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Condensed Rovlow of the Society
Events of the Wook.
Hnppv Ilnm-H Hop Mnrrlnjjo * , Hccon-
lions , llftllH , PnrllcH and Oilier So
cial Xows mill Gossip In
Upper Circles.
Tlic Niks' Social.
The moil brilliant sor-inl event of the week
win that given by the Klkn nt their spacious
nntl pnlntlftl ( | imrtors 011 Wednesday evening.
Tlio members had modestly dubbed it tlm
Indies' soclul session , ulthoiigh In reality It
ws given by the gentlemen to the ladiea ,
nwl not by the Indies to the gentlemen , us It
would nppc-ar. A lurpc number of the fair
BOX were in nttondnnco , resplendent in beau
tiful lollcUt , while many of Omaha's leading
I > i-ofuRiotml nm5 niereiintilo UiliU ; were pres
ent nnd enjoyed the delightful occasion.V. .
C OrrRory presided us imisicr of cemmonics
in his usiml folioitous manner. Tim curly
part of the evening was devoted to a musical
programme of unusual merit , It bo.lng opened
with u Kolct'tlon by tlm Mandolin club. The
Miulrlpnl club , consisting of Mrs. . .1.V. . Cot
ton , Miss PciincH and Messrs. 1'onnoll nnd
\Vilkinn , were next , announced , and their up-
IKinninco brought out n round of applause.
Their beautiful rendition of "Softly Kails
thuKhndcs of KvonltiK" biotight out a henrty
encore. Miss 1'ennell followed with n sweet
contralto solo rendered In a most pleasing
manner. A piano solo by Prof , llutlcr
and another song by the Madrigal
club followed , when Mr. Jules
Lombard , the fatuous nnd patriarchal
ciimpiiiun Hlniror was announced , and ap
peared with a bass solo rendered in a pow
erful mid ileep voice , that has lost but little
by age. lie waa warml.v encored. Selec
tions followed by the Mandolin club , Mrs.
Cotton nnd the Madrigal club , after which
the rooms were cleared of the chairs ami
dancing commenced. Those who did not
care to mingle in the dances entertained
each other at cards. Most , elegant refresh
ments were served throughout the evening
in the dining hall.
Among those present were : Mr. and Mrs.
1) . V. Slioles , Mr. and Mrs. .Joseph .South
ard , Judge and Mrs. Shields. Mr. and Mrs.
C. b. Potter , Mr. and Mrs. Dinning , Mr. and
Mrs. Necdham. Mr. and Mrs. (1. II. Keslic.
Mr. and Mrs. U' . U. Alexander , Mr. and
Mrs. Sliull , Mr. and Mrs. Williams , Mr. and
Mrs. D. N. Oravcs , Mr. amlMrs. Kin-roughs ,
Ulr. Hill ! M''s- Shoemaker , Mr. ami Mrs.
H. CVMcUfurd , tof. and Mrs. W. JB.
Hamilton , Mr. and Mrs. T. R Tuttlc ,
Mr. uud Mrs. S. H. Curtis , Mr. nnd Mrs
Uygcr , Mr. and Mrs. H. A. McAllaster , Mr.
and Mrs. J. .1 Oicltey , K. S. Howlcy and
wife , .1. W. Whcoler and wife , Mr. and Mrs.
Hlley , Mr. and Mrs. Holt , Mr. and Mrs.
Jones , Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Swobe , M. A.
Upton and wife , J. H. Haynes and wife , Dr.
and Mrs. Stone , George H. Hoggs and ladies ,
Mr. and Mrs. Muentefering , Dean.Gardner
nnd wife. Mr , and Mrs. Miner , the Misses
Almn Uinircr. May Waterman , Misses Dunn
and Wiley of Kansas City , Canflcld , Art.i
Cody of North 1'ltUto , Clark , Soxauer , Me-
fice , Florence ; Lee , Schneider , Motz ,
Kunnlo Uuttoi-ileld , M. Uuttorlleld ,
Plotner , Mrs. .Tcnnlo Magraae ,
Mrs. fnnnio Hachcrt , Misses Hlngham , of
Indlnnapolis , Parrotto , Dellonc , Kotkln ,
Scott , Maud McClure , Kittle lirundt , Mile-
riinilil , Jinnnnuii , JVIIIUH. IJUI-KUV , < , i > i. > . A .
Cody , Sherman Cunilcltl , Matthews , Moody ,
llulett , Mills , Grid ley , Stoddnrd , Collins ,
1'restou , Douglas , Jules l.oiiibnrd.
Carpenter-11 lull I ps Union.
At 8 o'clock Thursilny evening , January
Ul , nt the home of the bride's parents , Mr.
and Mrs. Lyiimn Carpenter. Twenty-second
and II streets , South Omahn , was celebrated
the marriage of Miss Mury E. Carpenter
and Air. Jiimes Phillips. Miss Carpenter is
ono of the most accomplished and popular
of the young Indies of South Qinalin , and Mr.
Phillips , who is superintendent of the ma
chinery at the Armour-Cmlaby packing
houses , is one of the most reliable , prosper
ous and popular of the young men who mnka
this tlio iimgic city. They have tlio best
wishes of all hero. From hero they will go
to Chicago and Toronto , Canada , and will re
turn in about two weeks. They will bo ut
homo at their residence , Twenty-second and
II streets , on and after February lf > . The
guests present were : Mr. nnd Mrs. M. J.
Do flrnff nnd Mr. and Mrs. George Turner ,
of Omaha ; Mrs. Dr. A. L. Campbell , of
Lewis. la. ; Misses Clara Dural , of Omaha ,
and Minnie Harris , of Lewis , la. , and Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Erion , Mr. and Mrs. Mauley
W. Uoyloy , the IJev. Mr. and Mrs , L. H.
Kddloblute , Mrs. Norton E. Acker nnd Misses
Kutli Watson , Maud Eastman. Xoo Will
iams , Jessie Sorago and Lizzie Pierce , and
Messrs. J. M. Hidiey , N. Phillips , K. D
Urittton , A. A. Munroe , Epos Cory , Colonel
E. P. Savage , Howard Savage , Harry C ,
Miller , William H. Laughtm anil-William H.
Dun ray.
The nuptials of Mis * KllaTronminonnd A.
C. Luke wcro yesterday celebrated at 5
o'clock. The couple will ui-coiupany Mr.
Biul Mrs. G , T. Hounds to Chicago. Tlio
. best wishes of n host of friends go with
Tlio Olivette Clul ) .
The party given by the Olivette Social cir
cle at Metropolitan hall proved a most cnjuy-
ublo affair. The members of tlio club wcro
out in full force with a number of invited
guests. Everything passed off pleasantly
am ) dnnelnc was kcnt up until n Into hour
with only a slight intermission for supper.
The following were among the participants
In tlio dunce : Mrs. H. II. Lucas , Mrs. W. C.
Kelley , the Misses IClliv O. Day , Florence
Coomho , Collins , Kmma Kratz , Wallace , Hose
McCown , Jesslo Munroe , May Callahan ,
Kate Wiirmnn , Minnie Matthews , Nellie
Gray , Lena Hurt , Hattlo Hell , Austio Plai
ner , Dillon , Mamie Woolonlmpp , Nellie )
Clark , lila Day and Carrlo Pruo. Messrs. C.
M. Hall , A. 11. Lindloy. II. C. Pcgrnm.W. C.
Peterson , Fred II , Gadd , J. J. Shucy , T. W.
Cox , Harry Craw , Henry Vandorcook , C.
Huntington. H. H. Lucas , W. Kelley , H. G.
Wheeler. V. E. MoMullen , VV. II. Wlgman ,
W. Schuaf , W , D , Godfrey , E. Wessol , W.
O. lirundt , O.V. . Dunn , K. M. Lewis ,
Charles Taylor , M. Dillon , C. A. Swan ,
James H. Kobliisou.
Ilnppy Hours.
The third party of the Happy Hours
rcrlcs of dances occurred at Masonic hall
Wednesday evening , and was a delightful
event. The young ladies appeared in beau
tiful toilets , nnd there was an unusually
largo percentage of pretty faces. Among
those present were : Mr. nnd Mrs. T. J.
Fitzmorris , Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Smith , Mr.
nnd Mrs. Ed Hurko , Mr. nnd Mrs. C. Tug-
Kurt , the Misses O'Connor , Swift , Jackson ,
Cloury , Gels , McMution , N , Heolaii , Paul ,
Munchoff , Morinrity , Fitzpatriok , Hayes ,
Whlto , MoDormott , Ebort , the Messrs. W.
J. Scanlon , J. M. Million , U , J. Scunnoll , W.
U. O'Shaughnessy , C. Hayes , J. C. Swift , T.
T. Downey , E. Amoretta , J. Frenzy , J.
Morinrity , O. A. White. J. McMnhon , P.
Ward. F. H. Koestcrs , E. Tuggort , O. Me-
Kcp , P. C. Hoafoy , P. McCarthy.
Annn Wlhlu'H JJIrlliilny.
On Thursday Miss Anna H , Wlldo cele
brated her ninth birthday with a party to a
number of her young friends at her home ,
001 South Eighteenth , A most pleasant
time was had. The little folks present
were , The Misses Tot Moore , Mamie
Wclty , llcssloVelty , Hosslo Iloriolu Do-
laker , Klnu Shoemaker , Eva Hums , Hena
Jensen , Edna Jensen , Ethel Hums , Edith
lluriit > , Ethel Gclsh , Gubslo Kooty , Jesslo
Lawrence , Sadlo Lolsscrring , Alice Price ,
Mabel Mcllrldo , Mublu Houston , Carrlo
HlcliarOs , Tc.isio Hynn , The Masters Percy
Jensen , Dick Wclty , Franklo Dotwcllcr ,
Charllo Dctweller , Jay Cook , Arthur Purr ,
Joe Hums ami Norman Uynu.
Lowrlo-Croeker Nuptials.
Miss Anna Crocker , an aocompllshcd
southern lady , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.
I ) . Crocker , aud George II. Lowrlo , assistant
eupcrmtcmicnt of the Mollne Mllburn &
Stoddnrd company , Omaha , were married on
Wednesday afternoon nt the residence of the
l/rido's uncle , W. M. 13rowo. oa North Six-
teenth street. A number of rclntlv- find a
few iptlinnlo friends \rcr present. Tb
Hev. E. Graham officiated ,
One of the most noted events In Hebrew
circles this week the wedding of Miss
Esther Jacobs to Mr. Adolph Rosenberg
which event took place lost Sunday evening
nt. the synagoguo. Miss Jncobs hiw been i
tcnchcr In the public schools for the Ins
eleven years , nnd has been highly esteemed
nmong her associates , In society the young
lady was considered ono of the most popular
in her sphere of noiiunlnUnoos. Mr. Uosen
beig Is n populnrmerohantof Sehuylcr , Neb. ,
nnd highly spoKen of. The reception ant
supper took plnco at the Metropolitan club
rooms. The festivities lasted until the hours
of morning twilight.
Inn Hits Lodge Itcunptlnn.
The first grand reception given of Jnn Hus
lodge No. 5 was held ut the new McU hnll on
South Thirteenth street , last evening , nm !
was a brilliant nnd enjoyable event. The
beautiful hall was ablaze with llL-ht and the
llnost orchestra that could be secured -
cured discoursed its sweetest music
A number o f Pythians from
other lodges wore pre-ent. sorno In full imi-
farm. Twcnt.vseven numbers were danced ,
supper beinir served In the upper hall at the
end of the fourteenth dance. The suppoi
could better be termed a banquet , the chole
cst of dnntici being spread , while the richest
bouquets nnd other lloral ornaments deokei !
the tables , adding greatly to their attractive
ness. The lodge has been in existence less
than four months , but Is In a most prosper
ous condition with Haltering prospects for
the future. Mr. C. C. Vodlcku is the chan
Tlu ; HwtMliRli Charity Hull.
The Swedish Ladies' Kelief society at Ex
position hall last evening proved n grand
success financially and socially. 1U03 tickets
having been sold and . ' 1-5 persons being en
masipio. OverSHOJ was cleared and will bo
distributed among the poor of the city.
The Drake Itcceptlnn.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Drake gave a delightful re
ception to their friends on Thursday evening -
ing , which was attended by many of the
loading social lights of the city. Mr. and
Mrs. Augustus Hoscho assisted in receiving.
Dancing was the onlor of the evening.
HraiuloU Surprised.
Some ilfty of the friends of Miss Olgii
Hrandeis tendered her a surprise Thursday
evening at her residence , 514 North Six
teenth street. Good music , dancing , games
and an elegant lunch made the evening n
most enjoyable one.
A lOiiuhcr I'arty.
The Misfees Maggie McCarthy and Lillie
Franklin entertained twelve couples at a
progressive eucher parly Friday evening at
their homo on Ohio street , A most enjoya
ble time was had by all present.
Jlnppv Twelve.
The ladles of the Happy Twelve club held
their weekly coffee social at the residence of
Mr. H. Frey , on Soulh Tenth street , Thurs
day afternoon , and a very enjoyable after
noon was passed. _
( inner a I Gossip.
Captain Hustln Is in New Mexico.
M. J. Harris is in Missouri Valley , In.
M. E. Cookman has returned from Chicago.
Mr. J. E. Smith , of Hoston , spent the past
wceu in Omaha.
Miss Boyil entertained a number of friends
at lunch Thursday.
Mii-s Bessie Martin was tendered a pleas
ant surprise party on Tuesday ovcninir.
Lu H. Cake , Omaha's poet , has returned
after a six months' absence in the cast.
The Concordia society will give a banquet
and ball February 13 , at Exposition hall.
Mrs. C. A. Collins gave a dainty tea party
to n number of friends on Wednesday after
Congressman McShane left Monday for
Chihuahua , N. M. . where he has mining in
A swell dance is lo bo trivcn al the armory
of the Omaha Guards next Thursday
Edward A. Glenn , of Minneapolis , has
been spending the past week in Omaha visit
ing friends.
Miss Florence Silloway entertained a few
friends at the Murray Friday evening with a
social hop.
Robert H. Willis has abandoned his studies
and returned from school onacoounlof defec
tive eyesight.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Joslyn and Miss
Angio 13oyco are taking a month's tour in
eastern cities.
Mrs. Adolph Meyer gives n large reception
to her many frienas on Friday , February 8 ,
from 0 to 5 o'clock.
The Unity Social club will give its next
party Wednesday evenlnc , Feoruary 0 , at 8
o'clock , in Masonic hull.
Mr. and Mrs. M. U. Hisdnn gave a euchre.
party to a number of friends nt their home ,
on Park avenue , Friday evening.
Tlio Emanon club at South Omaha now
numbers Ilfty members. On Friday evening
next ttic members give a phantom party.
Miss Nash was tendered a most elegant
party on Tuesday evening. Miss Bertha
Yosi and Mrs. Gregg assisted the fair young1
hosl in receiving' .
Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Perfect entertained a
few of their friends at progressive euchre
Thursday evening at their residence , 1118
North Twenty-fourth street.
A very pleasant entertainment was given
Thursday evening last by Mrs. George S.
Powell aud Mrs. liuttor at the store of Mr.
Butter to about twenty guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Levy , of HonnettNob. ,
arrived in town yesterday nnd will bo at
homo to their friends at the residence of Mr.
L. A. Goldsmith , 1000 Davenport street.
C. S. Raymond gave n dinner to Rev. Dr.
Duryca and Rov. Dr. Gunznulus at the
Omaha club rooms Friday. A small party
of other prominent citizens wore also in at
Mrs. J. 13. Nelson was tendered a pleasant
surprise party on Wednesday evening at her
homo , IftSS North Eighteenth street , that
date being her birthday. Dancing was the
order of the evening.
Mrs. Bothin , Miss Botkln , W. U. Millard
nnd wife nnd Miss Lockwood , a young lady
from Washington , who has been their guest
all winter , left Thursday morning for Southern -
ern California , expecting to bo gone about
three months.
The regular meeting of the Saratoga Ly
ceum last Tuesday evening at the residence
of Mr , nnd Mis. J. C. Luke was the success
of the season , partaking also of the naluro of
a musical. An unusually Interesting pro
gramme of fourteen numbers was enjoyed ,
which included renditions from Mrs. Luke.
Miss Elite Grant , Misses Lesonten and
ISurgo , and Master Osborn. Ttie other feat
ures were an essay by Miss Maggie McKay ,
a recitation by Miss Anna Craig , an oration
by Mr. Littlellold , and a spirited debate on
the city hall site question.
Mr. H. E. Jones was the recipient of a very
ileasiiut surprise on Monday evening. A
-oinpany of friends toolc possession of his
home and hold high carnival until the wee
small hours. Dancing and games took the
.lino so that the hour of parting came all too
soon. An elegant lunch was served at 11 ,
Among those present were : Mr. and Mrs.
W , G. Horshaw , Mr. and Mrs E. S. Thomp
son , the Misses Dorsoy. Taylor , Lake , Ailco
.Thompson , Jones , The Messrs. Craig ,
McKay , Green. Whitney , MeKonzic , Dorsoy ,
Oak , LUtloneld , Thompson.
A very pleasant surprise party was ten
dered Mr. A. Housor , Tuesday evening , Jan-
wry 20 , It being the occasion of his fiftieth
birthday. After congratulations , some of
which were offered In a very unique manner.
> rogresslvo euchre was enjoyed for several
tours , after which an elegant repast was
lartakcn of. Among ihoso present were
Mr. and Mrs , J. K , Uuray , Mr. nnd Mrs. J.
! I , McShuno , Mr. nnd Mrs. D. Fitzpatriok ,
Mr , and Mrs. 0. Taggart , Mr. and Mrs. .1. N.
avanaugh , Mr. and Mrs. M. T , Murphy ,
Mrs. T. MuShano , Mr. and Mrs. C. Brown-
ce , Mr. and Mrs. John O'Conncll , Mr. and
Mrs. J. N. Schmidt , Mr. nnd Mrs. M. J.
Smith , Mr , and Mrs , Dolss , Mr. and Mrs.
Stout , Mr. and Mrs. Parks , Mr , and Mrs ,
gan. Mr , nnd Mrs. Goutsoll. and the
Misses Creigbton , Stevens , Jackson and
Miller , and Messrs. Sunstrom , Murphy and
V. A. S.
L. A. Hammond starts this evening as rep
resentative of Omaha Coleglan No. 124 ,
.ho bl-cnnial mooting of the chief Cologlan
V. A. S. f nitarnlty to bo boM at Decorah ,
la. , Wednesday , Feb. 0,13s9.
News nnd Qoeslp of the Week
Among the FrntornltloB.
A Graceful Tribute to Professor
Ilrunrr A Few 1'ytliinn Points
Ioln B ofSintc fraternities
Other Society News.
I. O. O. P.
Odd Fellowship had
n boom nt Kearney.
The members of Uuf-
falo lodpo No. 38
were agreeably sur
prised by nearly a car-
lend of visiting broth
ers from Wood River ,
Junmtnnnd Hustings.
Wood river lodge was
represented by Sam-
PAA AU' Bt.LLUMucl Taylor , N. G. ;
Honjnmin Compton , V. G.j R. II. Wcstcott ,
P. G. : E. C. H irpor , con. ; O. . Descoe , L.
S. to V. G. ; George W. Mlller.U. S. to V. G. ;
W. L. Spraguo. rec. sec. ; J. II. Leon
ard , F. M. K.illlngor , John L. Hnllingcr , J.
M. llonold. Juniatn lodge. No. 79 was repre
sented by live members. E. G. Anccll ,
George T. Brown , Huifh Morcluncl , O. 1C.
Palmer , and I. H. Ricket. editor of the
Herald. The crowd of course was not com
plete without n newspaper man. The press
of Hastings was also represented by Mr. A.
II. Kroxvn , of the Independent. William
( justln , of Peru , Ind. , and James T. Thomp
son , ot Dubuquc , la. , completed the list of
At Odd Fellows' hall in Hebron , there was
hold a public double installation of oillccrs of
Hebron lodge , No. 4'J ' , and of Reboknh de
gree rs'o. ! li ! , of the same order. The follow
ing are the ofllocrs of the tlrst named for the
ensuing term : J. R. Elliot , N. G. ; C. E.
Kinney , V , G. ; J. A. Kinney , secretary ; J.
D. Gnrmirc , R. S. ; C. E. S. Jaync , L. S. ; M.
A. Jones , 1. G. ; Henry Werner , warden.
The oillccrs of the Rebckah degree are :
Mrs. W. H. Hnrger , N. G. ; Mrs. II. Werner ,
V , G. ' , Mrs. C. E. Kinney , secretary ; Mrs.
M. Bennett , treasurer ; C. Kinney , warden.
* *
Vrstn Chapter.
Vesta chapter No. 0O. E. S. , gave another
o ! its charming hops last night at Masonic
Among those who cnjoye.d the event were :
Mr. nnd Mrs. Edwin Davis , Mr. and Mrs. E.
E. Bryson , Mr. and Mrs. Korty , Mr. and
Mrs. Horton , R. M. Patterson , Dr. and Mrs.
Van Camp , J. A. Dodds , Mr. and Mrs. Cruui ,
Thomas Batterton , Fred Anderson , Arthur
and Edith Anderson , W. N. Nason , Eugene
Koyes , Mr. and Mrs. Wilson , J. IIVehror ,
Mr. and Mr. Liehtcnborg , Mr. nnd Mrs. Bur
rows , Misses Jennlo McClclhin , Virginia
Sanford , Neligh Milestone , Clara Van Camp ,
Edith Anderson , Nellie Smith and Fitz
K. ifrY.
The oftlco of quartermaster to this regi
ment formerly filled by Bro. C. S. Higgins
has been vacated in consequence of thu re
tirement of that gentleman from the uniform
ank. HissuccJ3 iha * not as yet bwn up -
No. 1 , Mt. Shasta and Viola , have appoint
ed a committee to take charge of the cele
bration of the twenty-fifth anniversary on
the 10th of February. This is the outcome
of the discharge of the committee formerly
constituted to cover the same ground by No.
1 rendered necessary by its too comprehen
sive plan ot including the whole organiza
tion of the stale in the ceremonies. The
latter committee was reappointed and in
cluded in iho Joint committee.
The jewels of honor ordered by tno last
session of the supreme lodge are in the hands
of the major general for sale.
The following ofllcers of Eureka lodge , No.
7 , at Nebraska City , were installed last even
ing by D. D. G. C. McCallum : J. E. Conlcy ,
P. C. ; Ed L. Hosford , C. C" John M. Will-
man , R. C. ; S. F. McMalian , P. ; F. M.
Turner , K. R. and S. ; S. H. Field , M. F. :
Ed McCallum , M. E. ; N. Andreasen. M. A. ;
J. M. Taylor , T. G. ; L. A. Prue , O. G. ; M.
S. Campbell , J. W. Waldsmith and J. M.
Taylor , trustees.
The ball given by the lodge at Falls City
was a success.
K. 6V H.
Good Will lodge is arranging a ball and re
ception for Wednesday evening , February 0 ,
in A. O. H. hnll. Rowley block. Tcsson'sor-
ctiestra will furnish the music. The com
mittees are : Arrangement , Messrs. George
I. Seltzer , Charles H. Burgess and George
Dotterwy ; reception , Messrs. Jacob Bcil-
steln , James Whipplo nnd Frank O. Doyle ;
leer , Messrs. Edward B. Wcachter , Harry
[ feed. David Munson. Gcortro CornptonRich
ard Carr , Lpuis G. Slull undG eorgo J. Sell-
zer ; door , Mr. Jacob Beilstein ; dressing-
room , Messrs. James Whipplo nnd Frank O.
3oylo. The grand march will bo headed by
George J. Seltzer and lady.
G. O ? O.
A charter for the institulion of a council of
the Grand Order of the Orient delivered
at Chadron to a number of princes by the
supreme orient of the world , who having
arrived instituted Aladdin council No. 1004.
I'lio following ofllcers wcro elected and in
stalled : A. G. Fisher , O. ; L. A. Dorring-
ton , V. O.L. ; A. Brewer , H. P. ; J. W.
Owens , Viz. ; A. L , Miller , secretary and
rcarurcr ; E. N. Bellinger , A. P. ; A , V.
Harris , I. W. ; F. S. Hines , O. W.
The princes wcro very quiotin working this
council up , but it is now in fine working order
and the princes were highly complimented
by the supreme orient upon their portinacy
and assiduity in bringing about this result.
fills , with the exception of the council to be
nstitutcd at Sidney by the supreme orient ,
vill bo the only council of this order bo-
ween Chicago and San Francisco. The of-
leers of tins council hnva also been granted
a dispensation as supreme instituting ofllcers
o Institute nil councils on the line of the
Vemont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley In No-
) raskn , Wyoming and Dakota. They have
already iccoived applications to institute
our councils in this part of the state , and
ho order merits the popularity it is now at-
aln ing.
Tlio principles of the organization are as
ollows : To recognize nnd assort the fact
hat thcra Is no exclusive possession of cdu-
atlon , wealth or position ; to elevate man's
ocial position ; to germinate ihought and
father reason from symbolism ; to recognize
lieso principles as having existed since time
began ; to promulgate and maintain them
vhlle wo live , and to hand down and to en-
oin upon posterity their ox'stanco ' until time
shall bo no more.
* #
i. o. p.
At the regular mooting on Friday M , E ,
Cerr was Installed as chief ranger. This
; entlemnn was ranging the forests of Penn-
i.Vlvanln at the tlmo of the Installation of
lis brother ofllcers ,
A. and A. S. It. , U. B. A.
The Inauguration of thu Ancient and Ac-
optcd Scottish Rite of the United Stales of
America in Sioux City took up the tlmo of
ho local masons and of many delegates
rom Nebraska , other points In Iowa and
thcr states for several days. The organiza-
Ion includes sUty-fivo charter members.
Upon the conclusion of the ceremonies ninety
icrsons sat down to a grand banquet given
n the Hotel Boogo by the Sioux City broth-
en In honor of the largo representation of
istlngutshed visitors. The tables were re-
level of many courses , cigars lighted , and
oasts responded to as follows : "Grand
.odgo of Iowa , " N. U. Evarts , Web-
ter City ; "Grand Consistory of Iowa. "
I. Bennett , Cedar Falls ; "Cedar Rapids
lodics. " E. C. Harbor , Cedar Rapids ;
'Scottish Masonry In Northwestern Iowa. "
G. W. Hewitt , OraugoCity'The ; Caudl.
, ates , " H. 1. Brown ; "Abstract of Our
'itlo , " Colonel Hill , Council BlutTi ; "Omaha
Bodies , " II. P , Shuiuway , Omaha ; "Tho
Factory No ,
Ooodnmn Drug Co , 1110 Vurnnm r It Mnsoii , 14th ntiil Civ s Kd Hell miI.nke. . J Itecd.ajthnnlOrnco
W K Hamilton , Ifltli nnd t'nrnnm \V K llntl/ky. tilth and Williams I'll lilMhop , Summers am ! l.nVo 7. Stevens , Hill North ilst
Omaha Drug Co , 1S1H Dodge .St T W Smith , No IlKJ S tilth St llll Sterns. INRI S Iflth Sayder Alllnkle. . North Iflth St
J A l/ulli > r.V Co. mti find fiouelns A Schroter. No 1 , " > l7'j I'urnam J UOi-tty , 1117 Douulns .1 H Srhi iltt , Cumlngs nnd Saimders
SH I'arnsworth. No 21 ir , earnings Sc honbergt-r Summer * . 1Mb ami 1'nrsnm I' llnlliiuor.rui North liith Mnx Neer. HISS lilthSt
\V A HoMettvr. No E2 Cumlnirs J W Clark , Park nvonndoolworth ( bus Illiity , 111,17 Vlntonst .MnthewM A-Cuiiiihmlinm.MM North 10th
T T Paulson , Kith nnd Hem nrd A It Shannon , Ian 1'nrk Ave c M Crl-.scv , 21th nnd l.ano J I rruoliiiiif , 114 S IMh
J ICont ( > , IDttt and Illrkory Von ICrogc APnhl , 17th nnd Uark Coinlsh.V l.o Keviv , 211h nn.l I.ak" .1 N Drake , l.nnl.svllle. Neb.
\V R MnUlurr. mth nnd Capitol nvcnuo M r. James , North Ifllli St Jnvn Cotfoe House. Ills Douglas street S S Abbott. Ashlimd , N b
.1.1 Ili-nl lie ; South loth street. liiitltntn Drug Store , tilth nnd Dodgo. II M Ilrown , IWSt Mar.v'- < avenue N It Wllcov , I'nptlllon , Nell
n KSIunro , ; ll North Kitli street S liliodco. STlo Cumlng street. O V I'nlmer ACe , lllnlr. Neb M C 11 'eslfiClinr Water , Neb
Kuhn .V Co. . Kl Soutli Ifith street A S KmnvleH , li)14 ) North Sn'indcrs street .1.1 ( Jreer , Noitoii.'KniisaM i : Milllnger , ovford. No It ,
II SDyor , Cuibertson , Nob. M U ( ! ros . mil Clark street John Mnran. Cnllowny , Neb. .1 A Dnlzoll , m Sltit list
Clms Knlser , Hellolm , Neb. HUr s A- mroli.-Knlrllt'ld Ne b. 1,1-J Heed , Itlth nnd Capitol live A U Amison. 1717 St Mary's nvo.
D I Chirk , Ci-L" ton. Neb. ,1.\V White , Menilow drove. Nab , H HTwurts , 1717 St. wiirv's ave. A 15 Ityors , Swnnton , NebS -
II .1 Slmpo fc co'jllaiil : ( Cumlng U.K. Diinbnr , AshhuuV N'eb. I'otwln AHddnnl. ( . T.I8 S Ifith st S ,1 ( iondiiinu. Tnlmniso , Neb
W J Ward , IKI ! N Iflth Ht ( T Kvans , a'l-'Orant ' st W N IiUhst A H I'hllllps. ' Nellub.Neb.
Clarendon Drugstore , 'J7th nnd I.nko sts K.I Hell. Ink ct IMIInll. rtnn. Neb J 'I' Mnllyimnv.Miltmi , Nob.
K II Wllcliv. Schylcr , Neb 9 M dnilnghnr , CoimclllllntTs A C ICIng , Pllcer. Neb. I , M MiirXlem. I'ltUi'l'ton , Null
I.nllln A-Tout. Wymoro. Sh O K Kettit * . Council mulls A. S. Knowlp ? . Siimuli-r.s St , City J 11 X.'inmormnn. HIN S tmii t
Di-11 ( J Morgan \ Co. Council Illutrs lo\vn llrlminliuterAHothroek. . lied Cloud. Neb U Klshlon. Conni'il Illulls IVo KCrndon , Albion. Nob.
.1 Dirkey. Council Illnirs H. C. smith , Arlington , Nuhrnskn. otto envoy. 1'rlenil. Nebraska. John Tobln , Slorllim , Colorado.
I ) . I. Clark , Oroston Nebraska. I. . M. MnckU'in. Kullerl ) ii , Ni-b askn. ficorue II , Smith. Nowmiin's ( irove.Nebrnsk't : Mover A-CD , lion. Nolir.iskii.
A Ixountznmn , I'lvmont , N b < ! W Ilrown , ( Vntnil City , Neb ( Joe II llurford ACe , llnttlo Creek , Neb Philip Krnni , I'lattMimmth. N b
15 II Trncy A : Co , Norfolk , Neb A Aimimlsnn , Hnrtlngton. Neb V II Downs. Ponder. Neb A D - ( tor , Vllro. . Coimoll lllnll.s. lown.
T W Smith , lllite sprlnga. Neb N Ni'Non , llarlliiL'toii. Neb T I1 Clark , Ponder. NVt > Kelley A Voimkornnui , do
A Ste'.M. AMlilnnd. Neb ! ' I' Manuel , Serlbner. Neb lloss llros. llovvellM. N.'b Chillies llncer ACe , Council IHliHs , low *
c Ilinmelc'th , ixiiisr. .Mary's are , Omaha Crlsl Melrhpr. South Omaha , Neb. S.I Oilffll. I.inroln Neb. Kdimr Aplln , I11' ! loiilautroot. ) ! ( .
I ! A .McDonald , ( otmcll llhllls , la. Ulinnln ASon. . Decatnr N b. ( , eo II Holland , I ted cloud \e . C. S. Torblti , W 1'nrimm xtraot.
TO Illi-kmaii. Crnltf , Neb. W M llnrman , Mls-ouvri Valley In. S'l'miermnn , niierliir. Nob.
James Kennedy , IJeciitiir Neb.
PEYCKE BROS. Co. , - - Sole Agents , Omaha. Nebraska
Any dealer purchasing 1OOO of the above cigar can have his name in the this advertisement
Supreme Consistory , " G. A. Trambes'
Mears , Mich. Thu homo members con-
ributcd interesting talks , nnd Mr. Crane ,
of Councill Bluffs , made the concluding
tpecch in happy and fsjicitous style.
A. O. * ft. W.
The newly elected officers of Arnpnhoo
lodfio No. 104 were installed as follows : R. S.
Cliild , master workman ; VV. N. Bowman ,
foreman ; Carl loth | , overseer ; P. A. Albee ,
recorder ; J.V. . Kvnns , receiver ; J. D ,
Beach , linancier ; Charles Pratt , guide ; J.
Wagner , inside watchman ; H. H. Bellamy ,
outside watchman. The lodfjo is starting
outwith its best foot foremost and is greatly
encouraged with prospects of increase in
numbers aud usefulness.
* if
, O. A. K.
The officers of Gould post No. 210 , nt Uo-
nublican City ; of Bclpiont post No. 170 , at
" \Vakefield \ , nnd of Mission Uulgo post No.
WO , at Greenwood , w.ore installed last wouic.
There was an enjoyable dinner and campfire -
fire nt Dawson.
On Washington's birthday the post nt
Harvard will dance and sup.
nlid A. M.
County Superin
tendent Bruner is to
day one of the happi
est nnd proudest men
in Omaha. Last
week Mr. Bruner cel
ebrated the forty ,
eighth anniversary of
his birth , and St.
John's lodge of Free
masons , to which ho belongs , gave him a
great surprise. It came in the shape of a
past master's jewel , studded with diamonds ,
richly carved and appropriately engraved.
II. W. Koysor made the presentation speech
as follows :
Worshipful Master : I desire to say a few
words touching a matter that lies close to
the hearts of us all. In doing so I shall ad
dress myself directly to a member of this
lodge , who is well known in every Masonic
home aud mystic circle in our growing city.
He is a pillar in our fraternity in the stale of
Nebraska ; a pillar that unites In itself nil the
excellencies and harmonies of the orders of
nrchitcclurc which he often oloquenlly de
scribes in our middle chamber work ; for he
is cleric m the strength nnd ability with
which ho labors among us ; Ionic , in the
gracefulness nnd case of the performance of
his duties , and Corinthian , in the beauty of
his devotion lo Masonry and in his exempli
fication of his many virtues.
Brother J. B. Bruner , I refer to you. If
wo are correctly informed , you will soon cele-
brale Ibe forty-eighth anniversary of your
birth. For the earnest , fnilhful man a birth
day is a pnrion for pleasant retrospection and
personal Joy ; for his friends , it is an occa
sion for congratulations and expressions of
respect. You have had many such many an
niversaries , and many of them hnvo found
you an actlvo mason and an ardent member
of our beloved lodge. For four years you
presided over it with the punctuality , pre
cision and dignity of the true worshipful
master. You arc now serving In a minor of
fice in iho same spirit and with the name
satisfaction to your lodge. As entered ap
prentices wo have had your aid and cncour-
ngcmeut ; as fellow-crafts wo hnvu re
ceived your counsel nnd admonitions ;
nnd as master masons wo have enjoyed your
friendship and brotherly love. It is , there
fore , but natural that wo should seek a chan
nel through which lo express our grallludo
and to tender our best wishes on this happy
anniversary. And'this wo now do in a way
that we trust wo can never forget and that
yon will always remember with Kindness.
Hero in open lodge , nt. the conclusion of our
labor in one of the noblest of tasks , the rais
ing of a master mason , I have the pleasure of
adorning you with this handsome badge. It
comes to you from the friendly hands and
warm hearts of 'your brothers in St. John's
lodge , not simply as-a reward for your as
sistance nnd service * , but rather us an en
during manifestation of their esteem ,
and of theiu appreciation of your
devotion to , thc principles of their
order. Wear it , my brother , on all filling
occasions , for nqthlng more becomes a man
than the tokens , of the nprobation of those
who know him. Wear it , my brother , for
our sake ; and Uilsj'ou can do. I assure yoj ,
with the proud cousplousncss that no man on
earth wears n bdflgVmoro honorable , or inoro
significant , than this radiant jewel. It is
masonic In its form and almost divine in its
expression of brotherly love. Wo will Join
in tendering our hearty congratulations ,
trusting that the ( Joil of all true masons will
bless you uud grant you many a year for the
enjoyment of your order , and of the fruits of
a full masonic life.
* i >
modern Woodmen.
There was a regular meeting Wednesday
night which developed features of unusual
interest to the members. A . 'number of the
sturdy wioldcra of the fraternal and
social axe spoke of methods calcu
lated to clear away the jungle
of Ignorance , superstition and prejudice that
has grown up around the natural fratorn al
and social impulse of man. Doubtless the
utterances gave Impetus of weight to the
labors of the order. Messrs. Lydick and
Bacbman and a visitor from ICcarna.v rji
appropriate selections that were well re
At the conclusion of the session n eom-
paiiy of liluftltcs appeared , and Grand Pasha
Jim Keith , of Council Bluffs , took the chair
and instituted a rank of the Priuco of the
Orient. Neighbor Cole took a degree with
enjoyment that was only surpassed by the
sense of the humorous situation developed
nmong the assembled princes.
The following is n list of the oflk-ers of the
now lodge ; .1.11. McCoy , grand padisher ;
II. W. Spoerri , grand pasha ; Dr. L. A. Mcr-
riam , grand vi/.icr ; J. T , Yates , grand
prophet ; G. T. Lydick , grand liornld ;
George S. Mack , grand wardsiimu ; George
S. Cott , grand vidcttn ; C. M. Bachmnn ,
grand secretary ; M. E. Kerr , grand treas
urer ; J. H. ICobulcno , grand masterpiece
The ball and banquet of Hazel Camp No.
120 of Council Blulls on Tuesday will attract
a large attendance from Omaha. The Omaha
continccnt will appear at the Millard corner
at S0 : : ! p. in. sharp nnd take the motor. Tlio
affair promises a pleasant evening.
At a meeting of Hed Cloud Gump No. COS ,
Iho following oflicers were oleclcd nnd in
stalled for the ensuine year : .f. L. Miller ,
V. C. ; D. F. Trunkey , adviser ; L. H. Wnl
lace , banker ; C. F. Gather , clerk ; Charles
Palmar , escort ; Mason Fisher , watchman ;
G. II. Whitson , sentry.
The loncrcst story shaped by lips left something -
thing still untold
A bigger measure than it gives Life's silent
side doth hold ;
Disjointed actions men may take and call it
life entire
When writing a biography 'tis all that wo
require ;
For that ono does not live who could man's
inner life declare ,
Nor over lived that one who would his qtiiv-
'riiig heart lay bare !
We cannot count our own Life's pulse , much
less our brothers' then ,
Nor see the heart's true blood course 'ueuth
Hie outward sccming's vein !
Wo cannot sea inside man's actions only
form n wall
About his inner life ; 'tis when his word best
covers all
Than silence could , that he allows his tremb
ling lips to speak
Ho laughs to hide from us the fact that
'nuath his heart doth break !
Vol shall wo say each laugh we hear some
secret tear enfolds I
No ; this but shows the self same act such
different meaning Jiolds !
A sigh speaks not ill way of Life's sorrow or
Hopo'H defeat ,
And tears are words which tell the tale of
joy or grief complete.
Now York Morning Journal : Now
York Girl Why < lo you dislike "Mac
beth , " Mins Lakeside ?
Chicago Girl Because tragedy seems
so common place to mo. You know my
papa 1ms ti slaughter-house.
Ksncclally at this keimoii. Wo nroHiiro you
will uppriT-luto uliiit we nro ilolni ; , IAXJII
ut our window unit you ran neit u fnwof llik
ImrKiiliis. Comu In ami wo will t-bu\v yon
4lit fjhcelcy IlluuU , Omulm.
Sanitary Plumbing- !
Steam and Hot Water Heating- !
Gas and Electric Chandeliers !
Art Metal Work , Stable Fittings , Fountains , Vases , Etc ,
fcirWe make ti specialty of repair work on Plumbing , Cns ! or Heating Appar
atus. Prompt , attention. Skillful ineelitmies. Personal supervision , and charges
always reasonable as iirst-class work will allow.$9 Twonty-flyo yotira' practi
cal o'xporionce. Visitors to showrooms always welcome.
4O9-411 South I5th Street.
PAID UP CAPITAL , $300,000. SURPLUS $40.000.
Interest on deposits , compounded soml-annually.
Savings Certificates with Interest coupons attached.
DEBENTURE BONDS In Denominations of S2OO , S30O , SHOO ,
and SI000 , based upon First Mortgage Real Estate Securities
deposited with , and bonds certified by the Union Trust Company
of New York. Drafts drawn on the principal cltlos of Europe.
0. M. CARTER , Pros. D. D. COOLEY , V.-Prcs. PHILIP POTTER , Sec.
A magnificent display of everything useful and ornamenta
in the furniture maker's art , at reasonable prices .
NcnvnL's , Cuii'iNir nnd I'IIIVATI : DISKAHISI o (
Mr.N nnil WOMISN iiiirce.ssfully trontoj.
PulTcrliiK from Ilin offerls of youthful lollli'i or In
fllscrclU'i ' ) , cirurt ) tionltk'il \ \ \VniiknuiH , Nurvom
liability , I . ' "i ill Memory , Dupponili'iic ) ' , Avuriimi lo
Kurli-ty.Kliliiuy Tioutil < > . nr nny illni'iisu nf tliu iii > nitu-
UrliiMi' uruniiii.ciiii licrutlmlii unit-ami s'pci.'dycjiru ,
H rcasuimblo oiivclally tn thu poor ,
I'lirrpnrn nmnjr troubled with too frno'iiinnt oviio-
niitliini of the hlnitilcr , ollc"i urcoaiimnluJ hr xllulit
Binurllnx or burnliix hunniUon , innl wuukuiilnif ol iliu
feyptciu liiu nmnn < * r the imtiimt ntimot uurntint for.
On oxuiiiliiliiu tin ) urliunv dcnoxtt1 * ft rooy fliulimonl
nlll oIK.'ll tiu loiind , innl imim'tlnicit aiunll pmiclt'i of
ultmmon will iipppur , or tint color will bo of it thin
mllkliili luii' . iiL'Hln cli nilnk' ton ilnrk or toniMnp.
pt-aruncc. Thuni urn immy men nhiiillc at thin 111111 *
fully , liriuirniit of tlm fiiunv , which la thn K-cund
tnititot nominal wenkno * * . 'Ilia doctor will uuiit
Hiilonn perfect cure In all such cnoen mid u hnillhy
resolution of th i/cnUo-iirlimrv uruniif , OjllsullU'
lion Irce , N.'iul lor 'i tuml Mump
"Young Man's ' Friend , or Gu'.do ' to Wedlock , "
nun : TO AM , . AIIIMII.SS :
N. K. ( 'or , llHli & DuiiKliu Sis. , or National IMs-
pensury , coruur U'tli and Mnln , Kunsui City , Mo.
State Line.
To ( ! lasio\v \ , lltlfiist , JJublln ant ! LI > cvjool
From New York Every Tuesday ,
Cabin pnssnKe 15 nrt W , accordliiB trt locution
of Btatn room. Kxr.urslon Wt to VM.
Bteoruce to nnd from Kurop < j Mt Lowest Htitcg ,
AUSTIN 1IAM\V1N&L' ) ( ) . , Uon'l AKonts.
KI llroailwiiy. Nmv lork.
JOHN 111,150 KN , Ocn'l VV'c-Btt-ni A ciit ,
164 Kamlolpn Kt. , Chicago ,
HAHHV K. M001tis. : Agent , Unmlia.
Rcducort Cabin 1 1st tea to Gluagow Ex-
_ _
\l \ I nUCYttt"l a" urinary trouble * caslly.qiilclc"
MUMtl lyauiliiafcly cured by DOUl'UUA ( Jap.
tuleu , HoverJl cat > s cured III Hnven ( lay . Bold
f 1.60 ner box , KKl. , or by mall from
cutaMfc.Co Jl'4 White 8t..N. V. Tull Direction *
J > ll. U , I * . Wr.KT'fiNlIIIVK AMI lilt UN TltKAT-
Jirwr , a Kiinrniitc'cil hiicclllc for HyMerla , Dlzzl-
net ) ; > , 1'oiivulHlonfl , 1'ltn ' , NiirvoiiH Neuralgia ,
Headache , Nfti'voim I'rontrallon cmisod by tlio
IIMMII alcobol or toliaccn , WitkefiiliienH , .Muntnl
Depression , Bofienlng of DID llralu n.'MiltJIIK In
i Insanity iiml loaillng to mlhcry , decay mid
ilcittli. I'rematuruOld Agu , HarruiiiK'HH , leaH of
I'uui-r li | I'lthur ux , Involuntitry l.ossti.s nnd
Hrx'riiinlnrrliii'n caused by ovcr-i-.vcrtlon ot
tliu brain , alf abiiHu or over lndiilKi > nci ) . Kuch
box contains onu iiiDiilli'H tri-iitmont , 91 a box ,
or six < for t& , sent by mall prepaid on re
ceipt or price ,
To cure any case. With ouch oniur received bv
UK for MX boxi'.s , accompanied with $5 , wo will
send the purchaser our written giinninteu to ro-
fiind tlm nuiniiy If thu treatment does not oln-ct
nciiru. ( jiiaranleeN Ihsued only by ( looiliuan
Drug Co. , li nt'glHtH , Hole Agents , UK ) rarnura
isticct. Omulm. ub.
iron SALE i-
mtfmia KM .nllnly oi rtom by
r.efirn. l-pr.'dTUBUlARfAHCUJHIpNS !
y.uiacox. Hriiiro.4 r , ror.
VlLLw WIITrlw ILLl'iT U > UOC < J ttOQtl ,
"I- " '
. cirorii , rnrl
/ay. .ont rnaiihood , riu. 1 t.111 M > nil a tfcl * ( w-AlrJ ) rontalnlntf full itartlcuUn tut
l.nrn * < Mir , f " nf rlaofe. Addrrvi.
PROP.F.O. FOWLER. MooclU6. Conn.
-c I