Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 03, 1889, Image 9

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Farunui Street's Advantages Told
in Condensed Form.
JjlKntlonAccessllHiiyUt | ltyWnrk-
in ineir Interests , SlfjlitllncB.s , tlio
Ncert of PnrkH , and Other
Points Explained.
The Case Reviewed.
During the past month TUB HBE has de
voted considerable space in its columns to a
discussion of the city hall matter. The set
tlement of the vexed question is ono of vital
importance to the people of Omaha , and
every effort has been nut forth by the paper
to secure accurate information covering
every point brought out by beta sides. The
legal complications certain to arise have been
carefully inquired Into , the heavy taxpayers
have been consulted , the business men have
been interviewed , and the desires of those
harm ; occasion to frequently visit both the
city and county buildings have been secured.
U'ho preponderance of argument is emphat
ically in favor of the present sito. There Is
on almost unanimous sentiment in favor of
completing thu city hall on the foundation
already laid.
The most important point in favor of a re
fusal to relocate is the certainty of
Iii the issue of Wednesday , January 2.1 ,
Tin : HKC called attention editorially to ir
regularity In the proposition submitted the
electors on the question of relocation. The
city council has Ignored the city hall
injunction granted by Judges Doano and
Wnkoloy. In that Injunction the
court plainly spocillud thu manner of suT (
inlttlng the question of relocation to the elec
tors. The ordinance submitting the question
docs not comply with those instructions , and
gives the opponents of the proposed change
an opportunity of defeating the JolTorson
square advocates , should the electors decide
in their favor , by carrying the ease into the
courts ,
The city catered into a contract with the
board of education , the conditions of which
were that if the board would boar one-
eighth of the cost of the construction of a
city hall on Kightocnth and Farnam streets
tlio city would permit the board to occupy
rooms in the city hall building for the trans
action of the hoard's business. The board , la
consideration , advanced to the city nearly
( ' > , (00 , wh'ch was expended in thu founda
tion. The terms of the contract between the
city and bourd contain n positive and binding
reservation on the part of the board , that if
thu city fulls to construct a city hall on the
lots on the corner of Eighteenth and Far
nam streets the city shall roturu to thu board
the $ J5.000 advanced. In the proposition for
relocation , no provision U made for thu re
turn of the monny should thu vote result in
favor of Jefferson square. As thu
board Is a party to a contract
with tlio city , should the city fall
to complete thu building as specified , the' '
board will have Just cause for instituting
suit against thu city restraining It from erect
ing the city hull in any place other than that
spcdllcd In tlie contract. The board has n
good case and the mentors are determined to
assert its rights.
Intho Issuoof TniHiKof : January US ono of
the oldest and most eminent members of the
Omaha bar questions the right of the city to
divert Jefferson square from any other use.
than that of a public park. Upon this point
authorities differ. Koine hold the city can
erect n publlu building on the square , whlla
others equally as learned In In-v hold that it
must bo kept as n "public square and park
forever , " In the event of a vote lu favor of
relocation those who hold this hitter view
will contest the right of the city to erect :
city hall there.
The city hall having once boon located or
Eighteenth and Farnam streets by a vote ol
the people , and the fact that the county court
housn was nlreay erected directly across the
street , was the means of inducing heavy
property investments and iinprovomonts by
citizens of Omaha and nonresident
dent capitalists. The proximity ol
the two public buildings made the adjacent
property valuable for the erection of line
structures , desirablu for olllces for a profes
sional class of tenants. The separation ol
the two buildings will oopreciato the value
of these investments. It is the opinion ot
legal talent that these investors have a peed
case against the city , either in the line ol
contesting the right to remove or'ln the col
lection of damages if removal is successful.
A municipal corporation has no right to make
a promise oa the strength of which vast sums
of money are expended without recompens
ing the investors for the resulting damage.
In four different instances were vast sums ol
money invested on the strength of this prom
ise. An attempt to relocate will certainly
result in litigation on the part of these in
Omaha Is a city in which public improve
ments arc the order of the day. Her popula
tion is composed to a great extent of those
who depend on the building trades for an ox-
istenco. A sensible , conservative and honest
city government is the means of promoting
confidence among capitalists in , the
safety of investments within her
limits. The present and past at
tempts to defeat tlio will of the people otico
expressed is certain to weaken her standing
and drive capital away. It is to the interest
of the laboring classes to see tlmt confluence
In Omaha's stability Is retained. The erec
tion of a number of magnillcont structures
in the neighborhood of the court aouso has
been deferred Heading an acquiescence on tlio
part of the obstruction element to the will of
the pcoplo in thn city hall matter , and if they
arc successful in their nefarious attempts
the contemplated imuiovemuats will bo
abandoned entirely. It is tlicrnforo to the
Interest of the working classes to vote
against any change from the iircsont loca
tion , ns the litigation above referred to will
certainly defer tlio erection of the city hall
for many years to come. If the working
classes vote to retain the city hall on the
present site the building trades will havu
more than they can do during thu coming and
future summers , with the erection of busi
ness blocks that will bo immediately com
menced , the now postolllcc and the city
It would bo unwise and injudicious to use
Jefferson square for any other purpose than
a down-town park. Omaha needs it moro
for that purpose than us a city hull site , The
present legislature will undoubtedly make
provisions enabling the city council
to establish a system of parks for the people
ple , to bo cared for after the manner adopted
in the leading cities of the country. Indeed ,
as before stated , It is doubtful whether the
square can bo legally utilised for any other
i-iioxiMiTV or rfiii.ia IIUII.DI.VOS.
It has been shown in the atticlo detailing
the relations existing between the city and
count. ) treasurers how essential It Is for tlio
economical management of the city treas
ury to have the county treasury within a
few steps distance. Tliat the facts related
are positively true , is evidenced by the asser
tion of treasurer that "tho
un ex-city state
ments made cover the case thoroughly and
are not colored or overdrawn. "
The interview with City Attorney Web
ster bbows the difllcultics that will ensue
in city business connected with municipal
litigation If the court house and city hall are
removed half a mile , such as the nccessitv
of summoning city ofHcinls with their record
books as witnesses , frequent trips from
court house to city hall ami vice versa to se
cure needed Information , cio.
The fact of having the court house and city
hall in close proximity wilt prove of incalcul
able benelit to the masses of the people In
the saving of tlnis when business calls them
there. Every property owner must call or
send once a year at least and pay both his
city and county taxes. If the present site Is
retained no time will bo wasted in trips In
volving half a inilo before the business ) is
completed. It will only involve a trip across
the street and the work is done.
The point of proximity was overwhelm
ingly sustained in interviews had with over
one hundred attorneys , less than twenty of
them favoring Jefferson square. The legal
fraternity realize more than any other class
the folly of removal. They have profession
ally to visit both buildings every day , and
they are outspoken in opposition to the relo
cation scheme , not only in their own interest ,
but in the interests of their clients.
Interviews with the heaviest taxpayers of
the city and members of the board of trade
developed a strong preference for the pres
ent site , on account of its close proximity to
the court houso.
Considerable stress has been laid oa the
superior facilities for reaching Jefferson
squuro by street railway lines us against the
Farnam street sito. The citizens of Omaha
arc fully aware of tlio fact that the street
railway lines of the city with one exception
( the Thirteenth street route ) , center at Fif
teenth and Farnaui streets , three blocks
from the present location. The Hartley
street cable cars pass within ono block on
the south and two blocks oa the west. The
Dodge and Twentieth street cable cars pass
witain two blocks on the north , giving the
residents both north and south ample con
veniences for reaching the corner of Eigh
teenth and Farnam streets. The future
growth of the city will warrant the future
construction of transit lines , all of which
will of necessity aim to land passengers
near tlie actual business center of the city ,
Fifteenth and Faniam streets.
Objection is made to the present location
on account of its close proximity to Tin : Uui :
building. The claim is nuulo that the latter
structure will hldo the city hall from
view. Tlio claim is ridiculous. A
structure such us is contemplated ,
can bo seen from all parts of the city. The
court house , the Now York Life Insurance
building and HII : building are plaiiuy visi
ble from this residence district south of the
trucks , in the neighborhood of Hunsuom
park , from cnpltol hill , and the sivetch of
country dotted with residences extending to
the northern limits of the city. If these build
ings can bo seen from these points , certainly
the city hall will not bo overlooked , If
erected on Jefferson square the structure
cannot bo seen unless the sightseer actually
places himself on ono of the four corners of
the Intersecting streets. No eminence is
afforded , and the objection obtains there oa
all of the four streets and from every
available point that can only bo
advanced against the present site whoa
looking up Farnam street ; and there a posi
tive advantage is gained over the square ,
inasmuch us the Eighteenth street lots are
on a sightly location , towering uwiiy ubovo
thu business structures on the level below
Fifteenth street.
The advocates of relocation set up the
ridiculous claim that Jefferson square is in
the present and prospective business center
of the city. Investigutlmi demonstrated the
absurdity of the claim. About $2,000.000 is
invested in business north as against | is)00- (
000 invested In business south of Dodge
street. Of the streets devoted to business ,
not counting Dodge , Douglas , Farnam , liar-
noy and Howard , North Onuhu has throe
while South Omaha has six. Seven years
ago Thirteenth street south of Howard con
tained but two brick buildings , and every
semblance of business expired when you
nassed Jackson street. At the saino time
Sixteenth street contained business houses
as fur north us Cumlng. To-day Thirteenth
street is a stretch of business houses as far
south as Williams street. That thoroughfare -
faro has made , comparatively , moro rapid
strides than any North Omaha thoroughfare.
Sixteenth street Is a business street , but not
"business" to the extent of justifying the
claim that the growth of business is posi
tively north as against south ,
Attention has been called to the close
proximity of the Holt line to Jefferson
square. A track runs up California street
to Fifteenth street , ono block north of the
northeast corner of the park , and the Mis
souri 1'aclllo passenger dex | > t la two blocks
north on Uo corner of Fifteenth and Web
ster streets. Railroads encroach on private
properly , condemn and take uway whenever <
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their business requires it. A search of the
county judge's condemnation records will
show that a few years ago the Nebraska
Central railway commenced proceedings
looking to thu condemnation of blocks 2) ) , 127
and'JS for railroad purposes. illock " 0 is
one block cast of the square on Cass street.
It is the opinion of those belt able to judge
of thu future that all the ground duo east of
the square will some day be condemned for
railroad purposes. As the city grows the
great tralllc companies that will enter
Omaha will want track room , and the luvel
plateau on which the square is situated is
the most available and most desirable
ground to secure. A study of any city map
will convince tno unprejudiced mind of the
dangers in erecting n public building in such
un uncertain locality.
h.txi v son , or Tin : riATiAtr. :
It is asserted and backed up by experi
ence in erecting heavy buildings in the vicin
ity , that the soil in the neighborhood of Jef-
furson square is not suitable for the erection
of structures of the weight and character
the city hall should bs. In sinking wells the
residents of thu neighborhood have struck
water at a depth of twelve feet. The imme
diate vicinity has never boon tested in so far
as the erection of a heavy lire-proof struc
ture is concerned. Against this is indisput
able evidence of the solidity of the soil of Uio
present site. The Now York Life building
is now practically coincided and mother
earth resists the ponderous and sightly
structure so well tlmt not a break or crack
is visible in its solid walls. The county
court house , perched on a splendid eminence ,
stone and iron throughout , is as safe and
sound ns on the night of its gala opening.
Tun liii : building , lire-proof from cellar to
seventh story , n network of ponderous iron
beams and granite and marble pillars , bids
fair to retain its present perfection so lur as
solid and uncraclced walls are concerned for
a century to come. The IMxton bu'lding ' and
chamber of commerce are m safe and sound
as the day they wore completed. As between
the two sites Farnam street presents a tried
and tested foundation , as solid almo3t as the
rocks of Gibraltar , against thu watery ,
sandy and non-resisting soil of Jefferson
The advocates of removal assert that the
foundation already in plncu on the present
site is unsafe and inadequate to support thu
structure contemplatedby the Mayors' plan.
It is a statement maliciously inadu without a
sniglo competent builders' opinion to back it ,
On the contrary John F. Coots , who con
structed the Douglas county court house ,
Uiclumi Withnoll , one of Omaha's most suc
cessful contractors , and other competent ox-
purts , positively assart that the foundation
is stromr enough to sustain u six-story struc
ture. This foundation Is an item of expense
thinking taxpayers should carefully consider
before casting their vote next Tuesday. If
the city hall is removed the $13.000 already
invested will bo literal wasted , and to it
must bo added the cost of putting in a foun
dation on u new sltq equally us good , making
the total cost to tho'city at least $ sOOOi ) . If
the city hall Is erected on Jefferson square ,
with its sandy soil , the amount invested in
foundations will reach at luast ? 100,000 , Hy
completing the city hall on the present site
at least $100,000 will'bo saved ; by erecting
one on another site the same amount will be
wasted. It U certainly an item of public expense -
penso to consider in an already heavily taxed
It Is assorted that the lots at Eighteenth
and Farauin streets fall to afford adequate
room on which to erect a building large
enough to meet the requirements of a grow
ing city like Omaha. In an Interview with
Herman ICouutzo. president of the First Na
tional bank , in which that gentleman took a
very conservative position , ho asserted the
belief that the city hall of Now York city
contained little , If any , more available space
for olllccs than the city hall to bo erected in
Omaha , if the wishes of the people once ex
pressed are carried out. The city hall and
court house la Chicago occupy Jointly a
single block of ground-in the business center
of the city , Chicago is a city of half a mil
lion of pcoplo and constantly growing ;
Omaha is a city of 100,003 people , one-fifth as
largo as Chicago , and growing in pronortion.
If ono-half of a block of ground is largo
enough for Chicago's city .hall , one-fourth of
a block is certainly largo enough for Omaha.
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It is a case of one-half the ground for one-
llfth tho'business.
Omaha has a bright future before her if
she continues to follow the path of progress
she has been traveling for thu past live years.
Her credit is good m the east and her bonds
Had ready purchasers. Private capital has
boon sent huro for investment and in every
instance it has brought satisfactory return.
"The name of Omaha is as familiar in Lon
don us it is in Chicago , " writes an English
capitalist to his Omaha agent. Heretofore
the city's word has been as good as its bon it
it is os good yet and will bo in the future if
the voters act intelligently on Tuesday next.
A vote to relocate thu city hall means a de
sire to repudiate the oiry's promises.
On the strength of the vote locating the
city hall on Eighteenth and Fariium streets
the Now York Life lusur.inco company in
vested § )0,000 in Omaha. The same vote
was a factor In determining the Commercial
National bank to purchase the lot on Sixteenth
and l arnain streets and arranging for the
erection of a banking house on it the coming
summer. Ex-Governor Suundors is authority
for the 'tutemont that his linn sold the Hur
ley loton Seventeenth and Farnum streets to
Missouri capitalists on the strength of the
proximity of tlio two public biiilding.s.and it is
stilted by parties who know of their plans
that they arc ready to improve it by the erec
tion of a line building il the citizens willonco
and forever settle the question of city hall
location on the site llrst selected. Tlio Hco
liuilding company has invested f 100,000 in its
building on Seventeenth and Knrnam , which ,
when completed , will bo ono of the largest
and most perfectly appointed newspaper ofll-
ccs in America. Other investment ? have
been made in the vicinity on the strength of
tlio same vote. Can Omiilia afford to drive
capital 11 wayi Can the workitigmon consist
ently ally themselves with a scheme Unit
will deter public progress an 1 keep out of
the city the capital necessary for keeping tlio
building trades at workf The substance of
the matter is this : Men are ready to proceed
with contemplated buildings when they are
Hatislled that Omaha does not propose to pur
sue a policy of repudiation ; if the policy is
pursued capitalists will invest In something
in which they have more conlldoncc , and
their architects' drawing * will bo folded up
and hud away. A'ml labor will remain Idle
or beck other Holds.
The heavy taxpayers and business men are
almost unanimously opposed to relocation ,
Interviews with many of them already pub
lished speak for themselves. The preten
sions and desires of a gang of schemers Ibid
little favor with them , and tliq silly objec
tions advanced against the present site will
fail to swerve them from voting for the city's
best interests. The members of the board of
trade the mon who are making fnmo for
Omaha In thu commercial world are all of
thu s.rno . mind. Of course , there uro Isolated
cases , where personal'bonollts are considered
before public good , but they are few and far
between , In thu language of a leading Job
ber "fourtccn-llftcenths of the
, - men engaged
in business favor the Farnnm street alto. "
They Know what repudiation moans and
they are opposed to it la every shape. *
AVoil to Worklnuincii ,
Workingmen who tire interested in
getting steady employment during the
coming business season should not allow
themselves to bo duped into voting for
the Joirorson square proposition next
Tuesday. In the llrst place there is no
prospect -that Jim Crcighton , Tom
Swift , Joe Redman , or any of the par
ties who own lots adjacent to the square
will erect any buildings worth speaking
of or looking at. They will probably hold
their lots for speculation , as they have
done heretofore. And there is no pros
pect that parties would oroot any great
ind costly building within three blocks
of the Union 1'aclllo shops , and within
two blocks of the lumber yards.
But the chances uro ten to one that
.ho attempt to change thu location of
the city hall from Furnam will bo fol-
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lowed by law suits and injunctions thai
will prevent the erection of any city
hull for live years to eomo.
The ablest lawyers in Omaha agree
that Jefferson square cannot be used foi
a public bu ilding because it was dedi
cated to the public for n , park and baa
been used for a park more than twenty
years. Oil thu other hand , if the at
tempt to relocate the city hull is voted
down work on the building will
bo begun within ninety days ,
and when that work has be
gun half u do/.en great blocks
will be commenced in that neighbor
hood on Ilarnoy. Douglas and Karnain
streets in the coining spring. It is
notorious that eastern capitalists and
citizens of Omaha , who had their
pinna all made for constructing largo
and costly blocks of buildings in the
neighborhood of the court house last
year were discouraged by the light in
the council over the city hall , and
abandoned their enterprises altogether ,
thus depriving hundreds of workingmen
mon of steady employment all this
winter. The projected million dollar
hotel was fairly under way last spring ,
and sixtylive"thousand dollars of u
bonus li.vl already boon subscribed ,
when tlio lighten the city hull knocked
the project in the head , because eastern
capitalists were not disposed to risk sev
eral hundred thousand dollars so long
as there was any uncertainty about the
public buildings which are to form tlio
center of the Omaha of the future.
These are stubborn facts which work-
ingmcn should ponder over.
Moving the City Mall.
From Ilic Oiiitthti H'ruM , V'iM/n//.i/ ( / / 30 , l R1 ,
' The city hull will be erected upon
the present site. No one knows this
belter than the members of the council
who are busily spreading the idea that
there is u possibility of abandoning the
corner chosen for some other which is
demanded by tlio interests of the gang.
In thus engaging in false pretenses ,
they are neglecting their duties as pub
lic olllcials. and stamping themselves as
unlit to manage the alfairri of the city.
' 'There is no denial of tlio fact that
the people have u right to abandon thu
basement , if they want to do so. They
have a right to cart the stone to the
river , dump it in , and Hood tlio hole for
aflsh-pond. They will not do this , how
ever. Neither will they waste their
money by tearing out what work lias
already boon done and beginning
over again. There would bo no
object in the extravagant foolish
ness. It would simply gratify pri
marily n lot of sharks who would
rather fleece the city than not , and u
respectable minority who live at u dis
tance towards the suburbs , and would
like to have the neuter of altuira moved
out to them.
"There is no good reason why an
election should be called to settle u
matter already settled once. Why
would a second Battlement bo more ef
fective than the flrst ? Tlio people have
no assurance that their action would bo
final. Borne of their ofllclous servants
might not bo satisllod and , waiting till
about $10,000 hud boon expended , de
mand another election , and try a third
sito. If an election shall bo ordered
there will be no limit , There will be
the same excuse for other elections.
The city hall wus not designed to be on
Thu only proper course to pursue is to
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erect the hall as soon as possible. An
election would , of course , have no ef
fect oa the site. If the corner of Kar-
nuin and Seventeenth streets was over
suitable for the purpose there are rea
sons why it is more suitable now.
Relative conditionshave not changed ,
and the money already spent should
not bo deliberately 'thrown away.
Neither do the taxpayers feel like en
trusting to the council a larger taslc
than the roaring of the hall as at pros-
eat planned.
The sooner the prate about changing'
the site shall cease the bettor. There
is nothing'in it. II is a job , which the
good sense of the community detects ,
and one which tlio patience of the com
munity will not tolerate. "
The Saturday ICvoninu IJco Hoi led
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
is said to be crippled financially by the "Q"
The British steamer Lyminton , and tlio
bark Kosonuulh were wrecked yesterday and
seventeen persons drowned.
It is thought tlmt O'Hrica's brutal treat
ment in Clonmel Jail may lead to serious
trouble in Ireland.
It is reported that the nowissuo of Panama
canid shares is a complete failure. The old
shares are quoted ntW ( francs.
The weekly bank statement shows that the
reserve has increased $ l iOJU. , The banks
now hold $18,8711,000 , in excess of legal ra-
Three men were killed and a tow boat ly
ing alongside wrecked by the bursting of
the , boilers of thu tow Ijonl Two IJrothors us
a wharf at IJittbliurL' .
Hall , of Lancaster , will introduce n reso
lution on Taosda.v declaring tlio dUpuled
scats in Douglas r-oii'ity ' vacant and opposing
the seating of any of tlio republican candi
dates ,
Governor Ponnlngton , of Dakota , was
Interviewed by a Hen reporter ut tlioMillard
yesterday , and said tliat the people of both
the north and south sections of that territory
dcslro the passage nf tlic Springer omnibus
In the chamber of deputies yesterday
Cascau ( Hor.apai-Ust ) made a motion de
manding urgently lor the scrntln d'anondis-
honiont bill offered by the ministry. Flcquet ,
prime minister , held that urgency was need
less. 'J'hu motion wus defeated by a vote of
3.V ? to I'l.
The Chicago , Hurllnnton & Qulncy railroad
company levied on two carloads of hay , In
this city , belonging to Harbor it Co. , for an
unpaid dcmurugn claim. Harbor & Co.
brought suit before Justice Wade to recover
the property , iii his decision the justice
holds that rulhoad d cm urn go cannot bo used
usn hen.
I'rlnco Rudolph's death calls to mind the
curious fact , says a prominent diplomat at
Washington , that ( Inmhottn , Ginonii Slcobe-
I off , King Ludwlg and others , all enemies of
Hismarck , have had mysterious deaths , and
lie declares that tlio "Iron Chancellor" know
eight hours in advance , of the attempt on the
cznr'a life In IB07 , but allowed It to bo done ,
knowing that it would prevent thu alliance of
Franco and Kusslu ,
A tragedy was enacted In the elegant rosi-
dcaco of I * . F. iMungor In tno uriutocratio
suburb of Ilydo 1'ark yesterday morning.
Ocorgo W. Clark , a colored butler , and Tillle
Hylandfir , n Hwcdo domestic , had u lover's
quarrel. Clark llrcd thrco shots at the glr ) ,
mlsKlngher. Ho then diow a ra/.or , and
if tor a fearful struggle , nearly severed her
beau from her body , after which ho cut his
own throat. Hoth uro dead. The kitchen
walls and lloor are us bloody as u slaughter
U o Horsford's ' Acid I'hosplirtte.
Dr. W. H. Gillies , Winnipeg , Manitoba ,
say ! " 1 have used it in a OUHO of Indigestion -
digestion with biliousness , and found it to
be , without exception , the bi.'t > t thlutf I ever
used la such cases. "