' order of the day ,
and since Senator Allison has determined to
remain in the senate , speculation turns to
the tilling of the secretaryship of the treas
ury. A number of nauies are suggested , nnd
the Now York men nra nguin to the front
with Pintle nnd Miller1 , nnd if neither of
them can get it , withsHiscock. MclClnlcy
has been suggested. buthc , said to mo to
night that ho would oir.tio condition take the
place. Of all those notv mentioned the pres
ident-elect would profor,3ohn C. New , nnd
if ho is not selected , it will bo because other
Indiana men light him. } .New was Ilrst as
sistant secretary nnd was a first class ofllccr ,
nnd would bring experience to the ofllco.
If Allison had accepted , .the election ot his
successor in the son ta'would have caused a
bltlor factional light , hi Iowa that would
have injured the republican party.
There is no wnrrautffor the widely pub
lished statement thuttho democratic mem
bers of the house coqimlttco on ways und
means are nt work uponin compromise tariff
bill or that they havo.njny notion of proposing
a compromise. Mr. Bymim. of Indianapolis ,
who is ono of the representative majority
members of the committee , said this evening
on the subject : "Wo Jintond to report the
senate substitute to the Mills bill back to the
house , but it will , iioti be within n day or
two or a , Aveck , . It will
bo after wo have receivod'a report from the
treasnry department of to the effect of the
measure , if it should .become u law , and
when wo have hifd , tlmo to analyze
the bill and write a report. It may bo
within two weeks. Whether there will bo
time then for final action you know ns well
as I da. There has boon nothing said any
where about a compromise. How could n
compromise bo effected" where the two houses
nro so far apart ! "
"Could it not bo based upon the internal
revenue features of , .the Mills and senate
bills } " t
' 'No , " was the ready answer , "and 1 will
tell you why. I , for ono , und many others
occupy the same position I do , nm opposed to
reducing the revenuo'tyy ' the abolition or re
vision of the tobacco iax. I want a reduction
of the Import taxes. JMy constituents want
cheaper clothing , cheaper manufactures gen
erally and cheaper things to eat , not cheaper
tobacco. The internal , taxes must bo main
tained till wo have lower-priced imports.
While the republicans may bo willingto keep
up the present Import dues and to abolish
tobacco taxes , reduce the income of
tbo government , I am not , nnd I nm quite
sure that there nro .enough of the members
on the committee of the same frame of mind
to defeat u compromise on the two bills.
Why , we could effect1 a compromise on the
present laws easier than on the two tnriff
bills. No , n compromise is altogether out of
the question. "
During the very first days of tbis congress
Representative Sujelo Introduced In tbo
house a bill to remove the charge of deser
tion against soldier ? .in the union army who
were technically marked as deserters , but
who really should hiivo clean records in the
war department. Mpjor Stcolo succeeded In
getting the bill through the house , nnd it
went to the senate. Whore it wus amended
and was afterwards thrown into n conference
committee. All attempts to get It out of this
conference committed have proved useless ,
and the bill still hangs between tbo two
houses. There [ is one old soldier -
dier connected t with the regular
army , nnd who ) is in the war
department , who opposes all measures lookIng -
Ing towards clearing up the records of voung
men who \vcre cjiarped with desertion ,
through ignorance of the law , and this man
has succeeded iu inducing Senator Cockrcll ,
a member of the conference committee , to
prepare a substitute ) to the Steal bill , which ,
through the onerous provisions attaching to
It , practically defeats the measure from the
outset. Mr. Cockrdll has submitted this bill
to the war uopurtiii nt for Its approval , and
if ho can get favorublo action there he will
try to have it ado. ted as the conference
fommitleo's substi , ute for the Steel bill ,
The idea is to keep the records of the union
soldiers as full of c 'rors as possible and to
especially make the nf show many deserters.
There Is a confeder i o clement at the baek
of this work.
The curly retirement of Adjutant Gcncinl
Drum has started ithu applicants for that
position to ro'nowo : } efforts. The light has
narrowed down to Hjtwoen Generals ICelton ,
McICeover and Wh uplc , and their chances
are about even.
At the Ilrst sessic niof the present congro s
there was nuproiirii ittd eiOO.OJO to enable the
commissioner of agriculture to make tests
und experiment Ini the sorghum Industry ,
aim that olllciul pursued the mailer ut Fort
Scott , ICun. . with results which will bo fully
set forth in 11 forthcoming bulletin to bo
known as No. ' . ' 0. Among others who pushed
this mutter were Senator Mumlerson und
Congressman Lnlrd-who have determined to
enlurgo'tho scope of the Industry so us to >
include tests and 'experiments with the '
sugar beet , Nebraska being , perhaps ,
u little too far/ north to promise
the best results from"sorghum. Of the sum
appropriated < 0),0'JO remain , nnd this will
lupso Into thu treasury soon unless the ap
propriation Is extended , which Senator Mun-
dcrson proposes to ask , the special object
being to have the tests made at points in
Nebraska. The senator recently addressed (
a letter to Commissioner Cole on the suoject , '
to which ho received the following rejilv !
To the Hon. Charles S. Mandcrson , United
States Senator Doir Sir : In reply to your
letter of the yo'lh'liift. 1 bci ; to muko the fol
lowing statement : 'Quite n largo umount ,
nbout ? CO,00 : ) , of the appropriations made last
year for experiments in the manufacture of )
sugar , still remain unexpended. This ap
propriation , if , not used py the 1st of July ,
will ceaao to be available and will have to be
returned to tl > q treasury. I can therefore
make no arrangements looking to the USD .of
this innney after that period , unless author-
. ' , , ' . . .
l. 'I ,41 - - r # - ( V
manifestly-useless to undertake n seriesol
experiments In the manufacture of sugnr ,
nnd then bo compelled to abandon them be
fore they wcrfif wcjl under way. I have had
Rome conversation with Mr. Laird on this
subject .also , nnd would bo cliul
to do All 'tn my power to aid In
the establishment of the sonthum
sutrar industry in your state. I desire , however
over , to call your attention to the fortncom
ing report bulletin , No. SO of the fchomtcnl
division on the subject of sorghum sugar ,
especially that part of It In regard to climatic
conditions. It npponrs fiom our experiments
that Kansas is the most northern state for
sorghum sugar. Further north than this the
early frosts appear to bo very dangerous ,
cutting short the manufacturing sonson and
rendering uncertain the saving of the crop.
Our exnoHinonts have gone far enough now
to demonstrate the fact that under proper
conditions nnd with proper machinery ,
sorghum sugar can bo made nt n prollt ,
There Is also another point to which I de
sire to call your attention , and that is , that
some partlons of your state appear to bo well
united to the culture of the sugar Sam
ples of boots grown at Grand Island , Nob. ,
nnd analyzed In the chemical division of the
department during the past season , showed
over 1IJ jmrU of sugar , indicating a
boot especially well suited for the
manufacture of sugar. There are so many
dangers of failure in attempts to make sugar ,
that every condition should bo carefully con
sidered before private capital is Invested In
the enterprise. This careful study wo have
endeavored to make In bulletin No. 20 , and
the results of this study , wo hope , will bo of
great benefit to intending Investors In the
sugar Intcrprlsc. Hoping the information
contained In this letter nnd the bulletins
which I will send will prove satisfactory ,
nm yours respectfully.WOIISIAN
Commissioner of Agriculture.
Army odlccrs in this city , especially
on duty nt the war department , nro expect
ing a froncrul shaking up before Secretary
Eudlcott goes out of ofllce , and there nra
rumor * that lightning may strike the ofllco of
the Judge ndvocato general of the army , because -
cause the members of that corps were par
ticularly effective in trying to thwart the
wishes of the president regarding the retire
ment of General Swnlm.
t-Scnator John Shornum secured n building-
permit on Saturday for the construction of
thirty houses on Capitol hill.
Miss Hmma S. Smith , of Nebraska , has
been promoted from $1,000 to $1,1)00 ) u year in
the pension o Iilco.
Miss Edna M. Ilcaton , of Lincoln , is the
guest of her uncle , G. M. Hcnton , of 1115 U
street , northwest.
Mrs. Senator Manderson has with her
Mrs. Mntherson. as n guest from Omaha.
William K Leonard , of Iowa , has boon
appointed to n $1,000 clerkship in the war
The postmaster general has appointed S.
M. McMillan , of Iowa , from f 1,008 to a f 1,300
position. PUIIIIV S. IlCATK.
Fnrnl.slies Another PUJJO In tlio HB- |
- lory of a. Train Kobliory.
CIIIOAOO , Feb. 3. The death bed confes
sion of Ella Schwartz , wife of the brakeman
now serving a long sentence in .Toilet for
complicity ; in the great Hock Island train
robbery and murder of Express Messenger
Kellogp Tichols , Is made public to-day.
According to Mrs. Schwartz , her husbnild
gave her$13,5yOof the stolen money , which
stio concealed by rolling the bills up ono at a
tlnio nnd packing them in cartridge shells.
This money , it is ollcgo'd , was subse
quently , on an order from Schwartz ,
turned over to Colonel W. P. Bow
man , of Philadelphia , Schwartz's lawyer.
Anint rviaw.Jwith Detcetlvo W. A. Pinkerton -
orton Is printed , relating conversation's in
prison with Schwartz and the latter's com
rade , Newton Watt , which , if true , would
corroborate in a measure the charge against
Lawyer Howman. Pinkerton is also quoted as
having accused Bowman of receiving the
stolen money. The lawyer strenuously do-
iiied the charge. Mrs. Schwartz was some
time ago repudiated by her husband. She
died of consumption within the past fetv
days. The expenses of the funeral were de
frayed by the Pinkertons , who saw that the
woman was cared for up to the time of her
PiiiLinCLViiiA , Fob , 3. In relation to tha
story telegraphed from Chicago implicating
Colonel Wendell II. Bowman , of this city , in
Bomo manner with the money secured by
Schwarz , one of the Hock Island express
robbers. Colonel Howmnn to-night entered a
general denial of the charges.
Champion's Natural Advantages.
CHAMPION , Nob. , Fob. 3. [ Special to Tun
BEC.J If there is a spot in Western Ne
braska destined to bccomo a city of no small
magnitude , that place is Champion. Lo
cated as it is in the very best farming re
gions of the state , with an enterprising
farming public on either side of it , its busi
ness men and citizens generally u go-ahead
pushing people , and with a water power cer
tainly inexhaustible In its very midst , it
backs up the assertion that Champion is
destined to bccomo a city of no small magni
tude , and that , too , at no very distant day
Champion , though yet in her swadllug
clothes , a llttlo more than ono year old , is
recognized as ono of the loading business
points In southwestern Nebraska. And
what will it become in n few years more *
Let ono go to the head waters
of the Frenchman river nnd follow that
stream down the dculino to the easl , winding
and twisting in every conceivable direction ,
like u huge silvery serpent , receiving liuro
nnd there its spontaneous tribute of multi
tudes of never falling springs , besides the
sheet water it gathers on its craiiKy way.
Lot him follow this stream until it
reaches Champion and forms n lake , covering
over thirty acres of land , with a depth of
some twenty feet ; and If ho is not thoroughly
convinced of the grand future in store for
this place , his judgment is poor.
And it is hero on the bank of this beautiful
body of water that the Champion Holler
Mills company have erected u substantial
mill building 84x4(1 ( feet in hi/.e , three stories
high , which is now being supplied
with a comnlcto set of the latest
Improved- mill machinery by thu
Cockle Separator Manufacturing company of
Milwaukee , Wis. This will bo In complete
milling order within the next thirty days
rcady to manufacture a goodly portion of
southwestern Nebraska's wheat crop iuta
ho llncst quality of gilt edged Hour.
And 'besides this immense waterpower
with which Champion isso favorably blessed ,
It may justly boast of and pioudly point to ,
the farming lands with which it is sur
rounded , as rich and productive as ever mi-
Lura gave to man for transformation into a
voritnUo garden. "Tho Little Giant City"
needs have no fear as to her future.
Wo have a thorough going , pushing class
of people , and our members uro constantly
Doing augmented by enterprising men. The
hummer and HIIW are constantly at work ,
lew structures being built , others moved
from adjoining towns , while others still uro
jclnc repaired.
With all that nature has done for Cham-
> lon , coupled with the energy and enterprise
t her citizens , is it not reasonable to look
'orward to the building of ono or moro of the
ireat railroad systems now wending their
vay we. twardlnto this wonderfully blessed
A I-'lro at liiirllncton.
HUIILINOTON , la. , Fob , 3. A llro to-night
Icstroyed tr.o boot and iihoo factory of the
Vdains estate. The loss is estimated at from
70,000 to ? 100,000 : insurance about SO'J.OOO ' ,
MrH. I'YellnKl > nynn Dead *
WASHINGTON , Fob. U. Information was
eeolved hero tills evening that Mrs , Frc-
inghuyHon , widow of the late ox-Sccrotary
f State Frodiirlok T. FrclinghuyHCn , died
o-duy at Newark , N. J.
A Chicago ( toy.
Theodora Johnson , a powsboy from Chi-
ago , was run in last night on the charge of
IM" drunk nnd broiiklnir windows , Ho WHS
Important Monsutvn 1'endlng In tlio
House nnd Senate.
WASHINGTON , Feb. n. In the cnixto the
lefiUlatlve , nxecutivo ami Judicial appropria
tion bills will bo culled up for consideration
on Tuesday , nnd the naval bill will probably
bo reported by the end of the week , If , Indeed ,
It bo not passed by that time. When the np
propriatlon bills are out of the way , Mr
Halo will call up his census bill. To-morrow
afternoon the Pacific railroad funding bll
comes up as unllnlihod business. Amoni ,
other measures pending Is Mr. Sherman's
anti-trust bill , which will likely bo called up
nurlng the week. The committee on foreign
relations may nlso bo expected to report In
some form , n declaration of Its idea of what
Is necessary and riitht to bo douo
by the United States to maintain the dignity
of the government nnd fulfill Its obligations
under the treaty with Samoa. This will
doubtless lead to n debate of some length ,
probably In secret session.
From present nppoarancos the weeks busi
ness In the house will bo tuado up of patriotic
oratory mid routine hard work the former
to bo called forth by Mr. Edmunds' Puunina
canal resolution , nnd the latter occasioned
by the necessity for disposing of the remain ,
ing appropriation bills. Strenuous oftorts
will bo mndo on Monday by various member *
to got their measures before the house under
n suspension of the rules.
Gnrllnlil'H County Scat.
WII.LOW SfiiiNiis , Neb , Fob. 3.--Spcclnl [
toTun UcK.l Gnrllcld county Is situated
nbout two hmulied ami llfty miles , by rail ,
northwest of Omnhn. It Is twenty-four miles
square , nnd therefore contains 3IS.lVIO acres
of ns fertile land ns can be found in the
glorious state of NcbrasUn. The center of
the county is known as the "tableland. " The
neil of this , "table" is very fertile , and all
kinds of grasses And grains that can bo
grown at this latitude nro grown hero. The
famous Loup river wends Its way through
the southern part of the county , giving
the benellt of its valley lantt land that can
not bo beaten In the world for fertility.
This is a natural farming countrv. Laud
can bo purchased for cash. There is n good
class of citizens , good schools , plenty of
walor , plenty of good grass , which makes an
extra quality of bay , and la fact every
natural facility of a No. 1 agricultural aad
stock country.
Willow Springs , the county scat , was laid
out about four years ngo , and continued to
thrive ns the "umin bay tree , " until the ad
vent of the H. & M. railroad to Hurwoll.
This almost destroyed the plaeo , as every
business man , except C. H. Jones , removed
to the railroad. Jones staid , and still con
tinues to stav. The people of the county
have never deserted their "Ilrst love , " al
though often requested to do so , even by
guns , and Willow Spring * rotiuins the
county seat. It being the best town site in
the state , and ns the Springs is slowly but
surely getting on Its "S'cond logs , " It is
destined to be ono of the b it towns in No-
araskn. With the advent of a railroad in
the spring , of which citizens nro sure , the
Springs will boom and boom in earnest.
Affairs at Knirbury.
FAIIIIIUUY , Nob. , Feb. 3. [ Special to TUB
I3ir..1 : The indications for a boom in Fair-
bury , this spring , are very encouraging. At
least ton business buildings will bo erected
around the public square. The following
men will almost certainly build $5,000 struct
ures : Cross , Arnold , Hr.iinard , Christian ,
Spcenburg , Hurry & Shclton.
The four business buildings destroyed by.
the recent flro will bo replaced nt once , In
addition to the above.
Messrs. Gribben and linker will build
costly residences.
The waterworks are now ready for opciyi-
tion , and such disastrous tires as the recent
ono will probably not occur again. An elec
tric light plant will doubtless be put In next
Atumeotingof the board of trade instruc
tions were forwarded to the representatives
to use every effort to accuru the locution
hpni school. Liberal donations
of land and money will bo inndo by the city
and citizens.
T. T. Uerry and George Fornoff tire pros
pecting for coal , and from the best informa
tion available , there have been some paying
indications. They have leased for coal nnd
gas purposes nil the land above and below
she city for several miles.
The insurance on buildings and .stock re
cently burned has nearly all been adjusted ,
nnd is about as follows :
G. M. Price , on building ? 2,800
C. F. Steele , " , . . . 4llO !
W. H. Lotton. " 3,000
Walter Hales , " 3i > W )
Will & Colin , on stock -I.TOO
Uerry Bros. & Clark , ( not adjusted )
insurance on stock 'JAOO
White & Son. ( not adjusted ) , insur
ance on stock 10,000
G. A. Peuso , on slock 1,500
Thoj-Klna'stotal loss w'isabout,000. The
Phwnix's ' loss was nbout $ > ! , OOJ , and the re
mainder distributed nmpng several com-
imnics. The total loss was about $ ! )0OflO ) , , and
the insurance aggregates about 10,000.
Good Collins From MiHf' < > rtuiic.
Mn.roiiD , Neb. , Feb. 3. [ Spsclal to Tun
lliiu.j "Nebraska's Summer Hesort" Is
lothing if not peculiar. Like other towns It
ms had n bank failure , but , unlike them it
takes advantage of it to build itself up In
stead of rushinptlnto the courts and civing
the lawyers fat livings. The nominal assets
of the Northwestern are $40,030 , and the Ha-
jllltlcs are ? 'M,000. Its fund , however , nro
arh'cly tied up in the Loup City flouring
nllls , and if this and the other properly can
ic properly handled it is probable Unit cred-
tors will bo puid in full. The depositors and
creditors have nearly all signed article * of
agreement forming a now banking company ,
mil. with some now capital will start up
stronger liimncially than the old bank over
was.Tho store of Cy. F. Wynndt & Co. is not
njurcd by this trouble. Cy. is cashier of the
bank , but ho sold hi * Interest in the store
( jomo time ago , and the present linn and the
stock will care for the coinparulivoiy small
ndebtodnoM without interfering with the
transaction of business.
The Crete ChiuitniiUl. | !
CIIKTI : , Neb. , Fob. 3. | Special to THE
Jtii.J The management of the Nebraska
Chiiutauqua assembly uro maklm ; every ar
rangement possible for u grand success for
ho year ISM ) . Ono of the principal features
of the assembly will bo its musical depart-
nont. Prof. II. H , Palmer , of New York ,
will have charge of the .same , ami has pro-
mrcd some music especially for this nssem-
il.V. His plan Is to notify all tlm musicians
n the Btoto that he wishes to augment the
issembly choir next year , and prepare them
> oforohnnd for much boiler work than ever
before , and for that reason he makes tins
proposition : In order to accomplish the do-
hired result , ho will forward the inuslu free
of charge to all who will pledge themselves
to study it ( inriifully , and attend the nsst'in-
bly from Juno 2S lo July 10. The music In
prepared by him , and selected with the
greatest care , nnd is , pcrhapi , thn ctiolcost
selection that Iras over been put together.
The musicians nf this state have nuvur before -
fore had such un opportunity olfi-rcd them.
Any ono can obtain full informali'in regard
ing the muna by writing to tno president , F ,
I. Foss , of Crete , Nob.
' Muni : In Knixy.
Wn. 111:11 , Neb. , Fob. 3. [ Special
to Tim Uiiis. | Senator POJJO and He present-
utlvo Mc.Nicklo were hung in ulll y hero late
last night for voting for submission.
A Ulnoilloss French Duel.
PAIIIS , Fob. ' .i , Osputlos Lngtiorre nnd
L.KTuix fought a duel this morning with
pistols. Neither of the combatants was in
jured. The challenger , Laguorro , claimed
Hint Lin-rolx offensively Interrupted him
Bright Dreams of Power Enclod by
Allison's Declination.
Premature Kxplostnn of Several lliul-
illiiK llooms For tlio Iowa Senntor-
Blllp JmlRO Urcxvcr'fl DootBloil
A Pioneer Dead.
Their nrnnin Is O'or.
DCS Motxns , In , , Fob. 3. [ Special to
Tin : HUE. ] Senator Allison's declination ef
the treasury portfolio 1ms upset several
budding booms of Iowa aspirants for oftlco.
When It seemed llkly that ho would accept ,
n great many wheels were started that were
intended to roll their owners Into ono posl <
tlon or nnothor which they had no hope of
reachingwithout. . There wus , first of nil ,
the siiccessorfthlp to the ootmtorshlp Itsolf.
A year or two ago about the only nnmo that
would have been heard mentioned n * llkoly
to succeed Allison would have been thntof
Colonel Henderson , who lives in Allison' : !
town , Dubuque , nud represents thnt district
in congress. Hut shieo the mitl-mouopoly
feeling has tukcn such root It has brought .to
the front other candidates of a different )
order. A grunt many of the nntt-monnpollsts
would have preferred Governor Lnrrabee
himself , and it was suggested that if ha
would call an extra .session of the legislature
to hnndlo the railroad question It would
promptly elect him. Or , If this wore not
done , and he would appoint some person of
medium ability nnd little prominence to Illl
out thu unuxpired term , tha next loiml.-i-
turo , which meets ncxt"winter. . would ,
choose him for the full term. In this way
il was the hope of the governor's friends
that sooner or later ho would be sent lo the
scimic , though they had llttlo hopes that ha
could go if Allison would remain In thu senate -
ate and wanted to sueoccdjhluiself. Hut thnt
plan is upset , and that ends it. The next
candidate who wanted lo warm a clmir In
the senate for ono winter wns George L ) .
Perkins , of the Sioux City Journal. Ho had
nn idea that this was his opportunity. Ha
has been conspicuously defending the gov
ernor and saying nice things nbout him for
the last month , nnd lost no opportunity to
win his favor. Naturally such cheerful ad
vances were reciprocated , nnd it Is thought
that the governor would hnve looked twice
at least toward Sioux City In case ho had tha
appointment to make , The friends of Per
kins at Sioux City were pressed into service ,
and un elaborate memorial , netting forth the
weighty reasons why ho should bo appointed
was prepared , nnd forwarded to the gov
ernor. Hut that budding boom has nlso been
winterkilled , for Mr. Perkins railUu * that
his lust chance has gone , as ho would not ex-
poet to be elected to the position when a
light with other oiindldaUjs would bo re
quired. Candidate the next was Judge Heed ,
at present chief justice of the supreme
court , and conirrossnmn-clcct irom the
Ninth district. It might ho supposed
that n gentleman thus favored would" not
wunt the earth , but some of the Judge's mod
est friends were willing that ho should hnvo
it. They promptly started , or tried to start ,
a boom for him for tbo senatorahlp , although
hu had Just been elected to the lower house
of congress , and hadn't yet seen the ci < pltol
building. The key to tbis liltlo scheme was
In the bauds of the Judge's friends , and not
apnarent to the general public. The judge
Hvos'in Council Hluffs.So does' the Non
pareil. It was the hope of the luttur that it
; hc governor would appoint Heed to the HOII-
itc , nnd thus create a vacancy for congress ,
ic would also appoint Mr. Stedman , the edi
tor of the Nonpareil , to the vacancy. That
explains why tlio Nonpareil so promptly took
up the cry , und proposed Heed for the senate.
Mr. Spencer Smith , railroad commlfsioner ,
and partner of Stedman , In the Nonpareil , Is
credited with this pleasant little plan for
taking care of the family. It is probable that
the judge himself was not pushing- , though ,
like UarlciK. ho was undoubtedly \villing Iq
suffer a promotion of that sort. Now cornea
Allison , mid with a stroke of his pen , upots
all these bright hopes , and loaves half n
do/.cn mon disconsolate , though , the rest of
the two million population are very well
pleased to have him continue In the place of
great Inlluenco and power which ho harf
h onorcd so long.
Dns MOINKS , la. . Fob. 'I. [ Special to Tun
Jii : . J The death of Colonel Lori tig Wheeler
it DoWitt , last week , removed ono of tha
ildiioors of Iowa , and ono. of the oldest polltU
clans In this western country. Ho wns
born in Now Hampshire ) in 17 ! > ( ) , but came
vest when a. young man and settled In Iu
> uiue ] at the close of the Black Hawk war.
About that time he received from the ( { over *
lor of Michigan territory.of which Iowa was
hen u part , a commission as chief Justice o (
Jubuque county. Ho was elected a member
f the Wisconsin territorial logisiatiiranftoi ;
hat territory was detached from Michigan
ind the latter became a state. When Iowa
vas organized as n territory , Colonel Whcoloo
van elected a member of its lirst legislature ,
nd as ho used to say , represented tlio whole
ounlry north to the Urltisii possessions. Ha
vas elected the Ilrst senator from Clmtoq
: ounly after the state of Iowa was organ lzod
hiring tlio gold excitement ho wunt to Call-
ornia and took a prominent part in affairs
hero. So It fell to tlio lot of this mun to bq
a territorial pioneer in the rocions now com
iri.sed In four states Michigan , Wisconsin ,
ovva and California. Ho commenced his po
Ilical lil'u an a whig , and In duo tlmii helped
> rgani/o the republican party in lowu , and
Hilongcd to It in long as ho lived. Ho was
nu of the class rapidly passing away -tho
linneers who laid the foundation of the future
ommonwe.ilth of the west. Strong and
turdy in every characteristic of manliness ,
hey wore examples for all those who came
ftw them.
Dr. & Mow.s , la. , Fpb. 3. [ Special to
in : UI.K.ilndgo | llrower' * decision rofua.
ng the temporary Injunction r.raln ; t tnu rail-
oad commissioners and removing thu order
entraining them from enforcing their
chcduly of rates , Is regarded as a great
Kstory for the anti-monopolists. Many ot
hem believed It was foreshadowed , by his
recent decision remanding to the ntate courts
what , arc Known as the penalty HiiltH , Uu |
douutodly the commissioners will proceed
now to begin proceedings in ull parts of tha
stain uguinsi tlio railroads If they rofiiho td
adopt and use- the commUsloncrH hchedulo of
ratoB. Just what COIII-KO the railroads will
tile : is not known , but it Is presumed that
ihi'.v ' will innki ) tin ( iltempt ut the May term
of the futl'iful court in HUH city , to hava
Jndgti UriiiYcr hear the case mi u question of
ovliicnco and grant thorn a permanent hi ]
A Kll'-UI < ! IiHMIHI ) .
Onf ) MUI.STS , In. , Fob. a-Spe [ Ial DTiin
Uii.j ; : A curious kind of disease hut been
reported to the state board of health fioni
Dnnkorton , Uluok Hawk ceiinty , Ituvlsted
in the family of Michael Huohnor , iittuckfni'
his wlfo and thrco of his children , ityus
siioscd | | at first that the sickness was duo
to having eaten meat of a ulcer that Invl been
affected with what is known us lump jaw. J
Uut after considerable htUdy of the ca in : , * M
thu local physician thinks that the tru'ublo in
ti kind of lypho-malarlul fever , caused by
drinking iiinvholesoino witter. Two of thu
family have recovered , but two at lust report *
wore danguroiihly III , Trio iieoiilo gniu rally
are ijului iilarmnd , as they think that all tin
water In the vicinity must be equally un
wholesome and dangerous. No other ciue4
* ' * i'rt iit > n o Itnvn 1'iM I/ " > M * > nnA rniV
* " ! ' ' ' - . '
AMMg'jifir\cn-1.1 ty ]